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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 07-28-1971
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Mrs. Jane Lowent
leseawycM Institute fo
the Study of Man,
S162 East 78 Street,
T New York 10021, N.Y.,
Ul.S.A. tive:
3aoS/5 -(Londoan) Ltd.
j_31 setbur? Ave, W. L

-- ,. ,g r

Vitulta "Va toaamlitt 7ortrna

Largest Straw Mal Off to Gu a .a
a n -at^ >^ ^ .^ (i.<

atES GORaoUS cxIaclu MAL
was desp aeachd t"o yanu byl
the vespel 'M yflowr C',to
grace the floor of Qtheo Aier.
iniaini building at CABIXBSTA.
Boiled ia strong bemboos,iowa
in special paper .ad sw* il
sacking, it wreigl4d 680 Ubsa
and cost over lT DQ8 delivered.
Some 1, 170 sats& (vertiyert)
roses froe the south taAd East
of Domintnc wore firmly ase
in plaee by theo killed girls
o once Conve t Industrial Sdh
- to cover 981i sqft. rtflolr

Succeeding Mr., Jernandois F r a a c i s, Mas Clem'
'Frederick, young and- good1lo1Sing artist ,tL.-, S a3?.
tied to the Salybia Nurse, was elected Chief of the
Caribs this week. Mr. Frederick learned a lot about
black and white' art from Al Akong, and has drawn
some delightful pictures. He presides over a council
of five, and hopes to bring the Carib community
farther aloag the road to real progress.
Bataca, on-the road to SalybMa
Carib. Reserve
. See article by Al Akong, on the draughtsman's art p..

-. r .AA.

SWith the Senior Naval Officer West Indies aboeal
this fine frigate lay at anchor off Fond Cold'betwee
Stly 24-27. Commodore Rusby, born in Malta and
nw sa ioned in Bmeruda, is responsible to she Bri-
tish Commander in Chief for the command of fli
asips in the Caribbean area. The BrWkes Capds is
Co dadls ler. J. B. D. Read. 1 .
A cic~ker match vs. Police at the Gardens, a able
tennis match at the Rosewu Fire Station, Basketball
at Windsor Park,.another, cicket match vs. the Del..
fence Force and a .22 rifle shooting contest on Tues-
day, as well as visits from school children on Wednes.
day and a co.kcl party on board, dances a d visits
to GH. and other points of interest ashore alt
thee :events' combined to keep officers and ratings,
busy and entertained during the welcome paval visit.
(See STARSPORTS for match results)

_ 1______1___1_1___~ _1_1 IP_


Vol. z^ NoA

Friday, Jaly 172 -

T2, 1972

Page Two

THE GENERATION GAP : by John Spector
A division of population into the young versus the.mature is
not a joke. I describe it thus rather than "youth versus age", be-
cause some of the young protesters or anarchists of today are as
bigoted and set in their ways as aged persons, and some of the mature
have the resilience and capacity to.. change of the young. and adaptable.
"He hath age, therefore he hath wisdom" is a Chinese saying dating
from Confucius (500 B.C.) thus it certainly antedates Mao Tse Tung.
I have never believed in il wholeheartedly. Some of the old are as
capable of foolishness and as stubborn as the very young. And their
chance of reformation is infinitesimal.
But this arbitrary division of the world into students and their
young and ignorant supporters (many of whom have barely achieved the
necessity of a full primary education, and whose knowledge in terms
of civilized behaviour is nil) against those who have arrived at
maturity, who are perhaps parents, who have carved out careers, who
have accumulated a precious vintage of experience this is an ugly
and unnatural thing, going against all the gentleness and solidarity
of that first of protective unions the family.
In Victorian days the family was so close-ranked as to be suffo-
cating. Rebellingagainst parental control seemed rare, or rather was
secret and furtive as if every family was a royal family, even when
poor. It has left its legacy in Dominica where even in tiny huts the
front or living room is still called 'the drawing room', and where
there is still a single standard demanded of virtue for most girls and
winked-at libertinism for the boys. But two world wars knocked down
the edifice of the claustrophobic family fortress, and now there is
a reaction of permissiveness which has its own triumphs and its own
The virus of 'youth against the elders' is not just a college
revolt against authority. It reminds me of a tale out of science
fiction, to which I am addicted. A kindly man and wife are walking
down a road. They come upon a group of good-looking young people and
greet them, smiling. Then they see the eyes of the youngstera,which
are like stones from a lunar planet. The youngsters cannot smile.They
don't seem to be human... And Ray Bradbury (that'U.S. master of the
science fiction form) once wrote a wonderful story of a small attract-
ive boy who was found wandering on a road by a married couple, who
gave him a home and love. After a few months with them he took off
again. Why? He was not really a child at all, but a little old man,
whom life or science had stultified in time. Whenever he was on the
point of being discovered for what he really wrs an interplanetary
monster he took off again, and got sheltered by other guileless'
childless individuals who still had what the boy had never possessed:
common warmth of human affection. Old-fashioned stuff' So the 'dear
little fellow' continued his pilgrimage of corruption,
Am I saying-that youths of today are monsters? No; but the cult
of youth revolt makes some of them near-monsters, for much of it is
not the rebellion of the young against discipline and authoritarianism
(that has always existed in various forms) but something artificial,
negative and organised. It is a sort of junior power cult with all
the attendant sterility that power cults propagate. I think that some
adults today are afraid of youth, just as in the past the young were
afraid of 'dominating'adults. It's a pity this world cult has come in
a special form to this excellent State of ours just when the elders
here are bending and conceding and trying to hand over a lot more
self-determination and liberty to the young, who"resist being con-
ditioned into trying to please.everyone, and want to be identified as
individuals". These last words in quotation marks were spoken to me
in explanation by one of the resistant young.
(Concluded on -age 4)


Priday,July 28, 1972

Friday, July 28, 1972 ~HE STAR Page Three

*** C 0 M M'0 N WEA L T ***
BRITAIN: the Doekers (going ag-
ainst orders from Union leaders)
have come' out on strike today,Fri-
day, and paralysed shipping, des-
pite the release of five Dockers
whom the men considered unjustly
imprisoned, Sympathy strikes
threatened for Monday may bring
Britain's economy further towards
a standstill *****************
At the Commonwealth Secretariat
London, the enlarged European
Economic Community will discuss
vital conm6dities especially ban-
anas. Mr. L.I. Austin is attending
for Dominica.

ANJGUILLA: ~Leader of Council Mr.
Ronald Webster beat his electoral
opponent Mr. A. Harrigan by 252
Votes thip week. Three of the
7 elected members were returned
unopposed, and the British Com-
missioner Will nominate not more
than six more. Anguilla broke away
from St. Kitts five years ago.
CANADAt 1. cadets of the Dominica
cadet corps left last week-end
for a training course under the
Canada/Caribbean cadet exchange.*
Major Earle Johnson is in Jamaica
to attend & C/C conference and
press for Dominica's cadets to
be increasingly represented.
Back pay totalling $13,755 has
been handed to DAWU members, em-
ployees of. Dominica Electricity
Services overall increase of
8% & 10% for certain grades. All
grades will receive- a further 5%
on-1972 salary in 1973 and on 1973
salary i 1974. Other conditions
of work are also improved. ******
The annual residential training
course of .hie Girls' Brigade will
be held at St.Mary's Academy from
Aug 14 (Opening Session) to 98th.
Officers from other States and from
Guyana will attend. ********9~*
British Aid has provided $390,000
for the Regional Youth Camp here
and one-third of this was spent by
end of June on buildings and equip-
ment. Furniture and equipment
for the new Maternity Dept. of
Princess Margaret Hospital is also
to be provided by British funds of
more than $72,000 :gas ranges, beds,
cots, sterilizers, trolleys, diag-
nostic sets, exam.lamps, cylinders:
wheel chairs and many other items,



A horror story 'The Living Corpse'
by Collins F. O'Neill.,/ And,.contin-
uation of Reuben's romance in the
MA TITINE series ... and many vital
These continue to come in, some from
afar. Mr.-.-John G, -Baka of Lebanon N.J.
USA writes: "I have enjoyed the well
articulated and logical columns contrib-
uted by Androcles..and was saddened to.
;read of 1his.pascing in the July 7th
tissue. His place will be hard to fill.
enclosed is a brief note which I would
appreciate your forwarding to the im-.
mediate family of Mr. Loftus A. Roberts."
(This has been done:' thank you.-Editor).
;From AL AKONG comes the following
"I wish I could tell you how I feel
about the sad departure of Mr. Loftus
Roberts. First it was .very unexpected
to me, and up to iow I still think of.
it. Now that'he is gone (like my father
who died three years ago) I have a deep
feeling of regret that I did not get to
know him better before. Androcles is one
of those personswhom I shall remember
all through" m life. I always followed
up his column', and from it' believed' I
knew what he stood for'. The STAR will
never be the same without him.,"
(Extract from a GIS irews Release):
"Speaking to the young men, the
Premier said" (at Colihaut)"'This
is an age 6f women lib. Meix are
losing their masculinity...* .
-- AND IROM. "My idea of progress is not to tear
down what has already been established
but to build on sound foundations."-
St. Vincent's J.P. Mitchell, at the.
opening of two agricultural develop-
ment schemes financed by British Dev.
MORE. DOMliICA NEWS: Regret we cannot
reproduce a talk given at Trafalgar
to a youth.group, by Mr. 4.J.Etienne
Comm. Dev. Officer. It is too long-..
to quo,te in fall. He makes one- r- --
portant: end point about the need for
adult education programmes to foster
better relationship with the young,
*form merchant banks both in "the iF'ar-
East and in Australia, says a--loal
release. ***' The disused feed mill
for poultry etc. is being overhauled
through a Technician sent by U.S.
Volunteer Corps, to help reduce the
cost of feeding livestock in Donmin-
ica, which is constaAtly rising' *;
Coconut meal will be produced. ***

Page Three


Friday, July 28, 1972

THE GEiNATIONi GAP by John Spector (from Page Tvio)
The form that what I have called an arbitrary division is
taking in Dominica,-is a peculiarly sad and dangerous one, for it
is blended with the Black Power struggle and cemented with a type of
class war; then odmes the big split and pushed (as it were against
their will) on the other side are the Christians, the humanists,
the maturely reasonable, the politically tested people who want to
see'change come with moderation, the whole assembly of "grown-ups",
"adults", "reactionaries" and the increasingly inapplicable names
they are called by the self-appointed avant garde.
We know that the intention of this loosely termed youth move-
ment is to persuade persons between the ages of 18 and 30 to opt out
of taking their responsibility as citizens, by refusing to vote in
the next general election. There are enough people in Dominica who
don't take enough responsibility already without adding to the civic
apathy by.encouraging a large amorphous mass of youthful and potent-
ially able people to stand aside and emit parrot cries of "Yo toute
c'est meme". We realise that the aim is an interval in which the
abstainers, growing daily a little older and.more vociferous, though
we hope not more violent, will have time to establish political bases.
But a lot may happen in any interval.
And we believe that there are enough young people between 18-30
in Dominica who will cling, not just to the faith of their fathers
or the dictates of their mothers who fathered them, but to their last
shred of good,.ordinary common sense.

In search of photographs for stamp designs, Minister C & Works
-4,. Patrick John with.his Perm.Sec, a photographer and two Carib
guides made a round the island tour by the U.K. Dom on July 20.Shots
of L'Escalier Tete-Chien at Madjini reveal 8-ft. Wide steps down the
-mountainside.in the shape of a snake; the steps are 4 ft. high, and
appe r to be natural (perhaps the result of erosion in that stony
area), but it is Es -art of Carib mythology. The Caribs say that
their chief Bishlen traced the snake to be of .African origin andits
impression.is raven-on the rdcks. Near St. Cyr at Tous Gemo,
the party was unable 'to get pictures of the alleged imprint of a
centipede and a couwess snake on the cliff face, because of a rising
sea..: It is claimed that at certain times the centipede shines like
gold, and.on a clear day one can see below the surface of the sea
implements and pots embedded in the rock, shining like copper. *
At Engine Hole'off Londonderry the Caribs claim that their forefathers
first lived in some six or seven caves with.arches of 'church doors'
when they first..came to Waitikubuli (Dominica of today). They have
been told that the main door of these arches required seven keys to
open it' Here again, rising seas did not permit the touring party
to get photographs.
Other pictures take for future stamp issues are of Morne Dia-
blotin, Rodney's Rock and (anti-climax) the General Post Office,
Roseau, in which on Monday just before the British Warship Berwick
was expected there was a flurry over the supposed planting of a bomb.
The GPO was closed for a time on that day.

INFORMATION CENTRE IN TORONTO : in Toronto. It is staffed by six
A centre to help new immigrants to West Indians and funded by the
be more readily assimilated into Canadian Govt. Interested persons
Canadian society and to solve pro- should phone Toronto 537-450& or
blems of employment, housing and write to Informatioi Centre for
education has been established W.I., 202 Cowan Ave.South St.West
^@^99, T~~~~9 oronto, CANADA.

Friday, July 28, 1972


Page Pour

Frid~~~~~~~~ Ju y 8 -72T E TA ag Fv

To obtain a FREE COPY of


a 124 page book on Biochemic
System of Medicine, a unique
s y s t e m of Natural Healing,
bring in three labels soaked out
from three bottles of "N e w
Era" Tissue Salts or Elasto or
rO~- CO. LTD49
The Domiinio Asaociatioa of fEginoera,
SArchitcts anftd Ullied ProfOesionls has
aot ulp working Coawmittees to study the
following suabjoetas-
A. Electrical Cede
Plumbing C(ode
Bailing Sta ESdaAd.
Sei9a io CAod
Drainage Code
B. Motric.ation
Snviroaestal Control
S. Conditions of kigagement
& Cod* of Ethics for iral1ding

Areitocts & Alliod Professionals S
P.O.Box '8, 8pRosena, Doainion.

NO. 2974.
PHONE 2985
:s ^_!HOME 2718.

Schedule of Application for .Certificate of Title and :ootingt
thereon and Caveats for week ending. ~~d: day of july 972.
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
thereon or Cav

Request dated the
tltL diy of Auly,
Presented the I9th
day of Jdy, 1972.at
iL3O1 sam .

SWihelmina Robinson
by her Solicitor
Clmt A.M. DupiE g

IRBeq for tae laie of a
First Cettlckate of Titl tI
respect of a pottoo of land
koutna as laot atb town ot
.G.oxina taStraeofDora.

North by River Street
East by land f josepih'n Constance and Rebacca Rolle
South by land ot Launila Terriche
West by land of Milltte PiNtman snd Perle Benjami.

MequcNt thce Joseph Newton 2eqrt or the hc8 sa a
2tva day oi July, Ip B ytifiort of Title la

"*1D awit' a MK"tt, be o"ttI 9mVe ff
-Pre-nte the 19th ., it f eo i t rih

North by land of Edmondson L. Williams Public Roft
south by lands of Disney Jamesa. d Peter fetemacque
E2at by lands of Vincie Lavflte, Edmondson L. Wtlliams
and inr Liverpol ~ West by land of Dinsey James and Pub-
114 Road North West by lands of afrgaret Thoema and
He bbs MUdesteM
*Ub **.. r ii1 nfnri .t-^'iY>i frt-fr_r

Registrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominica.

Registrar of Ti ts.

NOTE:-- Any person who desires to object to the issue of a
First Certficare of Title in the above application may enter a
Cavs*t in the above Office within six weeks from the dateof
the firstappearance of thit Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
published in this State or from the date when the notice pre.
cried by law was serve on any owner or occupier of *adoining
;rtd in respect of which. the application is made.


July Sat.

29th $2.50






to be held arthfe Goodwill Junior High
School has been
<4-y to Saturday, 5th August. ,

j...~ ~ ._ ._. . .. -. .-._. ^ Ir r rr i _-j

SFriday July 28, 1972


Page Five

Fiction :" MA TITINE by Cynthia Watt
People thought of Ma Titine,Baby
and Genelia as three lone women
who did good deeds and sometimes
peculiar deeds (as for example sow-
ing a forest in the town), but nev-
er thought of them as romantic.
Baby had long ago buried two hus-
bands (a sailor one who drowned and
a store-assistant who drank a rum
range at a feast); Genelia, the
slimmest and best-looking-of the
three,-iseemed to avoid men because
she declared they were treacherous
and liked too many contest. As for
Ma 'Titine, you all know how devot-
ed she was to her good rough and
generous husband Garge.
Maybe Ma Titine was over-deligh-
ted at seeing Reuben again, and he
iii turn was overjoyed at receiving
such a warm welcome; anyhow on one
blustery rainy Sunday morning when
bucketfuls fell down after inter-
vals of thunder, Reuben turned up
at her house carrying very care-
fully in his large right hand, not
a bottle of rum, not a ti-ton .,.
but a well arranged bouquet of tiny
Wild flowers tied together with
grass, which he had taken hours to
pick in the valley the day before.
He was all dressed up, too, and
seemed to have indulged in a bain
perfume, When he arrived the out-
side gutters overflowed like moun-
tain streams and the street was a
miniature lake.
Talk of surprise: Ma Titine
had never received anything like
that before. The little flowers
were so small that if she did not
have the brightest sharpest eyes in
the land she would have had'to put
on glasses .to see them. Axid ferns
too... She got out her mother's
breakfast cup with the gold scallops
and put them into it Very gently.
"Titine," said Reuben solemnly,
removing his cloth cap which he very
rarelydid. "Titania -- (don't
fall dead, that was really Titine's
baptismal name), "doan take it in
any bad fast or forward manner but
de fack of de mattah is dat when I
was sleeping cole in de ajoupa I was
dreamin of you."
"Way, way, look trouble!" cried
out Titine, alarmed. "A fat ole
married woman like me, An what aboul
Garge self?"
"To hell wid Garge," said Reuben,
"An what about Baby an Genelial"
gasped Titine. "An Eurillai"

THE STAR. Friday July 28 1972 n.6
"Titine doudou forget dem frens.
Is you an me alone important."
"No," said Titine stubbornly,
(but smiling a little just the same
for she was somewhat pleased with
the unusual situation). "I got a
good memry, I kyarnt forget nobody."
"Well Titine," said Reuben,
leaning over and giving her a big
squeeze, "you didn forget me when
I disparette, So...dem odders fah
away, Garge go about he bisness an
Eurilla has she life to live. An
is nobody bisness but we own. De
rain is a blessed rain, it goin
keep off dem female Baby an Genelia."
But hardly had he said those
words when there was an extra splash-
ing in the yard and a huge black
tent of an umbrella zoomed up with
Baby under it, and behind that a
longer thinner form in a blue trans-
parent raincoat, which was Genelia.
Reuben rolled his eyes to the ceil-
ing in resignation and the lady vis-
itors removed their shoes.Genelia
noticed the tiny bouquet. "My! Who
give you dese plant?" She complete-
ly ignored Reuben, whom she consid-
ered incapable of such refinement.
"Is a obeah man. A Pundit," said
Ma Titine.
Reuben rose to the occasion."An
he say'for her to count how many
colour in de bokay, an to count how
many flowah on de branch, an divide
de colour into de flowah and de
total make de letter of de alphabet
and de day of de mont and de year
when she true love coinn"
"Titine!" screeched Baby. "An
you pay for dat foolishness?"
"No," said Titine demurely. "I
doan pay nuttin yet."
Reuben downed the grog which was
Ma Titine's answer to a difficult
problem, put on his cap and said
"Titine," said Genelia, touch-
ing the wild flowers and sniffing
at them, "I nevah see something nice
like dat. Eef you doan like dem
gimme de little flowah."
Titine had to pretend and swal-
low her real feelings. "Why sure,
Genelia, sure. Take dem but doan
take away de cup is my dead
modder leave it foh me."
The two ladies stayed on until a
strong east wind blew the rain sea-
wards; then Genelia departed with
the wildflowers rapped. in a handker-
chief and Titine opened the letter
from 4arge which Baby had b~a 2veed.

y radirF Jub 28 1 972


PaNe Sviea ,

*Those ystrious

Duti ess as G

itS functions are still vague, though it ap-
parently affects sexual development.
The parahtyroids, attached to the thy-
roids in the throat, reMguate .he calcium
and phosphotus content of i;he blood. They
seldom act up, but if not c,1' .L. hormone
is produced by these glands, the concen-
tration of calcium in the blood falls and
the amount of phosphorus rises. Then a
person may become nervous; and suffLs
fmro muscle spasms and convukdions. The
parathyroids are tiny beads of glands, usu-
ally two on each side of the windpipe.
Though .being the smallest of the endo-
crine l;ind-. they are necessary for the
life of the organism. If they are re-
moved, dea f results from telany or mus-
cle spasms unless calcium is given.
The thymus is a double gland in the
upper chest. Composed of spongy tissue,
it directs the body's defenses against
germs. After puberty it remains about the
same size, but becomes fatty in structure
and apparently nonfunctioning.
"For a child without a thymus," repbrt-
ed Newsweek magazine, i:.; situation is
grim." Although extremely rare, it is said
that a child born without one will die of
an- overwhelming infection by the age of
two. Thus the thymus evidently plays an
essential role in the development of anti-
bodies for the baby's protection against
The pancreas secretes insulin to con-
trol the use .of s.gar by the body. If it
fails, sugar accumulates in the blood and
spills over int6 the urine,. nd the patient
suffers from diabetes.

Four of Greater Sign/flance
The sex glands are important, but not
essential to life. The female ovaries, be-
sides their primary function of producing
egg cells (perhaps 50,00G in a lifetime),
manufacture two hormones,, estrogen and
progesterone. During' a woman's entire.
period of fertile years only a few milli-;
grams of estrogen aqe secreted, yet this:
is enough to transform a girl into a wom-
an, and to regulate the release of a mature
egg in the reproductive cycle approximate-..
ly once a month.
Experinenetal science h4s discovered
that female hormones help to reduce ar-
tery hardening in both sexes. Undoubtedly
the body uses 'sex hon'mones in other roles
than thosp of reproduction.

m The male testes, besides producing
om sernn, secrete the hormone testosterone,
TWA)rAt which plays a part in the body's use of
protein, in bone healing, and in blood clot-
The pituitary, situated at the base of
the brain, is the master cthmist. It se-
cretes at least eight active compounds,
One of these is related to the entire re-
productive arrangement in the female
-the maturation of the egg in the Graaf-
ian follicle in the ovaries, the manufac,
ture of estrogen, the menstrual cycle, the
secretion of prolactin to promote milk for
the newborn child,.and so on.
Another pituitary hormone regulates
growth. Another stimulates the thyroid
gland. Another the adrenal, Another regu-
lateq the transfer of fat deposits to the
liver. Another regulates skin color. An-
other regulates the volume of urine ex-
creted daily, and the body's salt balance.
What a versatile and precise chemical
master the pituitary is!
The thyroid is the body's gas pedal! It
speeds up or slows down the rate of living.
If too little thyroid activity occurs, both
physical and mental vigor decreases. There
may be dry skin, loss of hair and super-
sensitivity to cold. On the other hand, if
too much, nervousness, weight loss in
spite of increased appetite, inability to
withstand heat, and heart pounding may
result. In addition, if thyroid deficiency
in the mother. occurs during pregnancy,
the unborn child may become a cretin, re-
Starded in growth and sexual development.
The thyroid, the largest ductless gland
in the adult, makes an iodine-containing
hormone that affects the rate at which
the body transforms food into energy. If
not: enough iodine is present in the diet
to serve the thyroid's function, enlarged
thyroid or goith r often results. That is
why many salts are iodized, to prevent
such deficiency.
The adrenal glanis are crowns resting
on top of the kidneys, one above each
kidney. There are two' parts to the,adre.
nals, the adrenal medulla (inner core) and
the adrenal cortex (toter shell). The adre-
nal medulla secretes what has been called
the "emergency hormone"-epinephrine
(adrenaline)-into the blood, enabling the
"ody to adjust to sudden stresses. Healthy
adrenal glands enable the body to cope
with emergencies. If a man has to escape
from an attacker, his heartbeat and rate.
of oxygen consumption increase, the index
of awareness goes up, blood-clotting time

&ncduded on. pae 9

,"49 TAV

I. Get rid of your eraser ... At the Caribbean Assoc. of Industry &
y m Commerce meeting in Antigua last week-
People are usually much surpris- end, Dominica wras represented by Messrs.
ed when I tell them that the first Phillip Iassief (Psre.Manuf ers'
thing I make sure of when I start Asso.) and Charles Maynard (Pres.,the
a life drawing is that I don't have Chamber of Commerce). Major topics
an eraser with me. They find it were the uiropean Caribbean Market and
strange and hard to believe,because the Caribbean; and the position of the
to most of us drawing without the less developed countries in CARIFTA. *
aid of an eraser seems an impossib- A group approach to the European E'con-
ility; having got so accustomed to omic Comriutity bearing in mind the need
relying on it to correct our mis- to preserve' CARIFTA,, and without prej-
takes in drawing we just cannot do udice to the position of the Associated
without it. Even some good artists States, now listed under Part IV of the
whom I know take it for granted Treaty of Rome, was agreed upon..* The
that the eraser is just as impor- business community should have an oppor-
tant and essential as the drawing tunity of putting forward. ;its views on
instrument they use. the approach, to negotiations with'the
I never use an eraser when I do enlarged E.E.C. Thus the meeting sel-
a life drawing; it is a wicked ected a committee which would work w;th
tool --its constant use in doing a the regional working committee appointed
drawing is nothing but a very bad by the Carifta Council, to recommend
habit. (Notiae how, in drawing,when to Council the best approach adoptablea
you rub off a mistake and go over Certain measures agreed on at the recent
it again, you usually go back to CARIFTA meeting in Dominica were endor-
making that very same mistake, or sed. These had to do with 'the promotion
very close to it). of new industries in the Less Devel6ped
If you find yourself having fre- Countries and of technical know-howand
que it use for an eraser in the the Antigua meeting decided to seek'
course of a life drawing it is pro- representation on the Task Force appoint.
bably because you have a mind not dd by the Carifta Council headed by the
disciplined enough for drawing., No Sec./General. Finalisation of the Fiscal
matter how talented you are, or Incentives scheme (to help the LDCs) was
how much is understood about the urged. ITNet BoarCd of Directors meeting
subject one is working on, one can and AGM of the"'Caribbean Assoon 'of In-
never make an accurate, convincing dustry & Commerce will be held in Domih-'
drawing without a mind and hand' ica in October (first such meeting here).
disciplined enough to stick to the L AND E N Q U I R Y
rather demanding requirements of \ To Mr. A.E, King of London N.W.2, a
good draughtmanship. In other words Dominican reader of the STAR: your
you cannot draw well unless you enquiry about land advertised for. sale.
train your mind to make careful and in this paper is being forwarded to
'accurate observation, and get your a avertser.
hand to do exactly what your mind AL AKONG on ART (from column 1) :
wants it to do. But that is not all --your finished'
In drawing..without an eraser, drawing will always have a special
knowing that you have no means of kind of life and vitality: a kind of
erasing your mistakes you tend to realness that you can never get when
be more careful than usual; you making those drawings in which you
concentrate deeper and thus recheckare free to make careless strokes,
every move you are going to make, rub off, and go over your lines a
with the result that you are bound second time.
to be more accurate with every line If you find it difficult to ac-
you put down on your paper; after quire the disciplined hand of'a
a time all these things become sec-draughtsman no matter how hard you
ond nature, and then you discover you try, then by all means get rid
the real fun and most of the fascin- of your eraser when you go life-
ation in life drawing: each drawing drawing. It will be rather diffi-
that you make a go at becomes like cult at first but with a little
a gamble, and you find yourself effort in a short space of time
attracted to drawing solely to test you will surely be amazed at the
your newly acquired skill. progress you will make.
(Next column) (More in this series soon)

Page Eight

Friday, July 28, 1972


Feid&l~ JubY 28. 197'2

*A.-.i-i MY 28 1972 THE ______. STAR ________________g__

Those Mysterious
Ductless &lad$

aoes down. The adrenal medulla is the
crisis captain!
The adrenal cortex, which is essential
to life, apparently produces more than
three dozen hormones, all of them steroids.
These hormones serve in many ways, such
as helping to regulate sglt and sugar bal-
ances in the body and exerting an anti-
Sallergic and anti-inflammatory action.
Among the marvelous things made that
reflect the precise and intricate work of
,*master Ddsigner are those amazing duct-
es glands, which, like the chemical syn-
dicate they ar re gulate so perfectly the
functions of the human body. It is more
M lievable that a watch, complicated as it
is, made itself by chance, than that the
infinite complications of the endocrine
system should have just happened, and es-
pecially so since all the glands must func-
tion from the start, perfectly, if the body
is to live nonnally--or even live at all!

We would like to inform our customers
that the exchange of cash bill1, for goods
w i ll continue indefinitely. There is no
timn limit. We are also pleased to an-
nounce that purchases from our retail
outlet in the ,Roseaut Market will also
- Some of the latest items which we have
imported for exchange are Laundry Bas-
kets, Mop Pails, Rerigter'ri Storage
Come in to see them at Ti... Dispensary
or Roseau Markaet

SiriP r lBra g3

A small informal hotel overlooking the
Caribbean only half a mile from Roseau,
the capital of Dominica, sixteen modern
air-condiioned rooms each withprivate
bath and balcony wall to wall carpetng
and telephone- you're right at the waters
edge and there is a fresh water swimming.
pool a cocktail bar lounge or confieri
ence room. Marine facilities self-drive
or car rentals fishing and boating ars.
rangement- easily made.
We announce our opening and offer va-
lue for money allyear-round room rates,
bed, breakfast and supper.
Single E.GC. $3000.
Double E.C. so.oo.

Sshes 4' entire

for the family

aBkrsr c l VAUXHALL
After developing the usual love' THE PERFORMERS
/bate rilatienship with my last
cir, a Vtva. I decided to sell and
I bought the new 1256cc Firens.
S 'We'll let the'
I raelved It on a Tuesday gave
It a quickhk-ovesr o wednos- letter, speak
day and travelled down to Cron- ,
well on the Thurnday. We spent for' US
ten gtorlotu days there a nd
;arrived home having covered
2020 miles. The car averaged 36
mpg. used onel pint of ol and had
a msousand mile service. We had
sheer comfort strvelling it the
car and handling was effrtless.
The engine well only one VAUXHALL
word, terrll c. The .car, Fantastfc. e, v"AU HA
I*Addarsflvid RE. Howes



Pae Ten THE STAR Fri u 28 1972
*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* ... MIorchriston STARSPORTS (cont.) E.Joseph of Pioneers
FOOTBALoE: C.C. Best Bowling; w.23, r.77, o.49;
A Look At The Teams C.Sablon of Emerald Hillside 13/45/32
For a change it seems that the Sea- and 8 wickets for 5 runs in one inning.
son will start .;ofi time Sunday, August Beach Rovers won the Championship
30. T he opened will be played between Shield; this St.Joseph side also re-
the 'crowd-drawers Celtic.United (1971 tained the Iarquic of Bristol Trophy.
League" Champions) and Knockout Champs Police C,C, got the Runner-up Shield.
Harlem Rovers.
The Celtic line-up includes former estindies. Cricket Youth Team
island captain Henry Jno. Baptiste and Dominica's L.Sebastien is included
team captain Desmond Dewhrrst that in the Youth.Team to play Australia
slic -moving forward picked as 1971 next year he was judged the Most
most outstanding player'in the Popham Outstanding Batsman in the B.& H. Series.
Series Also lined up are Morris C. Browne was the Outstanding fielder,
Aisles, top defadbman and on last years M.Francis Host catches (other than
State Team, and Go Toussaint on the wicketkeeper) and II.Gore, winning Cap-
forward line, tain all of Combined Islands received
Harlem Rovers are led by State team their respective awards and all are in
captain Oliver Joseph, a stubborn de- the team besides CombIslander E.Iillet.
fender of repute* State forwards Benoit Others picked are RCraig & N.Johnson
(I.) and C.Emmanuel lead the attack, of Barbados:. F.Dacchus & C.Lloyd, Guyana:
Aird keeps goal, P.Baron comes back to S.Newman & J.Mordecai, Jamaica and R.
play this year as J.Faustin goes to Nanan, Trinidad.
Spartans: W.Dontfraid comes in from Enland-Australia at Leeds
2nd Div., and others are H,Emmanuel ----.-......... ..- --
and C.August4S Australia, put in to bat, started
J.Faustin will be partnered by V. well w ith 79/1 at lunch but Underwood
Rena for Spartans (fans will remember in a devastating spell (4/37) helped
Rene's driving goal which drew the them to crash to 146 all-out, England
knockout match v. Saints, kicked from at close were 43 for no wkts. They also
well out of the area): he will captain broke before the spinners Mallet & Inver-
the team. Also-up froitare LiEmanuel arity and. Vere. 2Q03/7 at teatime. Press-
an'd D.Aurta1it,, both goal-getters and time scoroe,4nhtv 25*2/ olanwo t .o..
in defence they trill have veteran State SMALLBOPRE SHOOTIITG
player G.Mondesire and iIdrdford back Visiting R.t.Frigate '!Berwick" being
between the bars a fine nucleus of badly beaten 530 to 689 in the Rifle
Stateside players Shoot witi\ the British Indoor 10-Bull
Saints (who. treated the crowds to so Target levelled the honours with a win
many spectacular games against Spartans against the Dominica Rifle Club in a
last year) again have a strong team Pistol Shoot. Both were shot off at'
I alwart goalie Roy Williamsj Defence Morne Bruce Training Camp of the RPF.
LkPhillip and J.Shillingford, midfield Swedish-born Ge t Elander top-scored.
from CDoctrove, A.Charlesaand V.Elwin with 96 at rifle but was beaten by one
will pose a problem to the opposition point by C.P.O.Roberts (t6) at pistol.
especially with forwards Brinsley Scores: Rifle D.R.C.'Elander 96,'C.
Charles and D.Simpson (who always has utler 91; E,.utlTer 90, 1.Rolle 90, A.
that little extra). These are all on Fingal 84, J.Dowe 84, A.Fisher 83, D.K.
the State squad, Burton 71 Total 689. Berwick D.Raw-
New teams registered this year are lings 92, 'Faulkner U'8, C.~ioberts 800,
Paragons and Halcyon. They are studded D.Laws 6', Aiaton 63, Phoenix 58, Ward
with promising young players' and just 54, Robinsohni e;%ial 530.
might pull off some surprises. Emeralds,Pistol: Berick/ 22 & 34, Faulkner 17
Blackburns and Crzsaders (none of which T67, "Aiston 12 & 12 Laws 0 & 18 Total
excelled last year) have not registered, 141: D.R.C.: Elandr' 28 & 27, C.Butler
CRICKET: 16 & 28, loyd "4 & 23, R.Astaphan 6&5.
CRiill e Tournament PrjewinnersD.R.C in their first shoot at pistol
Special M.C.C. pen & pencil sets werewon the first round, but Berwick won
awarded to the outstanding players in the second totals 141 and 137.
the Tournament (Royston Ellis ,is an MCC At the end of the rifle shoot on
member)( Best Batting P.Charles, of Monday Sec/Treas D.K.Burton presented
Rosalie U. 139 runs in 4 innings and Chief Petty Officer Roberts with'a
C.Scotland (Beach Rovers)'Av,50.00. paper knife inscribed "Dominica". The
Highest s.inrg. score 127, I.ShJ1ingford.D.R.C. received a Berwick plaque earlier.
Printed & Published by Proprietor R.E.Allfrey, Copt 1Ha1 Hill House at 26 Bath
Road, Roseau, Domanica, Wostindies.