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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: 08-18-1971
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Mrs4 Jane Lowenthal,
Research Institute fo:
Sthe Study of Man,
162 East 78 StreetI
New York 10021, N.Y.
U. S.A '.,mir -. entative:
M0/5drner (Loindon) Ltd.
1 Sh.ftesbury Ave, W.I.


M INl 5 I
E l H SN U
lI )or.-k l Ai tSotnI "ForYtuLa I

Questions i$

the House ..,
-by Hon.W. S. Stevens
Mr. Stevens was the only Private Memlo
ber to put down motions (on feeder roads
the sale of crown lands, and literacy c;mp -
aiia for adults); he was also the only quesi
tioner. Why is Agricuture a compulsory
subject in primary* schools, bu not in itcm-
dary schools? Why do an. old condemned
bridge aod anew bridge exist side by ~ide
over the Melville Hall River? What was the
total cost of the Ward report, and its detailed
The official Opposition was indulfing
in stand-by strategy. Hon. Eugenia Ch' es
is away in Veaezuela chasing up investors
for Dominica and keeping an eye on other
hotel a ind ndustr matters, with a locas team
Of 25, However Hon. A. Moise got in some
sharp supplemaentaries and comments,
stoutly ai4e6 by Hon. 8, Padelle -
but the hogoure went to Mr. 8tevens
who held hts ground f irmlyw. ge J10)

DOW.e~sN~MtICA D~l~~,~m MowfPA $o8t~o

Qa. WedtsAl gust 9, a slste: r Wap
of thier Yit.'e Clipper anchored off
Portaaoutn. We received his report
..r m. a paisenger. "We scattered all
over t', very interesting town, and
we5R I wa 'buying gifts in a hand-
orafts centre, a message came in
that the Captain said everybody find
themselves on board immediately." We
tourists stood aghast asking each
other V'NI? We mnt others asking the
name question, and aost had to rush
away without completing purchases.
C.,oag diltud on Paege PvF)rl
dami Pretige forRtv Pt lp bI.

13 M CtiM Su itdemei
THIS is the third week without
any inx:omei from bananas for the
farneirs of Dominica, but t seems
that the dock strike in England is
practically settled, and Geests
have arranged for a charter ship,
due in the Windwarde on Aug.21;
th' (Geestland is due a few days
later, having dumped her cargo of
rotting bananas in the Atlantic,
In the meantime the Banana
Growers Association have been giv--
en permission by Government to pay
ot :some 1808,000 to about 6,000
small growers on the basis of their
-July shipments. Payout adminis-
tration costs are around l17000;
making a total of 1825,000. Thi
'16couragement' emergency pay
could oe carried on weekly if the
strike cbntinwes, `until the bal-
ance (#9000,00) of the previously
arranged overdraft secured by
Government backing is exhausted.
(Caomjuaed on .age five)
Vita The:
frW the
Best in Local Dishes.
Drop in and we wIl do our Bt for you..
> a --___.

F.Jj%A pro nY~ra~r~ae~~ui~~u
Y~oL ^F1 E -iu 10, 1972 on___\w t ^

-- ----- IO-~i~L~sa

~sSSS^ jIH &~

Friday August 18, 1972

I am reminded of the Norway scandal by two things, one being the
fact that the Commissioner who investigated the allegations of the,
waste of public funds then was the same Mr. E.R.L. Ward who aldso in-
vestigated the "Happenings of Dec,,16, 1971"; two, the notice'pub-
lished in the Official Gazette and also the Unofficial Gazettes ad-
vertising the post of "Project Inspector" whose job, presumably, will
be checking to see that there is no'waste -of public funds ("to check
the movement of Government' Vehicles especially after hours and to re-
report on unauthorized use of such vehicles.,.etc.) This highly
justified job of investigational police work is, if done properly, a
difficult and tricky job with lots of overtime, in rVhich the Inspector
must be able to meet on his own level senior contractors,; civil engin-
eers and other qualified persons., and at a lower level be able to
challenge tough truck and.dumper drivers and report them for driving
outside of working hours. What is he offered:as inducement to take
on this delicate and possibly dangerous job? $2,580 p.a. up to $4,260.
.During the Norway scandal, -the government of the day put several
young men on motor cycles to ride around:the .projects, and what hap-
pened? I am told that some of them soon..bought cars, new cars. An
underpaid man on a tough assignment like that is bound to be tempted,
and may fall' .Any inadequate salary is just throwing good money after
bad. And after all, the present government paid out 55,280 for the
Commission on the Dec. 16th House of Assembly Inquiry, and that was
not for a year, not even a month's work... just for a few days'
Commissions of Inquiry are one way of giving favoured sons a
little bonus, and temporarily mollifying an anxious public. One mem-
ber of a Commission told a friend of mine that he made more out of
Inquiries than in his job: of course'otne obvious way of making a liv-
ing is to stir up some trouble and then. be appointed to enquire' into
it I should have thought that ina poor country like ours members
of a'commission sh6old give, their services free, as do so many persons
on bodies'such as the Red Cross, Mental Health etc* etc.
.. know many businessmen think that the Agricultural Marketing
Board is a big joke, but the average taxpayer should worry. instead
about an organisation which consistently makes a loss it was
$26,716.02 last year and whose overdraft ..went up in 1971. from $6,000
Turning to another facet of our wonderfully.juggled, finances, I
would much appreciate being told what.is".the value. of the short-term
loans -called Treasury Bills. Roughly 18. months ago the Government
borrowed several hundred thousand dollars from local banks, perhaps
also insurance companies etc. at a discount usually running around 1.5
to'2~0% and repayable in 3 months,. By my computation they get about
$98,000 for every $100,000 borrowed and'pay back 3 months later $100,000.
Run this' for three months at, say, $500,000 a month and you have bor-
rowed, and presumably spent, $11 million less $30,000 or so, after
which you have to keep on borrowing to pay back and, unless the
Government is a. very aStute'profit-making ,concern (which perhaps it
isn't), you have to keep this up ad infinitum at a cost, roughly, to
the taxpayer of some.'l$120,000 every year for discounts. i.e. interest.
Will someone knowledgable correct me if I'm-wrong. The 18th issue of
Treasury Bills is nbW being floated.
After the above was written and before the STAR is published, I
note some Items among Supplementary Estimates to be debated in the
House on Thursday: all are 'local revenue' and they are $7,200
extra for the power heeds of the computer centre (.apparently no-one
realized that air-conditioning must be laid on-24 hours a day, 365
days a year for a computer); next we have .the old l6ve-me-up ploy -
$50,000 for gratuities to non-established workers. (Concluded on p.4)


Pacrp Two

Page Three

COMMOIWEALTH and WORLD "* DOMINICA: Arson suspected the
BRITAIN: reluctantly and by stages, overseer's house in the Castle Bruce
the striking dockers are going back Division of Melville Hall Estates
to work Ps Press-time nears. Liver- Ltd., owned and operated by the
pool dockers were among the most Commonwealth Development Corporation
resistant, although the dockers' scene of a workers protest on 28
committees have advise resumption. July over the laying off of labourers
U.S.. 'After Humphreys and Muskee and of the Ag.Manager (Mr. Atherton
had turned down the nomination to Martin), whose Cornell Univ.USA.
possible Democratic Vice-Presidency education in agriculture was spon-
under Senator McGovern, Mr. Sargent scored by CDC, was completely gutted
Shriver (brother-in-law of the Ken- by fire on Friday last.
nedys:) accepted the difficult job
and has been received with great THE IJEW1 CARIB CHIEF
enthusiasm by Democrats in the U.S. Mas Clem Frederick stuck out the tedious
He is a former Peace Corps Director House of Assembly meeting on Thursday,
and popular American Ambassador in though he could hardly have understood
Paris, some of its deliberate obscurities.- He
NORTHERii IRELAND: the death toll in behaved differently than the Premier
three years of violence has over- (drawing 3 months pay for no work, a
topped 500; the dead include civil- thing unheard of in ministerial circles
ians, children, police, British sol save for a grave'mental or physical
diers, IRA terrorists and volunteers, ailment); or Mr. Christian,s absent it
COLOMBO, Ceylon: the Press stated was said in Antiguaa,, perhaps visiting
in reference to the Non-Aligned Conf- the mental hospital there. Mas Clem
recently held in Guyana that "the had been 'inivested'on Aug.14 at Salybia
Organisation of African Unity did Govt. School. Our Eastern. correspondent
not speak for the Non-Aligned com- reports that Clem said at this inaugural
-munity; Africans and Arabs placed meeting "I will not comment on.what the
parochial interests above principles, Deputy Premier has said as this. is not
justice and political common sense.. the time for politics. I shall face,
They objected to Algeria as the venuim man to man as issues arise."
of the next N-A summit conference. Deputy Armour spoke then of titles for
CASTRIES St. Lucia: The Mayor of Carib land. One member of the audience
Castries (Mr. Julian Hunte) has re- grumbled "w~hat is a title deed worth?
signed from Premier Compton's ruling Yo vlez pain terre Town Council" (they
United Workers Party "in protest ag- waut to take tdowncouncil land),. he
ainst the scant respect with which audience laughed'when Armour said:"In
the City Council had been treated." deciding justice; both .ides must be
BAHAMAS: Parliament was dissolved on heard ... Leaders should be responsive
Aug. 10, paving the way for a general to the wilshes of the people,."
election on Sept.19. Pindlings plat- Mr. Leslie (Home. Affairs, who excused
form is "complete independence from the. electedmeber's absence) said "the
Britain in 1973 '. Present seats held land belongs to the Carib Chief,- it is
are Pindlings PLP 21, Opposition vested--in him by an old Ordinance."
Free National Movement I16, Common- Armour: "The word 'Reserve does not
wealth Labour Party 1, 1 Independeht mean that you are separate from the
UGANDA: Pres. Idi Amin brushed off other people of Dominica." He also
Ministe.ial UK envoy Geoffrey Ripon spoke of certain councils sacking per-
then consented to see him.after Ripon sons unjustly, but no mention made of
then consented to see him after Tp onthe attempt to eliminate Town Clerk
Bihadt minister returned toScuy Lestrade which '6sulted in ao
British .Minister returned to England Court case, or of he ketng Bard's
and spoke of recourse to U.N. over attempt tosackr the market Clerk un-
attempt to-sack the Market Clerk, un",
the fate of the rejected Asians,some. j as many cit ns believe.
of whoW are already engaged in.frus- ...
treated voyages to unsymrpathetic land., SORRY UNABLE TO PRINT -
ST. VINCENT: Northern villagers have The letter from 'Mr. L.M.Christian "Bes-
objected to expenditure on police towing Honour", which is a generous trib-
stations while the people are poorly ute to ar. L.,C. Diidier as teacher-and-
housed.* St.V. Banana Growers Assocn politician has already appeared .in the
borrowed more money for shipment of Educator. 0ur-readers object to duplic-
bananas on Aug.14,. although it was a ation of material.; REGRET MA- TITINE
gamble. They were braver than DBGA! was handed rin too late for inclusion
this week.

Friday, August 18, 1972


Page. Four TE ST A, 1 .._
SQUANDERMANIA OR INEFFICIENCY? by John Spector ... from page 2
Further, under local revenue we see the fact that we still spend
fantastic sums on keeping mental patients in Antigua. I once heard
that a previous Antigua government objected to the suggestion that
we repatriate our own mentally disturbed patients, because that Govt.
needed the revenue, Now it appears Antigua has put up the maintenance
rates from $1.55 to $4.25 per day per patient. Do we proceed to bring
those patients back and care for them with our own well-qualified
psychiatric service? No. Our Government asks for an additional $10,200
It stuns me to read that Government must raise 'by loans' (so
easy isn't it to live on borrowed money:) an additional $70,000 'to
meet the cost of equipment and spares for the comply e tion of Radio
Dominica. Would it stun YOU to know that in Holland the Dutch Gov-
ernment, from its nationally-owned television and radio, subsidizes
the seven independent .newspapers in that country, because their pop-
ulation values the written word and criticism, and they realise that
radio and TV have taken away over 50% of the newspapers' advertising
revenue? (Item in the New Scientist).
Incidentally, over Radio Dominica we have been getting stories,
about how a generous Government is going to help: the poor banana
grower by "requesting Geest Industries for a ship to load on (last)
Saturday/Sunday" nothing came of this gesture, advertised as the
risk of Government and the D.B.G.A. "who stand to lose up to
$200,000 ..." Then later came a release stating that Government was
going to declare the banana shipping crisis a disaster and pay out
money-to the small grower. Would this payment really be made by the
Government? Or ultimately by the taxpayer? Or by the Banks on a Gov-
ernment-backed overdraft to ,the Baina Association? Or by cash from
some unused incentive fund?
We can be sure that if brought to fruition this sum would not-
have come from any Invisible Man, nor from funds belonging to the
Ruling Party.
And aren't you sorry you did not own just under four acres of
land at Melville Hall Estate adjacent to the Airport? Purchase price
of this valuable lot is given as $27,417 for 3.808 acres of land in
the supplementary estimates, Nice deal! And the new Bar/Airport is
stated to cost $5,500. They'd better have it kept clean, politely
staffed and serviced, and replenished with really edible and drinkable
refreshments, unlike the main building some of the time. Or the cit-
izens of Dominica and their visiting friends will have cause for

'MAN'S DAYS ARE AS GRASS' by Hugh Lawrence
I now remeaiber writing in the Dominica Chronicle"a letter -congratulating
and praising the late Loftus Roberts on his success When he obtained the"
B.Sc. degree in Economics;. It took him ten years of haid work and study-to
achieve same. I -can also remember seeing him in the Gardens mostly every.
afternoon in a quiet spot with his books, reading and diGesting. About two
weeks afterwards I received a letter by post thanking me for such a fine
gesture; it was sighed by him.
I must say it is sad- for Dominica that he did..not..leave a son to replace
SAllow me to quote" thi short passage from the Holy Book:
"MIPnas days are as grass, as the flower of the field so shall he
flourish." .....
We also received at4ribute from ex-Governor G.CI. Guy; "Distressed to hear
.about Loftus Rober-s. Great ability and integrity and a patriot who deserved
better of his country'than he got. I liked and trusted hinm, though did not
always agree with him. Dominica can ill spare 1-im.'

Friday, August 18, 197a..

Page .. our


Page Five

Bnana Crisis Settlement (fr.p.l) SHOCKING BEHAVIOUR AT PCRTSMOUTE
These facts were revealed in a (from page one)
Press Conference held last Weds. After a lot of gossip on board
with the Board of D.B.G.A Chairmau and constant inquiries, we came to
(Mr. Elkin Henry) and Gen.Manager learn that a group of motor cars
Vivian White. It is quite clear were parked at the foot of the pier
that Government Release No.515/72 waiting for hire from us the tour-
broadcast over the radio was in- ist visitors. Upon not getting any,
accurate, since the "disaster grnt the drivers were enraged, not real-
is not (a) a grant or free gift rising that at first the tourists
but part of a bank loan, and (b) preferred to move around the town
the liability is first with the which possesses some scenic beauty
Dominica Banana Growers Associatinwith its lovely green trees and
also (c) the total overdraft of background of hills and mountains.
$2,200,000 is arranged for repay- As a result of this dissatisfaction
ment annually over 10 years start- we the tourists were chased away and
ing originally from 1972. ordered to clear out and get away
It is expected that the whole from the place immediately. Some were
amount will be repaid out of sav- even threatened with kicks, well,
ings effected by the reorganisatn well, what an ordeal:
brought about by Canadian Consult- Such behaviour towards his pass-
ants (phases 1 & 2 of their work engers came to the knowledge of the
are a free gift from the Canadian ship's Cqpt-bn, who quickly ordered
Government). -In the event of a them all to get back on board immed-
shortfall in t~stalment repayments lately and remarked in the presence
in any one year, the amount willbeof y friends ad a local chauffeur-
made good by Government, and no who drove him to "Spotlight Restaur-
capital expenditure or financial ant"'please cancel orders given for
variation in existing schemes may meals. As long as I am the Captain
be undertaken by the Board without of this ship, I will never again
prior consultation with Government put my foot in this place.'
The strike payout proposal put We were very sorry that all
up to Government was in a position this happened because we know that
paper prepared by the Board and the restaurant proprietor must have
management of DBGA, who pointedoutbeen affected, losing the patronage
that to risk a shipment costing of some 50 patrons.
$317,133 for a very speculative re But the people of Portsmouth-and
turn of 76,900 to the growers of Dominica as a whole must surely
($60,000 worth of imported boxes understand that such treatment is
might be lost and Geests would be not only insulting but alarming.
paid $100,000 for freight) was There were about 130 of us on board.
thoroughly uneconomic. The altern- AN ANONYMOUS VISITOR
active proposal was accepted. (United States)
There will be refrigerated ship(Uni
ping available for 3,900 tons of Geests and y~ffes costs of dehan4-
bananas from the Windwards next ing and boxing, now carried out by
week, and production is expected to the primary producers'). 2Rd, to ne-
total 4,200: (Dominica 1,500; St. gotiate a further interim price
Lucia 1,500; St. Vincent 600 and agreement. 3rd, to examine the pro-
Grenada 600 TONS.) Geests will pro- posals for setting up a Commonwealth
bably accept 3/4 full fruit instead Caribbean Exporters Assocn. 4th,to
of 7/8, and some few tons of ban- discuss. with ODM & UK Govt.Ministers
anas; may be carried on deck, the position of the banana industry
A WINBAN delegation leaves for re Britain's entry into the E.C.M.
London today, Friday. Dominica seds The STAR hopes to publish an
its Board Chairman and Manager V. article next week by its columnist
White. It has a fourfold purpose. John Spector which will enlarge on
Firstly to examine the progress of some of these aspects of Dominica's
the probe being made by the Region- main source of revenue BANANAS -
al Development Bank into cost effec-and the effect of Britain's joining
tiveness of the banana trade from the European Economic Community, on
grower to consumer (and to obtain the Associated States,
whatever figures are possible on ****************


Friday, August 18, 1972

_ _- n- i iin i i iiii 1 1 1 ii n iI


Schedule of Application for Certificate of.Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending l9th day of August 1972.

Date Requested jPerson Presenting

Request dated the
14th day of Augult
172.ned the 15th
1972 0' 197
;pst OM AX& t

Jane Raphael
tby he citor

North West by land of Ralph Ceckraft
North East by a Right of Wayreeparatti
Malas Pierre and Estate of Mlnreln 8 ello
South East by lind of Helen Luke
South Wet by land of Bas Antotae.

Natureof request vieh -
er a Certificate of Title oi
Noting thereon or Caveat.
Requrtt for thil iti of a
Piat C.rtiflcRn Of Title In,
-tict of a pvUtion of land
" alll iage, Maliacre, In thv;
Parish of St. Paut, in te
State 4f Domlnica, coatita-
l g 1016 il fetll and
biouded as foila;-

ft ftro lad of

Registrar's Office, CIPHRAl.L GEORGES
Roseau. Dominica, (Ag) Registrar of Titles.



For All Hair Care Services
Upstairs 36 Keanndy Avenue, Roseau.
922. -- .. --,/,,-a.




. .. C orn er ..

y Cold Store



Approx. 7800 sq. ft.

Cash or Terms

Make offer

Telephone 2817.


Schedule of Application for Cercificate of Title and iNor*in
thereon and Caveats for week ending Sch day of August 1972.
Date Requested Person Presenting 1 Nature of request
Whether i CertiFicate
of Title of Noting
ht C....I

Request dated the Edward BernarS Request for the ltsue ao *
12th day of June, F.rs Certificate of Title In
I172. by his Solivitor rapettof a portion of t ad
Presented the lst kntewatalot ioLaudat, its
day of Augstt, 1972 Vanpa Du lptI the Pri of St George i
at 10.05 a.m. t of Domticaca -
t -0.80$ ocres "ad
Si idlolrs.__
.North land of Neil SwtdA1 a pn Ravine laseratilng4
frofrtild of Cectt Jones; $oiatb.ale linds of Nel lStedman.
Ralph Maglorlre nd Kenneth John Baptiste. South-West
land of Joseph Miglilre, North.Wet a ravine separattnlg
-it from lands of Cecil Jones an Clarene Bertrand
Request dated the Ernast PIWtr A aCst for the Istsue of$
3th day ofDecet- rirat Certificate of Title In
bhr. 1972. by hi SoIaklsr respt ofea portion of land
Prestted the 1st at Cat bislle Village Ip the
day of August, 1972 V.atyi Dpi Pa"iMs of St. AndrEaw, n the,
at 10.C am. 6State of Dominica, cotaitn.
i ,ua u esi feet oe ad
North-East lands of Osborne Theodos rt Et.l ,Liwr.e,
South.Eat land of Machlda WarrifnDton.
Souta .W st land of Hills Petr,
L-NaitiWe land iof Olbrme T

Request dated ihe
3rd day of July,
Preented the 2nd
day of August, 1972
at 3.35 p.m.

Frances Alexandie asi
trustee for Jasmine
by her Sblicltor
Cilmn A.M. Dupgla

Request for the iasse of a
Firat Crtificate of Title in
respect of a Bortio of land
paut of La Pailso Estate in
the Parih of St. Andraw in
the State of Dowlsiceacosn-
talaine 8.175 acres 'hed
bounded as feollwa>

North by Lk Paide Esutte and land of the Goveriment of1
Dominica; South by R vi 4 Sec; Esat by lands of A dlW
'~9ona~tomtiid skth BkB rasd, West by La Pl( lt U at
,o~BI~U r Litn &esetfo h ssea

Request dated the
10th day of July,
Presented the 2nd'
day of August, 1972
at 1.45p.m.

by his Solk
Ciima A.M

o Linton I tRequest for the isuse of. a
alin t o First C artai ato of T tle in
eitor Bu t ow a p on of land
ait =ttist, the Parish of
k Duupt l 't.- A snBfe, in ttutState of
'.. ___ aQ sfeptad hwosaded o
**I_- S1ews^

Nanrh by a Puae.Read; South by fan oft seP 'Newea
EEk by la d of Ira Llverpool;, Wae by 5c el t joe
"rd da... ul y, truser9 '.la :.e a rt$:i fiat e t" T" Itf --
Rlequest datedl the France% AlwAuder as R es" for the isse of a
Ordi day of July, trutacforJashle FPir st | Crtiffieates of Title in
5972. Alexander respect Of a portion of land
Preaasented the i by her SioP4tor Iknwa as Lot 21 part'fWLo
day of August, 1972 FPale Estate, in the ParIkh
at 3.25 p.m. Cliria AiM. DpIge of St Andrw, n the Stte
_.~_______ ______l of Dowilica, contaainng
634 qemaav foo d ai d booed.
North by Lot I; South by La Paidl Estate; ahst by land
of the Gaovernmet of Domlnlcs (School Site), Wtst by
lead Reserved for Road over La Pailla Estate.

A*. fijtuiityft +I(*,I

Roseau, rDomnica,
Roseau, Dominica,

NOTE:--- Any person who desires to object to the issue of a
First Certifcate of Title in the above application may enter a
Caveat in these above Office witthn six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
published In this State or from thep date when the notice pre-
icrlbed by law was served on any owner or occupIer of adjoining
land in repect-of which she applhcatontfmade.

'~ -





- ----- "II--------~

la~slra~-r~as~c~=~-------- ~-~-~-LIIBlrlll: 'b'~t UI IICIBJ

Par Si


Friday Aurst 18;'1972

FId Avgut 18, 1972 TH STAR


SIx WI ERS OF VR eRosi'b"rg

Get your VERNONS coupons NOW from :--

Pv38Lv. Aef;.reaet $~.1972

Page Seven,


isw !

Paeto Elht TH E S T A R FridaY, Augut i8,. 1972

Clean your teeth the way your dentist doesm
A small informal hotel overlooking the with powder, and us the finest Tooth Powder-
Caribbean only half a mile from Roseau,
the capital of Dominica, sixteen modem EUCRYL SMOKERS
air-conditioned rooms each with private TOOTH POWDER
bath and balcony wall to wall carpeting d see ugly stains and discolouratiio due to
and telephone- you're-right at the water smoking disappear.
ilge and there is a fresh water swim g EUCRYL SMOKERS TOOTH
pool a cocktail bar lounge or confe POWDER costs only 70 cents per box.
ence room. .Marine facilities self-drive
or car rentals fishing and boating ar- EDOMINICA
rangements easily made.
We announce our opening and offer va-
lue for money all-year-round room rates, PROPERTY FOR SALE
bed, breakfast and supper. 9 acres of planted land, w i t h house at
Single E.C. 3o.oo0. Castle Bruce, with Major Road passing
Double E.C. $5o.oo. through.
... f CARIBBEAN For Ers aey,
-A F.. ond Cole,
S Win Customers and Friends SALE 4 REM OVAL
One Large Woodetn ifecomaf er of O
W A N T E D Mboroah d Qaen Mq et. Tob.l
movedd imredm-itely
One Security Guard for Day Duty
^MA A~ 'f ... CoetAty.& C.opsay .
One Security Guard for Night Duty T"ie 3532o. C D-Ot .
Suitable position for elderly ;S e f rlre
retired peron. 2sh soes tire
Ay in witis for the family
,,, ominica Coconut Products Ltd. aa&
-"RUB N0.-.

and feel this deeply penetratingnon-grey cream bring you fast relief.
is also excellent for sprains and straims.
Only $1.20 for a tube at:
,, . or at GREEN'S in the Roseau Market

i~Y~6e Ilr le I----a. --..rrr~urs~Ap~9~~ ~Pl~e~U~BB"~-~~

Friday, August 18, 1972 T H E S T A iK, rPg e.
S .. . ... .. :

Fiction; DO G T R AP .. a study in destitution
by Chris. .Sraphine
I stood there baffled, asking myself th6 very perplexing question
"who are you, me-boy, to question fate ?" Witnessing the two dogs.and
bitch groping in desperation at the lid of the 'refuse-bin in their
dire efforts to topple it over and gain:access to its contents was
Almost beyond my humane comprehension; My norm lamented at the sight
of those three brutes as they went round and round their target like
some demented souls'paying respect... in their dogmatic ritual.., to
some image they accepted. With.no shops in that location it was. not
possible to buy them anything. Nonetheless, my natural sense could
not permit the sacrifice of travelling a couple of miles for the sim-
ple purpose of obtaining some food for the hungry animals. Had they
been npeoDle who knew the value and use of money, I would have heart-
Sfeltly aided them.
I kicked the red lid off, ignoring possible consequences. Certain-
ly I knew that this was a most atrocious thing to do. The dogs and the
bitch salvaged the contents of the refuse bin, ravenously devouring
all the dross that they could sniff. Unexpectedly, the bully of the
two dogs, with a vicious snap, frightened the bitch away. It was for-
tunate that she escaped unhurt. The behaviour of that voracious dog
moved me to consider thg predicament and disposition of the occupants
of the house next to mine. Under that dilapidated shijge-roofed house
with its window-display signs and pieces of boards from discounted
boxes that had contained imported goods, lived a very intelligent mid-
dle-aged main, destined to destitutio%. With.this poverty-stricken man
lived his aged mother, his wife who had been made invalid'-by a stroke,
and thrqe daughters gravely affected by malnutrition. Although the
reason for associating the situation of my neighbours. with the brutesa'
for whom I had felt pity was relevant, I yet could not answer the
question that confused me: "why was man -like beast --made to bear
such suffering?" With this dismal image of life's expressed bitterness
I.was further led to challenge the 'meekness' and 'justtification of
He who is supposed to be man s 'merciful designer' .
The two proud dogs' -whose guts were then filled -trotted off,
leaving"the place in a most disgraceful state. Half-satisfied with'fi
myself for the humble deed I had done-and yet half-amazed@ by the in-
considerate attitude of those dogs toward the bitch, I strolled' llaca-
dazically behind the animals.., looking back continually, hoping to ..
.,see the.reappearance of the bitch. 1o my surprisee,; after.,I. glanced"
around, my two doggy friends had gone out of sight.
S My ears caught the sudden ferocious.barking of, dogs and the low
shriek'of someone crying for assistance. I rushed towards the direction
'from whence the noise came. My heart pulsated- -heavily 'in' madness as
I identified the attackers as the two beasts I. ha4 Just helped:d' One
,.was holding fast to the mendicant's walking stick while the other
.tugged at his trousers. I found myself'kicking violently at the dogs. ,:
The 'engagement was not easy. Paying more..attention to the bigger.:- .
the.more dangerous Alsation --I found, to my utter dismay, .that the.
poor human being was put down to the ground by the younger', ,smal-ler.
mastiff.' I grabbed the man's walking-stick and began making effective
lashes dn the raving beasts. .
The weak beggar who had dragged himself to the rubbish bin a few
yards off began putting the filthy dregs he had collected into his big-
butter-can. It was only then I realized .that the.confrontation between
my. neighbour and the dogs was for gaining priority to the remains in
the.rubbish can. I looked up at the sky, tears trickling down my cheeks;
my lips twitching and my whole physique: trembling.- "'Lord," I wailed,
why must man meet such doom?" The answer was nowhere.
Taking his walking stick in one hand, I helped my neighbour to his
feet and, with much strain, supported him back home -leaving his.old,
butter can for the garbage men to collect whenever they would pass.
(Concluded on Dage 1O)

4 __


THE STAR. Friday August 18 '1972, pilO'

FOOTBALL THlem ovrs n Opener '
After the official opening ceremony,
V.I.P)s met the players of the 7 reg-
istered teams whose parade made a spec-
tacular and colourful display under the
hot sun in Windsor Park last Saturday.
The Governor kicked'off'for the Celtic
U. vs Harlem Rovers' Rovers'were on top
from the start, winning. 2-0. H.Emanuel
scored the 1st a penalty (dubious) in
the 9.th.minute. I.Benoi40of the State
team, 1971 Popham winners, put in a
fine right footer 15 minutes before tVnM
** The eagerly awaited Saints/Spartans
clash during the week disappointed a
large crowd. Spartans on top throughout
failed. to score against'the stubborn
keeping of Roy Williams except for J.
Faustin's 10th minute goal. Saints
equalizer came right at"the end from
the boot of Alick Charles. Result 1-1#
** New team Paragons in a 2nd Div.
match Tuesday defeated Spartans 3i2.
Ernest Mullon scored 2 and G.Walsh a
ponalt goal for Paragon.'J.Defoe scored
2 penalties for;.Spart.ana.r'** Celtic U.
plays Potters U. (2nd Div.).. this p.m.
CAussies. Square Tost Series
Engiand retain the ashes as Australia,
in a closely fought'match, won to make
it 2-2 and one drawn.'Scores: England
284 & 356 (Parfitt 51; Knott 92 & 63,
Hampshire 42, Wood 90, d'Oliviera 43:
Lillee 5/58 & 5/123, riallet 3/80 & 2/66)
Australia 399 & 242/5, I.Chappell 118 &
47, C.Chappell 113,'Edwards 79, StackpcOe
79, Sheehan 44 n,.o, 'Iarsh 43 n.cArnold
3/87, Underwood 4/90 .& 2/94, Grieg 2/34.
(More statistic_ next week.)
DOG TRAP by C.Sera hifne(onolutod.d .Ep9)
., I thus committed myself to the
future responsibility 6fc.,carin for this
unfortunate man and. his fa nily.
Children's Ward Bingo.

This party took place.on Sat. Aug.5,
not at G.J.H.S. but at DG.S'., a last
moment change, due to unforeseen circum-
stances. The sudden change curtailed:
the the'crowd, but a'tdtal' f $78 was
collected net balaice- $50.70 was
handed to P.M.H, by promoter Miss May
Christian and Commitino Secretary Mrs.
Ubald Bain. They thanks all kind'friends
who helped to make it a success, and
merchants who donated Bingo prizes.

*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S'**** Iorchriston

.IN THE HOTUSE Xfrom p.l4The Assembly was
somewhat (said on-oof 0ur 'rporters)lik6
a Third Form debate with teachers & pre-
fects absent. AltTough Members were pre-
sented with c'pies'of'the Dominica Devel-
opment Plan (see p.1), and the Minister
said the'public's views were important,
no copies were given tq the Press.: and -
upon inquiry, the PermSec. Home Affairs
refused to hand one over to the STAR "it
is too early'". Opp.Leadpr Moise attack-
ed provisions o6f tho Pqrt Authority B23ll
for making pilotage compulsory yethold-
ing the Master of a Shlp liable ford-am-
age whilst the'ship was in port. Mr.;,
Stevens criticized the Banana Amondment
Bill prolonginig the service ofjelI6cted.
members' to. 2 years instead of 9ne, saying
that many abuise""in DBGA needed correct-
ion more" urgently. The "aye'! men in the
Govt. benches were -satirised by M .Moiso
who demanded thatfbGovernment table .te-
important'Development Plan for,'future'..
debate', adding 'that clauses 4i .the Aliens
Act would-putoff'investors.* As to the
Ward report'replyreve4led costs of 17.
days at .$200-per 'day, 'a'retainer of.'$500
iqa, Hot I. or a o'g ^ 6 a. ^ .
31 re

UNION AFFILIATED TO ICFTU WOULD PLEAD ritol Pe blshd .by th .PropiLetor
THAT YOU CONSn I oo p T R TP oU EC~ONOMY 6E B.Allfrey of Copt lalominil ?Woustiioa .
THAT YOU CONSIDER OUR PRECAIQU ECONOMY 6Bath Rd, Roseau, Dominica, Wcstindies.
"Ic onlt next CO-.&_ .....

Of course Rev. Potter has-been a'
'world figure' for years, evoking
esteem wherever his field of work
took him. He was born, so to speak.
in the shadow of the Methodist Manse,
his mother having been a humble ea*-
ployee there even (we are told) be-
fore his birth. He was a poor member
of a well-known family, and today he
is the greatest of them all -show-
ing how the meek can be exalted.
It was no wonder to us that the /
electors of the World Council of
Churches chose Rev. Philip, Potter as
their General Secretary -a post of/
extreme prestige and' influence. It
is a triumph for the Christian NTe-
groes of the globe; it is a triumph
for Dominica, the little island this
splendid, patient and honest man owns
proudly as his birthplace. And may
we congratulate his dear mother andi
himself, as well as his Jamaican
wife Doreen and all his followers,
and friends, on his 81st birthday
this Saturday. We all hope to see
him at a Caribbean conference, 1975T