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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 01-18-1974
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eseah t for tb study of
162 rat 7S S&6et,
New York 10021 1IT.Y U-.,A- OS
,.K. Media Representative:,
Foin Turner (Londop) Ltd. '
i22 ShAlesburv Ave, W, I.


/ .

EVtrtet "PtteI

7H Al eAT $25/UIW'
Starting and ending with appeals to all
Dominicans "to forget the ugly events of the
pest" and "work harder and better together...*
with a nationalistic spirit for the prosperity of
The StartdHon. P.John (Min. of Finance and
Dep. Premier) presented his 1974 Budget in an
hour-plus speech. He attributed blame for the
oad 1973 economic situation to apathy in the'
privatee Sector, drop in banana production and
dlitical disturbances which he blamed on certain
risnority groups" and vicious political and racist
propaganda"- all this took over two- -pages of
xLrimination, yet the budgeteer called for blessed '
brgetfullness. Trinidad's decision to help CARI .
COM countries during the energy crisis was ----
ippreciated, but things may be Worse a 80o % of -
ius oil comes from Antigua, and there is escala- -
iag .coat. Turning to devaluation and ba kin '. e--
dr. John lamented .the outflowof lbcal capital to' -"
more favourfble investment markets oVerseas" Something tellsi-me eWs bem
which he said had been tremendous(see page 9) dipping into capital again.

Corrupted free tnen ere the worst of slaves. GARRICK


invite one all to attend their Grand Fair at
Atkinson. Community Hall Grounds
On Sunday 3rd (lebruar311974 Connsmnencin
10.30 a.n
Listen for further announcements on radios.
S ." Verice Lavil
Clerk of the Cou
pp& i/ ;


g at


Available at:--.
Dominica Handcrafts Company
4. i' i i i/ i ....

Through Dr. Kissinger. agreement has
been reached over Israell -Egyptian
withdrawals on the Suez front

________________________________________________________________________ I

iem ands punt

or Nlixon to quit

Demands for impeachment of
Psaident Nixon or hi
designation mounted t6day as
officials in' Washihgton
prepared or.: a coming barrage
of formal. actions in the
Watergate tapes Confrontation.

Buy "Bello Brand"

Cane Syrup $2.00

S(see page 9)
Frid. Ja r 1a1974

SUDDENLY mado aware of the
doop detestation the folks
of Gronada fool for the.
Gairy regime, Gov.Daiuo Hil-
da Bynoe offered to givoup
unless protesters asked tIr
to *tay. As -a result,Prom-
ior Gairy sacked her wid ro-
moved her Ihusbandr from hi c
Independence job. Shops -
all save Lobanoso-owned.,-
shut. down; thousands. of do-
monstrators enmo out on the
s.troets. Gairy statess that
resistance is dwindlinig,hc
tio bitter struggle still
goes on, and how it. will
oend, nobody knovs.

per bottle

The above quotation is taken from a speech delivered )y the then
Minister of Education (Labour Party, Dominica) at the opening of a
Regional Conference of Public Services International at MQna,Jamaica, ..
..on October 6, 1966. Before giving STAR readers the benefit of a fuller
extract from this speech, may I remark that 1973 was a yeor remarkable
mainly for the inability of our elected representatives to govern AT ALL.
Many of the examples of inept administration, arrogance, ignorancee and
stupidity are catalogued elsewhere in this issue of the .TAR.The verbatim
extract reproduced below .is WHAT MIGHT HAVE BE........
@ ......

"In this region there are now four sov-
ereign nations and several territories
which enjoy a very high level-of in-
ternal self-government. In each of
these territories the governments and
people wish to preserve and extend
their free society,
Allowing for local variations of em-
phasis and timing, all-of them believe
that more and moire opportunities should
be created for better living. They are
creating these opportunities in the
economic and social fields to the ex-
tent that their slender resources will
permit, Much has been done. MIore re-

In this country the-Government has
given considerable thought to the ways
in which the foundations of democratic
living could be'strengthened.Contrary
to other opinion, we believe that a
people should be trusted to govern
themselves, that they should be en-
couraged to express themselves freely
at all levels and in all circumstances,
having regard olly to the exercise of
responsibility which good citizenship
requires. We further believe that tol-
erance and fOirmindedness are the re-
sult of free exchange of ideas and op-
iniorns. Therefore, whei ift was reas-
onably certain that thi6 island was
moving towards independence, we' set
about preparing the community in var-
ious ways. Our aim was to demonstrate
not only our own sincerity but, more
important, to persuade the community
to accumulate a host of treasures in
the preindependence stage which they
might use after Independence to the
fullest advantage.
We instituted, for-example, party
political broadcasting' We did this be-
cause we felt that it would be a useful
training in democratic procedures for
the whole population to take into in-
dependence the established practice of
free speech on the air and to make it

impossible for this right to be abridged
except in the very re-mote cont-ngencr-
of a national emergencyq Similarly, we
thought that the time iiad come when the
members of the public service ought to
be permitted greater sope to indulge,
if they wished, in open political activ-
ity. There was 'nothing. revolutionary in
this concept. The Gov9pnment merely
thought that it was .grossly unfair to
several thousand citizens to inhibit
their freedom iii this respect, when all
of them except 100, do the kind of rou-
tine work which is the -ot of thousands
of their fellow citizena.
We have studied the: IVport of the Com-
mittee on the"Political ActiVities of
Civil Servants presented to the United
Kingdom Parliament in 1958. This docu-
ment known as the fa4oi Masterman Re-
port, sets out the problem with some
care and insight and repommencFed certain
lines of action desi: oa to allow civil
servants to engcae in legitimate polit-
ical activity. We felI that with allow-
ances for local circus dances this re-
port might -be the basic for a change of
policy which could permit of greater
freedom to civil ser'va ts. We thought,
as we still do, that Certain categories
of public employees ought to be given
this freedom, and we asked the'civil
service unions for their views, because
of our conviction that 'as many citizens
as possible ought as of right to parti-
cipate in open political activity.* The
offer of the Government is still open.We
will be eager to discuss with the unions
the extension of this tight and when ag-
reement is reached we .uld be prepared
to rescind all the unnecessary prohibi-
tions contained in'theipresent adminis-
trative directives, andbring our prac-
tices more closely in cQnformity in this
respect at least, with the practice ob-
taining in the United Kingdom. We there-
fore invite the unions to think the mat-
ter over,." (END QUOTE)

Friday, January 18, 1974


Page Two

new Head of the British Development A memorandum underlining the
Division Caribbean, with Mr.J.E. plight suffered by Pensioners of
Rednall- paying a farewell visit), today due to the spiralling cost
Sir Bruce was once Governor of the of living has been prepared by the
Seychelles and Dep. High Comm.,Kenya. Dominica Pensioners Association for
0_.--.--- fsubmi'ssion to Government. It calls
On 2-year assignment from Britain to for a readjustment of claims they
the Teacher Training College Mr. had to forego in the past. The
Christopher Connor, concerned with memo. points out that Dominican
development of science education up pensioners are still in an inferior
to age l1; formerly a Cumberland position to those in Grenada (Gren-
Eeadmaster. Also on 2-year appt. adians have been enjoying full pen-'
to the Tech.Col3..: Mr. W.G.Dewick, sions since 1st January 1971 with
lecturer in secretarial studies, retroactive backpay from Jan.1.'70.)
-It asks that pensioners not yet
E ighly If Gconsulttion *** qualified to get full pensions be
A highly successful consulthation- exempted from income tax; that the
seminar took pace at the Extra-Mural pensioners should not be treated as
centre on J&n i,3. The audience stood second class citizens and that any
4 deep at windows, with an overflow indebtedness to Govt. should end
outside. Ti vas remarked how well with the death of a pensioner.
both Govt. and Opposition contrib- We think their demands are only
utors to the .Aebate gave of their fair.
best ideas Jo combat the ENERGY
CRISIS theme of the meeting. A C.S.A. SEEKS MORATORIUM ON
young 6th trm college student,Billy CIVIL SERVICE ACT
Armour, made a good offering and-- -- lwgthe-asty a-nd unex,-
such well-kiown and varied persons plained move by 86c. to the Cabinet
as, Dr.John Roger, Hon.M.E.Charles, Mr. C.A. Seignoret on Jan.2 1974,
Mr. Jenmer Arnour, Parry Bellot, in getting officers serving under
Norman Rolle, Coarles Savarin and his supervision to take Oaths of
many others swelled the chorus of secrecy and of allegiance," C.S.A.
useful remedies ftr the crisis. To- Gen.Sec. Charles Savarin by letter
day (as a result.' delegation is of Jan.8 (to Cab/Sec. and Chief.
seeing Minister Etienne on the sub- Estab.Officer jointly), urged that
ject. Next suqh meeting, on. Rising the Administration refrain from
Food Prices e0fec' on Dominica. further attempts at piecemeal im-
occurs on Jan.3Q,Mr.Vaynard again in plementation of the Civil Service
the chair. Act until this Act had been subject
Publicity Conjmittee of the Central1 to bilateral examination and agree-
Committee of AgricuLtural Yeam -1974 ment had been reached on the steps
met on Weds. a' Botanic Qardens, un-. to be taken to correct the problems
der the chairmanship of Michael Didcie created by the Act. Earlier CSA
The Jaycees; of -_ res.Daniel Caudeiron had communic-
,The Jaycees o ibinica present a.ted with Mr. Seignoret by telephone
the first in a series of lectures/ t express the Association's s'u2i./
seminars on "PRQJECT CONTACT" to- X.d concern at the "forced taking of
night, Friday, 4t 6 p.m. at St. Ger- Catha, Particularly in the light of
hard's Hall, Rosqau. Gap-bridging the understanding arrived at during
between adult a4d youth viewpoints the interview with the Pr-emier in
on the problems of the West indian December 193". Mr. aeignoret replied
Community is the intention behind that"he was simply implementing ex-
the Project. Chqir:Michael White. listing regulation and did not s
Welcome by Jaycees Pres.P.W.Bellot. why he should be expected to con-
Scavengers & street cle a ners of RTC oN C I V I L S R V I C E
went on strike against the attitude ONE G. SA. ARE YOU IM ...?
of a supervisor this week. (See D.10)

Friday,January 18, 1974


Page Three

ThE STAR J &K5EZ~ ~&. fS~4

Page Four

uife begins .St 40?

bek at 40 is a tayming tat
may e ft for a birthday party.
But -it may take on a hitter
tose for any m the senior
league if they look for a new
job. The International
Labour Orsgaization has begun
M. tlmpuy into the status ao
the older working people and a
pirim inary survey stressed this
weak the "need to fight
wprejdici wa discrignisktion."'
Ckemc tW "ie blioin men and
wooten, moe than a fourth of
the world popalation, are 40 or
okler. jad in the industrialized
countries of both west and east
the ratio is already one in
Forecasts cited by ILO say
the share of, older people will-
continue to increase because of
better health care.
Accordieg to data from
major pdustrnalized countries,
worked over 4S -in co0ii-, oni
waiting four tines as long for a
new job than youths under 20.
People who arev. SG ad older
. gof aB-"U,
longtihse -":.Sioyed in "aome
"Mnuial labourers are
usually hit first and hardest,"
the [eL survey said,. "P'erhaps
the 'best iauranscs avainat
losing ones job isa igh
professional qualification
coupled with lifelong
fetatis eand t=1inhehgh .
"Office weorem ami
exectutlers a also W a~iu.

sone-what higlr & fole
men: Tht Op hbe be me
widenlg recemly..."

. 'EW YORK (AP) Whi,
iaises a nation amre corrupt,
pcwerty or wealth?
'P question produced
SWp discusmio but. no
camelusiaps at a United
Nations panel of national
playerss, economists and

iriete BuhL. editor of the
Wei Gernan. weekly Die Zest.
told the meeting that evidence
v*if .. assuptiof in seedy
*qptides tends to discourage
i&lroi, the richer nations,
there's corruption in the
melwkpag countries, .it's
tkau.Se "one of the mout
%toltaat ainitaosiv to
oematima is to be poor," Dr,
L. P. ftroakkt, NethelKaands
M ine>tr 1 of Daevtakment
.Vrf~fmo detted.
1Bach of tihi cornupfon is
igtodoced4 by foreign
e, with their

#% w country hds iot own
esator of sophisticated
comnption, which may not be
so .manifest but is nevertheless
arnupt," Pronk said. "In my
country, Holland, it's in the
construction sector'."
India't Minister of Industral
Development, Dr. C.
Sisramaniam. said inequality
breeds corruption. India
,emphasizes socialist-type
Sgmrwth aimed at reducing
Simequality and this tends to
.redac corruption, he said.
'But' I don't know if you
can reach a stage where it is
entirely removedd"
Dr.. A. Adedeji.- Nigerias

Barsham ha sattaced critics
of a Gayana gu.enmeat
move to lepgee obeab, a
form of witchcrft. He
stre med obea supreseiated
the srviMl m this eaa Oa
certain Africa* ritm.
commissioner for Econloaic
Development, fourid "~a
connection whatsoever"
between corruption and
Sose very poor countries
ha-e high morality;h said and
"'some very rich countries have
standards that blea maoc to
be desired."


A Can&dian rnma st
expert paid today the woi's
family planning s5mi(es
spent only rie4.5ii cf
what is needed to prewnt tb.
pett's populAtion fro-r

Only. one-third of die
wrlid's adult popelatkin
knows enough about birth
control to plan their families.

.. _ _ .. - ,, .. , .., ,.. ,- I


TrrrLE BY aREGirramtiN ACT.

tok f Appitkation for Cosvadps of Tlete ns<
wemen mad CaaWeats for week WdaIK 12th day of Jan


If tur ;4 request whet
jar Certficateof Tise
||4Mt twereo*= or Cavew

aest dated Luke Blaize Ap ieation o Lake
910 73 by his Solicitor faize for the issue
Pred M. Eugenia of a first certificate
1 74 Charles of title in respect of
.37 p.m a portion of land
S-k 'm own as A Lot at
Falcite Grand Bay in
the Parish of St. Pa.
trick containing 2711
squaree feet and boan
dod as follows:-
4 Nrth-Wess; By land of Mortris LUirot; North-Eat: Luke
,L|meham; South West: By-land of the Heirs of Mett Danieo

"" NOTICE. ,
Tw m capo of tsft co, hxif
at pams aomaled several mwapris, i
Rip**if or -parhaisers wre l vted
Oss m --h thi CaK ,cei f-
reprms n h tRCOWLa =oace

now eccuped by A et s Dianei South East by land of

Request date Randolph Blietiol of Kaa- .
15 '0 73 Nichola" h Nicholas for the I A.M.
Presented by Lhi Solicitor w of a first certifi
7 1 74 L Eugenia to of title in respect A A
10.05 asm Char es a Portion of land -
......-- .----.......- wn aa_A.,Lk _% P -
rrne Proaper in the
Parash of St. George,
vomtaiaiing 106 1 7
t' ar fweet and,. PHYLLIS SHAND ALLFAEY
N|t: t ^ toa fol&ws:- .PH L
North: A Aot Path partly Separating it from land of ULider
I Gore: r4wth-E*st: A foot Pael Spinwt it from land ef,
Edward Gerge; Souch: A Romd sep fing it from land of
|Lewi Chrlsatan; West Land: of Licr George.

1s 10 73 ford rd for the BE BEWS
SPresetid by her Sociter iae- e of a first certifi P" tUh" LTD.
7 1 74 Engenia ate of title is respect STA PR T
at 10.30 a.m Charles of a portion of land $.50
k R~a ua ~ua

tial lot in the town of '.qmest dated Leomite
Resuau is. the Parish 14 11 73 Tousaint
of St. George contain Pr ted by her Socit
ing 2260 square feet 7 1 74 MEgem
and bounded as fol at 10 55 a.m Ch"es
low, -
North-West: Klag Georgewt V Street; North-East: Lad of
SHilds Otto; Sats East bad 4 E. Nicholls; SAouth Wet: Luke containing
I d of E.Nitchol boad a
At-BL^.^g~gKe^ WbfMBdeIB an ftBW

A lmtimw of Li-
ite Teusaint for the
issme of a first cer.
tificate of title in ret-
=pt of a portion of
at Paiute Michel
h th Parih of St.
3036 square feet and


Reqest dated Alum Martis Application of Alma North: Land of Nsthnels Baltson; East: Unton Estrwe:
L9 8 73 y her Solicitor Martin ,for the issue South: Lands of Heir' of l44tn Cela re and Heirs of
.Preaented iM. Eugensi; of a first certificate Loul. Wiiuims; West: Pusbic Rod.
7 1. 74 Clrhak, of title in respect of -" ""'"'" "'........ -- 1. .---
at 10.20 ,m. a portion of land at OEe. EPHRAM F. G W
Massacre in the Pa. 1 1osea, 1om*Bisa. Aeting ftegitrar of rTitles
Fish of St. Paul con- ri.Tl-. jt r o
tahini 744 acres I- pre wo T est em and bouned as Ctar.a ftath c is tl e abo*e appae ay MY r
follow:- veWt in tl bove Olce wthin six weeks fr*U* the de 4
Nor ,-fst; .,Lan VvIA Lem~nard Castr, South-East.: M.N.apraf of this Sd I the STAR Newsp
WhIned is thil Stas or from the due when Om t psw
Lad of Flood Isidore. South-Wes: A right of way sepo 'b, l. Iw was w Sce on from pt e d or when te ,fe_-, p
ratig It from land of Wayland Daniel. North West: A owr or 0 c'1
.IJA. .. ne>, m..ner.eine I frtm lId r Iat Jrinl .il0 of wk"C tho applKso"t is nma.



.Pae -FW*

ID teRiegio ed I twie str, n laPrgi

Pare Six THE S T A I Frid.anur 18, 194

Let's be realistic, straightforward
and clear...The energy crisis IS 'one...
But, the SHORTAGE of flour, rice, sugar,
codfish and all the other essential com-
modities of our society cannot be the
result of the energy set-backs because
the shortages came into existence long
before the ARABSt cut-backs. The short-
ages of these goods, like the shortage
of calls by tourist ships to our port,
is only the*aftermath of the evil of our
incompetent, incapable, inefficient,,
shortsighted government.*- .for instance,
the grave petrol situation presently ex-
perienced need never be if only measures
to control, combat and curtail the
obviously envisioned shdrtboming had
boon taken...But, 'our scart-y.-minded
simpletons -deaf,, dumb, bliAd as they
pretend to be merelyrsat back and let
.things get out of hand... That's only
when they come in...When nothing can be
done9..And, if you try to draw their
attention to the living realities --the
: fink-r facts thvy c'nclude that;
"you're playing politica",...Monkeys are
POCKETITIONS, not politicians. *'.They 're
brutes that imitate; excellently,..*
Credit to them on this one. .'But, who's
going to see to the revitalization of
590 when DADDY JEFF quits...Surely, not
the BUFFOONS who stood by during that
STATE-0'-'MERGENCY which actually crip-
pled the economy...should it BE these
jokers...Mr. LeBlanc could do. Dominicans
his first valuable favour by closing
down that RUBBISH BIN !
A "steel band association" executive
spokesman has informed tho- !D/ca Galypso
Assoc." that the latter" "WILL= team up
with the DCA in a calypso-atool band
final competition...Another Dominican
singer for LONDON...Just 'hold on, we 'll
inform you...Pretty soon,.. Preferably
by ::oxt week, you'll be getting a samp-
ling of LOVEBIRD- a reggiaething from
CHRIS "Wizard" SERAPHIKE.. GPU has re-
turned home from ST.. LUCIA...GAYLORDS
will be at SISSEROU with their latest,
greatest and: the best from dMIGHTY SPAR-
ROU's new '74 elpee, tomorrow (Saturday)
night...That's a group on the move*...
You can't stop 'em, can't join fem...Be
proud about them...Say it lq-d..."OBE
; for GPU"...Remember, eh... -o. ,c.).

RAP(fr.col.1) The French production of
BIRD" on the Celini label will NOT bo
offered for sale in thep ECCM area. But,
look out for, the two hi.s on the COUNT
SHELIy- (U.K.) .rolease...Offer for your
dinero, sah...Guess you-ve seen GPU's bass
guitarist, BABE CMAY GUISTE, in VIV.
HUSSIE's limousain. WeLl the guy's only
seeking. sale fc> ov cormi'ssion,..Suro,
nothing's wrong about 'it...Hen to Dou-
friere/Scotts Head lately and the rumour
is that Govt. had its STOOGES to select
and DESTROY all counterfoils of last
If t'was "so" (which "'T refuse to admit)
.\.it would be-r.eal mean, low and base...
But, again, were not to for3ot that
ST.MARK is not -considoied a part of
DOMINICA by buir Govt. ,iJust imagine...
budget released ..Yot no allocations for
the Pte Ifchel-Soufriere horse-path...
second issue of WASEEN coming out soon...
All abbut it next. wo4`k,.On Wednesday, at
Goodwill Parish Ha1ll: QVING TENT makes
next appearance...SThPOM is at ARAWAK
tonight....See i...Do miss MIGHTY
"Buffalob*'POPO2E.. tt 's it I

Madam Uncncorn 'r lack of Interest
As we all know, the -main industry in
Dominica is the Dahana:.Industry- and this
brings up the revenue steadily: for the
Banana Industry to survive, gasblene plays
a very important part. Recently, bananas
were cut by growers for, the last reception
'and were left in the fieldss through lack
of gasolene, which truck-drivers could not
On Saturday, 5th January, at 8.30 p.m.,'
motoe vehicles wore lined up at West Indio
Oil to collect gas whiqh was being sold
at the time Zihis simply means that car
owners in Roseau and au1burbe could got
enough gas for their weekend fete !
Wouldn't it be better if Govt. -had
asked the-mahager to reserve this gas for
banana truckers? This is all politics.

On Jan 14 a new fi4e. tender obtained
under British Technic l Assistance was.
handed over to the Chief Fire Officer,
Mr.C.Burton, at PortsmQuth, where it will
be in service. Spoechmaking and a drive
to the fire station from Portsmouth Toun
Hall marked the Woelcom occasion.
;: ;: ij *

TW *TAi 'Aae Sevaea r r

APPIW=M for afifca of Tit et afnd Nm !ngs I
t m mod. Coas for week i hday of jmawy. M14.
lDate Requesz sd Peno Pr e ft NAture of requast whxet
z, Certifiate of Tidte oq
MM.ng thervon Or Cavsc.
ertat sAat Elica Joaew Reqtuest for thbe ionBe
15th Jaiuary by her Solicitor of a First Certificate
1974. Vamy- of Title in respect of
Presented Dupigay a portion of land at
15th January, Msarigot village in the
1974 Parish of St Aidrew
at 3.30 p..m. containing 5925
- square feet and boun.
AdW as fber:-
North East: Land of iHorsford Janes
South East: Lano of Ed'th jainme
South Wesi: L"no of Sydney Jones
North West: Lan of Ar.hur on*.

SRequest dat din Ma ~s ir
18th April eis personal rep
1973. resentatiiv of
Presented 4damise Paril
14th Jianwiry loo, deeawed
1974 by her Solicitor
at 3.30 p.ms Vanya

Request for the iIsse
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect ol
a portion of land al
Gtllette part of Deo
gaaso Estate, in the
Parish of St. John
containing 3.25 acres
and boede4 as fol


North: Rsraine go td ed. MSoif: 14c Read and land of
Elmira Virf.*r, Weit: land of ChrisTclna jno. Baptist* &
Latt e Ralle, East land of Marian Toussaint. Veronic Joseph
S~ philte J.,eph. jos phine Joseph. Benedict Joseph, lrihe
Joseph amn V'yoas Jsetph.

sag ~Attia. tg Re sltrar of Titles
OTE:- An' perWa who deslew so oW acts the d bm Of .
Sram CrtNMke of Ttte ia o the above application may enter a
Cavast in .,te aboyv Office witfth six weeks from the date af
he first ap~earaftcq of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
bitshbed i> this Stare or from the data when the notice pre-
artbed by ~is was orod on any owner cr occupier of adjoatlsg
.ad it reject of which the application is made.


Six years go most of the men in power today were poor.
Today many of them are living like millionaires.
The old age pensioners receive a mere pittmance


A combination of vitamins Bi, B2, Nicotinic
Acid, Malt & Quinine in a base of Red Current
& Blackberry Wine, this delicious Wine will go
a long way towads combatting the all-gone. and
tired feeling which is the result of the tensions
and stresses of today's living.
So start developing SANGO Power today.
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Take a look at the''
range of VPBritishWines.The same grapes go
to makeVP that go to make a lot of expensive
wines. Which accounts for VP's tine quality.

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Dominica Mortgage Finance .Company
Ltd. tas moved to 21 Hanover Street
(same floor as Trinidad & Guyana
Insurance Company & Dr. W.E. Greeds
Entrance opposite H.H,V. Whitchurch's
Telephone 2389
tt i K B BM a. nM~i iii~aM ~ n f*Ml ~ i* lrI ... ..... .. .



Page Seven

- RH ,

peEig ht THE S 'TAR Fridr, JanuarA8 197R-
RE A D E-..R S' V I E S
MJJ^t-.. -d m

*' Awards and Rewards
The time has come for Dominicans. to
be told. the basis on which New Year's
Honours Awards are made as there does
not seem to be any rationale in"the sel-
ection of candidates for such Awards.
This year's list is made up of Doctor
Phillip Norman Griffin for-services to
medicine and Mrs. Claudia'Agatha Robinson
for services to education.
Dr. Griffin's Award I will pass over
lightly as merely serving ii Dominica
as a medical practitioner is'deserving
of an Award. I would therefore recom-
mend that all doctors be given Awards in
rotation say after five years' service.
Mrs.Robinson's Award howovero3s more
of a puzzle. Not all of us agree that
Mrs. Robinson had distinguished herself
as a school Principal and had on that
basis merited promotion to the post of
Education Officer,. Her achievements as
an Education Officer are unknown to
members of the Teaching Service, as no
teachers could tell me of any special
contribution which she'had iade since
-hier-ree-pent-p aeiht --The~only quali-
fic. tions which I can see. are ;those re-
ferred to in the Friday 4th-January,
1974 issue of the'Star, that- the lady
is the wife of former Permanent Secre-
Itary Jaoffrey J. Robinson how Chairman
of several Statutory Boards (a feat in
itself). -
When' next year's. New Yer's THonours
Awards are to be mades.therefore, I
recommend that the wives of all Perma-.
nent Secretaries.be included among those
to be so honoured. -
Dr. David Griffiths of 6 lie'Foreign &
Commonwealth Office, Consultant in
Maternal & Child. Health & Planned Parent-
hood, is now in Domihica on a 2-year
attachment to the Ministry of Education
and Health.
Dr. Griffiths emphasized that the
Planned Parenthobd programme 'is definite-
ly hot intended to stop people having
children; instead, it offers help and
advice through which people can plan
their families if they so desire.
He will also be involved in improving
after-care for women whojiave had their

baLics and also the babies' health and training of nurses. ~

>; * e +

--T -

n M d

ItIt's A Shame ,
It pains my :heart as a human being
when I hear the people :who are selling
at the market crying every day, by say-
ing "is that the prorise that Mr.Leblanc
made to us; caused Us .to vote for hLim-
and his ministers and now to put ts in
that market? When the-sun-is hot,we get
burnt, when rain falls, it's worse again.'
In the old market up there, they say,.
when rain fell, -the could go under the
galleries to shelter and as soon as the ,
rain passed, the. whole place was dry agaie
But now what Mr.LebLanc calls now
market, when rain falls, the iator re-
mains there for days as there is no place
for the water to drain off and they have
to endurhll' these bad conditions. Some
of the women cry"out 3 "it would be good
if Mr.Leblancbs wife would come and sell
at the market- :Thyb phe. could tell her
husband to do something for us. I And yot
they are calling for money from outside
the market," *
They say one of the worse things at
the market is that-sometimes they .,have
to leave their homes .t 3-5 o'clock n-
the morning with their provisions to sell
at the market without. any money and they
have to bargain with the truck drivers
that when they sell, on their way up they
will pay their passage. And when they
reach the market in the early morning and
they got a' call. as* f as nature is con-
cerned, they are asked to pay to relieve
this call. When they point out to the
market authority. that they have no money
to pay, they are told "it is not our busi.
ness see -Mr.'Leblac and his ministers."'
One woman was telling another woman,
"is not the-.other day you had done that
on yourself?" .
Madam, I consider there can be nothing
that is more cruel than that. There is
much more to say, but' sor shortage of

s aon.1 E.c LO .K* Roseau.
Mr.Irvihg'Sh1lling'prd, Youth Officer,
left the State recently for the U7JIIMona,
to attend" a 4-monhth cq~rse in Social Work.
Mrs.Etta Dinard of 4ahrigot and liss
Agnes Eloi of the Socqial Centre are also
attending -this course'.

riday, Janar l8, 197 THE S T A._Pae Nine
.TEAX $2-5 ~IlaOi 3 (ft l.) Fiction --MA-. TITINE by. Cynthia Watt
Priority ,ill be. gven Io.industries "Titine, Titine,"'Baby Is voice could
which -are labour-inoen~ive. in view O be, heard calling out, "hurry up wid yoh
the labour .aurpluseV problem. Personal kerosene tin Devy s in kerosene6 at-
emoluments tIke up & I90-'of the total Monday-zee ai iat Prontiss Queek, have
recurrent budget. igh piorirty on people dere already foh so- "
transport serviced .nd agriculture was "Coming,"1 replied 1a Titine as she
und 'txlired,. The Capital88-Exonditure emerged from- the door and the two set
budget totallig $8,859,810 is financed off at a brisk pace to Mondesire's gas
mainly from loans:and Britshl Dev. Aid station.. There was quite a. crowd wait-
Funds. Canadian Ai4 of .4.6m will go to ing and Ma Titine and Baby were relegat-
a Portsmouth School, t"~~e banana industry ed to the backgroun .
poua*ey processing pnd water supplies. les ryand squeeze in," Baby said.
Conservation.got a bleak mention. Ma. Titine looked around and shook her*
-.Last years estimates of revenue fell head. '
short by nearlyy $2. hence cuts in ex-. "Not me,. .she declared, "let ts try
penditure which appear to affect Social at Prentiss."
S4vices and educaton mbst.. Ao onsump- "Implih said Baby, "maybe de crowd
tion tax on whiskey, brandy, gin2t vodka, biggah."
and rum is imposed." Othe- good includ- Dui h ie the queue. be ..
ing ar-parts, cement, postcards and them., had increasdd-a d they were having
straw mats: now have a consumption tax. themhad i ea to sueead through to g
The CS.L proposals ape cut down to a to theard other gas taion, when Baby
notional sum of $80,0000. And so to the heard MaTiteine tell with pain.-..
reiteration that na pnal unity is. V "Wat wrong? wat happen Titine. ."
essential and. "the future is hot as dis- she enquired anxiously, seeing, Ma itin
mal as SOme are try ng to make it or as holding the-back of her head with her
the journalistic prpphetpredict." left hand and her eyes: streaming with
CA OTHE BUDGET .ADDTESS "O-o-oh i moaned Ma Titine, "I don't
TEE BD D know, but somebody hit me.with a tin -
Th e Draft Estim aes certainly diA not one hard 'blow,-bt- I. didn't see who it
differ from the Bud et Address delivered was. Oh, -my head I -..
before a full House of Assembly on-Tues- Holding a'Titino'-around the wait, Baby
day last by Fin.Linister, Patrick John. led her out. of the crowd and the? paused
From beginning t end it was an apol- for a while ohi a e'arby doorstep. When
ogy for all items of expenditure and the pain had somewhat died away, they
revenue. There was no provision for the rose to go,-and just then who shbuld-be
vaunted Agricultura Year and it was a passing down the street but Ancine and
good thing that sen ible opposition a friend. l.a Titine-'was about-to step
caused aight towns ps to be ruled out, over into the street, but Baby, who had
The Fuel Crisis Ithich is making a, seen Ancine,held her back.
tremendous difference to6 life all over i "Let's-go," Ma.Titine said, but Baby
the world was too l ghtly touched upon. whispered ..
.- The address ended u-with a prayer "Look Titine, dereis Ancine, an heah
-for cooperation and supp6rt for a jousy, wat she saying. ...
lackadaisical Government, while so many Ancine didn't observe the two standing
items of expenditi displayed discrimi- on the side walk -and was telling her
nation and victimisation'-(on the one friend gleefully: "
hand) and injustice and favoritism on "Boy, is long I waitingn to give dat
the other. ........ woman a. good whack. I was lucky to be
When it was all pve, Premier Le Blanc neah hah, but she deeden see me, an as
stretched himself witif lihadsup like one she tunn to go, I give hah...wham'L. .
who wanted to know 1$what next?" wid my tin on de..back of hah. head de
.,............. t,- .-.. damn so an so,. Ha I ha I ha I t -
DITORIS NOTE ON TIP- BDG, LT : Suddenly, Na Titine was all tigrea
In our view the add4sc was not just an She strained away from Baby., shouting:
apologia or lament but'a Party Political "Let me go, Baby, let me-go I"
Broadcast, and as such, time should be oncl. on
given on Radio 590 for an Opposition concln O)




S*T*A:R-*S*P*0*i*T*S-* --. --- 1-rtaton
li cket. The Combined Island- continued
to .show poor form in this year's. Shell
Shield and suffered an ihniings-defeat in
their match against Jamaica, led and
spearheaded by Moris. Foster.
All regional cricket followers will
remember that Jamaica was defeated last
year by the Combined- Islinds at Arnos
Vale, S-.Vincent and that Foster, who h a
scored centuries inl is 3 previous -match-
es against Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana
failed to get even a. half century. Well
this year, he made no mistake with a
career best of 186 off a total of 412/8
declared, in reply to the Islands' feeble
120 of whch Richards 40 was top scorer.
The Islands in their 2nd inni-hgs-held "
together by young opening batsman Lock-
hart Sebastian 95, reached 231, but still:
lost to. Jamaica by an innings dnd 61
runs. I.Shillingford in what will be hi
only Shield'match this yea,; got 23 & 31
Sargeant 25, Allen 20 and GZShillingford
11 and 20 were the'main-contributors.
Jamaica bowling, Dowe 1/37- & 3/37,
*Holling 1/30, Barrett 5/23 &-6/87, Leevy
3/13 & Chambers' 1/12. Jamhaicai'412/8
dec. Foster 186, Rowe 57,- Chang 55,
Lewis 49,. ehadlyw 29 and-Morjgan 23.- For
CombineIdcls.-ABlelbrts 2/47, if.Phillip
2/69 & l.Willet 3/83. -
In the Shell Shield match between
Guyana & Trinidad played in"Trinidad,
Trinidad defeated the star-studded
,Guyana: team by 4 wickets. Scores were
Guyana 251 & 186, C.Lloyd scoring this.
year's first century 131 & 58 n.o.'
Fredericks 28, Kallichlaan 30 & ',
Baic1an 37 "and M.Pydanna 25." Wi'ckst
takers for Trinidad, B.Julien'i'3/30,
Inshan Ali 2/73 & 2/514," Imtiaa Ali 4/60
& 3/58 and P.Bartholomew. 3/24",. -
Trinidad 314 & 126/4; R.Faria. 94j L.
Gomes 98, D.Murray 20 &-'18 n.o. ,Julien
22, R.Durity 21, R.Gabr.-el 27 and
S.Gomes. 43 n.o., scorer of the'w-hinning
runs. -Bowling for Guyana, Cameron'2/75,
& 3.115, Collymore 5/57, Lloyd' 2/10,
Fredericks 1/20 & L.Gibbs 3/31' .
The Combined Is. playing together'for
the first -time against aniinternational
touring team defeated England by .5 runs.
in the limited 50-over match at Victoria
Park in St.Lucia. Scores, Combined Is.
204/6; LSargeant 78 & J.'Allen' 02. no.
EndglaI successful bowlers2, I0Q 9.G )


, . .

Premium Gasoline 4 1.05 a gallon,,.
Regular .95 a gallon"
1 Kerosene .70 a gallon
Diesel Oil 462 a gallon.
-- Govt. Information Service Release

General meeting was held here on 17-
18 January Items included the new
ECTA constitution; chairman's report;
London,Canada & iNew* York offices pro-
gress reports; Secretariat; and travel
Trade' Show participation,1974. MrP.P
R.John spoke at the. opening.The ,Reps.
of 27 interested countries attended.**
settled a 5-mth dispute over 5 workers
who got a total of 14,929.8C backpayS
CANADIAN .Docor t jfl.D aug .now works. in.
Marigot for .2. months. He is a COMA- man.
STARSPO co= ic);Jnold o3noi 3/27 & Old /O.
England /eY Boycott 36 and Amiss "
114. Combined Islaids successful bowlers,
Roberts 2/27 and lT.4Pillip 3/43.
There were no mat hes in the Augustus
Gregroire League lait weekend due to -
water-logged pitchers, B/DOS: vs.TRTIIDAD
Trinidad 20 E..Ot')aCT adOS .16/4
qa. ?tC.5.i T etwe.- t5

MA. TITINE (fr. 9) m going to give.
Ancine one licking Shat she will never
. rget. Let me go I" tell you."
But Baby. held on hi.rd and said:
"Behave Titine I r-'pember you is a real
lady now; deo dosel'ii11.ght in street."-
Meanwhile, Ancin: "(who had heard Na"
Titine s voi.e and s en the blazing fury
on her face), took t9' er heels, and'ran
off .hurriedly, leavii g her ompaniori with'
a bewildered. 'and strickenn look on her face.

hintect & Published by the Proj$rietor R.E.Allfrey of Coft -1181
26 Bath Road, Boseau,' Dominica, West Indies.

R ridav*a nuAl971) K6
DR. KISSINGER by a Dominican
Madam,, if that mab did not worth his
Noble prize over vietnam, he sure
for certain earne, it over Israel
Egypt and the Arais. PEAUPEAU.
TOWN COUNCIL STRIKl from page 3:
TJ.e workers. had contravened certain
articles of their agreement with the
Council, and the U4ion decided to
call those workers back to work, said
a spokesman, The meting between the
Union and RTC was 4eld on Thursday in
a harmonious atmosphere, and certain
areas of difficulty were thrashed out.

0_1- . ___