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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: 03-24-1971
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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,Mrs, Jane Lowentbal, Ic &.
librarian | 9
Research Institute for N la.
the Study of Mar,,
162 East 78. Street,
New York 10021, N.Y.,
U.S.A. ,..----. r Vtftuta
03/5 Editor

"ci. .~FlV Na. 10


da, M~rh 24. 197 -

' *. 14 St '
'Leave Freedom St. Alone

Tis Coati


Brilliant Arguments in Magistrate's Court
I a tiny ~t pa re1 ncot with gwl bougs m fine clothing but hard r meng na and women two
visii6g Q-C s (Mr. Jack Dear and Mr. Norman Washington Hill), in cool and 0 tenm swept away
Doa n. ca's Attoirey General Mr. Aber .M.ri-hw frtm active prosecuting of the Cse. Ht w as summoed
c p.ve evidace and, a som Paouent,,e dedd roisafw Ta=Bsy e Sa fe sm-a 0at to
Ir MseC MSs Eams Grel Wtok over tle difficult role on Tuesdav afternoon with agreceakble M

;he Las Mihed. on the second day by Miss Isabes

SC ,w.

... hn t No ma _' ':l Q .

Shiigford. Both ar Legal Assistants to the A.G.





Eami*, Chsxl.s ,Utosa intently to the Court caOe,
w"F4 keir cemts wait mpatfi4tfly ^n 1er partisram
o Wit bei is 6m feaft jkA4, .iVA,.
A. ter a slwt-do~Wcaed by a student denon-
Sstraion and several, parles, St. Marv's Academy
| opens agam qn the 27th. A fual packed meamg
cf parents of 430 bo'rs gave approval of t he
Q C., schools rules to Princioai Bro. Estrada ,

I .




of FLECTO Seamless flooring
We cordially invite all Arcbitecs, Builder, Con-
tractors, Painters and the iateresaad public t a
de monrtr;arnon nf T FCTO Sa ,mbls FLowine nnce

Tuesday 8rth March at the Goodwill Parish H aJ
at a.m. :

Thursday 3o3th Marc; at the Union Club at 9.
a.m. T




i ..~. ,,,~~~UI-~.l-ln~w~nl-4U~+;r~---~-~ -- .-I_

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auxm.s.aa -- M--- i----~L


t~LI~LUI~L--~IIs~~ ---- --





Page Two THE STAR Friday, March 24, 1972

These were the words of Bishop.Hugh Latimer to Ridley as they were
both tied to the stake for burning in the holy .name of heresy .in 1555.
These words need to be addressed to many persons and groups in the
Dominica of 1972.
Literate Dominicans were never more-shocked than upon reading the
editorial of the ruling party's newspaper, the educator' of March 15.
Nothing remotely approaching this has. ever been published in a Dominica,
newspaper. It became clearin a flash that real evil was stalking the
land. and that the people running that newspaper, who. are also running
the Government. of Dominica, are bent on the greatest national mischief.
the article in question is.a nauseating invitation to the people of
Dominica to' organize themselves into colour groups. I see nothing but
the hand of international Communism in this.
For a long time now, I have been suspecting the presence of Commun-
ism among us. I have. been interesting myself in this danger since. 1936
when the Spanish Civil War started and I have kept up my interest in
the danger signs to this day,. During that period I have been able to dis-
cover that there are many faces to international Communism and that it
operates through many movements. All you need are a few dedicated agents
to infiltrate movements and organizations. Then you begin to see and
'feel the-strangest things.
So I repeat that certain oCsake-Worms are burrowing, their way inte our
national life and institutions, Dominicans are on the whole a dreamily
uni.sspecting, lot, not alive to dangers. It takes something like the.
"Eduiator'" editorial of 15th March to shake them out of their complacency.
No w-the-question I wish to ask is this:' under the circumstances which
every sensible person must note as operating in Dominica today, who is
to oppose. and denounce, evils that we see and know to exist ?
SProm my own observation, I would say that the small people in the
humbler stations.of life. are, relatively speaking, .playing a greater
part in the national salvation than those. who by status and position
should be in the front ranks. Why is this? And should the humbler folk
be expected to continue bearing the burden?
Thoughts of this kind kept coming to my mind as I read recently
"'"Extracts from the, 1972 President's Address to the Dominica Chamber of
C:'ommerce" .which was published ih another local newspaper. I underlined
,.a number of statements in the Addreds any dne of which could form the
subject of a piece. But I choose one for comment today: "So many of ub
are afraid., -o speak out our minds on public issues for fear of what
might happen.." This aaidto.abody of men who could normally be regarded
not only the intellectual cream of our society, but as those with most
to lose when bad policies are at large.
What might happen? What the devil could happen? Is the. attitude an
implied statement that nought is never in danger and ,because of this,
it is the place of the smaller people to speak out their minds on public
issues, while the Chambermen wish them well from a distance? Just fancy
a group of men with far more brains than those composing the Government
being afraid to-speak out their minds on issues which strike at the
very root of our society. For fear of ...? Losing Government contracts
and tenders? Pioneer status; concessions? Losing invitations to Govern-
ment cocktail parties? yet more oppressive policy and legislation? But
has this timidity paid off and the authorities mne~Ad their: ways? or are
things going from bad to worse?
Take, fbr example, the attitude of the Minister of Trade towards the
Chambermen. He.loses no opportunity to make the general public believe
that the merchants are monsters of iniquity in their price policies.
But do the Chambermen react with vigour? No. By default they allow the
charges against them to stick and then the President moans: "... we
-have a public image: of distrust and selfishness". Yet, I believe the
Chambermen have a good case, but I would not call their attitude dis-
charging their, obligations. Who, then, is expected to expose such Min-
isterial untruthfulness and mischief? (concluded on page four)

Page Three

The Queen ,and her husband vis-: .AGAINST AUTHORITY- 1-:" SCH5OOS--
ited the Seyc6 lles: we were wrong by Marie Davis Pierre
in stating that :she had arrivedback Revolt and Demonstration: are two; -
home last wee' Sorry. Princess factors that are becoming world wide'
Margaret is holidaying in Barbados, d we are now askiri each other. wi're
and We are nw as each her
TRINIDAD: Because a Port of Spain it will, end. They 'usually stem from
Magistrate (Mr. Neville Clarke) had a minority group who think that thd-
his home searched by Police who hun have a cause to fight for and the' e- '
ted. for arms, ammunition and sub- sult of their fights'is most times. .
yergive literature, but found noth- what they never bargained for and
ing, the Bar Association decided to this is sometimes de~itriucion and loss -
boycott the Courts .for one week of lives. Is.this. no ,mainly due tqo6,
from Thursday 23rd. Clients aremuch our failure to realism 6he full impl-I
concerned but .are assured that their ication of "'Revolt" and 'DemonstraticW.?
interests will not be sacrificed. According to the dictionary'meaning-
S-I. I- "Revolt" means to. cast off allegiance,
ST.... KITTS: young vandals damaged a fall away fom or rise against a ruler.
section ..of Bsseterre Junior High "Demonstration" is the outward exhib-.
School and wrecked 22 lavatory bovls ition' of feeling and in time of peace,.
.-suspending schoolwork for sevel to show readiness for war.: .
days'.. ::-.. '. ____ Should we therefo-re be surprised"':-'
i ORTHEl.LR ".i. EMID Aother huge bomb at. what turn they tke -and can we ever '
blast' '"i'i Belf si partly demolished 'prefix a demonstration .with the w6o&d")
the main railiwy' statioi:,hthis weekk' "peaceful" when the meaning is soc3e .
S" It is' this light-that I wtBh-' "t
DOMI ICA's deleeati.6n to WIINBA.- in point out. that we have to examint-i..
St.- Lucia reported on vital matters olt" and demonstrationn" n the cbn-A.
discussed with Mr. van Geest, such text of a motive, i.e,,. What, inducesa
as increased price for bananas, box After ho gh xa
person to act. After a-thorough exair
ing, shipping schedules and cluster nation of the motive we-must be able
parking. Our delegation proposed; to ans er these questions before.we-a
inWnediate Green Market Price rise to
79.50 per ton, increase in boxing a (l) Is it a se.lfish. one? '(2). D I,
premium, meaningful: consultation be- ish to flout authority? (3)) W,.l' '
tween Geests an4 WIIMBAN on price,in undermine authority? (4). Is it. bei&u
ved4gation into interim price .based it appears to be the order of t day.
on quality outturn, review of the and I want to be with it? (5) Dblve
Company's .accounts under specific the backing of the community? (6)What
terms of reference. Although the type of community do.;:I:live in? (.
79.50 price was not achieved, Mr. What will be. the- reactions' of, the peeb
van.Geest increased- his 'original against whomraI. am revolting?? (8).-Will':
price to 77 per ton for 26 weeks & heir reactions affect me or the whie:'
will include .quality incentive hscme community?
If we ever tried seeing our motive- in the light of' these: que-stioni6,
do ,you notthink that we may arrive at the conclusion that revolt and dsion-
stration especially in thip present situation .may.be' regarded' in he light
of the, Shakespeare pl.y ."Julius Caesar" 'an act of betrayal: "et tu Brute"'
and. also an :outward show of readiness fr. war against those who have come'
in our midst .tqserve us? We cannot deny it for the: .ogans in the walls
reveal ,this most vividly.
'We must examine 'things with a mature mind and to..do this we must con-
sider maturity not from-an age point of view but from the degree of our
mentalr"growth where we are able to look ,a, a situation, judge the situa-
tion,,.and. then act.. In doing so we have to take into consideration the
type;. opf community we live in, the type .,of inter-relationship that exists
in the -community where whatever affects -.ne affects. all, and we therefore
cann. ,put se f .or a minority group above,-ll. reasoning and s a we are
fig~tiha g'., au use "
.i ..... .(' Concluded on ae i ._e even)
-"'i asspiaton of. qualified, eng-. This follows an announcement a few
ineers & architects and allied *.-ays ago that EPr perly qualified Sur-
professionals has been formed-i-e-r..~jeo.s..were forming an association.

Friday, March 2-4, ..1972


COME-PLAY THE RMA.i-by -Androcles (from p.two)
The Presidentl Address says in another part and with-obvious refer-
ence to Government pronouncements: "We cannot obtain the, optionss to our
problems by merely putting labels on things such as capitaLism,, socialism,
gros boug and. petit-boug". Apart from this particular comment, which of
the-.Chamberme. have, oA'.has'the Chamber as a body, openly protested against
this inanity;.largely directed at their members? Must it be left to those
without coin.to jingle,on a tombstone to protest?
Now: what I wish.to. point out is that it is not politicking to sternly
ask the Ministera to. -d.esist from untruthfully tagging a label of profit-
eer to the i m.erhant body if that 'body knows the charge to be merely malice.
Why.did it take the Chamber so long to declare that as regards CARIFTA.
"the small territories have so far got little benefit" where other citi-
zens in less prominent walks of life were saying so years earlier? Clearly,
.,.for. fear of offending those who had negotiated the Agreement.
SWhat I have bben saying about:-the Chamber. of Commerce can also be said
of other institutions, the ChVirches, for example, One gets oblique ref-
.r.erences intended to be criticism of public wrongdoings. Why not say so
plainly, and damn the consequences or even, because of high moral author-
ity, nip a wrong tendency in the bud? I believe the "Elducator" editorial
hurt them ~ t the coe as a-wicked piece of writing. Why not denounce it
as such and, indLeed, *any such journalilistic perversions .from.whateve e
source theymay come.? I understand. that in recent time Ministers have
been encouraging secondary-school pupils Efom Assisted Schools to. come
to them with their complaints against teachers. Ministers then call. upca
teachers to explain. Naturally, persons who have passed through the
poPtala of secondary schools would have recognised.,that such a practice
is extremely deleterious of discipline and would never dream of instit-
uting such a procedure. Other ways and means would be found, e.g. ref-
erenee: to the school board. Probably, such a practice is unheard of out-
side of Dominica, But have.. tho echDool authorities protested or if they
have, has it been in other than holy whispers? We must thank Father
Alexander for protest.i.ni in his Church Bulletin against an attempt to,
control the Church in the matter' of.its private Church records which is
not governed by say law. How I would have loved to reply to the Perman-
ent Secretary o the. Ministry for Home Affairs poking his nose into Churbc
matters '
Our society..high-ups sipping their pups of mint tea in the cool. upands
also leave the bbuurden to others to try' and maintain a normal state of
,existence in our community. For' how much longer can this state' of affairs
gjo :Oft i .
-'You see, it is the: failure of ."t;osQ .whose._duty and.business it. is-to
stop evil practices .in-:publie.life at their incepti-n which throws such
A later' intoler.ble burden .on the.; few persons Atrong-minded ent~ugh- and
not afraid to., speak out their minds on public. issues. But there are
limits ,to' this', I am= stre. that if tihosexwhose obvious' duty and business
it is to speak out would do so, and at the right tine, :things wouldd not
go as far as they have been doing, to -the great detriment ,of our community,
..---- o0 -----.---. -".
ECTAiohich includes the tourists boards of Antigua, British Virgin
Islands, Grenada, Dominica, St. LUcia. and St. Vincent, has now obtained
Marketing and Promotional Headquarters for North America by a sharing
agreement at the New York offices of Transair Market Development Corp-
oration. .T.M.D.C.,: whieh handles marketing for the. Leeward Islands.'
Air Transport and a number of Caribbean, hotels, has a lose affiliation
with.the Eastern Caribbean.Tofrist Association..- The two organizations"
will engage in joint seminars and promotions in the near future.
,,- .-.-., ,-.--... .

Pa~Fs 'Fi~nlz~

Friday, March 24, 1972 *


~~- a---- wn-~


Flecto Seamless Floor ins flt ospIkn pe
the world's only ACRYL fknring'-.a.-- de '.areTy d decorator clor
* nov neln wihed by the i g ar teet^o Th ;and : m 94 n nt s. . t .'highly *re~ ,mnenda e ..or floor,

un. no wonder bhat. a fimrin system e -. ith mhee 'ptead ti e e m heavy traffict, su-h as
feature is .in praised m many n:guage .:lvti 'ah s,.bu and trai' stations,' i' ht
.. .rtaim nt. iobh s ...,... ketsi xat
a NeveZ needs wamxinge .As }1 .. "

q 1 NG, '
Never .. '..-,. or fades even:outn' :
*. E ;sy. rnl'te-pn;fa. -p.c. .rp .:- ,.r i pp It *ke pa int, -
*-Ren wa :a-t ni -'d .-p ,e t.tc'h, a rt o r. f, , .. ... ; ..
.... e .' it: wears like arble .

C*; .

'^-S. '^SB ': ,.: "">'" v .. .. P. t. 'x w ar t.o m a
-''r'MG c t L-

*M4`E 44.diE

fli AII94VAI :rew A tk ~l Ai Anm l~i-r. vrCASra n.n~rA ..r~s an -r~~;r

"s '"" : "' .. " ' "J .. """ "c ': C ME X C.
AAU R.,k
MtAC.AD '~fD






r-irf 'm A fI

Friday March 24 1972

Sage i ,X L aa
-'The. letter below w!as addressed to Banana Growers are notified that
the'Educator, asndits author- b a castle resulting from an arrangement between
Br ifmani asedid us to appear in that b- WIBAN and the Purchasing Company, it
copy.f did n apple in that p has been agreed that with effect from
~2cation 0th March, 1972 the price to the
T .,Editor of the E r Association for the-next twenty-six
TUe'Editor of the Educatoree- (26) weeks shall be based on a Fixed
Sir,. Under the manfo-tree- Green Market Price of 77 per ton.
.RaVing read your Sralu'f 15th
Macaving rall its.ycou i6riai f' 15t- It was alsoiagreed that one cent
fMrced to make the f .cowlet conme. from the above price shall be utiliz-
If"the word Educator eans ohen ed to operate a Quality Incentive
engaged in the process 6f -uing Scheme satisfactory to both WINBAN
people & thenwe would a'ther-6ad- and the Purchasing Company.
things of intelloctual, social, and The Board of Management has decid-
moral values. ed, however, that until further notice
'-Rather, we read a colstanht"warring only one half (1/2) cent may be set
against; members of..the 'pposit-eide, aside for the Quality Incentive Scheme.
atta6ka on peoples nationality,,olour,
money social statusetc..-- The price payable to growers after
In the first plaoe if" o-are to deduction of the statutory cess and
question nationality w e wiould-hav to levies amounting to 1.275 cents per
begin-at our Government-strctureo, and lb. shall be as follows:-
remove certain monibers-not originally At Reception Stations- 4.50 per 3b.
'bolohging to this State.' At Buying Points 3,7A '"
h 'Ithis editorial NMrs.Pyillis ~
Allfrey seems to be the6-maih-arget. Growers who qualify for the Incen-
can remember during West Inaia tive and Foam Bonus will receive an
Federation Mr.Leblaic'said'iidor- a additional .50 per lb. V. WHITE
vbry"old mango trooin my village that 21st March 1972 General Manager,
he and Mrs.Allfrey were like mother 388 1/1.
and .don ...... REGRET no RAMA or MA TITINE this wk.
"-Th6se were the days -lwhen MT-.Allfrey .-
held his hands, as dad-a -other to her son BRITAIN TAKES OVER NORTHERN ThELA-f
-leading him'into (politiEcs-8a a Prime Irinistor ifath has announced
Federal M.P. thus tho-clillbe blilah" that the BrItidh Govt has taken over the
of Dominica politics is incoh~civcablc ftihctions. and powers of the Ulster or
to-_i who in those days saw and heard Stormont (Northorn Ifrland) Parliament &
t.-e. administration fori-ne year. The M1,'P.s
them. "
-As Editor of the Educator I hope concerned a1r voxd- There are in-addit-
you ar6 frank enough t-6 pulish this ion, 17- NtIsf `~sPtl istn stmistr 'Par-.
..... [ t9 v iov4Ln Is one.
letter, and we would ecpoctp i soU m- -.Z. UP
future insue to read iboiit taings..like: GOVERNI~. IT'S STAITD ON S. M. A
The ole' of'the Speaker i huse "Recent events at th Saint Mary's
of. Asso.bly, what is a Dcmocr.acy and Academy have cieao6c a certain amount of
howAtwo and I for a lo dissatisfacti.ii anionithe student body-
how a"iscrimna .-F.ii. -iide or leading to a br.eakdoii- of discipliine at
l6ave discrimination of o6ne.i-nd or .
another for there are few Black People he school TIir e-i strong feeling
who are satisfied with i -tlr natural that outside aGonclo- have aggravated the
otlook-and of this situation to a-groat extent.
outlook and colour. Evdadhce "ile Go-riQiii upholds the dignity
is"ihbwn on the lips.,tcs,heas and "thil-GorIt uoldt h ddtj;
isshown on thdressig of thed of all men it -cahnofcondone subversiVo
let ui not forget the groAfts' enhomy activities calclated to.undermine the
of -he black man, is his black noigh- discipline 6f scHool6s-and to promoto-rac-
bous ad black mas ...- ia tension. Gov6rnmoHt will use every -
-Too often do peop 'nvy othr po- effort at its disp6sal to maintain law and
1 Too often do people eonvyb o thr co order -n'.thoStato O
plh,;-because they are not able to wear order -nthRO, mi6r Office
theiAccording to the-sch- lboy in your editorial, the Fr6edom Party is really
loolkin- for progress -intead of just mere"Belair and Patois Folktale" to keep
Black people in ignorance.. A REGULAR READE',.
( Name and address given)

w. _- >-I* -

Friday, March 24, 197 H EI ,

An SMA Student View by D.B. Al lf rey
An SMA Studenttt' View by D.B. Allfrey


.S .TAR Page


On the 17th March' 1972 a-ew students" .....
fouid it necessary 'to'dedhiistrate for people :also "Esrada'thinks California
sbme perfidious caude ,r thereby causing is here": ""A fci-i~asers have Afro s,
an uproar within the SMA"'school and why don't wo'": Maiy 4iiil probably say
around the school. Tlis" t'a'ted on I am defoendii im-'5cause '.ho looks
Friday when the bell iias bi-uih and a like a C0rib; if'ha6t is so he should
sort of line formation 'egan n'but a be proud, but tfriisi"not the reason
fer minutes later a fuiiiberd'f sixth it is because l~e hal -rulos'and wo, the
and fifth former moved away "from the students, should keep them.
line accompanied by a Tfeiw oys from I am not "a~atllolic myself but it .'
the lower classes. This 'as launched would be a't or~ibc ingratitudo fdor the
as a method to do away with Brother work the--Catholic 'Brothers & Sisto"rs
Estrada. hae don6in Dboiiiica- to forc6c thEm "to
Is that the way the students of the cseo their schools and so do harm to
upper iorms find to do b~iay -with the the young jie6oplc of this State.
heaamaster and his rules an0- also put- After. al, cdlucbhton'is not'judt a
ting 'a stop to the lowor-forms' question" of a hlihrdo, or of getting a-,
education? They can go -ahead'but what demerit for boing half a minute lat6
I have to say is that"thereI'Ts-an without. -xcuso6... ---..
alternative to all thins whereby the D- .. A
school can either confiinue or shut AA- AT- -OTY by M.avis
down; not SMA alone buit -CHS.id maybe REVOLT AOtihTAU frTIOPITY by MDovis Pierre
other schools as well.1 I th.'ts the (biit-- i- fr pago three
-... T. ,-. Tho~ ext point to consider 3s by what
Say it will continue I say shut-now Thoa do oe ointhis modetal sbir wthia
iwheIreby the Government iill have the r odUca n
the ready siiowEr is through educatibn.
responsibility of all tho students And this b~iGs rus to tho recent dmbno,-"
without jobs and the Stcie wZll stay stration-.ains the authoritiQsbf -hei .
bacd ards as it p6rse4nlyisi: but it St Mary's cadmy. s Dominica so advan-
will be in a worse itiuacioi people ced in oducatinhait facilitios- that wo cane
wil say "well the Gov6rnnt ill now have nonori use 'or those who have *
have to supply teach6orbut they wil left thbir-fullyvolopod.lands their
not have. taken into consideration that fl nct- dsto come amo us
those Catholic Brothers and Sisters ps Itl us
local tea- to pass on -their-ridcationjal skill ."to us,
havo degrees, most of the local tea- i the hope-of-aoveloping our ment "
chors haven't and if they do :like growth aiidma6ldie...us bettor citindns to
JeOf Charles and Charles Savricn) they serve ourcoun-ry?. Examio the s-o l ,
arb-transferred from teacHing-bocause sultse ouvr'Thyars th.e br o
results ov&Y'tho-years ..- .jthe. wjobo of.
they have a certain wayfy which they boys that 6e rduited from thoe hool o
want it done Luckily foi -o'ff he has and gono abpad, rhap vor t
developed into a good Radio-Station ing. ofrduriiiin give back'toi :.hir. -- .d
manager and also Radio Bro dchstor. ow peopl thoin li o ich.they .havy. "
Stdm. taking part* in the doeonstra- acquirpod-at th-e ds f. those Brotho-vs.
ioii word sons of th6'folloihng:C,A. Many .f:~io miin-thoir homs ie thoso
Manyr of. thetH iiioair ho"n.es' iii t se
iignrot, C.Sorhaindo, W.Astaphia: more croro' sie r a"dovolopedi laJdraaund
thoso ~boy's parents miust bo acr f leaving-all thei-ork:.bhind for tho:-
tout-ol I was very struck to soe,High Brothers to'do-- day6ig 'they are a
upsa sons do such a thin!h :hit that dodicatod~ot. -
they..want to keep 6n fGod ormns with If ftherTofbir.J iare convinc6a tIhat -
t~Ei'lack Power boys for 'hey thom- they are a doiacated group lot us .pprc_-
solves are almost white; sono of them iate it ah-rcaio ihat iis h1 r"
like the movetent"beca1se it has the through adcipliiio. at school that ` rwe-
c~citoment of violence. tain a aidcijplEiiibdind to'sorvo-oth rs
It is one thing to have pridoEin ons in whatever fi6ed foe-hooso. HiA th6 "
skin a4d bonds self -'I poeronially dbn't Brothers notf bie cisciplind wouldd
s .cc.tone in the 'A-firo 6fcc-i't 'is rsciplin !di.. 1fo--.-i, uPd-
soo wrong in the Afro oced it i never hav- had 'ho6 sacrificing all to
properly groomed1;(As thoe ad says)- come to ths-6 un rdoravelopod lahds"t'
Here are a few quoatasrom the sixth serve us. ELot :us-zhorofore ponder wo1~
and fifth former "Estrada is bcing- over the .u.christian meanihgof* th
influenced by the Bourgeois SociQty!" words "I an rf-rotheors keopor" aid rea.
But this is not so, for I'have seen liso that tio-do a disservie.to oour oi
hin spealdng with poverty-stricken brothers when we put our selfish motif8B
above all else.

__li_ _C_


_ _

Page Eig. '.t- THE STAR Friday March 24:9 172

2 o: ,Ph TB. O 2055 or. 24 A.'3 VOL- 7VKSW'AGEN i.zoo's, one .with
-7, 00 miles, two with less than 2.500o
FO... R T N ..- 4 i miles
FOURl BEDROOM DWEi ING i EVINRUDE 40 HP outboard engine
HOUSE 'ituate i pper-o bod il F;AN; ar- oolet :
all Modern Cobin e .. WELDING GAS BOTTLE
FOR .PART ... : XROt E
APPLY TO. VAJ DIGNY .: -lys.. pa
O PI P conta&t-DOMINICA SAFARIS at 239_2.
,, ROS A J : ... .

A .P0iobF 'LAs i`N THE dGO())-'
St. Georges containing 750o squari ft'&r
,.. r .PAI 'TICT AR S .,,,

s .

Please take Notice that the Business carried on
be Enrc MacKenzie Lamb and '.tegisered uodcr
the ReIistration of businesss NamaIs Act Cap 32-
as, :Dominica Safaris shall be ;ttansferred to
LIoonel Anthony James Pinard as from the 6th
day of AprlM 1972.; E
Eric MacKenzie- Lamt;

-' .
Ii' I h ll I [ IL r II I [ I I [ I III1 1 I II

Ask at your Health Food


for these Fine Products
Maizy Cheese Spread, Cotr Oil Margarine,
& Biscuits.
Golden Corn Oil deliciously replaces sat-
trated animal fat in thee superb products:-
.ol.'ll love the fine smooth flavor four
"apeious Cheese Spread, corn oil mIarga-
rine and Maizy Biscuits.
We also offer Sun O Life Margarine
which contains Sunflower Oil and Wheat
Germ Oil. And to crown it all we have the i
"Greatest of All" health Margarines -
LIN O SA --.Safflower oil Margarine
Last in our 'list is our SUN O LIFE
Mayonnaise a fine natural salad dressing
hig in P lyun-saturates, Sunflower
Seed Oil, CidetApple Vinegar and other
natural ingredients.
You simply- must 'visit the HEALTH &
DIET CENTE, at te corner of Old &
Hillsborough Streets.
.-'.. ... .: :.; -. : .,*. 1r"I 1/2

SPord Escort. No. 277S

JUNO J.UN IP AH is a preparation of
Mineral Spa Salts, the medicinal. properties
of which have been enhance by the addstoo
of Genuine Oil of Juniper from Natura Juni.

per NBeries.
NO J U N I P A H has a mild laxative act-


S ion, stimulates the kidneys and hver and ass-
ists the body in getting rid of toxic ,wa s t c
body products.
| U N 0. 1 U, I P AA H taken daily in hot water
will relieve the paism of Rheumiatim a a d


mior ailments reading from slugiih owel
Obtainable in powdCerABd .tblet form at
$I .20 per. contaier frC
The Dominica Dispensary




~OL~-----r- _I~II_,,~-----i-r

.... ;CL ~ ;~~LI~VICIOIIC..... .....IID

I t I I . I I


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. o. ,
Ia~g .T ' T "i__S_ P g-,A,

X, 0 r o e '; A*2* ."-.v I ..
. .A . o.

,..- *. .-J wvpk p *8 -ia a i a cent .j as :oL l'i o'fl 'I ........ t '.i :'''.'...
o:.i .. .,wOrl,,! I p~blihitAia' rtai~t. It show to w .at i.
r.. .d.b- .le U tngiae -Prelier: Leb1al c .b: "'---en"- W .''.' ; .,i o
S .in Trd to::pt-opagate trati e p cove'th. ai-
s.g-:.e nicas Gsve& an^at's iaff efireneso. of riaisi-"
tration. : Thi- Go-v erniment, -vbhih ftirt 'camie't ; "; ar
in a.96- an :.,ia lost -.te :- confiienc' oef tw o-t~-ird'' of"
the Islaand's. population acor4jlage to 2ei O bbser've's, ,
.nqoxrages;. such rubbiiay xcausps 'ibt becA.se .'
,..*f tive OppositLon Party is.: ttig th..m



,t, '" "+ ... .:('-' L'. .,.

'. t ".
~~n~~h, ..a~aP~~ag~

.1" 77

CA* A**
.*Dom~inica is sitting on
a political volcano which
cold explodee at any
time". two 1:fiers of the
Afro-Canribean Associa,
tion said the Association-
The report reads -im
n.:p- s : ': :
i he (*tn- s c ; 2he *rivao r 'n
ae :' 'r.os .' hi a sm',al
., '*-c s t i:, .-.-:w. A a C "r o", fscs: '.
.:-oup, co ts er '*f n'o nTc e .,er,
'l-ai; ci ver/ s d a hatnd;, f
.'ppfrtiMlnls', p:radrg u.dPrl. '.e
n'sRi'lctld r s. ;,he Donmimca Fre
Ir. fpFwe rs a .atsIoutr rGover'
'eC. headed ?y PrT'ernie:- i.E
iiane. '.ho w ras eer: .tr otice o.e,
> *ie 'ast .deaCde. 'ov hi'c pe.'Xi

-.,. ". EDWAPiD .O. LE:.BLANC
.' wsscr .et p*e ,.w. ernmenr c. : i". r 0.. t-e ^ .. tbs-. -,
is in o' ,.; .e h 'andi eja.i .D riri ak.?. C .. + Laai ''u ern-n. "' ." "
a. la '-. -,e rema ab t- e majori;- ,'i- peip.e Uopp-i''
wetl 'bt i ":ra,**! re hrgress-%ab there' f}rl:!m'h i" 'i bhe,' r' .l
' grated ,; a ct .i : e\ Ctm.t T. h alv +nb! t. ic .,t C\..- e-.s i ;
is due- t .'hori if mrtonev rh ri.-ii E l p E<"er..'.' <. s ,,'i "
the .Ci-oternmen- w Ich t"'cr r: g i.iups." 'de;!es. I de*.,r e : '<, e.'y, -
u-a.s i;e :o !he.i,':' ' ,Cpe , ; a am. grco ,d' m ."'/tyJfour ni";.. ."'
the actionn syiterr; oC Isia'adi are* rs ;0-1c :4 am W(e expense it
l'e h ve ar i tu .Mh: Lar. i ,. c rrnmcn .
rance and associli ae .pshr.CTt Sefcd,.fes. ..
and pa.!' otn c baut ,.m e of hte
mirTc Ictk ik.fI expcnence t. A ,:
ad'Mi lter: .ind the PFrenie MrM I he (.aradiarn Go.vernment.
L..ah:-nce dbes n.,t ak.e ug~ more. that" any other. has pr'o
usc'.o the mass meala -radio) t; vided rhe sandd with verv.ceene.-
keep the people riro fom..u. auad and the GLya. '-.ove-'
devoilpmne.', men, heade t'y Mrr. Forbs Burn
F or instance. New Year's hnam wen rut t oI as wa.' oper
Day 971i.- we :waI ed in vaslr for the" sate a nr a junior with !~ir
. the Pre mine. -Ne Year broad F.astern Car-bbthea but ih;s 3 a
,cast-..ro the :rani.. ..a never pas'.ed hy sirne people
,. "

~1 .

j BLLAa C -`LJt ^^

--ti~ nr~-rPc-*-UIl~--

Page Teh .- T H E STAR FridayIMarch_2L, 1972.
***S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S by Morchriston C .A S -E 'D I S M --S S E (- frt
BASKETBALL Magistrate- Oswald. 7endell Jack of" St...
- In last weeks double header Caroni Lucia replaced Mfs. ~ .Rigsby-James 'whe cal-
Cardinals had anotheriE- theif crushing ed defendants'Tin thevarious cases (ncl-
victores over an 'une3hrgeFic .Panthers uding clha rgoes.f obtructing the "Eolcet
'team 66,41. For Caroai, the-ever-con- destroying-Gevt---proerty indenet 1-n--
sistent C.Roberts top-scored with 19 gi age secrncs y~ol inge pbc et
secondrst caseo concerneJ Ufi6lfitng &-,public raewt...
points. s ing prohibed prohi reclamation, on Decil6.
In the second match Bata Bullets for-the Defense Jack Dear &S
had a convincing wi' over the now" N.W.aill urgd strict observance 6I the le-
failing Concords 51-,34 Dn~~We(dnesday gal procedure- ..."Ee aI must be certain
night Caroni amasse'd--99points (tlie sure"!. "A b1aribterirould not act as a -
highest scores for the seasboi s6 far) counsellor ata a sritness in a case".'A.G-.
against a determined but i-eak D.G.S. Matthew withdrew of- hii 6wn volition.- On
team The schoolboys hly managed 40 another 16Calistic poit, however,-the -_
points. A.C.S. Royal Itad ?-RConcords Magistrate decided-iii favour of the-Prose-
battled .unenthusiastica lly t a pre- caution that the Official- Gazette was-valid.
dictable victory for Concords in the Gross-exa~inatioii of six members of tie
second match. --- R.DPolice lc'tob the-onclusion hiat'the-
CRICKET HONOUR: Royst;'.nEid s of people were-invitLe to attend a meeting at
Mcro has been elbcteda aEioi2mber6of the the House of ssembly- people gathered ar-
M.C.C., exclusive cFicklt..I-awTfmaking ouhd -ht ot6usbe-ce be5 the building waEs too
body. Ho was proposed by Billy Griffit hsei s'a'IIfthdt th6yy"athered in aniassembly
Congratulations$ ov at least ihka administration; that-a
THIRD TESTI .-. ---.:- / loud speoier-liad bocr-.used-to kbep' ho6 -"-
-At stumps on the"-irst day of th crowd calm; Tat-the-tmike 'had-bob -used
3ird test N.Z. were"31 ,ti-th6tt loss in by the Sp oakr-oT lf lo6Hduse,o tho-Iiief of
reply tq W.I. meAgi' 133-out 6f which Police (no police equipment as mea fs 6f
Findlay- got 44n.o.-Sobers. .35,Foster communication eg-'available on te spopt)
22 and GShillingford 15. B;Taylor 7/74 and by M.8's Charlos reporting a mosaago
Congdon 2/26 and Cunis 1/26. from the Gove.rnmeoii, sho thanked the poo-
o ple and thliePlico.' So Defence Counsel
LEAGUE CRICKET: made a'suibnissibhnTha the case b'dis-
C.eltic united bea6 Blackburns missed, idhliich indbo'was the result, --
by 7 wickets last ekenhd to take the The penFLup audience in the hot court-
Ieaa in the championship. Scores in room laugIhed at '-.' Dear's crickoti-ng rq-
hat 'ame were:' Blackburns -47;;E.John fercnccsa'at ""io~,Tspecial ,notebook'6of.
66,, J.Joseph 3/33'aind"124,EJ9ohn 27, Cadet Sgt.CyrillY rThich was used so-much
H.Shillingford 27,Ri.Cuffy' 30,-J.Joseph on Doc.15 at a Froedom meeting but-Tot- at
5/27 and Celtic Unit'ed 223, H.F-irgus the 'rocincts of'tlio House on the 16th-*;
89, H.John Baptiate 39"and R.John a (Defence attempts to debar the evidd6nce
delightful 36, E.Jolinihn fantastic of the bali~r mooting were foiled) Some
spell--of bowling 'gt 5 for 0 and ended felicitous qutots-: "SCOBIE (in USA norT)-.
with 6/27 and 49/3. 'to ,W want Loblanc horo~. If he doesn't come'
At the end of the'first "day of play, we will c'6 ahniVgt 'him" --(Inspector Ban'is-
Spartana vs Somerset, S.oreret were obviouSly r hc'nost cool and fair~'it'nhss)
27/3 in reply to 180 by-Spartans, and Antany Agar, -Yliose name *kpt'cropping'
Spartans 1804. Irving Shillingoord 58, up, allogecdy" ahother1P61ice witne6sstO-
C,Jo.n 4.7, A.Lewis' 25:A.Sylvester got have said-the sanm thihgi appears To-have
3/45, B.Serrant 2/5..Sol-erset 27/3, added: 'iwhcet'hodr visible or invisiTbl' I."
G.Lafond 2/5 and J.C.Joseph 1/4. Miss E zia- ro611 iad it hard at short not-
FIRST. CLASS- ice, but'playod it ioll; Miss Shillifigfbrd
New Zealand in tlir match against helped too; -but both' wore inclined to re-
Barbados came;from-bhiin-dto make Bar- peat "did you see anything more? Didd he
bados (who looked sure for a w!in) sett e -do.,_ -.h-n? The famed Jamaican leg.a
for a draw by some fiic. bowling and Q.O,. ifll hadc many ladies falling- in love
fielding F.inal-Scores:I.. lIZ--..13O.: 9 ..with his-rapier-style and gra o;- .hen -Dear
dccl and 234 Bara o/9dccl of Barbados barked, the- frustrated crowd
decl. and 234, Barbadots 0/9ec- - wanted to'roar.-Example: one of these
PRPSSTI'E, lest atcS6o r oon 6g barristers-as ed a police witness' have you
.; -4Qp fr' ng- / told us all today?" -. "No." "Is what you '
p-ited- & Puhlisea by 'he Proprieto, have related the truth'?" -.It is the truth,
RE.Allfrey of'Copt fall-ill-H6use but not 'l.l" -
at 26 Bath Rd,,Roseau, Dominicsa W.I. firmtour of appeal ti this case uncon.


I- t -I

Mkinad dn $ Pdcts of t4
Q, -i at onIlyL$. per, beith
or cntmaier

.Tj "y y't r *vSr fw ', ,.n
a ,. e .." ..e so C.. zs., ,
CATp .,PH & -BR. as ,.. SYRUP fc th*~

JC-JMl-'OE. Clu~4 The
. .... : . .. a fese n-
t:-: w. s a s
''i :9? (SS& '. **

~s at ...
ytsa;-fb .,

I Y cr-2IN TABY :f for thSe ctrc-e
" terit- colic, etc.
CI *Fl ',''*kM:-AL ISALVE a vn, .a min
2" c...';- e. ; -s~a,.:t for piles. Recs
A! tne nt. suppik 7i` tube.
'A .nnot. & WINT C.e m C*A.w
S elev-es .. ...: i pji ..aaga as


i u, ^'.:..^ 3?So :' z.j. C1. &. a' am "
i. preta 0 I. x, CCme,

Aro~ t sue1sW, "'h. ofCt awrr.ci

O( next shipnmemt of cars will be in-
cr ?.y pri~ This is your chrc to buy
at the lhsowr ra ie.

sPv .ci I.LDL TRADING 99. 99 'i
GOCnDxIL. Td1 2A40

3r 5,.


Holdena A"com t
Ford COrrin. Station Wagon
Himmi In.p
V <.-~:a.ht Viva V.n
Ford T';:s:,e o, Truck
.s c- rsc hava been recoaditoned a't
are ian good shape. Going at very moden
1CC. s,:

Springfield Trading (1959) Lti
?:' -'- G o o d w 'ill
lurauu*u$u n- .urarorpauu-rtu~rnu

" . tic-.

12 Dfiscount on all szes

I G y, '. L.
(Y -r) f w-T .., .3'o


Ct ; TA.'.'".. heM d tuarB e Lamttiw5

- ASil TlsII TABkLET3 ir. a W'wp

"-U BLE A!SPRi TA.BLaTS 24's"

TEi "" ION
SMzssr Da Costa & Muso (Domimcz
t tJ:r.r are now siing their famous
Tiger Mal food drink in non--rurnah
containers only,

D s^ i giS made mn Tigert ah containers
I bcwe 26th: February will be refiir;des
provided these are returned by 31st March:
fh fE tlBUARY. 1972.

unsr~sMruaucirrorrur*rrmr*r~ul i~u~-lularrrm~r r~Lh~rirn~um

Ku~-~-^-u-.--.an-r~-u-----l---r- -aa~ur*~IUI


S~I~Z~i*7 ~9SJ~ ~4t 5;- i;.
~m~p~ccr~---------u-- ---Uu~L~a~n. ;
.~-.a-c.r~rs~rar~rmurr^-n ---~,*-- --- .-~-----~--~L=?r--CIR*I~U




.. .i

*, S -. -

I A Hohn0ar PNe Aux- isry Fibreewlass Soop.
Beaunful Condrion. Vdery Complee ir.vetrv., I
80 Watt Radio, Echo, Dmnhy w;:h n w Omboard
neu DiesLi Aiux. Enfrine. Care Water Ta nk, Two
Ice Chests. Dual Electacs, Two Prvrata Ctinir.,.
Large ockpi. A Fast and Handsome Boar at a
very attractive price. "iaMia Stnder", Engtish
i Harf, Andgua. Tephone St. John"'s z132
G Contact Rcy Kxauran. n.


rtE Rn' OF -nit- HEST 5I-jF'

SApplications are invited. for..
SThe r.pst of Professor in Mathematics
in the Division of Natural Science at
S Cave Hill, Barbados.
f2i) The post of Lecture/Asst. Lecturer
S in the Departmen of Management
S Studies at St. Augwusine. Trid'dad,
SFrther iinf~natipo at t h Uaiveraity C-tttre dtri |r
;sft ,


Ma deeio^apinathswin3 lavb/feasU
*araoiosbp with My ka "r, 0 VA e'V I
h Ic tad "# Iand I bousih ;b "ew
I si a a t s o e Tmia& paa "i
SeA et (dwns to owns a4 :c. tK
Thierday. We '06 ? tao tiio days
32013 uuiteI& Thl a w*a6eL 16 amP.
w3<1 one ptf ofof aoi & had a an tt-
sam4 mhie awiet We Sadi Osea com-i
for t aveling s the cur aSn heaidbag
wea drigsor The w po W w ony
Doe i'rwod. ietr4i, Q thwe Sar, Fetic


We'll let the
letter speak
for us

For September. 1972
I, Graduates to teach one.or more of the follow-

General Science.
2. Non graduates to teach
the foUowing:
Bible Knowledge


April 1o, 197 :




' rencht

at least three of




.,. r -.:2

should reach
Wesley High Schoc

4 Bedroom House in the Goodwill are s
For details and appointment to vew, call
CO. LTD. Tel. 2389

-. ,t4




Take abok ;uhe *.-a M
range of VPBntihines..Th.e m.egra.pesgo
to makeXPthat goo makc a !i ot' excnsrie
wines. Widc accounts f)rVPS line quality

Buy bottle today. "

C I ~ __~_~__ I:


Friday wA.KA 9LS72

sapppis' at, ai;