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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: 10-19-1973
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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"-- x\
[ 'J "(t1r 07. -2 -34

Cable: tar, oominica
Ttl : Printery 2691. Editor 2610I
U. K. Media Reprsentative: '
Colin Turner (London) Ltd.
122 Shaftesbur Ave. W. i. V ,sa ,,a 7ea. -orta .
xvor PHY S S.HAND ALLFRY riday oC mbwa

The true aim of Developmnt Y L
Saturday November 3rd is & public holiday,
GUEST EDfTRIAL --VxV. BHATT* National Day, on which every citizen of the State,
It is time, I beflve, that we start qiestioning the real purpose lrge o tmall, young or old, is free to do as he or
of economic development-the satifaction (ef the urges d she Ples* withwr the law.
aspirations of man for a richer and fuir life. T1s is the primary Yet we knOW that certain school .Principshs
purpose of all individual and oci endevours and we have< have threatened their ppils that they MUST attend
to establish a cloqc link between ow efforts and aspirations. the Botanic Gard parade or suffer purament
Education, health housing in cians and beautiful surroundings, beata) for af tada
leisure to enjoy and appreciate art, music, literature, and beauty e have takn advice on this and, can aiy that
in natural as well as man-made ciutions-thiese are ends in no Principal or employer can coerce any child,
themselves and am as much important as clean antd whoesoIC teacher or adult to attend any parade on a public
fodd, adequate clothing, means of transport and communication holiday The matter is entirely voluntary, and any-
and man-made gadgets which lightt- human toiL oIe who beats a child for abee can be d
But tirese objectives or ends are the very things which are Wtb assault by the parents if this takes place. If in
missed when we view the devdeopan t procem purely from an doubt ask a lawyer or an UmpecO of education.
economic angle. What .then becoaws important are capital /
accumulation, savig and indices of gross national product and
growth rates. Economists have created a concept of consumers' -
sovereignty to sodve other problems of allocation of- resources
as between different ends. Let us 4ancentrate on development,
they> seem to say, and consumers' ovreignty wvuld do the trick
of maximising general welfare. Given his income and prices, i BEAUTY U
a pcnsumer.would choose a bundle of goods aird services vhic .. .
gi,. :m amaxidman satisfaction and since price in the pure ,,
equilibrium of perfect competition is an index of the marginal
utility of each individual derived from the consumption of each
good and service, total satisfaction or welfare of the community
is maximised.
But in this preoccupation, or shall I say obsession with cono-
nuc development, we seem to have lost sight of the simple fact
that economic \development is after all an instrument for eu- '
riching human life and is by no means an end in itself. But this ,
basic objective is quite often forgotten in geneml discussions so
much, so that even education, whih one wAild consider I -
an end in itself-for, enrichment of the mind is as important -
as the nourishnment of the body-is now being principally conmi-. .
dered as an instrument for econoni deveiopmeaa. In. the search
fbor the master-key to development, the emphasis has shifted from
first from infrautrcture to industriaisation and then to what THE
is currently called investment in heman resquices or human -' DOMINICA' DISPENSAR
resource development. So 'what ha,.aome to pass is that even ":k ,- CO. LTD.
himan beings are treated like imachines in which we must invest ttnmli '
and for what-for .the success of -he development process. I... Miss s T aev A rmwim Roseau, Dominica
Similarly, the noble ideal of socialism which was born as a result THE C.S.A. L' T'S JOIN UP TODAY
of real concern fcw human dignity and well-being has also become If t ea Her nt ErMISr .you eUAt
in general discumions as merely an ins-umenrit for the nationalisa- .yffoer' ad 1e $ a. W ?r. l7o clant
tion of means of production so that development process could o t o C.St A. Reaember
be accelerated. Development foi its own sake, socialism, for .t the r ivil y roiu. Act affect you
its own sake; just as art is for art's sake! he thecr yo u. 'e C.SAd. momer or not.
The burden of my song has eca that together with wealth, r the yo o, l go to JAIL for
!et us also- .pesise other aspects of life that may contribute rAe ufO t an w tl to Pl.y f, Finea
to man's mental and spiritual r -nerartioa. Is not such of ert w- h I OM 0 oh as acted in oa
regeneration dals a more potsonert itrm eot for the t Governor,
re~neration ah.m, a mortm Ia~tft immngtr mit for the to Governont -or a fellow Civil Servrt,
improvement of snan's moral and "matmer&1 Late? In our G he_,leh ord fellto w Chia l ervnt .
obsession with development ideooloi'm-& domnas, I fear that .S mew t yel r rig ist hM vo Act M
the planners m tedtfoft maatr(Bteacft even deve- f now that year rihts have been
lopment. m tdtfoet throatead, Join the Unioa. Let as fight. iti
.pD*G CMirit ,trS duriL D --7ek .- Let us fight it. Lot us fight iti
.,. Lt. as fightt iti

The saddest thing-for Dominica right now is that it should be gov-
erned by such an ignorant lot of politician. After nearly fourteen years
in power, Premier Le-Lylanc (in my view) has gained neither in stature,
experience or wi.sdonm He should, for instance, know by now that any law
railroaded through the House of Assembly which whuld obviously be re-
pealed by an alternative government is a bad law. Any legislation which
appears to violate the Coastitation (e.g. "an individual's right to join
the trade union of his choice") is one that should have the widest public
discussion eve4 before its first leadingg in the House, and then a Com-
mittee stage referred to a -select committee which might possibly sit for
weeks taking evidence from members of the 'public, the opinions of the
Press and the advice of persons with special knowledge (e.g. constitutbnal
law), besides the thoughtful objections of the Opposition Members of the
select committee. When the bill then comes up"again in the House, a real
debate can take place. Arguments pro: and con, amendments etc. would be
discussed and a full defence of all opposition criticisms submitted pub-
licly by the Government. In.a case like that it could even occur that
Government backbenchers might speak up and make some constructive contrib-
utions: that would be 2the day!
It is most unfo.r tunate that'Leblanc seems unable to understand that
to thwart the processes of democracy (which in 'English terminology means
taking into ccraideration the other fellow's point of view jnd in Marxist
terms 'the dialectic') leads only to frustration and.pent-up fury on the
part of those who disagree with Government policy. If, on the top of this,
governing parties of a state legislate to consolidate their own power and
at the same time curtail the liberties of the -individual with Draconian
laws~ the eventual response is VIOLENCE. This is not a threat, it is
merely an- historical fact, and the provokers of violence (which seldom
leads to a peaceful and well-governed state) will be to blame, The-
Premier would be to blame for violating the fundamental freedoms inherent
in democracy.. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! As: I write these words (on Tuesday)
I am. faintly cheered to note that so far .the .Governor has not yet signed-
an assent to. the provocative Civil Service Act.>May he never do sol

As a little exercise in democracy (allowing the public to know how
-the country is being run) I am going, every week, to give our readers a
few quotes from the Audit Report for the Dominica Accounts of 1971.These
were"laid on the table" of the House recently (i.e. published). Here is
thA first one:-
Attention *Permanent Secretary (Ministry of FinanceTreasury Division):-
"Clause 58. For some time now this department has been bringing to the-
notice of the Ministries/Departments concerned that the manner in which
these gratuities." (,to officers not entitled to pensions) "are being
awarded is entirely unsatisfactory on the ground that several of the
certificates submitted by road foremen etc. in respect of length and
continuity of service by non-established workers should be considered
invalid from the .point of view that a number of attesting officers were
not in service at the date of commencement by the. worker, and in a few
instances, the attesting officer was not even born at the commencement
late. Thiswarning has gone unheeded, and it appears that the award of
this type of gratuity has assumed dimensions which cannot now be effect-
ively controlled." NOTE that Parliament approved $60,000 for this type
of service, a virement Warrant was made for an additional $91,000 (total
$151,000) BUT $225,000 was .expended an excess of $74,738. The Gov-
e rIment probably calls that socialism; I call it "shady vote-buying".
Attention P e'rmanent-Secretary. Ministry of Communications &. Works.
(Post Office Division):- "Clause 97. Cash Collection. During the year
cash surveys carried out on cash and stamps revealed cash shortages: of
$652.58 and cash surpluses totalling $59.61. At a survey carried out on
Srd.June, 1971, an amount of $600.00 was found short but.noa action was
taken. The responsible officer made good the shortage and was allowed to
resign from the service; the officer was granted a gratuit.y."
*TAILPIECE: Radio Dominica announcers should settle on one way of pronoun-
cing ,the important regional word Caribbean. And if they say "Carribb-yan2'
rather than the classic geo-political CaribQ.n, they should spell it thus.

Page Two,


Friday, October 19, 19753

Reck junir

are here
New available:-
Bergamot Super
Hair Grower
Hair Blackencr
Prcssidg Oil
in small, medium and. saloa sizes



SM. E,,Charles,
P. O. Box 121,
28, Old Street,
-. Roseau, Dominica.

.rsW.....e,.in.DAa~ -

Apply to: JL Ralph

I, James Louis Lake of Bense do hereby notify
the general public that my wife Keturah Lake
nee Boland having left my home and protection
on Friday October 5th 1973, I am no longer
responsible for any debts or commitments she
may contract as from that date.
Pag e Tr u THE- STAR Friary 1e9er 1 19 73
page*-~,., Th ,^..i.., ,^ i,., .. 11. ,||M ~ ~ ~ *.,*

A ris&dent ecgiaeer is required to supervise the
cmastrution of a port facility in Dominica, WI
Tie Contract will comist of the construction
of a I,ooo ft. long wharf and three approach
trestles all on piles, a reclaimed shore area
graded, paved and provided with shore protcc-
tion works as well as associated buildings and
utilities. The R E Will be assisted by a deputy
and an inspector.
It is anticipated that the R.E. will be required
to be on site from February, 1974, for a period
of 17 months,
Applicants for the post should be eligible for
full membership of any member organization of
the Council of Caribbean Engineering Organ-
izatious nd nm addition, should have suitable
site experience. West Indian Nationals will be
given preference.
The pom is temporary, with the possibility of
future employment m the W.I, and there will
be assistance with removal expenses, housing
and local travel. Salary will be dependent on
qualifications and experience.
Apphcations in writing should be sent as soon
as possibk to:-
P.O.' OX 17,


Dominica Electricity Services. offers
for sale the following vehicle which may be
inspeced at Fond Cole Power Station by ar-
rangement with Mr. Palmer on telephone
No. 266 The vehicle is offered on a "as is
where is" basis with the purchasers remov-
ing it from Fond Cole Power Station on
payment of t h e accepted tender. Written
offers only will be considered and amt be
received before Friday 26th October by the
Maintger, Dominica Electricity Serviccs,
P.O Box 13, Roseau.

: _____________, ___ C-y

8 Boyd's Avesue
2 Large Bedromu
Modern Convzwitncet
Wall around Propersy
J. VmatrspTel:
2 a6 PAth Rea,. Tel: a691 ors 328


Page Four

fiction M TITINE.. .Cynthia Watt .
"Well, I must say this is terrible,"
said Ma Titine to Baby Saturday morn-
ing. "You mean to say they had to cut
off the boy leg?" '
Baby shook her head. ""Yes, poor
boy. And what beats me is this; he was
sitting on de tird step you'kntow, an
right dere de car come ah' cop him."
"An you mean to say they charge no
one?" 'Ma Titine asked' incredulously.
'Although they know who it is--"
"You can say dat again ." Baby replied
emphatically. "If it was Reuben or any
odder driver, poleece would alrcddy
beat dem, tak. deir licench an lock dam

up I You'can bet
!"Well, wall,"
so sorry for the-
that; selling his
make a.few pence
I self sorry for
never forget what
Baby nodded.

is. dat deo would do I'"
said Ma Titino, "I am
boy.' 'A young child2fe
Chronicle and Star to
to holp'himself. But
the driver. He can
he done." *'.
"Do whole town is one

talk weoa; doy say dcy waiting to see
what Poloace an Guvam0nt-goin to do.
Lot us go up to do hospital an see do,
poor boy an bring him somotiig. I
tLnkin bout his moddor; poh lady. I3
can. imagine .what she- felih! ...
Ma Titine agreed and theyi wont later
to the hospital bringing along a little
While up there, they hoard of anothXr
car accident in which a woman was
killed on the Canofiold rohd,
Said Ma. Titine, "Bon Dieu I drivers
today have no regard for.human life."
"Dominica is in a kind' of a state
today," another visitor"said. TOne
thing: I can say: some people know
when and how to clear out gracefully
from certain situations, Others don't'
"Dat is. really so," replied Baby.
The visitor was from. Trinidad, and any-
one could guess she meant Dr.
St.Peter, Barbadoa, would lilco to cor-
respond with female pen pals between
the ages of 17 & 22*
His hobbies are cricket,- dancing,
meeting people and Se6a 1aTthi.ig.

CILLORS this. weok to -discuss improving
the general look of Roseabu, with empha-
sis on cleaning, garbage,, a pound for.
stray animals etc.

T-A R- Friday, Octob ,1 1973-

"GEE-PEE-Umania" is a contagious epi-
demic with splendid after-effocts
caused by the superb sonactions of
"SHARE BROTHER, SHARE", so go catch it...
CHRIS SERAPHINE will be keeping the.'
calypso name of WIZARD but tolls us hc's
quitting calypso-singing; bkwiever beall
go on composing for DCA. His first -
release: "AT THE' BAY" is really soul-
gripping, and forthcoming "LOVEBIRD"
a Johnny NHsh-Jinmy Cliff type.
reggae with flute and all -- will be
a Garibbean top-ton contendor.......
-- Meanwhile BELLES' COMBO, working' on
material for in early ?74 LP releauo,
looks ahead to their GUYANA.tour...
Now Pto.llichl1 fTky-r-type group,
CURLEY BROS stagod'4Q gSrat variety con-
cert in theo' community last Saturday...
Loubiore's positively NEGATIVE FOUR
have postponed their fund-raising show
which gets" ooden Stools, Black Machine
and Voltures .in "a'testing duel for lata
November... Sorry, but BINGO has t6 got'
that crack in his voice out before long",'
Ita's.obviously- too distinct and clear in.
his "I 'M. GOIZ' HOME' reggao-pogoge combin-
ation, fy eot g0oca on BREAKER-a nd.
STARRETT for porimanoht GAYLORDS vocals.
Those two are beastly fantastic...
SPENCER"diclsoses that a Dominica.
Calypsonian Association troupe will be
staging a.groat show at Soufrior6 on
Sunday Nov.4... MLATY KRISTIN revives
"Crying in the' Rain" excellently enough.
to sparkle like gold. ..RAUL McCARTNL/Y
of WINGS has' given his wife LINDA. an:
original Paul -haircut... Next EUROVI-
SION SOM .0072=% will be hold at the-
Brighton Dome, Britain... Once a. trades-
man always a tradesman. After the
go back to plumbing. Wouldn't that %bo
something i'" 1Murry Head of "HAIR" 'and
"Josus Christ-Super. Star"' song-hit fame
has released his first album "Nigol
Lived"... If yoiu had to be buying all
non-Caribbean singles released in 173
you.td now have a record library of.
some 3000.
Mossrs, Cable & Wircloss (W.I..) Ltd will
sponsor a Youth football Tournimont in-
1974 for the E.Caribbean: during summer
holidays. Wes Hall will come hero to plan..
LAYOU YOUTI GROUP celebrates lst Anniv.
Beautifying the Village, painting. the
Methodist Church, talk by Daniel Caudoiron
and debate by Hovonont for New Dominica &C,.

Friday, October 19, 1973 T H E S T AR Page Five
At a Special Geon.Meeting on Oct.14th, Shop Assistants V20 per week.
a C.S.A. Executive Committee Rosolut- Domestics $12 p.w, where moals are
ion noved by General Secretary Charles provided and $15 p.w. without meals.
Savarin,soconded by Miss Josophino Agric.Workers(malC)->- 5 per 8-hour day
Isnaol, calling for-an amendment to ..Worked "out a't 650 per hour.
Rule 3 of CSA Constitution & Rules was AgricWorkers(female)- $4 per 8-hr.day
carried massively with only 2 absten- .day worked out at 500 per hour.
tions, It provided for Life Membership Other Daily Paid Worlurs (males) $4.80
and Life Associatoship allowing con- per 8-hr.day at*I60o per hour.
tinued membership in the C.S.A. to all Ditto (females) 3,60O per 8-hr.day work-
members in good standing whose eligi- od out at'450 per hour,
ability might be jQPpardised for any Juvoniles-- $2.80 per. 8-hr.day at 35? per
reason whatsoever. hour Rd^ CERIE^ "$30-yer-.1 ..
R A L L Y Juveniles are males or females between
The mooting also approved that a 16-18 years 'of.-ge. . ...
solidarity rally for all public offic- Mr. W.S. S TEVEif omlnts on those wages:
ers and their friends be hold in Roseau "No-one can argue cogently against a rise
on .atienal Day, i.e' Sthurday Nov.3. in wages. DBut-it is clear to all that the
Ior shall give details next week. Government cannot appreciate the vicious-
S- TARSPORTS -h IIORCISTOTN ness of the circle. Those who have to pay
S.. ..Ct:.. f,.,- f ., .... the.. VaC rates ar,. not at all able 'to
mooe.t the rise. Tlhh farucr'4or io t.-ince,
pgOTBA ],-Kenabe. -oug-UThc.&d (of Kean y.facos-tho.s.tLaaLKi of all necessary art-
avo and Hillaborough St.) turned outto ices, especially food. His banana prices
be a most impreossiv now team contrary i .
to e-xpectations, and gave champions recently wont d6i4n; all the necessarios
Harlom Rovers their toughest opposition for his hard work, e.g. tools,fortilizors
in all 3 series. With an average ago etc keep rising; the education of his chil-
of 19-20, most of their players were dron in Roseau and Portsmouth is a very
registered in DIV.II last yearThese
boys in blue & maroon ore rushers-up costly business. Two issues make Govorn-
in both League and O.D,.risbano Cup nont appear particularly ludicrous: (i)
Competitions and two of them, Fitz that it costs. only- ,3 p.w. to feeood a Don-
Honry,,Capt. ,and Roy IIurphy are soloc- ostic servantJ (ii)that recent events have
tod for the State Team.Striker Iu.rphy forced Govt. to. invite the C.S.A. tO ask
finished with 12 goals 2nd only to for ,irt
Dontfraid with 13. L.-.eOrry' Lewi was for ore. The C.. shouldhowevero, rst
their noect top goal otter with 9, 4th seek the virtues of righteousness froodoh
to Harlem's Bonoit 'lO).Kcnsborough U. and justice...after which "all other things
amassed 27 goals to 20 against,seeming will be added'." W.S.S.
t'o lose touch after 2 hard-fought mat- _--.....
chos against Celtics U.which..they won. NE J CAI.DIAT COIISSIOER I-ERE
Their team was: Strikers.-E.Chr1itophT Mr. Lawrence A.IH. Sixth, newly appointed'
& R.Carotto- Linkanen, C.Colaire & L. Canadian ConnMission1r to the Assoc.States,.
Pascal; others, I.ILafond,E.John,P.Dav- C d qor nici tote Ao -c ..... '
id, P.John, I.Taroque,E.Loblack and visited Dorinica lat weok, o F :fr
'oalkeooer CPopo. Ministers and Officials. He is a graduate
I omitted last week the. Dominica of Balliol Collego Oxford and Univ.of Torohto
1973 State Team with 7' arlemitoes O. and was recently Director of Aid/Development
Jocseph,Capt.; I Den6it,C,7ocrtrand, W. fairs, Canada.
Dontfraid,H.Emanl, tr,Hinto Div., Dept. of Extn Affairs Canada.
Spartans,' VRoneVice-Capt.;J.Faustin, HAIL FAR E-W ELL
J.Charlos,G.Mondesiro. QVAtter Crown: A
D.Dowhurst, A, Solomon,G.Toussaint. A new Roseau Dranch Manager, Mr. Aubrey I
oensborough U: F.Henry,.R, Ilrph.',Saints obri will roplaco Mr. J.C. da
- ..illiam.K.Phillip. el ic s: A. Silv- "h oyal ENkI-of Oanada inicac .
S3 and Farwl con. from C0l2 later this month, "s announced. '"
-.--c Ta.TvaT-wT'11 leave early noxt n- X tr -MDwdr f t r. w- Vle
month for Vancouver, Canada, after to tho. laUd of Dbminica. r. Nobriga, 35,
has r years in thiG Stafe, where ho married, 3 children (all boys) comes from
has made many good friend ad thor- Guyana, where h6 was a manager in Georgo-
oughly enjoyed living in Dominica. We Ton withe17 yoaa experience in vGrious
wish him and his wife all that is gooe towns with' 17 yes .xperience in vtrCious
W.I.branches. (Turn'to L 'Col)


Schedule of Application for Cercfik of Title sod
thereon and Caveats for week meaning Uk Of October 1973.
Date RIqweeed Person Presenting Nature ofrequest wheth-
er a Certificate of Tide o
S___ Noting twreo or Caf.

Requet dated
19 9 73
17 10 73
at 3.30 p.m.

A4pp6atioa of As-
quith Collins for the
issue of a First Crti
ficate of Title is ret-
pect of. portion of
land at BeSe in the
Parish of St. Andrew
-t&- 1oCAO

|squsare f..tajd boe
North By land of William Francs & Pemberson Rower,
East: By land of Nicholson Wallac, South: By Mission Land.
SWest By the Public Road.

Request d ted
.25 7 73
117 10 73
at 245 p.r.
i ,-

,wmd Rbin
by ki Sliceitr

Appiicafiesi o f ES
wood Robin for the
issue of a First Corti
ficate of Title in rea-
eof a portion of
at arigt in the
Parish of St. Andrew
containing 52 8 3
narfeet and boam

I e g Id"d as foellw$,-
Neorh Pulc Rd separati k fre M d of Gi Nolen
South: Land of Hezekiz h Robin Ent: Lamd of Elmyrs James
SWest Lan of Hezekioh Robin

Sth.dMle of Appocation for Cetficate of Title and Notings
thereon mad Ceeats for week edIng 6th day 1* October M7.

'Request dated
!he 14th day
'of September
Presenated the
5th day of
October 1973
tat 3.30 pan

by his Soicitor
Cian A.M

Requpft for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land at
St. Joseph, in the Pa.
rish of St. Joseph, in
the State of Domainica
containing 5526suare
feet a. besdd a

North East party by land of Gerald Bertrand and pertly
by land atRusdha Felix Soutn West by land of Elfreda Charles~
South East by iand of Ranford Adams; North West by land
of Oscar Pierre. .
Schedule of Application for Certifice of Ttle and Not1i9p
nd C s for week endi 15th day of September 197
Mial 1 r

Request dated
12 9 73
10 8 73
.at 123 No

Tennyson LeMs
by his Solicitor
LLE. Charles

Application of Tonny.
ton Leon Andrew for
the issue of a First
Certificate of Tidte ia
respect of a portion
of land at Leubiere ia
teM Parish f St.

o ase fconta f -

On the North of River Gllon George Edwards East: By
Amoesu- Pte. Michel Public Road: South: By Land of Fia.-
dIrck Je. Baeste; West By the Sea

d oo

r~ag ~-rM~ Fh.~. &Wmis- ft 0973


One New Four Bedroom Haos om apnj
proimudy 4,8oo Sq. of mladnd

Ttlepboee: 324 30269

Asq Cogias

Request dated
the 10th day
of September
Presented the
10th day of
at 10.45 a.m

SBamsel Joaopi
by his Solicitor
Cilma A.M

Requsnt fwr &C a
f a First Cartiflfate
of Title is rep-c- -t
a portion of laud at
Neba, in the Parish
of St. Josephi in the
State of Domeinca e a
taming 2.015 acres
feet so& beinaded as

N North by land of Angelo Charles; South by lamd of j1esM
Ryan; East by Neba Public Road; West by a Read sepraiteg
It from land of George Ogaro.

RoemR. Dotmoce. Aetins Rfleutrarfif little
NOTl:-- Ay person wo d*miwtes o f~tt *sdewof a
F irst Caerificat of Title h the tboe aoeppa on a *
Cavest in the above Oice werin six weeks frina i daeat
the first appearance of this SchWule in the STARf
punished tn this Stit ore from hcede dm wia cd a
cribeiby lawwee served on may owcr or o--pl- wnift
hled #a resqxeosof w4kh the ssaBpinetida ts 1


fAny.asg 04r IIM tws

660.. Ce. TU STAR


. . ... ii I

..... .I I r


i i i i it II i

* I i i II l I I 1 *



Toiaed or wee mdia

Is Biy Gacbente nMw eStdin Gmt d td
Pms of St. David do aimey ve ym waKet
at it is my imtenion to at te t-
trM I Ccuz to be heM Lat tMea=
-Neday tbe 4th of Noveer 1973 eg 9 Sf
a mil LIQUOR LICENCE in -BBe m f
e ~ioes a GBmd Food in the dais t S ,.

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by Atherton... art.i- assist the workers in loca uid
2), THEL-CASTLE BRUCE LLL-STTION eo purchase the estate, the o!_ sto"
-C" -of Ag culture and the than Minister
Government has a' development plan of Finance 'accdseodth workers7of'
(1971-1975) in its: hands which acknow- trying to g.t Government fitther into
ledges the importance 'f agriculture debts. n .... t .. .. i
to the futures survival of 'Dominica. 6. Wi en the iworkrs', in January of
That plan calls, for diversification 1972, had located $125,000 with which
of agriculture and the ceicoiragement to make'a dowin payment on Gastlel
of co-operative actiorn'in the sector. Bruce Estate having disc-used 'this
In Castle BHuce a Iarge humber of with CDC-Rogional Comptroller,
farmers. and farm worh;ers 'ae organis- Begualawski, Government refused to
ing themselves for the lazt. .year, to sign as gtiarantor'on'the balance of
implement that policy to a. 'T i.e.ohe the payhoit'" ('375,'00b).,
production of food crops anff. livestock 7. Two weeks later that sama Govern.-
together with traditional cash crops, mcnt plunged'Dominica, into a debt of
within the framework of a large farm $1,500,000 to purchase both Melville
co-operative. All thewborkers of Hall and CastleoBruce Estatcs.,
Dominica' should understand how our 8. From August 1973' to January '197
Goverhnmet has triod t`o assist in do- Governmdnt".i jEAchod a. programme of .
inthi .. false propaganda against the effort&.
1. On July 28th, 1972, 'after CDC of Gastle' Bruce to come to grips: with
attempted to lay off .59 WorIKrs. and its problema rather than sit like "
a. Dominican Maniager, the' parIiament- children 'wile Government debated those
ary representative for the area agreed political prudeiieo-of coming to their
to arrange a. moeatiig .b -ct-ienH CDC, the aid. In' fact4 ihen the Opposition
workers, the Trade Unioh and. Govern- Barty hibVod a' resolution in the-Hou"o
-ment in an attempt to settle tha. in- of Assemobly asking the Governmdnt t6
duatrial dispute, and to examino eo .coopqate with the group of workers:
long term solution to. the develop- at Castle Bruc6e in- establishing"the o
ment of thoe Gtstle Briibe "farm vis-a- 'CooperatiV6,, that resolution was
visa tha.wprkers.' At thit time CDC voted dotin. .
had already indicated its willing- 9. When the DCatle .Bruce situation
noss to sell the estate. .This meet- was to bc did~bi~sod on the Jaycoes
ing was never arrained and CDC was Radio Programme "Co6ntact", the then
loft free to tighteh its stangle- Minister of Finance stopped the. pro-
hold. on GCastle Bruce, -' which it did gramme........
by. closing down the estate 10. Noi that the organized power of
2. When the Ministry-"of Hoie Affairs the workers--is revealing itself as a
was approached to institute arbitra-. co-operactive in C-atle Bruce, the
tion measures .to r6olvoe the dispute Minist6r, of Agriculture is still
,his was ignored (in vi61ation of stalling 'on the' question of land bc-
the. Trade Disputes. Act); instead, a. coming available to the co-operative
settlement which had beeh i otally for productiboh:-".
rejected by the workers .was signed. The. above ton (10) points reveal a.
by the Trade Union ahdGovernment, iGovtnnoent that is'interested in the
letting* DC off while workers were planned devel6opront of people by their
allotted redundancy ratos which 'con- 1own efforts;, hot ihterestod in human
travened the redundancy p'ymeants. doevlopment(th"h' r6uSt "of participa-
agreement of the Employeris ]?e'deratai. tion in that planiiing), not interested
3. 'When the Castle Bruce wPorkers made in improving, the Standard of lif of..
representation to..that -linistry seek- the farm population, but very much in-
ing to rectify this, the I-inister terested in stoppiAg all attompts at
said.he' could. do nothing abbut this. private co-operative investment in
and that the. Unioh"'shoLuld be approach Dominica by Do0iinicana especially, if
ed. When approach6d,-t-lieo--iuion told such invostdint -goes along with education
the. workers to go to the.Minister of programoe" that ult'irhtoly leave the
Homa. Affairs as he wahs the highest -. participants"oc6nonicacly and psycho-
authority which was party to the logically free to think and' act on their
settlement. ,- .. own will.
4. When. the Castle Bruce workers. This cancer that has rotted away thd
asked the Ministry pf Agriculturo to will of thd Government to encourage the
permit Dr. J.B.Yznke'y ahd J.Barzey only true form 6f development that is
to assist them in drawihg 'up pro- long lasting, i, .e development through
posalas and plans.fo'theo use of the participation "and" self-roliahce, this''
estate (which CDC wished tO sell and decay of Goverienit iust b'revealaed to
thae workers wished to buy), tha:. Min- all the' workers of Dominica, the scab."
isteF refused. es nust b pae led away. in other situations
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ominica out of Gas
Attrilated To Goto Prif Con trol
M93!S STS who ,womier why there is no gaao-
Itam in the island ahealk lohk a the facts
SCest. per Gollea
S'1T 1973 (Sept.

Centaolled Price
bteilera Margib
&1k Sellitag Pr.

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-Al-d- (CIF) coat .. .83
tSr T.aTx/Daty *- as
ast.0/hoai & Distr. Cat 620
cost to Oil Cetu- -*yT-
Preft (1967) ." 1* 13
Lowe (1973) ., R-,-

0.Yevwment sentr the letai:

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.. .... .40
.. ... 30

Price* > *
Price, the

balk selling price aad the .Tax & Duties;
weal. yg, import gasoline if you 1ado a lees
of IS0 on overy gallows. And oil is getting
Ahes, sd the price increases almost daily.
J as- in the market for a horae or donkey 1

HOW 0vtzNi "_ %.:Z", vUizAa Oiav cMxa0.
(Cawtl, Bruco In1ustraytli) by A.Maatin
(fr ) -o it'a in Cstio Bruco, to
e ts uok pno', of e- r=utmi. to
oese eout of tho crippling vowana that
bind Dacinion to backwardaease

the 'rader fren Irr~tn Ball (IT-) J/ar
VWe, the "Do.nXca stud4at'. ABsocia-,
ti. OBael, Cti*ongly acamtem the Doitnic a
Govesmael kW"1 in paal tbahe CivLIl
SeWvIA Lat, 1973.
We cae asure of the iana e.att 'and long
teo= 1apichLtinew of the Civil Servrie
Act as it clearly deprive. the Civil -aer-
Tante of their catFike attm and other
boau Xanz ELghta iwgich wBe str&gglead
for Pad, Bly won by -the whter%*waz
Whas we fully. support tbhe Dtininc
Civil Ser ice Association aa4 the Carib-
beana Xibour INove eait L n 'the
repeal of thia Act." *SiaN
Edward Candoiron, Sijc./ r e** boiaftica
Stu4abts As ociatioin Alfr iaE.fllot, '
M=xa.S b .Luico; Endrian Peter; Lemaxc
St.Alae"t Jony. AllportI Sea-BlUa Eery.
Bay Jefegr; JoQt Delsol; 2artaaa.nd
FPortna*; Jonnifor 'flwj.nt Malanj. Etieonne
HeadditaB8.Pauil? Irving''CXoreadaim&

18 hp Evinrude Outboards
S also
The Proven Utility Vehicle for
Limited Quacnry.
A.C. Sbilliugford & Co. Ltd.
Car Accessories Department

In dte last xonth we have se out notices fg 70
itacribern overdue. Some of thet~ for 4 br yean
- the whole lot being for onme $1400 of which
oer $500 is for postage (local and overseas airmail)
To date ONLY TWELVE of the 70 have PAID
UP. Please check to see if you have a reminder slip
ia yeer paper and then send your cheque, M.Q. or
doft made out to: "'Roen Lr Allfr t"
--a:- The SEt,
26 ath Rd Doaca WI

Owmng to newsprint shortage after this fasieai>
1 free or unpaidbfar papers wib te posted.


Upon inmstrctions received several items of
AParimi ansd Household F including
Desuing Table and Mirror, Hi Fi cod lay-
er, Bookcases, Tea Trolly, Glopa Cabinet, items
of Crockery, Cutlery, Reading MLosito
Ac at.there the rrnofthe
SOys isBk of Caeda at M*ae &Be on Sat-
=rday te 27Th ofc(tobB ast .o pim.
The terms of the sale wil be uoicty cash
*ad there will be no *pset pieces aBy of the
itenas offered for sale.
Fr further paiculars sad vu gca

telephobet 3 14

Just outside Roseau, to quiet employed
person Home or Overs as. Meals by
Write ONLY to Mr. W.,1% P.(O Box 1-29


Win Customers arn Friends
asoe at watlabi d by 2r4hort Alitre
of Capital Mill es. aet J^th
eases, Id*Nima, uset 1aittee .