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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: 09-21-1973
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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-t L#4 I~

..4L^ 76^ ^oJ /
Cable: Star, Dormnne,
Tel Printery 269' Editor 2610
.KA. Mfdia R'erstat.ive:
Colin Turner ( Lndon Ltd.
I122 Shaftesbury Ave. W'. I.
Vel XVII No Il

A.L a mfeetiii.q of the =eacutive of
The iomiLica t*reedam Party held ix
Roseau o. i &oiaJ Sept. 17th 1973,the
following statement, drafted by the
ivil Rights sui-conmmittee, was u.-
animoisly adopted:
r"That the Dominiiea Freedom Party
views with concern the erosioa of
humnai. rights aiA of the privileges
a ,d practice of" trade uniorila, man-
lfested by Government's treatment
of two Civil Servants who, as elec-
ted honorary officers of the Civil.
Ser'vioe Association, conducted naeg-
otiatiols with governmentt over a
dispute a-nd were subsequently arb-
Itra.ily 'retired', although no corm-
bplaiz.t against the performiace of
their d.utiese as Civil. oerv.,ts had
be e n ,lo e d .
We consi le:. t-his action to be ij.
.i rect coxitrave .tioi. of. the Doniliaica
CrnuititutiOe. Jec.11- freedom of ass-
ociation. ... ".h special reference
to trade u...: os.
Ne ow uequivocally codemr (l
e -over tcet' j arbitrary retire-
meat o1" two :Civil Servants as an
act which- is-. toth -unaopstit4tioaal
a.Ld tuipreced.e.ted; (2) the m9n=er
;a which this action was takena'viz.
wi.thou7 gi.vlig a hearing to t.e' said
Civil Jerva_.ts.

FOR THE S-ruoy
162 EAST 78 S;,
MEW YORK 21. i. y
NOV 2e '73

by Era=n Mcri Pj.

Friday September AT, 1973

S Accordingly, we the ojpositlon
SZreoedoai Party do pledge ourselves to
d/ o all that is aecessqary to ensure
a return to dsmcratic rule in the

WARNING Mr. MXk" m).rV arne
'F 1969 urkeu he Wia trdaWer ^f O sidowio
- "I warn the HoqweadI I s Ass
Sf greatest dangers cqf8*s teody is &a
? ileI Aifeat vhel.poltkcl system *5 moawaipeda
o i makhe peaceful cAsamge, throsgiA
se workins of the pof-ical eirirly.
v -ildg-.. If that natkin oes ,is te be ag
& vr ?, democracy is jfmaks f/sl 4 shrne'
r for change f11 take MW6ew0d deierous f
AMia e ievitably eblsr to r* i ye awuqres
se who comtrBf power or, alpty, tYI
i-`r;- r1r ie power by maiesw atrA e o0side of S
'f WSC49em,." - 0a
| T'~e vash hrd Ce'rs f r tei, hearI wIIter

Mr. Erkirle Ward.
kf' Just.ic-; aad Federal Speaker.
of a report on Dec. 16 events

Er A d
irfut 0 M, 1 SHA KOite ', rUn5



Vol x

Tne outlook for Wa'tional Dao this
year is extrea.-.l.y critical and so'er.
.;ale of sweepstake tickets is not at
all exuberant; many citizeija have d*-
cided to refrain. fr m the celebrations
or at least to act aa restrained ob-
servers, the majority3 of them pla.nig
to drese i a 'tar g colours.
We know the.:viLlagers love their
contests and the you2L love the stim-
uiation. involved. e would not sug-
gest a boycott. But we agree that the
state of the country is such that the
whole bis'tiness of liatioi.al Day require
a lot of serious thilncinLg beforehand.
Fhat has caused this alarm a.d 4 ,es-
pondency? The Justice-i.-spired s' :'ike.
The State of Emergency. PoFrod costs and
shortages, Aad such events as the ar-
rest of a youxg echoolgirl for liscuss-
i4ng with friends a Radio Aitilles broad-
cast which "'ade fun" of ,over.wnent (by
relating a news item about a popular
play); she was charged with obtruc--
police. Aud imagine a 3;Zvil 3ervaCtwho
asked for a loan t, buy a lil.lin.i being
told officially that he can only get
a loa. to bEy a v.rd or Peugeot:!.

Page Two T H E S TAR Friday, September 21, 1975

by Ernest Merrill TOPHER C. MAXIMEA, President.
of the C.S.A. (formerly Chief
de premiers and deir aides Forest Officer) and JOHN
in. .all de islands SPECTOR, reporting for the
passing STAR, continues this week
Public. Order Acts like fire (PART III)
all in de name STAR: What do you know,'
of law and order ....about the Caribbean Conser-
Doy bon pxblic'protost-"in the public interest" ovation Association Meeting
Doy ban do constitution in thc public intoerostt" due to be held here next
Doy ban all opposition "lih 'the public interest" week?
Doy "avon ban good citizo's robm doir jobs MAX: At the end of the 6th
"in the public interest" annual meeting of the Carib-
bean, Conservation Association
it held in. StKitts last Sept.
is (197r), proposals for the
-just a matter of time te
site for the next. General
he eggtier Meeting were solicited.There
turns the other way around were proposals from all over
turn e her waythe Caribbean, from Guyana
and ban dem "in the public interest" to the Cayran Islands a re-
-.... member particularly, the
strong plea put up by the Representative, for, the Cayman Islands. I feared
4bhe would have defeated all other contestants. I proposed Dominica on the
grounds -of her potential for development in the field of Conservation, the
proposed National Parks system to include the natural areas and historical
areas, etd Later on, I was asked to carry out a small, survey df available
hotel places in Dominica and to find out whether Government had any objec-
tions to the 7th Annual Meeting to be held in Dominica this year *
During a visit by the Executive Director (the indefatigable Mr. Mohammed.
Hanif), I was able to supply him with information on the hotel situation,
but the strike came on before I could find out whether or not Government
would allow the meeting. That has apparently been settled,
STAR: Have you received an invitation to the .meeting?
IMAX: Not yet. But then, maybe I can attend without an invitation* After
all, I am a Member.
STAR: Has the Dominica Conservation Society received any such invitation?
MAX: To the best of my knowledge and information (Thursday, Sept.20 Ed.)
the answer is: "Not yet."
STAR: What was the programme like in St. Kitts?
MAX: The meeting there was declared open by H.E, the Governor, of St.Kitts,
The Premier was designated.to address the meeting at 9 a.m, but he
actually did so during the afternoon. Mr. Robert Stanton, Supt. of.the
Virgin Islands'National Park gave a half-hour address at 10 a.m.; then
-.there was a break, followed by a talk by Senaton.. Virdin C.Brown on "A
Park. System for the 'Virgin Islands'!; this was followQe by questions the
Moderator being Mr. G.T.Warrenj O.B.E. We lunched at Noon. andreconvened
at about 1.30 to hear an address on "An Underwater Natioxal 'Park for Bar-
bados", by Dr.,PFimn Sander, Director of Bellairs Research Institute of
McGill University, Canada. This was followed by a description: o.f Guyana's
National Park-system by Dr. Omawale of the Universityof Guyana. After
another break, Mr. 1an Lambie Sec., Trinidad Field Naturalists Club,
sp-oke on The Bucco Reef, Tobago' and questions afterwards were moderated
by the Director of the Virgin Is.Ecological Research Station, Mr. Buchanan.8
On Sunday Sept 3 1972, there was a business meeting of the Caribbean Conser-
vation Association open to members only, with Dr.. Edward T. Towle (who had
addressed participants at the official dinner- after the arrival of dele-
gates and called them to order' 8i the first session). We also made a tour
of Eirimstone Hill and attended social events such as the Governor's 'cock-
tail party. A meeting. of the Board of Management was held on the eve of
the first session. Dep/Prem Paul Southwell also addressed us after a dinner.
STAR:" See you at the meetings here, I hope. MAX: Who knows?

k r,& flj kmte_ '. 2i'V-_-7 TH-E SARa re

WW^--, .. ,,W-W' ----"--- --" ~--1.,

AppIications are requeted for the post of
Site Engineer with the above company, Appli-
cants should have considerable eperiemce in
the proccasiag and engineering aspects of Food
Industry generally and Cirus in p-rticular.
Previous experience in factory maMnge
rearit. is essential but equally important as expe-
rnoice of setting up and commission g a ew
process rhanz.
The Site Engineer will be responsible to
the Attorney loca.ly and to the Senior Project
EniE. r a the U.K. for the insitalling and
Ioonaissiogag of a new factory presently being
consatrced on the Bath Estate and will also be j
SUiepoaible for maintimag all the existing fa-
.,Candidates 30 should be vitably qisih-
Ifiedagieers with condserable inimative and
I .t reliance. Salary will be commensurate witr
'4perience and will satisfy "applicanxu of the
right calibre.
Applicatio~s giving-full details of the ap I
pliant"'s career to date, shouldd be sent in the
firrt phce to' tbe Acting Attornev, L. Rose & I
Co. Litd Both tsae, .Roenau Dominica, with
a copy addressed to :-

The Productioa Controlje',
Conceotrstes & Essences Division,,
I-TO (OSwtugiht Plce i
London @W j

VOS --

V05 Crime Rinse contains extra condi-
tnaers which gives lustre and new life to
dry, colour treaed and damaged hair.
Hair becomes instantly maniageable, tans-
pe free and surprisangly soft and silky to

Use VOS Creme Rinse after every sham-

Aavihble in many sizes Xt all Conmesc
CDwerm or at

Taloa Mrs. Butter 2572 Ext 29 Office hears
d.. 2372. after 6pma

8 Boyd's Avenue
2 Lage Bedrooms
Modem Conveniences
SW ll around Property,
J. Vanterpool,
17.-4s 26 Bath Rad Tel: 2'69 r- ~

Schedule of Application for CrsifWsaB of Tile amid A;t-
tbwew &n' Caveats for week endi"n 2nd dayof bpt& E9";j7
Cete R1equyesd Person Pr-eseting Ntuere of r-jc,-st
whibher a Ce ificrat.
of Title of .4ptfgI
_________thereon or CuSJ

Request dated
the lOth day
of Septeraber
Presented the
17th day of
Septemiber 197
ja 3.25 p.m.

by hA Solicitor
Cilma A.M

Request for the issue
of a First Certiftea e
of Title in. respect of
a Portion; of ltadi at
Victoria, Delices in
the Parish of St. Pa
trick in the State of
Dominica contai8ia s
19,250 square foe t
and bounded as fel-

North by land of Stanford Theophti East by a Ravlne
seDarating it from land of Grassia Alfred Soutn by Iisd of
Morrit EIci West by a 'Rave' separating it from land of
Dtlema.n Moses
Request dated Helen Reqaest Efr the issue
the 7th day Soraphine oi a Firsa Ceriificat*
of September by her Solicitor of Tie .in respect of
1973 Cilma A. M Portion of land
Pyre4nted the Dupigmy known as a lot at
18th V f1 & Soufriere in the Pa-
`S'ptaamber 197, rish of St. Mark, in
at 3.50 P.. the State of Domina-
Sic containing 1276
""" """ sqpiwaro feet and been.
-id at folow*s .
North Wet by lands of I nez Thomas drcesed and Arthur
WUH'ams North East by land of Verna Faeex South East
bv a Road seiaratng it from land of LRose and C*. South.
West by a Public Road,

;sceau, DominicLa Acting Registrar of 'ithes
NOTE:- Any person who desires to obiej to the sstue of a
Flrsi Certific .e of Titde in the acovye applkston may enir a
Caveat fn the above Office within six weeks from the d*ta of
he first appearance ofihd Schedule In the STAR Newspaprw
pub';htsd in this Sita oi from the dte whep the rotics pr -
krtbed by law was st'rveid on any owner or occupier of djoinint
fnd ,t rrspt of which the application is nmde.



Page Three


PageY THE S T AR Friday, Septomber 21,1973

Last year, about this time, I wrote What Mr. LeB'and had iniaendeO was pro-
piece entitled 'ITatiohnal Day 1972: A bably a Dominica-Guyana norgor by 1972.
Preview', It would seem logical that The ill-fated Grendda Declaration l6ft
I now write a proviow of National Day the National Day, 1972 plans still in-
1973, Events in Dominica do not usually tact, because face-saving was the log-
follow a logical course. MI-aybe I am ical course for the egotist LoBlancJ
infooted with the Natiohal disease.At A boost to tourism indeed UWoll-the
any rate a post mortom examination of depressant effect of the unnocesshry
National Day 1972 soonrs.perfectly in "State of Emergency" should dispel
orwor at this time ...... all notions f LeBlanc's concern for a
* viable tourist. industry in Dominica.
The Botanical Gardens wore "spruced (Th ai-d rs ho wr -quick to-co
Thehgr..-m t rvos ''nlo were -quick to--c on..
up", with the- grass trim6d"to 'tidy denn those voicing opposition to the
height, and blooming dahlias and assor- lavish 1972 fete riorely because they had '
to-d annuals freshly tr.ansplted; the a two-day "spree" should have been more
badly rutted streets of Rosoau wore far-sighted' The state of our roads
patched up temporarily with a recipe alone should'be' an indication of the lip-
more akin to roughlyl chke" (twenty spades service that is being given to tourism
of tarrish to one toEspooi of cement?) development!)
,tho banners proclaimihg that"apres Bon What did-w.o really celebrate last
Die chest later" Wore strung up along November 3rd?- What has statehood really
the thoroughfares; some dilapidated, meant in torrs'of political maturity, in
buildings in Rosoau were fbce-lifted terms of improved standard of living'? In
dith dabs of duty-free paint; the P.S.s terns of willingness to work? In terms
were busy making last-minute arrange- of sacrifice? "In terms of love and tol-
nents for the accommodation of an in- crance? In'htorns of JUSTICE? What ish
-pressivo list of foreign dignitariess.; there to be Prb6ud- of? All indications
"official" and "guostT1 crds were be- are that it has noant political dep-avity,
ing run off the G6vernment press;cock- Doterioratioh iii-the standard of living -
tail party lists were being drawn up; Lazinoss.".'. SolfishnossJ Hatred and in--
the long orders for state banquets were tolerancol IITJUSTICE.
being placed; taxi drivers were 'being I wonder what this year's celebrations
selected to chauffeur guests profitably;will be liko? Wi'th the Radio Loelanc
C.I.D. personnel were busy checking out disgrace and :tho Synms-Maxinoa-Savarin
rumours of planned protests; calypson- injustices still alive in our ninds?
iats rehearsed their "sweet land of What will, the people be singing about
mountains" routines. All this and more this year? Rivers and Mountains again,
was in anticipation of our lavish on- I supposoJ Uillwe beo offering Ponti-
tertainment of guests front as far as fical Iassos. or will we recite the
,Bangladesh and Now Zealand. And when Reuien. *.?
it was all over, Doninicbais had lost
at least a week of working time (in- --Sc0 CIPLII. J Hugh Lawrence
eluding allowances for recuperation I would like our school children to
from the excesses of the celebrations), roalise thit a school parade is not a
and the taxpayer had been cheated of recess. Ioiradays our Teachers are having
several thousand dollars; and d popul- it very tough and are unable to implant
ation boost ensued. the right kiindof discipline in our chil-
In the wake of serious criticisan of dron. I noticed that while, op parade
the unnecessary expbhditure, Mr.LeBlanc from school to"school'or elsewhere some
has gone to groat lengths to justify children koop' talking, laughing and" gaz-
his extravagance. In the House of Ass- ing all over hohe'place and,that is
embly he defended tho spending as an wrong. They should' learn to carry with
investment, in tourism. "What he did not them the same behaviour as in the school
seem to roemober thon tas that inned- promises and m.anfoot proper discipline
lately following his 1970 election vic- on the streets, his improvement in be-
tory he had already formulated his haviour would,.oiake us fool proud of them
grandiose plans for 1972 National Day and of their Teachers. H.L.
(remember his "humble" Victory speech ... .
But at that time his -'overnment had Conditions at. this school are such that
all but ignored the 'Coimarvation Found- parents have-. bon n ovod to protest to the
nations 1tionTl4 Pkproposals (which i T' Education Id.inis try.. Wo hear that there
action's nTationaL'Park proposals (which are 3 nlasaes without a teacher and one
would-have undoubtedly given an impetus girl 'has taught there over 2 years without
to tourism in the State). (Next col.) any ronunoeation. At least 6 teachers
should be *cho school's conplooent, we hoar.

Th'~r9~K ~~mbm'~ 21 1Q7~i THE STMR Pane Five."

Fiction MIvi TITIiNE ...Cynthia. Watt
"I tink 3 goin learn to. speek
bettah Englesh, Ma, Titine said one;
day, coming out of. a brown study.
"That's 4 good idea Mum," her
daughter =a4~red. "II11. pay for th(
So Ma Titine. went to Genelia, who
,used to be q qiyvil Servant, and who
only spoke patois as a matter of for
By now4 Ma Titine could write a -
fairly good hand, having attended
classes at the Union Hall. When Bab
was told of Mq. Titine's intention,
she also decided to take lessons, anc
every evening the two of them could
be seen going to Genelia's for their
One day,.Baby and Ma Titine were:
at their lessons when Genelia said:
"That will (to for now. What I really
want to disdus right now is this
iastional Day business. I am not-tak-
ing part in-anything; I feel we all
should wear mourning .colours on that
day, because of the state of tbcamr--.
try. What 4o you all think?'
"That is a very good idea," Ma
Titine replied, "I theenk we should
'pass on de worpl to de others. Why
we not keep a meeting?"
"Titine, .lease correct that sen-
tence, Haw- hre you improving your
English if ypui begin speaking as you
used to do? You are doing quite well
so don't spoil: it now."
"O.K. Baby you hear that? We have
to be on ourap's and. q's nowi"
So a meeting was held at Ma. Titirn
home and it was unanimously agreed
that mourning polours, would be worn c
that day.
"You young ones can enjoy your-
selves just the same,."';Genelia told
them, "black, black and white, lilac
or-,any sort of theses .colours won't de
tract from your pleasures."
"What a session of burgling is
going on these days, said one of the
"I hear that about 14 robberies
took place on the Imperial Road," sai
"What are the police doing about
.. -this?". Eurilla. wanted to know.
"Well,, repJie6d the first boy,
"the poor police in the 'country don't
even have transport to dq their duty.
"I hear this is an organized gang;
and that they may even have a van to
take away their booty --taken over to
Guadeloupe to sell they say."
"Well, nothing is safe nowadaysa"
said Genolia.

,, -, ., .l. .,<. y I "- l' v -' K y ^ ^ ~ ,, -^ '."- .. ,--- --

Please permit me space to thank
all who assisted me in the campaign
for the seat (as a Freedom candi-
date for the NOrth-Eastern District.)
e I did not win, but I congratulate
Mr. Pat Stevens for having won .the
election. I also wish to congratu-
late the people of Marigot and
m Calibishio, who in no uncertain
terms showed their disgust for the
existing Shoe Party Government.
y It can be. clearly seen .that the'
Whiskey and Beer parties such as were
d held at Wesley, Woodford Hill and
Calibishie in conjunction with the
influence of some Govt. officials,
proved insufficient to sway these
voters' good intentions.
Despite the fact, that every ef-
r fort was made by Mr. Leblane and his
full team of representatives backed
. by Mr. Francis, the Speaker of, the
House and turncoats Elkin, Henry 6nt
Labald, they failed to achieve their:
..goal. At Wesley, on Sunday, Sept.2,.
gt a4ght) thea4 noble gentlemen, -
including the Armbtrs, stooped. so
low as to involve themselves in
boiling mess, which ended at about
3 aom, .
But what was surprising was when
one of their supporters was dumped
on the Woodford Hill 'road at abbut
5 a.mo The question is this. why
entertain such people 'in the kit-
chen and.be ashamed of them on' the
road? Why do these Honourable
% Gentlemen become so social at
election times and forget the people.
,ras soon as election-, is over? I do
hope that by this time. all DominicanA
are aware of the fact that Wine andi
Dine mixed with pay-packats an0d
false promises have brought Dominica
. to what., it' is' presently.' And we.
should' not the Leblanc followers'
MTheirs not to reason why
Theirs,.not to make reply
; Theirs but to..do (Chief's will)
d ,.. or die '"
Therefore let us join the thinking
' eoawd and save. this country, is -my
plea*" -- Daniel Durban

. The established government how-
ever often places an unnecessarily
alarmist interpretation on events
and is tempted to equate a threat
to' its own security with a threat
to the security of the state. The-
machinery of the law may then be
misapplied,"- CIVIL LIBERTY, 1962.


Paze Five'

ag Ss HE S T A R ..r Sop -l e 3-

1*V "DE QGPI STORY" III "SECOI ~ aTICE' *..episode 53
d.Uie all aem oddah groups. In t hebac-b ushes of =ROLD) WOPO,
around indiviai -meinbers. of England with .t picturesque rround-
S- GAYLOS oraSed eprobeins. ihru ings% and m&je6tic remains, of what was
bank loan, secon' han instcr- one of Briti a "anglo-saxon warp--
ments were bought. But, then ground' a .Te1nturies past, Wrianne
at. dat time, lead-guitarist and Jambo had--tspe saome romantic
Eden Riohardiftonidripp'td-out. moment; the ~arvellotus. period in their
Sagging behind "hi. -was Chris; lives that way to be looked upon, treas-
S Seaman- (who return d'-sumtime ured and: envid-ever after..
later), Wid the exit o' dem The. beautitul country-sidU everglades
guya&, manager Daenni Joseph snd towering eaike --bdecked with a.
4 picked up his. guitar' to surprise heavenly bleed kileideacopic array of
his. Dominican audiencee. From a. variety o." reens, browns, yellows,
dia, point, dere *as HNO looking pinks and re contributedd to the
r At die re-vitalized healthy and iiolesome atmosphere that led
Y' detstage, all'skepticism or i tb a. real ihaiHess; .that immaterial pos-
SAJd~o~ubts as to de fellas di* session so arce, so rare, so costly
R) <. reaction was easesed. that no gem oul purcAhase.
.-. 'A ominicana.. realised- GAMLOiJA riane M a d" Jambo were too blind to
meant to gFOIWARBD4.. onwards* onside. the sible or probabl'es'lts
On de return rotZ'GALORIS: Baby of envirohimet chang Thy ap.eet
Julie, Walter" Co.ke, Ardhia quite irrati.'ally too, that there coulE
.Erancias, OChri S-~ikan (return- be no countepacting forces so mesmeriziig
ing), Greg ~ekr,ony Bngo to evoke t~ ''of blunder to cause regret
and. Dennia; h eosh .;.as st, lament and d`iapliointment. But, then,
organist, d m r,-rhy"thm guit- quite unfbrtIna'ely, Jambo was, due to
arist, lead singer, -oca asup- amendments':'-Briti inis: immigratioh'legiS
oyter and lead .gutarist,. resa: nation, %'oobplled to return with hlis.
pectively from Greiada.s EXPO '69. "English apoae'", to the land of his
Learning of do group-.s fantastic birth: DOTC ffili
achievements "af 0tPO,"Dominicans Jambo wast'certaini that his coutiny
i n |were aomewhat'- Mesmerized by the would welo- aopt his mate; irrea-
group 'aS published accomplish- pective of't.eir olashing "black.*thite"
ment ; ... ~ pigmentation Although there was. that
\Cheera ; A Xa Itaiaon- ever solemn" 1 y of 4: "black power..biack
Xians have aoome totiher, and an dignity.*. a4, the -struggle for., the
sociation has been f6ormied...* liberation 6-i suppressed black man"
ai youse I I told you "dey was and aiL the ial ramifications of. a
going to ban LAK'sa "Buffet'Scanhdal". "chocolate 016irbe ;est Thdia. man in '
Bro'er you can't beat 'em..; "I mi always; search of 14 claimedd African identity",
of de opinion .dat 590 ahbuld" stisk to e-* Jaimbo was p"eared to be reassured -
Posing' hidden talent i pu.t "dios aside and from the letters and newspapers he had
use material by aiktistea who are YET to received fr~y his folka back om4e"-thatj
get their work on record-...;, WTeek .9th- his peopleT innate humane characteris-
15th was best presented ",torkning Devotion" tics. had yet coiUtihiued to co-ordinate'"
series in my estimation* ..Father Thomaa: the reaso4fiH faculties: of. their norms.
(Lord OnaaBia) was t "boy 'dong. dere wid, He knew,. t that 'the "black power
s"..>..JEGATAIVE: FOUR (wia oexz "3Troical maniacs1 w xe the few who misconstrued
Butterfliess" boysa: Erry an".Te'), is. a. the concep."-. .
new imaginative group, bringing onto the - .. -- .- ...
scene such instruments. as "de sjoon" and SONG TITLES COiNTEST: Winner of st
e oalbaal. :and turning' folks. on wid place (12"o"ti of 13 right) is:-
Jimmy Cliffal& "AJRDER-DEY CUM".;. Yolfnda Masbon,
ChUBBY hose-to have his' first -Guadeloupe 22 Gre*t George Street, ROSEAU.
out France release disc- within.: months, A Wesley reader was a cloB second
~xTrray'I llray I G| 4 does it AGa ..m with eleven correct titles,
Two weeks, in a. row .; *, ":' ,:, :, * ,* * *

NOS. oiE,oo0 to o17999
NOS. 02/000ooo to 0/999
NOS. o3/'oW to o0 999,

Wishes to notify those Savings Customner holding
'Savings Passbooks with the following numbers
that these accontu will be carried at our new

with effect from
Monday -st October 1973

these customers should report to the new branch
to transacz their business

To fh Magistte Dit. F'
I, Bel ome St Ville now residing At BosticA
PIrish of SL Patrick do hereby gave you now.
that i i my intention to apply at the Magia-
tmr~'s Court to be held at Delices oa Monoay,
the rzth day of November 973, e2uing for at
my premises Boetict Parish of St. Ptrkick.
3Dod th the x7t cdy of sambr x973
akoBem St V'il

o the Magstrate Dist. "G" & Comamissicer
a Police.
I, Msterville Williams, residing at. Wodfoird
IHill do hereby ,.iv: notice that it is mtn inten-'
ton Io apply at he Magistrate's Court held at
Ma4igot on Monday 8ft Octobr ix973, ensuing
for a Tavern Liquor Liceact i1 respect of my
pVtmises situs~ed It Woodford Hill,
Dated i7th Septenmber i973i.
,Mas -trville William

Win Custwors and Eriends


S8 hp. Evinrude Outboards

A.C. Shillingford & Co.
^^ Car Acoessoriea Dept.

'Goose' Irons & all types of
Fluorescent Fixtures.

Now available at lower Kings Hill
Apply 45 Poners Stret, PoUtersMB
or phows. 2262.

.....imaK~~gfia~a^ -nWMiiAiN M WANf-miONfM i0uaM"

Fr A*r Sophasher 211993

Roseau, Domiinic a
^*^ _____ I


Pge 0ight T II B STA R Friday, Septemberlk U1Z9
S '*A RS*P*OW*TS --More !iston REFERS VIEW -
Totball. The 1st Div. knockout com- Dear Madam Editor, GOVT.-POLICE
petition-is well advanced, and the COURTSHIP
final match is axpecte-d to beaplayed I noticed a .pfeu..Opl4" are oohaving as
tomorrow, Saturday.**Barle'"Rovera who if they.hold..the Police guilty for the
have not lost one match this season in number of Police Stations, goinup all
thei mover the country., -instead of t -schools
their 9 matches .to date, are through and hospitals no badly noodQd. I'd like
to the finals after elimihnatig Para- to try to throw some good light on the
go a.2-1 in a.keen encounter earlier situation.
th'is.week. Raragons scored first When a Polico Officer was congrzatul-
to ated on the opening of the new Police..IHQ
through Julius Timothy,"-to-be quickly ohe aid "Tht building y6u see theo
levelled when the kooeest striker will be used by .ol-icomon, but not for
Wilfred Dontfraid found the net's"with Policemen. .We don't really need it'.A
one of his'. accurate left-footers. little ropa.ir and a little extension of
Dontfraid with W.Aoader late in'the the old HQ was all that was required
2nd. half, gave Movers the match. to what was in. fact a good old Police
-Kenaborough United' ahn Sparta, Station,. What. we.neod is a little in-
Kenaborough United and Spartans, crease on the salary, a little improvb'-
qualified to moot when they defeated mont in working conditions, and an oppor-
Celtics United and Gutter Growhiis -nil tunity to get a good loan to build our
each. G.Gelaire:,acori6d f6r"Kansborough homes...and they..can keep their new.,
V. of a. corner kick anjd L..Emanual for. stations. .... The way things are going,
the now Police Headquarters could also
Spartans over Gutter. Crowns. The win- become the ndw. Government Hoadquart6rs."
nor of the &partans/Kohsborough U.match I thik th enough, don't you?
will mect arlem- Rovers- fo-r the knock- Yours sincerely, EC.O -.
out trophy.**Sr.0IM pyI T0NT' football (Name and address g hen as is usual with
continued after a-pause of 40 days our published letters).
during which time theo schools SMA & SPORTS (cont ) FOOTBAIL'IKOCOVt "
DG. were on holidays. SMA in their 0 Kensbor6iT0 t-got the K.O. from -
lsb match defeated Saihts 3-nil. Today, Spartans 6-1, md6-* to6 the appreciation
DGS will play Potters United. of the largo. cr6wd1t Windsor Park.
"* * .* . .
.....i Kensborough -U.- scored first through
Ist Dividon Leaguo St6hdihngs E, CMsistophor. -Eanuol .(3 goals)
Teams MXtchs. Won, Drawn Edst G -o a .:. .-f dqualized for. Spirtans
S__. __ for & Aainst before the interval '
Harlem Rovers ? 7 i 1 23 6 I10 Spaj.tansa attacked from
Konsborough U. 7 -- 2 19 9 10 the first whistle liko-.
Halcyon 7 3 1 2 2 17 14 8 machine. Other. oalss
saintss 7 3 I 10 10 7 D.Hurtault 2 and J.
Spartans 7 3 1 3 9 9 7 F.,iuLpn 1. --
Gutter Crowns: 7 1~ 2 4 9 11 2nd. Division: D,G.S will
Coltics United 7 1 2 4 5 14 4 APotters United
Paragons. 7 2 .' 5 5 24 2 today.
E We promised last -e- to give LAT NEISM' A CARICOIf Gonf. headed by.
details, of l.glish tour'partyr; Mr. Wm. Domas, SKcc.-'Gn. ,will be hold. on
Donnes (capt.), D.Amiss, G.Arnold, Tues, Sept....27 at Houso of Assembly'
J. Birk&nshaw, G. Boycott,".Tony Grie chamhers,**House of Aasombly meeting is
(vdfpi.),, F. Eayos,'ildicks, J.Jamo to tako. plac-"on'Tues. Oct.2, 1973. at
s.on,. A.xnott, G. Old,..P.. .Pock, Govt. HQ,**The overturn and total virock
J.Taylor, 1L, Underwood and.B Wyllis. of Michaol'Douglas" Falcon car over the
WORLD CONFEDERATION OF L~BOUR MESSAGE. at Sugar Loaf highway on Sun. 16th Sepy.
Following the suicide/iurdor o.f is reported from Port amnuth. The two man
President. Allondo of Chi3," the UW.-.C. in it were: 'hospitalize-d.'
sent out a.message from Geneva: -..... AGIC SS
The Conference regrets and condemns. Sarah Letang,'15, (Convent H.S.
unanimously the fact that the armed scholarshtp-pupil )ahd elder daughter
forces have acizod power in a country of Mrs Clarece Louis (once M
that has always distinguished itself up David L-ang) di6d-after great suf-
to now by its deep attachment0to the frin at.Princoss -hargaret Hospital
values of Freedom and Democracy. f early ong at.-riday. A.gapost mortem
o nearly on.-Friday. A. post mortem ias
The' Conference calls up6n T.U.Ornd hold. +. To her bereaved parents,
zhtions from all over the world, and andbrothers, w offer depes
rio; particularly 'Cron *to Thrd World, sister and' 'brother's, we offer dooposa
",o. crtivu arly T to.- tthirthe o, sympathy. .6n the loas.-of this talented
pop ad. the woreor. e ile.h h and promising child..
Printed & Published by the-.Prbpriotor, R.E. 'ALlfroo of -Lill Hoouse, 'Copt Hall,
at 26 Bath Road, Rbseau, Dominica, West Indies.