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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: 09-01-1971
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Mrs. Jane Lowenthal,
L" librarian, I
Research Institute fo,
the Study of Man,
i-- 162 Bast" 78 Street; ,
!T New York 10021, N.Y.
0 / '*. ....e: V .
i _S .r- ondon) Ltd.
i 2 e Shftibury Am W.. Edpr -

MlNiCA 11



Friday, September 1 1972

Frid-a t ~-, -

Corift And The E.EC.
lThe Big Four of I"st be quick, to
Carifta (Jamaica, Trini- capital ao their en-
dad, Barbados and nd bargaining post
Giuyana) are in tbe' btro. .
cess of dragging the ,ses 'thrl is is
.Devetoped counties -o
(L.D.C's-the hew name .t Ween:
for the smaller islands)- CIoantiulg os
Into a common agree- loit the histril
ment with the expanded blackmailing poeilio
European Economic which makes it difficult
( ommaunity. Under the for Britain or the E.E.C,
the "Mother Colony" t turn their backs on
'ype of relationship, as
"The E.E.C, becomes the
Dominant centre which (i) Allowing the More
dispenses money for de- Deve loved Countries
velopment aid and gives their turn to exploitt us.
tariff preferences in in exchange for precious
return for similar treat- little.
M. This suits the (iii) Permitting .Latin
LDC's whose prospects America to exploit
for significant industrial l re tum for the only
development seem re- permanent solution to
mote, On the other hand; the problems of tthe
the M.D.C.'s industrial Easten Caribbean -
development requires a station our .0.
captive Carifta Market iratn ito the Lat
in which they are protec- American Commait..
led from outside-compe ui
tuition and can continue It would be wiser for
to oblige s -to py. tpa t Lrst w o w.ang on
MORE for goods from1 to the apro s of
CARIFTA when we, to the apon string of
could purchase the same a now reluctant "Motflhe
(or better) products more Country" until we can
cheaply from Europe or And lese unwiling foster
America. parents.
The smaller island :- DEMO AT

A Building Construction Company
is hre:
.See ts for qpick service adnd better
design. The Name of the Comp~sy is DP
Ut C. CDominica United Construacon.
For better information Ring 6218 at
any time after 5.00o p or write to:
P.O. Bo 179 Roseau.

la a stern and sensible releaw whlch ha
been give wide publicity, the ;GovCrmXft
of Dominca said it wished to have no 'pat
in the collectivisatio ofC.D.C.'s essta a
Castle Bruce, which had been thb ,.icldO
ack am and ini dadoa
WE know te fPreedom Party is grat-
ified that Govera ment has taken tie.
often-stated Pfeedom line over la9d
ownership (a TUN right for all people).
Government called on the C.D.C. "to
open the estate t in t immediate f.t-
ure" referring to hardasip being
suffered ob the Castle Brooe workers.
C.D.C. then putt out a statement that
the estate had 4ever teen closed and
they have always been ready to employ
workers who are prepared to work.
ljotcies o o that effect are posted up.
A release from the Bteeriog Ctt0ee.
for the proposed Castle Bruce Co-op.
denies several points raised by Govt.
- saying in effect that it was not a
one-aDn snow and "Martin. haa only
placed. Dominica welfare anoead of 00
profitma ". __

"This rag of yours has been printing libels about me and
my government-all the more vicious because your facts
Share worect."
1f~d (^.mj gf ^^gy^^^

w--" -- -

Pigs of all Sizes
from $5o.oo per pair upwards

*-L LiC- n~ --r_ -

-, ----I---~ ~-~ I
BPtt I1Pai rur:'a


"-- 7- ii I IAL-- "-- 01" l

No underdeveloped country could afford to jeer at the idea of
$60,000,000 being spent on its land and population over a period of
five years. This does not mean that such a big project should not
be looked at very closely and more important still -- followed up
critically to see whether the performances have lived up to the prom-
ises. The sum involved is not too little .(I. hope there-w41.-1 -not- -..-.,-
need to be the usual supplementaries), and of course non-Government
observers must have different ideas of priorities. But I. will come to
that in time. 9n this occasion I wtite of the plan in general and
of the early chapters in particular.
.The five-year period is 1971-1975, so it will be seen that al-
,though not little, it isialready rather late; we are now three-quarters
of the way through 1972, and this is the first occasion when the pub-
lic, through the Press and accessible copies, has a look at the big
scheme. Obviously the 206-page book with 4 pages of maps has many
contributing authors, like a Speech from the Throne. The foreword
is by the Premier, now in temporary retirement, and his style can
be recognized by the following: "The encouragement of the develop-
ment of this agricultural scenario is one of the basic objectives of
the plan, designed as it is to transfer elan from the white collared
worker to the agricultural entrepreneur where it belongs in this
community," The transference of elan is a singularly subtle oper-
ation even between one individual and another; and what is interesting
in the phraseology.of this plan is how unpopular words like entrepreneur
and exploitation are given a sort of respectability.
In his paragraph 8, the Premier goes on to say "That the object-
ives of the Plan must be fulfilled will be accepted by all who from
-day to day have expressed their concern about opportunities for the
gainful and satisfying employment of our youth." (My italics). Now
while (in my view) it is a fact that some of the better points in this
plan were pinched from early manifestoes of the Freedom Party, in par-
ticular the concern for youth training and employment, and others from
articles in the Opposition Press (not forgetting the late-great
Androcles), even Premiers of Associate States should be careful not to
use the word MUST or to state that something WILL BE ACCEPTED. Do you
all remember the Town Council Act and 16th December? Any spirited
Opposition which had not beaefully consulted beforehand and suddenly
finds such a vital promotional concept slipped on the table of the House
(p. 6 of the Order Paper) as a Motion by the Honourable Premier -Will
query the rapidity of this transference of l6an and ask for a full de-
bate on another occasion, as Mr. Moise did. But the "ayes", in the
Premier's absence, had it.
A grateful tribute to the four sources from which good financial
aid has come already and who may be expected to contribute to the $60 m.
Development Plan -i.e. H,M. Government in the United Kingdom, the
Canadian Government, the United Nations Agencies and the Caribbean Dev-
elopment Bank, precedes the final paragraph of this preface, which ends
with the words "the realization of this Plan". But, readers, the Plan
is not yet realized. It is still a prospect.
Then comes an Introduction, probably written by a Civil Servant. He
used the curious expression 'fiscal incentives' in para. 5 (p.vii); but
he probably meant fiscal incentives. Here it is stated that the Plan
is essentially a public sector programme with indicators for the private
sector. In para. 6 of this section, I rather like the phrase "the plan
assumes the usual gamut*of democratic pre-conditions -the observance
of the rule of law; the protection of the fundamental rights and free-
doms enshrined in the constitution; fair industrial relations practices;
and impartial administration." my italics-J.S.
(Continued on page four)

Friday, September 1,1972

Page Two


Friday, September 1, 1972

Fri: He Majesty attended the funeral
of her cousin Prince William of
Gloucester, 30, killed in his plane
while taking off for an air race.
The Queen renounced her trip to the
Olympics, but Princess Anne joined
her father there as scheduled. ***
England's great sailor, intrepid
Sir Francis Chichester, was buried
on shore near his parents at a
village just outside of Plymouth.
BRIDGETOWN: New Dep./High Commiss-
ioner to Barbados and the Associate
States Mr. John R. Johnson arrived,
GRENADA's banana board has been
taken over by Gairy's Government
and a former chairman (Archibald)
describes this as unlawful seizure.
Lady Hilda Bynoe is now empowered
to nominate the 15-member board,and
Mr. Denis Henry has been made chair
man. Cables of protest to UKwere
sent off;'Police guard board office
TRINIDAD: Following expulsion of
American Eabor official Otto Silva
for non-holing of a work permit
(he was said to be an FBI agent),
protests jiave come in from CCL in
Guyana an4 Hon.Frank Walcott, B/dos4
ANTIGUA: A Social Security scheme
"with a wide range of benefits"will
start on Jan. 1,1973,Govt. announced
Challenge of Community a CADEC
Seminar, takes place at the Univer-
sity Centre here from 7-9 September.
Doctors Linton, Mitchell and Shorey
will lead three significant themes,
There are still many places to fill.
Are our readers interested in this
question of Christian Action in the
Community, social problems etc.?



"Man's Days are as Grass" a reply
by Gerard Shillingford Mason, Grand
ond. I read the article on p.4 of
THE STAR, Fri. Aug.18 1972, caption-
ed as above (by Hugh Lawrence), and
it left' me very much in doubt as to
what the writer really meant to con-
vey. The article sounds like a trib-
ute to the late Loftus Roberts- it
made mention of his academic achiev-
ement; but the writer was very care-
ful to say how long Mr. Roberts took
to get his degree. Perhaps I should
allow this to go unchallenged.
But when it comes to the sentence
which reads: "I must say it is sad

READERS VIEWS Mr.Mason's letter
that he did not leave a son to re-
place him," I must ask for an ex-
planation. First of all, since
Loftus Roberts' activities in the
academic field were not restricted
to his personal gain, but rather
for the benefit of the State as a
whole, was it his responsibility to
see that he was replaced? (In any
case he personally has no use or
need for replacement).
Secondly, was it within the pow-
er of Loftus Roberts or any man for
that matter to have a son to re-
place him? How can one be sure that
a son will be an exact duplicate of
his father? Mr. Roberts has.three
daughters, he eldest of whom has
done well academically so far. This
is an age of sex equality.
Then after lamenting over the
fact that he did not leave a son to
replace him, the writer went on to
'quote'from the Holy Book,"Man's days.."
Does the writer mean to say that
if Loftus Roberts had left a son to
replace him his days would not have
been as grass?
Therefore Mde.Editor I cannot ac-
cept the article in question as only
intended to praise: but that it was
written with suchghraseological dip-
lomacy which would elude the thinking
of the busy reader.
In the same issue, we printed
a tribute to Androcles by onetime
Governor Guy. Many plaudits have
come in about those few words.Here
is one: As a youngish Civil Ser-
vant who worked under and not over
the late Mr. Loftus Roberts, I en-
tirely endorse what ex-Governor Guy
had to say about him, and further
I like to see an Englishman at last
being manly enough to pay tribute
where it is due, so many expatriates
are afraid to look the lion in the
face, even when they retire. C."
After spending a few years in the
U.S.A. and learning much about the
struggles ofthe coloured (black)
people there (of whom I am one), I
am of the opinion that the people
in the West Indies have got the
wrong impression of the Black Power
or Black Liberation Movement -which-
ever you. may careto call it.
In the U.S. the Blacks predominate
i4 the Southern States, mainly
Georgia, na pa Virginia.
t cru e A C l nas.JO


Page TMrIee

Page Four T HE S T AR Friday, September 1, 1972

THE $60,000,000 PLAN by John Spector continued from pl 2
In documents of this kind one must expect pages of preparatory
preaching in a selective historical context. This one is no exception.
We are reminded that the Queen's Representative is relieved of any
political or legal responsibility for the actual business of Government.
The issuing of proclamations which may or may not antagonize the public,
the dissolution of village councils (which are becoming increasingly
politically-steered), the removal of the surtax on bananas, and the
naming of street., (remember the renaming of Freedom Street, Roseau?)
are all part of his ritualistic office as a symbol of national unity.
He can also order the Commnandant "to embody the Defence Force" and
prohibit public meetings -under advice, of course, from the Premier
and his Cabinet. However, he can "in some cases' act in his own delib-
erate judgment e.g. in the conduct of elections," We are reminded that
Dominica is free to terminate her association with the United Kingdom
at any time by a two-thirds majority vote of the elected members in the
House and two-thirds of the votes cast in referendum -such referendum
being required for a severance, save for the purpose of joining with
any Commonwealth Country in the Caribbean. But Britain may terminate
the association unilaterally, subject to six months' notice and "a
conference with the island would be held to discuss the political and
economic implications of such a step".
I now come to the parts headed EDUCATION, HEALTH, HOUSING, WATER
and SOCIAL SECURITY, which tel: me hardly anything I did not know al-
ready. Then i arrive at the ECONOMIC section (page 18). Subhead AGRIC-
ULTURE naturally stars bananas, those ill-starred fruits of local labour
and hope. The piece on the timber industry is interesting because it
talks of establishing a market for the produce of our magnificent forests
"in the South Eastern United States eventually". Mining, the coconut oil
industry... then skip to TOURISM. The number of tourists increased at
an annual average rate of 21.0% between 1960-1968. 1 shall be interested
to see comparative figures for the following five years. Referring to
the timber market hinted at above, I read that "sufficient groundwork
has been laid by now to accelerate the pace of exploitation of the forest
potential of the country." At 30 cents per board foot, this ia expected
"to move from $0.8m E.C. in 1970 to $1.61 E.C. in 1975."Conservators,
please note: What are Government's holdings in Dominica Timber Industry?
One can glean quite a lot of useful information or reminders from
this Plan book:, viz., that the population of Dominica is predominantly
young, and that 37% of the population in 1960 bore the burden of provid-
ing a livelihood for the whole.
On arriving at DEVELOPMEiT STRATEGY, I came across a perfect ex-
ample of bureaucratese jargon: "In manufacturing and tourism, entre-
preneurship and investment, local as well as foreign, can only operate
vigorously within an infrastructural and institutional framework that
is appropriately oriented to promote expansion." In para. 108 on
national- awareness-and ethnic self-consciousness, the "constructive
exploitation of the latent energies which those forces nurture'"brings
in our old familiar..the exploiter again. Much of this section refers
to "the unfolding of the national personality"."The greatness of an age
lies in its genius to develop-its own ethos" comes into this.para. 112,
which is quite a gem. But forget not, noble Greek, that the West Indian
is sharply an individual, firmly an individualist, -and tends to reject
collectivization, whether of ethos or property.
If I have treated the first several pages of this work somewhat like
a reviewer of Parkinson's Law or The Peter Principle, it is because I can-
not do other than treat them lightheartedly, since (as Mr. Loblack says)
"Matter fix, and it fix before I met it." Next time I shall be more ser-
ious, since I shall deal with figures as well as written facts. I also
wish to' express myself cheerfully on the subject of the national park.

~ LU~;;E-.-:;r-.i.:,-, --I, _ _ _ _

M DRs.sKW-MAM11s X"S fI) ty AL WAust still Life Uramwing (amt. a. a tt 1 /?)IS)
Pk y-Ytr still lftre drawig vu -will ead as .liwiMuxe-
1) Lte .sft papr, he laers Sthe akett the besttsr. Nwsprtat its em3llnat htr ywar
raePSa l
2) A drviasg bswt, as lWe Ws yeam art &M tUo ka dle sttarly. I always uan a
pIsao Mar heaa&rt (which i!s ;ery liUtt Vad easily btab eat) sat *CA stiS tqo
to fasttl ya paer to the irdat g IRart,
8) A chaier t it as, a prop, or nasoter hai r to ppsrts year Arating board aBd a
t&Mae on tish to wplai the !4-joet for yea prastios lesBas.
4) A. hert pFeail, as aa eraser which ye ai.et t rive "to d witeat sa. seen as pOsdItl,
and ftAanlIyf
A) A p1as4, quie tee nag is tiho to afceintatel, pfserably iteers. 1%a besft p-laB
to % a sl roea vtta ae outhz-.r sm*re areas to district% ysa, We will ..l1 this litute
prirato p2ace nr *Itaer Piso4,2
Nw we are revdy to Canrt. First bear in ared that yea ara &eaig this eertise
only to lij ea *t wbta it a tj a j .
to seaire the ditmp) ir. z l Sat
at hIana ovf the tranghtSaw -
flrgt abet trvyig Ato saWt
3ies drawing to leok 0.
we shall start with Vrne
s.Sta b9ett d hri)i to btcft t '
ert4zA -zida which vi are very Do A s a S
OdS1 I ar W. th- ph sa yS otlcc + A pAt" & at -0.
itder ot a mwba. You n ( cu 0--
frr thn ta e nam, any c 21.
apwre box, a amtll ail r Wa arIr ame, Arraa theUm in any
ordeor tiat yea fa.acy vu yew work-tile. Ww aike scare uat,
ya rwe sote*rtahly heated vwi th yenw srasig paper as far away
1fr;u yea that yea an vork on it. vitabet strataing yzar eyes.
Ia tOies eorat ose yme are gs ag to make tae mtst acetrat*
ai trati*fal sAtetfsats absat the three ebects is treat of
cso e at v -tol I witht3a y your ypenl I q yea are going to
4wr %heM exacty Was1 you fsj theS *t asM yes *nw hm LO ft,
hea best &y? to go abset it is to think of t i te iae dietaseaws moly; think of 16t
tyltiatr &a a rctsagle with its hisi t s tso wasy Att.a Itse Nidth, te sphere as a
circle ad the cab s swpliy as a square; thuM ttik of the thrae of eti llectInly la .
terms of their ratiAnship to each otwer, e shall start by des&erS>iag, ansa recodiag
ith ouar peontt, 1the ylYiisder. Firet wV ask wrsellf, "New tWI is ate eylisder In re-
Iation to its diamter f(or width) T' the. wO hae tecittd 4a th**e two dise simWa.fter
ear-al ad sseiae o bse rva.tiosB ad MAeM as d n aw .tasetest the drawing; paper "we
*ight decide to sy asaothing natti the 0phat. Let *s at ieareel thf e SaEa i -t
Prwr does the diaster of this circle sewapr with the diatsor of t 'e aqimatr*, 0at
whe lewst of the yslimiirT?, kow far is tie tvp of the cylisdor tram the top of this
eijcs?, how far, or tast It the di ~etn between the left had sive of the circle frua
the left herd sidde of the vylaader?'; *aA the= yem sight seawprv tke diameter of ate
circle rith tis distance. Le mara qaetsttnas like these that ye ask yaursolt te betw
payr zhancea of as ; t ary u-s*ravte eta*eaBta the more you are fored to tll the
treth about the .b $eta fieS rat of 7yet. *Awi, gB14 *a to tahe aeb, askE ynaraolf the
&aa type of q qtiaoui as rith the sphere, keep referring bactk to the sphere atd 1&*
y zsw yVm Til probably hae discweretd a pcsaliar thing amivt ebjeet drawings as
pma beaV frotm Av4g t to Iftfd, if yoa v*re not very careael in year observtieas wheM
rean first strsrtvei, ym Ti2i v "ia that ie na4ter ba tratital a statemart yea have Naie
start tiha last sf-ct yoa were dascribiag, it greatly co1tradlcts one or say aof yaour
proviass tsaten'st a&tWut otier objecta, Thi-a t ns if you told asm little 'I'* whet
yec started; hat it6lltic- w'Ae you tell area 'lies"' TO C2V IT UP TihL MIUr LTIW
3T OUT OF SAI3st tis is id tereat is as aerions still life drawing, smd oaBn yfPs
neo rm-conBised dta Idi o W syneray yon are well At*e way towards aoqiring the discip.
Ulieds ha &sat aiat of the saeiena Aragsrtaam.a

PaW alv :

lE Sfsas

~Yr$i~tp~, ~j~t~~i~g~j. yp f~c~-~g


mnr-m -

Ve repriat Sor our renAers* te pictuares
of Juliu s Ntyerre are Loanex BosyetBrelc
which appnare4 in gfhostly form on p.1
lwast vWr Car pkoteo-eagra r is now
(as ye cane see) working

Ate 'W ssas o e p s
I SO Fiaf" LOW 1f40b. CiaOpsd
*QNJene te Ta~spc Kecords^, aa^ ^

Cso .z Isour) $.
sa~ls:*r~wls~ ,ars) $ ?5.00- .

I !

r l

Sch du~ &of Apc&canc tr o Cre~Stce a T.d said &4Not~W
theory iida Casects for Cweest, er4ine '3 aV# 4 2?it

aes Raqesote6 Persoe Preassatig Nti're of reeasst
wbeC tftr a CernificM:e
of Ttal of Noting
tferna or Csvst,
r Ade SSiD% Fua agCi tas at i tes ai u
aptl;tae.4chop 0 GSpear a vass dtCwo
hoj pa apo. MAustyahwas .Sise APLaSnt Thk tas s
tw ol, Ub pua dm4k.
*l p4 4 s.- S
.i~ Z~~ F4 ~ : &. r oS. g j

%of* Wooe by a pSWe P4sa
t. t by ke W*tsa ofa LseBe t o hS aS a6
SaAd~ ~fe isa^~j f'Q~L~rf~''.'* ~e. li?e~Es
^Sew FfbIc W~si;j~ ^llk to^~ (^y~ i;r~sa Biiia~


NOTE : Any person who dsirs to o t to biact t the iuing oif a I
Certfcate of title on fthe abovt asetatio? nmay entr a Cavest
k% the abore ofce wren..six wteks from the date of the Ftrs
appeaarrnce of thrs stchdicae tIr tte StAR New-spaper pabi4she4i
hm dis State o froan theft date when the notice prescrtbed by
law was tast served on many owlne'r r occupCer of adjo4aasj
eaid in reipet t which the appiciattr is trmadi.

W inCustewiers and Friends


Suestanuial Ieductios set over 5,A" pair of

Shosb c'ff A -the FamHy.Y

.-A ssasitt

S TI e ATA S .- S7TM E.:' O6~s Nca
,.LE .Y fiksSTATON O.fP-?ANCE"

I i-- --- -


-- --s~-Ll~p~n~ ~--_~C~L-------LI*IW-WCIU

__ _~L

-1L~-------------------~--"-arrr~llra _ ___~ _____~_____I____~_~,~_~_gycnasrr



- -- --U laa~u --Y~---~l~a~Yaraararsanllaa

'1R-A1 I - Ag.I BE~iI~i:iw bf 1^~e


: -: :

~b~BB~~sea$~t~'T~"~~'~Ds~" ~f~s~iP~s~s~.



f S p m b 1,: 1 7 T U S T A R S e w n

Su rgeon
Hi- qualibcfatin isa higher
tbhai that of rthe dnoctr n
private practice and he
comes to tbha Ien-ral
prat.ticiirner recui_- in the
reare senoi.a. caSes wktCktr
cannot 6e r ir-d y pii4.
ibFc~i es:i or miaimlioai To
qualify for lIs speialty the
sargki n has to deVcte 2-
yrs to kLrd ar.U;-' wrrk,.
aed 'if u .rh ts he IsmAt
he eBpfiAe t. b* consent
with tiHt kiatied .salary tat
an iastitu.ion is able to pay
dm' while tazs f l.g 2.i,
n rtrivate pmactire -sea two
N- dorge so wrt
A Surgeon can suar'V1ve 9
his 'i aitutional' slalry in
9 vOvrnwry with a populationa
lear flkt)AI to tan
bsi three e -or four faul
Oa-t .j'. asio s peer week,
f e Nesfonabsle .p recent a
at his psatien&t' can py faD
private feea. This is not the
csso ijn S, Kitt. and the
SeoAomics of the situatmo
*gnnd that h6s OCnthhy
- esnkry of Ti per month,
saags& ecretari .
=- C $1 V0 tear m=ntab) bt
argical fees coeeted fiom
WS-a of f0 his patieia. Hfe
jfAy or may m#7 aSw) hte
to engage in private
W_ I ..he ME institution
salary muSt be reSareded (as
a rAinr in tum ?or whihr
b G los4 after -those
Ws hius, g9 _m redw.
4at. TUs in the aaBrom i
that has keSt qurhA1d
Surgeons in Antigua,
Dexianica, St. \':n. "t-ri and

in }pro';:ir health
reraicn=. tshe ultiata ob-
jective of any progressive
Government must be accept,
ed to be the establishment
atf an adequate and com-
iprehensiFve Nationai Heith
Service, bstt the mntradute-
sion of such a service is
potorer countries lying
wiitfa the !eccStiO c zone
0o Ca itnensam is M every
itsfebythe izj.!;.: f a
poor country te corm'ki w
t rn market tr wei trained
d actors. 1
MTe pmoiCEsaiA of te1
market foqr a qaLied and I
axpeyriencd surgeon
dictates that* coa- SrgosV
Vial ccwe froma three

alwted Stae t beame jai
main nwmrs 4 Itagrant ti
t4wstiSi ftr fth< narM te tf
I-1l aoeurslta to ftnfcat
oA *fa ai m ;.rnr.-;
sgraiff saatwq the aitvr?
during the year a 1';.5 p4
ceint 4ecrmse trwam 'io. an:
a l8-i per v eet3tt ti-.are fn-sr
te iVwazgr#e aarWher 41 imnMrr-.
prWni t vs r tma pmrsousM wo
eec;; v 1& A-st, or 4.*3e
Bnitest ifas second rit
5.45i. "riga, si 1 ly
5.7 40a 1ZLia s.uk

' ,e'\

(1) Persoas with atsoag
kocal tii whbo a. dtr ia- i
ed to make a eLiig ti
their on couen ry;
(2) Prssae couig Ircan :
a country with a lower
prevailing s t a da rd of
living than crs; and
4 3) Persos twho for sora
very private pel"sal i
reasso~rs -wr to live in the


It allfmstt as t U dca o i A on A gEr id jlcr
It liadeRt no beai8 et2A ftatoerde;
ZJM. V- LnitSAti,-.
Xt ah sa(i u i2 P> :htt Of &a p5raBit, tng
polities askte ,
be, thacsg I smtk tS.^ik t* nilewy Cf lasi,
R9Ose gad *e4.- aai F
I vbll fear vo >O for tta gove raa si with
& wP?;:*- an t chic 't.t-lj, for a M y bW
propriating feh P< --. :;,.-. of ay own .-sand-:1.;
It fillattt ws hew with fa a.security:
4 ieeffitciecy n..-.nt over.
auney thS gc tiwm5 ent th.ei carn fNr *as all
th: td iays of ar lUfe,
Ada I nafall dkwll cn fool4a NaEndse for Vr.

New Cndian High G. ssionet
a.,. r a I A IN SOI&

His Extcelacy, David1 Cornssir to the f -Spain.
C.1 Rtea, Canada's Ntw Ass.rciate-d S .''n vd
Wzivh Commissioner towas Trinadad on Auveii' Mr F
Tnrnidtd and Tobago' 14 I,.r;p.m;nc by :s ::rfte <
and Barbado who w i .: and th:a :.rt!',w?' re.v, adi,
also ser as& Canadian He is resirng Pot.- vice.

Roy Marshgl

Ahboagb a growing
I Somber of WeBt dians
awe be=e making their
wsames in tte Igihsh
County Cricket sceet in
eet years they are
"'jnew boys" when com-
ared to BarbSadian, Roy
Marsbhah who- uade bhis
4ebu' for Southern Club
Hamiphirr in 1953 arnd
As no in his hlstueasoo
'befat rer It m et.
Ma~rhalt the brilliant
batsman and We-t IJndes
Test, Player, is ending V
-arep; that has included
35,000 rurs, 66 centuries,
and 176 wicker-s.

~2eL.. ~h
'44:i". :
21 -~-e~

is a

Dom0ni caa rp

O t

TtU.hi inffOrWation w :-x:eivei bf the ll l aecia
Tan ~nly 4 ha.r' VIor the tourrsmean. was due to
beg-ic at W'a. rneIa fl4m 1aihI s sitbdra*v waa e left
i- tswmrr.met Sirch begat iag uday wti ouni)
eviein Ut'as partAU9pasdCiL.

^^I ~D^^iOAA.T Sarttedy AUUST s SA W

T 1he. We ie e r

I ae-Md not aS

CYsp"-rrra~-- ---- I-*_II~-WUIIE--rUIU~D-LIY9-'-'~-~--~

1972 T H E S T AR


Friday, Septeshber I,



By popular demand, we now present the 3-STAR GRAPEVINE
Scene 1: Cabinet Room.,
JUNII : I call this meeting to order. You scums... I mean gentlemen,...
know our Chief is for all purposes dead. Some of us thank that
crash near the Leper Home for that but that's beside the point.
What I want to say is I am now in the saddle and I'll ride you,
I mean my horse as I wish. I want to hear you, Unchristian,
about your part in the Castle Bruce.affair.
UN~CHRISTIAN: Well, deputy ...
3TJR:Deputy hell, call me Chief.
UNiCHRIS: Well Chief to tell you the truth I know how you espouse the
Marxist system so when I was called upon to address the people
I tried to please you by saying how our Government wants lands
to be taken from the big folks to give to the people...
JUNIIOR: You damned fool. Everything~.e like Russia but NOT land are
you mad? You, Mr. Co-opI what's your role?
CO-QP-I: O.K. Well, -Mr.Junior.,,
JUNIOR: Call me Chief, you ass.
CO-OP-I: O.K. Well Chief, Unchristian having made a faux pas what
could I do? I had to carry on and so I wrote the letter
stating the small people's views and so . .
JUNIOR: Donkey you. I'm well surrounded by asses. Anyway my- decision
is that you two showed your stupidity, with which I will not
put up. I want a.press release immediately saying Government
will have no part of this Castle Bruce idiocy. Have you all
no regard for my' family or do you all want to undermine me?
You are jealous of my lands! You are .
'O-OP-l: But Chief I .
UNCHRISTIAN: But Chiefi we didn't know ,
JUNIOR: Know hell. Mr. secretaryy take this down and I want it read
every news. ti.e .for a week,
* * (D~otaes prepared Press Release).
Scene 2 : Home of JUNIOR. (En bae kai-l )
JUNIOR: Darling, these damnasses nearly gave away our dowry.
DARLING: How you mean de-r?
JUNIOR: Well that ass Unchristian told the Castle Bruce people we
are socialist, so they will get the land from C.D.C.!
DARLING: So what? They are foreigners.
JUNIOR: Yes darling, but don't you see, after that it's Melville
Hall, then Woodford Hill, then Eden. They won't stop.
DARLING: But we still have lower down.
JUNIOR: Lower down is our dowry but that will go too.
(Holding his head in his hands and sobbing)
Oh God! I mean Oh Castro! what have I done. I have
created a Prarnkensteii monster! Ill .deny them. I'll
destroy them. I'll I'll I'll .
Wait dear till you hearty release. Those SCAMPS!

Declaring that all British aid to Uganda would have to be re-
viewed because of their "inhuman and unjust" treatment of resident
Asians, Foreign Secretary Sir Bec Douglas Home made a statement to
the public this week. Our Uganda correspondent says: "everything but
their gold teeth was taken away from the departing Asians. It was
just like Hitler's treatment of the Jews before he melted them down
for fat and their bones for glue."

Friday,September.. 1972

Page Eight


THF STAR~L- P-w Ni---~aU3L"-~lcu--c-


A icnht should bebetItn 25 aSd 40 yutn Ut
I ", I aWd soBn have d duacaai of o dteb
hssadung asd saing w& h Iwciur Tis d*etaIw.



The Company opernat3 a P. r-3 nd Life Aur-
aew Sdcbme s wBte a a Mc &scheme. cam.-
megnsi tazar *CSordtIg so w iawcaTn ad c

Appy i own hMandwritdg t.:-
The Mier.,
O d tries (W .I)a&.,
P.O Boxk Ix,



Lot Belkrue Rawle
------- Caneld
1 ^ ------ -e Sases Savee
j acr dt &M& cal:
XF =$SRTel 2389.


w r~n~~ 9 ~ ~ ~ D~R~m ~ ~ ~w*' -~I---a----- a-eena-e -W"----U ~P~

7TITL f E(i.p*V:' O

*i~iltMOIn M IBIM -lf'td *SL ~fSNtL

,tr v: i -,I f ro. -* ,: .f-,c te :, tie N., n rty -tsr.* a
nthereon and Cavewa wete end., g g e i g
O r eqCerr! T O Wsa8n
*iaiupenOTt deeMj lur .^.lw ra a ? f

Nc&- drq o' V. r e ar AT I4 to
o Argas,2A C ea& nwas a p i S a "

aE'"4- hei*b T

;3rs y ed ao new" Agai fgsorrnSi tit AM a
'h y a Pabifta 434
saw %y sasa wa- Law a r. LaWs t&p GSviC

? s. SDo gc ;s, rO Fer ,; ofOctaa
NO -- Ann ptricn 40,c d4'rs ZQ esc, O t tZo ItA Iiw of a P
141?L (r-;dacc :-c Ltue a tj abov a .oitent ray .ntr a
eavi' it ole abqe C-tce -vtrlin six .oeek from the $ztt of U
thae 'i t ae aeanc S odt g&hecnutv t r-e STAR Nefener
crI aw wail erv arn orrcir n ; cajxtr dof I4$uiftl z
i W r-Espec, of hI ct' s apA cat

is various lzes -17k
gat Get
RON DRIS -.'S 23 x

- iasela kn SinflM WSst } '


'> * ^ ^ .^ ^ .^ .. i ^ r ~ ^ ^ ^ . , ~ ~ M ~ M

Ts as* District "G", ad

, Chrflaae WIarc, now resid s at
a, Patsw,. DoiMica, parish cSrt
herea giva yg ou M.n c that it is my i-
oD'pply at the M trait's CMrtn to be
IP-tssKh .aMon iday the 2nd day
1r 1972 CasWumg for a TAVBERN4 LI.
hi reape ctof my presses at Grawvfifa


.00 per gallon

,oo per 5-gaIllon D ,rum.
t vow from
No. 5 Cross street


-----------u^ mci

ilG~;tYa $Lsvr~,~aa~ 1 ~B'PQ~~

-ag0- n-;-

L ~




Page Ten T H E S TAR Friday, September 1, a
*S**T*A*R*S*P*0* R*T*S"* i.*iorchriston A C 0 R R E C T I 0.
FOOTBALL : Mr, E.R.L.Ward's Hotel Accommodation'
Spartans defsted Halayon 3-0 with goad In our issue of .August :18, page 10,
from Dana Hurtaul'b (Z). Cuthbert- Wil- it was incorrectly stated that the
liams but were in IvII defeated later. Ward Commissioner had hotel accommo-
by Saints in an enteifng match 2-1: nation at the ASTA HOTEL. This was
Spartans. scored firsnei l~ and the not the case, as the Asta Hotel Mgmt.
tr ding-don gntil the last ten pointed out to us, and we. apologise
minutes when Saints netted twice. for any inconvenience caused thereby.
Saints i W defeated' new team Halcyon
by a penalty (1-0) near 1ile end. Both. W A N T E D .
team. put. .9n a tremendous 'show, and NEW or USED PIANO (In Good Con-
th! keepers (especially Anthony of Hal- edition) C AL L :
cyon) were kept brilliant and busy. The LE1G SQRHAINDO, 80 King George
penalty; occurred when a Halcyon player A
miskicked causing the ball to run up 5 *g. 3034, St.9
his body and hit his arm. Halcyon did A
well'and the boost against a crack team N T
should be good for their morale. EXPERIENCED TYPIST .
DiV.II teams Potters U. and Pazagons .R u e- or uiven in
had a good match, but Potters threw Requisite GCE or equivalent in
away many chances to yet win 2-O goal
from Andr& and Bramble. In a Div.I ame Please give full details of past
on Saturday Celtics U. beat. Pargon by and present employment,
5-0. The last two were beauties from Salary commensurate with experience,
Dewhurst and both times :the goalie ability and qualifications.
just stared, unmoving; then he walked Apply in writing to:
well, 2nd in overal_(they lost a point 544-1/2. P. 0* Box 18.
in kicling to wi"t Grenada) but won . INriTAPION
the cricket. Loblack received I gold & Tj.,IVERSAL CHILDREI'S DAY is to-e '
,2 bronze medals and Lawrence a gold for celebrated in Dominica on Monday Ost.2,.
thh triple jump, Daway a silver for the and a small work.ic committee of per-
hurdes rlslesi ver-s and a small i orlkiig committee o-fper-
hurdles, Carlisle silvr-sou & sons interested in thp health ana wel-
Henderson a bronze'- pole vault. Daway fare of cin ilte en is utgenalty reqi led
voted best batsman, IHeiderson best fare f ch ren y re ed
fie older, Walsh, best w/kee~et and in order to hilp -with, preparations
George- tho f.ast bowler, 11 was toIn the past, we have tried writAig
est footbler hista to indivialsithout much success,
best footballer'hilst n Greada but this time we appeal to the kindnesa'
several boys had money and valuables tsabout helping c
--- of those'* ho aoe about he)lpng obildren
stolen (the same thing happened to;a The Theme for this year is "A BETTER'"
visiting -youth club tco BarbadOs). LIFE FOR CIEILDRN I1T SLUIS AND SHANTY
OLYMPIGS: Swimming & yachting took up S ". Please contact:
the first days with' Americaun sw immer TtE CANADIAN SPAE THE pFLDREN rFUN
taking 6 golds'-- a:record; Ar :press b
time other sports still in heats stage. (office) 9 HIles2borogh Street,2
........ .;- Roseau* Telephonet 2090
h o ....-MY e VTLI OF BLCK POWE' UbrrdGak:ne(Ome*a'e~^--
As history tell us ese people were very o4roAS dGk e-WnTe
treated as .non-Americias.* "With the, advent of the /Civil Rights Movement, and
men like Martin Luther King Jr*, the. late President Kennedy & his brother Sen.
Robert Kennedy and many dedicated Black people, the struggle for Black Recog-
nition has come a very log. iway, but still has to complete its final goals-.
Today, whereas there are Blacks in the South USA who' are still unregistered fo
vote and even to own property, their brave brothers who migrated to the North
have been able to vote a~'d'buy their own property and" to help unfortunate rel-
atives.* In the West Indies, the coloured people quickly outnumbered the Whites
after colonization,. perhaps because of the sizes of the individual islands,
the Blacks have been able' o take over from their Cf;l6nial'Ilasters rapidly.
Once the Legislatures were controlled by Whites in the W.I. voting rights were
based on wealth; key jobs were held only by the Whites and 'Upper Class. Today
in all the islands, the trend is in reverse: three States '(Jamaica,Trinidad &
Barbados) now independent, have Black (coloured) Governor-Generals and Prime
MiniSters. So what-are we in the W.I. fussing about? In the U.S.A. we are-
all known as WEST INDIANS.-' Let us therefore unite in the cause of W.I. UNITY.
Printed & published by Prop.R.E,ABILfry of CoptHall at 26 Bath Rd.Roseau Dominia.,