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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 09-28-1973
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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^ *- i/ ^. or 2610

Vol XV II .....

THE 4trerage Domiiican has greynatly ret-
joiced that two young men who were twice
held under house arrest' and. deprived of
their Civil Service jobe have been rain~-
stated ty the C.S.Appeals Board. It is
a victory for the C.S.A, and for its
General Secretary, who a so 0 offered r
ormn of detention. 3ed badges and rib-
bons are being worn all ab.out. They sig-
nify the triuzsh of coutage and justice.
(See al iso six Q_ _i__t)
-4-..----- ---- ------
The Government's attitude in the cur-
rent national crisis may be summed up
in the words of an old calypso, like this:
We wrong and strong
We ain't fraid a scul ino Tow
'iho say they bad
Go :ell them We wore than bad
'i.e got our gun
A-j partner we ain't making fun
So if yourmad
Clea: the \way
And if you bad (Banned by Cnneor
Make your play! during ergencyl')

A FORMER Scotland Yard
epuity Commissioner today
warned tle Sawmas against
anning its police force "at all
Sa Ranulph also advised
that the police be "utterly
iLmpartjal. No political
influence or other influence
should affect police officRrs in
carTying out tteir duties."

P.C. Vigilant was shot ia
hand by P. CJRobin when
the fonrer went to reie'
him et PFOB= HQ st S,.55
acm1 Wednesday. Vigilarn
has ist a sagaer.

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i by Julian N. Johnson
A lP tter to those aiteri
"I have just this morning Friday B.th
September soon a copy of the Official Ga;*
otto dated Tharsday Soptraber W)th 1973
hic fdidinot Comss off eth pro (a rn pab-
zlshed to the public) autil y 2rT -p
7 1 g bar 1978 -
i In this Gazette is published thra ey
important nad far rnathing Bills, namely -
"Civil Servico Act, 1973", the U Natior'lWt3
land R-cial Offeancos Act, 1973", the "Firo.rm;,
Act, 1973*. I ifrther understand Uset tUi
.lls are going to be taken [thret ih tou..
Stages at Teoadry's rittiug of the Baose # f,
& sealy i.e. they 0ill be Law ft4or the
forASI sipmatzre (assent) of the evrnraor,
| Mr. Mitor, all these pieces of legisla-
tion contain pary serious ia'litations for
Stshe people Of 6Douiiica. All these Bills cor-
tain hoa penaltioa fines and iAprison-
sent." 2.. C cS ot1 *e)

THE free Prosa of this land has not got
the financial resources of the Church or
Gavornvent aspportod newapapers here. So
they are liable to suffer from shortage
of nawsprint, which is facing a difficult
world Bsituatio and amsta be ordered in
bulk. That is why the llRAlID nhas boon out
of action. And why our pages are fov,adi
sqy bave to be presented in a now format.

Saturday 29th September


make you mellow
'in the public interest'
from 10 p.m.- Until,...

Charge: $2.50 and 'a reprimand.'

-%2 4 "t


PgIe ToTE STAR .Friday,. -September 28 197.,

THE ElWN NATIVES *.. ..* *** q.. *.. JOHN SPECTOR
It is .ae sad and ugly 'fact that the political leaders of nearly all
*ex-colonies (particularly the West Indies) and the civil servants left
in status quo were imbued and deeply indoctrinated with colonial auth-
oritarianism. For years the leaders, be they Ikrumahs, Williamses or
Burnhams, strove against colonialism -- that autocratic rule by civil
servants in a foreign land, directed by a grudgingly benevolent an d
patronising Colonial Office: in London civil servants so deeply en-
trenched that they could ignore even the most radical of political Col-
onial Secretaries. So independence or perhaps associated statehood
comes, and the people vote in a new set of masters -- men whose abilities
stem from their knowledge and experience of colonial administration;
their executives, the civil servants, are cast in the mould of the former
masters, and the laws on the statute book are the laws the masters made
to control: "the natives".
JOe. might think that, on attaining self-government, the first step
woul-be to review the extant laws and amend or repeal the more obnoxious
ones but no. One look at any new constitution of an ex-colony shows
up the mentality of those who "hammered out" those documents. The clauses
freeing the people from the "bonds of colonialism" are hedged about with
multiple exce70tions usually depending upon the legal horror of a word --
"reasonable": also all so-called "completely independent bodies" must
have their decisions ridiculed by the tia can tied to the tail --"with
the Premiers advice" or "concurrence". Thus are the people's civil rights
-- freedom of speech, of assembly, from want and fear, whittled down to
"become the plaything of a man probably completely unqualified to judge
anything but his own ability to sway the masses of semi-literate voters.
It is no wonder, that, the "Less Developed Countries" are in such a mess
that no amount of financial aid from the richer nations is likely even,
to make a' dent in their impoverished moral and political outlook (or
even thoir economy). Thus, in the minds of the recipients of power, .,does
the divine right of kings descend on high upon the rulers of Africa and
the West Indies. The people., workers, thinkers, opposers, intellectuals
and businessmen, even teachers become the NEW NATIVES. They are patted
and patronised by the tin-pot colonial-minded 'dictators, assisted by
their colonial-minded permanent secretaries with their colonial General
Orders and the colonial legislation which, more often than not is amended
to reduce the freedom of the individual 'in the public interest' i.e.
the maintenance of power by the ruling party boss -- 1'etat c'est moi
And the pity of it is that it kills democracy, that word always on
the mouths of the rulers and so misunderstood by them. Democracy does
not just mean rule by the majority; most of all it means respect for
other's: views, respect for civil rights, tolerance of the minority- and
acceptance of minority policy if that policy does not conflict with or
adversely affect the well-being of the majority.
Whaiat democracy does not imply is the use of the State power to crush
opposition views, stifle free expression, or punish any person who crit-
icises or in any way hurts the sensitive foolings of a member of the
government. In other words, peaceful opposition posing a threat to: the
political comfort of the ruling party is not a crime and should not be
construed as- a threat to the State worthy of calling a State of Emergency.
Democracy was first developed in the Greek City States (of an area
and population similar to that of Dominica). In Athens the rulers were
chosen, not by ballot, but by lot, and every educated Greek was expected
to make his voice heard in the forum. Plato in "The Republic" wrote
2,300 years ago:*"the punishment of wise men who refuse to take part in
the affairs of government is to live under the government of unwise men."
+++ +++ +++ +++ .++ +++ +++ ++
I understand that the vindicated civil servants, Christopher Maximea
and Osbourne Symes received a wonderful welcome from their respective.
staffs on their return to work on Wgednesday. This should more than can-
cel any 'reprimoxd' from the P.S.C. or a Perm. Secretary. Congrats'
*I an indC obte- -o-6E1jr r on-,---o nowQ-snoot of -._.., *U or *o this auottion.

Wm~ ~ ~I

] ^snesswB synav or a ?*y5e&
of Afrplar kon r CmosdT d
I *aig'W Ca5ees for week ebsotln dayof sept 1173
iUMNNINIttMmliiiM i I --- lM-- -iii~lii~r^ii.-- 0l(1lllffzmwA --- rrlff

Ik s

i~amteasued Prso. Pruesife Mtle of r

1973 Cilrma AM a Portion of _4 at
'Do i mhi:ra co ain
Stpteimbier 1973 trick in the State S
it 3.25 p.m D O.M c
aneat bond as fel.

North by land of Stanford Theophil East by a Rsvlnha
spirarWng it from land of Gra~a Alfred. South by Ind I of
Siwriys Elol; West by a Ravine separating it from land of
U~&Tbr17 rc te tta

obwrest dated
the 7th day
of Sepbmabeir

Sepbumber 1973
at 3150 vi.i.i

by her Solicitor
Ciban A.M

--,-------= L' ,, i ""

R.qmest for the isss'
of a Firzt Certificate
of Title i.91 respect of
a Portion of land
known as a lot at
Soufriere in the Pa-*
riab of St. Mark, in
the State of Domina-
isa containing~ 1276
square ferot and lbeam
Asd as fllows:-

North West by lands of I ne Thomas deceased and Arthur
Williams. North East by land of Verna Felic South EaS
by a Road separating it from laad of L.Roe and Co: South
West by a Public Road.

BIUaast dated
10, 9. '73
211. 9.*473
at I IM a.1.m

Louis G. Applicatiea of Loi k
Hsrtauh G. Ha-rait for the
by his Solicitom Iaue of a First Cartid.
M. Eateias ficate of Tit is ir .
Charl6s. PAt f portioa of
.land know a Tat
Bole Estate in the Pai
rish of St. Coorg co
training 26.43 acres
and bonded as fol

North By Ravine Ralphi which separates It from ndas of
Ralph H. Loeang (Glasgow Estate South by land of Dor
Iaka Mining Company Bellvue Est.: South East By Ravine
separating It from Dubichette owned by Louis G. Huremat i
East Lands of Matcthew Mac Doniod Formerly VIciat &
Ajmrotller Edm Waes leds of HKers of Annie Franei

e tI a~~et ert o iniwt eI a's f Tid io ro poet of
1733 personal repro.- afl tat" o paarc. r
|Presaetd the wsentatifiW of eCl of land sitant la
lgt day s Shoiosn Dan. the Tow of Ra&fsta
|Spt*, 1973 unique, deceased in the PariSh f S9L
at 3.4 p by her SoScia Ge r geeoc
nl Gl LLock 829 square feet
N*rth Easerly by land formerly of Hayden Casimir new
t of O.D. Brsbaew and Sons Ltd4. South Easterly by Cork A
Sweet South Westerly by lasnd of William [ecr and 88
Norti weetorvy by land of Evatlne No04,

I wish to thank through this medium, the Stff
of the Pricess Margaret Hospital for the kdJ
treatment given me during my short stay there.
Special thanks go to Doctor Grell, the Sisters
and theJurses of Imray Ward.
Camille TbomaL
C; I.

Schedule of Appakatlon for Cstonftee of Tide and Nottag
weea nd Cat for week enga 2M day of So^p41f.

.he, 7tk day Jo C rs of a First Cort;Weas
Prat d the Redmall H. za dwAt portion n
2fth day of L.achart lana wit the S4lW
*Setebser 219 "73 ther oe iBtsea
at 235 1p.m. V26" of SL Joseph
----n t"r Ptarish r ft

IM J -s are fWA &"
Northerly by land of Ignatle Laket Easterly by lad of
Smuel Luke and Magretan Joseph Sojwthe y by lo, of
CyprtIn Sylvester and Westerly by land of Zoen Loeos.

Regi|rar's Oake.
Roseeu, Dominica.

Astisg Relsatrar of Titles

NOTE:- Any peron who desires to objiet as the bm of a
First Cefattficae of Title in the abeve appfatieon may emmr a
Caveat In the above Office within six weeks from the dkta go
the first appearance of this Schadue [a tshe STAR Newsarpe
published in this Starc or from the date wten the motiB peg.
wr beiby faw was mseved on any chner or oupier (f djointa.
hAd ty respect of which the application t made.
anue.. -a m


Teleham Mrs. Ear 272 Et. 29 Offic has
2372 after 6p.ca

8 Boyd's AvemA
2, Imp Bedels .
Modern ConRrim
WAHI smaad PgOPy.
J. VMapl
y?-^_26 lksth Stwd. Tri:- 26191^~

To the Magistrate Dist 'E'
I, Maynard Dupie, now residing at R M an' Pa-
rish of St. Gecrge do hereby give you notice
that it is my intention to apply at the Magis
rate s Court to be held at Roseu- on Tst sday
the 2-na day of October 973 ensig for a Tase
nd Niht Ba Lkcenicen ni eaoft nty prten
at 2Kenaedy Avene Paib of S Gs
Dated the 25th day of Se,. .973.




Friday,/September 28,1973


To the Editor: "A few vital Queries
Aie-aie, look zaffaire' Dey not To the odito how ch vital e poit on
even civil servant." These and ot- back pay?
her remarks were constantly hurled 2) In the combined Royal Dominica Police
at Ma Titine and her cohorts who & Dominica Defence Force the private army
showed their sympathy far the two of Mr. LeDlano? (He only has to say
Officers 'retired in the public in- POLICE'and all is wellJ) Woit is he aim-
terest' from their jobs. ing at That sooD we will be'like several
"Take allyou time" genteel Gen- South Am3ioan States? Chile -f.or instance?
elia told a belligerent accoster. When are we going to have a cou., and who
"Is not foh long." She winked at will be the general?
Titine and Baby, her English pupils. 3) With the cost of living- going up ,
So when the Public Service Board weekly,, what are the Labour Government's
of Appeal decided that the men be plans to help ease the situation? Isn't
reinstated in their jobs, the many it time to remove the purchase and con-
black ribbons were put aside and sumption tax on all articles of food,
replaced by red ones. That symbol- including allied items such as cooking
ised a victory for justice, gas etc.? Raise the taxable income of a
Ma Titine was casually walking married" couple (or family) to at least
down~lie street on her way to Reu- $2,400 -- this'would help people in the
ben's home when she was. hailed by lower paid groups, by allowing their
three women near a. small shop: wages and -alaries to buy a bit more food
"Haie Madame! Ma Titine:" 5) In 1971 the I'Tational Debt was $2.m.--
She stopped short and replied hello,(two million dollars); how much is it'now?
One of them laughed, saying to How and wheh is .this debt to be paid, and
the others,: "She .warin red rib- who is tbo pay it?
bon. Isn' dat a Labour colah?" 6) Granted that water rates weor too, low,,
"Dey sayin dey in sympathy wid how can it be possible, reasonable''r 'fgi
Maximea an Symes:, but doan worry to raise the"ritbos by.-as much as 60O-
wid dat, is de Premiah dey want to 800% and even 1,000% ? -
push out;" said a second. 7) Will"the lonIder of the Labour'Party,
Ma Titine took no further not- or the Minister of Finance, explain to the.
ice of them, and went on her way. general public the inner workings of the
Said green overall from the hos- Treasury Bills affair?, What is this money
pital: "Look at. dose pappy shows! spent oh ?- Whoets the interest? Who.
Time will tellI" jM js the interest on these periodical
And so it was all over the town. loana?
a rash of red ribbons, and a lot 8) 1.hy has Heineken, opened, a brewery in
of mechanst6 talk. St. Lucia and not Doramii c? Will ieth Min-
ister concerned give us the answer? How
On arriving at Reuben's, Titine many jobs ind how much revenue would this
found Baby and Gentrlia already there industry hive meant to Dominica? And wihy
she told them what she had; heard, is the tourist' industry in St.Lucia so
"Same here," said Genelia. "I much moro advanced th:n it is in Dominioa?
even heard people saying that if What was th& iovdnuo from that industry in
the men got back their jobs, they St.Lucia in 1972, compared to ours?
would still get a heavy revenge. I 9) In the hear future, will the Premier
ironed out my black ribbon against and/or any Miriister hire and fire as they
any other emergency..." like? Will all' appointments to the Civil
Ma Titine shook her head. "I service, including fortnightly-paid workers
wonder what they have up their be only'for I'abour Party Members and fol-
sleeves now." At the word 'sleeves lowers, and. so strictly political ones ?
Baby slapped at a mosquito on her PABLO TAXPAYER, S., ROSEAU.
arm but her hand was too slow and -------
fat; it zinged away. "What have me Dear Editor, A'COTSCIENCE STR=
beat is dis," she said, "All where It appears that tMe Premier pays more
you heahing dose tings is only attention to the case of Symes & ItLximea
women. I nevah heah a man axe all than to the shocking 'state of our State,
dat s-tupidnes,s" I People often hate those to whom they
dat stupidnes*. o should be grateful, those who helped then
Reuben chuckled: "I always tellin up the ladder. 'refer to Miss Mattie,
allyou we men still souperiah."(He up M1 latildda Ioimoa, a foundor-eatber
had just come back from hoisting a and big propaandist for the onctiro D.omin-
red elvet banner ver A s ida Labor ho on Chrito
"Go away!" laughed his women friends. so hoc l vic .tim.4* NA L.-or s
-Pa %vbu ..F, S Rooa

to notify those Savings Customers holding
Passbooks with the following numbers

these accounts will be carried at our new

with effect from
Monday ist October 1973
these customers should report to the new branch
to transact their business
NOS. oi/ooo to o01999
NOS. 02/oo000 to 02/999
NOS. o3cow to O'999

__.._........ ......I ll lll' l I I <. I "Illllll.. l. II ,1 nN r

To ths Magimate Dist. 'F
1, Betonme St Ville now residing at Boctica
Parish of St. Patrick do hereby give you maoce
that it is my intention to apply at the Magia-
mtrte' Court to be held at Deices on Monday,'
the x2th day of November 973, csuiag for a
my premises at Boetica Parish of St. Paiin
etd Onm tfh r7h ay e(lgtmba 973
To the Magisutrate Dist. "G" & Commissiomu
41 Police.
I, Masterville Williams, residing at Woodford
1ill do hereby give notice that it is pny inten-
ion to apply at the Magistrate's Court held at
Margot on Monday 8rh October 1973, ensuing
f. a Tavern Liquor Liceace in respect of my
prases situated at Woodford Hill.
Dted i7th September 1973.
Masterville Williams

WiM CAtomers and Frte

Roseau, Dominica
:: i 2._______ t,

V05 Crime Rinse contains extra condi-
tioners which gives lustre and new life to
dry, colour treated and damaged hair. -
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....*** 30 ag g THE ST





rPa Fr,,



Page. Six T HE
The following letter from Governor's
Office, Dominica, dated Sept.25th,
was received by the reinr.tated Offi-
cers Maximea and Symes, with slightly
alterations in'para.,gaphas 1 & 5:-
"Sirt,. I an directed by His Excellency
the Governor to inform you that the Pub-
lic Service Board of Appeal has found
you guilty of taking part in an illegal
strike on the 13th Juno and subsequent
days,Cand Of being guilty of improperly
withholding the keys of the offices of
the Forestry Division of the Ministry
of Agriculture, Trade and Natural Re-
sources front the 13th June to' the 18th
June, 1973)"brackets refer to C.C.Mazi-
nca. (Soo below) .........

2. The Board has rocornendod neverthoe-
less (i) that you be reinstated in..
your office
(ii) that you be reprimanded by the
(iii) that your salary -'? the period
during which you woee "aboonb front duty
during the strike be withhold.
'3. Acting on the decision of the Board
His Excellency hereby roprihands you
for improper conduct 'in'taking part in
an illegal strikeo,~and iri hnproperly
withholding the keys of thd Forestry
Division of which you are in change.)*
I an also to warn you that you should
refrain from similar conduct in the
future, and that you take every step
to ensure that you o6ndhibt. yourself in
future in koopa4g with thoe"Sthaidards
required of a Iread of Division..
4. You are required to report for duty
.as (Accountant Goneral" Synes;Chief
Forestry Officer maxinda) on the 26tih
September, 1973.. Question of arrears of
pay will be dealt with by the .Financial
Secretary. I an', Sir,
Your obedient servant-,
T. ST. R. BERTRAMD. Gbvornor's Soo*.

As is now well kno0n, the non report-
ed for duty on Thurxs ah"o"' The cost of
the exercise torminLdtin in tho dbove
letter is not yet known, however. Ed.
Recently Mr. V.G,I'lichael a't a noting
in Dominica, told the Pross that the
rise in airline farof is long overdue,
stressing the problems with which LIAT
had to cope, and that other "carriers had
declined to servo the 1nocononical'
24 4- -laAd route. Picards Ltd will be
taken over by LI'AT and computerisod
boolking facilities -will. repjlaoe- the
present manual systeor. (caacluded p.8)


Friday, September 28,'7rLt

Mr. Lawrence Hodge, Mr. Avondale
Hodge. and family, 1Mrs. Leah Rolle
and family, Mrs. Yvornne Shilling-
ford. and family, Mrs.Decima Rolle
and family, Mrs.Eleanora Brown &
family, Mrs.Whiley Jnoc.Lewis and
family, IMrs.Rosita Peter & family,
Mr. Stephen Hector and family
wish through 'tlfis medium to
thank all- those v w sent cards,
wreaths or in any pther way symgpa-
thized with them in their recent

.r. & Mrs. Clarence Louis would
like to express many thanks to......
friends & relatives, to) the Convent
High School Teachers of Brdl-4th forms
and pupil o, the Gaoodwill Junior
High School (teachers & pupils 9p
Form lA) and all our 0hristian
brothers and sisters in the Lorda
who have helped us in our time o~
bereavement during our dea- daaugh-
ter Sarah's death.
We also want to say many thanks
to The Star, our- doarest friend,
who always stood w$th us in times
like, this, -Edith & Clarence Louis.

ST.LUCY, BARBADOSj f (aged 37), would. like
foninine pen ipals only from 25 to 35
years, IHis hobbies are Bible Study,
Travel, Gamnoc Reading and mnoeting-
The Connit't~ "-for- the Handicapped of the
Goodwill Parias-.Coincil plans to o05borvd
HANDICAPPED 'DAY on. Friday, Oct6ber 5th',
The distribution of souvenir leaflets and
selling of codrionorative ags by members
of the Connittoee and other volunteers are
designed to arous6 the awaronss, of 'the.
general public"towards this serious and
hitherto ignored problem of nental.nd id
physical disabilities. The day culminates
a series of talks on this probleon heard
over Radio Do6rnica every Tuesday night at
8 p.n., produced by those Committed in" co-
operation with P'adio Doninica, in tho
hope that tho resoponso of the' public will
be spontan~obu and abundant and indicative
of their coiiceri and care for their loss
fortunate fell-wi citizens.
INICANT corry your interesting articles
have to beo hold up. Shortage of pap$ and
resultant lack of space is the reason.

rda y, S.pterber 28, 1973 -rHe STAR Vage v erv

DE GPU 'OI "SECON' 1 CIUME". ....episode 4
Do GAYLORDS Lp: "To Do6inich.. .with "Back 16mo," 'ambo had Myrianne- to
eVOe" is, in my ostinatioi deir best understand., "doro's do promise lan' G(aw4
among doir other two; wlen I consider ta'k so dann much -'bout" leaving her
de- excellent coordination of voices no doubts,
i' musical harmony of a final fabu- The young man was very certain that
loans production. Hidddut a. doubt,, absolutely NO shortcomings in life could
BINGO's rendition of 61' VOIDER. BOYS sway his intercata, his dreams, and. his
'Ma. John" original was doe-go get yer hopes. "Daunit.1- ho told himself, -"nah
*opy right now" attraction, Do folk aftah conquorint den reprisals from she
impression of GAYLORDS has ne 'er yet muddah, faddaJh.2.all sho rol'tives a dmon
been. repeated to do standard. .o ".Life so-called frion's she uso to frequent.
in o'r lan'","Sugar Cne"' an't older No blooneint' oul go crash-up owah life.'.
hits-on dat albun.. Am feel strongly Poor chap 116'had had to face up to' .
dat GAYLORDS offortd TOO much at such a brutal onslaught of words from. -Krianihot
a. early stage* Dame oILDA BYNOE (of puritan anti-black associates. The days:
G'da) was. do first head of state to of their'oarly courtship were the host
forward personal congrats to dis terrible, the n6st horrible moments ho
powerful hard-working group upon doir had yet ondiurd, l'ith the. advoent'of every.
achiovenon'. An' GAYLORDS-show'd dair now day he wvnt dowh on his knoos, and'
cprociatlon by ondeavourin' to-EA&SE quite forvontly bogged the Omnipotent
a' to-SATISFY do pc 'ple who 'wore never ever to grace himi with such bitter
prison' whereevor' doeyplay"d; ospea 'cy and wretched experiences. But, the Lard.
,at FORT YOUNG. 'Wedododay nights ant seemed deaf to lis bggrar's: plea. Jambo
SEAMOON on-.Sun-. afternoons. 'Do result had been called the'nastiest n~ecs' one
of "To Donanicla .Wid Love" in do image-could drean of; loft to suffer in the
projection-of GAYLORDS.' two leading hands of nerciloss WHITE law-enforcomont
vocalists, BINGO an' BfEAER'was, do under-dogs;.accused- .of crimes he never
ops:' outstandin' avhi'evomon'". Bingo dared to venture' Thore wore the nights
ostablish'd himself'ai- a creole/calypscwhen yrianno was forcdad to spend :them
'7 crowd-pleasr r,. wliilbe do iage. of with him on the' bonch or on the grass in
::.. super entertainer-singer Breakerthe park; battering the rain and snow as
, won hearts.of young, an' oldl male hey dared their foes.
.'. ant fonale"--almn&' EVERYOITE. So Like a hooavenly mirage the tropical
.. nex week we'll-..poe'o'r noses isl0 of Janbo's birth beckoned to them
into-do BREAKER-BIiGO-SPENCER... for there overybody would be kind and
GY. calypso.monarchs of de geonorous to the romantic couple,"and
TIS a orango-blos-som,not snow, would oently jhll
ae, -** * .: *.>-- "* * **. , ., , ,-. -: :.-: *, ** ,*-.*.
-n do Garibyan over ambitious, I figub dat do'- iatio in proghancy'
extrav'6rt-pocketitians are among womon n 'd 13-30 age. bracket, in
S. ossint. 'round wid.. de ?ortanouth area, is. sunt'ling, -bout" 1 '
(.'." .. POLITICS'; signing in 3. 1A"- NYC, Youth'Division,-Jay beos,
''' docuteh'ts. ..s.ignin Jaycettos -. stad' out, an' play your
,..-". j treatieso...makin a part. Doro'll be no stuff-to food all
S: jok 6o1ef institutions den PICmEY...
an ^ orcanisations of On do Od -aIsto, I ~-et -wEi -T-
world recognition. hah "do Church is do Temple of corrup-
K nwhileo, adose nad tion". How you could say dat? Don't you
policypmakrs aro see dat do Church is trying' to get-dose
(.broaki' "doir own. I HOMOSEXUALS to quit dis nasty-abonineble
Accords. .BANIN' d t'ing. Aftali all, dat s why, hoah an
ory'poople who dcy doah, do pries' does give den to read-do
dopon' upon to deter- lesson or.de e.istl ..,.deliver de sornbn.
I/;1 /-ni o do SUCCESS or He trying' to-wakc up doir conscience...-
-jILUR6fE of' doir wild ctI=e of h t
dro'ens. .td like to -ow ~w e il a rspecl ve o di LBAlI placo of birth?
Weas' Idian be. AC9~PT.,EAS. a Weos I...n .t.en will all dis-BANIN case?

Pano Ejiht



S ::T*:A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S -- Morchriston
Football: Harlon Rovers continued to
dloninato the football sceno in their
unbeaten record this soebson when they
easily dofoated Spartahs nh the knock-
out finals for th*ir s6cohd. tip this
season their tenth straight win.
Spartans were on the ball for the
first whA1tlo and Harleo Rovo-ibobuntor
attackod it was dangerous. Irvina-. :
Bonait found the not. Hoer~nius Emanuol
with a. long kick at goal .passed through
the hands of goalkeeper Aird and it was
2-nil at the interval, On resumption,
Rovers continued to attack and a
beautiful kick on the hop"by Benoit '
nado it 3-nil. At the final~ thistle,
Harlon RoVera: 3, Spartans nil, #
The series of knockout matches for
the O.D.Brisbano Challenge Trojhy
started on Tuesday with Halcyon defeat-
ing Gutter Crowns 2-1. Scorers wore.
the brothers. Jeffrey aniid Algernon
.Lavironreocfor Haleypn ahd" Tdhy Auguisto
Tor Gutter :. cowns. Ybst-rday -aftoer-
noon, Konsborough Unito"andc"Paragons
not in the second olethioa match
and played to a 1-al'drawi running into
indocicsif extra 'ine.Reoplay in near fu-
Other matches are Celtics United, against
Saints on Saturday and'Harlon Rovers
versus Spartahs on, Sunday.*
SECOND DIVISION. lG.S. iwon their first
nat chplayod"againd Pott6rs United
1-hil. A.I3awrencoodscred .
S.M.A. playing with a limited attack
won their second natcli this tine against
Koensborough United 1-0 in a very tane
This afternoon, D,G.S. takes on
Harlon Rovers.* .
CRICKET. A November start for the 1974
season -is anticipated. "
TABILE TENNIS. The 1795 Windward Islands
Vtale tennis championship cane to an end
at the Goodwill Parish-'11ll on Thurs.
night with St.Lucia -'aorging~overall
champions, with Cliarlbcs Penillon and
winning the doubles and Poterson .Charles
winning the singles ..-
IFFRY 'IN VIlll. AET -Ban.Inspec-
tor Guy Carb, with. visible injuries in
one eye and a shoulder-, allowed to the
STAR that he had been assaul-ed by Hon.
John Rover and the latter's* two daugh-
tors; that the Pol1co 0had previously
cautioned Roycr and that they, the Po-
lice of Vinillo Caso, had filed a con-
plaint. .
on Tuesday October 2. Controversial,
Agenda. Sharp Opposition guostions. *
noting at Sisqorou fronmtonorrow.
L'n"to' & .Juellhou ^^y .*~^^alkrorour
R 'ob or E.Allfrey of Copt Hall lill) .House
at 26 Bath Rd.Rosoau.,fDoninica, W I.


RFrida_, Sojtoabor 28th,_ .975
The signing of the agreement
between Government and represantives
of the Commonwealth Development
CQrpo0ation (CDC) for the sale of
Melville Kall and. Castle Bruce.
Estates to Government took place
on Thursday afternoon, 27th Sept.
1973 in the. House of Assembly,
Government H.Q. The; Minister of
Agriculture was host on this oc-
The 23rd Anniversary of the
Social League of Dominic falls an
Sunday 30th September, 1973, start-
ing with a Eucharist Concelebratioa
with steelban-d at, the. Roameu. Cathe-
dral -ad ending with a culutal
'festival. .
There mho'ld-, thorocore,-bo nore Natioh-
al Discussiononh tho6d Bills beforo they
beomeoo Lw, )%. -a ci.izon of Doninica I.
am# thoroforo', publicly calling upon
the dedicioh/policy nakers to withhold
the second a'd"third reading of those
Bills, to allow fori;groater public--dis-
cussion oh a11 bt't'hon.
Is thi~s 3 o"nuch, fo' A. CITIZEN 'to ask
HIS Govornnont?. .
Editor's 1Toto~' "6" onai roy support this
ploea' and point yio~., P.S.
VICTORY i 'GAN ?fO C,1.A. *by UMMI'
.Whon, oh.wlieon, will our Govornnont
learn tht attonpts to play down'thd
success of F,O.G.Syies and C.V.C.M.inea
in the matter of thbir appeal ogLaiLnst
Govt.'s decision to retire then cail only
be construed" d another effort to pull-
the shroud over tho" eyes of the. poo6pl?
Synos &'taxihoea .Ton hands do-ni and
that s that. Thoy o.ar back at work,
According' to-pojopl who attended t0e
hearings., the only" plea for Morcy cab
from the Govo&i-ront's Bench for -itd on
behalf of"Govt..-Tho-ploa was for tho
conviction". of AT L IIAT Maxinoa. Th .
Govt. nanm aid- that at =least in iiocximdo'G
case the P.S.C, had acted in accordance-
withi.Roge.35 (2) of 1.S.C. Rules. But '
alasi Proof of thi, was sadly lacking
and so the boys arob.'biok at work. --.
No th.lahs to LoBlanc and his boys','
*. .- - *-- -
THE LIAT iEIUT: 4-Quiclhor reservations
& confirratioh pi6rnisod. Then the Don-
inica Hotel as6oc. havo' a release that
LIAT s PRO had fo now plans for Z6aling
with-the uhsatisfa6tory situation',LI.AT
has nade very" little'apparent effort"
and other "6onplaints. LIAT rctorted-'t1it
this was not so.The argument gooe on,.,.