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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 10-12-1973
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Cable Sta,-. O0mmca
Tel P-interv 269. "Editor 26 '
U K ,I!'-a Rr .
Coln Turner Lc!don t Ltd.
I12 Shaftesbury Ave. W .

Vol XVu N.14l

'. %2 li 1W.

t tl .>"Ju< ol.~ t J 'o *I
1'trttc 43M o vmte '0t tuna
i _-


Li -- ..4 -
No more postal thefts please
I Friday Oer 12 1913

MORE ,nd more we are witnessing th-v
laIv being used as, weapon in the C(arib-
bean ,rather than as an instrument to
ensure .jusce The latest example of this
cprnes itrom Dominica whtee rather
histilv a la w v as passed last Tuesday
imposig heavy penalties on Governttent
worker, who m future take strike action
agira,-' he Government. The new law als
makesit ite-gal ior any satire to be Fro-.
duced niidiculiag thLe Governo, Govern-
menrt Ministers or any 'member of the
CiXil Service .
'"W hat .'e find riussing is that the law,
* v;;hee it teals ith, satincal productions,
-i ve\ the Impression of also protecting the
civi servants when t fact it is a law that
is drccd mailt ij at dhem..
The. law cornes to a background f
uphcavai in Donmiaica last June when trhe
transfer of a "opuiar disc hockey from !*e
ikno-rnrnent-run rad'.o station to a desk
j.ob ir another Government department.
resuit cd in a eenc.ral strike and led to the
Domnin ca G overmnicnt declaring a stitz
of c'ero n.c.
h ts unrioritnately b~ecoving all txo
couoCn .i,-.- pra. tIcr for Caribbean gov.
crnmenrc'.. i.,e the Iias tosave them from
emharrassmnent. .
hf we -'amine the new Dominica law
w, sill'rliske that the law instipulating
that any disseitt on the part of Governmer*t
-urkI-r 'ill be heavily fined. ens.irs. that
thc ci cvg scrvans' union in that State can
onlyv -:;l strike of its nember- if it is
prepared o .Nee its top executive taced
vih hea h fines or even jailing.
V c C.cn .d'-o assume that the Govmr-'
nmeit. in' "puit of the siate'of emergency
which as declared l ad all tal, sees"
-iNlft as 'not oprating fvan a position of
strernth and has resorted to the law as a
mearn of buttressing its power. This is

U,K Trade Missica
Seeks More Trade

A liai' prceant*ge of
imaporls t the. L w.ard sad
M andwarid IaiBd come firoU
Great ri ai now ada~s,
4oe can Omly nimatain a'
good share of -the eisprt
marke bSI paying attMbation s
it: by lo.king at im eue namy
and its proafbems. This wi
stated by Mr. Petw S.
Caxre.ab, Dirwsr of Indeewp
Overseas limited, sad hea4
.!,f a Wet hfit CanuMitum
Tae W oisdward aMd WMW
a .. CA W )

f rther.-emphasised where the law stipu-
lates that provision will be made for a
Board of Arbirsation to to set up t,,, d:kd
-with disputes, aWnd on it we we four of the
fite members as Gov'r.-ment represenoa-
tnes I'T is make? the whole board a farce
for it xv ii be like appealing from C ,asar
to Caesar-
Quite recently we heard a number of
the Caribbean governments des. 'oie mas' Government. and indeed f we-
were minded to think o0therwi--,: it :, m-
possibleto do so when time ard agamn wc
see attempts beine made. not to eii.sure
people's rights. but to deprive thern of
these. Any Government which indeves iii
*ti type of foliy we are xitnessmi. -:
Dem-;irica must be. feiriul >i stmincal
wvting ,Tr jit is creamim! the very sturi that
tiire thrivees on, The LcBlanc Govern-
ment is also bccomir'g a rather desperarte
govermante to bhiave the wa. t,ais noe
doing. .
Except for the- fact, that laws. howev-er
ajuyst, are sadl expected to be obeved the
Demrmiica farce would appcir to be some-
thing tnim Irtc the pages of hibl6utoy some
centuries ago. But the truth is that is
happening today-in te twenutie:h cen-
turn--in.a State' that i .supposed to be
. progressive. And there the joke enu:...'-
What the LeBlanc Government doec
not understand is that the law can be used
a, a I Weapnf by governments lor Hst-t 'o
S!orin. A sete ge is eveptuali., reached
'hecre citizens, ra-tier ihun res,'cci ;' .is.
i. pe, od law as something intended tar
orderliness .and eood gpvcmrnmriei; mu,.t
mse it as an imposition now for their benefit,'
but solely for that of the Government. As
we ee it. the Dominica Government might
well find that far from solving a piohlem.
it might well have sown the seed f 4cr
others with thi bit of legits.1aon.
- ty ,Y .:Dxv' C ATr,-NEWS

So-n, iJ ng u Si. dsS

ALThOUGH it is obvious that
the destruction of Israiel
was decided on at the recent
Non-Alignod Conference in
Algeria, to many the flare-
rup of this week came nd a
shock. This violent Middle
eCst win is like the Sp a-
ieth Civil War, -involviag
the world... and with. sup-
plies, and volunteers peir-
ing in from so-called nen-
tral countries.'
It is also a battle for OIL
over hi ch Arab -landm nowv,
have a monopoly, Thia Lime,
unlike Spain, the Soviets
are ranged Againt thle dim-
ocrata of Britain and U.S.A.
with most Airi.ian. Sates
-siding with the Araba agnaiwt
the Jews.
That there are eriaes o"
both sides is palpable. But
to Civilized man,, tht th, e
civi lied -imodern State of
tartol should be bloodily
mashed up is horrible,
Dreadftil slaughter, and
suffering has gone on for a
week. ko-one knows what the
outcome will be for .r n al

SMl CIS BUCHE, 24, of Merif
Proper, wa*i ihot and
killed at a Kennedy Am-C-
bar in Roseam this week.
A mitAn has been arresteoi
and chArged with imurdor.

LAST I1EMI, through the
kindness of Bishop Bog-
-"--" haert, we obtained a
roam of paper w~ich we
cut in half for our cov-
er.- This weva we are
forced to use comMan
wrapping paper, ins ur
Adterminatixe that the
pi) STAR nist asmrive to
serve the people *ad
Satisfy loyal readers.
he Press struggle goes
_ ,6 on: please be patient,

k t t I I I I I I I

14 '74

Pape To T H E .S T A Friday October, 12,1973.
We give precedence in this issue to the following important latter.
To the Editor,
The recent General Election held in Monteserrat, as well as the.
news coming out -of Trinidad condernigE the imminent retirement of
Dr. Williams would qll indicate that Mr. LeBlane must move sooner or
later, and-to my mind, better sooner than later.
I must confess that I greeted the reports of Dr. Williams declaring
that he was retiring from politics with a great deal of scepticism.
The old 'I will retire game' has been abused so much by Mr. LeBlanc
that I- thought Mr. Williams was. trying the same old stunt. The clam-
ouring by various groups including the' Trade Union Congress to have
Dr. Williams hold on is not entirely unexpected ani I thought that after
holding the country to ransom..for ai month or two, then with a show of
fatalisim and a good boost to his morale and popularity, the Doctor
would put on the mantle once more and say "COME." to the people' *f
Trinidad and Tobago,and come they would.
But it would appear that Dr. Williams; is, above such petty politrick-
ing and that he has in fact made up his mind to quit the scene.
What, therefore, is Mr. LeBlano .waiting for? We have seen a poorly
disguisedLttempt at political manoeuveringoby Mr. Armour. Perhaps
even at this late stage Mr. Armour is hoping somehow to capitalise on
what he alone thinks is.-some sort of strategy. We have. seen blunder
after blunder by the Government in handling what should :have been a
-simple administrative overnight, eeasilyo corrected around the negotiat-'
ing table.
Dominica and Dominicans have as a result been made the laughing-sto.k
:of the Caribbean not for what they have done,. but for what they have
allowed Mr. LeBlanc to do. Since it can be. expected-that the real
problems o,f unemployment -Education, Housing, etc, -will only get
worse behind the smoke screen of a Government/CSA Dispute,' Mr. LeBlane
should make his first wise political decision for a number of years
and retire from politicsg.
-Mr. LeBlanq must retire and clear' the-way for a new crop of leaders
to'try to give -this country some direction. The question of what will
happen to the Labour Party if he resigns is not of major importance as
the Labour Party is dead whether Mr. LeBlanc goes now or not. .What
needs to, be. considered is what will happen to this country I? Mr.LeBlanc
does not resign, caiLES A, Roseau.

-k RITISH TRADE MIaa- ( from P.1.)-
The British-Trade Mission arrived in, Dominica, last Monday and on
Tuesday gave a Press Conference at Fort Youle. Mr, Graham Kelly,
Commercial Firsf Secretary, British Agh Commission, heard questions
and comments from the Press and Radio whilst four other Missdion members
were out, visiting-private enterprise. firms,
Mr. Carrodus opened by -asserting that Britain's entry into the'
European Community in no wise altered Britain's desire to maintain the
East Caribbean market of some 420M a year, yet at the same -time British
manufacturers. were interested in investing and/qr setting 'up manufactur-
ing units in the islands -but they must be made to feel. that the in-
vestments were welcome. In a discussion- on local participation and
local management, the team felt that British-investors would wish first.
-'to establish factories, with both management .and technical services'
supplied from UK. Mr. Kelly complimented DT=3 on the. comprehensive:
display of products produced and manufactured in Dominica "the first
island so fto do-. The Press, stressed that investors from abroad should
be prepared to train local people for supervisory and management jobs,
and that the investment climate (due to misgovernment) could te much
better. The Mission Lea~r. explained that &br joint ventures a good
home market plus export distribution fa-bilitios were essential.
Mr. Kelly remarked that Dominica had madq vast strides; recently in
her agro-industries such as bay-oil and coconut oils and fats-- -
Dominica had great industrial potential and fer idea for tourism (as in
the Shankland- Cox report) was excellent. The Conference ended an an
optimistic note.

Frit'w October 12 1973A

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I CAR NO. 335,
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Modern ConveniAnces
Wall around Propertiy,
J. Va=Unpool,
J26 Bah Rkad TO: 2691 of 3281 I

Apply to: J.R. Ralph Caeimir,
6o Old Street LoiSeau.

I, James Louis Lake cf Bense do hereby notify
the general public har my wife Keturah Lake
nee Boland aving left my home and protecnon
on Friday Octoter -th zc-'3. am no longer
responsible for arn debts or commitments she
may contract as frnm that date.

Win Customers and Friends

A resident engineer is required to supervise the
construction cf a port facility in Dominica, W.I
The Contract will consist of the construction
of a I,ooo ft. long wharf and three approach
trestles all on piles, a reclaimed shore area
graded, paved and provided with shore protect
tion works as well as associated buildings and
utilities The R E wAl be assisted by a deputy
and an inspector.
It is anticipated that the R.E. will be required
to be on site from February, 1974, for a period
of 17 months
Applicants for the post should be eligit le for
full membership of any member organization of
the Council of Caribbean Engineering Organ-
izauoas and in addition, should have suitable
site experience %'est Indian Nationals will be
given preference.
The post is temporary, with Lhe possibility of
future employment m LIn X,'.1 and tbere will
be assis:anc: wIn removal expenses, housing
and loca, trav,'. ; 1ar, wi be dependent on
qualnca:ions -'id eperieace.
Appuica.ions ir wriung should be sent as soon
as poss;,n -
?.O. a.'x 07.


The Roseau Town Council wishes to
inform owners of properties within the Mu-.
nicipai:y that the House and Land Tax
for 1973, fel! due on Ist. October, 1973,
-- and payments will be received at the
Office of the Roseau Town Council.
Owners of properties are also remin-
ded that there will be an extra charge on
payment of Taxes after the 31st October,
IQ73 in accordance with the Land and
House Rate of the Roseau Town Council
SScuy S. Lestrade,
Town Clerk.


Page Thre

Page Four T HE S T A R Friday, October 12, 1973
Fiction MA. TITIIfl- .Cynthia Watt ... oudou' anZ 10 aready l1ik Caat an
"I think I will go to La Colline dog, so when do odder afternoon she
for the weekend," Ia. Titine decided meet heem lookih in hah wadrobo, she
on Friday afternoon. She invited Baby pick up hah shoe an hit him black an
and Genelia, and on Saturday afternoon blue I lie eveh in hospital I "
they drove to La.Colline, Ma Titinets Ma Titine's eyes giggled. "so is
mother s'Mbithplace, 30 miles from why Bertie doan come. and lisson to
Roseau. It was quite a long time that House of Assembly I. think ke. shut out I
she had not visited the"village, and You mean to say Shoe. Party people bang-
now in her more affluent situation, ing their man vith shoos?"
Ma. Ttine was even more coirdially wel- Ralphie roared with laughter.......
corned than usual. After visiting and ."We calling dom 'Shoo Attackard.Ra !
distributing presents Admong her numer- ha I ha. *. -
ous family and friends, she went to Genelia, Bby-r and Ha Titine joined
the home of her favourite cousin, in the laughter.
Ralphie. "WelJ"declarod Gonelia, "that is
Ralphie was in high good humour and what had' to happen in. the end. The
over their tmountain-dewr he regaled shoe is now b. weapon I Is it an the
the three ladies with the latest vil- forbidden list?"
large happenings. Most. of the niieghbourhood discussions
"Well Titinev- de bos joke we get that weekend wore .about the precarious
for a long time is Doudou bang Bertie situation of the SEtate. Many of the. '
all on he face an he body wid hah villagers were angry over the new Acts,
shoe." especially the one against the CSA,
'"What for?" Ma Titino demanded, and some hobtod debates took place.
Ralphie chuckled. "Woll, you know "Well," said"Ma Titine on the last'
Bertie brudder de son for hoom to spen night of their stay, "I appreciate the
six month in Ehglan, an -ince Sertie Public Servicoe f Guyana for backing
come back las week he playing big shot. our CSA. 1lopo to other islands---doilo too6!'
UOTES-E1 HrT rjS I3VENSE: The ancient Cicoro, Roman Lawmaker said: "In a
very corrupt State, -there -are very many laws."* Edmund Durke Bad w are the
CADID CMMEIS y W. evona mbly, the Chairman or C or or Sor.o-
When recently Mr. Walter iario of Mar- tary should collect same on a voucher
igot was interviewed over Radio D/ca at the Treasury. The Financial Soc.-has
by the Agricultural Doept. on banana no right to hand such money or cheque
rehabilitation, he roferrod.-to the vcx- to a Premier or any Ministor. One re-
od question of Fooeedor loads:: so the members'that before the 1970 General
Officer quickly switeicdl the pointJ Election Ir. LoBlanc collected vouchers
Many feedor roads (since rocont rains) and raid Government workers at Coli-
are non-nogotiablo; y6t oho foedor rd. haut. A huo and cry was rightly raisedJ
at Stonefield,Marigot, St.Androw, is Cheques & monoy should be collected at.
receiving luxurious attention for mon- H.M. Treasury by 'an authorized rocopiont.
ths on end to facilithto just one man
in aft area where there is -p- I ask you and the readers of the STAR
in a area whire thereis little pro- if this Government is engaged solely in
ducit while in productive Marigot bananas passing legislation'to humiliate and do-
it i the devil's work to t banana grade human bings, whn there is so
grapefruit & coconut ou. much constructive work to do in our land?
BY-ELECTION STUNT: It has boon widely
rumourod that Civil eorvants includingg THE CIVIL SERV-C1EACT: This is a nasty
teachers and top workers at CDC (Mol- beastly Act! Congrats to the heroes...
villo Ha1l) were promised parcels of It was designed to make everybody chat-
land 'when the time comes' if they tels of a totalitarian State. NO
supported the LoBlanc Labour Party in SURREI~iER should-be our watchword, not
recent N,E, by-olection.nSmoke + fire? only for C.S.A. Tub for all Dominicnns
VILLAGE COUNCIL CHEgES :-ir.LoeBlanc is wortly of the name. If a law is inmibral
in the habit of presenting cheques at contrary to conscience, offending against
Village Council Inaugurations to the human dignity and contrary to the Consti-
Council Chairman: this practice is de- tution, THAT LAW SHOULD NOT BE OBEYED.
oeptive and should cease immediately. To all Dominicans I say: you have a con-
If it is'Mr.LoBlanc's personal money science, obey it rather than cruel laws
bostoW.-d, that should be clearly stated, made by men of apparently cruel minds.
If it from funds donated by internat- All Dominicans should resist very in-
ional or other bodies, 'this should be fringeomont of their precious rights and
explained; if money due to the Village privileges. Tou cannot afford to fold
Council (granted by the House of Ass- your arms and bow down nowi


tL.a.L.... 19 107*

1i w ...... --

ongrats to Osmica Civil Service Associatio

t"g. KM.S FMIR 0 Wll CIae I1M

Ahe recent ruling made
w the Public Service
tairdof Appels of Domi-
taMi is me of great signi-
ASno for thb Civil Ser.-
SCaibbean. We in St. Kitts
gouild be particularly
sppy about, this ruling
whec we note that the
coopted temiponrary Chai
man of the Appeals Board
was the outstanding West
adia retired Judge, Mr.
Erskine Ward of Barbados
-a man w~ is a friend
of the Prawu ofa this
State, Robert LleweUyn
The Board's ruling di-
catee that mita we"e -
Iz. by thb Puble Ser.
vie immmaa, the
IDL;ianiq Govwmaet anid
the "'Doini Civil Service
Scmeied with tet1 -
efor of the Popular Disc
Jockey, Dandel Caudeiron.
-it is isportalt that a
Civil Servat remomier
dat hbe i obliged at *

Civil Ssagat o wl
everm Gov uent is i
poww tand it id tueftm
wrong for any Cvil
Servant piblic#y to P*'
mote the ca us6 of ANY
political party. If is fact
the Di9c J-cf0ey W Cf
bwikng his office to
mote his o wa
tialadng t he be wae
wrung, as, aunB as th&
Disc AheSy end ode
Ciwi Servnti hWre who so
regularly declare pubUkcly
their wt 4f OSe Laboar
dome political aftivity byr
Civil Servant so kW4 aw
they anr supportare of d
government p a rt y but
object vigorously to avy
slightet iandicaDia of
support for an opposi;"
party by other ervbi
Foatunately the Domi-
nica Government rcoe-
nised in time that it cou d
not afford to igmo' Public
opinion. Tt is perhaps
signinieant that the name

To the Maistrate Districs "F"
and the Commissioner of Police.
I, Billy Gachette now residing at Grand FcEad
Parish of St. David do hereby ve you notice
that it is my intention to apply at the Magis-
trate s Court to be held at La Plane om Wed-
nesday the i4th of November 1973 ensuing for
a retail LIQUOR LICENCE in respect of my
premises at Grand Fond in the Parih oat SL
Dated the 7th day of October 1973.
.,01 Billy Gachette

of the Dominica Prmier
has bee out of the linm
light in the 144 phahe
of this battle. One wonders
whether his Cabinet pw-
suaded him to maks hm-
self scare while the
matter was "resolved more
peacefully and a re justly.
The poli~teal
activity of meay civil
servants goes unpunisbed
and may qgrhaps even be
rewarded while others are
dismissed merely beciume
they are knovn to support
an opposition party.
'k f to be Met

eli ,a b
Large and small
Apply to Mr Leat
Copt Hall or c o STAR
L --


18 hp Evinrude Outboards

The Proven Uility Vehicle for
Limited Quatiity.

A.C. Shillingford & Co Ltd.
Car Acces:r -, Department
I ___ rIIII9II

SBarclays Fifth
New Barclays Branch, Queep

BraSt Page ERig'
Mary Street. Roseau.



Page Fiv-

Roseau, Dommica k
l i ,


filled'with their power 'over the
people, that whenever the wishes of
the people are exprosscd suggesting
the course they would want development
to take, those loader become annoyodi
and angrily attempt to force their
own plans down the throats of the
The anger is not oven tempered by
the fact that the people are practis-
ing the very democracy which those
same 'leaders' repeatedly'claim is
essential for- development. Where
undemocratic rule is practiced by the
men who claim to be champions of dem-
ocracy; whore people are told to be-
come involved and yet are rebuffed
when they do just that; whore "do as
I say not as I do"is the 'operating
guideline of the loaders, the undevel-
opmont of the country is hastened,
(eiase turn to ?aro^ .ht)

man like Ir. 'E.C.Loblack, who can show
anybody invitations and correspondence
from H.M. Goverimont dating since 1949
and including one from the House of Com-
mons, London, all of which gave him some
of the knowledge to hep Mr. LeBlanc to
be whore ho is today. I mean he should
not be- ket out of the Parliament Houso
here. If authorities think he is dangerous,
search hirm nd the other "keep-outs" for
weapons before cntry; If anybody is fundd
to cause disturbance,,, a word from the
Speaker can cause his removal. Ue know
the Speaker has a list of undosirablos to
be barred from the House. What we are
entitled to kntdw is WI-Y they are kept out.
Such an action without explanation is
against civiliborty and should be con-
demned by'all, and taken up at the high-
est level. ARBITRATOR, Roseau.

PAGE Six T H E S T A R Friday, October 12, 1973
by Atheoron Martilt ..ron,'t be so Critical
1) CAUSES OF UNTDE.ELOPME-NT I don't know why RAP or ElEm found it
........- necessary to hit homosexuals in his sup-
To most of us a developed Dominica posed entertainment column. Doesn't he
moans simply a Ibetterr Dbminica; a know that every Uest Indian island has
Doominica whore jobs ar vavilablo, its St.James Coast and that the whole
food is available at reasonable pris, world is liberalizing its attitude to
school places are available, there this relationship. RAP, you qualify for
are markets for'crbps other than ban- a ministerial rebuke. Shut up oAf that
anas. and citrus, health services are subject please. GAY SPORTSMA2T,St.Josoph
located in every major conmmunityroads
are wull built and maintained, travel -- AID ITOU ANOTHER KID OF CrITIC
to and from Dominica is easy*, and It seems that we have been quietly
free discussion of our problems is converted'into a repi;Lic like Cuba and
possible as we try to overcome pro- Haiti etc., countries where there'a no
blems along the way to achieving all Freedom of speech nor movement. I-read' an
Of'the above. ignoranat"lettert in" other paper 'dated
Past experience has led most of us 17/9/73 page 6, the point of it was that
to believe I'owvror that it is the job Christians have no right in politics.But
only of an elected Government to make to express one's viewpoint is a right for
-all those things available or (in every true democratic citizen of any State,
other words) to cause Dominica to regardless where or who, whether even in
develop. This approach to development a market, in' a free country. That paper
(whore the erection of a school or a should change its name into The MISLEADER'
road is presented by politicians as I know the majority would agree with me.
development) whore the wishes of a The MISLEADER attacked a lady friend of
foew men become the State's official mine, a free citizen who is entitled to
policy is itself one of-the major demonstrate her opinion for justice,since'
causes of our persistent undordovel- injustice is a crime in any country. By
opment. Let me explain. particularly mentioning Christians, that
As long as people arc encouraged Observer must be a heathen; the last per-
to alt idly for 5. years in the belief son he should attack is a Christian. The
that the 'leaders' will oinglehandedly writer should know that Daniel was a Gov-
do all that is necessary for develop- ernor, Moses i;as a great Leader, Jos6ph a
month, at least two situations arise: Governor-- all th6se were groat men,not
1. The people begin to feel that just self-pleasing. Uhon you see all tho'
they can do nothing to contribute injustice that is happening in ouir place,
towards their country's development Police arresting school-children,turning
and are encouraged to-remain unin- respectable 'citizens away from their Houseo
volved, of Assembly, never in the history of Dom-
2e The leaders begin to see them- inica have I hoard of such nuisances bo-
solves as having 'carto blanche' fore. He that hateth his brother without
to take whatever stops they wish, a cause i-s a mur-dcror;
without consulting or oven informing A -:TFE ITA2ZOZIAL, Lower Goodwill.
the people who will .boe affected. -----.
If these two situations continue LET LOELACK AND THEM IN
long enoug.h-t.ho.-leadeois become so It is crazy' to block the way from a


STATE OF OO':t.*. ,.
TITLE BY RF<-Sr 't'.; I .',r,.

Sch~eu A .4ppltation for Cerifict 'of Tkie and Netits i
ther-on and Caveats for Week ending l of Ofctotir IWM.
Dare ftfqtsed Person PreaKt -g Nature of reqUts weth-S-
er a Citigkateof T(C of
vi4ereon or can~t.
6'date'd SrJulis Prtad ReqiAs for th ike
the 31st ay |y herd Sohci.or of a Fiis-t Cirtifticae
of JuIy 1973. Cta A,.M .4 f 7d. a rofpet at1
Prea ead tk. D isaly ia Purtion a 1sau A4
2U4 4ay :;f I'T .'!* -ftc,!6 inc tke,-,
Octoiler 73 'riaf St. JoS?.!, ix ial
*t 3 O'dckw 't 1) t'u 4ar
t 3 O'clock st ate 'et I *-
toe4 ama Eft%9n -

.Narht West by lant of L4opold Larscquea
!asr by *aOd oQ Cyril FpaW
Scath Fail by a Rpghe of Way s.,pa.- irk 5t fr.min
a ri j s government of DOonwtwta
.WE by Iasd 'of Leopold Laracqie

k h, 2 t1sl dJy.' by i~'r Solica f fi
of Sc*etober Ciisma AS &c
|9"3 v ; 2y | a
Probetned the |
S3n day of I ; rsh
SYis 173 S
: j ''.

.I'- Notch by m. Ft Eb'-,My.y
SouTh b'y ia-S a1of M-nettE loseph ward
Wa bW y Lane' o4f -civa. jamnces

WEsn for th iaa.
a First Cslfihal
Tide ics resapedt ef
. "r wi lanA at
k"Mstflie, in the Pa
a St, Pete.r, a the

4 afZn beaB,
Iu&a uunas ca

Augystys 'oseph~

I-A... .,-,.0 gat-* !';yttd ag Pt,-, i ?o- tf* r 05, 1Iia .4
S140R t.y O Msufjg. of a Firot Certificate'
of .-p ber i by his Solkit+o of Titie in respect of,
973. a Csa A.M af prio'n of hand at
Preia?-ntemd the Dupiway St. Joseah. in the Pa-
I t h ty-l &Y, kish 8 f St, Joseph, it
iOciohcr 1973 j the Sate -of Domaama*
at 3.30 psm ?ontainieB 552 square
j..4.. __ ^. feet ani bdmn M as
-No rT!t Eas o~-ty .' and f Ger-aij errand and partly
by ai?d 4 y. x VSou:' 'AvI o'A a..d of Eit'eda Chsrer
Souh E.tc ou ani j Ranford Adams;T. Morftch West by land

S" c1aun (e otAppipcation fu- Ceruficae of T t and N~nkatgi
: th qv on ar.Ai CQ for wePk endia. 13th -say if c ct, M.
s- Rtf~i3Usi.Pstrsocn Prrncntlni j mture JfreqwB'M

Pequest dated
19 9 73 .
m(* 15 73
at I1.45 Aa.m.

Asa&kt C4i4S
by hie Sdocite'o
M.E. Ca.

qAthb Cc'ljis 'f r -the
!S.e of a First Certi!
ficate of Title is rer
pect of a portion of
lane known as & reai
Alde ntia.il t is the
Twwr, ?'ed esau i the
a.ri,^ of St. Gare,'
containing 804 aqur.y
et an bounded as

North West:' -By land of Henry Rightoo; North Eca, #6r
d +,of j CB C7.1; ae. nd C lhia Winsftn; ~o~rtt.Ega.+ A
S e of hiemawni Oau.t, ai S ,diiaa-.. B' land er4 My Ma
L ,., i.* ,

Page 'ee

PrsSon- Presen ar of r q
Samuel Joseph Requet for the 'eNo 1
e{* Firs Certificate
by hia Solicitoe of Titde in respect ft
Cilms A., a portion of laud at
Dupigny Neba, ain. e Parish
of St. Joseph, in the
State of Domminica cow
tailiIng 2,015 acres
feet and bounded as

N r: h try a, Angelo Cnariess South by land of James
R yarn Esr Y v "D-o Puotic Road ; West by a RoAd separating
it from lad ao .G- g- Qgir.

kegturar's 04.0 EPHRAIM F GEORGES
Rose, Domiinia. Acthin Rogistrar of Titles
NOTE:- Any person who desires to object ma the ha, ofa a
First, Certificate of Titlt in thira*tove application may enter a
rveast n the ibove Office within six weeks from cthe date af
tht first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaprw
publ;Ihed in this St at ot from the data when ftoe 'ntoice w
ribed by ti' was served or any owner or occupier of nljohtn
aod in rFsp-ect of which the application is mad4.
- --a----iiir~rml- >^ i 1111 ni ii~tii^xiiijiiiU i^i^~Mii~~~jiiitU-_i _-i-ji^

S..roi RENT . f SALE
House for nt a Goodwill FORD
SPhore 2041 or Dcl
reoe arm e G2 dwi. TRANSIT MINI BUS
r5 UMrIa Lane GWoWa4 L q-I I

Apply.:- z
M. E, Charles,
P.LO. Box 0z ,
28.Old Stree..
Roseau, Dominica.

.RequeNt dat '4
itne 10th day
of Sebitember
Presented the
10th day of
L Octobr1973
Sit iO.43 ".a

Apphcations are invited from .young women
between the ages of 2r years and 30 years to at-
tend the 1974 training course to be held at the
Canadian Save the Children Fund Child Wel-
fare Training Centre in St. Vincent. Successful
.candidates receive one year training in child care
with ftre board aid kdging, uniform and tui-

Applicants should have tither G. C. E. ora
School Leving Carbi&ate, and may apply in
Pesna a write to Superrisn, The Caadia
Save the a4.ldra Fad, 9 Hillsborough Stret,
!.O. Box 169, ROseUa,. Doini ca, ant lte tha .
and Novembe, ?973.

I To the Magistrate Dist 'Et
I, Mainard Dupie, nbw rasiding at Roseau Pa-
rish of St. Gecrge do hereby give you notice
that it is. my inteo on to apply ar the Magis.
tiate a Court to be held at Roseau on Tuesday
the 2-v day of October 197x ensuing for a Tavern
and Night Bar Licence in respect of my preism
at 2 Kenoedy Avenue Paitsh of St. George.
Dated. the 25th day of S eptembert, 973.
3 1 *Mayward DI "


Just outside Roseau, to quiet employed
person Home :or Overseas. Meals by I
sT rrragemernr.
>Wri'e ONLY to Mr. W.,C P.O. Box 129

Schedule of Appikcarlon for Certficate. of Title and Notl!n4p
thereon nd Caveats for week endn 153th da, of OckI. I.

--- --=:m ma e

,'wnw3Miw.s^SVssm^ r> .11.11

- ---------

+i 1




Page Eight TH E.. S T A R Friday^ October 12, 1973
S.*T*AOR*S*P*O*R*T*S Morchriton A. N 0 U -'G E M E T N T
Football. Harlem. Rovers, the boys in
black and white from S6ith'iiT their DOMINICA TELEPHONES ..wishes to advise
complete dominance of-the first divi- Subscribers on the Roseau, St.Joseph
sion competition, fittihgly defeated and Grandbay Exchanges. that copies
Kenaborongh United 1-nilih' one of the. of .the .DOMINICA TELEPHONE DIRECTORIES
keenest-natchoes this soaEon. 19.73 can now be obtained at their
The all-round, charipibnu were held: office on 30 HANOVER STRJEET.
to a, toady first half which produced Government Subscribers on the-
no goals but many hair-raising moments Roseau,-St.Jqseph and Grandbay Ex-*
for both toans.* One particularly re- changes are asked to collect their-
ncmbers a. full-longth Gave by the copies 'from MR.- R. MCNAMILRA in the
Koenborough custodian Cletus Popo to a Ministry of Communications & Works.
hard right-footer by Iorinu&-Eanuo3 Subscribers on the Portsmouth-
fron'yards away. However, on seunnp- and MaZrigot Exchanges are requested
tion, Irvino Bonoit'- tar island play- to collect their copies from their
or, found the notes with a beautiful respective Exchanges.
right-footer .along the ground, kicking-..
fron an angle on the 16ft of'the goal HM:W GOVERNM.'ET 'ENTCOURAGES' DEVEILOM
which loft Popo full length along the b A. I'artin (fro2a~e sixg)
ground to his. left. This condition is currently rampantt
Harlan Rovers in playing 13, matches in several- Caribbcan 6ountrioe, and
to win 3 championships, met Spartan: 3 right here in Dohinica where some leaders
tines, Konaborough Un.teod, Saintas arrogantly rofuos to listen to the people
Paragons and Celtics tnitod thico each who nado tieon loadors" the sickness is at
-to prove to some non-supporters that its zenith. Let. us exqnine one case where
all is -not pure luck as they claim some 'loadoers' of Governmont are encour-
Harlem Rovera. in this their, fourth aging-thq undevel o.pnmnt of Dominica:
s-cason, under th 1 able captaincy of (Hxt e6) TIM'CASTLE BRUCE ILLUSTRATION.
Oliver Josaph, have frh- 1970 enjoyed _...... T.....G o
tronexidous successs 6oi the "football IMPORTANT C&S.A. METING for *
field:, but none to natch 1973.- Gon- L CIVIL SERVAiMTS:
berngre in the .early "'60's a"nd Sar- Sunday Oct.14 at Goodwill Parish
tans *who dominated onie or two of the Hal. Time 2.30 p.m.
late 1960's, never oanrged a season _a______ .______m
unscathed. -Harlon .Rovcr i-iith forward- BAROAYS.. FIFTH BRANCH (fr..,6)
Men like Enanuol, Bonbit and Dontfraid. In our picture (p.6) M* Lioyd. -ioborts,
Jackson and Augustuas iith B.Peters and Guyana-born Dirbc'tor East Caribbeani of
Winston., pooling their reSoturces, have Batclas BDank International Ltd, speaks
ar.assdd.40 goals against with the at olast we ks opening. of the fine now
first five players getting 7,10,13, 4 Bank in ioeau. on his right is Mrs FPlan-
and 2 re6pectivoly. -The linloon cis Dupigny; her hudamudj Mr. Dupigny.,is
B.Peters and H.Winston have 4"goals Senior Barclayjs Manager,Dominica, left of
between then, and what -iith O,Joseph speaker. IHot, I-ras. M oborts, 1Mr. Ron
(capt.),, O..Groll (over.soa 'at present) Huggints, Hanacgr of the. oew Branch, I-r.'.
C.Bortrand, R.Peotr,"Baroh, Clarendon, Jimmy Lo'ch' '(Piroiiisoa r) and,-tanding, .
alternating in -dfence, all of then Mias Pat Garraway. Said Mr."'Robcrto th'cn:
champs. in. their own right, eights are "Judged by the ciUorion of the lovb 1of
forecasted on next scacon, e ocnoanic activity, Dorinica'is progrcess-
SECOND DIVISION.. D.G.oS. defeated Saints ing rapidly on the upward "pathin both
in a. highly ontertaihiiig fiixturo growth & financial dovolopnont., Our
last Friday with othor thafi our fav-- prino responsibility Xim not with our
ourito Master of Ceremonies"doing 'the borrowing custorors butt with our dopos-
honours as .roforooe. J.Lawronce 3, itorc whose fnds we nobilico in 'tho
F.Wilspn, A.Iiawrence and A.Robin a-cored banking .activity of the conmunity.,..,hb2-
for DG.S. ... ...... new conpay Barclays Finance Corporation
-On Saturday, Pottors"Unit6d defeated of the Looward'& UWindward IscLtd,starting
S .I-IA 1-nil. E~nnoth *-w6; theo- scorer life today(Oct.lst), H.O. in St.Lucia,-
in the first half, .' will nalke nortgago lbano up to 20 years.
Thursday afternoon, S.II.A. again We at BarclaG lihave confidence in Donin-
.wont down to the Harlon Rovers. cacond ica's future...wb "put our -noney wherer
division squad 4-21 The score stood our-nouth is''.,"H underlined Darclays on-
at' 2-all at the interval. phasis on the training of young West Indial
On Wednesday Harlne Rovers defeated non & woion', .ahid the placing of authority
St.I-lary's Acadoray 4-2 .in a nost-anuc- in their. hands'" praising the staff rin-
ing .natch (like ost seocOnd division born of the now Bankx
matches. At- the interval, the score Printed &'Publia'hod by thb Propriotor,
stood at 2-all; but Rovers, 'over-dot- Robert E.Allfroy of I-11 Houso,'Copt Hall,
ernined, scored twice again,2nd half at -26 Bath Rd. Rosoau, Ddninica, ocst Indioc