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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: 05-18-1973
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Mrs 4< Jane Lowdnthal, |
rLjlbrarianf, r
Research Institute for .
the Study of Man~ 261a
162 East 78 Stree{,,-e:
New York 10021, N.Y.
U.S.A. bury Ave, W. I. 'ditor: -

Shot down by assassins at 7.30 last Friday
night, Hon. Cecil Eric Rawle son of the
pioneer federalist, and acting A. G. of St..
Vincent, died soon afterwards in hospital.
He named one of his attackers while dying,
and an exhaustive manhunt was set in
Mr. Rawle was buried with State honours;
notables of the region flew in to attend.
This outrage has horrified the public
throughout the islands.
Vincontian Police. offer $3,000 reward for
information loading.to the killers; and
tracker dogs are being uaod in tlh hunt.


Uneasy Situation
.WHILE Premier Gairy was in London trying
to finalise "go it alone" indopndence
for Gronada, everything came to a stand-
still in thiat State during mid-werooe&,l
Grenada was literally cut off from the
outside world. All'shops savo onb closed
in the bigger. tonxs, omployee7 in coEm-
munications sorwrios asty4d howo, trade
unionists joined in, AlI this was in
protest not at the idea, of independence
but at tho timing and wwamior of svch an
vent, UK Minister Joseph Godbor aakod
Gairy if heo had a clear mandate from his
pooplesho replied "I got it at election*.

N 0 T I CE

All farmers and Banana Growers are here-l
by notified that the Union's second corven-.i
tion'will take place on Sunday,27th May atr
the Wcsley Government School commencing
at 10,30 a. m&
All members are requested to take in their
outstanding subscription fees to the office
of Mr Martin Soruaindo (Treasurer) not
later than Friday, 25th May.


I Doubts are increasing in America about the fit.

ess of Mr Nixoa to contd in Hands Preident
,IF. + dollar droppese d heavily; thee oebenimca
high level resignations aad low level revelations
The Washington Post has written ofa complex
r of spying in White House Circles since 1969.

Go forward Hand in Hand

Monday, May 21 g Conforence of Co-Oporative Rogistrara to prepare model. Act.
Saturday,May 26: African Liberation Day.. Rally from Pooblos Park, 3 p.m.
Sunday, Juiio 17: 23rd Anniversary of the SOCIAL LEAGUE (details later).

CA '2OTORw i Verdict o
12,oo000 Mile Test
''\a r0nce ifk *


Page Two T H E S T A R Friday, May 18, 1973
T H E Q U A L I T Y 0 F L I F E .... JOHNi SPECTOR..'
The publication of Governor Hickel's article on Conserv4tion ,ast
week was most timely in that it coincided with the formation o, the
Dominica Conservation Society (which presumably takes over where the
Waikitibouli Group leaves, off). One .o~the more important functions of
the Society could well be the, enlightenment of the public and especially
the 'higher echelons' of the civil service as to exactly what a National
Park means in the philosophical terms, in economics, in. it value to the
inhabitants of a country, and to nature.
Since the National Park idea came firstly from America; I cite the
American conception "an area of exceptional beauty and inspiring :
scenery". . "designated sometimes; for the conservation of features or
exhibits of scientific, historic, Or prehistoric irmortance". The
original Act passed by President Grant 101 years ago "provided foai the
preservation, from injury or spoliation, of all timber, mineral deposits,
natural curiosities or wonders within said park-and their retention in
their natural condition" and also prohibited the "fwa nton destruction of
the fish and game found within said park, ,nd against their capture or
destruction for the purposes of merchandise or profit" (now hunting and
fishing are completely banned in National Parksa).
Most of the U.S. National Parks are a lot bigger than the whole -of
Dominica, some even ten times the size, but Dominica' has its .own uniqueness as
a tropical island with luoh tropical verdure and mountains rearing their h ads,
through the rain-belt; undisturbed for the most part, forming an isolated 'nd;
complete 'ecosystem' in which the "balance of nature" is undisturbed,; Fcotogy,
or the study of the-ihter-rolating of the living environment (plants, an jiLis1,
fish, insects, weather, rivers, Geology --the whole Creation) is a comp actively
now discipline. It is, however, becoming increasingly important as man
discovers what an unholy-moss he has made of largo'portions of this plant .
His activities are responsible for deserts, floods, the extinction of many
living things, from Diablbtin Gulls. to whales, great auka to dodos. Hi' mqssaivo
rosovoirs are causing earthquakes, and now. Central American republics have
formally protested against the "seeding" bf Caribbean hurricanes which has boon
(they say) the cause of tile prolonged droughts of the past fow years in: th6se
countries I .
It is- now accepted that if man o'6ntinuos to pollute his environment w4th
lethal'gase from exhausts and factory chimneys, poibonous'offluents in the
rivers, cumulatiKe poisons in the soils from woeedicides and insecticides, and
unconbrollod procreation ho will exterminate himself and probably all 1,fo in
the world leaving a legacy of concrete monoliths, plastic containers and
rusting brokon machinok.'
Luckily for. Dominica, only one half of her 190,000 acres. have been used
missed about with by techniol6gical mania the Other half being 'uneconomic' aid
unprofitable because too weti too high, too troublesome -- except, of course,
for its gomm~er trees and its punice. These havo'boon seized on by the: Govern-
nont as sources 6f odploynmnt and revenue raisers. Asn far as the latto is
concerned the reader only-'has to look at the pitiful results in the budget
estimates for the. last few years ; some 30 or 40 Dominicans have had (for a.
while) staoedy jobs from Dohinioa Mining and Doncan Timbers. On the other side
Dominica has lost thoiiunds of cubic yards of land between the hospital and: the
Stock Farm, and has received a slashing blow in the high rain-forest of D'leau
Gommier,.where "selective felling" of .timber wad o6o Idifficult' and, clear-
cutting was the order of the day. Anyway, a firm which thinks it can transfer
one whole technical operation ftrM, a sub-artic climate to t. marine tropical
climate (as did Dom6on) without proper study by intelligent and qualified
engineers deserves what it i-ould have got (bankruptcy) if Government had. hot hold
it up in the hopes of getting the revenue due from it, Timber does not..seasonI
quicker because the temperature is 85deg.F. instead of 15dog. because &5dog. in
Dominica. means a, relative humidity of over 60% most of the tine. It took them
three years to discovor' -this elementary fact, and then -too late they built a
nmall kiln drier. The old obsolete head-saw and planer, banned by law in Canada
for use on a public. electricity service, should never have been introduced here
(to cause such frequency and voltage fluctuations as to moss up every bit of
electronic equipment on the island and wear out the voltage regulator/governor
. --~... E S. turbo and diesel generators). (Concluded on _.. )


,.6I J ll. & 12 --- TH STAR

'"iI QUALITY 0F.LIFE .. J.Spoetur (froma p 2)
One thing stands out-a miles Dominicce
foroats are Dominicaes Capitli. Troeoa
th~t havo taken hundreds of yoars to grow
cannot bi replarcod overnight no nmouint
of roplanting can do that. Dominica's
forests are potentially a great attraction
for reputable visitors (nofc the kiiund
thought of ais 'tourists') who, more aul
moro, want to got away from thoir own
pollution in their home countrios who
want to breathe some pure air who want
to walk on land whore no man.' foot has
trod boforo nd where nature is in hamongy

require the services of a Plant Manager to
I control the production operations and plant
maintenance of the two compares. A ppli"
cants should be in possession of a Diploma
in Production Engineering 'from a recog-
nised University, and have had at least
.five years practical experience in Plant
Maiptenence and Auxiliary Services.
Applications should be made in writing to
the General Manager, Dominica Coconut
Products Ltd,. P.O. Box 18; Belfast, Dom
inica, not later than the 31St May 1973.
Salary and terms of employment will be
commensurate with qualifications and ex-
perience of applicant. E

and porfect balance. Lot ~omnnica try the
National Park idea first if aftar some
ten or twenty yoars it ha] boon fotaul not.
to be "cost-offoctivo" lot the Go-vornmont
of the day invito in some Bki exploitora
to cut down thbo foroats. I hope by then
I shall obe doad before I aoe tlhe ortesieai.
floods, droughts, pollution mid mind-
sicknoes which will surely follow.

Schedule of Applcatilor for Certificate of Title and Nctfnj',
thereon and Caveats for week ending 19th day of May, 1973,
Date Requested Person Presentihg Nature of requei.
whether a Certllcat':
of Title of Nortf,<
thereon or -Cavea,
Requess dated Agatha Fhlcretta Request for the i t .
1973. of Title in reapect of ?-
Presented 15th by her Solicitor portion of land known
May,1973 at s a lot in Marigot,
9.10 a.m. Vanya Dupigny in the Pariah of St.
,..-..__._- ^^Andrew, in the Statf,
Sof Dominica, contain.
ing 7,890 square feet
and hounded as fel-
North A Public Road, East A Public Road,
South ianl ofMMathias Brown & Josephine Nelson,
West land of Liburd James.
Registrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Rosea, Oominica, Acting Registrar of Tides

NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on thc above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from- the -date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
In this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by'
law was last served on,any. owner or occupier of adjolnita,!
land in respect of which the application is made.



Over 2F00 Pairs of Shoes reduced by up to 5o0g -to make.
room for New Arrivals.' '

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-- ------ ---------- ----- -------------------- ---- --g-

I--. U-M,.


Page Four __ T H E S T AR Friday, May 18, 1973,
SALKEY REVIEWED by R.H.L. been a noticeable swing away from
Readers' .comments: R.H.L. will be the Arts in our in-take, regret-
pleased to note that we have had three table though it is to have to ad-
short letters about his series of mit it; more people are thinking
which this is the last instalment on of history, sociology, economics,
Salkey's book, We quote:- business administration, politics,
(a) For a long while we have hoped and so on, and turning away from
for some book reviews in the STAR literature and languages and that
(you used to have them now and then), sort of thing.'
What about RHL writing a piece on Of course. Where s the power
"Ruler of Hiroon'", which was quite satisfaction, in keeping faith
well reviewed in the HERALD, but wetd with the Arts? Where's the pro-
like RHL's views mise of power, or even getting
(b) The fellow at the airport des- near to it? The Arts and those
cribed by Salkey is a typical West- who study them or contribute to
indian semi-intellectual. He put his them, as practising workers, are;
finger on why people like certain considered to belong to a coonu-
leaderBs They don't like leaders. who moonu grouping, persons without
frighten them or who they have to the ability to feed anything real
respect. In other words they want to and substantial into the stock-pot
identify with their rulers. So that's of political power, that ever-
why they like them a little bit cor- shifting, Pat-infested thing, such
rupt, and not very well educated. Ife as vwere made of our particular
have to wean our people from this kind of Caribbean pot, in which
attitude material incentives are all, and
(c) What about RHL writing something moral incentives are laughable
on the works of Jean Rhys? Surely he and unreal."
can get hold of her books? She is a Hence Mr. Burnham's declaration
good example of a. homesick Dominican that. Politics is about Power -
who has strayed afar . not happiness and the good life
' And now for RHL himself: for the people of the country,,
As already mentioned, I have written but about Power with a capital P.
bout Alndew Salkey's "Georgetown A different line of thought
Journal" as subjects for discussion. now: Appendix E to Salkey's b-ok
They each have-some relevance to our is a letter fomJohnraithaie ted 5tLase
local situation and should. provoke to 1970war Braithweaite ate 25t
ideas for or against or in some other May 1970. Hee is some more
way related to what the author has about Dr. Eric Williams, Prima
reported. or remarked. Minister of Trinidad ba. Tdbago.
"I got up, and walked to the only "We inherited the Party, as a
window in the room. I looked out. way of politics. I have kinowv for
The choices seemed so whittled-down long time, that Black people and
in our Caribbean for the truly cult- Indians, in Trinidad., found these
urally-committed few. The; avowed clothes' uncomfortable. Williams
politically-enthusiastic may appear never had a Party. He had a Mass
to make sense, straightaway, even to following. Up to now, Fidel ca-
the most casual observer. 1ot build a Party. All our
So-and-so is only a poet (a joke), Parties have been small sects,
a novelist (a laugh), a painter (a each like a cricket club."
doubtful asset), a playwright (a mere. Has this a direct bearing;: on
entertainer), a pianist (a snob we can our own situation? -R.H.L.
do without), an actor (a part-time JEHOVAH'S WITIESSES
snob we can ignore), a dancer (an odd- Mr. Samuel McKenzie, visiting
ity; if male, a queer), a teacher representative of Jehovah's Witnesses
(poor thing), all extremely harmless (from St. Kitts) will be the speaker
citizens, like shoemakers and the at Goodwill Junior High School on
other clutter of cultural contributors Sunday, May 20th, at 1.55 p.m.
The artist is. a bit of a waste of The subject of concern being:
time, and yet not such a waste of "Decide Now for Divine Rulership".
time, if he's politically useful and -TT-ENED UER s. Coie Davis
usable Prom Jamaica. to Guyana, A Mrs. Corinne Davis
someone in the "University know" will and Mrs.Sylvia Watty, with Mrs.Davis'
say, at some time or other, 'There's eldest son, flew to the funeral of
slain Cecil Eric Rawle in St.Vincent.

&a'-14t THE STAR Friday May 18, 1973





cars took ist and 2nd places in the


the longest, toughest, wildest motor racing course in the world.


also won this gruelling race in 1970 and 1971


see our DATSUN

1600 & 1200

models, with or without radio. and headrest.

for Performance, Reliability, Economy and Comfort.


Goodwill Road Tel: 2340, 3292



Fr;daY May r8,' 19''13



au "iTTyImi ,.,ntriiii~ni'"'TH TA TiRri ii iiii 11F -" I r ii-Vya

Schedule of Application for Certificate of rTitt and Noting%
thereon znd Caveats for week ending 12th day of /4"1) 1973.
Datg Re(emtead Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
Sj thereon or Caveat.

Request dated RobertFevrior
the 27th day
of April 1973. by his Solicito
Presented the
8th day of Cilma A.M
May, 1973 at Dupiffn
9.25. a.Zm.

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
r of Title in respect of a
portion of land known
.L a lot at La Roche
y in the Parish of St.
Patrick, in the State
J of Dominica, contain-
ing 0.320 acres and
' bounded as follows:-

t North by land of Donil saac and land of Robert FPevrlr
North West, by fand of Donit Isaac South by land of
Ruthaford Carbon East by a Public Road and a drain
epara-'d-' i. from land of Robert Fevrier.
Registrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau.. Domlffrifn, Acting Registrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on th-e above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in.the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
taw was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining.
4nd a respect of which the agpiation is made.

Prtili er a.ubadipation Scheme
Fertilizer Allocations due to be issued
under the scheme for the quarter ended
31st March, 1973 will be available to
growers from Monday 14th May, 1973.
As from that date growers in the
Northern Division should call at the
Portsmouth Office for their Issue Vou-
chers. In the case of growers in t h e
Southern and Eastern Divisions vou-
chers will be issued at the Roseau Office.
Vouchers will be issued to growers
on i asentation of their Selling Cards.
Growers in the Colihaut District are
advised that they should obtain their
Issue Vouchers at the Portsmouth Office.
Any grower who is dissatisfied with
the amount of his fertilizer allocation or
who has any difficulty in connection
with his Issue Voucher should lodge
his complaint with the Grower Services
Supervisor at Head Office.
T. C. Irish,
4-f/2 Financial Controller.

14-passenger bus
can also be used as goods vehicle
all new tyres.
No reasonable offer refused."
Apply The Manager, The Royal Bank of Canada)

Finals of
All island Baby Show 1973
Monday 2ist May, at 1.30 p.m.
will take place at

Goodwill Parish Hall
Dr. Edward Armour, r. Tutor Susan
Coorevits, Mrs. Egbert Charles.
Chairman: Nurse Evadnie Richardsq
Prizes Distributed by
Mother Of Over-all Champion.
Sponsored bie adian Save the
Children Fund and, the Medical Depart-
are interested in Infant welfare are Cordially

Offers are invited in writing for the rental
of four buildings on the Dom-Can site.
For further particulars contact:
Peter I.H. Mallalieu,
Agencies & Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Telephone: 3124 V.4,

Electrolux Kero. Refrig.
Electroiux Freezers

and of course

21 / /2 \-9-

............ ,..............

.I_.. ----------------- ----- '--


Friday May

Page Sir


Friday, May 18, 1973 T E S T A R Page Seve.
.Short Story G R I M A WAK ENING Cynthia Watt
G*rampie was scared....scared. bad. Something had awoken him in the
middle of the night. He could see the time by the light of the.
illuminated clock which Marona had sent him from St.Croix. The cold
sweat trickled down his black, bare back. This was frightening. His
crimpy hair stood on end. The heat was stifling these days and he slept
with only an old trousers on...yet in spite 6f the heat he was cold, cold,
cold.. What was 'wrong? What could have awoken him?
He shook his head and stared into the pitch darkness of the room.
Oh yes, now he remembered. He had seen Boboy standing near the bed with
blood. streaming down his shoulders, and dripping onto the floor...blob...
blob. .blob,..
Then Boboy had turned around and there, at the base of his neck, was
a gaping hole., oozing blood!
Grampie stared harder still in the darkness. There was no Boboy there
now...maybe it was just a bad dream. Maybe the red beans he had eaten
for supper had given him acute indigestion, though he felt no discomfort
except this strange fear. He lay back on the trash mattress, calling
himself a stupid, fool, when suddenly, he was sitting bolt upright. There
was Boboy again '
"Boboy." he called out loudly, bata there was- no reply, and to his
astonishment, Boboy was no longer to be seen.
"S sa ye', 'non?" he muttered, groping under the old sacking that
served him as a pillow, and having found it, he lit the bouzaille resting
dn the rough, wooden, home-made table near his bed.. No one was in the
one-room shack.- He got up, scratching his head.
"Sa dawoll, !' he said, and picked up the clock, looking at the time
again. "Yone e I He sat down on the bed., thinking, thinking.
It was three weeks: since Boboy had left their village of Gomipr to
se'ke work in the more progressive village of Bamboo, and he had not
returned home even for a weekend. Grampie knew that the boy was a born
trouble maker...
"Is bettah. I go to Banfbooo an fine out how tings is. I feel it have
trouble wid Boboy," aind going over to the corner near his bed took his
be stclothes off a nail. Hea slipped into a pail of faded blue jeans,
pulled a brilliant multi-coloured shirt over his head., and pushed his
feet into a pair of brown tennis shoes.. Putting a leaf of bread and a raw,
red herring into a paper bag, he started .odf on his way. He arrived at
Bamboo just as dawn was breaking, and turning into a narrow street,
knocked at the door of one of the houses, which was opened after a while
by a sleepy-eyed woman, and soon he was telling the household of his
mystifying experience. He had just finished his last word, when a com-
motion was heard outside.
"Bondie6 Janjan.. allyou...woyoyoee Janjan...o-o-oh-ee-ee,...
Opening the door, they saw- a crowd coming up to the house with a few
of them wailing and wringing their hands, and in the midst Boboy, with
blood streaming down his shoulders.
"...an he have a beo-eeg hole in his neck," someone said. "Bettah
get de doktah quee-eekl"
Grampie screeched., "Jus Iaik ah see heemi Jus lak ah jell allyou
Sondie', Moddah t Poltece' Poleecel Alyou call de poleece." And
rushing from the door he went pell-mell to the police station where he
.made a report.
"But," sai4 the policeman, "you don't even know what happen. How
can you come an'make a report?
Grampie raised his head higher. "Well, you come queek an see foh
yohself. We sen foh de doktah."
Just then, one of those who had witnessed the incident, came in and
made his report. "Boboy is my good fren and we was togedder when it
happen, private; is dat Zingay boy I suttin dat do it. He always troub-
ling Boboy."
Later that evening after the doctor and the police had gone, Grampie
said to Boboy: Yoh speereet come an show me wat happen to you las night.
Yoh doan tink is bes you come back to Gomier?!I Bamboo doan agree wid you.
Only tree week since yoh dere an look at wat happen to yo3.

.e E A n rt

Write for free Bible Correspoadence
Rev. James L4 Van Hecke,
St Joseph Baptist Church,
St. Joseph, Dominica,
-a'tmUlmCK FORS L

One 3 ton, 32-passenger
Recent .Engino Oveorhaul t Cash Offors Only
For Inspoction Appointeont
Phono 2691 or 2810

Experienced Bar Man
at Fort Young Hotel

Apply in writing to:
The Secretary.
Fort Young Hotel,
P.O. Box 8. fe,/L

The Fifth Annual Convention of the Domi-
nica Freedom Party will take place at Wesley on
Sunday, 3rd. June 1973 commencing at o0.00oo a.m,
(2) All members of the Party are reminded to,
take along with them their membership Card. Ar-
rangements will be made to enable arrears of sub-
scription to be collected, also an opportunity will
be allowed to persons wishing to become members
of the Party before the commencement of the pro-
ceedings. Those possessing Party Badges should
wear them at the Convention.
(3) Members in the rural areas will contact
their Party Agents. Members and supporters in
Roseau and closely related areas wishing transport
will meet outside the Herald Office on Sunday
morning. Buses will depart from that point at
7.30 a&n.
(4) Friends and supporters of the Dominica
Freedom Party are cordially invited to attend the
open Session of the Convention,

Typewriter Ice Shaver-for Snow Cones -
Glass Washer Set Percussion Instruments.
.-,t,. Apply at Fort Young Hotel


Proudly annnouce their appointment as
General Sales Agents

Daily passenger flights to and from
Guadeloupe & Marinique

For further information kindly telephone 2181
*' .or visit our office on Kennedy Ave. Roseau.

wrtiluuy may 16, 1973


Pdge Eight

Paee l Nine

i'L J_. L&.y 9 dL IJ. r-' I ._ _qu _


are'sponsoring students; for
the two year Diploma Course in Agriculture
at the
Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture
and Forestry in Trinidad
for the Academic' year commencing
1st October, 1973.
Applications are invited from-young men
between the ageo of 18 and 24, Nationals
of the Windward Islands who have. the
following qualifications:-
5 G.C.E. "0" level subjects including
English Language & Mathematics.
Special consideration will be given to any
applicant. who does not have these. qualifi.4.
nations if the Selection Board considers him
to be of sufficient merit,
In addition to payment of all Course fees,
the cost of board and lodging and text books,
a sum will be provided sufficient for the
student's personal expenses; each month.
Successful applicants will be required to
undergo a medical examination and to enter
th6 employment of Geest Industries (W.I.)
Limited for a .period of three years, after
receiving their Diploma.
Applications should be addressed in the
applicat' s own 'handwriting to :The Secretary,
Geest Industries (Estates) Ltd, P.O. Box 112,
Castries, St Lucia, to arrive no later than
31st May, 197. 3
At Portsmouth a most unique Confirm-
ation Service took place at the Catholic
Church last week-eid, with well-nigh 130
candidates presented*
What was mpst outstanding was the great'
part the candidates played in the Mass,
which was officiated by His Lordship the
Bishop himself, A welcome address; was
delivered by a candidate, the Epistle was
also read by one, and something unique --
four girls and four boys walked in process-
ion to the Altar, each carrying a symbol
of one's career in life ... a book, a play
ball, a bat, a'cutlass, a flower, money,
a loaf and a receptacle of wine ... whilst
the meaning of each symbol was being des-
cribed by a young teacher. This was very
impressive, and the Church was filled to
Our correspondent adds: "I enjoyed
DOM-CAi. TIMBERS verses immensely. And, in
regard to the murder of Eric Rawle, what
.another sad death! Portsmouth, like Roseau,
cannot help being affected by it."

Young lady would like
home typing letters
or articles etc.
She has her own machine.
Please contact advertiser
through The S T A R.
P E T-. S
Will those who ordered pups
or kittens kindly collect
and pay for their pets.
David B. :Allfrey,
STAR Office.



Dear Editor
Our Housinaate Scandal
We have been listening ove*
Radio, Dominica and hearing of
the "Watergate Scandal". in
the United States of America.
I am now asking through this
medium that a similar treat-
ment over Radio Dominica
would be greatly appreciated
by the .Taxpayers of Dominica -
this time on the DOMINICA
Angry Taxpayer,
Virgin Lane.
(from Walter J. Hickel, who
wrote the splendid extracts
on Conservation printed in
the STAR last week). Mr.Hickel
was U.S.Sec/State for the
Interior up to 1969.
"There are very few purely
private decisions any more.
Increasingly, every private
decision related to our
society must also be con-
sidered a public decision,
one that cannot be under-
taken without regard for its
effect upon other individ-
uals. Continued indifference
to the public today can only
burden more severely the
public of tomorrow."

An anonymous letter severely
criticising this College can-
not be published because the
writer did not give his name
in confiddeca. It appears to
be the work of an educated-
person pretending to be il-
literate. Please clarify.PSA.


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CIn-: r7 ~rr hil~-rr ?U ? UI,1;

ags Ten


"S ALu*S*PPRS .orehrin ten
D.G.S. ahocked the exports and stunned all locto
basketball enthusiasts by gftiaing a 7-point win
over Caroni Cardinals at Windsor Park, tho night
:f Fidty, llth May, 1973.
Caroni s first deofoaA in six years of tho
loeguo was thl more galling in tlht came from a
).G.S. toai, no one would look ct twico (Ali vs
Norton) because of their unflaittring record. Ono
of the school players after'tho match sad, "Evoy-
thing we did or tried came off and Caroni had lost
t,3 gamo by half-time."
Scoros, D.G.S. 68, (G.Sylvostor 18, ..Knight 18
E.Dal4 ao 16 and A.Mouollo 12 topacorers).
Social mention must boe mado of J.C.Lawronco in
dofenco. Caroni 61, (C.Williams 23, W.Loblanc 20,
and C.John BNptiste 16).
S.M,A.Gails could not field a toam in the other
ma.ch, so Boata Pros won by default.
On Wednesday. night two vory good manchoe were
played by Raiders and By-Trinoo Eloections first &
Bata Pros and Caroni :Cardinnal in tho second,
Scores; RaiAdrs 47, M.Froomap 13 and A.Ationno
ii (topecoror)., Eloctiona 41t B.1bector 13 and
,.Georgo 12. Cardinals 58; W Loblnrtc 16,
C.John Baptiato 14 and C.Williama 12. Pros 53;
P.oandeorson 17, A.St.Hilniro. 16 fnd L.Hendorson 14
This wpokend, Intrado Trottors of Antigun. which
lost only oneoLoaguo.match, will play three
in Dominica: vs. Combined Schools tonight,
State Te'im onl Sat, and D/ca Champs Caroni
Cardinals on Sunday. (FRo paya!blo at gate).

Friday May 18, 1973


test miles
This was Motor's experience y/ith the Vauxhall
Victor during 6 months hard n'otoring. in their
12,000 mile report (20.1.73) th ey had great
things to say about the Victor --its Economy,
Performance, Roadholding and Style, as
well as this proven Reliabilityy.
A test drive will tell you more.
CUll in today.

ISole Agents:


A.C. Shilligford & Co
Car AccessOries Dept.

,In their last match of the season Sints dfeat SAL
Pto. Michol by an Innings, owning 17 points in P o "
the match bringing their tally to 98, a cool 23 Portion of Land ina aderable Residen.
ahead of their closest rival Spartiau (at 75).,* tda Area at.
Pto. Michol 51 & 57, Saints 137.* Last match in
hoe Augustus Grogoiro League stLtrtod today at DOS s i om
grounds: DGS vs. Celtics United the first time a 46,ooo sq,ftin LOtSOraSg Whole. Would
Cixturo has boon completed in the last 10 years... Suit Supermarket Areq or Shoppinj
* Windward Islands Goodwill series, bogai today in Complex forNew Housing Development
St.Vitr rt where Dominica is boing hosted; and in
St. Lucia, vwhoro Gronada is guest. Star pla"r Appoy i writing to
Lockhart Sobastion was unable to tour because of Brads & Sands,
examinations. Full teamo l' Shillingford (Capt) Mark St. A Braoshaw
.,&brahnm,E.Anthony,B.Charl0s, E.Charlos,RoCuffy, 5 Limero v
G.Lafond (Managor-pl ayr),K.Lauront,J.C.Lawrence, Iimegrov,
N.Phillip,G.Shillingford,G.Walsh & C. Williamas* \ Ho0Itown,
..IN Tll lIOSE : by D. .AilfrOy (cntituod) Baworbados.C bye
Mr. Fldclle.s complaints against the lnd Manago- civil servants w k no thn bot
mont Act were that Government was contralising .agriculture, going'into d ietai on
the authority instead of docentralising it, and. Section 21 (lr s & sourity
it was boing done in a hurry just another Bill .also Soc29 on raining for ennurity
for the downfall of Dominica- a similar,.happon- armos. Mr. oist in dd rit tokesn
ing to WINBAN. He pressed for changes in the c .to -ears U got ao to a f
position of the Board, and drow from Mr. Armour trua ud months for b as."
comparisons with measures in Jamaica (jobs for Mn ugi6na Qharlos stated tfat
south supplied ith nnd and cttlo) hd abo took t Bill would no hlp the little
tho chance to slam the Opposition. Mr. Stevens manot hlp lttle
also remarked that the Bill vas drafted in a lrt oen aftor all this talk business
.r--- ~.~~t tllus wai sti-ll finis l ,
L ahodiby t.e rootoor, Robert EAllfroy.,of 1il ouse Copt Hall, at
.. .B ath Itr Qom 211 c k, V -0e L lr x s Co- al a