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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: 05-11-1973
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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-v or man', ^ 261q C
1162Est 78 S

New Yor L-
O es/ bury Ave, W. I. v pdio P-YAS SAAi) Fl3

MOTOR'S Verdict a
12,000 Mile Test

VoL XVI No. 19 It d, .-Y'L 1i

Death of an Innocent lady :olico, after
inrtnaivo work, arreatedAnd ehorgod a man
nmod Joseph Cadeot with the murder of iMrS.
Lo, la Jolmaon, Tho accused is now in prison.

'T has become the fashion to write off the
party conferences as long-drawn-out rituals
in which the undercover intrigues and public
demagogy of party politics are annually displayed
to the public view. Yet the truth is that these
annual sessions definitely now provide the only
large forum to which the thousands of dedicated
party workers who labour unrewarded in the
constitepicies and who speak for grass-roots
democracy, still have access. Party activists who
go unheard during the rest of the year have this
one opportunity to say what they really think
to the politicians. Without the party conferences
citizen's only surviving right would be to express
a preference at election time for a government
managed by one of the two party machines.
In just over three weeks the Freedom
Party will be holding its convention at
Wesley. This is an important event, not
only because of the distinguished speak-
ers and the election of officers, but for
the reasons given above: so that the rank
and file membership will have a say in
preparing for the future government of
heir land. .7 amme3^ :-.

Premier E. 0. Leblanc, who makes a point of
attending village council functions, never appear-
ed at the ,postponed sitmag of the House o-
Wednesday, which lasted till late evening. Mr
John Royer cleared out at lunchtime. Severr
amendment" to the Land Management Authority
Act were forced through after Opposition attacks
Reported by David B. Alfsry Page 3

Geests Invest In New Company
On July i the new public company of
Parry W. Bellot & Co (1972) Lid. begins
operations. To help s m a l landowners,
shares are now $25 each (previous $xoo
shares being converted into four).
Government has granted the new firm
a zo year. tax holiday on all company in-
come and dividends to individual share-
holders# (See p. 3 )


The New Game of Man And Nature
the beauty of the earth's
. wild places before they
are spoiled forever...
SROcM vitml articlo p!go two

- --u"~~,~.;uraa~n"No' '000am~r

--- I

LUI---I----- ---l~,~a~crm*lruluo1~- Ir--rlc--a~s~,unrr+

(I~L31IeYLPIllt~a~~"'~"u~a----- -----------


"T f, I I'I, ,'l I 11.t 1 *,. 1 ,,' i .,,. .. l (I, fl' 1 I
fm o : ,, i ,i ,.'~ : ,. i.f/ ii t 1 i. ,, . .' ,t '.. '" --

P61I-- Two THA------- STAR-- Frdcy Ma 11,19

the beauty of the earth's

wiUd places before they

are spoiled forever...

S"Governm nt must be visionary in nature and be
Sprepdaed to 'return to us' those things that only
national government can. give back.. clean rivers,
unpolluted air, and a free spirit in the inner man."


U.S. Secretary of. Stato for the Interior, 1969

The financing of park and i 'lcrealion
land acquisition was pe>thaps the big-
gest piece of unfinished .business I
found wiiliivg for me when I took over
as Secretary of the Interior. The Amer-
wica people have been terribly miisled
through tIhe legislative game of aulhou-
ixing a measure without appropri'ting
the funds to carry it out. A cil izen, hear-
ing the annouiinclent lhal such and-
such national park has bocen authorized,
believes it has thereby been acquired.
Often, only the concept ofl the park has
been authorized. No money has been
appropriated to pay for it.

The authorizing of parks without ap-
propriating funds has made many land
speculators rich. Once a park is au-
thorized,. (the value of suro'uunding
lands increases sharply over a period,
of years, reaching a poinl where they
are ten and sometimes fifty times as
expensive as when the park was ini-
tially authorized.

It was Abraham Lincoln's theory that
government should do only those
things that private enterprise cannot
do or cannot do as well. This does not
mean total involvement by government
in private enterprise, but it does mean
guidance and regulation. We have the
-greatest incentive system ever put to-
gether on earth, but free enterprise
allowed to run totally free will destroy
The thrust of government must
change so that we act positively instead
of reacting negatively. We must make
an inventory of all those things we own,
The task of putting together slich a
catalogue of assets is entirely possible
with the technology now available, in-

eluding computer systems, satellites,
and instant communication. Once the
' inventory 'is complete, judgments can
; be made about the highest and best use
of all those assets, These judgments
must be reached-with the help of public
hearings to provide a balance between
the primary needs of a local area and
the requirements of the nation ais a
Resources must be developed and
used; homes and office buildings must
be built. But it is inexcusable to take
those actions without considering the
impact they have on the heart and soul
and spirit of the
The question is: Do we care enough
about our land to see that they are done
in that way?
The problem of getting a clean land
aso involves the argument about how
best to cut the timber in our forests.
This is of great concern to me because
much of the nation's lumber is taken
from public property. I feel strongly
that, the emphasis 4siould be on "selec-
tive cut ting," in which a tree is cut only.
after it has reached proper maturity.
Selectivity does not always mean the
same thing; it depends on the forest
and the kinds of trees you are talking
about. Certain trees, the Douglas fir for
instance, are subject to "blowdown"
if they are left unsurrounded by other
This fact is used by the lumber in-
dustry to argue in favor of "clearcut-
ting," a procedure by which, with the
help of enormous machinery, a crew of
men will move into a forest and level
everything in a given area. But the real
argument for clearcutting is that it is
cheaper to cut that way and take a
chance on the forest's restoration.

Undoubtedly there are situations in
which the clearcutting of trees is justi-
tied, but there are many cases ihi which
ir;reprcsents an abuse of a iesource.
We should take a much harder look at
selective cutting, even if it does cost a
bit more. Does it make sense to cut a
three-year-old tree, a thirty-year-old
tree, and a 300-year-old tree all at the
same time just because they are stand-
ing next to each other? Is the highest
and best use of a tree to make it into
a telephone pole? It is interesting that
clearcutting is practiced a great deal
more by private firms when they use
public land than when they use their
own private property.

In the area of the environment, im-
mediate survival is at stake for certain
wild creatures and plant lile. Man's
ultimate survival is at stake as he real-
izes that the earth is a close -system.
We cannot create new resources; we
.can only,alter them. They cannot be
destroyed, but they can be wasted and
irre, rievably lost. Environmrintal re-
sponsibility is a way of life, an atti-
tude toward our habitat, an evyr-
present awareness of the interrelation-
ship and interdependence of all living
things on this earth.

The individual, who has appeared. to
be becoming more and more impotent
in ;a vast society, is now discovering
that he alone is the key to change, to
survival, to the improvement of life
for all humanity. To accoinplish a
worldwide change of values, so that our
resources are not squandered and our
surroundings destroyed, challenges the
imagination of all the people on earth.


--- --- ---- --- ----


Friday, May 11P, 1973

*: = = : '= Z_ =_;_

Page Two

David B. Allfrey,STAR Reporter. John Spector
The 16th of December 19?1 did It gets dirtier and dirtier, and
not break up our Parliament really, I tend to agree with the commentator
but the Government's rules and tick- who. said that the United States, Pres-
et holders only and walk up- so many idency will never be the same again.
steps has put off the public from Spies trying to prove that Democrats
any interest in the affairs of the are,.. homosexuals... John Dean asser-
House. I was among a lot of young tinjg .hat Nixon knew about the plot
people in the Court House on Dec.16 to bug ... The President ordering
and I was there 'in' Govt. HQ this people not to report any conversations
week, so I KNOW. with him on the affair ... Daniel
When Mr. Leblanc was in America Ellsberg 'of the Pe n tagon papers trial
he said he was part Carib, I wrote having his psychiatrist burgled on
a piece about it at the time.. Well orders from Wash,4gton ... The Judge
any Carib who takes the peoples. not finding any, precedent for halting
money for staying away from his job this trial (yeah, I believe that:)
is really worthless. I am only a **,a distinguished U.S. General now
reporter getting a few dollars a involved ... more sackings 1Ac.ex-AG3.
week, and. I would get more if Govt. 504Marine guardsmen at Nixon's Mary.-
had not removed all .its advertising- land estate pulled-in .on drug charges
from the STAR,' but I would be asham- yes, we even feel better about our
ed to collect, such a large salary Dominican worries,.. although we are
from taxpayers and stay away from told that the man accused of murder-
my work. Only about one dozen to ing Mrs. Johnson. ,after serving 10
six listeners attended the sitting. years ,or so for manslaughter of a
There was a proper tug of war and Mental Home Matron, was accepted in-
? lot of amendments were put in dur- to the&Dominica Defence Force....
ing the Land Management Authority I In defence of Nixon, let it be
B411 readings. Miss, Charles and. Mr. said that at least he doe (although
Fadelle hit Mr, Armour for six again much. higher in status than a small
and again. Miss Charles said teaasts island Premier) perform the duties
on such lands had no hope of becoming of his highly-paid office.
owners -there was nothing to indic- I note that there is now a Con-
ate that they q6uld leave the land ser.vation Society or Association of
to their children., The only gainers which a main promoter, as well as
would be certain landholders She having helped, another Associate State
also pressed an amendment in the WI to form such a -society, was a-pro.,
AssoC. States Supreme Court amex4mt.: mother of DOMCAIN TIMBERS.and likely
that a term of 5 months' attached to to aid the resusoi nation of a
some barrister:be first served before future timber industry here,
admission to onr Bar. M M YEAR TAX HOLIDAY (from o_ e l)
Mr. Stevens motion on teachers The- Board of Directors (in addition -o
being inconvenienced by having to Parry)includes C.J.L.Dupigny7, C.A.Bellot
come distances to collect their pay and E.R.I.Shillin'f:a. Bulk of shares
was passed, after Mr. Christian ob- are being taken up by large & small ag-
jected to certain phrases. They were riculturists here; Dominicans abroad:
altered. His motion on water supply and Geest Industries (WI) Ltd are in-
at Marigot was lost Govt.speakers vesting. To streamline &'modernize is
said he knew this was in hand already, the aim of the-Company, also to ima-
His radio Dominica motion was rejected plement major citrus expansion in the
- Govt. wanted more time to think. shortest possible time.
Mr. Moise put up a good case about. First.AGM of .-the Company July '?73
"non-belongers'! but Govt. deferred it
muttering something about a defini- US Congress ems and Reps) voted again
tion in Immigration Act. Mr.Fadelle's more funds for bodm g Cambodia or war
Town Hall for Qrdbay before town- in Indo-Cfina ..*Britain has allotted
Town for Grandbay Obefore town over $200,000 more for Roseau Police Sta
shi was amended from that request -wtro r e Sr there w
to, as soon as possible"; the Hon. without Mr. Stevens, therewas a
Member's "Establishment of a Standards lot of "jolly good fellow" speech-
Committee" went through, amended, stuff. Mr. Leo Austin A.G. admit-
After Mr. Armour had said early on ted that the Land Mgmt.Act was has-
that the House would be better off L fKkPpp .at d went home to
(More next week) .



irriday, May 11, 1975

Here is. a pusssge from Andrew, TOURNAE -
Salkey"s "Georgetown Journal". This S3 a GrtiCket Committee. wish to thank
one is about the Amerindianks, the a"l. firms and-individuals who 'contribu-
Guyanese aborigines, the real' natives ~ed time, money, servicess and. supplies
of the country. towards "the successful hosting by those
"She (that is, Mr.Jan Carew' s Committe-6f .the 1.973 Windward Islanas"
mother) said 'I've been a country wo- Youth (undv-19).-Tournament, particular-
man, in a way, even though we're all ly the following1:i t .
Coast people. Few of us bother, to E,Abraham &'Co .'- JAataphan & Co,' AA,'
know the Interior.- The Amerindians Baron &. Co6. EOlfadst Rum; Bermudoz Bis-.
dontt bother with us, either, which cuts; Bottlers .Dominica,- JU-C & 7_UP;
is just as well* What can we offer 0.D.Brisbaie a8sons; Charles. SlIf Sor-
them? The. Coast needs a lot, yOU know, vice; Dominica Agriculture Marketing
Anyway, the Amerl&diana aren't very Board; Dominica Disapenaary; Dominica.
many, about twenty thousand of them or Distilleries'; Do6mihioa. Grammar Scadhdol
so, maybe a thousand or two more than Marie Dochiiadf'Y C3im Dupigny! Enierald
that. And they're e just there, .ou- Hillside. Estcss; Er~lca.;.KBoad; Georgo
in the Interior, most of them, working Gabriel. &'Co',o;f Josephine Gabriel & Co"-"
at what they like, but some are Aying Coca-Cola;} Goest Industries; Marie Karamj
out, because they can't adapt to the Londonderry" Youth Camp; Ministry of '
changes going on round them,even. Home Affairs; M1inistry of Agriculture
though the changes aren't really big Lands & Natural Rosourccs; Ministry of
ones. Missionaries have caused a bit .Education ~ Health; Nassief Supermarkot;
of disruption, here and there to A.C.Shillihgford & Co.; Graysn Shilling.
soean of the tribes. I know of one; ford; SJowe Poultry Earm; St.Mary's
that's.,given up hope entirely. The Academy; H.EV.I-Whitchurch & COp.
men al.d women' just sit around the ROYSTON ELIS,
place and wait to -die out, completely,, hm Crickot Committpo.
as tribe. ....
She. told me what she knew .about the WEADERS-, VIEl
caste system. The Arecunas and per- Dear .Editor. P.r' Dominicans
haps, even more. so, the Maaushis, are Why is it tha4Goest Industries 'in
famous for their harmnock-making. Grenada can have potatoes, onions. and
Their .work is beautiful and very dur- other food items for sale and' our branch.
able., The Macushis are also the here cannot get a"permit to import some? -
re:puted.' suppliers of the deadly-pol- I hear there is. a move here to 'help -
sonus curare. The. Warraus are the local proddt4 by banning the. ,mportatiob
notable canoe and coral builders, of these commodities. .Dominiea certain-
and acknowledged masters of navigation ly never lihd it so bad I Potatoes are
on the more difficult rivers in the much lighter anid easier on thp weak
Interior. And o*f course, the Caribs stomach than'-dasheen, yams: etc.'
were the first potters of the land. 'Secondly, thies- l6clly grown foods- re
The Wai-.Wai tribe and particularly the so expensive, that we poor Dominicans:-
oalder women are well known for their can seldom- afford' o feed our. family on
manufacture of cassaam graters, both them unless we have a garden. It is-
decoratively remarkable anw very sad that inthisd-Wy and age e: are wen
efficient as cooking utensils. The forced by GoverAment to eat the foods:
Wapishaa ,are the only tribal unit they want us- to. Talk. of Colonialism,
least .affected by- the customary Mis- b'"rother ~'this' type. of nationaism is
sionary intrusions* far far wo.se, for* Dominioa ha4 never'
'They've survived-', Mrs.Carew told reached the depth of poverty!, hardship,
me, 'becase- they've kept clear from degradation,-Bad" manners, unkpmpt
all the traffic of do-gooders and the.- appearance :aad bad language that 'le are
rest." She. smiled. "I like the- work now sub acted to, in this, the 20th
that the Amerindians doe, Their skiJlls Century I
with craftwork are the things you get ENSLAVED DOMINICAN
to know them by, actually, that is, if 8. Roseau
you know what' to 'look for and how to___ _____
interpret what. you see. Buit, with There 's a good. way of helping out.
time and interference, ,a.~'with neglect And there's a very harmful way, at
too, 'anda with the confuaiio.n caused by the same time. ..We could do much -
people 's ouro.sity., most o.f those more than we have done,, so tfhi, even
skills have been tampered, with and lost though.there's a Commission, now,
to them. The neglect has been terrible. that looks into things ,' R.H.L'

Paae, Four

.. T H E S TAR

PPid.aveMay 11


Portion of Land in a desirable Residen-
tial Area at,
46,ooo sqftin Loisoras a Whole. Would
suit Supermarket Area or Shopping
Complex for New Housing Development,
Apply in writing to:
Brads & Sands,
Mark St. A.Bradshaw,
5 Limegrove,
Barbados, e06e &

One 3 ton, 32-passenger
tcont imngino Overhaul i Cash Offers only
For Inspoetion Appointmeont
Phone 2691 or 2610


The Herbal Remedy which makes you fit
and KEEPS you well,
Excellent for Stomach, Liver and Kidney
Especially valuable in relieving Billious-
ness, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Chills & Colds,
Colic, Constipation, Dyspepsia, Excess
Bile, Indigestion, etc. etc.

LIQUID OF LIFE is Available in both
Liquid and Tablet form.
Small and large bottles of liquid at $t.oo
and $2.45 and Tablets at $2.30 per bottle

-"" t. 2'

Motor's Verdict on the


Reliabillty-"Non-stop for the first '12,000 miles
Economy- "I believe that 28 mpg is the figure to
e x p e ct ............................ ..... ......................
Performance-"The top gear acceleration time
from 30to 50 mph is betterthan virtually any comparable
Roadholdlng- ".... the car will hold its line
accurately through a badly cambered or rough
surfaced curve at speed. "
Style- "One of the most attractively styled of theA
British Range of large family cars .................
That's what 'Motor' said in its 12,000 mile
report of 20..73. A test drive will tell you
more. Call in today.
A.C. Shillingford & Co
8a4 \. Car Accessories Dept.

Experienced Bar Man
at Fort Young Hotel
Apply in writing to:
The Secretary,
Fort Young Hotel,
P.O. Box 8.


Registration No, 1136

Registration No. 2263

Apply Wo:
P O. Box 10, ROSEAU .

... .... .. ..... .2_2_ n n , r .- n -


Page Five


Applies to all electricity supplied for electric lighting to premises"to which
the Industrial Rate is applicable and, upon the consumer concerned so requesting
in writing, to all electricity supplied to any other promises at 20 cents per
unit, subject to a minimum monthly charge of $1,00.
SApplies to a I electricity supplied to premises used exclusively for private
residential purposes in cases where the consumer concerned has not requested in
writing to be charged at the Lighting Rate, as follows:.
A service charge of ,1,30 per month plus 12-' cots per unit for up to
50 units in any month, and 75' cents for each unit in excess of 50.units in'any
month, subject to a minimum monthly charge of the service charge.
Applies to all electricity supplied otherwise than for electric light to any
premises on which there are installed for the purpoco of industry, electric
motors having an aggregate maximum power output ratingof'n6t less than 5 horse
power and not normally-in use between the hours of .6.00 p.nm and 10 p.m. as
A ,Service charge of 2.,00 per month per KU of installed capacityt plus
6- cents per unit, subject to a minimum monthly charge of the service charge.
I Applies to all electricity to any premises, not" being used exclusively for
private residential purposes and not being premises..to which the Industrial Rate
is applicable, in cases where the consumer concerned has not requested in writing
to be charged at the Lighting Rate as follows:-
A service charge of '200 per month per KVA'of. installed capacity plud
12-1 cents per unit for up to 75 units in any month, 9-- cents per unit for
each unit in excess of 75 units in any month but not in excess of, 5,000 units
in any month, and 7-1V cents per unit for each unit in excess of 5,000 units in
any month. .
"KW. of installed capacity" means the aggregate of the Kilowatt ratings of
each individual piece of apparatus, machinery or equipment which shall be
assessed' on the basis of their name-plate ratings provided that for 'this
purpose every I horse power of such ratings shall be deemed to be equivalent
to .75 kilowatts; AND THE EXPRESSION -
"KVA of installed capacity" means the aggregate, of the Kilovolt Amp)re
ratings of each individual piece of apparatus, machinery or equipment which'
shall be assessed in the case of the following items on the following basis.-
(i) in the case of ahy'industrial process, incandescent lamps, or any
heating appliances, their Kilovolt Ampere ratings shall be deemed to
be equivalent to their Kilowatt ratings and,'
(ii) in the case of any industrial process fluorescent lamps,, their Xilo-.
volt Ampere ratings shall be deemed to be equivalent to their Kilowatt
ratings when divided by 0.8, and
(iii)in the. case of electric motors, their Kilovolt Ampere ratings shall
be deemed to be equivalent to their rated horse power.
S. -. .:. ~P.J.N. G . 303-2/1..
3rd May, 19 3 ---anager. Anened
READER'S VIEWS: B ti fits ye sh now them
Dear Editor, I was once a staunch supporter of the Labour Party, but their
policies and actions of late certainly show'no conbidoration whatever toward
us, the petits bougs who put that Leblanc L*P. into Dower.' Just think for a
moment about the cost of living to one with a "comparatively large family 'and
NO ADDITIONAL INCO-M "'We poor people are being starved to an untimely death
But the lies and the deceit of our 'leaders' in Government are insulting to
our God-given common sense. Example, I read'with- nausea a certain column
'FACE THE FACTS' of Weds. April 11, Who the h..- is"Amostrying'to fool? I
happen to know the facts about a Roseau Town Council s Clerk, said to be
ill but seen driving his friends out. No wonder some people have named that
weekly newspaper the "PULLUTOR". 'Yes indeed, "tThe longest rope has an end"
and the end is a lknot or frayed, rotten threads. LONGSUFFERING ED,Canefield.

Friday, May 11' 1973 .

LW--ILO-- -.- -- -- I -

Page fix.


"I nrirz T-Tm V QT AP Page Seven

(Junior lbrses) by Giftus John
In 1967 word was spread
And in the local papers we read
That Dominiea was to have something good
Something to do with our local wood
Then we heard of Cana.da'as involvement
And of our country heading for development
Somewhere on the Canefield flats
And.Iit enlightened our dull hearts
There had been previous discussions
And delegates had made decisions,
Yes, our Government and Canada's agreed
On a thing called Dom-Can Timber Limited
'The many lumbermen all came
They may have known it was a gambling ga
Yes they came with all their skill -
But some, not pleased, shut their lips' s
And then our forests they invaded
Cutting our great trees, so aged -
I wonder, Did you ever know?
Some of our rivers were getting shallow
Then alto lumber trucks went the loads
Down our long and winding roads
Till they reached their destination
The stage of ultimate destruction
We saw the monsters as they passed
And as they blew their powerful blasts
Frightening our little babes and birds
Scattering the eowrman's and goatman's he:
To other islands lumber was shipped
A precious cargo, properly heaped
Our island was now doing something
Something which finally came to nothing
Then came the Companyt destruction
Beteaim of many a confrontation
Many, many shed sorrowful tears
After having invested in worthless' share
There were still logs on the way to be s
And yet this job was never done
The machinery -all suddenly stopped:
Dom-Can Timber LimitedtUopped'
Now here it stands as if ghost-haunted.
. Thatbig Plaoe it' s no more wanted
Buildings, lorries, logs have remained
And plea.E~, tell m....what have 'Ve gained

"JuG wat was goain to aty. osibettah dey de doo l1te -anYM"VlBB6a. win yeal. befoh
las. Day shood have make a sposhul day, an have moh' of do arnnivahl queeon'an doA
to parade wid lah."
"You doan lie Titino," Baby replied. "De sun so hot. An she only jus reach,.
Doy aood have wait even-if is at five o'clock, wen de suA not so hot. Look at hah i
You can soo she wishin she'de in a cool place wid a cool, cool drink."
"TalkOin of cool drink,d"'said' Reuben, "We cood do wid one, wat allyou say.
Look we near PIWI restaurant; Les go an have something -
They all agreed to that.* "ITo joke," said Genelia,"imytroat dry." And in they"
went to regale themselves with ice-cold orange juice, and gossip with the bartender.

Fiction IIA TITINE --Oynthi.1A.t
Genelia ran into Ma Titine's
yard calling out "Titine so"
excitedly."hat Ma. Titinte -looked,
out.-of the window and enquired:
e.R "de fiah?"
GeneI.a tumbled into the
at drawingrmoom.
"You dobai heah de news.? Wah
you"have'a radio for, I wan to
khow. 'You doan .heah Estar
Fedelle win CARIFTA. QUEEN?"
-a 'Titine sank into the
nearest' chair. "
"W/ey,' wey I well dat is: good
news, MIaybe -1 deeden have de
me: radio on. Eurilla I'" she called
out, "Estar Fadelle win de
till crown for CA2IFTA QUEEN."
It wasn't long before Reuben
and Baby" cdme in breathing"
excitement, but Ma Titine fore-
stalle"Fthem.' "
."Come, come, les toas hah,1
Hurray, for Dominica I Is two -
time woe win CARIFTA. QUEEN ."
Reuben dovmed his drink "say-
ing, "Hurray for de gull dat..
dance wiid .e Prince of Wales I
Now she Queen."
h" They' ll laugladat this saJly,X
.ad a few more drinks were
rds handed around.
Then Genelia turned on the
radio and they were just in time
to hear the announcer say that
the Carifta Queen had arrived
and was at this moment parading'
through the town in a motorcade,.
M;x Titine jumped up.
"Shut up de d.. radio an les
S go an see -foh ourself. Wey
papa she maybe looking well, but
she pahaps' tired&." Hurry up
allybu, and grabbing Baby who
was nearest her, ran out onto
the street. They aqueezed
through the crowd and ran to: the
opposite side, where Esther was
just passing. They were not
? disappointed, but:
"- "Helas E L -&he looking tyad.'' -




1Fridaly, Mar i.1-1- 1973*; SRe t"""OLS I3U "Y~^_-


Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notings'
thereon and Caveats for week ending 121, day of A%' %'1973.
Doat Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Tilte of Noting
t.. hereon or Caveat,

Request dated
the 27th day
of April 1973.
Presented the
8th day of
May, 1973 at
9.25. a.m.

Robert Fevrier
by his Solicitoi
Cilma A.M

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
r of Title in respect of a
portion of land known
. as a lot at La Roche
y in the Parish of St.
Patrick, in the State
j of Dominica, contain-

ing 0.320 acres and
Sounded as follows:-
% North by land of Donil Isaac and hnd 'of Robert Fevrfera
North West by land of Donl Isaac South by land of
Kutheford Carbon East by a Public Road and a drain
separating it from land of Robert Fevrler.
Regisrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau, Dominica, Actirig Registrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
nr. this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was :A4 served on any owner or occupier of adjoining,
larnd in respect of which the application is made.



All farmers and Banana Growers are here-
by notified that the Union's second conven.
tion'will take place on. Sunday, 27th May at
the Wcsley Government School commencing
at 10o30 a. m,
All members. are requested to take in their
outstanding subscription fees to the office
of Mr Martin Sorhaindo (Treasurer) not
later than Friday,.25th May.


Electrolux Kero. Refrig.
Electromux Freezers

and of course

AC SPARK Plugs~z
^ .^





25th day of April, 1973.
20 -V3


University of the West Indies
St. Augustine
Applications are invited for the
post of Lecturer/Assistant Lecturer
in the department of Mechanical
Engineering, Faculty of Engineer-
Further particulars obtainable
S.from: Resident Tutor's ,Office.

Write for free Bible Correspondence
Rev. James L, Van Hecke,
St Joseph Baptist Church,
St. Joseph, Dominica,


Notice is hereby given that the 2and
Annual General Meeting of the Roseau
Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. will be
held at the Goodwill Parish Hall on
Tuesday I th May, 1973 commencing at
7.30 p.m. All members and other inter-
ested persons are invited to attend. How.
ever, only members will be allowed to
take part in the discussion and vote on
any particular issue.
The Agenda for the Meeting is as fol-
(r) Ascertainment of Quorum.
(a) Taking apologies for absence.
(3) Reading and approval of minutes of
last Annual General Meeting.
(4) Discussion of Matters arising f r o m
the Minutes.
(5) Reports:
q Board of Directors.
b) Treasurer and Auditor.
c) Credit Committee.
d) Supervisory Committee.,
(6) Unfinished Business.
(7)a.New Business: Appropriation of Sur-
plus for 1972.
b.Remarks and suggestions from Floor.
(8) Elections,
(9) Closing remarks by President.
(to) Adjournment.

--- i-rr-r-. *M.; .. . -**. ^*^-- -- -*- -- ^^_.__


Pate, Eight





Ba men and BoWlers -as he estimated them:-
As a member of "Cana-
lteaorL Mtch Din. IH.Score Total Ave' die The Children
Chappell I Auanie 5 9 109 542 77 1'43 dan SaIae The Chidres
Salters D. Aus*e 5 0 112 497 F71.00.und, I was very interes-
Salters Do Auspie 5 t 112 497 71,0 ted tbo read an article in
Lloyd C. W.I. 3 6 178 297 59,140 ted to read an article in
Lloydsh ssie 5 17 297 312 5200 STAR issue o0f April 19,
Marsh R. Aussie 5 7 97 3512 521.4 under the heading "CAN-
Chvapell G. Auspie 5 8 106 342 40.86 SAVE -A DECAD OF GROWTH".
Stacl~ole K Ausie 4 8 142 3 47.86 I must express; that I
Foster M. W.I 4 7 125 262 43.67 do agree with the writer
Redpath I. Asapie 5 10 66 391 43.44 who remarks that founda-
Fredericks W. T 5 1-0 98 381 42.33 tion members of organiza-
_- jions are being overlooked
Bowlers Team Runs Wckt. Akve. -in certain records, and I
B. Z7-dno Dersonally state that
Bnan Australia 12 2 6,00 this attitude is typical
Walters: 101 7 1443 of many West Indians: most
alker 53 ......7 3 20.6ungrateful attitude.., ig-
3 Jner i noring the fbunder of any
Gibbs West Indies 696 26 26.77 project, the root, whilst
mmond Au~strtai-_ 487 15 324S 7 extending all regard and
Boyce Wost Indies 340 9 37l77 laurels only to those fea-
Staokpol. Australia 41 1 41.00 turning presently with the
Wilet West Indies 327 7 46.71 Organization; whereas with-
0.Koefe Australia 5303 6 50.50 out the zeal, effort and
enthusiasm bestowed by the pioneers, the organisation would not have been
in existence to cause the late-come rs to inhale that most enjoyable aroma,
I do genuinely congratulate the Canadian philanthophists for taking
over the Save .the Children Fund activities in this region, and for trying
to .encourage qur people to play their. part, and I congratulate also our
local representative Miss Dorothy Jules. Nevertheless I fully agree that
as a matter of historical record mention should have been made of the. -
"robt" referred *to.
Furthermore, I ampositive that many people will surely be only too
glad to know the far-off origin of "Save the Children Fund", which really
started in the year 1919, after the First World War, by Miss Eglantine
Jebb; who- (being moved by the pitiful condition of Russidn and other
destitute children) started this- Organization... and with a few other
notables as Chairman and Patrons, who subscribed heavy sums to keep up
the association (which soon spread all over the world) pushed it forward
in Britain and many other countries.
Most grateful recognition should be extended to Lady Hailes, who -
in close contact with British benefactors -established a Branch in the
West Indies, then a Federal Unit. Our present more loosely knit West
Indies is in close contact with and grateful relationship with CANADA.
The names of those noble and generous pioneers should by no means be
obliterated orI overlooked, in -due recognition of their magnanimous deeds
towards humanity.. MAION PT,
Ex-Chairman, Canadian Save the Children Fund Committee.
P 0 RT S M.0 UTH.
Q U E T I 0 N S TO EDITOR ~he Dominica Stidents Council has denied
Madam: I wish to know if, accord- that its members were responsible for
ing to tha often falsified paper violent and destructive resistance to
the EDUCATOR, you have ever the showing of musicals last Sun. niSht
(a) been guarded by the Trinidad at the ciniemas Arawak & Carib. (It had
Mounted Police. ANSWER: N A VE been stated by a spokesman that students
(b) been protected while typing at were to blame). The Council says (and we
the DTU office. by Dominica Police, agree) that for. so long the public han
ANSWER: JiQ, If any policeman claims- gagefeontae af dV 1wfioen.eidn oMd ro
to have done so, let him confront me] in -company wzoh mr. *5U..o6ack ..
(c) been slighted by the Freedom Party Co-Founder of Labour Parry,: N. O0

Friday, May 131, 1975



Pageiat5--- Te TE TA Ficy ayIi

*s*T*A**SP**01A*T*3S* Morchriston ***
CRICKET: After throoe cricket trial mthtdohw
;t the Botanicnfl Gardosa od DOS grotids.,
tho Dominica toea for the Goodwill tournmt-
menit rws chosen, with four now caps and
irving Shillingford once more namod Captu.
;e was also picked t4 load the Windward Ia.
:t their last Board meeting in St. Lucia.
Our Goodwill team reads% I.Shillingford,
D. Abraham, E,' Anthony, B. Charles,E.Choadlo4
I. Caffy, L.Hendorsaon, G.Lafond,C.Larocquo,
R. Lt.auront, J.C.Lawronce, NKPhillip, L.Sob-
itation, G. Shillingford, G. Walsh and C.
Williams. ** Notable omissions woro those
of Chnucer Doctrovo (successful allroundor
in tbo league) and Joe Kontish, oponor.The
selectors preforred oxperionco'to young
taWont, oven though there are two or throo
young middle--order batsmen (such as T.
Bertranj. Montiomnble about theo trials
vas a eiamoth 466 compiled by an Irving
Shillingford town, with I. Shillingford
spearhoading the batting with a career best
194, highest score at tho Botanical Gard-
ens, to.,my knowledge.
BA3SKSTBALL: Last waokendd' sol1etio of tho
Dominica State 'team a A.David, C. David,
T. Dixon, C.Elvin, S,.Sticoino, M.Frooman,
L. oQdersonu P,. Honderson, G.John,O.John
Baptisto, W.Leblane, E. LoblackqC.Roberts,
A.St. Iilairo and C. Williams.

Fertilizer Allocations due to be issued
under the scheme for the quarter ended
31st March, 1973 will be available to
growers from Monday 14th May, 1973.
As from that date growers in the
Northern Division should call at the
Portsmouth Office for their Issue Vou-
chers. In the case of growers in t h e
Southern and Eastern Divisions vou-
chers wifl be issued at the Roseau Office.
Vouchers will be issued to growers
on presentation of their Selling Cards.
Growers in the Colihaut District are
advised that they should obtain their
issue Vouchers at the Portsmouth Office.
Any grower who is dissatisfied with
the amount of his fertilizer allocation or
who has any difficulty in connection
with his Issue Voucher should lodge
his complaint with the Grower Services
Supervisor at Head Office.
T. Ci Irish,
844 Financial Controller.

0 ~FOR

S*? L

14-passenger bus '
can also be used as goods ven.lt
all new tyres.
No reasonable offer refused.
Apply The Manager, The Royal Bank of Canada,

Finals of
All Island Baby Show 1973
Monday 2ist May, at 2.oo p m
will take place at
Goodwill Parish Hall
Sponsored by the Canadian Save the
Children Fund and the Medical Depart
are interested in Infant welfare are Cordially
(Judges will be announced later) g,

Dominica Agricultural Society

Members of the' Dominica Agricultural
Society are reminded of the Annual Gen-
eral Meeting of the Society which will be
held at 1o a. m. on Monday i4th of May
at Bellot's Factory, Castle Comfort.
i Minutes .of the last General M meeting,
2 Matters rising out of the minutes.
3 Report by the President.
4 Address: Mr. S. Pringle, Chief Agricul-
tural Officer "The Cultivation
of Grapefruit"
5 Address: Mr. Parry Bello, "The Pro-
cessing of Grapefruito'
6 Address Mr. H. Winstanley, Produce
Chemist of the Produce
Chemist Laboratory.
7 Election of Officers,
8 Any other business.

to blishd R ,Allro of Co
IosetU, omi c, c a, Inuia.

Signed: Antony Agar,
Honorary Secretary.

Friday May 1 i, 1973

Paie Ten


May 10 1973

Frid&Y May 11, 1973 TH TRet i
Wll I -

Card of Thanks
I The Johnson Family, the Duverney Family and
The Green Family wish to thank all the kind
friends who sent Cards, Wreaths, and other
tokens of Sympathy on the occasion of the tragic
death of Mrs. Leila Johnlson.

Preferably Male
With G.C,E Passes in
English and Arithmetic
Apply to P.O. Box io ROSEAU
i i i 1 I = .. .. . .. . . .. .



is a wide selection of books including:
Kahlil Gibran Books
Scobie Black Britannta
Z. Henry Labour Relations &
Industrial Conflict in Commonwealth
Countries and many more too nwu erous

to mention.
So come and see for yourselves

8aos /i


The Fifth Annual Convention of
nica Freedom Party will take place 'at
Sunday, 3rd., June 1973 commencing at

the Domi-
Wesley on
10. o0 aXn,

S (2) All members of the Party are reminded to
take along with them their membership Card, Ar-
rangements will be made to enable arrears of subo
scription to be collected, also an opportunity wi;
be allowed to persons wishing to become member
of the Party before the commencement of the proc
ceedings. Those possessing Party Badges should
wear them at the Convention.
(3) Members in the rural areas will conta,:
their Party Agents. Members and supporters
Roseau and closely related areas wishing transpo;
will meet outside the Herald Office on Sundi-.
morning. Buses will depart from that point
7.30 a4m.
(4) Friends and supporters of the Doininica
Freedom Party are cordially invited to.attend the
open Session of the Convention,

Typewriter Ice Shaver for Snow Cones -
Glass Washer Set Percussion Instruments,
V3s 1*a Apply at Fort Young Hotel


Proudly annnouce cheir appointment as
General Sales Agents


Daily passenger flights to and from
Guadeloupe & Martinique

For further information kindly

telephone 2 81

or visit our office on Kennedy Ave, Roseau.

----~ _-~~------1--I-- --


I UI111-~-- ~----

SPplement Ci)



0 0 -3U D le-za m- -- i- i)" ft -T H E S.A R -rid y M a y




DATSUN cars took lst and 2nd places in the 1973

the longest, toughest, wildest motor racing course in the world.



also won this gruelling race in 1970 a.ud 1971.
^ Y '



& 1200

models, with or without radio and headrest.

for Performance, Reliability, Economy aad Comfort.


(1959) L T.

Goodwill Road Tel. 2340, 3293

see our


Friday MayA l1,1973

lapplansent (ii)

xl In~o~s