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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 09-07-1973
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! i p). | )r t i .

lalt]-l7- / [
\'7.,Editor PH
L U--ditor:
4 t l

fIW YORK 21,
NOV 2 -73

Pae Fvm

SFridqy Septsenbwr 7 1'

by a Specidf CorespoAdent Cont BY-ELECTI
Thinking people in Dominica can see PAT STEVENS TH
tha time for shoi dwn -bewen a P. rs .SORRY 'N
Government which, m its arrogance, tin.s i09 .
a deaf ear to the cries of the people, and ,uP .M,' FELL,,/ L s!
* ce organized and responsible sections of N r -
dhe co -rnunity who speak for the country 0
at large is fast api)roaching. Do Domini- u .Durdban
n, who have enjoyed relative peace and 266
dcItion for so long, know how to con4uct L.Laville
transeives before, during and after a strike 175
.of laijorprportions?. (: I 17 5 ""

. =.

by Charles, A Severia
I am the badge f himoUir
.1 am the fleg of hope
1h pwod. de iance of tyrannic power
I sted for all to note:
I m the 1*ck Ribbqn.

Srd.ed for boys and girls who are looking for-
w r4 to entering the Primary Schools at the age of
or 6 will be held for children of four yecs and
!w'ae early in October.
Interested parents or guardians, please call at
68 Kennedy Avenue or at the Dominica Trade
Union Hall on or before 2oth Septembet.
S Only a cmain number of children ca be
s-commodated. O as e


$i .0o TELEPHONE 3214. .





C 4, L



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tioners which gives lustre and new life to
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.- *- ^ .r i ^ _ ^ i i 11-. i 1 ^ ^ .. ^ ^i iiiMi - ^ ti i

C I V IL -R E S IS T A NY:C E by a Special Correspondent (fr. p. 1)
S We would hope that every member of the Dominican community, in
every village, country district,. aid town, . 'prepared to play a part
in" the coming struggle. There are those who feel that such a confront-
a.tion, in which one side or the other must lose face, must be avoided
at all costs. It is up to these people,-'if they are sincere in their be-
lief, to-attempt to speak to those individuals on both sides who can
affect the conduct of affairs. When attempts have been made to mediate,
if it becomes plain that no, satisfactory settlement has come about and the
conflict cannot be avoided, people must reflect on the meaning of a gen-
eral strike and the changes which must come about as a result of it.They
must remember that in a democratic society, the people's voice must be
heard. Elections are. one way of making .opinions known; but you must not
think that they are the only lawful way. Strike action is a meaningful
and lawful way of voicing the opinions of the workers.
Prepare for a strike as you would for a hurricane. Shops may be
closed for some time, power and water may be affected. Accept the sacri-
fice as part of your duty as a citizen. You will need to provide:
(1) Enough food in the house for a few weeks.
(2) Supplies of staple foods (flour, beans, oil etc.)
(3) Candles, kerosene, cooking gas or charcoal, light bulbs, batteries,
first-aid kit.
(4) Cash in hand to cover emergencies and expenses.
(5) A full tank of gasoline for the car and an extra supply in case
of shortage.
(6) Drugs which any member of the family may need.
(7) A supply of books from the public library.
During a strike, observe these rules of good conduct:
(1) Be peaceful and reasonable at all times. As the President of the
C.S.A. has said, do not provoke the Police or Defence Force personnel
who are, after all, our friends, relatives and compatriots.
(2) Where it is necessary to be out after dark, move by twos. If you
are threatened or harassed., have a witness. Note all the details names,
numbers, time, place* Contact your lawyer, your union and your employer.
Make no statement before your lawyer arrives, As soon as you can, write
dovjn all the facts of the case as you know them.
(3) Keep informed Attend meetings, read the papers. listen to the
Radio News on all stations.
(4) a) Remain quietly at home with your family: do your exercises,
odd jobs, gardening reading, listening to music, enjoyingyour children,
,entertaia! g your friends perhaps to an 'old-fashioned' Dominican-style
party. (b) Pay all those long-neglected social calls especially to those
in need of moral support. (c) Go to the seaside or the country bathe
,in the river, catch cyrique and meet old friends, (d) Go to Church.
If you are supporting a strike, be prepared to give real support by
(1) Obeying the instructions of your union or association.
(8) Keeping your children at home, properly supervised. If teachers are
striking, give them your support.
('a) Wobk actively to keep up morale of fellow citizens by means of friend-
ly encouragement.
(4) Attend all union meetings and if you can, volunteer your help in union
(5) Boycott all Government offices, functions and services: Schools,
Public Library, Gov't HQ offices, Cocktail parties, Roseau Market,
Radio Dominica. Get in your stocks of vegetables and provisions
early, and arrange to sell your goods outside the 1-mile limit.
Urge business concerns to with-draw advertising from Radio Dominica;
listen only to midday news. Use the essential services Hospital,
Fire Service, Police and Courts, only where necessary. It would be
advisable that community organizations should arrange to provide
emergency services if it becomes necessary to close the regular ones.
(Concluded on p, 6)


Friday,September 7, 1975.

Page Two

During the peculiar State of Emer-Her Majesty's Ship ASHANTI is pay-
gency, the portlia of this letter ing a 4-day visit to Dominica trom
enlb he' i brackets wao s deleted today (Friday) until Mon. Sept.10th.
enc brackets was deletedtComander R
by the Censor. We are pleased to The Ashanti, under Coander R.N.
publisheit whole now, by popular Blair, Royal Navy, is a Tribal Class
republisht whole now, by popular Frigate with a complement of 18
request. : drb6
" It would appear that the admirable officers, 64 Senior Ratings, 200
qualities of strong moral 'character, Junior Ratings including a detachment
of integrity, of honour, were in some of Royal Marines. She brought the
persons of supposedly "good" families Dominica Defence boys' back from a
a thin veneer which could hot stand training camp in Nevis. Her programme
the test of time and that as a result includes the routine courtesy calls
of economic, social- and political and cocktail parties for officers
changes theoe persons and their relY- and Govt. sponsored locals; for the
tives have degenerated into a group, crew, there will be cricket and foot-
or rather category, of crawling lick- ball matches, tours, a rifle shoot
spittlors, and a basketball match at Windsor Pk.
For a title, a scholarship here on Sunday evening.
and there, promise of a better'job, Mr. Roger Barltrop, Dep.Britiah
some business thrown their way, some Government Representative to the
bones and crumba from the table, they Assoc. States, also arrived in the
havo .awurropdered their hohour, their Frigate on a goodbye visit,
i.ttogrity tp thooo who" havo novor
possessed any.. They hase adopted the CAMBRIDGE 0-LEVEL RESULTS 1973
attitude that at'an' cost they must Outstanding Dominican Students
"look aftor. thomoalvcs" and they are 8 subjects: Mabel Yankey (WHS); Lyn-.
prepared to. grovel in the dust before ford Edwards (DGS); 7 subjects: Ten-
Their bonofactors', to cohdboh and abo, nyson Bruney (DGS); 6 subjects: Ray-
injuvticq to close their eyes to mond Henry (SMA), Ronald Volney (SMA),
dishonesoat to victimize those who Felix Wilson (DGS), & Charles Xavier
hold diveIgent views -anything as (SMA).. ,Oertain private candid-
long- as i ee results are pr6onhal gain, ates, did well: Frederick Newton (6
Such a, situation has been a blow subjects);, Catherine Daniel (5 subs.)
to .those who looked for direction to- Petdr Augustine (5 subjects).
the persons whom they believed were ao Mabel Yankey put WHS into the res-
strong moral fibre. Pobple grew dis- ults picture; and it may be remembered
illusioned and pessimistic" about the that Ronald Volney suffered a broken
future of tha Dominica in which they neck after diving into the Roseau riv-
are destined to live. Ihny' ofton re- er and spent many excruciating months
cited as a. prayer the" following lines in hospitals here and in England. His
whMhhhhaveamany times appeared in achievement is a, great endurance test.,
the Domini&a Her.Id:- -
God give us men a time like this TO CORRESPONDENT giving initials: GW.'
demands Kindly give yout authentic name and
Great hearts, strong minds, true address. We do not print anonymous
faith and willing hands, letters. '.
Men whom the -lust of Office dboae GOD-GIVEN ElN '(cbon d4) which has hap-
ot kill penod in Domnica in recent times. I you
Men whom the spoils of Office cannot look into' the 'faces 'of theco young eon,
buy, you will clearly see the honesty of pi r"
Men who possess opinions and a will pose, the dedication to truth and justice,
Men who have honour, Men who will coupled, with the determination that those
not lie, shall prevail.
((And then comes the Radio Dominica Nood I mention that I an writing about
affair, and suddenly we realize that Chris Maximca,' Charles Savarin and Ossio
there i some. ohopa for Dominica. 'There .Synes? That' those rn, at the cost of ccn-
are como men in Dominica real, red- sidorablo personal sacrifice, in the face'
blooded young men who arc prepared to of overwhol^i.g odds have maintained -
face the consequences whatever they their equilibrium, their cool reasoning,
may bo, rather than abandon lthe pur- their dodicaticn-to their cause, deserves
suit of justice: and principle for the highest admir.atiohn of all right-think-
which they stand. This i my ind is ing citiznt Theto ill bo trtoy,
o6e of the noct glorious lhcg ____ ,the lick pjittlora, bhoto who Will .ol
their souls for a little Cs free whiskey and barbecued chicken, but we arc
heartened, our spirits are lifted up, for by the grace of God there are some MEN
in -Dominica.. I I. Oliveor Groon.)

SFriday, September 7 1973


Page Three

Page Four T. S .. A
M. VISXT TO JAjAICA. --X.arieDavis-Pierre
---- Government and private enter-
prise have both been tackling housing aud
this has been considered a serious social
problem. Houses for low income groups.
are now being built. We were. -taken on a
tour of the Low CoAst housing, Area and had
the privilege. :of .going through some of
these houses being constructed by private
enterprise and I must admit though modern
in atyle they were not Very comfortable
as all the amenities were squeezed into a
small area making the houses extremely
hot. All the houses were of the same
style and I-was told that they could not'
be made more spacious as the people could
not afford to pay more for them The
monthly rental of those houses complete
with land ranged between $J 21 and $J 40
payable over a period bof25 years when
they became owners.. Ue were taken though
a-two-bedroomed house occupied by-a'family
of 10 children and four other growin-pa..
It is anybody's.guess where the occupants
slept. We"hQxt visited the"c6ohdominium .
built by government. They were' very much
of the same, style but in complexess of 3
or more storeys' Wo wef'tbold that a.
deterrent in this exroise hias .been the
population growth; it has' niot bpen possaJ6>
to build the houses fa st ehoughto keep
pace with the increase. The Government
also hopes. in the future to devise a
scheme whereby a family outntmbering its
accommodation will be tranHsferred to
larger premises and pay ah increase rent-
al Cn the premises occuj'ied by'' that family
repaired and passed on to a smaller family.
I inquired .about the maintenance of the
oondomn&aBv4!W I was told- thbht the Govern-
ment undertook the responsibility for all
outward repairs and the occupier for the
inside repairs
To assist further : -in' reducing'the
housing problem the government has given
attention to the placing of agricultural
based factories in the rural areas so that
the people of those areas* may find employ-
ment there and so lessen the influx of the
people to the city. .
The role of Education'has been consider-
ed vital-jih the scheme of things and Gov-
ornment has been oxamiiing its Education
programme and gearing it' t'meet the needs
of the society. The Goverhmant"realises
that the wealth of the country 'lies in its
1 man resources and as Education and youth
training are seen as an -iitegral part of
the battle against unemploymo6at, government-
has consequently extended its training and
educational facilities to a later' age.
This.will An*aeomae the number of 'skilled
workers and reduce the gross size of the
.labour force. nextt col.) ,

LR Fri.day September _7l__ r
S(frco.-A) "In"the cultural field
Jamar3ca J Iaking 'very great strides.
Some of us 'had'the'privilego of seeing
a performance of .interpretive dances
by the' National Dance Theatre.. Those
dancers wbre choreographedd by Mr.Rox
Nettleford aid"wore of a very high
standard. We'saw'oh'stage proper con-
trol of body"movemont and precision.
'The group 'singers of mature age who
accompanied somie of the dance had
voiceds-of an extremely rich quality
and Vefymelodious. I am not of the
opinion that there'should be the same
kind of interpretive dances all through
the islands, far from that, but how-
ever, I do think that perhaps Mr.Rox
Nettleford 'could be encouraged to come
to Dominica during -the summer vacation
to give soine 'sumimeri classes to our"
various dance groups and other'persons
who may be interested. These groups
could be trained in the mere basic
techniques w hih could be put into our
national danced, thio belair and other
folk dances- and bring them to the level
of stage p6ttb-tancies. Part of the'
National'Sweepstake fund could boe uded
for financing theses classes. I am'of
the opihioh-rightly or wrongly that 'wi
concentrate tobouch on the citing
of discs of medio-e quality rather
than trying to reach a high standard
in the cultural field. _
I will nowF turn my thoughts to thae
Conference Sessions. At these Sessions-,
the delegates spoke strongly against
racialism. 'They" 'wre of the opinion
that we itn the 'Iest Indies should try
to overcome the idea of dwelling in
the past-'and seeking self pity, but
instead each island should try to
build up the best that can be found
there and hot duplicate what' is done in
others. ''We need it was said,'good
Statesmanship and Leadership, people
who put their country first rather
than themselves. They spoke strongly
against' that spirit of suspicion that
is present in the Leaders of today.
The subject of Trade Unions was also
brought upanid' the delegates expressed
regret that the officers of Trade
Unions do' not take time off to gd 'into
the fields adid see that the workers do
their work"and asiumne the responsibility
necessary to their employers How
many of them it was asked point out tQ
the workers the dignity of labour antd
"the rolo they play-.in building their
country. 'A nation is built by dint of
hard work. "Population growth was -also
touched upon. (concluded page ).
* *- _*^ ,,i ____a^, t - b --

Page Five

Al EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW between MAX (contd.): There is also the.
CHRISTOPHER C. MAXIMEA,President massive expressed and/or implied
a of The Civil Service Assocation, support of the people all the way
and John Spector, reporting for from Roseau to Marigot and around
T H E S T A R. the Island in any direction and
back. I pray only that it will
SPECTOR: Mr. Maximea, what is the not be necessary to call on them.
present situation with respect to STAR; So you don't really want a
the impending strike action by the strike?
C.S.A.? Rumour has it that the CSA MAX: If only the authorities could
is going on strike on .iSeptember 10.1 have set aside their wild imagin-
MAXIMEA: This is a possibility. Dur- ings, their prejudices, their
ing the coming week-end Members will December 16th 1971 complex and
have an opportunity to decide when sat down to discuss the problems,
action should be taken. It may de- there would never have been any
pend on the. sitting of the Board of trouble at all. Instead they jump-
Appeal. ed to silly conclusions and have
STAR: What are your feelings about created and added "June 13th '7V"
the Board of Appeal? to their "Dec. '71" complex. A
MAX: I don't think people feel the person has to be deliberately and
same way about the Board of Appeal 'fanatically blind or extraordinarily
as they do about the Public Service slavish to fail to see that Govern-
Commission. But as they say, "we ment, in spite of attempts to deny
should keep .our fingers crossed", it, had simply decided to punish Mr.
STAR: How dQ you feel about going Daniel Caudeiron and failed, either
on strike again? as a result of ignorance or arrog-
MAX: If. my qase was not part of the ance, to employ due process in the
.reason for :the proposed strike$ I act. Obviously, somebody is con-
could say quite a few things on that fusing the "Service Service-" with
subject. As ,it is, I can only say to the "Civil Service'. It is, an atti-.
Members that they must be very care- tude that Will spread outside the
fuli They must not act hastily nor Service if it is not stopped.
should they ever act individually. STAR: I understand that there is a
There is not yet any f6rce that small group, mainly within the mid-
could affect them if they are pbace- dle and upper echelon of the Hierazrcy,
ful, united and determined. But if who could not or would hot go on
they falter, they should expect far strike and who have found it necess-
worse treatment than Symes and Max- ary to defend themselves by spread-
imea received. ing various rumours about officers
STAR: What do you think of the att- of the C.S.A. Are you aware of this?
itude of the Ministry of Home Affairs MAX: We are aware and we also know
in handling this matter? most of the miscreants.
MAX: I must tell you I don't give a STAR: What do you intend to do about
fig for their aberrant arbit ration. it?
I am yet to hear of a good arbiter. MAX: Ah well, if we could catch them
who threatens the Plaintiff on behalfunder favourable conditions, we
of the Defendant. It is no less than could probably appeal to a Judge
"appealing from Caesar unto Caesar". somewhere to have them make an in-
Someone else spoke of a Kangaroo voluntary, but reasonable, contrib-
Court. Whatever else it may be, it ution to our funds. But they are
is certainly a very very sick sys- usually so 'sweet' to us when we
tem that needs immediate remedy, come across them' How can you haul
STAR: Do you think thEthere would your 'friends' before a Court of Law?
be a good response if the C.S.A. One can only be sweet to them in
called a strike now? return. It is unfortunate that
MAX: We had a very effective strike these vile, vituperative, vindic-
from the 153th-22nd June when many of tive vampires should find that the
the people who did not participate best way to soothe their guilty con-
in the strike claim they were not sciences is to vilify others; but
informed or did not understand the this is part of the sacrifice one has
principle involved. Many more are to make for liberty.
now aware, and. htae demonstrated (This interview is concluded on
their support, (Contd. next col pae six).


Friday, September 7, 1973

Page Six ~UHE STAR ThidaySeptember 7, 1973

It is quite a while now since I
intended writing some sort of con-
gratulation to our women drivers.
When I read in your last issue
John Spector's article and also
some extracts from Ernest Merrils I
writings, I felt impelled to do so.
Very often we learn of car acci-
dents being caused mostly by male.
drivers, and hardly hear of any
such things by female drivers. I
remember a few years ago. three
families went up to the Eastern
District on a picnic; the husbands
drove up, but by late afternoon
the wives had to drive back home:.
It is really a wonderful sign that,
so many women can handle the wheel.
I always believe that the men do
all the hard drinking and care less
how they get home. Let's say:-
"Hat5 (off tf te eake sex" HL.
sO- 0 CLo.- = lor) -o:
A very interesting map by Cousin
Wy'lis of goat area (Vieille Case)
together'with the tale of the goat
- verse by Rose 0, and a goat car-
'.The extremely able and diplom-
'atic Secretary-General of CARICOM
(Caribbean Common Market ) Mr.Wm.
-Demas has caused much concern by
his resignation, first disclosed
in Barbados by P.M. Errol Barrow.

II I I III III I I J I lll IL q ..... . v ... .

(This note has been passed to us
by A. constant reader).
"I heard all about your State
of Emergency, I think it was stu-
pid, because Radio Dominica. was,
something I liked very much, It
was a radio station which educated
and Papa D was doing a great-'job
to see that it went on. Well I
did like hearing all of them esp-
ecially Papa D wha I had fallen
in love with; just imagine I don't
even know him.
What's happening over there?
Can you send to tell me what posi-
tion has Papa D, Alvin Knight, and
Jeff Charles;? As for Jeff he is
something else I do like him
because he speaks clearly. When-
interviewing, ask him a question;
you.don't have to ask a second
.concerning the previous topic. Well
it's bye now and take good care...
JUNE, Castries,St.Lucia

CIVIL RESISTANCE (fr.pages 1 and 2)
If a strike is called, that strike
depends on public support for its suc-
cess. If the people are firm in their
convictions of what is right for Dom-
inica, and are solidly behind their
leaders, the objectives of the strike
must eventually be met. In the event
of a successful strike no one can law-
fully be victimised.
When the strike is over, a .sense of
fair play must be shown by everyone.
Do not victimise or enact revenge on
anyone unjustly. Justice must be done
and those who have done wrong must be
judged by the Courts, and by the vote
of the people. Remember that we are
members: of a small society and that in
the long run we must learn to live, .
love and learn In fellowship together.

,(from page five)
STAR: What would you like to add
before we end this interview?
MAXIMEA: I would like to express
sincere gratitude to the thousands of
people all over the Island at all
levels who have shown that they can't
easily be fooled, that they are pre-
pared to make sacrifices to uphold
sound principles. Special thanks to
the STAR, the HERALD and the CHRONICLE.
for their support; to those foreign
newspapers, correspondents, radios etc.
who have assisted in whatever way they
could; and to our Solicitors without
whose assistance -- who'knows where
Symes, Savarin, Maximea (and many
others) would be, to-day?

On. September 28 at the Sisserou Hotel,
the Caribbean Cohaervation Association
will hold its regional get-together.
Hand-picked locals will be invited to
an open meeting; members of the Dom-
inica Conservation Society will'no
doubt play their part.
Britain has just made a grant of .
$142,094 for a forestry survey in this
Meanwhile, the man who knows most
about forests and conservation in the
State Mr. Christopher C. Maximea
whose interview with the STAR on CSA
matters is printed on -pages 5 & 6 -
has been compulsorily 'retired' and
cut off temporarily (we hope) from
being of fullest service to the Dom-
inica community in the subject for
which he was trained and qualified.

Page Six


Friday,September 7, 1975

r'iday. Sotoiubor 7, 17;3 THE T.A.R '. ago Sevl.t
Fiction MA TITAfP E 'ynt-Tl watM.i~ T TO. JA AIC. .t4 t Iwaa
Well, here was Ma Titine driv- recalled thaltih.the past emigration was a
Ing Garge to the airport; his was moans of rcducihg"tho"population growth
an early flight. She had overrid- but today withth6 tightening, of imid."-
en her depressed feelings.., after gration laws, emigration 'is out of the
ail. GaTge had to.-return some time. question. The ionis of'2oessoning' the popu-
Adi, what was more, the by-electicn" nation growth ic"l7eft saquaroly -on the>'
(HoT' ofAssembly) w-.rea being :held shoulder of. tho woman aiia.the qucstio6Af -.
in the Northl-.astern district next thatJfac.s us today.-iai what are' the w6omd
day, and. here 'she Was right in the doing about this'.. "A'they going to coh-
area. She decided to spend the tinue allowirn- themio6lvos to be exploitbod
... night on her way back home at Pa by every man"' H"o' coniic' around? Are thorb
Justin, an old 80-year-old" friend.. no women of strofi miral fibre? Do wo- '
On arriving at his home, she wasstill intend to, ,cling to the ancient theo6t
greeted with a fanfare of crackling that large-.fimilies is an insurance 'agijast
hens, loud barks from the four dogsold age? 3Vbw ".many parents today can count
she could. discern at the front of jon happy rotiroiomxi. at the expense of
a rickety hen-coop, and a lightningmodern offspring., whoh i-o such fililJ lXoyaZ-
streak that flashed by two eats ty exists today? Thoes and many other
chasing one of the Rhode Island questions we -piould ask ourselves.
cocks then Pa Justin was kissing 'I would. like, to end by saying- that ire
her on both cheek in Dominic& iubst tank' aogniance of' the"
"Eh, eh, he. said, "I s'o glad pitfalls"that"Kave "bofalln amaidc., oiur
you tunup. Titine gal, you looking bigger b otsihr,nh its development stages,
well !" The4, observing the oar and though wo nbod dovblopment in DomiTica,.
parked near his. home he went on: we should not in oiir r"d lopmont prcss00
"You shore keeping beeg company #, follow bliidly" lost 'o. become slaves 'to
this, in an awed tone* "You come our own dovices6. 'Lot u6 remain a free
wid frens in dat beeg car? Wey people, so tlidt ini. oir freedom we arc' ab"'
dIem?" to love and Vr7oldmo all races to oilr-IaOXOs
Titine laughed heartily. without molesthtio~i. Lot poverty not* ml-2e
"Pa Justine dat car is, mine.. us become..bittor and. 'criminal-minded for
I even can drive." Is me bring my- Our Lord Hiroblf' by ILis own example sliocwod
self heah ..You forget I tell you us that poverty was no .crime but rathoi. t
dat Garge neahly a millionear ovah virtue which' worked for the good. We hava
in Sen Tomas?" Our Lord's oiin words for it which says
Pa Justine was amazed. "It is mucai harder for a rich man to enter
"You not jokin Tj.iine?" the Kingdom of' God thr. for a camel to go .
"Look at dat car an tell me I through the oey of a nobdle,"1 Lot us thero-
jokin!' and.she related to him fore put our-shouldo-rs to the wheel and
about the rise in her financial Work together 'to combat poverty s- that all
status. "I jus bring Garge to de of us according to oiur ability may 4.ndoy '
airpoht 'I blow an blow de horn the fruits of tlie earth that God has given
when we pass, but pahaps you d.e go uus. We must w6rk f'or i i if we want .to on-'
an milk yoh cowv." joy it and-ih doing 's6 remember that oi"
Later in the day, Pa Justine greatest asset iss being able to enjoy the
said.: "Titine, I going to Wesley tcfroedom and-. ih6dichdohe of both soul dnd
vote. Is dere I register. I wan body. Our Jinidican brothers unfortiinatoly
you to stay an mine d.e animal an are not a fre6 people, they live constantly
dem foh me...I not mission dat votii.n fear of each other. Mari Dav4is Pierre
Las time I de sick."
"HmmphT" Me Titine replied, "I -A TITIiE-.-(rE'coll.) the female. had
h Ma Titine replied, a litter of kittens, and spat every
hope yoh name dere. It de have time Ma Titine. approached. But she
Pa Just ne bridled. "Dey bettsh eventually fed them the best she could,
have J name dere y !. and floppea wearily onto a small
So Ma Titine was left with the co t.,
animals. They, not being accustom- Pa Justine did not pwn am radio, so
animals. They, not that it was not until he returned did
ed to a lady-keeper, had. Ma Titine she 'hear that Pat Stevens had won the
in a state nearly bordering on col- set
lapse. ,The dogs began barking, and "well Justin 'she said "even if
howling; the tom-cat kept raising our man coan win, I glad is Pat. get it.
her fur every time Ma Titine came Bet So-an-So tink he wood win! Dat is,.
near him to feed him; (next col.) to show you deir tro-ne, begin to shake "

SSchedule of A for, ifei dat ofTt and ilotl'
therein NOd Cavets for week endilng Isc day of ep 1973.

Request dated
the 21st day
o August 1973
Presented the
27th day of
August, 1973
at 4.O'clock

I -

by her Solicitor
Cilma A.M.

Reqwwut for the mais
of a First Certificate
of Title i respect of
a Portion of land
known as a lot at
Wesley, in the Parish
of St. Andrew in the
Stae of Domniaiea

1ontaiaing 1 5 1 6
square feet apd boua-
I dd as follows:-
NMetn.W'et by lad. of jiaep Harry;
North.EsM by land of Sally Riiharda;
South-East by land of Mary Jane Augustkne;
SaudtrWem by a road sepratodg It from land of Joseph Harry,.
request =ated Xavier Fabien equest for the issne
the 13th day by his Solicitor of a First Certificate
of August 1973 Cilma A.M. of Title in respect of
Presented the Depigay a Portion of land at
A.27th day of Bense, in the Parish
iAagust, 1973 of St Andrew in the
at 3.45 p.m. I State of Dominica
containing 7 2 5 6
square feet and boun-
ded as follows:-
South by a Public Rad ; North by land of Sidney Sandy;
West by sa Public Road, East by a Public Road.,
- I, . . .. lllUl

quest 4ted
*e 27th day
of Agfsat 1973
Presented the.
29th day of
Auguat 1973
%t 12 O'clock

by her Solicitor
Vanya Dopigay

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a Portion of land at
River Bank, Roeeau
in the Parish of St.
George ia the State of
Dominica containing
1,028 square feet and ,
bounded as fellows:.

Friday SeptaNdisw 7, 17?3

To the Magistrate Dist. "E"
& Ihe Chief ot Police

I, The Green Parrot'oow residing t -Roseau
Parish of St. George do hereby give you noticm-
that it is ruy intention to apply at the Magis-
trate's Court to be held at Rotu on Tuesday,
the 2nd day of October 1973, enisuingfor a TA-
VERN LIQUOR LICENCElin respect of my
premises at Bay Street Parish of St. George.
Dated the 28th day of August
Daphne Agar

ftte Requested Person Preseoting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
S. of Title of Noting
.. thereso or Ca vml
Roqust dated Eualie Louis Request for the isue
the 17thi day ... by her Solicitor of a First Certificate
of August 1973 Cilma A.M. of Title in respect of
Presented the Dupigny a Portion of land at
27th day 4* Salisbury" in the Pa.
August, 1973 riah of St. Joseph in
at 3,35 p.m. I the Stateof Dominica
...... contauung 2 bi 2
square feet and boun.
ded as follows:.
North West by land of Vernon .Langdeur
North by a right of way separatlng it from land of
Theresa Vidald South West by land of Theresa Vidal:
South East by land eo Theresa V dal. ., .,
Request dated Mary Jaem Rqest or the issue
Sthe 2 lstday A mt of a First Certificate
of August 1973 by oici of Title is respect of
Presented the Cilma A.M. a PortiB nof land at
27th day of Dupiafy Wesleye, in-the Parish
August, 1973 of St.. Andew in the
at 4.10 p.m. State of Dominies
-~ c' ....ontani 1 8 4 2
square feet and bean-.
ded -as follows:-
North West by land of KeturLawr asfellows:
North East by land of Ivy Wharf; South East by a Putic R.aad
'South Wett by land of Joseph Harry _

for "The Green Parrot"

Dominica Banana Growers'

Applications are invited for the post
of Mechanic with the Dominica Banana
Growers Association.
The duties are to Service and main-
tain in good working order all spraying
machines. pumps and other mechanical
equipment and electrical installations of.
the Associations; to service a n d effect
minor repairs to motor vehicles belong-
ing to the Association and any other du-
ties assigned to him by the Operations
Applicants must state their previous
experience, t h e salary expected a n d
should address their application to:-
The General Manager
Dominica Banana Growers Association,
to reach him not later than 7th Septem-
ber, 1973.


G4-7T .

V.E. White,
General Manager
Dominica Banana Groweri Associatioa.

North West By River Bank South East By land of Pearl Piper
North East By land of Elias Nas~ef
South West By land of Pearl Piper

Registrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau, Dominica. Acting Registrar of Titles
tNOTE:- Any person who desires to object to th Itssue of a
Flrst Certflicate of Title in the above application way enter a
jCavest in the above Office within six weeks from the date of
rhe first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
published In this State or from the date when the notice pre-
scribed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adjoinAtg
iband int respect of which the application is made.

q 1 1lliii i Xni r MllW lll l III II 1* 1 1 I 11


" i i I I I .. . .


949- if*

In ma very las' feature (., \
ah went to de exten' o' \.4
prediction' a gold disc -
'fore de end, 7 *74 for dis
group which h.as-become a symbol of pride
to EVERY DQminican. 'While dey're outa !SECON' .CHW". ..episode 1 .
aight re-apsociatbgwid sich-internat- .
ional great, as DAVE CLARK, it is obvias "Ah guess u musa simply wosh de el-
dat name of GAYLORDS have maintained deir cochon den put lim in de pot; biix dem
super-stars image- in de hearts anI minds doughboys-wid dam re l he'vy glot.sel,
an' to de eyeg'. an' ears of all Dominican boil 'em redbins. in annadah set o'
soul, funkiq, reggae -dig it an' daeypll aA' wattaOh an' den pour dat wid all
do i oaWts.* At.'di 'tibie it' seem most de sel it was forse cook wid an',
fittin,,a to $l-hbak on .dese" excellen- aftah' all da cornmmess still addup more
oiosa":.'Bba&Jlie1 aay Gibson,. Starr glo.' sel -i de ooubouyon.. Tsk I MWtldmn
Francois, Wyn Polydore, Tony Henderson s' a, womiain u is dere, eh- ,-? -
an' Gregg- Bannia: -t tho canatitute GPU, "But what else- should I have done-V"
-Until de 'dijovry of' Gregg -Bannia; "U axin me'? I's not de wemmin doue.
(o1 Castle Bruce),. Juie 30, 1966 after Ah believe I sh ulda. be --"
his r66 firat appearance on de'oalypso "I can't understand'you -.
scene as LORD BREAKER --- it was not pos- "U doh-unidrstan me, eh -?"
sible. to see how Big. D's--dream oould mat- "Of course .not..." pitifully. ..
erialize wid WONDER BOYSz-. .Babe Ju.li, '-"ell dou-doueL, ah too doll und'rstan'
Otto James, Jose John an' IChria Seraphire; u at all --"
under de supervision of ole "Teaah Rich- "You asked. for a. West Indian dish.
Sards"* Didn't yoi Jimoo -? "
DON an' PHIL VE -Beverly Bros. have 'ell, tried -" ......
definitely taen separate. .paths... A, "iHonestly IMrianne, ah doh believe
all de .keans -on SIMON an' GARFUMNEL split u'ddal done more bettah if e was a-
are spillld ia "PAUL SIh-ON --TOW an' englische -htt patt or a brungswitch
TIE1N";- a. biography by Spencer Leigh from stew. Yet,- ah mus' admits it 'ave no
Raven Bok~ .America acclaimed. G E- one fuh. blame.. .but meself -'"-
hARRISOIT's '"Livin in de Mat'ria1'Worl'' "Ion't it a pity, then -"'.
as a. Cold alum 48 hrs aftah.-ts release "Shuttp u-bladdy honIy --",
*..Fr '73 VSPRLEL has bagged 3 of' "Niggert" Jambo's beautifulw. wife.
en (so f)i..the book, the film -- the snarled .as shQ left the dining-room
."loVe atory of Jesus 0--ri-ff o6uld only for the kitchen to eseape her hiibAbnd's
Xs3sy Oyr Iord'ISa % aW a t Mary heortl esa, aid aomeuwha ittationacil, -
Nagdalena. .Ant, -twould be atrocity,.. insult. .
MBIL SEDAA.anl EAtILY are moving over to *
B3ritain to gacape crime rate and reper- Pa..rt p I next
cushion on epir children. .2BELLES COMBO weekI
rashtd de .S ,VI0. during Ia visit... .
0=O.-has gqne to record. wid Ditanfra in" ,
St.Thomans..*CHRIS SEWAPt' is" writingg a
'90 min. honkey-nigger love-acandal for Y? Y2 Y? Why is GPU coming'
NYC'G* part oontributiod to NAb-DAY '73; back? Doh dey know dat pat-
story featured in right-hand column,*.. riotism wid dis kine o' Gov't
is. rewarddid wid KICKS only?
.. I -Axe Pappa Dee... Axe Daddy
Jeff... Axe Clayton Shilling-
ford... Axe Richards... AXE,
*'^ "'.. "... Ah'll be outa de state (of
.< Gehenna) for sumtime.
But, your stuff's alright.
V// Keep on looking, reading an'
,/V learning' ... Keep as happy as
you dare be in dese days o'
turmoil an' tumbril ...

.Clidayj, optember 7., 1973


Page Nine

Football: The firtiion ootbavens the Winner
is, almost ended and not counting the Pat Stevens the Winner
Spartans/'.utter Crows match, there -' Out of'a total of 1980 valid votes
is., only one match remaining. (final covlt), the Leblanc Labour
Over the last week, Saints defeat- Party represented by the Premier's
ed. Halayon 2-1 in a good match. in brother-in-law R.Elford Henry lost
which both teams played well, B.Hen- the fight 670- with 1351Q against,
e ,r-son and C.Doctrove scored for Saide: .The winning candidate, Mr. Pat Stevens
.and M.Freeman for Halcyon.. (son of ex-Minister W.S.Stevens,re-
On Sunday, -Konsbor ugh United and cently resigned) got 806 votes; Mr.
Celtics. Uniteddclashed in their long Daniel Durban (official Freedom) got
awaited match with Kensbotough amerg- :266; "Cousin Lio" Lavill)e and S.Pre-
ing bettor at the end of 90 long min- vost lost their deposits. From an
utes, The lone goal of the match analysis of voting at this early stage
came within the first five minutes of. it is clear that Pat swept Marigot
play scored by J.Lewis. for Kensboroith (or sawed it off his father s seat)
United, a. loft footor along. the ground and that Durban was deceived by some
which oluded Loblack the Celtics Wesley voters, Calibishie opting for
keeper. The rest of the matchh was Henry and Stevena. Henry did quite well
hard and tough with neither team real- in his residential area, Wesley, but
ly gaining ascendency over the other* ap is' envisaged from the re'. ilts, he
The tteams played for all"they wore ost by one ~ and. two .eI: .,+, if
worthy Goltics tp equalise and possible you add up the interventi::uits.. DuE
win and Kensborough to add to their to a gentleman' s agreement between
earlier advantage, ,but w-ithout further Stevens & Durban (who did mn.-t slam.
access. Yesterday (Thursday) Spart- each other), and whose agents worked
.ans boat Paragons 3-1. amicably, the anti-Goverranent vote
Cricket: England won the first of pedup Before the election t vote
the two one-day international matches piledup. Before the election Govt.
,a speakers were chased out of Marigot
at Headingley, Loees, on Wedwnosday and some say they were atoned. At
"against tho Wet Znd ^ by one0 wiuket Wesley, curiously enough, they had
and throoe balls of the allowed 55th ch the same sort of reCeption,des-
overmch the same sort of redptiones-
eovsr Indies batted first and start- pite the "monster pre-election dinner"
st thLndiLP es attention and all thastatBut
ed briskly puttina:122/3 at lunch. On descibinghe Premie's son insta.
resumption, they lost their remaining s a 'little child' indelibly marked
7. ickets -for only 59. runand a total as a 'little child' idelibly marked
by pain and suffering is somewhat
6f. 181 in 54 overs. Maliin Scorers,
lo8 in 54 ovs. vidn corer stupid. What about when a Labour
R.-anhai 55, G,.Lloyd 31, A.Kallichartan in Freedos St caused the
n s 2i stpede in Freedon Ste caused the
26. and M,Eoster 25. England bowling ditOr of this newspaper ad several
Undorwood 3/30, Old 3/43, Wyllis 2/29 .r anE several
ndehoond 1/20, tch/3, ys l/yd t other innocent bystanders to suffer
England roplid 'crith p82h-n 54.3 broken i.imbs?
66, We welcome the result of this election
'r Mike Denn ss (chpt. .6,ForWt aid trust Pat will team up for solid-
Itidios Holder 2/34,' JulIon 2/40, arity reasons with the Freedom sadde.
Boycee2/40, Gibbs 1/30 and Sobers 1/31. NEXT IEEM w'e c~ha.l report aE~ comment on
The second match iWas pIayed today an anti-racist speech made by Mr.P.John now
at The Oval. Score at press time W\. /. Dop.Promier.'. ollowi2 .an. izci.dent at 6hoi.
190/2 /in fr-et19 i,1F.-C^/'s /89/7 Emerald Pool. It._ :i lato but woelcomo*o-Ed.
Short residence qualifications will .rNT I.To- y
. .- . 1 2,-4 ovors to op ,".\ ..
be required of West Indies cricketers -....
to play the touring 0CC hox-' January. STARSPOIRTS-. .isdoiodd on o .ffoblow-
The selectors have invited 10' Ubased ing events: on v.ents- High and
.professionals to return. by Novomber Long Jumps,-Pole i-ult, Disc',^; Javoelinn
30th ,- they are Rohai I~anhai, Sobers, and Milo. Mon. 'Boys.- (sNaa.to)T -.
Frodorickis, Rowe, Lloyd, Killicharan, Long Jump, '74 x100 mtro riel-ly, 4c 8..
,Doryck Murray, Julion, .Boyco & Hblder. 800 metroes, 100- c 200 motros, and 5,000
Gibbo. is returning to Guyana anyway. metre cycle race,. 0- or: W.mo and under.
ATILETIC'.,: there will be a l ational 16 boys and Girls (oparpLt) 100 &-
Athletics Moot on Sunday .ITovombor 4 200 metroz.. I.o.3o details lator. (S&ec .
(the day after. National Day). The JTaeoy H ictor)-..
Sorts Councils..thl.eti.La.qo1M .a-c Printed ,- Published by the Proprietor, "..
Robert E.Allfroy of Mill -House, Copt Hall, at 26 Bath Rd., Rocoau, Dominica.W.r..

Friday, September.7, 197

Eaga Ten

T-- E S T -A R