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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Mrs. Jane Low
Research ins titute for tLr
the' Study ot Maia fl"
'162 Bast 78 Stret, Do
reew York 10021, *JI.Ye WKUl9
^*St t-rDtuc Tuc 6t
Vaoll Nao, ri., ebr.rara 18


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.a -. 7T ST REL
* 192 Tea C.a
- i1 m on c~

__ F+-T ou Qmts


1hhe SPARK I

Guyana Opposition Leader
Denied Entry Here
On Wednesday last, Dr. Cheddi Jagan
leader of more than half the present pjpu-
latioa of Guyana, was denied the right to
enter at the airport. He was to have de-
livered (wo Icaires under the. sponsor-
ship of U.W.I., and its local Board was
in agreement that the University Centre
was the proper place for these talks,
-, ,, ,..! ::,


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(Formerly St. Agnes shop)
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Both Residential .and Commercial,
situated in the centre of Pottersville at 45
Potter Street.



MiM leataBh Sbhdbgford

Aq -~ :"~




AAl pho*trapbs by STiItO DEPEX

oar of our mother who died February 20,
SilenT thougbhts and tears unseen.,
| .'iS: 'hn her ab-en.c was on',n- a dream,
W': uon.icred wtA,. she had to die,
I W: hout a chance to sat goo0dhte.

Restn peace.
I--ice husband, children and grandchildren
... .. .... II I III I L -- Ik~ l ... I 1

I _I ~__ _I_ __________

i P
i i

i: ~'

~I E

j i i



--~~:- rr~i;i .. ,.....,_.

, ^hiJ-~jr~f^ep

Page Two THE STAR Friday. February. 18 1972
The recenti-"sacking" of Mr.Frank Baron as Chairman of the Dominica
Tourist Board by Mr.Armour, the Minister. of Trade and Industry, shows up
cl-early the evil nature of the Party of which, it is said, he is the de-
signated heir-apparent. The action is typical of the whole history and
philosophy of that Party.
Mr.Baron has not been re-named after one year's service, not because
he is not competent to head the Tourist Board in fact, there is no one
in Dominica better fitted and more suited to this office. During the
ho1rt period as Chairman of the Board, he had already given a new look
to its activities. MIBaron was "sacked" because Mr.Armour, misreading as
at he always does moods and tempers, had thought that in so appointing
Mr. Baron he would also have commanded the latter's political thoughts
and associations. What a hope. "Strange, piteous, futile thing

Alack, thou knowest not
How little worthy of love thou art!
Whom wilt thou find to love ignoble thee?"
(Francis Thompson: "The Hound of Heaven")
So when in the concatenationof legislation reducing the powers of
the Roseau Town Council, promulgating the dangerous Banking Act, the
Grenada Declaration, dissolution of the Roseau Town Council and assorted
repressions, Mr. Baron spoke out his mind, this was too much for the .Min--
ister who felt that he would have his own back if he relieved Mr. Bafon
of his-opportunity of service in-the economic development of Dominica,It
is of no consideration to the Minister that alternative industries are
urgently required anid that tourism is onje of them. Of course, this is
not surprising seeing that the Government has never-'een genuinely keen
on tourism, proof of which has been its foot-dragging in that direction
despite continual pressure Trdm the Opposition Party (foreseeing the dif-
ficulties into- which the"banana industry would likely get).
SThus the"Miiister and his Governffient feel that they have punished
,Mr. Baron. -'In reality, they have punished-all those persons,- taxi-
drivtrs,-hafdcraft workers, hotel employees, food producer etc. who
depend on an accelerated development of the tourist industry for a better
While on the subject of tourism, I have been hearing on several occaS-
ions of physical attacks on tourists by some persons opposed., like the Min-
isters (1 suppose) to the tourist industry. T find that there is too much
mtlly-coddling of persons-with criminal intent in Dominica. Hate is spread
ing, slowvly"'but surely, and I feel that the Ministers are partly to blame
for spreading hate in oominica. I*'cannot see why the Gov-renment permits
a fe* persons to uWdermine the economic base of the community to the det-
riment of employment opportunities of so many other persons. Again a
matter of placing a few botes above the welfare of the whole community.
0 a a a 4
It was pleasant to see the coverage given"by the three neWspapers of
Dominica to the celebrations marking the centenary of the coming of the
F.M.I-; Fathers to this Island. It was the least that they could do in
recognition of the work the Fathers have been doing for our people here,
particularly the rural population.
Not-so, -however, Radio Dominica which, despite the editorial suggest-
ion of one of our contemporaries that the principal commemorative event,
namely, the Mats at the Cathedral, should be broadcast, failed to do so.
This was the only discordant note in what was otherwise a fine public
reaction to the occasion. -.
' Where, I ask, is the sense of history of some persons? Radio Domin-
inica will broadcast drivel by the hour. It will advertise who is whose
sweetheart (and sometimes those sweethearts are timid about revealing their
names); It Will give the most marginal news from the'other islands (a
compliment not reciprocated); yet when it comes to event (contd. page 4)

FrIye arebruary 1,14972






-- -^I






-.-n' -~ run~r -,ir -r~X
*RKb.-r*9$; l *-"' ~ i

PSWg mIaBe

~ ~-.~.W.~ig fLiP
i ?VliiYc=rrt'"S

SENSE OF PRIORITIES by ANDRCLES _. Continued from page two
when it comes to an event occurring oice in a hundred years in Dominica,
our 'national radio' is cold.and unconcerned.
Mutt the people of Dominica be 'fed with ojly calypso and. soul and
the dding' of Ministers of Government? Would not tle thousands bf Dom-
inicans In the"'rural areas --those whom you see going to or coming from
Church on a Sunday morning as you drive through the-various villages -
have been glad to listen to the highlight of the centenary celebrations
over theTr radio? Really, Radio Dominica must do better than that. In
all fairness, this is not one of the numerous occasions when the blame
must be put at the door of Ministers,

I"wish to correct a statement Made in the otherwise well-reasone-
Memorandum on the state of the banana industry produced by the Steering
Committee of the recently forMed Farmers Union and submitted to the
Premiers of the Windward Islands. I always believe that a case is strong-
er the"more accurate it is.
In paragraph (D) occurs this statement:
"As time 'goes by, the Government of these States have allowed
Geest Industries to develop a stranglehold on variou -'crops on
which otir very livelihood depenTs. Grapefruit, for one."
Writing with full.knowledge in the matter, I must deny the assert-
itn that Geest Industries has had'or ever tried to have a stranglehold
on the grapefruit exports of Dominica. So far, grapefruit producers are
satisfied with the transportation and marketing service which Geest has
given and there is no complaint, rather only mutual respect.
Perhaps the, reastdr for this satisfactory state of affairs is-'to be
f6uxnd in the main point made by the 'Chiirman, Mr. Armnantrading, in his
inaugural meeting of the Farmer-s' Union, namely, the necessity for prd-
dticers to elect persons competent to represent them in matters pertain-
ing to the industry, The kind of cabbage-stalks Whom banana- producers
have been Wont to elect and Government to nominate -find no Corres-.
pLoidence in the grapefruit industry, I w4ll admit that the job"of the
Banana Assotiation Vis-a-vis Geest is a muth more complicated one than
the relation betweeni the Citrus Association antid 'eest. This-, however,
is additTonal reason why the tesit brains, in banana production should
have been used in the representation of that industry.
While on tile subject, I- should like t--r~call to readers'" minded
that several months ago I wrote in this column that rather than spend
his time devisiiig repressive legislative measures, the Premier would
have better -spent it in having a critical look at the .contract under
which the banana indiistry of Dominita operates.
This was written at a time when it became obvious that our banana
industry was headed for deep. trouble. .
The Premier, however, preferred to 'expen.d his energies-on producing
the Banking Act, the Grenada Declaration of union with Guyana and the
Bill' for distolutioni of the Roseau Town Council, It took a milTtant
demminstratiOn of banana producers to push the PremTer into making a sem-,
blapce,of interest in the banana contract by an unnecessarily expensive
display of delegates falling over each other to St. Lucia.
A display .Party-politically motivated, of course.

Bad Commencoment iappy 'Endinig ? Sordid Draria in Pottogyille -
by 6our Roving'Reportdr
-It happened ae awe6I a6o r'Piday night, when a young woinan iwa being criciif-
iod'by a man in the-PottrsfiIle Savannah before cui iiis 'coilfs' of people, ihb'
stood and starod. motionloss ji spite her constant picas "fr !help, punctuato'd y
c-ios*-of" PempeyL B6mpeoy So'tbpTl She fell unconscious for a wlile, but when she
revived was presentond itV ignore savage blows. An ox-p6licoomian C I understand)
who wont to the rescue was also dealt a blow, bittu his gained the brutalized"
woman enough time to run into tho- Church for SeaO-.aB .th-:.Bugo-fcowd followed.
Page 4 : THE STAR. : Fri.Feb.18,1972* (Concluded on pago fie-v)

tar Prrsenla tiabns aODID D -WU Tr Cfrou page 4)

.y AfMter seUa tSeU the psriba pr 'iept mnceedea in
getting tkhw oera Ms= out of Athe CnarcS; th
7ea- g woman rtaiAed to rseitve Got'e blAssing.
an pto late1 r thea police araritved aet tae
SCbtrch,, co2llctted the weai=, aa *nt; in mafte.
of bar fS3sia&W asa8sa0sla4t.

C.f, - --^-- w-S V
C. ^^ B ^ ^^ ^' ^ B ^i^ t9 Bh



N..P0E,: F UP aid Popwar favourit
INGMID ,MlERRIFIELD, 21, 34-23- -37


'T. -l .t

"-. -.- ,. ; : . -.;A, -, .,


; '? ... "'' .. "" '


SAQ 8. U5~a8 M baia-i a SThiringiord
J4 'maqegrapha bJ STUDIO DE's.X Pa. Pt;de D-urzwd.

-. .

k *8 ti- v* -_

iON C:ntest:'t'-- IngTr- MT G rf,:
, Mirarnda Jacob. M:" 2 tvi.e'.

Pasra. ive.


..u~J~ ~x~wrr

Hr T.T o m A R

1iri Thv~ _Pebruarv 18..1972


)-:age O __________1 ----
... An' is not we say so fus', the Grenada Declaration and the future
as Ma Titine would comment, of the Caribbeah.
This scandalous affair makes us- By an accident of great good for-
genuinely ashamed to be serfs 'n- tune, Fretdom President Miss Eugeria
der such a repressive Government. Charles, on her way home from Trini-
dbdd, transhipped by air at Antigua
'Three completely different state-and-sat beside Dr. Jagan in a LIAT
ments were given to Mike-Rudder of plane.That was on the 16th"Feb. The
Caribbean Broadcasting Fonion, who: 16th day bf the month is unlucky for
gave Barbados and other listeners the Leblatc Labour Party, She had a
the tale of how he interviewed long talk with Jagan; as a member of
the Premier, the Polide Commission- the UWI Board or Committee she was
er aid Miss Charles on the "ban abl"e to tell him"hoW the"Board-had
Jagan from entry" affair, been unanimous in inviting him to
1.The Police Commissioner told-Mr. speak'' that she-was distinctly anti-
Rudder that Jqgan's application for Communist but in view of the express-
entry to this State wvs still being ed necessity ,(stated by GoVt.) for
processed: application n for entry 'the people to hear all points of view
was still in administrative machin- on'the Guyana issue and have "involve-
ery". This tallies with the state-ment", it"was good that the Guyana
ment made to the STAR Editor by Oppositidn point of view should be
Perm.Sec. Watty of Home Affairs heard, and UWI felt thst the University
(reported"'last week by ul) that centre was the appropriate place for
he could not say yes or no "since his lectures.
the decision was to be made at a When Jagan received his surprising
higher level". Was the Paem.Sec, rebuff, he-merely smiled at the
misinformed by his Chiefs? .... *? Immigration Officer.
2.. Immigration Officer (Police) A large intent meeting of the pub-
Hector at Melville-Hall Airport 1Tc Istened to Freedom Party speakers
tbld Dr. Jagan when he flew in fromOn the matter on Thursday night.Among
Antigua to give his lectures here -the speakers was MisU Charles herself,
(in the presence of Miss Eugenit and she gave a reasoned factual ace-
Charles) that he had received in- ount of the whole shabby story. Now
structions SINCE LAST DECEMBER to respectfully referred to as "Professor
refuse the Leader of the-Guyana Scobie',the Mayor of-Roseau gave an
Opposition,-Dr. Jagan, entry to our a&count of events.*. ccUnversatiois
State. Jagan asked him-"why?- I have in America, and vievwon the Guyana
been here and spoken in Dominica affair and other misiemealours
before." the Officer said: "All of the present Government. Clem
I know is that it is my duty to tell Rabess made good speech too."
yoU that you are not permitted to There is no doubt ii the'mind of
land here." -' the public WHO was lying, and WHY.
We have no reason to doubt that The BARBADOS ADVOCATE carried a front
this Officer was given such orders, page article'on this sad story.
Why otherWise would he risk his ..__
reputation and job? But how-coMe
his Chief had other information? -BAD-PUBLICITY POR ST. KITTS
53 The Premier told.'Mike Rudder in A front page article bearing this head-
a taped telephone interview that he line was published in the Democrat of
"had issued instructions two weeks February 12. It referred to Premier
ago"'from 17th Feb)"to write to Dr. Bradshaw's rejection of a call from"
Jagan saying that he would not be the Inter-American Press Association
allowed into the State to speak".' to discuss the St.Kitts Press Bill.
Further, the Premier said he was; Bradshaw ordered the delegation out
not aware that Dr. Jagan was. ag- of his offi-e. They left for Antigua
ainst the Grenada Declaration" (al-j- and telephoned him indicating readi-
though the entire West Indies, and ness to return and discuss the matter.
indeed the world, have had reports As it was the Attorney General who"
of Jagan's stand in this matter); acted'as the agent to eject'the men,
"but Dominicans must settle the who included Mr. Tom Sherman, Vice-
issue among themselves." At ohe President of IAPA Freedom"of the
stage hj-adaded "especially since w Press Committee, Caribbean the Demo-
of Dr. Jagan's topics deals with at justifiably (in our view crii-
cised Mr. Moore, St.Kitts A.G. ******

Friday', February. l8, 1972 T H. E S T A R Page Soven.
,ictrio^L MI T I^ .b} a WatCAMNIVAL DODINIQM- by David Allfrey-
Fiction MA TITINEI by- Cynthia Watt.
Boom b b' bm Miss Isabella Shillingford (spon-
Boom boom, boom... oo-_ibo'; boom booim,t scored by West Indies Oil Co.) was i.ab-
booin-bds~oboio shufflin c.ori. -lo. street ulously dressed. She was the first to
bHnd 'te ofthr revIufflnrsrihr stinrg appear on stage last Friday evening in
and singn inoitih-eol l o boat. It was her Pbu tnix costume (legendary bird
and singing tirio tho h once a year flew and at the end
Carnival Dominiiqu-972. whichonce a year flew and at the end
..."Titino and Bay- r0-sH'6ing the of its flight it was said to burn up),.
last sequins on th6ir c6tturcs whon This costume was designed by Alwin
Genelia came burstif n --- Bully, .with a bird on the top, pf red-.
." '"All-yu not rcady? jak1 c --iian. 1 dish flamie-pink; the costume was not
Tings hot like fiah'iJTl T' T-beoan to too strongly made, for towards the end
danco adi~ sing-to t(6 Eiucic-oT the r6ad the bird bent right over her. As to
- she was dressed" s a ir'at-cY Baby, Miss Shillingford's, second appearance
1ho hlild -to the old :thli6oy that bogg:.rs in evening wear, I thought more psych-
sh6old dress like king's at 'carnival and edelic colours could have been added,
rich folk like Lapoeaux, waGs all swathed But it was good anyway, considering
in golden material wit1'i sbun headdress she had a rough time with the crowd.
- she Aow joined Gqniolia iti'the real I personally thought the judges were
hot sun, dancing and siirkjihg. ;They both correct in making her Queen.
took a swig from the6 bottle on Titinob As many of us present know, the 2nd.
fancy droSsing-tablo;- Q.een contestant to appear on stage
"H urry, man, Titinio' .1y foot itch- jwas Miss Miranda Jacob, who held (I
ing me." Titine quickly clasped threo thought) herself well in another 'fabt
ohbrmous coral bopads'rouid lher hock. costume designed by Leonard Georges
SliC-look od a bit sad Gahro and Eur- like her evening wear, fine in design
illa had not turned up --"- they cabled and material. (Miranda Jacob was 2nd
from Antigua to say-thcojy roild. 1tv61 runner up in the contest).
in the plane with D;. Clihedi Jagan. The third Queen contestant to app-'
Hoirevor Titine lookodfiho'--- ressed ear was no-one less than Ingrid Merri-
i-ii flamboyant hotpaiitsw-l'i'-Tdhioc-high field,. sponsored by Dominica Indust-.
wliit'' bQots and- a widcT-"i T tish straw ries. She wore a magnificent costume
hat elaborately docoratd with sprk- Iand smashing eveningwear designed by
Iing"things. They"all puit'on-sunshados Mrs. Joan Mallalieu. Her costume was
hd with a bottle 6acli(t`icb6ly" cnceal-'Creation' with shrubs, fruits and
cd in their ovorsize brassioers), they dangling heads from its sides, but the
da.nc d. remarkably .lightly out of the public s eyes were caught by the huge
shady yard into the witihc strdcts ,. snake on the back! Her evening gown
I6t for them any orGani~ed band; they goldish with black dots was lovely:
meant to enjoy themselves by' themselves. The audience wanted Miss Merrifield
Radio Dominica-~ (ai l naby innoc- as Queen and objected to the winner
county remarked "coverirn~i up a the days getting the crown, but we must refer
proceedings" and various announcers' to the programme where it says Miss.
vodics were heard bet~re6oi bursts of M. spent her early adulthood in the
pleasing noise descriei.ng the events. U.K. so I personally hope she will not
wih gusto. Up and 4ointhe roe lad- be upset ... let other girls exgerijre
ies jogged; sway and swifi they danced the excitement of travel
smotimes (but not for. long) linking As for the remaining contestants
arms with friendly rhaTos (but: I got to they too were lovely but I thought-
consideorGarge hisaPored Titino to Miss Myrtle Weekes could have smiled
Baby). more.... Hoping all those who did not
Thbey.finally puao ~-a four Cornors place in top will try again: The show
and ~ank down on thq .earebttp they took L lace amidst glitterwith h
could tfi partial-y ubnocupe l. Out audience, including the Governr.e
caeo their little bot-los. I...
tWay, way, Genelia, _ha~-you. say? On Sunday we saw the floats they
It riemino me of Mas-* long a.- By i ere superb, better than ever before,
long1 I-dn' see ban- 'upon birig t banO Then came Monday and Tuesday: everybot
lik6 dat. An' doy-roallyr 'bbcl-aNottinr'ejoiced in doing their own thing, it
to say..." Titino t ybc ano6lor swig. was the people's carnival with many
TYou right Titine. Tim-e Ole Mas' songs, many colours, good steelbands
como back. Since day start -ol lowin' (one from Antigua), and only a few sad
Trinidad Carnival, it'wac -only chip- and violent things, which I fortunateVr
chip, chip Givo-, n my tirubou- any day."" did not see, to spoil the effect,

Mr. Bryson Louis'may have conveyed more than he had in mind when
he wrote: "There is no other way-to save the West Indies from economic
collapse than collateral-agreement".
Like both the proponents and the opponents of the Grenada Declaration
I believe that the peoples of the West Indies should aspire to form a
West Indian nation. But like Mr. Errol Barrow and Sir Hugh Wooding I
realise that it will take a-long time for this to come about.
I write this mainly to encourage further discussion of the topic.The
factual situation mast-be faced objectively. It is the result of history,
but there are continuing reasons for its-present day existence. Distant
authority and control on-which local opinion is or believes itself to be
powerless-to exert its influence is resented. Hence the appeal of the
old slogan: "No taxation without representation".
Judge Pemberton used to say-that in the West Indies the constitutional
issue was raised when it was; only that the people were dissatisfied with
a bad or unpopular administration. Federation unfortunately cannot exor-
cise'the always haunting spectre of a distantly controlled and on that
account suspect administration.
This I think may have been one aspect of the problem of the siting of
the federal capital. There was something more than the financial and
prestige implications. All except the one unit where the capital was
located were subject to the control of a distant administration which
differed from its metropolitan counterpart in this very important reject
that whereas"the metropolitan-pbwer supplied aid to its colonies,- the-
Federal administration was financially-dependent on its constituent units.
And West Indians do not like helping one another. Politically they act -
.towards one another lIke the Jews and the Samaritans that have no dealings
with-each other, but nOne of them is willing to be a goad Samaritan.
Here is what the Governor if the Leeward Islands, Christopher Codrington,
wrote when he was disappointed with the reply received from Barbados to
which he had appealed, for help" to withstand the French threat at the
outbreak of the Wari of"the"Spanish succession: "I am very well Satisfied
that Barbados has-no inclination to serve or save these islands,rhakp
one of those islands to help another, because if a Sugar Island be lost,
so much the les s the-commodity is made, and consequently ye price is
raised". The feelings of the islands towards one another have not changed.
The Leeward Islands Federation foundered on the same rock that broke
up-the larger Federation of 1958. As far'back as 1893 the Dominican spokes-
men giving evidence before Sib Robert Hamilton's Commission advocated
withdrawal from the Federatibn because Dominica was not getting enough
from its federal connexion and all the other presidencies at one time or
another expressed dissatisfaction with having in times of prosperity to
contribute to the federal budget in greater proportion than those presid-
encies that were worse off. The process of dissolution began when Domin-
ica seeedad in 1939,.
Yet there is one-'instance of the control of a metTropolitan power being
ace pted by West Indian territories satisfied to send representatives to
a Parliament thousands of miles-'away. This is the case of the French Over-
seas Departments of French Guiana,-Martinique and Guadeloupe. Assimilation
into the political, social and-economic system of the French Republic with
representation in the Seeate and Chamber of Deputies is apparently sub-
mitted to by our French neighbburs without-'much objection. It is true of
course that the territories benefit substantially by their association
with France.
Might it not be, considering the-difference in size and potentialities,
if some unioft like that envisaged in"the Declaration were"to come about
that'ours would be a similar relationship with the mainland- territory?
Guyana obviously would have the role of the metropolitan"centre-and the
smaller island territories would be its; satellites, having essentially a
colonial situation,-mostly-'exporting primary products, importing manu-
factured articles and dependent on-.the mainland territory for expertise
and development aid. (Conclusion Part II will appear next week).

Page Eight


Friday,February 18,1972

r.4iA i 1 1972 TUV 1r -
art y

Sch~duite, of Ar, i.';on for Certificate of Titie and Ntinj
i!te-r nC a nd Cr,-ea;: -.* week endtngl2th day of Ftbruary 19;

~1(t~: rh

tues.; 0adei r the-
*tj da. of .n Pua Ir

tv'.y' tl I p,


MR ~~8t0ES

Per'-n Presenting Nar'.e o' request
whether a Cer:;,.cace
STIe i -of Notng
Sthereor, or Cayeav

fv%.snhine Fvrienr
*'> pr Snr4,rc
, :na 4 1 )L W4* 4$

Request for the is-ue of a
Ptrs; Certificatl of fTite r
roapeci of a portion of laud
at bericoa, Grand Bay.ia
the Parish of St. Patrick, in
the Steab of Dominics, con-

I rtas 2252 1uta weI Iet r
bounded as follows:-
I4rthp by iand of a( Char -s Warrington South by Isle of
M Ba Bedmninaster Eat by land of Edward!ine Warrtngar:
Weat by land f Haydean Merritfeld.
eiat, Dear-ri sa Keglssrar of Tal'
'-'iTE A.n pre- o destres to object t h the isu of a
S.ortificae. 3 "'i t e n ithe above appth attior may enter a
.i3i; in he cse Ofce within six wees s frofr the 4dat af
*.s ,,ti appearance t' t s Scheatee in the STAR NewspLper
Ssh s ;i. iat from the date where the notice pro.
;.:rie~ bv il ws ~crvecd n any owner.or occiplar of adjoiinin
'11 r respect of^ h' tvhe appitlcaton is madja.

a ____ .-.. ; . . _.-

The Viva went through far more than the
usual testing that goes into a new car.
Because it was test-proved at 'Punishment
Park!-Vauxhal's unique 700 acre proving
ground at Millbrook in Bedfordshire.
Test-proved for strength, safety,.
reliabiity and protection.




- .. ... r ,i -u
*.*,', -,\

T-ke alook ii C
rane of VPiBrthWineslThe samne impesgo
i:: rakLie\Pi :;~! iomakci lit fexpeinsi~ :
i hes.W\hich accounts torVPs fine quality

F,_. JabotiLe od:i i.
S- 14.

m aI *. a *+ 71

Application tor Liquor Licence
To the Magistrste District "E" and the Chief of Police
1. Ayob Karam now rto I rlr- at Trarfbpr, Parish o
St. Georges do hereby gIve you notice that It is my liitwtlon
to apply at the Magstrate's Court to be held at Rosett, on
MondSy, the 3r4 day of April 1972. ensutng for a Rtat'
Liquor Lcencene s resp*t of my promises at T rafagar,.Parist
of St. Geortes.
Da-te the 7th day of ,Fbruary, 1972.
,,.. Auvof Karam


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Frid Februar 18 1972

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14, S s i .
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Page Ten,. --.. -.. THE STAR Friday, February lS, 1972

*S *T* A.*R*S.*P*0*R* Ti*S :s"'AlbhczEchristion .
CRICKET:. Rowe's- DotibleCen.tury. Debut
"At the end of the secoHia day of the
first Te st between New Zealaiid and the
West Indies at Sabina Pa'i1, "uJaaica
West Indies were very nuch inhcorimmiand
having declared at 508 for the"loss of
on y' 4 wickets. West Indiesorion the
toss, ahd Sobers elected0-to-5t0. Joey
Careow and Roy Frederickl -opeiod and
mhjdbo a cautious solid'start taking the
score t6 78 just before luhc'i when.
Carr w-was out 1.b.w. G.hgid1.a.. Roi-y&
of Jiiaica batting in his"first Test
joiibd -Fredericks a'hdbbth play6dwith
faiiltless grace to so6 tho'score-to''347
when -Fredericks was c"l. C_ I.-Hloirth
for'1 3 his first Teost 6cntury.-
"- Chrli, Davis joined Po'iw at the
crease and was caught Turn eroff Cunis
for 31 -- 420 for 3.-. -Roreo still-full
of confidence was joined by- Fostor and
w nt-on to be the first lest Indlan to
score a double century in his first
Test iatch: he was filially obTtt at 218
c. Dowlihg b. Howartho. Sobers came in
for'-a fTow minutes before fa t whoe he
declared the innings closedat 508 --
.FostEtr 20 n.o., Sobers" 13"h5.
I' At' stumps Now Zealand1 wereo 4/3,
Paboman-Elton Dowo (Jrm-iaicK)- hEi 2/24
in 9 ovrs' Grayson 'Shillingford 1/16
in, 8-overs.,
On the third day Nw Qala"nd tried
to-diE .inaind by 3,00-p.lMi Jarlaica time
Turner was still thore witli S9 uipportdd
by Wadsworth, the wickCt.kbopor-, oh 28,
Total 178 fbo 5.. (Co'gd6n wonet down 'at
75/4 and"~ --tings at TOi/5>.
......'* .. '-*.".1^.j; ) JJ -. -
Now Zealand v. Presidents XI
"Whllst we were jumpinfi upi iniDoninica
IrVin-: Shilling-ford vasrs Ii6oin': god a
form as top-scorer at Ilont"gb Day br a
ProEidents XI match agtaiist thc"tourists
Scores: Now Zealand 486 f6r'4 a6bcl and
97 without loss, Turner 202; Dbirlihg 124
and 39 n.o., T.Jar.vis 51, I-I.BDirgss 51
and 51 n-o. and B.Tayl'or 47 n.'o.: Pros-
idbnt5X' aft-or being-356 fr 3'collap-
sod ---allout 365: Kallicharan 51,; Baich-
an"96, I.Shillingford 124. Itowarth took
4 wickets for 102 and "Tayl"bri /57..

League Matches Start .. .
The first League Match started yes-.
toerday in the Gardens botoi-6n'larlom
Rovers and Blackburns. overs, batting.
first were dismissed for 94; topscoros
I.Booit 26, L.Williams 21: :TI.Charles
4/24, .E..John 2/16 Blaclzburns..-.15. without
less. *.

S Openinpp ~~Ttch Noet Woek"
The long-awa-ited Das!ktball Season
will be officially opened, February 23
at 8.30 by thecli~nistcr of Home Affairs
at the nowly built court in Windsor
Following this- ccrmony there will
be the tradit~'nal parade of teams:
this year thore will" bo a prize for the
team with the slmartost turn-out.
An Exhibito~:l io fItchi will then be'
played betweol last' yoar!s First Div.
Champions, Caroni""Canrdinals and an all.-
star toam' 'Th-Rcht." ".
There willl bo. -si teams in the League
all in Divlsib'niT...
Prosstimo .Tect. .S.or.r:...200..up for. 5. .at
3.30 Jamr tino (4.30 pr our time).

(frbn SupAileorncht i )
What I did niot ovon want to do is-
what she mado' -io eaid that was to kiss"
her. Being sioe then that I Was on the
road to glory, I g took; out my walletof,
opened it'a~ad ave her the five dollars
she had asked for; bitt while I wasa
dazedly replcdidg tlic- wallet it sud--
donly disapporod- from .imy hand -- she.
too mysteriorb ly disappearing into a-
puff of win;d. I know then that I had.
kissed a spirit. Thre' was nothing- I
could do about' if Ybut simply tako my
time in fu.tur.o.,. .rpont.. and. saVe my
It is into ristoing' o soe how men wih
once livee' vory-huiiily treat the p06ples
money.. Situplbmoeifiry 'ppropriatio is 'tt-
alling 185, 4592 a'r treated like ciickon-
food. Those. s.us a6e supposed to hrave
boon UITFOPESEETT; siich- as $10,000 o-itra
codts' in th-eShillingleford land case.
$. 1,083' to insuro- lioGbvernor-'s carI'
$67,933 foir Cbiii`nincations & Works;" for
Agricult~hfu Laids-&"Co 6o-ps $261646.-
Gontlemon,-if y our w.iv'o' said "i:-e iavo".
overspent"' .by1 50O for iast yoar," wo ildCia
you fool uh6,iy?_- -Aid returning 'to' fho
price of b6rf, this -uostion of beof aAd
bone is abs~iura"- d'sbcabf the best cutii
such as sirliirn, earest the boi-o'
Are Ministoe raiirviing butchers to 'ack-.
up cattle; Iipping' bone into littlb'bits?
(Some butchors- do thaitanyway). Raboss
rightly said' that-buyiirs"6f moat will
club togeth6r,"-b / f' catloe, and share it'
out among their friend l Doubtless all
those who 6 'iaill' attnd the Debate on
the Budgct, c t7arc h 3rd.

Pri-_ted-and Published by t2ih Proprietor, Robert E. All'ri-oy bf'Gopt Hall Mill
House, at 26 Bath Road,. Roseau, Dominica, lost Indies

h a t- i I Kissed- A .Spirit
-'Whn I heard. a certain individual I was-on my way home ohe night be-
Ssinging-"du feu mama," I decided fore Carnival when a-strange figure
-there and then (in the middle"of approached'; halted and requested me
ecarnival)^to head for the country, to accompany her to the Parish Hall.
*reXmebering the three skeletons now As the street was kind of dark she
turning over-in their graves because was afraid (she said) to walk alone.
S.-justice hasn't yet been-done. I I.bowed to-her. She was truly tall
...filled up at Prentice and:headed up. and dark and beautiTul afid t be pre-
.the tricky Imperial Roado I was very cise her shape was nothing inferior
much alive whei I returned .to town to otr own beautiful Miss World's.
on Wednesday in time for ashes. On the way we chatted agreeably;
One hears only praise for the her long hair was dancing all over
Carnival Dominique committee which her face as she kept turning to speak.
produced a remarkable feat. Recall- Yet her stoas seemed like those of
ing the-disastrous. results carnival a poor banana country girl a bit
experienced in the past few years, hesitating and clumsy,, as if she
it was indeed a ray of hope-in an carried a. load. "I come from New
othdrwise-hopeless: situation to see York," she volunteed..a. ,But.be. it
magnificent costumes, disciplined from New York, Mar'.rQ.Venus,..her
bands, beautiful aiid meaningful accent -did. not impress me as'foreign.
floats, and everyone jumping up' "I living in New York -ten years now,"
With that augury of things to come she concluded, ., '
Rama will definitely stick With the "That surprise me,,'" I replied
celebrations next-year, even if an With a certain sceptiism.ln for I am
asbestos suit" is necessary. By the not the type of- fish that- easily
way, Sensay and. other ragsy costumes swallows baits'r ..herever she was;
seem only to.be banned ih Roseau. I from did not,:interest me.-What did'
saw, them in-.Mahaut and another vill.- fascinate me was her splendid mys-
ageb. In the Carib Reserve, my vis- teriou- beauty. "You-look really ab
iting friends.tell me that the old a stranger, ajd I. can tell from your
habit of Lapeau "beggars" daubed American accent."
with blue, black etc. still prevails "You-mean I smellin' fohny?a
Every district has its own custom. ""Oh no, why did you thiik that?"
Held-up for half-ar-hour at Mahaut I retorted."
behind Belles Band, surrounded by a "You mean Americans have a dif-
crowd of"inebriated but far from ferent scent?"
unpleasant celebrants (on"the way "Oh pardon me...I said'your accent
home), I-genuinely felt in the thick -the way you speak, Inean."
of it, and appreciated the local-' "Oh I see," 1she said.
folks Who leaned"'towards me saying "Are you ,going, back?"
"patience ,patience". Armed with "Oh yes,-' she eagerly-'said,-, "I
bottles and-'stiCks, they were re- only came in for the'Carnival, but
markably kind and gentle. But-'a few I going back Fri~iy ori Saturday,like
sad and rbugh-'spots occurred in the Scobie ,and aplenty others','
capital and environs.., cut heads -" We walked through the grounds of
and throats, a pathetic suicide, and the School as a short cut to-'the"Hall
a lot of lewd song-lineS. -' and suddenly she begai feeling and
My commercial acquaintances tell searching for something in her dress-
me that 'two items sold extremely welL or brassiere.. "I have a-twenty dollar.
beer and contraceptives; the lat-. Th-y :might'not have change at the
ter may reduce illegitimate births'r dancehall door...you-.have any 'n you?"
just after Eational Day. And talking "Yes," I told her. I had in my
of national, this was-really the wallet $15, and could .gamble $5 of it.
people's national carnival. The other "You could give me $5?
can never compete as-far as jump up "Yes," I again-said, and waited.
and.'esprit is concerned. Some wived She drew closer and embraced me with
didn't see their husbands until Ash her soft tender fingers under"my shirt
Wednesday a.m. It is-said that one Wiggling and carrebing my skin. I could
chap came home wearing female under- not' resist her even had..I wanted to
wear, discovered when he undressed.. though we hhd only-met a few minutes
Those who sang "I won't tell Daddy ago. (Conclusion on Page 10)
etc."should wash out their mouths with soapy water and a touch of Dettol.

EriO ay, February 18,1972



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Friday Febr arv 18, 1972


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