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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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otidE, r PHYLLI S

*onittt "Yortusa

Page Ten

Friday, May 17, 1974

The public can hardly be blamed
for its suspicion of Secret Police.
Those who read,lirten or have hiad
near-at-hand experience of the sig-
ister activities of these anonyrmoUs
men, often co-opted not so much to
serve the Police Force but to prop
up the rulers of States, feel a
"natural horror. Events in Grenada
have deepened this mistrust,bring-
ing it closer home than rumours
from Spain, recent Portugal, the
USSR and Ireland.

Special Police, men who respond
to the call of duty when their own
countryfolk are in trouble or dan-
ger, and who give their time free,
(and much of their private lives).-
hav- -'T zt %- -.' ,- i- ---- ..,
dreaded Secret Police save anony-
mity,-and in a small island no-onq
is anonymous for long. The men who
cane forward here after the pill-
age and burning of property and
consequent unrest did so from hig1;
motives, They have helped to pro-
tect citizens' belongings, dimin-.
ish crime and restore order in
co-operation vrith the Police Forcq.
We should cormmend them for this.
Let us not regard them as perman-
ent vigilaxnten or fellows playing
at cops and robbers,,but TH.AhK THME.

by Rupert Serhaindo
The Jaycees CONTACT propramme moved to
the Dominica Trade Union porch on Queen Ma-
rf Street last Friday night after some justified cri
idcism that the programme had not been exposed
to the audience that it should primarily be aime4
it. Previous Contact discussions had been held at
die St. Gerard's Hall and the Goodwill Parish
Hall. (See page Ten)

LAWMEN stress need for
Inde endent Judiciary -Page Six

A Radio Dominica interview with the members
of the company will be broadcast on Tuesday
May 28th at 9 p.m. There will also be a social
evening on Wednesday 29th May and a dance on
Friday May 315t at the Fort Young Hotel with
music by the Gaylords Power Union.
The activities will climax with a picnic on
June 2nd (See page 2)
3 Arab gunmen murdered some 20 Jewish
childron,hostages in a (aliloo School,
injured 70 others and died when tho Is-
raeli army closed in. Reprisals ensued,
and hope of Syrian/Jewish ceasofire axI_

V O L .T Xi E t't .-, .. ...... . .. .. .. ..".. ... ... .--.. .. .. .... -- ... ....

The Kubuli Dance Company led by Raymond
Lawrence will be celebrating its third Anniver.
sary from Saturday May 25th to June 2nd this
The programme of activities of the Company
includes a show called "Kubuli Mania" to be
held at the St. Gerard a Hall on Thursday May
3oth at 9.30 p.m. At, this show the Company
hopes to perform thirteen of its best dances frovr
its repertoire. The show will also feature The
Siffleur Montagne Chorale, La Jeune Etoille Cho
rale and Liquid Ice.
Other activities of the Company are a special
mass at the Roseau Cathedral at 7 p.m. on Satur
day May 25th, a panel discussion on the topic
"Our culture and bow it can be developed",
along with some solo dance performances at the
Pominica Grammar School on Monday May
1th at 8 p.m.

A report on the future of th.o.ld
market Square in Rosoau has boon pre-
sented to the Rosead Town Council by.
the Dominica Conservation Association.
The report was compiled by Lehnox
Hoiychurch and includes a brief hisbo-
ri4Sal and environmental study of the
old market square as well as recommend-
ations towards the development of the
In the 10-page reporter' EHonychurch
points out that the square is an impcft-
ant open space in the centto of our
capital and should be developed as a
public area for the behe'fit of its citij
zens. Recalling the important part that
the' aket has played in the history of:'
3Waa*U,he report goes on to show how
the square can be de bloped ihto a hand-
some and colourful Annxent in the heart
of fhe town.
It presents plans for a hand traft
centre and a sidewalk "br in ti'e-large
covered area. The report states
"There is no permanent place-for the
growing number of young craftsmen to
work. Because of rising unemployment
they have been thrown on their own re-
sources. Some purse their handcrafts

situation especially in crowded homes.
With :a little alteration, part 6f the
marketI pavilion could 'be utilised as a
centre for these young craftsmen'
Whe report suggests" land&caping the
square and the erection'of a performance
platform for free shows, public meetings
and other activities.. This' week, copies
of the report are being.distributed to
individuals, orgahisatiohs and members
of the. business sector in a drive to
motivate and inform the co6mmuhity. In
his forewArd to the-'report, Lenhox
Honychurch notes thkt this project can
either be a perpetual tribute to' our
cooperation and interest or a 16sson in
our lack of concern, .and civic pride.
"The greatest cities in the world
have such public centres,' it concludes,
"and it is our duty to'make sure that
our capital too can develop such. a place
and that the future of tLa Place' will
be ensured." .
I!ALIAN' DIVORO U.1 SMat--en reds of
thousands of Italians paraded- in their
referendum. This was-a- victory for Italvys
Comounluts and a defeat for the Christian
pinocrats and the Pozan Catholic Church.

The- Kubuli Dance Company,, whioh' now
has a membership of 17, has demonstra-
ted -geat versatility in dance during
the threyea-6 rs of its existence, "n

eludes folk, creative, Afro Caribbean
and modern dances.
The'Company performed for two success-
ive years at the. Antigua Carnival' Cle,-'
br ations'in 1971 and 1972; in Iaroji '
last year', they were invited: to retres-
ent the Island at Black History Week
in St. Thomas. Later in. the year" they
wpre back in theT.S ,V.I. representing
Dominiia Friendship Week, S't.Cro-i. -""
Apart from.sihccessful tours the (om-
pany has'also had -several shows ih"-
Dominicda~ 'namely Cultural Happening in
October"1972, Torpical Pools3e-e'Fiea in
July 1973 an'Evlening of Entertainment
with'Patsy Cadet in Q ctber,' -"
Wh6 leader of EKubuli s has said- that
it was difficult for them in the early
stages, die" o "some unpleasant crcua-
stanbce to which the dancer-s wezr su,-
jected., "but he added, they se managed'
to survive-them all dub to-their-'strong
desire to make' creative dance and dancers
be recogiisqed- ih this society.' ..
Thid goal has not yet been filly "
achieved,'he' further stated, but .aft6e.
three years of.t piatence thV a *aa-
an. aV1t 2 ^9 Cla lbe5r.a"

_____ .y, _i 17., 1J7
THE FREE TRADE TmIONS afre to give
financial. and technical aid.-for -the
setting up of a democratic Made tn;on
MoTement .in Portugal Sollo g 'thie oote-
throw. Tf Che government of Dr. O.etanowi
to provide practio.al assistance towards
the establishmolt of democracy in
The ICFTU'and other TT bodies are
The Department of Chemical Engineer-
ing, University .of the 'West -Indies,
St. Augustine, Trinidad' W.I. will be
offering two short courses in Food Tech-
.nology during the period July-2-gust
1974. -
Those sponsored by the GANADA PLUS-
ONE PROJECT *.re open-to participants
from the Eastern .Caribbean and Guyana
aged 13-40 with Secondary School edu-
cation. -Details through your extra-.
mural MUW .Mepartme'.

S m-F O .

*The -*Gracous .. Estate House of ST. AROMENT.
one Mile from Sea and 7oo fa EooC ron in Bewafl. Sum mai'.
Pe AM. BRADSHAW a8 26i or. Wrt him Do STAR OFFICE,6 B th Ro4d, OSEAU,
Also-Adjis Lot overlooking Roseau Valley.
.-~^.,^ ^. ^ ^ ^^.-.,^.-^ ^ -- ~---- ---------2A

Coe. r of Old St. & ir St...
A cerdi bvitasom ft ex"co<4 to all farmers e D0miaie
Stoe SOcmd Afintmal Co ationt of the DoeaM Far,
It t a 2 p.m. Su fdae My 19 at MarIgot Wir S~o
Agaletranl Ywr I1974 is a tough soe fkr PSnmew S6o b
gear ye antad tha D).F U Annal Cnvd e l

SmStaNe rarmage= rn
INembes Wad Saupprte of &he Donafmin
c= Freedom Party are in- armed ttw te
Sith Annutal Conventiona will take place
on Stuiday June 9th at LAPLAINE a.
10.00 A.m.
The Gu est Speaker will be )r.
Norman Hill' Q.C. who will speak |
Hmnan' Rights
Around trip fare of Si.oo will be
charged and all wishing to attend shoqi j
c'tact The Party Agent in their village
to make early arrangements for transport.
Fadlities ffor joing The Party wI
be made available before the open session.
Members are advised- to pay arrears
ofsubsc:ription before.the convention.

lcnoy the

your lunch with you and
luncheon interval in picnic
Ssse .f i : *

cOaleE T aIu -Me-
Yoar s Probsis like botind c -irified,
amnag, dwogca, a. w e a bimw ja&, proww.-
='T". b~ri 8 sweepstakes, traafr, &aste itreswes or
&MY othe typOs of .1 mhet ais be8l inastritd

DUj WgMOM K04.

\ evryne and expec

owe e. wto givo


In retur ..n.

waqwnw e m wow, *w -K um

Pare Thes


Pa Four ,. Ti'E S T -A R
BANAITA BATTLES :Victor3iea &..Defeats LOOTERS
But .The War Will Be-Won The eaMo
Banana battles ar& eingwage on 0 gation Depart
all fronts. The grower is -phasing dent Adonis'
through terrible ordeals. Thi" banana was no justif.
industry is all he has to depend .upon rifles during
economically, He is being inkihndly ex- front olashes
ploited in an industry in which he has Giving evi
no say. Cost of living keeps rising sion .probihgg
and, the Government has pointblank re- IMr. Francis s
fused to- control prieese There is a the order to
Competent Authority on paper- Radio quarters- of t
Dominica said the other diy the price government de
of fish is contained in an-.."Official Answering
Gazette" of March, Why" can.' Radio Domw Aubrey Prasez
inica spell out each week the prices carried .boit '
of foodstuffs? And why" can't the Gov-. any, members
erriment look after the people better r. ammunition oi
ins%.dad of leaving. them to the- mercy The .QD GI
of pybi.toerSagI In one little area people lootio
of a village there .are four .or five and on subset
different prices of--the same article failed to .lih
imported from the same" source"at the answered "th<
same time,. And why are prices of artj- looters." *
cles not marked in every shop?" And w
are'poblicemen not used~ o oarry ot t .t. :-
exercises of price control? lr.b LeB Ux
it 7is o to -nvr :^ as
the banana groweris.-up agai-st dants staged
these economic forces. But thehana streets to-b
grower is enduring sufferings and ev4s pay and pens:
put upon them by the Dominicai'GovernT A-. 3-maih c-
ment itself, and it i'siiiicerely to b- to make recob
hoped that when the gi oweia i e inte salaries and
viewed by the Overseba Devel6pment AU Civil Servani
experts Dr. Hosein andI~'Ilo Rop lasa ter of IIealt
the growers will courageously speak uV. fall into th
in their own best interests and not bp .
cowed and muzzled-by .the j~aid agents' Some O
the Government, the DBGA and the- Man and
ment Gommittee. J-. ames and -IUe
The Dominica Farters Unionh has won scale farm se
important battles in..this uhnavoury tie developme
banana melee. The DI -su ce`ded 1ast e .M.Aveo
year in saving DominIca B~aiian Growerr to the A-
fromi a. secret S.nana Coiitract wit to the 7 t
Geest Xndustries on. 191, 1973. ia acres would b
t., the.Ministry of Overseas: Developme produce food
;otO coming to the rescue. feed itself.,
Within a. month banana reception dmowoulde sett
critical situations.. BoxinijPlants more experion
the North-East were not built to acoe ferporions
niodate increasing prbaiction despite EAC
warnigs and entreaties to the all- WASHINGTON.- S
powerful and all-w&,e Badnaai-zlagement tapes csnain
Committee of which Mr. Joffre pobihnson what are. alle
sX: chairman. So hundred of bunches Played over t
were left bohi nd. ro whether h
SCommittee Ses

o. .... 3iay, May 15.l ,
SGrenada's Oriminal Thvesti-
ieiht,"Assistant Superinten-
rancis, said T7~cOtl there
ication for the use of
the "Bloody Monday" water-
last January 21.
dence to the Duffus Comfits-
alleged police brutality,-
aid "he- did not know'who gave
fire on bOtway House, head-
he Seamens Union where anti-'
mol~itra5brs-had taken shelter.
questions from Oommissioner'
,y, r.Flifcis. said he had not-
iLvestigaitions. as to which, if
,of the police used rifle
i that day,
iief also declared he-'saw-
Ig the' shops on January 21 '
qiienit days. Asked'whYi police
lt the looting, Mp.2rancis'
e police were afraid of the
!i *** *** *** *******
VYino i "t Striking government

a march" "through KingstownTts
aick their demands for increased
oio rights. -.
i-mmnsion'i sitting this week "
mmohdatiohs regarding increased
cost of living allowraides jfor
" iandI4Mr. Victor CiiffyZ Minis-
:, says the striking workers
is category.
" < 4. * 1.* * *
O0 acres of land between SYt'
over in Western Jamaica h.as
by the government for larEe-
ttlement and an intensive cat-
hzit probgraame. ... -.
linfanti., Parliamehtary Sec.
iry of Agriculture, said 3,500
e allocated to farmers to
which l would help Jamaica help
Five hundred young farmers
led on" the. property and-500,
cod fai'mrs would also be of-
of it,
mf-M-T AW9 9' AARER
;ome of PresdNixon'sa.atergate
Ing blasphemies,crudities and
ged to be: ethnic slurs, were
his week. Meeaas are consider-
Le should be impeached at a

Fr[ia7. ay T __
2n f 7 VIA- 1"If Sv '?a - - *"iinn miiiiii 1f1.,* r mm i ^ n M I H 11

Scheduleof Application for Certificate of Title & Notings ihaeriBa
SCaveats for week endin fitn day of May, 1974
Ser a Certificate of Title
| Noting Thereon or Cv .,

Request dated
the 23rd day
of February
Presented 9th
May 174 at
9 20 a.m.

by his Solicitor
Vanya Dupigny

Request for the isste
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect pf
a portion of lagid
known as a lot pt
Pichlien Grand Bqy
in the Parish of St.
Patrick in the State
of Dominica contain
ing 2000 square feet
and bounded as fol

A Public Road. East: lands of Desabsye.
lands of C.harles Desabaye, West: lands qf

Requ.st ca-:. 1..va Polydore Request for the issue
the 6th day by -:er Solicitor of a First Certificate
of May 1974. Cilma A.M of Title in respect of
Presented the Dupigny a portion of land at
7th day of La Crete, Riviere Cy-
MV 'a 19 74 at rique in the Parish of
9 25 a.m. St. David in the State
. .-.. of Dominica contain
ing 5.625 acres and
. ..bouided as follows:-
East by ,and of Eiva Polydore a-dTfiS"7- -T
by lanrs of Ryan Paca? tad Emiil So t--est
by land of McFlevt Cuffy; NArtoV 'N#st by lands of Au-
gestine Cuffy,. Em La"wrncE and Nat-.m' Iawrence
cheduie of Apptication for Certiicate of Title and Nodatgs
thereon and Cavt-ts for week ending 4th 4ay of May 1974'

Request dated Earle Whyte
10 1 74 fby his Solicitor
Presented- M.Eagenia
3 5 74 Charles
at 11 O'clock

Applicatioa of Earle
Whyte for the issfe
of a first certifis a
of title in respect pf
a Portion of laId
known as a tesidep-
tial lot in The T"own
of Roseau in the
Parish of St. Geore
containing 1430
square feet and boan
ded as follows:

North-West Rtver Bank; North-East': Llds of Edlfi
Junkere and Emanuel Felix; South East River Stroau;
South.West: Land of Ethti Giraud & Henry John Lewis.

Itelstrar's Offke. EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Reseau Cominica. Registrar of Titles
NOTE:- Any person who desires to object to the Issue of
[Fitr Certificate of Title in the above application may enter a
caveat In the above Office within six weeks from the dute a
ihe first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
pubitshed in this State or from the date when the notice pro.
icrlbed by iaw vas served on any owner or occupier o( adjotiMng
and in respect of which the application is made..


Notice is hereby given that the 23rd
Annual General Meeting of the -

LIMITED will be held at
the Saint Gerard's Hall on Friday 7th June
1974, commencing at 7.30 p.m. All mem-
bers and interested persons are invited to
However, only members will be allowed to
take part in the discussions and vote on
any particular issue.

The Agenda for the Meeting is as fol-

Ascertainment of Quorum.
Taking apologies for absence.
Reading and approval of minutes of last An-
nual General Meeting.
Discussions of matters arising from the ml-

Sa, Board cf Directors,
(b) Treasurer and Auditor.
(c' Credit Committee.
(d) Supervisory Committee
T6f Unffn--is6e usess.--
) ) N New Business: ADpropriatLon of Surplus
for 1973,
i Amendment of Rules.
c) Remarks and suggestions from Floor..
(8) Elections.
(9) Closing Remarks by President
(zo Adjournment. 2ps- V

Three House Lots at Trafalgar
5,470 sq.ft., 5244 sq.ft., 5919 sq.ft.
Magnificent view of Roseau Valley
Water, Lights, Telephone
and on the Main Road.
See or Telephone AYOUB KARAM


Wculd GLENFORD VIDAL or any-
one knowing his whereabouts contact
BARCLAYS BANK Old Street, Roseau
in connection with a deposit made to the
account of John Bapnste Julien on the
13th August 1973. _isgJ,





Pare Five


d M 17 197

P- I I 1 Six r III THE STAR i --a-








harles KlBy
Charles Kulundu

NAIROBI: the Commonri
wealth magistrates' con-!
rerencefjdisciissed various
Tegaaanid political aspects
of the, administration of
justice.. a subject of great'
social and political signif-
icance to Africa.
The third Commonwealth
magistrates conference, which;
was officially opened by'
Kenya's Attorney*General,
Mr. Charles Njonjo. brought!
together more than 1.000 lead-i
ing personalities in the admi-;
nistration of Justice in Corn-:
monwealth countries. and for.
six' days. they have exchanged
experiences and views, which.
if implemented, Will form the,
basis of a strong magistracy in
the Commonwealth.
Welcoming the distinguished
participants. President Mzeev
Jomo Kenyatta. who is himself
a strong believer in the
independence of the judiciary..
said Kenya. like other Com-
monwealth countries, was well
aware ot tnea-mportance 6 a
strong and independent magis-
tracy as one' of the corner-
stones of an effective system of
justice, and of the maintenancei
of law and order.
The participants. who
included magistrates. justices
of appeal. chief justices and
judges from all over the Com-.
monwealth heard the attorney-i
general of the host country:
relate attempts being made byi
Kenya to Africanise the judi-,
clar, balic')y as. possible
whine a it: dte sdalitie risur-
ing that ktandrds '"are noti

Mr Njonjo told his learned'
friends:, "When the subject'
concerns the vitally important,
one of administration of jus-
tice, we cannot afford to take
risks, and therefore the train-;
ing of kenyan advocates to.
take up appointments on the:
magisterial bench is. a subjecti
which is of the greatest con-
cern to me rersonallv..."

Mr Njonjothen recalled Thi
background of all the Com-
monwealth countries, which,i
he said. share many interests
and have a common legal
background. although the ways
of approach may differ from'
one country to another. He
welcomed the exchange of'
views and experience gained,
through the association and" its
conferences as being of parti-I
cular benefit to lawyers and'
those concerned with the admi-.
nistration of juice.
;' The delegates were
honoured to have with them
the man whose judgments have.
been studied, discussed, criti-
vised. admired and even:
praised by the judiciary as well
as members of the Bar
:throughout the Common-'
wealth. whose wealth of;
experience was of special sig-
nificance to the conference.
Lord -Denning. then Master of
the. Rolls in England,was des-
cribed as "a hero to all law
students 'who.' has brought
some impressive qualities.
speed and an intellectual:
ipower- fr beyondd the"judicial
Addressing his colleagues.
Lord Dennipg stressed the fun-'
damental principle of an.
,independent judiciary and also!
- spoke of the extraordinarily
difficult nositidn. And great'
responsibilityy of judges' 'in
Africa. particularly in revolu-
tionary times. In a majoi
address to the delegates. Lorc
Denning warned: "We must
not regard political conse
quences when dispensing jus.
tice. Let justice be done, and
be seen to be done even if it
costs heaven...."

Speaking from his own per-
sonal experience. Lord Den-
ning said the role of judges
and lawyers may bring them in
conflict with those in authority
ili the ~tate "'and that is why it
is of the highest importance
that judges should be indepen-
.dent and impartial."

Turning to the role of judges
in African c untries that have
experienced revolutions. either
by peaceful mi-ans, by force of
arms or by co.ip d'etat -where,
a revolution Ifad taken place
and the old order, replaced.
Lordt-Denning. said this 4ro'
vided tithrea est:.tesEionsibil-
ty-'bn judges: .
He went on: "Judges stand
between the individual and the
state, protecting the individual
from any interference with his
'freedom which is not justified
by law. For the judges to be
independent and impartial.
they must be secure in their
offices and not liable to be
removed at the pleasure of the
government. Judges must also
-be paid salaries' which are ade-
quate to their responsibilities
and such that will remove any
temptation to bribery and cor--
A point that was discussed
at some length contained:
measures aimed at evolving a
high degree of uniformity or
consistency in sentencing
pre S-re a-ia pdlcy-liany
delegates were of t.e opinion
that there should be uniformity
and changes r. rntencing
procedures .with a view to
making sentences have a posi
tive effect on offeertres.
Presenting his pImper on
crime, the Snaitor of Her
Majesty's College of Justice in
Scotland, Lord l-luiter. argued
that the wcrscni;g clime stua
tion in the worldi was not a
matter of a sinal; reason, but
many. He gave hles. as the
lowering of' moral standards.
the decline of ile- religious
beliefs, the Ixeakdown of disci
line in school aid ihe general
abdication ol tesponsttility by
parents for th, action; of their
children. as some of the
Lord Hunter sug~es ed that
the task of cutting cown crime
must not be left to tlen police.
courts or the social workers.
but must involve tle entire

The vital statements reported above were made many months ago.
We publish them now because they are more than ever relevant to the
Caribbean sceni, as a recent accusation emanating from St.Kitts shows.

Friday, May 17.1974,

Page She




It wasn't
" Discount,


to sell the Boss

but, WE did

And WE Stuck Cur Necks Out because we


~., ~.3ij~

While Stocks





8.25 x io
5-9. :S x5
5.25 x t6
6.40 x 5



6.70ox [15
5.50 x 15
5.00 x 14
3.50 x 19

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11.20 X 20
7.00: X 20


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x 16

5.00 x i6
8.25 x 16

wieaaaesemqt i



on this Fantastic


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as -it


JAYChES A2 LAkTi0.. by auhpert
Sorhaido .. from page one
That dramatic aad, s:ignificant
switch mightlsnot have been. as ef-
fective as it could or should have
"bee4, however. It would seem that
the pasel discussion on the very
important topic "Class in the Dom-
inicacn Society" was the most dis-,
appointing of the CONTACT series
thus far. Panelists included Pa-
ther Edward. Alex r, Horaford
Aicholas and Julius 'SagsoZ., A
fourth panelist, Mr.. Belgrave Rob-
inaso, made a late appearance.
The panel, for the most part,
failed to come to grips with the
topic under discussion; and only
Mr, Sampson seemed to make arq
pointed references to the local
&lass situation. Father Alexander
maet-d to have departed on the.
'wrong' track .- by interpreting
the term 'claa' iLa too general
a gwise He rarely dwelt on the
local class situation. Mr. Nich-
la-apeared too benat on goi '
through anx academic and theoret-
ical exercise, and failed to come
to grips with the local dilemma.
Ia fact, Mr. icholas sparked off
a heated exchange, when he was
understood to suggest that the,
Dominican society was a classless
society. Oddly enough,he insisted
on defending that posit ion, ignor-
ing the very real consequences of
a slave, plantation aud colonial
(:?or wy part, there was not a
thorough enough analysis of the
historical roots of "class" iL
our society, since this could
have led to a better understand-
ing of the present situation.'/
Although it gA the accepted
concenwsus that class listinactions
are inevitable ia any human soc-
iety, not much discussion, focus-
sed on the approaches which could
be mnde towards miaimnlzLg the
destructive effects of 'class -
consciousness'. 8 ud. evei when it
was suggested that thi education

Dairy and Grpefruit Farm
Compr ng OVer 200 as of excellent
agric al land with many River Flats ,
50 M zing Cows, .Complet Milking
Shed with 56 Free StaUs and all Milking
and Refrigeration E pmem. Road
Works and Bridges wh piped- water and
Electical Plaps, Mnaner's Quarter etc.
The Emate is, in the e ar and has
some of the finest h Pooh on the is-
2o aca-munder Grape rac -

Over Brd Feet ef Lmr
growing on Es.. ,e
Forf uxer particular mottact.

DR. UIX LATCLU: Td~on 2535, W9;

system, which has traditionally ('sinca
colonial tima) served as wa. instit~t
ional Prop to a rigid. clE:a 'socle ir
should, be restructured and mobilized
to change prevailing cless attitudes,
Lr B.,Aob inson (Chief Education Of-
ficer) naagiented that a di:'cussio&. of
the education system was irrelevant to
a discussion of "Clags in the Domial-
can Society". Ironically, he neverthea.
less suggested that it-was a matter f.r
the individual teacher or the i.tiv:.
ual school to embark upon, a ;ro .me{
of education geared tetrds sh.iin
attitudna. (It is Jinteresti4g to note
that r A~ teachers ito have been try '-c-
to elevate students to the level of
coiicr. Ganess viewed desirable by the
moslt -rogressive .t4uLnrcdsi, have 'been
accused of "polluting", "indoctrijastingl
and "uaing" studeatu; by Iducation MKin,
istry officials and. by Labour newsorgan
the Sa_ q9r ) g


Friday May 17 1974Z
actionn MA. TITIn

T hE", ST .. --Page n12ne

SHappy 'Motir'_ .-Day Titinhe," Genelip~
greeted Ma Titine. Sunday morning
"Thanks Genelia," she replied, "I
wish I could greet yoiu th6 same, but"!'
and she "'winked, ."the years are going
so fast, that soon I will have th"-.
privilege to greet you on IMothera I
day." -
Genelia' embraced va Titine. 'lI. hope
so too, Reuben is all set for our'wed-
ding to take plaoe oniiT7hit-Iondayj so
I have come to kill two birds with one .
stone.J.to spend the day with you and
to have your-advice bn"y w'ieddihg'planPJ'
"Well you ll get lot of: that' "
Ma Titine replied loo6 ig out of the
window, "Baby is coming, riglit now."
After Baby -had voiced 'her gre-tings,
Ma Titine showed them her Nothez"' Day
postcards and presents from Garge-and
Eurilla, then they all donned aprons
and started preparing.thei midday meal
to which Reuben had also been invited,
", Hood have. a boyfren too," Baby
pouted, "right now I is odd mai out."
QGnelia and Ma. Titine laughed. -
"Setter try and get 6oe"sdon," Geneh,.
remarked jocosely, -so we will be one
big happyy circle."
Selling pigeon peas a little while
later, the three ladies discussed
Genelia's forthcoming wedding.' "Only
two weeks we have,i" Bab.y bbservtd, "so
we have to wuk hard.: Mine'jeople doan
say is enciente you enciehte, Genelial"
She paused, then popping a pea into her
mouth said, "Well it*ldok like tings
cool foh nowV ...doan wa to have no
trouble on yoh wedding day."
"Un. hinh," this from Na Titine. "I
see they have the two boys whio shOt the
American gentleman. uddef arrestt. .and
the Grand Bay boys"1 ase will be heard
at the next sessionT '- -
Baby nodded.'"Everybody t heah, say-
in dey not sorry for none of dose boyS.
But day sorry foh deir 'families, e&pe-
sially dose who have modd.er .,t
"Well," Ma Titine 'sdid," '"v having
prayers and pilgrimages for- tGod to have
mercy on Dominica. You don't find that
quite a good number of people turning
Baby nodded again."'Dat's true,..but
I fine dat moh menm coold come..." she
nudged Genelia. I see Reuben not mis-
sing. You have good iiifluence" ovah him."
Genelia replied loftily, (next. col.)


.At the opening iof the Dupigny Techni..
cal College last week you would havo
thought that the. Supervisor .of the Tech-
nical Wing. (,r. John Leathm) and -.hi
assistant (Ir'Ernest Robinson) woul3
certainly have been invited ...
I passed by the same road during the
function and saw a lot of solid-~ars
there, but. did not see the Allfrey'.
minimoke either, although it was -tirough
Mrs.* A3frey s representations to- he
U.SA. .that: a technical wing was- pr.e-
sented to. us by the American Government.
These type of omissions (and there
were others at.both Tech, and Teacher
Training affairs) indicate lack of good
human relations $300 cocktail parties
are. still"the order of the day,' although
our little c6uhtry is so poor; .but they
are for Ministers, members, officials
and friends of rulers only. I well-re-
member' Titiniers story (over Radio ".
Antilles) about moppers at a mihisterisal
party .-fat, make speechess drink-and.'
be lrr or tomorrow IrG
r.oseQ ) -_'. i'3-',? _-? _.
The Bible Society on 19th Xay'pro-
sented 66some '7 coies ofJ7 ie -o-o i-x
Sfor Modern Iaih" New Testam6nt to members
of the 5_th f6rm at the DGS, also. to soma
members of. staff, including the"Iead-
master. A similar presentation was i.-ade.
to senior students of the Portsmouth
Secondary School, in April.
-The Bible Society in Dominic," a "
Auxliary'of the "main Bible Society.f
th West de ia of ficially cons"-
tu 9d--on Sth..yI, 1972. As funds 'ar .
aalIable throu:li ht support of-GCps.s-
ian people -n-.,on doiznLca, it hopes to
coatinte-its -worko of Scripture distri-
bution. especially in the schoolsa-The
-Atai i= ia is. also 'sponsoria ga ib.le .
Week in..minica-: from Jue 6thto...
June $rd- -.ith- Bible Society Sun.day-
o be osdrved 'ob the 2rd _There will
0 0,itectie s atiV ties; ,a dis-
laya 1 g it weeis and I he. .:
.invites the prayerful and
practical .support of all Christiah* vplm.
-MA TI ItNf."I wouldn't fall in love
with-Reubon if he wasn't a good i'man.."
S .lIbeleo6e dey deed-keep on de S.ate
of tmergenh -at'Grtnbay jus becos is'dere
de-deed.' have to hoalh de fuss tittin."
B* said.
"Coud be,l Ma Titine replied. "Well,
the First Coimunion ceremony at the
Cathedrl was tops... *also it -i a- fine -
-. day. '11011 all go. f'or a drive this

.P~a~e en_ ,... .S T A .. R, ,-4
S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S Morchriston U N C LE 1 G 0 D F A T H E R.
CRICKET The first matcel of the .Boteus In the HIafia magnificence of Holiday
Goodwi2 TournaMant b6twee6 St.Vincent Inn, Grenoda, .the Inquiry wound up this
and St.Lucia played at Anbs Vale in week final testimony from Prime Miinis-
St.Vinoent ended in a dra-'with St. ter Gairy who denied several thing -in
4ludins h"s promotion of a song (testi-
Vincent winning 1st innings honours. ludin hi Ooto of a S est-
St. Vincent batted first, scored hied to by a 16-year-old boy) inciting
the match winning total of 342 with his ecret Police to kill and loot; Mr.
Alha ingh, young opening batman, get- airy said the song he favoured was one
ting 145 runs, his first cehtuy in mplying "Uncle .put. you wey you are to-
tng 4dy runs, his oirst enuy in y y .tke it aw.,..."
the tournament. St.Licia replied with -ome orrifc revelations about police
188, with Adrian Kig anid Jack each 'ate relations and actions came dut dur-
getting 4 wkts. St.YViient -e'clared 4ng the testimony, about which'more anon.
their 2nd innzigs closed at 163/9, Alister Huglies got a bouquet.. "
leavihngSt.Lucia 318 to"ge5 for victo ..........
However, before lunch on the'final day, JAYCEES"ATL LAGON -R.iorhaindo (ages 18)
rain put a stop to any-more play in One wondered how much preparation pre-
the match, leaving St.Lucia at close of ceded the discussion$ It might very well
play 18 without loss..'. have been the usual case of the invited
The 2nd match of the Tournament panelists not b6ing able to show up at
starts today at the Gardens where St. the last moment, resulting in a "standby"
Vincent will play Dominica." 'After tbiq panel, hurriedly put together,.
match, Dominica will meet St.Lucia in One last comment" I got the decided
the final match in St.Lucia; Grenada impression .after the meeting, from one
having withdrawn from the Tournam.ent of the panlists, that he viewed 'street
PpESS TIME: St.Vinceit.all out 85.* sTcussionsr as mio akin to hooligans.
Th6 13 players named, f6r the match-, and "the lower class" he had regarded it-
agianst St.Vincent are: Ilorbert Phillip as necessary during the debate to mini-
(Gapt.), Irviig "hil6li T To "CVice- .- mize class atithdes....and he suggested
Gapt ) ".Glensworth Lafond (Manager- that I come to his office to discuss
Player), Lockhart Sebastiah, Terence issues while sitting in a comfortable"
..Bertrand, Cuthbert Wll4ams, Jeoffrey chair and presumably sipping cocktails.
Lawrence, Gray Samuel", W.tthew George, Urban Hari:ah expressed this situation
Kaleb Laurent, ZachariaR. Pollock, DeroXr rather eloquently though humorously by
Abraham and Giffordo Walsh. suggesting that "it is all a matter of
Last week in a D*A.IC. Csemi-final lasss.
knockout match,Spartans&Tfeated. Oeltic The Jaycees must be congratulated for
United by 50 runs. Scorest: partans launching an ambitious and necessary ad-
135.in 29.. overs;.I.Shilingf6rd 3,' ult education campaign. It is only. dis-
C Williamsa 28 and J..Faustih 22, E. appointing that more" support for their
Jarvis 2/16, H.Jno.B3aptiste 'and F.Oasi, CONTACT.programme has not been forth-
mir 2/24 each. Celtics United 85; H : coming. --Rupert SLohaindo'
Fergus 21, 0.John 3/11, D..Abraham 3/11 'ANDIDC ETT
iand LW Lak h 2/h14. ... he bananas are wanted in the UI. In.
..onlyedescribed asf anpeat match fact the shGot in the arm was to increase
.A. defeated By-Trinee~Electronaby production and" this week the price has
pta Afeter a sowTijiot rnhalf whicb.. gone up to 44- per tob, or 8.3 cents to
Sproded 11er-16 in favourof Electronswhich, he grower minus ddutions for fertili-
roduhe 2nd 11-16half produced in cellent shoot er etc. But for two recent shipments ba-
the 2nud half produced excellent shoot.
ing especially from the schoolboys, who nanas were paid for and left here. They
fished comfortable at.45 to Elect- were sold on the stem...Gr.owers have to
r0he 38. oFor S.Me.A. O4Buton1L7 and pay for bananas left behind, and the de-
L.Rooque 14. For Electrons G.Andrew pleted treasury will not get the revenue
14 pts. .which Lebl.anucs Govt. badly needs.This
In the other match-f -the evening Is at the -same time .a Victory and a de-
hMita Pros 67; A.St.-Eilaire 22o.7.ames 3] -eat.e (.--* _nexstswe k-.
Printed and 'ublshed bythi ropreor R .l ouse at
26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.