i p*r 'r ;enr garr. : a s-'ti 4Oi4 4 .
; ,4$ f Y *a :ra y ,i4. s xe :1A t s t<. it ** r': ast wi;:r ticiI h ..,ia f e A"t r A'3P A -r 4
- 8 ,'r- 1 ., f .l ; *, i.,. -' -' ,. *4 "'ff .- t, -t.Y ?i's. Q.~,: j t.l rirt t iiz' r r P t..r.Y .l&fl'rt t:'> f w t r ^ i P :
v a" tarfro.5s tha.t Pil;tl tp tt"fn 4 c im I

.d ; . t. -IT 1
.At ,O .u, ..: c ,-a,.' Va -.

." ..... ., .., h ....ftv a;, I. *- : '4
; ..* : i, :-.- ..1 ,. "''t2r ,. , h i-'ir' ; b.N, ? s t$.vt-- 5'. Fi e?-" ,-,
vrer nrh rt4 as rsu p la9r9i .n t Irr

raw 'u t 3 f f .

*I.C.' $ Ri i .;-. ?' rtt ie., ..A. -r $- ' fn; ...t. lr' ...
4Y/v'u ", ; is ' i r.e? .' **I%: 5i' it- W t
: 4 a.. a. -r A ss v .

&uri?. Wrw M w ieweS sush SL., S 9 .r.;'

a ' ,, ; '-'"" "., Z-.
Z ri'w.5.AC Q h.? e" -'s i r of til .rR nje t rfl'; i "'i"' ,' I. 45

.' -: -* Ppr s'.! "- P" a-'a e '- ie "hiirt i'p gam el "'.| y'."-

TAP war ,m' h n e os re r rl v ea
,.~. ;1 A'. -r Y' ay

... ,': ... 3, p-4 J ,.m
nee day. ". Ltping to- -,t .-

kui liCh S Sli0 -Vg-,: .ta.i4 M.
W(.. .-C rD. .

Thec')s Ac lbui i M a sid of .ti. e r .'4', i enP

1- 0


Friday,October 29,1971

THE STATE OF DOMINICA Goodwill Parish Hall was full of
His Excellency the Governor has music drums noise and dancing last
been pleased to make the following Saturday. The Wai-Tukubulis put on a
awards under the provisions of sec show which was a great success, but
ion 2 of the Meritorious Service they had to shorten it, leaving out
Honours Act, 1967 (No.34 of 1967), poems etc.
for Meritorious Public Service to Being a history-loving group,they
the State of Dominica in respect of brought on old-time dances and songs,
the year 1911.*- some of them so funny that people
Mr. Hugh Fabien, in the further- were laughing like mad. I liked when
ance of Local Government,Community a lady gave a man a gentle bang on
and Social Services; the head for trying to be too rude
Miss Jean Agatha Lawrence, in in a dance. Some of the dancers were
the furtherance of the development old too, or very young, like a little
of Cultural,Educational and Social Bel Air girl from Mahaut, who was:
activities among the youth of the marvellous.
Stat and In the .-ow 'people gathered on tne
Mr. Jefferson Oliver FitzAllen stage as in a village, and you did not
Charles, for outstanding achievements know if they were there by accident.
in the field cf Radio Broadcasting. A man from Kings Hill gave a long
V.L. SHAW long conte and he got slow handclaps
Ag.Secretary to the Cabinet. till he got off the stage at last.
28th October 1971. G.17 1/1 I much enjoyed Miss Laurent and
28th O her family from Pottersville who
REA D E R'S V I E W made their own songs, music and danc-
Another Archdiocese? ing. But best of all I enjoyed Len-
Outside of Trinidad and 'Tobago nox Honychurchbeing amazed to see
it seems absolutely necessary that the amount of effort he put into his
oui Catholic Church may have to plays about the old man the wedding
create another archdiocese for Bar- and the shoes (made up by Lennox him-
bados, the V~indwards and the Lee-- self). He had quite the right amount
ward Islands. With the rapid in- of talent to perform that part and
crease of these Islands' population was very funny and amusing to watch
and naturally that of the Church, and hear, having a good voice which
especially in Barbados and Antigua made it easy to hear even though the
where more churches were built late- people were applauding him and laugh-
'ly, the ideal seems a must. ing. He did a dentist scene tool
I am now thinking, where will it Stage lights constantly changed(too
be placed? Of course not in St. often) and they had a little trouble
Lucia, Martinique or Guadeloupe. We with rowdy youths at the back. The
are the most 'central, and ourCtholic drums were fine. It was clever the way
population (though less than any one the drums kept the audience lively
of those mentioned) yet the percent- to the end instead of letting them
age remains the same, therefore we leave in bad moods. The clothes cold
are quite fit for it. We may have have been brighter, including Mr. D.
to make an exchange of Bishops, but Caudeiron's, and the fat ladies should
this change I am sure will satisfy wear douillettes.
our people and the entire See. Our I liked the Souffleur MorMigne
beautiful Cathedral and our beauti- singers and while writing this I hear
ful Bishop's Palace are the most their LP has arrived and is selling
attractive and suitable fo: arch- fast. Rose Caines dancers were good
diocesan purposes. Let's wait & see. too. It was a famous evening.
HUGH LAWRENCE, Roseau. NET WEEK we will print LUCETTE's vew
N 0 T I C E
It is notified for general information that a Rally of the Services,
Youth Groups and School Children will be held at the Botanical Gardens on
the occasion of the observance of Dominica National Day on Wednesday,3rd
November, 1971, during which the Warrants conferr ing the dignity and
honour of the Award for Meritorious Service to the State of Dominica and
the Certificate and Medal of Honour will be presented. Recipients of medals
and decorations are requested to wear them on this occasion. Members ofthe
Public are cordialy invited to attend' the Rally. All persons should b
their places by afm. v. L. ~ nv, Ag. Secretary to the Cabinet1
NMP 2/4. 28th Oct-J I ._79x194-11.______ Ytoh________ __


Page Eight

9rnr. f rE ..fl A ...5t.h~Ct2'C.rgltrd, 9. -- ae.-n s. L-.-n I~ ~l

mrr---- -s- r--- -,aqa;~ -- n

. ,. .. . s --- ,- .."L-a'" '. .
. ; . .. -


oro car between the wheel
< YX3ur 34 .i Doesn't 'Dri.'ve
CFM -G- D .Dat.

-I v. v . ,- ,
9Qm il


V W ,

A. ;niriC'~Jar.s Assbitant will s,,o be required
by Mevill HLal Et~ ; C.D..., to take charge
of i~t HorticilAmral Pri.-.t' at Cd..:.t Bruce.
rr;-erx'.,L will be given to hose with G C.E qua-
ificadiofT and Applica s should be horticulural-
Ly or agrcnalturally Orkienated -p:fcr b' with ap-
proShr. ex paniee. The succ,-v.4L applicant will
be required to undergo a course m" training abroad
.a&,y negotiable -
Aptly: M.NAGCR
L.7 AE


L k. ( io00'k at the
range of VPBritishWines.The same grapes go
to makeVP that go to make a lot of expensive
w ines. Which accounts for VPs fine quality.

UI-L------ ---------'~

fied R.-pn fn l thlve fHall Airpom s abc:-
R.- .:ptia:-.; Melville Hlall Airport sa.
$r o.20 per month, on a month to moath b.Es.
Applicants prefeably from the area of the airpE ~
Qualification G.C.E. "O" Level Elglish;
its equivalent.
Applications should be addressed to:,

The Secretary,
Dorinica Tourist Board,
aRd s1 d ive b s osOtear,
and should arrive by 31st Octobzr, 1971
4 ________________



lerr- ~3 i


4Pte Trw3

is now in the final stages of preparation. Prior
to going to the Printers, any Compaay or Bus-
xie'; especially those with connections to the
Please Contact:

To all Friends and Customers
.towe Poultry Farms Ltd. wishes to an-
:ounce the transfer of its farm outlet to its
dormer premises

17 Acres of Land situated 2 miles from
ihe Air Port, bounded with Woodfordhill
Estate, Eden River and the Public Road.
15 Hanover Street,
Roseau. Td. 230
--|-iiiif j~iTin -- uiti ri ~i iii rr ~i i ii ur rnt n > iriiirriii -n tit- --6i-- -T-- -f- - l J



:6o. acres of good Agricultural land most-
ly cultivated in coconuts with good Tourist
potentida situated on the North Eastern
coast of Dominica with motorable road.
Offers will be considered for purchase of
i'rts of the said estate.
For particulars apply to:
Messrs. Armour & Armour,
15 Hanover Street,
Rdseau. Dominica.


Arborite Plastic Laminate/
in a Wide Selection of
SColours & Woodgrain Patterns-



Government Of DOonilnjc
Treasury Bills -

The Eighth Issue of Tremasy Bil closed r
SWxediesday, r .h Ocat6bt at aa average discoui
"ate of ,65t This-,s repeserts an slerage aniuai
Interest rate of 6."73
The totJa amount tendered, stcod at $7'o,ocor
against a total amount offered of $500,000. .
N-mice of another issue will be publsbed in
daue course.
C C.A )R . IM )

7/i9, GAsO, 1/! 20th tRkSi,, (7, |
Dominica Banana Growerst
The board has decided to suspend the opera-
tion of the Replanting Incentive Schae ms "ime-
diately in v.iew of lack of funds.
It has been agreed to retain the minimum
staff required to maintain the existing plots in ac:,
cordance with the provisions of the Schemes; i.e.
suFp n these plots wnth hepir fertinze.r alloca-
tiona at the prescribed iatervhas and ensr-ing a!, r
th: grov:rs c.;rry our th? proper agronomic prace-
ices at al stages.
Steps will be taken to insure thee plots con.
tractully in good time,

said Octobr, 1971

Gerai Manager

Because of our obligation to provide our Cus-
tomers with better and faster service and because
they demand this service we find it necessary to
discontinue the service given to vehicles other than
SChrysler/ Rootes cars and trucks.
Effective immediately, therefore, service at
our garage is restricted to Chrysler,'Rootes vehicles
only. This, however, does not apph; to our Body-
work Section wbicb will continue to repair all
makes of vehicles,
T'he Management
)9 1.1I.

LI~~bYCIP~llr~*rruu-~iDhY-C1Si~limn ~MIBII SIDSiYIQQliTL-C.~~*1YNCIUN(~sr~l~frll ~-PrWID~-)iW1~-_~~I~I~DCIQ(I~L*I~
C-- --- -I-I --~Y--n~~r~ure ~PJr~a2ir~i~u*M~u4~6~ ~~~XI~UI*~YJI~.~I~-LI ~-CI-~~ ---. ~ --~Cu .~iF.



STia8, OTg^&^^.ttt 1.

Strs ""-:th- VIVmpi MsI U rIN Umaw sUMMERla "a
.Wse latter repr6tweed h lw2 Vns osnt t--h-gU the leedL past to Lilm TI-VSaO fatrtai4,
* klon L ouspoke partisan of the fPtreda PftrSy. It, has been haula to tbe Polieo,

-- -r--- o --'"R'-- -i-

-- -.-- -_...


. -ertw m..-i serdust^ one *S..Jeo us .^ ^en.......... .....^ ^ me^

Thi is a crankv co umn

by Alice Russeil

KINSAL,L.. Lire, Did -you 'ice
i'. piece( in Thne lately about
.casting of the rock-op-.ra (I
:.:pose y -:u CAN have a
,;J--.p;opera) JIsus C'hrist
:. :'r. ',; Tht ve~ty na'r:e
nmkes rme want to throw,'
nf:,re they ve even opened
e'~iir youths I

Ihi s to bs for A touring
i'..inpany that s-tortly goes on
he. toa,4, sctring the iiv'ng
tli ghts out of the Bib!e Belt.
".'kst infuriated me wa:;s di
p ture ri three. *f thb
r.rrtormers. Jesu!, ;,) I he
des--:ted by 'a blond hearded
'Texan with jsijki haor aI.nc'st t O
hit waist. The arcompanr:nt
phtog'a-phn mad e me reach

OH. will they ever st.p,
;:rebrnstag this wshy-waihy
n an". hb y pamtly nortdesc rnt.
wnth long wavy hair and 3oulf:ui
eqio lurned~~i to heaven or
rcvay-e.e trying i I :ae aust. what
dropped into hs : eye! WA'e re a1l
0i us wtr hi tlbha libel of
piclu e t,rm our

Sanday-~kchoo; days. and it
lgves me the pip, it-r.i' l does.
What'Sl" m3oe, i think it would
give its sui.ibect thie pip. too.
A!l ithat meek seinti .ness
it s dowinntght nausn.at'tl, HeI
was a mran of torce a;"id d-'vr
s id vigor. but in this sissy
incarnation he isni' even mnan
at all Het lotko s like a worean,
wtho has somehow grown a
txbard. "and 'the r.nost rritemiun
kind oc woman. too the hol.y
mart r: r-
Canr you xnagm ne caonee
w'o led Chtisl's active ife
going aroi 'd ith a.ky hail'
4i:nost to his wvair'' C.an youi
miTagine the wntple carpenter
bi was before lte took up his
rrmssion workhr:g around. the,
shop with all that winsome
rppi>n'' r hair, for hea 'ven's
sa.ke'' Ye .eods. h.'d have got it
caught. in h:e machinerry.
M3ybe they' e ,uSrgsting that.
he used hatrp:us
And he tramped the dusty
road he iaved rough. be had
n Aw'ierc to lay his head CSo
ho;.w hout thosJi imrh.mculate
rubes. .the shiprl ilken ti'es.'e:,

'tic.' ; ~i what I say to the
perpctriaors of thi hoax. I
tJllk...l Jius dressed jut the
same as other desert dwellers
of the day,. and you car, bet he
didn't g:o a rI'-nd in that. hot
sv.n w-vh uncovered head.
e lh.er. lie haa some ki.d of
turban !it. like eVryonel else
;ith good cuolrntnn sense.
He wasn't a onre-mar fashionr
show for the distauf, you
know. The' way these, artists rig
him 9 u ',you'd think he was
deipS nstrating "What the
Well Dressed' Savtour Wiiu
B.t that's nm ithmg to the
rest of the piece."'Guess who
wafl piay Judas I~cariot?. -
'yoing black actor He has a
talented scositive face, he'll
undoubtedIy make a very fine
thing of the role -- but why,
WHY did they., choose to
polanze the races in this almost
obscene waiy?. It's an absolute
carnaturn of the whole race
.situation almost as if they
- ere out to demonstrate
Whiey i rraditionl) 'way of

looking at tthiw. And i..
when we're alt etttling di, r;
and beginning perhaps A
gfudMtgingiy. to rIhca~te ; ,',.
we're. human, the whoe lot c"
"a. I cal it crimrnai.

S in this: rock Piaon P-y,
Jesus Christ must te e
silty-hatrid blond WKwtc
Judas m'st be a Negro Set
thing, man: Goes wirhot,
saying. White's good. see
lack's horrible. The Vir ,. a
course, will be white (pure., r~
it"); And three rousnqa eihats
for the clever kddcy who ca.n
specify the race Qf wary
Magdalene., Right
Well, 11! tell you somnctijg,
If I'm ever loony renogh Of
incautious enough to Citt
myself in the audience a;
something called Jesus Ch~ ,u
Superstar certaiui pesii
onstage and off are due for a
big surprise.
It'll be the only tliae iM h ,
history of the Passion Plap t-'tI
Judas gets a standing ovta:txa.

^~e ^/^^t^
~hf~ S.^J T^^^

D R 0O-2- W4aun ~~ i-Sri C~PrrJLIP1^~YC1 -- a~l~b



$rP^g~g EZ157JL::m


Ve ... L^\t^ ^,, .....

-Z- Lrry --- --* s.w^K.- vtc 'p - *

... ----~-+-cc----~--- Y--~---**~;lrm4- ;-uu. -.~-Llt~- ~.3"ULY~--Ur~*.CIt~*~J~1YW)^-(.n~il
a~ ~-~
--- ------ -- -- .;. ~~.,..~...

~9, f97f

Pace- wlv THE STRFiayOtbe 9 17

S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S *
Harlem are Knock-out Champs
Harlem Rovers retained their k-o
Championship when they defeated
Saints 2-nil in the finals, before
a large crowd at Windsor Pk.on Sun.
The boys from South in white &
black outfits completely dominated
the game, starting speedily and nev-
er giving their opponents an oppor-
tunity to settle down thus calling
on Saints goalkeeper Roy Williamsto
make some brilliant saves,
Goalless at halftime, Harlemhowv-
ever went right into the attack up-
on resumption, and kept pounding at
the Saints goal; success didn't cane
until just midway into 2nd half,
when a Caesar Emanuel cross found
the head of Irving Benoit in to put
a beauty into the nets: Harlem 1-tp.
Saints did everything possible to
get an equaliser,but they were well
kept at Bay by the powerful Harlem
defence marshalled by Island Capt.
Oliver Joseph. It was Caesar Eman-
uel who sealed the game for Harlem
5 mins. before final whistle.His
shot from outside the penalty area
left Roy Williams without a fraction
of a chance putting Harlem two
goals up... aid the championship.
Joseph to Lead State Team
Our selectors have named 22 players
to represent Dominica in this year's
Popham Tournament. They will be led
by Harlem Rovers stalwart Oliver
Joseph, with his deputy Vivian ReneS
The full team: O.Joseph,J.Faustin,
C.Emanuel, I.Benoit(Harlem Rovers);
V.Rene,C.Williams, D.Hurtault,L.Em-
anuel,M.James (Spartan); G.Mondesire
H.Jno Baptiste,M.Aisles,A.George &
D,Dewhurst (Celtic United) ;B.Charles
D. Simpson, K.Phillip,V.Elwin,V. Shil-
lingford,C.Doctrove,A.Charles and
R.Williams (Saints)
Spartans Success in Montserrat
Spartans Sports Club defeated two
Montserrat teams last weekend: Colts
7-1: Clem John's hat trick,C.Williams
2 and one each from J.Defoe &HurtauLt.
They beat the National team 9-1 with
L.Emanuel scoring a hat trick,Cuth-
bert Williams & Dana Hurtault 2 each
and 1 each from Lafond and Ren6.


NE]C WEEK: full Dominica Mktg.Board
report by Christopher Durand;Social

ANDROCLES (fr. p.4) This is written
so that a true and complete picture
of our political life and dangers may
be obtained by the members of the C.
P.A. so that they may be able to put
the record straight whenever the
matters are discussed in high places.

Development/ is our chief aim,
Of manufacturing skill.
aintatining standards high of fame
In members we instil.
No one can safely stand today
In "Isolation Street"
Cause unity does better pay
And man with man must meet.

Make efforts we assure you then,

A member now to be.
None will regret the moment when
United all are we.
Far-reaching are the benefits
Associations gain.
Can manufacturer score, who sits
Today in "Selfish Lane"?
Using our vast resoucefulness,
Right markets oft we find.
Expedient action gets redress,
Flief for heart and mind.
Soon those who fail to see the fruits
Associations bear,
Shall firmly plant their wandering roots,
Secure in this Affair.
a ward we cry with heart and hand.
.lose ranks. By this we'll thrive.
In honest toil in this fair land,
All shall succeed who strive.
Take warning manufacturers all,
In union let us dwell.
Dh join the group b'ye big or small
%ow help the ranks to swell.

League's big fetePortsmouth; D.E.F.-- ..
Caribbean Emp.Confederation s A.G.M. DOMINICA NURSES ASSOCIATION
BRITAIN voted in the House(majll112) FIFTEENTH ANNUAL NURSES' WEEK
in favour of joining European C.Mkt. Sunday Novo7th Thurs. Nov.llth
RADIO DOMINICAnow in force (fr.ov.,l(details of programme next issue)

urinate anCt uDLLisne oy -nRe roiuprieur cu. A revor Uopt Hal1 MTEl
House at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West in ies,

Pate Twelve


Friday. October 29, 1971

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Mrsl Jane LOwerthal, r.
Research InTtitute for
the Study ol ME.n,
162 East 78 Street,
New York 10021, N.Y.
* w*- l ; go ''

V -W tt g .. ,' h una. ....
Editor PHYLltS SHA LC ALLFREY t:-;-J .
Fridpa-- -. b-;lsj er 2 .... V11I j_

. JA 2472 l en Cenrz

.r- -%'au Do~t ~W' --wx rrr rr~

Ltabanc Labour Eadly Beaten
Sepsau neisted tr effors of the L.L.P. to
domi atae rtiC a y the poiical scee, and returned
4y cs 'V^-. r: majority at five Freedom candi-
d64er. at last Ttesday's e!eciaon:
a' E s 'xis $41i a^ A ^ SHilire 834

7e L, L. I r g6o(E
igs,) ad sk to 59X.
4.2-" ^^^ l

S-,'1 s.
A-A i S.f

"1n 4 sVP patiarc "sNI wROtf,

_ llZ '

1.a4 Z

Sc,:, 1 .c.SnC.i% thq -' '

Police Training
-(he ST. KITTS D2VOORAT) The .t .-
ntist be w..in.Cl.kie;, ird;pOde't and free to.
their duty oLtsidS the political arena,. On ';
other hand, laws r'iust be of such a standard aZs
constitutionahtyf that the Police would Dever -
embarrassed to enforce their provsins. :
The preservation of law and' order .is ot
paramount importance to the stability of ai.;
country. The Police are expected to do ih-
duty within the framework of the provisions a~rd
requirements of the law. In short, the.laws are
passed by the House of Assembly but the Lo;;*..
have to enforce them. This does not mean, ibow-
e&ebr, th.i every law is good and democratic and
is in sth be st interest of the people. The trth s
that somre ruling politicians merely us the Police
i s party instruments and scapegoats,
SIn this connection we view with. alarm the
present Attoroe% General's recent statement that
hre l' ~;dd~ra fti rtc t laws and don't be
Ir,:rri.r a-' if a one-party '- tatt comes.-' If such
Slaws v,.ere to be.encractf- it certUiay would not be
' hni, enforcing them;'. Th' Plii.e whether .em-
iar assed or no would have to :take: this initial
st,. LJs dlc-.i:td to curtail the constitute na
freedoms and lte:d to a petty dictatorship' wil
Sce I ainl meet ',ith a tide of resentment. lnt',.'-.
ifhe P~iice eecd t!-.e co-operation of the public to
do their iob properly, but when they are used b}
Ilijcians to hinder the democratic process the,
? ca 4ot do their duty. wit P justice and efficiency



---------- -----~;~--uunl~~-nra~-P~an~ou~

-F E U, UEE, A--

-' MW /** 4

It is a pleasure to welcome to our shores the bi-partisan team of
representatives of the United Kingdom branch of the Commonwealth Parl-
iamentary Association. With some sections, at least, of Dominica society,
there are strong spiritual links with the Parliament at Westminster.
The: present visit brings to mind the earlier visit of another team
of.British Parliamentarians who were here on 5th July, 1968, bringing
us a gift of books on British Parliamentary Democracy. On that day, our
Government passed a law, the Seditious and undesirable Publications Act,
1968, which attempted to deprive us in substantial measure of freedom of
expression, particularly as regards the press;. In one section which is
probably unique in the world, it was declared seditious to misrepresent
"the intention of any Minister of Government" (Section 3(1)(b). In another
a Minister is empowered, whenever he considers it necessary to do so,
"by notice served on the editor or publisher or proprietor of any news-
paper prohibit ... the issue in the State of such publication" -- Sec-
tion 5(6)(1).
Only last 23rd September when the Government learned that a peaceful
demonstration of citizens had been arranged tcrrotest against certain
proposed laws, a Proclamation forbidding this peaceful demonstration and
bringing out the armed forces of the State, heavily accoutred, was issued.
This ensured that the demonstration did not take place, and threats from
the national radio station together with the ruling Party's publication
told the populace that anyone attempting between the 22nd and 24th Sept-
ember to make any peaceful demonstration would likely lose his life at
the hands of'the armed forces of Government.
The effective cause of the Proclamation was to forestall a popular
demonstration against the curtailment of the powers of the 70-year-61d
Town Council of Roseau because that Council had renamed a street from
"Queen Mary Street" to "Freedom Street" and the Government had taken the
view that the Council'should not have done the renaming without prior
reference since, in the opinion of the Central Government as expressed
in a Release, "the word 'Freedom' has no meaning or significance in Dnm-
inica". In the legislation against the Town Council which became law last
month, not only is the power to name streets removed from the jurisdic-
tion' of the Town Council, but substantial reduction of its powers in
other spheres was effected. The explanation is that the Town Council is
currently in the hands of the Party in Opposition to the Central Gov-
But perhaps what will shock the British Parliamentarians most is the
conduct of the present Speaker of our single-chamber Parliament, the House
of Assembly.
This man, Mr.Eustace Francis, is a barrister by profession and, it is
to be presumed, well acquainted with the spirit of the laws and convent-
ions relating to the Constitution which we have inherited from Westminster.
Soon after Mr.Francis was unanimously elected to the office of Speaker
he accepted nomination of the ruling Leblanc (named after the Premier!5
Labour Party. Almost immediately after this, he was additionally appoin-
ted Editor of that Party's weekly newspaper and only very recently headed
a defeated team of Leblanc Labour Party candidates contesting the tri-
ennial election of the now-emasculated Roseau Town Council against the
incumbent Opposition -- the Dominica Freedom Rarty. In the course of
this. campaign the Honourable Speaker of thaJHouse of Assembly disting-
uished himself by his vitriolic attacks on certain leaders of the Oppos-
ition Party who are also members of the House of Assembly.
The United Kingdom parliamentarians will be interested to hear that
on not a single occasion has this Government in the course of enacting
legislation accepted any substantial amendment proposed by the Opposition
in Parliament; this despite the greater brilliance and experience of
the small Opposition bench. The present Government is characterized by
unbearable pettiness.
An example of this is its recent refusal of the request of the Mayor
o Roseau to be allowed the use of the facilities of the nationalradio
(continued on page four)

Page Two

Friday. OCtober 29. 1971


Her Majeqty';returned this week from What a high-fall' Quite a few
Turkey, with her husband and daugh- people went to bed sick. Some didn't
ter. Princess Anne took off for fall asleep, as though nature was re-
Hong Kong on Save-the-Children aid. luctant to grant them any peace.Maybe
She certainly gets around: see p.6. they will recover at their country re-
BRITISH PI TAIANS t treats. One individual who had high
BRITISH PARLIANTARIANS to W.I. hopes of a Labour victory at the Roseau
A party of 15 MPs from Brtain Town Council elections was in such a
are in the Caribbean. They have plit furious mood at the results that he
up .into'3 groups: one to*Barbados &m
up into groups one to t-Barbados & was fit to be tied. Indecent language
Bahamas, one to the Windwards Is, filled the air in the vicinity of the
and another to .Antigua,Montserrat & Fort Young Hotel. Latest reports in-
British Virgin Is. The ones coming dictate that a Loser Summit will be
here timed their visit for the Nat- called in ork Street.
ional jump-up. They are: Mr.Freder- thought I detected a lack of en-
ick Lee (Labour) head of delegat- I thought I detected a lack of en-
ick Lee (Labour) headof leg thusiasm during the broadcast of the
don; the Marquis of Headfort Mr. results of the recent Town Council
tin Maren (Cons) atie M. elections. The..resounding defeat for
Peter Mills ( ad r. the masters of the lackeys at Radid
Whitlock (Labour). Mr. Whitlock is Dominica may have left them lost for
best remembered here for his'invol- wordsBut this is the turning point
vement in the Anguilla affair. They The fight has just begun.
arrive Nov.2, leave on the 7th. Congratulations fyom this corres-
BRITAIN & COMMON MARKET (see p.12) pondent to'all the successful candid-.
ates of the Dominica Freedom Party.
C.L.R. JAMIES : a week dedicated to Your efforts, and the efforts of all
this greoa+ 70>-year-old W/est Indian our efforts, and the efforts of all
this great 70-year-old West Indian who pushed their way to the ballot
writer is to be observed at Mona boxes through quite a throng of no-
campus of U.W.I. with readings, a rs, were not in vain. And let us
play and tributes. Some of the otherot rrt pe e li Masterlyn Laba,
not forget people like MasterlynLadad,
smaller islands are joiinig in Loblack etc., who helped make all this
CANADIAN GIFT SCHOOLS: .Four fine possible.
gift schools, presents from Canada, Here's a quote from Robert Kennedy:
were officially opened this weekThe"Some men see things as they are and
first was at Grandbay, where Mr. M. ask 'why?' I dream things that never
D.Bell spoke for the High Commission- were and ask 'why not?'"
er. H.E. Mr. C.A.Seignoret,Governord *
Deputy, cut the ribbon. Many persons A'lot of people seem to think'that
attended. Next came La' Plaine and this columnist is sex-oriented. They*
Castle Bruce (same.sort of-function).cite my many references to that taboo
Vieille.Case School was openediqn subject. They :are correct. I have mat-
Weds.27th. We hope the schools are ured to the :point where my experience
to be kept cleaner and more sanitary with sex goes beyond whispers,beyond
r.nd better landscaped than the Good- stealthily buying contraceptives, and
will Junior High School, where yodi beyond pretending that the sex organs
Editor persbnally'scrubbed dff a .- 'were primarily made for elimination.I
desk & chair for a l-ittle boy on the recognise sex to be a healthy aspect
firs tday of term this,year. 'She 0 o life. I recognize the proper posit-
came unequipped, so had;to use paper 'ioning of it in-sobbiety. I know that'
handkerchiefs for the job. *' without it, many of us would be vege-
TH&E-'REPUBLIC- O CHINA.has at last tables. I recognize it asr' God-given
admitted to the United Nations, gift, as important and real as my eyes
beenadmitted to the United andarms. I also recognis as
after years of waste a argument. andarms. I also recognse it as a
after years o was d a. .medium of jokes. Too long have we been
VISITORS TO DOMINICA: Teams fromthe U alsely led to believe- that sex should
United Nations Development Programmeonly be discussed among adults or be-
the Caribbean Health Task Force(UWI 'hind closed doors. It is high time that
etc.)., & Regional Agency (Co-op Ad- we tell our kids where'they came from
viser Don Slimmon) arrived in the land how they came about,. It Is when
past. few days, saw Ministers, prom- they find out from the streets that
ised aid. UNDP offers $300,000'US.* Bex becomes the rose in the gutter.
Dr..G.Gibbs, Reg.Adviser on Pesticide Rama will continue with his sex-orighn
control, visited recently for 3 'days. ted paragraphs as the need arises'.
OXFAM will aid the State with 3 grants *
of 10,000 over 3 years 12 clinics.

Friday, October 29, 1971

Page Three,


to address the citizens on the legislation on the powers of the Town
Council then contemplated by the Government and on certain releases on
the subject which had been repeatedly broadcast over the station but viich
were considered by the Council to be grossly misleading and inaccurate in
material particulars. Another example of the pettiness of spirit of the
present Government bears on matters relating to the Dominica branch of
the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. The Government hogs for its
Party members all the opportunities going for C.P.A. visits and training.
The treatment of the present Leader of the Opposition is the clearest case
in point. He has held this office for the past 6 years and looks like
holding it fo many more, yet the Government majority in the local C.P.A.
has never offered him an opportunity to go on one of those training trips,
while at least a dozen of their Party members of extremely marginal utility
have been so sent.
The visiting parliamentarians will be scandalised to learn of the
doings of the present Government when it contested and won the General
Election last year. I think in this they should be particularly interested
since much of'the funds then so glaringly politically used came from the
pockets of the British taxpayer in the form of aid. Large sums were spent
directly to catch votes and many hundreds of people who worked for the
briefest periods as casual labourers for Government in the dim past were
called in to receive so-called "pensions". This was done in the four weeks
immediately preceding the General Election. Such an appropriation had
never been made to appear in the Estimates approved by Parliament. This
policy continues in wasteful manners of expending Government funds, all
done with Party political ends in view.
SThe members of the visiting United Kingdom branch of the C.P.A. will
surely have learned already of the concerted efforts in train, in most of
the Associated States, to muzzle the press. As already stated, the Govern-
ment of Dominipa has been the doyen in this business. Still, according to
reports emanating from other leaders of Associated States, Dominica will
also be in on Enacting yet more stringent and repressive laws against the
press in an effort to reduce the opportunities of the population to know
abott the wrongdoings ahd inefficiencies of the Government.
The climax of this Government's irresponsibility is showing up itself
next week. Then we shall be hearing from the Grenada member of the gang
the details of a proposal for turning Dominica into part of the republic
of Guyana. The first hint of this came from the overseas press. The public
of Dominica knows nothing about it. There has been no suggestion of this
to the local population. We in Dominica would be grateful indeed if the
members of the U.K. branch of the C.P.A., out of the abundance of their
experience, would advise the Dominica Government that such an unusual line
of policy must be put to referendum or made the leading issue of a special
General Election before being proceeded with. The Parliamentary Opposition
is convinced that the people of Dominica do not wish this political assoc-
iation and therefore those who would like to proceed with it should submit
it to the decision of the population. It would be appreciated if the point
were to be made: to the Government that winning 8 out' of the 11 seats in the
General Election a years ago (although losing close on half the votes in
Jhe country) does not give them the right or justification to take a step
of such far-reaphing consequences without the matter being specifically put
to the voters of the State for decision.
All the foregoing (and much more of the same kind could be stated) is
intended to show to our C.P.A. visitors how far the present Government has
departed from the spirit which pervades Westminster, after which our parl-
iamentary institutions and conventions are supposed to be modelled. There
is no good reason for the departure. Only a spirit of incipient dictator-
ship coupled with supporting venality explains the situation. Any attempt
at ascribing it to the peculiar genius or ethos of the West Indian is re-
buttl by the consideration that the Opposition Party in Dominica which
received almost half the popular votes (though only 3 Parliamentary seats)
is composed of Dominicans and opposes the policies of the ruling Party
which have been outlined herein. (Final paragraph on page 12T

Page Four


Friday,October 29,1971

SCON(i R. ,1LATL.Os .
The Freedom Party members (Portsmouth branch)
w--.-: l. congratua-e tho2e cid zeos of the Town of
Ar s:i-m for -dir wisdom in casting .;t r votes at
d ue Roieau Town Council eectkyon, and also to
! co;i:ratulate the five Freedom candidates on their
y o:.. vtchelting m-.,cess. *
1'.11ip ACTON Z t W4 s I ;t4S5.Z'105s NOTERL
-. NeatGING STARS pr'i'dos MU-SiC $.: O ANCING
.;..; e;-.yans wear Sng NATIONAL- _.;.' ''"" wf;.h bh- ';* '. p ra..
: r/-ES: DINK. Sobe where. tbe ACflON ,.-CIN h *
met the ISSMROU HOTiEL NOWV.;tc .*-C 3rd
iiME II aI.a, to 3 t.m. A&MI0'&ON t2.t
e Dotminica Mqnufacturrs A.sskotins takes
u.:sure in presenting
DOM1INICA INDUi 1S'"6 1"114
T'le f5oilowing is a brief pr g:-i..r gof major events
..rng M h wt ek:-
Mo*ile Exhibit will be at C,:.a-.d..r.r, Head-
'ters from 3oth Octo'ber to 6th November.
'here will be a truck parade chiough the town
n." Sartrday 3oth Ofcu:.( .
i Local Producws will be exhibited at the Botanic
t:aens on Wednesday 3rd Nc'-'ernw.
;,. h Throughout the week there wil be shop win-
5 a displays of locally .manufactured products.

SSaturday 4th Decewnmbr 19&71
GARDE + ., y
GARDE,.,F .-
Sthc iraray 1'Sci $r ir'n and Grounds,
j ,d#-cmiw?) a:swerkmantcww.acni'js eMnaa ea mnsa r s sen

The EFacutive of the Dominica Freedom Party
is toucbbed and is most appreciative of the support
eiven by the people of Roseau, New Town, Kings
Shil+ Potters vie and GoodAwill at the recent Ro-
'u T.--.'.; Council Election. It thanks all those
wiho voted for tie Freedom Party candidates wd
' .T.,.h publicly plkdges its continuance of efforts
Sor i-p:-',, the conditions existing not only in
sthe "ai.Jp'a'i&h?. of Rscean but in all Dominica.
*--'. -r-

ALI spoke over the B.B.C. last'

Wooden structure at Boyd's Avenue
No reasonable offer will be refused

Apply to .. R.WATTY
3o King George V Street,

192 1t

" p


Cr a ss-r 'arJu n 'a.-.-xnu -- -;m ~ As I;rp p u r.-.- a',,t t,'. afla-~~r




S9sr /%


I~~~r;u;vs~u~+w~nuMpirrW Irra~u~rrrm~arn~-M~-r-r~;.~~vraa~r~ii

A V1
' : ;. ,



^e S*THE STkAR remar, vs
_____________-t-l ------- flL----- fl'W''T a;B rfi~ ftf> w a~ ffl3A


[X' CEPT for isolated
. stances, physical
evidence of color.ilism
Waf been removed from
the Commonwealth Ca-
ribbean. Ii was Vo',t a
difficult task to accom-
plish once the decision
had been taken. New
(Consititions were in-
troduced, West Indian
Governors were
appointed, the new status
was celebrated .and, on
the face of it, color i-
i~am came to an end.
Before long, however,.
realisation came that the
job had only just begun.
British political ruie
, had been terminated, but,
conditioned by genera-
tions of metropolitan
braio washing, the West
Indian mind did not soar
into freedon wilh the,
hoisting of his national
fng, His thoughts were
still shackled with com-
p.exks' and prejudices.
False standards and ill-
founded concepts .beset
him, and he was faced
with the monm;mental task
of mental de4tolonisation:
It was natural that one
of the first hampering
concepts to be attacked
was that black people are
inferior. Negroes in the
.United States had given
the lead, but West Indians
bhad an infinitely more
!complicated task. In the
U.S A the situation is
clear. cut. Irrespective of
physical apFearance, any-
one with Negro blood is
S"black". In the West
Indies, because of in-
fiuences of history, in
addition o "white"
people and "black"
:people, a third group is
Srecognised. Thet~ are the


"coloured" people, the
coffee-with-m i 1 k-i ,T-b e-
tweens, who, in the
colonial social structure
were accorded a place
next to the whNite expat-
riate rulers --a place
which was evaluated on
a. delicate consideration
of pigmentation, educa;-
tion, family connections
and wealth.
Things are further
conmph ated by the pre-
sence of another large
section of the population
The East Indian i; not
'white", nor i. he "lack"
in the African -sense. Hef
has dark skin but his
hair is 'good" and his
facial characteristics are
closer t t the Europeao
than they a e to the West
African. Nev- ibrk:l he
was an uiierpri iie\ctd
person ir rth colonial era.
He too was thought to
be inferior and, in the
dawning of the new West
fadian day, h has to be
taken into account in
correcting the comlipks
of inferiorly.
With this compiT1ca$ed
background, West Indians
now seek an idemily
for themnsclf.s and have
chosen to build this on
a backc' basis. The
majority of the popd.:a-
tion is "black" in ihe
African sense. I cause of
his dark skin, the East
Indian can identify with
the "Black Movement".
Nutnericalily, the "coloure&d".
the "whites" the Chmiese
and other non-black eje-
mentrs of the population
are inconsequentiaL and.;
on a purely statistical
basis. "Black is beautif'"
is the logical theme for
an emerging West lndian

However. the present
emphasis on "Black Con-
scioursness" may dievCIop
int a. preoccupy tianoI
whbc' could be hrmnfu
in thr long run. Aft.r cen-
turies of the theme of
"Biack Inferioity" it is
essential now that there
should be tih corrective
fore of "B-ack Dignit'.
Bat, vff' o ~VeLJ;.,", mphia-
sis on'l-a.ci;." could soa-
die West Indians -ith a
deisrultive reverse prc-
j.udics which would not
only .'" .- v_ L. : 'L.:!
relationships with --white"
countries but wiUl produce
-vCreS internal strife.
A new, vibrant na-
tional feeling is rising
throughout the region.
Wst Indjans are groping
for a path and, irrespec-
tive of race or colour,
every sector of the conm-
munity must play ts role.
Because of the varcd
ethnic background, pig-
mentation can never be
a satisfacto, basis for
national identity. The
emphasis must be s-hifted.
Unity can be built only
on the unique character-
istic of the region. It
can be built only. on
West Indianism.
auru-u~~~~~era-- -* ------*

fl.%. .J'fl t2'.dtz-_M_ 54'S., I~ ___ -_'_.rtpf r g f l .- : t
Peee:o *.ad,, a- ,^ TH WnITE PRINCESS
'. Fri
t' Suicr v, h qfy'