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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 06-08-1973
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rs. Jane LowentLa, 90
-_ITibrarian OkU. V
[ctResearch institute for EC '
Tel the Study of Man, I DO A
U. 162 East 78 Street, I A S
Co ew Yor41nk 1Q1- NR,' Virtutt *IuC '60omtt 7Tort1ua
V OS/ o423 ',.: Frida June 8 1973

Ten Conts





of Wesley


Oh God Who has created all men and women
equal to breathe 'the free air of Thy good-'
ness, send dor Thy blessing upon this[
gathering hereRrisent,so that we may, with
Thy help, restore to our trotibled country
those rights, blessings and privileges oft
which the ruling 'Government has deprived'
We ask this in Tby Holy Name: AMEN.
WHEREAS as the jaw of Dominica stands today"4
the non-Dominican spouse of a Dominican is
treated like an alien,
AND WHEREAS (he Government is insisting on
a fee of $5oo.oo being paid annually by the non-
Dominican spouse:pf a Dominican to permit such
spouse to reside in Dominica, .
AND WHEREAS this is socially unjust,
BE IT RESOLVED that Government be reques-
ted to amendthe liw to avoid this cruel, and in-'
human provision.
This was moved by a Rosoeau member and
secondor- Grand! Fnd: passed ,unmniim-
ously. FODUR ofthpr resolutions 'roccived
demonstrable backing seconders rose
from the floor in plenty. Those were:
NEW TOWNSHIPS shelve the ill-con-
ceived plan at present; RADIO DOMINICA
cqual facilities demanded for Oppos- &
position as for Loblanc L.P.; SALARIES,
Pensions & Grants .of Ministers cut
them down also salaries of Parl. Soca.
BOUNDARIES Public purse can't afford
21 constituenoiceL (now 11 ) reject tho e
anticipated report of the Commission.
A Marchto the Govt HIQ to deliver the
resolutions was pressed by the throng.




, 'F V rr~T TirU flT hU -,iwnr.V wri.
created a flood of ill-will following his recent visit to Costa Rica where
he says he plans to settle.


Mr. Vesco, a director of the President's 57-year-old M- their, a
Bahamas Commonwealth few days before last year's election,
Batik, has been accused in a threatening to disclose his sub rose gift
civil suit by the U.S. Securities -~- a $200,000 campaign donation-
of Exchange Commission of unless the SEC probe were entirely
helping to defraud $224: quashed. This memo "came to the atten-
million from investors in four hton of Mitchell," the indictment said.
mutual funds under his Alter receiving this and two other,
control., threats, Mitchell allegedly relayed a re-
quest to SEC chairman William Casey
Vesco wrote to F. Donald Nixon, to delay a number of SEC subpoenas.

Anne and Mark at thie roior 'i

Page VTw .-- T Z S TAR Friday, June 8, 197&

In recent week, three significant and encouraging events have
occurred in Dominica. A Dominican Conservation Society was established,
proposals for a National Museum were circulated for scrutiny, and one of
the most fascinating finds in the history of Dominican .archaeology came
to light!
'The need for a Conservation Society here in Dominica has long been
suggested by'the author, and by John Spector of the STAR. The new Society
launched last month should have its hands fUll, judging from the many
-problems that have emerged as a result of our neglect of our environment.
Much has been written in this paper on the need for a Dominican
Conservation Society or Association. It may suffice to note here that
the new Society will undoubtedly have enough material to keep it active
for a long, long time.
The long-awaited recommendations of a National Museum Committee un-
der the chairmanship of Mrs. Rita Riviere have been distributed for
scrutiny. Again, the need for such an institution has long been recog-
nized. Let us only hope that adequate planning will precede construction
of the physical and'0organizational structures,
What has been described by leading historian of Dominica Father
Prpesmans as "a very significant finding" was unearth by an amateur
archaeologist some-weeks ago at O'Park Bay. The item, a clay modelled
head, is believed. to be a Carib artifact, and is apparently the first
such recorded discovery in Dominica. The piece of sculpture is about
four inches long by two-andt-a-half inches wide, and displays two promin-
ent 'owl-like' eyes (painted red) with an unusually-shaped nose! It
might have served as a stopper for a clay jar, or as a staff-head.
O'Park has long been identified as a former Carib settlement, and
amateur collectors can literally scoop up bits of pottery from the, site.
The savannah which once sloped gently towards the Atlantic Ocean has now
been; so badly eroded that/ten to fifteen foot wall of easily weathered
soil is constantly being battered by the Atlantic surf. In fact, this
fragment of Carib artifapt was picked out of the face of the cliff some
eight feet from the surface.
It is hoped that an archaeologist now in Antigua (Dr. B. Rouse)will.
.be able to visit Dominica soon, so as to make recommendations for the.
systematic excavation of the site.
Meanwhile the Dominican Conservation Society met at the Dominica
Grammar School on Thursday evening, and among other projects formed
appropriate committees to deal with various aspects of conservation and
historical matters -- welcome and long overdue moves.
Now for the bad news: The Vieille Case Village Council, under the
chairmanship of Mr. John Royer (the Silent One) is currently making plans
for the bulldozing of the site referred to above. Mr. X.0. Leblano's new
house is located a few yards away from O'Park Bay and it is quite likely
that he is considering putting his fish-raising scheme into operation
at the probable expense of the taxpayer. For if, in fact, a swimming-
pool is being constructed, then why-isn't it being erected in the Village?
Thus from information obtained, it would see m that Mr. Leblanc, who
boasts of being so interested in preserving the culture of our land, is
apparently prepared to bring the bulldozers in to destroy invaluable
Garib treasures.

This is how our correspondents describe the Dupigny Technical College,
in an increasing flood of letters, too long to reproduce here even if
we wanted to do so, which is improbable. One states "it definitely pears
there is something unusual going on at the College as a casual radio.
talk between Radio Dominica and Staff and Students was stopped by Govt.
Surely the whole of Dominica is entitled to news of the College about
which nothing hardly is known?" Another states "Dominica's Watergate is
yet a further attempt by the Shoe Spenders to squander money under the-
veil of education... After 18 months, the people (from peasant "-see .3

_FricL ay, atu. 0, a u. 8 t . I.. ... '
Wasn't that Freedom Convention a "Solid" is the word that best des-
record one? Congratulation to you cribes. Not such an immense crowd as
leaders. The attendance was number- those who trekked to Grandbay, but
less, inside and outside .as packed. nearly all of the 1500 people were
Miss Charles, our re-elected Presi- members or became members. The maj-
dent, deserves special congratulation ority stayed on for the voting.
for her powerful execution; she is Althbugh he had a long wait before
without doubt, the woman for all delivering his strong enlightening
walks of life. She elaborated at speech, Hon. H.B.St.John of Barbados,
large on every conceivable incompet- youthful, debonair but serious, hit
ent and oppressive act imposed on us, some hard punches which were all ob-
the tax-payers, by the Labour Govern- ject lessons for us here. He traced
ment. She is certainly an eloquent the frustrations' and provocations- to
speaker and positively a Freedom which Oppositions are subjected,saying
fighter, they. must get together in force to
Our guest speaker, Mr. St. John, solve their problems, and insist on
is no less also a Freedom Fighter; a proper say in public affairs. One
he had the. gathering spell-bound. danger was that theMe is no Opposition
-- ARDENT SUPPORTER representation in the Regional Council
__________________________.. .. of 'Ministers whiph takes vital decis-
"WATERGATE GOLLEGE"(from -.1)contd. ions often without a mandate from the
to estate owner are waiting for ag- people such as bringing us into the
riculture courses', seminars, know-, Caribbean Economic Community and pol-
ledge. You cannot fool all people itical decisions leading to national
ALL the timp,- DISILLUSIONED FARNER, and constitutional changes. The way
SMarigot, ruling Parties tried to obliterate
11 students of the College. who gaye the Press, including withdrawal. of
only* initials also wrote in to com- advertising, was firmly dealt with
plain of "bad management and no act- by the Senator, who said readers and
ion", they grumble that the "prime pai a of persecuted newspapers
fighter for "justice and a dedicated., should look to merchants for their
Christian is leaving with his wife". advertising and boycott firms which
Lastly, someone writing "as a friend did not support their free Press.
of the teachers of the Technical In Barbados his Party was fighting
College", expresses gratitude to for the right of Barbadian women to
the STAR for airing the "troubles, have their husbands from overseas
bad handling, bad -personal problems obtain the right to enter, reside &
and bad spending of this so-called work in their homeland somewhat
'seat of high learning." The writer similar to our struggle here against
says that teachers have complained the: $500 Levy on spouses of Dominicans
bitterly sic moAths ago to the Min- (see RD.1) St. John. spoke highly ab-
istry concerned. No action. has been out: woman-potential in the field of
'taken. WHY? This correspondent apoliticall action. His address was a
says "the Leblancites. are too afraid blueprint for a democratic opposition.
of what they will find, suggesting Hon. M.E. Charles' who was' later
a check with EBtimates on number re-elected by a big majority. over a
of staff provided for and employed". new nominee for President, popular
EDITOR'S NOTE: Enough'has been Rupert Sorhaindo (who achieved the
said by now to make this a matter 1st Vice Presidency), .spoke for over
of general concern.- P.S.A. an.hour without flagging and there
was no- aspect .of the, freedom fight
DOMINICAN PHOTOS OF VIEWS & PEOPLE :which she did not, cover masterfully.
A richly diversified.show of, photo- Stressing the importance of local
graphs taken in Dominica by the, branches (Wesley's was a good one and
brother of Sr. AK de Tremmerie is had chosen its own candidate, Mr.DIrban
on show (p.ms) at the Social Centre for the N.Eastern by-election), she
The prints are being sold in.aid of paid a moving tribute to the lat- L.A.
St. Ann's Day Care Centre. Roberts (our lost. Androcles) she tore
S-..., the veils from the follies and injus-
FARMER OF THE MONTH Retd.Matrorn tices of Government..."the Radio Sta-
- Francisca'.Dorival, B.E.M., was named tion is not the property of Leblanc,
as such in the Monthly Newsletter of it is the property of the people"...
the Division of Agriculture.Weg small Townships without amenities...
farm is in the Layou Park area. *** (Concluded on page10)

Page Three

. T R


June 8, 1975

Page Pour THE S TAR
At its 18 th. Meeting thiis Bank approved
the following loans:
Br. Virgin Islands: Small Industry Credit
Grenada: True Blue Resort' .
Estate Development
Antigua: English Harbour
St. Lucia: Bridges
Feeder Rbads :
Domin-ica: Feeder Roads

258, 000 (EC
'149,575 EC
g463,.370 EC
933,360 (EC
;..,2iI51,1S6 EC
.ll a.,827,584 EC

This brings the tbtal commitments of the Bank in loans and guarantees
to EC463,443,621.
The Board- received an offer of a new-.soft loan of US a12 million from
the USAID and accepted it. This was the third US Government loan to the
Bank making' a total US contribution of US p32 million.


What"are you?
Raucous blue
Sentinel D
W:With wings of green, t
Screeooching fi;..,, dW
..Woodland sprite b '
With .plumage brightt bt
Like the petals.
In the icy dew. a
In the fading
Forest light
You terrify j
With your
Piercing cryi
Humming bird,
Hovering bird,
Droning bird, S
Clinging to D
Swimming in C
The liquid dir. c
Probing .every. t
Timid bud -
To learn the secrets .
Of. its liquid hoard.
Mountain whiTtler
In the ogrovoe
Swaying on .
The trembling twig, ';
Singing dirges '-
In whispering shade;
Singing'to "
The. setting sun,
With the grey .
Chirping crickets
In the grass. "
Mountain whistler,
Smoke-blue mubo, .
Mournful prophetess '
Of yesterday's distress,
Singing no'.i
Of happiness',
Prospective still.

Elwin Lockhart is an Udor'raduato
at Poterhouse, Cambridge..


-- -------- -. -~

-- -' -- ---

Everything today is rising, even-
octors' foes. It is only natural that
hey too be paid.morb for their services.
e have no complaints so far with our.
doctors; th6ey arx really .giving us"their
est serYices when wo happen. to 'consult.
hem. One thing though, I would' lik to
ny this if' the. bffico faes ha:we in-
reaased by.'$3..00 to"$5.00, "why amnot .
he hom&. call be increased by $2.00 to
ast $7.00? Paying $10.00 and. stiI1
ving, to pay s.o muoh for modicina is
ust killing.
uch .is the heading of a letter sent by.
)AU Geh,.-Soct A.Frederick Joseph to. the
oeni M=n&go6r of the Dominica Sanana Grow-
rs Assooh. It "'nbtos with grave concern"
;he Management Committee of,DBGA's.act
circulating a letter to staff on strike
-tating that- they had by their action tor-
ninated their services with those Association.,
saying that the Committee t.brazenly .rofors
;o its obligation to protect the interest
f banana growers" (describing the"strike
.ws "unjustifiable and irrosponsiblo action")
forgetting (says DAfTJ) that the Union
strove for about',eovon long months' to avoid
confrontati-on.., but (the Union says)*
)BGA WMnagemoiet was only concerned With
saving face "in the light of your incom-
eotoncd and not the interest of the &ower".
DAWU challenges' the Management Committee
to take the Reginald Gordon casb '(this
dismissal \as- the cause of the disputo:)
to the Growers at their District Branch
aootings, if ati3fied that the growers
Cool that '-you are protecting the inter-
est of the banana growers". Failing this
appeal to the grOv ers. .;for a, votd .of'con-
fidence in the Committ6e,, DAWU suggests
as a step in proper industrial relations
tha, withdrawal of the provocative' letter.


Trriuay .umu 0, 5,,ff __ ________________ -__-__ ---

Schedule of Appilc4'lon for Certificate of Title and Notintg
thervon and Caveats for week ending .2nd day of June. 1973.
'Date Requested fer#on Presenting Nature of request
S, !whether a Certificate
r Iof Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.

Request dated-
the 17th day
of May, 1973,
Presented the
28th day of
May,1973 at
9 O'clock

John Daniel
b, his Solicitol
Cilma A.M.

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate,
of Title in respect of a
portion of land at St.
Joseph, in the Parish
of St. Joseph, in the
S t a t e of Dominica,
containing 3 1 13,
square feet and boun-
ded as follows:-

North by land of! iRankin Noel; East by land of Clarence
Jackson: South oy land of Rankin Noel: West by an Access
Road separating It frqm land of Waldron James.
Request dated fEtlemne Request for the issue
'- 18th day -Telemaicquo of a First Certificate
of May, 1973. of Title in respect of a
Presented the by his Solicitor portion of land at
30th day of Wesley vil.agc, in the
May,1973 at Cilma A.M. Parish of St. Andrew,
3 O'clock Dupigny in the State of Domin-
Ssot, containing 11,120
square feet and boun-
ded as follows:.-
North West by lands of Joseph Harry and Elford Benjamin-
South East by a Public Road.'. South by land of James Henry
South West by land of James Henry. North West by land
of loseph Harry.
Registrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau. Dominica, Acting Registrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the Issuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
In this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining.
land In respect of which the application is made.

i -



Put the Colout back into your'hair what-
ever the shadd, with


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Write for (ree Bible Correspondezt1
Rev. J mes L, Van Hecke,
St Josfpi Baptist Church,
St. Jo ph, DominicaWc

16 of the author's favourite poems in one
booklet. Including international prize poem
"While The Young Sleep'. often-broadcast
"Love For An Island" and others specially
chosen by the author:
Phyllis Shand Allfrey
Price $3.00 ~.C.,every copy signed and.
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. .. I_ I I


~P__ __I




i I --



T H E S T A. R u.i
Mrs, Marie Eljzajeth Larocque James of 68 Kennedy Avenue better known as
'AM. died at her home at 4,45 a.m. on 24th Mky last a date formerly associated
with Empire Day.
Y~ear after .year durng her teaching career she was the key to the success
of many Empire Days. w'hich-her husband deoeesed Glarence F.E.James (for
over 5 years .a-. Government S-choolmaster). Celebrated a the erahools at
Goulibistrie., IoJlihaut an-St. Joseph and which both boys and girls always
looked forward. to with-pateriotic priLft not only daie' the Union 3ak-o. o that
&s-e4 aaeme& to imbuetheu with unusual inapiratioh, "hot" nly bbeaHuse. their
Pta"ns had'an opportunity to see them perfo rm ohnthestage. but also becauao
.thy had extra:. ohaiice sof showing forth some healthy competitive spirit' o-
o~uragoed by the donation of. worthwhile -prizes. The child enalwa agerly.
awaited that part of the programme called Empire DBy daoes I Maay of thoea
.prizes (books, pans and"other us-eful articles) wr6 aniiually donated by the.
generous, merchants. of Roseau and" many other friends: through her instrumentality.
Tha: keynote of hor-Ireo was thus the welfr6 of children. This was ov8ncid
by the fact that lo6g after her husbands. dadth ahI continued to keep. classoe
(aomtimoes eatocism and HKt other times classes for retarded children and. for-
thosa unable to attend thei' regular school hours) in Reading, English,
Geography, Arithm.atic and Singing,
When through her humin frailty she 'could do no moro she would sometimes.
offor masses not only onhbehalf of those she caught but"also for. the enIighten-
ment and' bainnefit of those who would be leaving school throughout the Island.
Sho was never lonely" fbr humorous were the children, students, teachers
andi. ftrinds. (including the 1hto Mrs. ILila Johnson) whio Visit&d her and. ad.
something chatting, singing or playing to choose herup. The S.istaes at
the tonvent High School of wblich she was. oico a mimbor neovr forgot to aell now
and again. The.- she can be said of the Roamm Catholic Clergy, and friehdsof
other. Donominatibi-." THor church activities especially in"aohnocnion with7the
Uoulibiatria. Gathllic Church are well known and it is not at all surprising'
t ut. sehp. was. givbi full funeral rites accozituat,6d by. beautifull alogo delivo .-*
od by Rev.d, EFther Uernicfrefo of all costs. 'hVd. Phthb6rr"i Jolly who as a
boy wam, one of her .charges oas always among the regular visitors: includingg her
oorperos Mr Ralph Gasihir and. Teacher Jolly) who always had- a. word of cheer'
during her days of confino~nt. She was given a. much appreciated tribute in
the Parish Bullatin' 'ARISE". ....
Hber emphasis in training children was on tIh dbv6lbphont of a. healthy.
attitude towards all fdrrS-pf useful work no nattbr-How humble they may happen
to b.U she knm that work iohostly and. earnestly donh wa~-o.onduoive to the
development of a. wh6lesbne personality and. enjoyable nontal resth Sh~ had con-
firmed baiief in tTie family praying tog.ethe. ...
Threeoo of her sons trodocoesod her: Ei3'k' PatricIc'Janos who last taught at
the. Roseau Mixed S.bhool1 Mchaal Ashley .James; who -6It" taught at the Coulibiatlie
Govorntiont School aid -Goorg'o Alphonsua. Janom who last sorvod as ,'gistrato and.
Gficor of the NtorthorkDistriot. aho has left to hourh their. louas;.'her
daughter (Mrs) Ghloo. Al6Xanidrc. Janos. 'evcrin rosidihg in:the UT.S,,1t, four-Tbns,
nariely, William .E. Jihoes, J.A. Jano., (1 Oliver Janes hd JTohn nt~.uel Janas, a
Sbonior lecturer at. tubtin' d6dliogo, Oxford Univbriity;" her"aughtoe-in-law .
Mrs. MHonc. Rigaby- Jaorb, thirty-ono grandchildren, 'forty-one great-,ramdchildren,
many rlativs and friends. .. ......
The funeral. pr6cGssnibhwhiac left the house of mourning for tlhe Roseau
Cathedral at 4...45 pnm. thdor"boautifuL weather -a fairly -woll attqnded. Those
wapworo touched by the aihoiihcenont "of her death in sooral ways opressod. their
sympathy: calls aiwore a de, wreaths-, cards or other tokens were sent, and nany
joined the procession to'the .Cathedral and. thence to' tho conotery, The daily
cec sho. received from Irsb. Violet Johnson and Da Robo will long to renombor.eod
- "I have fought the fight, 1I have finished my course, I have observed the faith.
From this tine on thero' is reserved for no the crbwn'of righteoutineo......not
only to no but to all those who have loved his appearance." 2 Clinm.: 7-8.
+ + + + + +

F id Jun 8 19


_ ~ _

q-T H F R T AR

Page Seven

Fiction MA TITIiE. Cynthia Watt
Garge whistled softly to himself as he tiptoed into the kitchen to
prepare a breakfast tray for Ma Titine who was in bed with a relapse of
the flu. He switched on the kitchen radio and was just in time to hear
the 7.25 news.
Seated a little .while later in her room while .she tried to do jus-
,tice to tlventicing meal, Ma Titine and Garge discussed the alarming
conditions of the State.
"Jus fancy nunh," Ma Tit ine shook her, head, '"brown suga 27cents
a pong an whitesugah 38 cents When I go- to de market las week, two-
tree leetle dashben foh a dollah. Garge, something will happen you
know. "
Garge's face was clouded with anger. "Titine, I really doan know
wat to say. De .money dat- I spen since I come, is pahaps half of dat. I
wood spen in Sane Tomas. Can you beat dat? An you getting a salahree
dere : Boy, dey will keel people heah wee I Yestahday when I go shopping,
an I see de price of tings..." (he too, shook his head slowly and mourn-
fully), "I say is dreamin I dreaming; dis place lak a nightmeah...."
They were silent for a while then Ma Titine said:
"Garge, wat I heahin about de Dupeeny Tecknical School? I read
dose lettahs--dey publish in de STAR. But wat is dat in Domeeneeka nunxi?
Everywhere I heahin about is corrup, but for a small ilan gapah, dia
State, it giVin 'it share wee !"
"So moch people dat not employ," Gwage said sadly. "Everywhere you
pass, young people in all connah of de street, sitting down on doorstep.
all about. Dat is ad. you know."
Titine pushed the tray aside.
"You feeneeph already?" Garge came and sat on the bed. "But you
doan eat nuttin mOch. Eat a little bread nunh? Look, try de banana an
cream, dat is good norishment..,you mus eat you know Titlne. Even eef
tings so expensif in Domeeteeka, tanks God I can afford to buy dem, an I
still getting my passel of grocery from Sane Tomas, aldough I does have
to pay plenty Custom duty rate. AnPway," and he chuckled, "sometime I
does get it free dough, when de boss fren an dem does come in deir yort."
Titine pecked a little at the banana and cream, but under Garget
persuasion, she finally finished eating it, She patted his hand.
"You's a good husband you know. I doan know how is dat I use to
humbug you so befoh."
Garge smiled.
"Well Titine my deah, pahaps: eef you deeda. use to quarrel so moch
wid me,,. wood neveh get a reason to vox about; I wood nevah feel I have
to get away from you, beco's you dec quarreling too moch. So you see, is
a good ting, odderwise I wood nevah have to go to de shop dat day an
dreenk, becos I dee have enoff dreenk heah at home. But you see wat
happen? Dat quarrel make me meet my fuss boss an so I go to Sane Tomas
an even Amereeka. According to de saying, "Out of evil does come good."
and taking the tray, he kissed Titine, and went out, closing the door
softly behind him...a real kind Dominican gentleman~
SUCCESSES IN DUKE' S AWARD SCHEME, The Dominica Cricket Committee
oung people in the Caribbean wishes to thank the following people.
participating in the Duke of Edinburgh' for their c6ntriblition to the success:
Award Scheme won a total of 292 awards, of the GooduilloSeries match, Dominica
last year. versus St Liicia, and all. those who -
Dominica, with 6 operating units assisted wit i hii 1973 cricket sede n:
and 12. new entrants, gained to date H.E. The .-Gberfior., the Hon. Minister
21 bronze, 6 silver and 6 gold awards., of Home Affid's: & McP. John, The .
Trinidad has the highest number of Commissioner..of'.E61ice, Mr justice
gold awards 38. Renwic,"lir 2ioi i-'a Baptisto,
.......- -- .. _' Mr DeainonaY-4dal," the" Dominioc. .
aricket Utmpires Association;, Radi Dominic4, Doctors Green, Griffin, Sorhain~do.
and. Royer, and (for Prizes"), M r S.tar Lcstrade, Mr .A AusTrieo and, Mr A.kEmanuel,
Da Gosta & Mussons (Rothmans agents) & ALC. Shilliligford & Co..

J a 97 r


Page Eight


L.Rose & Co., Ltd.


868- i-

West German/ British expanding company re-
quires reliable contacts/ agents in your area.
Top salary paid. Please apply to our U.K. office
Elsinore House I. Vernon Road, Salford 7,
Lancashire, England Authorised by K. Hansen
& K.H. Droesc & Co Frankfurt, Wesr Germany

One 3 ton,32-passeng. ..
Recent Engine ,0orhaul1 Cash Offers Only
Truck in Rosanm, -Mondny
Chock out at stir Office
...._____t ... .. ... .. ... "t


,P.&, Egh

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notlncs"
thereon and Caveats for week ending 9th day of'June, 19'3,.
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
j thereon or Caveat.

Metric Tools
Wolf Power Tools

and of course

AC SPARK Plugs- .
7152-t01 y7




Request dated Louisa Etihoffe equet for the issue'
the 4th day of a First Certificate
of June 1973. by her Solicitor of Title in respectof "'
Presented the portion of land situate,
5th day of Cilma A.M.: t Wesley village, in
June, 1973, at Dupigny the Parish of St. An-
11.10 a..n. ______ ... drew, in the State of
Pominica, containing
2038 'square feet and
bounded as follows:-
North by land of Gretta GreenaWay South by a
Public Road? East by an Accisi Road over land of
the Roman Catholic Church, West by a Public Road.

Registrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
.Rosea, Dominpica Acting Registrar of Titl).
NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from the date of the First j
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
Jand in respect of which the application is made.
i t n I I I I I. , 1' "'- t

All suppliers of limes and bay leaf are
asked to take note:
The factory is now open from 7.00 -
4.30 Monday to Friday.
Following the new agreement between
W. A. W. U. and this company, Bath
factory is now working a 5 day week.


868.- ik


- --- -- --- --


,- t-' I' - c ----r~-- -- r ---- I - I ~I

- -- ------- ---~rr~-r+-rlru-rrrrr-

i--~~~uu.- --rr~~---r~cl- ----- ~--cl-,U,,,,,,, --------------C-;; ~




Many C



Friday June 8,1973


25 75%
3s & Gents Shoes
es Dress Material
theirr Useful Items



rid.y 1u.o 8, E11 Tlli STAR Pog Nihl9 -- I-- ---

World's Largest Family...Mom And Dad

Carnauba And Their 38 Children

Here's The Carnauba family -,m .d d auddhe 38 chlden,.
e" : ' *'' -*'*** ''* ^ S ^"^ *

Ale,--^-.a~ r S



When Raisoundo Carnauba
and his wife decide to take
the family shopping, they
have to rent a bus.
That's because, according
to the Guinness Book of Re-
cords, Mrs. Carnauba is the
mother of the largest family
on earth.
The Carnaubas, who live in
Belent, Brazil, take a philosophical
outlook on the size of their family.
"If any more come along," said
the 58-year-old Raimundo, "and I
hope they do, we'll be delighted."
Added the 54-year-old Mrs,
Carnauba: "We both love children
and God has been good to us. They
have given us a lot of work and
worry, but they are worth it."
The Carnaubas have 24 girls and 14
boys. The most recent arrival is 3-
month-old Maria. The oldest is,
appropriately, 38.
The Carnaubas contend they enjoy
* every moment of their family life.
Perhaps the most Incredible part
of world record the Oarnaubas have
established is that neither the man

nor the wife were involved in
another marriage, there are no
twins, and they have survived in-
Friends of the family, though,
have asked the Brazilian govern-
ment to grant the Carnaubas help in
coping with the giant food and
clothing expenses the. family has.
So far, the government hasn't
"Quite honestly, I don't know why
people make such a fuss about us,"
Mr. Carnauba said modestly. "After
all, we're just a normal, ordinary
That may be. But getting the
bathroom in the morning can't be all
that easy.
Despite the huge responsibilities
that go along with the huge family,
Mr. Carnauba said: "I love it. The
children are like any other kids.
They cry, fight, they get into
As time wears on, however, the
life at the Carnaubas' household has
become less hectic.
"Things are much easier now, as
the older ones look after thefr little
brothers and sisters," Mr, Carnauba

Fri-dy, I5u o 89,,, 197 3

Pago Ning


Pag To E T AR ri Juno 8 .197
4.M::*~ A** .g --. ^--mchri n ~THAT FREEDOM CONVENTION (fr. p. 3)
CRICKET. This yar1t-aij uwara .1sa-nd' Miss Charles slashhd hird at the po:nt,
Goodwill Tournamoirne'nodwif.ti Doninica later sact out as resolutions. And on
an .StVincent bpthwin4ring twb of their finance (waste and saving) during the'
thThi itches and t coming joint Champ- pei anning' part o her speech she dis-
hrhes n coing oint cha- closed that doing away with the govern-
ionls s orship in its present. form was .ono. of
Last weekend all the islands stood the essential ocbnomics Dominica should
with one victory and one defeat each implement. It was expensive to support
which was soon changed when Dominica & a figurehead whowas also a lackey of
., Vincent showed their superiority the ruling Party. England should pro-
over St. Iucia. and Grenada. respectivelyy. vide a Quoon's representative for the
Notable about,this year's cricket was island. We'might also have an honorary
the proficiency of batsmncn-to got big appointee but no big salary and ox-
acores. There was no loss than five penses. The President said that the
centuries scored along with numerous post of "Deputy Priorier" was not in tho
half centuries, and four 'of the batsmen Constitution of Dominica.o As to ind6-
got centuries for the first time in the, pndence,*w should .see out it whn
competition.- They wore Ashlby Rborts, the time was ripe. (Other points next wk)
Grenada-. 101 n.o., Iockha't.Sebastian 107,. iEW BLOOD wan.. brought to the Exou'tiv-.
Nirb6rt Phillip 115 against St. ucia. & Sorhaindo (V/P)' J.C.Joseph (Gon.Soc'.,
Living Shillingford 150 .anid Michaol proposed. by IIdrtin Sorhaindo, and We.O.
Findlay, St.Vincent 113 against Grenada. Soverin (Treasurer). A Shadow Cabinot'of
Scres in the final matches, Dominica the 3 ,Menbors'at present in the Hou .'
vs.t..t, Lucia, Dominica. 248 z 345/8, with advisors, Was announced. (List nx_ wk.)
L.Sebastian 32 & 107,. IT.Phillip 34 & 115 MEMBERS VIEWS rorro spontanoous,,plontiful.
and G.Lafond 47. St.hLucia 118 & 135. and enliveninG,, our-friend Saysay and an
Bowling for Dominica G.Shillingl6rd 1/27 unteiployed young man speaking with force-
& 2/16, N.Phillip 3/11, -.IAint 3/45 ful eloquence.
&. 2 7 fi3]ond 2/ n tfGaK.aUs 349 IT -AS TRULY A GREAT CONVENTIO- *
Z Vincoht/Gretado>* Grbiad& 1939- ------
oomninica won the finals' of the FILTHY ATTACK ON RUPERT S.
bthtmans 40-over knock-out matches when A filthy- and. faloe article attacking I r.
they-defeated St. Inid by 153 runs. Rupert Sorha'ido-_f.c. and his-British
Doninia. batted first and piled o.n 274 wife of ChiAcdao docent is printed in the
for 8 in their 40-over batting. Bhrd EDUCATOR. John Sootor will reply nxt wk.
hitting knocks came from La*Sebastian 62, SUNDAY -if wut7iundray$ and anothjr'ioYvit-
J.O.Lawrence 51, C.Williams 48,' Irving able holiday follows. The Bible Society- is
Sh-illingford 37, G.Walah 24 n.o..and Robadsio cable w0 at ~ Othae i son
G.Lafoind 24*. al. oOn Mon.ll .1 a.d/D.om-5 pm-Fai.th' in Jion.
St,uIcia. replied,121 being'all but in Panoel on.R.e.,9.30 p4 Tuos;plus services.
the final 6over never at any ataHgo in STARSPORTS. Standing at the end of the
their innings looked like "ia1aing a. fight basketball league aro Varoni Cardinals
for victory, wereat one stago in theit 1st; Bata.-Pros 2ndj'By-Trinee Electrons
innings 43/A and. far front getting 50 3rd. S.M.A, Sharks, D.G.S., S.M.A.Gails-
runs on the book.. Topacorrs-W6ore Dupyey and Rosoau Concords followed.
62 n.o. and Sorioux'at nunibr ten 20 On Thurs. schooltoams S.M.A.Gails &
runs. For. orniniiw, D.Abrahan-wh~ did D.G.S. were knockedout by By-Trinee
not bat 4/21, G.Shillingford 2/14, Electrons ad' Croni Cardinals respoct-
N.Phillip 2/28 and G.Lafo6hd 1/15. ivoly. 'Scores in. the 1st match wor, .
Awards wont to Lawrencc f6or the Electrons 58\& S~.M.A.Gails 31.**,I.
fastost-scored 50 of 33 balls, Sebastian the 2nd match D.G.S. played a: very quick
and Duproy- joint highest score of 62, gamo, with hopes to repeat their victory
Abraham for best bowllng-- 4/21 and nan of of 4 weeks ago --getting 12 pta. t`
the match to Lookhart Sobastian for good Garoni's 2. At half-time D.G.S.. .till
al round performance. led 24-1'. After the interval Caroni
BASKETBALL. The first matchoesib the 2nd Gardinals. changed their pla and (in
round of the basketball league were man to mna formation) equa-laos, at...
played last Eridayf with D.G1S," failing .24-24 eventually winning 56-30.CRICKET-
to produce five players for their oncoun- The 1st tes atch played at TrBon -fdo
tor against Bata. Pros who was given the between England and Now- Zealand, by
natch. S,M.A Gailaa defeated Roseau lunch on the 2nd. day, N.Z. were 25/1 in
Concords 47-27 'in a. natbh which started reply to England's 250 all out,. Boycott
very slow and eventually picked up no- 51 and Kno-tt 49.,.. For N.Z., B.Taylor
nontum in the second, half-"thanks to the 4Z53 and adler 4/52LOSE/PLAY:Encland
schoolboy. (se next ^l. 250 & 724. Hw Zeaoand.7 al-out .***
ebolv ,... A!lOroy oiiI Trouse, Copt Hail, at 26 Bath Rd. Roseau, Dominica W.i.