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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: 09-14-1973
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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~~O-i ;~w

Vl .X.I b o. A t .
!, --9 / -<,, tes.ury A. W. I.

A fine massive building which would
have made a good town hall with adequate
office accommodation for Police in one sec-
tor, relief for cramped Firemen in another,
and essential space for a juvenile court-
room and even an arts display room was
opened on Monday.
The British gave the money (over $3
million1)but we are enidtled to remark that
the building, bigger than many London
police stations, could be put to better uses
And perhaps it will be, comcmr -ine day.

\'& rca .At publishing articles that ar o
concurrontly printed in other local pa-
pora. But this wook a person of high
r~-.je oaskod us to print his pieco on
i ts first paragraph attributoa tho
fall of great nations "to a dobasoment
in standards of moral valuess and human
bohaviour". Ho traces tho historical
basis of this theory, relating it to
Dominica's possible seolf-dostruction.
Riders ploaso turn to pago twro...

oPEN!' /of a Southern Island

by Raphaol G. Jamos
When at the age of fourtoon I visited
my birthplace, I was vory much taken in,
asitton, by tho signs of progress and
affluence ho hoavy traffic on the road,
tho traffic lights, the podostrian cross-
ings, the huge dopartmont stores, tho
houses in olito suburban aroas. And ovon
as a student on the Campus, I (for a whilo)
saw no moro than the superficialities,
longing evory now and then to' oacapo to
tho city whoro it all waa.
But slowly I became aware of tho polit-.
ical and social tensions urniorneath all* the
glitter and glamour and tho yoar-round
festivitiess. The increasing number of
protosts, demonstrations amd strila wn,s
revealing as was tho high rato of crime -
tho killings, bank hold-ups rand arson
(some of tho two latter incidents boing
possibly coimiuii st-inspired). (contd., 8)

by Fr. Edwerd A. Alexander
In his Pariah wookly, Fr. Aloxandcr spoko
out forcibly against Govornmont's hypocrisy
in belatedly starting an anti-racism caipaig.
olcoming Mi~iistor Jolhn's spooch ( p

Telephome Mrs. Butler 2572 Ext. 29 Office hours
. 2372 after 6p.m

IW^f- V I

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A.C. Shillingford & Co.
Car Accessories Dept.

Frt.y, y September 14, 1973 T H E S T \A R Page w.a.
Fiction MA i'iL1riWi Cynthna vvWa TI-E CONSCIEITCE OF NATIONHOQD.Isee p,.0)
'Ma Titine, woke up the Tuesday The indicator of impending national
after the horth-eastern election disaster in the confrontation between
Peeling very dejected. The, reason? the Management of Government employees
.G large was gone, and the empty place in the Public Service (represented by
beside hor on the bed, brought tender the Permanent Secretaries), and the Trade
memories of him. Anyway, there was Union representing those employees(the
. so much to be done; she must shake. Civil Service Association). The danger
off that feeling, signal, that we as a nation have lost
Around ten o 'clock she was on her touch with thos6 values which can save
way to see Rose-O, when Ancine sudza us from suicide, is the dismissal of two
ly appeared before her, young civil servants, members of the
"Wat you wearing dat black ribbon Executive Committee of the C.S.A., by
foh?" Ancine demanded jeeringly, the management of the Civil Service with
Ma Titine was taken aback. It assistance of the Public Service' Cornm-
was a long time since she had any en- mission; and what is more alarmin.s. the
counter with Ancine, and not feeling absence of manifest public concern and
up to any disturbance at this time; reaction to the dismissal.
but -Mo*ine was in a beligerent mood If in a "free democratic society" as
and followed Ma Titine, jeering at ours is supposed to be, where JUSTICE
her all the way. must'not only 'be done but appear' to be
"Wa-a-at 1 You moanin foh yohself, done, a disaster like this can befall
Titine?., Foh all de evil you do..." two young, widely admittedly capable and
This was beyond endurance, and devoted public servants, WITHOUT TRIAL,
whirling around, Ma Titine hit Ancirn OR DEMONSTRATION OF GUILT OF ANY KIND TO
across her arm. THEIR PEERS, and that such an action
"Oho 1" yelled Ancine furiously, should evoke so little public concorn,then
"you ti.Lik I takin yoh blows?" and hero is real evidence of moral decay that
there and then she smacked Ma Titine must result in self destruction.
across her face. A crowd swiftly The problem appears to be that our
gathered as usual, and a policeman consciousness .and consciences are-being
agme up and reported them, clouded by arguments that are not really
"You two always having trouble," vital for survival or progress under
he growled, and glared balefully at democratic government. We argue endlessly
Ma Titine, and aimlessly about Black vs Unblack,
They were to appear at court the Labour vs Freedom, Have vs Have not,
following week, and on the day in Managehent vs Union, Government (and
question whilst Ma Titine was waiting Goverior) vo Governed., Legal vs Illegal,
for her case to be called, one of her Communism vs .Capitalism and"all other
witnesses came up to her. real or imagined antagonistic philoso-
"Titine, come up to a highah win- phios, To'cvade basing judgement and
dow an you go see something action on vital concepts which have form-
Arriving at the window, what should. ed and directed modern democrat ;s.oc-
Titine see but a line of panties ietie: like ours; concepts of RIGHT and
(waving like national banners) in the wrong,' JUSTICE and injustice. And really
breeze) across the spacious lawn. woro- ie to decide to resolve'"r ""diff-
"Bu-bu-but wat I seeing dere nunh' orencos on the basis of rhteousness
she exclaimed. "Say sa bagaille ki and ust if any differences would
ka faite Dominique Deeden have no- remain unsolved for argument on any otlvr
weah else to hang dem? Is dere platform. Certainly the affair of ~cximna
espeshully den Then she. began. to and SymeS would'not have occurred in the
laugh. "All dat mission is dn fedders." first instance, or it would have evoked
The other woman looked at her a public outcry of such fury and urgency
with a puzzled expression. from all sections of our society that im-
"Fedders !" Then she smiled. "Oh, modiato stops would have to be taken to
Fod F me* rectify it.
you mean. The only "ourt to which resobit is nec-
Ma Titine giggled, tapping her h T. e r .urt o. .sco. in-.
oe-sarv &i. the court of conscienoli-- in-
Both Ma Titine amnd Ancino were ividul and national (,n uiA p.A8)
fined $30 and cautioned. L TI.T--- E..to a number or people
Titine walked out of court still MA TITIN..*to a number of people
wearing her black ribbon of course, who couldn't find any in the shops.
On arriving home, she took one of her "Dey onlee sympatizahs you know,
black half-slips and cut it into ap- an dey thinking is I de CSA give to
propriate ribbon lengths. to distribute distribute ribbans," she told Baby
and Genelia. that night.

Preft er- F warmer Murder VI i AKlnoLE
Litt Goat ca5 I
(btpriLathe dta Or INw A famr W Hb R s )t
Pre itdIw thiww 94 iba iwe *M e thtfs g ti

Shi plese .dne et skle my at s. 'o t
hN .f ia fanlsay iastasned ta his t atae -M W *
waMist his w, dont utr itats auet es
nTo ***wete amteases: aceaa X 6 as as sin
I know they sy you doe own thae lauwnd M U PAKl. ot"
R.Bu Dthe goat w, aid by my own bAa ck Weba --, .
1(44 esoo woio.W" to uOsh an this sh#a to a

Mister please don't kill my goat ***
Mister plesse don't cut its throat
I know they say you does own the land how
But the goat was raised by my own black ha=&d .

* Ro&a

T', the Mag'strate Lyst. "1"
& TI be Chief ot PoJlie


;;,R-7 f

I,"The Grve Parrot 'now residing at Roseau
Parish of St. George do hereby give you notice
thar it is my mtentqon to apply at the Magis-
trate's Court to'be hpld at Roscau on Tuesday,
the 2nd day of Qctober 1973, ensuingfor a TA-
VERN LIQUOR LICENCE in respect of my
premises at Bay Street Parish of St. George.
Dated the 28th dai of August
Daphne Agar

for "'The Green Parrot"

9-49- I(t

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I: Wede of App4tm.far c .
wret oa CWaest for we"k f E a y of S r P
t Re Bted Pmson PrEssig aof

Wt Tb4t e- t
the 27th day BVenimd .f a Firt Certifiuas
. Augswt 197 by herSo li tor fi T itlee i t
Prnt.,.4 the anya DEphsew a Portheof aTl
20th day of River 'Dak, Rome
AB t s 973in the Paih St.
at 12 7lO' ckl1 G l. the Sen0

Norft WSt By River Usak South East By oad of Pearl Pl
North East By land of ElIa Nasslef
South Wet By land aof Pearl Pper
NiW" Isflc, EPHRAiM F. GEORcE3
a.wu, Domincm. Actig Reiostrar of Titi..
OTEh- Any person who deoirs to oblct a to thea* of a
Fwre C.rficat. of Title in the above ppltladn may peter
Ca In the above Office within six weeks rZ thre da6t
he firt appearatcoe f th Schedule tn the STAR mp.,,
blshed in this State or from the date when the note pvnr
crb by low was served on Mwy owner or occup&er 0(adotu.sj
h it r"pet of which the application is med.W

- Palp Tifre, ,



IS THIS CONCERN? by O.A.Sanderson
During the Labour Party Convention at Wesley a. few weeks ago, the
Sporty pretended to-have some concern for the hard-working people of the
State, since it was .said that Government should seek means and ways to.
relieve hard-working people from their pains and heat of the sun at Roseau
If this is not sheer hypocrisy, then there must be a complete review
of Government's attitude .toward the worker.
During the past month, Radio .Dominica has been making a. big splash
about the increase in the Green boat price of bananas in an attempt to
say the grower is having a good time, for this reason it is necessary
to take a,. close look at the facts. ..
In the early years of the industry, bananas were shipped to the; U.K.
on the bunch involving wastage, de handing etc., yet the grower received-
up to 7-.aenta per lb., in those days. We were told that boxing is the
answer to its survival and that would be the way to better prices.
During the early months of 1973 Banana price went to its lowest,
making.production virtually unworkable; however, intensive negotiation
caused the situation to improve.
The grower, was then ,told that due to much debt by the Association,
they would be paid at a. fixed rate until the 24th April, when the debt
was expected to be settled; this now -proves very untrue as facts; prove
over $3 million is still owed.
Nowi that the banana price is at an all-tirme high, very little
improvement has been made in regards to the price paid to the grower.
At present the Qreen boat price is said to be 121 per ton equivalent
to $580.80EC as compared to-the basic of 6.250,= to 4150o00 per ton paid-'
to the grower; from this he must buy fertilizer at $12,00 a bag and feed
his family, pay for the cost of production, for handling etc. Other
fraction bonuses he must qualify for, or get none.
Should not Government care enough, to take immediate steps to see
that justice is done to the. poor hard-working people of the State, since
those responsible are Government's. own appointed bureaucrats, caring for
no one but themselves it would appear.
Another .great injustice isi the fact that most growers received
nothing from the $3 million U.K. relief grant (on the grounds that they
did not qualify) : what a shame;
A further grant was also given, this time for feeder roads. Govern-
ment claims'to spread those roads over a 5-year period, whilst caterpillars
rust, operators idle, because of no employment and the hard-working
people continue to toil in vain with no help until they are forced to :-
Use judgement and do-justice, for the- evils that men do live-no
longer after them, but along with them.

.The large new Police. Hoad-
quarters building in Bath Road
was officially opened-at 5 p.m.
on Monday.
Mr. J. Rednall, Heae of the
British Development Division,
the Ebn.' Premier, the Minister
of Home Affairs and Hon.R.O.P.
Armour, District Representative
spoke at the function, and after
the blessings bestowed by Church-
men, guests were entertained with
TO CORRESPOIDEffT signing "From a
Heart" of Love", though her letter
contained innuendoes: we do not
publish anonymous letters.. Sorry.

The 18th Congress of the World
Congress of Labour meets from 25-- 28
September, at Evian-les-Bains, France,
grouping together some 500 delegates
from 90 different countries,
Among those attending will be Gen.
Sec.(DAWU) Mr. A. Frederick Joseph
RECEIVED WITH THANKS: the interesting
youth publication "Etoile" --produced
by Ccmnp'che Youth Grdup of St.Joseph.
It contains: articles (one on Black
Power) and a short story about super-
stitious' people.** ALSO "Expression"
-12 page journal with news and views
from DAWU and its members, movement of
members, DAWU achievements etc.

age ouP ,a a --0 --i ri Se ---- te-e -- 3

FAlfA '^t4

In dem parly GAYLORDS days, C )
group work whs considered out of
local context. We looked to PRE
for music entertainment. Rock'n t
Roll, Twist, Ska...dat was de jive. "SECON' CHANCE"
An' GAYLORDS failed at first to make .., episode 2
an impact due, most obviously, to Myrianne stood
the fact that they didn't come from perplexed, con- _L
the high-claps homes in our narrow- fused, somewhat
minded society. petrified; solic-
Fina ncial shortcomings hindered iting compassion -
their progress too; but this indus- like the afflicted,
trious, zealous and ambitious, very tortured and dis-
determined and positive bunch made torted image of the
the best of the opportunities afford- Mother of perpetual
ed them by the Swinging Stars. succour from her
GAYLORDSI at this early stage and husband.
up to late 67, became the symbol Each new day
for ridiculed He ckle rs could throw seemed to be only a /
rotten eggs pt performers, and get repetition of the '
away with that insult. Therefore, trials the torments
when the booing became too heavy to
bear, GPU weit into isolation. Not and the oppressing challenges of
the past. The harrasament, the un-
into extinction, mind you -for they sympathetic and inconsiderate slan-'
.' ettled down to s trict, regular derous accusations and abuses, the
and strenuous long practice sessions blasphemous and disgraceful castig-
in-the basement of Auntie Roses nations and useless brutal treatment
home down Field's Lane. by "that someone" who SHOULD (accord-
Ex SWITGNG STARS, GPU an' VIB- ing to matrimonial protocol be a
Ex STARS, protector, a shield and armour; but
RAZORS organist COOKE is now doing' who merely evoked greater pain and
course in Guyana... TOKYO returns misery.
.from cutting' singles wid Ditafra of When "LOVE" had involuntarily
St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. ROBIN says de led MyrianneMcPherson to surrender
experience gained in U.S.V.I. wid to James Lavarierreh most magnifi-
STARS was... oha priceless ... GPU cent, appealing invitation, the
burst "BIG A chart" once again *.. model-type kind of life she had
Congrats fellas ... MIKE AN1DREW envisaged seemed so realistic that
would go further if he took to she never paid any attention to
ballad singing. C & W has too very the practices, the daily social in-
limited scope and appeal in o r tercourse of the multi-racial
parts Mike ... couples in her immediate surround-
ings; nor did she give concern to
After such a long time in de cold the reports published by a few
CHRISTIE have set a million dollar 'white mistresses' who were forced
stake wid deir monster t'ing "The to 'flee' from the husbands who had
Dealer" ... !BELLES COMBO'S "me and taken them "dong to de sunny Carl-
you" surely passes widdout due byan" ... only to be brought to
notice. Timq 'tween deir two singles shame and disgrace.
was too short. It's jus.' as I pre- The matter of "racial differences"
Aicted. Isn't it??? and their probable unfortunate re-
I'm outa sight but ... NOT outa percussions and consequences never
mind, nonedeless ... provoked any dismal reasoning in
An' by de way, dose young ladies Myrianne to cause some 'second
Who sent in answers to my song titles thoughts'. ..."Oh:" she had forced
contest of a little while aback, de herself to acknowledge, most convinc-
winner has yet to be announced. No- ingly, "if marriages such as Samny
body scored a full sheet o' titles, Davis's and Diana Rosa's can work
so de winner will be de one who came out so fine... Why, whys why won't
nearest to de top.* mine?" Thus she blinded her eyes...

Page Five

Friday, September 14, -D'3


.Rage Six THE T



CHRISTOPHER 'C. MAEIVEA, President of Coupled with th6 violent symptoms, there
the C.S.A.(formerly Chief: Forest was the obvious, all-pervading one of a
Officer) .'and JOHN SPECTOR,reporting society'in which money was 'a dominating
Cfor The .STAR...' PART' II : concern, a dominating ncdi and the lack
'SPECTOR; If it is true that the Chair- of it a dominating problem. The majority
man of the Civil Service Doard of Ap- of students .at the University wore in-
peal has resigned, 'does 'this affect vesting a mall sun towards tho'obtaindag
the "Symes & Moximea" case? of a degrooee, with no other notive"than'
MAXIMEA: .The Dominica' Constitution reaping the attractive profits later on.
Order appears to give the remaining A society it 'indeed is, in which. there
members authority-to act,. .Section 85, is a. rush t'6 'grab' (to use one of hai-
Sub.Soct.7 states:- '"'The Board may, paults Words), a rush to grab whatever
subject to the provisions, of this sec- there is to be grabbed; to accumulate (re-
tion and to its rules of procodure,act gardloss of wiheth6r necessary or not to
notwithstanding- any vacancy in its essential living), and in this way con-
members hip, or the kqbscnce of any mom- ponsate for the deprivations, th6 dis-
ber." To the best o-f my knowledge privileges caused by second-class citizen-
and. information there is no rule which ship in one' ovwn country, and the infer-
nullifies or affects this clause.That iority coriplexes this brings with it. As
is to say, from a legal stahdpoint,the regards second-class citizenship, I an
Board should not be affected, thinking specifically of the two major
SPECTOR : How are your members taking segments of the populationn.
it-.'. There is the mth, set forth as a goal
*MAX: Some are quite perturbed and very in the Natibhal Athoem, of'racial harmony.
-indignant; but we have to bring reason This is''indood a myth, and, like the signs,
to boar of progress ind wfoalth, more apparent than
SPEC': Are these Civil Seorvanto prepar, real. Trioe e'i6ugh, the races live very.
ed to make the necessary sacrifices close together,' antd in not a few situations
that strike action will entail? 'effect a harnony- .a working togot iro, a
MAX: I think if-it becomes necessary, mutual understanding. But this-, lios at
th will the lv I of middle class and aOe;
they. will,. (Concluded on page eight) t .
SPEC: What's happening at thie moment- -nl-' pgeih)
to your work in Forestry? SPECTOR: lose our second sss-
AX: Fortunately we have the Senior on, is there anything you would like to
M 0A- Fortunately,,, 1 have the Senior addt
Assistant, Forest Officer and a British add?-
Forestry Adviser .to carry on. MAX: I would ikoe to thaik 'r.L.O.Greon
SPEC: What is the. progrVae of work very sincroly- fpr his letter which app-
engaged in by the Forestry Division? roared in the Sp t on 7th September. I am
MAX: In 1970, I wrote the complete out-conv nced that under the existing circum-
line of a 5-year Doevlopment Plan for stance only a pron of strong oral
Fo.estry 'in Dominica.' The plan, as out-fibro could havo produced a letter like his.
lined, was approved by several' eminent Please ask Mr. .Green to remember that the
professional Foresters and Conservat- seeds soifin by' gyio, Savarin, Mn-imoa and
ionists.. Government accepted and in- others'whoso hihbies do not appear in the
eluded it in the Dominihic5-Year Dcv- papers, can gerr.inato only because there
elopment Plan. A shortage of funds are a foew people ho are prepared to put
held up 'operations. The recently pub- justice before self-interest. I an hero
licsand Grant for Forestry from the referring to people' like Mr. L.O.Groon
British Government has boon for the hinsolf, likeo Iossrs. Norman and Pat Rolloef
first of 5 projects om the Plan. Other the Publisher & Editor of the STAR, our
than that, ,there is 6 great deal to Barristoers and Solicitors and many more
be done in silviculture.' The Forestry whose nones I would like to add But not
Advisor has boon busily engaged in the without their permission. I am hpping
settingup of sample6plots in various that those people can serve as a boacon
parts of the Island, for the others tottering on the brinkk.
SPEC;: There are some rumours about a There is obviously a serious dearth of
neow Timber Industry starting up soon. integrity that threatens to destroy our
How; do you feel about that? society. hian is too easily blinded by
IMAX: In order to give ourselves come his i indiat., short-term wants. Thanks.
insurance against disaster, certain LATE li ~': ue are informed that Govern-'
*essential measures must be taken. If mont has sent for ioeone from overseas
these measures are taken, tharo is no to act as an ad Woc Chairman of the Civil
need to worry unduly. If not, we will Servico Doard'of- Apcal (coo col. l)
pay a terrible price. (IText column,) ....).


Friday,September 14,19753

IS ~h~Y'~

1A is-- - SW

This season it
could be your turn
to win a fortune of
250,000 oro mor' 4

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pa Pa-Stf-



Pago Eight T H E S T A R rFriday, september 1L,1973.
4 EESpa^sptoTs* E E Ecint n* 1'OOBAL.L: "'TR^ ^lCIEITCE OF ATITONHOOD (fr.;.2'r
Harlem Rovers aro-ih6'o agii League. o.oognition of right from wrong is 'built
Champions forseoable over a month Into our nature ind all that is required
ago. Their final match (also the laat is that action be taken on this basis
league. match). was played against Gutter rather than on the artificial differences
Crowns laat Sat, and was d. fairly good which tend to cloud .-our thinking.
gane. 7- -'. 'i-:.4 '-'.4 If anyone can persuade himself that the
..-. -,:- .. .. ... action taken by the Permanent Secretaries
Final. core 2 *.*Th6 KMiockout comp.eti- and Public Service Commission against
tion started on'. Tues. botwoen 'favour- Maximea and Symes is RIGHT and JUST, then
itebs hIcyon anId:.. ag6is-iwho'6"arlier his conscie'ce is clear and it is his
on w.ore swaprpod. by alcyons 5.-1 Rara- duty to persuade his fellow citizens of
gons now turned th-ta'lbso an: knocked 'the justice of this action, so that as a
ou" 'lcyon 4-2...tStordy (Th4ars.), nation we can look at ourselves and
rA.i0 Rlovertswon2-Odver Shints in others without being ashamed.
the 2nd knockout'natdch*."TABL TEHIIS: If this is hot possible, then it is
Fron Sept. 21-27, The WIN'7hdalandv T. the duty of each. citizen, in every walk
-Tournanoent will tkeo plab'.er at of life, from the greatest to the least
the Goodwill Rarish -all starting at in the land, (and this includes Permanont
8.;,n nightly. Dominica' roiging Secretaries and Public Service Commission)
ohanpion), is: host tb tho'e 3rd Anhiv. of to correct this injustice and cloartthb
the tournament.. EMhibi'tibni-at'c'hes conscience of 'the nation.**Otherwise we.
betwoon top W.I. players are expected will have started on the wide and wiinding
the tournamenont will-doubtlosa (hnxt co3) road to destruction even before the
A RTROSPECTITVETIW,.. ( 71 &j6) attainment of nationhood.
*..and, at that, only nh wrk and'offic- COTTACT WITH'THE SOVIET UNIION
ial circles. The two major racos, at In tho.August 1, 1973 issue of- the
all other levels and situations, do not "Educator", the editorial states.: "
understand .each other" .(and to off-set. "The Honourable"Premie:b moved to denlre
thi seemingly unrenitting "factor, there its stand against Communist subvoraion
seeons to be. a. need for increased oducat- in the State...-." On August 30,. I was
ionj particularly secondary education, shocked when I'heoard, .on Ra&io Dominica.
in the rural areas, and intoGration at that Dr. Shillingford, "GM,0, was to .
thoca areas). QOne of thos6 'has an on- leave the Stat6 for Mosaow to attben a
denmi distrust of the othoir, and though medical course. adam Editor, isn't -..
living close to each othor, namintain Moscow the capitall of the Soviet Union?
personal natters: to. .thfisalves. The And isnat Goveriiment afraid. that Dr.
Indian sees in the 'rTegro.' E car.oless Shillingford will return to the St.fe
disruptive, spondthrift- chdractoreiwho, with Communist kniov-how and that The
if nmaried to his daughter, would squan- Princess IMrufgar6t Kospital will become a
dor evoyfhing and destroy his family's Communisbthospital.z.2 am very scared
hopes, ..- Mdam Editor.-" 'SSW S.. MERRIL.
What is true in TrHi&idad is not r-a-
oini harmony or aiitratsih'n uoh, as kind of. public:-rb-
aseparate ethnic groups nai taining their po01se it deserves. Thanks are axtondod..
own customs and" traditions; each group to the: variboud *Govt. agencieson**CRICETI
a. curio Sity in tho-eyos of theoother, England ha. .nah d. their tour party -for.
but each pursuing, nevertheless, what the West IndiedO. (Details next week).
traiLtion or fancy bids.' 'he Trinid&d,- B AISTS TO JUSTICE (fr. agponA7
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