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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: 10-15-1971
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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B Jane LOwenthal,.
Research Instute tor
the Stud o Man
162 East 78 Street,
New York 10021, N.y.,

os/5 --
vil. Xiv, ,oeI. 14

UBip(Jttr IadmsJegl r IC~z~-l



As our reaJcrs will see below, the. Dominica
Frecocrm Party has selected five candidates for the' .
forth coaxing election (Oct 26). Mr. rLouis Benoit has
:iv-en place to Mr. EdtwarJ Eiwia, well kno'wn- for ht,
-. 1cial welfare and Credit Union work.' T h- STAR.
.';potis -the FREEDOM candidates on ethical
irouncds; they are a better team. Labour can .d.,;s:ts
.e speaker Eustace Francis, :ii. Josep.h.. Mc.N
i'card, O..P.Se.raphin a shopkc:per of Fond C a- sn,
cx-;inmuaneR man (appamntee mongf:- Qfthie EDU-"
CAT OR) Hiugh White.

Roseau Town. Counci Election

Ha i g e'noyed the honour and pleasure of scrv- '
6ing the peop i of -Roseau as a team in directing and
..-;;ag3i,:the at airs of the Roseau Town Councdl
; r".g the past ten months, the Dominica Freedom
P'9y, a cceding to the numerous and urgent requg";:
of citizens to continue serving, amnounces its canuii-
di-.wes tbr the coming Roseau Town Council election
"if 26th October, 197r, as follows:-

Mr. Edward Elwin
Mr. Edward Scobie
Mr. Martin Sorhaindo.
Mrs. Annette St. Hilaire
Mr. Sruart Wiilams

The symbol of all the candidates is the Hand and :
uhe voters of iRoseau are invited to turn out in iarge
. tmbers and vote for all the above-named candidates
? rhe' Court House, Roseau, on Tuesday, z6th Ocro-
V .S;r 1971.
rI he joint Manifesto of the Freedom Party candi- .
dates will beissued and-circulated shortly.
".'h Octoberr. i t l sI


Remembrance Day 1971
It is notified for general information that.
Remembrance Day will be observed on. Sunday,
t4rh Noeverabt ~1971.
Further particulars wil. be published later.
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Hom&-'Affairs.
H 6 '!5/6 I G162 157 ii! October 4th. 1971

;; ,,% N
;.i '" i' :,

iif- S '

f-i'^'k1 '-i. .

'-, .


., j, ,_O
A:. .r

^ k'


'Although debarred from voting at 18 this year
young ake. a lively interest in public affairs.
2nd Anniversary Kiddies Show 4
Sunday 31st Occtber
4DIPI-- ..c IIsUae~a.,a-sa..nI .&.ae..ana IwYwflt l

The Harvest Thanksgiving Services are on Sun-
day r7th October. Holy Communion 9.Qo a.m.;
Evensong 7.r15 p.m. Methodist Minister and Con-
gregation join in Evensong at 7.15 p.m.
'4A / are Viedco, rmeP -y

i ewi C-,,,






* ~ s~n*r* Y~I*PI^I~I- U ~*IE311~1MIL~TmVlr~



Vznl EVAWLsnalli~ l~B -

LL*am cars, ^, . -n, 1,1j .- .i1





Friday, October 15,1971


.The celebrated. French philosopher, Alexis de Tocqueville,- who devoted
so much of his writings to matters relating to the United States of Anerica,
has made the following remarks with reference to slavery in the South:
"The only means by which the ancients maintained slavery were fetters
and death: the Americans of the South of the Union have discovered more
intellectual securities for the duration of their power. They have employed
their despotism and their violence against the human mind."
The words in the above quote which I have underlined cannot fail to
ring a bell in the minds of perceptive Dominicans. The~recognise in them
the identical state of affairs, the same type of despotism and violence,
which have employed with so much effect against the masses of the mentally
deprived of Dominica -- a process which has been in action for upwards of
a decade now.
Principal architect of this national mischief is easily identified. He
it is who through all the organizational convulsions, comings and goings,
has remained the central and unmoving figure. He has presided with secret
or even absentee glee over the numerous excommunications and executions of
Party members. He has been the only constant factor in the varying situa-
tions and fortunes of the Party. Indeed, as he sometimes hints to would-be
recalcitrants, he is the "I AM WHO I AM".
Yes, this-is the man who more than any other has made de Tocqueville's
remarks about violence against the human mind so very applicable to Dominica.
Go to places like Pond Cole, King's Hill, Layou, Granvillia, Salisbury,Paix
bouche (near Vieille Case), Good Hope, and you will see the tragic results
of despotism and violence employed against the human mind. Tell them that
the Government has a very dangerous Seditious Act on its statute bookpassed
in 1968 and you are likely to be told: "Ou manti'" (Freedom of body if you
like, but certainly slavery and bondage of the mind). Or say to them, that
the money for the construction of many of our new roads is a gift of other
countries and you get the reply: "Ou mantii" You will get in certain parts,
of our land the same refrain to any statement critical of the Leblanc Gov-
I again record what I have so often stated: that to bring about this
state of affairs is not a thing which anyone should be proud of or regard
as an achievement. If I did a thing of this kind, I would be haunted in
spirit to the end of my days. "Thou shalt not kill!" -- body or mind. I
am glad that A.N.R. Robinson of Trinidad has recently reminded us that the
Nuremberg Trials were the civilized world's reaction to crimes against hu-
manity. This principle could be used in due course.
So when a Minister of Government, on the eve of the recent Portsmouth
Town Council Election, says to the people of that town that the proposed
Bank Act is merely a device to get at the money of rich people, what is
this except violence against the mind of the people, when you consider the
scope of the proposed law? For if there is one piece of legislation which
will again call for protest and demonstration by all the people of Dominica
unless it is substantially revised, it is this Bank Act. And let me state
quite clearly that if any untoward consequences follow from its publication,
it will not be the result of comments on it, but rather of the very content
of the proposed law.
No Dominican requires to be told that for Government to exact that
banks disclose the financial affairs of their clients is a bad thing(Section
17). Or that the banks must hand over to Government up to 15% of the total
of the savings of the people with never a word of how, if ever, it is to be
repaid, is monstrous (Section 7). Or that the Government will lay down for
the banks what purposes they may or may not make loans for, and for how
long, is unl.eard of (Section 42). Or that people will not be pleased if be-
cause they have not touched their savings for two years, when they come to
do so, they must go through a very special procedure in order to get their
money (Section 26). (Concluded on Page Four)


Page Two

&rratY ... I- oi,* Ill sjIII Tll lllln l a < ; T4- e .tb^'C-IOr!I.Wl

SThe Commonwealth ..
The TUC General Council
have voted against British
I vry to the Common Mare- *

by the Govwernment.
Their 10,000 word report to Congress
says the price Ss too high. There is a
Sbig danger that the entry terms could
bring constant balance of payments
Arid these could force the faG ern-
ment lo keep a tight check on Br;ta.i-'s
Gecosnotmy and so push unemployment
Lup higher and higher,
The DT)ku of iinzburghl and Princerse
,'.:- yoetaerray at down, to a banaeet
of Tf s.r-tn de-liccies in tlhe ruiLn of
the -an-cie nt eity of oPersepolisa, on*e
i 2 .00 vea 4 s a oh the capital of the

Psrsiai aEsre*.' The 6'00 invited' guests .
(amnonr them 50 monarebs and heads Of
otate, a-re camplig msader canvas beige
,aZd gree:a tent% in oriental luxury.
Stricteest security precautions include
arsed' gu.as al.d a barbed irLre fence
iaroiuna the guests.

The GovcrnorcaG tl 4
Trinis4d ind Tobep will
ANS for te aoal wfScome the d te
kineinial Catt5ens .lts on th opening nseion, whic
Deelonent ae nolw well wll fMItr Dr. Roy NSeei
advanced. The Conulcadtion a osincipal speaker. Os.
takes pt acEs f Novcmbez Nea ai a fr'met .aIwM r
1i5th to 21st at the Con- of TrisaidaS .'sd i' r
3oti5on Cente Ch'ara- will spza an JUDS.CEI.
maL, TrinidaA A UIEUATKIA and Tht
sirie 150 -- 170 persons M S. iMMefS
-i the four langage areas Aaeot Serey

translation. services are Cirathi ComisfB on rN
being. proridad for the So5e~ae, eer~ Btp asW.
delegates... Peace.

A &ishi* illiteracy
UNESCO (United Na- the industrialized couatri9 w
tiens Education, Scientific and hides some appaisng
and Cultural Organisation) Aig'es for other ares, It,
announces spectacular pro- Africa and the Arab eittes
gress in the drive to end taken together, for exaiage.
illiteracy in the developing 73.7%/ of adults are sti,
cuntatnes, It .states in its illierate. In Africa there is
latest survey that there is one hopeful sign: thea this
light at the end of the is he inge t arem in waijd
tunnel. the percentage of htdgets
iThe illiteracy rate allocated to education
throughout the world has increasing--ia some Africen
been brought to a third states, it is even higher
| g(o1l-) This comapares thaa the average budget
S .0. im t o 6 and A50% allotment in the industl l-
in 1950. But this includes iged countries,

HEN Ts 4ERS P b EEN cur Off
(and that's often thee days)

It can be erected

in a jiffy in' comnr of a room. It nesds

no connection to the water supply. Ablutely sdef- contained,
including presuised water cortaier giving s minutes
continuous shower from only i gallon of water

Free standing model will
overhead support

stand ~where without
a ~~B~B

Hanging g model with support 1 $65.0

The Dominica Dispensary Co; Ltd;
UL-WnU.t '" "'/2-', -=b u ;

~-SLI~L~--D--*r----^I~~i^llY----~-^- I--


~yi~bB~jP, g~E~t~n~rP~~, ~i~i~T%

T'PIas? bTi~a>


s- $,HIIWEiR

"I AM WHO I AM" by Androcles from Page Two
Or that the requirements that banks must hold up to 350 of their assets
(that is, the savings of the people mainly) in forma directed by the Gov-
ernment cannot be expected to bring contentment to the people who place
their money in the safe-kee+ing of the banks. Or that if a bank discovers
dishonesty on fraud in any of its officers and hands this person over to
'the Police and such an officer is finally convicted, the lieenoe of the
bank may be revoked (Section 20).
If chaos and confusion arise from the foregoing, who is responsible?
Those who are going to pass the law or those who discuss it?
I want'to come back to the statement of the Minister at Portsmouth.
The implication is that there is something wrong in being rich (despite
the clear desire of the Ministers to so become through high salaries,allow-
ances, pensions etc.) -- a view, I regret to say, which finds support
(though I would not say official support) in the Church-owned publication.
When one who knows the economic history of Dominica considers the effort,
self-denial aid risk it involved for the small handful of persons who may
be considered rich by our low standards here, it is incomprehensible that
it is opprobrium rather than admiration which is being offered at minis-
terial level.'There are few communities in the West Indies which have re-
ceived less metropolitan support in selling its produce than the Dominica
of past years, That the sugar-cane islands may now have to sell their sugar
without the p blte11&cof British protection sends shivers down their spine.
And yet this has been the normal feature for Dominica until the banana in-
dustry. Or the long-continuing effects of hurricane and disease on our pre-
doninantly long-term tree-crops. So that it has taken a good combination
of business judgement, industry and thrift to have accumulated those pavingl
which, if they are in the banks, are in any case the basis for credit to
other citizens. Their owners could have spent it all living riotously'as
so many others, including their critics, have done and still do. The fact
that they did not, makes it possible for others to use their savings today,
even if the owners cannot now do so.
Moreover, the Minister in question well knows that the small and medium
savings of thousands of citizens, and not the large sums of a few,constit-
ute the bulk of the bank savings. This is therefore another example of the
devilish technique of dulling the minds of the masses in Dominica and of
the arousal of their basest instincts of envy and jealousy upon which the
whole edifice of the Leblanc Party strategy has been based.
A piece of news which.I heard over the radio- this week has thrown the
proposed Bank Act into more sinister and ominouB perspective for me. Prev-
iously, when people dsked me whether I felt they should withdraw their
savings in the light of the provisions of the proposed Bank Act, I used to
t5-i. them that it is too early to think of doing this. But grave doubts
arose in my mind as I heard over the radio, a political union with Guyana
has been definitely decided on by the. present ruling politicians of the
Associated States without reference to the people, and that such political
union in a republic will take place before December, 1973. I know what
Guyana stands for in the matter of private property and State control. But
evae in the matter of national organization in the republic, the Anglican
Archbishop of the West Indies, Dr. Alan John Knight, who lives in Guyana
had this to say last week: "The situation in Guyana has been allowed to
get entirely out of hand and is approaching a state of anarchy ..... To
talk glibly about advance& in a country where there is no security of
life, limb or possessions would be cruel mockery. There can be no con-
fident expectation of healthy growth in a society which has the cancer
of uncontrolled time and violence gnawing at its vitals." It is in this
direction that the Leblanc Government, without prior reference to us,
is leading,

A THOUGHT FOR TODAY: "Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the
assaults of thought upon the unthinking." -- J.M.Keynes, famous economic.

Friday,October 15,1971


Page Four


ON THE SCENE by Rama OPINION ... By Rupert Sorhaindo
The scene was straight.from an OF SCHOOLS AND SCHOLARSHIPS... In a
espionage novel. One car was heading letter appearing in the Star (Oct.1)
out of town with a young man and under the heading "The Conspiracy
woman. Prom a side road another car Against S.MI.A." a Primary School
moved out on to the main stretch teacher raises some interesting and
and began tailing the. other vehicle important questions regarding the.
Spies? Cops and robbers? No, only a politics behind the selection of this
young Dominican wife bent on find- year's Island Scholarship winner.
ing out what type of business her If the official policy of the
husband was; about to transact with Ministry of Education dictates making
his "business associate". These the award solely on the basis of per-
scenes are not rare and indeed are formance in specific examinations,
becoming quite common as young Dom- then there is absolutely no excuse
inican wives gird themselves for for the injection of politics into
battle. The wives are fed up with what could otherwise be a straight-
playing second fiddle. They are forward selection process.
serving notice that they want their Too often, have we seen the devast-
husbands back: and they.-ae deter- eating effects-of political interfer-
mined and prepared to engage in all ence in the area of education. It is
kinds of cloak and dagger situations not at all unlikely that the chronic
to make their point. While I sympa- problems of our educational system
thize with the wives, their actions are the consequence of years of pol-
are causing quite a few problems itical intimidation and accommodation
for the husbands with legitimate of teachers. In recent years we have
secretaries. But I must truthfully seen that policy erupt with reignat-
add, that some of "those qomplain- ion of teachers or administrative
ing spousesado stretch the 'duties of personnel, or the indiscriminate'
their 'secretaries' far beyond the transfer of teachers, or the appoint-
call of duty. What kind of typing ment of unqualified relatives of
could your secretary be doing in the Leblanc puppets.
back seat of an automobile at night It seems to me that there has been
in a secluded area? a trend towards the establishment of
-Clandestine romances are bloom- a Ministry of Education staffed with
ing in the Roseau area. I don't a politically homogeneous breed of
mind people doing their thing, but individuals. If that trend reflects
it is laying the 'bondan noir' bit a conscious policy-decision on the
when the same people involved pre- part of a Government, Minister, then
tend that they are ladies and crit- one can only suggest a greater dose
icize other people doing the exact of exposure to the history and the
same thing. And these are the same meaning of education,
people who wouldn't miss church ser- Apart from the issue of whether or
vices because of the penalty invol- not there is a conspiracy against the
ved. Yet they see nothing damning S.M.A., the new scholarship contro-
in stealing a husband. versy raises some inevitable questions.
Rama will miss you, Mrs. Phina Has the Government of Dominica based
Simmance. Even if you will be on its decision on the availability of
your way to Zambia by the time this financial resources to the prospective
column gets printed, I still want candidates? If such indeed is the
to say that my knowing you has en- case then socially conscious Dominicans
niched my life considerably. I will (including myself) no doubt endorse
miss that ever-graceful smile and such principle based on social justice
your big-hearted approach to life. Some gross bougs" will undoubtedly
a * .* * find it unpalatable. But the fact of
There are a few individuals who the matter is that no such policy has
definitely do not plan to take part been elucidated publicly; and under-
in any 'jump-ups'. The way things standably so, judging from the tactics
go around here, I understand some of the Leblanc Part strategists. It
veiled threats have been made. would not be in the interest of that
Whether mere words are involved is Party to step on the toes of some of
another story, but I wouldn't like its supporters among the professional
to end up with a threepence under and entrepreneur classes.
my tongue so I couldn't tell who
killed me. (continued on page six)

2i-ee'o J Jvg__ v^.j u-PM ---~rP A-_T--._-,
.rage~~~ V


Friday October15. 1971

D Srr x v

ag. --` ,


Friday. October 15. 1971

OF SCHOOLS & SCHOLARSHIPS by Rupert Sorhaindo (from p.5)
But even such a policy that -favours "disadvantaged" over well-to-do:
students leaves some room for political manipulation, since it is the'
politicians who end.up deciding what the criteria for classification as
'disadvantaged, are. So even on that working hypothesis, it is,not clear
whether Emanuel or Volney' ought, to have been awarded the scholarship. It
seems obvious enough that Lester Molntyre does not fall into the category
of financially hard-pressed. I am sure that Dr. McIntyre will admit that
his brilliant son has a better chance of pursuing higher studies in the
absence of Government aid than either Emanuel or Volney.
But there is another vital question that comes to mind as we juggle
requirements, grades, family status, financial resources and so on. One
wonders whether many of the unpleasant aspects of the controversy would
not be: avoided if "l three fore-runners in the contest were to be awarded
scholarships by the Government? Maybe four, five or even ten scholarships
should be awarded annually.
After all, MrLeblanc has been boasting of the magnitude of his current
*budget. This is the opportune time for us to ask for specifics as to the
distributions of,allocations in that 'fantastic' maze of figures. How much
is spent for ammunition, guns, more police and Defence Force personnel,
police stations? For salary increases and pension allowances for himself
and colleagues? For bonanzas to business friends and relatives? For padded
entertainment allowances for high civil servants, or for useless, unprod-
uctive vote-buying gimmicks..? How many scholarships could have been paid
for by the $i0.,000 refund to a successful businessman? Orby a.?actji3n.cthe
$1,000,000 distributed prior to the last national elections? These are
some 'of the more obvious questions we must ask ourselves.... Or does the
Leblanc Party Government hope to make competition for the meagre scholar-
ship offerings so intense that the temptation into the expanding wasteland
of opportunism will have begun in the cradle? Or maybe the Leblanc Party
Government will:follow the example of the doomed Greek military junta vhich
reserves, scholarships for students who "display respect for the traditional
Hellenic values"'- another way of saying that Winners will be picked among
tidose 'who show blind loyalty to the Government. It is up to Dominican
parents'to decide where the madness will end. It is your tax-money being
wasted, and it is about time that you had a loud say in the matter of how
it should be spent.

The latest dates for posting to ensure delivery at destination before
Christmas Day are are as follows:
Le'tters,' Christmas Cards,- Letters, Christmas Cards
& Printed Papers. PARCELS & Printed Papers
GREAT BRITAINl Dec. 3rd Dec. 3rd. Dec 13th
of AMERICA J Nov. 17 Nov. 17, Dec. 13
CANADA N NOv. 17 Nov. -17 Dec. 13
GtUANA Nov. 17 : Nov. 17 Dec. 16
The WEST INDIES Dec.15 Dec. 15 Dec. 18
INLAND Saturday 18th December; __
If suitable opportunities offer, supplementary Christmas mails will be
despatched. J. CLEMENT JOSEPHS
File No: 4/5311, G164, 160-1/2
Date: 11th October, 1971.

f'^^aCyanipsM^ C.^i u*f THE

Six and a half acres aear Weslet. Fully cuivated,.
| With comfortable hou;, and furniatre. Outstan
Sirg view ad garden. j
h Phone dCnad ni Snmih 7f 0 o I
.' .III..I... ;~W~



I 6' acres of g.Aod Arcrlhural land most-
ly chlaivated in c~c.~:P;-s w:h good Tourist
potential situated on t;. North Eastern
coastt of Dominica with me :;c.b: roaa.
'f CTers will be considered for purchase of
Spas of the sai estate.
For ttir.; tS apply to:
SMeters,: Armour & An.?mour,
j Chamj.n?1 ,
j "~.5 Hanover S ,
Roseau. Dominica.
+nr~,i~r lrt *-:-l- ~ .l--.Y "+ "g" t I-~iIX~

ethVdu le of App!caitivn for Cersif cf a t of Titje aid i un
Stbteroyt avri Cravens for wet ed!r cng ,- 'of SeptarrnBer, fi.
.... . rro- s.l-^t..--M ^-l~ltl--. .uj^ Xin .-.

uite Requisstad

Person Pre'--;,', Nature4 of request
thetheron Cif-At.
1 thereon or CaveaG.

.ie Idated the LustioA Samsei que r ihr ii;rwae of a
1 JAy of Augums, First C:riificte ci Tile i
H.'- "by thr Scrlt~t i wspe r i o port ion ot lard
r :... the 7h k~o~nown as t lot alt 1BEr ioa.
I'av yof cOctober, Cijra A.M, Dauigny Ora0ad Bay, in thr.r Parsh of
Sat 1 .25 a.{, I St. Patrick, in .th SLaf of
lDorninc,. coteinimg *143'
;q. ft. and bmun4ed as fol.
N or0t West by lands of Eugaens Andrew; North East by tinds
tf Lctyen Tnomas: South Ezat by lands ofCc!t aron; South
I a !apndC of0 Eugenja A4rew.
;. -.%quested Perihn Prftnuting Nature of request
Svwhether a Certificate
So Title of Noting
J personn or Cavea
$*^.-v-SAWKy~W~iaW^mWyymdW~.~tUM WRSW M WawWU~fU W~W

dvu. ka ted the
th of '--- ,fuco-
otr t J.
tter, '.f].
:.': :.- of l' labB,
10 I Ca.m,

Sylvester FBrnarj I
<" *, -.< .ar ,
by is Soast aiior
COtia A.d. Deptany

Request for the :itse of a
First Cenificate of Title in
a (.p4ect -1 portion of iatid
tU Magoj o4, in tllit Parith crl
St. Andrew, in tth Stecof
t inidac icon4miaoi S 10i6
a-ri. It. tItj bouaWa4 tsa,-

ra t; yy ino dt f-rebel Lw vittel; East by iand of PFnard An-
drw -and Isaac Andrew danr d 1ss of Eardley James and
|Ms. A. Joseph: South bl I.aind of Frescs re West by the
K iM4t 4 ost to Mi4vtihi Hai a land if :-raricfr Tong.
AtegmErsis'p Of(%c, SYLVIA J. EiERTRAND
|' ensa, Dominkcs, guirar of ThAs.
fOTE:- Any perr.n who desires to cbject to the Wue f ~a
S!;. Ctert4t-ase of Thin l i the above appltcatlon may ken."
-Cav rS, mi she above .ce within siix week ifrm the de~c. fl
thr 5fraz appaeratnc of this Schedule in the STAR. Newspsapwr '
Published in this S kae or from the dtec wher, the norke pr P
.:.-a d by l 'a ws rvd on ny -owner or occupter of a.joinatg
-:id iA rspect of which she app!cLaron is1 masde.

STA.t ..
IA A L*SC' "; 'i.%', .(t,

Cbl e &*in t' 'h (W.I) Ltd. have vaNrasa. fo 4
3-i& .n% f t o toa a s. Telephon". T.,c i ,-
fo wi be ger va pp .ve tr p as who a. r?
m.- Ths 2 f.a. of .. with GS.C_.. V' -i

,!:M ;..p-?3 in wri'- +,:, v

:'.,... .-U -A .

i > shares Forl Y,..- Hotel
S 200 dollar shares Cnc. C .
L Apply Bardays Bask I
'^steAi'He.i ariamtw- x wo f i-t, *iK~f~use M ^.ac V'.naime,,,r warmancjases^iJK^- su r

z*Years Old. Good Condition

Phone No. ;:..t; oS .cr. |o

At th First Sign ofa Sre


This soothing, antiseptic, aiSStheti TL. ::-
z*r;g g es t'o wvork quickly on. Sore 'throans
due to Colds. It ptaneravts to the root of the rrou,
ble, in Tre-.xrd rime your sore throat is gon;.


10 Trokeutes fir h oo

Tfhe Dorml~ica Dispensary

Wvsym*sw .ars usrif essHiy

as~8~iauia II ~~nc~nras6~2r-rlrarsrpmnsnn~CQ~

~?au~,~,~,~~,,yr.l~~1--1.-.1_..~. -~ -IJn

.s~eWSS~iiT E Aa-ru;ti^e-i''iiri- 'jlj (M HTII- a m f l a- Ju M v n i ,r i- nm a i rm
Es~~~se~~i~ ----- ------c pr lwz~-~~""o" U-I ina^--i~O~flE~~

W aitukubuli's
La Vie Dominicain
The Waktukubull 'roup does it ti$an!
After Amlttent La Place comes LA VIE DOMIPICAIl
On Saturday, 23rd Octoir, the Wanitkubuhli
Group precsnts LA VIE TX)OMINICAIN at
thc Coodwd!i Parish Hall.
LA '"rll DOMINICAIN stars at 8.30 p.m.
LA ViFI DOWiINICAIN is being presented a.s
a "*arm up'' for the National Day Cekbranos.
Dotiirical customs and cuinvre.
LA VIE DOMINICAIN is for all r'ominicaan
Ielairt Danoers, N*tive DLruas, Accordwii'
Band, Cqite Contter, LaIal Dance Trovpe~,
Laswes in Doui itite, Powm6..
There will ke a bar.
TICKETS are available all arounR town.
TICK!T prkics:- Reserved Seats: $2.00
Unreserved Seats: $1.00
The proceeds of the show will help WAIT-
JKUBLI t to take itself to all pars o& Dominica.

Invites one and ail
TIME i0:p,mn TO Ia..mn
DINNER and DANCE $8.50 per person
DINNER erarts at 7.p. m harp
DANCE alone $3.00 per person


1$- .i

Monday & Wcdaesdays
53.oo per crate

PARRY 8 W. 6U 0Ter CO. TV.

It is notified for General Information ,that as
of 18th October our Office hours will be as
fo allows:
Monday $.co a.m. zoo p.m.
2.00 p.m, 5.0o p.m.
Tuesday Friday 8.oo a.m. 1.oo p.m.
2.00 p.m. 4.30 p.m.
Our office will be closed on Saturdays.
i., i 0, D. BRISBANE & SONS
r~mnnfr- rimii in itI- m.tniiiiim*Miinm r~minoT*-iif n r-n-iir,,tifiU inii~r

The Canadian Save the
Children Fund
rnplications are invited f~om y u On wor i
bIotwen the ages of twenty- onc and th rty year
to eiter the X972 ratrunol course to b:: held at tbh
Canaian Save the (Chidrcr. Fund Child W,,fare
Training Cen;rc, in Sr. Vnceni Successful ca ,-
didaies receive a one year residential training in.
Chfid. re wi:h free hoard and lodgmg, uniform
and t .ri.on.
Applicans,; should hEaVI either G.C.E. i
School Lcaving Ceritticate, ant may apply i;n ;er
.son or write to Repri:,.cntat:n -, The CGna.rlin
Save The Children Fund, 9, Hillsbrough Street. |
c o O.Box 265 Roseau Domnica, not later toarn
29th Novembr,. I

Cabki & Wireless (W.I.) LTD have a vacancy For
a y(mng ady as Clerk Tyvist..
Preference will be given to applicants who have
G.CJE. 'O' level English and Mathenmtijics
Appkicants should apply in writing ~ratig age and
expeuance to:-
156 !

Wooden Structure on Lot No. 14.4
In the Fond Cole Housing Scheme
No Reasonable Offer Will be Refuse<
Apply to: M. Eugenia Charles
28 Old Street,
Rosena. a' E '

"'Meisr. HH.V. Whichurch & Co. Ltd., .Ag rA Sl i
I oyd'a.and Herry read &-Co Ltd.. offer our service&:.
,on all fernsof tn sranace coverage including Fire, H.i. .
I *aJ.i&i, Mot.ar HuNll and Marrine Ca-rgo. :
Tfi ;,hrone us for more inlornialaton at 2141 --7..-

eI ent ire tt
S ts entire

Efor the J family|
____,~ 81 j -I


Page f. Iqqt

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Vh. q.w: t .nC tr~,, ,i

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THE ST" I =.; -a
_- -, -- i -- "" '"- "" --"'--'L ~~

. -

'. *' *


More car between the whees
IF Your Man Doesn't Di~e
A Ford Don't Dese TIi



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u~C ---~ -c------- ------ -'-.--""-aYY-II~9pMar~ar~aL~n~~

-^. 1 Wr.- 1 i iii 11 inii m .. -. .i n 1 1 n ..111*ii 1.ii d)i.. iiiii11. im .- r ii iiil r r-


Friday,October 15,1971

**** S*TIA*R*S*P*O*R*T*S ******n- *
The Champs find Saints hard to Beat.
1971 Football Champs Spartans
have been put to the test by their
arch-rivals Saints in the knockout
championship. On Sunday they played
to a one-all draw in a keen encoun-
ter, with Saints going into the lead
within the 12th minute through Jmes
Seraphin, who found the nets from
a Dorian Simpson. Saints maintained
their lead to the interval and look-
ed like strong favourites. But on
resumption, they resorted to a de-
fensive role, seeming quite satisted
- but Spartans soon set about an all-
attack strategy.They were. kept at
bay by some splendid work by the
Saints defense, which was spearhead-
ed by Vincent "Pepit" Shillingford.
In fading light and within five s
to the final whistle, Spartansformd
the equalizer through Rene's finding
an opening in the middle;he sent a
powerful right-booter into the nets
from 35 yards out. A Bobby Charlton
Special which left Saints' custodian
-"Bogo" Roy Williams without a chance
When the two sides met again in
replay (Tues),it was once again an
undecided affair a two-all drawing
a ding-dong battle which accounted
for the sending-off of James Sera-
phin and injury to Chaucer Doctrove,
Spartans went.into the lead within
8 mins. of play with an own goal
scored by Alick Charles of Saints;
a deflection from the head of Charler
from a Dana Hurtault cross. Both
sides made good their midfield play
but muffed scoring chances, Spartans
led one-nil at the interval. But
five minutes after resumption, Saints f
struck two vital blows with goals
by Brinsley Charles and James Sera-
phin. Undaunted,Spartans once more
relied on all-out attack and were
soon rewarded with an equalizer -
Skipper Cuthbert Williams found the
nets with a left-footer which had
his cousin Roy going the wrong way.
Again Spartans came near to scoring,
but Saints custodian. achieved a mag-
nificent save from a Larond"Banana"
kick. Thus at final whistle the scores
were again equal this time 2-2.
The Clubs meet again for replay Sun.
starting 3,45 pm to allow for extra
time and awards of penalty kicks in
case of -a draw in IsO- minutes. *
DOMINICA: ER.E, Sir L.Co6lsULar'tiue has
fiIorn to Beirut td-"'ttefid~ia F o6f JuliAn
wddin' to"-a Lebancc co-st!udent;' Uivi
of Nice. Mr.C.A.Scignorot acts Governor.

N 0 T I C E
Applications are invited from suit-
ably qualified persons for Commonwealth
Scholarships Ceylon Awards tenable
in Ceylon in 1972.
2.ELIGIBILITY: Applicants for Post-
Graduate awards must normally be can-
didates who are, or who will be, grad-
uates by October, 1972. Applicants for
Undergraduate awards should have at
least three (3) G.C.E. (Advanced Level,
passes or equivalent qualification.
3. AGE LIMIT: Applicants should, in
general, be between seventeen (17)and
thirty-five (35) years of age on 1st
October, 1972, but in special circum-
stances, the upper age limit may be
4. (i) FIELDS OF STUDY: The scholar-
ships are primarily available for Post-
graduate study or research but may alas
be granted for courses of Undergraduate
(ii) Priority of consideration will
be given to applicants seeking qualif-
ication in the following fields:-
Veterinary Science Geology
Forestry, B.Sc. Dentistry
applicants will be required to bnter
into a bond to return to the State to
serve the Government of Dominica for a
specified period on completion of their
:ourse of studies,
. CLOSING DATE: Applications should
Peach the Secretary,Public Service Com-
lission, Roseau, not later than Friday,
?9th October, 1971
Further particulars may be obtained
rom the Education Division of the Min-
stry of Education & Health, Roseau.
Public Service Commission,
.S.C.5/5,G.163, 161-1/1. Oct1l, 1971
-r'o rT 1
The Domi'rba 'r6cabrom Paity wrill'be'hola'if0--
public meetings, all starting at 8.30 pnat
the foll6ri'n ,"lace i-rhi3jn the muni~icipial-
ity of Rozeau`aurn tIcho coming webc to
promote the c-alndiaturc-of its I-Irlcrs
nominated to-ch6iitst -thie Roseai-Todii "
Couficil Elecctioh--oi-26tHbc t6bor 1971;
MON.. Oct.38 Fr6cabm'Street, Lagon.
WE'S.Oct. 20 Noutorwn. --.n
FRIday Oct.22 Foot of Foderd~ionE-IDive
S- ---... Pottersviillo- ,. .-.
parit 6 c!-: pI)i.bliched b thu-e ropri-c-'ors
Robert E._1Ufi-.y of Copt Hall'I-lII Ilobu.e
at 26 Bath R 1.Rosoau,Dorainica,U ost Indics

Page Ten


Friday,October 15,1971

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Portsmouth T.C. Election
Dear Madam Editor: Oct. 1971 was the first time in the history of
kljrtsmouth when there was a Town Council election fight between two
parties the Freedom Party and Leblanc Labour Party. I certainly do
not see with Cheltonian in saying that Freedom Party candidates may have
to abuse the Labour Party elected for their landslide victory. All this
is petty-mindedness. The Portsmouth Branch Freedom Party's motive was
mainly based on the suppression of the ridiculous Land & House Tax Increase
which was imposed on the poor citizens of Portsmouth.
The campaigning of the Freedom candidates and that of Labour was like
chalk and cheese. The whole community looked forward to meetings of the
Freedom candidates, as those were of high standard and based on facts; so
much so, that the able Madaae Chairman in the person of Miss Marion Peter
kept telling people that black & white tell no tale (meaning ink & paper).
For example since the year'1959, the present Minister of Home Affairs (who
was then Chairman of the Portsmouth Town Board) the first thing he though
of doing was to put in a resolution for the uprising of Land & House Tax,
to be put on the same status as Roseau. Had it not been for three nominated
members who were not lackeys but men and women of understanding, the cit-
izens of Portsmouth by now would have been drenched under taxes. Suchlike
matters and other facts were the theme of Freedom's 23 days' campaigning.
I do not understand how the educated Labour Party advocates could invent
such vivid untruths such as their campaigning was based upon, accompanied
by threats: I quote "If I do get back on the Council I will take revenge;"
and "If I were in a country like Cuba I would take revenge."
At the Leblanc Labour Party's last meeting in Burrowes Square, I sat
on my verandah listening and heard a Labour candidate tearing a Freedom
candidate to pieces like a hungry lion or cannibal. That all their meet-
ings were based on abuse, threats and misstatements is underlined by the
false name given to a Freedom Candidate on the front page of the L.L.P.news-
paper named "The Educator". Was the false name wilfully done? Because to
be enrolled as a candidate, many documents are required with full name &
signature. Or was it carelessness coupled with inefficient editing?
Cheltonian boasts of the landslide victory of the Labour electorates,
when he knows for a fact that illiteracy in this Island rises as high as
the highest mountain in the state. Those illiterates think they have no
better friends than those from whom they get tips, heavy or light. For
example, we are aware that a grandfete was anticipated at the expense of
the $100 deposit of the Freedom candidates: The head of a strong Labourite
family gave himself a holiday on election day. He kept echoing all over the
town : "Aliens must go." And..."I don't care I made six crosses." Now his
idea of alien is this one Freedom candidate stayed in Antigua in his
youth, and is long years back in his homeland; yet the LLP advocates keep
terming him an Antiguan, whereas two Labour candidates are vice Versa,
and were (according to boasts) voted in by such advocates. In other words
they had made their home in Dominica. So why say that the candidates of'
the Freedom Party "may not be considered for Nomination"? Why not speak
the truth like Freedom and admit that one LLP candidate said that none of
the Freedom Party people must be nominated on the Portsmouth Town Council
because they will hear what the Councillors are saying Is Portsmouth Town
Council now a secret society of mischief and revenge?
In conclusion, I am getting down to a little history. I compare the
campaigning of the Freedom Party to the campaigning of Our Lord Who advoc-
ated the truth for many years, but his mission fell on deaf ears, and when
his election came (Good Friday) Barrabas who had a very large following -
won a landslide victory over Our Lord and his followers.
The same applies to the fivernil Leblanc Labour Party victory through
untruths, abuses and threats, whereas from every section of the town of
Portsmouth comments on the Freedom Party meetings were "their meetings
were based on facts."
Thanking you, Madam Editor, for space,