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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 11-02-1973
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-' ":,. 1Jolihn Turner (t.ondon) Ltd.
122 Shaftebury Ave. W. 1.
iVoxVs RNcsr "


by Marla A, "J
The miracle of problems and crises with
which this country seems to be plagued in re- Aw* sal An
cent times has had apd is having all sorts of Was the .1
effects on the thinking of the people.
The school leaverp can find no jobs. The ts more at i
farmer is losing money as cost of production true nova
r(abour, fertilizer, transportation etc.) goes up A fm ners to
and crop '.iciI go down. The buasiaessn is eame "nce .On in
in a quandary, the people have no money to his Ir. Afi. b fe b t
goods do not selL The cost of living is sky rock- d ioa e ski 4 & rA
eating. Educationis in a mess. The Health Scr- s pajty m in M .l
vices are een -worse. Tourism? Ha! Ha! If you Iaamale. I *.
were a tourist would you go on a visit to a conm halSw ia fia. Loas
try which jaiis its civil servants? Of course not! AlB v e mX a a
to tourism is out. .AM.
The above are only Almptma of a-hronic '
fifeen year old malady which is slowly e ti C/H i
awy at Al "actt of the ymmay of '* Vl{7 AT-

'**y for instiMne, was it necessary D). Q ron*P--
forthere to be i fuel crisis lasting READ ON PAG
for several weoeki? If Goverimaut eoi ld ABOUTr
meaet with thi e tpAosg ie a coore4 aud C S S. PUTR
w-ithin 24 hours of a B.JA.I.C. alti"at fouwdor of
arrive t .an agremsept with the compan- AIM-AM1CAM BAr
its on. the qu aotion of pieces : what pre- IELmMMM
vTnted that /saame agreed flt .frtm beiag GARFIELD
arrived at two mwths earlier!? as it GIRAUD
necessary for Coconut, products to cloe
down first? Ias all the hardship saf- fCryoGnrfi ed
fcred by truck driversibarnaa-grovers, firaad diGd of
moUtr ear owners etc, really necesery?
as somebody deliborntely trying to
bring this country to ha l "
on heavy cn-
rSs. ffl ofS ) atruction work.
nt aitged only
Next week the STAFF of the STAR o20, ho hnd gone
will be having a much-needed holiday. in aourch of a
There will be no issue, on Nov 9 and fre tiad better
the next STAR will appear on NOVEM ie. We hall
BERi 6. i him a lot.

wrag. headline* Ia thA
>rgan this veek.ve regard
Jealoua screech because
ichas rely on BRG'A for
coverage than the lis-
590. Do you know that
ica had a chance to be
e1 sitO of BIG A, but
-jected it? We think BIG
gives ftll,fair couego.



P~.ge Two THE STAR Friday, i~ovember 2,, l97~3


... by D. CAUDEIRO]

He wears so many hats, He's an artful, an-g mus -=w9i1 ma.---
the New Aristocrat who miles even as he stea .s
he often dons the wrong one. professing love for public brown and land
He's rich and sleek and fat, while he plots, and wheels ajd deals.
the New Aristocrat, He's black this week, next week he's turn-
he has not been long one. ing white,
Cocky, the man of many parts, today a leftist, tomorrow he'll swing right;
the New Aristocrat, lat year a ruaist, this yearw he's passed
he'd rather switch than fight a lraw
More chameleon than cat a rich man with estates, he's the protec-
the New Aristocrat I tor of theooor.

"is Centre, Left and Right. -
He sees jumbies everywhere
he was a jumbie once you see.
His ratings re-echo in the air,
he lays the blame on everybody'.
Educated, learned to a degree,
he changes posture by the hour;
the status-keeper he's come to be,
foxy, full of staying power.
Flexible, he's where it's at,
the New Aristocrat
Shas crossed the floor before.
No problem doing that
for- New Aristocrat,
a slick and snobbish boor.
His art is double-talk and double-
and triple-cross and lies,
formidable with pen and ink
a master of disguise.
He's everything to everyone, to
anyone and all,
he's socialist, trade unionist,
capitalist too;
he's working class, middle class:,
anything you call,
he's people's man, and ladies' man,
......... ......... .. he's even YOU.
His friends today are what
the New Aristocrat
used to call 'Milatre';
he's joined them now, and that is
the New Aristocrat, that,
a natural in the part.
'Gros boug' or lowly rat
the Kew Aristocrat
a well-respected business man;
scandalous, fond of tit for tat
the New Aristocrat
dedicated to his own success, man.

Born a guttersnipe, an alley cat
the New Aristocrat
gifted at half-truths.
His new clothes cannot change that
the New Aristocrat,
is vermin, coarse, uAouth.
His bank account bears overload,
his new abode its special road,
Jack is nimble, and likes to travel
; wide
On public funds, expenses paid he'll
Like most who've neve4b had it so
he's gobbled every single thing he
- could;
Like many who've tadted once of power
the glutton wants the.whole world to
Social climber from the start,
the New Aristocrat
has trampled many sop4s along the wa'
Self-appointed plutojyt
the New Aristocrat,
is climbing still they say.
The arbiter of words, ret semantics
e.ave him cold,
even when he's spealkng,he does just
a6 he's told,
coining phrases to suit occasions
abusing every side,
grinding axes or citations
being flip or hip or snide.
Those who knew him tell you that
the New Aristocrat'
used them, bled them'where he could.
Vindictive opportunist, he may well do
the New Aristocrat -that
your downfall does him good.

(Last three verses on nage 5)



Page Two


Friday, Lovember 2, 1975

His smile only cracks the mask he wears
with the further elevation of his name, The STAR was wrong in
the man of many faces has no cares or fears its figures of duty on .gas-
enjoys hi schizophrenic game, oline last week but not
He smiles because he knows it doesn't matter, as wrong as the Government
and he can always wield his vicious pen, release' If we get gasoline
and should his present glory shatter from Trinidad the agents
he can always switch allegiances again. (Shell,Esso,Texaco)pay 23)%
duty: it used to be 280;and
If I have gone on somewhat, 400 consumption tax. If the gasoline oomes
the-New Aristoerat from Antigua we pay no duty, .only the con-
deserves complex te exposure. sumption tax of 400 (the WIAS Council agaed
Blended in the vies on 32 but Dominica ignores that and maies
the New -Ariqtocrat
requires total ceit sure, it 400) The idoaof the 'consumption duty' is
to mathtan thle figent of. "Free Trado" within
Meanwhile hets standing pat, the Scheduled countriEos (Trinidad, Antigua and
the New Ariptohrat, Dominica are all inh.the Schedule of Act 14 of
doing wrong, upright. 1968.) without the-fact of Loss of Revenue
Saying this :and doing that but the duty can oiry7be levied if import dut-
the .New Aristocrat, ies have been nrremoved,altered,reduced or pro-
He's-sleepirg well tonight, gressively phased down'!(Act 14). ......
"- "____ _ ....._'_ "'_ *..The Gasolihne Duty has been altered frcm
(CGap..265 Laws of Dpoinica) 280 per gal. to 20 per cent per gallon in Act 24 6f
1972, gazetted Ocit. 19, 1972' Consumption Duties firastappoarod- before this -
'in S.R.O. 23 of 1972 (gazetted" Sept.28, 1972), but gasoline & petroleum'products
wore not mentioned. The Consumption Duty was put on these items by S.R.O.2 /o6
1973 (1.2.73) wit1 g'asoline at 450, but this was promptly altered to 400 three
weeks later by S.R.O. 4. Since" that time the Big Three have been buying from' H.I.
Oil, Antigua, to q4veo th6-20% duty, after price control had been established on
the" basis of Antiquan gasol3ihe. Loss of revenue in'the first six months must have
been considerable1 but in September and October 1973 it must have been astronomic,
if you add the upset to industry, agriculture and the service,industries liko
transport, I understand that a Shell tanker-was due'yesterday,Thursday,bringing
gasoline and some 'exaco bunker fuel for Dominica Coconut Products (which should
be able to resume produition next week). The controlled price (w.th some reduct-
ion of duty) will-be $1.20 per gallon for two months and $1*22 anter that.
One might question the figure of 14,000 gallons of gasoline that the Govern-
ment appears to require easa reserve for "essential services"." ALL Government
Departments in 1969-o70 only averaged around 4,200'gal~.S per month, and the medical
dept. (which one dealer was informed ,r.eqired' '1000 al.- weekly) only. used 1000"
gals. A YEAJR Siope~ that" time th eriEi&been an ricreased use of diesel trucks.
Even if one includes banana trucking,-.something seems to be '-wrong With Governments
estimates of "essqptial service requirements" -- or do the i-nisters and Permanent
Secretaries require and .ase some 100i00 gallons a week on essential duties?.
1971 AUDIT R)PORT oextracts'for 'this week: .
"Para 68 Land Rejtt Regisbers Gomier Stewart, Iings Hill and Rosalie Estate."
With exception of.donier Stewart settlement it appears that records are not'being-
kept. No rental had been collected' in' respect of either settlement during 1971."
"Para 11. Final _iule 'To. 30 requires that 'Epenfditure properly charge-"
able to the accounts'of a given year shall, as far-as possible be met within t-e
year'. This regulation appears to have been contravened" whei expenditure of'at"
least $33,9779,350 chargeable to the 1971 Accounts was disbursed in January 1972.'."
I hope'readers find these items helpful ad a guide to how their taxes are
being spent,, in the past and probably even more so today.:
And to all those who intend wending their way eithe'"to6 the G.S.A. Rally or
the Govt sponsored Botanic Gardens show and all that"follows afterwards, I wish
,you all a happy and incident-free National Day or Days.

Friday,November 2, 1975


Page Three.

by W.-S-.St-evens Poem: S W E E T 'L A' N D '
October and -3ovember are the- months Sweet land.,
when prayers are offered in Churches f ,
for farmers. Th Dominica Earmer cer- abundant fertile island,
tainly needs prayers and substantial riers cascade to sun swept
assistance, and I do not apologise for, Caribbean,
bringing up his case again, history buried on your shores;
The increase in the price of gas lush mountains
will add to his burden. His r6ads to engulfed inmists, a Japanese land-
get his produce oub are now beyond re- scape,
pair. EXen the public highiways are bamboo,palm fronds,frangi--pani,
yielding up the cement-tarrish "dump- flowers, fruits, bright birds
lings. or blocks" in which. the hard pirouetting;
boiled Ministry of Commhiiiidtiohns and a harvest festival national pride,
Works believes... leaving potholes to a glowing future, a rich heritage of
be filled in again withi"ia ow" months". ,chv t,huility,h eautyp
At Banana. Boxing' Plants, bays arec- toilachievementhuilityappiness,
*aven ground: of cost, while the Tmhrers a place with a touch of heaven, this,
have to wait unduly to sell thoir few sweet land.,
bunches of banana;, Theseo"arc days, our land.
Mr. Uatoxr, when there is no onhe to ..Christopher Roy.
complain to.
complain to. The above poem was Third Prizeoinnher
The banana. price is kept up in the in the. -ational. Day 1973 poetry compotit-
U.,Kowhile the farmer i" "old quite un- ion,
ashamedly that the Summer. Bonus (250 ... .
per lb) hasbeeoon reovod. .Jt hno he YOUTH NS FROM 11 E S L E Y
will hear of a; lower winto.r pri.o. The .;osloy Society for.the Promotion"
Nothing is:being done to accommodate of Youths elobaed its 4tAnniv6rary
.the lroh to December crop in -974. in the form 6f a woee4's activitios t2 st
Boxing Plants were put. .on largo stats 27th October, which included goxng to
at .tremendous, coats. bw tho Managing the Roman Catholic Church and taking
Committee is:working overnight to trick active par-t in the service; a debate'
farmers into constructing their own. on Paronts are roipoasiblo for delin-
Boxing Elants with little funds, no quents in Dolminica ; a camp fire ; visits
water and bad roads that have not been to the sick; visiting the Londonderry
repaired for years.. Bahaha growers in Regional Youth Gcmp; entertaining the
the other Wind~rd Islands get .a high- public with a talent show. Also cleaning
or price than do the Dominica Banana and beautify inJ t.o ar6a around the ovlth
Growers. .. Centre. Quite a round pf achievements a
But for the trade I gihouhn provi- 1 -1- 0ofl iry a
in d of Konnedy., aAvo. victims la.
sions etc. in the northern islands, Reosaayf .. K... c v
the Dominica farmer would be past pray- CANDID CO13 NTSifr5.d Ql) The Airport up
ing for. -................ till recently got Dlact city from sopar-
Electricity in the INorth-East. It is ato plants. Trchlights had to be- hurried-
two .years since electricity has been ly obtained rocbntIy f6 enable a:. plane to'
established in the North and Iorth- land when tho plant b.oko down. G.ovorn-
EKst. This section was- to cover vil- mont must patronize itp own service and
lagos from Penville to ThMriigot-Atkinson. keep a plant as st~andby. The Weirs-
larigot, Wesley, Blenheim, Vieille GCaso Marigot School is in-aoed of light even
and Penville wore servc' W6ooford in the day. Both tho&Mrigot Hospital
Hill, Calibiahie and Anae-de-MHi have and the Police Station ioero linked to the
not yet been served. Government In- service only afeor Ii hd represented the
formation Service should explain the matter to Government-.
roeason why intervening vdllagso .have By the way, 'Mr. Ediftr, tho Marigot"
notp yt boen sorvoed. Ho(nspital is a trap. --.io, floor has been
a.danger to life and limb' for over a. year. The Mii istry of Hoalth- is probably
waiting for a. dblogation b6efbr doing urgent repairs. I thinlked a. patient there
rgcontly for warning me against breaking my leg through a rotten floor studded
with holoa-.


Friday, November 2,1973



S T A- R ae Fv

Pridam 011amber.r. 0 _.9 oT ItE E
Fiction MA- TITNE -ynthia-Watt
"This week is really & bussy week," Ma
Titine observed cauplly, as she wiped
and put away the brea4cfast dishes. "I
must go for my ralcy shirt this morning'
And sure enough, half an hour later,
Ma Titine, Genelia and Baby wire picking
out their shirts. The two larger ladies
knew it was going to be a squeeze getting
theirs on.
hehat a.good thing we came how,"
Genelia said, as. te door"6pened to let
in another. stream pf buyers. "It doesn't
seem there 's'ehougi 'shirts to''go rJund*. ""
It had rained heavily the night before,
and the potholes in the streets were
filled with water.
"Jus look at det 11 Baby exclaimed
disgustedly on their- way home, "dey men-
din de street -- ote peece heah, one piece
der&..." She brole off, as at that mom-
ent, a oar sped by them with the breath
of a- small hurricane and spattered them
all over with mud :,. ...
"De damn ao-an-po i" Ispluttered Baby,
"a1dough dey warn demaunot to drive so
fast.. when rain fallin .f"
"Bit I: saw the number'of -'the car," Ma.
Titine replied, "tand you know'you can
ring a. complaint against them..*"
"Emmph I" snortpd Gendlia, "what you
think the -authorities will 'do about that?
One thing I. db know, they couldn't care
less." --
"But what about the hanging?)' Ma
Titine enquired. "Xsn't it supposed to
take place this week?.. -
"So I heah," Baby replied, "but I
heahl too, dat everybody afraid to take de
job, becos dey say he bay is not he dat
keel de ole- lady.. he say if dey hang
heem for annoder lady,, he doan mine, but
he claim he innocent in dec-ase"ofde ole'
lady, an if nobody hang heem- he putting
curse on dem...so up to now I doan think
dey fine nobody to do 'de job. It look
like dey will have to ,sen to annoder is-
land to get a. hangman i" -- *
"He dan claim what he ikes but a. good
Dominica. jury, men and women, decided
otherwise and they, had good evidencee"
said Genelia. "III m the one who listened
to every word."

Mr. Pat Steven&:' mieetil chaired by
Mr.Stuart Williamn was a very good one;
what with phrases, proverbs, the words
used and-crowd response it wias a signal
success (and also well attended).


spoke for just under 5Two ours on the.
varied ills of the moment, asking the
people to reconsider when they will
have another chance at the polls.
He handled the by-election in the
North Eastern electoral district during
which the whole ruling party along with
the Speaker were .involved in campaigning,
also during the State of Emergency,
midnight meetings, -held by the ruling
party. What any attempt of mepuis
against him was only to all the elet-
orate that"he was blind. Threats. were
levelled at the pepl of Calibishie,
Woodford Kill, Wesley, Marigot and.
Atkinson-by one" of the Ministers and
finely people were told to vote for'-
anybody except a6iother Stevens, who is
however not electbrally blind like cer-
tain members of the House.
Mr. Pat Stevens called Radio Dominica.
a juke box 'with -no Dominican news excRqi
Monsieur "quick". a4d that sort of things
whilst the other radio stations: of the
Caribbean carried leading stories: on
Dominica. H mentiohed agriculture,
feeder roads,.'marches, the forming of.
tne FArmers Tnion, tourism, the C.S.A.
act and the firearms act, ahich gives
police officers he right to search you
oB your property for firearms, without a
search warrant. "The speakers attack
was varied, and when he ended, after-
questions from'the .audience, the c-,;d
called oagot .i on IT. --M
When Junior Cottlo and Lorraine Laid-
low wore sentencod'to death for the mur-
der of Eric Rawle..."and may the Lord
have mercy on your souls," Cottle burst
out "What Lord you talking bout? That
exist? Anything.' -. *amo so?" And'Laidlow
added "He'on some scene man ... talking
'bout Lord'f. A large antagonistic
crowd pressed against the iron bars sop-
arating them from the Courtyard;two
girls cried. Police squad with riot
batons and a couple of revolvers stood
by. The convicted men said they had
nothing to say ih'rospect of the ver-
dit. ..Asked again, Laidlow said 'UJhat
you want me to say. All yo ain't done
do whatall yo have to do?" The accus-
odastatements were contradictory of
each other. ottle said that Rawle
was friendly wiith his brothers in the
ghetto and himself in particular. The
third man who might have been in the
dock (MIarcus' James) was found shot dead.

Pale Five..

S T A_ R

- r .. *T
Schedule of Applicaon' for Certficae of Tls asdN
thereon and Cavets for week sedinr 6th 4day of Ocasber W

Dte Reqoesud Pers Pirseong

Reueest dat.
the 31st day
of July 1973.
Presented the
2nd day of.
October 1973
at 3 O'.lock

Julia Pwei
by her Solicitor

at 3 1kc -M.A


Mturn of iin t wu.
or a Ctrtiiatseof TCiavafI
Nitlncthiboouor ics'.j

Request for tho issue
of a First Certificato
of Title is respect of
a portion of land at
Portsmouth, is thePa-
rish of St. JohM. in the
Sta t i* of Dmimia
containita 2 2 1 5
square feet ad e w
ded as follows>

North by Mont Eoius Estate
South by land of MinaetMa loseph and Augustiss Jies

E~t by iand f f nittLa joseph
West by tled of Fustval jrmes

a I ~- ~.u

Request dated
the 21st day
of September
Presented the
3rd day of
October 1973
at'10.05 a.

Damis Jos.p
y hebar Selieow

Request f the ii-a I
of a First.Certificate
of Title is respect of
a portion ef land at
Coalibistrie, in the Pa.
risk of St. Peter, is the
State of DemiuiMe
eoaiuing 1 771
ddq ta foot &A hun
da" a feawewa.

North Weas by land of Leopold Larocque
East By lard of Cyril Paul
SSoust Esast by a Right 6f Way separating It from
land ot Government of Domminica
West by -anoof Leopold Laroccue
' _, S___ede a Applicaion for Certcate of Title an,
ireeanaK Cvedma sfar' week sd I 27dth day Oct

Request dated
the 15th day of
October, 1973.
Presented the
22nd day of
October 1973
at 10.40 a.m

Isnal VathmA<
by his Solicitor
' Cilia A.M.

__________________________________ i ~-~- -

Request flew iasu of a
First Cwrtificate f1
Tile in respect of a'
portion lead at Wes-..
ley in the Parish of St.
Andrew in the State
of DomiaicaL,eosutai*.
ing 2242 square feet
and bounded as foL

North by land of Sills BB3mjatin : East by land of Eiieen HMar(ii.
Suthby land of Edward BelaegeVq West by a Pubtl* Road.

Request dated
the.6tb cy of
October, 1973
Presented the,
22nd day of
October 1973
at 10.30 a.m

Hudoen Andrew
by his Solicitor I
Cifisa A.M.

Request for i5aue of
First Cartifcate if
Title in respect of a|
porties hand kmowsa
as a resiiential let in
Portsmoulb in th e
Parish of St. John im
the State of Domninica
containing 2 3 4 9
square feet and boust
dd as follows-

North by HIllAborough 9Sit~ W st by Heirs of Slter Barry
South by Heirs of Sister Barry West by Upper Lime.


S T A a

Requset dat i
the 15t.i day rf
Oc-abe r, 1973.
Pr-se.: ed the
23rd day of
October 1973
at 3.30 p.m.

I -* -

Edward J,
by kis Selic


NMrtl by land of Edwin Germain;
South by Malgre Tdute Es'ate owned by Gifford Older;
East by land o: Edward Jonn; West by a Ravin 'separating it
from Fand Baron owaid by Maurice Hill.
-eqosat dated Rotmnti. ." Applcation of
28 9 73 Danglebon nEantina Dangleben
SPresented -by her Solifitor fr the issue of a First
24 10 73 M. Eueis. Certifi cate of Tritle is
at 11.20 r.a Chrles respect of a Part at:
_| -, -_ _Bagatelle Estate in
thie Parish o St. Pa
trick c ""aniffic
0.3368 aere nd
d d as flows:
North-West: By land of L tha Thoma and Jon~s Timma;
South-Wes: By land Of Mrs. lames Thomas; Eau: "",
Public road separattng It frymn Bagstelle Estate; (c.N.5k14
ifagford) and iandif LuthTheias; South-East: By itai
of Ezabella Fountal. .

Request dated
the 24th day of
October, 1973.
Presented the
24th day of
October 1973
at 11.45 a.a

Norrms J<
by h11 Sol

meehj Request for the iss.
icitir of a First Certificate
A.K. of Title in respect >,I
ipgy a portion land at MMr *
got in the Parish. of St
Andrew., te St se
gof Dominica contamir
its 0.451 aers* *.i
bomided as follow:

Last by lands of lMorril (r.,n and Naylie jams
West by a Pubik Read; Nemth by led of Nayle James;
West by lands of alph Cr"fjorl.and Julia Thomas

the 29th day of
October, 1973.
Presented the
30th day of
October 1973
al .45 a.m

by ie

Nlrth by land of Clarina
Rggles Bougouneux;
West by a Public Road.

orine Request for the iBaoe
ant 3e of a First Certifcalt
hn of Title in respect of
*lq ta portion of land at
Bna A.M. a Piase in the Pa.
Duwinay ~ish of St. PaFtrizk
!; __iethe State of D i

equ*ie anisd -been
dwd faMswes
Alphon;.; South6 V of

%isia'T oar., EHD0 AIM F. t
Rao., Domonica. Aetka Rhestrar of Taieg
NT- Aay person whe deitr to obect tIe d NU0ef a
IFtC Catcaft of Tido in the above aplcadon may enBr a
CwI st In the above Office w*tn six wemks from the dow 4
the first appearance of this Sckedud lo the STAR Newspspe"
published IM this Sate or from thedawe when the odace prsel
scrtlbslby low was servWd ao any moweror ccupier of~lJ~tign
land la respect of which the apptlcatior is amd.

--- _






(* - -* **-* "T V -"^-- __ ^- -.^ -- . . - -- - ----------- i~~ri- nii~ mr ~ .mr. *^T -.n ai -- - I"*

hil Reiiestd f&' tI 5t'l-is14-.
itor of a' r" stCe Lifi, at
.M. 'of Tite ia res pec t f
gay 'a port.:o of ',ad ,.t
Food Barn iin the Pa r,
ish of St. George. fn
the State of Domnnit' '
-.cota 1.40 acrn
and bos m ed as fij

Friday,, November 2T 197 .. T H E
) T

I feel that "Iqndqn Calling the Caribbean"
intervue with GAYLORDS POi ER.UITION was a
direct blatant attemptt to undermine the
qualities of small islanders. It was
BBCs. most unheard of practice at featur-
g A. group without some musical rendit-
ion by the. artistQ(s)interviewed. Bah I
That ditiin't prevent GREGG BREAKER and
BABY JULIE.from making. the GIANT account
of themselves that we're so confident
they're capable of making.... *SOFTEES
ox-basmist/leader ITORIJLT. DICKSOiT, is
negotiating with lefthnct HOIUEYCOMBS man-
ager/instruments-owner for a take-over.
,..Could it be that MARK. SYLVESTRE worked
'obeaht to snatch first.prize with a
story that was read over 590, umpteen
months ago? Mark, tell us on whose sije
you are.actually. VIBRATORS remain
crippled due to absence of organist/lead-
er, COOKE, who is studying abroad...
PAPPA. DEE, your account on CHRIS was
mostest-greatest &! Boy, your k.ack and
style for waiting s .'mmagifique'l
Irrespective of t eats or"prbomises,
don't ever stoop 4o the low level of
sugared HOMEY. S'.e ( When the queen bee
dies its loyal subjects alawhys take her
corpse tio the CHUKCH to have her carcass
rot...NEGATIVE FOUR -is Leo Uilliams (ex
and TEX JOSEPH (e--Butt6rfiies Rhythm
guitarist/vocalist and BASS-IST/vocalist,
respectively) andi NEIIIEZORRO HILL on
druma and repercussions. Their Loubiere
Concert is for DEEMBER 7;.positively.
About last week's. offer -- CHRIS has been
too busily involved in '"AT TIHE BAY" pro-
motion commitment. Nonetheless, the
good news is that a four-page booklet
with'postcard-sizp pic. on front and a.
drawing on back -" suitable for framing,
info on fan club pnd lyrics of "AT THE-
BAY" is. available abroad: (1)-Mr. Dieter
Bauer, 67-Lu-Rhe~igonheim, Postfach 36-
Nuhlweg 15, GERM4,Y; (2) l-rs. Anne.Garlos,
15 Munro Street, *reystones, I1 '-2145,
AUSTRALIA;- (3) Dr, Jiri Eichler, Hrascho
25, Nachod., CZECHOSLOVAKIA; ((5) Mr. JeH.
Grant, P.O. Box 3.084, Vereeniging, SOUTH
AFRICA; (6) Mrs. fabelle Ncalister,
1317 Uffert Streqt, Bakersfield,. CALIF.
93306; AMI localJ through P.O.Box 39).
I understand, tod, that RECORD comes with
E .. And that the club caters for HOBBY

I finished listening to Hon.Christiac-
sermon on the 31st. Oct. 1973 by mutter-
ing Amen Amen."
But Rev. Christian, don't you remem-
ber that your Boss was the-one who
helped to break down Law and Order in
the same Secondcry Schools when he up-
held rebels against the Christian Bro-
thers?2 The fruits of vindictiveness:are
now ftly soWn. So shut your mouths "
The curse of losing the Brothers is:
now on us Dominicans. IMy child will not
bow to men like-the Governor, Ministers
and Premier. "Ie love our country deeply
but reject the men who have brought it

Conrad S.'Peter, a native of Dominica.
and a. member of, the well-known Peter
family of .Portsmouth, educated at the
Dominica Grammar School.In-the days of
W, Skinner,"who left the island over 50
years ago, Was a British soldier in the'
3rd Hants. regiment of the First World
War. After the war, he lived in Eingland.
for a. sort while-, and from thence pro4
ceeded to the U.S.A., where he now
resides:. He is the founder of the-Afro-
American Day Inc. Organisation in New
York City.f which Annual Parade takes
place every September. This year's
festival took place on the 23rd Septem-
ber, at which no less than 300,000 toQk
part in the gala festival.
The theme of*that Organisation is to
.advocate and develop the concept of
Unity and Peace between Blacks and
Whites and dispel that idea. of Pacism.
It is rather good to realize that in
such big cointries as America the idea
of Racism is being dispelled and refuted
at last. In our little impoverished.
island of Dominica, Racism should not
raise its ugly head again.
Convicted murderer Joseph Cadette
was taken to-Princess Margaret Hospital
in mid-iweek following a suicide attempt.
He's now back at the prison under
24-hour surveillance.
He had cut his wrists and suffered.
shock.. "
Cadette had been arrested for the
brutal murder of lrs. Leila. olhnson.


THE STA~I? Fz'iday,.. ~vember 2, )~973j

C.A.Savarin appoinhitd -1elfare/Organising
Officer ,- Windwards
G.S.A.. Vice President' J.JT.King and
General Secretary Charled Shvarin return-
ed to the State from Grenada oh Monday
29th Oct,,after attending a two-day Rmec-
%five Committee MoOting of 'the Garibbean
Public Service Association.*
The meeting which began at 2 p.m. on
Saturday Gotobar 27th-and continuedd late
into the night on SuiRay"September 28th,
considered the problems affecting public
service unions in the "area, and approved
of step to initiate a C.P.S.A, programme
for training and assisting in improving
the organisation of public service unions
in the area.
The Executive Committee heard reports
from Brother Rupert Lake', President of
tho Antigua. P.SAi. .on the stalemate exist-
ing in the appeal against the decision by
the Antigua-. Public S service Commission to
dismiss -ihe -President and- five other
members of the Antigua P3.S.A' following- a.
strike by the P.S.A .in August of 1972
over the dismissal of the Acting Gollect-
tor of Customs.
Brother Belile, President of the Belize
Public Officerls Union, informed the-
0.P4S.ABMCeoutive Committee of steps to-
wards the improvement of relations with
t Belize Government followi]dg the re-
tirement "In the public .interest" of
P .0,U. Presideft"Cudrl-tho6mson and P.O.U.
Vice President Ford. }Messrs thompson and
Ford both accepted retirem6ntr
Brother Charles Savarin, -General Sec-
retary of the Dominica Civil Sorvice Ass-
ociation,rwviewed the entire sequence of
events which led to the C.S .A strike in
June 1973, the restrictions'on three
officers of the Association, the retire-
ment and reinstatemdht"of Symes and
Maximao and the passing of' the Civil Ser-
vice Act in the House of Assembly on the
2nd of October, 1973?'
The C.P.S.A. Executive Committee
(after an examination of the Act) agreed
on a course to be followed in an effort
to resolve the present differences. De-
tails will be released later in the week
by the C.P.S.A.* Secretariat in Trinidad*
On the question of organisational and
training assistance to area Association,
the Executive Committee has appointed
Brother Rupert LTake President of the
Antigaua. P.S .A. and Brother.. Charles

S#*T *A*R*S *p *o R*T _Morchriston
Footall Div IT "League Ciampions"DGS
were convincingly kbooked out by Potters
United with"whom theo drew in the open-
ing match of the" KI4~pout competition.
DGS. through LIoyd"Thla' scored ..rst but
Within ten minutes' o so. Potters netted
three times .Through Kenneth, B-amble. and
L gay. PottOrs -United by virtue of their
win, will meet-Saintd in. the semi-finals;
the winner of that- watch will play B'-lem
Rovers, who last, Frday knocked offGSAI
1-0 for the Knockout oup.
The- Sate Team, qo6tinuing its train-
ing programme, is nw: playing a. series of
matches.. The first games last Sunday,
saw' the State Teamo down 3-2 to a
Rest Team. 'Some" pRormances on the .
State side were disbubingly disappoint-
ing, considering th Popham Tournament
is only a week. or gway.
On the Reest1s to m, DGS's aolourful
Cecil Elwih impress.i- those who saw "him.
He outshbne'imahy"oT'fie Sotate s Team
stars and one can apeS -ss stamped all
over him.
Another match pl ed last Tuesday
saw the State Team he0d to a goaess
draw by another oprt tid co team.
From Govt. Official~- "111 can't aee the
purpose beohind-Rad3io Antillew having, such
a: powerful output .00,000 WATTS.".
Another Official r'Iadio Antilles" must
be political: "ion' t 'ou hear the way
Julian Sgers"roads My unfavouring
government news?" -
A Jlad i Gjd. "I only listen
out for PRadio Domin44 death notices as
I always attend funerals. Otherwise I
switch-over- to BIG 'A. Don't you?"'

Caribbean P.S.A. (cqncl.) Savarin, Gon,.
Secretary of the" D'o n4ica C,S5.A as
Welfare and Organis 4ng officers for ,the
Leeward and 1tindwar4 islands respectively.'
It was al&1 agre d that the Caribbean
Public Service Asseo ition will be"re-
presented at the C,. A Rally to. be"
held at the .Goodwill) parish Hall .grounds
on Saturday 3rd Novmer, 197.:

'-. ( froimz a .. *OL6EB7..')
Printed & publishe4-'by the Proprietor
R.E.Allfrey of Mill House Copt Hall
at 26 Bath Rd. ,Roseau Dominica W.Io

Friday, -avember 2, 1973W


"l, $ST. i

3 a- wsss w s -.E STAR
Maea l c..11 .i.....l.Kn M r a inm. :Sfl~-i>miah lf h.in mvf a4Mtt fi .5 -


' I

Schedule of Application :.fr. Certificate of Titie iad fItbag
thereon and Caveats fog week ending d. af 1973
*Date Requested s Perd n resenting Nature of rewnestt wat
.a.. :-,e..-:. ., :" .. er a Certificate of Title f
Noting thereon or ta--- .

Request dated Peter. -. 1Request for the issue
the 29th day of Massioot of a First Certifcate
October, 1973. by his .Solcitor of Title iw respect
Pr-sented the Cilma A.M. a po on of land at
30th day of Dupigny Thiba in the Par.
:Oc:ober 1973 r sh of St. Andrew,
at 2 45 p.m -re ^ia(' of Dorni"
n ca conta niing
21628 square feet
and bounded as fel
North-East by Ravine Flisher South-East by land of Mrs.
Musson Letang, South-West by a Public Track separating
it from land of Norwille Paul, North-West by land of
Petser Massioet.
_____ ain I_

Request dated
the 29th day of
October. 1973.
Presented the
30th dav of
October 1973
at 11.30 a.m

Vigilant nee,
b- her Solicitor
Cilma A M.

Request for the issue
of a First Certfcate
of Tite in respect of
a portion of land at
La Pt'sae in the Pa-
rash of St. Patrick,
in the S:&ate of Dosni
nic contamninm 1.134
ascr. ad boa d
fts. foil 3,1wa:-

North by top of precipice and land of firay Beauplarre;
Sopth by lands of Mantca Francis and Sylvia Albert; East
by a Public. Road and 'and of Erlay Beaupierre; Woes by
land of lone Handley.
Request dated Frederick Request for the issue
the 29th day of Telemaque of a First Cer'tifca.t
October, 1973. by his Solicitor of Title is respect of
Presented the Cilma A.M. a port on of land in
31st day of Dupigny the Wesley village in
October 1973 the Parish of St. Am-
at 11.55 a.m drewin the %ate of
_DorDin ca "onrainitt
4.51 acres ano notwn
dad as follows:-
North by land of A van Ed ards separated by a Ravine;
South by zanm -f E ,jha A,:'ew: Wast bv ;and of King ..
aand Te emace anl Arrt ur Rob'-' Esti by land of Lord
Burnette ant Hartley Edwards.

Request dated Romess Lynch Application of Romeai
20 8 73 by has Solicitol Lynch for the iae"u
Presented M. Euenia of a First Certifcate
30 10 73 Charle. of Title in respect of
at 10.25 1..m a portaVn of land at
SV. --- Grand Savane, Salis.
bury in the Parish of
St.- Joseph containin
8752 square feet ad
boaliaded a follwts:-
North-West By the Public Road; North-Ease:
By fand of Nora Joseph: South-East By land of
Cherle Vidai: Sou h West By land of Tivillg

Request calea
26 9 73
30 10 73
at 11 O'clock

by hias

North; Public Road:
East. Public Road-
from land of Augitte Ha

'.J-L-- .L W __ NJ IQ""

"'""""""'""'"""""" """^^^""""

8"SM I l:I~ l~lm

d jApplic&tion of B'
hasa inard Chass an fto
Soiosi the issue of a Fir-9t
Egwal Certificate of Title a
C a respect of a prArt'.'
!of land at GiawEs,'.
in the Parish of .
Geomge coBatifti a
1.184 acres and 6e_-
ded a feDowes-
South: Land of Nelson Chasmasu;
West: Public Road sprnttkng It

Request dated Philip Harve Application of Phaipiv
14 9 73 by his Solicitor Harve for die is at
Preisenited XM. Eugteoia of -a FirseertCifeate'|
30 10 73 Charles of Tite in respect of
at 10.30 a.m a portion-of -an-6dat
| Giraudel in the Pa.
rish of St. George
contaiiag 0.889
acre and bo aAwd
as follows:-
North> Ravint separating it from lands of Samuel
Bardoulle and Charles Bully; South:Public Read;
West: Land of Augiste Harve.
R*estrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Rosea. Dominica. Attiug Registrar of TMites
NOTE:- Any person who desirs to object to dw od4fo
First Cerificase of Title ti the above' application may aor a
Caveat in the above Office within six weeks from the mde 41
the first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspape
published tn this State or from the date when tfl rantie p%0"--
scrlbed by law -*as served on any owner'or occup1wr e(a sat-~ f
rnd Int respecs of which th, application ls made .

Two Capsules a Day Provide


For the relief of Colds, Sminusisis, and
Hay Fever and around the Clock Medi-
cation nn o nly two capsues a day ak for

One Capsule m the Morning and one at
Night will provide continuous Relf
from Nasal Congestion, Watery Eyes
and Sneezing due to Common Cold Si-
nugiMis and Hay Fever.

A Package of 12 Capsules
costs only $2.00 at*:

ra= D'MC IM=6

nanniement ~i TH~ STAR PuMa, ~mhin& 1173

(frojw. p one) NOTICE
We have hoard of i'p0blic interest as of Annual General Meeth.jr
roll ias 'denying the public of the esa-
entials of life: these have been used in ASTJFHAr l & 00. (1970) LIMT
Castigating public officers who sought The Board of Directors of J.Astaphan
to safeogard the rights of their bro r &. Co. (970) Limied wishes to remind
in the serice. What a-bout those who are shareholders of the Annual General
responsible for the hardships which thOe l of the oa eea
people of this country are ande to en- Meeting of the Company to be hed at
(lure for fifteen yeatsa? What about thm 65 King George V. Street, Roseau on
those who have only succeeded in satp- Tuesday 6th November, 1973 at 8.co pm
ping the country from running?
Should they not be throw -out- in AN. Winston
the public interest'? Secretary

A Awards for Mcrto.r- ...
ious Services to
the Stfate go 'to:- V
)r -s.Gertrade Rob- -
e orts Siucation9
~ 1 "" or.Nathraniel S. joj alit
oIbert2 Local
SGovt. Services;
M r.. io .ske th ans .
ir: Music.

as the caption of last week' s
cartoon ws unrotadabl.e:

Takea okat1the
i range of VPBritihWines.The same grapes
to makeVPthatgotomake alot ofexpeas ,e
S' O-Ne-u-a ; ewines.Which accounts forVFs fine qUality
"I gm NOT prejudiced against female employees I1
despise ALL of my empl o Buy a bottletday.

Just outside Roseau, to quiet employed FOR SALE
person Home or Overseas. Meals by
arrangemen.- One ZIGZAG Sinfer Sewing Mahie
: Write ONLY to Mr. W.f P.O. Box 129 Call 3318 after 4 p.m.


: FM-aw- Mdmebrae 1973

iuntlement a