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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: 02-11-1971
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Ms. Jane Lowenthal,

esarh Institute for Ai C4RN(AV t
the Study of Man,'--- I
162 East 78 Street, "Io n na fsIA
New York 100?rY.Y., j FOR TE ts
U.S.l A. u,-rrj t ,t .) >t. -,irti8t ?,t ,t T o.t 162 EAST 78 STREET
03/.S.A. :evr a-,r, ,t, w ^ s 7 ,REW YORK 21, N. Y.
L-S,.%V N-a.f. gw c Edfa br ... usy 11, 1972 Tn CoSri
"^ ~''a>S 'wl Fi9' ~' "".^ lyLli^'lfhJ-872-.--__..,-..--.__ ______ I~lJ0!^!!

LEBLANC? by Rvpert Sorhrdaz r
It is no *.agetiar to state thai Radio Dv ia s;
hs taken on a the appearances of a propaganda or-
gpaor of the txi;,ig Labour Party, The syste rma. czdu-
isn'of the opposiCtio parry from any mdio discuasion
f .he catnoversial issems of the dzy is denial by
t:: '.ato.ur Governmenm of the rg.t:s of the people
f ;md.eica to uanczsred information,

br when one considers the source ef the fiainiang
o f '. im in,6rt"at "public" service. It is, after all, the
Dasmn ca ,sa':-r (fLabo:' t and opposition sTmrpa.
thisec aSbhlre who pcy for the rmar:enrt e of that

The ;tb<.ur Co'e:r.-'sancs attitude on the mat-
ttz ~rwst be reviewed if Domiinxc is to develop into a
he.1- h. ~r *"e.' It iheTk n eufl rart the GCoterment
d: noi adopt fthe opositioaT parlrv's re ;utic p-reN-c...
", i te e Iouse, deahnlig with the cor tol of Rad-i
'.e~fi:i.. The gSiiia-a to ptrr. the operat n ai
Rad;, Doauz in utI-T r t anagm of a public
coprbaion is.a desibiSc akeative to Ai prWesent
parr.au conctxrc.

Mr. Erstim Ward returned to Dominioi a d re-
samed tie one-mani Cmmmission of loquiry invt
vIetes of Dec, S6 (House of Assembly uproar. Wit-
ne.ses weee hard .in theft forkwing order: Star S,
L-s:r-adc, E.CG Loback, Miss Victmra Tlhim.
SDrrick r hilhI'. Lcnnox Honychurcb, Stuart Wilzcms
and Newto Frscis.
Retned Permanent Se-cretay.Chief Establi sh
fmelt Officer W O. Scverina last to testify) s ir:
"Governanent s-ems more ncoaeened with p'i;.!:
tup a show of power and authority irrespective of the
Sresentarc arouted, than with its main functions -vai
dte nrft fee of the peopk. "
(Se & al tc )
TA* Comirassioes r weat 1*ack fto 8asrdas, wil
*coenlruthe niairy Friday p.rm.

W,.O. S.'::i=

I, !,
T k.


pg. 6


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have. a go
1cE S N 4Will be r

These' I ..-'" l f hshrt fro-m the Fretch stands, k.ss&Sb w Apply to
-"'e (.i.:.. .. D'c a 'i womasi > ov er it coCn SPr ING
!'s phtgrph take" ';,rter irty w,, Ragoignd SPRINU
Shr'- a?!4 Dcrsty DiuperP* wfkome- Lord WHjIngdon P.O.
t* the ishez. -

be mechanically minded andI
od knowledge of auto sparePC p
esponsible for proper operationfl
lepartmenr including virvem ,
Kxoo salary for the right man,

BOX 2., RO!.EAU.
:, ;'.

iP r Thm.tbuarv 11 1:972 TTIE STAR Pag Tw

I cannot stop congratulating myself on having gone to Marigot on Sun-
day, 30th January last. It has been one of my very profound experiences.
Immediately upon arrival, I became aware, judging by the-vast number
of farmers already gathered, that I was in for something very special and
I was not disappointed.
First of all, I was impressed by the representation of the sexes, It
surprised me to see the. number of women who attended the meeting. I would
put the ratio at 40:60, the higher figure being, of course, the proportion
of men. It was clear that the women of the rural areas are very much alive
to the crisis which faces them, either as farmers or as housewives.
Then the wide distribution of the areas from which the attendees came
was another source of gratification. Most parts of the island were re-
presented, with the Marigot/Wesley area, naturally, preponderating. Even
the south-western part of the island, which from Marigpt, would be one
of the most distant, sent some delegates, Hon. Anthony Moise, Leader of
the Opposition, among them. Grand Bay was not as well represented as it
ought to have been for the size of its' population, but what it lacked in
numbers, it made up for in effectiveness with its House of Assembly re-
presentative, Mi. Fadelle, himself a highly qualified agriculturist,
taking a leading part in the proceedings.
But perhaps the most striking feature of this gathering of farmers
was the efficiency of the organisation..Apart from the locale, the Weirs
Government School, situated on an area of breathtaking scenery, it was
clear that the host district -+ the people of Marigot-Wesley -- had achi-
eved one of the greatest organizational feats in the history of rural
Dominica. The school building was well adapted for the purpose. Its de-
tachable partitions removed, the huge space provided on the upper floor
for such a gathering was ideal, particularly with the amplifying equip-
ment installed' for the. occasion. Seating accommodation was ample.
The ladies of the area who undertook the catering for this vast con-
course did the job with marked efficiency and good humour. This was shown
most clearly in the way lunch was served. Visiting delegates,.were served
n' extremely tasty and attractive lunch, remaining in their seats in-the
meeting halls Resident delegates of the area were served in the cafeteria
on the ground floor. The arrangements proceeded without a hitch.
I understand that the people of Marigot-Wesley mado w stpraad contrib-
ution in cash and in kind towards the entertainment of the visitors. I
saw mountains of jelly coconut shells and grapefruit skins, evidence of
the scale- on'which liquid refreshments had been prepared. I also under-
stand that many sympathisers, particularly Roseau merchants and other
donors, made financial contributions towards the expenses of this mammoth
ga.theriang of farmers. All I want to say is that never were donations
better, more economically and more fruitfully spent.
Hero of all this was the initiator, Hon.W.S.Stevens, the area repres-
entative in the House of Assembly, who has made the welfare of small ban-
ana growers the special object of his concern for some time now. But it
was obvious, as he himself early pointed out in his: Welcome Speech, that
it was the united efforts of practically everybody in the host district
which issued in this striking meeting of farmers, Mr.Stevens rapport
withe, the small farmers of Dominica was obvious, to judge from audience
reaction to his addresses and interventbis in the course of the proceed-
ings. One. of Mr.Stevens' more brilliant moves in connection with the
organization of the Rally was his selection of Mr. Alvin Armantrading of
St.Joseph to preside over the day's, proceedings. There could have been no
better choice, as readers may very well suspect. Mr.Armantrading has been
the most consistent commentator on the dangers facing the banana industry,
apart from his platform skills, so well lokown to audiences all over Darmica.
It was not a particularly easy job to preside over a gathering of more
than a thousand farmers contemplatinyg their principal agricultural ind-
ustry -- bananas -- decline and with so many wishing to deliver themselves
of thoughts which, perhaps, "lie too deep for tears",
(concluded on page four)

ff~f~i~a~r SI'Fh~l~R.7?TT ?~~ 1!9'7~


Page Two

Page Three

Frida, Feruar 11,lgr(2 TH TA

** Q*U*E*E*N* and'` COMMONWEALTH-4
Her Majesty, accompanied by the
Duke' of Edinburgh and Princess Anne,
received a rapturous welcome in
.'Thailand, where she is visiting
King Bhumibol and Qjee -. Sirikit.
.'The visit did not rouse enthusiasm
in certain British quarters the
New Statesman describes it as "giv-
ing a British blessing to a most
unpleasant dictatorship"(last Nov.
a coup disposed of parliament and
a constitution).

We note that Mr* William Bell,
who was so cordially praised on a
Portsmouth platform and in-the
local Government newspaper "Educ-
ator" for British aid-to-Dominica
achievements, has acquired one and
a half (1.556) acres of land at
Hodges, anArmour wptate in .the

Landowners of the Cabrits area met
at the new Portsmouth Secondary
School to discuss proposals *affect-
ting,them in the."master plan for
State Tourist D'vel6pment"of whiph
corporation Drz O.N, Liverpool is
chai-mai designate& The-scheme was
favorably compared with Sunday Is.
and the landowners agreed to form
themselves into an Association later
and to hold discussions with Govt.

Heads of WiAS GoVts. with advisers
met in St. Lucia this week.to probe
the difficulties of the banana indus
try, One Adviser, Dr. J.B.ankey,
went on to Trinidad for the.AGM of
Directors of Agriculture, talking
on.regional research,
Last month some 5,000 people demon-
strated in Fort-de-Fran'e,,pressing
the'French Govt. to abrogate the law
which gives the Prefect power to .
remove from his.job or from the
island anyone suspected of- being a
cause of disturbance or trouble. 4'
teachers (we are 'informed) had lost
their jobs, and others in France
were forbidden to work in MartiniquQ
The march went on for four hours,
with a long pause by the Prefecture
where a delegation carried in a pet-
ition. There was no incident or
clash with the Police. The nrewv
regionalization plan is causing as
nrmch discussion in the French Islands
as jo ning Guyana is 'causing in BWI.
(Concluded on page 10)

a splendid evening service attended
Bishop Gachet of St.Lucia and many
rsons of other denominations includ-
g the Anglican Rector, Bishop BoghaEs
oke of the Order's past heroic his-
ry from 100,years ago; and Mr. L.A.
berts gave the eulogy. He said in
rt: "the people of Dominica cherish
deep and abiding admiration for the
I.I. Fathers" and outlined their
aeres of activity and the great hard-
ips they had endured, even up to
dent times.. "risks of unbridged
vers, mountainous. seas, torrential
wnpours,9. sick calls in the dead.-of
ght...involving crossing 3 unbridged
vers in the darkness:."One priest is
id to have fallen into the Pegua
ver 7 times in the course of duty,
SPFathers were unmistakable in their
owing black gowns...There was always
air of great humility about them..o
?. Roberts named the priests of the
ist with affectionate respect, and
)oke of how through FMI Dominica had
sen able to benefit St.Lucia, three
' whose serving priests attended the
Lss.9He thanked them on behalf of all;
asked Dominica-Born members' of the FMI
Sbe ever-mindful of prestige and of
.y lives, sacrificialservice. France,
lid Mr. Roberts, laid'the foundations
Sthe Faith in Dominica."Vive- la Fra~e

Meanwhile in.St.Kitts Methodists of
the region were treated to a speech by
Premier Bradshaw in which he laid down
"guidelines to religious thinking and.
practice" (according to .a report). He
had the speech printed at his Govt.
rintery, too. We are hoping.to get
a copy of-Bradshaw's creed saOn. It
should ,be theologically interesting.
The most chilling welcome a Synod has
ever received said the DEMOCRAT.

-- "'

. . . . ,I I h I I I I L I I II



Friday, February 11, 1972

It is well known that the Oppos-
;ion Leader from Guyana has been
duringg the islands, lecturing on two
objects, one. of which includes the
-renada Declaration" on joining with
lyana. Dr. Jagan .is soonspeeMagin
b, Lucia. There is no doubt that his
Dress in Dominica would be hugely
;tended. His tour has the blessing
C the U.W.I. Board; but efforts to
discover if Dr. Jagan will be permit-
ad to speak here lead to a blank wall.
?. Watty of the Ministry of Home Aff-
irs could not say yes or no on the
object, since the decision was to be
ade at a higher level.

Page t .

FridayFebruary 11,' 1972 THE STAIR

S M; -Armars inggpenrigaddress was a masterpiece. In:a partly
rebuking mai :b.ame- bana growers for being so remiss- in their.
ow0. interetstoi j eJect unit' e. persons to preside over the fortunes:,
of the ik dstr :ma ~~thught, which applies also in a wide con.-
-text). .He hadhe akof placing before the farmers the several alter
naii.ve .mean;s., .pa rticipating in: decision-making relating to the banana
ind~itry.- .all a hic~~he did admirably..
.. k*,-There .fo.1 owbd .a- !imber of semi-feature addresses by Messrs. Pat
Stevens,, Anthony Jaoseph .a'f Stanley Fadelle. Then came the unenviable
task:- of the Chairman' :in -allowing comments and opinions from the floor;
and a number .were :allowed from, as far as possible, delegates from the
different partsof .the island,- It wvas when proceedings were at their
liveliest that the luncheon period was announced. This lasted from 2.45
p..m. to 5.30 p.m.
.On resumption,, the gathering sang a couple of hymns, accompanied
on a hand-organ by Fr. Villeneuve, the Parish Priest of the area (the
Methodist Minister of the district was unavoidably absent at the Dist-
rict Synod). This.put the gathering in the right mood for continuing
discussion and.comment.
In the course of this, I could not fail to notice what I ao:nsider
a new and welcome mood of the rural people of Dominica. They meant busi-
hess. .They had passed the stage of falling for platitudes and untruths
from lead'era. They were assuming responsibility for their own welTare,
They were making a break with their easy-going attitude of the past. One
could dense new urgency of purpose. Rural Dominica had come of age and.
'things would noc longer be the same in outlook.
This change may partly be traced to the event of 12th January when
banana growers, in most unfavourable weather, marched through the streets
of Roseau to Government Headquarters to protest inaction on their plight.
This demonstration had been planned and led by Mr. Stevens. It was
therefore eminently fitting that this first Rally of the farmers of
Dominica-sshquld have taken place in Mr. Stevens' home town, one of the
largest,points of banana production in Dominica.
Out of the welter of the discussions and without serious competition
from the alternatives of (1) joining forces with the Dominica Agricul-
tural Society and (2) taking hold of the District branches of the Dom-
inica Banana Growers Association, the gathering unanimously adopted a
resolution moved by Mr. Stevens, and seconded by Mr. Fadelle, that a
Dominica Farmers' Union be"formed to protect the interests of farmers;
of'bananas and other agricultural crops and livestock. A Steering Com-
mittee was also elected to make arrangements by way of a draft constit-
ution for the launching of the Union.
-The main objective of the 'Marigot..meeting having been achieved,
delegates departed for home .(to meet again towards the end of February'
.to finalise, matters), proudly'conscious that a new force, one to be
counted in-the reckoning, had been nreated and unleashed,
Shown at Government HQ for the first time on Monday, this short promot-
ional. film cannot fail to please the tourist eager'for scenic beauty.
It .is. charming and harmless, unlike Lord Bristol's "Tomorrow's 'Island"
which was loaded with poetic imagination, flashes of melancholy and a
touch of irony.., a natural target for the banning type of.Minister.
Waitukubuli opens with a bang as the Kubuli dancers burst upon thescreen
even before the credits; it has some tremendous 'shots of boiling springs
and some amusing hotel and .horseplay-in-water scenes. But over it all is
the great natural excellence of Dominica, which dominates even the some-
what tawdry background music. Poverty is minimal; politics doesn't come
into it. Nearly as good a film for escapists as that technical em"Sun7-
day Asiand.'

Friday,February 11," 1972


Ferur II 1972~ TH -'~ -T~ Pa-c F. ?- .-

T e Ml AIerwate DisLtrict 'G' & The Chie f of Pore
1. Adrienn Cyrille, now 'residing at Callbfihie., in th4
farlsh of St, Andrew. do hereby give you notice. chat It is
my Intancltn to asply at the Magtirratr's Court to b held
at Portsmouth. on.Mofday. the 3rd day of Aelrl, I972, 'tAu.
kgg. fora Retail Lquor Licence n restpct of my premsemat
Calibishit, the parish of St. Andrew. .
Dmted the 17th day of December, 1971.-
$ 2.-3./; Adridnne Cyril?.

1 aNOTw^ICE^

The Scholarshir Exams for the U.W.I. group
SAwill take place from Monday 28th Febru-
I ary to Thursday 3rd March at the Univer- reia]
Ssity Centre. A..
Applicants will receive their numbers and I
time-table from the Campus of their choice

, ,_ -, ?6i -



Ma _900

The Viva went through far more than the
Testing thi goes into a new car.
use it was test-oroved at 'Punishment
-Vauxhall's unique 700 acre proving
nd at Mi.lbrock in Bedfordshire.
Test-proved for strength, safety
bity and protection.



ifoqualt ji

d \dICe lu

Application forr Liquor Licence
To the Magittrate District "E" and the Chief of P lice
I, AyoubKaramn now res 4fini at Trafalur, Parish of
St. Georges do hereby give you notice that it is my Intntion
to apply at the Magtstrate's Court to be hqid at Roseau, on
Monday. the 3rd day of April t972, ensuing for a Retali
Liquor Licence in rfpect of my premises at Traflgar, Parish
of St. Georges
Dated the 7th day of February, 1972.
SAotob kKarat
22- 'tb ''


Applications are invited from suitabhe persons :, -
the post of Town Constable, R;seau Town Cous -

: *


Take look at die
range of VPBritishv nes.The same grapes go
to nakeVP that to iakc aot jofexpensive
s&'WtNich accounts forVNP fine quality

8 1 alx t d ) 48


The post is pensionable and is in the sas.rv
ale of $1620 x 60 z68o x 120 2400 x fS .
The Officer will be required rn wear uniform
ovided by the Roseau Town C.uncaii
The dutie- of the pot are governed by R--
ulations of the Roseau Town Comi!. .

Apphcations must be addressed to the Town
Clerk and reach the Office of the Roseau Town
Council not later than the 16ch February, z972.

Scul!y S. Lestra;ec

Ct 1-



+U --I

'"--'--------- I ----

IkLI~P~ -x~ -I --X------~-li-IIC~--- ---~-


- 1_1" --i --I~
-- ----- --- U- I^U* I

Pages ,F,.')

fs^&" Febrarr 1I. 1972



. e '

Ua12.t Is Febrs ry, 1972,





f,,. .. __ it ',3

~-~--- ----- ~~---

Mr. Severin and:Mr. Star Lesthade Brighten up the advertising,writes
were impressive among this week's a well-known contributor; for exaniLe
voluntary witnesses. And in her sin- "Are you thinking of getting married?
pie direct way, Miss Victoria Thom- Are you thinking of leaving the
as was: extremely effective as she island to avoid getting married?..o"
described the Sessions of Dec.9-10 and: "Bell bottom pants are going
when the people showed resentment down, down, down. .Everybody's rush-
over the Guyana affair; how Govt. ing to see and buy them... do buy a
MemberB: and Ministers dozed away fancy belt as well.,."
until they were startled into say-
ing "aye", and how Mr. Christian CARNIVAL DOMINIQUE '7. the start
said the people's view. should be A lovely stage setting, for which
respected until he had a tap on some of the material was late in ar-
the shoulder an4 voted "aye;" with riving the true touch of art from.
the others. Alwyn Bully, Lennox Honeychurch and
Mr. Lestrade spoke of the pres- the Committee (which included hardened
ence and actions of the young on Carnivalites like John Bully, and new
Dec.16, and told how Mr.Eaton Bel- thinkers like Parry Bellot) led off
lot 'saved the mikes' by handing the season (rather tardily) on Tues-
them'to Mr. Arlington Riviere. He- day night. The Governor was there,
gave a factual account of the eventsand the lady Deputy Mayor, .who looked
up to the singing of "We HAVE over- smashing in red and scintillating mojl
come" as the caowd dispersed touches; Lennox clowned in his best
The Commissioner crossed swords style;and a foretaste of Calypso fin-
with Mr. ELrick Phillip in 45 mins alists...the chill damp air of the
of testimony. Phillip said he help- Roseau valley caused recent flu vieas
ed Lt.J.Chamberp to his feet and to draw jackets and shawls around them,
accused the Police of lying about Spark' was a natural winner of the
his actions on the dramatic date. Calypso King crown his Black P6wer
Similarly, .the Commissioner chal-mWiber and topic of the day "Dominica
lenged star witness WVO. Severin "No! (to the Guyana alliance) brought
who, faithfully recording his opin- out his fans; though to our mind no
of the events and causes leading calypso was a ringer for tune and
to the revolt of Dec.16, spoke of esprit."Caterer"(S.Soanes) was 2nd
"increasing public resentment ag- Guyana agdin') &"Robin"grd-FreedomnSt.
ainst several. unpopular measures There was: no real Steelband competition.
undertaken by the Government...":he But the nev firm Domimica Distilleries
named the RTC dissolution as the came forward as patrons of the pana.
culminating one and did not ove- In Portsmouth, a woman oalyp.sonian
look the Banking Act "which among (Miss Seraphine Hyacinth) came in 3rd,
other things, permits the Gover:nment which was pleasing, for the Northern
to piry into what has long been re- calypso. crown; Entertainer was lst
garded as a strictly private area with "Jump with the Steel Band", and
of the affairs of the public, viz. Mighty Thuntrotrm 2nd.
their savings and other transaction As we go to press, last-minute
with the Bank", the Grenada Declar- preparations are being made for the
ation ("gone about in so secret a fabulous, marvellous, wondrous Calypso
manner as to arouse the most series Queen show, on which we expect.to comn"
suspicious.")- and "as far back as ment with pictures (all being well)
1968 when one of the most object- next week,
ioc able pieces of-legislation Incidentally, the Spark (Herman
that has eever been promulgated James)is truly a dedicated calypson--
found its, way into the Statute Book ian; he won the prize in 1962 & 196&I
of a democratic nation viz the and the National Calypso King crown
Seditious & Undesirable Publications in 1971. His late lamented, father Mr.
Act"... Mr. Ward attempted to, show Selwyn James should have lived to soe
that Britain had an Act that was this season. It's an odd Carnival,and
"no worse" and that Jamaica's was we wish it well, and the incomes from
even harsher; unfortunately, Miss abroad lots of fun; we've never felt
Charles was not there to.display the same about it since those fine
her own powers of challenge in eluo-ellows burned to shreds. Ministers and
idation during cos-examination. he like will be leaving town
Speaking on the RTC Bill (see .10) e like ill e leaving ton

Page Six

Friday, February 11;1972


Page Seven

Fiction MA TITINE by C. Watt 79th ANNIVERSARY OF D. G. S
SDistinguished young Doctor Ger-
Carnival is in tha air oand Ma ald Grell gave the feature address
Titine is going all put.Her costume at the Dominica Grammar School,which
is ready, her cabinet stuffed with celebrated the founding of the School
liquor: Eurilla and Garge have been g7 years ago. He pointed to achieve-
generous...and they hope to fly over ments in the Caribbean with pride,
There's a pig in the yard grunting and said that leaders in business,
to be slaughtered!
to e slaughtered n the professions & trades (also pol-
"Wayway, look boun temps next itics) were largely products of DGS.
week: Souse and boudain for so; brae mentioned the "uninhibited atmos-
cochon an' baba-roulee, well.,. leh He mentioned the "uninhibited atmos-
cochon anl osaba-rouee, well, leh here of the school"and the part it
we fill ourself for food shortage played in the character of students.
coming as.. "A Secondary School.. .must be flex-
Best of all s had a bi ible enough to adjust to the chang-
prise for the populace. "It will needs of the times through which
make dem stan'on dere head, you ever ing ndas sedfThe school hasoh which
see: Ma Titine buy car at las lit has passed..The scuss school has cschoolnd
^s^ ^c^J^ ^du +^ou influence socie~ftr discusing whether school
Garcon, see dem when dey see my ca oul d influence societher vice versa
She dressed neatly and went to D. Gell sid "perhaps oth factors
Reuben's home, he was a friend of Dr. Grell said "perhaps both factors
een's home, he was a friend o should operate together ..,it is rea-
Eurilla, a second-hand-car salesman o t
There her splendid rQnainted Viva sonable to presume that a school pro-
There her splendid repainted Viva
ducing future leaders,..should re-
(revived from a crash) was parked, during future leader societyul
lect the views of that society"
Titine was going for a driving les- "We belong to the Third World
son after which the car would be
group of countries with a history
garaged in her yard, in an old 3- of colonialism and a future,hope-
sided storeroom meant for coconuts of colonialism and a futurehope-
andfully, of national identity and a
an provisions go oun by Baby national pride...We are committed
an' pick her up; den we going' to also to any struggle for racial eq-
as y Ancine Bn ie e will quality and the brotherhood of man,
SB D s These are the calls of our time."
They collected Baby who was in And sure enough a woman advanced to
such a flutter she didn't know what gree them one or dozens who ha
dress to put on. In Dominica you can returned home for carnival. She em-
be poor like a mouse but a girl al- braced them both warmly, then said:
ways has a choice of dresses. "Titine, I hear tings nice wid you
"Titine you is a sly one! I glad now! I self come to enjoy carnival
of de car, because dose people, you but I heaying so much tings dat I
know who I mean, dey think is dey even afraid to run mas'! Whah happen-
alone can have motor-car...ssh, ssh, in' to our Guvment? Dey doan have
look Ancine!'' Titine then nudged good head?" Titine passed the bottle.
Reuben. "Park right by her place an' "My dear, God alone know...you heah
do like you checking' on something." what happen in December? De cases
The ladies lit cigarettes and call but dey pospone den for March."
took a swig at a bottle of Vat 69b "An' all the dam fool about price
"Eh Baby, what you say for my car increase' Bon Dieu, all-you will die
...?" "Noffing to complain.""I know in Dominica wee."
I would surprise you:"-nudging Baby Titine handed around bread and
and winking towards Ancine."Reuben, salami. "Eat while de plate full,man."
everything all right?'! "Le's go up Newcomer Genelia,wearing a smart
the valley for my lesson." And away foreign twopiece, said heatedly:"But
they went leaving Ancine goggle-eyed what bussin my --- is dat business
-she could not exclaim because she about pension for dey an' dey wife!
had put a clothespin in her mouth Dat is not dam nonsense den! Way you
while a towel fell off the line. ever heah dat before? Is not sot den,
The first nervous lesson over, tonerre: You-all payin' tax to put
Reuben installed the car in the old pension in dere wife pocket? Every-
store-room, and bade the friends body in Dominica-outside-club and
good day after having downed a stiffbenevolent society talking' 'bout dat,"
drink. "I myself enragea," nodded Baby,
Baby .was staring at the road. They lifted their glasses and then
Tjitine: Lok Genelia' She back the three wagging heads came together
in Dommnica. (next column) in the closest of feminine complotso


Friday.February 11, 1972

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PF.'e Eight

Friday February 11, 1972





n USE?


V.-.LULj ..y 9 ,J-'L'-.J..Y J, -^L i .- ---- ---- --
!-NOTICE Recognising te importance of the
banana industry'to the economies of
Windward Islands Banana the four islands of Dominica, St.
Growers' Association Lucia, St.Vincent and Grenada the
An Extraordinary General Meeting meeting was in total accord on the
of WINBAN was held in Dominica on necessity to communicate all the
Saturday, 5th February, 1972 under" abovementioned,matters to the gov-
the Chairmanship of Mr H.V.Atkinson ernments of the islands, prior t&o
O.B.E., President. their proposed meeting in St Lucia
Matters of urgent and vital impor:-on Tuesday 8th February, 1972, seek
ance to the. banana industry were dis-their assistance and guidance at a
cussed. Principal among them was the time when all this, in the true
question of interim price arrange- spirit of regional solidarity was
ments, pending the negotiation of a most needed for the successful re-
nrew banana contract with the Purchas-habilitation of the industry.
|ing Company. 8th February, 1972 V.E.WHITE
Following upon the inconclusive General Manager
IWINBAN Meeting held in St Vincent in Dominica Banana Association,
November last year with the Purchas- 3251/1
jing Company an interim price arrang- RADIO DOMINICA or RADIO LEBLANC?
:ement was finalised in December. The by R. Sorhaindo (from p.L)
implementation of this interim price
arrangement proved it to be most un- It is sometimes discouraging to
Satisfactory because of unforeseen I feel that the people of Dominica do
technical problems. Accordingly, at not seem to care who controls their
Ithe WINBAN meeting just concluded in source of information! After all, if
Dominica, it was unanimously agreed the people. were UNITED in their cause
that the arrangements were unwork- of opening -' the air waves of Radio
able and that the Company should be Dominica to provide a forum for the
approached immediately for an inte~im W~ trum of political thought across
price negotiation at the earliest the length and breadth of Dominica,
possible: date. the Labour Government would have to
The meeting discussed at length capitulate to the WISHES OF THE
details of alternative proposals PEOPLE. (Mly remarks are not intended'
suggested by the various unit Assoc- to reflect on the technical capability
nations to be put to the Company, or artistic talent of Radio Dominica
and one of these alternatives was staff and some broadcasters.)
eventually adopted. By restoring the radio to its
It was realized that the progresF proper function, we would be taking
,so far made with regard to arrange- a giant step towards creating the at-
jments for initiating the proposed mosphere of tolerance, and initiating
comprehensive probe into the banana civilized dialogue between political
'industry was far too slow. Because currently at war with.each other.
iof this, it was decided that in add- Government's refusal to consider
ition to pressing for early action on an alternative to its current arrog-
(a)finalising the appointment of ant policy of what amounts to putting
S of members of the Committee-, Radio Dominica "out of bounds" to
'& (b)actually commencing;, the study, opposition viows, reflects its lack
!the four island Associations would of self-confidence. It also indicates
prepare memoranda on the subject, to lack of faith. in the Dominican people,
ibe submitted to the WINBAN SecretariatHow can a government that claims to
Twho would also prepare data for the have the support of the large major-
commencement of the. work It was ity of Dominicans be so, so child-
jagreed that 'the study should be com- ishly sensitive to criticism? But aTl
4pleted and the final report submitted ,this is maybe "beating about the bu~sh
by 31st July, 1972. The plain fact of the matter is: THE
Among other matters discussed at PEOPLE OF DOMINICA HAVE THE RIGHT TO
the meeting, were palletization of HEAR OPPOSITION VIEWS ON THE VITAL
Quality assessment samples of boxed ISSUES WHICH FACE THE STATE. Now it
fruit in Dominica which had been fis up to the people to challenge, the
presenting difficulties and the needLabour government in the courts The
for the vigorous continued drive for judiciaryy exists to safeguard the
increased production of high quality iht of it. is of the stat
fruit. (cont. next column)r a onb n uv s P~-

Page Nine


F id F br 11 1972

The Darbados v Combined-Islands Shell In hish-lour-loig 27-page budget speech,
'hiield match at the- Totaiic'al Gardens Minister.T Fiiiaii6e". Armour stated total
resulted in a win for 'Darbad6s by six erpenditiire'for 1972"aa $:2A.606,5SC,.. *
wickets after being -led n 1st innings The budget will' be debated o~A March 3,so
by 35 runs. Islands batted first in the we shall ihot' iliacusc-sit here', save t- say
afternoons of the first tiJo days (rain that partial-iciic6rde tax relief.-has -bee
affecting the outfield Tf6orrrning- given throiiuig wives '& children's allo-.i
play.) They scored a re spectable 256 ances --a-nat'tor Zong pressed- for; lor'e
in"t he morning of the 3rd 'dayI, Amory new Polic 1sTE- E rc in progress;"dobnahids
having scored a patieiit"64 iid' aided for in6cac6ai' T6xchidldtures by Ministfies
by fast knocks by pacemeif CGayson have bi6ii heavy"';'cr. liconcbs will'rise
Shillingford (42)'and IToibert Phillip next "year- Frori $5-10' (Drivers)' and 'on iVe-
(36')": Holder 4/72, IIoiford 3/4:5. Extras hicles itnder '1OO' l'bs from $20 to $30 -
scored i ell into double "Tigu66si Bar- from i00 lb" '2800 Ibs from'$25 -.$.b
bados batsmen disliked the pace of Defence- had ri"oi- -by $265,000, Soc9ial"'
Shillihgford (3/60), Phillip- (3/60) anc Servioio7-Ty 5,,296. -Armour doniod-'u-'
Robeits (2 wkts) there uere two run- mours thit'the-Govornment was bankirip't'.'
otuts, but several.. drij'iije catches. They Gratitude'to-6 tT. and Canada for'mohcTary
chilked up 221 Lashley a' Will-played aid was. oS irhsseo. "'bvernment is de er-
76', young Clarke 41. Cbi6biied 1i'n their mined to' broaJ t'io--chains of poverty." 'r
2nd' innings were buiidl'cd-out after. He ended up" rinilyi"''i' is obvious that
lunch on the'last day"for 106 Holford even in 'Do6minica clob'ud-f omin6ous pro-
(Capt.) 4/38, Tony Howard 5/49'. With portion gaZlir: .:"ibs iuro the futuroQ*..
142 to win in about 150 ..iinut'es Barbad- Tw'supplboYar app riatioifs of
os knocked it off for the -lss of 4 $56,030and $127,422 woro passed.(D0tails
wickets with plenty.. .f. n niiatbry overs next woeQlT ...0,$ YM. CONTROL.. Opp ition-
to spare:o Robin Bynoe hit' carefree 74 said the. shall cattlo-owners should have
At queen's Park~Oval if-aTri"nidad, the been consulted, food costs estimated.
home team managed to last'o ut for a INQUIRY WITNESS from page 1
draw being- set to score- 407 in their Mr. Severin said: "either the Premier
2nd innings to beat Guyana. 'Guyiana .in was not correctly informed of the mood
their 1st got only 176 (Jai-iadeen 5/33) of the people or if he were he choose
but, Trinidad could'- d no better than to ignore it in the hope that his in-
126 '(Fredericks. 4/36,6Gibbs. 3/25). A struments of coercion would effec.t-
2nd'innings of 356 jiut Gtiania right on iv ely' deal with any disturbance that
top', nevertheless Trinidad mahagied a the bill would cause." (He was then.
fine 333 for 5 at clQoseof play. speaking on the R.T., Bill)'. *****
.......-- MARTINIQUE from '.age three.
After an easy win over a T'II teai the Martinique took only 3 hours for the
New Zealand tourists found Jamaica at General C@ncil to decide for Region-
Sabina Park too.hard a iii t to crack.- alisation of FWI,Guyana & Reunion Is.
Jaiiaica amassed 451 (n-Rou 227) and N.ZI 4GuylnZ asked for 2 Weeks and Guadeloupe
were dismissed for 156. Foll6wih on 3 days of reflection,..in Martinique,
they were 305. for 5 at 6loso, Hastings Feb.4, judgment on 3. young men accused
having scored a century. .... in taking part in a street manifesta-
The New Zealanders play a PosidenI tion (Febb197a)' took place in a Court
XI in Jamaica today.' IrvyTc Shillingfor House surrounded by Police (armed).-Des-
and- fichael Findlay r'prcienKt. Combined pite brilliant defence argamnents, the
Is.lands. (no -arbd..s.. _a.. ..ri..... accused were sentenced to abbut 2 mtha
* GOVT. cntrols'nmeat prces'I n"telHou~ jail. When the sentences, were known
Tses Cdharl'es Isupporti T t oaidis was stones were thrown at Police by young
aiGortdSRO and not' nersbe-- s' 'buiness: protesters, driven back by tear gas.
buti'.critical Opposition r!ark -on the'Late that night they went around the
biiiled amendennt-'-i:~- Bone-ess.-eef lb1P2 city setting fire to cars, and next
$e1.'1 .rSe t -d ay staged a "sit in" in front of the
were '0eashe; Iso lack f pricing council House. Carnival was on' *****
RADIO DOMINICA RADIO LEBLANC? from pages & 9 (by Rupert Sorhaindo)
It is time that we. bhgin to approach the courts for re edss in cases 01
abuse of authority ir 'the matter of Radio Dominica, Who will take up the
challenge? Aiiy citizen who feels that his constitutional right of freedom
to re 1.e i.formgij throught a ublAc cormmunication facility) has been
intesfere lih, ab 1erately, b h'te, _overnme. tb
Pit~ -i Publis~h y .o E All-Bri om ncopt Hall Mill House
P&b aiu2' OBL

Page T-en

T .H E S T A E

Friday, February 11,1972