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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 05-03-1974
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Mrs. Jane LOrTIITTIAL, Librarial
Research'Ins-titue for thle st
L-62 Eapt 78 Street,
New York 10021 ITY. U.S.A.
et: Printery 2691, Editor 2 610
i.K. Media Representative:
olin Turner (London) Ltd.
122 Shaftesbury Ave. W.1.

0 R D' OF .M
iUor2 JI SAST r0 rie
DM YO.RK, N. y. io0
vEtrtutt ue Y CoStS-- 76rtula AE irigot

i V.1 YVVIf m 1- In


May 3, 1974

The second half of Mr. Pat Stevens motion
which called on Government to tender its resignar
don: after a vote of NO CONFIDENCE, was re-
moved from the Order Paper. The Motion received
late radio publicity.
In the Rouse, the Mover's rights were
- eroded when the Speaker stopped the debate
during a supporting speech by R.S.adoello.e
gugenia Charles never got a chnmee to hafre.
her say; there ,was a move by the Minister
of Finance (P.John) for closuroethea thIApg
got maddled. It appeared to the public ip -
the gallery and to this editor tbht "M-1
mont Members voted in favour of the motion
o WNCOyMIDECg and there fore against
tj"S5la -.Aj Than tV -ppe-ak -e-,as--Ui
was hitting in one of the Members seats,
Contrary to usual Parliamontary procedure
asked for a Division. It was a sorry farce,
Mr. Stevens was not even allowed his rihft
of reply. (Continued on page eight)
SmfTING MACIMNTs Last friday, Gregory(f()
only son of Mr.& Mrs.Cyril Levis,wal grape -
ly wounded when a firearm went off acoidant.
ally at the hiram homn in Cork St. o vwas
taken to Princess Margaret BIapital,

"I'd like my paycheck early because I won't be in
the rest of the week. We employees are forming a
cricket team tomorrow.

Because his recent behaviour was causing a
breakdown in Police morale, Mr. Arnold Active
(who held the post of Home Affairs Minister since
July 1973), was dismissed from the job this week.
Mr. Active had instructed the Police to allow bail
for a young Labour Party Supporter when he was
brought in after an incident involving a Spacial
Constable, also a Labour partisan. All the Special
Constables threatened to resign unless the matter
was cleared
Succeeding Mr. Active in the vital post at
Home Affairs is Mr. John Royer, a cousin of the

thet pleasant days of a banana boom
beggars (visible on our streets in the dim
ptsi)-h4ad most vanished troaite r1
scene. Now that poverty is general save in
top- bracket and ministerial circles, and
now that there are shortages of certain
foodstuffs, the beggars are becoming viYsi
ble again, and they are of all ages,
In the Beans (Trmrs.)an Act was passed
to penalise idle or disorderly persons
from loitering (fine #26).Whilo we regret
that idleness in a tropical island is now
a crime, especially whon involuntary, it
ta one way of rounding up the wayward
young. Why not cash in on beggars too by
charging then poreentago license fees?
A lot of time, money and expertise have been
spent on Village Councils this week, and indeed
for the past few years. This is always presented as
a democratic exercise and is close to Cabinet's
heart, as through many of these V.Cs. they main-
tain their grip. This week U.N. lent their voices
to instruct V.C. Clerks at the Dominica Grammar
School, while students loafed. We hope the adult
education was well learnt,
In the house, Ii papers (Order and By Laws)
were presented by the Deputy Premier all to do
with Village Councils,

gage Two .. ^j. E.
CANDID.: COMMENTS :. --.by .,sstevens .
. Etienneas- New Citrus.-jp ppals (II)
Mr.Etienne has the fruit Endustry
in a bureaucratic vice- not re-alising
that slowly but surely he ox sealing.
tlie doom of the industry, also making
aero=Tc growers poorer every day,. weak-
ening their physique and destroying
Government with.plenty on its hands
in its various divisions is tying up
itself with managing estates 6tc.,,
leaving the work of administering and
building schools and hospitals, of con-
structing :roads properly and of seeing
to it that certain officials do their
work faithfully insteaT of drawing
monthly salaries to pursue their own
private affairs.
To say thattNLD. A.T. proposes this
and that and the other, is no excuse.
A Government is on the spot and should
know local people and c6nditionhsat
first hand and decide on its priorities
on .that knowledge
1n this Oitrus Business,' the Direct-
ors should be allowed to re-organise
and improve in the interest of"ALL
..ewe '-- this.lsh sl verment
.teaches and it must be prictised in all
spheres of human activities. Govern-
ment should materially assist all farmexa
who'by the sweat of their brow"strive
.to build up their own and their country
good.*' .

Fiction MA,. TITINE Cynthia- latt
It was 12350 and the local Aewd was
being broadcast ;oved Radio Dbminiba,
Ma Titine suddenly dropped her fork and
rising hurriedly from the table, covered
her lunch.
'.What I'm hearing.I 'she exclaimed.
"No, no, I-must rush over to Genelias.M
On arriving there she met Reuben and
Genelia at lunch and was invited to join
them.. .
"l know you couldn't finhich eating
y6ur.lunch,V Genelia remarked. "I myse:;
I just couldn't believe it"....
...unning steps were-..heard and then the
door opened to admit Baby who was panti q
"Allyou.,.look news.. cah't beleeve...
She sank .-into a-chair fanni'-erself. "
"N.eare. -. *dey fiah.de miinitah jus.
foh dat '. ,.
"f'at-foh dey fiah heem?"JReien.en--
q iA.aed, ........ .k '." ( u
"Allyou doan k]cow? (next column)

ST A R Friday. Nay 3,1974
Liberty loqt is.mild regret,
dreadmen"are a greater threat.
Liberal we 4oe'to a degree;
To what deG `e, we may not agree.
So,.png as -t is not OUR pay
Who cares'.wht the employers say?
No matter wv t in private slips;
I deny critsi~m crossed my lips4
Despite theY depth to which we sink.,
no one will: know how I think.
Rations voM`k recessio' go .
until I da'e -othing will show :
my confidence.is self-defence...
I sit in.:.4uspense on the fence.
Civil Se. aaje of the highest class,
I draw condemnation where I pass;
my one concern is number ONE.
I won't draw or face the gun
for no pri`nciple-upon this earth,
if I don't know what it's worth.
I tell it straight, loud and true
I don't jgve-a damn for you.
The orders comeT, however obtuse
obey I must, I- daren't refuse
Cause when in 3 years I retire,--
I:,want. a pension, plus a.rehire:
a chairmanship just like my friend's
reward-for-this barbaric fence.
Principalahi' precludes principles,
The middle3'~6ound stirs no ripples.
Fri stud leave do grant I swear
Itd wave -the flag, I'd cut my hair;
1!ll shutit'y mouth and conform.
and who kibwv? I might INIFOM
When I have to have that money)
that REVOIUTIOIT thing is not funny.
Who seeks .'t ruble taking a stand
when a chairmanship is.at hand?
A big deal wiiting to be clinched,
who in hell areass who got pinched.
Ideals are swell but' don't pay th6erent.
It's expedieAt sitting on the fence.
becausee gobd men do nothing-
while~~~1inioa trembles."


MA. TITINE ..'Shut up dat damn station.,.
you will A'evah get de real news,...when
Antilles on again lissen to dem instead.
But let #e t.ll allyou...jus becos d6e
,boy punch a' kick do very special cons-
table dey areas heem. an wooden take bail
foh heQem. S&isa' fadder (I heah he is a:
strong suppohtah of Guvment) ring up de
Ministah'.a"~ tell.him dey does take bail .
f ohy people who doing aiss crime dan dat
an dey not takin bail foh his Po.r .
(concluded Page .

Fri.... May 3, W4 -THE STAR

Crime, t pice & ite, public
A ned not So Iat.d"aiul abatthe state of criam in the island,
today. -
We ar surrmanded by it. Law abiding citizens feel the need to
take extraordinary precautions to protect their property and
person from a vicious type of criminal that has emerged from the
ra.ks of youth in the Island today.
The reason I am writing this article is that, while we all look to
the police for protection w-' n cfl I ena st
tew receie our supp -o d aO:L o .

PolicS are an p ppm ,. to -.:
guardsans of the peoplio'
parents, fanily. and property.
Siy- .being l.te frank and
honest wi4th te rss-e and the
public, we .believe khe police,
could ,nr trust '- and
resp.et. rzom. the public..Thmb
people itave a rTght to know so
that they can protect
thermah'eo- and hrt property.
be W:y.$J oeas crime if we
had r.,'af'at<. pjblic.- and ihe
crftiy* wlyt can Iavl an aWre
i b Intelligent public is if tiey
we fully informed of the fgthe
.;iv *13t the fatft. No-'Wiom I ,
4e 4authorwtiea have any causB
t(I :oInplIdln .bout
eai:gtattnirf thse in control
asiWhentieado .
And donlQfomt. trAst
sin corwien a' litda the
arithlfatfa 3M th$e ayt of
t1i*0ford. HrJf t e ItrengtIhof
thes po0a6 for.e In Brittin, is
due to the fact titUt 11puWic
1 .la I r! i. h.te et De.. -
;How cao, we, haKw thi t hire

if the public are not ttedb .
tihe police to play their part2
.flust we pretend that ii.cs a
vicious wave of crime lt, tsw
community does not exist? ,
The, Press is not a prote tion
agency ftr Government, tha
police oraiy one iese for, tha
matter. The l_ Pes is h 4
guardian of the people's,rlht
and, one, of the moat'
people's right to know. ITat iss
not Just the right to kpow wba#
the Government want thep t3
ktnow as in community
countries, but tt6.: rih t i,
knh6 everything. '
The alarming inerea l,
crime locally i a '._fat '
."6erftft-iff vI gi~e df-")k
fact. And yaftwhen as nitatr
wFt debated In piatih~ent tiel
other day, the man remonsle'
for the nation, the mn .
response for the police fosie
at right'there in the Assembly,
and said NOTHING. That's
right: absolutely nothing!

Sixth Annual

Members and Supporters of fi omini
ca Freedom Party are informed that the
Sixth Annual Convention will take place
on Sunday June 9th at LAPLAINE at
10.00 a.m.
The G u e s t Speaker will be Mr.
Norman Hill Q.C. who will speak on
Human Rights.
A round trip fare of $1.oo will be
charged and all wishing to attend should.
contact The Party Agent in their village
to make early arrangements for transport.
Facilities for joining The Party wifl
be made available before theopen session.
-Membersare adised-to pay arrears
of subscription before the convention.


I Bring
enjoy the


your lunch with you and
luncheon interval in picnic

Would GLENFORD VIDAL or any-
one knowing his whereabouts contact
BARCLAYS BANK Old Street, Roseau
in connection with a deposit made to the
account of John Baptiste Julien on the
13th August 1973,3 1s4/3

Your all Problems like boyfri end or girlfriend,
nmrriage, divorce, sex, examination, job, promo. -
tions, bad luck. evil spirits, lottery, bingo pools,
sweepstakes, transfer, ailments all distresses or
any other types of problems can te solved in strict
15G/2A R. GARDEN (W)
N.DELHIW 110027, INDIA.. _1\3.

TENDERS are invited for the construction of a
two-32)-line Boxing Plant to be erected at Con-
stant Spring near Woodford Hill.
Specifications and plans for this boxing plant can
be examined at the Office of the Operations Man-
ager at the Head Quarters of the Dominica Bana-
na Growers Association, 13 Hanover Street, Ro-
seau, between hours of 8.30 a.m. and 3 p:m.
Estimates should be in sealed envelopes marked
TENDERS and addressed to the General Man-
ager, to reach him not later than r2 noon on
Monday aoth May, 1974.
The Association does not bind itself to accept the
lowest or any tender.



Friday, May 3. 1974


- -6

19 _

T Ir E

CA4MID. COkMEPTS 1 byS.S .S 8Tovens
A. -onstitutional Affront.
It is bad enough to delay a meeting
of Parliament when *ilangE' go wrong in
the State to avoid exposure and blame.
It is doubly bad to rush a meeting of
the House of Assembly without telling
the taxpayer what you are going to
discuss. 4
Even if the ruling government is
'aware that the Opposition cannot pre-
vent the. passage of any BAll'whether
good or bad, the GQover4ment should. an-
nounce its intentions "
But Mr.LeBlano is a desperate man,
and..no one must be .surprised at any
undemocratic, unconstitutional or un-
becoming happening in outr o--caXled.
civilized and enliGhtened society.
The Banana BOomerang
The amgSement Committee under the.
name of the Dominica Banana Growers
Association is -calli2tg for a general-
meeting on 28th May riext to ela~ t mem-
bers for. another year, ~ind the worst of
it is the D-B,G.,A or. the Banana' Commit-
tee is aslcdig "Tino-a u.ma D-tx-a.'t -
Branches to take part in this base and
ridiculous. exercise,
At the same :time, the Dominica
3%asmers Union received. from the .nistry
of Agricultural Trade & "1ataral Resour-
eon that the two Resolutions passed; on
10th. March1974 had beeh received and
were receiving attention; one of the
Uhsolutions demanding. a full and inde-
.pendent inquiry into every aspect of
the workings of the Banana Industry.
One sign of the nervousness which
this Resolution has struck ihto the
hearts of the Banania Authorities is
their .promptness in issui-g a' release
stating Green Market Price, in the U.K*
Another sign of panic is. their haste
to- tell- certain banana people" that the
Managing Committee has finished paying
the' debt owing to Geest lIndustry.., Per-,
havs this is a result bf.thEe DF..,
asking for full and detailed Statements
of all debts* ......
The. Banana Authorifles may well be
extremely uncomfortabe. over- the fact
that authorities on bothsideo of the
Atlantic have been properly" made aware
of the age-old antics and exploitation
practices in the porinicoa Aanana Indus-
Lty, 197-i the D.r.U. has advised
panl wis, ea.cal that- i.oiore bbla.n pantz s
"A *4-Cj, ( (conlq pae ) F

Page Four.
LOBLACK & -ocG SECUPJTY: The Wrong Dateo
Last week on'page 3 we printed a news
story. Sha date in it wag wrong, wIhich
made nonaese of the important point that
Mr. E.C. G laO1s; shortly after initia--
ing a motion c A"ig for social security,
was expeloied ftpm the Dominica Labour .
Party, and his -ame was -removed from thc'
Rousing Qommitbte. 'The date-was nearly
TEN YEART -MQ;. h.fl,6 I 9 6 t4.:
MA. TITIN fr. 27 -Baby shattered on.
"So do i13-nistah phono de poleece chief
an ax heem wIly 'ey doan take. bail foh do
b o y ., o .
"Is soXtegai;." Roeuben out in. "Dis
was de lw atrai. "I fine he shood know
bettah dan to 4!,terfere.,de -spectal con-
stables does *AiK fo* no pay, an dey all
treten to resoini. #so de Guvner and 4de
Premier get toJbddr an sack haec. 1,ll,
all dat in life..." '
,'What I want to.know," Genelia said,
"is how is. it hat '"fVernzments always
shuffli; Iliaitera..,woll, this one is
fired," shle added, I"ad I feel. that it
won't be ldong. before we hear that Uin.
-inter- La.niicra'torted to another post,".
"You ahore rightl^ Reuben n6dded agree-
ment. "Boy, t~yeihtjus like a game of ..
draff or'dbmiio9oe ..boy, dey can hoff mianI,
Way, way, wa"p -
Ma. Tittinie ieained"bover chuckling: "aN
you-all don"1' knmiow what kind of- a great.
brain will re4ace the sack-mani family
business, pap4-
Miss Alma J hn and Miss Ceeilia Green
who represent~. th I Teachers' Section of
the C.S.A. tii IW.tpert Srhainder (is
dependent) made an, evaluation at a 3-day
Seminar of thl C.S,A. CXay 3) of the
First Gohfercqp of Central American and
Caribbean WorLaord in Education and' Culture
held in Curacao recently.
READER fg a*g
"WaX -c 4iput-" ..iy..
I thii*k y etter-writers are- uni:nd
to broadcaste, There are one or twio who-
do their johs'ab the best of their abilit s
I much liJ6e Y-4' Phillips sweet cain v6ica
and Raymond XLa.enoe is getting very lioi,4k
Never mind oCo r ioala mispronounciations
I admit mot of the others are crude: t1i
nay improve...
Moreover, Bar4e~n Defoe is most compoteit;
Ind.we are glad to have Alvin baek. -


Windward Islants C tea:

Factry es s operations

- The latest ebetrmticld automted am feature
ararlagsey Is -e mutiefi-wtl- n dotllr a tripg
*a at Viesat Frt. St. LUmca, wfIt, es int opera-
The -ftw p*lit, vifich oas t produhaio capacity of
s4&te 764. ianltion cartons p yer, replaces another
which rpe'ed in 1972 and aws *hfsttyaed by W' s16
oWatms lawr.' Te owd pleat Was Oapbe of Ofoducing
only 15 ItheW boxes wmatly, and primanty for the
ntana indesty in the Wflkamd I lstano,.
The taltory is 0e" ef d* 1111 teausuiNal vures in
an a SWic is to be developed as industial I conm-
pJex, .it a s em ncd of ite island of St" Lucia. I
Sast buIft by the WhWtaN IVslands Pac-aging Cokmpay
J.eisa 1itfEt1a) uStVe sareoidesn ae # Goevern-
rwons f t S.l tadw Iant tends, St. Luaia, Gmnada.
sa at ai Vm, a ac the ianllt Venez-
. -. ;., .- s <,,. ..i..i'piig' 4.

4 ..
S". .

Jbi SEi.U Factuy

TOe A 6{ssItd fswds
Craittiatu have sacm
cmarlbiied E- $2!.! A*
towte* ft ;apijl costs
t pIe WeBW fsverf, while
Papelema*s fJiu -a
ECri mifll. 1atpt CIat
crlasseeanne affi(4ppea69
VS Init ting 4uS EC$4
VaO alp. -f

10Wrtwwt f wtf
nfashefl caltras, i n
pirasm it oiqa policy tof
HtnfiwfUiAal social

entered Wftl iia
Most w Olaw mba*
otef vilevtw I'"" A9

Auilsae out at these
A ttiaves, ite Vanzuelan
Private Saclor *tst with
ItA. aocated States
fawpZr rt St Puirpose
SOt estiabiag a Venez-
.Ia-Aae citest States
WtSed OfNlas1sten. The
M* d o ith orgtzation is
ib a10ist ist Me economic
an sctal deveapelent of
*B Ista% ftaougf point-
The tirat tangible
tamuIt of tese contacts
0 the establishment of
pant, 1 1 uAiue
hat 4&tiel arrange-i
Maft whichft If Rpmsy
iloys f
V tftnf wStarted
j wpertiwa M y 1172j

~N ~ ~

FriaT 3,

The Windward Islands
Pacaging Comoany's
Board of Directors is
headed by Mr. Rudtioh
Baynes ot St. Vincent, who
togthier'with Mr. Charges
Cadet of St. Lucia are the
- -.--.--Wntvra ,slands-r-epv
sentatives On the Boara.
The atte fate Directors are
Mr. Dms HMnry of Grenada
and tMr. Hugh Mc. Connie
of St. Vhinct.
The other Directors,
with their altnnates, are
Sr. Fenamdo Mendoz
(Sr. Luciani) Sr, lobertd
Ibarra (Sr. Manuel Sosa
and Sr. Edmundo Silva.)
Although the plant will
oncentrare initial tty on
the r 4qulfments of the
Windwart Islands Banana
ed industry, it is intended
s .. that its reduction will.ex-
S pand in Owthe near future,

Swere peviousty import
fr' it l United State
Sr. Jose Lucian
awneral Mager at u
vios Fort tactorycome
mtw Vse patwt Comipan

fg x> agB<)ir 1, taCjstaar an
If shipn4tn at re He' ha-. been
Windward islands bananas wit thte aplany for 17
to #the Uited Ki'ngom. yr w.ttit with As
Disaster struck '"mn subsdlii-f in .Maracai,
Deonser of th sa t year; Maracaibo "ad Carats
oweverW, when a -tre St. Lucia-bom Vr.
coNpoetely destroyed -the S-vilus s Jffry, a quaU-
stRCture and equipmwL t i4ied .Actntant, Who also
The W1id00aeH; is ae0s' speaks aSpatpsh. is Ad-
o BvernatS tnd rapilera mnistrattiye Manager with
iamediatety fook a tect- WINERA. Born at Vieux
st "S c annce re- Fort, fie attended, MHig
COstruction., SChool in Venezuela .and
The new plant is now continued his studies
ready to resume opera- in the United States. He
tie,, once served as Financial
Controller wi4h the St.
Sometime tis yar. Lucia $nana Growers
Papelne will begn po- Association in Castries.:
duction at San Felipe in Anotw" *Kxpa3fidfCoe
Venezuela of the rw Veezufln, Sr. Paphael
M ateriats to be used at Montero, &s the Comipany's
h aOW tait These materials Productio' Mnager.



Two (2) acres of flat land at
Fond Cole
For further details contact:-

SKarol Wineki King George
V Street,
Armour & Armour Chain-
.. bxs, Hanover Street, Roscau.
ii ii i iii i. .. ..'^ i ^ I II .

=,, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ H STAR",i, ', -r ', .. --'--7...

a. a... .

Schedule of Applicaton for rtificate of Ttle & Noting thereon
- Caveats for week eading 27th day of April. 1974 r

e person rwmontrnl NaCrtu r te ofTqu- i tl
*r a Certificateof Title
8NatjngitherQn orC vu

Request dated Dolin Paul as i Request for the lssue
the 22nd day personal rep. of a First, Certificate
-f April 1974. tentative of of Title in respect of
Presented kc Wemnsley Paul a portion of land at
24th day of deceased "The Morne" in the
April 1974 at by his Solicitor Village of St. Joseph
-3 O'clock Cilma A.M in the Parish of St.
Dupiy Joseph .in the State
of Dominiesa contain'
yi S1955, square feet and bounded as: follow:.
North by land of Doyle Jone; East by land of Emrod Brade:
South by land of Wilford John and Louisa Gasper; West by
nd of ,hodanis Pierre.

*Request dated
the 24th day
of April 1974.
Presented the
24th day of
April 1974 at
3.55 p.m.

Paul I
by his Solicitor

Request for the issue
ef a First Certificate
of Title in respect ef
a portion of land at
Tete Morne in the Pa
riah of St. Patrick, in
the State of DomW.
nia containing 2.65
acres and bounded
as follows:-

North by land of Nords Hector* South by a Footpath seopa
rating it from land of Bernard dennis East by lands of Alice
Charles, O'Brlen John Lewis and Nestlil Tavernier and Richard
Destouchn e West by land of Mary Morris, Feilcite Alexander
ind Patrick Abraham.
Request dated Paul I .uest. for the iUan
,the 24th day Tavernift of a First Certificate
of April 1974. by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
Presented the Cilma A.M a portion of land at
24th day of Dupigay Grand Ba i the Pa
April 1974 at ri h of St. Patrick, in
3.40 pA m. l the State of Doenm
3.40 1 1 nica containing 1532
square feet and bounm
dad as follows:.-
North by land of Peter Henryt South by the Public Road
(L'Alteyk East by land of Peter Henry, West by land of
Mary honas, (er~tnl CtweA)
j- "iy .. .. |II II I : : .

To all whom it may concern. I, Mathias
Edmund of Layou, give you notice that on
the 9th day of April 1974, my wife Evange-
line Edmund left my home and bed without
my authority and that I have withdrawn all
and every authority which my wife Evange-
line Edmund may have at any time by imp li
cation or otherwise acquired to contract or
me or in my name or as my agent or in any
way to pledge my credit and that I will not
be responsible for her debts whensoever or
howsoever incurred.
Dated this 6th day of April 1974.
SI.afa Mathias Edmund

( Continued )

Date equest d Person Presenting

Request dated
the 26th day
of February -
32--- _*.-. jj.

"aue ofrequest

U *1

Jones Cropper
by his Solicitor
Cilma A.M

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land at
MW I_ &L I.. D -

rrsenOeD iO -. r -,8L -
24th'day'of riskh of St George, in
April 1974 at the State of Dbmi-
3.25 p.m. ni ae containing 2985
*.1 quj, feet and boun-
ded u follows.
North East by land of Eskelth Alfred; South Elst by land of
Edney Benjamin; South West by the Sea; North West
by land of Gw.neth Boyer.

,o D"mlica, R.glstrar of titles
OTE::- Any per'so Who desires to object to the Issue of a
mrt Certificate, of Title in the above application mvy ehftr a
vaiset in the above Offico within six weeks from the date of
ha; first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Ntwipaper
blilshed in this State or from the date when the notitt rtr-
lrtbed.by law was served on any owner.or occupier o( idjonin
nd in respect of which the application is made.

I7. acres of land at Temple in the Wood.
ford Hill Wesley Area bounding with the
Portsmouth-Marigot Public. Road and a
Ravine 5 minutes 'walking distance from
the Woodford Hill and Eden Beaches.
For. Part indrs-, Apply:
Armour, Armour & Harris,
Chambers z5 Hanover Street,

Jh Telephone 2o50

Five rooms (inc. 2 bedrooms)
Contact: BJoseph, Trfalar. 2

iResidential Land For Sale

ONE Attractive and well Situated LOT
at St. Aroment.
Flat and with a Splendid VIEWS
Approx Area 3/4 of an ACRE,

76 Federation Drive,

or though








I .

, -- V__ -

, -


Friday, May 3, 1974

s- -.'



'THE S T A. R .

Dear Madam, Do ca' IDma 4
I send you these low lines, 'hoping
they will- be published in your cqlumns
because my heart bleeds to see Hon.
Premier Leblanc seems to be .destroying
the great, image of Dominica '
When I consider' the great brains
that Dominica has produced'(even you
Madam), like Bishop Bo-trs.. Reyorend
Potter, Dr.McIntyre, 'Mr. Q.C.A4eyne,
the Sorha~ndos, etc.~ etc....and to
see that Mr.Leblanc, as the people say,
tooklout arat and put in a mouse as
a. Minister,, one who can-'t even read
his own name properly, I can ohiyfome
to the conclusion, it is because or. :
Leblanc has seen the writing.-_. the
wall and because too he hasn't 'got
the education like those mentioned
above.. Is he doing, thi purpqsely
for Dominica to becoe"a laughing:-
stock in the eyes of the world ? But
thak. God,, what "Mr.Lebltanc dbe4 not
know or realise, the world know the
great names that Doiihica has 1poduced
IJ Madam, I have a lot more to pay
about this man because --1 to61ol him
from scratch and_ .adm .:n'?"-Ae 3is,~-
but space won't permit- me.-
P.S. Madam# I also heard that the man
who sold Mister the big pick-up' i the
one he put in charge of the Roy(l i
Dominica Police Force. I wih had
a pick-up to sell 1r.Leblancl ,iEL

CANDID CO1EMFITS- (".^). More boxing
plants would ehnsur efficient handling of
the 'increase in baianaa output. No notice
has been taken of the warning. .At the
moment a one-line boxing plant is being-
slowly erected at Hatton Garden by the
brother of the Executive Chairman, Mahag-
ing Committee. 'This constructor is also
building at Woodford Hill Agricultural
Propagatioh Station. -
This week'- te Executive. Chairman visit-
ed the Marigbt Boxing Plant where his
ability, wisdom and efficiency became very
patent. Evidently saddened and Tfristrated.
he turned his car and betook himself to
his country seat. 'He had come; he )3A
seen...and was discouraged.
He saw bananas and could not say 'when
'the purchase or reception would end* Well,
bananas kept growers going hard Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday and S.aturday. Bainaa ."
on the third andcf urth da were 'ought on
the stem, the grower bearing a loss of
ten lbsB ..
The Geest'boat"tried to hold on, but
had to go, leaving nearly 1000 stems or
boxes behind. 'I hope Geest Industries will
tell the British Gov~ema A e- truth tnd
nffotinhg but the truth. Dominica's quota
for 1974 is -55,000 tons. But many bananas
stay here, and-the "unprofitable, senseless"
and profligate Shoe Government loses much-
needed revenue.
But the Chairman did not see one thing:
he did not' see the. inhuman deal which was
meted out to the women of Dominica: .
(i) washing bananas in cold water; stadifhng
for three days hid three half nights on end.
(ii) the carrying of-heavy bunches of-bahan-
as fbr long distace.s to reach the "'aa
scale., The Chairman of the" Managing ISommit-
tee holds three public posts one mon'ti
after receiving his pension.-. Thre'- .,
*Chairs' for hii f Hip Hipt Hips Hoorayl'

a s .
The poor deal, our wom6n-7get in the ba-mia
business will be dealt in a subsequent
issue of the STAR. -.
Next weook look out for the number 6of
dead people on the list to vote, in the
D.B.G.A. annual elections, while so *' of
those alive whlo so6d bananas up to't31st
March 1974" are not registered. "
Farm Ministers of-9 E.C.M. counts
began on preventaig the need to
stockpile thousands of tons of nmwanted
beef in cold stores.
(Reuter nowsintem from Luxembourg)

15th and invites all' members of- the
public to participate. --
The. Exposition shall comprise:--
Get involved in any way you can --Con-
tact Sis ,Atherton Did er'a-"fthe Meth-.
odist Manse if you .-re interest d in
the' Flowere Show. Ciffaci It Ir.Alijin
Bully if you are interested in Art
Exhibition. Ar
For overall information please gon-
tast Oommittee Chairman MR.SHEZDA .
GRMl tE (nhunae 2444. 1*'

. A


Page maths

Friday, Hay 3. 19?4

PTH Eight TSHESA T R Frida 1974
S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S Morchriston HOUSE: A Tricky Session (from page 1)
BASEITBALL On Friday 26th April, Caroni ,: According to Lrskcine May's Parliainen-
Cardinals, the giants of Dominican bas- tary Procedure, it is the duty of the
ketball suffered their second defeat in: Speaker in both 'motion of censure' and-
6 years. Their first lost ".- year tclosurel to see -that "the rights of min-
wasto a mediorce DGS side. This year's orities are upheld' and "the rules of
defeat however came from .energetic'Bata the House observed. "There confusion of
Pros. At the interval, Caroni led,but priority may occur"he has to make it
the 2nd half sawa revitalised Bata Proq quite clear as to what the House is vot-
relentlessly pressure a seemingly rusty ing on; Earlier in the l-To Confidence
band-of Cardinals.." Scores in that game debate, whei Pat Stevens was well in his
were: Bros 58; A.S.-"ilaire 22 and B. stride, a ten-mihute break was ordered.
Jones 21. Caroni 46; .6,John Baptiste 16 When this happens it also breaks the
and P',Pemberton 12. Bata Pros by scor- speaking IP's continuity and empties the
ing such a precious win seem- well on House, though in this case many came back.
their way to the championship. (Caroni. There were two absentees- the Premier,
dominated both league and knockout since described by Opposition as being on proe-
their inception). If they dethrone retirement leave, and ex-Minister Active.
Caroni, it would be fitting reward for. Mr. John Royer crept in at 11A$ a.m.,s1
their efforts and interest displayed, Ithe Attorney General-had a chance to put
having to travel to and from'Grand Bay through all his bills. Jury members
nights to participate. In. the other may now be fined $240 rather than $4.80
'match that night Electrons X74) defeated f$or non appearance; 11iss Charles asked
DGS (55). For Electrons: GAndrew 26,, that their fees be raised too, since they
A.lMonelle 22 and C.Robihson 20, For DQI ere low,l"and compared unfavourably with
S3.Knight 30. Since .thiei Car6ni defeated .fees dra-n by a Chairman. Under "Small
Fl-ames 66-56.. -or Caronfi G.RCberts 2$, Charges", loiterers and idlers who are
-G.John-Baptiste 16 and'U.LebIablc 10. : !warned or asked to move on by a Police
FEames: R.Harris 12, R.Alexander 18 and Officer ma4 be find ,25t*A Senior Police
S.Didier 10. Same evening, Raiders 56 to 'officer as well as any JP may make a
Electrons 54 --a very'keen match. For' -Riot proclamation. *Criminal Procedure
Raiders: G. John, 12, A.David 14 and C. has been amended to make a fine accept-
James 11. For Electrons: G.Andrew and able instead of'a prison sentence if the
C.C-Robinson 16 each. Court so orders. Miss Charles' amendments
RICKET The Sunday following Caroni's to safeguard'the right of compensation
defeat,- a Windsor Park XI led Celtic was accepted. Youthful offenders and 1st
United's. Henry John Baptiste, defeated offenders i.ll benefit by this Act, but
the. State team in a one-day match. we hope the poor 'barefoot' types who
Batting first, the State team were come before the Court can raise the cash.
skitted out for 120. I.SEillingford 24, QUESTIOI- : .I~ss" Charles was told that
G.Samuel 24 and MGe6rge' 15 n.o. Bowling 10% of the monies required for payment of
for the Park team: I.1Jolih Baptiste fol-I Cabrits land ($252,o00)was realis6d from
lowing a. fine performance at Mero, where the National Provident Fund, at 10 int.
he scored 124 and match figures of 6/17) repayable over 10 years. r.Fadelle's Q.
took 5/231 T.Kentish 2/46, G.ooussaint | on the present rate of unemployment-here
2/04 and M~Hill 1/24, the wicket of I* received a vague unstatistical reply.,but
S-hillingford. Windsor Park replied with he got a detailed answer to his Q. on
162/8 at close 3rd wicket"132/3. For protecting the bay oil industry against
Park, Michael Leblanc foll6oed up his a Trinidad rival, The deep wAter harbour
Mero 109 (record-breaking stad with cost"has been put at ?7million.Bids for
John Baptiste NeMero) with52,.topscorer construction are still being received
in the match, ,H John Baptiste- 29& C.El- !'construction will take about 21-3 years,"
win 28. Eor State: G. La.ond'3/20, .Proposed Erantridge Airport -stalemate.
GGeor e 28, StJea L .~ e~to Text of-this rely next week *36 o hools
ofe were said by r.thaiste to be eathin
-A -w: waah e=uddle T :-arr g .ical .

Roberf E.Allfrey of Coptia.l fil'-House Friend,'it' a re es
at 26 Bath Rd., Roseau, Dominica, W.I. Finall-,Govt.will borrow $1.5m from Banks.