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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 04-26-1974
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1 C;. 1 ti;tl 5 Ov LIBRARY'
Research 'C eI T T"
Y,0 2' FRe HE U MA10 0
,e .ory 2691, Editor 2610 162 EA$T 78 A
U.K. Media Representative: EW YORK, N.i
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)Wv WE



Til ImeOG4S

Friday, April 26, 1974



Net Closes on Nixon


'To impeach to not to impeach? My intinct
is to do the cowardly thing, but I'm not sure
what It is.'

7.1 acres of land at Temple in tile Wood-
ford Hill Wesley Area bounding with the
Portsmouth-Marigot Public. RoaNi and a
Ravine 5 minutes walking distance from
.the Woodford Hill and Eden Belbhes.
For Particulars :Apply:
Armour; Armnnour & Hfrris,
Chambers r5 Hanove.: Street,
Telephone 2350,

V Ww~ma place in lfe
o rOMhiNhav oe along ay in this century.
-.or't.ciana m be don'fltwtlfelt.'
ewnsc asod th w atiupn Lro d toh auSeandiond Gid..
whier is difb fc d, womas wth the tongue God gaeh.
Sw s u r but. In tome ways It would eem that it
airl .,e.tht _9 way. .
Acco of the blGricatestrd ws created fns
oIf ypurpo want to knw woman. She alone bear
nt 'ocame hr dty to give h ife to th c and
Nture Cot oertion, this United Nations
ase wasdIjgnftsd with 605Wie '* 1iafdttkrodkt*wcnKdc
jules the *00W'.-
She will b the muscle side ght t th e faly U. I .Iand
raw wpemitpposed to pruO&e bead for the table.
Now this has all changed as women stand along"ide men as
equals In.almost every department of enterppo ise th wored ld
ad th was this is good. in others It is bad.
We invite readers of either sex to 'eflect on the last sen.
tence of this, quotation from a ahamas Editor and ISive
their views briefly. Ed. STAR.
One of the Greatest Americans
Roger N. Baldwin, Aged 90 iiting Dominica

If pr you want tohey knw who h i antd hat
he doea, turn to pAg Mino. and if you
claimedt to heir hiown. Theyw on Freedomn Rights andweek
Nature Conly burn nation, thi United Nation
kim will be speaking tonly aighnd atisfacor way h.s .I
desxtra yedral Contro. t iempts sponsored by Say
and tho Sixth FNrm Collo.".
All agone wires and eited crisis don't given efo the chance

State of Emergency
In Dominica, a state of GRAND #AY CRISIS
emergency was declared In
the Parisah of st. Patrick What they paid
after vandals had ravaged 4- -
a property which they St. Vinent ef
claimed as their own. They At a Freedom meeting this week
not only burnt t'e house, Hon. R.S. Fadelle explained in a
ki lied llvestocK ;and manly and satisfactory'way his at.
destroyed crop4- but out tempts to solve the Grand Bay
telephone wires and st crisis even before it arsea.
up road blacks. rii enee a

.SHAND .. i i iu i


Page Two T H E S T A R Frida,April 26, 1974

A S T A T E MEN T by The Hon. R.S. FADEILE, IMember for Southoet DDc0VL a.
The situation which existed at Grand Bay brings forcibly to mind the old
Adage "A. Stitch in- Time'Saves 'Iine". There we e 'pufficiedt signals. over the
past weols heraldinGie' total breakdown of law and order. Reports of property
.damagesbottle throiZa. in the. streets, cattle' :stealing, house breaking and
recent* threats -written on posters in the area have undoubtedly reached the
Ministry of Home Affairs.
Statements made by myself in the House of Assembly, on public platforms and
very recently at'an official function held. at the Grand Bay School in the pre-
setac of the Hon. Premier, calling on Government. to pay more attention to the
needs of the people of Grand" Bay, clearly connect these expressions' of frustra-.
tion with the need for more employment and land availability. Feeble attempts
by the police to- maintain law and order have oij3y aggravated the situation and
lost for them the confidence--and support of the community. Failure of Govern-.
mient to accept theo6ffer of 60 apres of Geneva. for' village extensions to
initiate an agricultural land settlement scheme, to uhdertate a banana
rehabilitation scheme as is presently conducted in the North Eastern Constituency
and to put into practice a 'uch needed vocation4l training course at the school,
have all contributed to these disturbances.
It is regrettable that Government had not seen the need for an on-the-spot
enquiry, but allowed .the situation to deteriorate to the extent as to necessitate
the declaration of a Etate of Emergency. As Parliamentary Representative for
the area, in the absence of' any official move qnquire into the grievances of
the community, I called a meeting on Sunday 31st MIarch, invitifig representatives
from eVLyT recognized group in the village. Ai that meeting it was revealed,
among other things, that the people-of-Grand- Ba- .re..fae-d ithhunger d-uo wo
desperately in need of employment and land to etblish" garden plots; and it was
alleged that Geneva had' vast areas of undeveloped lands. I pointed out that
violence could achieve ho lasting benefits and if they wished to obtain the land,
it was only possible through' negotiation. I promised to negotiate on their
behalf with the owner of Geneva Estate.
But subsequent rapid developments ruled this ot. It wlas then possible only
to channel their demands through Government. Accordingly,' I approached the lIon.
Premier with a request that Geneva be purchased tor the use of the people of
Grand Bay. Not being satisfied that my request i-rpresented the community
feeling, he replied that I'should lead a delegidonio with a mandate from the
various groups of the'areas to present their cae.. 'I convened another meeting
on Thursday 4th April, at which representativesfrom 12' groups as well as several
responsible adults unanimously adopted the following resolution-
"WHEREAS the need for' agricultural lands to be made available to the people
of Grand Bay is an urgent matter, and
WHEREAS unemployment hlas risen steeply in Grand Bay due to the avenues of
work abroad and locally being curtailed, and
WHEREAS Geneva Estate contains'large areas Qf undeveloped agricultural lands
within easy reach of the villagers, and -
WHEREAS there' i need for village extension i# the drea and land has been
offered by the. owner of Geneva Estate for that propose ,
BE IT RESOLVED that Government undertake to ,negotiate as a matter of urgency
for the purchase of lands at Geneva for the use'of the people of the Grand Bay
area under a scheme to be devised by Government, 4nd -..
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that pending completion of Negotiations, the estate
be run as an entity for the purpose of providing immediate'relief of the
unemployment situation .. ......
A delegation of ten was elected to present the resolution to the Hon. Premier.
The resolution was presehte~ on Wednesday 10th' April to the Hon. Premier in
the presence of RHon. T.. tienne and Hon. P.R, Jolum -
(Concuded on paq._e three)

. T H S ~TAS T

Statement of The IIon.R,SS. Fadelle
---*---wr. P. 2) -

'After' hearing the case put up in sup,;
Sport of the resolution by the .variou;I
delegates, the. Hon, Premier promised
to,soet up a negotiating team for the.
purpose, of purchasing Geneva.. This'
team included three bof"the. delegates
present,- The. reason given by the Pro-
mier for the delay in purchasing lan4.
offered for housihg-on Geneva was that
the price, quoted was too high and that
Government wads only as .a result. of this
meeting aware of the dire needs of the
peoplO of Grand Day. -
There is no doubt ii- my mind that
the destruction of property, the many
arrests, the declaration 'f a State of;
Emorgency, the resultant expenditure.,
involved, and the indelible scars on
our image as portrayed to tourists and
potential investors could have been
aerted by prompt- action on the part of
the i-i nister of lIome'Affairs when warn-
ing signals appeared* In spite of the
Premier's public -statement, I still
maintain that the first concern of
Government. in this affair. should have,
been to protect pioperty~-1.ii' wa--
'threatened with dcestriction, since no
lives were threatened Only after thp
damage has been done .has Government *'-
decided to declare Geneva a protected
area, It was feared that the presence
of armed policemen and soldiers. at
Grand Bay would have accelerated ten-
Zion among the villagers, but because
of the manner in which.the armed forces
h.ve conducted themselves and .the
responsible behaviour of the people of
Grand Bay during the 8tate of Emergenpy,
normality now prevails.
Once'again, we, the taxpayers and
voters. have witneoced -the dangers of
delays Through indifference and neglect
by an inApt administration, R.S.F,
Mr,.. EC.Loblackj referring to the Prep-,
ierts remark that Dominicahs have no-
memory, recently produced a vctting from
the Dominica Herald of.- May 16, 1974:
Loblack removed from Housing Committee
Shortly after nominated member Hon.
E.C.Loblack initiatedT a motion on social
security, he was expelled from the Dom-
inica Labour Party. ILat Wednesday just
after he put a question demanding a re-

Page- Three

-Sriday April 26, :97 .

(Part I)
SITTIIIG on the Fence,
its only coanon sense;
.I watch the world go by,._
now I an up so 'high.
'Let:others rail or fight
and stand, up. for their right -
-I really can't be rushed,
into getting-mys elf crushed.
Its wiser to refrain
. .from speaking out too plain,
for if you look around,
most folks in this town
no matter what. they say,
.they sit on fences.every day.
Own up to the fact, -
the cards are always.stacked
against the underdog heroic:
fortune favours fluid stoic.
Honesty is fine in.-books,
improves on Christian looks,
but it is selfishness wins races1,
transports you to top places.
Public candour is very nice;
here is practical advice:
Frankniess cuts no ice, .
Fence-sitting .wi3L1 suffice.
Safer" though friends get better,"
I'm better..off. as a fenge sitter.
Morality wie all espouse,
not so highly as our house.
So we watch-with honest pain
the constitution down the drain,
While dreamers shout defiance,
we sit in splendid silence .
if there's a course to go abroad;
we get prizes and reward
for treachery without pretence,
Shameless sitting on the fence. ."'.
Who cares to keep conscience alighb,
or even sleep- in-peace at night,
When right here wohre it counts"
our bank account just mounts.
(Part-II of e'TFhonce Sitter next week)
II portIo '!the last" Regional C'ouncil o
Ministerar, observers at the Legisla-
tive Council learned that Loblack's"
name had been'removed from the Hous-
ing Committee. Nevertheless, the oHon
Chief Miinister gave a report as re-
quested --the firpt report on a Ieg-
ional Council meeting he has ever
presented to our elected assembly,
Most of the news in it had already
filtered through press reports from
other islands. *

ageV ucv Ph lAP

(Motion to, be moved on May 2 by the*-
Member for the north-eastern distritt
Hon. Pat Stevens)
WHEREAS there is growing concern -
among the people of Dominica as re-
ards the present state of affairs,and
WHEREAS there is a breakdown in the
economy of the State, and
WHEREAS there is a breakdown of law
and order resulting in a series of
States of Emergency,
BE IT RESOLVED' that the House approves
a motion of no confidence in the,
Government, and
ernment resign making way for a Gen-
eral Election,
Several searching Questions will
appear an the Order Paper in the
names of Members of the Opposition
Freedom Party, amang them.being
queries about such projects as the
.Deep Water Harbour and the Brantridge
Airport proposal about which a com-
plete silence now prevails also the
financing of the purchase of land at
the Gabrits.
Announcing the time (10 am) of this
4th meeting of the 4th Session of the
2nd Parliament over the radio, it was
genially added that the public was in-
vited. Nothing was said about the de-
barment of certain well-known persons
from entry to the House. Tues.May 2.

After. 40 years of dictatorship
started by President Salazar and con-
tinued by Caetano, a military junta
has seized control and for the first
time since 1934 newspapers appear un-
censored. Free elections are prom-
ised and the President & several top
politicians have been banished to the
island of Madeira. The leader of the
Junta (a General), recently dismissed
from his post for writing a book
Which criticised the colonial policy
of Portugal, stating that a military
solution of the colonial problem of
Angola and Mozambique was impossible,
and that a political solution must be
sought. Part of Portugese Guinea
has already declared itself indepen-
dent and is now recognised by U.N.
CSA MEMBER TEACHERS plus independent
Rupert Sorhaindo attended a seminar
in Curacoa. Report next week!

In our brief editorial last week
"Battle of. he Shirts", we wrongly
stated that !'DAWU also celebrated
alone last, Yart". In point of fact,
although DAWP has been a leading p3r-
tagonist of joint T.U. solidarity,
this Union1 abstained from May Day
celebrations' last year' as a protest
against the attitude of Government
(and others) towards desired co-op-
eration amo0g the unions. In their
May Day release, DAWU states:-
"convinced that May Day must be cel-
ebrated as phe WORKERS' DAY be he
a farmer, carpenter, clerk or mechan-
ic has extended a fraternal invit-
ation to celebrate May Day at Wesley
to the National Youth Council, the
C.S.A., the Farmers' Union, the D.T.U.
& Farmers 'Co-operatives in Castle
Bruce, Delices etc. among others in
the Workers Movement."They will cele-
brate thus
brate thus rch SerVices at 9 am
at the Roma Catholic Church, Wesley.
May day parade, ace. by Youth Camp.
steel band.
Rally at Wesley Govt.School, where
addresses -will be delivered, by guest
speakers Hon.Pat Stevens M.P. for
North-Eastern'Dist.; and the Hon.Min-
ister for Agriculture, Trade and Nat-
ural Resources, Mr. Thomas Etienne,
as well as: addresses by representat ves
of other orga3isations. DAWU's Gen.-
Sec., Mr. APrederick Jos.eph, will:
chair the .ition: welcome speech by
a DAWU memb r from the Wesley/Wdfd.
Hill sub-comm ittee; then a picnic!
Incidentally, we have never re-
oeived any precise information about
the WAWU celebrations, except what
we gleaned from persons who listen
to radio Doiinica.
Britaih' G-14bour Prime Minister, I'ar-,
old Wilson,. isrnuecd writs against two news-
papers for libel three weeks ago. The up-'
roar about. tlie allowed involvement of the
British P.M. iih a property deal of-doubt-
ful -speculatiVQ morality has upturned a
fantastic tase'.of the use of House of. Com-
mons notepaper, the forging of Wilsons '
signature, a'nd .the probable involvement
of his trusted private secretary MI-rs. liar-
cia 1Williams, and her brother (once a
golfing partner of the Prime Minister -
his name is Antony Field,
(Concluded on page 10)


Frided. Atril 96. 1974

THE Srgy


Fridy, Apri 201974


of a A*ctiwion for CiUtwae of Tscie and
thVeN *an4 Cavea-' r wvaeak ad% 1jth day of Aprfl 1974
Da&i aeRAv d |Porso Prendg NT.ue of "aK
erI wa ceCarotof TI4 t
1 qe dK .te Jo.sephine Applicates of J.e-
? t 474 js<6Cv plain ,Joh for the
~74 4010P p~n~~t~
PreenBted by 6w r a Ou s fint scwti-
17 4 74 M.ENgeia& fimate of dte in r-
r 11.55 1was. Cea wct f a p1aie *af
Paris& of St. CsOW"e
I eiain I asqwe T f seand aan.a fbaswiaewn
'No srEj .By laa of Aice W*Ws a cbnuw
SBuly orth.West: By land of V\tei Paers .
SJawes Hetry. U- Surh.East: By land of japo
SCasmisr & Ciarpit *jiuen. Soutt4-West! by Upper Lame.
f ses dated hr Pahine AppliAtia of jvy
4 3 74 y s sak- Paitrick fore the isusa
Srv-'tdi.---i M.Eug of a first certificates
18 4 74 Cha of title in respect of
Fat 10 Cilodk a Portiona of l&nd
known as a residen-
tial lot in The Town
|of R.eau in the
Parish of St. George
containing 2971
squaw feet and bs
d&d as
ded Lmnds of rioreft a afmud Gas*re Kam ;
Ems: Lwads of George Karam. 'Sgen Frawitds, Foroase
Mcersoan and james IslOes: South: Land of LO"wry
Gr esway; West. Lands of Theodore Lmoutiiagn,
IM9slyn Wi^llliTrr sad Rubten H"iaire.

1a coce. .
so e Oc....
R-kaaic, Eifriactea.

-oig*etrar of Tith

NOT:- Ay pera who Bsirems a* o0e4c a) 0 Ie of 0
siir csrlte a of 1tk w tt at&ew prmtoafSon *Uy nsw a
jwe in On asove Offce wtthi vAx wvekt froaa the dMe of
't firsm *ppranc* of rdius Schodate % In the SITR N*ewapWr
P:Jdishsd W this Stte ctW from the date when tht fa0ec pr*.
,cri3j i';y 1&w was serv4 on any ownerw.or ocamo erof sadt
v-, go rvse=I of whech te applcwakn Is MMNd..


To ~nl whom it may ccem. I, -_ thiea
Edfrnxad of Layou, give you notice. that a
the 9th day of Aptii 1974, my wife Evange-
Iine Edmund left tmy home and bed `viwthW
my suthorimity and that I have wthdiawn aJ
nd evay authoMiy which my wife iurana-
line Edmuod may have st any time by imp.
cation or otherwise acquired to contract
me or i my name of as my agent or m any
way to pledge my credit and that I will not
b reponsmiblek fr ha deI s wbehwever or
howwover incunred.
lNied this 6th day f April x974.
a a MSthMi BdfiAImnd

Notice is hereby given in accordance
with Section 4 ot No. i Barana Rules
: under Cap. 75 of the Revised Laws of
Dominica 1961 that the Annual Gen-
eral Meeting of the Association will be
held at the Goodwill Parish Hall, com-
mencing at IO.oo a.m. on Tuesday,
S 28th May,
Members Ot the Association are in-
vited to attend but only members of
the Management Committee and the
Delegates of t h e District Branches
shall take part in the deliberation and
be eligible to vote on any question a-
rising at the meeting.
i. To confirm the minutes of the
Annual General Meeting held on
3oth May, 1973. '-
2. To receive and approve the Re-
port o. the Management Commit-
3. To receive and adopt Audited
Accounts lor the year 31st De-
cember, 1973

4, Any other business of whii due
notice shall have,.been givema. '

a=l ApEri 97' G* e1in r.

Residential Land For Sale

ONE Aturacuyie and well Situated LOT
at SL Aroment.
Flat and with a Splendid VIEWS
Appox. Area 3/4 of an ACRE,

76 Federation Drive, or to*gh

Page rims


i --

Five resolutions highly critical Mr.Etien '+g New Citrus Proposals
of the Banana Board were passed un* The Gover.iment of Dominica has
animously by the Farmers Union at declared 19 4 as Agricultural Year.
its meeting in Marigot last Sunda.V* Yet it proceeds to stir up a lot of
refusing to accept cash for their trouble for agriculturists. Three
legitimate fertilizer allocation documents on the Citrus Industry
and giving cogent reasons; Mover, have come igto my hands; 1) on a
Edney Sylvestre,Seca.nder Cornelk development ,programme of the citrus
-is Charles. industry hepe by U.iv.D.A.T; 2) an
-ius Charles Appendix 1 .ealing with organization-
demanding implementation of a for- al 'aspects .imed at detaching the
mer DPU resolution asking for an Dominica ic.Marketing Board from
independent inquiry into the work- the Citrus businesss & establishing
ings of the Banana Industry with a separate .Citrus Production & Mar-
special reference to the Managermmt keting Boan. of Dominica. Document 5
Conmritte ; Mover Martin Prince,Sec: is. a lettern'to the Ministry of Trade
Alva Baptiste. & Natural Besources clearly pointing
accenting the debt-burden of grow- out that while 'the citrus people
ers, resolved that either the Man- would welcome organizational changes,
ager's or Chairman's post be abol- they would 'tate to see a body like
ished; Mov.Robert Boland,Sec.- Ric- the Banana 'anageme nt Committee dir-
,hard James. ecting the& itrus Industry.
urging publication of accounts of It appears to be a trait of the
DBGA monthly (starting May 31)over Dominica Govt. to do research into
the Radio and in the Official Gaz- legalising irritationsaid ays of
ette "with details of all debts muzzling Dominicans who work hard -
pa-d a,.d owing, so that Growers and of making them continue to be
'will know where they stand". Mover poor and inarticulate.
Mrs.Ursula Joseph, Sec.A.Matthew. I agree that there is need for im-
provement.iin the citrus industry.
Asking that Govt. Abrogate SRO No. Grapdfruit is a seasonal crop; in
14/73 (placing management of the certain aVPas the crop catches the
Banana Industry in the hands of good prices in the UK but by timely
Civil Servants) which has failedin fertilisi and expert tending,most
competence and that' Govt.reintro- grapefruit producers can catch an
duce democratic representation at early price in the British market,
the May A.G.MK Mover, James Daley, Everybody expects that such help
Sec.: Mrs. Mytle James. should be: given by agricultural off-
icers to CLt us growers. But they ap-
D A I C 1974 NATIO1AL EXEPOSITION pear not tp be of service" to the
From 15th to 25th Hay the Donihica farmer, whotber it be to grapefruit
Association of Industry and Commerce or banana rbducet. Their job seems
is staging 'an Exhibition in the St.Ger. to be to di "agriculture by night'
ard's IIallA Roseau in which thete will over Radij L blanc with inarticulate
be, for every competing village, a 6ft people who tpe the Labour Party line.
by Q ft stall for the exhibition of Time was When a district agric.of-
Arts and Craftsa flouorc and plants ficer hadto' prove that he had helped
(ornamental) and agricultural products* farmers behaving his: notebook signed
Any persons wishing (and it is hoped by them as tq time & activity in
that many will be interested) should which he was e ngaged. Today the of-
contact the Chairman or Clerk of their f icer belQ g to a flying squad too
own village council for full details, bu st.o sep to ad an d hoo
The time is short.,and such an exhlibi- busy to Se to advise and to heliD
tion, if well supplied with items yet he draws his monthly salary
-should attract many peopdler. Mr.Etienne has the knack of ben4fng
(Concluded on paa e 10) i- things ag'icuZtural/economic to. the
dPART 11 .of.Ct1 iniquitous yoke ot unprincipled bur-
PART of Citrus Prooosals nex:i weekeaucracy bypassing legislation.

Friday, April 26, 1974


Page Six -

Fr d,, Ar6194THE STAR Page bevef

Dominica Agricultural and Industrial Bank
The Domiica Aericultlral and Industrial Development Bank invites interested coon
tractors to submit tenders tIr the constxr o of an Indmtrial Factory Shell at Goodwill,
The project will incde the cotr a cof ete fundaon concrete block
walls. concrete floor and sa oing toilet bock; the erection of a steel portal frame build-
ing (5o z xioo) supplied by thp Dominica Agricultural and Indutrial Development Bank
together with rtin water goods and roofing; the construction of necessary external works
and drainage.
The project is estimated to cost about EC $100,000 (US $L.oo a EC $2.oo) and
will be financed by a loan frpm the Caribbean Development Bank utilising U.S.A.I.D.
Consideration will be limited to firms or joint Ventures of finm whose regular place
of business as ian:
The Ueited States of America.
SRegiflna member countries of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDI) i.e Jamaica, Trinidad
and Tobago, Bahamas, Guyvan, Barbados, Anttgua, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Sc. KCtt..Nevit-A.
guilla, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Cayma islands, Montserrat, Venezuela, British Virgin Itl.4A, and
Turks and Calcos Islands.
c) Nonreglonal member countries of CD Le. Canada, and the United Kingdom.
d) Any ceentry listed in U..S.A I D Code 941
Firms interested in tendering should apply for tender documents after April 29, 1974 to:-
(a) Dominica Agricultural and Industrial Development Bank,
Government Headquarters, Or (6) Consulting Engineers Partnership
|s Doni .es - Jean Baptiste House,
Attention Mr. R.P, Iyer Old Street,
Roseau, Dominica.
Attention Mr. Anthony FarrelL
Contractors wishing to teader will be asked to make a deposit of $1oo.oo per each
sheet of documents.
This deposit will be returned on submission of tenders.
Tenders will be redred until i2.00 noon on June 27th,1974, at the places from
which documents hie been collected.
Signed: RPL. lyer

LAND FOR SALE Five roo (inc. 2 bedrooms)
Con _ct: B.Joseph, Traflgar.. Rs

Two (2) acres of flat land at SUBSCTPTION RATES
Fond Cole SW ce mail m.,ywhev. $ 10o00 E.C.
For further details contact:- AIRMAIL
E. Caribbean. .. 16.00 EC
Jarol Winski King George Ott BWI, FWL UVl.. $19.00 Ec
V Street ... .....5
Ss treet, AfUrim ......... ..5.5.
Armutr & Armour Cham- USA. ......... $12.00 US
bers, Hanover Street, Roscau. Canada........ $11.50 Can.
*,ag ^----------I .,,, .--------t a -- J

SFriday, April 26,,1974

Fiction: .MA.TITIIE Cynthia Watt
"But Baby," Ma Titine said a few
days later, "I had gone to the hospital
to see a cousin of mine"uho is sick,
and on my way'out,. I saw Gcnelia at the
Casualty Ward, so-I went there to find
out what was wron .with her .."
"Genelia?-Wat happen to hah?" Baby
asked excitedly.
"Just a cut, nothing bad. Whilst I
was there a man came ihn. lie sat there
on the bench and started one long beff
about conditions in Dominica. 'Look at
the nurses,1 -he said, "Doy those girls
working hard, but it have a certain
department I' could mention all they'
doing is *..'She swallowed the word,
then went on in a loud voice; "Boy it
have something that happen about two,
three years ago and it burning me
everytime I remember it. A certain
fellow stole a sot of carpenter's tools
from a carpenter. The owner had wit-
nesses and he made a report about it.
Weeks and months went by, and nothing
came out of it. He returned to the
authorities and they gave him the usual
promises. Some time later he found out
that the thief 'ias being ermployed by
one high in the authorities. Again he
returned to them and told'them where
the fellow could be found. A warrant
was made out and hey'went to the place
where he was employed, but he could not
be foun4. Yet,,- every day he. was to be
seen at work in his employer's yard.
And every time the police would go there
to interview him, he simply could never
be found. That's three yea.s ago ..."
"Maybe dey sen him' to 'Horica oh
Canada." Baby replied. "Dey know how
to cover deir dayfol"
"When you was up-there did you see
the man got his foot shot with a car-
jack?" asked Ma'Titine.
"No I didn't, it had too much crowd
around I ..
"Lawyers and Doctobr dem?"
The ladies sighed. "
Changing the subject she said: "I
heah Nassief goin to open his store in
Lagon. I see de people clepnin dere."
"Well Ma Ti-tiiie said, "if that is
true, it's good news. .. The poor people
store they call it.# 0
"Well, is true. -Garcon, Titine'is
at Fond Cole, people'got saucepans,
chambez'-pota plates, kettles, etc. Is
doa 4eI V vwn 4Uam34n all dose tings.
- (next o0l


After all th~p-ommotion, the talk of
re-organisat'ion apd all official talks
of Radio's role ,i Education of the
community (soe'P gmie's Press- Interview
with Chronicle, i rch, -1974) one must
in th6 face of0 th! evidence' (Iicchael
Peter, T&ssa sort: and, Vida, news
butcherst Ted, the verbal gabage man`
Eddy Uilo6n, thd cIdumb' announcer) con-
clude that ,all dat'is joke. Things,.
despite' Mr.. Andi!s effort to rive the
Government Infozr tion Service"-a new
educational imag 1 with new namos (Focus,
Dominica 'iagazinp Classroom 8) have come
to a gtinding lhaU.* It is still all ro-e
quests t Clithero -ICid, Christopher
l4acaulay, cric"t and more cricket. The
most informative ppots on the radio 595
are the fdroign pogrammes (BD3C, Radio
Australia, Radi? 'Canada, Caribbean
Magazine, and q pn); the comic high-
lights are the noiwscasts, (always full
of surprisee| thd poor quality (boo much
bass and echo) qf local intervie-ws and
the manic vesea' cLrnlsi6ons of1 1go1c
on MI'. Premier is this education? You,
mean, of course the abuse/misuse of
education or br in damage. I cali it
colonising the iAhd. Radio Dominica is
not local; it hardly. y relates to Domiftioa.
Take an opinion poll and see how many
people really listen to. it,
And now you want T.V; It is bad-
enough hearing: ~s'sU Tan, and Charls "
Gregoire, and others. Do you think we
could stand to watch them read saripts?
:'TEACIIERM St., Marth'

SMA ITIITE Bay continued "I se run
down dere'afh olaock a few. I got plenty
cloth too, when he selling, out damage
cloth an dem.I pakin a good little bus.
iness out of *at- wee papa,"
"That's fi.ne." Ma Titine replied with
a broad smile"-. "You sure know how 1;o
make ends meet, Baby,"

We ahbuld thnal Dominica for her gen-
erosity withi na11re's gifts of beautify-
ing plants which serve as perpetual wel-
come and bewitchment. Why, thenIshould
we have t6o pldPt the forehead and tax'
the nina on hot-i wi may attract foreign
visitors to '-our shores? With a yacht in
part, on the afternoon of Good ?triay


Page Eight

Roger N. "aldwin, Aged 90
wbo is viqini Dominica this wecl.

One of the Greatest mc

Whea we got a letter from t1e oa.ftie of
the Dean, SeOeol of Lav, o"lierity f
Paerto Rite, mayiag that tis! wrldI-fa--
oa* man plammod to tcee-d'wn in baaisec
in mid-wve.k, we were more t- i deilighted.
Ia fact, all DomiuxicamS mtA regard bis
visit as an heeaur aipeoally as he
calls this laI& %y ftvarite islad'1.
Now, for what -i this kaaiment juritst.
famasi, naide from hid scholarship asd
toachiag giftat Mr. 'Baldwin says him-
selft !I call myself a political reform-
or aad it is Mabout as mear Se I can easm
to na ,oapatiaon that marks way whole pub-
lic life... I hsvo trio4 to orlve prob-
less from personal eaes to the demtixq
of imakind by tkinking what other peo-
ple really wanted, not rhat I wanted for
thea. That got me into a lot of conafzian
becamne people dont ofea -knew what they
waat.0 Writing on his eArly life (bors
im usacsheuatts...w "rvard the iseseap-
aile.. eil work, aMalt 6Aducation (1"I
,njoyed being belpftl...always likad pee-
s at All trfstas-io all #lates..u.riaus
bs at them all, the asl emd ta themft-
dariag... L) this making long 11fe,
through law studies& to teachigemd miay
jearmays, ui-ploeriag ideas and yevemutsa*
he incidentally spat a year in prison
as a pacifist bat -ith so leas of rights
ad of this he says 1I sanjoyed the whet*
ezxpei3cae...ad liked rmay of the pria-
*oera, so better mar worse than these
atiBiAe with. e. rew exceptiWs they
wore jest thwess who get 6atght," teger
&Baldwin at *a maBe friends entatide with
the ether worli-grtat8, too,aad variously
-a'* althogh a"ti-militarist he beeno s
a ac aultut eon civil liberties at me
time. to two U.,S. Gemeraela; Oao to @ever
nor Marie sf raortao saic l the Tirginm
Islfads Lagisla tare,
This great mai was the MAarW) OF Tgm
its executive director for ever 30 years. :
Hat.Prsaideat of the laternfaittal Lfage
for the tights of va%, %nm.1 ciaas off it.e
if ite United latiss building, K'., Mr.
B&ldwiin s ow proaie*tt ia thik iield of
the coaser-ratii eof aturer, *aee af his
doepast istorests, which is wik a loves
Daixim. "for its distinetioa aA tle ) qt t
ros virgin forest in the CasiiUjeA<.m

Anid so be vrite to as the other dayt
"I pm taking a first-hema look at what
is leing done oBt can be des to stimm-
late coseorvatiam of mataral resources
ameng the ideopedent or associated
states... and into Caribbean co-operat-
ija in the field of law."
On R.B.'s 80th birthday sons 10 years
age, lyatoa B.Jhasem cabled: MI WISN TO
U Than of the U.N. wrote of Baldwin's
"lifelong offorta devoted to helping peo-
pie everywhere to aehive fall reeegnition
ad emajoyment of their klman rights ald
fudamsntal freedoams." eger Baldwin
visited the Soviet Union in 1927 & 1957.
Beotwonwhiles he concluded: "I could not
trust Commanists to stick to the 'progress-
ive' principles and alliances with democrat-
ie forces they proffeosd, aWl so I wrote
thae off as jtst some more natioxalists...*

P8**9 Nine,

Friday, Apnd 06^-4



Page Ten T H E S T A R Friday,April 261,1974

S*'T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S Morchriston ,,,TOO O LOE
CPZICIT I saw'a grqp of strangers, Europeans
Following the end of the last trial probably, (as 'they chatted in' what
match at the Botanical Gardens, the sounded like Are-French) coming dow in
Dominica State Team for tlis"year's High Streeootan'from Bath Road junction
Goodwill Tournameht was chosen with where evidebrtW' they were enjoying the
Norbert Phillip Windwards and Combined sights of lovdy" hedges made up of
Islands allrouder named as captain. hibiscus, bQug invillia and even the
The seventeen players are N. Phillip,lingering Chritmas flower o' poinsotta
captain, 'D Abraham, T. Dertraid,f C. in bright co6Iqrs of scarlet crimson,
Elwin, M. George, G. Lafonds"I, Laurent purple and re
J.,C Lawrence, Z. Pollock, P. St. Jean, When they Vached opposite the large,
G,. Samuel, L. Sebastien, I.Siillingfod,l enclosed orchid bearing mangoes .nd"
G, Shillingford, G. Ualsh, C.Williams other dol'icioUP fruit, the sightseers
and L, Williams.. The tournament admired t rlu.khe chatting among them-
starts in Dominica, Iay 3' shelves, A pticiuiar'attraction was'the
In the first ,in a series of limited large frangipani tree, with its five-
overs matches, Gutter Crowns defeated petal varic6atq'd flowers in full bloom -
High Landers of Grand Day by five' before which the- -moved haltingly "-
wiockets, Scores, High Landers 91, L, asking questibhO of the little native
Pierre 28 and Gutttr Crowns 94/5 in children 'hop moved around them. Ohon
16-overs. little girl: of aboit eight years answered
BAS.KETBALJ quite conviAcingly.
Last weekend in a very keen en- So our t6achers"might as well teach
counter, Bata Pros-narrowly defeated their pupils all-about the .flora of "the
Elections 44-41. For Pros', A.St.Hilaire country, and even fauna, by taking them
versatile as ever 18 and L.hTenderson for a walk abound the Botanic Gardens,
16. For Electrons, G. Andrew 14 and occasionally, say a dozen pupils at a
E. Blackman 12. time. M.C.
The first match of the evening did
not naterialise due to the failure of .... .. ..
D.G.S1 to field a team. ThLe points The Green lharket Price for bananas on
were awarded to- Caroni Cardinals, the UK. i.rke' is now 137 per ton with
On Wednesday, this week, Raiders' 51 effect from' Honday 22nd April, -an in-'
had an easy win over S,.1-,A. 34, For crease from ~132 by 45. Consequently,
Raiders, M. Freeman 22 and an ever the price tO the grower wull be increased
consistent Glenwortih John 14. For by cent to cents per pound at
S,M1.A L. Rocque 18.* Boxing plahitp; ohly demanding and oSl..al-
The second match Was a very close ing bonuses now being paid. (See AGH
shave for Electrons who struggled most Notice )i.. .
* .gallantly to stave off defeat in the
closing minutes of their match -against DAIC 1974 1'A.TIOIhAL 1 HEPOSITION (fr. p6 )
newcomer Flames who gave them quite a- Arrangements. will be made for sale of .po-
run for the finish. Flames probably ducts after the exhibition, if desired.
threw away their 6chandes when they Councils or Districts who want to take
muffed 2 free shots in the 'closing part in the Flpwer" how should contact
seconds with the scoieo 32-33. The Mrs. Athertoh'Didier' at the Methodist
final whistle was a welcome relief for 'Mission House,bEseau, as soon as possible.
Electrons. Electrons 33 Go Andrew 14 For Handicrafts., this is a fine chance to
and Flames 32 ..P. Skeritts,. 7.. Pidier get your straw & shell work, cabinet-making
10 points each*.. etc known in' Rpseau and to tourists:farm-
AFFAIR OF THE FORGED P.MU." LETTER(p) ers will get an opportunity to judge their
Sinister overtones were introduced when own produce against others in the island;
the DAILY TELEGRAPH introduced the name Get in to.ic i with your local chaii'nan,
of Ronald IDIENCHO,1Uolverhampton Insur- or write direct to -r.Sheridan Gregoire,
anoe Broker who claimed to havei2eiv.Td4 Chairman. ..o... .h Tati6nal Exhibition Com-.
an alleged letter fromd'r.Wilson. His mittee, D.A. .C., Love Lane, Roseau.
wife (insured for -40,000) drowned when Printed- & Pblishedythe Proprie
his oar plunged into a.pol.. last Feb. R.E.Allfrey of il11 nouse, Copt Hall, at
SI hwas -tsad colty a~ys '.26 Bath fRoad, Roseau, DominicalWest Indies.