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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: 06-01-1973
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Mrs. Jane Lowenl ,
Librarian, .
,bReseorch Institute for
. ei :the Study of Manoio
1 u.162 East 78 Street,
CoiiNet York 10021, N.Y. ,vtrtaute ~ 'ortnoa
In U. S. A. r Ave,.W.I. !'Editor: PHYLLIS SHAND ALLFREY
.VoL o. 'a Fr.lday Jun*e 19735.

SoNmADL wadi r. promised noto
from the ritiSh Government
soon on tro vexed question of
TIMING of Indoepnd6nco -point
of conton lion botioen Grdry &
Opp.Loado Blaizo,,consti tution-
al mattorp being agreed.
SMoanwhtlo Mr, Gairy fired
S off angry cables to Caribbeao M' Eric Gair
AIister nowspaper and Mr. Rogor Bal-
i~hAghes trop, disauti-ng accounts gi*en FREDERICK SYMES,of 174Wirithr
by ronownted journaliq Alistor bugheslwho New Business Manager at WCVB-TV
was vindictively manipadled when he tried Department. Ie for afinanca
to cover Gairy's touqdowni at Pearls Air-
Port wiilo four Pq tcoion looked on.

; Fr6derick Symes
dp rd., Br6okline, has'been named
(Charinel 5). In his new position,
I aspects of the WCVB-TV News

W hair'e received sov*ral lottery of complaint, about tbo
Dupigny Tchnmical Cb logo, a recent batch boeing duly
signed bui some ith ut proper addresses. All this makes
us wonder what is rolly wrong ..1 aro the ~learly-givon
grumbles genuine or $s it a conspiracy? We cannot con-
stituto ourselves a opmiassion of enquiry, so suggest
_complainanto tako a oputation to ovornmeont.


o ueeoon's. only daughter
no is now declared on-
god. to Lieut. Mark Phil-
ps of the 1st QueOn's
lagoons, after early denials.

d47eN 'YOUR


e different demonstrations, or Ibad bet-
li, concern,, took place in this region:
G4enada.' All *those manifestations are
gh to be mentioned by me.
ess,'on, Church service and commitment.to
mortal remains of Major Ray Thompson. This
whichh people from far and near gave themselves
nival.,. but. in a serious and respectful way.
on Jack, accompanied. by Dominica' s. military
Nurses and Medical staff ( for Major Thompson
'he .JHlospital) and particularly by his brothers
o aL a u1 leaJs fniends travelling by car and on foot, the
could-hardly get into the' Anglican. Church, -already packed out.
a send-off devoid of race and religious barriers, quite marvel-
sly and to a great extent spontaneously organized. Visually, it was
ut of this world: the sober clothing of the mourners, contrasting with
the gay clothing of the young who raced ahead-to climb on the harbour .
wall and stare out to sea at the end...with diving boys plunging into
the water around the jetty, insouciant as ever.. And to add a final
touch of honour, British.Representative Roger Barltrop.flew in from St.
Lucia to pay his last respects to a good friend.
That was on Friday 25th; the next day, May 26th, was African Liber-
ation Day and this was celebrated here by a march through the streets of
Roseau and stops for speech-making at. various.points where thepartici-.
pants felt that exploiters of Black Brothers and Sisters) should be' in-
dicted. .There was even a young lovely Afro Queen from Castle' Buce and
other contestants in the demo.; am&ng those making indictment speeches
were Daniel Caudeiron and Rupert Sorhaid.o, Sorhaindo told listeneis-1hi
wold disap oiant those who expe-td him to condemn th_ Police:the important thing
was to ao vxinr' then corrupe anc, thus un~ le co ?erve all inartially.
As s uua, In reports or sUch occasions, estimates of the participants
Var ed'. tw66n 3,00d (radio count) and 500-600 or 1,000 "mostly very
young people (bystanders watching). A cultural show was held at DGS
the same evening, sand the big audience testified to its success. Al-
'though -I learned.. afterwards that one demonstrator was picked up by Pol-
ice for carrying a firearm, and there was talk about .a stick of dynamite,.
the celebration can be said to have been a reasonably good onei I thought
so, anyway.
We Were spared a third demonstration .in Dominica this week when the
.Civil Servants, who had been tipped off' that the till was empty, were told
on Wednesday that they would get their pay after all ."and breathed a
sigh of relief".
Now we- come to the. final manif.dstation of public support or otherwise
which is of significance to usy and this took place in Grenada whenPrem-
ier Eric Gairy returned from- Britain waving a piece of paper (like
Chamberlain in. .itler days), which he said signified accord.-with hi
Opposition on.early independence for Grenada. Alister Hughes, son of an
ex-Federal Ednator, was there to record. the reception, he-.being a reporter
for UPI.. and other news sources (he is also a noted Conservationist). He
was. manhandled by a. bunch- of Gariyites and his notebook snatched, while
TontonMacoute-type Poiice, whose loyalty to the Premier evidently exceed-
ed their pledge. to protect the public, stood by.
Alister .1hughes .estimated the crowd which, awaited Gairy at Pearls
Airport at some 3,000. Mr. Gairy says it was: 25,000. Quite a discrepancy'
LHughes had been.. verbally attacked earlier as "a Chamber' of Commerce man"
and Sor his Press reports on the whole Independence issues Thus Gairy
fired off a series of cables to the Press In. Guyana, Trinidad, etc. and
one to Mr.. Roger Barltrop, giving his version of the affair.
The whole episode, for those who are up-to-date in their reading, is
vexy Ruler in airoona-ish.
And the attitude of those Grenada policemen at the airport well-bears.
ouAtMr,. upert.. Sorhaindo's remarks delivered before the grandiose newr
Police Station in Roseez -.In- fact, it is. a warning to us all.

Friday, June 1, 1973 -*


Friday June 1, 1973


Pag Tre

The Management and Staff of L. Rose &
Co., Ltd. deeply appreciate all the kind-
ness and sympathy following the loss of
Major C. R, Thiompson, their Attorney
and General Maniager.

16 of the author's favourite poems in one
booklet. Including international prize poem
"While The Young Sleep"' often-broadcast
"Love For An. Island and others specially
chosen by the author:
Phyllis Shand Allfrey
Price $3.00 E.C. every copy s;gued and
numbered. ,. _

Centrally located Modern Office with own
Short. term or Annual Lease Modest
Rental. ,
Phone: 3300 during office hours or
2418 after hours. -/




cordially invites the general public to their

to be held on

S .

SATURDAY JUNE 9th 1973 ,
at the -,
This Dance is under the Distinguished
Patronage of the Hon. Minister for Edu- .
cation & Health and Mrs. Christian. _
Dress: Semi Formal

Fees: Single $3.oo Couple $5.oo
Time: 10.00 p.m 2.00 a.m in
There will be a WELL STOCKED
BAR AND EATS at your disposal.

$~ 'P


CABLE & WIRELESS (W. I) LTD. in con-
junction with Dominica Telephones, announce
the introduction of the second phase of Revi-
sion of Telephone Rites to be effective from ist
June, 1973.

New Rates
$ 7.26



10 cents
10 cents

Normal Line Rentals
Businear ,
Line Connector Lines
installation Fee
Normal Lines
- Metered Call Units
Per Local Fee
Each 90 seconds or part of
for Junction Calls.'


COLOURBAC is not a Hair Dye but a
restorer, which gradually brings back
,grey hair to its original colour.
Only $3.00 per bottle at

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the freedom
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54ff/S GREY 4/RI

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ever the shade, with l.

__ __ ~___~______

- ~-

eg ourT H E S T A R Friday, June 1, 1973
'iction MA TITINIE Cynthia Watt
"Well, I mus say," Genelia pattered over to the refrigerator aP.i
removed a: tray of ice-cubes, "tings getting wuss an wuss heah."
Ma Titine nodded'. She was just recuperating after a nasty bout o'f
flu, and Genella as a good friend was helping., out.
"Not only heah numh," replied Ma Titine; '"all ovah de Westindies.
Look what dey do de white lady in Anteega; look what dey do Eric Rawle
in Sane Vincen. As foh heah, de amount of rape dat hoin on ondah covah
is enoff. I heah what making all dat rape bisness, is dat de parents
fraid to speak an dey settlin' wid dose monsters foh money."
I"I beleevin dat," Genelia agreed, "but I also tink is all dose ole
kine of pickchahs dey was showing in de ceeneema, was responsible."
There was silence for a while, then Ma Titine asked, "What allyou
sa n ,bout. doze places .dat Guvment going .to make tongs?"
SGenel1La gave' a last squeeze to- the wet rag, hung it up to dry and
settled in a chair near Ma Titine. "Dat 1 she exclaimed, "I calling dat
damn stupeednis. You deeden read de STAR an de HERALD to see what Mr.
Steven an dem have to say? I well agree wid dem, Portsmouth is de second
tong dey say, an look how long dey take to treat it like a tong Hmmphi
bam-bam Charlie I muchless foh dose odder villages." -
"You right," replieodITa Titino. "What I self saying is dat: do money day noan
to spon to make dose tongshinp, why day not booldin low-cost house for poor people
to. live I I tink dat is a beottahideah. An not only poor people.., it have plenty
odder pe-ople dat in do aaneo boat." ....
"En honh I nake don bolooee dIt I Dey care what haplPn fto "6ddor people so lonG
doy donsolf alright nunih?' Deo"have deir boeg houao, b6oog char' dir house have
do',latos tigs in electric to make den confortablo; dcy-payin secondary school foh
doir chillron, even dboh de chillron head hard like coconut...you tink dey have
tinoe to worry bout people?" ...........
t "IL tell you,eef tings doahn .Change, Domoeneeoka gin to do devil," Genelih.
shook'her head, "Dose* tooris an don only eein tde-.outside of do house; it well
paint,, but. d ,not secifi do--otten wood dat inside.' 'Doy-sooiHi~what Guvnent w in'
don to akod.' Sarcautically, "DoIoonck ki doo I HeyI .hey I toeL dat to do narino.,
as I use to heah don say in MTo York."
"Well do attike an don fdoexiesh; I wondah what g6in. happen ncx."
Gonolia stretched ouit her logs. "One ting I knoiw,-"I g6in to de Froodorn Pahty
Conference at eosley, but I. hpo c do car I going in dean pt in a. acaidont like
what happen to poor Major'~ onpson i'
"You not coin wid us?". -
'.oll as .you doo sick, .1 say pahaps you wean go."
.Woan .go .,tUMa Titine ainost screeched, "you nad nunh?" ..
'Genolia choored up. ."I know you wooden lot us down; but I heah Mr. Henry
night prcveorr us from gttizg do hall"
After lunbh, Baby dipped in,h -gloony look on hbr face.
'W"hat wrong EBby?-, Ma Titine enquired. .. :-
"Uieo-'-o Eapa-iI cbhillron nunh I As I coin long do road, sace two chillron
high mo,sonnin nopuis;- alh- you shood heoah dose kino of wods dey usin; Bondie what
going to happen in dis lace I Ah as oef it doan have ioli dan ohoff chillron in do
islanit.j every odder young gull ka 'profitay' You know what I mean. ni
Titi eo shook hbr head. "Well, de Bible say dat nch. We have so much
tings? to eeoo befoh do on'of do wold. Anyway do young puhson dat writo bout a
reform school in de STAE, T'Wii hih, papa ...........
"ANED MARCH GOES ON. MURDER HUNT: .tigual' Froedon -ight-
Antigua'a Afro-Caribbean Movement ern undergroundd). said it will. expose the
staged a big march on Sat. (African clayoer- of rich British widow Mrs. S.'
Liberation Day), in defiance of a Thonpson. "The whole case will be bustod
ban by police who last Tuesday with- wide opoh'if. Scotland yard does .nit grab
&rew earlier permission for the march their nan...Big society people are involv-
to go on. Lining the route of the ("lolll) Some 8,000 p-eople to^k
marchers the police carried arms and (frcol.) Some 8o000 people took
teargas. As a precautionary measure, part in thmove marh.ent, (inweveudi leaders
.several businesses closed down, aut of the movement (including Sr.Civil
no incidentss were reported. (nx colServant Tim Hecto) now risk prosecu-
tion for ataging an illegal march.,

Friday June 1, 1973

Mrs. C. R. Thompsonwishes to thank all
those who have shown their sympathy in
so many ways at this time of her bereave-

Write for free Bile Correspondence
Rev. James L Van Hecke,
St Joseph aptist Church,
St. Joseph, pminica 792

14-paspqager bus
can also be psed as goods vehicle
all new tyres.
-No reasonable offer refused.
Apply The Manager,!The Royal Bank of Canada,


Evinrude Outboards
Olympia Calculators
"J :. ,.

One 3 ton, 32-passenger
Recoit iEngino Overhaul t Cash Offors Only
Truck. in Losoeu, Monday May 28
Check out at Star Offico
I -_7'--- AL 4'


Page Firv


'. ; there can surely be no other po-
pular car which is so well protected
against salt and the elements -as the
AUTOSPORT, Oct. 19, t972.

" . some sections of the industry have
made tremendous efforts to protect the
cars they make before they reach us, and
few firms have done more in Britain than
WHEELBASE, Oct. 3, t972.

Sole Agents:
A.C. Shillingford & Co
4 -/21 Car Accessories Dept.


-- --I ""I IIII II ---I-------I-------I-------I-----I --- -------- *-
Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending 2nd day- of June. 1973.
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of 'Title of Noting
___ __thereon or Caveat.

Request dated-
the 17th day
of May, 1973.
Presented the
28th day of
May,1973 at
9 O'clock


baniel Request for the issue
of a First Certificate,
is Solicitot of Title in respect of a
portion of land at St.
ma A&M. Josephi, in the Parish
Dupigny of St. Joseph, in the
' State of Dominica,
containing 3 1 1 3,
Square feet'and boun.
ded as follows:.

Nprth by land of Rankin Noel East by land of Clarence
Jackson South by land of Rankin Noel West by an Access
Road separating it from land of Waldron James.
Registrar's Office. EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau, Donjnica, Acting Registrar of Titles
NOTfE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjonling,
land in respect of which the application is made.,

an4 of course

\ 1// Z
AC SPARK Plugs-z
4 ""


~Iy I Y---~ c" -- L -~ --- -- -- -- ` I L-


FsgW.:3 ~Iz '-- --

if you're caught in a fire

some tips that could save your life:
Be ,sure your cigaret is. out. Matches too. And never
leave matches or lighters within the reach of ebildren.
Don't overload electrical outlets with too many appUli-
ances. Don't run cords under rugs
they may get damaged. And replace a cord if it is frayed.
Never leave small children alone in the house. Not even
for a few minutes.
Have your wiring and electrical installations, done by a
professional. ,.. .
Store oily rags and paints in a dool place in tightly
sealed metal containers.
Never use flammable liquids for dry cleaning indoors.
Never smoke n bed.
Have a fire drill in your home to be sure everyone knows
what to. din case,of fire. ., ,
NOW, ia ease ot flre:
Most fires.occur between midnight and 6 a. m. So Al-
ways sleep w#your .bedroom door closed. If you 'suspect
fire, feel the top of the door. If it's hot, don't open it.
Escape,,.thru, the window. But first alert the rest of the
household. '
If you can't open the window, break it with a chair.
Cover the rough edges with a blanket and sit on the window
ledge with one leg hanging outside and one inside, and wait
for help.
The phone number of your' fire department should be
taped on every telephone. If it isn't, don't fumble around
. trying to call them.. Call from a neighbor's house.
4'* Once out, stay out. No treasure-not even the family pet,
is worth risking a human life. i,; ," '",.
It took oly .a short time to, read this column. -Was it
worth it? I hope so. God bless.

Go forward Hand in Hand
-' i
to Rescue and Revive Dominica'

The Fifth Annual Convention of the Domi-
nica Freedom Party will take place at Wesley on
Sunday, 34C June 1973 commencing at 10o.oo a0 .


Britain and America may open their purse to injustice but they
cannot salve the wounds of a deserted people. These are wounds
that kings and governments .... and even -the Almighty Dollar
cannot heal.

'How about an .Independent television.
of the government,. by the government,
for the government?'

May I give your readers the benefit of
my very valuable experience? I address this to any woman
who Is "in love" with a married man:
Never expect to see .him on Sundays or holidays.
Never call him at home.
Doq't ever expect him to take you out in Whbie, but
be prepared to entertain-him at your place, He may
bring a bottle or the steaks occasionally, but in
actual dollars and cents you will spend more on him
than he'll spend on you.
Never depend on him in times of personal crisis.
Don't believe him when he tells you his itfe is a
shrew, cold, homely, too fat, or too thi,n and she
hasn't slept with him for 10 years. h n
Don't ever. expect his wife to divorce' hinj-even If
she catches him. She knows that you are nol his first
and won't be his last. Also, she is not aboot to give
up her social status, financial security and retire-
ment income because of you. However, her dis-
covery will probably terminate his affair with you,
so be prepared to get some new clothes, 'rciate,
and find another married man whose wife is a slrew,
cold, homely, too fat for toO thin and hasn't slept
with him for l0Oyeark. Sign me HIS WIFE


Friday June 1, 473)

Ti -'+t-'


l A. A T 1 1 Z M TV Q I A D V -

Dear' editor Pr aise Him
Our :manage .-of Radio Dominica
deserves some praise for the solemn
tune being piqed before and during
the death aAnopacements. We are not
the 'follow fp4ion" type, but we do
realize, it was time the Mead be
given itd.rdue aspectt, and that as
soon as we hear the tune We feel al-
ready what is coming.

This Moving PLAYER was published
,recently ihBOZAILLE-LA. (Catholic
w.e-ekly). Edifo: Father Edward. :
Alexander. .
Tonight, Lord, I an alone,
Little by little the .sounds died down
S-.in the church,
The people went away. And I cane
Shone.)- alone
I passed people Who were returning
fr6"n a' walk.
I wdnt by the cipe&a'tha_ 'was
iisgorging its'ormwd.
l.bunped into yopngs frs pl ayiig on the
footlipath-4 T6uhfsters iord,
Other people's ypungsers' whob ill
S" everr '50 nry own.
Roro I an, Iora, Alone. The ailenoe
S" troubles no
The .olitude oppresocb, no.
Lord, I'n 35 yjrs old,"A body nado
liko others', ready. for' work,
A- hoart noant ;or love, but I'v.c giVna

ato true, of ca~rso, that you nooded
-,- '- it .

. . . .. . .. Ill -- . . .

I'vo given you l,, but it's hard, OeLeoraiea on oauroay, June, Ma
S-- ..... *. rd in the usual manner andi as a ]ublic
It's hard to. giy oi 1's bdy;' it would holiday".
S liko t6 g itcolrto-othcrs. HEADMASTERS S0SS' 7SIT -HOMELAND
-It:', hard to: 1hoepveryooa",d-'bo Philip and 1enrith Bauchamp, sons
... -,. nlio oM, of -well-esteemed eadmaster Beauchamp
It .hard to shao6 a hand-aa hot want o.f.-the Dominica Grammar School which
-*: -: ... 1 it* produced so many splendid scholars
I'*s uhard tob ird"ffoomtioi, ~o 'give dttring.his tenure of office (both
d ... t .to you.' these gentlemean w' Vre born in Dominiba)
It.'s hard o Be b ottling to oenoaqlf in visited their birthplace this week,
order to ba gvorytlafig t-6 others. and stayed'air-Gastaways, oel. "
Its hard to b like others' went moner mga
S:-. : others1 arid.Yto beo'no of then. It's hard to earry others an* nevor,
It's hard always-to give witlioit trying .v o for a nonont, be carried.
tob "rocoivo. It': hard to sustain the fooble and
It's hard to sooek cout others and to. be never be able to lean on one who is"
n sught yourself. -- .stron.
It's hard to Buffer from the sin of It's Hard to be alone, lone boforo
..others, everyone,
and y*t be obliged to hodr and boar tren,,Alone bof6oo 'thewo 0rld;
It's hard to, be told secro' t,and yet he Alono before suffering, death, sin.
A,' unable to share than.

If ~you are, seeking for further
factors on the Dupigny College I
suggest you talk with Miss MbM. a
Secretary, Miss B., 'who was also a
Secretary and is now with a Roseau
firm. Ask the latter why she left.
Enquire also of the staff, es-
pecially Mr.W, who might have much
to say. Find out too, Madam Editor,
why the Government of Dominica
provides a Landraving transport for
the Principal when he has a car,
yet schools all over the island are
crying out for equipment of all
Shbve is much misery at the
"Ghetta, on the hill" (the place is
known by this. name). -I believe it
is so bed the Minister called in a
priest for. spiritual'. advice oin the
enormity of the problem. He was
the Paw, Father W.
It .is- hopeful to all Dominicans
.that your paper has an interest in
tbe miseries and bad running of any
college or school. I ask a question:
Why do these things go unnoticed
by Government?
Your humble servant with a
child, in the college,
MAT ER LLE,, Ro seau .ea...
Many persons in Dominica are
under the impression that Her
Majesty's Official Birthday is no
longer observed in the State.
This impression is false. Her
Maj e sty a Off ic ial B birthday will b

n -b


Pa e Reven

PAGE T H E T-T A Friday ,%B 1, 1973-*
One Up -and One Down is the score P' Although as yet unimpeached, Mr.
every one of the .fo4u=in4ia'rds teams Nixon has had .some very severe re-
as the series final games started on marlks passed on his conduct both by
Thursday., Dominioa,, batting first vs. witnesses and .Investigator at the
St. Lucia in the. Gardens, was hard put Watergate inquiry. The U.S.Presid-
to. reach their score of 248 all-out ent is employing his unusual talents
against 'steady but unexceptional bowl- in foreign. affairs at this time.
ing and excellent fielding. The early List6hors Wiho hoard Daniel Caudeiron's
fall of ,opener Emanuel Charles was a brilliant.commentary on the Watergate
blow .followed by the failure of Irving affair (Radio Dominica, Weds. night),.
Shilling ford for 12 at 28/2, but Seb- don't ,need to know any more at this
astien stayed on like a veteran to scoze stage Daiiol said it all in the .
82 with the help of' Cuthbort Williams most precise, and balanced "stylo. -
(29). The burden was handed-.on to yPhil-
lip and Lafond, who took the score on -gPIGeY COLEeage 1
from. 156 to 212 -aAd the tail Wagged One of the complaints against
for another 36 runsi Phillip'34,Lafond this institution is that technicians
47, Bowling 3/45,1 Thwaites, Sorieux, at P.M.H. had hopes (relayed, a cor-
Boxoff 2 wickets each and Victor Reyes respondent says, through Dr. Watty)
one. St. Lucia 20 for no wickets at of receiving instruction on the free
close. Whoever ,wins this fatch can afternoon and nights of a lecturer.
only win the trophy if St. Vincent los- "We are waiting for our classes to
as; if Grenada loses, St. Vin'aent re- this day". Other courses planned. for
tains the trophy as last year's winner. Barclays Bank (in commerce) have not
A draw ino that match civos itto the materialised, says.-a writer. *That
winner of the Dominica/St.Lucia match. an entire class (-engineering) was
,CRICKET contd. Scores in: the last dismissed on Tuesday when the teacher
two Goodwill match's ord Dominica/
G d ---mnica- was ill although the well-equipped
Grenada: Dominica 393, and 2 runs for library was available for st ad
one wicket. Skipper IrvinG Shilling- th
ford 1.50, ,G. Walsh (young keeperr bats anoer instructor was free, was the
man 71, Lafond 32 and B.Charles 31. complaint of a parent who resent
Thomas Young (fast bowler) 5/68. lss Qf stuy time "because of the
Grenada 231 & 163 Boldow 43,Cummings very high fees we are paying". ,We
73 & 34 topscoror in both innings, and set down these complaints without
A. Roborts 50 no._ .Phillip(D/ca)5/89 c oUen j 0 U...
s1 Lcat. incent: S F .Vincent 'to the ITAR on'having such a good ro-
,37; A lcx K/ g54]and1 1 N.Fidla poot1r as David, who is outspokenly. oe*-
48 Brantford 4/15, Dohll 33,at he sos n 12th -
Frandis 3/43 and V.Roycs 3/2 wore the tic hat he sees. On th
successful Stj Ludia'bowlers. St.Lucia* he condomed the idea of any Carib ro-
245 & 16/0, Conac 34,-'. ihauricotto 34, cciing pay ahd staying away from the
D. Boxhill.39... For st.Vinc6nt, .Adrian ob sayinG he would feeool ashamed 6 ot
King 2/27 and Bonadio-2/47.. a largo salary fromtaxpayers' money and
The final matches in the tournament, stay away from the work.! Such-honourable
stqrtod yesterday (Thursday) in Grenada qualities should be admired. -
and Dominica those islands playing : __ CIVIL SERVA., Port-mouth
hosts to St.Vincent& StLucia(soe top *-NO PAYFROM BANANA ASSOCIATION
tBASIUETBALL: Last Friday, in a slow- After hopes were raised that a skeletal
starting match with very poor shooting staff could deal with pay problems,another
in the first half by two of the top annournemont said that the DBGA dispute
team in the league, Carboni Cardinals was still unrosolvo.
*easily defeated By-Trine Electrons ; Better luck. n .xt week. .
51-26. For Caroni .SLeblanc 15.,C.Roberts STARSPORTS:; S.M.A. Sharks defeated DGS
14"and C..Poters 12. For Electrons, G. by 63-52..pts. For Sharks,A.Dixon 20j,
Daniel 14. The other match did not C.Elwin 15, Charles '13 & E.Royer 12,.
matorialiso and Roseau Concords failed DGS: E.Dalrymple:, 14,GSylvostcr 11 and
to present five players on 'tje court. T.Knight 10,' Thoe: st match did not take
'Bata Pros won by default. f.n Weds. place as SliA Gails once again failed to
nkuht"in a rugged match whole'in players turn up with 5 players. Caroni Cardinals
from,.orosing teams were put off the- won by default..._... .
court referee Desmond Blanchard THE GREEK .ICTARC.Eowa abolished FriHda
PrI--b 6SPublashead .fby t0 Proprietor, If.wnr 1 ai ab iv awP V n a*-i *
Robert E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill House at 2b Bath Rd.Roscau Dominica Wosu Ed-ioq