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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Mrs. Jane Lowenthal,
Librarian, 0
Research Institute rof i4
the Study of Man.
--162 East 78 Street,
New lork 10021; .Y<
i- U.S..
: OS/5 V , ml: v-tut
Chr (-i9ndonR) Ltd.
ISh fasbur Ay W.I.Edlr



iVo f" ft

I. ~L-i -;;~~i~1sn---I

'Es AUu.st ,25;972

The first African leader to come out
firmly against the inhuman and greedy
treatment of Asians in Uganda, is Presi-
dent Julius Nyerere, of Tanzania.
accused VUndas President of racialisW
fbt ordering the expulsion of thousands
of Aslons Who .were Uganda ciHizens, aWnd
Sthe criticism had ma immediate efc.,
Amin will let some of them remains.
Amin then said that he would allow
those with Ugandan passports to re-
rmain We hope the passports were
-. ;not destrt'oye Earlier he had said.
the foiuced exiles ast nt o take out,
ajy of teir money or the fruits of
their :LndaBt3?y. Two other good re-
sults: Trinidad' opposition Demo-
cratic Liberation xrty, asked their
Qov-ernient to. intervene on behalf of
the Ad~ialE. who Were ordered out and,
if' necessary, to wit.rima reoog-
nition of imin' Gover-oent Then
Canada came forward with a refuge
for P 000 A~nians twe haofe 'witn their
depeaideitsbE) QftItjL.1s I c



writes on Upnada
lr .a x ioaa P
iDescrioing tae expulsion as Apartneid
in reverse, the Trinidad Dem.ibsa said
protests snoulad ave been as swift and
vital as tue Afrioae/Aian boycott of.
Raodeaians in the Olypios, over whidh
everyone who hates racism is aI t u.
On page; we have reproduaend asigit"
cat editorial from the Barbados Ado-
cate, which appeals fot a sense of propo
tion in pressing for 'Caribbea content'
m education and for an umderstandig,
not only of oua~ es in a limited, paro
chial context, but in -.the wider context of
universal man. It is a wise isatemnt;: w.
recommend our readers to study ft.


~lcpl" -----~L~rm~-------- -----~--~--- -~----___

__q-----~ -i- ~ _~----



Cts A

Well, the Geest boat was ready to ship 1175 tons of bananas from
Dominica on Sunday but in the end only packed-in 1126 tong. The
amount of confusion was considerable throughout the island, partly
because of the week-end work, partly the short notice and changes in
radio notices; but largely due to an eagerness on the part of the
growers which produced an overcut, a lot of rejections (as 3/4 full
was specified instead of the riper 7/8ths grade which many tried to
slip; in).
Mr. Stevens' complaint in the House of Assembly seemed to have
been borne out, especially in the North Eastern District. Atkinson and
Batac&were sent down to Castle Bruce boxing plant (instead of Weirs/
Marigot, and/or Londonderry); and Castle Bruce was short of boxes.
Despite the long period with nothing to do but maintain plant and equip-
ment and supply boxes to each planter, confusion reigned and tempers
were sometimes short (not helped by the the unfortunate hold-up below
Point Cassa, due to an accident in which several were injured on Sunday
night.) It is still a general complaint that the D.B.G.A. board and
staff still seem to assume that they are the Association and the indiv-
idual 6-8,000 farmers are not ; 'Overcut' is an easy expression for
the man in the office but I myself saw 63 fine stems, beautifully
packed, average bunch-weight 35 lbs., first on the Association truck,
returned unloaded (first on.last off) to the grower -a loss of over
Reading last week's STAR report on the banana situation, I noticed
an omission --no mention was made of the incorrect broadcast on Radio-
Dominica about the formation of the Commonwealth Banana Exporters' As-
sociation (BEA) emanating (it appears) from Reuters, Jamaica and a Press
release from the Jamaica Banana Board. This 'CBEA'was only considered
by the WINBAN delegation to Kingston on August 8. The reason, to my
mind, fob publishing a release which was not yet agreed to-by the As-
.sociated States-delegation lies in the 4th paragraph which starts:
"Amongst the tasks of the CBEA would be to speak with one vice in the
U.K. and Europe,.." This paragraph was preceded by a reference to
"Britain's imminent aoc session to the EEC" and therein lies the core.
Britain, having shaken off her colonies and weakened her Common-
wealth ties, has opted to join the non-communist part of Europe in the
enlarged European Economic Community. Fair enough, that is her business;
her Conservatives envy the 'healthy' reactionary capitalism of many of
the European countries; her Labour Party (or a majority section of it)
hopes to introduce some socialist modification of the present undemocra-
tic set-up of the E.E.C.
In the meantime, although the Associated States (ex-colonies), not
yet fully independent, will lose a few concessions, largely in trade,
from Britain, they will at the .same time gain a great advantage over
independent Commonwe 4.lth countries such as Jamaica, Should the Assoc-
iated states (or even Domniina .on her own) opt to join the E.E.C. (or
more correctly the European Common Market), on the Part IV basis of
Associated Territories they immediately gain freedom of movement within
th-e European countries --and the U.K. Immigration Act would not then
apply to West Indians from the Associated States:; although Jamaicans,
Barbadians, Guyanese and Trinidadians would still be ruled by the Act.
Most important of all, the WINBAN countries would have privileged
access for their exports to all the E.C.M. countries, over and above
Jamaica. Far be it from us to damage any potential Westindian unity,but
by putting the Associated States in a strong position (with access also
to EEC Development Funds.) they would, as a bloc, be in a much stronger
position to stand up and ensure for themselves a fair deal in CARIFTA
and future forms of Westindian integration.
(Continued on -age four)


Eriday,August 25, 1972

Page Two

Page Three

There are 950,123 unemployed in .-Atherton E. Martin
Br i ta ts A st. Thi ct led This note. is meant to clear up one
Br tain this August, tis tct d serious misconception created by your
an ECM spokesman to say that the report that my University training was
U. would enter the Common Market sponsored by C.D.C.
"in a wheelchair". ************* After I had completed tw. (2) years
GUYANA's CAIFESTA starts today,25 of College tra4 l ng I was offered a job
with C.D..C.,..so that the summer of 1970
Aug. Lead~i4g the Dominican canting- with .D*.C,_soh th e summer of 1970
Aug, Leading the Dominican cntLit was spent working at Melville Vall.Es-
ent (ine. Siffleur Montagne, Little tate. During the Fall Semester of 1970
Theatre, La Belie Theatre etc.-4-5 C.D.C. offered me a loan of 22,000O.O0U
performers)' is Mr.Arlington Riviero.which was later changed to-a scholarship
The festival goes on for two weeks with.the condition that I return to
DOMIiIJCA: l14 bariaias were cut at work with C.D.C. upon completion of the
DOMIICA: ananas were a B.S./agronomy.
Castle Bruqe last week.However,the Mor important however, is the ize
overcut causedD.B.G,A.a loss of 500 of this $2,000. .scholarship relative to
tons. Growers are asked not to the costs of a University education as
overcut this week, since the ship this will determine the extent to which
my education was- "C,D.C.' sponsored' .
can only accept 860 tons. Major expenses for 2 years at (ornell.
U.S.A. A jubilant President Nikon, Tution and 7,5 nversity
overwhelmingly elected Republican Books 425,00
Pres, nominee, slammed Democrat..Mc. Board and Lodge 4,170.00
Govern, denouncing his drive to Utilities 733'.63
trim the $50 thousand million war Medical Bills. (Hospital
activities programme ************ bills meicati ) 4.
TRINIDAD: Abdul Malik was sentenced X~ t from campus?000
r& Stanley Abb- Bus fare to & from campusl70.00d
to death for murder & Stanley Abb- Agronomy field trip to California
ot to 20 years (manslaughter) Both (credits. required for graduation
men are appealing, Malik faces an- 5 weeks board & lodges travel
' other murder charge with accomplices. expenses etc.) `J5 o
__.. .- s -,- TOTAL V13i760.500 U.S.
LETTER FROM LONDON- :onnox Honychurdc 'T currency'
Gonoral Apin of Ueanda's announce' Out of this total $ ,505413 is a
.mnt that Asians livin i Uganda had uenla hi have to
loss than ninety day ave the o _
It was amazing to see the reaction and m5.3 s
the press..T^ British po~plehad suda e .s inas of.my wiie Fae Martin (nee
onlyy boon,m.do atarzo tiat almost with. E lwin .,
out noticc:othey might have to admit ov- The dontrlibu.tion of C.D.C. is now
or 70,000 sians into thoir already : seen in-toper perspective so that the
over opulrNdi island staggeringg under phrase 'C.D.C. sponsored education' is
tho strain q. rising costs., housing seen to be not entirely accurate.
and: unemployment -' which itself was on It is important to clear these..'small'
of the major reasons for the recent matters up now as the false sympathy it
dock stri p). arouses for C.D.C. can lead to misplaced
The vieaW expressed and the remedies support.in the future, especially when
suggested were naturally .varied. PUNCH it is disacovered..that Fae Martin, my
(weekly) spia: "There is nevertheless wife, bore the. brunt of the expenses for
a strong 4iilarity- between General my 2 years at Cornell.
Amin'sL atttude to. *.fr: ,eigners 'of the Thanks for allowing me the .space in
wrann :cola .,ra afo E^Qnch anwe% your paper to clarify, the situation.,
to' leave 4.s country; IEnocli, if he was Britain..wiath ma.iLons Uo vommonwea trh
Prime Minister, wouldhe .equally in- citizens be they white,rown or black.
sistent on sending them 'homo'.* Amin Meanwhile the more down-to-earth
.uses-emotional language., so does Mr | .Britons are. forming groups to hipp ease
.Powell." '' .. the flood of Asians into the d'Ontry,
Actually these past..weeks Mr.Powell finindng jobs omes, educational' vacan-
has been a -emotional as ever. In speech-cies (joined with' race relation author-
es filled with I-told-you-so, Powell itie and generally preparing for the
has.strengthened his tJrades. against strain 'this'..sudden infltix ill put on
the British. Government. leadership. He the country. Things however became
implied that' though the Govt. leaders even more critical since Ain a second
believe itip Britain's duty to pro- announcement that ALL Asians even if.
teoc the Ugandan Asians since they ho they had-.Ugsdan- passports would he. de-
Brtish passots the. law statesed addedth that his ot.
that they cannot encr Britain Jt ported. e addthen t hi
He has added t the case.of-.-the Ugan- wl bInd s es o d selling tei
Ing listeners in W~olverhampton aoout Tith P--- _-v---- .... Jc ;- --,
dan Asians is just the..beg~nni~ng~ tell- Aia~. inusr iru and p eroeravThe
te millions of Comnlonwealh citizens with ch clpthes eir backs
holding "British passports", .he statedone
that it only needs a..ew more Amins in *H.~ i:, John E. Marnham of Britain
Africa, the Caribbean & Asia, to flood visited Dominica this week *******


Friday, August 25, 1972

STARTII'G ALL OVER AGAIN : by John Spector (from page two)
Turning to more detailed problems at home in Dominica, the Cana-
dian Consultants who are now working on phase III of their plan (part
of their costs will now be borne by.the Association) expect a saving
in 1972 by means of which principal and iinterest amounting to $100,000
may be paid back in January 1975; in future years:- 1974, $200,000;
1975, $300,000; 1976, $400,000 ... and thereafter $200,000 each year
for the balance of the ten years. Incidentally I believe the total
overdraft facilities are $2.4.million, not $2.2 million as stated last
week. These savings, how ever, depend almost entirely on the ability
of the small grower (i.e. theman with under 100 acres of banana cul-
tivation) to increase his production in the same acreage to around
ten tons per acre. In effect this means a doubling of productivity.
It-can be done, but it will need encouragement demonstration, effic-
ient use 9f new methods and new plant-disease resistant strains for
replanting. Above all, it will need more money for nemagon,insecticides,
weedicides, fertilizer, blue diothenaj and comprehension of their
proper use.., and, in many medium-sized plantations, working capital
to pay for extra labour.
A new replanting scheme is being planned by WINBAN, Governments
in the islands will be responsible in the first instance for handling
the scheme, and the respective Ministers of Agriculture will choose a
committee who will select an 'unspecified number of farmers who have
shown drive and ability, to set aside a few acres of their land for
the pilot scheme. Sites will be chosen at different altitudes and with
repreSantative soil types to a total amount of 1000 acres in each
island. The planting material will be the new, improved varieties of.
Valerie and Giant Cavendish. As an incentive, fertilizer, diothene,
nemagon etc4 .will be supplied, if possible free or on.a poundage re-
payment basis. It is hoped that the scheme will be financed by the
Regional Development Bank who have been approached by individual Ban-
ana Boards, backed by WINBAN and the Governments concerned. The applic-
ation has been made at a rate of $1,000 per acre and is designated as
'long term loan for access roads to existing feeder roads, purchase of
agricultural machinery, and working capital to employ labour'. (The
WIIBAN delegation, as readers probably know, stopped off in Barbados
en route to London to see Sir Arthur Lewis last Friday).
The old contract with-Geests expires next year and a new contract
comes into effect.Match 30, 1973. The Bahana Boards and WINBAN hope by
then to be in possession of all the facts and costs relating to bananas
from the field to the consumer. They Will thus be in a better position
to bargain across the negotiating table' on equel terms and I hear
they hope they will even be able to tell Mr. van Geest how much he is
saving by having the bananas demanded and boxed here and sent across'
the Atlantic without paying for shipping the stems! That saving, say
the growers, must amount to considerably more than 250 per lb; they
expect the price to the grower to be" roportionately higher. The growers
should be pleased to know at last how the Green Boat Price becomes the
price..to the grower --Boxing $91.20 per ton, Freight $98.40 per ton -
say 200. per ton come off the GBP (of 70 or 60 before the grower gets
his few cents per Ib. So, at the Greenboat Price of 75 ($360 per ton)
there is less than $160 per ton left for the grower, from which must
come: government tax, DBGA cess, transport and Geests loading and re-
ception expenses. One ton equals 2240 lbs., so if all those things;
come to $60 per ton, there is $100 per ton left for the grower, which
is 10,000-cents div ided by 2240 or 4.47 cents per lb. (Ive done my
homework if anyone can fault me on it, let them do so')
To the growers I would add, this is your Dominica Banana Growers:'
Association. Your representatives should get out all the figures for you
to woan out, and make sure you are getting. a square deal from Govern-
ment, your Association- and- the buying Company and do it before the
next' contract is signed.


Friday,August 25, 1972

Page Four

Page Vive

Fiction MA TITINE by Cynthia Watt LETTE. n OM LLONDON L.Honychurch(p5)
L E TnwitehaJ.l, ionson, zi nfw beng
Reuben blew the car-hobr one sun- stressed that the ne voitims of rerosa-g
set hour, then called out: "Titinel ent Amines policy_.are not entirely a
Le's go for a drive.' British responsibility --certainly not
Ma Titine came forward. "You is a those with Ugandan passports. Neverthe-
nice one, Rdubenl I now going to see less Britain is. likely to accept a pro-
about suppe* an you tellin metoe portion of the exiles on compassionate
about supper an you tellin me to go grounds, provided that other countries,
all drive no notic&, an a~ll" 1grouncts, provided that other countries,..
an drive <.. no notice an al1'" notably India, agre6 to share the burden.
"Ah shucks, Titihe.- You boun to Mr. Ivor.-Richard, deputy Labour spoke;s-
cook all de time likel dat...?" man on foreign affairs, described Pres-
"Lissen to de man I By. you jokini ident Ami is action as 'avowedly racial-
isti and he called for a Commonwealth .......
I like my fgod too much. I come for conference..-But not. one country hac..yet
de drive; but I shore going eat fuss, come out agSinst the Ugandian Governments
Come man, come an help yohsblf to a policy and the. United Nations wouldn't
drink" dar * .- ..
Si n.n Aifmigrant organizations in Britain
"OK, papa, I coming And Reuben were stunned. by..the Uganda leader's move,
entered, jaunty as ever. "I goin to and Mr. Dipak Nandy, Indian director of
take a good one, you takin One?" the Runrnymiede Trust''foundation on race
"You skin cat if it want)dutter? relations,. said.t. ."President Amin is
GarYou askie t snifiant ter? practising racialism of a kind we would
Garden make pt snappy'an giVe me a condemn anywhere in the world",
drink. I still coolin ." Somehow President Amin's actions havoe
After a fine supper; Titihe had a personal significance for me. Recently
shower in her backyard, and soon Reu- before I left Dominicai I had.depressing
ben and herdslf went for the drive, visions of one d regardless of where
u I was born or. wha -1.hd done. being
Next day, Genelia said: "Way papaI made to leave. Dominica alone with family
see you an Rpuben out-.las nightJ" and others and.finding myself unprepared
"Well, what is dat?"' and unqualified in some strange country.
"Nuffin, but all-you-sittin close But when I expressed these ideas'to my
we papal" sald Genelia slyly, almost friends and colleagues back home., their
we papa" s enelia sly almost opinions were usuay the same
jealously, Ah Lennox, you t ng stupidness. You
"An you t.nk I didn see you wif are one of .s, ma n. That can never happ-
Richard when.;we stop neah de Station pen".
I see all-you huggin..up. You wuk fas' General Amin has proved that it oan.
doe.," Genelia only giggled. She was Z TanzAniap thia.ugh President Julius
still investigating possibilities of Nyerorc, came- out against tho cruelty.
the letter R -- Ad Lonnzoxs friends are right. The
Suddenly Titine said more gravely: West Indiec statos'arc.not an indigo
"Genelia what you tink about Garge an ous African nai'tion, but the lawful home
dat woman in St.- Thomas? You tink is of many peoples of mixed and divers
true?" races-,.All have their native rights.
"De pusson wooden sen an tell you He greeted Ia Titine like a real Beau
dat if it was lie." (Eaby and Genelia then remarked td:Genelia: "I hoah you
now knew all about the fatal letter, an Richard'g6in join co-op farm cote'
Titine shook her head. "Some peopl3o Castle Bruce.-I heah you going to H ash-
likes to make trouble between husband. into to-get cash4" Titine could see".
an wife -" .. that Genelia was vexed.'"She just tole
"True," Genelia broke in, "an yet me to make myself happy," she said.
sometime is maybe de'-pusson dat write ...Meanwhile back in St. Thomas'just at'
dat already have himj Anyway I wooden that time, George read a lettertpuzaled.
worry...make yourself happy too,eh-ehl" 'Titine have a boy-fren? I doan believe
With hardly a knock, Reuben bursfin.dat. But I goin take step to fine out."'


Friday, 25th August, 1972

Applications are invited for the Post of technicall Assistant,
Citrus Research.
SALARY 15/425 per month. ; Considerable agricultural experience
Driver s license essential. required, especially in citrus.
APPLICATIONS, stating name, address, age, qualifications and
experience should be submitted too the Secretary-Manager, The
Co-operative Citrus Growers Association, 21 Hanover Street, Roseau
by 12th September, 1972. L.F.C. ROSER,
532-1/3 Secretary-Manager.

C person but is whether the workers as a
CASTLE BRUCE -- C.D.C. OR CO-P ? group will owh and operate Castle Bruce
(The Workers Point -of-View) Estate, or whether C.D,C. will be allowedd
Events at Castle Bruce Estate since to continue. We have therefore'decided
July 10, 1972, have led to a situation to take care of our own future. We have
where we. the workers on the estate, decided to own, control and use the
have had to ask ourselves a few basic valley land for the benefit of the people
questions. We have had to ask ourselves of Castle Brice in particular, and Dom-
whether the interest of-CC.D.C. is the inica in general. For years we have all'
"same as ours. We have had/ to ask our- together worked the Castle Bruce Estate.
selves whether the high-poteitial.agri- We shall continue to do so in the future.
cultural land in the valley cannot be We will neither divide ourselves nor
better used for the benefit ,of DomLnicas divide the land for we do not believe
The recent attempted layoff of 59 that that is the best way-to use the
workers'from the estate was (according valley.
to.CDC).due to: (a) unprofitable oper- We know-our'grbup-needs and the needs
action of the farm, (b) the change from of our village-.'We also know how far the
a 6-hour to an 8-hour day which should estate hais,'through employment' been
necessitate less labour to do the same able to provide for 'some of those heeds.
amount of wozpk. This indicates that the The estate has always been the main
Corporation would not hesitate to jeo-: source of' economic activity in the villaJe.
pardize the existence of many people in We are basically a farm people. Although
the village in order to increase profits some of us do some fishing, still the
to the firm. valley land has'always and will always
S" The dismissal of Mr,.Martin on August be our mainstay y. I clear to us that
5, 1972, for refusing to cooperate in in our village ihereof top quality,
this layoff, because of the serious beside the valley land, is.not available
effects of such a move, not only shows and where there are no other employment
how little CDC thinks of qualified Dom- opportunities, the layoff by C.D.C,
inica~s and their opinions, but exempl- would inflict hardships greater than
ifies the complete disregard with which those we normally suffer. Our future is
CDC holds our welfare' Evidently CDC's tied to the'future of Castle BruceEstate.
interests are not. always our interests, This is ilhy we are seeking control 6ver
nor'.evn. Dominica's-interest. the Estate and theFeby over otr lives.
If'such orders were -cari'iea Out it By last Saturday, August 12, Castle
would not only ruin the workers, but the Bruce Estate was.completely closed by
village as well, as most villagers oe ber ,*DC. Seven (7) drivers out of'nine (9)
work on the estate or depend on people were fired on Thursday, Aug. 10, and
Who work the estate. woftt@s are without work. They-were ab-
Oh '"July 28 before a large group q._. ruptly paid on Friday, Aug. .11, andmost
workers and in the presence o'f Miister equipment such as''tracto'., truck, jeep
H.L.GChristian (Parliamentary represent- arid office equipment'has been moved to
ative the area) and the police, Mr.A.Melville Hall Estate.
"1e'said' r~dhe. would-be" fired. OnPly The Chairmai of the -Village Council
then Mr. .Martin signed his 'Work contract.of Castle; DBrce' has' asked the: Labour.
One week later, on qAiugust'5,-M lt.Martin:.' Commissioner, the .iT,U. and D.A.W,U, not
was fired for refusing to prepare a list to permit workers from. o isde of Castle
'of names -- an order issued before sign. Bruce into CastlpiBruce, due" to the tense
ing his contract, This open demonstrat- situation-; and the workers have sent a
ion of (in out opinion) 'C'.'C. black of letter to the Cabinet seeking an appoint-
concern has led us to uhderstand that as ment to discuss the transfer of owner-,
long as CDC is in charge our future is ship of Captle r.uce Estate from C.D.C.
unsure, -. to the proposed Castle Bruce Cooperative.
On August'? 7,a Petition was signed by In managing the estate we will take
workers and villagers' In that Petition into account that the proceeds from the
e 'supported (a) the stand that neither enterprise 'ust not be used only for
workers nor' the Manager would be fired; maintenance, improvement, the payment
(b) the workers want to collectively own of workers; and the compensation of for-
Castle Bruce Estate and work the land mer owners,, but also to solve the needs
for our own benefit; and (c) we are not of the community -- such as.educational
asking Government' to buy'the land but :, and social and the provision of more
help locate funds for the purchase of jobs for our young'people who are appro-
Castle Bruce Estate. The issue is thus aching working age.
not over the welfare of any particular (concluded on back page)

-Friday, August 25-, .1972






-Corner -

By 1 Cold Store'

Approx. 78oo sq. ft.
Cash or Terw s
Nake offer

Telephone 2817.


Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending 19th day of August 1971S

Date Requeste Person Presenting

Request dated the Jane Rsphael
14th day of August
1972. by bhSolicto
presented the I5th
atr ofAussKlt, S7 Citu iA.M.&Deap
at 10.00 aM.

nature o request weth-
er a Certificate of Title of
Notinhrn e or Caveat.
Result( for the Iass of a
Pfst C.rtlficate af Title i
- maets or a portion o land
'"Fiomage, Massacre, in th I
Parish of St. Paul, it the
Statoof Dominica, contain*
f~ 1016 aqusr fect and
boaundd as follows:-

9 acres of planted land, w i th house at
Castle Bruce, with Major Road passing
Apply to: F. A
J. F. A. Giraud,

For Eric's Baky,
Fond Cole,

* 4-----,-----,-------------- *~*^r~"-.---
'--.~~- ------e

North Welt by lans of Rhiph C ste.kre
North Ef6s by e A egtt a6 of WV apeauist i fteh lad of
Maria Pierre and Essate of Masmait Bel1es
South East by land of Helen Lake
South West by land of $Els Anstone.


Roseau, Dominica, (AS) Registrar' of Titles.
-. ----------- J
NOTE---. Any person who desires to object to the issue of a
First Certificate of Title in the above applitloosmay enter a
Caveat In he, above Office within six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
published in this State or from the date when the notice pre-
scribed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land In respect of which she applcatlon1tJmade.






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smoking disappear.
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_~__ ~rit~afs~sla~so8araslaa~dsa~
Y- __II --~.---~U--~IPlllslY~lllb~~Z~L1~


Page Seven ,

Fruta August 25 1972


Re istrar's Office

I I RfE"


rage Light ________

-~i II--


awasr laaa j w im t

Experienced Banana Field
Apvolicanu should be between 2a and 40o years W
ge, and should have good education of gradieat
..i t and soundhealthi Experience in BEanar
mdlng ad in deal with labour is dcirabl*
The Company operates a Pension and Life Assur
foce Scheme- s well as a Medical Schemc. 4 n-
tmenci g slary ccodilg to qualify catoiad

Apply i own handwriting to:-
--The Manar,n.
ae Industries (W.,)Ltd,
PO. Box 131,


oolso;e Lo----
i t .l ,
II I : i _-; "i L '

0B ST&
c.Aso "Eim

Tel. 2a38

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notings
* thereon and Caveats for week ending 26th daeof August 19s7
iate Requested person Presenting nature of request wheth
er a Certificate of Title o
NotiIn thereon or Caveat.
.: ua dattted the I Joseph Elforrd DJal Bgte foA tibhe ie *P
.Ot day of July, Jame F rt Ca effcate of Title in
;*i72. hs iollictor teapo of a Boiof Ia&Ad
Pr asaetedu d day Vanya Dupa. at Lopbier, nhe PariS of
tf Aulst 1972 at St. George, n the State of
.1i.25s.m a Doaminca coataftla 4434
Sy square feet and bounded ie
SArs by n t isee ARngot formerly Evite Angel
: bt lans of la tw j~o Baptists. Alma John I
r" 'W t ,,by'la ds o 'f l L i'_____t .. .
dste and Deo John. 0p0t0 formerly Alice Charles,.
.we bythe Sea.
Aegistrar's Office, 1EPjRkA .. GEORGS
'Roseau, Dominica, (Agi Registrar of Titles.
iNOTE-- Any person who desires to object to the Issue of a
First Certficqte of Title in the above applicattoimay enter a
'Caveat In the above Office within six weeks from the date of
*:he first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspsper
::rubllshed In this State or from the date when the notice pre-
rcrlbed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
n:d in respect of which the app lltion4fmade.
43-13 -MhUNIC&W-L




in various sizes



One Large Wcden H0ecorn er of
Matlorough and Queen Maitreet. To be t-w
,. wd immediately. :; .v:- / .
.Cobtact Alliyqe & COnpany%'
Telkpbp$ e p 532 0. C eiLotl tosn 285-.

To, The M tra Distict "G~ and
SI, Chmstaline Wallace, now residi at
G~avllBl, Portsmouth, Domiaica, pari o St.
John, do hereby giva you notice that it is myle
tension to apply at the Magiatrate' Court to be
held at Portmouth on Monday the and da
of October 1972 ensuing for a TAViP k LI-
CENCE in respect of my PnmS. at Granvillia
Portsmouth parish of St. .
Dated this Tth day of Augut 973.

6-* S3

Miss C0ristalrne Wallace

$x8.oo per gallon
47 1.o0 per 5-gallon Drum.
Get it now from
No. Cross Street

S3- i/a



Aj4 J1


'IF ""

a :

- Bath Rosd
- Belleve Raw*
Steber Street
d &01,


-~--r~-lu -------- --- ~----~--,-
rZ I -- --r* ------~I -----w` ---

.. ,-r- -. _-.,,. ... . ,ii>l i i nitr.iif

k -- ..-. .,------L
., ~'~-~ ---- ,--~a


I I- -- -


- _-I-

iriday. Us6 '1,02



Friday, AguaFst. 26, 7192

We.. 411cC reyuI

About WSI St ies
THE Inter-Presidential Conference. of the
Guilds.A the various cfamp, e: of~ the U versity
of the West Indtes atid the Univereity ot Guyana
has made a call for a teachingprogramme that is
mainly of Caribbean content.
:It isnot msurprising ihat tbhse people rvere-
asetative- of the various student bodies at the
campuses should express. desire for this ap
proach, since a number. of the educational insti-
tutions.and systems in the.area are being examine,
ed to determine their efficacy in a Caribbean
Our education experts have become concern-
ed about where we ~ re going and the type. o
people we: are aiming to produce through out
various systems. in the same way the university
undergraduates want the university to assist
educating our people in the area to be "Caribbean
But in all this; it is nepntiol thai we retain
a sense of proportion. While a case can be made
out for heavier concentration on things Carib
bean in our university studies, it must be borne
in. mind .tha; education has its international as
well as ts village implications.
It is intended for us to have an understand-
ang, not oly of ourselves, in a limited parochial
context, but in the wider context of universal
Thi, rhs, eap, is best borne- out in tipe natural
sciences where scientific laws and stuty relate
and pertain to the whole world, and we might
even add, the universe, as we see It. .
But, it does follow that it its important that
we have an understa.ndng of ourselves in rela-
itoi to the rest of the world, so that it is not out
af place to talk about "a Caribbean man", as
divorced from "a European man" each being
the product of his own environment.
There is still the virtue in education which
broadens the outlook and widens the under-
standing. And,. while we are all anxious that
our university should fulfil a vital role in our
community awareness, we must also bear in mind
.that awareness like growth, Is seldom a sudden
'development. So far, for example, we are sadly
lacking in meaningful and erudite studies in
Caribbeah literature. This is a task our graduates
can well pursue. We only. have to compare what
ig available on authors like Shakespeare and what
the student of Caribbean literature now has at
his disposal.
We sense a degree of hnpatienr e in the views
expressed by the undergraduates, but we must
further point out that just as they themselves are
determined to be the products of the new Carib-
bean, those before them have also been the pro-
ducts of their time.
S People always tend to be the products of
their time, and many have had to take oppor-
tunities where they found them.
In many v. ays because our forefathers
dared, we have found it easier to accomplish.
There is one development we would hope
never befalls our university. It is that the author-
ities do not lose tbelr sense of proportion as we
advance, from staga to stage in our quest for
things Caribbean.


We have witnessed, fbr elsample, in many
university especially, in the United -States, the
haste with which attempts have been made to
introduce "black studies" to; fill what was con-
sidered by. many, to be a vacuum in the educa-
tional system.
It night well- bethat these -are Important
in helping to mould the American man, especially
if he is black, but it is also a fact that some of the
programmes pursued in black studies at a nun.-
bar of the American univerSties seem moore
geased to give emotional satisfaction to students
than being 'aimed at their adviceriment as peo-
pie capable of better value judgments.

for the +


fa4l 40- |

King murder dissected by best

seeing writer
The circumstances surrounding the and conducted iiwndrwedk f interviews,
mitder of Martin Luther Mlag.Jr. are ex- wMtttae8s, by-siaaders. investigator. at
8anined in Aa Afmerican Math a new torleys and hngwrsg-on offered rusnore,
book by GeroldFrank,.. publishedd by opinIoto aJm ey-t'laness reports. Through
Doubleday a mae of ~onaii (i sad contfradct;i, Ie'
On April 4, i~es, MarWti Luther Kig, pursued th thin line of tiatL for mJo e
Jr.,.;wa- slot and killed in Memphis, Ten- tan three yeae s -- unt he b silt the de-
assee. James Earl Ray was subseqlently tails ot one of the cent ury'' rfiat amazing
arrested, charged with mr.urder. nd true stWies of crime. and dt.cdlon. lie'hai
brought to trial, where he pleaded gdatty. brought thnm al togptkbr f Ma.bwoo-
I T h e Ea a r e t h e b a s i c f a c t s a b o u t K i n g s S e~ v e r e l a-f F R a i k ' ? ~ i r' b g ? .
death. But these factshave often bn eobs- fIcuding The Bastou traqolt, hav*t~lej.
cured, by turmoil and controversy, and '.ati0nal bestsellers..
,clouded by persistent qtUetioas."Was% : 'the
aeSaasination part of a wider conspiracy?
Could the darfig plan actually be con-
ceived and executed by .an intpt, t1o-tW
hoidup man? And how could an ancised.
riurderer, with his name and desacipsti
broadcast around the worid, travel'at will
and, with no outside aid, plude lU .plk'e
o half-a-doin nations?
Trying to find out, Geraoi 'Stiknread
personal notes, diaries a4ld ocu~ns r,. LT. k. kng

i S f vell er
Always ask for an electric fan.
Always ask for a thermos of ice water fr 4y 'eas' we.
as for nrght.
Always ask for "Chfinese 6011" to word 0 ffo mosrt
to Alw'ys ask for a light blanket for the often c~hil~ S
:ly-morning hours. .
Mak sure ll 'the pI mbtin wor. .
Mtkaoe sure bedroom aAd shawersoito lights (whether
your own or comimaal) are properly place for t eaaig
and shaving and i.,working order.
Ldok at dining ro om; wakE sure m eal are ftll#om
ask what they consist of, Rasist such native-delfatlesi a
canned chickezt noodle soup; try to insist in adveaoe, on a
reasonable number of native dishes,
Ask if stps are added to the bill.
Ask to have il] made out in Otrrpey ori&te'ayll.q .-a
Never leave' your dbro unlocked, even at night..
.EnqUire m bsit a ellable taxit and about prape fare
I. f ae ach is distant, ask if transportatiWothfere and
back morning and afternoon.,"- is included la room
rent; if not, how.ntuch extra?
Never use a beach' without asking i9 tfher atre r i
reefs, to avoid being stabled by cobbWers,
Ask tourist bureau to arrange an island tour with tAb'
era, to cut down expense and gain ompa~nlioshlp.
E .- .. .. ..._ .. .._ _- ^ ., ,,. ,,.... .r^ .^ ll -l.l..r .H-l..ll.,lln u II 11.111

paSge Niae

Ta sTA S tAR

Page Ten .- THE
*S *T*A*R*S *P*O*R*T*S ** **lMrchriston* *
OLEWiC GAMES: Avery Brundage of U.S.A,
(84) resigned a week ago as Chairman of t
the Olympics Cttee. Hio place was taakm
by Lord KilAllan. Last Nov. a carefully
prepared Phodesian plan to have lan e
Smith's boys partake' in the Munich Oly a
pics (next week), was successful in a e
sense; they got the vote, promised to c
play "God Save the Queen" and to show t
the old Rhodesian Union Jack flagThreet
weeks ago, the Rhodesian team (inc. 3 i
Blacks) was the 1st team to. take up
quarters at 'Olymip village'. The news ~.
spread and notices of withdrawal by Af-v
rican and other teams were given. A fui
other meeting of the .Committee reversed a
the first decision 35-31 (3 absentions.)h
and Rhodesia was banned from the games.
CRICKET: in the 1st of 3 one-day mat-
ches, England defeated Australia by
6 wickets. Australia (batting first)got
223/8. England replied With 226/4.
FOOTBALL: Two new teams, Paragon and C
Halcyon, made their debut last weekend
Paragon won 2-1. Halcyon scored the st
goal early in the 2iindhalf through
Jerry Lewis, but go4ls from Julius Tim-
'othy & James Joseph clinched victory s
for Paragon, which however lost with
Harlem Rovers (seasoned campaigners)2-C
H.R.'s goals came from"Benbit, one ii
each half. Last Su4day, Saints for-
feited points to Celtic United by not
.turning out pleading injuries I
.SECOND DIVISION: Last Friday, what
started to be a hard game between Cel- C
tic U. and Potters United-was called
off 15 minutes before time. Celtics
scored first throughJ A.Shillingford,
Debutantes Potters equalised just be-
fore'the interval. On resumption 2nd
half, Celtics fund the nets again
through Gerry Active. The match contin-
ued with Celtics dominating the mid-
field, but Potters pulled a quick raid
on the Celtics goal easily averted,
Then Potters fans called for a penalty;
the referee blew his whistle to check,
but by then the field was swarming with
spectators. The match was called off,
leaving much confusion among players &
spectators alike. Replay is in offing,
Saints and Harlem played to a 2-2
draw on Tuesday.
OLYMPICS AGAIN the Africhn contestant
don't want the Rhodesians even'to be
observers at the Olympic Games. Many.
people feel that this is carrying polit
ics too far into sports.

informed that car drivers are not the.
entirely guilty parties in this affair.
It may be investigated. Editor.

STAR Friday,. August 25,t 1972-..
CAGMS2SBBf3 CDC or Co-op? (From p.G6)
We are hot arrogant' enough to think
'hat we can d, everything by ourselves
without any hlp. But ye do insist that
;uch assistance 'will not burden anyone
Ise with our future..This is why we have
always said that we do not Want our gbv-
.rnment to buy the estate. We believe
iur government can help us in getting
;he necessary finds to bring abdut the'
transfer, and we will bear full respons-
.bility for all' indebtedness, incurred
Before CD'C; came to Castle Bruce we
Lave lived here. 1Bfore C.D.C. came the
,alley land was here. Both we and the
-alley land will st ill be around long
Lfter C.D,C;"has left us. But we still
Lave to concern ourselves now with the
;ime when CDC"will leave, and what our
-elationship will be to the fertile val-
.ey. Will we be all unemployed and have
Lo access to the land? Will we have new
owners who will decide to use the land
'or their own benefit once more?
The life of the village depends on the
valley land and its useQ The workers of
;astle Bruce are seeking the ownership
Lnd control of Castle Bruce Estate to be
worked for the benefit of the people of
taetie Brucb aid Dominica.
At this point a Steering Committee of
workers has presented a preliminary "po-
)osal to the Minister for Agriculturei..
jands & Co-operatives in which we describe
;he proposed"system of management and
;eek government's assistance in:
(a) obtaining professional expertise to
Assist in projebot description,
(b) locating funds for purchase of the
In this venture we seek the understand-
.ng andslaupport of all Dominicansi.
Signed:'The Steering Committee for
the Proposed.Castle Bruce Cooperative,
This will take place on Friday 8th
Sept. at the Court House,Roseau (adjd).
Entrants in the N&tional Day Paintings
Competition are asked to capture or re-
cord aspects of Dominica life which are
on the verge of disappearing. One of
our favourite wits suggested "a. fresco
of tourisml~.A another twitted: "a portrait
of'the Premier". Government does not pay
us, th6 most influential intellectual
weekly, to give'notices of its compet-
itions sorry, short story writers and
musicians --seek for them elsewhere;but
if you want technical advice, contact us,
by Mr. Clive James, Dir.,Trinidad' lariag.
& Devel.Production Centre, will be hold'
in Dominica Oct. 6-8 (details to follow).
**s fa* -* i'* * S * * ;i

Printed & published by the Pi -gprietor,
R.E.Allfrey of Copt' all Mill'House, at
26 Bath Rd., Roseau, Dominica,W. Indies,