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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 06-15-1973
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Mrs. Jane Lowenthal,
LRe'rlh Institute for, 1
'thel Study of Man,-Z=.
1,62 East 78 Street,, D
4ew York 0021' N.Y.,
FU. S. A .,,Tr .(London) Ltd.. Virtgte


Vaca Oomit. 'YortuA ~

Ten Cont.

MBiPtsdaI. UW V'

VoL XVI! No.!4 Friday JuneS. 195,1a73 ._

AT a Civil Service Asaoi ation mooting,
Goodwill Parish Hall, 'Tprsday night,
CSA members decided to continue their
walk-out until the Radio Dominica issue
was settled satisfactoily. The CSA
demanded of Govornmentthat Daniel
Caudoeron be formally charged', so that
he might present his oao to the Pub-
lic Service Commission4 Theo CSA roasser-
ted that it had tried 'vory -hard to have
the matter settled amicably, and blamed
Government for the osealktion in indue-'.
trial action taken thns far.
The mood of the meeting was one of
doeianbe in the,face of 'Mr.. Loblanc's
order to the Civil Sorva;ts to go. back
to work by 8 a.m. on Friday (today), and
throats from certain Hon4s of Depart-.
monts of legal action;.impmbors wore askei
to refrain from doing'a.hthing which may
be interpreted the Police as acts of
The sutcossful meeting ended with mome
bors joining.onthusiast*cally in the
singing of "TIhe Dominica Workers Song"
written by CSA Goneral. _ocrotary Charles
Savarin. .
(BReported for the STA y Rnport Sorhaini


AS a result of p4corteod backing
by the Unions and tIp omi ni ca As so c-
iationi of Industry Cpmmorco (in-
cludingthJo Chamber' f. Comorco), and
immense public sympathy, a General
Strike bogan on '.4OAy a.m. 15th. The
Port is at a standstill but Loblanc
has.warned that it t(i4o the airport).
may be manned by hiu: personnel. All
Doctors, while remainvig on duty, ox-
proessed sympathy wiititho cause --
save for Dr. idward Armour.
The grave dispute was sparked off
,by Government's sudden arbitrary trans-
for of Radio Dominicy AssistantvDisc
Jockey Daniel Cnudorohn to a cloies job
at Technical College. 4He is very pop-
ular with the youth of the land.



MR. LBBLANC made three radio speeooches ..
addition to his lengthy dialogue with
a CSA. delegation which was long kept wait-
ing, ie also spoke with DAIC members at
his Morno home. In the third speech, on
'fateful F'iday', prefaced by Oh what a
friend we have in Josus, the Promier kept
up a Defender of the Faith and of Democ-
racy stand. Earlier he had said "Order is
Hoeven's first law". In his latest oration
he said wro ask young Dominicans who have
not been granted the luxury of employment
to stand by us. In speech I, he harked back
to 16th Dec.1971, warning not to expect
such leniency now."Nrce may be met with
force" and so on; trying to paint $he
protoators against injuatico avitolent
sinister revolutionarios, which in- our
view they are not.- And as this is being
printed, there-is every prospect of A


1o)~ EX.GO\

0I X-O

it like the Gostapo, and people
have any freedom."




Mr. Guy seenn here with his wife and Carib
son Ben) has boon appointed to administer
Ascension Island, isolated communications
centre. The boy with Ben is the Allfreys'"
grandson Stephen Simmance.


IseeRpag 4


1-11 w -081F W .....


"~ "~

W l m I III .. s


Page Two THE S T AR Friday, June 15, 1975

A ." U E. R ~L E AC .T, IO N . John Spector
Having passed by Radio Dominica on Saturday morning and seen Police
posted at the doors, having heard rumours of Ministerial displeasure at
trends away from Labour Party 'guidelines', having realized the almost
gross popularity of the programmer-disc jockey among the yout, opf Dom-
in lca, I was not in. the least surprised when his summary transfer to
that simmering cauldron of discontent, the Clifton Dupigny Technical
College, caused an immediate explosion
Nor, I am sure, were the Government in the-least surprised, least
of all Leblanc. As a pe t,t y empire builder, he re c ognised n. Daniel
Caudeiron of Radio Dominica another who displayed the charisma which
can lead to a position of power -- a position of power which (in the
arsenal'of the paranoid) must be challenged immediately. The: storm
was bound to break, and Leblanc doubtless hoped to ride over .the storm
and over all forms of Opposition6 Carefully planning, the 'master pol-
itician' (description courtesy the Educator) operated his newly elected
puppet Civil Service Commission (with its puppet Appeals: Board) to in-
form Daniel Caudeiron of his secondment at the last working hour on
Friday (his connection With Radio 590 was td cease as from that moment
Thus, he no doubt opined (I'm sure the Premier opines a lot), that
nothing could happen until Tuesday owing to the Whitsun holiday weekend.
So he went off to relax in Vleilip Case.
Unfortunately for him, Radio Dominica hida plans, schedules and under-
staffing to be coped with even over hbliday week-ends. And the CSA
was not sleeping either; and the trade unions pnd other associations
were very willing to take up cudgels against .what looked like a case of
shocking social injustice -- and ty worked.on the case over the week-,
end: and Radio Dominica staff walked out on Manager Jeff Charles on
Saturday morning, leaving him no option but to bhut down.
Investigation showed that Caudeiron was 'ngt subject to diSciplin-
ary action' and was going from a technical post of Programme Assistant
D22-15 ($5,100 $7,320 p.a.) to that of Senior Cle rkcD27-23 ($5,,780,-
*#4,800). Thus his salary on Friday was at 45,700 p.a. (two increments)
but could not, on.. the following Tuesday, be more than the top Estimates
figape of. 44,800,;Mr. Lebla can J rad t1he ..f*ts for himself in Estimate a
I would say myself, at this stage, that Daniel was placed, as are all
radio personalities, in a position of incre a.sing potential .ower. On
the top of this he was overloaded running specialist panel programmes
for youth, newscaster and disc jockey. Vast opportunities for both overt
and covert promulgation of views good or bad -- which?, is a matter
of opinion among ,adult minds. This talented man, who has tried several
professions tentatively, had at last found his metier. He lives broad-
castiag, sleeps:. it breathes it. Unfortunately (as!!Leblanc was told
before 0590 started) commercial broadcasting has many hazards. Personal- -
izatipn.of the p-performers is one that is extremely. necessary to spread
the listening figures --the larger the-public, the greater the.advertis-
ing revenue. Soundly, in a weak economy like ours, advertising needs
some control or the import of.hard currency goods by middle and upper
income groups videoe the large number of cars crowding our little rough
roads!) upsets the:balance of payments. As I repeated ad mauseam before
Radio Dominica opened, the policy of a broadcasting system should be con-
trolled on certain,broad lines (laid down by debate in an intelligent
educated Parliament) by a Statutory Body such as the British Broadcasting
Corporation; and that Statutory Body should be non-political and sten
to be non-political in its overall assembly of members. Such Board of
Control would have insisted on more anonymity (scripts written by one
person to be delivered by another), Disc Jockeys given rules reducing
the amount of egoism punched out. These factors, plus balancing the
musical ego of the "jazz acene"'with an English-speaking voice more
appealing to the public than a heavily accented .foreign one 'voicing'
"Classical Choice" (Dr. Muller should certainly criL.t this programme.
which, edited for Caribbean ears, could then be delivered by a part- *
.'time knowledgeable Dominican volunteer.) (=QOiluidd in 'sa eQg.n),

t *a W Wu .V. --r n-I -.-- .-

Write for free Bible Correspondence
Rev. James L, Van Hecke,
St Joseph Baptist Church,
St. Josapb, Dominica,s79

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*' .


Schedule of Applica ion for Certificate pf Title and Noting
thereon and Caveats for week ending 9th-day of June, 1973.

Date Requested Pertsp Presenting Nature of request
w whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat,

Request dated
the 4th day
of June 1973.
Presented the
Sth day of
June, 1973, at
11.10 a..n.

iouisa Etinoffe
by her Solicitor
Cilmaa A.M.

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate.
of Title in reipectof a
portion of land situate
at Wesley village, in
the Parish of St. An.
drew, in the State of
Dominica, containing
2038 square feet and
bounded as follows:.:




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coups developed by Vauxhall
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million proving ground in
Bedfordshire, have ensured
reliability and quality of manufac
Sole Agents:
A.C. Shillingford & Co
85'/ Car Accessories Dept.

North by land of Getta Greenaway South by &
Public Road,. East by an Access Road over land of
the Roman Catholic Church, West by a Public Road.
Schedule of Apptcation for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending 2nd day of June, 1973.
Request dated fEti'etn Request for the issue
the 18th day Teletmacque of a First Certificate
of May, 1973. of Title in respect of a
Presented the by his Solicitor portion of land at
30th day of Wesley vintage, in the
iMay,1973 at Ciha A.M. Parish of St. Andrew,
3 O'clock Dupignty in the State of Domrnin-
r--.. .... -- ica, containing 11,120
square feet and boun-
ded as follow&-."
North West by lands of Joseph FHarry and Elford Benjamin:"
South East by a Public Road!. South by land of James Henry
South West by land of James Henry. North West by land
Sloseph Harry.

Registrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau. Dominica, Actitng Registrar of Titles

NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the. issuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
In this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining,
land Ifi respect of which the application Its made.
"l_-- ,; .: . : _-

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quires reliable contacts/agents m your area.
op salary paid. Please apply to our U.K. office
Elsinore House I. Vernon Road, Salford 7,
Lancashire, England Authorised by K. Hansen
& KH. Droese & Co Frankfurt, West Germany

_,,, i---^---PF-~--L~ L-~

I I ,


Page T."a:0



~i~t ` r

from a speech by Director-General In preparation for the Windward
of the BBC, MX.Charles Curran. Islands Table Tennia Championship
Mr. Curran's subject was the role (in Dominica this August), the
of broadcasting in a democratic so- Table Tennis Committee of the
ciety, and the responsibilities of Dominica Amateur Sports Association
broadcasters towards authority and will stage a table tennis. competi-
the public. He took for his atartirg tion starting Sun. 17th June, 197&
point the dictum of a former social- 9:00 amm. at the Recreation Hall
ist politician, the late Axeurin of the Fire Service Station in Bath
Bevani, that Parliament in Britain Road, Roseau. Matches will take
was centuries old, whereas democracy place between teams of three played
had only -just come ,of age. A century on Sunday mornings and also on
ago in Britain only about one person Friday and Saturday evenings 'com-
in 10 had a vote; today (with voters .mencing at 8:00 p.m.
now including those aged 18 and up- Interested table tennis players
wards) there was an electorate of 40 of requisite standard should get
million in a population of 50 million in touch with Mr. Vivian Rene,
The expansion of the education sysan Mr. Vivian Winston, Mr. Vivian
had been' similarly dramatic. Thomas or Mr. Reginald St. H.
"Only since the First World War Shillingford. REGISTRATION FEE,
had Britain experienced a mass cir- payable by Thursday 14th June., is
culation of daily zolespapers and only $3.00 per team.
in the last 50 years .had broadcasting R. ST.H.SHIIINGFORD,
developed into a national phenomenon".
As broadcasters, said Mr.Curran, we. for Table. Tenn. Conittee, D.A*S.A.
had an obligation to satisfy the de- LIFE.S ..A. BA.TTE
mand for true information. Moreover,
*we had to satisfy it in a way which Midst the tiiuisle-'and the bustle
made it possible for our complex:so- And the titroils of Our World
ciety to allow governmri-t to work. Bbld high-ybir head, steady dnd cool,
He said: f"We should accept that a Keep-the flag o. life unfurled.
complex society demands the exercise There's much' to gt you orarzy.....
of authority but we should expect a Wes th tloo
,constant scrutiny of the way in which Glecr the- iadid-o idle thoughts,
that authority is exercised and that B not overCome by i abuse.
is a proper part of our function."
Mr.Curran believed it to be a The ugly 6couiids of depression
function of broadcasting to maintain WiIl-give 'way~o the 3ay-: of hope.
a free and open discussion of politi- Donarte iard life 's- a. ttl.a,
cal issues. This should be done in Bl .t thhe barriorai aton' t: be a mopeo.
a way which could be understood by Ge p, smi, wip& off eoch toay,
the ordinary voter and, most import GOD still lives. He's everywhere I
ant, with a degree of interest which
would attract bather than repel him. .i R.RALPH CIl
It Was Curran's experience that it DOM-I0ICA SOCIT. .OF TECHNICAL PMrOFES'SIOTNAL
was possible with persistence to make The DominicA A.T.P. were hoz;.- to Mr.
the big issues of the day intelligible Majid Ibrahi.m, Soc.-Gon. of the Carib-
and interesting. "Clear and ingenious bean Conncil of Engineering Organisation
exposition is our joi and it can be (CCEO), on ;ia 1st iscit to this State.
aided not hindered a by argument- Moeberrs Of the Association met 1-3r.Ibrahim
active conflict," he went on. "Poli- at a rocoption on Monday cveninc, and
tical claptrap can be the death of their executivee held discusciohnc with
understanding, and our postbag and him next days loveioent of Erginooro and.
telephone log show us ,that audien-,. garnntr uni. f tIh.'itcians wore Liscussod.
ces are quick to resent political gladiators who prefer phrase-makinig to
persuasive argument"
Mr.Curran said that the BBC relied for its independence on the expect-
ation that power would pass peacefully from one government to another:
without that premise he could/ fLagine the BBC existing for long l'O0ur
freedoms in broadcasting are associated with the effective working of a
.representative democracy, and especially with the woxkings of a Palia-
mentary democracy," said the Director-General, "It i. our role, a I see
it, to win public interest in public issues".


Tiridav. June 15,11973

P rme o



Friday, June 15, 1973 -T H E S T A P, Page Five
The other day we spoke to a 'couple of The following officers were
tourists who wanted information on where elected: Eresident, Eugenia Charlms;
to buy strong glue 1 They told us they lat Vice Pres,, Rupert Sorbaindlo;
had. been to S;. Thomas aid' Antigua- before 2nd, Vice Prese., Stanley Fadelle;
coming here apd they thought this was Secretary: J.C.JoSeph; Treasurer:
much more beautiful than Antiguatand at. W.O.Severin; Chairman: Alvin
Thomas, they (id not like at a)ll. They Ainan.trading,
were sure that 95% of its revenue was These members represent consti-
supplied by America aia they saw no signs tuencies: Stuart Williams, Annette
of any cropas;or industry,. I tried to St.Hilaire, Raymond Augustin, EL
explain that this. island was a great Mellow, Oliver SaniderqSZ4,
producer of bananas and ccohuts, that Shillingford Mason, H.P.William,
Dominica was the Cirus Island but also Emeline Brumart, Agatha Payne,
produced bananas, and that Greonada was Teolard Toulom, Yanoulst John Chiarles
The Si.ce and Cocoa. Islmand.4 _______ ---------
SDo you think that. lS ar descriptions PINAL LETTJE] ON 'WATERGATE' COULEGE
could be made for each island? Several Madame Editor,
like St.'Thomas would havo to be labelled 'Pormit me a last word on
just aun, sea. and h'6tols 11" I think if the C.D.'.T--"bllogo, so as not to cause
the islands Were listed aid a'descriptive embarraVe atto another teacher leaving
label given qach one, it would make them in July (ask him why, tbo D. The Chris-
even more interesting to tourists. tian pionooeer for jus'tie left last
On Tndependonce. Every human being Friday, his wife being very ill,
wants to be independent.' N.a-H-o0 s also Maybe all' our efforts will show re-
will fight for their indepbhene; it is sults. Sb many things are wrong: liko
not unnatural that small islands want to a VSO beihg. ocaupiod as a bricklayer's
.bo independent, but tHiy should realism builder o3 Mr.Grayts already palaco-
that nTdepondence brings with it many like. house. Why" hive a VSO and not 'aVo.
problems. and it also an expensive experi- him teach? By using him as a. :laburer
mo'nt. Big islands who possess valuable this stops ia Dominiicdn being employee .
minerals and are grcat producers of sov- Why ar-no fill dataff meetings. hald?
oral crops Lind it quite difficult to Why have Satff aftor dinner- to sign a.
meet heir bills of Independence, there- hook .or thoir o-lasroom key in order to
ford small islands should count the cost teach I This is treating them as little,
carefully and make" sre thay can afford babies- instead bf-exporione~d men
to b-bcome independent. -'They should not brought to Domihica. for their expertise.
plunge into it and expect. band of de- No wonder morale is low and displeasure
voloped countries to come to their aid widespread.
and play the parts of fairy godmothers I It has booh pleasing to soo from your
Also in those days when the developed paper the widofeooling of the public on
countries do give aid, thoy want to be the CDT an'd its problems.
assured that'it is"used for the good of As a last comment": It is selfish in
the place and not wasted.! -the extreme when no staff have tole-
On Eood for abios from Banhhnas. I was phones that thoe headteachor has a obn-
very glad to; hoar that there is a moro coaled number to .his: home not publiahod
on to slice and dry bananis, then make in the book.
them into flour to food babies, Ibe-,_ "M'. '.TEPY'IS 11 STUDENTS"'
liovo lasrtli is the place which started (Mr. Terry left now)*
it, but I have been told that Martinique Gorrospondnce this subject is now
has made it for many years. How strange closed. I itor,
that the English islands did nobt learn What we do noed is: much more green
from Martinique. I' know Ehglish people. 'vegetables. Oh 1 I forgot to mention
give their babies crushed banana &o ban- that wh6n I lived in Demorara during
ana flour should be good. My husband the war, the people there fed their
told me that he know si that the poor babies on. planting flour. I'am not
people in the country paIrts of this is- sure of thoename given to it, but it
land used to dry dashoon slices and grind was something like Qukintay. 'The'
them into flour to food thoeia children children fed on it, looked very well.
and they thrived v6ry .e1l d it, Suroel, the Host Indians could pro-
Nowadays, our starchy vegetables are duce quito good baby foo..
not used .s:0 much, 'as they arc supposed to .... UGI
be v.3ry fattening, but maybo they could WJI.WM f: During Worlil War ~i1,
b* turned into flour and:used"in the I was Dom.Scienco teacher with Mrs.
a waY ------ G.Ao.Rodhead (wilo of Portsmouth'Magis-
trate) at the Convent Pri'mar SchooL We tau ht the pupils to make banana, plan-
i flour. Breadfruit flour fasted the best I


Friday June'l5, 1~J L

- - . -u ------I----- f l.SI-~~I

______ ~'iA ~ ~ .~ -~

.1--i '77 ^'.7iI^ .SALARY STATrEMNT -
3404 00411^( 28419 *260 10I .A. R C .

11 54G40 .'' OVERT)ME 46 4. ^*o 396 80
67 ID T P 0 C' IN e 9
68 "STAM UT' .

6 t ". '

... '"' N A .

I "" -'
'i s I. i: TAX PAIR TAX N.P.P. CONTS. | 0' n r. PAY AK MT PY CA
tol io ts 48, sa .aoO 4 ,o ,s ,0 4 $ o 9\ $ o a |ro.
A civil sorvtnt'a payment vouchor ' a clerk at a doak salary for first 34months
in 1973 $780 ..... ovortimo in ame period $1492 Zl SEE ARTICLE IN HERALD today,!


* GEN S i" andi..

SnLA D IES' Sandals & Ca als

Pro Boots (School & Casual)
Indeed, Shoes for the entire family

See them at e,.


Sa.. Va. -


.Page -Seven- -

Friay June 15 97H-SA

Refuting statements in that news-
aper of Jupe 6, 1973, Rev. Fr.Felix
Principal of St. Mary's Academy)
wrote to its editor on June 153. We
print extracts designed to "clear
up the misundenstanding and ill-
feeling which the deliberate mis-
statements of your columnist" (Cecil
Amos)' "has engendered".
"Firstly1' states Fr. Felix -"I
wish to refute quite categorically
ever 'having given Government the
assurance that under my administra-
tion Sorhaidqido- would not appear on
political platform.' In the very
nature of things this is simply not
feasible and I could therefore.give
no such assurance. What I in fact
undertook to do (in the wider inr-
terests of the school as a whole )
was to counsel/advise the gentleman
in question to refrain from active
participation in politics.
"Secondly, when, Sorhaindo appean-
ed on a Freedom Party platform in'
Lagoon on two (2) occasions., I gave
no assurance to the Minister of Ed-
ucation 'that this won't occur again.'
How could I? I did however admon-
ish Sorhaindo that as a schoolmaster.
his involvement in politics was to
be deprecated and that this kind of
behaviour could be. inimical to the
"Your columnist, in a style that
is not uncharacteristic, has misrep-
resented- the facts and one can only
conclude that he has an interest of
his, own to serve.
"This type of 'journalism' is in-
deed deplorable and does no one any
good. For his :own sinister motives,
Amos clearly aims at undermining my
own authority by sowing seeds of
dissension'samongst my staff and by.
contriving to bring about >a direct:
confrontation between the school and
the Ministry of Education.
"The whole play is palpably ob-
vious and I wish to make. it. clear
here and now that I have no- grouse
with either Sorhaindo or the. Govern-
ment for that matter. This spurious
and unwarranted personal attack is
as unjustified as it is offensive.
"In the wider interests of educ-
ation, I would beseech Amos and
others of his kind that for -the
very same reasons that schoolmasters
should refrain from politics so too,
schools ought to be kept out of
politics. Yours faithfully,
(Sgd) Rev. Fr. K. FELIX. '

A PUERILT ACTION ... John Spector

In this why the ulndoubted dominance of
Papa. Doe4 would" have been reduced to
manageable proportions.
Yes (to use the Premier's own dbs-
cription, I think Ilr.Loblanc took a- "
very puerile action.T Ho knows as well
as the ni6xt porobn that one of his.
Ministers said7over a. year ago "we will
deal with those. civil. servants, who na--
not loyal "(sic) to us (meaning the Shoo
Party)" and a civil servant replied
"but you chn't got round the Public ..
Service ComfmisbionI" and. the answer was
"Oh yes we can; we will just put bour
own people in the Commission". And
they did.
I not. only listenod to the Premier's
br6adcac' on Wedhosday night, I taped
it. I also taped the measured voices.
of the tall; in thel Premieres Office,
measured, all excet one, and that was
the voice of Leblanc. I hope that
Dr. John P6yoriwas'listoning and only
regret that ho, Dr. Royor, is not old
enough to have h6arzd Hitler over the.
German Radio many years ago.
4 *
I understanid-that Father Felix has
put Cecil Amoas's t~steloss smear of" *
Rupert SorliTndo inh the Educat6r down
in the gi2ftea where it belongs. His
racial renark6-about the graceful
highly qualifie-d musician Rupert marr- e
tied after Trb mot her doing voluntary
,work ini Dominich (born a. citizen of
another Comminwealth country) also
.smacks of the Amos gutter, and should.
beo treated with.-'je contempt it cie-
,servos. udorstand that Rupert is
:none" tCh1o:.worse- fo'..boing bashed dowi "
by,;one of IOblaiuc's Bradshow (St.Ki.ttsl)
trained' reuitsla; outside the Government'
Hoadquartr' s.'
A' nw Pref itlaa boon appoiiteod to
administer itinique,' ii 'plach of ..M .,
Jean Torra.de ,"who has hec'oromotd-d, ."
to the- post bf ,'Eief of the Police'.
'Cabinet" in Para. The. nOw, an-is '
M. Christian Orsitti from the .Holth
and Social dbpt., Paris., The tech-
nical Directo:of Gooeest Industries (Mr.
wyford) ha, writtoh an interesting
report after visiting Martinique to
examine the bHnana industry there. 11o
hope to quote sections of it shortly.*
GUADELOUPE a reshuffle of posts is
also happening thoro: .M. Pierre Brunon
'has been nanod as Prefect of l'Aisno,"
France and is succeeded by M.Jacques
LoCornoc of the French Ministry of the

Friday, June 15, 1973


77T*ARE S*P*-OART.- 1 Morthriston Fiction MA.TITIfE Cynthia Watt
Basketball.. Sharaks-l ulbed B_ Bata Pros. "Wat I de tell allyou?" Mai Titine
one of tho quafrtbfinal natchog said 'ioher cronies one Thursday morn-
of the basketball knh'bdiut cbpetititin, -ing. -"I tell aillyou something .:qwood happen
S.M.A. Sharks were sevoeoel"trasehod by an allyou seeing ndoi?", .
Bata. Pros of Gran-layt-whb wont on to "Dat was a demonstrashun : ",,.said
scoro. the first coteury at the- Windsor Genelia.
Park Basketball 'Gou.rt in the second sea. 'Wat I sayin is', I'agree on de. prin-
son -played there .ceeple of de ting man," Reuben added.
Pros were in coniaidfron the first "You cannot tell me I wukkin beeg shot
whistle and at the ite6rvaI l-ed S!iarks foh four pence an you saying you geevin
(who won: their last'noountoea 69-61), me abarial transfer' to a clak Job foh
42-9. On resumptioiPr6s went on an all tree penceJ Who wood agree wid dat?
.out. attack for that -century, what with An you doan- heah. Hias Charles say de
fantastic accurate hotinhg' by A.St. radio belong-to de people of Domeeneeka,
Hilaire 38' and P.Hendoer'on 30 ably sup- not to Leblanc?" '
ported by brothers'G.St.hildiro 0, L, "En Ber%" is' deo boo-in an all dose
.Honderaon,-18. H.Christian 10 and Pierre cat-call de people iake get dem frighten.
in defence. Final sboos woore Pros 106 Sennin an call poleecb .
and Sharks 39... For Sharks, E.LIblack & Baby nodded agrceftont. .'Wat aggravate
A..Dixon 10 pts. each. de people is dat do police do have riot
The 2nd' natch of the night was an steek, .Wat allyou think "
:anti-climax after the fas't-moving .as- "What's the need for that?" asked
- ket-scoring Pros, MRaidors-dbfeated Gonelia, who was .a-civil a svant "
Roseau Concords 69-42 --'the lot half of "Garcon," IMa Titiie oxcla.-med4, "I was
13-10 in favour of the winner, 'High 'in de moodie of do crowd, be-os I. dc
scorers were for Raid'ers, A.Etienno 20 want to ase an heah foh myself,'when
G.John 12, COJames 12 and A.David 10. whoop:I; doseo poloec .come down on us jus '
-or Concords, l..Elwin 12, P.Skorrit & savage from do johglo. Is do young people
FRdid. 10 pts oaoh. ketbh it wuss. Doy bash Rupert an a.
"Inr' sai-final matches played on Wods"schoolgul," ".
hig h, Bata. Pros fought. -had for their 'ell, you a'o6n 1... oy tvAn. doa,.
4hpts'. victory-over'By-Tr'inbo El octrona.iet.root ondah~d.t y:Mci o'a don? Wov
At. the interval, Eloectrons lod 15-14,a. ou expeok?'' said uhy, i. a wry
very slow half. for 2 top toaes but the face .
court- was wet frop rain. The match went "Dose teacha h do am .anmnot mor. ola'
into oxtra tino when oore' woro equal dan dat. I hbah one of dom say, 'Garcon, '-
at 40, Pros eventually Won 46-42. The long time I: de want a 'obtle extra o6liday.t
2nd. match was a. ding-dong-tusisle with As foh dose schoolchilron, oey in doir
Coroni Cardinals taking an early advan- element." .
tao through inaccurate shooting by Rouben yawhod.' "It Was time f.oh tiAgs
R ador m to lead ,160. "R '~dos' led at. to got a. shaka-up. I. -ysolk foli do yoo ."
the interval 36-35. Ofiresuhption theo Goralia. nodded. '.You can any that
scbre was -41-40-in fauof 'he blue- again ...
Saedf^0dinla:- 0.4&949 E "Allyou loo'k- tbday .Thorday, ah al:
f .i"I l<':Seadis.hg''l'6 .94. -doy doin is' talk, t k,'TaLlk. Up to now
4h, lt I oWo-Bai do mattacr do&an scttotlo .'i Well, it look
ii6a anOti Cr l no'4aed II 4 lAe .Domcionooka ia' .stat of emorgancy."
b -plEO BIArY "LBI. CMUi64 o Ma.Titineo -nodded. "All we. can do is
o;LOnico'r an thI I.e 4n l t., w!.'twait an coo wat do desoozhu-. going to be."
w re'print .the" 'aor''at S ingaflb3G Just- thn a comimotion was heard, and
Garoni hr'dinal; 2hd. Bata,- Po.3rd on enquiring what was hppanning, they "
By-Trinoo Eloetron-. 4-h 8 "..Sharksi were told tht -the Premier had rdfuseod to
5th. Raidora; 6th 31..G.S; 7th S .M.A..Gat; to change his md*,' afid that there, was
8th Boacau Concordb,. going to be' go'a ral Stike.
CRPCKET: Ehgland won the first o'f the GE~fRAL GUjr i:uti--m oador..
3 tost matchoc against Nqw Zealand atT _,_j'boon in U,. feted by the Queen pad -the
Bridge in Manchostor, England,by 39 runs Lord Eyor.e Quel s'poko .af vi. lo qa
Now Zealand were set to ocore 479 runs e A- a- e '*
for victory and put up a splendid fight', 129 .L
reaching 409/6 at lunch on 5th and final ta Ccros wero Enhgland '0 and 25-
day quickly disnrisscd after lunch:440, declared, Now Zecaland 97 and 440.****
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June 15, 19735

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