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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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rrs,. Jane o7r L I .-h auy of mIn OMINICA

e r r 269, Editor 26i 162e
TJ. K Media Represntftive:
Co1in Turner (London) Ltd. 4
i22 Shafesbury Ave. WK. -, Vthite Ke& Goretle Yortuna



Friday, January 4 1974

More than one hundred year have
.elapsed since !feniy David Thoreau
,ote his essa on "ivil Disobedt-
ence." In tihts essay Thoreau hoped to
effect change by appealing "to a hu-
.an force and not a brute force."
Thoreau knew wel the signifleance of
truth etllcf and the-val$ue of a man
whc has "a bone Li his .bate: which
oMu can not. phi you hand through."
.*/?- act, h Implied, hAs a personal
fferc, a msocia elaset, and hence, a
,*'niersal effect. *Lie the oriental Law
of Karmst eveq fet reaps IS4 like re-
ward; good poduelng good and evil-
producing evil. infailnesa, In a sense,
u social irresponslbility, an act done
',ithqot honest reference to Its effect.
w hat should our social actions ef-
tot; despite their frequent trivatltiy?
-ihey should help, in a sodal sense, to
remove all obstacles which Inhibit or
s.'ppneis i tn.e freedra,.
J.or Henry David bh-areau, the great-
$k ob.iMle to man's true freedom Is
a o -L't of hia o(w crttton: a gov-
prtente created to govern, in so far
w'ait Us erpeldcnt, yet, given "orruptena
snd the weak characters of most men,
tianslortned Into a "machine," eunav-
Irs those whom ft was created to serve.
;id how- does one remove the obstacle,
i "machine" thgt has transgreed Its
-.pqseQ' By refusing it one's allegi-
nce., i.e., by retaLuing one's con0,tlence
-ad character. .Indeed, for Thoreau,
t:h greate-t paible patriotIsm o
'Jghem vrtue," is to "dissolve the
union betwee'i oneself and the union."
That is, we Wrve the real state, the
-eopli, and further their happiness,
:; preentuig se -slavement to 'an
rgan!74ttoa that has usmrped its
nower from the people and placed It
.n its own hands. To do this is to
; ecognia the palpable reality of Mu,
couin, and neighbor no matter how
..ait. In short, we live our allegiance
a the real nation, the real state: pil-
pable, tackle, and human. The other,

SOV'T O X, 4CT$S 10Y41TY 04T$S
In what is considered by CSA sources as a
violation of the spirit of rapproachment recently
D n advocated by Premier Edward Leblanc at a meet
ing with the newly elected CSA Executive last
#obed December. Government officials this week were
d-" j busy having Civil Servants swear oaths.of loyalty
or take vows of secrecy in relation to information
,gg y [received in their course of duty.
SThe source stated that it had hoped that the rap.-
proachment advocated by the. Premier would
y still prevail but was deeply troubled that that
type of unilateral action should herald the New
$sAY This action forms part of the controversial Civil
Service Act.
Dn. vzC!TR A keC a ialAM -& ue Vrth'x
the Association may not object to the govern-
ment action, it was concerned that the actions
were being carried out with undue haste and
complete lack of notice to the associations office.
the "machine," Is the inventor of msg. CSA AND GAS CRISIS
inory boundaries, the constructor of Civil
prison, and the wager of war. Meanwhile the Dominica Civil
Th Trre Patriot Service Association has warned

The government is a "machtin," a
human contrivance, out of control.
(like Steppenwolf's "imonster"9; not
governed by real men In good eon-
sience, but by Its own rules of order.
decrees, and dictates. The government
does not represent men; although It
wishes us to believe it does, but serves
itself to further its ow ends and the
pockets of those who .uphold it. Con-
sequently, the true patriot is he who,
to defend man's liberty, lets his/her
ife be "a counter friction to stop the
machine." That is, the truly responsi-
ble person, committed to people and
not to a misguided machine, will listen
to the beckoning of his consciewce
(often too dim), and, acting not from

SThe Publisher and Editor of
|'the STAR hope that for all
j their readers 1974 will be an
improvement on last year.
With Best Wishes

Government that unless iminediate
and urgent corrective action is
taken during the fuel crisis, the si-
tuation could deteriorate to the
point where motorists may decide
to take over all petrol installations
including Government ones. I*ee p.)
fear but courage, will declare his liber-
ty, and Its concomitant love, by recog-
nizinug a higher law Innate to man.
Henry David Thort&u, in "Civil Dis.
obedience," spoke of a freedom that
knows no bars and s-ee no walls. His
was a freedom that knew no boundar-
les; fought no wars, and felt no restric-
tions. (Catholic Worker)
t hnmh hrvm t- M

Frdy au

Page Two THE S T A R Friday, 4th January 1974
NO. FOOL SHORTAS. The alat Horse
0 who would: want to buy a hose
Dear Aunty, thanks for the letter, Or even make one out of wood,
Glad to hear you better When the&'palm-trea drops a horse
and winter ain't have-you outta sort Fifty.-ties- as good?
eventtough fuel running short... He has agreat lng bus1 tail
Fust things sound bad up there Hehasa long bushy tail
I satisfy I living here And a lvel'lea.heryhead;
but some think I talk too fast After I've ridden him for miles
cause all now so we outta gas. He falls asleep tied to.*y bed.
Aunty girl, if you see" big man bawlU The Pawpaw Flute
plenty people car begii- t stall Learn of my lips, little pawpaw fl
and line up, you know what dat mean? daily, reedily.

Well now the'only line-up is for gasolir
Ilgh and low, Big- Shot and all have to w
sometimes five-six hours straight.
Still some like they couldn't care
driving like we have oil~iells somewhere.
Because the silence and lack of news
advice or information aife we all confut
Try to'buy, nothing remain -
no gas, no herosene ahd no propane.
All thlZ time Aunty ..nhot a peep
the whole Ministry gone 'to sleep.. o
And Dominicans just the same
No fuss, no sweat ....life is a game.


ie.o" The song of the wonderful melon'
rait fruit
--on the pawpaw tree,
Like the palm-leaf .tbed
and' the boat-tree b at,
this hollow reed
We sings..a lovely note!
of -a -,ad that teem
withI fabulous plant ,
to match-the long deams
of what" every child wants.
S'- P.S.A.-
r"t1'" n T "rrn'o

Governor ?nd Premier cars all about ^ .. .w,.-

Julian Rogers radio cutdown power or you' may" ot have'a chance
a:d pushing news and-slogans on the hour to read them at 'all,"
Here ignorance is, liss what can I say 'Henry Davi4 Thoreau.
gas short bur new cars arriving -every day .. ----
So now4 I know why everybody cool -------
Auhty, there really is. no shortage of FOOL.. .... . .
-Solutioh to this crisi we all sbeek,
The queues., the waits all reminding we and here is ohne I hear .this week:
of. wartime pressure and' hardupcy. Since the Arabs cause is thing
Aunty, some folks say is l.acyl we should not "be amonf the suffering;
is NOW. Premier. should declare .gMerAency. Educator back the Arab- unconditionally
Instead is rush, and push, fumes ir since OCTOBER in the wr with i. IRAE
S.....so send an.ambassad to SYRIA is
syphon it'and get. itn lie again" s a the plan,
no system, control or urgency, to save us and I nominating Waddy. ASTAPRAN.
one careless spark .-.that-would be CHAOS -
But we hear what Baarow 'do' i Bim; ;But serious Aunty, this thing .have we
as for Bramble, most 590 news 'bout him. hoppig,
What Etienne and. Doctr6ve' plan for -we -and np-,sigh..yet when it stopping...,
that is the Aystery of 1973. 7RII' tell us we havq to ketch we ASS
They say we lights is Iy'o sb we cool r1det ow, and give grass.
and Certain People tahks is always full. Meanwhile the royal f a,y. driving still,
Aunty if you was a stranger passing by No example come from up the Hill;
you'd never know oil in short supply. When sun shine, everybody glad' of course*
n we ain't have snow th ags could be
(next ojra) .m. ..... : .......- worseJ-
TY~.A.T.ONMUM l-S T -io fl AWAII "0 ic
Her Majesty the Queen has graciously bestowed on Dir. Philip Normhl Griffin the
Order of the British Empire for services to medicine; and to Mrs.* laudia Agatha
Robinson the M.B.E. for services to education. 'Mrs. *Robinson, a een Guide Leader,
is the wife of Mr. Joffre Robinson OBE who cornered the market ih board chairman-
is hips.

' .P'- .a + -bh i-

Cw "HW'aaf
Mo M Jy.1'Joide Piaflfhtise OfCfier of
-I DaniakadassA . *
U ~1549 ia aVr leart on be-
;IMAUL at 4veyr IBMilICan Ma My 801f 9,I 1
ishab ta .Sy thanks nA" tell how nach
- ap(iate your dteasmint it. an I
hard wBk e= he Piaberies Pro3eot
here in Da oate. UaWy mi> nat have
kIuown even ea-'jd about yrou, but
don't seaseirt our God is thare. We
prWay thbt x you. and your antir.
fami2r eMdev _e.s ia 19- 4 %ie
iwe the peple priapewe tbirina your
;hbrd =aBsra. Vq Mast alwo (an& not -
least) thank inho j Gover*nUt who
Slp. q .(A& 49 iM. bin.
iour Uts ind beg tbem to asist
still otr he MP1as Vall: thus =akiag
1974 a batitar year
AAuM BUSUT.O, Glteat l

Rosoem- C&ect aivu r v.

Swfiee Mbw aay whrek $10.01 EC.
g-. C rMbal...... $1.N EC
0,1 BW PWI, USVL. $19M0B EC
Ux, ..........
Ar*p. ......... 7.L
Uj* lm us

I, Hugh Williams from Grandbay. hereby noti-
fy the general public, that my wife Augustina
Williams nee Dennis, left my hbome on the 9th
May 1973.
Therefore I am no longer respnsiWble
for her as a wife, neither for any debts incrred
by her.
8th day of December f973 Hugh Williams
-J iA -a-L--o-t-i-w Sh
State of Doacnis1 in the Paria of.S. Mark,
hereby gist y inoace dhat my wife, BeryL Lewis
of S aier m te said perish having left y bed
d boird wbtou any p M c W excc e MM e
the mo~o of November, 1972, I no loer hoM
aywu respo'nsible for any dbe that d may
COntrMa eier ina her own o in my nae.a
Dated th 4ith day of DesMbr, im
i Kam iP ,"b

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Page Three

***Sfa.SK *ffi-TA

PaWe Fo-r


* III e"a-

Economic Aggression,


Friday, January 4, 1974



TMe exfaledhwy t about the
Ar b oe bVoys is the reftsgl of the
Weters Woul to reognse I for
what it i-S-ecoSomic warfare-nd, to
deow with 1it k thse sterns. Lceseink
aggreimsi Is no les a hostile act the
sdewry agyeavles*.
So fa-. the Arab strategy has work-
ed beaqujtuy. It has confused and di-
vided the West, notably Japan and

eN WhMUam I. Simon, the new en-
eny cMwr, say that the UJS. "will never
c3sa be svbject to economic and polit-
ici bslacknmall by any foreign power."
The important thing at the moment is
to keep Arab strategy in perspective.
The real motivation of the oil-producing
nations of the Persian Gulf is less rooted
in a holy war to wipe out the State of
Israel than in an effort to maximize profits.

A counter-boycott, according to most
experts, might prove mildly annoying to
some Arab states, but would lack the
economic punch to be really effective.
That, .therefore, offers no soluton---al-
though it is sheer madness for the Ameri-
can government to keep up 3ts shipments
of military equipment to Arab nations
maintaining the oil boycott.
What the notians of the Western

many Western nations t45 nave gone True enough, the Arab-Israel war pro- woUd mse t do, to snooitin their self-
on bened knee to get themselves on vides a convenient backdrop for the eco- respect oand dgity, is to get together
the Arabs' "preferred" list. nomic boycott, and an attempt to shift -as bosth George Ball and Pad Soamn
Butas The Economist observes this world hostility to the Israelis. But the 0lson khave swggested-to cope as one
week, "The Arabs are largely unim- is that the t .-back is Mideast Oe it .Wi t the Arabs' b ckm.ai.
pressed with western Europe's policy on pumetibe and the o pric b T- hi West met share its supplios, its
Israel and will be pushing for something Vn* b t war, and everything know-Ihow and its drive for new eo-
stronger like the cutting of trade ties and that one lea o s from the bril et argy sources, rather than beggiwg-ir
mpowng actual embargoes." Swi o minister, eh disarray and hhmVliton--for dribbte
cdickte that the squeeze ploy will con- of MidHst oil.
If the Arab economic weapon succeeds tiav eve after there is an Arab-4srVe
in whatjaugp toqe-aqin objective sordinMseet. ;i-resr -o f- .
--a retreat bry Israel to the pre theory that if faced with the choice of
borders.-what will be the next demand Keep io mind that Arab oi, which sacrificing Israel and getting no oil,
from the now powerful sheikhs? Tc costs only 10 to 15 cents a barrel to the Western World would swalloic
pn*e, in po~ic and econm ick terms, produce, is being shipped now at $6 to hard and dump the Jewish state. If the
is "r O at. $8 a barrel. A economist Arnold X. Western World doesn't wact that
Moskowitz points out, hiking the price course of action on ite conscience. it
And beyond that, a new incentive that way "sets the stage for monopoly can till re-group itsef, aod perhaps
will have been given to other countries profits of unusual dimensions." Yam- convince Arab policy makers tl, ad the-
or groups of countries to use economic ani is already talking of $10 oil for the cnie r ae the
blackmail. mid-1970s. (Significantly, on Dec. 12th, may have overreached themselves.
80 million barrels of Iranian oil was
It's already beginning to happen. Ga- auctioned in Iran at $17.40 per barrel
boo's President Omar Bongo, accordii4 for light-sulphur crude and $16 for A r 6
to Newsweek, is hiking the price of urani- heavy gravity crude.')
to .-i. i'eg-i.rd) H -,,.4--

umn xJis. yi-k AeLtUg copper Wp- .
are the result of producing countries
holding supplies of the market South
American cotton exporters have ex-
tracted double an agreed-upon price
from the hard-pressed Japanese.
StatF. 7-partment Under Secretary
William J. Casey reminds us that in 10
years, the United States will be primar-
ily'dependent on imports for nine of 13
basic raw materials, including three very
important ones--bauxite, iron ore and tin.
In these circemstoes, ft. et the
Anuba economic weaponry go unche!-
fesaWS Is nothing but a self -desrit
press. The9refes, It was refreshing to

Clearly, Yamani and other Arab pol-
icy-makers have concluded that the
Western World, even if dnven into a
serious depression, would not risk mili-
tary intervention. In a nuclear world, no
one can tell where that would end. Be-
sides, Yamani has said, the Saudis would
immediately blow up their oil fields if
there were to be military retaliation.
What, then, is the answer? In the
longer-run, of course, the world must
make itself independent of Arab oil by
producing adequate energy from other
sources. But that may take up to 10
years, and is not the solution to the im-
mediate problem.

Personally paid for and Presented as a Public Service by

Mr Powell sas yoe Khf no right to
be bons hee.'

'r$Liy Janmary 4 11974 r~* STA~k Page Five

'.. on MPs


w a st

OR ii

"IM 'Rwe .,p^ -
eWt that Cint ,a-
Boma intended to
ride into Parhai-
eat Co the wave of

bow drinolig blo,
moast ople didn't
take us rioausly.

s~mst as yet to decide
WS i e tituency, he
*if ilataialy be among
vaok N 3 of aspir-
i ettmidates who will
to, ag their papers

M tfeported last week, I
ame very s Matical about the
W,;y het was handling his
aactis campaign and I.
t. htis appeta to the
public might give
ast ts b macti neeed
a sar materWil a
t hiie an alcoholic
ta3BflSto. which, by the
way, be h'lr.

O urred
St a oaspe of days ago
I as iM Mm. why he seriious-
ly vwtesd to be a Member
"C d,t has occurred
to n thait I have some<
aU o lf leadership w!ich
STai Mlike to iput at the
rp fs$ 'his nation. he
"So bee everyone else.
1 ErSnetetdcw him agiW
w tp ttrijt h! ..;. ,e if eve v'i .
satir sw r., 4,g.. Te-tap-d
vgii t adeshnp qualities
Sttefei to stand I am
%.we it wouil givt oifr
aefpwetd meraies ad C.a -
ta"atgt a big laugh"
*iht I have sometthrg
eas" he msaui "I have air
atate Deadity to the i--'
ant Getranentw 'r
jriaget I adnere strict'.
H usa and also ha';e
a ti'tyl inatowiedge of 1thi
(M O hm ?'ou lthouwiEnrsi
of baoits of people 'l'."n
htzue dMW qutiia'lt ; .-,
domsim't exptazr, wh,. iu
fatl you should be a
"1 wit tel you. I think
Shawve ome very' rate
iteaS w1inca mnost people
ht't h They roay ap-
pir 'say msior rhrlt they
m Rbt t mantion hut
they aire vry' vital Many of
these paiope deciar.nong t.sem-
sehes ~ candidates will iRot
make the grate with the
vatercs bSeau,. they don t
haOe thbwe qualities. Vorters.
are not fools any more, they
,iotm w;'ha to Iook tor in
thwir cwtdirate. ,
"An "what are these
qua'tltie s" I thought.
leoutd ask,

'Fi'ta and roremun': I
hak I iave The abiir y
wsvr to accept or admit
resqmaibiltry for anythirg
itha tesg wrong. but as-
'sure &imalunmt credit for

* anything thai. turns nut
right. This simply mans
trn if the Press rightly
quotes you to have said
something that eventually
stands vou n an embarrass-
ing situation, you deny the
whole thing and !ash te
Press in die process as
being irresponsible and on
the payroll of our enemies."
"Does that require a
special ability?'
"It certainly does, there
sren t many people wm' can
say one thing today and
exactly the opposite the
next day without batting an
"What Uther qualities do
vou have?"
"I' think I have the ability
to stay awake while Uiaten-
me to a. lengthy repetitive
boring speech containing
nothing new
"A voter values his vote
very dearly and he con-
sidcrs it wasted ;1 he atears
that his MP Liakes an tc-
casional nap in Parlipraent
during Weiberations."
"Wen did you realize
that you have thi special
knack of staying awake at
aM times?"
"In tars, were else? If
t-fc-a- withstand the-
nonsense I hear mn bars- I
don't see' how I can ,]J ,my
constituency m Pairhament.'"
"'ou may have sonme-
thing there," I agreed.

Greeting .

"Of course,. 1 will tell you
something else, 1 think I
have very strong hands."
"What has that got to do
with being an M'P""
"'Don't you Know' A an
MP greeting and shaking
hands is pan and parcel of
the tob I ust can't iragrmie
how anyO'net with hands
ymae of ciay can survive
a.- an 'MP. If yoo don't
know, shaking of hands as
m a great recreative pastime
i among Memiers 3f Parlta-
ment and oohlitician."
"Does that meanr that
women don't stand mtoch of
a chance? I believe women
don't nave parncuiarly
strong hands,'
"They know it, that's why
very tew of them are stand-
ing and as you very well
kanow, we had very Few of
them in the- last ParliaM
"I never thought -of that
Are there some other quai-
tties yo) haven't told rme
"'I think it. is es.ienthal fur
an MP to enjoy, listening to
his voice. I think I enjoy
listening to mine.".

-" don't think I fothw
"What I mean is that a
good MP must be able to
talk. no matter wh-ether he
is talking sense or rubbish
It doesn't matter d what
you are sayg has already
been covered by other
people or it's irrelevant to
the subject under disca
sito. The voters always
want to hear of the contri-
butions made by the mnan
they voted for. I know of
some MPs not only here.
but elsewhere, who have
never said anythaig in the
House besides 'Hfar Hemr'
and they are j big dis-
appotntment to their
voters "
"I think you are very
well qualified for that." I
assured him

"I know. that's why r
am standing, I have soim
other quality which ma.:r
other candidates don
"Which one is that?"
"I am aiway!s wv.iere tio
people are Most of tht
candrtates-4 rad of C ,
are intending to stand keep
Too much to themt.,ves. Aa
a result thev wil ne-Pver be
able to know what the
people are tninkmt "
"You mean you are
always available in hars?"
"Where else' Th voters
wilf always want to meet
and talk to their M With
me they are sure of seeing
me. There re thoiands of
voters i this country who
have never seen or even
know their MNP '"


"Are you suggesting that
rtn MP should frequent
bars?" -
"Not at all. I am merely
telling vYou that'"'I have one
quality which' most of thow
standing don't have and that
's the knack to mingle with
the people.'
"Comrade. I can see y-u
are welI qualified for the
"I will say it. again com-
rade, qualities of leadlrssitp.
patriotism, adherence to the
philosophy of Humanisma
i.oyalty to the port.y Wi0
Government. card carryhbc1
membership of Cte ptny
and ability to spek
English are just not enduath
Voter-: ir, this election w.i
took far beyond these quai
ties That's why I frel soo
chances are pretty good


Page Five

*'FSany Juari 4 WLV1N

Page Six THE S T A R Friday, January 4, 1974
This will take place on Tuesday Jan.15 The Planet.
at Government Headquarters at 10 a-m. It was predicted that a very bi.
planet would appea~rin the heavens a
NOTE OF APPPICIATI0E few days before Christmas: some of us
Let me wish the .'Publisher and Editor saw it and marvelloe. Is it a sign of
the best for 1974. Let' u also thank you happiness, 4neo i fear? Let us
both for the splendid work you have done hope it bruht ba'k to all of our
for Dominica over the years in the field minds the great sa which appeared in
of journalism. Do keep it up. the East when the three Wise Men tray-
Appreciation of service comes hard yelled Eany'many miles to offer gifts to
in Dominica, But I an sure THE STAR is baby Jesus. It may have been a sign
not just a light but salt in our com- causing numberless worshippers to at-
munity. -_ W. S. STEVENS, MIarigot. tend Church services and to offer gifts
.. Editors-note: Wir thank the above to less fortuiiate' people. It may also
writer for our first tribute of the help to soften the hearts of the rich
year, and have pleasure in printing oil producers and allow God's children
hi Candid Comment on .... suffering from the oil shortage to spend
RAD IO DO MiT I'Nr"O -C--A a season of joy and relief. Even Pharaohs
Radio Dominica as a'medium for in- heart was softened many times
formation and news has, since its in- During the middle east war-in 67 a
ception, been heavilyKand justly criti- good friend of ours from that part"of
cized in many aspects. This time I pro- the world made a remark which somewhat
pc'e to deal with just one of these: shocked me: "This God is a troublesome
the style or standard of spoken speech God." At once we e.plise that the Arabs
to which I (and others) have referred do not favour the 0d of Israel. hy I
on several occasions in the Press,..in quote three pasaG,Qs from Ps.83 & 121--
the interest of youthand the public, 'They have said, Come and let us cut
Our rulers and school teachers do them m., f-'off. bi 'a .tia-a"hat the--
not seem to realise that most of' those fiame of Israel may :e no more in remem-
who are selected to speak over Radio brance... Let the be confounded and
Dominica do immense harm to speech in troubled for ever, 1et them be put to
our schools and nation. As a past In- shame and perish.,.Behold, he that
spector of Schools, I particularly em- keepeth Israel sha neither slumber nor
phasized correct speech in the earliest sleep.' IHUGH AWlRENCE, Roseau.
years of training a school-child. .
Since leaving direct connection with A "SHORT N"Op OF PRAISE
the Education Divisioh, I have always I cannot help eapresaing heartfelt
placed a high value on good speech. praise to bour affable Dr. E.I.Watty on
Whenever I had to donate a prize to a the succesfuui concert performed by his
school, I generally asked the Princi- singing gro-up at our beautiful renovated
pal to give it to a boy or-girl who St.Gerard's Hall oaiv the night of Thurs.
spohe and wrote good English. Dec.20. When one thUtks of this ever
I3aM the jargon and pidgin English hardworking r6ntlePn with very little
which comes over RIdio Dominica seems time to spare, dev ting extra hours to
to be of no concern to-teachers whom we training the Go6odwb Singers sometimes
regard as our guardians"'of educational up to midnight...h surely deserves- even
standards. For rmy part, I have been more than the receot.ly-bestowed O.B.E.
waiting for a united froh-t by teachers My wife and I have nothing less than
at all levels against the' 'bushery jar- high praise for thpas talented and at-
gon' served up'to us as spoken English tractive ladies ina ten or so gentlman
over Radio 590, who used their sweet voices to the glory
I thought the ministerr of Education of God and His-peope: and a special word
MIr.Christian, a quondam teacher,would of praise to Mr. TB2Fnard Eugene. God
take -the lead in a move for Government bless all of them. DEDICATED, Roseau.
to set the pace for spoken English, But AWAY WITH-f0 BL-CIKAIL
recent additions to the staff of-Radio Those who ack oil consumers should
D/ca serve the public up with a crude Thosave their funds Western banks frozen
sloppy jargon that does Dominicans harm trading facilities denied, and aid and
at home and abroad. How do our Caribbean C
neighbours regard us? (Concluded p.8) goods ut off. That's myVICT Roe remedyau.

coo_,*,,,++ ,. ,. .* ,.*- - -,,g? I .. '..

INOM, or ,,',, M ma t. om aM teo I, o
'L Y, 5 ASTiO*' A YC '~alesa vTwe Ra na pa a' sar C
SScki.due d. A, i;ct..opiI for C.LI".: t-t. &i .e and NTtin c, -mci It cip SOi d i te A owep ,,r
z:;t zza. ;a C;'.oc L aTn O t s &yC. PAl fth Sta5e er.from % d"teV ian WAset& pre.
*'l~lML^^ ^w^^ii.""^^""^ |M8wtf~fcy4w 'W&S wv"w 0m. Ansy. ~W ei ww ofiSi~s (figftiosBfe
OwR^Maeri g~~~~efwN 6-'-i1 re Naa^Twf wsit^ whtb r^m^^-f pi^ft
~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ it k~' 9% tMM- rAlL.;'.1! niKO h~Ba^ .al^T~^nm,


I K ~ r-.2

Lt-eA .h tay n hWiu a m- ofa Mm Cnrwfa; te
.' ,C n..:. r. P -.s-s..,. r4- of Tidek in respect 4f
,1973 re- ntnt.etie of a p' rfio, of landi- at*
SPreMIede he rft ., i..-.ASId Jsebn Massacae. m' the F4.
Htm dtay os t t*'.L' ,r ruJ o4Sr Paui ao the
Docemibr, !973 2 rlecwased S*.i r of Doasinica
3W. J p.m. 4by heF ^'.tftk::r Cotantaiin& J 1$469.
k,-,-'--Cihn- AMJ auare AMwt and bounl |
flrsi~p: 4led as SgWt.

4y itin of Hemn of Ben ittn Dmans; rSot y a Pubie
.; &a6 tend o Msn. *kts' Lasrne- West by lanis of
C.At e .aie and iayma 3ttMtngforst. L

S?5sQ Hsyt yyas sReqnwast for th issame
"fes ay H wel of a F .st Certific*te
of %.kIhaaxI r y is S Cf Tit i respI'ect of

A*17t day f s Phrisf *I St.
S"tS d.IS 'Jeb co- ta0 Fag
#. ~15. am.. Lr 11.4 n a s aid bom.
... .. -~.i ,i-- -"--- -- d a rvasfet. -a
I w Natn by a ifj Red; On the Esse by Iead'of
tjr,.-'s L. r.2e; t t4o Sowth by land of c'lipnui Walter
0011! On tite ri,. Ly Paet ed Bcutce 5Detoaese.
) ___ - --^.-UBB.-

I f r tfasted igs"si Vadal Applicatiou bf Iia-
i 7 by his S&dicitor tifAg ViaJI for the
IFjL.rt9 iM..UageBia iX.u& off irst ceti-.
.Citr ficatte of title is ces.
at 11 45 A.S r pot of lot at Sa-
--- ---,-i y Village coan-"
4 taixciing 15408 sqare s
fnt aand Un.iA, as
| -* s> w st'
.tSth: Sy lan4 of Josph T.b South; By land of jenny
sAEx FEst: By land o Sahi.bviy Estve (Roman C. Church
NMeUit.Wtt: BNy Es4d af Macketon Harry, oiutn-Wet: By
fSnd of N1v4edow Frederick WInscofi Frederick and Auste
J Frosf~iAk South- East. By land of Iloy Ailex4s.
tnric t i.

Ra.,qult dated
2.7 8 73
19 125 73
&ce8 1.35 asa

Antony A 3?r
b his ocv
M. Eugei

I Applicat-io of 'Anto
ny Agar fo the isst.
of a first certified to
Sof tide in respect of
LU Haeit Estate in
0the Pariah of St

tweorgw .coaauinn
62.546 acres am
i "s s folews
SNorhmfS: Rl,,or Cross pary separating it frinm Wall HoMse
Estaim owned by L.Rosae & Co. Ltd. 'South Lands of Pir
Lea., Frankiai Lupy,. George Hill. Ra6er& Guinchrope, OCwM
HiS and ac fHt path separwtng it from Snug Corner owa4'



A omtmbirnation of vitaminU Bit B&, NkP e
Aci 4Mat & Quinie in a bse of Red C wn-
k, brry Wine, this dda Wt Wic.l go
S*y sads combattinag the 7-rr
reda fe&iDg which is the result of the z
and srssess of today's living.
So sa developing SANGO Powar woby.
"on 303 per bott at..,
"M bovacA DMVEUT %PN,


(opoit U at Mt 00

i M 'FRTsMff wMAS .''

I *' "'*( E Ja ''. *"

^TAM, VAG^'MO~~ Hos utp .'
.&we'Pax s; C~r N,o. S x '. t"




ZOM BtevSStvSnt 1}



..riniai.. ...i....>a3..iiiia--i


IhilWRb SiSSVf.S.

"*a .'. it r .;r [^ '





&W &Mfttsa~ad CW S.& L&&4ed
Halbom Foaaftbew
*B M. 24511

aRlsitbcs W.L. "*** ',

I .

- M a IN m I t

i-Tn VItf f _

Autn ortaiv., rumours flying around
Roseau indicate that Mr. Jeff Charles
has tendered his resignation to Govern-
&ent as Manager of Radio Dominica.
CRICKET: Over the weekend 21-23 Deco.
the Augustus Groegire League continued
with games between Gutter Crowns and
Pte.Michel at Canefield, and Police vs.
Somerset at the'Gardens.
At CanefieldGutter Crowns gained a
2nd successive win. Alfred Solomon(the
Goalkeeper for Dominica) followed up
his lst-game 53 against Blackburns with
an undefeated 93 against Pte. Michel.
At the Gar.ens, Somerse.t overcame Police
easily enough to win by 9 wickets,
Scores: Polic6 121 'and' 123; J.Lloyd 39,
G.Prestina 24, E.John 38 J.iPierre 29.
Somerset- W.S'aillinford 3/52 & 5/32;
N.S/ford 3/36 & 2/29. K.Laurent 2/13 &
2/42. Somerset 199'ahnd 49./1 R.Cuffy
77 &.'29 n.o., and B.Merrant 24. For Pol-
ic e, J.Pierre 5/ 58,L.Joseph 2/35 and
B.DaXial 2/30.
'For this year's SEL SMHIELD Com-
bian.d Islands will be'without IrVine
Theodore Shillingford," who will be doing
a, 4-month course at IoI6na -CampusjJamaica,
after the C.I. *first match.. In Shilling-
ford's absence, Iike Findlay, former W.
-- ?por w ill lead the team. Shill-"
ingford's absence will surely be felt,
as much-for his catching as for his bat-
tingi The problem .facing selectors
of the Combined Isl.ands. and. Windward Is.
for which he has scored moat of 2248
runs and four of his five centuries and
taken quite a number of catches wlll be
to fin a substitute for l.him.Morchriston
on behalf of all sports fans, wishes
9hillingford Good Luck and heavy scoring
during his course. *
The match between Beach Rovers and
Saints ended in a draw with Saints get-
ting the points for-the 1st innings lead.
INTERNATIONAL SCENE: Australia defeated
New Zealand at Melbourne, Australia, by
Innings and 25 runs. SCORES: Australia
284;doc3. KLtaSo3kolo 122, C appe13i
54, G.Chappell 60 and D.Valters 76.
Hew Zealand 237 and 200:'K.Wadsworth
80 and 30 and Dale. Iadlee 37.
MORE NEWVS: one-third of .Trinidad's mm
Jail was destroyed by fire. this -week-
suspected of being started'by prisoners,
among whom was Abaul- Malfik. *. Dominica Is.
Apts. of Coimmuni- Dev. &'c e ovt
Wt, e.rgi into Lno -brang es ieadoed b Mr.
y ves er os epho inoapcpe U ,
accuses Arab ieaer Saai bi
ag a- ror3am _*****

R.E. Allfrey of Copt ~al 'I.ill -House,, at
26 Bath Road, Roseau Dominica
West Indies.

93 N V. R T

Phci'o 'RAtfk'E

KAPELWA MLUSOIlDA p is a briliant
Zambian writer famod'for his comic-ser-
ious satirical articles. Zambia had a
general election the other day., and al-
though a one-party asate, four Cabinet
Ministers lost thei posts and seats. -*

The broadcasters 'pre not to blame.
The blame falls fairly zad squarely on
the Premier a'd his immediatee officers
who advise on selec#.on of staff. Chil-
dren acquire speech habits early' in l 1
.*.for heaven's sake, parents, teachers,
social workers and people of calibre and
good taste -- rise up and save our chil-
dren from the barbarous and atrocious
stuff served up to them by Radio 590. A
speech therapist foz the benefit of
teachers, youth and the Radio would be
an investment.' I hopp that this appeal
for cultured and sta4.dard speech over
Radio Dominica will receive deserved
support fr-om all concerned. W.S.S..
NEXT WEEK: The Banana Industry.
The CSA. also said'that advance warn-
ing should have been given to allow for
discussion and consLtation with the gen-
eral membership. WTo' are against the
seeking out of pockets of Public officer
and attempting to ppos.ure them, and poss-
ibly create division in the Association's
membership." (All Piic Officers under-
Cabinet Secretary Soignoret had to sub-
scribe to the new rp ulation. The Cab-Sec
said he "was onl- i3lementing routine
regulations and so, hd no reason to ad-
vise the 'd )bf hias actions. )
The CSA me w Ybilo instructed its
members to withhold !a-l oath-taking until
the Association has .bson in consultation
with them
wlth thet' (Aiydap a from REUTERS)

G A S CRISIS -' from p.1l. The CSA
expressed apprbhons`@ n over the increas-
ing danger to which.-he community is be-
in exposed by the iharding of gasoline
in private homos, and the loss in man-
hours'resulting fro- queuing at. gas sta-
tions, voting that nothing short of cat-
astropho would befa4 the Banana Industry
and the life of th6 Qommunity if Govt.did
not act decisively, while urging citizens
to do more walking nd loss driving.Among
CSA suggestions are; an agreed quota to
be released on a weo61y basis to all Gas
Stations", whole would then sell to motor-
ists registered with; them at specified
times ; that .motorist should have their
nks di ed to e- e fai istrib tin
Ad. -I'. e ts-lome I jj seryeo with
riOn Sip or "tajpipn owner or disp 'nser
the deciding factor.-. REUTERPRES LEUS