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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Cable: Star; Dominilca-u. ,!, Y..
Tel: Printery 269l .'tdtor 2610
U. K. -Media Representative :
Colin Turner (London) Ltd.
122 Shaftesbury Ave, W. I. Virt
Vol XVII No. 17 Editor

Y Friday November 16 197:

News from Britain VAL-HA-LA... HA HA ,HA

Royal wedding & State of
P^ ^.. " ^- ..:'P .. ..

Princess Anne & Captain Mark Phillips

Princess Anne for Windies honeymoon
PRINCESS Anne and Princess .Anne. who is 23
Captain Mark Phillips will and fourth ii succession to the
spend their honeymoon British throne, became engaged
cruising in the Caribbean to Captain (then lieutenant)
aboard the royal yacht Mark Phillips of the Queen's
Britannia. Dragoon Guards in May.

WHILE Britain was struiggliing under
Emergency tension- due to strikes and-
fuel shortage, in" little Dominica it
was resurrection wee!:: two dead projects
(Sunxday Island and Dom-Can Timbers)are
lifting their ghostly heads in other
forms. TPhe typicallyv banal name Val-
Ha-La is given to a ;'20 million agree.-
ment signed by Premier Leblanc and Mr.
John behind the people's back. 4. 99-
year lease of Cabrits area lands and
access roads and facilities (undeta41-
ed) to "some of the island's tourist
attractions," are stated in, a release
which did not even hive the nationalit
or standing of the lessees. While we
welcome a healthier Government attit-
u,de to investment, we want to know all
about these investors,bearing in mind
Vesco and the Bahamas. Then we hear'
that Canadians are probing prospects
of a new timber industry. What do tes-
ted Conservationists feel about all
this? We shall resist to the end any
erosion of, Dominica's greatest assets
-virgin forests and'natural, beauty:
even under the guise of exoloitation,
cash and pie in the voters' sky.


Mrs. Elma N

author, legislat(

i 4

. l, *-'- died



or and


oa citizen, wao

this week aged 81

See pie 3

5, I U-T


Page Two n j2 om Ia-. *--.- ,w, $ %

"L E S T WE FO0 R G E T" a Candid Comment by ...W S. STEVENS
Elxctly fifty-five yeats ago at the 11th hour on the Llth day of
the 11th month (November) 1918, the Armistice was signed by the then
Allies France, Great Britain, Belgium, Russia, Italy, |a an, the
United States of America, China etc., and the then Centrq (enemy)Powers
--Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria.
I was a schoolboy at Marigot when on that occasion I heard an address
bythe Methodist Minister, Re v. Edgar Calvert, on "LEST W% FORGET".
Two points were made: 1, the Victors must never squeeze the conquered.
Victors should be honourable concilliatory and merciful. 2, the Allies
must not forget.
The survivors of World War I were generous, but they forgot... and
World War II broke upon the world in 19359. It goes without saying that
nations and individuals need never pretend that all is w01l. The price of
freedom is eternal watchfulness. Rights and privileges cpn be maintained
only by cherishing them always, Taking them for granted ip dangerous.
There are political leaders who spend a good deal of their time stud-
ying just how people take their most precious possessions, and scheming
out how, for their own most selfish ambitions, the politicians might de-
prive those whom they lead of the things vital to life ar4 happiness.
Recently Dominicans have seen their rights and privileges seriously
erQded although these are embedded in a written constition not ten years
Perhaps our e d-oational system has not been emphasizsTRg sufficiently
the supreme importance to our citizens of our freedoms, rights and privi-
leges. Somewhere and sometime we Dominicans have slept and forgotten.
Then we suddenly .awoke to find that instead of building'~grselves into
a nation, the very foundations upon which we should build,'iave been so-
shattered and undermined that it is now very difficult for us to rise
and Cbuild. There is, however, still something in the best of us (despite
,shaken faith and despondent hearts) to cause us to rise an build a new
Dominica upon the present ruins.
A week ago at the National Day Rally at the BotanicaT gardens there
were a lot of empty chairs and seats. Even the children wee not quite
sure what they were celebrating.
The Civil Service Association ally and procession through Roseau,
supported by Unions inside and outside Dominica as well a by citizens
convinced the population that our little growing nation is seriously ill.
Premier LeBlanc made a National Day address that set every man and
woman in Dominica thinking. The tone of his, speech was pathetic. The
Premier did not come through with his accustomed fire. He fiort of appealed
for an armistice, a truce. He had every right and reason tp do so.
Mr. LeBlanc had, all things considered, started well. 't some stage
he either lost his head or he may have -thought that the t^-me had come
for him to carry all before him --forgetting that it was- ,he people, we
Dominicans., who invested him with power not just to' rule oi govern but to
serve. Nobody is going to say that Mr. LeBlanc did noth ng. He did show
political promise supported by his old colleagues. No Government is .per-
fect. No Government can do everything or do it in a perfect way. After
all, Government concerns human beings whose characteristic is to err. But
apart from the contemptuous, .s. to the many suggestions, motions and res-
olutions by the Opposition and other other organizations qgloulated to
help make Dominica a better place, Dominicans have been confronted with a
series of'policies and laws which have antagonized even Mr. LeBlane's
staunchest supporters. n
Uo mention a few horrifying moves, backed by unconscionable laws, one
remembers the so-called "Seditious Act" from which an iron opposition
sprang; the Act to do away with the Roseau Town Council; (contd. pgge .)...

Friday, November 16, 11o 16

LEST WE PFGET...W.Stevens (fr.p.2)
The Grenada Declaration which by this
time would have had us all steeped
in Burnharp' s Obeahisms; the Bank Act
which in these hard days would make
it difficult or impossible for peo-
p1e to draw on their savings, and'
expose their accounts to snoopers;
the State of Emergency which damaged
the image of Dominicaun abroad with
its cruel putting two Civil Servants
under house arrest when no-one strude
a blow or broke a glass window;the
almost doubling of constituencies
when there is so very little revenue,
Furthermore there is the heartless pol-
icy of preventing a-poor man from sell-
ing a portion of his 'land at a good
price to a foreigner; and the policy of
all Governrment Ntinisters to drive a
destructive wedge between the relations
of the police and the public exempli-
fied in speecoLas at the-opening of Pol-
ice Stations.o. just" because sensible
citizens express disagreement with the
-policy of building police" stations while
neglecting hospitals and schools and
finally, th1e intention to call a general.
election aq ekrly as possible, (perhaps
while the ails of Jericho are propped
by the cas le:of Valhalla?) so that the
'rulers may carry onwithout regard to
the feelings and infirmities of the cit-I
izens of Dqminioa.
And one must not forget the holding
down of the '.Banana Far~er who is power-
less under an iniquitous S.R.& 0,
which deprives him of a say in what con-
cerns him personally and economically in
these hard times '
For ohe thing', however, we are grate-
ful: for the discretion Vihich prevailed
and saved the country from "A Tale of
Eight Towns", .
'The above abuses and more that we
are called upon to forgive but never to
forget in 9ay immihenAit or distant elec-
tion should strengthen our resolve:A NEW
GOVterDominica at all costs is a MUSTI
.LES T W E F 0 R G E T
We have received. -longg, complaining
Statement frpm the -DTB & Hotel Assn., and
it is based n. the .misconception that
letters clearly marked."Readers Views"are
articles or Reflections. of editorial opin
ion. However the missiv.e- signed 'for Ns.
Claudette Copla-LartiGue.*. contains some
usetfulJ fact which we may publish later.

Elma Napier, born and educated in
Scotland, has been one of the out-
standing personalities in Dominica
for over 40 years. She was the first
woman in the West Indies to be a mem-
ber of a Legislative Council, serving
for eight years as the elected member
for the North Eastern district and
four years as a Nominated member,fol-
lowing the retirement of her husband
,Lennox Napier.
Overseas Mrs. Niapier was better
known as a novelist. Under her mot-
her's name of Elizabeth Garner she
wrote two novels with Dominican set-
tings: "A Flying Fish Whispered"and
"Duet in Discord". Under her own name,
she wrote three more serious auto-
biographical books: "Youth is a Blun-
der", "Winter4n July"and "Nothing so
Blue" the two last on her life and
travels in Australia,Asiaa & the Paci-
fic. *.. During her years on the-Leg.,
Council she strove for formation of
Village Boards, improvement in primary
school education and was a leading
force in the struggle for the ce;n-
struction of Dominic a' Transinsular
Road linking the Northern District
to the South. In 1954 she represented
the Windward Is. at the Commonwealth
Parliamentary Asan.Conf. in Kenya.
After Mrs. iNapier's retirement from
the Council she continued her work for
the area,making private contributions
towards feeder roads and social ser-
vices especially in the village of
Calibishie near which she lived.
Elma Napier' was the daughter of Sir
William Gordon-Cumming of Gordonstoun,
Scotland. She leaves two daughters in
Dominica Mrs. D.Agar and Mrs. Pat
Honychurch and a son,Michael,in
England, as well as grandchildren and
This good citizen was noted not on-
ly for her intellect and wit but for
friendly loyalty and charity of heart.
THE BURIAL SERVICE: This was con'due-
ted by Mr. W.S.Stevens &t a quiet
interment on Mrs. Napier's land. We
shal, -print more details next weel-
.The CSA has asked.Govt. for a cost..of
living allowance for all grades of pub-
lic officers of -.50 a month.- and is.
hoping for implementation as from Jan.-
Dec. 1973, before Christmas,


R RADIO O G. I. S. by D.C.
I'm the G.I.S. man
They call me Es pu Tan;'
I keep your ears jammed with non-news
lengthy lists and bits of biased v
They call me Mr. Tapes, the organism
mine' s tlha sharpest blade in all t
It's me who edits and makes sure
not a word is heard unless it's pu
Anad I'm the S.A.S. melodious
the perfect radio man;
My dulcet tones make them envious;,
just why, I cannot understand.
I"',m the manager bound by rules;
that make us sound like clumsy foo
I'm the manager in name, alas!
All decisions are taken by the S.A
I'm the radio announcer, the 'boss' d
I hear they monitor every word I s
Next I'll be on G.I.S. I'm told,
My choice of songs left the AG. co
I used to be the newsman, fit and tri
now I playing FJUK, and standing i
How long is anybody's gue-ss,
Maybe they want me too on G.I.S.
(to be.continued next-weoek). .
-. .

Don't listen to your best
friend, girls, especially when
she tells you that your hus-
bahd is seeing another woman.
iews. She wants .to be above suspi-
ng man; cion. SE is the OTHER WOMAN.
he land. Or so a cite Roseau housewife
found out. Ietts, face it..
What- friend contributes heart-
re* ache? Which is. what your
friend DOES when she "tells,
I understand that a. High
Sheriff of Stopper Road had
his horse run into something..
As for the oqwboy, reliable
,ls* sources rveeled hets been
slapped with some charges for
..S. being too quick on the. drawi.
.j. I also know that SCts are'
ay. called"up for definite -periods
of-service. This: one thinks..
ld. he's poliQe ALL THE .TIME. Even
demanding ,that motorists "back
m ,p on bridges when his. horse
n for TIM. is- clearly in the wrong.O
Genuine lawmen are concerned
that this lupatart can be al-
lowed to"bo inue to interfere
with law 'and order in the
State. Which brings me-.to the "Truth ii"n
Buying". Despite denials, vehicles buyers
dependent on da certa3i4 organisation for
loans, are still bein8 told whom they
must get their trucks!o 0 cars from.

I ADMIPO-.T I by Vugh taWrehoe
President Nixon of the United State- -of"
America and Hes. Golda.Meir P.M. of Israel
are *nothing less than two great heroes.
I always adaiire their Goolness and deter-
Smination. I-notice thct some foolish-
Americans prefer to seqe their nose cut
off just to spite they face. A few
nights -ago, I saw Mrs Ioir through tele-
vision at a home in Goodwill. She was..
saying something, to her people; she spoke
in English, and I was delighted. I .would
like to compare her with Judith in the
Old Testament I Surely, all right-thinking
people should .admire6 her too H.L..
last .minute, the R' oyal' Family invite-d Capt.
Mak Phillips'Bmank IHaAger tdU teo RoyacX '

PATRONESS OF MUSIC by .May hristian
All lovers and performers of music
may remember that Thursday coming,
S22.nd November, is their own- great day,
being the Yeast-day of St.Cecilia. Wa
learn from early history that this
pious lady of noble birth in Rome,
started from youth to play and s1g
sacred music. Does our public Jok
forwacd to recitals'from organ, piano,
guitar, drum, steelband, accordion,
triangle and ahac-chac? A.l have the
right to a festival on that. day or .
weekend,.. There are so maiy Chirch and
school-halls -- so many parks. 'I1e might
even use St.Gecilia's Day as a fund-
raising opportunity-for charity*
o. let ua; help spread the wonderful
art called MUSIC.
CG. S. A. AGlA
The Dominica Civil Service has urged
Government by exchange of correspondence
that the remaining weeks of 1973 be used
in negotiating a.detailed grade by grade
review of salaries in the public ser-
vice with a-view to its implementation
in early 1974.

Friday. November 16, 19753


Friday L -

Schedule of Application for Certificat of Tktle and Nhatting
hereon and Caveats for week ending 3 1973-
Date Requested l wv Presenting Nature of requestMwh:th
I er a Certificate of Title
-I Noting thereo or Caveat.

Request dated
the 29th day of
October, 1973.
Presented the
30th day of
October 1973
Sat 2.45 p.m

by his Solicito
Cilnim A.M.

lRequest for. the issue
of a First Certifcate
of Title in respect Gf
a p|-o oa land at
Thiba a in the Pa.-
rish of St. Andrew,
in the State of Domi
nica containing
21628 square feet
and baondedi as fel

North-East by pvbyin Fisher; South-East by land of Mrs.
Musson Lae ng. $outh-West by a Public Track separating
it from lan4 of tlorwille Paul, North-West by land of
Pieear Massiont

Request date
the 29th day of
October, 1973,
Praaente.d the b
30th day of
October 1973
at 11.30 &a.n

Peter ....

Vigilant ne4
>y her Solici
Cilma A


S Request or te issue
e of a First Cert;fcate
of Title in respect of
tor a portion of land at
M. La inme in the Pa-
ay rnab of St. Patrick,
in the State of Domi
Snica containing 1.134
acres aCd bounded
as follows:.

Nerth"by top f precipice- aid land of Erlay Beauplerre;
South by lands of Monica Francis and Sylvia Albert; East
by a Public Road and 'and cf Erlay Beaupierre; West by
land of lone H.p.l.ey.
Request, date Frederick Request for the ssue
the 29th day of Telexmaque of a First Certifcate
October, 1973, by his Solicitor of Title is respect of
Presented the Cilma A.M. a portion of land in
31 st day of' Dupigny the Wesley village in
October 1973 the Pariah of S. As-
at 11.5 a.am drew.in the State of
----.. -. __ Dominica contaming
4.51 acres ano o-ona
dod as follows:-
North by land of Alvan Edwards separated by a Ravine;
South by lan( of Ehsha Andrew, West by land of Kings-
land Teemaque ana Arthur Robir, East by land of Lord
Burnette and Harti-y Edwards.
Request dated Romess Lyach App ication of Roseis
20 8 73 by his Solicit Lynch for the issue
Presented M. Eugen of a First Certifcate
30 10 73 Charles of Title in respect of
at 10.25 a.Bm a portion of land at
Grand Saeane, Salis-
bury in the Parish of
St. Joseph containiag
8752 square feet and
bounded as follows:.
North.-Wes By the Public Road; Nonrth-Et:
By land of Nora Joseph; South-East By land of
Cherte Vidal. Sou h West By land of Tiille-

Request dated B tia rd Application of Ber-
26 9 73 C' iM e inard Chassiau for
Presented by his Selciw the issue of a First
30 10 73 M. Eac |ia Certificate of Titdl in
at 11 O.clock Charile respect of a porties
----of lad at GiraAdel
in the Parish of St.
George containing
1.184 acre and howu
ded as fellows:.
North: Public Road; South: Land of Nelson Chstseau;
East: Public Road; West: Public Road separating it
from sawd of Augiste Harve.

Request dated Philip Harve Application oK Philip
14 9 73 by his Solicitor Hair for tie isse
Presented M. Eugenia afa First Certifcate
30 10 73 CharlesI of Title in respect of
at 10.30 a.m j a portion of land at
Girandel in the Pa.
rius of St. George
containing 0.889
acre and bounded
as follows:-
North: Ravin* separating it from lands of Samuel
Bardoule and Charles Bully; South:Pubitl Rfed;
West: Land of Auslste Harve.
St Caerine Request for the issae
the 29th day of Vigilant wee of a First Certifcate
October, 1973. John of Title in respect of
Presented the by her Solicit a portion of land at
30th day of Cilma A. La Plain. in the Pa-
October 1973 Dupiay rish of St. Patrick,
at 11.45 am in the State of Dqmi
~a" containing 4221
square feet and bnm
ded as f mws:
Nerth by land of Clarina Alphonse; South by rand of
Rggleis Bougouneaux; East by land of Isaac Ali;,
West b a Public Road.
cd of Application for Cerdlcate of Title and Noctn
.- d 1 fo- r 4-, r weekAnd 20njh ja Otof- U MM

t ereon sa avea s

Requet dated
the 24th day
of April 1973.
Presented the
15th day of
October, 1973
at 2.50 p.m.

Irael J
by his S

Nerth-Westerly by land of
by land of Fllx John Marle
way seprating It from land
ly by land of Matilda Otiva

ohn Request for the issue
rie of a First Certifcate
solicitor of Title is respect of
l H. a portion o f land
.ckart known as a Residen-
tial lot at Sc i Head
I in the Parish of St.
M a r k 'containing
1352 square feet and
bounded as follows:-
Victoria Lewis; NdrthtEaerly
: South-Easterly by a Rught of
of Luke Jervier; South Wester

asm, Dominca Actima Registrar of Titles
NOTE- Any person who dshes e a object to the d Wue of a
tirst Cer;Acate. of Title in the abo application my easir a
Cavea in the above Ofce wthhln as weeks from the de, Id
he first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR.Newspaper
bilished IN this State or from the date when the mocrce pe.,
i wthd.by lw wa served on any ower or occupier a( .t
is respect of which the appicatto. Is made. d



. Tvsv STA


Paize, SixTHST RFda,*~ombr1 "i3

01ction 11 MA i. jTjII' uynVila adbT
"But what business is dat I heah-
in enh Titine," demanded Baby one
"What business?" Ma Titine raised
an eyebrow.
"Dat business about Burnham legal-
izing obeah nunh'"
"Oh," Ma Titine exclaimed, "all I
know is that soon all obeah islands
will do the same."
Genelia waved a. TIME-magazine in
her hand.
"I suppose they are going to fol-
low this man in San Francisco, Anton.
La Vey, who has started that Satan
cult," she said.
"What about him?" Baby enquired.
So Genelia read out the article
to them, and showed them the pictures
i+h An+.on TLa Veyir (nomn rle+.te wi +.

Let's face it U This year's "Nat.
Day Celebrationi" i as just a. BIG'FLOP;
41though the-trumpeting from e-osyov-
ernaent circles tio-ild offer a far" dif-'
ferent tune. The cultural, art, poem,
short story etc. comIpeitions and.-dis-
plays were the "sloppipst"...EVER'I
The turn out, though' at an astonishing-
ly unanticipated, unpxpected fair
standard -- in mockers' estimation -
was a clear indicatin- that supporters:
and sympathisers of ,.e CSA greatly
outnumbered that of le government.
And, until a statement on the raffle
is OFFICIALLY RELEAS .4 we cannot help
but wonder whether toe Treasury didn't
have to subsidise to ,eet cash-prizes

horns and sword) leading costumed demands.
members in a 'ceremony of the beasts': The entire affair requires complete
all dressed in animal costumes, he investigation and repzganisation; not
Anton, of course, depicting Satan. b those whoed like t gain honour for
t"You tink Burnham will do all doing it but,,by VOLUTlEERSa who are,
dat?" Baby was curious. personally confident hat they "know
Ma Tit ine laurhedo their onions." For instanCe a. lottery
should replace. the monoy-rush raff6e;
"You never know what these people should rPlaceSthe moby-rAh raffle=
are up to or what they can do." cash awards PLUS medals (or GASH, and
G NO medal) should (like the Nobel Prize)
Genelia. shook her head. take the place of the present system,
"I don't think they will go that and award.winners should always. be the
far, but lookout. I feel sure that GOOD CITIZEIS who "go the extra, mile "
one day they will follow-fashion and to render FREE SERVICES to their corn-
legalize obeah here." munities and, not...to .hose who get -
Baby nodded emphatically* PAID to do THEIR .JOBS-. The ceremonies.
"En henh. dey already believing in should be held Tn -LdtffEornt village
a1 so much. I heah dey does take EACH YEAR with a plaque or bust (of-
bain an all dat when..." she raised some past heroic native) unveiled at
her eyes. "Allyou know what I mean." the centre as a life-3 ng monument.
Ma Titine and Genelia smiled and Well, the'cheap jui5.,ip should be DONE.
nodded. AWAY WITH, entirely.
"Is -I that know!" said Ma Titine, On the awards -issug: who. gets THAT
"I see Ancine goin by Ti-noonoon ...and, for WIHAT? Oif" 3tb toJEFF CHARLE&
yestahday...I bet is aome coco- for his contributionso-o SPORTS and
ma aaue she goin to get for Pet bROADCASTINI~4G SWINGIMN STARS- for 15
Nathaniel Baby shrugged her shoul- years in the promotioA of music, show-
ders in disgust. biz and entertainment- and encourage-
"Anyway," declared Ma Titine, "I ment to young-enthusiasts, GAYLORDS-
know they will have stiff competition. POWER UNIOIT for projecting the image
..this coming general election is of Dominica to the- world...what stops
going to be very interesting. It fols from qualifying for THI
will be a case of Ha-ha-Val-Ha.-la, award.,, they've earned it just as much
papa case oaHonestly, I expected some honours to'
papa .. ... be vested in the Hon.Premier for the
able manner in which he has manipulated the guvner; to Attorney-.General for his
super efficiency in amending the laws of the State to .protect our very unpopular
dictatorial misanthropic regime, and the regime itself for (a) crippling the is-
land's economy and (b) making Dominica the world's. symbol for ridicule.
(Concludedl on back page 8)


Friday, iQ.vember 16,,.1973

Page, Six




ROSEAU, Friday
Nov. 2 (Mater)-Domiani.
en iLis no FLsVM to keglsbeo
obeah, a governmeAt
wninister stated here

The minisea was con-.
mentiar o the Guyana
Government's decision
iannoaed ta Wedes.
day by Primae Minister
Forbesi BSurnha that the
frm if witchsraft "o4
be lewflfed uamer was a
Meamn of rvmetiag
Guyanm& vere'

ISmainies, with is
Frenei darnd Afreian in-
finence, is eme of the
Caribekw eoantrics
wher AMe Practsce of
hse %Alk a rA" is ably

tar saw &he pmeardee
wOuN rtaidn iflega"

But Mr. Alwyn Buty,
a director of the P w s'
Actio Tyheatyr. a local
cultIuil aroupa exress4
mmixed frecli dating
that if oabelh could e
analysed and cam shew
no haiinful eCTet thde
he weakI asee with
legvh&aaEs it.

Mr. BuBy Ake Maid
he teme to ie with
the general view point
esprese in Guyaaa.

Preadisay a t r en g

froma a Drai

Fr. Edward Aksande',
34, Who *aid that eeah
Created ~a wrong

'1hea'e is ao douo
in my mind that ;
deeftaa firmn Tea fam &
hdue God and that it
reae fear im the Wn&
of perop.

haWt ke have raiold

CjinacHba uobear "fr

Guyama agn other
Atfiam vlern mS ts"
lm b"" WAu to be

The G vanese Prime

that the 1a w would
Censure that m ame
p"en d'id Ws seek to
practice obeah -for
capilit gains.
Re criticized the Wm.0
preedon given in some
quarters that Goyanese
ad B cafr. ad dao
gesend toa i boe i s
d4aae MgaizH mawk

Gwyama asb e

= a"d the a- 4
Ibranm and AfBican
aractices SO&l W

and obrah comdu male
the Guyanese eah~w
richer, bh added.
Fe explained t fI a r
culture wai not m&es
ability to copy "ear
former colonial Jmvers
at the tabe. k ie
how to eat, uing the
right rensils..,*
It was a total-
experience of a pMeae
Snd a nation portraying
their ways of rife ex-
presota of arts, their
hiAtory, yearning, a oira-
tian.. succeeds. tmva.
and the geas the y
wanted to achieve.

Asd in Barbades the
Analican ish. df
Barbados the e v.
Dreael Goine, said
l4aay that -+e Geyamn
Government phions 0
IleBih obeek a form
oa wheiayft wa a
very I atreimdte ftep
1fr a forward nmal
SaMs Gomae sit

ad "from a qhristi
M otf view it emet

"I wouM savy it's
very unofo-tat at p
for a forward nation to
take,' he adted.


Page Seven

Eight THE STAR ?i4day,1'4oyember l6,l97~

S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S*.. ..Morchriston
Football. The Dominica team lies at the
po f 6the'Bopham Tournament table with
two home wins against Grenada (4-2) and
St. Lucia (1-0). For the first time,
evory team will meet twice in one home
and one away match with neutral (other
island) referees. On Wednesday 7th the,
State Team convincingly defeated Grenada
who netted first early in the second
half~. renewed efforts by our boys saw
goals come in quick succession to lead
4-1. Grenadats second goal was the last
in the match and for them some aonsola-
tion. Goal scores for Dominica:.
Io Benoit (2) and W.Dontfraid. *Sundayls
pouring rain prevented the players of
oth the St.Lucia and Dominica teams
giving their best in the mud. The game
ho- er was a tough one with St.Lucia
(1 ,S) enjoying the better of the ex-
c^ .3es, for the greater part of the'
ma. a. Our boys. however were always
keen, and looking for the opening, and
when Herminus Emmanuel about five min-
utes before the end found the nets with
a. beautifully placed right-footer, it
w.s' for us the match.
'Our triumph so far we owe mainly to
the skilful forwards, Emmanuel, Dowhurst,
.-unoit and Dontfraid who are always all
,vex the place., and yet always around
'"- oppositients goal for tbat opening.
rWeGVert the team has been playing well
and Starsports wish them well in their
-4 matches before they play St.Vincent
., ow ber 30.
Ot-'hz matches to date: Grenada defeat-
SSt.Luoia 3-1 wrhilt St.Vinsont tri '
.hod over eGrnada 4-13. All'Grenada's
-'tches have been a yLO gaOes, touring
a young side.
-LULTXGS, COn Sunday 1ovenber 4th the
1aEon"'1 Sports Council staged a .fairly
successful Athletic Meet at the Windsor
Park where a large crowd turned out to
see rather average performances. The DGS
not unsurprisingly dominated the Meet.
The school's possession of its own
grounds and the keen, very highly organ-
ized Annual Inter-house Athletio meet
accounts for this. At the Meet,'DGS's
J.C.Lawrence, a natural athletic, was
the champion senior athlete ama A.Shil-
.1.',igford champion boy. The beam captured
oOr 30. modals, including 13 golds. Gir3s
took part in the meet.
CRICIGT. Pakiatan has beateh a Rest of
thoeorld XI led by hli.n Ka hai- 2-nil
at two matches played to raise funds

R A P by ElEm (from Page six)
And here's a GOAT HEAD medal to the
Premier who, like ITixon,' remains in off-
ice despite inside party pressures to
RESIGN. Similar trophies go to Mr. Francis
Andre for all he did for the State (es-
pecially A.uring the State of Emergency)
and Mr. A.Active for stepping in at a
very'crucial moment of crisis. And, tin.
aLly, to the NEW CHRONICUI for...for...
for evading the bleak truth, perhaps for
fear that Government might victimize those
in management whom it formally referred
N 0 T I C E
The general public is hereby noti-
fied that with effect from 1st Decem-
ber,19735, sales of Petroleum Products
from the undermentioned Gasolene Sta-
tions will be strictly cash.
Individual customers have been
fully circularized to this effect:
Goodwill Service Station
Valley Engineering Service Station
Parkview Pilling Station- Goodwill
Prentice Service Centre
Newtown Service Station
Mondesire Service Station
Newtown Gas Station -
Hillsborough Filling Station
Rockaway Service Station
Esso Filling Station Grandby St,
READER' VIEW:' Dear Editor/, I have
been feeding my hens with pellatlay-
er- for 3 months but in all that time
they haven't played a single egg. Is
it a .hen disease or is something
wrong with the feed? I got vexed and
gave it to the dogs instead. They all
like it, but I still have no eggs. or
chicks. Even the cocks are not acting
like cocksw FARMER.N.E.Di4,triot.
AND ATOTHERM Dr. Eric Williams .,ot cast-
igated for not attending Armistice Day
femombranco after resigning. Ihat of our
Premier iwho t ov. attended t all even
*while drawing his salary? Lorislator
ISTARSPORTS. ....for relief of flood vic-
ti T-nTiat country.
.The Augustus Gregoire League is sche-
duled to start on November 23. Eleven
teams have registered to participate
in the league which will be played in
two zone&s the ground at Ganefield
and the Botanical Gardens will be used.
Fra.nted L Rublishod by the Proprietor
R.E.Allfrey .of Copt Hall Mill House at
86 Bath Rd. Roseau Dominica West Indicas.


Fr'daypoyember 16,197a

Page Eight

Sb' THE STAR Sepgh^m5THE(ii.
vt m ... ... .... : z Z- .Z'-- A ... ,H L IW F~ ... ..D ... .
- - '

TrrTU'. WYRa c4ON Ac-t.

Sche-dule of Appteatioa for ar o Titte ad .a g
there"n ;.0w Caams for wemk 7ftk day of Nov- 1973
Bte KR aed U trson Pr- Nature of request wheth
_J r x Certificate of Tttle of

Roquestt daltod EK aSan11ee Request for the issa.
25th Oceiier Stmni1s and of a First Certifcate
of 1973. Justinas VWNs* of Title in respect of
as tatianta i a portion of land si-
Presented 13th comess ina tuate at Wesley, in
November, 1971 eqal 7shim the Parish of St. -Aa.
at 10.4o0 R a. y their Saci. L ew in the State of
er ClmaB A.M.1 Dominica containing
Dupiga 8 5 2 8 square feet
o-d- -and bounded ias foA-
Nwrth by sland of Chrisrsat PMi*.p; South by land of Ed-
uond Rhkanrds aPd a Public Rosd; East by land of Euven
Maxweil; West by hn4d of P ildhaer Prosper.

Request dateid
the iSt day
of October
IProsented the
13th 4ay of
November, 1973
at 1330 a.m.

Braeh and
Annie Biwe
by their Sefiz
e. rQ mib A ;
Du* gay

.. ... 2",

Request for the isaus
of a First Certifcate
of Tidte in respect of
a portion of land at
Woodford HiL, in the
Parish of St. Andrew
in the State of Domi.-
wica containing 2778
square feot andl bon
died as foffaowea:

North-East by a Puhilc Road; SavhEast by land of Reuben
William: South-West by lad L B 8rownie Andrew; and
Nortn-Wes by a Bye Road.

sr.du nds f Appekatka (f- C"
9Wwe mn Cawntt for week

]Request dated
the 20th day
of Aurgut 1973,
Presented the
17th day of
October, 1973
at 2.30 pim.

ipy his Solk*i
Randall H.

late of Title and Notiiw
h day 0 October 1973.
Reque t for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Tide in respect of
All that piece or par-
cel of land at Goil-
lette in the Parish of
St. John containing
12,888 square feet
and bounded as foli

r NVtw bya & Mee004; Ensrt by land of Heis of
eandesux Aarton; 5t9h-Wettwiy by nd of Lambert Vicer;
I gad Westerly by !ad of Ekeanora Avon and Octavie Wallace

%Bst?, uatwik, Aeftss Regitrar of Titles
:- Asy pumia woo dai"es 00 object to thi %ne of a
C a cae of Tte in te a bafts appication may enter a
Csveat In ee abiov Office wekotn oat weeks front the date af
e firstapwran r of this Schwlei ,It the STAR Newspaper
Jilsfed aw t~ e Staie or froni tae 40a when thte noice pre
*rbe by i o a mrwod om aey a or occupier of aodQilg
kv reapimt ofwnk* tk* =!!ft Is "M".

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SappknmM (i)



~mni~i~snent ii Friday N.vmmb~jI6~l97I


Everybody in the Bahasam today knows Robert Vesco. The
whole world knows about him.
In this column recently I wrote an article bout what had
aBedly happened to the overmment and certain business
dements in Costa Rica after he moved a lare chunk of money
htro that state.
Now he is in Nassau where it is reported. be controls a large
bamking and business empire.
Like in Costa Rica, Mr. Vesco is inea to government. Mr.
rhadini hinsdf has admitted that Mr. Veaco helped to finance
de PL?'s last election campaign and I am told that he put. a
mountain of money into the recent independence celebrations in
the Bahamas.
When questioned by the foreign press on the Vesco
contributions to his election fund, Mr. Pindling took the attitude
that this was not anybody's business.
It is dear that the Bahamas government and others in Nassau
welcome Mr. Vesco to the Bahamas.
Now. one of his alleged enterprises is reaching out to the
people. The Commonweakh Bank has advertised in the press that
it is giving beach parties at night for all comers.
In addition the bank has sent out invitations to certain people
in the island asking them to come out and help them to entertain
thea people.
The common people!
And so art effort is now being made to put a price tag on
everything in the Bahamas and, in the process, the Bahamian
people will lose a character that had attracted "quality" people
the world over to our shores in former years.
My prayer today is that God may preserve what is left of the
charactr pf the Bahamian people. EE E

spokesman for Robert Vesco,
accused of "looting" a mutual
fund, Friday pledged
"partnership" with the
Bahamuin government, Vesco's
metue so far from U.S.
Canadian financier Norman
Leslnc promised an infusion
of capital in the newly
independent island nation that
he said relies "upon investment
from abroad."
In return LeBlanc said,
Vesco's expanding finawvial
empire in the Bahamas sougHt
ccntinmtion of the Bahamas'
liberal tax and banking laws
wad the vital work permits for
foCrign specialists.
LeBlanc's 19-minute speech
before a Nassau Rotary club
was described as the.. first
public address by a Vesco
spokesman since the New
Jersey expatriate established a
flasncial base here
A t' W

Two sisters, Jenny sat
te Gibby, wRse kMil
at about I a.A. on 20th.
October when they wen
pudsed fto a 6th floor
window of a ManhatMa
Ho in New York. The
Graedia girls had lived.
ia Trinidad for many yeam.
Monty Williams, a 29-y-
old Trinidadia, who ao-
Jeypanied Jenny to her
ibttsB fat shortly be-
fre the tragedy, was beime
sought by the Police for
qtsestioning but he threw
himself ia ftiont of a.
train awd died an the spot.
Jenny 30 and June 26 we8 e
the daugters ct Mr. C, ].
Gibbs, a well-4knowa Civil
Servant, who sorved *wi
yeas in SL Vincent and
was once Administiator of

F--- Murder -

NatA)M. Jenny Was aMi,
iag at the New Yoit Office
of the Grmeada Tourist

.Boavti amd Jtne wIa a
BWIA 'losatemsa. Thte bodies
of the 2 girls were flown
beck to Trnidad where
their mother lives.

--- ,fW

Friday .Nevenew 16,1973