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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 10-22-1971
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Ms. Jane Lowenthai .'
:LV rarian,
Research Institute for
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Stre '",11
,New York 10021, Ift:
TTP..c! ?.dI


N Oppositio'
VO''TERS: Elect a full Free-
domt Council and save Dom-
Piica from becoming a cone-
r a- vy dictatorship. Read
i"Lrefully the threats of an
Assoc. State Attorney Gen-
eral below, and see what
face; you if you fail in your
dury as a free citizen. The
n:'y defence of the people
:agamst tyranny is Freedom.
This Roseau election on
f'ues. 26th Oct is VERY
..ipo-';tant. Go to the polls
(C'urt House) early.
A vote for the Land
wi. save your Land.

Conmradef, I repeat it
with% boldness tonight
don be surprised. if a
oc.X-party stare comes
because if people will not
coinrol themselves then
.Cey must be controlled.
"We have said and we
maintain and I think I
shxak again for the or-
.anijation tonight that
after we have gone
through the due demo-,
c:arc processes and the
people 'have declared
imeir wMil and hav e,-
press.ed their confidence,
it is not our irenmtion
ihat the confidence of the
r,,nple shouldd be frus-
trated by any ariris4y
acting in their oiwn in-
terests .in this ccumtryV.
It is our.: decided
view that the majority
mu.it prrevail, that we
have been elected to rule
and to govern and govern
we will."
He also stated that he
v.as of the opinion that
th pscipl- of the Carib
lean regarded institu
;.ional opposition as not

V~i~4 *3L

S Er -.-'.HYiA.iS SHAN LD A FLFRPE .' v. .,

nNo NPressa New Fashi'ns or Nur, '
~ ~ --..., "

tnly 2 waste of rime,but a
w..i;,:.; away of the re-
sources: of the reca.
Commenting further
on the lePslation against
the Press in St. Kitts as
well as in other C.'rit-
hean islands the Attor:'-.'
G-neral said
"If we were the on"
ones doing it, then ;-.
wotld have to thi,
again about tihe justifica-
tion for doing it.
',.But whan we If'N
Chai Aniguia ;i tu do f4,
fbini:,ica is to do soDM-.
thing, that Bermuda i<
,' do something, and ;ie
are to do sor tShing, it
only seems to me o un-
derscore tte point that
the Press in the Carib-
be ) lacks respousibihty
and if it will not look
to set its own ho~ae i
order then the Egovr:-
ment, to protect t he
people wvil have to sT-
it in order.

A i 7 S-g

DoCpatch 433

ReI.eirve This"Dayl

SatmrdAB 4th Dscem-ber I9M
Iafsy scb holpw ^
vT -rr~varr Rcr-n n iiiii i nrillu rill l iM ui a K II ri ii~n'iy

I~ " *

Ar *:~ .,i

is bho UthreIen Utie of ltpdai es txrtMr Drista erwse
111~ i.iiiii i~ii1 1 rli<.in ii~i. iin* nii.ir n~alimn- un iTr -- u ~

Dominica Freedom Party
The Party winds up its campaign for the
iRoseau Town Council Election with a huge
iPblic meeting in Freedom Street, Lagon, on
Monday night, 25th October, at 8. 30 p.m.
All the Partys big guns will operate on that
night and the right-thinking people of the whole t
muniispality of Roseau, that is, all those who wish
to see Roseau continue to be clean and to go for- !
vard, are cordially invited to listen to this meeting, t


' J'V la N o- 17,




.. .,


Page Two T H E S T AR Friday,October 22;~971

Exactly one calendar month ago from the date of this publication,
the Leblanc Party/Government made detailed preparations for decimating
the Roseau population if the people had only turned out, as long previous-
ly arranged, to make a peaceful demonstration against proposed legislation
considered by them inimical to their interests. One month later, the same
Government/Party is inviting the same Roseau people to return it as the
governing body of the same city's Town Council.
This kind of schitzophrenic political behaviour is another example
of the long and widely held belief by the Leblanc Party that the people
of Dominica are easily manipulated, having weak minds, wills and memories.
The leader of that Party has in fact been known repeatedly to say that the
memory of Dominicans is no stronger than that of yard fowls. He appears to
have a point there, for it is doubtful whether in any other community, a
people would even countenance the representatives, overt or covert, of a
Party which, four weeks previously, had thoughts and desires of murder in
its heart towards the people among whom it exists.
This columnist can say with full knowledge and authority that the
result of next week's Roseau Town Council election will be a turning point
in the history and affairs of Dominica. This is no exaggeration and I can-
not say more, but the Leblanc Party recognizes this, to judge by their
feverish campaigning.
Not satisfied with the deployment of the most sophisticated instru-
ments of physical destruction against its citizens last 23rd September,
the ruling Party has since then outlined in its proposed Bank Act the
measures it proposes to take to bring the savings of the people all the
people under its scrutiny and control. Incidentally, for the benefit of
the few nitwits and Government stooges who would wish to convince the up-
wary that the Government does not propose to look at individual accounts'
in the banks, let me quote the relevant Section. The underlinings are mine
and indicate the operative words.
"17.(1) Every bank or credit institution shall furnish to the Authority-
or the Minister at such times and in such form as the Minister or tho
Authority may prescribe, all information and data on its operations
in the State...

(3)-The Minister or the Authority may publish in whole or in part
at such times as it may determine, any information or data furnished
under subsection (1) of this section, except that no information or
data shall be published which might disclose the affairs of a bank
or of a customer of a bank unless the consent of that bank or
customer has been obtained."

When we look back upon the performance of the Leblanc/Labour Town
Councils which immediately preceded the existing Freedom Party-ruled Town
Council, dishonesty and inefficiency in administration stand out like sore
thumbs. This was the period when the funds of the Town Council were played ;
in by some members for their own private use. What was even worse was
that the Central Government of the same Party took no steps to discourage
such improprieties. In fact, we can in all truth say that it encouraged
them when we recall that it reinstated a Mayor who had had to-resign when
financial improprieties by him were brought to light by a member of the
Council not belonging to the ruling Party.
Then we recall the mountains of rotting rubbish which decorated the
streets of Roseau in the period of the last Leblanc/Labour Town Council
which then had two Ministers as members. The unsightliness of the tovn is
still fresh in memories. Then in the midst of such nastiness, the members
of the offending Town Council deserted the body and left it to their
Freedom Party successors to bring some order and cleanliness to the capital
city. (Concluded on Page Four)

Friday,October 22, 1971

Page Three-

The Queen drove ^through the streets METEOROLOGICAL ASSISTANT
of .Ankara,. Turkey, in ani open car BRANTRIDGE METEOROLOGICAL SURVEY "'
on Monday last, with the President
S ofTurkey to the surprise of sec- Applications are invited from su
urity-minded Turks.'Following were ably gaalified persons, to fill the
cars with the Duke of Edinburgh & post of Meteorological Assistant in
Princess Anne. meteorological survey being carried
.out at Brantridge Estate.
A ibrce debate on Britain's entry yThe Survey will be for a period
into the European Common Market be-hot less than six (6) months and maJ
gan in the House of Commons this be extended for a further period, u]
week. It will last 6 days.. Conser- to a maximum of two and a half year
vatives & Liberals are allowing a Applicants should hold the Gener
free "conscience" vote; put Labour Certificate of Education. Priority
Members are obliged to follow the will be given to the holder of Cert:
Party line and vote against. ficates with passes in English, Matl
CANADA: On Monday a Hungfrian Jew matics and Physics.
jumped on the back of Soviet Pre- Possession of a Driving Licence
mier Kosygin, visiting Ottawa: off.desirable though not absolutely nec.
icially. Later Kosygin said he ary.The salary offered is $2,160.00
welcomed President Nixon"s planned anum with an increment of $120.00
visits to Peking and Moscow, dis- annum and, 2,580,00 per annum,depen
counting threats of demonstrations o ualifiations.
against friendship between his land Applications should be addressed
and Canada. Meanwhile in New York th Permanent Secretary/ Ministry o
a sniper fired four bullets into Communications and Works, and should
the office of the Soviet Missiontoeach that voice not later than
the United Nations from the roof .ofOctober, 1971
Hunter College. D. K. BURTON,
Permanent Secretary,
" "- r. W ^ '^ T rt C-"., .-. *- .I.. *'* iil 1 .^ ^\w*^ --,. *.^,. ,-< .

.TRIN LAi : iA Sa oAf puuu e '- Ministry of Communications & Works.
ency'has been declared, since last
Tuesday night. File No. 0 & W 16/24,G.1656172-1/1

Pablo means Paul thus two Pauls A campaign to coincide with the Nation-
are in the great central limelight al Day celebrations is under way by the
because of their,art. Pablo Nerud Dominica Manufacturers' Association.
(Chilean Poet, 67) who is Chile's Thus, "DOMINICA INDUSTRY WEEK" will
Ambassador in Paris, has won the .take place from Sat.Oct.30-Sat.Nov.6,
.36,000 Nobel Prize for Literature. An extensive newspaper & radio ad-
The award stated:"A poetry that, vertising programme highlighting the
with the action of an elemental force, number and type of products now
brings alive a 06ontinent's destiny manufactured in Dominica. A small
anddceams." .The other Pablo(Picasso) comprehensive exhibit will be on
has eight paintings on exhibit in view (Nov.3) at the Botanical Gdns.
the Louvre, Paris opening by Pres. During the week Mr. Philip NassAef,
Pompidou; the first time that a liv- President of the D.M.A., will -gve a
ing Artist has ever been shomn there. radio address; a panel discussion
Both men are of the extreme Left;but on the crucial importance of manu-
Alexander Solsenytskin, Soviet win- facturing in a developing country
ner of the Nobel Litt.Prize lastyer, will also take place. It is worth
was not allowed to leave'his country thinking of the campaign's theme -
to receive his prize in Stockholm. .:'BUY DOMINICAN and BUILD A BETTER
observed this week. The movement was its 9th collective Agreement (with
started in 1840 and has during recent LIAT) at Melville Hall Airport lately,
years done a very great deal to en- ELEVEN Travel Agents from Canada came
courage thrift in-Dominica and to here recently with a-BWIA Rep on a
provide loans to the people for wor- familiarization tour. They were taken
thy enterprises, for which leading o by the Dominica Tourist ad
figures such as Sister Alicia, Mr. "Ravishing beauty" of Dominica impress
Charles Maynard, Mr. e y, Mr avishing beauty Dominica imnpres-
CS.A.WBrls M. Mrd Edward El.in and sed the visitors. Other parties from
severaW oo ers deserve much praise. USA & Canada to follow soon. ******


* 1

- --











Page Four T H E S T AR riday,October 22,1971

NEXT WEEK'S ELECTION" by ANDROCLES continued from page two
Everyone has noted the marked change in the appearance of Roseau after one
year of Freedom Party administration.
Next, the Leblanc Government filched the lands, bought by the Town
Council, for its own scheme the building of a Market which it proceeded
to take away from the traditional control of the Town Council and entrust
to its Marketing Board composed of its political adherents. This is the
land which the present Town Council planned on selling in order to finance
the erection of a Town Hall and to modernize Windsor Park. The calling upon
Government by the Council to pay for the lands it has illegally occupied
was the proxiijate and effective cause of the recent rape of the Constitution
of the Roseau Town Council. The Government would have preferred to use the
purchase money for rewarding its activists and stooges. Thus it is quite
certain that the main reason for the Government having the nerve and the
brass to contest the Roseau Town Council Election next Tuesday AFTER THE
win it would not pay for the lands which have been bought from the rates
and taxes of the citizens of Roseau, not from the funds of Government.
So the issue is quite clear: town neglect, dirt, mismanagement,finan-
cial improprieties, on the one hand; improved appearance, impeccable finan-
cial management, plans for future development, devotion to the interests of
the people of Roseau, on the other. The people of Roseau must regard next
week s Town Council election as something almost as important as a General
Election and- every registered voter should make it a point of duty to come
out and vote, and in so doing (1) give a vote for each of the five (5) can-
didates of the Freedom Party and (2) give a resounding'rebuff to the Leb~Hae
Party for the many crimes it has committed and planned against the people -
Sof Roseau in particular and of Dominica in general.
There has been much dissatisfaction with the award of the Dominica
Island Scholarship for 1971. I am not in a position to express a view dne
way or the other, and when I am in this situation I hold my fire. But there
is no doubt that there has been engendered feeling almost amounting to bit.-
terness over the results. One of the thinI I have been hearing is that in
recent times the Government changed th 1 C of the scholarship but then
proceeded to award this year's Scholarship on the basis of the earlier re-
quirement. I hope the Government is in a position to deny this, otherwise
an injustice has been done if different individuals topped the list under
the different bases.
This brings me to what I really wish to say about the recent award of
scholarships. I have learned on the best possible authority and with consid-
erable horror that a young girl, Alfreda Bellot, who topped the Convent High
School's list of candidates for the Dominica Scholarship but who Was beaten
by some boys -filed to get one of the many non-competitive awards though her
academic E'erformance and rating is higher in some cases, much higher -
than that of many on the list to whom Government gave or recommended schol-
arships to university. This is a shocking state of affairs and is only one
more instance of the trend that things are taking in Dominica.
Can you imagine the anguish and desolation of feeling which enters a
young heart so treated? What an introduction of youth to its Government!
Personally, I feel that depriving a young student of his/her just deserts
is of the same moral order as oppression of the poor and depriving the
labourer of his wages.
If I have been wrong in my facts, I shall gladly and humbly withdraw
what I have said, but if I am correct, what an indictment of a Government'
Two pleasing appointments on the medical side are that of Dr. Peter
Bellot, Dominica-born graduate of UWI, to Marigot Hospital & District; and
a much-needed Specialist Psychistrist, Dr. C.M.H. Nunn (from-Britain) who is
"on loan" to the State for one year to advise and develop establishment of
a mental health service. He is based in Roseau, will visit out-districts.

I--7~. lf~C~3~4~eL =*--SiW~;jiLIZ
I' _~~

Now available at No. 5, Cross Street.
Toresias, Banhinias (deep pink), Petumias,
Double Blue Pea Vines
Herbs (Dil, Basil, Thyme, Marjoram)
in La imited quaatty
I Pb~oe: 2341

2nd Annversary ldis Show
Sundy Mrss Oober

55 shares Fort Young Hotel
200 dollar shares Cinema Co.
Ap Apply Barclays Bank


TAf (I/N/ If ERE!0
For those who can appreciate a really
fine beer, of distinction, of superb quality,
from Munich Germany comes.
Lowenbrau Special Beer,
the Premier Ber of Munich, famous for its beers
for centtnew.
Lowenbrau is for the dsri
pate, noW For ithe' gsler. It is not cheap (the I,.
things never are), so y~ will find
Lowenbrau Special Beer,
only at the very bes bamrs.
Treat obr'eclf to a Lowenbrau ~sdy
and get tha R O Y AL feeLim.
J1. 1

(and that's often these days)
erect a


Itcan be erccd in a jiffy in a corern of a room. It needs
no connection to the water supply. Absolutely sla-containied
pcluding, pressurized water container giving o msal
continuous shower .from only z gallon of water.

e standing model will stand where without
o. verh~ed a.g

Hanging model with support 4 $65,00

The Dominica Dispensary Co; Ltd;

Pazg PA"s

PaeSi HE SARFidy Otbe 2,17

Druggists can expect a sharp rise
in the contraceptive business. Nat-
lonal Day is around the corner, and
the festivities that go with it; it
is a sure bet that most everyone
will want to do more than his own
thing. It is reported that during
the Carnival season, contraceptives
are at a premium and that all sup-
plies are sold out by Samedi Gras.
Let's face it, People are going to
engage in sexual relations no mat-
ter what. Maybe it's the tropic heat.
But I side with the group which
chooses the lesser of two evils" &
practises birth control instead of
experiencing'the agony and anguish
and conferring the misery whichgoes
with an unwanted pregnancy. Of course
the ethics involved are debatable.
Because of an expose in this col-
umn last week, I hear that some wives
now regularly check the odometer of
the family automobile to determine
just how far'Dad has travelled. One
enterprising young man has decided
to cash in on the infidelity situa-
,tion by going into the espionage el-
ectronics business. He plans to off-
er wives (or husbands) a tiny elec-
tronic device which emits a contin-
uous"beep beep".

(Contd. next CoJ)

The latest dates for posting to ensure delivery at destination before
Christmas Day are as follows:







Letters, Christmas Cards Letters, ChrusitmasCrds
& Printed Papers PARCELS & Printed Papers

Dec. 3rd

Nov. 17

Nov. 17
Nov. 17
De c. 15

1Saturday 18th December

Dee. 3rd

Nov. 17



Dec. 13th

Dec.. 13

Dec. 13
Dec. 16
Dec. 18

If suitable opportunities offers supplementary Christmas mails will be
despatched. ",
File No. 4/5311, G164, 160-2/2
Date: 1lth October, 1971.

RAMA contd. The aggrieved party
can then monitor the movements of
the other party from a master control,
Boy, this little Roseau sure has alot
going on...
The "in crowd" can always be found
at Fitz' Drive-in. It is THE place to
hang out these days. It also is the
meeting place for the automobile
strategists who plan their moves and
countermoves in the business, The
whispered conversations over a bottle
of beer reveal quite a bit of personal
and business intrigue.
A giant crab was put in So and
So's car. While on a necking session
Mr. Crustacean made his appearance.
I understand that bits of clothing
were all over the area by the new
market. My well-informed informant
says that the young lady involved
refuses to see the young man unless
he does away with the automobile. No
word about the crab. Peejez-zey crab-
Two welcome awards: American physio-
logist Earl Sutherland got the Nobel
prize for medicine. The coveted Nobel
Peace Prize is won by Willi Brandt,
Chancellor of W.Germany, for efforts'
to bring warring right-left factions,
toget r Willi s a real Socialist.
your E11oi r Tme. nm once in tnecom-.
a NO TI e a

- -- --


-- -- -- --

Page Six

Friday, October 22, 1971



Six and a half acres aear Wesle. Fully cultivated. The Canadian Save the
With comfortable house and furniture. COusi.iL C ldren Fund
inag view aad eardfen. ; ..
Phone Cadnman Sih 7208 sZiih TRAINING COURSE
r~,.I-ons~~~------ -rl-- -- --- -


16o acres of good Agricuiural land most-
ly cuhivated in coconuts wii.h good Tourist
potential situated on the Noith Eastern
Coast of Dominica with motorable road.
Offers will be considered r purchase of
parts of the said estate.

For particulars apply to:
MeSrs.. Armour & Aur
15 H.nover SStreet,
Roseau. Dominica.


Applications are flvited fi~rU yuuug wutci,.
between the ages of twenty-one and thirty years
to enter the 1972 training course to be held at tbh
Casndian Save the Children Fund Child Welfarr
Tra.iniXg Cemre, in St. Vincent. Successful. ca-
didates receive 2 one year residential training ia
Quldcare with free board and lodging, uniform"
and vtition.
Applicants should have either G.C.:. <.r
School Leavimg Ceirricate, and may apply in p,-
mon 'r w Ate to RPpresentative, The Can!di
Save The Children Fund, 9, Hillsbrough Strse,
C o P.O.Box 265 Rseau DE.i i:- r, Cot later ..
2%ih Novembet. .,.

I Scedtuleof Ap lI!cation for Certificate of TitFe nrd )?r.h4is
thereon and Caveats for week '.rd Sa of Sepemb,, .
rDi,. R qurrts0 | Person P-resenting i Nature of request
|. whether a Certificat
Sof Title of Noting

..' rer tdaei the Lusia, Samael ,~, el for the is~ue of a
i'r .Y of ASquS, St FrSt Cr; i'jiale of "Titic in
S7. by he or Soctor respect o a portion oi land
tPre~e.tc dthe7th. i.aoowrn I i ot at Brriwoa,
Sdy orGcfober, CilnA Dugny Gr ed 3sy, in ir Parish of
i a- 1.2J.; al. 4 SL Psa. ripak, in the Scar of;
Sa -*----- 'Dii coatainiag 14,.
| q.it, asd boundsetd a foi
.c .:ws:-
iWMcPh Westt by lands of Eugenia Andrew; NorAth abt hy Inds
% Lov-ni T7omas: South East by lands ofCecil aron; Soptu
W'est by lands of Eugenl.a Anadrw.
Daye R aqu$sted Person P-Mres.-ntg Nature of \ request
-whether a Certificate
o f Ttte of Noting
t 'nrson or Cavaet.

p Kfe-test dated tne
6Nh da ofOdto.
V trean-ted rhe 7ih
Stv of October,
' i; at I .05 a&m.1
ii .UfC.l

Sylvester lenrard
by his Solichror
Cilma A.M. Dupt yr

Request for the issue of a
First Ccfrificate of Title in
resBect of a portion o4 land
at MarigotA, gi the Parrah of
SL. Aadr(f in the State of'
Do~inifc., Coatamiig 0 l6
*q. tL. A bMo'.jd as fo

rser3t oay INdO *t'trobe taville; iast by l.and of Pinard An. t
drew rAd Itaic Anderw and lands of Eardiey Jmet and
Mrs. A. Joseph; Souith by rand of Francis Tucg; Wes, by the
ps iec Roadt t(o Melvlple Hall. e; d isnd ;f Fra.ei Tontg:

kistcrr' Ofe. . SYLVIA J. ERTRAND
.ioseau, Dominica. eagsitra of Ttrie.
N;OTE:- Any person who desires to object to the lsue of aV
first Certificate of Title in rhea boP'a application may anatr d
.Caveat n the above Office within, six wieks from thw dcte*
thi rfirs appearance of thit Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
pu(blihed in this State or from the d.ae when the notice pre-
Scr*ted biy lw was 5rvzdJ on any owifer or occupier of adopting
-arnf i~ respect of which the application is made.
'f W i raii w li in l w a- ninlil~iil iin l m l lilll

Waitukuybulis .s
La Vie Dormincairs
The Wal ukutull Group doos it a s !
Abzri AmttsESnt La Place comes LA VIE. DON~;'
On Saturday, 23rd October, the Wai4uhak:
Group presents LA VIE DOMINICAIN "
the Goodwill Parish HaitL
LA VIE DO INtICAIN starts a. 8.30 p.-.
LAf VIE DOMINICAIN is being pr ,c:'- i..
A "warm up" for the Narionai Lway C kcb.ei .:
DI minica'S customs and culture.
LA VIE DOMINICAIN is for all Lorninica~s
.i&i~es DBwacers, Nativos Ds uam, Accordio,;,
: Ead, Coate Conatear, Loscal Dace Troupe,.
.:. LMae ia Douillettte, Poems.
There will ba a bar.
TICKETS ere available all around town.
TICKET pries::- Rkearve. Seats: $200 .
Stlreaei~'Y d S ~ets: $1.00
The proceeds of the show will help WAT
UKUBLI to take itself to all parts of Doanin-.

Irvkers oae and all
to their annuiA NATIONAL DA.Y BUFFET. DIN '
and eA DNCE at z-h GOOcD WLL PARkSH HAL.
Music by the SWING I G STAR-S of tOMI(N CA
TIME 10 p.m. TO .a,m
DINNER aad DANC:E $8.50 per peron .
DINNER starts at 7.p.nm sharp
DANCE alone $3.00 prit pereao
.___.__-_------ -,.,*--





b-- , ~ ------ L-.-L II^I~-UI~I~-UI~*IMb~UI~UI~*U

-..*riaM-.. i. ^^^ ^i^ ^ .^,*lYW t W tW t <




0 P I N I 0 N ...by Rupert Sorhaindo POST OFFICE NOTICE
Tribute to Parry... I heartily en- S T A M PS
dorse Parry Bellot's plea for exem- 13th INTERNATIONAL BOY SCOUT JAMBOREE
play political leadership. I have COMMEMORATIVE STAMPS
no reason to doubt Mr. Bellot's notified for general inform-
sincerity. Indeed, I admire his It is notified for general inform-
courage (even though guarded) in nation that special Dominica Postage
speaking out publicly on matters Stamps to commemorate the 13th INTER-
sthat contemporaries shun mout ofshr NATIONAL BOY SCOUT JAMBOREE held in
convenience. Japan from the 2nd to the 10th August,
Here is a young, impressionable 1971 were released for sale on Mon-
Dominican who might well be seen as ay8th Octob ve design o the1971.
a juicy subject forinnoculation 2. The ,attractive design of the stanpe
a juicy subject for innoculation equally matched with glorious colours
with that widespread social microbe equally matched with glorious colours
of oppotun of blue, orange, green, purple, red,
of opportuniconceivable beige, brown,yellow and light-greenare
It is not at all inconceivable
that Parry has been approached by printed in four denominations: 20
Leblanc-Armour strategists with cents, 24 cents, 30 cents and *1.00.
much the same purpose that I have 3. The 20 cents feature a West German
been contacted and coaxed. Andafter Boy Scout in uniform, the Boy Scout em..
that $10,000 bonanza "refund" to a blem and Jamboree crest; the 24 cents,
successful businessman, Parry might a British Boy Sdout in uniform, the Boy
wsll have been (explicitly or im- Scout emblem, the Jamboree crest and
plicitly) made to feel that his fam the Union Jack; the 30 cents, a Japan-
ily canning enterprise might quali ese Boy Scout in uniform, the BoySccut
for similar treatment...duty refund emblem, the Janboree crest and the Jap-
on brand-new fruit canning equilmet anese ensign, and the $1.00, a Dominic=
In spite of the obvious transKent Boy Scout in uniform, the Boy Scout em-
security that he could derive from blem, the Jamboree crest and the Domin-
"joining the Armour gang of oppor- ican ensign.
tunists", Mr? Bellot has displayed 4. First Day Covers at a cost of $90
a rare spirit of independence, and Souvenir Sheets at $1.30 will also
Anyone who has followed Parry's be on sale.
"involvement" will be impressed by 5. The stamps will be withdrawn from,
what comes through as a genuine sale on the evening of Friday $1st
at- empt at objectivity. His writ- January, 1972. J. CLEMENT JOSEPHS
ings have appeared in the S.M.A. Postmaster General
newsletter, later on in the Cdron- Ministry of communications & Works!
icle under the pseudonym Peter Sim- File No: CW /VI G.16717-
e (the choice of which pen-name C&W 4/54, G.167,174-1/1.
reflects a degree of modesty in it- Opinion (R.Sorhaindo) continued
self), and now and then in the Star. active from (not of) the Northeastern
Unlike so many Dominicans, Parry district. It is largely these individ-
does not hide behind a mask. His uals who must be held responsible for
views are expressed frankly: and the sad state of Dominican politics
even the fact that they have some- today. *
times been naive does not detract I must admit some disappointment at
from his sincerity.* Parry not elaborating on the specific
But I will go further than Parry issues which proved taxing on his pat-
in my expression of disgust with ience. The feud over the Roseau Town
the calibre of "political debate" Council renaming of Queen Mary Street,
that we in Dominica have had to tol-and the threat of violence seemed to
erate. I dramatized that disgust have been the "hairs that broke the
last year, when I decided to chal- camel's back. It would have proved
lenge a man who, in my estimation, helpful to Dominican readers had Mr.
represents the symbol of the degen- Bellot chronicled the disgusting dis-
eration of Dominican politics, plays of intolerance, arrogance, cal-
It is indeed quite amazing, how lousness, deception, duplicity, dishon-
many 'intelligent' Dominicans sup- esty,riepotism,ignorance and inefficiemy
ported Mr. John Royer. *There were that have led even the most composed of
lawyers, commissioners, head-teach- Leblanc Party critics to over-react
ers, sanitary inspectors.. who nod- with passionate outbursts, in moments
ded their approval of the sterile, of utter frustration and despair.
"mepuis politics" of the represent-

Friday,October 22, 1971


I Page Eight

*cj icarX -e--.- .--r ~a- ---rirnuc+u
4:- SQ



* ''
I ~I\.*

- it



';-- ..... .r~"-s--C *CC~CC

nie o' VP Britii iics.l i me grapes go
V?\P i I 0l0o make a iof expensive\
M Wlnch JccountBI AoAP li!I i ial .


A -
-. 4;%t


More car between the wheel
IF Your Man Doesn't DivNw
A Ford -- Don't Dase Him


e~'~:- se;k M Ea


the greatest advance in this treatment of dC(.;s c:id Callouses in 25 years.
It gently washes away rtnis, caioises, wrigh
skins, quickly, easily, opait e-ssiy.

HE HEROS CH IROPODY SPONGE is a grat little fo
soother. Here's what some peeop #~ e Said about ite

, ,, I never had manrhing better for r~y ,':aloutie thba this Heros Chiropody Speme.
<. .. I was amal.ied at te icomfcfr it lave my poor feet."
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c!llouse or rough hard skin in one easy treatment instantly!
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Only 'l 02o each

The Dommica DipmatC. W
The Dominica DispentaryCo. LdS






2.. i~ 4

Irrr~-rr~-----~- - sruar.~nu~tar**rsrufPrt~rra;Prr~ir3Pn~.;nr

Nh -I-AhLICI ~ --~-~U~- ' II -~~lrU II -~~l~~

* * rr. w

The. Watuikabli Group Presents
At Goodwill Parish Hall.
8.30 p.m. Saturday, October z3rd.

aSfflerw Mortaffpe Cormle
Roae Caine's Dancer*
Kubuli Dances r, Belaire Dancers
Accordion and [MMazurka]
Waituku ali Skits
Ea Boys and MDm, etc.]

TICKETS: Roserved
J: Uawerved



Dominica Electridty Services
wishes to advise that they are untabl to supply
-dectriciry.to consumers who have unpaid bills
dated up to the end of August I97r. These con-
s[umers will be disconneCted without further no-
itie'if there outstanding iills are not paid on or
before Saturday 3oth October 197sr.
^!ff ^I WUg l U~ilmi W I 'M W iW~IItaWim IWIfWMt~m

Dominica Agricultural


Members are reminded of the General Meet-
ing to be held at the Dominica Coconut Products
Factory, Belfast, at io a.m. Monday, October z5th.
Hou. Secretary.

In accordance with the provisions of Section
3 (2) of the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Ordi-
naace, Cap 2oo of the Revised Laws of Dominica,
as amnended by Ordinance No. 6/.z, the Governor
has appointed Mr. R. E Henry, as Chairman of
the Dominica Transwrt Board with effect from
lith October, 1971.
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Commuaicatio f & Works
M.P. C& W 21i. Gi6e, zl
15th OCtober, 1971 f~t-o-

ii ---- ---------- -- -~-L.~,---rrrrcm-rnrmlrorrarsru
--- -- ---- ---- B

THE. UNrMWvnYOFrr4- mAll ,N,!I
*.'*t,. w a i'"sar i.r.- "
S .. ,, i'".
A h aLor- are > fo th! pat s't of Sentio
Assistant Librarian in the Urniversity of the
West Indies, Libary, St-. i:.ugwZ':... Tri' iJ!-. .
Salary Scale S 42 I'-47 x 6oi
Closing Date: As sooo as possible.
Further dez;.: obtainable from:
E-trs 7- lra-l 0:pT.
,yot, t; diversity Cenre, Roseau.
WtB-aM --SS3----w^S-y-^^^t^^- --ai^^^^^



Mr. & Mrs. Vi;-'Fl White hnd family, Mr'. M.
Cuthbert Jolly and f. an d a Mr. & Mrs Pet'e
Goddard and .r.iiv' wish cordia-ly to thaik All
those who seat messages and tokens of syvmpt hy
or helped in anyway to tighten the burden nf
their bereavement on thre occasion of the dearth a.d
burial of their bt-ovrd Psauhna Forttune.


Application, rmc i -1 fr(Z sN eMdy a UM
fied perspas to f th~e f- j vacancy:;-
ReceIio-ri.>. Mklvik 'C. Airpo:- I
$120.oo per mn ;h, ; a xI o :7s b5
Appicts pr';tie 3-l rom tdhe iea of e .. |

Sits equ'vaIenL

and should arrive by 3rst October, 97

S i

Preference wiD be given tb hose w.a ,..c qW.
lifications and Appficants should be 0-tic-i-IIr-lI
IV otr ritur. i E pr it
be required .1.-:- a cO 3rse 1 ,o. a

ImcL, aeT'-r ,
{y a *..~Iar'cL ^.r.'"; ^''4^^tfIY-^lnx*; pr..2a
P~*y a t,:|

C"~C"~ '


ra ow A- 19i THE STAI' I.t es

SWHProecA Peopt

brom n" Protectors 1?

Wednendsy, O.:tu!!C I3, i.7?

R"n'tp A;TTORJY-G.ENLRAL of St. "jri'/
N.Evi:,. M. t.e Moor is ,well peed to
.ae a c.n r:.r i u;.o Nt ht th.e hlt:rv oft his island
S e ;-.':.;:, alonE g t!iis,: presn line of

t' 9n that aIyr suc*,kh'
rnodhu'ion -ii:" .e 2 O'PPOStr!ON
'..r? o n, .. . tr .t .. .i
le .' ".v " Ot'!W.-

n A'"tesmping trio tiuc !,'
,-r'-t: i t fhc go .i:i *.t Vi: ., (ardt
:'L v-ich seek to .hf:i
i-:atn atO:XU a;ong which the
,7 ess should (.fuctkit, Mr.
Moo5re cdncdude thai the
P'reas in the Caribbeare lacked
'r~nsiiblity' sa4 if at w~o~rld
art. set riself ii order. thea
the Goverrnm~ens, to protect
-be people, must do o.,
im w~nt on to Paint out
that it was not the St." K.its"
C.ov-rr .n.nt alone that was
S.:r-g in terms of such
ehsatitof to &-al with the
f, .. C-'A. of the Press but
that c r tarritoraie s.uch as
m as_ 'w're asi planning to

Mr. Moords dt m that sinc
a tnvner of otler ternitoiges
werc brining d-own special
tegilation to deil wih tihe
Pres' 'thbeo the Press musl
*i :Kiq.y b-e at fault The
G:;,r.:iiL':t,- .aze to te seen
wA the insrmtMeints of' right-
C;:trnr,.. but the Press are th..
vatin'ts. And it in all being
ione. :iaceiirtng to s ,.. .ori
to protect the ptopj!."
rBu o wiho f prod th
o.'pn froar t'WU ,rotftctur "

15 4 4 r >, .I n Ix I i'*
need ,rotee!ctn or te poli-'
tici.:s,, whoi h.tvirg t,-ted
'po.Lw:r. are now' detenrrtc:.ai
that rnhi'nr must e\'', f!!.
even 'woi.ds tha wlh l cr'hItcrg-
their pos '.:i.n of sweet 7pover
ix was not by chance hi.ba
Mr. iyorti white v kt :.
abou..t the t. e s .to .i .u
"' rresponsible P'- s i: ;.i
most tihe same breii,-h tall c.
about jnsiiSutional:s Op-
position being a waste oF
hine, a nfc't--vi"'d hrrt th,.t
be is a memba' of the one
pan y state sclh;oot of
Caa it be dtht Mr. Moore
,ss the Press in the a4S'a as
a :usumbling block to what he
apparcatly has in mnd That
hi.s idea o" nro tnstitu-
tionaised Opposition has
spilled over into the area of
1,o OgPsion -at ali frrcf

Why is iv til a number
Mof' mixtI pai.rea which have
swept to rower Co the
Westminster modet of Govera-
mneret bec(.1m sow mean niy
aware of its shortooaiia when
they told the seat :f poweC
Why is it (and we rpeat
a. qucti- n that we posed
some tin ago) that in the
i; 0orflrthnk we wVr
cu:laUt-sd to saRv ftu t our
)fr:e1e IBSt now 'afnd that
such fiettdm is graduafly
aeiLg acroascted on in tthe
new ditspesation ?


THiE CAonist powea 6id
little "to protect" us from the
poiticaas- who at tbh time
sought to have power, for
every politician had the right
to get up ard bhout "massa
diy dun"
But now the PresI has
become a dinger to. the people
and they m:;s he "protecte-d",
a:. <,rding to: Mr. Moore.
But have ro fear, If it is
crypn;.tion people ike Mr.
Moore are wnrrred about. it
,.vii come ev'en if it is not
":'.-tt':irio;,.i;ed". Ad whe-n
i; ,ome in :he s,re'eets. as was
t". case n Trinidad. and
tT!.. so kng figo, the
d.i-.g: is !1 the greater.
ii is fr better than peop e
;: ;i:iw d a : ir their, df-
t ci'ni-ie" ,.' op,,nmion than, tJhat
tIy be forced to shut".up
Qa :jkse vht.ever is pushed
., :;h -m.

^.mv 0cZ V ?i; is ;it thie posssssion of
t e t t r.o a r iaat is ..hc problem, but
ut re we to a me that how such power is used. it
b:use at onre time a p iopie is in using power that many
;Ige1: fhow a preference for men have faded. o' in seek:
.a p sr an, 'p .f iop to gain nt The argument
o .l thei affai that that power tends to eon'upt,"
this is an indication that they is. not based only., orn the
wil! ha"e it so for a tie ? sbt f en uin
postions of power to line
f'heir F "cket, but that men
can become corrupt in their
thinking when in the seat of
power. We are today witness-
ing much of this.

S7 Balck


Fined $24

Port of Spain, Tria-
dad, Oct. 12-Disorderly
behaviour in the Romai
Catholic Cathedral of
the -c.Immaculate Coaa
cepticn in Port of Spain
during bl a c k power
demonstrations last year
broqiht fims of 24
dollars on each of smev.
men hben they ", '
charged in court ) yeA-

The MEgistrate, Mr.
Conrad Reacht, fiede a ;-
alternative cf o at;
nionih's imprun.orment i .
each case.
Only four of the dr
tcCltmnts appcmatd, .
court and were 'p.
eited by Mr. irn:.'-
Pir re. '1Thy wercE
Geddcs Granger, klead
of the National Joili
Action Committee, -Da '
Daibeau, H irsstcn Sfmai:
and Delzno De Coteai
T:r ee dtftndar .
SRussel Andaklio. Erro
Belicur a n d KelshaS
Boddie, did not appear.
An eighth defendant
Jamjaican Carl lack-
o cd. was ablo not i.
ccu but u ror CoIuW.sel
jMr, A. R. H. Be ia i"n,
said tlat he Was out oa
the country and tA
evidence was be'f,
ciert Reu fer


Su1t freedom

'Of The

Page Twelve

Saints Break Through To Finals A STEELBAND ASSOCIATION has recently
been formed to represent all steel-
After two draws with Spartans, bands in the State for the purpose
Saints eventually routed Spartans o restoring the popularity and in-
decisi-vely 5-0 on Sunday before a fluence the steelband held in the
large crowd, then midweek went ito fl and e the steelband of
the finals of the Knockout with a past and to enable the steelband of
the finals of the Knockout with a
1-0 win against Celtic United. They today to take its rightful place in
met Harlem Rovers on Sunday at 5 providing musical entertainment to
p.m. in what should be a keen en- ingtowards this end the A-
ounterWorking towards thisend the As-
Brinslay Charles opened the score sociation has attempted to solve the
for Saints fairly early in the first many problems facing the. an-man.
half with a elltimedight footer Efforts are being made, to make drums
half with a welimed ight ooe more available and to secure the ser-
sending his side's morale right up vice of a Trinidadian pan-maker and
-- although poor finishing robbed tuner to assist our steelbands in the
them of scoring chances. In the 2n t e a t or
half Saints' kept up the pressure d If you would like to participate
Charles did it again 15 minutes in the training programme in making
before time. Fans encroached on thi
befo re time.at excitementcthed on theand tuning pans, which the Association
field in greofft excitement, the rand a eoralised hopes will be a possibility in the
cSplearetan them offgh and a demoralized near future, ease write as soon as
Spartans let through three more possible to Allan Jno.Baptiate, Sec-
goals before the final whistle retary Steelband Association 37
one each from Randy Aaron, James Fiel's Lane, ioseau, Dominica or
Seraph llySain and Dorian Sipsong get in touch with Thomas Bardouille,
Naturally Saints were strong fahoneno and H
ourites against Celtic:. Aaron shot onC.D.C., phone no. 284hooland H.
ohn, c/o Roseau Boya' School,
the lone goal for Saints midway c/ _-
through the first half. Tempers N 0 T I E
flared as Celtics tried every trick N T C
to gain an equalizer and then some, DOMINICA TOURIST BOARD
but the ,Saints' defence was like a With the approaching commencement
wall: Kelvin Phillip was at his of the tourist winter season the Dom-
best supported by Vincent Shilling- inica Tourist Board would like to
ford, Skipper Vincent Elwin and establish a record of:-
Alick Charles. Saints maintained (a) available taxis, make and year
their lead,:ntil the final whistle, of vehicle, name of driver and type
of insurance coverage, and telephone
League Champs To Mdntserrat number,
Spartans, 1971 League Champions, (b) ears for selfhire with partic-
left the State today with a team ulars. as at (a) above and to include
of 14 for the week-end as guests of daily and/or hourly rates.
the Montserrat Football Association e would also like guides with a
Clem John is manager. thorough knowledge of:-
Clem John is Manager. (a) Boery Lake (h) Boiling Lake
GREGOIRE FUND at ROYAL & BARCLAYS.. (c) Morne Anglais (d) Morner Dia-
The sporting public of Dominica is blotin to call and see the Secretary
invited to show their appreciation to register and discuss rates.
of Augustus Gregoire 's gallant inn MiNICA: Correspondent H.Lawrence's
ings by contributing-to a Fund be- Archdiocese letter will appear next wk.
for Oct.29th (Friday). Do respond* NATIONAL DAY CONTESTS for quadrille,
SO FAR: Benefit Match coll. 832.47 Belair,conte & patois song will take
Special Bar profits &. 42.95 place (finals) at Goodwill Parish Hall
Josephine Gabriel & Co Ltd. 500 on Mon.25th Oct.* GOVT COMPUTER CENTRE
.Total to date "" =95.42 was handed over to Govt. on Oct.1.It
LIAT OWNERSHIP:' this was discussed will gradually take over the work of
by WIAS Cu nil of in ers M the constantly collapsing Data Pro-
T-.a 1omIing was uy ro cessing Unit.* Active is acting for
Printed & Published by the Proprietor Minister Etienne while in Britain. *
R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill House .Dr.Howard Read, COMA Opthalmologist,.
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica,WI. is serving in Dominica for 4 weeks.

Friday, October 22, 1971