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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: 01-25-1974
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Mrs Jane LOlFIThI AL'L, Librarian,
Research Institue for the study of man
"162 East 78 Str6et,
New York1 10021 IT.Y. U.S A
f- -_-_ --.-__ - .... -

Soe: ~ atar, uommirca
ael: Printery 2691, Editor 2610
U. K. Media Repr-entative:
.olin Turner (London } Ltd.
122 Shaftesbury Ave. W. I.

ag i, iil .. .j
rJ',, :-gt'&,Hl 4 .


vtrtut4 -S

- - -


..162 EAST. .Th,
P w. 4


Friday, Jinuary 25.1974

4Y .. I .. -'


Blackness pnd cries in the silence (noi
telephones) enveloped Grenada on Mon-
day when corpmunication and electricity
workers jomed citizens in "Gairy. must go"
protests. Rupert Bishop, businessman fa-
rher of New Jewels Maurice Bishop LL.B,
was shot dead& 1y injured, o n Tuesday
during a mass denionstration.
Police aides (Gairy's Goons) are said
*, have marched past aot- Govt. protesters
around T.U.'s Otway House, then turned'
back and attacked them. Regular Police,
we are told, protected children near the
building. Mrs. Sybil La Grenade, House-
wives leader, wif of a n ex-Perm. Sec.,
suffered bad iqjufies when she leapt from
a second floor of the invaded house then
hid in a sewer; helped by friends, she fled
to Barbados. Alister Hughes is said to have
been hit aunl dragged across the street du-
ring the attack. Dame Hilda Bynoe return-
ed to her husband's birthplace Trinidad,
says she is still Governor of Grenada; but
Gairy has sworn in an acting Governor.
Concluded on page 10

Leader of the Opposition
"The poor' man has never made enough
from agriculture to pay income tax and the lit-
dte money the poor man has saved does not
carry enough interest to incur tax"
Some of the remarks quoted by John Spector on
page 3 were made by Mr. Moise, not any other Member




.Potrol rationing,
through books of
tickets at 2Bl,
will bo tiho rule
duo to a' resolu-
tion passed (Htii
meondmont)in the
House. Forms for
motorists and two
conanittoos ariso
out of this.Min-
iator rosponsibl o
- Thos. Aitionno.
We shall'soe if
all drivers got a
fair deal through
this tariy scho,-:..
Lot us hope so,


VEROICT on what was known as 'tho Kennody
Ae. murder ease' was reached on Thursday.
1., Pascal, 20, was son-
tonced to 7 years hard labour for the MAN-
SLAUGHTER of Francis -ancho last year..

Mr. O.E.K. Laband M.B.E. assumed the du-
I ties of Attorney and General Manager, L. Rose &
Co. Ltd., Dominica, on uith J~Muary 1974. Death
through a car accident last May of Major C.R.
Thompson caused the vacancy,

Calibishie is to receive a small Library and
permanent Village Council Office in the form of a
Memorial Buildingsin memory of the author and
legislator Elma Napier. Mrs. Napier's children are
donating $7,500 towards the project,
Her son Michael Napier (visiting us now) has
been holding discussions with villagers on the
Memorial Building.

Page T w___. ,- THE STAR Fridyv, JF rUi"y 23 127 7
IETTER T. ANITT.-- No,. 4 GI(TID ...ONi-E-TS by W.S. Stevens
ALL A-BOARD L I"- ..niot ..... .. -..
AI A BOA ............. .tor a.ll _zA'-, R '
Say Aunty,, appointment tif'io here again, It was iot t:t 11 Wdns. Jan.- 9,
time -for partisan bliss or- _etribution pain. that. the previous Saturday's mails
Tim-Tim, aunty, who gets morb~quickly bored for IIarigot ad. elsewhere in the
the. wily Chairman or the HMembers 6f the Hoard? N.EDistricteaoqchod their dostina-
Y.ires them when they query his savoir. faire tion oi theo peoext of shortage of
replaces them with a. buunch"wh6 c6ulhn't care-. gasoline" '
So with the P.S..GC of gr aV-"rohbAin' "On' onday '7h inst., I tried to
brothers, cousins, inlaws aid the local clown, contact theo Minstry for Communi-
all willing to perform to instruction. cations and Ilpi-a on this serious
In a nutshell --aunty that-'-s tho..situaion. lapse. I failed, sc I askdd the
Amusement aunty, for people ihthe city, ministry for i tu, Tad and
Friends and foe gt fired ByDoputy. Industry to p.sc the word. t6oth
proper-quard and the. P.S* 1 d
Fuss some got vex and say fo-.spite hern o Tud and (the), P.Sil d
they go resign from aver~ Board-i n sight. hn 6 (8th) h
One lady and one man I understandd. not arrived, I oado contact with"
.the 1inistry- or CormiunicatioA and
lonStimae pals and backers o- the :ossman, t Hrs. ty f.Burton, down th
amaze how they got kicksi.like this: "Works. -fl, 1 urton, down .ith
when all them year debm pledge lip service, thG .lu. ro or ed me to Asst.Sec.
Well the..lady.-apacially amising. rybodyad ins truct. e the P.W,D, Portsmouth
She. cry 'Wolf so long, nobody. Ibis with she. tohad eleainstrc tOlon of gaP to th
to. reloaso 10:`galloncr. of sac to the
3-IN-1-. Just like, the wol1-k ifoth 'oil mail contrict'r to get the missing
banana,' lad and market Chaimiia oh the boil. mails 1tothobir otinations. Upon
Bai-na-a.,beset on each and evey-side, enquiry of thi 'Tosaau residence .^
and the marketing .confusion toss asido. IrLoblic, TIi*iptor for Conriuhica-
UP jumps Land Management AutIbority, tion adn Wor-,s I was infoamod. that
roather^atc_-comtrollod conspirthcy.' his- Poocam roeiidonce was soriouheroe
Calve up Melville Hall and Castle Bruce for kicks at ain-s"EHI- This was vory usn-
20 aored at five thousand isn the way it fix s'ati'factoy -.; Qable & Wiroloss con-
Guoss who have that kind" cish. ii hand., fired that. ls.only .tlepho6i
Looal.man have no Authority-. to Manage Land. condition in' at Portsmouth. "
Aunty,- with all the problems I 'just' raise 9- tion mad contact with Prediier
You think them cats could changSo their ways? Lo. .l.and pprt the .att cr.. E
Now the contract Valhala is open to inapaction promi-sod to lqok into the quoitian
it's a-. hasty, indigestible coii&cdi~an of the mails,' but told no bluntly
SUCH is the stench attched-"to it over the tolophonc, that the rcsicIencc
Every member of the Board ketch a fit of yth buinio for C. Works wa
and though the shuffle brought a shuffle, noThis ib u'oinqh it ,r.ILelanc
All dom nice people still unruffl, ThtLlanc
So PRIIS-hims:olf call a halt, (momohntry?). is ncapablo If. grasping that his
on raisint 20 millions, with such .indecent hurry-. wa a- rpl Q overy citiaon in the
B SURE aState, from I40 Excellency the Gov-
Be SURE, aunty, when you write again ornor doun to itho hunbloest and poor-
to 16t me know if we are right- as rain, est. ih Domihiica
We: hbar the plan involve U.S.V.I.big whools Bha I-.LjbBldnc got such a lIme
and some. of PRIMS. friends behind the deal; and. lousy toamn hio Government
4% of all they raisa. is theirs they stipulate that hb is bou~'to conceal their
and if they fail, is 2-1g9 th6y getting straight. whereabeutsT'-:-: "-the poo.-.of. -
Whore such funda.s coma from we want to know. .. .. d. Pa-- II .. -
aBnks ain't lenning, U.K. say no moe' No diffeor'ot hioi-40V0m 1870,that is a fact
and sinco-FAILURES involve, one conclusion all this. progress .tak is to nr.ko you."
people reach is it bound to: have. corruption.. Socialism is a co up. really
Socialism is a cover'-upwo really fIo nI
"This island in, the sun, this paradise'" To Massa Day,except this Massa's blc.
,Some of us aunty like we braih paralyse. The jungle law operates, the only God
.Whileo w' feting, occupied" with chicks and rum get in, elot rich y y weoa"th;
Soe few holding our lives and hopes to ransom dimeans TE
Some few holding our lives and hopes to ransom including STEb L5THt

J~riday, C'a~uuary ~ i~,~LAt iH~ STAR Page Three

They call Parliament in Wettminster the M.P.s club; I suppose alL
parliaments tend to become debating societies where members take time
off for refreshments, gad sniping verbally is the order of the day. BUt
I have become increasingly bored with the Dominica House of Assembly,
more so sipce it insulated itself claustrophobically from the popular
audience tprpugh apprehension (sinoe the 16th of December 1971). The
only lively events in this debate on the budget were the Premier telling
off the Sppaker for (and I support this) contravening Speakership rules;
and Pat Stevens, as a result, walking out of the House. Pat was entirely
within his rights. There is no law against raising your voice in the
heat of emptioa and debate, as long as you are not insulting; and there
is absolutely -ho regulation limiting the nature of budget ieferences,nor
is there p limitation on the length of member's speeches. One cannot
.say "!I intend to clear Tj th debate" in a couple of days..." as if it
were a petrol station with rationed petrol. What do the members and
officials get paid for anyway? To air and settle the just grievances
and demands of the people, and the promises they have made regardless
of the time taken. Pat Stevens made some good points before he got
mown down, anyhow and when he left he cleared away half the House with
him, those remaining being mainly Labour supporters. It was really far-
cical, and if the Speaker does not like his role he should consider re-
Hon.Eugenia Charles apoke of her disappointment in the 20-page speech
on the budget, which reminded her of our aimless local insect, the La-
belle..."nQ direction, no planned movement, no desire for progress, no
underlying motives or reasons, just an aimless wandering from position
to position..." But I must record ny_ disappointment at the wIheol--the-
-debate. Why?' Because while cataclysmic events and bloodshed went on
in Grenada, nobody said anything about the sufferings of a State which
has been associated with us, a West Indian so-called sister-state, toe
which we were nearly forcibly joined in an even closer association.
Yet thousands of the Dominican people hang about near radios listening
with rapt attention to the agonies imposed on our poor neighbours, for
sometimes, simple non-members have a better sense of the relativity of
regional events than those who have been elected to steer and rule them,
"After -2 years of being in charge of the country in a period when
more money- and more power is in the hands of Government than ever before
...we have to listen to the old and continuous chorus 'it' (our dire
situation Ed.) tis the fault of other people'," said Miss Charles, cit-
ing failures iln deep sea fishing, preservation of forest resources, ex-
tension of P.M.H., family planning, road development, "the perennial Deep
Water Harbqur and agro-industries, among other objectives. Schools un-
built though "this is a budget of buildings and more buildings and no
provision Made at all for the life of the people who must endure another
hard year (n 1974" the "hidden taxes" with which Government burdens; the.
taxpayer, 4sd the trick of removing income tax from agricultural pur-
suits and from savings on Bank Accounts...from a Govt. which boasts thatit
is the Government of the little man,...and the apparent fact that Govtiis
proud of the hardships that they have brought to Dominica in the name of
CARIPTA (without looking for any safeguards such as Montserrat proposed)
these were among Miss Charles' tough .penetrating words. And she is
perf ectly right when she derides the way in which Government still keeps
the Valhalq.deal "still shrouded in mystery". I myself read the answerSie
this Hon.Mqmiber's questions: 21 foolscap pages of devious claptrap, cal-
culated to destroy further any illusions doubting and probing minds may
have about concerns whose dates of incorporation are unknown or vague,
whose director-shareholders remain unnamed; one being a subsidiary of the
other, and a complete vagueness about banking records maintained,

Page Three

Fridayy, fapuary :, Avi


pavge F~u hE SA

Former Deputy Premier aui Minister of
Finafce'tRO.P.Armoar, in making his bid to
reempture his" position as mccensor to' Pro
ier Lctaaue advocated a policy of militant
political %etiea by pri-L4Abr Party fae-
tions iv a means of 'mbiaimniag party con-
trol over all Mapeet"a'f life in Doaiaiiea.
Mr. Armour was speaking at a Labour Park
meeting in Resea in early November 1973,
against the backrOawai' of the Massive C.S.A.
R.lly of November 3rd 1973, which had the
effect of deflating tm official National
Day ebsorvanebs which were held at the B1t-
anit Gardens in Roseam. ?te entire .Shee
Party platform concentrated their attention
in Savaria wad the CSA instead of dealing
with the birming issme of the day like Urn-
epioymenit,- Gas, Val-A0ai the effect of
the Stafte of Emergenacy on the Economy, Pol-
ice iAspiosag. and so ea. In hia tirade
ainst ,.wvaria, Mr. Armour had this to any:
"When (Charles) Savarin (General secretary
of the. Civil Service Association) comes in
the street with 200 fell&. you have to pat
400 fellas and drive tem off the dame moaetl
ins is ihat.ve have.te do in Doeminica today
..Labour Party supporters are mot uiIlitaan
eacugb ... you nojndforppirt.
ial action an behalf. of the Daminic. Labour
.-arty r.ni we will come to tell you how we
man po1 iti cal... ( T VAT).
Judging.by their utteracaes, are not Armour
FatriLck Joh~, Active, Leslie, Etienne,Chria-
tifn and Francia much of the same thinking
is Grena-i.s ric Gairy? LoBlanu has seemed
.vt times more Gairy than Gairy and, but for
for the level-headednes of the CSA leaders,s
..Maximea, Symses -and avarin, we would have
pAsed through worse times than those vhich
_-a-roe now unfolding in Grenada.
sy saying *drive.those fellas off the dumw
streets" was not Armour preaching mwr and
bloodshedd? ona. tro. carnival bands meet head
on, -a fight immediately breaks out; what if
a bn"i of Shoe Party supportersa try to break
.up a demonstration of 3,000 people?
.Luckily we in, Dominica did not witness it
hprpen, but Mr.Armzurt* exhortation to Dom--
inicans is now taking place in Grenadna. You
L1ll know ..ow Gairy's etpporters backed by
police and police aiesi (Gairy's Defence
ForeB0, chased peaceful demonstrators off the
stroet.&. One man -hot dead, aoveral wounded.,
Can one not expect .tat demonstrators will
now arm themselves wti h na, eutlasses,
ti cks a tones -. .iything they canl lay their
handa on, asmst ti a break. up is atteu~-?
Rasal t dead 'a&' wunAted on both sides.

The polician-provokers of violence do not
expect to be among the dead. They are coy-
ards and while they large the people to
make, war on each other they gnin time and
either strengthen their positions or es-
Cepe, as the case may be. They never jo
themselves to drive anybody off the stmets.
When they learn that violence from their
agent will be repaid not only to those
agents but to themselves, peace might re-
turn. Thuas police and political agents
in disturbed VWrt Indianjiislands should
wait for the Gairy types to come in per-
son and load them, when next they are
asked to shoot down their brothers in
the streets. A

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m badee

-~ if .c s~s~'t ~THE STAR aeFr
.j^?^ ^. ~ ~ ~ ~ S F",' *^ _____--^ ^ ~ ~ M M "-'" l" .llgl I llr
.^ ^ ^ , . ^ 1------w, -- *-- ----------

8chde ,of AppfUcation for Certifcate of Tide and Nottf
thereoA mad Cweits for week ending t9th day 6of Janary, W74.
Dae Requested' Person Prsenting Nature of request wheb
er a Certificatt of Titlet of
Noting the.reon or Cavemat
SRequest d Eulica Jones Request for the isue
15th Janaary 4y har Solicitor of a First Certificat
1974. Vaaya of Title in respect of
Presented Dupijny a portion of land at
15th January, MariWgot village in the
1974 Parish of St. Andrew
at 3.30 p.m. containing 5,925
t 31.,1 ,."-....... .-- saquare feet and
North East: Lantd of Horsford Jones~
South East: Land of Editn James
South West: Libnd of Sydney Jones
Nor .h West; Lnd o Arn u.ronees .

Reuqmnt dateds
18th April
14th January,
at 3.30 p.m.

Lilian Maxwmre
as personal rep
resentative of
Adsamise Paril
Ion, deceased
by her Solicitor

Request for the i"se
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of latd at
Gumlltte part of DO.
gasa Estate, in the
Parish of St. John
coaaining 3.25 acre"
tMW bvaw= .h

North: Rav3 neg to bed. Soth: Puablk Reed an4 ad f of,
-Emtir- Victtr, Wst: la*nd of ChrIstiona Jns. B*aptisS &
Lettmo Rolle, 1st land of Marian Towssainti Veronic joseph
Staphane josvpq losephine Joseph. Benedict joseph, I rine
uepi and Vji ,e pi.
T-iga~ron~gam~rr!I mom-, iii~iiiiiiil~~n^~ n i-^*
IRWIN, 1a1iFB91S';A'35' c

1fa's Oai EPHRAIM F. GEO.%3S
aw.. OrnMcmAsti Aseiaastrar of liles
NTi-:Aay pW." who dea w to obl e = eiMa. of
j Cert*cs aof Title nto th above aWppscation may owr a
in tshe abovee Ofce wtehft six we.s from sthe d3e 45
.a first appearmecq of tet ScheAu in theBt STAR Newir
As*ej to this SWOt or from the data when the eswtr p!.N
fby Iaw ws "nvd oan any owner or occper of 4sng
a respect of which th* appjic$0oo is Md,


3Dosinica Morigge Finance Comr y
Ltd. has mnoved t o 2 Hanover S At
aam floor as Trinidad & Guyana
iuacenCompany & Dr, W.E. Greeds

Emrace opposite HHNV,Whitchuirch's'
Telephone 2389
MEMOAM~ f **:

1974 6uGscmP1 ONS Aa

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name and address at the back of the Cash Regis.
ter Tickets for purchases of $5.oo and over and
dropping them in the Container provided.
At the end of each month there will be a
draw and first, second and third prizes as well
as i dozen consolation prizes awarded.
The starting date will be ist February 1974
and only Cash Register Tickets (NOT Clash
Bills) from that date onwards will be valid.
All purchases will qaify wholesale and
real, as also will purchases f r o m Ntes
Wholesale Department and The Market Shop.
The Prizes for February will be:-
tst Battery Maim Tape Recorder
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Applications are invited for the post
Seismologist (Junior Research/Fellow
Research Fellow) in th.e Seismic Re-
search Uni, SL AugusTie, Tnidad. I
Closing date: as soon as possible.
Further particulars obtaiable during
office hours from the Resident Tutor.

Cavehll Barbados
Applications are invited for the following
posts in the In-Service Education Diplo.
ma Programme at the Cavehil Campus
of the University of the West Indies,
(a) Lecturer in the Teaching of English,
(b) Lecturer in the Teaching of Science.
For further details contact the Resident
Tutor during Office hours.

*B'-- -------------- ./mii-nriimiiTTi.LTiniiui ---r-i -r ---


Page Fvv


Page Six SEAR PridayJ~xuary 2~3, 1974

riotion MA TIT=E Cyhthia Watt
Ma Titine turned on the radio 'aid
the voice of the annotuncej came"' boU -
and clear. It was the same 'news again:
Grenada and her political troubles.
"Dat Gairy 't wat he looking foh he
will got it wee," declared 'Baby, who
wqs busy making ginger-beer,
Gonelia nodded her head* --
"It looks like though Nixon and hii-;'
self.-are in the same boat@.."' -
"Garoon," said Babyy,"-look two men
dat hard. Boy, dey hardj
"And you see what has-began to hap-
pen?" 'a Titine pushed the roast in
the oven and closed the door. "Blood-
shed; one man killed and several more.
injured. I hear is one of the New Jewvl
Movement boys' father...one of the boys
they had brutalized".....
Baby wiped the bottles--of ginger-
beer and put them in the -Tfridge*.
Wiring her hands with a Scott towel
she said: ...
-"You know why I. like Radio .Antlles?
Youirttin yoh news fuss-claissI Look
all dat news bout Gr&naia;iwat- Ahtilles
tell us on Sunday mo nin is dat"we -
heahin on Radio Dominica 6on-'ednesdayI-
-ImeEs-li-ook -a----us-s ation-"n |
"I'ma afraid there wil; be plenty'
trouble in Grenada.on Ihdopehbe Day,
if that day really comes--, Aen Dame
Hilda had to fly awdy.,-;". ..
-Baby' sighed. "Mr ,Loblanho smart...
She not takin Indegfdafi dc yet f" She
buttered a. slice of bread and pit it
into her mouth. "Anyway,""she said
after a. while "de. keroseen ih gas sit-
uation bettah a little. I get tree
gallon keroseen an a bag of coal."
"And I got.umy kerosene drum full...
Reuben brought me a bag of coals also,"
Ma Titina smiled ruefullUY. '"Geholia,
Baby told you what Ancine did me day
;before yesterday?"
Genelia nodded. .
"And I also heard Ancineo bragging
about it at the market this morning.
But don't take her on,'Titinoe. What
about this House of Assembly this week?
Will you go?" .
"N O," replied Titine, then she '
ponaered a--while.
"Yes, I'll go as. to-hear 'our people
put Government in their plHce. But
the business getting me tired. I rather
go to a calypso tent, ppap Carnival
is ao, near*. An. we going to jump up
like hell. Q.K.?"


V I WS ...

I am a keen listed er to Dr.Mullerb
classical concert every Sunday. But
I think it is horrible for them to
follow it with some W-nferior music
which is neither West Indian,jazz or
anything particular. Surely such a
fine broadcast as the concert should
be followed by drama' or prose or any-
thing else. And furthermore I do not
like to hear a movement from Beethoven
or some great composer cut off un-
finished. Please consider remedying
this, poor old Radio Dominica.
To the Editor, Dom:inca STAR.
We must thank heaven, for the day
of the tyrant is coming to an end.-
Now Madam1 deceased Walter John and his
wife Jess e worked together and saved some
money. Walter agreed with his wife ahd
made his Will'ndha left'e$15,000 for the
people and Government-,of Dominica. Both
also agreed that after the death of 'Jessie,
the big house in Lagon they left for the
Infirmary. '-
Now when Jessie f101, sick, she was
living next door in that house where Gov-
ernment printing- s6-oa ed Educator was
done. They never visited Jessie in that
house. She' went to the' hospital; not oine
of the Ministers paid hpr a visit and she
eventually died.. er niece, due to the
fact that there wads no an here in the is-
land, begged Governm6nt to help them to'
transport the body of their dead relative
to her home and Govern~ont bluntly refused,
The girl told Goveorent, "it is not that
we cannot pay someobno p transport our dead
but there is no gas.,'" .
After all this. tyrannical behaviour was
done, Christian, I.is 'r of Education- nd
Health, went on Leblanods radio, blowing
bubbles in the air that.Walter was a good
man; he leave so much for the people 'of
Dominica and the Government and asking those.
whocan afford to contribute as much as
Walter. They did not oven follow the funer-
al except for Christian,. -
If they had anky co science that con-
science is entirely- lost.
21st Jan.1974 E...C.BLACK, .Roseau...
FAjmMES UtmsirElhigj^Jl.. '*will cake place
at Wesley on Sunday, 10.30 am. All aem-
bers are urged to attend. Coconut farmers
please note -- important discussion.

Friday,Jnuary 235, 1974

Page Six


Friday, Janu&ry R5, Il /4


Page Seven


MOSCOW (AP)- The K(B has
*,;aed tan unpub.lihtd novel by
Aiexatlder Solzhenitayn which the
writer fears will provide the basis
for a wave. of persecution against
some 200 persons named in the
The 1970 Nobel laureate said int
a statement made available to somes
Western niewsmen Thursday that
the secret police confiscated a
typewritten copy of mte book on
Statinist labour camps during the
"past few days" in Leningrad.
He asidd a woman named
'/eiiav eta Voronyanskaya revealed
,he location of the manuscript after
live days of uninlterrupt.d
nterrogation by KGB agents and
hast "tviefi the returned home sihe
hanged herself."
'he statement provide no
further details on the woman, but
said the book Is called "Arkhipeiag
(Pilag" and is about Soviet labour
iamps !n the years 1918 through
956, the year tihe Nikita
* '(jrushchev denounced Stallnism
d, the "cult of personality" and
began to dismantle the regime's
apparatus of terror.
Solzhinltsyn said the book,
ipparenily- of a documentary
n',tue. contains "only fere!ic-
places and names of persona who
aer sttil alive more than 200
He said he issued the statement
because 'he fears that, with a copy
of the book in tl'e hands of the
RGB, "persecution will begin for all
(t them for the information they
;vg to : ears ago about their
w;rtures in Staliniit camps."
Aft tr Khrushchev's ouster in.
O:,-)bfr 1964. his succetssors
Saamtily refurbished Stalin's Image
a.id in .~nuary 1972 launched a'
ccncertted drive against dissent
called the harshest since the Stalin
7he title of Sollzhenitsyn's book,.
'Arkhipaleg Gulag." means an
trchitpeago, or chain, of camps run
.y GULAG the acronym of the
.5tsSan name for the Soviet
Union's main administration of
--orrective labour camps.
SoLahenittyn's statement was
.iteve4d to be the first public
reveiation'at the existence of such a
:ook. It is. apparently a part of the
literary testament he called "the
main part of my works" in an
interview Aug. 23 with the
As,.ociated Press and Le Monde of
The novelist said in the Interview
that the KGB had threatened hit
rife, but added that "my death will
not make happy those people who
count on my death to stop my
lterary activities.
"Immediately after my death, or
immediately after 1 have
disappeared or have been deprived
of my liberty," the novelist said,
"my literary last will and testament
will Irrevocably come into force ...
and then the main body of my
works- will start being published.

er is

Wh'e Church?

Sir, would you be kind
enough to publish this letter
for me;
The Church is the most
powerful, highest and
respected institution in -the
world. This is the institution
that God is depending on to
evangelise the world and to put.
man back on the right track.
The Church should not be
dictated to by the state or any
other organization when it
comes in conflict with God's
law. One of the purposes of the
Church is to guide the state
and to make sure that God is
always in the centre of any
decision made that would
affect its people.

What it seems to me in our:
community today, is that
certain Church leaders have
reduced themselves to mere
puppets of the state, only,
looking out for themselves an4d
f0" what they can get; they re-
jliind me of the pharisees of
old, like to be seen.and sit in
high places doing their best to
brain wash their followers
when they should be about
their father's business
condoning what is good and
speaking out against what is
wrong like their predecessors
of old namely: St. Paul, St..
Peter, Prophet, Nathan, ,the 3
Hebrew Boys and a host- of
others; whose only objective
was to win souls for Christ's
Kingdom at any cost, even if it
leiant going into the Kilgs $
Court to tell himn he was doing

In order for the Church to
survive and be a lighthouse
for men and women, its lead-
ers need to rise above petty
politics and place themselves in
a position to speak out against
the wrong doing of the OLP.


.. n t' h BahaMas
TOURISM, combined with a more promiscuous and permisitve
Bahamian society and male homosexuality, were cited
as contributing to the rise of venereal disease in the Bahamas.

Dr. Richard E. Crawford,
addressing the West Rotary
on "Venereal Disease" said a
contributing factor was "proati-,
rution and the call-girl
He said that sex education
be made a part of a school's
He described Monday
mornings at his, and the offices
of other doctors in "private
and public practice," as being
"filled with a variety of
patients among whom is a
group who have something in
common. They are men usually
between the ages of -17 and
30 suffering from sex-related
Limiting his talk to
gon orrhoea and syphilis, the
doctor spoke on the symptoms
of the two diseases "known in.
mtie- -0aiasmas since the 15
century." '
The patients usually seek
treatment after experiencing-
some discomfort caused by the
disease, he said.
He said too that "in 1970,
the number of reported cases
was.just over 100, but in 1972
there were 673 reported cases"
of venereal disease in the
Bahamas. His opinion too, was

that the figures were inaccuIate
and based only on the cases
that were reported.
"it is the tourist industry
that is responsible for
introducing venereal disease to
our shores," the doctor said.
"Every day people arrive here
from overseas and despite the
fact that many do look grand.
they may be carriers of
venereal disease."
He said that "over the past
twenty years, promiscuity and
permissiveness has increased.
There is a great deal of sexual
freedom," which might be due
to the birth-control pill.
"Male homosexuality has
increased and as they tend to
have many male contacts, they
tend to be a reservoir of
venereal disease," Dr. Crawford
said. ___ ,
He felt that controlling the
spread of the disease depended
on sex-education compared to
"the contact-tracing method"
as used in many countries.
He felt the latter .method
had its handicaps as "usually
the relationship between the
man and the woman may be
fleeting or casual or so clouded
by alcohol that it is impossible
to find the contact again. "


'They don't loiter much at the water cooler -. since
the rumor was spread that I had it bugged."

T-l ST R rda, auay 5 17

Guadeloupe-based, all-Dominicat combo.
"EKILE ONE"R*.JULIE (6lead.guitar) ;GROOEIE
(drums), VIVIAN (bass)', i3 E~IN (horn)
and.ex-"LES VIKINGS" -~Portsmouth-born
GORDON' HENDERSON (elec.piaiwh and organ3 -
due home for the carnival<- has cut its
first album...A- collection of reggae,
funk, rhythm & blues, calypso and beguiim
ail songs are -by lead. vocalist, GORDON..
So,'look out 1i There'll soon be EXILES
2-,3,. etc. *- -etc... Oh-,. itT- only-"an
EXODUS. .The BELLES OO-.BO h.started an
extensive CAIIBBEAN TOUR -thatll take
the gXroup to StMartin, Ot.laarten,
SLt.Croix, St.0Thoman,, Tortola, St.Luciia
and Martinique before returning- home in
time for MfiAIS" to continue second leg '
which takes: the group over to .artinique,
St.Lucia and Guyana... check "them out...
This group with over 2000 registered
fans, rill be adding all this- to their
existing-eleven tours ...And, prospects:
of a GANADA- trip is almost'certbin to
oomo through..,ROVING. TENT, "after Wednesi
day's show a i PARISH HAL, will be put-
-On a -mab&.nae-tmreat-at- VA.AK -tonight
Xr'iday). ..Then, with IG1E.Y CO6N LAMBIE,
sole female kaisonian for t74... The
troupe, ably backed-up by*-" QID "'ICE,
hits VAT.U tomorrow night-S4turday5.,.
Next week, amidst the "shu-shut of a
possible GW.P-U split, the POWER UNION has;
hopa;over to Montaerrat where-the best of
D=OMIN=L "will be blasttiL" at- the PARTY
HOUSE LOUMNE DISGO.* .Therolies '-on
Nurphy Lane, Goodwill --VW-Vak ag.No,
5007....Defence Force traispee-T6r "State-
0' -Mrgency" .Who aees-t'6- a~ .replacement?'
Dafence" roe or Taxpayers??? ex-SOETEES
Organina DL*ROUX, is now with ARCADIIAiB
..,prancing ex-VIBRAtORS, ex-STARS,' ex'
G-P-U, ex-CGI.. .ex SA rambling organist,
WALT ~OOKE, has joined DErBOYS-A U-DEM
band-wagon just at the tiae-"GUS'is pro-
paring E3S BOYS" for a new elpee...And, .
Pa. SOFT will be home soon...Talk of a
revived SOFTEES HARMONIES' fills' the air...
And, faithful NORMAN is eag6eras he haohs'
on...Better make ARAWAK this Sunday cine-
ma fansw,..DIANA. ROSS is Billie Holiday in
"LADY SINGS THE BLUES"..dit'" an epic of
. blues singer that was somewhat 'deliber-
ately deprived of its true honours...
PIANA- was robbed of a due 'ACADEMY AWARD
S..J Ah-shehl Your blark.. ,-tbo black for
we, baby.. (next col.)

'AHIID -qIECS .5 ) by W,.StevensB
)omiinioa know his whlreabouts when ho pock.-
eted his salarrynd -id not go to tlhe
House or to his offipo for months on end
in 1972?
Saturday- last-I received a. letter from
Marquis Wh6's o1h6"Ii., 200 East Ohio St.,
chicago, Illinois, 6611, U.S.A.- post-
marked Chicago, Oot.Z3, 1973.
This letter, putting aside its import-
ance, had neither a G.P.O. nor a Mari-got
postmark. The6cruc:ial questions are:-
,) Where was it? (42) When did it arrive
in Dominica or at'"Naigot? Am I to con-
elude that ahy'Post officee in Dominica
suppresses or deliberately delays people's
mails? In my view 1rt. LeBlanc alone is-
not competent to deqid. what is the busi-
ness of a citizen,z d I wish to let him
know that everything is the business of a
citizen who pays .taips for services from
the Government." It.is the business of
all Dominicans who pay taxes to grumble,
to complain and to-protoest when any over-
bearing and incompetent minister plays the
fool. And no.w it 1 -4 business to say to
such men: "Get out" since you continually
make a mesa.of the |pb of government"' ..
RAP (fr.col.l) If you're not well informed
about e ddle -Ea6 situations aside not
* Ti..*and avooi4 the Arabs ...A local
survey may reveal that some of our Arabs
rejected a can'-of bpaok paint (hav-ng a
Black border on pai t around their vicini-
ty caused Year thWat their Arab companions,
might regard them a6 SLACK POWER: ADVOCATES)
,. CHRIS" has had. to .eturn home without
samples. of "LOVEBIR.. *.This reggae scorch-j
er has to be held bck since dynamic sales'
momentum of "A2 THE 'AY" in French markets
would be affected. 'he record is -old, in
Guadeloupe for instce, at $3.00"5G..,'
Who'd pay about $5.00 for a 45rpm... Oh
this trip financed by COUNT SHELLY, Chris
made agency appointments in Antigua,
Montserrat,. Guadeloupe and St.Kitts...
Brother -ROSIE DOUGLaV has had his first.
N PESPECTIVE". ..meee in perspective...
One gouee...many morq.to go...who tells
GAIIt to hold 6nd ..Who fuels the fir-e,..
Bah, GAI~ ead..#*'ZALM A S&..AGAm-
TELL Ea'COKE"3...A paddibo,, NO JOCKE..
Ma Allfrey selection, -of poems is a'd inval-
uable compilation.. phe lady...at her best.;
Reading for courts is BLQCKS BOND and
PLACID.;Soifriere 'a jppular dance organiser.;
Understand -that -GRAMACES' crippled, GPU, -
breadwisel at ARAWAK and FORT Y0Uq G1


Friday-, January 25, 1974

. A1y, Jaeary 2A 1 74 THE
I SchJile .df Appi c; ion for .Certificate of Title and Notihpg
there,,i and Cavans toir week ending 26th day of jianary 1974
Dase R ueed* Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
| er a Certificate of Title of
Noting theroor or Cavelt.

Req.wtt dated W
7. 11. 73-
23. 1- 74-
at 11.20 a.m

Mild& Jno.
Charles now
F ascal
by her Souicitor
M. Eugenia

Application of Mild.
Jnr." Char1-!s now
Pasal for the issue
of a first certificate
-f t'et in respect of a
portion of iand at
More Rachette in
t-. Parish of St- Jo-
seph cont airing 1680

square feet asi bounded as toliiws:-,
North: Lands of Kenneth Joseph & Mab e Binjamin; East:
Land of Elford Jnp Baptiste, South: Land of Angela Cuffy
South West. Public Road. _____

Req iest date Gifford S. Application of Gif
13 12. 73. Didier ford S. Didier for the
Preeated iby his Solicitor issue of a first certifi-
23, 1. 74. M. Eugenia cate of title in respect
at 11.30 a.mr Charle of a Lot of land in
-- the Town of Roseau
in the Parish of St.
3 GGeorge containing
1902 square feet Snad bounded a fl ontaig:-
Nrth Esste ly by land of Almes Larende and Donald Shill.
ingferd; North Westerly by land of lnw. Emanuel; South
E ystrl by y urkey Lane; South Westerley by land ef The
Ha irs of Sttoon Dldier.

2 ,S. 73$ Catholic Bi Roman Catholic Bc .
-rNented shop of Rosea shop of Roseau for
16 1. 74. y bhi Sohcitor the issue of a first
at 11O Ycek M. Eugenia certificate of title in
Cr respect of a Portion
,---- -of land at Massacre
0 in kiA Parish of St.
Pawl containing 7.908
acres and beouiedii as (allows:-
North Ea;( Lanw s -Rf" ei Adn-en. -E ttn Pir-e Heins of
Mtrris farnsi & Maeie -P, E,:-: Prnton R ad
lanes ot Ma'on 6run ., Keru t Nichoias & Sylvester Kodney
*Soui: Lic ni morrii Etvitf .. VVes Land- a L dia Triaimp*
tI ew Eltle Piiird Brine E't4aze &- .Te P..]
Request datedi Thereati Request for the issue
the 2nd day F:raiucis of u First Certificate
of November y her Solicitor of Title in respect of
1973. Cialn A.M a portion of land
S"'"....-d the Dupirty know-n as a lot at
22nd day of Calibisie village in
January, 1974 the Parish of St. An-
at 3.30 p.m. drew, in the State of
jare--- Dominica containing
14664 square feet and biodtded as follows:-
North WGs: partly by land of HI! Petera and partly by land
of Ellis War"ingtcn; .North Eas: partly by land of William
George and parEy by land of Baby Nixnn South West by
tn Access Road. Soutli by land of Baby Nixon

[a rvr's Ofs a,
ontead, Dcmink.

Acting Registrar of Titles

STAR ---

New Improved STOUN will provide the
mfitmal a your hair needs to retain its natural
Sus and wind dry out its natural oils makes it
coa.. Sbampoo0g lea to your hair becowift
Whit fe wd firy.
ThA s wa ESTOLAN come in. This Cho.
ditoier rpltce dhe natmal oihs, invigourtnes
the hir so that it become supple again, at the
1AMe time leaving an iavible film oa the
Ir to protect it and give t naWrl sbheen aad


tb.efA. pmroi a a ie Zl teMtacet.
Onl SL37 per tube
O mmica Dai iy Co. Lod

f (4 r HUPIWY'S

SI. for-des recent arrivals








Glass & Tile Cutters



1NO4TE : Aay person who dsires to object to the issuing of a.
CnAritcse of title on the above applIcatIon may enter a CaasVt f btb Stats or ww the O in4 whB e the aotct prescribed by
t& dhew alove ofice with six wetks fromn the date of the First wa Mat srwd os any power or wccapler of a0a1t0ie
spra of thtis acKdule In the STAR Newspaper published |MW rmapel of which the a#iults o mais .


THE. ~STAR ~4da~y,~ ~a~~zr ~s ,~ :924

* S*AR*S *P*?R*T*S Morchriston
Cricket. SELL. SHIELDTif: At the end of
the matches between Jamaica. -and Guyana,
and Barbados and Trinidad Barbados.
emerged clear leaders with two outright
wins and a maximum 24 pts. Barbados
defeated Trinidad by 10 wickets after
being set only 8 runs to win. In reply
to Trinidad's 202 all out, Barbados re-
plied with 411; Holder on his maiden
century 122 -- G.King81, Geoffrey
Greenidge 61, K.Boyce 60 and Sobers 35.
Trinidad in their 2nd innings managed
216 of which R.Gabriel 49, R.Durity 45,
B.Juliea 43 n.o., D.Murray 25 and
R.Earia 26 were main contributors. Boyce
finished with5/56. Final-scores:
Trinidad 202 and 216/9. Barbados 411
and 8 without loss. .
In the match Guyana vs Jamaica;
Jamaica won first innings points after
bowling Guyana for 478 in reply to their
483. Jamaica in their 2nd innings were
Top scorers for Jnmaica were:
R.Headley 79 & 50, S&Morgan 52 n.o.,
,.Rowe 204 & 29 n.o., Foatep .59B.GChang.
31 n.o. Bowling for Guyanas Collymore
5/102,' iL.Gibba, 2/96, P.Blair 1/81. & 1/.33
S^eiss .aka 155, Kl1icharan 1/17 in the
2nd innings.0 ..
.br Guyana:- A.Ealli6hairai 97 and
.*Lloyd 134. Dowe 3/91'-A.Barett 4/170
and M.Foster 2/42, Jamiica bowling.
The 3-day match between the M.C.C, &
the Windward Islands was practically
washed out by rain. Only 40.3 overs were
bowled,ofwhich M.O0.G were 124/5.
Norbert Phillip and Adrian King of St.
Vincent had taken 2 wickets, each when
rain made its final visit.*
LEAGUE. Two matches of the A.G.League
M yed between Golihaut and Blackburns
at Canefield and the BGS and Somerset
at the Botanical Gardens ended in draws,
At the Gardens, DGS got lst innings
points. Scores were: Somersqt 124 & 86/5
and DGS 219/9 declared. '
The M.C.C. batsmen in their match
against the Presidents'Xl played in'
Bridgetown, Barbados came on strong,
piling on 511/4 declared with Boycott
261 n.o., Amiss. 109. Fletcher 70 and
M.Denness the captain 41. "Padmore 2/149
arid Roberts 2/59 the only wicket takers.
.In -r.eplr: Presidents.. were. .///, .
Cr4t')g? fo 'e/ ,64. 4-zii -2 y 4.- 0

Most Dominica;nsi lke nys'elf and othior
Caribbean listeners who know or hoard Jeff
Charles on the Satur4ay night show or lis-
tened to Cricket and Football connentarixas
or Sports: PReview wil3--be saddened by his
departure from Radio (Radio Labour Party)
Once again good thinking Dominicans
must ask'another question, why'did Simon
Richards, Clayton Slpllingford, Dave
S-hillingford and mail .other qualified per-
sons leave our shores? The authorities
are continuing to shw't their total ignor-
anvot lack of wisdoQ, ineptitude and dis-
regaid for dedicated Dominicans. Jeff
Charles in particu6laQ has been the target
for mowj since his G.ammar School teaching
He will be remembered especially in
sports for he"did morb than his share; in
Education he was 'a lastor and on the Radio
a Superstar. Carnival. Dominique will lose
some of its flivour. -If Jeff had sold his
birthright"(Principla) for a. morsel of
songs, he would-by--owP have received his
O.B.E. (Obey Big Edward). He has been"
accused, roejused and; rejected, but he was
born to,'wi. I1any o* us are wonderin" iiho
is .going 'to be the .noxt -manageri I wish
to suggespeo Otfie&
Adult Education Oft ier, Senior A -st.Sa ,
Premier's Office ~ h Pub'lic Relatio "
Officer, all of St-ae of Emergency famo.
May the good Lo0d"bless brother Jeff
and family- and giv wisdom to opu leaders.
rE 0FtHART PAN 1, Goodwirll
4-A TERRIBLE %W-g (fropmg ,e)
But the darl.es 'which envolopen
Grenada is alarming when we think of inno-
cent and brave popplo in jeopardy. And,
dear readers, had it not been for the
strong stand taken 1y Dominicans against
the Grenada Declaration -- which was one
of the points the' resisters of 16th Decem-
ber 1971 proteated'"against, and the-
courage 'of the CSA t more recent stand --
we would certainly hlave been in a similar-
desperate position by or before this tino.
And so, let u. #hank and support all
those who have defended our freedom and
the liberty of eve" the indifferent,
sometimes under conditions of stress and
strain, and keep our eyes and ears alert
so that we may be geared to combat
tyranny in -all its-. creeping forms-- be-
fore it des tro .s pu. -land and our lives.

Printed & Published by -the- Proprietor R. E. Allfrey of Copt.- E1 Miln House at
26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies

T H E__ --S T A-R

Friday Janmar 5 12974