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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: 05-10-1974
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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J s T*(aneTEIT'AL, Librarian,
e~eerch :Istitue for the study of mral
&62 East 73 Str6et,

Tel: Printery 2691. Ed toE SrT
U.K. Media Repreefhi O
Colin Turner (London) :" ;..:.:
!2V2 XV2 h N. 19 y EdYor -PHYLLS s ct AND 0 I..L 'I-
Val XVII No. 19 Ay 29'l1 Editor PHYLLIS SHAND Utt

-The httle paper
full of n-ews
Friday, May 10, 1974


"Who amt I and where am I goi S?"



W"A"W"Mm -

By the murder ef a fellow human being, and apparently
Ileo Touriata 0one whose friendahip and help he had.accepted, Cottle
fa St. was harAdy strJki~n, a blow for the "Liberation of his
6 people", ispecial*y as, if colour Is the criterion, Mr.
LVin, p. .. p awle would appear t0 have some claim to be regarded
"L- as one of the "peopi;" iimself. (Concluded on p. 3)

S This week, the Canadian Prime Minister Io0i
"his post and the Liberas are out of office (se, p.6,'
Chancellor Willie Braii.d of West Germany was
bbliged to resigo because of is association with -
a Communist spy who was his aide Emperor
Haile Selassie is in a shaky position because of,
bad social conditions in Ethiopia which blew up
into a politicalarmy -storm.
SPortaigal dictatorship
hblas been ousted -by a tree-
ol-.rlntd malitar JUnta. ST. VINCENT
}there is reason to think
itat, U.SresidOent Nixon .
y.ii oitltar resign or be
tipeached;even his friends
are getting disgasted, am
his Viee-oronident Gerald BEQUIA
'ord said we. e wok that if
tm aieoteoda hlder of pu .
q-,ortid i- -icnr- > to
the voters, io would not
remain in oflie veTy long. 4*
Probably SOCfli itsaF ran tois
" NiWtte t v :l. be the nex
premier of .I-n
(Conalda.t an pl0 CANOIUAN

IP,' ..1-

Charged with the murder on Feb. 26 of a
friendly American who came here to enjoy
our carnival festivities, Desmond Trotter
(20) and Roy Mason(.2) were placed
under arrest. Trotter who had recently
suffered acid burns when alleged to have
been making an explosive, is in hospital
under guard. Mason, who gave himself up
in the company of his lawyer Mr. Brian
Alleyne, 'has been remanded in custody,
SBoth young men are said to be members of
the Black Power Movement. Both were of
. zut families who sacrificed to send
'Police have worked hard to trans-
late a SJupidonM -ito a case tor the Comuns
Liberation Movements
and Crininality
Recently The Vincentlan. received a communication
from the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) of
Trinidad condemning alleged denial of justice to Junior'
"Spirit" Cotte of the Black Liberation Action Com-
mittee (BLAC) of St. Vincent, who has been sentenced
to death for the murder of Acting Attorney General, Mr.
Cecil Rawle, last May..
NJAC claims that "the puppet Govemrment of St.
Vincent had no moral authority to take the life of any
Black man Involved in the struggle for the- Liberation of
hia people'. NJAC seems to be under a number of
misconceptions. (1) Whether you like It or not the
Government of St. Vincent was elected by the people of
St. Vincent according to the democratic procedures
under which the country operates. (2) The judicial
service is not subject to the domination of the poll-
ticians. (3) A mixed jury of 12 men and women and not
the Government found Cottle guilty. (4) Cottle had, and
used, the right to appeal against the verdict and the
reserved judgement of the West Indies Associated
CStates Court of Appeal is awaited. (5) The fact that
0 Cattle is Black cannot affect the course of justice. (6)

IPage Two -- ..... H E
Aunty, things are bad fihnaially,
pressure in we backside daily,
Valhalla ainft working really,
so this man death suppose to bind
the deaf, the dumb, the- old- and blind,
Against -all those who cadicize,
the-foolish acts that had us paralyse
in ?73 when Prims chastise. ..
with house' arrests'.and laws
emergency without .np cause..
So Patrick using every ohahce
to heal the break with intolerance
innuendos and ignorance,
well everybody jump on"board.,-
absolving, guilt, have. mercy. Lord..,
This is the way to keep their piece,..-,
work on fear and prejudice, ...
terrorise youth with the' police,
melt distrust with crocodile tears,
forget the fault of thirteen-years.
Tactics, aunty, but" ho get fool
is who dotish or lovo their rule,
or those who think thin g cool,
but let them wait and see,
dust. how rough things 'can. hbe..
Tho strategy has well been planned,
-what some can't understand
is why this man in great demand
to make him pass as people's man,
ahl hear he even turn Anglican.
Bring the country and the businessmen
hand in hand to Patrick's den,
through their fear of youth again.
Use Reuters to broadcast it,
Black Bower is the .culprit,
Every day a. news release,
Headlines on Radio Antilles,
Caribbean figure of fun please, "
Patrick propogates his" name, .'
underscores.. his kingship claim,
Straining hotly for his place,"
pressure mounting for" the race,
if Premier will just males hase to
He will pip them at thd post,
with idle boast .-and empty. toast.
That racist barrage'is a cover-up,
the salaries screwup' ha's"to stop,
and that is where pressure drop.
no horoscope and no device '
to pull the wool over these eyes.

SA major step forward in the area of
worker participation in a company has been
chieved..The Sisters of the Immaculate
heart of T.ary '(I.C.. Sisters) have deci-
ded to donate some .30 of the shires in
TROPICRAnTS LIHITED -'bo the workers of that--
company jwho have.'served for 5 years or more
(85% of their workers).
The I ,C;,.Sisters are a. world-Vwidesoer-
vice congregation'of Catholic nuns, esta--
blished to provide voluntary -service in
the fields bfEaiication, Nursing hnd Com-
munity Developmenhtfor the communities in
which they- operate,
The I.C.I*M is incorporated in Dominica,,
agd has, over the year's, been engaged in a
number of important activities, including
the Convent'Eigh School, the two Gatholic
PEimary Schools, the Social Centre and its
related agencies'd Tropicrafts Ltd.-is one
of their earlier ventures. The I.C.GM. has
also provided tutors for the Princess
Margaret Hospital.
Tropicrafts began some 30 years agQ, as,
a..training 'chool.to provide technical
skills in crafts work for the young people
of Dominicah .The"company produces the now-
famous Trobpicraftsl mats, as well s as
range of assorted handicraft items', inclu-
ding bags,. hats, tablo mats and wall haig-
ings. The Tropicrafts products are'known
f.r their quality'all-over the West' Indies
and in the U,S,A., and the Tropicrafts
Pentre itself'is a focal point for visitors
to the island, wlho account for a major
share of the company's sales. It is one of
the most stable'local industries, with.-vast
potential for development in terms of (a)
employment of loal'labour and (b) earning
o. foreign exchange. The handicraft indus-
try is ohe ihich provides a. good basis for
a.:sound cottage industry.,- employing people
at- their homes in the production of basic
units for further processing in the main
factory. Tropicrafts -now provides employ-
ment for 50 regular"ataff and an additional
15 prt-ti;me workerss. .The raw matei.ialo
1 Liduq try is practically 100 InWa,
n ;TY EETTER' (coil. p 7.
Povertycannot' be talked away,
1UnemploymeniY' s here to stay,
and :no bauxite a"t .Fond Cole,
so our problems".all hang loose,
the chickens are home to roost.

S. .. ng dipomatit seech '
usingig hl the words T.h -Eus.ace teach,
'The-- obo Prremer wiian reach, ,
_ ,' PoalUioal chcaney is ll any
He must ge bac to 2 11panty....

lFridaxL Mav 10. 194 THE STA. .

(Guest Editorial concluded from p.1)
There seems to be a growing teridency for radical
organisations to encourage or commit act; of criminality
in the name of liberation movements. Murder and k!d-
napping of Innocent people, hijacking of aeroplanes,
arson, robbery are all being undertaken by individuals
and groups for their own seltfsh ends, and then it is
sought to justify the actionS-by shouting "Liberation".
The true Liberation Movements of the World require
a way of life, not spasmodic vloienc against the weak,
defenoieipss or unsuspecting. The true Liberation
Movements have our utmost respect and sympathy, even
though somewhere in the struggle, unfortunately, tho
shedding of blood often becomes necessary. But we re-
gard it as an Insult and Infamous detraction from their
Ideals to associate dastardly acts with their motives.
There are doubtless a number of reasons for which
the hanging of Cottle could legitimately be condemned
by individuals or groups. For example disagreement with
capital punishment; knowledge that he was not given
the opportunity of a proper defence, If such knowledge
exists; knowledge that the iury: was "packed", agalpn
If such knowledge exists. None of these things is
claimed and we cannot agree with the implications that
his colour and the fact that he belongs to a "Liberation
Action Committee" entitle hlmmto exemtptionr from the
penalties of breaking the laws of his country.
The habit often adopted by criminals of jumplft 0f
the band-wagnemt movemernts a0d4 n eots is unfortunate*
The Rastafialan sect In Jamaica suffered badly from
this. While the uneaterprising attitudes bf the sect are
detrimental to aojwted economic principles, it is
essentially peaceful leather than violent. Certain of Its
outward facets wer6 adopted by the criminal element to
put the whole mov0'int in disrepute arid establish un-
scrupulous actlviikt8 withih Itsftlks.
No thinking plsdo can deny that much In our society
requires correction. The extrerde social and economic
disparities, Ite 41.otillsation, the musea of powbr, thie
scortm tigttIn aweere men and women i n various
aspects pof our *ts(i*tyl But the IAtiatltn .ti not be
corrected by murder or any other fitony. Neither Oin
the substitution of one prejudice for another help. Iit
the struggle.for the rights of man it must be remembered
that Justice is Absolute.


Contact: L. ROSE &4 CO. LTD.
or Telephone 2132


to the

May 15th 3o0th St. Gerard's Hall
ones: Pencil, Charcoal, Pen & Ink,
Chalk, Pastel, Felt Pen,
Water Colour, Crayon, Oils,
your work to the D.A.LC. 7 Lve
Roseau, before May 14th.

Please mount all work on a hard firm
backing and provide a means of hanging
(String Wire etc.)

For further information contact
ALWIN BULLY. Tel 201o or 2952

41f -1-,


I ii




Is seeking

-~-~ A~~-


for everyone and expects

everyone to give


in return

,he- ---


a0 -Four .; T II E S T A
Fiction MA_. ITIITE Cynthia Watt TROPICRAFTS
Baby met Ma Titine at the market on to transfer
Saturday morning. company to t
"Titine'" she hailed, "I- passing at io proposed
yoh home since Wensday an- cobden meet IC,&M. shBre
you atall. Way you was? I say dat not will be foll
looking like Titine to"go out of town an chase of she
me an Genelia doan iioht. G6nielid self staff who ha
I coodon meet hah neither...she always pliers of r
wid. Rouben..." -- al public.
Ma. Titine laughed. "You must expect the plan the
that". "* .-- workers of !
Baby nodded, "Yes, yes, love have sentation or
dem.goin". involved in
a. Titine adjusted her basket on her the fiture-
arm, "Baby, what you-saying about a The I.C.I
Thursday night affair?" underi'ri
SWell," Baby hesitated, "I'doan know Church, whil
really what. to say. Is de two boys can have partic:
say'what :.'really happen.. .-ny~vay I be. they are emn
leeve'is an akseeden:ei., .but- thiat' -say- private tVat
in is.. .boy, dae 'speshul' have guai Qh Interiat:
Gu wall about. Gun inpocket...gu in -- -'
car...gun in .edroom.. I wondah if dey The Gree
have- gun complex." .incre eb
"Mbybe," Ma Titine replied, "or they increas- b
afraid of something ." will be paiy
-"11nphI" Baby snorted,"but why have a fruit del& v
Idaded gun in de house an-deynot' even addition gr
dorol Is not againse de law nunh, to given sl.ee
have-a loaded gun in yoh house?t
Ma.:Titine stopped td buy some crabs. B0e*.25 c
u "ThatTs what I was looking for," She^ eonc aS
said. "Today is olallou day." She 0.5 dents p
won't on;"Lots of people saying some of the prepaid
the Shoe Party supporters really letting grower mion
"their party down." allocation
!'Titine, I heah do hn6w 1niistah come O,,5cent
in House of Assembly aftahdb. A T orney for Wintr
Genordal read out he- d, Ministh ,,bills. ..G.M-P. rop
An boy hoah de joke.., doy .tell .me he. .. ,
te1ih reons: dat wen he reach Rosoau de- .
morndin he deed haveto~'gb to dedentissll,, '
da.t'. why he was late..'Ea, ha, hail - 0Ubvlkb.
Well., Wol., dey deed have -so much trouble ss o.
wen he deed have to read 6ut 'bill de 3opmi a,
1 time he was aktin for HI6n.Lolio, I tink was ing
dey'fine he wood- take too- bn dis. time, Tuesday m
Ah" -apa, what Dominica 'cmin too?
...A :vote, of at fobh Nb OoGofifoene in
Government, dey take ., "ut on de
agenda., ..I deed expecktin'dat"..
"Oh yes," Me. Titine replied, "'and '
miest 'o' the people presetwor to- TITI-Ee
2Ilwa aw i& tt~3r ans yir "uaaj".- pray foh lDo
-You goin to de Nass tomorrow morning dat happ6nif
nun22 ~itine." At seeing Titine's sur- "Well, "I
prisod look she said', "Doan"tell me I about it in
0ee. forget to tell youi It have a there."

- .'1C

.. G .

.please. .ote that;
at the CathedraaL ast'.



.. at half pass five.., to
iiLca4 ..Wid all dose crime
W'Titine said "luckily I heard
town. Of course I'll be

F... ..Priday -1 2974 ,
(fz 23 The Sisters plan
eventual ownership of'tho-
he people of Dominica* It
that the gift of 30% of tho
s to the qualifying workers
doied by the offer for pur--
.res to other members. of the
Lye not qualified, to sup-
LW-materials and to tho "gener-
In addition, it is; part of
t in the very near future the
he corpa.y *will enjoy-repro-
the Bordb, thus being fully
the direction and control of
levelbpiment of the industry.
I. Sisters see this developnont
tin the philosophy of the
ch seeks to ensure that workers
Lpation ih businesses in which
played, and consideri'- a32ro-
the announcement wa .- vaid
ional -Labour Day..
Release -in. Brief
n arket. -Price of Bwanhas has
y -5 to =L42 per ton as from
MLay. Accordingly, grgwers.,
d 8 cents per lb. basic for.
ered at the boxing plant, In
owers who qualify wi3.i"
ihg-and demanding bonuses each
ts per lb.
of th6 high cost of. fertilizor,
er lb. will be applied"touiards
fertilizer scheme so that the
continue to get the present
of Fertilizer at the same rate.

s 'per lb. will be set aside
prAce support (when the
a> ~ ~ -

in~~Y4 Ma ~O. ~jT= STARPaeFr
. .NiU~uw i~^ii t' 1rlil' -iia 11^*irm1 in*1 *iir~ uii. nil~ii1 m..~ vwrs .av-iifi1 i *iMT ~'ili i l*Hj~~aB

Sihae4uaof Ajppc&.Inn for Cerflf ataeof Tf'. & Nn ogl ds
1 Cavcmt (rwer.. "th dwa of 'la 194
qt Prsoa Prsnting Nature rque
*I I| *r a Ceartifice of
1 j N a rn et hers sn o f

Zmqist iatadj EIva Polydorea
k3 6.h 6 da t Ier Solicitor
of M.y i574. Citna A.M
i"J fhe Duptgny
7h day of
174 at

Request for the 9ss9e
of a First Certificate
of Titte in respentof
a portion of laid at
La Crete, .Riviere Cy-
rique in the PariAs of
St. Dawid in the State
of Dominiw' coiamin I

Iag 5.625 acres an4 boune s folows-
East by Isnd of Elva Folydore and The Sea: South.Eas
Iby aB o 'Ryan -sca( anSd Emti Ltwrencq: South-We"
of McFde Cay., North W se't by ands of A-
i- t C.Uffy, Erml Lawrence and Nathamel Lawrenc.
RegtrarWW's ofm EPHRAIM F. GE SM
Registrar of Ta ,
NOT- Any person whio desires t obeae to the We of1 a
ft Cinffiat of Tiie tn the aboa e applicaton may emWr a
'* L10 the above Office wfvthtn six fwteks frow dee "
SP a ppara;ace of this Scheidue tn the STAl Newspqw
.;bishdin t this St3te ot from tht date when th- uae4 c ft irn
Crlebed y iaw wa 9.rv4d on any owmer-or ccupor 0c "dHig
ii4 r gst of whIc the ap licatlon is eme4.

6-Ti ,CE

Would GLENFORD VIDAL or any.
one knowing his whereabouts conta
in connection with a deposs made to the
account of John Baptise Julian on the
13th Aug"t 1973. X

STOP We YagE" -
Your &I Problems -ike boyfrie rd or girlfricad,
marriage, divorc-, sex. exasination, job, prosme-
tions, bad luck, evii spirits, lottery, bingo pool,
sweepstakes, transfeT. ailments .,l distresses er
any otioier type% of problems cia be solved in strict
SN.DELIAl-Oo27,. IND1A f

FOR SA -. .
I5.ore:: House L T. gar
5. aqI.ft 5-44 AI,9 sq.ft
Magmificem view of ~1 u Valley
W ter, Lights, T b: p' <; h e
and on the ML 'sd.

Members and Supporters of the Domic&
ca Freedom Party are informed that the
Sixth Annual Convention will take place
on Sunday June th at LAPLAINE at
0ooo a.m.
The G u e s t Speaker will be Mr.
Norman Hill Q C. who will speak on
HmI n Rights.
A round trip fare of s.oo will be
charged and all wishing to attend should
ctact The Party Agent in their village
t make erly arrangements for transport.
Facilities for joining The Party wi1
be made available before the open session.
Members are advised to pay arrears
of subscription before the convention.
Bring your lunch with you and
enjoy the luncheon interval in piciic
style. .. ,
TENDERS are invited for the cxmstrction of a
twr-t2)-lite Boxing Plant to be erected at Coa-
stant Spring near Woodford Hill.
Specifications and plans fao this boxing plant c"s
be examined at the Office of the Operations MaU-
agp at the Head Quarters of the Domi*ica Bana.
a Growers Assocation, 13 Hanover Street, -
seay, between hours of 8.30 a.m. and 3 p m.
Esttimtes should be in sealed envelopes mark.
TENDERS and addressed to the Genaeal Man-
agA, to reacL him not later than Ta noon 0o
Mouiday 20th May, 1974-
The Asociation does not bind itself to acept the
l or may ftietr.

Sixth Annual


i-riday. May 10, 1974

Pace Five


I '

Vi=1 a *ii-- d- -1 a v 0---..


By the busy roadside
A royal palm alone
Leafless and 'branchless.
- Seen, but yet unknown...

Giftus R.

No one regards me now
Nor do they gaze at me;
Only a poet remembers
The once graceful palm tree.
In years alas gone by
I was a pillar of admiration
Swaying as I was photographed
By visitors from each nation
But now all beauty's gone,
And I have become old
So here I stand alone
First scorched, then wet and cold.
Children no longer gather
Nor do the sweet birds nestle
My life goes on no farther,
Ceasing without a rustle.

niTTWTtIA TIT iTrn ,T(OrA TT, Q E Tr g T *m

St. Iiciats Promier John Compton con-
ceded that the 3-seat majority won by
his United Workers Party was smaller than
eApected, but maintained that it was
nonetheless "comfortable".
According to official returns, the-
UWP won 10 of the"17 seats at atake and
the remainder went to the Opposition
St. Lucta Labour Party. Sometimes- the
margin -wd.'ana~ .~ ll ": 2 vote : -
-OGgewg.6.eui '(t )> Datm oft,. ahd so
did ex-i*nis erin. B6D" B quet*
St.Vincont. had' more tourist. for the
first three m6nt 1s of this yoar-thai in
any previous throoe-month period 's~o
cashed.in on disturbahoos: in Grenada
which roeptlsed -tourists.
FIathaty-arch arrivals by air- jumped'
from 4,9371-last yor- to 6,329 this yen.
The number of-da visitors spent oh
the island also shoi7od an increase to
59,985 from 39304-'dys last year..

Dominica Trade & Travel EMxposition and MELVILLE HALL ESTATE six tenants 'ho
Labour Day celebrations have been geareT have leased plots of land were installed
towards, promoting moratourist trade and' on their holdin-s this week,- a ce-freo.-
markets for Dominica products. Ir. Ar- ny attended by the IHnister of Agriculture.
thur J.H.Tonge (Campaign Promoter for Ultimately they hope to get certificates
Dominica:) has request the display of of title. The Castle Bruce Co-opora-,
exhibits, Two Beauties, Thora- Jackson tive is already under way. This all came
and Sonia Williams, represented this out of agitatiof and- action inspired by
state in the Labour Day event which had AthertonIM-rtin. CD,C, collaborated in
a carnival atmosphere. Also, the Dom- the transfer through Government. A paper
inica.Trade & Travel Expohition (August setting out the fiustrations and delays
17-18) is a major trade promotional which occurred was published recently
effort; the culture, music, songs and, p a lesson t.,-o"hose who may have simi-
history of Dominica will be highlighted '.Ir aspirations,
as well as her local products. 1VtES''O OM'-b DENCE,- C"u A )
.IAL. -Tonge appeals to business men, It is simply not true to say that
manufacturers, groups, schools and in- vqtes of ITo o0hfidence are not moved
dividuals to send exhibits to him so as unlesss the mover("-) have some chance of
to ensure .a big succ6ss:"- success, The Canadian Parliament lias had
Arthur J.HI.Tonge, seven such vot6e 'in the past few'years,,
117-51 .27th Street, and only the modt recent was triumphant
South Ozone Park, Q0eens.- it toppled the Liberal Government of
New York Y-.. 11420, 'U.S.A. Pierre Trudeau out of office and towards
Lot's make it big for Dominica he says, a General Election.
MOTHERS DAY OOS by y Christian In Canada this week the vote ran 137
T- A ... b.. "h tia ,.. aaindt the Government (Social
M is for M rth, when she held us in her hand Deoimocbrats'& Conservatives teamed
0 is for Order, the first she did demand up) to 123 for Trudeau & Co.Onil
T is for Teaching, and hers we'll always keep oie very sick member was abs& ot.
H is for Heart,, in which true love doth sleep -.- .
E is for eagerness to see us i.rise and happy GRAIDBAY STATE OF EIMERGEITCY
R is for Right, which of "course she'll always be. This has been extended to the
Put these qualities together L2nd day...of June 1974, t was
They will spell M O T H E R. announced in the House A Gazette.
f 11-10

Fr~mdajm M.,1.94TE TRPg ee

Schedule of Application for Cercrficate of Tite & Notlngs thereio
& CYveats for waek "endn 41 h da of Apri, 1974
te L t rPerson Presentzing Nzture eq
4r a Certficae f itde 0o
Noting thereon or Caveat.
Request d Ated Dolain Paul as Request for the issue
the 22nd da v personal rep- of a First.Certificate
of April 19174. tentative of of Title in respect of
Pre-sented the Wensley Paul a portion of land at
24th day of deceased "The MoBne" in the
April 1974 at by his Solicitor Village of St. Joseph
3 O'clock Clra A M in the Parish of St.
Dupigny Joseph in the State
of Dominiea contain,
inmg 1955 square feet and bowade as foilews:-
North by island of Doyle jores. East by land of Emrod Brsde
Souwbv s and of Wilford John and Louisa Gasper; West bl
iana anodanis Pierra.


-Request dated Pal r Request for the issee
the 24th day Tavernier ) of a First Certificate
of April 1974. by his Solicitor of Title in respect ea
Presented tie Cilma AM a portion of iamd at
24th day of Dupitply Tete Morne in the Pa
April 1974 at riBh of St. Patrick, in
S3.55 p-m.. I the state of Domj
nica containing 2.65
acres and bounadd
as follows:- .
North ty .,,: a t o Nor is HOtLor; South by *.Footpath sepk
racing it i:ro 'iru ,-, .. -ttst -byj lands of AJlce
Charles, O'Brietn ohn Lewis and Nest le Tavernier and Richrd
Destouchej West by land of Mary Morris, Feticite Alexander
aid Patrick Abr.tam.

Presented the Cilma AM a portion of land at
24th day of Dupiguy Grand Bay in the Pa
April 1974 at rih of St. Patrick, in
3.40 p.m. the State of Dcn
3 ,0 -..... i ca containing 1532
square feet and boum
ded as follows:-
North by land co Peter Henryt South by the Public Ro"4
(L'Alley; East by lind of Peter Henry* West by land a
Mary Thomas. f(O, &r S Ao


Hillman Minx Estate 2694
Ford Escort Saloon P268

For inspection, phone

Offers in writing to:
The Manager
Dominica Electricity Services
P.O. Box 13, Roseau.


Ca'e R.tqC t e Person Presernting NaRture of -equest

Requsat dated Jones Cropper Request for the issue
the 26th day by his Solicitor ef a First Certificate
of February Cilma A.M of Title in respect of
S1974. Dupigny a portion of land at
iPresented the New Town, in the Pw
24th day of rish of St. George, in
April 1974 at the State of Dmn-
3.25 p.m. an containing 2985
Square feet and bonn-
ded4as follows:.
North East by land of Eskelth Alfred; South East by land of
Edney Benjamin; South West by the Set; North West
by land of Gweneth Boyer.

dtule of Application for Certificate of Tictle and Nottaj
thereon ad Caveats for week ending| 4th day of May 1974
Date ReustM Person Presenting Nature of request whet
or a Certificate of Title
I Notin thereon or Caveat

Request dated Earle Whyte
10 / 1/74 by his SoHcitoa
Presented M.Eugenia
3/5/74 Charles
at 11 O'clock

Application of Earle
Whyte for the issue
of a first certificate
of title in respect of
Sa Portion of land
known as a residen-
tial lot in The Town
of Roseau in the
Parish of St. George
containing -1430
square feet and boun
ded as follows:

North-West: River Bak; North-ast: Lands of Edith
Junkere and Emanuel Felix; South East River Sirea;
South-West: Lands of Ethel Giraud A Henry John Lewis.

Roseaw Domisca,

Registrar of Titles

TE:- Any persea who desires to object to the Iasm of s
Irni Certicase of Tile In the above application may enter
vetw in the above Office within six weeks from the daew
lhe first appearace of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
ublished i this State or from the date when the notice prw.
acribedhby low was served on any owner-or occupier of adjitelag
tend (a respect of which the application Is made.

holds its Annual General Meeting
at the Weirs Marigot School on
Sunday May 19 1974, at 1.30 p.m.

All who plant and eat are invited to attend.

A 7 Oil- _

Page Seven


Fridaf May 10, 1974





It 'wasn't



to sell the Boss

on this Fantastic

but WE did it!

WE Stuck Our Necks Out because we
you help US.


While Stocks




the following :-



8.25 x ao
5-90 x 5
5.25 x 6
6.4 x 15 15
6.95 s 15
7.10 x 15


6.70 x 15
5.00 x 14
5.00 x 4
3.50 x x 1
3.00 x 19
Bicycle Tyres

11.20 x 20
7.00 x 20
5.-50 x 17
5.6o x I6


x 6.
x r6











friday May. 10 7 T HE .ST A Page m-
CANDID. COMEMS.. .ry .inS."Stevens : CANDID COtInTn Strangely :46gh;a7.
PREMIER Le Blano Ran .Aaw -. list of. pprroxi atel 30,0 banana pro-
...... .ducer ibKotaiis'as many as ap~roimate.ly
Both sections of tlhe Dominica Press twenty persois5 4Who are dead.'and cannot
have intensively described te'' farcial produce .bana-as -" A few of them-diedj;.
and pusillaminous proceedings in the over twenty years ago, while sinoe te
Dominica House of Assembly., on Thursday .Banna Rehabilitat-ion Scheme. the ist
last, 2nd May, 1.974 T.hi alsb was a of banana producers has appreciably in-
memorable and historic day in the poli- creased.
tical life of Domi.nica-.i -... -Ther is no6 need to mention that many
But there is still room for a few persons pr6duing bananas: for the past'.
comments and observations. Premier two or three ybars are not on the list,
Le Blano mus-t have, felt uncomfortable- while some have gone abroad. and are no
at .the Grenada dC.D'.eBi tings of longer interested in: the most., laborious
Governors. He had escaped from'the industry in the .aribbea.
absurdity of replacing Mr .hnld_ Ative I-state'here and now that'th'Ge ~.eral
by fr.John. oyer as 4ibster of me -Manager can prI uboe an up-to-date, list
Affairs. He had .alsp escaped from ans- seeing"that bianas are sold in" Dbminio
wearing the ohargesagainst: his undemo- every week.o- The PWW.D. "bobol" prd -coe
oratic and incompetent Government. He of putting dead men s' names on vouchers:
appears to..have lefI instructions not 'is a thing of hb. pat and banana.pro-
to announce the Vote of6 N-Ooinfidence before the morning the -o-use was to dead persons to escape paying income tax.
meet as if this postponement could ob- Th Dominio Farmers.Union hasipased.
literate the ,sgracefl imace his Gov- a resoldutin stating clearly-.the- many
orhment had brought upon tie country. unsavory. happenings in the Bana'-Xh dus-
Ir.Le Blano must be vory dense if he try and insistix on. an" independent. and
oannot see that the lic6nce and-irres- competent inquiry into its. woien gm The
ponsible use of ,firearms ihi tho Dominica Ministerof l"Agriculture, Trade & Waural
of his creation can bring suiforingana- Resources stated-that the matter was
death to innocent' people contrary to "receiving aitentioh. .
the. laws of the d." Onthe 19th:ay nextthe fD..U i .-.s
The Attorney-General, Mr;.Austin, holding its second Annual General Mebting
also must have felt extremely uncom- t ro t 'will. give anaccount of
portable when he had to perform the its stewardship', elect new office's, re-
duty of a political cipher in the House cruit new. 'ombors and mare plans to give
of Assembly last Thursday. "' farmers the inspiration and drive, they
It is difficult to say whether it is need in Agricultural Year 1974. The
pity or censure that must .be reserved public and all who live by the: soil are
for Mr. Le Blano. and hia house of cards c~rdialy-iVi'tel. (Details he: n:):;.
The pathetic thing is the Bouse crum- -.. .
blues slowly .to make' the reimorSe. of him- BACK TO CJif E by Hugh L-wrscoe
self and that of his .supporters .more Durihg: our mens retreat this-ra"-
painfil, and inevitabl -- everyone- was pleased with the t~ui..out.
The D.B.GA-.Registration of, Voters especiall7-,ith. the young." Butsince -
'anager V.E.White of -the D.B.G.A. then they -have-disappeared, To where?-
has- issuod instructions to .District-. alone knowe. we ,av to bridge o
Branches concerning election of members back tap.church so tnat parents and chil-
.... n deen young..anA old.may. be reconciled. We
delegatps, Qtc-for th anual meeting' shll never--succeee.to be reconciled .with-
of the D.B.G.A. on, the, 28th instant. out God-' qEe made hurch-
X thought.-the D.B,G.A'was'set aside and to1d- iIs ap9st he who eas ou
hears me'. It-. isa in this church fhat we
by two S.R.O.'s which placed power whole, receive pardon-for--our wrondoings--and
ly aia solely in the hands of the Bhnana receive- .the..bread of life. we candh -
Managonment Committee under th" Dominica succeed b-tryin.. this alone; -even if we
read the -ible and pretend. that we are
Government. Be that as it may, only saved. Peter- -warned us. that shall-read
those on the list issued by. the Manager these .very.scrip.tuaes to their .own damn-
and dated 31st March-lt7, will be able ati on ..Let me remnid the young. people
.. ..d. to t heathat we must always keep in, mind, 'Re-
to select representative to the farcia member thy creator 4: .the days of thy"
meeting of the D.B.G.A.. youth",. .. -H.L.

T - .A- -.
#-V*A*R*S*P*G*R*T*S* Uorchriston 'W A N T E D '
SRICE~IT Following hard upon the an- -
nouncement that Grenada wuld not beo and WOMEN TAILORS
taking part in this year's Goodwill with ivLACIES.
Cricket Toirnament, the scheduled start CPgtact: B Y T I NEE
or-INy 53r& was (uic61kly pushed back
.adeiMnitaite. ......; Dorlinica will
meet St.Vincent at tEe 6"otanical Gar. BY-TRIND'
dens.. in the near
Meanwhile, St.Vincent has replaced to a meeting at Weirs,
their- -Grenada match with a representa- IMarigot on Sun.May 12
tive Barbados team which includes such This is important to your future.
players as Wes Ball, Charlie Griffith, Time: 2 p.m. at Weirs
Seymour Nurse, Nolan Glarke and David DOMINICA NURSES WEEK annual )
ThMure among othersuo to Ti starts on May 12 with Services,
Tho. vost Indies Youth team due to Speeches, and other events,, Open Day
leave-Barbados for Britain on J 2 speeches and other events. ,Open Day
leave Barbados for Btasn on iAly 2 is Thurs.May 16. Sorry we were not
Will play 1 matches hich iclde supplied with full details. Ed.
mini test matches. The 13 strong squad
includes TLockhart Sebastian of Dominica TWO OFFICIAL OPENTIGS
and. Victor Eddy. of Stitts. of educational establishments which
In a. D.A.I.O. sponsored limited hve both been operating for some time
over. match, Spartans defeated 'Giitter took place on Friday. These were: the
Growns-by 3Zruns. Battin: first, Teacher Training College and the Dup-
Spartans piled on 187'for all in their igny Technical College. A British rep-
30 overs C.John 43., ChGTlliams 33, rOsdentative (Mr. Woods) attended.Brit-
fLShillingford 35,5 G.Lafbod- .2 antnd i put in considerable funds.
D.Abraharm 21. Ibr--Croiins: Titro 3/34,
--toil 2/33 and A.Sblomon 2/03. -G utter RULERS TOPPLE (from page one)
Oziowns 75 T.A.lleyne 29 and'A.SolomoDn We must also reflect on the top-
20. obr Spartans: G.Lafoild 4/09, :plipg of Edward Heath by a minority
I-.Sillingford 3/19 and D.Abra1ham 2/24. a1hbour Govt. ; and turning our gaze orf
KBASgETBAL ELast weekend. matches,Garoni #he Caribbean, John Compton's Party
-Gadinals ~defeated Flanos 66-56 in the h.d a much more narrow shave than he
first match. In the second match, in a is prepared to admit, despite the
close-gripping encounter, Raiders nar- $17 million grant by Britain for 14
rowly -defeated Electrons by 2 points $miles of 'shortening road' between
56-54. ai ports, which hearted the ruling
On Wednesday night"(8th.) in- the first party. We mention this, because a
of high-sooring matches., D.G.S. wree- correspondent (whose letter is too'
beatein-by a powerful)' Raiders liAe-up.. long for late reproduction here) says:
Scores: Raiders 72 C(A.,ti3enne-.19, 8.John "Britain don't better do that when
14, A.David 11: and G.Janes 16). D.G.S. ERward Leblano's Party is on the way
52,.- (J.C.Zarrenced 24)a '. out, or we'll know what to think..."
In .he"second match, another school, (Sorry, J.C., no space to print more).
this time S.M.A. were on the receiving One of the most heartening things
end, and to Caroni Oardinals, who, since is the forthright statement by P.A.M.
their match against-Bata Pros aie a bit Opposition spokesman (which we shall
more constructivee. Cardinal 4, (*C. Produce later) against attempts by
John Baptiste 26, C...obort 20 and W. qerain Associate States leaders to
Leblano 12). S.M.A. 47, (CIavid 14, Iord. the Judiciary with approved nom-
I. !o.e 12 and 0.Burton 11). iriees to support "their dirty...laws"-.
THE LIONS British te a u Agb2a 1tKitts, Antigua and Dominica are
footballers touring ou .ra,
against tremendous protest have oamed among the transgressors.
been forbidden to be entertained by democracy grind small, buthe mill.of
9eicisl.-i^Lnla2n l e.S.in democracy grind. small, but.._.....,_..
Printed & Eublished .by he Prorioetor, R.E.Allfrey of Oopthall MIUl House at'
S26 Bath :oad, .seau, Dominaca, West Indies.