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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 11-05-1971
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Mrs. Jahe LowenlthBl,
Research Insti-'ut: fr
Sthe Study of MIan,
162 -East 78 St'eet,
New York 10021, W.Y-
o/- t .-'- |
S.. ., No i >

PESEA'- '-:
*,: S .

Alone amootg the
Western democra es we are still ra~l by a
Jobse sL-,ety of dedicated officials repon sifle
to mimisters who soon Hearn to resent the prying
eye of tte Journalis the hunger for knowledge
if the historiaf, the simple Furios4y of the
ge~cral public

IN the debate on any great public isme d e
burden of peoof nmust -lrway, f~; a~ those who
p. r. pqe4 an imeaise aiid ke'vocable ciagse.
It is they wke should pro'tie
aId and ~sb~baiai ev dece to show that he
3.- -H the csrtain losses
HN*'t or y tOa t., but i'? ;:rn.ns iw.o
s6r.-k t.'- irmp-oase '.IfIi i- c Pis -> hoir unHwiti g .
S;:vi" a*.l!i; o ho-ild hta'p.ft th e sotse s fat i

.;ihot ti"in.i:,, out t ho re-:tion of his
ieop; ?. In 's t oitns hare w:et -ery s1.i-
bi-.ly UratuE C ourer thuis F(omaniay. it'-y Eric
-^ers of at. roqii outside befXore tho nte .c
pr-om t-ic, t.lk MrF, l, lcbleic ;,a oan tuh
:i:snVa'n -'.,y ,oif zadio DotiLinzxi, Few of
t;thu arJr u pleased, .n one hops1tiCtion ;
z- tAorefcre rol c. t h new, taht
"xw Opaspo itior P'artty leader of the 5
aTi.nn:~lr Statckes inTvol e1 in tih dekl ill
'.Msces 2-o DominitcS. ic xt. ffeeftk o d'iscus

According to the Cabinet Secretary,
P ne.m e
Radio Dotrnielnca was pe t ectof he

14.*' n4 w ero luwt Isisir sl lt

: cr, dmt Co .s-t-i c.l i as Chie ceark
*;b;- rive Sarchns., *h.e Frltuir
Raio 'D 1 iko ia W.s a.Pet ri' wi thi .
] } rc; .a... hi e. ^ be: th: ?sg";o st
fn.ilurte of Ii,.

National Essay Winner
i-f^040 1 1

This .intelligent and -charming--girl' is
Clatdia Newman 17, who came first for
her essay on The place of youth in a
developing nation." She is a Convent
High School student, whose brother
Edward(S.M.A) did well in A-Levels
this year.



Who passed away November 3rd 1970. You e I
not forgotten, father dear, nor shall you ever .,
as long as life and memory last.
Sadly missed
Your loving Children and Grand children
** -- -" -- .111 , ,. ., ., ., ^ .

Freedom Party Public Meeting
The Dominica Freedom Party invites all the
people of Roseau to a public meeting from the
porch of the Dominica Trade Union Hall, Free-
dcm Street, on Monday evening November 8th
commencing at 8.30
The principal subject to be discussed is the
so-called "Declaration of Grenada" and its impli-
cations for Dominica. All are cordially invited.


~OIMBlt~"ar ~,W~-p-- ---~O

Page Two THE STAR Frid-gy, November ~,l97i

During the past week, events both cheering and saddening have
occurred in our community.
Most, Pheering.has been the defeat of what once appeared to be a
monolithic political party at the polls. Interpret the results as they
wish, the hierarchy of the Leb-lanc Party will not be able to get away
from the central fact, namely, the rejection of that Party by the people
of Roseau the capital of Dominica. From this fact, let the people of
the other parts of Dominica draw the conclusion that those living in
Roseau, -closer to the heart of things, events and occurrences, are. in a
better position to evaluate the Leblanc Party and, consequently, the
rural areas should ponder long and seriously this decision of the irhnb-
itants of their capital town.
As I sat at midnight on the day of the Roseau Town Council election
witnessing the counting of the ballots, I was extremely conscious of the
fact that a few feet away a turning point in the history of our country
was being made. I saw a new sense of national purpose emerging directly
under the gaze of us present. I saw the liberation of minds which had been
in bondage for many years. I saw the patient educative efforts of so many
at long last beginning to bear fruit. I saw new hope, new purpose.
Metaphorically, I saw the morning break.
No one, not even the hierarchy of the Leblanc Party, can be so naive
as to think that the improve ed physical condition of the city was the
basic issue of that election. It was not: though, of course, it had to
be mentioned, What brought out to the voting booths feeble old souls*,
dynamic and forward-looking young men.. and women, right-thinking people
of all types, sorts and conditions, went much beyond cleaner drains and
renewed sidewalks, important as these things undoubtedly are. It was a
remembrance of events like those of 23rd September when the Leblane Gov-
ernment -summoned its forces of death and destruction against the people
of Roseau on peaceful demonstration. It was fear of the proposed Bank
Act which seeks to bring the savings of the people within the grasp and
control of the Government. It was the recollection of the Government's
dictum that "freedom has no meaning or significance in Dominica". It was
the threat of thraldom to Burnham's unstable and crime-ridden GUyana,
secretly negotiated, and about to be attempted by srrall small-island
politicians. It was the imminent collapse of the barana industry (to which,
it is said, 'the Premier has already accommodated himself) without any
significant effort by Government to stave off this disaster-laden event.
It was a belated recognition that even the humblest citizen of Dominica
has a God-given personality which should be respected and ought not to be
exploited for the self-glorification of the Leblanc Party politicians. It
was a rejection of class hatred and conflict, so sed.nulously cultivated by
that Party, particularly by the Editor of its newspaper and its Deputy
'The defeated Party showed poor sportsmanship. When it first became
evident from the ballot-counting that it .was in for defeat, its repreas-
entatives around the counting place (presumably under the influence of
stimulants) became obstreperous, aggressive and positively dangerous,
sparing no one of the Opposition Party present, not even its able and
dedicated lady President who, in dignified manner, did not deign even to
recognize the existence of her Ministerial would-be tormentors. Even the
Election officials were not spared, as though these had suddenly become
responsible for the nemesis about to overtake the Shoe Party.
Outside the Court House where the count i.ng was taking place, hundreds
of citizens kept vigil with bated breath and hope aflame. From time to
time, news was filtered to the crowd by representatives of the winning
Freedom Party. Midnight came and went. The Freedom Party's majority con-
tinued steadily to increase. Then it began to drizzle, shortly afterwards
to rain. It was at this point that voluntarily-outgoing Town Councillor
Louis Benoit, a great favourite on the.Freedom platform, (concluded' p. 4)

Friday, November 5,1971


Page Two


rriv, Novembe_ r 6 S7I THE STAR

The- RA aqn Tow Cowunci fotan

.... .~i z .gi. r
~~~: .':
2' ,


.......... ..lPnT~ :-,,i ,, '

*E~ .` .~ : .
.:. i


'~ .:'trl


b h, courtroom earY.

And outic..

w e l k..
,. #
Lr "%
.. .cr.' "" . '- .
"~,e' ,ggtl~ ,. "-- ..- .. -,, . .~

Scohie Scans the li h b ox.
Scobie scainsbte list



Councillor Benoit went out on the porch and with no further reservations
.about the final outcome, gave the word that Freeoio had won all five
seats. Tha'pent-up anxieties and frustrations of many political seasons
burst through their protective coverings as prolonged loud cheers rode
the early morning air; car honhs tooted and hastily improvised bands of
joyous members and supporters broke into song and made for the heart af
the town. A new chapter in the political history of Dominica had opened.
The week, however, was not all sweetness. This columnist is one who
suffered acutely in the few days preceding the election. Not from any fear
of the results, but because something worse, much worse, had happened,
Despite the crimes and harms and ills which the Leblanc Party has
planned and perpetrated against the people in recent times and which have
been outlined partially in an earlier paragraph; despite the mass anxiety
and frustration which these have caused to the population; despite the
clearest evidence that the ruling Party uses human beings as mere pawns
in its game of perpetual power for its hierarchy, two persons, both with
legal training, chose the moment of the week preceding the recent election
formally to join the LeBlanc Labour Party.
I cannot begin to say how disappointed I feel in these persons, par-
ticularly in one of them for whom I had developed some kind of (I now see,
misplaced) admiration. Here were persons who had had the benefit of a
standard of learning denied to most of their compatriots and, because of
this, had an obligation to give sound leadership.
What these lawyers did was in effect to endorse repressive legislation,
violence against the people, dehumanization, dictatorship, misuse.of public
funds on a massive scale, selling the country to pro-Communist political
mentors of those in power that all these things are laudable or, at the
worst, morally neutral. Dominicans are deeply disappointed.
An interesting by-product of the accession of these legal luminaries
has been to expose direct with flourish and fanfare the myth that the
Leblanc Labour Party is the party of the small man. For they are Directors
of the largest commercial concern in this country. The hierarchy of the
Leblanc Party now abounds with lawyers, large landowners and other magnates.
The Opposition Freedom Party, excepting for one member, is a party of
paupers by comparison. And yet, up to this moment, you will hear people
like Speaker of the House of Assembly (Vice-Pres. of the LeBlanc Party,
Editor of the party organ "Educator") Euatace Francis, Finance Minister
& Dep.Premier Ronald Armour and Michael Douglas of associated $10,000-
fame mouthing epithets like "bourgeoisie" and gross bougs" with reference
to the Opposition Party. I am perauaded that rejection of such nonsense by
the population was an element of the result of the Town Council election.
So now you see why the last couple of weeks have been a period of
bitter and of sweet. But this mixture contains the ingredients for the
resurgence of Dominica from the gloom and shadow under which it has lain
for upwards of a decade. And signs are not wanting that this will be done.

In Washington on Oct. 29, Senator Frank Church, a senior member of
the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Comnittee and a long-time supporter of
aid to developing countries, issued a stinging indictment before voting
against the Foreign Aid measure in the Senate. He claimed that U.S.aid
had widened instead of narrowing the gap between rich and poor nations,
adding that aid programs had not deterred Communism or encouraged democ-
racy but "they have been effective in certain instances in keeping
unpopular regimes in power". *
In the view of the Editor of this newspaper, pnd of many people in the
Caribbean who are friendly towards Britain, British aid has done the same
thing in the West Indies at times, and it has certainly done so HERE.-PSA.

Page Four


Friday, November 6,,1971

Page Five.

COMMONWEALTH SCHOLARSHIP AND FLLOW- First there was last month's 219t
SSHIP PLAN-- Anniversary of the Social League of
TRINIDAD D TOBAGO POSTGRADUATE Catholic Women. According to one lively
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO POSTGRADUATE participant it was "the deuce of a
SCHOLARSHIP IN TROPICAL AGRICULTURE participant, it was "the deuce o a
OLARSIP igfete" coming after the previous
Under the Commonwealth Scholarship Sunday's Legion of Mary pally at
/Fellowship Plan the Government of Goodwill. A full and tasteful program
Tr.'inidad and Tobago is making avail-was sent to invitees. The event took
able one (1) award for postgraduate place at the Arbeedee Cinema,starting
studies/research in Tropical Agric- with procession and Holy Mass.Serious
culture leading to a postgraduate de- talks were contrasted with songs and
gree or diploma where appropriate, chorales (and some patois singing)
and tenable at the University of the Lunches were served at the schools.
West Indies, St. Augustine,Trinidad. Last Sunday Oct. 31st the Freedom
The award will be made effectivefom Party visited Portsmouth from Roseau
the academic year commencing October, Branch to report on the R.T.C.triumph.
1972.The area of study will be limit- They were well received. An unpleasant
ed to the research and t teaching fact incident was avoided when a man un-
ilities available at the University favourable to Freedom tried to slam
of the West Indies, St. Augustine. car doors on the feet of Scobie and
This award is tenable for ,two(2) Mrs. Annette St.Hilaire, who were
academic years in the first instance sitting with friends in a car having
(unless the course of study is for refreshment after the meeting.Annette
a shor ter period), with a possibil- withdrew her long slim legs just in
ity of its being extended for a third time
year in the absolute discretion of The inaugural meeting of Portsmoutil
the Government of Trinidad and Tob- was held in Portsmouth on.Fri.Oct. 22.
ago if the candidate's work attains Mr. O. Magloire sat as Mayor in the
such a standard that he is recom- newly-blessed mayoral chair, gift of
mended by the University Authorities the Govt. of Guyana. Premier,Gov.'s
to study for the Ph.D. degree. Deputy, Hon.Leslie and Mr.Sylvester
ELIGIBILITY: Joseph attended. Calypsonians enter-
iGBIITApplicants must be Corn- stained afterwards.
monwealth citizens or British pro-
tected persons normally resident in "GOD BLESS CANADA" -Hugh Lware
Dominica. After I listened carefully to the
Applicants must already opening of our Canadian schools, 'I de-
have a first degree or equivalent cided to write this short piece under
qualification in Agriculture from a the heading GOD BLESS CANADA.
recognized institution of study at A few years ago I was chatting with
the time of application, one of our ex-Ministera and when he said
AGE LIMIT: As a general rule appli- to me that Dominica should have been a
cants should not be more than thirty Dominion of Canada, I smiled and said
five (35) years of age on 1st Octob- to him, "I agree with you." Whenever
er, 1972. Preference may be given to I hear our people keeping a big uproar
candidates between twenty-two (22) against that blessed country,I always
and btwjty-eight (28) years of age, say within myself, some day they will
successful applicant will be required Congratulations to the Premier,Mr.
to sign an undertaking to return to tevens, Mr. Christian and the C.T.O.
the State to serve the Government of -or being so instrumental in seeing
Dominica at the end of the Scholar- that these fine gestures came to reaoit
i I hope and pray that our schoolchildren ,
CLOSING DATE: Applicatiqns should and even the adults will ever remember
be addressed to the Secretary, Pub- he remarks made by our Minister of
lic Service Commission, Roseau, and Health & Education, Hon.H.L.Christian,
should reach her not later than Fri- that we should be eternally grateful
day, 19th November, 1971 Ito the Canadian Government for all
Further particulars may be obtain- these gifts, There are more goodthiny
ed from the Education Division of to come, such as our deepwater harbour
the Ministry of Education and Health etc. Sooner or later I shall have my
Goovrnment Headquarters, Roseau. daughter Jean to compose a song named
E. 50 God Bless Canada'. H. LawrenceRoseau.
PSC 5/5 G.170 185-1/1

Friday, 5th Novomber 1971


3iYY-~ TfZ-ra~-L STAr-a~r ^--QI--~W~-IC~rWoru ll

... .- --.


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o Iak Hull a Mar e a '. t'. i
i es p 8us 10o1,i or X' t in" qi ,. .t; ..

5 Hiilsborbough Street
Apply Gifford Didier
Phone 2912


Estate of 9 acre- planted in Limes, Coconut a J
Bananas with Dwelling House, private water su-
ply and Lighncig Plant.
Apply Telephone No. 2871 or A!eck Gir t, -
Fond Cole.


For those who can appreciate a'realy
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Beca^s ;?''cur oCli. ii.!: th /Vnrc ;ildtirT t...i
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t",ey dernman. this service we fid it i .:I -: ..1L AM
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ltectwtre t: Xf:le t.j!7, trhetefo e, secrtfe at
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ornily his, h'o'''ver, dofz ot .axv t' or ed "
work. Seciio ; which will cWntin e Zo rm ;rcf i
makes Co v'deh!des.
The ManAg"n ment

--K.rr l~.- ~i- l~- wr*--'4

ine3 jw. Fetter Diel I.iii .rr t P at a .t
new iL-rb now received, ;.: .'

C t-: Tthu~zas'- Guest rHoe
Ma: gr:.

t; 'n




A cre of T.,and situated 2 miles front
the Air Port. bci';r!ed with Woodtcirdhill

Ssi..: Eden R:iver and the Public Road.
S 1 H1.tover Street~,
Roeau. Td. 23Q (6$
I--- ----- -------e-
i 60 cr.:rW of good Agjriculmra' land mou':n
IV cultivated in coconuts with good To,..ri
i potential situated on the North Eastern.
: .r of Dominica with motorabk! roavj,.



SReserve This Day !
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Offers will be co;;i,_red for purchase ot
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For particulars apply o: ,
Messsrs. Armour & Armour,

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-B^'ta^S--: '^"i t -llit -
Wa'd-:-A structure at Boyd's Avenue
SNo reao-;?a!i offer will be refused
Apply to A.R.WATTY
-o King George V Street,
R:.e -u. -



t_ _




'~LfYY--Y ~--U-Y--~P~U~Y~-~---~---~-~-----111-- -~-II-
____~__~~ _~-_-YIIUb




~(~iaammrPPar.uyrrarar-ruMlrl .---.--------L--___. ~~--(II~YI- -I-1 ~-- ___~I*-1---------~--~-4


j:,~d,, ~i~nr,-~-~~nbc~ ~~ tlcit





Caribbean political

unity desirable
Umaaninous agreement that Caribbean
political unity wi? a desirable goda
Wai reached at the specia meeting of
Commonwealth Caribbean Heads of
Gwernmcont meeting in Grenada at
Lt end of July.
The .meeting agreed not to publish
fu8 details until November i this year
so *fat Clther Caribbean Govertiments
raw present at the meeting would have
timr to consider the declaration.
According to the communmqui'. the
onffcrence, which was held under the
Chairmanship of Mr Eric Garry, the
Pr-emie of Grenada. reached agree-
nemnt on thle desirability of po!iticai
unity on the basis of the widest
participation possihbe and subject to
reservation by'Trinidad and Tobago -
on the procedures to be followed to-
ward this end. The procedure,; will
provide fbr wide-ranging consultation
in the region, on the forms of political
with, and participation of the people
Pending the publication of the
SDeclaration of Grenada. the Secretary-
General of the Commonwealth l anb-
bean Regional Secretariat, Mr W
Demas, has been charged with the
responsibility of communicating with
such Governments on the matter.
The conference also considered the
question ofAnguia and deplored the
uiteral action announced by the
British Governmment and the legisla-
tiool recently submitted to the British
Parliament with a view to authorising
the establishment of a Coonial Ad-
nistration in that part of the State of
S1 kir% rs % i Anguilla. The con-
ference recognized that this action of
the British Government called in
-quest:on the status of the'constitutionis
of the Associated States and the
character of the British presence in the
The conference noted a statement
from the Trinidad and Tobago dee-
gation outlining its position.
Attending the conference *ere:
Mr L F S Burnham. Prime Minister
of Guyana along with the Attorney
General and Minister of State. Mr
S S Ramphal, and the Peimanent
Secretary, Ministry of External Af-
fairs, Mr Rashleigh Jackson: Mr
E O Le Blanc, Premier of Dominica;
Mr E M Gairy. Premier of Grenada:
Mr R L Bradshaw, Premier of St
Kitts/NevisiAnguUa; Mr J G M
Compton. Premier of St Lucia: Mr
R M Cato, Premier of St Vincent;
and Senator Mr F C Prevatt, Trinidad

j Osn i:,i:'i .. r(a -pi. lr Model D6 r i._or See a
t iir Q A.ir.'.o-, ll Cc r

-'. r DT;, iowvy Wut'h and FYecc Ii 'yt4
| Cb Gu1rc .
% -his unit ay- be inspected at f':r pr--mr e- at
iCo: Je'i f'rn 7. .n, o" 4.30 r aUiy Moa-
S.-. to Friav. Price $,2ooo..co

Sa Aa

SNOT. 296

1 31R C I Y.-,
SFiTenders are invied icor .the iive f (orI,;; -
j ca G,,. ::.).-.. 7- reasury B, l" which .d! be mad b
| | in the sunm of 5D ;.,'o
j J These bibs.; wii 0 .: .. .. orin ations -f pf c.". t
|$T,000O, $5,o- ", $,,3 .....> $30,0 a.2nd :I. i 4each; asnd w1 be repayable at par rac.: -6ne day
J'after the date of issue. Bizls w'il isd cn
S n| esday 241h N ..-..", 'T-r, ;L' T .aT , .. ,*,: .... .
c---^ T aOy rrcid Febrstay,': -Iri-- ,
i Cyrnot.

rEach tender m wst be t! an ;. ",a*: of not.
ls thanl 5. ogd ,must specify., the ..a.. "
whi ch n b .Z en for every -'*L HU;R.D
DOLLARS of rhe amoun, r nrt:r -.-

Appl2ctioa forms are avastX bk at thr M\i-uset-

ihr of FaTnceL Tra td ik.:!.',:a; in hea.;,-
.i .*p adi 'Ji, "

U. AUC, DOM ,iN A.
Al a ph t.ions must. reach thi Mnisry n -
1 iter t1.a p.m on Wedaesday zth Novett-.be,

1 S u.:csfRui, a applicants wU h,; notified b"y
S!ketrecr nor -later tan ei9th Novembertr, 197,
The Government of D..I.r; reserves th-
i right to accept or reject any tender in whole- :

I' U. FinanciA. SaR Sel:retav.
SF27/t9, Financial Secretar.
ira i .f .. :

*U__ _~

Let Freedom praise
the great GOD Almighty
Who made all men free.
To Him, the Creator, we owe service:
before, above all'others created
Let Freed6m ...
Let Freedom rule
our thoughts, words and:deede
"to think well of others;
to speak with tongues untrammelled against wrong,, alwEs ad unaaf id4,
To do the right, irrespective of race or roledor ass.s.. :
Let Freedom ...
Let Freedom reign
in hearts of men
for friend and foe,
for the uplifted and the downtrodden,
for Brotherhood in love, peace and unity.
Let Freedom .o..
Let Freedom ring
Throughout Dominica,
on Diablotin, Paix Bouche, Trois Pitons, Capucin, Cachacrou; in valeS
in the Valley of Desolation; .. an dales
On the plains of Grande Savanne, Trois Biton;
on the beaches of Calibishie, Castle Bruce,Mero, Prince Rupert,
Let Freedom .. jfoucari.
.Let Freedom Rivers -
three hundred and sixty-five -
wash the tongues vile and uncharitable;
Swash the hands stained with diabolic deeds;
wash the feet.treading on dangerous paths;
wash the .heads burdened with vain imaginations.
Let Freedom
Let Freedom . .
Freedom to worship the Father of the Universe
Freedom to move unrestricted, unmolested, unashamed
Freedom to utter words of truth and wisdom
chastising the unruly, the tyrant, the traitor, the ingrate'
Freedom to' feed the hungry, to.help the helpless, to uplift the
Let Freedom owly.
Let Freedom .
Man born free .
Man live free .
Man dipe free .
Let Freedom .

Note: The above poem, which was first printed by us in THE STAR of
October 24, 1970, has been reprinted this week at the request of several
......--- -
.Threats to Press freedom in the Caribbean are continuing to grow, it was
declared-at the AGM of the I-A PA. in Chicago. Four West Indian Islands -
Trinidad, St.Kitts, Antigua & Grenada, are now facing major Press problems.
Dominica was not named this time, since the people's reaction held Press
'repression in check


Friday, November 5, 1971

Page Nine


Fiction At her home Ancine also was just
Fiction TITINE 1ty Cyn7hia Watt rising from her bed. Contrary to what
It was a glorious morning with the. everyone had expected when the news
sun shedding its brilliant rays was announced, Ancine did not get
whiLst a sleepy-dreamy breeze blew drunk. She had been enjoying herself
in at open windows, causing the quite moderately as her real booze-
slumbering occupants to smile and day was jump-up. When she heard that
burrow into the caressing warmth of she had won the prize Ancine was stag-
their beds. gered; she couldn't believe her ears;
Ma Titine was one of these; she but it was true. And then and there.
not only burrowed but hugged her a thought was born. She willed her-
notelf not o get too drunk as on other
pillow tightly for she was dreaming self not to get too drunk as on other
that she was in jump-up and George occasions -- she now had something to
... .. havius n jmp-u anaim at -- She was going to turn pol-
was holding her and they were having wasgoing to turn pol-
a wonderful time jumping to the betitician. That mpney was going to start
of the la peau cabrit, then.;the her on the big leap she intended
Police ae cae along .. taking. She would show Minister PNE
Bump Ma Titine opened her eye and Ma Titine that she was going to
... something had gone wrong. Didn't etterthem in all ways. PNE would one
she hear a shot fired? There was: no aay come crwling to her and she would
more music .. what was wrong? Then have none of him. She chuckled content-
suddenly she realized that she was edly. Well, they were going to get the
in no jump-up but lying flat on herbiggest swprise of' their lives.
bedroom floor with a terrible ache "OK., PNE she muttered to her-
in her head. self, I going' to work hard and one
"Way bon dieu: Is me fall down! day I may be Minister like you, so
Mon dieu I still brul.e' but boy loo1 out"
look good time. And is not Police Then bompI Was it a revolver shot
shooting by Court House!" She triedor fireworks or just herself falling
to get to her feet, but the effort out of bed?
was too much for her. Was the prize money a dream? Like
"Eurillal Eurillaj" -- still try-Ma Titine Ancine took several minutes
ing to get up then remembering to find out.
Eurilla was in St.Thomas. She event-
ually managed to rise; staggering *S"T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S*
to her medicine chest she took a Tomorrow a St.Kitts' State Football
bottle of liver salts. and made a Team takes on Harlem Rovers (K.O. Cup
heavy tumblerful. winners) at Windsor Park: on Sunday
"A-ah," she belched, "I will feeley pay a Dominica State Team.
they play a Dominica'State Team,
better just now."
She went back'to her bed and began A LETTER OF CONGRATULATION *****
to reminisce on the two-day fete. Please allow me to congratulate Mr.
She had not gone to the Gardens on Scobie, Mr. Sorhaindo, Mrs. St.Hilaire,
Wednesday for the parade but had lis- Mr. Elwin and Mr. Stuart Williams for
tened on her radio with a few friends their interest in trying to do some
while feting. It was said that the good works in our town. I hope they
parade had been fine; in fact every- will work hand-in-hand and spare this
thing had passed off nicely ... then lovely town of Roseau the dirt and
she remembered! The prizes' The filth which never disturbed the eyes
sweepstake prizes! She had nearly had and nose of the Labour Party in their
a fit when they were announced'--- days which are past and gone and need
for who-all cauld have taken the never be recalled to memory.
first prize? Ancine! Even now she I also congratulate every one who
groaned again. She had bought two voted the Freedom Party in, and I do
two books of tickets, and not even a know they are the set of people who
consolation prize: Ancine now had think. Should I congratulate Mr.Eustace
$5,000 all at one Stroke without Francis ex-Freedom for the big lies
having to work for it, which he alone seems to find Mr.Scobie
"Let her come an' cut her dirty telling? Anyway the people of Roseau
style on me: Just let her come!" don't believe on what man says; they
cont. next column think for themselves and act according.
,Printed & Published by the Proprietor A PROUD VOTER
R aj- f af C gt 1Hall iel loue. Freedom Street, ROSE AU
at 2 a a ,CRoseau, Dominica, .9


Friday. November 5. 1971

Page Ten

Supplement, (i) T H E S T AL.: Friday,November 5,1971
The inal cost of this p, This important occasion begins
The final cost of this project, with Church Services in Uniform on
excluding the price of the land Sun.Nov.7. On Mon 8th the Minister of
claimed by Roseau Town Council on Health will gie n 8h open radiontark.
behalf of the people of Roseau, is Health will give an opening radio talk
(says a Govt. release) "in the reg- At 5 pm. Dr. John Royer will lecture
(says a Govt. release) "in the reg- o"u & the Dominican Society" in
ion of $50,000" Our reporter C. on"Drugs & the Dominican Society" in
ion of n45 t,000. Our reporter C the Nurses Recreation Hall. on Tues.
Durand noted that the new Market 'Nov.9 the radio talk ("A View of Nur-
would be open weekdays 6 ..m.-6 pm., s the 70's")wll be given by
and on Sundays & public holidays, sing in resident Miss Theona givrederick.n by
6-11 a.m. A system of grading food- oc.PredsdNovt Miss Agnes Brooks(Treerick.
stuff will be introduced, to ensure On Weds.Nov.lO Miss Agnes Brooks(Treas.
best quality for consumers.A Panel D.N.A) will give a radio talk on
willst dualtiscus & set rstAnanerds "Prevention of Accidents in the Home";
will first discuss & set standards,
LICENCES: these will be obligatory on that day there will also be a talk
for use of stalls & stands... for on Family Planning by Dr.B.A.Sorhaindo
periods as short as one day up to MRCOG at 4.30 pm. This will take place
one years at PORTSMOUTH for members of the gen-
one year.
sale of produce within a radius of Votes of thanks by Sisters & Nurses
1 mile of the Market will only be will follow the meetings & talks.
permitted if people concerned obey On ThursNov.ll commemoration of the
the regulations & restrictions of Caribbesn Nurses' Organization will
the Board, which incidentally has include selling of flags and a Garden
power to control all such activitiesParty at 4.00 p.m., also a closing
within the prescribed area.'Definite address by CMO Dr.Dorian Shillingford.
products' only approved by the Board .
to 'persons worthy of the claim'will BAHA= MEETING OF CARIBBEAN EMPLOY-
be allowed. :The Board wishes to ERS CONFEDERATION (llth AGM)
make it clear that the sale of pro- Conference regarded with concern
duce outside the Market (on streets) reports of moves by the Governments
will only be controlled, but not of some Caribbean territories to in-
absolutely prohibited, troduce legislation designed effect-
ACCOMMODATION: 120 Open Provision lively to control the press and other
Stalls.with storage space beneath; media of communication. This was one
20 Leafy Vegetable stalls. 6 Lock- of the crucial statements made by.
up shops (sale of groceries) and C.E.C., others concerning "crippling
12 lock-up shops (ordinary shops). financial liabilities of retroactive
4 lock-up shops for Meat Only. legis1~tion", the spiralling of wage
2 Open shops for Fish Only, and rates and growing inflation the nec-
2 lock-up shops for Fish Only. essity of the Confederation s partici-
14 Handicraft Stores (a new idea). nation in CARIFTA decisions, and the
The rentals for these stalls and dangers of 'dual capacity' roles com-
shops will no doubt be the subject bining Govt.Minister & T.U. leader. Mr.
of a Govt. notice; they range from Lee Vorley of Bermuda'was unanimously
350 per day& $2 per week or $6.20 elected President with senior Vice-Pres
p.m. to Lock-up shops from 25-$75 ir. Dennis de Ver@uil Mr. P.A.Rolle
per month. Sugestos from re p-of Dominica being elected 2nd Vice-Pres.
per month. Suggestions froi' the pub The next AGM of C.E.C. will take placo
lic and comments about charges etc. .ill take place
are invited. All subject to change. in Barbados in Oct.l-72, an interim
WAGES: about $33,000 p.a. One each meeting to be held next April in St.
Supt, Supervisor, Cashier Clerk,Typis cia. Prime Minister of Bahamas,Mr.
Clerk; 2 each Cold Store attendants, Lynden Pindling, urged delegates to
Guards; 6 Cleaners and 1 messenger. re-asses their roles in the develop-
Prospective applicants must fill gh nations of the Caribbean.Employers
in an application form and a quest- th oirut the olive branch to
ionnaire: the latter's purpose is to Peaer eloyees and meet them half way.
assess the sellers ability to pro- ace a economy
duce and supply a constant supply of The Board hopes the open area outside
good quality produce, particularly the Market will be so used as to pro-
ground provisions (in constant d.and).vide a traditional market setting.
Persons who have been doing this for Date of Market opening undecided -it
a number of years will get preference.will take place this year.

r O,
iwrt e The Easrt Caribbean Currency Author-
This column is- written before te ity is currently issuing a series of
jump-up as this columnist will not $4.00 Cupro Nickel coins in the East
be around for any celebrations. Ho Caribbean Currency Area to commemorate
ever, I hope that no revenges took the inauguration of the Caribbean
place in the anonymity of the jump- Development Bank. Coins of the follow-
up, that no threats prevented anne ing territories have already been
from enjoying himself. It would be issued: Antigua, Barbados, St.Kitts.-
a eight to have seen Ed Scobie and Nevis-Anguilla, Dominica, Grenada and
Eustace Francis, arms around each St. Vincent. The St.Lucia coin will be
other, jumping up along FREEDOM ST. issued on 9th November and the issue
The raw material is there; but iill be completed on 7th December
has to be refined, Our young people with the release of the Montserrat
have talent as is evidenced by the coin,
shows put up around the-National DY
celebrations. I am particularly im- These coins are legal tender
pressed by the dancers, the young and are available for purchase at any
lady who soloed during La Vie Dm- branch of Barclays: Bank International
inicain, and -the steel-band show Limited in the area.
at the Botanic Gardens. However, I EAST CARIBBEAN CURRENCY AUTHORITY
would like to see our musicians P.O. Box 620C,
drift away from the foreign soul Bridgetown,
stuff and concentrate on our own Barbados N.L. Smith
The talk is :that a certain indiv 26th October, 1971
idual. who supports the Shoe Labour G176, 2Q6-1/1
Party made a fool of himself at a
political meeting at New Town and embarrassed the hierarchy of that party.
All over town and particularly at Pitz Drive-in, the quote of $he year can
be hearc.**~Barnet Defoe of Radio Dominica is my kind o2 broadcaster. In
the U.S. there was once a famous news team called the Huntley-Brinkley
report: maybe we will have a Defoe-Honychurch newscast. Did you hear Jeff
and Andre corrected by the Premier ? The official national costume is not
a "bush jacket" it is a "shirt jak"i ** Young people are very disturbed
about the proposed 'integration' with the Republic of Guyana. They'want
no part of it and the talk is of violent resistance if such came about.
But all this is talk over a glass of beer and I wish the individuals
involved would come out on a Upatform or print their disapproval in the
papers Loblack has letters from Britain which makes no beef of what our
status would be if such a union took place. THINK!
Spraying of-Bananas in Dominica for Control of Leaf Spot Disease
Tenders are invited for the spraying of bananas in the island of Dom-
inica for the control of Leaf Spot Diseasei
The total area in bananas Is about 16,000 acres and it is estimated
that between 90% and 95% of this acreage can be aerially sprayed. The area
not capable of being sprayed aerially will be sprayed manually by the
Contractors. It should be noted that apart from the matter of price per
acre the most important factor liable to influence the award of the con-
tract will be the closeness of the total extent of aerial coverage to the
total island banana acreage. The Contractors shall keep in force during
the term of the contract insurance with reputable insurers indemnifying
themselves and the Association against all claims made by third parties
in respect of personal injury or damage to property including crops.
The Association shall at its own expense supply the contractors with
spray oil or any other materials for sprayingbananas mutually agreed upon
by both parties. The contract shall be for one year in the first instance.
Tenders should be submitted in sealed envelopes marked "Tender8s" to,
The Ag.General Manager, Domitica Banana Growers Association, Roseau, Doa-
inica and should reach not later than 31st December, 1971.
1st November, 1971 (207-1/1) Ag. generall Manager

Friday November 5 *1971

:~Pa~Pi~e~n~nt (ii)