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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 08-11-1971
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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crs* Jane ?owenthal,
Resea)rh Insitute fo 0i
the Study of Man,
c 162 FAst 78 Street, C
4" Now Ycrk 10021, N.Y.,
Co0l 03/ on) d Ltd. a
!22 .Shftetbury Ave. W. ._J Editor -


Att~r~~a-.,at 1 1~: 1q712.

Pal i ~FBX~" --5.

V3 ThOUGIHT the Third World was a group,-
ing of neutral, non-aligned,pacific
nations who might form a tolerant
blood for progress and peace in tha
split world. From their conference
in Guyana tney seem very msch aligned
against the U.S.A. and the West, and
extremely belligerent in some of their-
declamations4 Bult even tlhe NonAligned
lands split over seating the Viet Cong..
and the 'Left' Gambodians. Six Par East
and Asian countries in all walked out
on inclusion of one or other newcomer.
We should like a definition of what
they all mean by liberation Movements.

IN THiS ISrSUE John Spector,
Al .Akong, Lennox logchuroh.

AO$SE LOT$O0 S41 ,
Special. Prices and easy Payment Terms
for Dominicans at Home and Overseas,
All Lots overlooking the Caribbean at.
Mero on the Emerald Hillside Estates
Development. project by the Roseau
Pomtsmouth Higway.
Road access, Water and Electricity

Matnagenent Service.

PP.OBox I, Doo mi .-,

For All Hair Care Services

Upstahir 36. Kefnedy Avenue, Roseau.



TFhrsowing ~ePaenI A,,a

E~LPRE and since ERodus, rulers .and
men have been casting out people they
suspect of taking away their profits
or work. A prime
oase tnia week FOR SALE
is the expulsion L. CORTINA No. 804
of Asians from
Ugaida. Domniinica $1,000 o.N.O.
in its pinprick 2. BABY PRAM
way is invoking BOTH EXCELLENT
a 1968 Act to de- CONDITION
.port all Aliens CONTACT 669
who do not com- NTACT
ply Wii its rules.. ggi-1tl
*^~ ~~s ^^ 't? '""* -" ^***

SOne Security Guard for Day Duty
One security Guard for Night Duty
Suitable position for elderly
S; etired person.
Apply, in writing:
n,,.9Dominica Coconut Products Ltd.

,,,... L~r--I.111111 *>->

I h-, I --I-I -IC- -~

GESTS have told WUIBAN that the
purchase of beaanas is sspen4ad due
to the U.K. aockstrilke, ave at the
ScOt and risks of the Association.
Belated3y,after a D.B.G.A. release
about being in favour of risk-taking
but due to practical difficulties and
4zdarth of shipping space etc..., the
Iominica Goveranent has declared that
it will risk a possible. loss of #200
thousand dollars by backing the ex-
.port of. bananas w1ich mnay become.
strike-bound, However up to. press-
time na bhip was available and no
cutting notice out, so it looks un-
likely that this morale-booster for
the poor banana-growers ,and gale
for taxpayers will be tested not
this week, anyway. Premier John
Compton of St. Lucia was the man
whose gamble paid-off. And he had.
the s.ensae to t a tne Barry Dockers!
^'4^h ^**J-_JlJ^J-lrTL^l^m^Ll~~~llil i*JIIii:i~jj iifrm-.irr * - * srr -*-*Trnm~ lni*i rii1-1 iri11,1 a


So St. Kitts is to host the Caribbean Conservation Conference on
September 1st; the main topic of the conference-will be the develop-
ment of National Parks, particularly in the smaller islands. We under-
stand that members of the Washington Conservation Foundation will be
present. Back in 1967, Dr. Dasmann of the Foundation visited Dominica
and introduced the subject of a National Park for Dominica (partly
to offset the effects of indiscriminate lumbering by Domcan Timbers -
now defunct);, a planning team from the Foundation was sent to Dominica
in September 1969 and they produced the splendidly illustrated plan
"Chance for a Choice" in 1970 (May). The Government throughout was
stated to have shown interest, but at that time they were also showing
interest in Domcan 'Timbers and Sunday Island. Meanwhile the STAR
(through this writer especially) was warning of the dangers of unplan-
ned development, the profitlessness of allowing others to upset the
ecology of the island, and the importance of preserving any local his-
torical monuments and our natur al assets.
Subsequently, without any public acknowledgment of the importance
of these matters, Government called in (at considerable expense) the
tourist consultants Shankland and Cox and Associates. What did they
produce? A fine, detailed report "A Tourist Development Strategy".
(covering 20 years) which bases its whole tourist appeal for Dominica
on the National Park idea, conservation of natural and historical
assets and the other ideas earlier put forward. .Portions of this
overall scheme were scheduled to be started in 1971, including the
formation of a Statutory.Development and Planning Corporation.
On August 17th 1972, members of the House of Assembly will have
their first opportunity to discuss the whole question of the Develop-
ment Strategy, when they debate the Development & Planning Corporation
,Bill and the Hotels Aid (Amendment) Bill which adds to the touristic
duty-free schedule practically everything from curtains and mirrors
to office equipment and electrical generators. Though not expected'to
agree slavishly with Government on every point in those Bills, the
'Opposition will, I believe, support the whole idea of the National
Park, but not with certain extravagances (such as were suggested once
by Mr. Bruce Robinson) of a four-lane, fluorescent-lighted highway from
one end of the island to another: for instance the roads to beauty spts
like the Freshwater and Boiling lakes require nothing larger than a 15'
road, with passing points, parking bays and look-out spots. All the
American and European countries are now regretting their myriads of
motorcars on the roads with attendant pollution and motorways which
gobble up more and more good and beautiful land (along with the plants,
trees, birds, animals and insects which had their habitat there).
Let Dominica be one treasured and cared-for place on this bewild-
ered planet where the victims of and refugees from their own pollution
can come and reward the Dominican for his forethought by staying awhile
in pure uncontaminated air, with nature's gentleness and bounty around
them! They will come, and spend their money here, provided all Domin-
icans are prepared to welcome them civilly on equal terms, not just as
servitors; with dignity, not as beggars. In this connection, we are
glad the Strategy does not push the idea of a gambling resort at the
Cabrits or elsewhere in this land. Such a thing could bring a lot of
greed and misery in its train. sea
Liberation: the Guyana. newspaper 'Mirror' shut down on June 19th this year be-
cause the Burnham Government refused since Feb. 24.th to grant its Editor (Mrs.
Jagan) an import licence for newsprint. On opening the ITon-Aligned Conference
recently, Mr. Burnham called for finances arms and training for the 'liberation
movements1 of the- world... a strangely wide sot of associates which presumably
includes the East Indian..majority in Guyana as well as the p rsecuted Jewa.oz
the Soviet Union and the Palestinian LMberaton Movement who tran and arm
crazy Japanese to gun down innocent passengers in an Israeli airport lounge.
What kind of people are the islands of the iEatern Caribbean preparing to
support? _

Friday, August 11, 1972

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Page Three

4 ________ y^-.2u1a ea on page Lj -- *-
The students appeared'on television in ** Actually theBarry Dockers of -
the F.W.I. and France. They are -Yvette loaded July 29th slhipmnt, including"
George, Wilkinsbn Williams & O.Robinson. 1,000 tons bananas from the Windwards(p. )

~ridas, Au~ust 11, 1~12


*** C OM M 0 N W E A L T H j LETTER from LONDON Lennox Hon~cll1h
UGANDA: 80,000 Asians holding As I pace the streets of this high-
British passports face expulsion ly cosmopolitan city where .foreigners
and refusal of nearby African virtually outnumber Englishmen and
lands to receive them; they are strange languages seem to pour from
mainly traders and their families every other lip, I can read the head-
and have been accused by President lines of newspapers stacked on the
Amin of sabotaging Uganda's econ- sidewalk stalls for sale. Their stand-
ony. Britain has threatened econ- ards and their political leardngs are
omic reprisals but has not offered as varied as the people who walk past
the Asians refuge -a big moral them but for the lasttwo weeks their
tand human problem is involved. front page stories have been'much in-
BRITAIN: in Liverpool four nights evolved iththe same subject, the
of race riots over allocation of Dock Strike.
Naturally the papers' primary concern
new houses to coloured people tookis natiial but in certain corners there
place. Gangs of white and coloured is nat in ain cor
is comment on the effect .the strike'is
youths smashed windows and put up is comment on the effectthe strik '
street baricades. Polices and pt having on the overseas fruit grower, be
street barricades. Policecalled
in after a petrol bomb was thrown it in Cyprus, the Channel Islands or
into a children's bedroom, called Jamaica. Yet all English readers learn
for urgent discussions bewee lo-about the lTindward Islands banana trade
for urgent. discussions between lo-
is one. almost forgotten sentence in THE
cal community leaders, TIMES "There is also a shipment of
UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES bananas from the Windwards in the Welsh
Officers of the Guild of Under- port of Barry and it is nearly certain
graduates from three campuses are that nonie'of these will ever reach the
meeting here for the first time to customer". Gloomy', but no mention of
review the academic year and dis- the grower Who must now be cursing the
cuss many current issues. ** entire population of Britain as he goes
The three Extra Mural students without a weeks money and listens tb
now in Guadeloupe report that all the nouveau militant pockets in Dominica
is going well they are working painting a bright red picture of a
with History Professor Dr.Adelaide "tyrannical" and "unconcerned" Britain.
and were granted a holiday for Ironically it is their very comrades',
"Liberation Day" -Aug.11 if they the militant socialist dockworkers'-of
put on a Soiree Folklorique with Britain,jwho are preventing consumer
Trinidad, Barbados & Jamaica stu- goods from reaching British ports.They
dents. This was a great success.* are striking' against what 'THEY consider
The Marigot Centre' s Hobby to to be a "'tyrannical" and "unconcerned"
Income seminar was also most suc- Government. Who can complain about people
cessful, and a second course will fighting for' their rights2-But the bit-
be held in Roseau soon. Out of the ter fact remains that the 'little man'
Marigot course a toy co-operative of Britain, while he strikes fbor his"
may arise in this land where rights, does not care, let alone know
there are so few toys .for children anything about the .'little man' of Domli
this is good news : inica. ** They donht even give.a damn
CARIFESA ana: "Speak' Brothe how many of thei fellow workerii are
Spea" bA iynC"Seaknrohe'b thrown out of. work by the relentless ad-
Speak" by Daniel Caude iron will tbe vance. in ndusrial costs Their solead
put on instead of "Vernie&'. concern is looT~ng after Number One and
IERGER: The Dominica Chamber of Com- if they can bash sa Conservative Govern-
merce and Manufacturer-s Assn, have magI ment in the process so much the better.
SThe British Government 's fatujc tie~in that .with a majority, in Parliament'.
and well-disciplined back'bhenchers (or as'in Dominica 'yes men') they, can push
through all kinds of legisl'ation.- Arid if th9y choose t.o do so, they can defeat
any attempts to make changes. In other words, the o-ficial opposition is vir-
tually powerless to secure effective action by nor l constitutional means.
Such was the case wiith the Industrial Relatibns Act and it is. hardly sur-
prising in the circumstances that some people resort to unorthodox methods of
resist=nue. Petitions and protest marches have lost effect venessi well-
,publicised Mtyrdom ua-in the radio 'and press attract much more attention.
Fr d v A g s . . ,19,72 ._ .' .. .

TE AT1 ia Aus

THE DRAUGHTSMAN'S ART (I.) by AL AKONG: Still Life Drawing,-
In my last article I tried to make interested readers conscious
of the need of a disciplined mind and hand in order to become a good
draughtsman. In this installment I shall go a bit deeper.
When I started attending evening classes at the Camberwell art
school in London one of the teachers there gave me the most fundamental
and important lesson in draughtsmanship, in such a simple, comprehen-
sive and practical way that 1 quickly grasped it and never missed a
single night in his class after that; and today, in the same words of
that teacher (plus some of my own) I always explain to interested
persons why some people seem to have little difficulty in drawing.
It goes like this:
'In drawing, each line that you put down on your paper is like
a statement made about what you are drawing somewhat like the evid-
ence that one gives, in Court hence each of those lines that you
fail to put down accurately, or each mistake that you make, is like
an untruth, or a little lie; and the more 'liest you set down on your
paper, the more inaccurate your statements, or the more inaccurate
your drawing..* consequently the less chance of it ever coming out good,
Again, like going before a magistrate and giving inaccurate statements
in your evidence, or telling lies --you will either have your case
dismissed, or be charged with perjury if you happen to be the plain-
tiff, or found guilty, and have to pay a fine or go to jail if you
are unfortunately the defendant: you would have made a 'bad case'
with your inaccurate statements or your little lies.'
It was in the still life or object drawing class that I got that
valuable lesson in draughtsmanship. Object drawing had hitherto never
,interested me much, and worse again that teacher pointed- ut to me so
many glaring 'lies that I was telling in my drawing that I wondered
whether-I really ever had any flair for drawing. What he was in fact
pointing out to me was that I had not as yet acquired the discipline
required for serious draughtsmanship.
Still life or object drawing is the most excellent subject for
acquiring the disciplined hand of the draughtsman. In a way it is
easier than drawing figures., landscapes or faces, because the objects,
are static and usually there are no changing shadows or lighting to
complicate matters, but still life drawing can be very difficult if
you choose objects that have no special appeal to you; already dead,
these objects will never seem to have the soul' that stimulates your
emotions into wanting to share their 'feelings'; you find then nothing
but hard, rigid facts and tend to treat them thus: but this is the
approach you need towards drawing when you want to discipline your mind
and hand. Each statement made about the object must be a rigid fact,
no 'lies' and when you have armed yourself with that big lesson that.
the teacher from the Camberwell art school gave to me, and use still
life drawing to put it into practice, you will surely discover things
that you never suspected could happen in drawing, and your skill as a
draughteman will increase beyond belief.
Next installment we shall be more practical still, with still life!
,(Atong's drawing of an old pressure atove and hand drill evoIe a peasant
Openin' the large gathering of "Third World" foreign ministers in
Georgetown, Guyana,on Tuesday last,U!Mr. Forbes Burnham, Guyana's Prime
Minister, appealed to delegates to "finance, arm.and train the liber-
ation movements of the world."'He hoped for unity among Third World
people. Secretary of the Conference Jackson, High Commissioner
designate to Tanzania from Guyana, was absent: he had collapsed after
hard work preparing for the event.
AMTIGUA: Bombs went off during carnival time and an underground move-
ment known as Antigua Freedom Fighters claimed responsibility. They aim
to harrasa the Antigua' Government into resigning.

Friday, August 11, 1972


Pa e Phur

THE STAR 11 1972

arif t 7

CaNiM ll eO Clen t t aln S 1972
National History and Arts Council. National Park,Thomas Lands, G'town.Guyana.

Special formalities for entry into Guyana for CARIFrSTA '72
have been worked out for the some 1,000 artists, coming from the thirty
invited countries of the Caribbean and Latin America.
The formalities are:-
1. A Valid Passport or official Travel Document is necessary.
2. A Valid Small pox Vaccination Certificate is necessary.
3. All artistes participating in CARIFESTA '72 must bring an
extra Passport size photograph of themselves to be used
within Guyana on their ID Cards.
4. No firearms, ammunition, explosive materials, dangerous
drugs, fruit or meat should be in your possession or in
your baggage on arrival, Obscene publications are also not
allowed into the country.
5. You may bring with you duty free not more than one (1) pint
of spirits and two hundred, (200) cigarettes.

6. Ay iu-iale (e.g. dogs or cats) or I
must be accompanied by Veterinary I
the country of origin. They will
by a Government Veterinary Officer
arrival will be required so that a
be on duty to examine such.animals
be requit,.:-ed in some cases.

birds brought with you
health Certificates from
be examined on arrival
and prior notification of
Veterin&yy Officer could
or birds. Quarantine may'

7'. You are requested to complete your Immigration Landing Card
before reporting to the Immigrntion Officer at Timehri Airport.
These cards will be supplied to you by the Airline on which you
are travelling.
8. All baggage must be made available for examination-by Customs
officers on request.
9. You are requested to ensure that all your baggage and hand
pieces ;re properly identified "CARIFESTA '72 GUYANA" with
stickers supplied by the Airlines on which you are travelling.

The CARIFESTA Secretariat welcomes all artists to Guyana and the
Garden City of Georgetown. It wishes them a very pleasant and memorable
visit and participation..in CARIFESTA.

Director: Lynette Dolphin Commissioner Frank Pilgrim Telephone: 65C0.




Parg ov.

P$~bYa ~e,,c;~., ~p, t97a

Ti .qT&A

Fvidapi Aumst~lB 114f97kf

*, .iA

ag 'Tu AT..


Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notingt
thereon and Caveats for week ending 29th day of uly 1972.
= -- ' ,_ -i ~ ,

Date Requested

Request dated the
2t day of July,
Piresatdtheb 26th
day of Sal, 1972 at
3.45 pe.

Person Presenting

Ramdhead Dawnud
by his pliclt t

Nature or request wnetn-
er a Certificateof Title ol
Noting thereon or Caveat.
eqaestfor tihe tasseef -a
Ftls Certciaeie of Titte in
rapet of a ption of lgaud
Skneown AtB Estatet No. I
as Glet inthe Parih of It,
Jots in the Stae of DeaB.
ale%( saafaas $A882rss
4dm Be asa 4 fts osim *

North by lead of. Fei Ve) erie: fusI by lands of Liton Rie
and Augustno Paul: South bys avo &rng it W
Ash& Eiate No. I, lands of MytiVk-wa ChseltLaiL. s
West by rand of Felis VaPleri.
Registrar's Office, EFlRAIP F,- GEORGES
Roseau, Dominica, (Ag Registrar of Tides.







Corner t

fy Cold Store



Approx. 7800 sq. ft.

Cash or Terms,

Make offer

Telephone 2817.

Schedule of Application for Certlficate of Title and Noting.
thereon and Caveats for week ending Sth day ef Auguet 1972.'
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
Ps Presenting Nature of request
I whether a Certificate
'f oTita d he -i


_,-- thereon or Cav
Request dated the Edward Bernard Sequest tor the sue Of A
SUday of Juna, Pirs Cortifiate of This
172. by his Solsitor apc0or1 a pmotion of tao
Presented the 1st kne&MsWt ta t i Laud t.id
day of Augsat, 1972 Vaayl u s at e Pasi of St. Gaoge, j
At 10.05 a.m. thew of dmpcaass so

SNoSrth loed of Neil Stodmw and e* aw-iie "arst6.e
fromlar d offCcli Joness; $soatb.Esit ians of Nei Steedmaw.
Ralph MagloIre and Kenneth John Bsptlste. South-West
land.of Joseph Matgoire, North.Weat a ravine separsatiLg.
It fro lands of Cecil Joneas indClarp ,e Be8rrnd,.

Request dated the Ere sit 0IeWa1 for the tBw of &t(
3th day of Dt cem.- Crf..t cat&ate of Ttis
bet, 1972. byAhs Sei oLct rW.porf1 f Bporthm of tand
prestWed the lo t at a|gubio Vdiaen4i tet
day of Aut l2 Vaoyo 0oap4 o S ABtw,ke l,
at 10.00 em.. of Dea @Boaes
NornbhEast lands of Obsee Theode a .4A '4I I
* S -l.ast land of M"Mid, Wrrtie, "
Sot hWWst land of milli Peter
-NordhWeis't land of 0i.bar4 The v.

Request dated bth Frances Alexandfi as i equest for the ~az of
3rd dayof July, trustee for Jasmie test Certificatoe Title i
1972. Alexander respect of a orte of la
FPreented the 2nd by her Solltow pa f L o i Pt&e RatS flta
day o! August 1972 the of i tJ.t W heli
at 3.35 p.m. Cilms A.M. JDpigap the State of L "scae

North by L.,Paiile EsAta and land of the Gov.'si erno1 i
DoftPlnlca; South by Ravise Slt; Efst by.iea ds of t

request dated the Edmnundion Lrinton W for the flta 4a f
f0th day of July, William s en Catifoato of Tide
1072. by his Soliditor et o a prda of fd
Pheswted the 2nd a M=1ad o ts adft Of
day ofAu.w4 19?2 Cil=M.a, qpldV /St. Ate010w. in o hbtateOf
t AS4p.mf. Dw.c e gaasB tral UBS
___ __:_________________ bogodsd as
North by a Pu alcRead; South by adte ; 1T :gs
East bYc l an a Ira Lverpo l Wasf by O?
Request dated fte rawes Aloae er aU e8st for the i~ssuof a
Ird dayof July, trustesafr Jasmine Pist Cert l eate ot Tide in
1972. Alexander ei pect of a prtfoo of land
Prtasted theradI by bher olator ktao as Let 2 pa ttNLs
ey 7of Augvtt 1972 Valt FAtaWt, in the ftqa
t 3.25 p.m Cuma "Ad DOeigMy of Lt. Andrew, inthe St&te
----f ---a--ti ,P cotad.oig

Norh by ot Suth by La Paitl Esate; Eat by land
of the Goverament of Domlnlcs (Schol Site), West by
land Alterved for Road over La Paille Estate.

C .. ..r --

Roseau, Dominica.

A. B l ..... ,- r,..._

NOTE:--- Any person who desires to object to the issue of a*
Firs Certificlte of Title in the above application may enter a
Caveat In the.above Offce within tsi weeks from the date of
the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
published in this State or from the date when the notice prs.
crlibed by law was served on any owner or occupier of ~edjoin
land In respect of which the application is made.

I I Ii I

-- ---- Ip H --- =

--ab~8ivi-CY~;p'-~------~-~-d;~ I~ ~81,~_1~5gj~60_k~_?f~~





Tho Dominica Association of angiaoers,
Architects and Allied Profresionale hae
not up vrkitag Coasnittoes to atudy the
following asbjectes-
A. iectrical CAod
Plvmbing Code
Building Staidardas
Sojinse Code
Branaage Code
BX uotrication
kswirementel Control
C, Conditions of Engagiement
Rogi strati on
& Code of Ethics for Bailding
Professional A,
The Association invites all interested
maber% of the public to write tat
The Doianica Asocaiation of Anginoeram
Architects & Allied Profeesionalaa
P.O.BoEr 98, Roseai, Nseinica.

A small informal hotel overlooking the
Caribbean only half a mile from Roseau,
the capital of Dominica, sixteen modern
air-conditioned rooms each with-private
bath and balcony wall to wall carpeting
and telephone- you're right at the wateAt
edge and there is a fresh water swimming
pool a cocktail bar lounge or confiers
ence room. Marine fcilities sel- dive
or car rentals fishing and boating a-
rangements easily made.
We announce our opening and offer va-
lue for money all-year-round room rates,
bed, breakfast and supper.


E.C. $3o.00o
E.C. $s'5oo.


=i"7Te w'/y



RUB 01?


Sand feel this deeply penetrating non-gr y cream bring you fast relief

is also excellent for sprans and strains.
Only $1.20 for a tube at:
or at GREEN'S in the Roseau Market

-l-II~---~-LLU^~LI -- -UUI-~b~-IIQI -.

a~uarmas~-rru -I ---~-- II ---UI I---~---*
.~PC--- -----a u--~-arran~------------*I-~-------I--


.1 -~- i

Ctan ymur teeth the way your dentist does.-
wiKh powder, and use the finest Tooth Powdern*
and see ugly stains and discolouration due to
smoking disappear.
POWDER costs only 7o cents per box.
r... ,o?"4___-

Dfr if

9 acres of planted land, w i th house at
Castle Brute, with Major Road passing
Apply to:
J F A. Gfud,
For Eric's 4ae ,
Fond Cole,

Lot of land in the Atkinwon village 3.g5.
acres, cultivated, suitable for residetial

Karol Wigki,
Tel. 2521

Fort Young Hotel Co. Ltd.
Apply in writing to The Secret
M- 0 = __i___________-. -- .

9 Great Marlborough Street
(Over Co-Operative Bank)
Telephone 3184

- ---- ----- -- -~-------D----------~--- ~h~'l -4r~
-- --_..~I

e I .. . s ,, I,- I

Friday, A~avdt 1I, 1972

Pa!G Eikght


PCidaLV. AugIBzL t It 1972


~saypc~ W~i8

8 goesapenny

to win a fortune of

*Get your Vernons Football coupons NOW from:

Frida Ausual 11- 1972 THE STAR

Pa-e Ten- T_ rid A 17

S* S*T*A*R*S*P*0*RAT'R.* ** *****
TABLE TENNIS: ., Horchristen
Dominica Is Windwards Championl
DOMINICA emerged with. all the trophies
in the Windwards T.T. Tournament in
St. Lucia, August 1-6 in mahy keenly
contested games. The team' was P.Char3e
Capt., R.Trortomn and EMlackman'who
brought. home the quaslie Trophy. In
the Open Doubles Trotman & Blackman
beat St.Lucia's Fenelo, & Charles 2-0.
Trotman, new singles champion was
voted.the most outstanding player and
Blackman got th; Best Sportsman cup.
Play was of a high standard and large
crowd also saw exhibition matches
between Pat Hildabrandt (U.S.1o.2seed)
and West Indies star player, Barbadian
Robert Earle.
Except for the Singles final at the
Holiday Inn Hotel before tourists, all
games were played in the Castries
Town Hall. Next year the Tournament
will probably be played in Dominica.
Scoes: St.Lucia 5, St,Vincent 0l
Dominica 5, St.Vincent 0;'Dom.5, St.L,
4; St.L.5, Grenada 3;'Dom.5,'Gren.2,
Singles Final: Trotman (D) 3, Fenelon
(St.L. ) 0. ************** ********
FOOTBALL: It is still hoped to start
the season this Sunday with the Celtic
-Harlem Rovers match in Windsor Park.
A Dominican team visiting St.Lucia
last weekend lost 2.1 to a touring St.
Vincent team and 3-1 to Shamrocks of
St.Lucia. Jeffrey Defoe and Desmond
Dewhurst scored our 2 goals' *******
CRICKET: AUstralia in Strong Position
At close of play today (the 2nd day)
Australia was 10 short of England's
all-out score of 284 -274 for 3
thanks to a 201 partnership between
the Chappell brothers. England's top-
scorer was A.Knott 92, Parfitt 51.
Bowling:Lillee 5/58, A.Iallet 3/835.
Travellers .~, ~* 7-/5"Eco."are
R.St.H,.Shillingford, Cap't.I r. ; M.Marie
v.Capt.;E.Lancelot Sboc/Treas; O.Lewis
Selection Panel member. ***-********
CARIB UNITED Sports Club of Salybia
(assisted with money from govt.) will
tour St.Lucia later this month to
play cricket, volley ball and dominoes
1Ir.Francois Barry, teacher at the Sal-
ybia School will manage the team andan
artist member of the Carib Council
Faustulus Frederick will be Captain.
Others are: Newland Paris, Lennox St.
Amie (Sec.), Napoleon Sanford and
ten others. They. will-be gone ten days<
i1, OUR IvT' ISSUE:..A tribute by Mr.L.M.
Christian; short stories-by Chris Sera-
phine & Cynthia Watt. Iia Titine)...and
Several grppIng articles ... .. .

(from p.3-.' By defying the Courts and
deliberately inviting prison sentences,
the militants may well turn out to have
done more-'for their cause than their
Opposition representatives could achieve
by pleas and sweet reasoning in the
House of Commons.
It does more for "their cause". Fine.
But how does the 'cause' help that of
the Dominica bianan grower? It boils
down to the fact that whoever may be
wrong, be it the dockworker; the indus-
trialists' or the government, Dominica
is affected. We live on an island which
has to depend on more developed countries:
for a livelihood. Be it Britain or U.S.A.
or even Russia and China, the immediate
future provides no other way, and though
heated speeches and raised fists may be
emotionally satisfying 'to some, they
cannot solve that geogyrahic and econo-
mic fact.

A 4.day convention at Goodwill Juniot
High School will begin on Aug.17-20. A
peak attendance of 400 delegates from
Antigua, Hon6tserrxat, Nevis & St.Maarten
is expected. There ate li millioniiem-
bers of the Ilovement around the world)
compared with the membership of 'ome
churches in 'Christendom this total may
not seem very much; but the Witnesses
date from 100 years back,'and its growthh
is something of A miraclesays our cOr-
respondent' There are 95 branches with
207 countries inyolMed in the Witnesses
world-wide activities.
In 1951'there wore only 442,380 Wit-
nesses (13,470 congregations)I last year
congregati6ns had increased up to 27,154
ith 1,590,793 members.* The unity, de-
votion and rapid growth of the Movement
has been the envy of many churchmen con-
cerned with the falling numbers of their
own flocks and t[oe general materialistic
mood pervading society, says our contrib-
These measures are always noked ag-
ainst specific groups or persons.' In
Uganda, we .know who they are. Here, on
a .smaller scale, they seem to be pro-
fessionals --wl'ich, we'll soon find out.
"Credit Unions #ln the 70s" is the.1st
theme of this big 60-delegate meeting
at Goodwill Parish Hall,Aug.14-17.**"*
Jamaica, Domini.iQa, Grenada, St.Lucia &
St.Vincent-have joined together in assoc-
iation under thle chairmanship of WINAITes'
H. Atkinson, to protect banana interests.

lrintced 8 Published byR,.AolfreyPorie 1to o corCpt Hall Mill House at 2b9ath
"R(oad ,O ro~cau Dominl~ ica,*L,^.



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