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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Mr, Jane ow the1
Litrarian, -. .
Reaeaft h Ins ttutqA %
the Stady of Ian, IWO&'
r 6-;st 78 Streetv-
New Yo.r, 1002t, N_,1
JU. S ,A.edia Represntative:
hirnebr (London) L i. nit te.
122 Shaftesbury Ave, W I lEditor: P1



Friday. MBLYJ

DOMINICA Banana Growors Association workers
may return to vork on Monday if their griev-
ance can be resolved by' Govt.-appointed one-
man Commissioner Dr. N.J.0. Liverpool. The
dispute, spearheaded by the Dominica Amalga-
mated Workers Union, aroso out of the dis-
missal pf employee GordOn. Because there
was no staff to process payrolls, Banana-
Growers had to do without cash this wooek *
A.C. SIAlLLINGEOID'S was briefly closed down
by unusual strike actio;p earlier, whon, the
firms workers acted to persuade Management
that they wished to switch Unions from DAWU
to WA&.W (Concluded on page 10).
TWO English Noblemen dogradod thoir rank
iand calling by association with prostit-
utes, causing a. U.K. Govorndiont crisis.
They Woro Lord Lambton, a Junior tfoncno
Minister, and Lord Jollicoo, "Loader of
the Lords and llad of the Civil Servico.
Both resigned, denying that British soc-
urity was endangered by tfitir behaviour.
P.M,. loath answered in the House to PROBlti.



Driving his car homo from Castaways on
Thursday night, Major C.R. Thompson,
Attorney of L.Roso-Schwoppoa horo, auf-
fored irroparablo hoad injuries when tho
car wont off the road, and died in P.M.IH.
a few hours later. Throe passengers with
him wore injured. (Continued on page 10)
,- ^ ^ .- -- -- = --,*



All Farmers and Banana Growers are urged to be
at Wesley oi Sunday May 27th, 10.3o a m.
Much more has to be done!
Why were White House and cam-.
'- / paign officials allowed to deceive the public,
for so long?
Why did 'Nixon by his own account wait
until 21 March to start a proper investi-
gation? .
When did he first hear about the bugging.
himself? Did he really not know of his
aides' involvement before 21 March? If not,
how could he have been so stupid?
Why did he surround himself with such
unscrupulous men in the first place?
How can his judgment (if not his word)
ever be taken'seriously again?

A Review by the book
Eric Roach i at

'The Commonwealth Institute and the
National Book League invite entries for the
Commonwealth Poetry Prize .1973.
The 250 Prize is awarded .annually for a
first book. of poetry in English published by
an author from a Commonwealth country
other than Britain. See Page 3.

Vol. XVI No. 21

c 1.1 .1 ~y- I~ILI~~

I --L-- - --- - --- --~-i


Page Two T H E S T AR \ Friday, jy 25, 1973
Last week T'painted a rather gloomy'picture of wha Dominica would
be like if those in charge did not listen to the advice\of the experts
to whom the taxpayers have paid good money (in that Case Shank:and Cox
Associates). It is unfortunate that Dominica. has a long tradition of
ignoring the advice of experts, especially if the advice is pald for.
Free advice is moQxe often followed "and I regret to state my view that
some of the free advice paid for by United Nations funds is often medioome
... or wasted. Remember Dr. Moritomo? .
I had intended to start this column with a tribute to Mr. C.A.Maylard
whose sensible words printed -inthe often illegible contemporary Labour'
paper certainly seemed worthy of better display. Civil Servants on con-
tract roused a shout of "WHY NOT" in nearly every quarter particularly.
now that top Civil Servants make no bones about running everything, not
just writing the speechas;' but dictating the policies,.
But I feel bound to return to my ecology theme because of certain
social disclosures made to me which alarm me for the future of this'
magnificent land. (Even Ministers' and Civil Servants, wives-and friends
talk d l at times). I have been given to. understand that 'Premier
Leblanc has no real enthusiasm for the National.Park idea which would -
lead to a better life for Dominicans and for better and healthier holi-
days for people of other lands who are prepared to pay. Why? Because
Dominica might be flooded with white people: I certainly hope that
the Premier will contradict this eavesdropped .impression, while agents
of the Tourist Board are working like beavers to bring in touristic trade!
Another alarming rumour, and I am bound to state that it is more than a
rumour, is that in the greed to achieve royglties from timber-outting o
operations (Dom-Can owes, I believe, some $29,000 for royaltie; and
is maintained in receivership in the hope of getting some cash for the
Treasury), by credible informants (who are several) state that at least
four groups are interested in the revival of the chopping down of our
forests, including a multi-millionaire Southern Republican whonre Iwill
call Mr. ,Z. And I learn that he has been more or less promised a contract
by a Minister, and that backing this particular timber scheme are
a top member of the Tourist Board (strangely enough'), one of Dominica's
most eager company promoters and a eulogistic and ambitious civil servant.
These people support the Minister in his drive to set up an industrial
concern like Dom-Can on a grander scale before the' next general election.
Or so I have been told. The Venezuelans, as I'iew beforehand, had of-
fered/assistance in setting up a less predatory concern: perhaps some-
thing which would provide Dominicans at home with timber and lumber for
their buildings. But timber for exploit,.? Hoakd your hand, Mr4Minister .
don't dare to sign without consulting the public and the HouseAMs Walter J.
Hickel wrote (STAR, May 11): "These judgments must be reached with the
help of public hearings..." Any tree-cutting contract should provide
heavy penalties for "clear cutting" and specific instructions for "selectit
cutting", in this land of few beaches and magnificent forests.
Some people say, in ignorance of the facts, that Dominica is not
suffering from pollution or any other faults that a National Park could
rectify, but they are wrong. Take as a start the.Roseau Valley where 150'
ft. cliffs rise up to Morne Prosper. These cliffs are mostly soft sand-
stone and pumicite4 It has probably taken several million years for the,
Roseau River to erode away that 150 ft., say an erosion rate of an inch
every huxidred years; yet in the last 20 years the Roseau River level has
fallen nearly 20 feet. This is erosion in a big way. Every heavy rain-
storm around the headwaters brings down a spate --waters moving at high
speed, filled with top soil and important mineral salts vital for agric-
ulture..This lost material comes from steep slopes which are cultivated
(against the advice of the Agricultural Department) in bananas (forest
trees, bush, and mulch of dead leaves having been removed) --thus allowing
the rainwater to run off fast, taking width it all the soil nutrients: but
never mind, the DBGA may replace it with chemical fertilizer:).
(Concluded on page Four) 2

Frida~ MaM2~. 973


Paae Three

HC-V.?. R. N, I A I R L SD

bm y :G.B,Giraud by Man Tickle (Swiss Press Review)
I a hiti The Rhodesian journalist, Peter Niesewand, has
A hitc-hiaker been released from jail; and there seems little
Qn ny -way -doubt that international indignation has had a lot
oBetweeo to to do with it. This is also reflected in the fact
oin ime that similar indignation has been muoh more muted
One i- ng with respect to the 120 African political prisoners
.The oegi.ning still in detention in six Rhodesian camps and
The, ojiher.
Is th' e .plEdprisons. .
In bef ^een The operative word is 'detention'. These Afri-
yon ~eYre cans are not men serving sentences for common law
oway crimes. Such sentences -may have been passed upon-
Calliruged some of them previously, but these are kept in
Ca l, detention after their sentences have been served,
Deast i Their only hope in the future is for an end to the
Call Smith regime, and Peter Niesewand counts among them
What ypi may. "many. df'.the.uture political leaders of Rhodesia".
I a. A full list .o .such detainees has, recently been
A hitch-hiker published by Amnesty .International, and the most
n.. y .ay* shameful aspect of it is the number of times it
contains te mention: ."Detained aIter serving a senteiice for a political
offence". On the other hand, some of the people on the list hav6 been
detained wIthout any form of..trial for over a decade .
Niesewand gives a detailed account of what it is like to ,le imprison-
ed in Rhodesia; and each. step .of the way he shows uS how much better it
is; to be a -white man than an African: "I had a bed, for instance... My
hegrt sank when I saw it,. but 1 was very glad I was. a white man, The
lowest cla 6Pf African detainee does not get a bed but a felt mat on .
the floor' ,
This Is happening in a- country :which claims to be in the forefront
of the struggle af "the free, world" 'against Communism; and& those in ,1ail
ame Citize.' of the United Kingdom and Colonies.

Collecttpns4 of poems, published A. two- ago.'bmr.ondum was scnt._- oh
between 1-.t .July 1972 and 30th June. romier .and Ddnist6i for Lo-a:l Goveram
1973 are qligible.l Five copies; of month pir locall Govt.' mission, Hr.
-book submited'-should be ,sent to The S.V.Josoph, ;by ir' W*S,.tovens, ex m6mboe
Librarian, opommonwealth Institute, for Mar=got which severelyy criticisdoa...
,Kensington Iigh Street, London W8 Govt., for aoblaring Miirigot or an~ybothor
6NQ England', 'to arrive not later Villagoa towh., (a controversial issruae
than 30th Jie .1973, A brief account involving mdonoyf without having 'uci ..an"
of the life cf the, -author; giving, issue brouiidit- ofoo,-arliamen't. 2
place of birth and present address,, basic amahitioi"' Tby -ownships sAhould i a
wouldbe, appreciated. studio '.aii& d c, nidcii'& idi or. any
The winner of the Prize will be decision. isa takoii b ~i Dominicaz Govt.,
announced a.t 'the opening of the to doclar' or croat*. tow iahips, says
Commonweallii Book Fair 1973 at the Mr. Stovoneh. -I."iarlgot, aj. in other
Commonweal ix InatItute on Tuesday villago.'- to :bo"doclhrod towno, many
September ,, 1973. anonitico&air -laci. g and doploraK1a con-
S HURDES RECEIhT. DEVELOP R ditions. 6xcins"" thirtgh lack of Fuidt. and
Ono of t e aesassins of the late Mr. through th6 =Iack id~iicaa. attitude of
Eric Raw-le'ri found dead on a beach in the Domianica Government, '
St.;Vincent,, shot in the chest. More Tbody i&" going to accept:L-'
onqirie ap stil going on.' **********. Government.t.~'rni3io 'to provide baoic
h A4t1iua4-.p garage riechanic was anonitio' .t erv ds .
arroatod *& charged with the..aurder. of a' o r.Stevonaed ono 6f tho. bbal:o
wealthy Engish w1idow. -*.***1***** nition. To |ownolii .asich as. proper
and= afe waror 'supply; ad[quato' 3Ero pro io ry 0a ipar rpxtald
a. abcondaryt'ohool; a narzket including acilitibi' fl bachinjg boats so 60aon-
tial. in a. fishing village; proper postal facilities; .i-opor. sanitation; adequate
nateet lights & electricity to cover the ownship ; a Town Hall **


ANGER TM THE LADs ,p'27 Sec or "THE EIGHT TOITGO1" by Alyixi ArnantrnZ
Still in the Roseau Valley, let us When I hoard over Padio. Dominica
look at an estate near Roseau which in that eight villages will bo declared
1954 was producing a record quantity of towns, I did not. place much cphasci
firs -clasr;lime-juice "and distilled on the word declared. But after giving
lilmee'oil. The accountant mentality omn thought to theidea, I B aid to
Xbved in aoon after and, using arith co myself either .someone is cdpletely
and geometry the estate was replanted, crazy or the State of Dominca, ic
any varieties of plant other than limes crazy. ITpvertholssa, knowing that the
grubbed up- breadfruit, nutmeg, lemon, annual seminar of village o9uoils
immortelle lime- replanting at the would take place in May, I.0 90 xctpd
closest 'economic' intervals -- no waste that this important matter would be
space, no confusion. 'The factory'was placed on thE agenda for discussion.
revamped to take the expected new, But, to ay gohat .surprise and that of
greatly increased production, and then all the other del6gatos, this a'l-
,,.by 1965 the juice per acre of lime important matter was nowhere to be
field ,had fallen..well below the 1955. found on the agenda. 'Howevqr ~it ia
figure.., But -why? After all, although -informna;"got-togothor, the jeloghtes.
the, newly planted, fields had been inter- unanimously decided it was imperative
cropped with bananacs,plenty of artifi- that thi, matter be discuspQd at the
cial chemical fertilisep hda been sup- seminar. The commissioner Mr S.V
plied, the Weeda; had beon kept down Joseph t6 whom it was put, .admttod
with:v edicide,. the fungus with fungi- that he was not"dufficientl. informed
cide, the citrus borers with insecticde to lead a discussion on the matter,
Owners decided to shut doWn the estate: Since the commissioner was unale, the
government-thought-it ua terrible be- only well-informcd' person wis lth o
cause vo. sors weroe thrown out of work Promier, whb by a stroke of gqod for-
(but they got fair severance pay); -so tune was thor6 in person for ti formal
Government asked a 'comittoo of experts opening coremonbhy. Naturally, h was
to tell, tem if Management wap. justi- asked to: givol ome oxplanations of .
fiba in "shutting down th6 ostat6. The his declaration of'the eight towns on
experts paid, apparently, "Yes", but 3rd of ,ovomber, 1973.
the report was never published. Govern- ,Amidst some vague and poantloes
mount bought thQ land for a housing reasons give by the Premier, was,
estate along with most of St.Aroment. that it hurts his vor.y human and seni-
BXth & Emall 'have -lain fellow now for tiveheart 'to know that poo peol'e had.
three years .and some 40.br 50 oxttle to go to Rosdau"several tiMes to cash
have fed .on the pastured... So Wh,?..Just a small voucher; so, when the villages
oc'ology. The Balance of katuroe was will be towns, therewill bb ub- .
upset. .In earlier times the'limes .wore treasury. lie has so ofter suceedoa~
fertilized with horhe minure- soft to brain-wash in like mannoe, he had' n
garbage was collectedd'ad cmpsted time to' think. 1i'ht he was th voyone
andthe .growing of Tephrdosa between that had d6c 6 ed and estab4sted 'the
the trees (Tophrosia is a low pea bush voucher syst6'. A oouncll th6ni asked
(lXoguminouax). which tkes ,the nitrogenn, him 'if ncaing village a tOwn` i the
"fr6o the air andixen" it soluble necosary an sufficiont condition to
nitrates in the soil as a fortilisoer'); put a sub-treasury in that ... age,
he ooes, wasps :(jack spani4rda) and This simple and reasonable oestion
thor insects.pollinated the' flowers from, the well-thinking chairman o the
and the tap roots -did not have to go fax Colihaut village council, wa powerful
for water, By' 1965' the 'watb table enough to 'hkeC-the Premier .pit pou ther
(level) had dropped, 'the' woedic.idE had crud- anl as' he realy h4 it6. h
killed the tophrosia, the ihlseotiaide. mind: in a nansnero roan, So it ha
(and .the banana leaf-spot 'sprhy) had written, so lot it: be done
killed the pollinating insects, the : The 'Proriier who had only cone for the
iguanas .and abaloros which kept the opening cereoh0nv wY si happy t' put an end
insectn'.in balance wore. dead fro=mDDT to the-discssioii. He'again mado a last
and the treeor, which wero not limes and dclaration, that.is, :tbllij4 the deol
which had kept the boS 'and wasps. in gato t-iha-'l S.V.Joeph "wb,.the nigh-
honey when the limeso iere .not flowering before id admi-ft--edd "be nfmu,-
had all been cut down, and Ko birds san* .*. (C0oncluded on pago
The mineral phosphate' 'drinoedoff int. the river poisoning the fish, .the. kilar
sprays decimated the insects and birds, the water'lovel dropped below the root'"
system of the limes and naturally production sank.' That in my view, readerd. is
the lesson called Ecblogy.. So don't anyl civil servant or other promoter tell you
that "it can't happen here". It has and it will still, if the people don't act
to.prevent the rape of natural resources. * .

'iday, May 25, 1973


With reference to the current cir
culation of the SPECIAL'"ULLETIN by the
recently launched group-'OD.D,' (Oper-
ation Discover Dominiac')', I think that
it is overtime that somethinhG be done
about the conditions of prison life
which affect our yquth. If tho Govern-
mont decides to do 'bthiih aboutiit, or
is grossly .unconcerned3 why cand' our
people help to start doihg something
wonderful for our straying youngsters
all over the island?
The general public oan bo asked- to
send in their generous contributions
for suoh a-worthy cause, to some speci-
fiad placa(a bank). This sutmchn be
presented to Government, who then ,just
can't turn down the efforts of our
people in trying to'build better citi-
zens for'this State,
It is, however, useless to 'select a.
sito near Her Majesty's Prison, because
it will only brloavin-one bad thing to
return to another,stiBvoj we expect the
delinquents to be better equijpod for
lifo when they loave, than whan they
The public should take a full stand"
in" the appeal for a Roefrm School, for
whether or not we are presently directly
aff cted, the BuIAblini. reminds "Who
knows, the next Ken or Joseph may he
your own .son, t
Dear Editor, banana Growers Complain
The Banana Growers in Dominica have
boon complaining of tho'incompbtence of
selectors at Boxing Plants. As far as
efficiency is conornod, the selectors
are doing a splendid job at those plants
in as much as they are nbt trahihd.
In every field of life, men who are
employed to do a specific job are usual24
well trained, and so they. can prove them-
selves capable of doing the job.
We often hear of meetings attended by
Boxing Plants Supervisors and others of
this nature; -thereis not onho instance
that at least a senior selector is in-
vited to attend meetings pertaining to
this job, in order that the Association
can receive what is expected from the
selectors. I think it is high time that
the authorities concerned do something
about recruitment of their seloctors, for
they can't, be blamed if they -aro hot
trained. ..
CECIL ST. JRUA, T1ahhcut;-."

i~.-_ __C--- --- ----- L ----- CeCMrr---C-------;I~3

.L-.EI.tA..D BABY SHOW 1973- -
79 finalsisi --9'over last year.4s 7Q*
Judged 1i 3--classes.
Class 14. 3 6 month.
Class 24 7 12 months;
Glass 3: 13 -.-24 months
Judging criterion:
(a) Skin Condition
.(b) IIe '.t-1Te'gt and Nutrition
(c.). Organs systems
(d) Motor function
(e) Psychological function
No.1 of eacj6claas awarded ae. cup. All..
winners received certificates and pried;.
GVERALL CHAMPION'-"Btaby of the Yearr was-
Burke Vidal of Portsmouth who received the
SCF shield as well. His mother MNiss Venia
Green distributed prizes;and awards after
a very stiff competition, witnessad. by a .
large appresiative crowd.

Dr. Djorian Shillingford an4 BrEdward
Armour spoke briefly,

Please remind all the People and
Churches 'of our State that every
last Saturday in the month 6f I
May each year, is the DAY OF
PRAYER for the State of Dominica,
Devout Dominican.

We have now received another letter
lodging complaints about the admin-
istration of this College, and
specifically about the Principal.
This time the letter was signed,
Grievances are (a). attitude to the
teachers "he treats them like chil-
dren" (b) prejudice (c) lack. of-
classes in agriculture and. a number.
of other points. The'letter calls for
aGqvernment enquiry & new appointment,
e are b6und to say that we have
not heard anything else to substan-
tiate these complaints.

To Contributor Andra Pom niqTTuo. your--
verces are very interesting .though some-
whatuneven in quality. Weo are consider-
what van best be done with them.-P.S.A.-

S T A R age Five
THE EIGHT TOGS'"-r fr. Mri.Jooeph would.
enlighten the delegates, (oad. t :.
?Prnier.)., he being a nonbor of the con-
I hope that those fcts will help hobt
peoplee to realize how difficult it can be
ror the councils to ,co-operate faced with
;his total lack of'7participation and in-
rolvement by centrl, government.
I will end"hero in rcninding the
?ronier of thoeseo things; (1) That he can
lover fool all the people all the tine
rith or without a Pundit. (2) That
starvation has transformed the people of,
;ho State into dissatisfied, frudtratod
.md angry population. (3) That ho'is
lover successful with Declarationa.

FrFdav. May 25, 1973


14-passenger bus
can also be used as goods vehicle
all new tyres.
No reasonable offer refused.
Apply The Manager, The Royal Bank of Canada,
Roseau. ,/ 4z


require the services of a Plant Manager to
control the production operations and plant
maintenance of the two companies. Appli-
cants should be in possession of a Diploma
in Production Engineering from a recog-
nised University, and have had at least
five years practical experience in Plant
Maintenance and Auxiliary Services.
Applications should be made in writing to
the General Manager, Dominica Coconut
Products Ltd,. P.O. Box 18; Belfast, Dom
inica, not later than the 31st May 1973.
Salary and terms of employment will be
commensurate with qualifications and ex-
perience of applicant. 94-S4t

_ ~___ ---- _IPF-~




w w w c w

Over zooo Pairs of Shoes reduced by up to o50 .to make
room for New Arrivals.

Get yours Today -.There's something
entire Family, at

for the




-- I

Write for free Bible Correspondence
Rev. James L Van Hecke,
St Joseph Baptist Church,
St. Joseph, Dominica 79-c

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notinrt
thereon and Caveats for week ending 19th day of May, 1973.
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noctng
thereon or Caveat.
Request dated Agatha Floretta Request for the issue
6th February Gordon of a First Certificate
1973. of Title in respect of a
Presented 15th by her Solicitor portion of land known
May,1973 at as a lot in Marigot,
9.10 a.m. Vanya Dupigny in the Parish of St.
.___ __ .. ...__ ..Andrew, in the State
of Dominica, contain-
ing 7,890 square feet
and bounded as fol-i
North A Public Road, East A Poblic Road,
South land of Mathias Brown & josephine Nelson.
West land of Liburd James.
Registrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau, Dominica, Acting Registrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
In this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining,
and in respect of which the 1lication Is mae,

~-------_I~- __ __ _



Ruler ini Hroona

S o m e Caribbean
,eacers will find Rpler
in HirooDa positively
hilarious because it is
so close to the reality
of' their own poli~icas
experience. c
The novel is so gpoo
that it gives one th
feeling that our yqung
West Indian fiction i(
really thrusting 'ouW
roots and spreading it
branches. Thomas reallN
explores new ground.
J -t other i sl a I
aqvelist : cept V. S;
ANaipaul, and partially,
in "The Mimic Men"
has worked the area of
political experience in
which so few European
writers have been able
to succeed.
Thomas' success is
due, to his apparently
intimate knowledge of
politics and government
on his own tiny island
which he chooses to
.call Hiroona.
But the goings on in
this mythical parish are
so much like those on
s o min e neighboring
islands that it might he
any real territory one
hoo0ses to name.

However, the locale
is ihe leasi of it. Wbat
makes the novel is the
character of the central
figure, Jerry Mole.
Thomas makes him
his own antagonist, and
when he becomes the
great trade union and
political leader, hbe is at
once the leader and
enemy of the people and
of the country.

"I had to make pro-
vision against such a
disquieting eventuality.
There were only two
ways in which this
could be done; lay up
treasures in the bank or
late (when I had fully
established myself in
power) introduce state-
of-emergency l a ws
which would give me
authority to lock up or
neutralise any oppose.
tion which might arise,
and thus crystallise my
position a's -lead of a
one-party Government
The story is that
Mole, an unemployable
drifter drifts into trade
unionism and politics
just before the island's
fist general elections,
presenting himself to
his poor and illiterate
cpuntrymen. as their
Messiah, Criticism seems
to fall on the Imperial
system which kept
colonial subjects in
ab ject poverty and

tthe Caribbean. Mole, w a't ching
I labourerss in a field be-
AHe doesn't knock fore his elevation tj
-anything. He merely pow r grasps the defect
shows how, in the! tq fQ e system and sees
Caribbean context, jhel hcw he can exploit it.,
system may be abused
by men of low cunning "It is going to be al
and to what lengths hell o1 a job Jeadnmg
people are prepared to these bare-fool. sweaty,
go in order to stay in, ignorant people, but
power. their ignorance, is my
main asset I have read
B u t to awaken a book on leadership.
Hiroona was the last F have never taken a
thing I wanted to do ; coarse in politics or
1for I could picture what government.
would happen to me
when a younger, better -'i have never even
educated generation of seen & book on the
Hiroonians sprang up,' damn thing, but this is
looked around. and saw' the convenient and
people like me and encouraging thing about
Smallnmilk and Claude West Indian politics (in
Mason and Sonia and: the early 50's) : you
Joe Pittance running the -need no proper school.
country." ing to practise it..


Friday May 25, 1973

Fortunately, a f t e t
many crimes and ma-.
chinations he manages!
to destroy himself aindi
the story ends with thibe
promise. of saner leader-!
Through Mole,
Thomas sets a deep'
irony at the heart of
the story.
It is a sort of black
joke that this near
psycopath, like any mad
hereditary monarch, can,
in this day and age,
reach the highest seat
of power in a country
not by thuggery as say
Hitler and Mussolini
did, or by force of arms
jike Napokea, but
through the legitimacy
of the vote.
But Thomas does not
mock the British heri-
tage of democracy and
the electoral system in

"You just read *n
occasional newspaper
shake hands, perhaps
cry at a 'neral or two,
make the kind of noises
that would ingratiat.
you with the masss,
vilify the Government,
the planters, the colonial
office in Britain and
imperialism. Yeou then
start the union of the
'poor down trodden
people., And. you arW
home on the ranee.'
Using this stratagem
the drifter shifts to the
highest post in his island
in a single step.
And it is on hat,
pedestal kbat he even-
tually comes to the
parting of the ways
with himself, his wife,
the union, the party and
his friends.
Simple honest Jqp Pit-
tance, the king-maker who
set his feet on the road tO
greatness and who is reluc-
tanily forced into the role
of his antagonist rells him
to hie face:
"And perhaps one of these
days you may become a
politician; but all you is now
is a funny little bwaEna.
hiding behine vote power."
In his 14 years in power,
Mole makes money for him.
self by devious means,
flouts the law, corrupts
public servanta, disregards
party and trade union alike,
wreaks mad vengeance on
those who oppose him, abuse*
the country and the same
poor folk who elected him tQ
To us in the Caribbean.
this is hardly news,
Pittance Ie 1 '9lered *
be reader as the boaest
nan of the people. tb6 4sa
f thet future of ihe Band*
Xnd probably the real bae-
if the Atory.
honest folk have 4lwa*Y&
isen up to strBrgli 4gair$
leaders who have disappolt-
d, deluded and oipresed
bemn. i


Sasy may a .

The Fifth Annual Convention of the Domi-
nica Freedom Party will take place at Wesley on
Sunday. 3rd, June 1973 commencing at 1o. oo amn.
(2) All members of the Party are reminded to
take along with them their membership Card. Ar-
rangements will be made to enable arrears of sub-.
scription to be collected, also an opportunity will
be allowed to persons wishing to become members
of the Party before the commencement of the pro-
veedings Those possessing Party Badges should
wear them at the Convention.
(3) Members in the rural areas will contact
the!i Party Agents. Members and supporters in
Roseau and closely related areas wishing transport
will meet outside the Herald Office on Sunday
morning. Buses will depart from that point at
7.30 a.m.
(4) Friends and supporters of the Dominica
Freedom Party are cordially invited to attend the
open Session of the Convention,
Go forward Hand in Hand
to Rescue and Revive Dominica

Wolf Power Tools
Portable Mini Mules

and of course

., ,,,. /\' '

One 3 ton, 32-passenger
Recent Engine Overhaul s Cash Offors Only
Truck in Rosaou, Monday May 28
Chock out at Star Office

- -- -.7ri-41



Thinks Dominicans
Spend Too Much For Cars.
(And We're Doing Something About It.)

Our Viva gives You a Lively Engine, Com-
fortable Ride, Room for Four People to Travel
in Comfort and Style. Test Drive One Yourself;
or Better Yet, ask MR. REGGIE ELIE. We're
Not Keeping Our Fingers Crossed.

Sole Agents:




A.C. Shillingford & Co
Car Accessories Dept.


I- ~ ill, ril

---- --- ----- ~---

111 1 I I

I i i i i i

Ekl 1973

WI4~4A May

-A.*-s & .W .. 99 IG7 -


SWorkshop solar array wings

fail to extend. Mission jeipar *z

Sky'l a
1",':/*f l^ .B

' that is without sin among you,
IMt him first cast a stone ...

I '

Pare Nine

Oul in spice he pio',cwer-starved
Sky'lab i. continuing to circle
the earirh e'vev v 3 mini'(s it
a nc.ir-pertect orbit 27-1 mines
The big L'liliie happencild WLith-
in lo minlutei o'f ill-of t when
a thii ai luniini iinil ,hii d,
':ignecid to' prutlect ai i.irnauls
Chi;e.> Cainiid. dJoseph Ke:'n
anld P Juil Weitz., was damnag,(O.
It w,.s caused by v.iolem! vibr..-
tion. f .I, n 'I Sa it i roi ) ti"
eritlnes and t.'Ih: da m;T'e pre-
vcn'. le .. .-.1'tlr poe.td':":--.u.:,, (f'r:o
igei;r,.tif lecLtric '.tyv I '.tr the
Sun-ftromi op('oing pioperly. *.:
Many people wondered wh.y
n,e of tili austronaiits Just
couldn't step into space and free
thile solar panels manually.
NASA officials replied tbat
the crew hadn't been rained for
such a space walk. The ulmbi-
li3cl cord that carriess their
oxygen and power wouldn't
reach the panels comnfoft.ably
anld there wa., danger tUhat sharp
metal from t(::e torn cover could
slice lrhrough a space suit.
Messing around
And a NASA engineer ex-
plained that ea.h of the one.
(on panels is actuated by ex-
plosive devices "anlld we (don't
want thCem mCssia' aroitnd In a
si4tation thiat hazardous."
Optimin lic scientists said they
might find a way of- restoring
lost power fronm the two panels.
Apollo's fuel' cells-a Britulls
invcntioh- could lye used to boost'
the half-power Sk;lab.
The shield trouble. have
reduccil the cliinces of s.iucues
of a full eight.-.month flight for
Sklytal?, said prograunie director
William Schneider t.oday..
The cover prolcelsc the crew's
pr'ssiri.cu liv'ingt and 'Working
qliartce; i. l being punctui'ed
by -'-pac partic'les.

---- I

' '




Pago Ton T H E S TAR Friday, May 173: ..,
S-*-.T*AFR*S*P*0*R*T*S Morchriston M~JOR. TOiESOION DIE, (fr.11 "
..icth Major "IRd.n Thombraon was a. greatly
oeD/CA AGAIN FAYJ TO S-.VINCENT liked and. n ospctd'hanber of th rcon-
Thia opening natch6s h tlhe. WindWard nuniity tin .:hiicK-'ho had lived for mnalny
tslands Gaodwill Tourhianent though. off years. A Letibed -Zy Major (RASC.). he
SIto late atrtV ned. a wll within the waE. President of the Doninica. Lgigon
-ouar dayms withGrenada. triubphing over- (B.C.E.S .L.) aad hator0ing was one of *his
3tLuuia. in,'at.Lucia.in less than three hobbies.- -IlL wife Jodan, who like 0her
dayas and7.Rt.Vincont for the third year husband has contributed much to ciic,
running defeating Dominica by lunch on nodical aCd-axt ibros, and their only
thoe.fouxth ..dy inSt.Viincoht. mon are left berof-t and we of tei.oSTnl
Rob.orts of Gronada soorod the first tender bur deep sympathy inc th loas of
century this year (101~ .ainst St. this: jut hd* kihd citizen who had made
Luoia, S.ores in that natch wore:- Doninica his honeo. .....
St.Luaia. 186 and45, *EFraitbs 71 n.o.
For Grenada Mitchell 6/54' & 3/10. The. thro "iju ad ien in the' crih
1urray 4 wkts and Clovey 3 wkts in the were' HTgo Asahra n', onard pObpaiid'
match. Gronada 321;- Rblorts 101 n.o. and Gyril Vboln whoi- weint bbo
Gunning. 65 &. HWilIianm 30. 'Bowling hospital. o' of them were badly injured.
for t.Lucia1 V yo 6/9o4, *. LEuancia JAA K GOVERNORGEcERAL
3/62. Grenadawon by an inning and. 90 Apphtithent of Mr.Florizel GlaCppole
u Ins. (ex-l4inister of Education) to be Governor-
boroes in the Doninicna.tVincont General of 'Jaiiica, has received wida-
rm.tch, Dorinioan.194.& 201. B.,Gharleos spread acclaib, in which we join a# -
31, C.Willians 40, GShillingford 52 frio2nda bf *ih3 ho recognize hi: great
no., EChalo 40 NIPhillip 41.. integrity and ability.
Most successful bowir "for S't. Vincent
was young Adrian King who took 6 wkts MILTARf HOOITbtES FQR MAtOR T DOPS
in the match, -.. .. After a. funeral horvido in the An lican
SStkVincont 232 & -86/4, Buto 55 & 28, Chbhch this afternoon, attended by full
Findlay 50, Alex King 29 4 50 and G. military parade, at his own request the'
Broirn 41. Bowling fdr Dorinica, body of the late C.R.Thopsaon was.: buried
G.Shillingford 1/41 & 1/29, N.OIhillip at sea.'
4/4G &.1/27, G.Iafond 1/16, .K.Laurent
2/77 & 2/48 and E.Anth6ony 2/42 & 1/42. STRIKES IN DOMINICA (fr.D.l))
3hn 40-over R~bthir's Kbockout matches Slhillingf6rds behaved entirely corroctly.,
St.Iuicia. and Donihioaqiualified for the stating it was-oah inter-Union argument '
findala.to be played soto placo and tine which should" bo -ottlod as. such. '*But durt-
to be named. Tho'2 previous yoars, St. ing the absoico of Gen. Sec. A.FJoeph,
Vincent won that trophy ani this year DAWU apparently accede to the' takeover by
is only the third year- for that con- WAWU -, whicli~agrodioient Mr. Joscp5reopud-
prtition. aScoroes w6:~oeS'I.Lucia/Grenada iatod'oni his return.(3 Exoc.nenbqrd signed):
Grttada. 172. St,0iifi: .re6pIibd with The roal feucd is between DAEIJ 4hi"tho
176/5. St.Vincent ac6rod'a. moagre 112 Minister of"IHono Affairo, Mr. Patrick
losing 4 quick wick6ts~for 17 runs. John, who' althouGh not an Exoc..Oqfficor
imiiniuca- bowling, G',Shillingford"2/22, of W1'JU. isc till a T,U. activist,. DAX
Niphillip 2/17, GIId6ind'1/18, Di.Abrahan thinks (in our viow, rightly) thlt the
1/1.1, G.Walsh 1/19..and. I.Shillingford whole thig is par'i of a p6oitieal can-
1/6. Doainica.113/8-'-Ihillingford- pain towards the next general. oloection.
358. hore wore 4 runouts on Dominica-'s No Miniator with powers over Labour should
i-nings]. .- .. ' over be deeply. involved. in the .Trado Un-
S'DILLL ON CIC K: .Theoinhdwiard TIlands ion riovemont. He cannot help being par-
Goodwill Toirnaohnt ."cohtihuid with tisan. D.'WU has accordingly not out a
foninica.vs., Grenada.in.Gonada yester- "vote bf no cenfidonce" in the Minister
aeyA Irving Shillingford,. Skipper, hit of Hone Affairs through its special issuo
a splendid V150, and Ualsh. .(who partnered of EXPRESSION, 'oe' of the STAR-will have
hin)scored T tal .fo Don-i d- ore to say on thic ved ubjoc. ****
On Friday after lunch, orena-d na sRd noro td ay on' this vexed subJc.t. *
50 for two by Press tine, Cunnmmings 27. AFRICAIT LIBERAITION D 1: onnica JAYCEES
DCEare in faVrour of the celebration but with-
GRENADA INDEPENDENCE: isis ill a frwfi h c .
vague natter, and silonco -hhb descended dreaw from.th 1cUl march which wan i arti
since Gairy returnedliomez ,no Opposition di0eot *,-i ainstcortain organisatioe on
vie. allowed on radio i route. .hey do not believe ih minority
vi lwd fai -- 3 rimination"of any kind. An we6 hope
Printed & published by the Proprietor,
R'E#Allfroy of Mill HouoeCopt Hall, at marchers are aware'of Idi Anin's cruelty '
26 Bath Rd. Roseau, Doninica, -eost Indie to follow Afrioansa, at home and outside.