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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: 02-01-1974
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Mrs'. Jane LOU'T.WTIIAL, Librarian,
Research Inswitue for the study of nan
162 East 7? Stroot,
New York 10021 IT.Y. U.S..A. OS/
Z. a[, JUM10Ui o a :" L
a: Printery 2691, Editor 2610
K. Media Representative:
in.'l Turner (London) Ltd.
1122 Shaftesbury Ave, W. J. VWtratet


4oD T.H
1 62
t ...




Friday, February JI 1974

Jeff Chirles Dominican and Caribbean Broad-
caster of note is soon to join the BBC in England
1o take up an offer of employment as producer in
the Overseas and Iegional Services. (see p. 6)
He wrote about Dominica
Backed to death by a knifo gang on JaoA.
25 in his ransackod house, JAMES POPA-
IE .NTSSY, brilliant and distinguished
author who lovod olognceo and witdied
narid sordid violonco, stabbed by thiovos.
A memorial by/ the STAR editor, who was
his friend, trill appear next i3ase.Ifi s
doath is a shocking blow and a groat
ioas to litiraturo and biogrrphyW.

LIAT, the CGribbean Airline, has been made
aware of certain news items on Radio which
have indicated a suspension of the airline ser-
vices to Grenada. LIAT wishes to inform the
public that its services to Grenada have not
been suspended.
The airline is operating alt services as publish-
ed in the December xst, it73 schedule with the
exception of flights reduoid as a result of the
fuel crisis and listed in a supplement to the
December ist schedule; and flight L1355358.
Passengers and the public in general are advised
to- contact the nearest LIAT office for- further
information issued by Public Relation Depart-
ment LIAT.

An island where food supplies are shrink
ing, dark and dismal a t night, anxious
over impending independence a State
from which women and children are flee-
ing whenever they can ... that is Grena-
da this week, with the Royal Visit can-
celled and the Tonton Macoutme in full
sway.Meanwhile a joint Church delegation
is 'mediating'.
Freedom a4d independence are supposed to be synonymous
terms. Today all over the former British Empire freedom still
means British justice while independence has come to mean
"expoitation to hell" bya new brand of master.

A certain piece of land containing thirty
nine (39) acres One (i) rood twenty-
five 25 perches called or well known
by the name of Banana Garden situate
in t h e Parish of St. Andrew, in the
State of Dominica and bounded as fol-
lows: On all sides by Crown Land.
For further particulars apply to:-
Miss Vanya Dupigoy,
Chambers, Roseau.n-

--Cooperative Society Formed (se, p.6)

Dominica Mortgage Finance Company
Ltd. has moved t o 21 Hanover Street
(s a m e floor as Trinidad & Guyana
Insurance Company & Dr. W.E. Greeds
i Entrance opposite HLH,V.Whitchurch's
Telephone. 2389
1o10 -_

"I'm looking for a man clever enough to get a job with
the government and find out if they have any secret
ntlu *tft mn F,

Val-XV* aj,),rs

i-iday, ?bbz,=y 1'197

B T A. R

S.2arclays finance Corporation of the In the Soviet Union, a modern form of.
Leeward and Windward Islahds Ltd. a. Stalinism had-returned ao replace the
wholly owned subsidia-r of Barclays hopes ofla decade ago. IThe resisters
Bank International Ltd4 i now operating- have- Zaded great couraer and .the symbol
throughout the E.G. Dollar 1 4ea: and has of them all is that bq eaguered and
its Head Office in St.Lucia, courageous writer, tobb3. Prize Winner
The Manager of "BAWFIS)W3",o as the Alexander Solhenitysn.
Corporation is. known, is' I. Ronald Patriotism and fearpessness combined
Oatchpola, who has had over 20 years are unforgivable in an p'athoritarian state]
Baking experience in--tIie West. Indies. like the Soviet"U ILo.. Solhenitysn will
Mr. Catchpola joined .Barclays Internat- neither pipe down nor discredit himself
ional after spells as..a civil servant by leaving the country, He sits in
and Accountant and also iaw three years oscbow, defying the threat of arrest and
service -in The Royal Marines." peaking out the truth
Mrs. Catchpole is the former'Mi s: "One Day in the Lif9 of Ivan Denisovich-
0rnthia. Lopes. of Georgetown, Guyana. (Written over 10 year ago) has-now been ,
There are three daughter, Christine," followed -by' ts "natural sequels -"The
Dawn and Amanda, and one-son, Stephen, Gulag Archipelago". --alin'. concent-
who is; still at school in England. ration oamps"swere islados. scattered througV
'Ron Oatohpole is very.-pleas'ed at the the eastern part of th Soviet Union -
initial response to the Corpobatioh Fund hence the term- "archipqlago"t. This're-
Eaising Gampaign which he"describes as port is as dramatic,: i: not more so, than
"Just Fiantastic". Addressing a Rotary the preceding one "'but "with the"difference-,
luncheon in SI.Lucia recently he- said that it is factual "-, Izhunityan got the f"
"we set ourselves ambitious targets but idea. from the letters lie received from.
within one month we have surpassed them". former prisoners after'the publication
Gomknmening further he said, tObviously of his first bobb He.- bases his new re-
West "'Idiana; know a. good" thing when they port on nt'erviews convicted with 227 1
see it and I'm most pleased" that so many ex-prisoners, 'a- well g on an enormous
ae -liave -taken this opjortinity to number of letters he ha' received fr0m
obtain& &.really good gudranted return on all part of theS ovieot Unioh and ceis6e1
their money over a two to five year where. Here than everjb Russia's present
period*" .. dictators are incriminted by implication
"1BA.FINCOR1" is utilizing its. Capital for the excess and torzor of the 1930c.,
and-Eunds to provide long term (up to 20 1940s and early 1950sa,
years) housing loans-with priority being No shor_'summary cca do justice to
given to first buyers for owner'occupa- Solzhenityvnns hew...wor| He points out
tion. The Oorporatioh will also provide that during Stalin's 'r e twelve "zillion
medium/long term finance to the Commer- people were "in detentiqJ. at any one time;
cial sector and is particularly interest- and he draws the' inesc4able: conclusion
ed in supporting new maifacturhing con- that those responsible ,re still, about
cerns.-backed by local ehterpri-.e,. and ought to be rooted put and punished.
IN Z--......- thee b -o ;&s.- Germany convicted 78,Q00 people for crimes
IN ZAMBIA. thieVes broke ihto thegest -f violence after the 11 of the ZNazi
house of.Duncan, Matheson and Gilbey Com- ranny; in the Soviet union there has
pany and got away with clothes and impor- been practically no investigation.
tant business documents, beloging--t The implied comparison is between, the
chairman of the group,. M.,I.kC Gilber, Soviet Uhion tod a `4 Germany of Nazis
while he was out for about 30 minutes, wove U otoy 1G.
The theft took place recently durn Mr. who never lost power. |t was because the
te visit. h Nazia Were thrown out that those respon-
Sfe K jus _arived-at -the-sairport. sible for'violence and torturee were
brought to justice (amonc others, by Soviet judges). There has nover been such
aS opp6rfanity I"'the Soviet Union."
This is incendiary stuff and Alexander Solzhenit an knows is le expects'
soon to be arrested. It is just five years since impassioned pleas from public
opinion and the press throughout the'world helped to save the lifq and formal liort
of another fearless Alexander: Dubeak of Gzechoslovakia. -No two'men have dohe more
to keep the torch of freedom burning during a most dismal period in the history of
theaLr ountritx es. I

g li4.. Y, -- u 1,, I 1&-7A T= STAR. P

ovs sma r oF Osemea.A ..
Primce.. Margaret HospitaI Developmeat
The Gpvrnment of Dominica invites ap.
plicatiqns for Tenders for the construcon
TER iTORAGE TANK, at Federation
Drive, Goodwill, Dominica.
The project is being financed by a devel-
opment grant made to the Government by
the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
(Overseas Development Administration)
of H.M.Government of the United King
dom and Northern Ireland.
Tender Documenmts may be obtained from
t h e ofes of M & M STOTT RIBA,
Chartered Architects, P.O.Box 98, 7,
Cornwall Street, Roseau. Dominica, from
9.30 a.m Monday 2th January 1974.
Tenderers are required to place a deposit
of ECsioo.oo which will be refunded on
the return of the Documents or a genuine
Scaled Teadens e to be submitted to M
& M STOTT RIBA, P.O.Box 98, Ro-
seau, Dominica, by noon (i2oo) on
March 4th 1974. at which time they will
be opened together with the full set of
Tender Documents which remain the pro-
perty of the Government.

The Government does not bind itself to
accept the lowest or any Tender.
Michael R. Stott
Chartered Archithei

QovERmV Matrr oF SOM CA
The Government of Dominica invites ap-
plications for Tenders for the construction
IBISHIE, to accommodate four hundred
and twemy (420) student, and to allow
for specialized teaching in Science, Home
Economics and Handicrafts.
The project is being financed by a devel-
opment grant made to the Government by
the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
(Overseas Development Administration)
of I.M.Governnment of the United King-
dom and Northern Irclad.
Tender Documents may be obtained from
t h e offices of M & M STOTT RIBA,
P.O.Box 98, 7 Cornwall Street, Roseau,
Dominica, from 9.30 am. Monday, 28th
Tenderers are required to place a deposit
of EC$ioo.oo which will be refunded on
the return of the Documents or a genuine
Sealed Ten s are to be submitted to M
& M STOTT RIBA, by x2:oo noon on
March 4th 1974, at which time they will
be opened, with the full set of Tender
Documents which remain the property of
the GovernmenL
The Goverment does not bind itself to
accept the lowest or any Tender,.
Mick&el t Statt

Chartwred Awlteats


* ~ ________________________
- 1J -~ ~

Buy "Bello Brand"

Cane Syrup $2.00

per bottle

Available at:-
Dominica Handcrafts Company

Applications are invited for the post of
a Senior Library Assistant.
Further details:
Resident Tutor's Office. me

Pages T"he

by. Kapolwa. iusonda.
Ever since this minor misunderstand-
ing between the Government afd the
Trade Union Congress started, the wife
of a. friend has been behaving iiore and
more like a. trade uni6iost. And the
husband like a. government.
2-;eryone will recall that week
ago Mr Mwanakatwe, the Finance Minister,
said in Parliament that trade unions
were to some extent frustrating Zambian-
ization because there have been strikes
in the industrial sector whose sole aim
was the removal of some unpopular per-
sonnel officer. In reply, Mr Chakulya
said among other things that, in fact,
it was thec Government whicE was frus-
trating the whole Zambianiiation policy.
There the- argument ended, perhaps as
everyone felt that enough had been said
about the. issue. One can" be sure. that
there will be a.commission of enquiry
to find out the truth. -
The. situation with'bmy friend is
rather similar. I came to leari of it
one day when I found him drinking alone
in one of the local bars. .
'You are thinking too much,' I said,
takingthie nexf sea .
tIt's them trade unions,' he cried.
draining his.glass. 'This" would be the
happiest country if it.wasn't for those
trade unions."
'I would have said otherwise. I
didn't know you belonged to any one of
them-as a. civil servant' -
'Obviously you don't uhderstani,--It s
the-influence they have oh'my wife.'
'I. guess the whole thing-is-beyond
me.,- Ihave always thought your wife
never.-worked, since you beli&v-e that a
womants place is in the home.1
'That is what I have tried-to do but
it has back-fired. She now claims that
all Zambian housewives are happyy as
they are getting most unfair"treatment
from their husbands. "She says husbands
are spending- all their tii&6 on girl-
friends and in bars leaving the wives
tShe may have a point there, but I
still oan't see what she could do about
i t .' .
S'Eactly what I felt at first. But
now-she is all set to form a uhibn she
intends to call the Zambia Housewivest
Trade Union. .-..
'She is not serious ib shm?

R _*h.j--3iay974V
(fr.col.11 "Yes I li fact, she has al-
ready mailed a lettor .t`GChaku3lya for
affiliatioii-to the Zambia Congress of
Trade Unions, .
tBut what is the tro le?' I asl-ed
'She has apparently talked to 'a 16t
of other wives .anhdthey. fully support
her in thisd.- "She sady Zambian husbAnds.
are not Zbhmianizing the.home as much as
they should"......
'What does she moan by Zabianiaation
in the home V. ..
'I couldnIt "understand it either, as
these women ate rather short on the vo-
cabulary. But, when she explained, it
appears that men are npt:taking up enough
responsibilities at -home.'
'What does" she want you to do? I.
thought you had a house servant to help
her--with house wbrk?"
'That is the pointt. She claims I
should not leave everything to her and
the servant. I should also make myself
part of the household, 'She wants'me to
spend some time with thq' children," play
football'with them, teach them some games
or songs, help her change nappies and so
IBut that"s-ridiculous. Are you sure
she.-is alright?' -
'I. have wondered about thhht mysitf tool
The other" day she was talking .about my
taking her o'ut to cinema parties, and
dances, and such like places. Worst of
all she Wants me to' be Qalling' her "dar-
ling" or "honey". I have made it clear"
to her that I would be the laughing-stook
of the whole/town if-I. went about calling.
her such funny things,
'I am glad -you stood your ground on
that. Itts most'un-Zambian to call your
wife such-idiotic namesaf'l
'True. She wasn't even happy when I
compromised and said. I would call her,-
A'Comrade". She said it. was insulting-'
1I can see why you are so unhappy wijh
trade unions." ".-
'I haven't tolyf ou anything yet.
Another point of real contention is-her
security. She' is unhappy with the largo
number of secretaries and registry work-
ers at our office. She claims that I im
always under pressure and temptation and
I might break'any-day.f '
'You have of course-assured'her that
she-has nothing to worry about,.
..- ( nIM ,of Zambia

*s3A I HE ST- -P 11

I or he Erection of a. STEEL FRAMED"
B'UILD ING st Texaco Terminal Cane-.
i sie. e.
1:.Ierested Parties can obtain Drawings
Saan Spe dcations from -
S,'Engineering Sales& Service Ltd,


Scht< of iOica 'co for Crtert- of Tfte aNd 11k
P-eroa, vadCaftats for week edir 2ad" day of F*eruary. 1974
Dat ReuesedPersoe Prpssntang Nauefrequet
Pagum Ofre oCen a
o af C rt in*cIe Wof Tid e
,i IONeAeR~Eth t or C

I e queat date
he 1st da ye
J-he 1973.
Presented the
28tihdayof .
Ja..:"y, 1974
S. 5.05, pam.

by his Solicitor
Cilma A.M

Request fpr the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title isrempectf
a portion of land at
Pointe Michel in the
Parish ef St. Luk e
in the State of Domi
naia containing 757
square feet and boun
did as follws:.

North .by'a fgbt-of way separating it from tfid of Vernon
Ph .-r::; South by land of Ralph isaac; East by land of
PFeb Simpso. : -esz by a Public Road.

ReciuMt dated
tAe 14th day
o- Joruary
1 '73;
P asenated the
2 th day of
January, 1974
at 3,.15 p.m.

Noson Smith,
by hit Solicitor
Cibna A.M

Request for the iCale
of a First Certificate
of Title is respect of
a portion of land at
Boetica is the Pariah
of St. Patrick in the
5 tate of Dominica
containing 2 4 7 2
square feet and boun
46d as folows:-

NorMt by lind of M.I~c Abraham; South by land of
Peter 4enry; East by land of Monica Abraham;
yait by lead of Alpoomes Joseph.

R itar'~ Olcak
Rteseaul DomfoRg.

Acting Rerastrar of Titles,


NO 4:-- Aty per~i who desirts to objz to di# Wue of j
frst Certkfit Tit ine the above apiitcsIo may nter -a
Cveat ain the bdlve Office wthht sit. weeks fraio the dat F
ut ,st appearance of this Schedule in toe STAR Newspaper
p-ebtsWed th is tate or from the dare whefn tohe nmtice pr,-
wiroed by law woi served on aoy ow"er or occupier aof sdoke
4 if qf hich the appction iswade..

ir : -,^^1".,...--.. ------- ---
--" aone all z attend their Grand Fair at the -
AtkUais Coammunity Hall Grounds
GO Sun-ay ;3r# Febu- ..74 Comean i g at

LjA:n for further announcements on radios.

S Barri of 2o& .Ibs..
Barrel of 2oo lbs-
B?.rel of too :bs
Barrel of ,2o lbs

SPrices are rising. -
Quotatoons for February hp~meet are 6f- %

Now located at Texaco Terminal, Cane-
All offers to Valley Engaeering Sals &
Service Lid., .
,- --- - - .*i.'." ': --^^'"

Take a look at. the
range of VPBritishmWiKlne same gape
to make VP that go to make a lot ofexpen
wines. Which accounts forVPs fine qualift

Buv a bottle today VI

. $237.42


. t a .r .. .. ^ ... .. .

PBze Five


Page Six A E T A Frid
CASTLE BDRUCEs FA.Ml 1 iWIN: C o-oapei
{,/' This -Friday afternoon, after an 138-mblh. *
L *l _g struggle a'ainct all kinds of obotaolo8a
K Hol.Prixo oL Something's got to the workers of Castle Bruce finally at-
be done. .The 1rice.'l too' high to pay. tainted the0 tatus of a registered-Co-op-
OJust imagine ..Right hlee. ;".Our people erative Socie.t Thirs clears the. wray for
have to figh tin order to got some production.'and othe:- plans more hard
BAI~ANIA....Los 'that was a GRENT GOID work aheadJ A coeraony for the hand-
RUSEH....I see a woman actually get ing over of the certificate took plce.
!"buas d up". ,,.Sho hiad the "DOUUCI Chairman. of" th'ei'Co-op -,r.Eloi ,Slves~er,
let, she cou.dn.'t -ake-hor. way thro Premior ,,egstras of Co-ops "& 'in. bf'A,;-
through... .Tht was itI Cd'kt imagine riculture W ffe' 4aong those presoht. *
how -baffled ,imused (oE delightedd) -.. ---,
4r.Van- Geest 0ould be at su 'a-sight JEFF CIdA E.JOti '.B.C. (fnr .);
Yot, in the iidst 6of ~ tl3ls."..ahat The poet w~ll oetail Jeff's taking
gruff, oan taierous7, Ac io:dious. and responsibility for the Caribbean-oriented
brutal "BUILL..hboe. that: m6oen to- programmes, son- of which are featured
exhibit his. dirty ways', .tur leads currently bon the media of the area', and
innooent aind .lcw-abi'ding citizens to will also work with The "Topical T.pes"
believe that these "state troopers" sections and in_ UK reional stations,
receive training in .coBbattant' t6ch- otherr international communications
niquo4 onlys,.tiquette, manners, services ihi0h i planing a Caribbean-.
*ourtesy,, politeiess an'd the other based/cvriented boadcast training set-up
n.u~les of good conduct aeem onily has also approached Jeff if he wisi-es to
."G'IOfED o.Losh t c chess OOPo.-arel return tohe Caribbean in the nea afutufte.

tOleal "Gove.nm..Eio s ese. O-P-a e It a. well cnown,, even in Cfovern~eit
a~eIr jst"retzi ned..n .O0 ma circles, tha.t..durit his years of broad-
heve -ii retr oed tge -Ds
ho.re they thrilled Whoua.... L r casting' at VIMBS ahn Radio Dominioa '
oaersngapor th.omig 'A.huafr.$ ou concern lihate..- ffed Jeff Clharles jobs,
Understand that. Dbmifi mand opportunities where but he.
over the Vo.S.y.I.excursioned.-there stoutly intrean C.r ihere buotad6l*
rove to er e the oT S stoutlyne-mairea to pioneer broadctinLG
just to experience the group s sen- n Da. r a .
national 1iben... Ihis weeko ."i'Mont- n Dominicah at reonition evel., 'nd it
eorzat will bp t -GaYL'cItfI et.. was only lheinh he now famous ",mocke
w -wein sopo..Te LoGg'O "re tDisco,, rules" gave 'hi .tho. "kick in the piant'
,..Th -host. J =jOGEm.. Letg. er Lthat tee so oft-e hge our good'patriotic
Iom Singaporo..ig A.we hear you people that aeff hd given in. en
LOID .a, 'CLE O:. "oo 1:'' 1 Th"Well. Domiioeafs ridiculouslien-
bopgt is yet `t comi .The TG forced loss listhe gain of Brit hi the
S A!R s ohboo musi.,.sp ith.b 0 -o wider- .Caribbianaind the Commonwealth.
provide the 'n.e aiid tANDEL cISTIN G ea mrous o dl I and you f hous
ip put the score on paper...Oould be ch ucklee'iff wie yous and-hou"s o
that Dominica, .in 1; willfind ng OlanC ill love you and-your familywo
composing team to eq.Ui NO ad feel su. e.
Raoa rtY.*.. -No regress l in hc' In ...-p".
6rmation heie -Ais aIo h iiitaive. ;We Gramma s Naiia'Ger. C.Ferreira says "UtTe'
ov the sourie.,The onohe,.. think .it is iise t let- the., pgbl:io kiow' '
Zf wooefel itIs going' ti damage any that Gramack~ charged G.P,U. four hundred
Uidividual org 8roup.,..I 'mer'el bread f'or how and. dance. (In re~erence
Iggestj. .But if O ask or'it..; to cripplin G"PT at. Arawak, S TAR of"9/.
aurelY, we -00=1i "spill the beans"... "We 'dileO- One ar not the'on>y oxes i
but, why invite.u to caue embarrass-exil")'i sai : .othe letter, "but ite shoe,-
maeit, Gh...Nal I"',Toij-.,,ADIAITS are d such feelinis Vtith housand..ho'have done
done..,O iN pompletely...BLOOI ,ioan1- the same Ml. over the universe... We are
not be blamed altl-hbouh he 'half: the a all.f-Domfinican group who share ou ove,
mn. SOFTEE was.. .*Ad, .bru-dsi; At SOFT feel .id'hipines through u s iei...
stas, something .e.LIe. iR6ving and reggae1funk1rhythif". and blea E-iid of
Stardom tent 01 -i for the fir '.-time course rur- ~ -c l'-o WI'-j-j, .
on 8..Qua.t.r finatas...Th-at ts it,.

3 .-E_.__

Dear Aunty, #an changing overnight
Leopard lose 'he spot, what a sight.
Last year's ro was' a Brother" man,
Today working bank, another na;.
lose his locIs and talk of Ziobn
matching han2ie, socks and "te'on.
Same one who was down onT Holiy,
this year tuAning whiteman monkey.

So yox see, qunty, everybody have a. price:
these are thcq FACTS OF LIFE,naybe it 's wise
or practical, but it is true -
that principaP.s erode, nothing's of value;
Man's will is -pliable, it will-bend,
and-we all sell out in the end.
Same man who wore to die for right
Promotions promise drew him from the fight

The. Acrobat prances lightly on t]4n ice,
bending ev-erywhichxway" i~ a tribe
TJast year's revolutionary, fond of false

today's missionary, peddling" pdIalms,...
and acrid wors are falling loose
:from ancient ds home to'riile the roost.
.ae: advooate of Land PTform, -
A brann-new hqlo, another uniform.

the businessm1p dispensing sound advice
behind the scenes now loaiia the dile;
Last yearfa, hFpedom fighter waars new shoes
New year, -new pules, it's rin or lose.
It IS a dog's VorIA. and the famous
will crucify ypu for the.ir.-statud."-
Same man who unnot stand that maan.
is his lodge brother, .hey.share one plan.

Graduates criticise systems planning
always by the fire tanning: -
look up when t1ie fact' s front
is another course, more'pay they want.
Aunty, who is there aoove the ptice of rice?
Who is here wopld aarg to s&cri-fic?-
M0me Black Power 'a, e'Plambeau wid7,
atwelment ka ];ple: .antay.

Preachers soldpm practice whafthey preach,
And it has teachers do not care to teach,
No press to comment or to analyse
cause everybody in disguise.
Who dare. condemn old. STICri F]ilEPs,
When onto's own s4n in iimembr-r-lingers?
Morality-is. p .d by lip sorvicoe, sure -
But i4e all ce the mii6o niein6o."
'The. society y W the f.ture._ready exists
today,, like a seed waiting to bud",
Fr. Brnesto Ga~denal

Page' Seven

Same ma; aghast at tjvenile 'crime,
Will cooly -tp -yoir-phone-or mine...
the cop whose crusade is evil, weed
will drin ten6 bers and overspeed...
Father moralizes on. teenage SE-
an has outside 'children he protects.
Such posturing-, aunty, such pretence
makes mockery pf any .defence.

The same mouth that- utters Christiaiw
S- trpth"
neXt moment scandalises neighbour 1Ruth;
SMoneymen make youth their interest',
In Priv4ae 'huddles label them communist.
Double itaibLi,d ambidextrous stance
Dominic6a doeshn' stand a chan.ce. "
The message, aunty, is loud and clear,
The &rohibat "is Sterfly this" year.

The politician -and top ci' i sevants.
visit our villag- (Massacre) "very
often, obvioul.,not to work, but to:
idrnk themselves th drunkenesa at
the Sea Moon Club.

S T A.. Friday ebruar 1
Nadam, .. .
S Sadab a wise Man?
President Sadat of Egypt after
agreeing with Israel and signing ftr
the exchange of troops as a first step
to peace, must be looked upon as a
wise man*- Consider the trips he made
to explain to the others his reason
for peace and maybe advising them to
halt the criucial oil embargo. e
told them that the U.S. is a friend
of theirs and should not suffer for,
oil. 'Egy'pt and Syria have suffered
the iosit in-this war, while Russia
and the other'Arab states suffered
hardly at "all,
I agree with Sadat especially if
hbe would turn his:U back on Russia
and hold on to the U.S:. From'USSR
he only" got arms; and not food. He
should realize now that the VT.S;. is
the most charitable country in the
world. -- ---
Te here can boast of America, for
nearly every onie of us, has some"..
familythere; that blessed country
where even- monies are stamped -'in
God we tustT.. Some of otr old-.
folks are iow "In our homeland, Bt-
ting at ease with a US, pension [
_tTY^X LAWasi^EV- iseau
ISE TO -fr col 14-
LETTER TO AtUIT .( fr. co-l1.)

4= -.--.~--5--. sg=.------ S^5gg^SS

Schedule cf Application for Certlbtau of TWte O Neting
thereon and Cavews for week uand3g 6th day of January 1974

23. 1- 74- by hbe Solicitr. of a first certificate
at 11.20 a.m Ni. Eugnia of title i respect of a
___________ Cs of Al"m at
Morna Rachette in
the Parish of St. Jo-
j ieph oatalaio l6D
qua11e feet Cand khua d as fo e Ch e ow

North: Lanis of Kenneth Josepo & Mbbil Benjamun; Ea:
Land of EHbord )o Betiste: South: Land of Aageb Cuffy
Sowh Wae; Public Road.

Request da GCffrd AS. tiomn of Gif
13. 12. 73. l Didie r S. Didier for the
Presented by his Seiit wisase of a first crtif-
23. 1. 74. M. Eugeso ft ctof twto in respect
at 11.30 a.m Ck a of a Lot of land is
a "te T of Reao
- the Parish of St
490Zwsquare feet amnd .be ed "e
North Easerly by land of Ames Lareade sad Doanld Shi&
Segford, North Westerly by lad of luew teaedl; Soua ,
Early by Turkey LaUe o$*h Westerley by lad of The
Heirs of Simon M i

20. 9. 73,
16. 1. 74.
at 11,0'cock


TBh R.se.w
CathOeic Bi ,
sbep of Resseam
by hik Sai6ciAs
M. Eageia"a


Cathoi~d BVF
shop of Rooesa for
the ismen of a first
certificate of title in
respect of a Paorties
of laud at Massacre
in tbe Parish ofat St.
sl n tai .ia 9

acres a"i beMaded as fel'wesre
North East Lands of Roe0.* Adrien. Edith P'lrre. Hels of
Merris ames & aei'ths McPhe aon East: Penton R'oad
lands of Mason Bruao, Keters Miebtoes & Sylvster Rodney
South; Land of Morris Etienre.; West LandX o(f IUdi Ttromp

aen, Eslte Piward Brit* The SoL
west dated There e'est eon
the 2nd day Francia a Fit C
of November r wS ior of it respect of
1973. CiB na A.M a partio of land
Presented the w' awa s a lot at
22ad day of Calb viliae in
Janwi ry, 1974 the Parish f St. AI
-e 3.30 p.m. d_____w, in the State f
Do---mina coteiamwa
u squ wuare 6* aad MsM fadewc.
ortw West perly by hod of HIf and parly by beWd
odElla "', ,reon; North East portly by ltad of William
George and pertly by land of Baby Nixon Suth Wes by
SAccess Road. South by land of Baby Ntxon.

Regqest dated Yvette Appjsatio of Yvette
2.11. 73. D eny Dwt e Fr tbe isuM
Presented a by har Soatiour of a Zrat certificate
24. 1. 74. M. lm of tide. a r t of
at9.5a) Cae an
I "" 1 "' i~w^ i 111i i i t #Apt -- I 4

Seqwet dated Athertan
13. 12, 73 D
Pre i Med by i& a
24. 1. 74, M. Eag
at 10.10 a.m Cha

SAPleatios for Athem.
6w nf Diditr for the
t e issue of a first certi.
n4 ficate of title ia rae.
r*4 pect of a Parties of
ult mi wra as a resi.
atial lot ia tmt
Town Reseeau in
the Paeish of St.
GeorPg .- .oat'iuea
3905 oqm feet amnd
bounded sot"~we

14Nrt-Weir: LaNds of H.D Shilliord and Dr. Hari Ram.
Anw; North Gut: Land of GIfw! Dtdier; SoutA Eam:
Turkey Lam; Seout West: Lands of Richard Cable ad H.
D. Sh q rdf^______ ___ ___
aisrrsoCN" AIM"g F. GEORGC
Rfsses, Cioiteteks. Ati labgtor af Tiief
w : Asy *oaws who d*ari us object to Be Bsteav tf a
e .n of tUe teekeb sp*csin masy e"ter a Caoe
*SAoe40 d1a Bsn l4w*ae, the daa of tshe FwR
Ofr* achoEed 11e the AR Newspaper pulitbed
s o*uo the laef ate ms
X-tol&~(^am InBota wrw
Iifotswo I my 4wr-rwie {e~e
^te.My~fwl^teyyli6 fa"L ^



V #kiy, FeblmM 16 3S74


INew Improved ESTOLA wil provide the
agts=sad (s your bar needs to seta in&mtt

SUm ad wid dry out ts oitura oils mai it
course. Shampixong leads wo aair = b= ormang

That's where ESTOLAN coe ia. ThI Coon-
So refpl c the na l oils, vigotates
*the b ir As at t& ese Wppi s at ltbe
=me time eavg = sWible filto as the
har to prec it and give it atural shamn and

"-e provide ahair t ea SaLt.

Oday SL37 per tibe

feet and bounded as
Nrth: gight of way separatig i. from I a n d of Mgargawt
Phflwrt South: Land of jushan Ienry East: Land of juslis
Giraud West Public Road.
..:' .'- :: L .. ... .. -- I


Page .je .-... T 1 -E
by Al Akong .. .- Part 1
I realised that it was now morning, I
.had been dreaming. Inside the cold tiny
concrete house in which my bed lay was
no longer pitph-blacki the light of dawn
had penetrate. all the openings of the
house that it found'
I felt the still coldness of the at-
mosphere the damp cold of the concrete
floor, of the bed and the' thii bedspread
that wrapped ;y stark naked bo~y'" I was
lying on my bhply, my left hand, nti#
with cold, I carefully' ihched under 'my
chest to get it at the warith of. my arm-
pit, to bring it back alive', and I made
this transfer without raising my belly
unnecessarily off' the warm part of the
bedspread that lay under it .-.
The whole qf :my lower 1eak w~s throb-
sing with a gentle penetrating pain;
,nothing o worry about I Tniew it was
the c6ldcess of the previous night and
of the morning soaking into'me and would
soon go sway completely after I got up
and moved about. That always happened
when I slept ip that house and' the night
wascolJ1. I tied to fall back to sleep
ago and back to my dreaming.
t waa. reliving to- know that morning
had'. arrived at 'last. The entire night
was aS uneventful and"bla6ck~s the others
before a repetitive sequence of dreaming,
getting up feeling the. cold oftthe Decem-
ber night, witi a numb left hand, moving
tiat- hand to tae warmest part'of the.
body, and twisting ald triuing, pulling
at the* 'gaippeoy' bedsprad that wouldn't
stay over my bpdy, 4djusting""myself-until
I settled into" a fore comfoPtable posi-
tion, then goig over thie dream that I
just had in every tail, until I fell
back to sleep. .... .
IOh shit ".Dog' I raised my voice .
in disgust anl aage. It 'was my little
dog; even though I did"not"opeii my eyes.
I could see hep standing on her hindlegs,
I could hear her and "feel- te vibrations
as she scratched the mattrs w16 ith her
forepaws; she was trying ;desperately to
lick the hair .on my head, hobling and
wagging her tail with unboniaolablq glad-
ness. I stretched my" ari over the bed
and let her pqunce on" my haad'to lick
and scratch ai it as if I had just saved
her.life,or I had just returned home
aftO a long and lonely abscenc'. I keow
that once I had let her "do"that -sh ..
would" .. stop pestering me.

Part II of this story by AL wIe -iQ4L
appear An next vweekl, SlJa

T AR .. Friday l br S l2"
SS AND MI PUPPIES (fracol.1) thwi3.tkS '
as I was, I "had to 'ot out of bod to fa8M
the morning.
I pushed aside the bedspread. ciXels-
ly to crawl but'from under it, gave~ '4-'
lower back two solid cuffs and passed it
as olay, then jumped into ay short khaki
trousers. "I ever say any prayers,
either goiig"to,' or getting out of bod.
Once I was on the floor, my little
puppy attacked my feet with renewed
energy. wagging her.tail like mad, biting
incessantly at my Acaillea tendon ith
her sharp tickling teeth. Quickly.
snatched her iinmy hands, put her to'.'a
head and let our-hoses touch. she"was .
smelling as I remember all puppies. used
to smell ever since X was a boy. put "
her back oh the cld damp concrete floor
and brgan moVing around swiftly to get
away from her bitiig at my heels,
Never.-before had' I been so fond of a
puppy. This one was not more thAh three
months old. I got her from an old "
fisherman of -1aracas Bay called 1ohioniut
and I took her. .t IAve. with me down at
this house at Cyril's Bay where I spend
the greater part .of t-e-woee, retuinig
back to Port-of..Spain (taking her with
me of course) as it suits my whims and
fancies, "
During those dark, often rainy and
cold, lonely December nights at the Bay
when I locked my60lf in that house to '
concentrate on"reading, writing or some-
times finishing drawings of the bay that
I had started during .the day, my puppy
was my only companion. I often put her
on my .table to prevent her playing with
my feet and there she would either sleep
or play' around the warm kerosene lamp,
Whenever I paused at my reading, or
writing to digest an interesting part,
or to do some" tliihking around what I was
going to write next, or to look at the-
progress of my drawia )he noise outside
from the heavy North Coast waves that
sent the'rock&sand stones scampering back
over each other by its powerful advance
and retreat would"pull my thoughts back
to reality and' I would seek escape once
more in the companionship of my puppy,
I got t U like t.e' Smell of her skin 4ad
soon it wame a preoccupation with m
hunting an.d .i-a.iang the fleas on he,-
4* *' ** :- '1 *--' .i i- i "*

PAGE TEN T E S STAR February 197
*m riston RE A
S To the Editor --TheK B-
n the night of Monday, 29tl' J.nuary, EWS from
MU.haine All, former World Heavyweight
Cl onpion, put the records right. bybeat- thg ......j .
.ig arch-rival Joe Frazier, also former I have on some occasion before this
champ, in a 12-roun. bout at Madison resisted the persistent u.ge to express
Square arden..-. some criticism conh rning' the general
-Frazier, who was the winner in their broadcasting of hews from the Desk of Radio
first encounter in March 1971, came in Dominioal my reason for this reluctance was
for sev.ere.punishment at the hands of for having considered the futility of
tha grtest. According to reports, Ali writing. .
was magnificent and the display he put On many occasions we hve drawn atten-
on was reminiscent of hisn assyus Gla0 tion in the Press to the lad English used
days. His. sight must surely" be sot on by our Radio'broadcasters, but it.&iasTben
regaining the championship of which he of -no aail-- has been lite a vox olamant.s
was stripped when he refused to be drat- in deserVto .-
ted into the U.S.Army. .' -- ast- een thesame lfeless tone,
.- oroman had better watch' out. indifferent pr6hunciation of English words
glceot: TEST. Australia -o~~thetlhird and ungrammatical" expressions which contin-
and finall test match against Zeiw land ue (if I my-say 6 so)-to "' flourish like the
in Australia by an innings- and 57 runs green bay tree"'and to saiken the oar. I-
to win the series 2-nil. 'Th-' second am -concerned-aboit the English spoken tha-
match-:was drawn. Final sooros: Austraea serves no mod61 to the listening schoorlboy
477, Now Zealand 218 & 202, .......... and girl, already accused of being wanting
Tha. first test match between the M in the use ofcorrect spoken English.
touring team and. the West lhdies starts tIte recehtly- in the columns of the
tomorrow (Saturday) at Queen's Iark Oval STAR newspaper, W.S.Steves drew attention
i.ad,- ".-to the shortcomings of thi broadcasters of
In theo A.. League 'matches Radio 590 regarding the uqing of spoken
p .ag. last weekend, Saints, partna &English .... -
Oeltics United scored outright wins in
theirmatchas agi the Poice Mr.Stev6ns exhorted p 'ents, teaobr,
people of c-6ibre and of pood taste, to
and"DGS respectively. At the Ghrdens,
Saints made sIehortl wor -of Ptieihel to "rise up* and save' our children fr6m the
Saints made short work oP teiohel to .
w by a gs aruns orbert barbarous and atrocious utuff served up to
win by an innings and 161 runs Erbert them by Radio590"
Phillip 120, the first century of the them by.e odi5901",
season and David 96, Saints 259 dec Pte. Mr. Stevenshoped that. his appeal for
Michol 63 and 35 cultured and standard speech over Radio
The. match between Spartans & Police Dominica would receive deServed support
at Canofiold was a. low scoring one like from. all'cohcere6d.
most matches played there. Bhwever,, May eX, editor expio as,,oubt whether'
Spartans' superior bowling saw them Mr. Stevent s exhortation A411 be heeded,
through.* At the DGS Grounds,- Celtto' since thoe-he addressed ae either in-
gained, an 8-wicket win over DGS. The capable or indifferent tp help in promoting
school'latted first aiAd'-were skittled the use of stahdar -speech he so sincerely
*out for 61. J.Lawrencje'onhly playr to and urgently desires- .-..
cross ten, scored 32. E.Jarvis 3/32 & .. LEWIS.
J.Joseph. 0 eltics helped.along the way
by-poor DGS fielding,-replied -with 146, TIH EDITO PEGRE *
E.Jarvis 34, E4Anthony-26,- MOyril-le 26 that owing to.unforeseen 4-ifficulties
and -A.Darroux 25. A. Lawrence 4/26' M. Mr. W.S..tevens' article "IS THE E EL
Darroux 2/51, Kentish 2/28 and A.dobin CRISIS A CUhSE OR A LESSING?" and his
2/27.* DGS batting a 2nd timemade 112 review of eh .ocoit tuition have..
and J.Lawrence agaiman e on n to ad to -be held ack, as o MA TI
cross double figures 77'. -- Oeltiosin and o i t or
8o vict~~ctory lost I iC- GOu-,UP AG. We W dersa
o oiRo to A,. d rene that petrol price -il.: re to ove .10
Printed & Publdshad by t-ho Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of'Copt" Iall lIlj House at
26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West. Indies.