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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: 10-26-1973
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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2~or 2610 CA .~
K. Media ReprsenTative : S c
Colin Turner (London) ktd,
122 Shaftesbury Aye, W. L
VofX~fl X" NO. "r*"fT BOiw PHYLLIS $HAPAU.D Ao 9
V.XV. U t. .-. i l..

The agents and local manager of the oil ern-
panics operating in Dominica relayed to the M SWPP S T readers will note at
Press. on Wednoaday t~e rewslts of their talks public Services International wrteo to
with Government. Despite a recent 5aast Carib- the Premier (an the G@vrar). It is a
bean agreement to allow a retail price iaraf iter censare of the ediens Civil Service
of 10% on gasoline, Govt, is reftsing to allo
more than 5t. 4vIn ~0% is insqfficieat for the 8*Moawhile the Gover~nt ne.aergaB ia
Big 3 (hell, Iase 4 Texaco) to mnke a profit one of its aNaa hikits Oaggests applying
on bringing their ovi product to Dominica and to Britain to altor the Constituti- andwl
recently they have bokn buying from W.I. Oil IakeeiTvil erv"nta' teanre of offiis
which refinery in Aqtigua pays the 324 gort subject to contract, devoid of security
duty but not the ad4itioval 81 "eon umpttio sad ceasing with every change of Govt.q,
tax".Increased coaswiutiaes ad decreased re- s" that the 'occupying pow~r will only
serves of crude oil have put the Western oil be aorted by serft aan creeps, witheat
co'panioa in the hapds of thi Arab Oil Bareas miIda of their omV .fIte aim, f ceur,."
who -are demanding ip~reaseo prices. In *the. wald b permanEt rle and the oae-
face of this world siteaitiont the Big 3 mt party Stat.
now refuse to seloil to the sanall islands at'a See John Spector's eaa&etS, pag 2
'ogs.' AS one c'oa says "va not sell the e-N
uipment and invest the money in savings a& t A
In the meantiva *iivy i.IJoil is willing to
supply, but unable, due to l~ck of toaker cap.
mzcity (the snall one-tiam water-tanker is made -
repairi1. Texaco which supplies L.Rfse & Co. I
and 'Soconut Produeta with buanlr fuel for their !r
boilers will not bring a tanker from Trinidad--
rvith only banker fupl' if gasoline is uvprofit-
able to bring with $t. Coconat Products have f '
shut down, perhaps ~otes's will be thneA. ,
KY UT VIWXLUNi Pr resident Niz I
TAl 7T FLA74 h*as been sirdi.g le
in public eateenhis
i\ )---------- '1reigb Sec.Liseiagr .
J '- eelede a deal with
1; USSB'a Kesygin intand- *&
ded to end the Middleo
East war. Zhe warring
parties agreed, but a
lot of sporadic fights to halt at their
conatinud, despite UN easnefire lians;
bo -king ai task foreo. but there wre
ic*a.batant, were ordered flagrvat dfealts.

Page Two THE STAR Frid.ayOctober 25, 1973

rl m / TT Ct H tT

TJ- Cr + S -

U U T V "f I U U Q u j. j.je oj
Ccm-menting upon the latest Watergate development- over Lond.on' s BBC
this week, a speaker said "'Mr. Nixon and his advisers have got hopelessly
out of touch with the real world". The .same aplies. in.a mini-way to Prem$-
ier Leblanc and his..advisers, as is exemplified by the latest puerility of
an editorial in the official party organ. This .,editorial^ proposes the abo-..-
lishment of the- present -Dominica -Civil -Service and. the. engagement of a Civil
Service, subservient to -the ruling party s interest na"contract basis'
renewableL-after each general -eTection". The edit r cited as can exanple
President Nyerere in Tanzania who overcame his shortage, of civil servants
by engaging non-Tanzanians on contract pending the training and education
of his own people." Tribalism-and illiteracy also caused Julius; Nyerere to
opt for the one-party state a- condition of affairs which in no way ap-
plies to Dominica. The whole idea is so palpably absurd for us that one can
only assume that. this-latest example of 'political banditry' is merely a
childish attempt to -intimidate any waver ers in the Civil Service Association
from supporting,,their executive in its fight against the undemocratic-
Civil Service Act which was signed last week by the Governor gazettedd, Oct.
18, 1973). Itis interesting that Mr. Leblanc s advisers come out with
this sort of taradiddle on the same day that the Public Seovice Internation-
al report vehemently on the terms of. the said Act to the Foreign & Common-
wealth Secretary and to the International Labour Organisation.
What Dominicans should realise is that the system whereby the public
service becomes dependent as an elective office is .the same system that is
in force in nearly all ,States in the U.S.A. Every three years the civil
servants or functionaries (from the chief of police to the/scavenger) are
liable to demotion or loss of job at the whim of-a newly-elected band of
politicians. The corruption, .nepotism and "pork-barreling" which results .
therefrom) has been documented over the last century in documents of the
courts of law, newspaper reports, and even detective novels,. and. has cul-'
minated in the reckless sand irresponsible lack of morality'and integrity
uncovered by the. senate investigation into the behaviour of the President
of the United States of America and the acts of his advisers. Impeachment
of MDiLI. Nixon is pending and is possible on the charge of "criminal conspir-
acy to defeat the. ends o'f Justice". Do we want such a thing to happen here?
As for the Educator's talk Of rebellion' 6,. "to be put down by force
at any cost" this is just sheer provoking nonsense which, should scare no
single peaceful Dominican from using- his rights of freedom of speech and -
assembly to defend those very rights, enshrined in .our .constitution and
now beimg threatened by little men in order that they can remain in power
until they die of old age surrounded by their ton-ton macoutes' and their'.
panoply of ower.. .
4,ow for some more of the AUDITORS REPORT.- 1971 (contd. from last week):
A' nation Min.of Finance (Treasr iv.): 'Clause 5-, (Personal E e t .-
pistor) No forn of Pcrson._ i~, m tRegister has been kopt fromI won enta
processixg.was introduced. As this record, is required for-suporannuation purposes,
it i:s essential that. it...ia---oug' back into ue.. .( arp officers-' pnsns how.
detorinned, wonder? By a oyya ."t o Labour test? i'O puOlJd may woI -ask. -J..a)
"At- entiof Accountait Geneoral '"Clause 41 (Sundry 'Deoposits $1,961,743. 62) A.s was
the case in the previous year, a number of 'o6unts raro in debit. The above balance
includes 54 accounts in debit- totalling $11,554,055-a- 86-. The most outstanding -are
the f following: PD Hire Account $260,823. 65; CeAtral lTator Authority $905,690.70;
Central Hou6sing & Planning Authority $29,193. 56.
P-S. Agricr, Lands & Co-ops 4192',314. 06.-.
77. --' Ac6if-iits overdrawn on payrolls during the year. totalled

57450. 539
(This matter-was also referred to in. paragraph 9). -
The STAR' w-ll givq th.) Pub'Wic nore, infor'ridbion o,. th.Au.dit:::tach issue,-J.S.S


Friday,October 25, 1973.

Page Two

F'% TT m

Friday Oetber 26 1973

"" Before the throne of Peedom d'o these trees rejoice in the brUeae's
cares a"ed.'before its majesty do they .glory in the rays of the P= and
the moon? Into the ears of -freedom.do the birds peak agid about her
skirts' "flutter by the streain? Into the air' of Freedom do these flows
sp.l-l the fragrance of their breath and before- her eyes mile at the
coming of- mornng?
-1 that is .o earth lives 'by the law ot its nature,, and by the
nature 'of its laws are spread the glories and joys of liberty.
But is forbidden this blsa, i for e makes earthly law
binding to his. moral spirit, and on his body and soul pssiess harsh
judgment : and. raises up about his- love aud yearning dark police walls,
and for his heart- and mind digs, a deep grave.
If one of his fellows rises and cuts himself off from. this eaoiety
and law, those people say that such and such a one is a rebel and evil
oine deserving at expulsion from their midst; one fallen and umnclan pad.
fit only for death... .
Must hlan rerain eternally l ... of his own corrupt lawn ar
... Shall the days JgJj to live in the spirit fJQ t niriI?
Must he remain looking

. shall he lift his eyes to the. sun lest he see the shadow.of his body
among thbors and skulls?
(From the writings of -
hlilG br.n Sent in by' a eonatant.
Tha great. L .banee poet, of, at paongat. U, ), -liVing 3 Mw. or
a -e-- .g M u s a Y

Customers are requested o note .the fol-
I. wing alterations to the .197 Telephone
Directory :- .
.UNDER '' :

8 Old St., ROSEAU
RIVIERE- A.,,2S2 Jeffers Lane
Bay Street
General Office
Manager'* Residence, s
Morne-.Brt~ c
ROYER, Martha, 4 Kings Ln i'

o 6 /, .Mh'1
: *.~',

TF.No. 2325

TF.No, 2529

. TF No. 27,71
TF. N. 2.773
TF.No. 2770
TF:No. 2149


.I, James Louis Lake of Bense do hereby notify
the general public that. -my wife Keturah Lake
nee Boland hIving left my home and protection
on. Friday October 5th 1973, I am no longer
responsible for any debts or commitment, .she
.may contract as from that..dae.

Mrsm. Violet Joseph, the Misses Josephine, Enid,
and Althea. Joseph, Mr. Gilbert Joseph and all
the other relatives at home and abroad, desire
though this medium to express their grateful
thanks to all who tendered them rich tokens of
love, sympathy and understanding in their re-
cent sad bereavement.






Pa~o Four T & T AAR Friday, October 26, 1973

Fiction MA.TITINE .ynthia Watt
-.Titine gazed with a.guzzled
frown at the anonymous;letter she hold'
in her hand.
What the heck did the wviter oxpoct
her to do? She read a certain para-
graph over again -"
"'a. Titine, some of the things that
you say.are net pleasing to us: and.not
encouraging to our Goverhmeht... *know
you write for the STAR,; so" when you
write an arti-cle agiit, plbaie warn
tho.-, it.r that soaPm. people are com-
plaining' about certain itoiiis; our is-
land. needs help and somie writings are
not encouraging. The people need Faitb
Bope and Love... but the greatest of
all i 3Love. We must love our Govern-
amont...we shouldn't say so many unkind
things about them..."
Ma.Titine crumpled tho letter into
a. ball and then smoothed it out again.
All welL and good for the writer to
.ii 4-T-4 cnmha s -tio" r y t I ot-v r corul -& ~

STATUS QUO roodived their first gold
single this year.. SPENCER DAVIS Group
have boon re-oestblished...KINKS now
have their- Own recording studio...
NEIL SEDAMIU 'revived aensati6nal., hadi
sold 20,000,000 records, and 100 of theo
500 song h ho"h-s' :.itri have beon--
chart successes.. .JA ISpN 5's Pa-. JOE,
sees to it that Iii donir spend FOUR "
hours a ddy learning an instrumDSit. .
Jamaincan roggao star: B~RON -FORRESTER
moves over to Britaiiih 4tor the release
of her very .first singl ... BUSTER:-
CHERRY JONES, is s6ol coLoured7 member o-f
reformed 'iL-1RS" .'. ELTON DEAN is a!'mad
piano playor-" who-. ho6pa- to take a, joy
trip on ELTO 'JO0Mba' expense. So, bed
geared for.the fraudul'ht- duplication,..
MARVIN G2Ea"1e*o'1otTh;' Get It On" sold
2 million in sic weekk'
"* *"-* - **-* .....

.. Theretll. b a sp6c Ltwo-pagc fal-1if .
sh6 love this-: GoverniQnt, wheo she was Tr a c flS e
totally against the .wiy they' were run- ntervios wyi CRoIS. SEAPHINE.-noT Ce k
ning the country I She hmme to her- This moans lyros of AT THE BAT; DCK; .
nanlf an another thought crossed heor NYC and personal tit-bits. So, loolt.out I,
mind Running the ountyenih?... n i. --
Ruining: would.bo a.bottor word RAPg; EIE...-"f j^ l1 o^ <
uin~ing' wouid be &bette-wtrd In imagine; "C6hg' cam lh y -ong hero."
When Gonelia. dropped i lIat&r in iel',gine -kogr-f r ,u o to get two:
the day, Ma-. Titina aired her views.
"What they wantmo-to 6o? Thut skin an clean n -EE sistah; remove
swoetnecs and light in Gov6rnoent pol- all deor fit careful.y from inside. Gut
tics? 'The idea.l They so s" art, they on each u ito i-ch.10ptha. placo in
don't aoo they put. the cart botbre the saucepan id teaspoon aalt, 1 tablo-
donkey I .. spoon miinced parsley tand water to cover;
Genolia. was of the same opinion ap coveran cloboly..-ant ainor for 1 hotir
her friend. .. or eI l tenhr. env oal, 3lnd -o-
i*And some of their Dupportors are a sing infrodieta ( oaspoon butter,
so apinoless...they ohly'hem and haw, teaspoon'flour an- -- qcapoon poppor)
but can't face the trith.'o" ahe added. to3 thnru add.to liqu .o pan el. cook
a Titine repli ~ sarcaicallyr. 3 minutes longor, Po' over eel,- An',
n~uppooeras. EmIph I Job-fichoer-. well, de ranl got sting to "nya".
I. ail them." wid"db rockstr .*
Genolia nodded agroominto We have receive 7The-fTallowing rnote -
.ut-o right ,sh ahid.. .. from. -a reader in Barbados:
.. D nt. be so Crito_' !- Gay Sportnman.
Will you please print Gay Sportsman s naae,. so I. can rep n se hm an
not waste time going through the whole team. Ivre. had to go p9ut and buy a
whole new cricket6outfit; so as-not 'to stand out .I've taken .p bowling and
am practising ny..overarm, Till we meet* ADONIS,- St1 1eorge.
Sorry we cannot disclose correspondents I idpntitZs.-EDITOR. -. ..
To the Readers who said they enjoyed the Barblays Bank insert after the op6ning-
of the neoi Branch:You should really compliment the Bank for this nice produo-
tion. Yes, one of theo clerks in Portsmouth branch is Proemier Loblancb dau-hter.

Friday, October 26, 1973

Pabo Four


rT Qt T E ST A R p p2 Five

Mr. Pat Stevens. told the people
there that he wquld not do as some
politicians do by disregardihg the
needs of people who might not have
voted for him. On the contrary, he
would-. go all out to help those who did
not vote for hi)A. Premier LeBlaic was
present and spoke, -thiough he was not
down on the programme.'
The Achievement'Day was a"very
praiseworthy effort the best I have.
attended -for the- past four-'years-or-
ao. There was I. splendid variety of
exhibits in agriculture, arts and
oraS ts
it was announced that Atkinson in
future would be linked politically
with the Garib Aoserve as -a .consti-
t u e n c y .. ". . . .
by W. 5. Stevens -
Premier LeBl c told as, many people
as he could thai I. was "the porso'n who
told farmers not to plant"bananham.
Of course, this ,itrut iisi- trivial
cbmparod with mqiy othcr diabolicall
I an however patisfiod that I wont
all out to see that the banana indus-
try (so vital tQ our oc6nohoy). did not
perish utterly. I. cablo-'and wrote
the U.K. Govornmpnt bn manyr occasions-
I succeeded in getting 'Britain to send
a. man here to direct rehabilitation.
I .stalled that wicked movo on the part
of the Banana Mapagomont Committeo
under Mr. Joffro Robinson to have a.
banana contract.. rith-. Goost Industries
on May 1 last. Pho UK. Government
promptly stepped.in and postponed any
contract till Sqptomber 30, so that
she. could look pnto it.
In the Throne Speooch in Novembor
last, not a montgon .ias~mideo of the
word "banana!', so -sure was the IoBlanc
Government that the industry waa dead.
The real. causq of the' dpolihnb -as
the miserable prc*c6 of 50 + per lb.
When December january last thoe-price
rose to &90Q, q, he Dominariia Sn' s
agement Committoe. kept quiet and kept
the money. The reduction in-fertili-
zer since Britain in asbsistiAg with
its free grant, had-the effect of

R E.A;-..D.E 1- S'. V I E W S
About The- Tourist Board
On the 22nd Oct. 1973, I1 had to
laugh real loud whoh I heard over Radio
Eeblanc that 3 ships were to visit
Dominica. L wish to.-offor my conga.-
tulations to oblanca's Tourist BHoard
people,asuch as ,bo= Janice Armour who.
has recently started in hotel work;
Mr Dolaunoy, rhoso"tours are well
arranged "(but, Sir, you will aooi have.
tQoar.-o..a, pr.occasion .on the .death of
Chairman Baba is fair enough but weo
have not ybt.'soo the fruits of his many
trips; in fact' from 10 ships last yoer
we now have the-bid number of 3 ships,
which reminds me of the Govt. Book on
Dominica.- Dominica- Dies.
I should now congratulate the Premieor
on his abortive State of Emergency and
his groat Ec6nomists on our lack of"
gas. Those wh6 do6 not have aeorvants .
think that it"costs' $3.O a week to food
anyone for 7 wliolo day'a-. I would. be
grateful to soo how it 'is: done-
(from a. hotel in Dominica)
"GOD'S CUOST, PEOPLE"-Hugh Lawrence
The name Israel signifies "He who
provailoth with God, given by Divine
command to Jhcob, father of the chosen.
people and adopted as that of their na-
tion." There are many passages in the
Holy Book pertaining to Israel and it
would take up much space in your small
journal if I had to quote all or even
some of them .'
The ten or so Arab States with th-ir
millions ofpopulation '(Egypt beihg the
largest with 44 million inhabitants)
-could nev6ersucceeod in destroying Israel
with its two and a half million souls,
It would be o vory wise move (as
they seem to lack wisdom) if all the
Arabs in foreign countries including
Dominica would put their heads together
and advise theit people'to leave Israel
alone. .L., Roseau. .
BANANA OUTPUT (fr.col.-1 ..- -
decreasing output in quality & quantity.
The price rose steadily earlier this year,
enabling the Comnittee to/banana-debt at
the expense of the grower. W.S.S.

Friday Octobor 26.. 197;

m TT Tn

(Swiys Pross News ( outral) has thiz
to say about the Arab-Isracli. war.
"In an, effort to ogai imriodiato
symt.atby, and perhaps aid, the Arabs
declared that -Israbl hadl attacked., them
first S this was cortinmly no more :than
an init4l" "position, sinco it was soon to
contradict the' evidence, and since the
Arab states surrounding iaol. have felt
themselves to b w at Warall. the timo ana
*are therefore aclo'arly juatifia4-in their
own cybesin i1ttitckd.ng whenever the time
is ripo." '*' '
Not so the Soviot. Union whose con-
sidereod. rcactiow'was`aiao to 'labol..tho
war _as m lracli agroesiona. Th SorviOt
Unioh ian no 'uch obvious reason to iup-
port" the fiction that Iraoeli .tairtod tho
fighting '- against the' cla~'ity of hxrd
fact, -i ocn and v6uchiffzod by oeborvors
from- anxty na-tios, as woll as by neutril.
obcoriVrs. Teo Sovieot tnion wished to
abolveo it. of ro0ponaibility ;. so it
tocek to $a ciitomarily involved and,
lomlplez attij A .
When thing -c happen in the ',world,
there, m.o mre z people who do not focl
,sro of vb.t they should say or think
until Mocoow 6VIsapokon Arid they .often"
have to wmait quito' Ama timao for thi,
for what Mo&rcow, saye doors not a* all, as
'in the Woct,. rcfl16t tha quickening pula
of public opinion, but rather a mature
decision made by nc. in the Xemoin meat-,
Sin s ec'otly, having contact ogy with
policy-makErs 'r", -
The Dominica Tourist Board held' a
Workshop-Seminar at Fort Young Hotel
"last Monday for personnel of the
Tourist Board, Hotel Association and
locr4l press to meet and lisouss tour-
ism with a group of twenty-five Eravel'
Agents f'rom aada. ..

A 'S Vd edala Eto
1a a- suggestion for distribution of
&)dals .1 recommend Governmaent pleogma
grave signs -n th6asc-, a cun on
tno appropriate obes and'rum bottles
on the other. ..
To the Hotcliors, Szi-drivora, ....
Maideraft Gentrei, counti-'n people who'
c=ict. by the Toari t Industry and to
the' Banm and, .,idG -whoco tipc are
now nil, my ayinpt"thy. Remember though
ovcry long road has a.turning ajd .by.
AGod -. it will omoe soon.,
____mmrm HT r.Tn.''sou.

,'~v Or~tnber' 26. l~Th

ik Astiet for C at f Tb.
i W Crmfol r wu a 27im o4V

r Kse-icmrf I P01 Pro"
- i

iquest dated
Uk. 15th day of
October, 1973.
Presented the
23rd day of
October 1973
at 3.30 p.j.

Edward Jel
by his aSica
Cilwo A.W

Nucureof request whet
er a Certificate of Tide
Nain thereon or Cave

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land at
Fond Baron in the Par
ish of St. George, in
the State of Dominica
meotaiia" 1.440 acres
Und b unded &a fol

North by land of Edwin Gemain;
i South by Malgre Toute Escate owned by Gifford DOdier;.
fist by land of Edward John; West by a Rayine separating it
frIm Fond Baron owuMd by Maurice Hill.

-_ ...... -

US 9 73
"24 10 73
mf 11.20 a.-

by her

. I- lII

"'i Application of Ro-
ilehn mantina. Dangleben
icitor for the issue of a First
nia Certifi cate of Tidtle in
hua respect of a Part of
Bagatelle Estate in
the Parish of St. Pa
trick contaiaiag
0.33S8 acre and b.iM
ded as fellows:

*ip-u Dwnitea. *
-A"y person wjeo d
C"r15calm of Ttde km uk
BC n tohe amboe Ofto wki
= fra appearanc of this !
in this Ste-e or frnm
gabtdty lew ws served an a0 ;
1)1 it ropt of w apc the p

A ne Rftegistrar of Titles
i( obte t the leite of a
ts( i tw appletne- may netr a
i ilx weeks from the date of
the I STAR Newspaper
iate dwherthe acttoe pre-
eror occupier of .d.texg
1 41t Is mede. .

Pg :e ..A M

.Norte-West: ,y lndef LuthaThomas ad jones Thomas;
South-West: By land of Mrs. lames rhomas; Esst: By
Public road sepmrting it frn> Bagazelle Escate; (1,N.Shi-
hIIord) sad land of Ludtha~slJhms; South-East: By land
ofEz la Fountain. -

t dated Noirr R et for the issue
o 24th day of by i f a First Certificate
Otbaer, 1973. C A.-. i of Titlf in" respect of
Presented the Du a portion land at Mari
eh dayof got in the Parish of St
October 1973 Andrew, in the State
' 11.45 a.m 4of Dominica contain
n- '0.451 acre and
bo.M4 d as foU ows:
fch :Eatby lands of Morri G and Naylie James
kath West by a Pubikc Road;' by lead of Naylle jamines;
hWth Waest by lands of Ralph Cartpn aid Julia Thbmai

ast outside Roseau, to quiet employed
person Home or Overseas. Meals by
Write ONLY to Mr. W., S P.O. Box 12

__ -, __ __ I I


1 .1 .


.L ......

- -


m T


R m


U r vit -193



North Byv rod o W.i' Fynct a P srber-in Foyr,
East: By iand of Nic .,,son W,,i 1ice Soutt By M ts an Land,
West By the Public Road

Request dated
S25 7 73
.17 10 73
-at 2.45 p.-.

Elwood Robin A picatio f Ef-
E.. : pficaotion .of E
bh km Solicitor wood Robn for the
M..Et CAle. issue o a First CeLt-
pect or a portion of
land at Mar;got in the
P Peat of fSt. Andrew
contamiang -5 2 8 3
square fezt and -boun
ded as follows:-

- North Public Road seaaratirg it from land of GIlbert Na lso
South- Land of Hezew iasri on East: LE d of Etmiyra James
._West Land of HezeKiao ,oo r

Schedule of Applicaroi .for :err-ficate of Tit e and Notings
thereon and Caveats fc' ,eek eid4tng 27th ihy A 0 October 197).
SRelquest dated Israel Vi; anoadd, Request for issue of &
the 15tb day of by ais SJal:itor First Certificate of
October, 1973. Ciima A M. Title in respect of a'
,Presented the Dupigsy portion land at Wes-
22nd day of I 1 ley in the Parish of St.
| October 1973 1 Andrew in the State
at 10.40 a.n t of Dor cam.contain.
Sj ing 2242 square, feet
.. and bounded as fo-o
SNorth by ind :)f Siis '-'iahi' E* i '" land -f Eilee. Marye-
ISouth by ;and of Edwa- 3 Be:seget W-sr' v a PuKtic Road

Request dated
the 6th day of
October, 1973.
Presented the
22nd day of
October 1973
at 10.30 a.m

Hudson Andrew I Request ior issue of a!
by his Soliicitor 4 First Certificate ofI
Cilma A.M. iritle m respect of a
Dupigny portion land known
as a residential lot in
IPortsmouth in t h e
Parish of St. John in
the State of Dominica
'containing 2 34 'Y
square feet and bonn
tded as follows:-

'North by Hillsboroug' Sfteet:'East bvy ieir's of Sister Barry
South by Heirs of Sister Barry Wesc by Upoer Lane.
Registrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau, Dominica. Acting Regiatrar pf Titles


that it is my intention to apply at the Magis-
trate s Court to be held at La Planme on Wed-
nesday the 14th of November 1973 ensuing for
a retail LIQUOR LICENCE in respect of my
premises at Grand Fond in the Parish of St
Dated the 7th day of October z973.
-_n Bily Gachette

Take ak i(..k al hc. -
range of VP Britlsh \ i1ne.Thc san1c grapes go
to make VP ihat gotomake a lot of c\pensive
|wines.W \hiclh adCCOuI tfr\ P ItincquaIitx.

TITLE WY R.y S' RA"- AT .' NOTE.: -Any peiron 'wio desires. to object to the issue of a
'..... Tt "" nFirst Certificate iofTitle in the above applicationsmay enter a
Schedule of Apphca;.n .r, C-er!ficte of Title and No.tins Cavea -4n the above Office within six weeks from the date of
thereon and Caveats. fr we ..eing 2 f Octo r g the' rappearanceof th.is Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
Date Requested Person Pre sntig ,,aure of request heth- publisht in this Stite or from the:date when the notice pre-,
er 3a CPrtificare of Title of srribed4by faw Wa se irved on any owner or-occuper of sidjoning,
S Noting thereon aorCavec. ,j respect of which the application Is made.

Request dated Agquith Cplim'n ppihcatqn } of As-
19 9 73 by ka Solicitor q uit-- Collins for- the
Presented MKE. Charles SwSue of a rst. Cert OTICE OF APPLICATION FOR
17 10 73 Ficate oi Title min re LIQUOR LICENCE.
at 3.30 p.m. pect of a powrtiion of'
land a -se in the To.te .Magrate Disrict "F"
Pari sh of St. Andrewi and the Commissioner of Police.
contaming 19.514.9
quare feetand bon. I, Billy Gacberte now residing at Grand Fond i
ded follows:- Parish of St. David do hereby live you notice I




Page Sevoa

'LW eIhufA

,_ t E h t ^ ^ - ' n .i. . - .-. .-. ..
Ste-.'*rSg pe s*-T*s -.. .Morehriston'. L..L ON 1)0tBALLI DIV.I1t T eo last .age.e match
ws, betoeen the Dominief GiramU r School, id, St,.Mary.'s AcdeMand ended in a oa -all
draw f-ro penalties in' the first :half .by J.C.Lawrenoe for DOiS Sad goalkeeper A.Soloew.
fer SML. The -o.emon half was marred 'by arl iancidon resulting in two players
being ordored..off the field by regular D1IV.I, referee Ali ck Gage this is ai ot the first
.tizm he has put off a DG player. Pbr a -ihian, WGS won the chrlpionship ovor ,,M n d
Harlem Rover1, who are the regular DIV.II clualspions. For the last six years, SMA hats
always von either the League or jKnaoccoat, rlhilst BHarles Bovers (after their 1970 debate)
have taken a cup or two. *'* DGS (amassing 13 goals to 4) were led by J.C.Lawrence who,
with his brother Algerson, scored tea of their side's goals between them six nad- four
respectively. *wx KNOClKOUT: Matches started on Wedae aday with Potters United iad MIS ,
playiiag to a 'goalless av. Over the pst wooek, the visiting Games Football 2wan
from St. Lucia played two matches hbr* Vwiming both: 3-2 ever Harlem Rovers on Sat.
(ou.r boys played a relaxed gamc), amd 5-3 over Kenbborough United on Sunday K.U.could
-- t got organised,- J. Levifa"hverted
two penalties for Kensborough, however.
-- --CSTATE OF. DOMINICA .. DIV.1I KNOCKOUT Saints defeated Kena-.
TITLE BY REG STRATION ACT. b borough United 2-1 yesterday.

Schedule of Appicatian for Certificae of Title and Natinp
thereon and Caveats for week ending 6th day of October IM..
Dee Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth.
er a Certificate of Tide of
[Noting thereon or Caveat

Request dated
the 31st day
*of J-3y 1973.
Priw-ated the
,2xi d4y of
Ot~Ae r 1973
at 3 V'clvk

Julia Powell
by her Solicitor
Cilma A .M

Request for the issues
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect ofS
a portion of lanId at
Portsmouth, m thePa-
riah of St. John, in the
State of Domimes
containing 2 2 1 8
square feet and b4en
A.d as fellows:-

North by Mont Eoius Estate
South by land of Minetta loseph and Augustus Josepi
East by land of Minetia joseph
Wst by land of Fustival jmines ____

No mim&

Reqewat dated Davinu J
the 21st day by her Sol'
of September CilM A..
1973 Dubigty
Presented the
3rd day of
Octuse.r 1973
at 10.05 a.m ________ ___

Request for the i.S.w
of a First Certificato
of Title is respect of
fa portion of land at
Coulibistrie, in the Pa.
rish of St. Peter, in the
S t ate of. Domiaka
costaiing 1 7 7 1
iquar feet a"N be"B
d*d a* f=ilewsB.

North West by land of Leopold Larocque
East by ntfd of Cyril Paul
South East by a Right of Way separating tr from
land ot Government of Dominica
.*West by land of Leopold Larocque
I RBCu, Dmiena.m Actiag Registrar of Titles
IOTE:- Any person who desires to object to die tutae atf
Fi r Crttficat of Title in the abo"w application may enter a
Cavest in the above Office within six weeks fro n the data at
the first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
published in this State or from the date when the notice pre-
2crtbd by law was served on any owner or occupier o( adJo ning
laMd H respect of which the appilcation is mfde.
Lmil [ ,i j i

TAXDD wishe s to thank all those who helpefef
to make the Bandicapped Day Obserrrance. a
success, by baying eubleos, giving tim ,
publicity, and in many other ways.

Mr. Pat Stevens will be holding'a public
meeting from the porch of DTU building
lRoean on MON.0ct.29th, 1973 at 8.15 pm..

Two Capsules a Day Provide


For the relief of Colds, Sinusstis, and
Hay Fever and around the Clock Medi-
cation on only two capsules a day ask for
One Capsule in the Morning and one at
Night will provide continuous Relief
from Nasal Congestion, Watery Eyes
and Sneezing due to Common Cold Si-
nuitis and Hay Fever.
A- Package of 12 Capsules
costs only $2.00 at:
I= oMA i>EnRTy -
LO-Ps- six_



The Rally being organised by the Dominica Civil Service Association
is a legitimate expression of concern, dissatisfaction and rejection of
the manner in which Government as an employer seeks to treat Civil Servants
who are not only employees of the State-but citizens as well.
A RALLY in. any form is an assembly, a getting together of persons for
some specific purpose usually to observe some significant occasion or to
dedicate themselves to the achievement of some specific goals in the future.
Rallies, public processions, protest-marches are all legitimate act-
ivities which citizens of a democratic state can participate in without
interference from any person whatsoever, as long as such rallies, public
processions or protests conform with the laws of the land pertaining to a
breach of the peace.
That a rally organised by the Civil Service Association is not an
illegal act is borne out by the fact that the Commissioner of Police has
raised no objection and has given official approval to the route proposed
by the Association for its procession through the streets of Roseau.
The selection of National Day for ,such a rally is significant in that
the rally is intended to focus attention on the erosion of the civil lib-
erties of public officers and other citizens of the State by the el-ected
representatives of the people. If National Day is intended to commemorate
national liberation from colonial rule and the assumption of full sovereign
authority over the internal affairs of the State by elected representatives
of the people of the State, then what bettor day is there but the said N1at-
ional Day for the people of the State to express their concern at the con-
duct of those elected representatives.
- The theory of the 'Divine Right of Kings' was buried with the beheaded
remains of Charles I of England ini 1649. Constitutional Democracy .ensures
that certain basic rights of the individual are safeguarded. The erosion of.
those rights is the severeost breach of the constitution which a Government
can .ever be guilty of. Any attempt therefore by any authority to interfere
with the right of the individual public officer to participate freely on a
non-working day in the legitimate activities of the only trade union which
can legally claim the right to represent his interest must be regarded as
a further encroachment on the rights of the individual of which the perpe-
trators of the Civil Service Act are guilty.
The Education Division and certain Heads of Schools, the Medical Divi-
sion and the Nursing authorities must understand that the participation by
teachers, nurses (and firemen as well) in National Day activities outside
their normal working hours is entirely voluntary and they should desist from
using threats in an attempt to coerce teachers and nurses to perform any duty
which they could not reasonably be expected to perform on a Saturday and on
public holidays.
The attendance at a parade at the Botanic Gardens or the serving of
refreshments at school on a public holiday is not a duty. The people of
Dominica must therefore frown on those public officers in high places who
seek to force teachers and other off-duty public officers to attend at their
posts on November 3rd unless such attendance is entirely voluntary. There
can be no question of duty since pay, at overtime rates, is not one of the
conditions for attendance.
On the other hand, the few public officers who willingly report for
any kind of special duty on this day when their union, the C.S.A., is pro-
testing this most repressive measure taken against them by Government, must
bow their heads in shame whenever they meet people in the streets, in ack-
nowledgment of their betrayal, their cowardice and their spinelessness.
(Continued overleaf on Supplement ii)

Friday, October 26, 1973

'Supplement i


The people of Dominica can play their part by keeping their children
at home while the older students (potential civil servants) can decide not
to attend the official functions and come along to the Goodwill Parish Hall
to participate in the CoS.A. Rally which starts at 7,30 a..m. and goes on
all day to 6.00 p.m. C.A. SAVARIN,
General Secretary.
SERVICES INTERNiATIONAL from 25-30 Holborn Viaduct,London E.C.I, and copied
to Mr. George Foggon, Overseas Labour Adviser Foreign & Commonwealth Ofice:
Dear Sir, We have been informed by our affiliated union, the Dominica Civil Ser-
vice Association, of. the introduction of the Civil Service Act 1973. On behalf of
the Public Services International, we wish to lodge the strongest complaint that
this Act contravenes, in several respects, Convention 387 of the International
Labour Organisation-, and is' therefore a. clear breacli of established industrial re-
lations practice.* The prohibition placed on certain members of the civil service
under Sections 12 and' 25 i*a, in our opinion, a clear breach of Articles 2 and 3 of
Convention 87. The'require eits placed on unions under Section 28 and Schedaule 4
are, in our opinion, an infringement of Article 3 of Convention 87.* Our Intor
national, which represents four and a half million employee in the: public service
throughout the free world, considers these branches of ILO Oonvention 87 to be of
auch a. serious naturoethat tib will lodge a formal complaint to the Committee" on
Freedom of Association of the ILO, with which we have formal recognition.'* "e ro-
grot having to take this step but wish to keep you informed before doing so.
Yours faithfully,
19th October, 1973' CA!RL U. FP-AITKEN,Gonoral Secretary.

A L L of DOMINICA will be coming to the Goodwill Parish Hall
Grounds on Satuvdy, November 3rd, 1973.
IT'S a whole day affair from 7.30 a.m. in the morning to 6.00
o'clock in the evening.
THE C.S.A. RALLY is the biggest coming-together.. of Dominica people.
THE PROGRAMME FOR THE DAY includes satirical performances from 8.00
a.m. to 9.00 a.m.;address by C.S.A. officials and invited guests from
9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and an afternoon of Calypso singing, steel band
playing, Swingstars grooving till 6.00 p'*mo

GASOLINE PRICES: fr. page one .!
All Big-3 Companies are economising -
no painting of tanker trucksreduded
maintenance, etc. etc. With reduced
gasoline, trucks will not run regular-
ly and maybe even the 14,000 gallons
of gasoline which government reserves
for essential services (GDC, Police &
Fire Services) may not be available to
them. Taxis will not run and tourists
may no4t come. Unemployment is increas-
ing by the hour, and soon crime will
increase even more .

And government ministers and civil.
servants sit back in their chairs and
say "bring gasoline in at our price
or Dominica will go without; the con-
sumsr cannot afford a whole 1-00 extra'"
Lot the consumers speak for them-
salves. If they do not speak up now
(aind even now one cannot buy gas) -
and tell. this government to pay heed
to the wants and desires of the com-
munity, then Dominica is finished in
yet another direction. Our backs are
to the wall"

S-upploment ii


Friday, October 26, 1975