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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: 01-11-1974
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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mrs.e Ja or 5 I ... .NICA
.Resear strait(; 44.A OSl 0.1 06 -C
*2 r3 sc j os x T :-
,.: -- 0 21 -l ,
F-Q THF QiS I qj
..l : Star. Dormini 2 EASiT 3 STREET
: Printery 269. 21
- K Mrdia Representative: m
i.AIn Turner (London) Ltd.
Shaftesbury Ave, W. 1. trtate B 6e 'NoT

t iMNs- 2

s1 7
Mr. Jeff Charles, popular Manager of Radio HJ f HON. MISS
Dominica, has resigned from'his post and from the Her qwsidoni pu
Dominica Civil Service as well. Aembly y oq Jaimry 15
Mr. Charles seems to have been very dissatisfied WH : Minister
with the regulahouis governing Radio Dominica 10.00 aj1n tion
since the State: of Emergency. the dale and place
We understand that Mr. Charles. prior to his Enterprises
resignation t o be efictive t the e n d of this Te. their ssmets and t
month) made isverza unsucce sful attempts to have their t-pgaig re
Government revie the Regtiftions which severely Jaft 5th| the date and pia
.rmited his au.thirity, and Which made a mockery Ene&rima
of the mindium, soe pa# r assess aa d
HO'US7 inc avei'"
hanv bean taken f
After beiuz barred frota the House of Assem- passes ad Ham ]
bly since July, restrictions 4p Councillor Rupert of La be give?
.orhaindo ver.-abruptly lifted by the Speaker of fy n wm
e House, lite Novemb.1973 d now
Before tbirg aware w: tri Speaker's change ofaI a ia ID
'aind, Mr. Scrbsindo had vi.tten to Mr Fratcis nValH i4 d Iat
ri t him to state his retsoins for the imposition pt rered t
Uf debarment., and suggesijg that the Speaker's -ii -
interpretatioos of his Authorijy with respect to ad-

.twrace of tb public to the House of Assembly WAS THIS Wg yTgw A
eightt well lurhw to be examined and ruled on by No t ca* from Engt, i
the Courut. 4o6't it make yo THINKI
On the tasis of that sug-stion, the Speaker Gi
has reimposecd resrrnc:ions o0 "uncillor Sorhamido ,r petrol rationingi. Evsryoan kow
According to the Speak, r's lh::t'r to Mr. Sorhain- bamd to come sooner or jter. ya,
,1% he will not be alloweJ to eut.r the House until sWp- Mr -*.* atz (if that's ds
dr: Court:s luir ruled on the a:tter. ptfe to use of a Ban who foiou
~ .~, ~- ...........r..i... * ...jn~ i- frhi self denial appad to amotarizt bty
DOMINICA BANANA GROWERS photographer diomsa ito kias oC
ASSOCIATION Jxirmt aamouwse) seems poisw1
Ma gne: CotMittee has had to ?signd to crat the maxm of pn
bined mith fte minianan af precuo
review the price to growers,fol- curse thtre win ha v to be e1ra
lowing receiit steep `.rCpS in the and special caei under any ratiorun
green. market price..ai'ter deduct- but as a nation wef' capd wrt
Jos,net price to 6--rovers would Wer and um do W Xg1im why,
be 3.6:13 per lo, but the Conrit- il'
tee will support it at the level
of 4,.5 per lb plus bo.4uses for 'Th is he
the next two a-ipmeita.

t down for House of Assem.
th are:-
give the following informw-
dof incorporation of Valiant
he value of such assets
: of incorporation of Hams'
be value of such asets
1i a in the name VaothaI
xo the names Valiant Entes-
Baserpriaes could the source

ded origiaUy 6th Novem--
dated roth December 1973
lem 5% of the equity in tho
in ke said agreement, w,
m the House what cownsidr-
f fthis equity?

eftT USt

s t 181/

; S. H. .S-
.aw s


ar y

00em, Jas 1Wl74

!WHOM Bowman NMI----

Edtor PHY, S" jM|SESWr.

3'1I wish for the New-Year then is that nHerod
we get 'Wise Ment as our legislators, country,
either that our preseLt .legislators ac- his pockc
quire a little wisdom, or'that'we get at the co
others with a little more. I say this He does I
because looking back at 1973.makes me less and
wonder whether all the problems we had children,
were not because of the"lack of -wisdom Caribbeai
of our political leaders*. If we had to arise tJ
give anaward for the Laugl3ng "stock of the other:
the Year',, Dominica. would get it. But w]
Where-is the wisdom" in'a Premier of a ways be
country announcing to a bodyy of distin- the chos
guished international-men "(that 4nnounce- There wi
meant coming over the National Radio) to prote.
that he had cancelled"a'scheduled supper, be an ASi
and giving as his reason.a little mis- back, ev
understanding at a hotelV "Where is the
iw4om in a. country finding"itself under 0ST ILL
a -State of Emergency for two whi6e months "Litt
because of the dissatisfaction expressed great me
over th. transfer of a disc-jockey? but it i
Coupled with this were all kinds of thins Dominica
like house arrests, retirement-in the" has held
public interest which 'justice' later Philip P
found wore unwarranted. W hebre-is the retary o
-.'s4 in -preventing prominent and res- Has" their
pected citizens of Dominica from enter- met, spo
ing the House of Assembly "-tohear dates rubbed s
on matters of state? Where "is the wis- figures
don in appointing' meni_.ther cannot or Dominica
can hardly read and-write t"opr minent appoint
and important posts? Ch ahiyohe say that great fi
our leaders of government are wi-e in that. H
backing a newspaper which'- in' every : map. Wh
issue -.- maligna-, slanders'," calumniates, ment don
attacks viciously person oirpersons who -*--
may differ from time to time" on some In '!GADF
government policies? Where is the wis-' Movemexit
dom in the VAL-HAL-A. deal? Is it wisdom of public
which causes us in Dominica" to be suffer- -case i.
ing from this drastic fuel shortage? Is sont vg
it wisdom that causes us" to have no swer IIat
sugar? Can anyone say that "leaders of 14 of i
government are wise men when they refuse ice cust
to shake bha hands of th1miwho do not possess
think like them, even.at public function Not wan
Where is their wisdom? (he had
These are points to--poder.- on" at the a provio
beginning of this; eow Year."" If-we do trate pu
not.want this year to be worse than the Kent wa
lasTy' then let our prayer be: under tl-
.Lord, give wisdom to our present by
-leaders, but if they ca6nn.t" accept Youth Ca
it, give us leaders with wisdom. ODD stoo
MEN,_ .keep the



SFrid. anary .1 7 L
Edito:' Fr. E.A Alexander
I i p.erturbe not for hi d
but for "his glory, his -paladce,
it. He tirios 4l rategems to get
2ild'whiihithe: ,tar announces."
abt succeed and" so becomes ruth-
'bloody, murde 4ng innocent
l" We have m Herods in the
. tFor them, #tars must not
hiey must be st fled one way or
r,. .. ,.-
hat is" the usCq? There will al-
an angel of Lord to "guide
on one safely 'qut of danger-.'
.2 always be i.Nary and'a Joseph
ct the 'chlild' ithere will always
S to- transport him to Egypt and
en if there t no PETROL."

le.Dominica-h produced m "y
h of wiomwe ~ .avo all bveej.i'proud,
U difficult.-t ",remember any
n or even" any Xpest Indian, "who
a" pot as iprutant as "Rev. Dr.
'otter, tbe pr 4ent General Sec-
f the"World Op*ncil of ChurchosB
oe T'een'any Ca bbean man who hrs
ken to, discuse d business,
houlders'with gfeat international
as Dr," Potter has? He comes' to
Son'his first Yvsit since his
Aent, the first-visit of such a
gure -. and heqna. Dominican it "
e has re alIy p"t Dominica on the
at have our" leaders, of govern-.
e to welcome hi? to honour him.,

'LY" nows-publtcation of this -
whlich Ihas a god early'record
c "service and 4:,dventure, the
iF6_P'ted in detail of one "
rLd.ro, (aed 13)1 who had to an-
;istrater Courtcharges on Dec.
decent language; escaping pol-
;ody; stealing'i bottle of wine;
oi of"..- -Mrij ana etc, etc.
;ing to put thq boy in. prison
already sufferd jail through
us .ma1intracy), the lady IaGis-
Lt him on probation for 6-months.
o1.eclared to. h ave been found
.e influence tp alcohol, The
refused entry tp Londonderry.
amp because he was a 'bad boy'.
>d guarantors "for tho-boy to -
peaace..and.b. e of good- behaviour.
(Concluded on p. 10)

jFridaa. .Janoawi 11. 1974 TESA aer

-. --------

A of Applcatiton for Certificate of Tidte and Norttigs
| tereoa and Caveats for wtek ending It2rh day of Jan 1974 1

Datoe R or a Certificate of Title of
rNoting thereon or Caveat.

Request dated
29 10 73
9 1 74
3.37 p.m In

Luke Blaize
by hir So .z:tor
M. Eugenia

.cd cz a

North-West. By L~nd of Morris Laur

Application -of Luke
Blaize for the isaue
of a first certihc.ate
of title mn respect of
a pdrtfon of land
known as A Lot at
Falicite Grand Bay in
the Par'sh of St. Pa.
trick consaninaag 2711
square feet and boun
ded as follows:,
ent. No-t.Ea* as -

Leatham; South Wet;: By land of the pieirs ow Me-i Dan;,<
now occupied by Avrierte Daniel Such East oy land of
Eno* Leaham.
Requdestt dated Randolph Application of Ran-
15 '0 723 Nicholas ldolphNicholas aorthe
Press ented b~y his SiicItor- issue of a first c'-tif;
7 1 74- 'I. Eugenia cateoft .e n ?iect
10.05 .m .. Charles of a portion o land,
..- ,-----. .known as A Lot at
Morne Prosper in toe
Parish of St. George,
costantmifg 0 6 1 7
square feet and boun
ded .as foli ws-
North: A foct Path partly Separating it from land of Licler
George; NHorh-East: A foot Path Separating it from land of
Edward Goerge. South: A Road s.eparating at irom land of
i Louis Christian; West Lani. of Licier George.-
Reqeaest cited lone Shalling. Apjailkation of lonei
19 10 7t for| Shillihmford for the
Presented by her Solicitor I isse of a first certifi
7 1 74 M. Eutenia cate of title in respect
at 10.30 I.Om Clailes O A portion of land
S _. d___-___ Residen-
tial lot in the town of
Ro0sau in' t&- Parish
of St. George contain
ing 2260 aqu'r, feet
and bounded at fol

North-West: King,
Hilia Octo: 'Seuti
! &rd of E-Nicholls

George V Street; North-Est: Land4 *f
East lane w- E. Nicholls; South Wewt:

Request dated Alma Martit Application of Almn\
29 8 73 by her Solicite[ Martin for the issue
Presented M. Eugenia of a first certificate
7 1 74 C Chaur of ,title in respect of
at 10.20 a.m a portion of land at
SMassacre in the Pa.
rish of St. Paul con-
tilning 744 acres
and bouiided as
North-Eas: Land of Vivian Loonari Castor, South-East:
LaWn of Flood Isidore, South-West: A right of way sepa
rating it from land of Wayland Daniel. Norrt. West: A
right of way separating it from land of Ursula Hilton.

Request dated
14 11 73
7 1 74
at 10 55 a.m

by her Solicitor
M. Eugenia

Luke containing
bounded as foli

Application of Leon.-
ite Toussaint for the
issue of a first cer-
tificate of title in res-
pect of a portion of
land at Pointe Michel
in the Parish or St.
3036- square feet and
o .$:- -

North: Land of Nathaniel Baslon: East: Union Estate:
South: Lands oF Henars of H-,Ir-n Celaire and Heirs of
Louisa Wiliams: West: Public Road.

i"ear's Ofice.



awu, Dominica. Acting Registrar of Titles
N(TE:- Any person who desires to object to the tsue of
Fish. Certificate of Title in the above application may enter a
)vstu In the above Office within six weeks from the date c,
'he itst appearance of this Schedule in the STAR' Newspapw-
pubi!sh*4 fin this S.qte or from the date when. *,the,-notice pns,-
hcribl-t y law was sv'rved on any owner or occupier of adjoin;.;
ad On respect of whict, 'hz application is made.

" : ai' '= I I "I I IN I III



Pazt oY,



When a political party wins an election,. and assmaes
power as the government of a country, it becomes the
rpresentative of the interests of ALL of the people of
the comstry not just the interests of its party members.
If democracy is to stay alive in this world it is important
that this fact be rsemblemed.
First we were victimized beevse we were slaves,
then because our,skins were dark and now because our
skin. ase fair or we baek the wrong party. Political
victimization is not the only victimization but political
victimization is undoubtedly the worst kind of victimiza-
tics. It is the most frightening, tie most frustrating and
the most daMaging to sqsiky.
Unfortunately victimization seems to be one of the
evils with which West Indians continue to be inflictedL
Neither indepeenace nor statehood has released us
from this curse which has plagued us for over three
If the stories that we hear are true how did Grenada
gat to this stage? When victimization started the people
who benefited from that victimization concurred, those
who were not affected looked the other way: so victimiza-
tics of the few was a success and the circle of- the
victimized widened. Widened to,.such an extent that
,either it or its repercussions now seem to encompass a
mBmety -d the people of the State,
Politicians themselves would be well-advised to
beware of. using the weapon of victimization. It is one
tiag to give joblpaerence to an adherent when the
candidates have similar claims in knowledge, experience,
mesidetial proximity and family responsibilities that
is moely.huma. It is another thing to keep jobs away
from people who are not adherents, and so deprive them
of a way of life, of a means to support their families,
amd of hope. People without hope are dangerous! They
have nothing to loose! Beatings and imprisonment are not
the only type of victimization that we and our politicians
s"ild be wary of encouraging.

friavy, January Il. 1974 THE S T A R !age Four
After fruitlessly spending many ...? by Rupert Sor"aindo
hours in queues for petrol recently, It seems that the pnly thing which
I was lucky enough to have a friend Agriculture Year (1974) has going for
who gave me nearly 3 gallons, so I it so far is the weather. Heavy rains
went down to the country to see how which heralded the new year have un-
things are there. Now people in Ros- doubtedly been welcome by Dominican
eau may think they have it tough,but farmers who still remember the devas-
on gas...the poor people on the otheltating droughts of 1972 and 1973. *
side of the island..! It is really But 1974 was also ushered in by a numf
terrible and must be even worse by ber of unwelcome signs,The Dominican
now. Practically no transport is runmfarmer started the new year without a
ning: most of the trucks have not Chief Agricultural Off7icer.Since Dr.
even got enough petrol to get into J.B.Yankey left for the Caribbean Dev-
Roseau to fill up (or go in, queue elopment Bank over a year ago, we have
up in vain, try to get home and get had to literally 'mark time without
stranded in another village); kerosene a replacement in that -.important post.
is unobtainable; if used, cooking gas Dr.Yankey,although seconded to his new
runs out and no trucks take cylin- post, has made it. quc t clear that he
ders back to Roseau. Little sugar or does not expect to return to his former
flour in fact little foodstuff aIon job. Dr. J.D. Shiltingford, A Dom-
Roseau owing to lack of transport. inican who was attached to the Divis-
Bananas must be headed to boxing plant ion of Agriculture prior to his en-
- then trucks to Long House or RoseaJ rolment at Cornell JUiversity (1968)
have no petrol. Tons of bananas were recently applied for the vacant CAO
left behind in a fortnight. These post. He was turned down for no clear
people in the country are not crying; reason. In fact, it wpuld seem that
in the face of real hardship. Squeeze he was literally discouraged! What
a little cane, sweeten your cocoatea, makes this ease even. iore paradoxical
111-k a ig or even your cat, and fl1 is that when Dr.Shill ingford applied
up with yam jaune,mercifully plenti- for study leave in 19P8 he was made
ful- No, they are not crying, but to to believe that he was indispensable
are plenty angry. They ask how, afiei in the Division of Agriculture. Today,
the island ran out of fuel in mid- when he is more qualified than he was
August (due to Govt.obstinacy over five years ago, and When there is the
gas prices refusing an increase fim expressed recognition of the need to
910 to $1 a gallon, now it is $1.36 develop agriculture, pr.Shillingford
plus, & Shell and Easo moved out in seems to be dispensable.
disgust) no proper arrangements for Farmers start 1974 with the depres-
rationing were made. Did any other sing news of steadily dropping banana
Assoc.State run out of gas.? St.Lucia prices and production level.
just had 8 days' supply of fuels and They start Agriculture Year without
went on to rationing,. Truly there gasoline, or having to wait in lines
is an energy crisis here, caused by miles long for that essential commod-
shortage of energy in the Leblanc Gov ity; or having to guess when the next
ernment and its favourite civil ser ,tanker is expected; or having to wond-
vants,wallowing in their own arrogace,er when "Government" will take the
stupidity and LACK OF ENERGY. sound advice of the thousands of ob-
viously more sensible Dominicans.
In fact, Dominican farmers start Agriculture Year wondering aloud :
how on earth does a Ministry which cannot handle such a simple matter as
a fuel and feed shortage with some degree, of efficiency solve the many and
more difficult problems of Agriculture in Dominicat
Farmers start AgriOultural Year without any concrete plans for boosting
Agriculture.-We have been told that $2,000 worth of seeds ias been ordered
for distribution to farmers.Legislation has been passed,exempting income
derived from agriculture from income tax a vote-catching gambit. But this
is as far as the planning has proceeded. We can only hope that the 1974
Budget of next week will give more weight to the pronouncement of 1974 as
Agriculture year. (Concluded on page ten back -age)

, #4 Jan 9 17 .E HS T A- R Pgo -Mo
C A-I D I D C 0 M .I E IT T-S...-- by WS.S evens T lEE- BAANAH INDUSTRY
Farmers, particularly banana-growers, are looking 6ut. i this issue of TS METAR
for what I have to say about the Banana Industry. .Though President of the Dominica
Farmers UnApn, I have to confess. that I an not in a position to give any informa-
tioa that is pertinent to the banana.problems as they have developed since the fuel
Since -"ay 1973 the Banana Industry suffered its sever6st blow when an S.R,O.
deprived the- farmer of having s.'say in the biggest industry in Dominica.
Three crops are important in the economy of Dominice:(apart from food crops-)
bananas, cocpnuts and citrus fruits, of these, bananas are/the most important to
the peasant. The banana, despite its vulnerability-.to windstorms is an all-year
crop'like coconuts; the citrus crop is seasonal* Coconuts can be cultivated
economically by farmers -who possess land to spare.
Thanks to the U.K.Governmelt, to the splendid move by Premier Compton as leader
of a Windw-arL Islands- del68ation to London and thanks too to the few farmers:
especially a4 Castle Bruce, 1IMrigot and Wesley who supported the agitation for a
fair deal in a dying induist;y", the price in the U.K. rose appreciably per ton
although locally the Governmenht management Committee kept the price to the grower so
low, that despite a big change in the U.K. market, the price to the grower remained
at 60 per lb for a few weeks. Now there is a big drop and the local price is at
present 5q ier lb.
The U.K shot in the arm (the Rehabilitation Scheme) was going well. People
threw themselves into ithand by the end of March 1974 there will be more bananas. for
the market than ever before. .
'et whe4 one looks around, not a single effort is made by 'the Government that
now manages the industry, to build more Boxing Plants or Buying Stations to receive
bananas. It is well known that constructions by Goverhment contractors or P.W.D.
take a considerable time to build 'nd equip. This:tsiewelfiope the buildigs l
not be the 1xuxrious and ex i'bn:sive Boxing Plants. as were sited on large estates,
But they wi., still take some time to construct.
Fertilizer distribution to growers within the lasi two years has been consider-
ably reduced. Some pers6hs still-receive more fertilizer than they have bananas and
lands, Othexs who produce bananas receive very little fertilizer to meet their
actual needs.
Leaf Spgt disease is hot properly taken care .of." T1iere are very few areas
suitable for aerial spraying iniDominica. Hence -the wanton destruction of vegetable
crops by thb system of sprayihg. Besides, aerial spraying is expensive in th!t you
cannot check what you tre paying' fbr. Youy pay what is demAnded of you. The Leaf
Spot or Banazuoa Disease Officer is not concerned about this,- 'He gets a big salary
apparently tq'do two things: (l) takeleave at election times to-run for a seat and
(2) to parade at Village Countil functions. When he fails it (1) he returns to his
post (a) to manifest bis paternal interest. Leaf Spot.location and supervision
should be hiq main concern.. ..
This year is declared by Mr. Lel'Blanc -s Government as Agricultural Year. He
has missed 14s bus. Feeder roads have been almost wiped out. Recent rains have
done their wqrst and ihe .situation shows that Government does not.care'tuppence
about Agriculture. Spending dollars reaching five and six figures on one road" is-.
not common sense especiClly when so little is produced in that area. Bad roads to
transport foqd and crops every week constitute -intolerable'hardships and suffering
to peasants. -..
Organing Village Districts or Committees cannot be a'priority in an economic
carissa:'lie the present. Irrelevant information and news ,over Radio Le Blanc seem
tantamount tq fiddling while Rome is burning.
High coat' of living is playing havoc with the lives of people, in so many aspects
of life. Falure on the part of Government to control priose and give some work' to
policemen to see-. that all articles' are marked in shops- and that controlled prices
are maintained, fairly 'would, at least, show that Government', cares and means business.
On top of all this comes the Fuel Crisis which is.-affecting-econbmics, industry,
and commerce in every civilized part of the globe. (Concluded on page )

T H1 E

PEOPLE... Short Story-by Kapelwa Musonda
I was talking the other day bo Mrs
Mbungu, a. Lusaka hostess well-known for
the monthly parties. she throws at her
home. I had been told thit an invita-
tion to any of her parties is equivalent
to owning a.Mercedes Bena or a farm for
which you haven't yet. paid. I might
also add that I-had wangled an intro-
duction hoping that the upshot of my
meeting her would be an invitation to
one of her parties ..
'I don't think I have net-yoi before/
she-said,-with apparent interest in my
c company ...
t'o', I admitted. B3ut everyone who
matters around this town Ihows you.,
'I am not sure about that, yoing'man'
she-replied, flattered. By the wae .
you have never been to any of my parties.
ha--o y u?' .. '
IWo, but if you invited me, I would
be too happy to attend*.'
II don't invite anybody to my parties,
people just come."
J-But I thought.."-- .
!Obviously yjou do3 t dith what goes-
on around here. The in-thing nowadays
-. is to have as many gate-crashers at
oner's. poaty as possible. ITh fact the
success of any party is-measured by the
number of gate-crashersa ..
I digested this for a-while and I
felt that I had a.confession to make.
'What you have: aaid explains a great
deal; you know I have never been invited-
to any party since I came to this town.*
1If you expect anyohe~-to invite you,
you-are wasting your time, nobody in-
vites anybody. You have to gate-crash
if you want to have a 'singing time in-
this town. Gate-crashers ar'e"the most
sought-after people by the local hostess-
e s J .1 "
-TT'ell me., I asked, 'how did this
come about?' -.
'There are hundreds of parties being
thrown in this. town very week-end and
it just happens that there are not all
that many people .who matter to attend
all these parties. A hostess may invite
a good number but only a'few will show
up, so she has to rely.-on gate-crashers
to liven up the party. '
'That sounds logical.enough ,' I said.
'But at whose party were .the gate-crash-
ers considered first as the life and
soul of the. party?'

S A. Friday, January 11, 9
(cont.fr. col.1) 'I am not sure, but
I suspect i; mustt have been at the party
Mrs Banda organized for her six-year-old
daughter. She apparently invited P.
good number of her duht erts friends
and a lot of people .new about it. By
sunset her home was -flowing with the
parents of these children and they were
having, a much better time than the chil-
dren .
'Mrs Banda must have been very dis-
appointed by all-the adults gate-crash-
ing-her daughter's party.
tiTot IMrs'Bandal she considered her-
self the most popular woman in tdwn and
she.made that' point known to-everyone.'
i-What happehs"after that?'
MExactly a week later Mrs-Monga threw
a party inviting only three people but
publicising the party as much -as 'p6posiD.1
tAnd' of. course there were many gate-
crashers?' I 6ffereod
'Certainly. What do you think the
publicity was for! Although she com-
plained later that gate-crashers had
ruined her party, 0onb couldn't mistc.k.
the disgusted boFat.' From then on., it
became a status...symbl to 'have gate-
crashers' 't *onLe"s party ....
'So nowadays'-nobody looks at the
gate-crashers as thoescum of the eartl, i
they're an integra4 ,art of our society.!
$They certai~2y ago, You even find
them at most importht civic or state
functions '.
I might-as well aonfess, ever since
that time' I have 'bOn having a ball.
Lusaka has completely changed. When-
ever I am in a part~ '.mood,' I jump into
the car and drive a.qund. Wherever I
find a number of pavoced cars, I stop
and join' tlie party.'- To my surprise, I
am,always welcomed'by the outstretched
aros of the hostess; who makes plain that
as far as'she is c6nperned I have saved
her party ,
Gate-crashing can have 'its embarrass-
ing moments though. Last week I took
a girl out on the pretext that I had
been invited to a bg party. As ustal
I drove round town ocplaining to the
girl that"I wasni't. ypry sure of my
directions. IZfinally found a house
where many-'cars worao parked. I stopped
and went. i.
It was a: funeralaathering.

Friday January 11, 1974 T H E :S

Oopq I sah...Lomme get down...Way
down t9 4he ground with only the most
recent, ..U.K.basod "ROY ALTON" lhas
released his latest single. o the COUNT'
SHELLEL label. Roy's original calypso,,
"CARNIVAL NIGHT" is. potential mover.
On the reverse he has put-a reggae
touch to "DRIFT AWAY"., Just imagine
that "GREGG BREAKER" 'turned down a. film
offering another Bible epic. -But, apas
Gregg, I .ocond the motion ..Judas
again, oh 11 Liko they. haven't learnt
that wq b6olivo in the EQUAL=IT arnd
UNIVERqALITY of man..,0oh I where thore's
a will brother, thore's sure to be a.
wayr...Bid by "BILL'*PAUL" to thke the
GPU baqk home U.&S way -:where Billy
has hiq own "recording set-up" -. is
still in the loft. The. offe came dur-
ing peoiod of initial FIVE months'
"stick down" but who knows...when-manoage
DENNIS JOSEPH goes to ,Britain in about
two iwcqks the gang will. dotermine'its
next s61p...But, beliovc me bruds, out-
look f4r GPU is bright..,And, there
seems Jo have no a-Sbacks to mar the
signing of a three years"b6oking for the-
group i"YVic" doesn't know where to turn
to now, BELILES COMBO is-the latest to
get a nasty lash from "W'IRLg. The group
is all set with sufficient material for
an olple butt the problem is finding a
record ng company with,-at least, flat-
tering terms and NO loophole6d... Right
now fe)la, be it in 'i, Bim, Down South
or olsqwhere, the recordiig"companies
make al...Look out for- yours "LA IJEUVNE-
ETDILBE'. You just can't get away.
Leaches a. fox...CRIS-SERAPITEas soul-
stirrijg "AT THE BAY" to be released
on the COUNT SHEEY U.K. lahel,.-is tops
in St. incent.. Sloowly the- fevers being
transn tted to St.Kitts."Meanwhile1,
CIERIS .s penning/composi6! "HAIROTUN,
HOME O THE BLESSED" (oriiial- carib
name o,; St.Vincent) in' fro-poppish
soul-c ptivating style... 'DOINTICA_
its plans for '74 carnival. Most sur-
prising and possibly least expected, is
a complete break awiy from CCC. "DCA"
with a membership of I1ETEEN of the
greatest and best from' seheu and
Portsmouth will carry preview of the
final competition with two tents.
ROVING, under the supervision of SPENCER

(fr.col.l) aia WIZARD will make its
first appearance tonight at GROTTO;
and STARDOIM, led by -LAEK and SOLO 'zill
hit the scene hext Wo dnesday...Ever
heard'of "clean clothes in a pail of
dirty, stinking water, sah?"...Shuckh I
Check it outf Put DADDY JEFF into 590 -
(since) after the "State-o'-Mergency"
and that's the .situation. -Ve're glad
to learh-that DADDY JEF is walking out
this month end..7Well, pal, "RADIO
LEBLANG CdAZ'AE"...I'm lost; can't see
how ole wPA"t-could. copes with the-LACEIES.,
STOOGES and OPP.ORT IT TS., Ah I You should
see the. one "THAT" recently. escaped the -
Antigua's Sellfire...sitting like a Lord
in the- backseat of the Guvtner's limo-
sene with the-SEITIOR himself next to his
chauffeur like- a. PAGE. BOY.. check out
the STATION,-.,IF the police have got
sufficient gas. to run SAFARIS,"about the
place, like police vehicles; .are
kangaroos; there-sh6uld be some avail
-able to- taxpayers whose transportation
are their:ohly source of income...check
out that satatibn, then,... What's
"GAMM "311--intention? Starting a"brawl"
lasting '"0 JAMAICA!'"? What about
t"SOIld I. CHAUDnR7? Appreciate what i.s
OUR OWNT. .OBE" for "GPU" next ti4, ,
Mr. Prim...Kindly extend duty-free con-
cession on importation of records re-
leased by local- artistes... That 's not
begging pale.. T 'will only bring -i more
revenue. And; remember the talent that
goes wasting.:.. Re-united, revitalized
"ARCADIATS" coming from SOUTH are .LEO
WILLIAS', on lead strings, ex NEGATIVE
4 members' LaY BADOUTILE and MICHAJE
on rtythmn orgahist/band-leader," JUDE
WATTY; Drummer-bobyANDREW; bassist
EM3OD and vocalists are EVO and LAaR.
Re-organisation is due to strong, posi-
tive efforts of CHRIS (.vocalist/manager)
who'll hold~ he. -fort "UNTIL" and, of"'
course,- owner BLOMIM'0BOiD. Look but,
ARCADIA .-ar-e.-organising a mixni-tent
at the"ERCABDA CLUB" at the "POINTE"...
Keep ~i Eouch'."d3iobs amigbos- I
On Tuos. Jan. 15. in the UWI Extra-1-Tral
lecture room, problems under this vital
heading with.be discussed by a panal
.., Wendell Laieronco BSc., legal as-
pects by ion.Eugenia Charles eLB &
Jennor Armour LLB, psychological view
by Dr...John..Royer, and 'the challenge'
by Parry Bollot.. The Chairman will bo

'T A R

. Page Seven

Page Ei!/ mmnmnmlmmmmrwremnnvrwlsvnrtr~gmagluormsnam u

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~~I_ R l F.

fc.'e TR E.. .' B ./ ST R,- TFridayV Januiary 11 974
04AZDii (CO 5 (fr bW.tpC5.5 ) by ha t n. action. MA. TITI1E -. -Oynthia Tatt '
One shopkeeper has a. -big .board 'in f:aitf "Genelia," said N Titine a fow weeks
Of his g"s D nations "'NO fAS., before Christmas, "what do you say about
It would pe-a splendid school exercise spending the holidays at' Portsmouth?-l-ve.
if all senio, pupils, were set to write a cousin coming in from Barbados- it'o-
an essayon ;he Conseqluences of the Fuel years I haven't seen her, so she's invited
Shortage. me to spend the season with her.- What do
Finally, the; Bana Industry has re- you say?" .. "
ceived a severd blow and.the immediate "Sure, Titine," replied Genelia. "What
future of the industry is gloomy. The about Baby?" -
Agricultural Yehr is still-born and "Of coursee" Ma Titine replied, "we
Government should itself do essays on three always move together. So, on Ch3rist-.
NO GAS. It Will test the ability of it- mas Eve the three friends .set off via" the "
self and its servants to think straight coastal road. It was a. new experien-6- for
in a crisis unpardlhlled in the history Ma Titine;. as for Baby and Geneliat Lke
of manlind many Roseau women they had never been to
...--..--.-------- the north of the island. The coastal road,
Mrs. Editor, A Corruction as Ma Titine--saw it, was a great achieve-'
Please correct iGfouo'next: .iue ment although still in its initial stages.
that: -I remember writing ZMS Bernard It was such i change from the old dayS,."
Eugene-and not MR. I really wouldtlike when one travelled b'sea. Gueule Lian,
you to mention,, that.. A special-wopd of that rock promontory, could be seen to
praise goes -to the wife of Mr.* B.Eugene full advantage, -nd Iorne Espagnol was like
whose sweet voice had us- thrilled.- a mighty giant redring his head over crawl-
___ ____ .___ I L...Roseau ing ants. Theh ata turn in the road,
D YS' .. the Cabrits. cameeinto view, lying dormant- .
ly among the placid waters of Prince Rupert's
Madam*~ Are wejeual? .. harbour and fouglas Bay. At last they
Both men kani women today seem to he arrmiveAd at .PrtQjuth anderfe- l =-w e-
equals. We see women wearing' pants and corned' by friends and' relatives; MN Titine ao
men plaiting' their hair. I sb nothing of-- course.' Later' on that evening, after a
wrong with %pmen wearing paints, only short rest,'theyi woke to the sound of"
perhaps there are certain occasions bustling movements in the house. Tase,,
where -they are not supposed to. They Titine's' cousin, called out:
dre equal t4 men in regard to education, "Tin, come and see'something," and'when
professions and so on. However, both.-. ., thawent what should they see but a table
sexes seem to be wrong in..certain be-' in the litcheh' fairly littered.with-meit.
haviour, I we have to quote St.Paul, Bags and baskets of-ground provisions were
w" see there ;."Every man praying or all over the kidtche. In one cornw- -as a
prophesying with his, headcovere'd dis- case of mixed drihns (alcoholic); and in
graceth his.head. But ev6ey woman another, five crates of soft drinks. "-It"
praying or ?rophesying. with her head was a real Dickenasian Christmas. dinner the.
not covered 'disgraoeth her head,"for it next day, but Ha Titine seemed to be worry-
is all one p. if she were shave.ni The ing about something.-. When asked what was
man 'indeed #ught not tp covei his head wrong Titine replied:
because'he :a the image and glory of "Althoigh I enjoyed the dinner, I was
God. But th.e woman is .the glory of the thinking of the poor people in town who
man. Doth no. even natire- itself teach perhaps did not have even a pound of badc
you that a i4an indeed, if he nouiish and neck, mtuchless beef and pork." So it
his hair', it is a shame unto hAim. But was there and then decided to set aside
is a-woman iourish -her hair "it is a half of the balance of tho meat .and a bag
glory to her, for her hair is given to or two of ground provisions to carry back
her for a covering." Iy personal to Roseau. ... ." .
opinion is q woman is'not bound to wear "Know whalt we'll do?" said Ma...iitine"
a,.hat to go-to church, bitf:lehat hed 'swe'll be stillhere for New-Year, we-rilli
&. ".ge -h..ifre4id Q 2 ,.i have a bi. spread for the poor on the- feast
a Vil, o Ua or ha.oie. of Epiphany. Remember how they 'enjoyed .the
'". gl IAWISEI, Doseaux Christmas dinner I ...0ve themI'". -.
S "'That's a great aad wonderful idea 1'
replied Baby an enelia simutaneously.

Pago Ten ___ THE STAR Fridayv Jauyj.1
Cr-icket. The first match of..the 1974 IORY' TEACHIERS
Sh t field series betweoh Barbados and Early this weok, 'the Minister of Edu-
1*. Combined Islands ended-Just after cation and Health was handed letters
lunch on Tuesday, the last day of play, signed of four of thei.slandts five
The match brought back memories of Secondary Schools' Ii these-16tters, the
1972 when bhe Combined Islands,-after teachers voiced concern over charges made
leading Barbados on 1st.innings, succutb- by the Ministor agaif4t- unnamed teachers
ed on the last day to the spin of H1lford of Secondary Schools." Mr. Christian, in
and Howard and leaving most of theit sup- a Proe-National Day radio broadcast aired
porters at the Botanical ardentns close to three timanesover Radi Dominica, -accus
tears. Secondary Shool-.toeachors of ,"propssggg .
At Warner Park, St.IKitts, this year and inciting, stuolerts! into not attending
the islands decided to better that 172 1973 National Day celebration," Heb further
performance and how brilliantly they went accused some-.teachers of "polluing_.Md
about it. With amazing regularity; batsman turning students into disloyal Idlncu!nts.
followed batsman for a brief inspection The teacors havo assnegd that the
of the wicket and when the last ihspectm Minister has the evidence to support Ihis
was made, the scoreboard boasted the charges, and have-askpd Mr. Christiah to
record total of 53.,, submit lists of teachers guilty of such
The match started with the Combined gross irresponsibility to the Principals
Islands, as they often do, promising of the schools involved, so that dispi.li-
great things. Putting Barbados to bat nary action may be tfaon against then.
we thumped them out for. 148, Gordon JEFF CHA.L ESIG f rrom P.l, iti s not
Greenidge 33, P.Lashley 28 and David known what 3eff Charl"s' plans are, but it
-r.ra- 23. A.Roberts finished with 4/36, has been rumored that many Caribbean -i
G .hillingford 3/39, A.Corriette 2/22 & Radio Stations are anxious to use Jeff's
-.RiMcharzds- many talents. -
Combined Islands when their turn came Jeff Charle- s departure is, a blow froa
started disastrously, but for a stand be- which Radio in Dominipa may never recover*
tween Jim Allen and Willot and some hard We can only hope .that ho will eventually
hitting'by Grayson Shillingford managed his way back to Radio in Dominica when
159. J.All2en 64 and G.Shilliiniford, 29 .conditions bocomo'favpurable to profess-
were t8 ,contributors. Boyce 3/57, ionalism in Radio,
Holder 3/51 and Holford 3/27-. "_
In their 2nd innings, Barhados, "thanks AGRICULTURE YEAR'P-BAD START (p.4)
mainly to Murray 68 and Lashley 62, made After all, we heard pnch about agric-.-
2'l. Shillingford bowled th-hamrimoth tural diversification. and artific-lal
total of 9 overs in the 'innings in three, insemination in the '1.972 Speech from
spells.' IN.Phillip 4/44, A.Roberts 2/56, the Throne, little- of which has yet
E.Willet 2/37 and Corriette 1/50. materialized. Parmwrs start Agricul-
jLeft with practically an entire dby to tural year without awy improvement in
make 241 runs, the Islands found them- sight for a wasteful: and inefficient
solves in all kinds of tangles and could Marketing Board; w-th. much of the best
only manage the meagre 53' he all time agricultural land earmarked for hous-
lowest score in Shell Shield. cricket. ing schemes; and wit4 co-operative
Bowling for Barbados, Holford with farming in Castle Bruce still waiting
Padmore as his partner this time did patiently' for an encouraging go-ahead,
that Dominica trick again finished 4 RUPERT SORHAI1iDO
wickets for only 6 runs scored oghim. OPERATIO1 DISCOVER 'OOMI1ICA (fr_.pg)
Padmore 4/10. Kent Volaire's problem is one of alco-
Today, Friday, Guyana talo:s on 'Trini- holism, says .ODD's GqADLY in a. care-
dad in Trinidad in the 2nd Shell match. fully documented, full paper. It slams
The A.G1,eague match between Blackburn the present legal system for its. treat
.SaiLnts was abandoned,. At Canofiold, -ment of minors, an, presses for a
Slackburna52 &6l 4 C.aDoc r0 y 6274 IREFORM SCHOOL, -We-. plaud them for
t.Jean 3/- S. .n s a Ln s.o B i Pl p .their social n A
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