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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 03-17-1971
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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rfS, ta ne Lowen t;hal
serh Instittate fo
the Study ot Ma,
162 East 78 Street,
tNew York 10021, it
U,g4 OOi N.Y.,
S./5 ,- .r'o I. dei Im L
22 Shaftebury Ave, W. L
dV.. i3V No. 9

Frida, MaWI 17. a1972

ij & 1? I'72 *. -

u eu:'

aMa Tiwete's *iC

What A



We have received a isestion from a co~-
-~~-it reader: "Why in xhase ecumenical and
frfedom-loving days has there been no com-
m~ t from press, priest or people about the
v- i-ble war in Irelada?" And though there
mky have been muied comments from
plips and minsmun gs at home, we adi
Co a guilty and confused silence on this hor
a~be subject, which rivls Viet Nam i int s
b.CVlemss sacrifices.
Perhaps religious people don't talk about
it because they are ashamed that in this day
and age tensions of faith can be so ignorant,
acute, and involved wi nationalism. Nearly
every right-minded prson would like to see
a whole Ireland or fire, but riht-minded
people also consider 'h rights I minorities
(both the Catholics in Ulster and the Protes,
aus i-eEire) and snludder at. sh iUeu ties
and iniquities wich could esult from; ani
abrupt hand-over.
Despite the rumiess and brutal disregard
of the IRA for human ifee, poor Ireland, like
f ,or Viet Nam, must one day be at peace
and united. Ignorance and arrogance are the

.s 7 ,

7Vi" '.

Many of us priests are coAfrted dwikh people who
t ust with the above words. We tty best to
them to get t dates needed not witmhou~mu
Ssometmes for many of theml bhe at Vt
the slightest clue of when they were be. With th
old people, sam a~t of historical adm~ belp e.g
the eruption of Mt Pee, or the hurricane which des-
troyed this or that place.
- While we are prepared todo this for oW fock, we
start thinking twice when we are faced with oe who
has turned his back on the church. Although we kow
that in most casesall they wish is the date of birth,
we still fid it illogical to issue cerifticae of the same
baptism that these people have renounced. More than
that, we have evidence of people who use these ccar-
ficate to show that they are Catholic st to get prc-
vaeges from the church without any The
wors is when we fln thse who coe and ~ni
a certificae with srograce and rudens, wen there
,i 0 ebing tot o, and ek ti y "SORRH"
Receonty a tipsed Catholic wns refused a certicte,
and the matter we rather far rI find, for thesuer
f the priet igo had tals wi the Mais.S
ter for Home on the matter, ad the Peam-
ane Secrty of the Ministry for Hoame Affairs wrote
the Bi a rather stm and stiff ltter abt tbe
TXIe dctrn trembled on erc^e wer idfnar
at he ctia of the P.S., and wish him or body
lse to know ohat we arealy b d sto ni
Scanset fopr igi M p rpo tWes te we doik their.
wise it s to reader a service to e who request it.
and who lIaa to reader service to those wiho atiu
oM dir spe d am mm y se?
| Th;Oe c of Damicai wish to air tha they
e prep to serve thep of Doinca with A
dthir h~er waad airm er my se oriww s
who e ool with the rXah a&Utudc ad spirt.
-*rm BOJZAIoLE LA. Au sflc. at v*trs o Plafst.. Ed., ;r.

The Dominia freedom Party iaes the
public to a meeting oa Freedom Street Cm Friday
nght, 17th March, 1972.
Speakers will deal with Roses Town CoWn-
i H recemt development; the Ban~na sEtary;r
events in Portsmouth: the trial of demonsranto
on Monday coming.
A cordial invitation to sal


I-Oh -2/-I

g^ .->- K.rC^P-7^-ui -ir.Mna -iir Iii ^ .- ..* rr - .1111

--I ~--- --r --- -------------- ---- ---.- -- _1



I return to thecharge and I warn that I am going to be very hard on
Mr. Leblanc. for the variety of nonsense he, has written in his pamphlet
about the Grenada Declaration. I shall take extracts and comment upt then.
"Massa and Bourge days are. over". This man likes to use words and
phrases he does nat understand. "Massa:' was never a word used in Daminica
parlance: in his ~ias Ybr ,mine. He. is probably unaware that the word is a
corruption of "Master" and. while. his ..b~erowing: of it from its Trinidad
context can be explained in, that country, those who would have been in a
position t&`use 'it' here would inevitably `" taopted a patois equivalent,
As for "Bourge", this word is still in' use,' e.g& when pleading, for the
badly-needed feeder roads;, unearned. "back pay" or undeserved poor relief.
Th. higher-ups use the appellation "Chief" tdwards their Premier when
seeking political posts or tax concessions and this form of address is
not discouraged. "Massa", "Bourge","Chief"--- .all have the same cannot-,.
ation: it is only the objects of such servility which have changed, the
Premier taking .the.. plaqe opf the estate owner, for example. The trouble
with Mr. Leblane, as I and many others have.long observed, is that he has
a terrific.: chip on his. shoulder which sticks out a mile, a kind of in-
feriority feeling which makes. him.spend a. great ea]l of his time ponder-
ing and imagininig uch" things:, and building up hatreds and resentments
against' ertain'"persons, certain groups,. certain institutions --- in
other, words, tilting at' social windmills, .to use in part onez of his
Go'Tenor's phrases. TPeople d.espise him for, this great weakipess since all
of us tin Damlniiea'have' comer up- the hard, way. There must be' few persons
.in our community who have. come: .up a harder way than this columnist. He
hasnnot,; however,, built up a philosophy of hatred against anyone for im-
aginary*.and historical reasons, though carefully choosing his friends,
"PeiTdican, thank. God,: have gained ,meaningful freedom. under the lahour
Gove~Ament"., Last week I 'quode'd the- varied repressions which the people
have: suffre-ed. at the hands of :t16' Leblaild"Government, Today I wish to
'outline the, source .of: i1e true. "freedom" which -Mr. Leblanc' would like
tE-olaim. And. first of all let me say this: that when some, people have.
drlone;,nothing intrinsically meritorious, they are. forever seeking to claim
for..themselves .kdos xnot really, earned. Mr.Leblane is one of these and.
..r'eetion, of'-the tallest unfinished building, in the town, with funds
given by the, British Governmehtdesigned and. constructed by foreign ach -
itects and,contractors on a 'burnt-out site., he. wishes to regard as his
memorial. Personally, I: consider his~legacy of hatred and bitterness, so
new and ow socommoa'o iDomiuiia, as; hid memorial "Si monumentum
queritis,..icircumspi ': -
The spirit: of "freedom" to .which Mr.Leblanc refers and tok which he
claims k do s is:the product .of,(a) improved economic conditions and .(b)
aeas6iet access to ..,ducation. Let" us see. whether the Leblan&,.Party is'the
fount of these.
The main bases of improved economic' conditions are (a) the banana in-
dustry and (b)' remittances from Dominicans who have emigrated. As regards
the' banana industry, -it.. is of value for younger persons to know that the
persons "who laid the foundations are not Leblane vand, his ilk, .but the
very persons whom he-so dislikes -- people like the. Shillingfords (the
late *Newton and MrHowell in particular), J.B.Charles (father of the
same Eugenia Charlest), W.P..Harrison (an Englishman), We certainly cannot
imagine, an.industry being promoted by Earl Leslie, John Royer, Patrick
John & Co. The starting of the industry took place in the-m:id.-forties
and the.creative work of these men is: still with us. Everyone benefits
froxmnit.. The. same Shillingfords were responsible-for the creation of the
grapefruit. industry which bids fair to rival the banana industry in econ-
omic importance. It was therefore the development of the banana industry
which has brought about, this very meaningful "freedom". which Leblanc
would claim as his; gift to Dominica,
.Supporting thp'banana industry as a source. of economic power are:the
remittances of Dominicans abroad, particularly the thousands in Britain.
(. continued on page four)

Page Two


Friday, March 17, 1972

Friday, March 17, 1972 T I E S TA R Pae Th~ep
Her Majesty has returned home to
Britain and assumed her official There was"-the matter" of identity
duties. "*9' cards. At fir~t "-t had-seemed a
nuisance, an expeoise 6for whtichc there
BRITAIN: A major security row was no explanation. The cards, bearinig.
broke this-weqk after a Naval Tor ,the photograp ainaffiingerprint of the
pedo expert (Sub-LtDavid Bingham' holder, wer sUtie'd at the brand noe
EN), aged 51,. was jailed for 21 Police Headquart5rs building, T'hey ''
years for selling Naval intelligenmust be carri cait all ities by every
ce secrets to the Soviet Union, adult and showt "toli police and the
The information, for which he re- Iterror squads' ihich lia sprung up in-
ceived paltry sums, was described response to the popuara-emonstratlon
in Court as "almost beyond price" which had taken place one September
and included nuclear depth bombing day. **
methods. The Judge said the damage To people :ilihre tiy casual in their
Bingham had done was incalculable, habits, who noveod froh village to
Security of other NATO countries village for -i eks at a time with
was affected. friends or relatives, This was a stupid.
Sauthority..- Who could ahltays remember ,
ST. LUCIA: The three- Castries men to carry a carda-p'lI di~ a man and
sentenced to death for the murder woman get thE dollars hbo-essary fora .
of a British business man and his, photograplih nd- heo s-anpiTngI? For-'one:
wife (Geest employed) last Novem- who ignorofT1li*'oreaor there cariona
ber ita the Supreme Court decisionswft t punishmoiiot.;" IH'ras put to wor
up .eld they will be hanged. *on the roads or-irbiid-tdo the'holders
[of the large hortli6~n states. Ho
COMMONWEALTH CARIBBEAN BAR ASSN. swung a cutlass fr6o ThlE oming'f day-
Twenty-five members from various !light until dark, clearing-'the virgin
States in the British Caribbean forest.
have assembled in conference at Now and then Th6ee wore small
the Port Young Hotel. Local repress rumblings buit those 6iho uttered then
entatives are Mr. Brian Alleyne awhad to be ocaroTul iith t.whom they tallcd.
Mr. F.E. Degazon. Miss, Eugenia IToo often a. nhii iid- si5oken ',his mind
Charles is President of the local [only to find hiieol-fTi the minoral
Bar Association. .mines of a So6iiiTiAmi'ican Republic.'
BLACK STUDENTS ARISE! Vory few retur~fd, butf heir families
Such vs the heading of one of two oceivod a piec-'of "ppor which do-
anti-authority leaflets directed lared the hri--6ngaged in important
against St.Mary' s Academy teaching government work.
staff-by- Blak.-Powe-r Studentsiwho And so,,in- thor igh reaches of'
demonstrated at. SMA riday am he mountainii pol6 icy'of fightirig
CAVt GROWERS s60,000 SILRES ,e with .fir s i d forge, and
S...- ,. tempered. ,It' Tor4e wtliW as an
'*Thoie 11e members ofte Canei invisib o .8 oia^ a fierce pride dixd h`
16 members tarious fconvictid6 of invii6ciblity,
rwers-Co-operative were pr-e-efited '61r i.nvii c.iblli. .
last Monday .with a s:hip- certificate 1 @.*^ t-ot h-ppe
from fiominica Distillerie3 Ltd* Ltd .
aiifunting t:o six per cehtf of the' READER'S VIEW: What's wrong with be-
Compahy's: $1 milli6ln share-chi ita~l. ing stna~t? In a letter too lengthy
'.Te ceremony, whicli took jplce' at to reproduce,, a female reader complaiBs
iV6er Estate, "ended 'inthe'Grotiers -' that we wasted,&:pace describing Mrs,
soonig a stean driVen"3if31,- < Le blanc's dress as art when she
demonstrably more eff3icie&it 'than the recently welcomed Princess Margaret.
old style water-driven-iTl'l. A Govt. "You don't care about fashion style,
stifiomenrt was made'by-a-Soiaiioi Cvil only writing style" says (quite' ttrth-
Sbr-ant; it appears' h~i G6ovrnment fully) our correspondent. "Do you feel
negotiated the shares ~rani6for rwhon smartness is a virtue?" Our reply is:
granting tbe Distillory Cido. Baity-free "Yes,, for those who like it, and if
concessions on building materials and it. is allied to other virtues or qual-
neutral alcohol etc. iities." We've always felt that Don-
PAGE SEVEN: Father Daniel Berrig ajinican women are *:ood at both making
now out; of prison, :pictured & mem- land wearing clothe-a':' why.not Ed,
tioned- thereon, is ..the priest nominated by Swedish admirers for -NCL ~rie'

~pr'n- F~ivrn THE STAR r March Th19

EPILOGUE II to the Grenada Declaration by AINDROCLES (from. page' two)
Where was Leblane when these people were migrating by the hundreds each
month in the. fifties? If now they build nice homes in the rural areas
and send their children and other relatives to secondary schools, where
is his part in all this?
Then there is education, particularly secondary. Is it not mainly the
Churches (which he refers to as "bloodsuckers") which have done most to
increase educational facilities -- Convent, St. Mary's, Wesley -- with
only measly and grudging help from Government? Do we not know the resis-
tance which the Leblanc Government put up to increasing grants about
two years ago when price and salary structures in Dominica had changed
,and his Government- only relented because General Elections were at hand?
I have heard Mr.W.S.Stevens, who was then the Minister of Education, talk
about the opposition he encountered from Lr.Leblbnc to increasing the
grants. What has Mr.Leblanc done for adult education, for example, a field
which has been left exclusively to Government as far as combating ill-
iteracy is concerned? How has he tried to open the minds of the older
people? Just look at his Radio Dominica policy in its educational content.
And talking about keeping people ignorant, who is: not aware of the
Leblanc policy of appointing persons to official Government posts whose
main activity is the promotion of propaganda for the Leblanc Shoe PartyS
In this connection I want to focus public attention upon a new post which
is being created. It is that of "Projects Inspector" to be attached to
the Premier's Office and it is already known who is tha strong-arm Party
hack to be appointed to this post. I focus attention too, on the Public
Service COmmission who will have. to advertise the post and, if they mish
.to''vindicate their supposed impartiality, appoint the best person and
one. whd is qualified. Speaking for myself,I mustt say that I stand in need
of striking recent evidence of. the Commission's independence of action
at a time. when there is so much charge of nepotism and favouritism in
There is: one point in connection with Leblane's desire to take us into
association with Guyana which needs to be. underlined and it is this: the
urgency with which this man views the matter impresses me as being due
to one 'of two causes: either he is completely stupid or he stands person-
ally to gain from a consummation of the exercise. HoW! in the name of
commonsense (unless it be limitless arrogance) does he envisage a Dominica
which is the island most out of the mainstream of West Indian affairs;
the island with the highest percentage of illiteracy; the territory with
the least.effective communications system; whose background is so difftreat
.from that of most of the West Indian communities proposed to be federated;
whose Government is so widely regarded as one of, if not THE most ineff-
icient --- should be wishing to take on such a' leading role in a political
federation? Doesn't it seem queer and out of place fat'.Leblanc is seeing
advantages which Barrow of Barbados, Williams of Trinidad, Shearer (now,
Manley) of Jamaica, etc,, the.normal leaders of the area, are not able to
"W~?""Or-are we -talking in terms of miracles? Or, perhaps, is it a case
of .fo.ola;.rushing in where angels, fear to tread?
'Here is another of his stupidities: He; saysathatDominica has racial
'problems because "certain people have caused the Caribs to claim three
quarters of the island". I only mention this abarwdity to show the standard
'of the-, publication and treat it with the contempt it deserves,
He' still'has not told us how welcome his projected union with Guyana
iS to the Opposition which represents over 50% of the population of Guana
and whose Leader he so rudely turned away from the Dominica airport a
short while ago. It is known that the East Indian population of Guyana
comprises at least 50o of the total population and that they are Opposod
to any union with.these small states. Are we therefore being invited to
give up our traditional peace of mind and abs.eAce of racial problems to
take up a "black man's, burden"? Let me give an example:'of Leblane's
rudeness and cheek regarding his betters. The man has the nerve to write
this sentence relating to the West Indian Opposition Leaders meeting whviia
tok place-in Dominica j st .remb:'"rothc Joint. Oposition release to
w ich tahe Dominica Oposnition subscribed when analysed in detail iJustrate
a lack of careful an conscientious study and an absence of cogent thought"
.This, by Leblane, relating to the efforts of Dr.Herbert, We1in~ton Friday,
Eugenia Charles, Ebenezer Joshua, etc. Hadiesse ca dwivay,doe .


Friday. March 17.1972

Page Four

irp Five THE
fivO ..... ........ TH E

New Suplies for Home Wine
I and Beer Making

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for the family

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OefIC S HoURas. 77-./



3- -i 2

WIIpa~r~---- U r-1 I


I-' SiT- I~i STAR ---Friday. March IT -197- 2

~ A .press conference, 'raried for A.State6 fbormin a Unitary State with
Veneuoelan ropresontativs-'or private Guyana" 'thc usco' tho-word 'co- -
chtboprise and hold oHTIdn6es ay operative' -in plac6 of 'joint venture'
afternoon at the Siss~~biu 6btel-, was the financing anid control of such-
attended by-three member ofbthe Press joint vcntiurcs*otc.! .irCadet spoke"
and R~dio, five Domiiican business- from his lc6drIdco of -the V6nozu&Tan/
men and' two St.Lucidns,.. -- St.TLci&-bo- irnig factory, Whiih
-The leader of thoeVbn~~ulahns Dr. maes among -'o'tir lincs the banana
Rogulo Campo (noto thfit iats doeroed *boxes fr Gc ost. DrCimpo in his'
top businessmon of- hczulila.-.rco Ph.Ds, final reio&rk-tat a that a political-
not-Mbdical Men) oxpIinoc tiati'-the associati6oi-bof--'tY-Asociatod States
function of the mooti-''T~w 'bhaicaily would 1t bvery a siable echoing the
to'-sot' up a mixed C~nm6isdiob- T Statomont-f'isicd' by the Mooting of
bbuinebcmon from the'Associ.t d States Oppositions'i~iDominica last year
and Venozualdthe object:-increasing ,after dicuiising the crazy Grenada
the industrialisat6on of 'thli Stdtos Dcclaration ......
with the format i oh-oif-j6iit companiess
with' managment/sharc oldin control on
a 50-50 bafii Re6prosjbhtaivo6s from P 0 R T. -UO-U-T E W S -- .-
Sti.Vinc.ont, Grenada 'aid Antigua arrived Freedom Party fHad a very interesting
on Thhrpdary. Dr.Torroes ,"i-qulifiod meeting oh'last Suhidayy"orning though
ecohomist, is now in-DomiThica_-. not attended by~a--1go'r cr6wd{just
"id htifying inveotmont- p~bsibilitico fair.4 duo tbthe f --~that,the notice
tnad prdducing- roeltiv6 f6aib'ility was to'6'"hb-rt atii'hc st people did "
surveys": this he ill -d-for all the not khcow-f, r- at ;ianc ourselves at--
Stat~ftand he is "supplii6~d A~-tthe home did nift ki6ho_ until the oelcvntli
ejconso of AVEX -- 'hb-V6nobu6lah hour byZforc" lovinih lidme for service
Anbciation of ExpToi obt Y;T'which that there ioi ild -i5 public moetingi)'
these .businesmoni aor mieibers.' However thorbe i -forcoful spoak-
-. r..a mpo suggestb'8 tiat i'D6moiica ors, Loblac~l ho irmprbased the
night have a plLasticchfactory aid a gathering very miucih !n his usual style
brishE factory (im~ilKa to t1-"co' nut and promised thoEiudonts of thb.e"'
fibre'pilot schoem.,ctup"yobas-to support 6f tli" 'Frb m. Party whe&icvor
by~Dr.Moritomo). Also cn--c isioroa was required. "Tlicbnii-Alvihn lmnttrnding; .
theoro'-building of t.ilunbi-or industry with great r-ipa-i-h and accompanied
(ni" in- bankruptcy) to. suiL5ply a factorywith all hIsh-ptois proverbs' hich'..
f6'r b6hool furnituioe I 'ichd bon always croatol-h- 16Y f humourt On the
dauided to set up &abi'roory in St.Vin- whole, the 'po.6pl' iro very much
cent --rperhap such'8culd-bo- sat-up' impressed. HI wciit-so far as to tell
in DDomnica. Throughiju th A.Statoa the crowd- hat "z nco Portsmouth young.
the Essential Oils -3ihustry (bay & limepeople cbuld hlave'i ctd in that
oil) -could be oxpan6aod. .. mannor(as' lf 'had lioiard) against
SThe Venezuelans onvisage_6d'"ncreas- Labour, well,'t ht-'5shws they could
ing:scholarships to V6noezaole not bear it any longer; and he
Universities, training ~of techlxie stretched it'fulithcr with his patoit
(including hotel school -hgi),' financial proverb anrdfi' ---FLTia,- Tux -crFir6
asitthance through Dominical~'1sBank5s, d leodu pass e faa-ofa I IeoX pa ed
developing'tourism m6oro n' sao A. .- ..... SIOUT ii ORESiPOND
States and, very imp6b-tafit. fitheWE .
establishment of a Conitr'i Institute "WE SHALL COITTHTEE OITR GOOD WORK TOR A
for the study of the-Spanishl-languago NEEDY CAUSE"- "so .sates a very kdn
in one of the-Associated-Stato6. letter signedfby--Curlis Lostrade oh bo-
Difficult qucstioi' fi'ra6 tli-o Press half of thbt ~la"kk 0TFiters, who hold a
Wore. met with *9nsidoiablo circum*a couple of. strcct6' sbacs of odibles etc.'
locution (poasiblc-dluo t-o lanGuago to help the poor blick unoducatd--t531k
difficulties:Eddio Cuiaoiron inter- Those younh 'pople- fel they have bo5-.'
protieod officiently)-'iand sbone 6f those vastly Misunidbr rtood.. Their aimniw;snho
wore"'Tioldodr eoxportly by '"r.Charles the bailiii~o-ut of any' girl accus6da' "f
Cadet- of tA St.Luci"Soit-."-Plan- drug offonce.- (A pity-we only received
niig Division. Thode iquistions late in the weekl a carbon copy -of: -this
touiched on the Vdnhzuela/Guyana bor- letter: we need exclusive originals) -
dor d'isputo reforrod"tobas delicatee Best wishes to the Black Sisters. Ed.
relations .... in th' eeniit of the ******* *******




Page' Six


Psidas. M~srch P~.1912


Friday Makre 17. 1972

*mw Stategman
18 February 1972 Paul Cowa

The Berrigan Trial
[tF I l l l l I llllF l I I I I. . .

The l.S government wi gearing up to
pros&tute the Harrisburg Seen. the Rev
Phillp Berrigan, Eqbtl Ahmnad. A Pakistani
a:h)lari and fi e other prires and nuns
who have heen accused of consrptriraig it
.dev.ro\ s~ldlive service records, bomb
federal heating systems, and kidnap presi-
dct:nia aide Henry Kissinger The crucial
proce ,' of selecting jurors ronm this rural.
f.;ndain-enitdli, Pennsylvania region, which
ladle- nearly a month. is rcver not. Defence
in,\ers. predict that the Iria! mai iast a d
i;a*!e a four months It ha- een more
'han 15 months sincc J. Edgar Hoover
iirs. asewicd that the Berrigan brother!.
were in the midst nf a hrrlhin'.-kiJnapp;inc
po' i now Daniel Berrigan has been dropped
from the case al:,etheicr:. it has been moire
than a year since the govermnmewn sued
thfe fir- of its two indictments in Ihe casc.
I)uring that period. though there has been
no trial. he affair has dJi'inicu:-aiJ from a
i~t-rai .aui~.v j!rhror ointo an issuc that in
spire'-s ~'ruali no pi.iiT concern.
Since looteTr's allegations secmeId hudi-
crous. he was portrayed hby tumr as a senile
old coiOi and a vindictiwc antni-Christ. That
Impression was 4.renIthcr.-ed when mnvesMi-
gatiec journalists like JaLk Nelson of the
iL, .4ni-/'.r Tumes discovered that the
government', case hinged or the testtncmfn
of an informer, Boyd Douglas. an cex-convict
who had won Phillip Berrigan'" trust when
the ;w( of heim were inmates' ai the .Lewis-
burg. Pa. Federal Prison F Father Berr!gan.
'Aho had teen )ailed for destroN in selective
service records, used DouglS a! a d .coulrer
t.he informer. -ho was on a study-release
programme at nearby Bucknell tniversit-.
carried pol htcal and personal letters to
Beringan'- ,ood friend. Sister Elizaheth
McAliilt'r another defendant in the Harris-
,'urg caw The choice of confidants wa. a
'errihle one Douglas was a pers~itent. if not
accomply'hed con man, who had already
.been convicted of four separate crimes
Very early in the relationship he began to
turn the priest's letters over to the FBI
It was rich material for liberals and radi-
.cu:i who were becoming increasingly aware
of the government's burgeoning surveillance
agencies The FBI. the CIA, Army Intlih-
gence. kocal police units all those well-
financed, well-staffed snooping agencies
seemed to be making it impossible for anm
American with dissenting Aiews to retain
his privacy In that context, the Bernerans
and their friends were regarded as martyred
victims of the Vietnam war and domestic
repression That was particularly true last
vanter. when Daniel Berrigan's veryc moving
plav. The Trial of 'he CatrnnviJ!!r Ninr
had a long. popular run ,n Br.adwav
In Ma-. William lynch. the chief govern-
ment pr iwcctor, drew up a second indict-
ment which shifted the emphasis of the
case from the hbombin and kidnapping
charge-i. which had allegedly been discussed,
to the draft board raids, which had actually

The Berrigatn bi')rherY: Faiher lDanie (ftr)
and Father Phillip, handcuffed and chkaied
occurred (Many of the defendants in the
Harrisburg case have taken responsibility
fur the raids: uch actions, Wtich keep
young men out of the army are the symbol
of their resstsance: Now under ttis coun-
try's harsh conspiracy laws the government
may only have to prove the reality of the
raids without nocessarilt proving the exis-
tence ol the bombing or kidnapping plots)
to obtain a guilty verdict The second
indiniment was not only a master-piece of
legal architecture it wa. also something of
a public relations coup. Lynch found a
statute which allowed him to make public
portions of the Berrigan-McAllistcr corres-
pondence in which the idea of 'kidnapping'
actuallyy a non-violent citien's arrest was
discussed. Suddenly public attention shifted
from the repression that Hoover's allega-
tions suggested to the indiscretions of the
priests and nuns.
The letters were really part of a long,
intense dialogue between two old friend
whose anguish about the war had caused
them to discuss and discard dozens of
schemes They echoed conversations that
millions of Americans have had throughout
all the years of this cnrel war And, most
important. the idea that the letters con-
tairnd the thing that has brought this case
s~o rmu:h attentim was. quickly rejected But
these facts were not as important to the
pulIbh as the sheer existence of the correst#
pond-ice Suddenly. the Berrigan cult began
to vnish. Perhaps liherals and moderates
cLrrm: to fear that instead of exposing
noo.':er and the surveillance state, the trial
would- ir the end. become as much of an
emrarrassmcnt as the Hiss case which
crirpled the Left for a decade Many simply
became bored there is now a terrible
po-tical torpor in America. Others began to
fonus on new. more dramatic causes the
elecutons or the Pentagon papers. Daniel

Esbwerg became more inpotant than
Daniel Bcrigan It's hard for tLis countrNI
intelligentsia. which i largety Jewish and
Pn.rottant, to sustain muc sympathy for
a group of priests and nuns who have
actually performed militant deeds.
To many here. then, this case seems like
a trial of rather remote. specialised people
in a very remote part of the country. If the
public remains indifferent 1o the .Lse, it is
possible that the defendants will be conrvk-
ted under our ourragcoum conspiracy laws
with barely a whisper of protest. I have
been in Harrisburg for the past two week.
watching the jutr selection. It seems to me
that hs locating the trial here (which hap-
pened because the .ptisot in which Ph lli;
Berrigan wrote his letters is jut a few
miles .awayt. the government has made iv
impossible for the defendants to receive a
fair trial IListening to the 400 Verir., men
who have appeared here (the group from
which the jury was finally chosen) is like
disco The i ar. which has changed so man\ ro
our lives, barely exists for them One
woman, who was asked how she felt ahout
My Lai, couldn't answer because she d
never heard of the atrocity. For her, as for
hundreds of others, the newspapers are the
ohituary pages, cooking columnts the wea-
ther. sports not world events Reality ifIr
most of the 30 or so excu.sed jurors I
ite-riewed is housework. factory work,
and the taiest TV programmes Dean
Martin or Dorins Day. Americ is this small
Pennsylvania valley, Most of the people I
talked to have never done momtravefling
than a single trip to Now York or
Xenophobia runs very deep, especially
against priests and nuns (this is still Ku Khx'
Klan territory) and dark skinned foreigners
like Eqbal Ahmad.-Many of the potential
jurors said on the witness stand that their
prejudices would make them unable to
judge the case Others, who survive i until
the final selection of the 12 jurors, told me
of hblted remarks in the jury room whichh
occurred despite the judge's admonitions
not to discuss the case According to one.
Ahmad had been talking with a spectator
while the lurs wis in the court room. As
soon as ,the panel returned to the room
where it was sequestered one potential
juror said, quite loudly: 'That Indian loolks
scare Many agreed with that remark. I
was told Another excused juror told me
that she had commented to others on the
panel that "a foreigner like Ahmad shouldn't
he making trouble. We have enough trouble
makers as it is'. Others on the panel agreed.
with her, she said. Such interviews con-
vinced me that enough was sai1 ahiut
Ahmad in the jury room to create an
atmosphere in which the jurors would have
trouble judging him fairly. The facts of
this case involve actions that occurred,
speculations that never materialized into
plans, and a conspiracy law that can take
a blend of fantasy and action and. perhaps,
make it into a crime
1 think that the facts, and the anguished
reality they suggest, are probably too com-
plex for this narrow community to judge. In
the end, the place, not the prosecution's case.
wil probably produce a conviction.



an d value

r- .


,Tak i 03Ioo 3atFt tl4\S'
Va P ofPBn '- Pe 2 o

SakeL ht 1& C i. 'O v

Butr a bottle ^ fSod


Application for Liquor Licence

Tc. the Magi;trnte .Diftrict '"- ar.d t.e Chr,;l of P:, ice
i, Ayvob K a-r'm no*w wCnt a rIof *ar. Par'sh of
SSt. G rges do here.bv eV!ae yo notice "?at it is my inlentetn
to app!y at the Magpstare's Cou't to be aeid at Reoseat, on
Monday. the 3rd day of Apr;; i971, enirng for xhf,.mT
&A LIQUOR LICENCE n respecE of my premafs s
SIr atpr. Parish of St. Geore.-

Dsted the 18th day of --bruary. .974
Ayoub Katam


To the Magistrate District *E & Tih Ch D ef. P~iee
I. Ayoub Karm. now re*tag at Traplgr Par#t of
St. G qrge, do herby give you naot k* hat t a my I M t8Y .
4 anto appy at th. Magimtr 's' Court to be hIAd at ReoOm
an M ~day. the 3rd day of April. 971. *nwewg for a
TAVERN LKKUOR LICENCE in respect o '-, pretie.s at
;Trtagar. Patrh of St George
D ted the 28th 'dy of February, 1972
A"re Karano

34 -/3
1 --

i VOLKSWAGEN 1300, 5,0oo miges,
like new
3 VOLKSWAGEN I2oo's, one with
7,oo miles, two with less than 50oo
I EVINRUDE 40 HP outboard engine
FAN air-cooler
various Willys parts
Please contact DOMINICA SAFARIS at a239.

Please take Notice that the Business carried on
by Eric MacKenzie Lamb and registered under
the Registration of Busiess Names Act Cap. 327
as Dominica Safaris shall be transferred to
Lionel Anthony James Pinard as from the 6th \
day of April, t972.

)* 7- 2;-1

DE Sir
AZ'3 dwe4 n1a tdw suaw kevoete
Sattiao tp wibsle It ar Via. I
Scmed ta o I land I boght the aw
* 12S6Gc PrissaSL
I Smawl it a Tuaday save ft
ai -aktacEk-ow re Weadecday sd
tuavecad down to COaVaM on tsc
Twulndy. We "bten tar" ow d*y
te si arrival bml hIawti cosead
2= mades. The ar *avralm d 36mpg.
uosd oMpat r of an aad had a hop-
mad nade arvnm. We bad dwhr om-
fort travata is th eau aaMt hanldba
3a6 edorteam. Th emgi. iwe wely
i o word. torrfic. The Cma, ramsC it
iHwavr#sid RUB.H )war

Eric MacKenzie Lamb


We'll let the
letter speak
for us



2 |'-
.T .



P .II . .... .... ..- - - I I - -

r, mmamam """

,..- -- :

-- L-------

_----~----I- --

L P_~IY _


Friday March 17, 1972 -

SPla -e -;. 6h

Friday, March 17, 1972 THE S T A R 0go Nino
Fiction MA TITIINE ..by Cynthia Watt (Ma Titino -hisin, dat s .how,--but. ,
not goini insidbo niu~h -* me papalc 7
-Gargo looked up frob tihe lottor he Rouboh cliu6cRl'd. "You afraid do plado
was reading and stare blhlnkly into will oiplba under .you?" Titinoin- i .
Cpaco. Titine obsorved-hio blank hale ddeeoply. ".nA .you.bisniss, fbut Y.
star and askcd\ quietly: "What wrong staying iifJn car roun do corio... DO
Gargo? Bad Hows?" moi~oe't" lio&h' tlru.' I not dorb'e6h!"
Gargo. recovered hinscl6f,hnd orplied Gon6lihT'Iugliod. "Who goin- dariio
in. .. hak voice "1'4bo6.deoadI Mo. you? You adoa Go. your licon.o yot.You
bose dead *Titino'""hL'tears rolled -forgot :i.bubJo i'ill bo working"
dowa .his :ohoes.Thcn.1,ic.a-dd d:-"Anyvway .Ii obiIy'i.uCh Gl' work c "a;f- c y-Is -
he- on :'say`ho will lk.opp"6 bp.u i a t 'walk Ir 'alT i' iiut Roubcn^
Titilo I did lovo my bo 'I ibt "OK" aid Tiino ahrily,'"I It al-
whEiting to go till EasterI tl~ainG ways g'ct: Spmobo4yt6" dr ive 'cic .""
de6 pilano.. tomorrow. .BEby 'bvarocli ,'vth ahughor a
SEurilla ws tantin at the door he saoil,you tbo. stupi 4''~iow who o
leading. to the -kitchenp. "I trill. comc to :o? PHE,Do you have olp'c ..
with you Pa." ... g uard-."-. ndthcy cal laughd .''.: .'
'* Titino bogan to '.w4ail.'All -you ..Tito-rio "lir.oyos ou :'. ;
only J.us' como andall-youl o ",i boka. Bbyff Dat dis a .good opo.;- .' ..*
already, jus bdcauso' Ghro ocvl..iteo. : : Whon" th'y a'riv.od, at Titinb 's "Fphiy '
5obsS die Heo- doan need y6"u iow an'.I I:" ore ifivited%1"i .as u-ual 'for dzrinlf a.
ifcood you. As- to Eurilla,ain' shoe,. o. i Giap' go..and Eurilla,"
black pbwer?" - : Gshe aid, "1rish. dAy. .Was' hero t'
"You 'doain nderstfii.;-Hc do onliost ;hear. dat, ca.'": .. .""' ':
man over give me a brblt"...o .. "eo:,all o;tQ;dP Freodom Party,- "'.
But Eurilla's, thou;ht--wore vastly maeootinf :E~iFay.-, Thai all-you .cy?.. ? -.
diffcroi ,she -didn't "crc- about any.. domd.o a... -
ole white boss." Sh'i-rfs thing : -:t-iki:h.oto; -': 'Who you .ti'.K--Un A ,
"Princoss Margarot i" pi~~T.g through .have d6ro.' H"iht sonso wouldnl'' :? 4
SDoiinich in transitby p.hio tomiorro ta"in:' t .'. f .fus going ypu '-
What a chnco,.I'll be: alo.to say I botl.'elf.l qrr Baby r
trave lld *togothor t rit ItEdPincoas&" *ttotti-tlh:bf p. .
Tho following day Gge Ttin. ,a. .-.
Th rilla c companies b Brl- Dy4G bnelia O0I: -- uO OE ,ellZ,:# CO 2 ONDN RGE P ,
and Roubon started ff f.or h oo airport W wan ot w e A u0
in-Titin`os nowl iC uir ad recohditionod. an article or &
c c. The six wore ;0reoll- :jck1-c -- ii n ---which. thj "umouxe m A ._-.
luckily Eurilla a G6on too slif. for o .th T, .f .td.
Whan they arrived thoreo fwasa a all Guyana aoveornmein; o o eiambr Qfth,'
crowd' o*.gorly waitiii the arrival of o ofoida" wa mw ono
th" ilno*. Soon f"'wl"'icid zooming No a boTk of this now-mto, wae.;bpp
''-oabov thbm and &a few minutes lator nis ; -d.or-~.:w -,ahy ,.okpl antiob ,' "T.f;
h d afoly .landed . com or 'i.dshibuold. have.p dbp:d. apY
Tho. crowd prsoasQd. clos"i. to' hav tob PiJtL.;:. A, ..r'ogard..tho .-.Pon .oy .f. .
ood' viow--o-f th.o-Pri-iiinfdc h3"was mo't ign o -rid l o~ron. .0 &.iWA nt-
by Tslaid-'VIPs and their ives." .S bon i g tBo -1'847 the info Aqtion -am:C
". Titih,Btaby,Gcnolia nd R; bon 6i ro:. fro".' Gov. -.ns rbleas~e, aniat s ,an.
waviln goodbye to Gar ; c n'id E ur11h,' '" Sd6ri c an Ytriy6 ,U..Q.ny., oreo, .P.
-aftobr oxtricting Crn.rohb 2e fr6 Gargo "". p' '. -,- ......-.
to return as soon Aslio. conid. B0ut,. BRIEF.' QOTE FRO A: LARGE ABi '.BAG'
they did not travel in' th`b- Priiincss '- GAl .il .who la.NDOCLS. 's:. 'is- Vy
* plhno after all. -Thoy 'wore not balanco ho--se. s to.me."!:,- Thia ;q r .
porriitted to ..do-so. -* * coes-fr Banking circle in oU .A.
'On the way baCck- .to own, o vcrsa.tion. RePiyARDESis aorn .DQ~iican
was mainly :on' the. forthc fing Fr.dom Of' AT f-Eurpoa deGcoht.. a disting~ ishcd
Fighters caso scheduled .for the 20th rt~0c iviri-Sorvant -(B5o ')wh'd aso
of this -~ith'. ii' kns 6 about;.U. pro-
"MNo" .s.aid Gonchl--a4, oy. I an f;os t ZI6 .-tic- to his psudony~I 'Ho-is
'to got' front sat. I coin' to hcar 1 thoe TA 'r" mbnost.popular.-coluiist (pros-
daybah-':woo papa'." "... .unir :Titin.e).e.is&,vit
Titino lit: cigaroto. .h'o wri'nt.. laober f the 6Frodom Party an. an
app.... :t" eaprT~h6r t rin mus.' afid
to imokc ?" Tbhy &cch:,'oo',: qno. .' ppi or ..h'stin musi-
Baby irglitfc Rouboa's-6wn,. bior apiy .: gr.ats s ***
"Wll," put in Baby,, V I tyslfnott ttlio Uistote Rs.hoels
"".ll .".put in Iy, \'I ,yself not ool, a a devoted o ,C.,.teho. l,
'- ?*,wan 18 agovoto mat tholy


"" ------- : .W 0 R L D N E W * *
***S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S by Morchriston i '
CRICKET T E S T" : "- President Pompidou of France stun-
S.ect .q at ned ECM supporters by announcing a
The second test match played at
Qutefris Park Oval, in ITiIiid~ibetween 'referendum in France as. to whether
the New Zealande -rs r-and-TieWest Indies England etc. should join the market.
the New Zelanders* es INDIRA GtDHI' Congress Party
eided in a draw. New Ze lalid..batting
first iwre all out for 348. Bevan swept the polls in the.Indian gen.Elec.
odon, making his hiohefst- *core in President Nixon (who has come out
Test-bricket reached 166-n .o.-Iolder against "integration long-distance
captured 4/60,. Sobers-2/40, Ali 2/92 bussing of schoolchildren"this. week,)
Foster 1/12 and Holfo6i 7J/45.--' is to visit the Soviet Union for
W.. -est Indies. in their. tutum-ifa the talks on May 22. Muhammad Ali(Clay)
Wickat fell 7 short -or N.Z,;--eadhing is invited to China, will go there
341. Chjarliee Davis topped i.ith~90, a 'ter hi- bout with American Mac Poster
folioweddby Fredcricl6-69, older- 30, Al on 1Aprill. Premier Price of Brit-
25'1 Fdster 23 and IRow'-22;--Succosful ish Honduras has protested against
bowlfor$ for N.Z wer Tayl'or 4/41, "unwarranted & provocative acts of
C6o~don 3/56 and- Hotaithl -37i02' 2 149 Guaterhalans", referred this to Britain.
Sovos-were bowled with theifirst new DEATH OF MR. WILLIAM BUNTINGr
ball. ..
-f eZealand declared their S-cond On Thursday a well-known resident
iillngs closed at' 288/3.-' owliig c. of Dominica, Scots-born American"Bill"
Ioldor b. Gibbs 10, Turihr bowlod Sobers Bunting of Emshall, died after a long
95,, Cohgdon c. Holford' TbAliI-82, illness. He was a veteran of World
Burgess and' aastings-62hn.b. ihd'29 not War II and while, on service there met
out respectively. Sober o6nded with his wife, the late Ruth Bunting.Three
1/54, Ali and Gibbs-&1/60 ana- 1/67 of his five children were with their
roEpecatively. At the close if play oh father at the end. Many friends and
the last day, W.I. ore -12/5,--.. a full turn-out of Masons attended
the funeral from the Anglican Church6
LEAGMET Celtics United-cgot addod beoui Mr. Bunting, whose ready humour and
points in their match againstt Saint kindness had been greatly missed dur-
Mafy's Academy when -tliey defeated S.M.A.ing his retirement through illness,
by a n'inning and 3.-runs in th6 last was resident here' since 1949 and has
iaFch,, lest round S.MA. aihcd. 189 in always been associated with Smith &Co.
tic.r first innings. Cltics. Tr. replied We extend sympathy to his family. +
with 294. A.Gregoire TlofT handed bats- _____________
mani)-scored 0',O4,thc second coitury of DATE TO NO-TE i14O1mAY, MgBM 2Oth:'
tli ho'seon.SM.A. ciilU .only roach 122 Magisitrdtoes .Court-hoaring of the House
inT''ho~r'second inniinge *-*'*jDh of Assombly--RTC protest C A- S. -E- S-_..
Th-iuirdd y' Celtics 'Unitcd bottica- out -
BIs ,n. fori47;Jo 66 and XT 1WEEK: ,II..tudent writes a -reprt
Blackburns fo 47 ,.ol a 6 and M. o "what- ne flap -was all about".*ih 6FnM.
Loblanc .9 top scorers.o .a lo "whtUt t fap- ia about ".*4r.Ma n -
WI,. YOUTH CRICKET FIXTUP3ES-: Thb, Wind- cus A. Suhiu6l supplies notes on Bomnii.a a
ads/Leards Youthmodical pact, Ila Tit n 'will have a cirt 4
W~dU.Lerd s. Bub u -. ... ... 6on. ri CarAdib a i
the let time-in July ti yeai. B.W.t.A STARSPORTS conta. 'Ba sketball): eds.night
is extending excursibns;,ivig f 'ixture* is.t: match wrasan 'aciting clash botioe on.
(Time dhedulo in di-d coikrso "in',STAR). the, schoolbioy-b brought to a terriic- ond
ATI.ETICS.; Grenada onoircdA indwards when SA- Marians quickly slipped in five
Islands champions at the St..,Lucia..emoo't. basikts for a O1'point victory..obver'DGS
Dominiica was last ih pji'int;",bit got 2 (46 to Mrians ii55'. SMA's D..Guyo 17, and
silver & 4 bronze iacdals. eIlitby Shill- T.Dixon D S got the same. Mario & Dalrympla
ihigford did well (polc: vaultlohg jump), each, ot. 11 fborit trir sides.. In thb 2nd
BOXINIG: Our boxing chriap--Kid-Flite match, SIaj G-ilb' only. managed to d'lef at
loft for BArbados to -fi'ht Woodell on ACS Royals. 26-.2Q0~- (Froman SMVA'lO pts.)
M-Iarch 24th. *** BAI'TTBALL a week LAvWN' TEI;' j3arnard Trophy...w on by
ago today, SMA Marians narrowly defeated' St. Vinccnt" ilko nly contested final
XAS Royals 32, 29.. Top' core was D,Guye : sets; inh on6l" aid ladies doubles St.
for ~Marians 9 points.:*' Bsot match of Lucia was' beatCih, and only in 'the ladios'
season to date was Ca-boii vi.-lata Bul- sihgos-- oiilaftial day Doboulayj of St.Ljcia-
lots superb field play on both sides, boat' tIheintrepid Ferrari of S-t.Vinc'nt
butCharoni''s quick-towihg" lay' gained 6-.3, 8-6. Snbctataors enjoyed thi struggle
thce a large atrgini Caron~ 81,Bullets 46.. for tinnli supremacy im1monscly *
..... ifc'oe. C b.. r .m. q. n_, _P y ez .y

T'lliked & Published by the Pi'6priptor, R.E. 11f rer lif the Mill Houses. Copf
Hall, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, DOMINICA, W6st Indies.


Priday,March 17, 1972

Page Ten


-i~~~r~ .i

0TA3friJqr ?4mw'sb~~~iii~~~iii~~~ii 1t7, 17; 2

Ve Pgsirda our readers a review of tam Smhanklan & Coa replWrt oa a PL n
for Doarmixda A tourist Developmaet Stratey"t ha carully tieaght -
oet and detaied docu= =t is however too iaparta.t to be 4d a o& i *t a
revle ~ it .mtld be lL on t s +able in the ausoe of AXtsafly ~f' sub
wequeat aebate anl perhapsa iaisasion ty a Sel.et Coamadt te no Aipton
n q 4itumsra3 tla, or aGcardZid of* tfads epnInavre advIOe a ter the
whole Ba. r X of lite in Dorraenir. It is far mo a iqpartant s- a ab cat for
Senrat aisowaion than ay 'Greana DealaratLon. rianyrtAl paLat ilth crate-
rv taanksa to ta W hr.O. tAC** eto" a rvw ea thber DoosaQbrw 1974 ase.

Can Dominica's tourism sing

With so many Caribbean islands
ppsuing scrambled development for
the tourism dollar the publication of a
national, long-ter tourit strategy is
an event to be wetlcoaed. One such
recently-published report is DoFminica
A Tourist ievelpment Strategy, pub-
lished by Shankland Cox and Asso-
dates, town planners and architect,
and sponsored by the British Overseas
Development Association at the re-
quest of the Dorniica Gover~ment.
For Domiaica, the need for a
careftlly.oansidered master plan is
essential. At present the island is last
in the tourist stIkes of the East
Caribbean with only 12,000-odd visi-
'tor in 1970 or about two per cent of
the East Caribbean market. Its tour-
ism development, therefore, has hardly
begun and since its main attraction is
its lush, undisturbed mountainous
interior, sliced by man} river, it is
essential that this prime asset is not
rained by hideous and jumbled over-
Shankland's study is in two volumes,
a technical report and a policy and
planning report. The former studies
all the problems, the opportunities and
four alternative development strae-
ies. The latter report develops the
preferred strategy, which envisage
four peripheral developsc t tones;
the north coast, ce~ittd o WoodfbTrd
Bay and Hampstead, the Portsmouth
area on the north-west coast, the
Layou Valley and Roseau Vaey. All
of these zones have various atrictions
capable of offering a wide range of
choice to visitors and their location
should go a long way to preserving
the primordial atmosphere of the
The north coast zone plans to
accommodate medium-size resors at
Hampstead and Woodford Bay atl
based on the island's best beaches.
A maximum of 1,420 beds is planned
for by 1990 apd a further 620 beyond
to 1995. Over at Portsmouth there
would be the largest resort, offering
2,300 beds by: 1990, a maarin, golf
course and many other facilties. The
site for thisi4 flat marshy land joining
the Cabritts peninsula to the mainland
and affording fine, sweeping views of
Douglas Bay to the nprth and Prince

Dominica: rain and nmural beauty,
Rupert Bay to the south. Small isolated
hotels are planned for the Layou and
Roseau valleys with a maximum of
500 and 600 beds respectively and here
the primary attractions will be river
bathing,. hreathtaking valley views
and access to mountain trails.
In view of Dominica's present
position in the tourism sakes, only
350 beds and just over 12,000 visitors
in 1970, the study's projections .for
6,000 beds by I9 and perhaps
30000. visitors may seem highly
optirmistic, especially as Dominica
cannot hope to compete with other
Caribbean islands for the. mass market,
and, in the words 6f the arChtects '
'would be ill-advised to do so'. Yet,
despite Domfnica's problems, oon-
straints and disadvantages, one can-
not. help feeling that Shankland's
projections are reasonable and more
conservative than other tourism sur-
veys published in the last six years
which in the event proved too
The island's problems are certainly
not glossed over in the study. though
perhaps the architects have underrated
the climatic disadvantage. Although
Dominica's main attraction is the

Sin the rain ?
lush, unspoilt nmotanpos heartand
it would not be so without the
prodigious rainfall, which 'virtually
never ceases to far, to quote the
architects. Evea the coastal areas,
which Iceivre far less rain (60 to 100
inches), --ar drenched, relative to
sane of the other islands. Such
preciptation could.psrv a permanent
arresting inflence to ty sharp tour-
ism growth. Before ny large-scale
developments could tfce place, ml-
lions of dollars would have to be
spent on roads, and to lesser extWt
00on water supplies, aicaping and
improvement to beaches, the last of
which are on the whole of low
standard and inaccsibie. For-
tunately, in the puba sector the
istad's timancial 'resotcles, aided by
Britis Government fruis, would be
more than adequate to spe the infra-
structure problems and in the private
sector, local funds by |V1 should be
able to provide half me stmmnt
requirements, which by l990 would
probably have reached $69n. Much
rehance woald have to be put on
outside contractors in the first 10
years to supplement the woefufy
inadequate local bu'ldng industry and
the establishment of hotel and tech-
nical training courses would be an
immediate esential A new, deep-
water harbour at Woodbridge Bay
would have to be built but the
Melville Hall airport could cope with
six tines the present number of
visitors -and a lot more still after
modest alteratios to the runway.
With jlst money and hard work to
solve these constraints, added to the
island's advantages of relative cheap-
ness, natural warmth of Dominicans,
absence of certain tensions and
apparnt wilingness to accept a
carefully-deveped tourist industry.
one has, perhaps, all the ingredients
for a firm foundation on which to
build a thriving industry. But it
would be an industry designed to lure
the selective tourists seeing a com-
plete contrast to their own surround-
ings and other stereotyped Caribbean
holidays more suited to the beach-
combers and bar fies. I Shankland's
mind there is no doubt that the island
is emiaetly capable of achieving the
goals laid out in their report.

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