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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 10-08-1971
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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S.sJa#ne LoweLtthal,
Research Institute for
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street,
ia New York 10021, N.Y.,

OS/5 ,-<.td
' Shfta. u ry A. W j
V' ^'Xijl "No^ii "

arch Towards

Gonrninment is insisting
on getting its poihical finger
imo every economic pie ; it
has s5t self io the task of
eliminating all political. social
and economic ideas alien to
its own aprd has set about
emp 1 I y i g questio~abte
sia~r~es lai its aticmrpts to
acbiew totah c .tol of the
lives, asp iatiosat d abhions
of the State's citizens.
h s br le the
guMiibie t h.ie that it iis only.
through memberaidp in ths.
'arn-ibiz Party Organ t'hat
scamt jobs could be secured.
The aew Elass, synooy-
mous wi"it tbe neB :'Get-Rie-
Q^ui' Cib will expKiit the
'other claesne
Sinc' socialism holds tbax
*te factors of' producs"s
should i.r:it AL the policy
6of alsow-wg eccsdmic and
soclsI pivums .to tWe few must
With the attainment of in-
ternal i:-.'i,, er meant in
February '.9., te growing
strength of the oppositi., ond
the advrwt of a new political
mood pervading the State,
Labour leaJers sought to coa-
tain the Opposition at all costs.
The prinipkl of political
patroage has undoubtedly
bemi a nti polq introdueS ;
a spate of laws, ained at ab o-
gatiag tzN right of free. speecl
aud asrShiBy of iniividwads am
guearavsed under s3t?-yas 10
and II of the Slatc'B cos"
If wo n to tiwol t ee
soiaSist path then k2- it be
of hbe Fabian Whaikospphy
caCdiied within a West adies
Mimintexi. AU, acssding the
sipsor'iera of f-e Cjiponrwrs
wmst be alowsed to siarie a A&P RT
paric ALe LERT


5i)OMINICxA 5C ?T z

tit(or iL5- PH SSHAPj ALLFRK
FPi~Bifr.^ ;1CJsfiiesr:'^;~~~ 'i9?

. =, /
Cmt 2Kr


.v -3 "4 ;;..

Ten Centa

unrfl n~rr~aufl/aWlpm n w -rmu

One of the most picturesque (and stable) of
our bridge is the red-painted one leading to the
Roseau Valley. From it, women can be seen wash-
ing clothes daily, and young people enjoying a
sparkling fresh-water bath.
Although the Premier h'kd declared 'no party po-
litics in Town Council Elections', the Portmmouth
- contest was a straight fight between Freedom and
Labour which won all 5 seats with roughly 2. r
lead. Present Councillors ate O.Magloire, M.
Douglas, E.Martin, Djohnson and R.Thtoms.
All Freedom Candidates retained their deposits.
Continued on paye &j 44.


Friday,October 8,1971

Page Two lESA

The date of the triennial Roseau Town Council Election has been
fixed for Tuesday, the 26th of this month. This date, incidentally, is
the anniversary of the last General Election in which the Leblanc Party
got a sweeping victory. I appeal to the people of Roseau to make this
date in 1971 one to be remembered by the Leblanc Party as the date of a
resounding defeat at the hands of the people of Roseau.
Much has happened since that date in 1970, the latest being the rape
of the Roseau Town Council (an institution carefully and patiently built
up by our forefathers )by the Leblanc Government; the detailed preparat-
ions coldly and calculatingly made by the same Government for annihilat-
ing those who would have dared to protest to the House of Assembly at its
last meeting on 23rd September and, over and above all these, the Govern-
ment's proposed legislation for "controlling" the banks and, with it,
"controlling" the savings of the people of Dominica who have laboured so
hard and under so many difficulties to put aside something for a rainy
day. As is only to be expected from a capital city, its inhabitants see
earlier than other parts of the country signs and portents for good or
for ill in the affairs of the nation.
Consequently, it is not surprising that he people of Roseau have
been the first to discover and uncover the evils which are the Leblanc
Party/Government. This view and attitude is widespread in the town and
the town is determined that, despite its rape by Government, the Roseau
Town Council will come from the Opposition Party. Apart from the fact
that it took the Opposition Party to clean up the mess in which the pre-
vious Labour Party Town Council had left the affairs of the town when
they deserted it, Roseau is desirous of demonstrating its complete lack
of support and confidence in the Leblanc shoe Party/Government for the
many ills and harms it continues to bring upon Dominica, including that
Qf making us the laughing stock of the West Indies in the Freedom Street
issue. Therefore Roseau Townspeople are proposing to give the Leblanc
Party a resounding vote of no confidence in the coming Roseau Town Council
election. .The Leblanc Party has been challenged to contest that election
as a Party in the same way as the Opposition Freedom Party will contest
it with its 5 candidates. The Leblanc Party will have to accept this
challenge or lose face and thus openly admit that the capital of the
country is against it.
Because of this, Independent candidates are advised not to take part
in this election. Any person coming forward as an independent candidate
will be regardedTbrying to complicate the issue for the benefit of the
Shoe Party and such action will be construed as an attempt to frustrate
the will of the people of Roseau in this purely local election. The
voters of Roseau are therefore urged to turn out on the 26th and give a
massive vote aaint the Leblanc Shoe Party for the many wrong things
it has been doing and is still planning to do since it was returned to
office as the Government of Dominica exactly a year ago. Positively,the
voters of Roseau will show their support for the Freedom Party which is
the only force standing between the people and full dictatorship.

An incident of some significance which recently occurred must not be
allowed to-pass unnoticed and unrecorded. It shows the dictatorial ten-
dency and propensity of the present Government.
On the 13th September, the Government issued Release No.400/71 entit-
led "proposed;Local Government Legislation" which was repeatedly read over
the facilities: of WIBS Dominica. This release, in the view of the Roseau
lown Council with whose affairs it dealt exclusively, contained a large
number of misstatements and inaccuracies calculated to give a one-sided
view of things to the people of Dominica. In an effort, therefore, to pre-
sent all the facts to the public, the Town Council formally requested time
on WIBS for the Mayor of Roseau to give the Council's side of the story.
The Government flatly turned down the request fot the Mayor to speak
to the people of Roseau on WIBS Dominica,without giving any reason.
(Concluded on Page Four)


P~se Two


The Commonwealth

The Duke of Edinburgh and Prinress Anne
wilt visit Irkn from 12th to 17 i fhxr the cF ebratons
to mark the 2,600th aoniversary do the Persian
Empire. They wiiI join The Qutn in Istentbui or
the State Visit to Turkey, &h to 25th. P th visits
will be reflected in news and current effatrs
For th fist time in history, an Emperor and
Empress of Japar. pay a State Visit to Britain on
Oct 5th to Mth.
Hirchi to launched vi th the aQueen an
l,vated a tree in Kew Gardeas 4ut P.o.W,,
uaft eer~n chlopsd it down as l pa'a t m ao-wt
.iarwbeYs "They tw re not d.e4a ian v.inB.

Mr. Desmond Searle of ShankIla Coa and
A ~sw-ses formaally presented a rcpor f sntided
"A ToCrist Developmer Strategy for Domfiica"
to Premier Lebiasc at Governmem Headquarters
on October 4rt. (see page 8)


Sa- do



s5 shares Fort Young Hotel.
20o0 dolar shares Cinema C4 .
Apply Barclays B k


r: .

~il~ruq-r -lrrC nr~iP~avcl~~p~~-l,;~--~mu ------~-~,I-----------~--~^-iu,.~2c~-^ ric--


Members ofC the Roseau Co operailvi Cadlit
Unioa Limitid are herby notified that &pies of
the Annual %Tepwt 1970 for the Annuaml ie'etlg
Meetdig to th: held on 19th October, 197% wil be
available at the Credit Union Offict at Great
Mcrlbaroug Sftret, Roseau as from MoSy ztsh
October, S ;
Meb=es 8a* therefore re to cal b at dhat
acfe to col4ct their reports between the .oi of
&30 .,M s 4A0 pm. daily,


V48 el Wn1 1 -nTESA

STRAIGHT ISSUES by Androcles (cont. from page two)
What do Dominicans, the people of Roseau in particular, think of this?
Is. WIBS the private property of the Premier or is it a facility for the
full information of the people ? Is the Mayor of the capital city repre-
S sending the people of Roseau a not sufficiently important and responsible
person. to be accorded the use of a facility financed from the taxes of
the people so that they can have access to information? Is the Mayor's
addressato the people of his city of less value and importance than the
comings and goings of Ministers, with which WIBS Dominica is so often
This policy of so controlling the media of information for the sole
use of those in power is typical of incipient dictatorship which always
tries to have the people know only what the political bosses want them
to-know and nothing else, Signs are not wanting of what is in store for
us if the people of Dominica do not wake up quickly.

a a e * a 4 6 o o 4 o a o

If anyone wanted confirmation of the desire of the LeBlanc Govern-
ment to shed the blood of citizens, this can be found on page 3 of the
Party's newspaper of 29th Sep ~tf ber.

In a news item headed "Freedom Call to Demonstrata Unheeded", the
paper says that "the Freedom Party has lost much support recently"
(.his is the first time that it is admitting that the'Freedom Party
does have "much support") because the proposed demonstration was
thwarted by the issue of a Government Proclamation. It. could not expect
the demonstration to have taken place when' the same Party newspaper
had (1) announced earlier that its proprietors were arranging a count-
er-demonstration to coincide with the popular protest demonstration (2)
as a consequence of which its proprietors issued a Government Proclam-
ation banning meetings and marches between the 22nd and 24th September
and (3) proceeded by a show of force to declare that anyone disobey-
ing the terms of the Proclamation would be killed. How, under these
circumstances, could the Editor of the Party organ expect the peace
and freedom loving people of Roseau to carry out the originally pro-
posed demonstration? It is quite unnecesarry for the Educator to have
told us thata&th eas=ra, despite the Party Government ban,been attempted,
it "would have led to bloodshed and damage to property". This was clearly
to be seen in the warlie; preparations: that the Government had arranged
to destroy its own citizens had they demonstrated on 23rd September.
The whole region knows of .this by now. But I repeat, the people are
not so stupid to stand in line of battle against the armed forces.
They know that the evils now being Verpetrated against them are the
work of 2 or 3 individuals who would not, in any case, be in the line
of battle.

No. doubt, Government will have to renew its Proclamation for every
meeting of the House of Assembly.
..... OQO
CANADIANiAID: Scholarships have been awarded to six students under the
Canadian International Development Agency programme to study at Cave Hill
Campus of the U.W.I in-'Barbados from Oct.1971. Mr.Rawlins Bruney will read
Natural Sciences; Miss M.Cools-Lartigy e and Mr.Herbert Volney General
Studies degree. Miss Josephine Giraud & Miss T.Jno.Rose arts degree.
Miss Elaine (Carol) Severim,who will finally read for a degree in medicine,
takes one year in natural sciences to start with.
CANADIAN DOCTOR FOR P.M.H.: Latest of the "COMA" plan Doctors to serve
the people of this State Dr. G.N. Johnson, is now attached to Princess
Margaret Hospital for-3 months. He brought his wife along. We wish them
a happy and rewarding stay amongst us.


Friday. October 8.3971

Doi + 2rr

.... =+r. --- --., --, "- -".- -
Dom inic Banana Growerst
Association I F
Our attention. has been dawn to sormn con 0,
fusion anong growers regarding our notice FC : ld
Dehanding of Barin&as", It should bz ap in.l
that it is not. integIded that the operation -sa ld
Sbe undertaken atially in the baanan fields
In the experimental stage the banaa were :
demanded and packed in field boxes in the ana
fields as they were haves[ted, hence .th term .+
"Fisld DehandingC'. But this was not four trac- t
table on a commercial scale or ,ven ncsary.
The main putpose of this method of .ling
tr protect the bananas during trans por by
truck over rough roads so that the oper n is
f- 'y effective whaen carried out at the fomer
| : :ana Wrapping, Sheds situated on a mooable
It 'ou!J be .nIoted that as before tie fruit a-, I 4 a thef
should bc wrapped im foam after harvest sand n s,, !ngs
conVeyed on fo~n padded trays to the a aw n ge Ot VP BtishW.neS. iC Same grapesg
wrapping Shed for demanding. O makeVP( that oo, o"ma, aot f epnsr
A.D. -BQYD a i Wnes.hicraccounts forV\Ps tine quality:
General Manager
4dh fOctober, 1971. Ge M-, t
___I\.. U b(1 K !: todayw .. __i. .-._ :+i.;,:


SYBUY 4 tyres and get 121% disc nt ''

Also, with every tyre Purchase iou it -. A.- gI
t# ,., .i. .

With two tyres, two Iftsor a ::r'-- g .: ..,
W--a hWile thleyi. l ast ......... r ??.

Agents fo r

-7. / tD

ThaaY Sixc THE STAR Fridav=, October 8-. 1971

BOOK REVIEW: "In Our Carib Indian ON THE SCENE by Rama
Village": Faustulus Joseph Frederick Accidents galore! Fond Col& stretch
wdth Elizabeth Shepherd: Lothrop, again! In one afternoon last week,
Lee & Shepherd Company, New York: Roseau's traffic chart soared. The
US;3.95. culpit was an oil-covered piece of
It is a commonplace saying that road which was determined to keep
"the Caribs have lost all their Pricess Margaret Hospital busy. Some-
special crafts they are no differ-, time after 2 o'clock a jeep and its
ent to other Dominicans'. Elizabeth driver skidded across the slick
Shepherd and her family lived with pitched road and ended up on its side.
a Carib family, the Fredericks, in Damage was minimal and the driver
St.Cyr and found that the Caribs walked away to prove he was okay,
still practice their old crafts and Within an hour, a Hillman Avenger
could even teach some of their prin-with two occupants hurtled across the
ciples to others -- to quote Faust- same oil slick and ended up at the
ulus Frederick "No one tells us bottom of Woodbridge Bay a drop of
when to work or when not to *..... about ten feet. Both persons were
When they (my parents) decide to badly hurt. The new car seems a com-
do a thing, well then, they do it. plete write-off. I am not going to
And when they are tired they rest, play "good boy" and blame anyone: yet
The book is in two parts. First I have this to say.'From information
Liz Shepherd writes some well-reseaa received' the Avenger was travelling
arched history(and her source mater- plenty fast, possibly dragging. I
ial exceeds by far what we have in leave you to your conclusions.
Dominica) with some engravings of Last Monday evening the Mill House
Carib life some 300 years ago. I was the scene of a reception in hon-
might take issue with her on one or our of Mrs. Phina Simmance, daughter
*two points; of history (she might of Mr. & Mrs..R.E.Allfrey. The guest
find Higham Leeward Islands 1660- ist was truly international in char-
1685 interesting) since she leaves acter with everyone socializing in
out the fascinating story of Indian true fraternal spirit. Goodwill's
Warner, half Carib, Chief and En Who's Who was well represented.
appointed Governor of Dominica the Parking spaces were taboo. Most of
ifirat French one was Mathieu St. the goodies were prepared by Mrs.
Aroment appointed 50 years later in Sonia Vanterpool.
1717). The original 'reserve' was, Our society is really becoming
of course, 134 acres around Salybia sick. We have now sunk so low that
the only unnumbered lot (Marked our children now send out false fire
'CHARIBS') when Dominica was sold alarms: the recent destruction to
lots to Englishmen in 1776 for Geo- body and property which resulted
rge III's privy purse. from such a prank should cause the
However the interest lies in the ffender(s) to end up in gaol, If
simple prose telling of Fausttlls 0oo young for incarceration, I sug-
about his family life, hunting, f est a 'birching'-- we have got to
ing, making canoes, building a hou top this crap now'
Can you make your own bulldozer ? Wife-swopping may soon.-be here.
if you want to level a plot for a certain elements in the Goodwill area
house try a carboite. Faustulus ave been seriously discussing the
illustrates and tells you how to do possibilities. It just goes to show
it. He and his brother Mas Clem ow decadent we are becoming. I hope
j-upstrate. practically everything
(i k strtela tleal the read ethe thought df your best friend in the
Sould ike to te the radeext bedroom with your wife and you
that the half Chinese artist Al with his revolts you as much as it
taught them pen-and-ink and scraper- oes me.
board techniques). Compare the old ama congratulates Dominica Dist-
engraving on p.12 with those in illeries on the o.enng of the River
'Making a Canoe' (p.73 et seq.). G3 ~a e factory. in good. ic.
your boy make a fishingline from a with a good index, glossary and fur-
wild pineapple leaf? Or a finger- their reading list. I could only wish
catcher? But I am sorry that Faust- that it could be introduced into every
ulus has used 'opossum' for nanicou.primary school in Dominica. After all,
Beautifully produced, the book isignorance is no excuse for prejudice
written for children (6-12)- a schoolagainst your neighbour. Dominicans
textbook simple and charming and "coming later" can be proud of Caribs.
-- R.E-A.


Friday. October 8, 1971

Page Six

Ae... isi W. z? rI .

1%?R67 AL-TA V.iTA iM-'iVE r e^' '' 'Stst^' 0-r' ''- ^ ?i- '"'N'1'. ^a.^0;

i&13 ?93;j
ep r 21t-c E71 t*n _t L Ol I S 2

'h .a i I ; : Z a eb
l"i)e Scar"
rosS3au, tomwnica
0c.ast ladies

*Dear Sir:

wages !nerested to r i'e t in your issue of l..y a tribu-tre t
..Dr-4 Devalon and o.n bLhaS: ,f *i'f the Canad-ian M.edic.al /-ssoc.a:..aon 'which was
Srespoins le for '.Dr. deP.vdso-n's tour nf d jty, I would ike to thank you.

In yo"r .article, you mention Dr. Devadson: c-a and say t1.at Canadian doctors '
'coAme and go"' and t.1hat "we som"et.imne.s heat of he:., and sometimes e do -noC"
Tbhis l..ck of aware'Aess oft what. the Canadiarn edicai Assbciation, through its-
SCarihbean Me"dical lan, hatio [done for Carribbeanp co(u-nt.ries over the past 3 years
cause me sorie .. cct'erfn and I would like to set the record straight for you and
your readers.

The C.M.A. has be:n providing' doctors on d short-trm voluntary basis to the,.
Caribbean islands and in pa.rti.cui. r to iomnica. In sone %c.'oth~ there have
ben 5' doctors m -.frg var i, u s nars f,, Canada serving thei-'heal.thi nedsC f. you:.
isi rid.. north just in the main; hospital iLrtkIateau. hut in outly i:; areas lik
Marigot. The cost of transporting the doctor is funded fri'mn the Canadian
I'nt.ercstiorial Development .''e'ic, (a branch of the Federal Cov-nmtnent of Canada)a
and the volunteer physicians serve withrcut salary. The host territory provid&Z
accommnodation and a small daily cost-ao-living al.lowanc.r. The volunteer.
p.phys!.ians in many instances, incur expenses which cannot he rei.,'ursed, e.g.
costs of ob :.:ni ,%. a replacement for theatr Dpractices in Cand--a, hut this hris
not deterred the flow of voLtnteer-s So*me have terurned to ci;tica fort second
and third tours of dty ,,

In addition, thrI.'-T'-: the B.C. organization C. ;:N, the Canadian Medical Association
ha, provided*. transportation costs for labnoratofr technologists, x-ray-technoo.. '
Cat Cf. CO has al o assisted in, the provision cf financial aid and material
assistance daring the past 5 years.

Cama* ns iAt 1AV- be of ifnttrest for you to obtnte the c-' 41' fr-e rte
l :Q- ai i a piSkih taam. tyour t&blic.i',

S ...-' .e gr&...*--.S2.,if wmld ,ini e C;{ l.. ter i' ymur

if.-f "t r' .--' -

A*dazt'aienctr, 0ct-C$O Caribbean IaMedico Plza

D 0 M I N I C A
A correspondent, not a candidate,
writes: "The battle is -ver and it We have received, and thank the
was a well-fought one. The Freedom donors, Shankland,Cox & Associates, for
people lost in a sense, yet at the Interim Report on Tourist Stmtegy for.
same time they do not consider that Dominica. It is a splendidly produced
they have lost. There was quite a "book" as we say here, from 16 Bedford
lot;of appreciation by many of the Square London WC1, clearly set out and
hearers and listeners at meetings. illustrated with photographs and map-
Freedom meetings were well handled charts. We hesitated to review it be-
based on facts and enlightenment, cause we heard that the final report
through which the people came 'to was in the offing; and now this is out,
know many things from which they had but we haven't had a copy Yet, and
been kept in the dark. Opponents of the conference to discuss it this week
Freedom seemed to get scared of such (with politicians, officials and tour-
facts and rushed down all their big ist board people)did not include the
guns to draw strength to their cam- Press.
paign. Their early recommendations : 6,000
Portsmouth and district people tourist beds over-aperiod of 25 years,
were all stunned when details of the beginning 1971. The number of beds by
proposed Govt. Bank Act were read t11980 should not exceed 1500. There are
them. Campaigning on the Freedomside to be 4 major zones of tourist devel-
was very very short and impromptu,so opment 2300 in Portsmouth & Cabrits;
it was not surprising that Freedom 1200 along the north cost (Anse de Mai to
did not win a seat; many came to thdWoodford Hill) 500 Layou Valley, 600
polls and were disappointed as theirRoseau & river valley. Of the balance,
names were not on the list, there- 300 beds to be provided by conversion of
upon Mr. Carty (Freedom) declared existing properties into tourist homes.
'that he had handed in a list and this Island road improvement programme is
was not included which is wrong, vitAl. especially Pont Casse-Roseau,
Another thing with Portsmouth peopleMelville Hall-Portsmouth,Melville Hall-
is, you have to be a "favourite" Pont Casse & Layou Valley-Canefield.
meaning one in favour with rulers Water supply and water schemes are
and woe unto you and sorry for thoseessential; so also are improvements at
who are connected with truth-lovers Melville Hall Airport.A National Park
who differ from the bigshots. This policy to encmmpass virgin forest and
was part of Freedom's plight also. mountain areas is promoted. When we
Anyway',the Opposition is not un-have seen the final report, we shall
duly disCatisfied with the results, give our readers fuller,firmer details.
They righ y feel that they have done 0-------
their part bravely. And all five can- DOMINICA NEWS GUIDES -
didates are entitled to a return of A Residential Training Camp for Guidcm
their deposit money. from the North took place at Marigot
I do not know the procedure of Infants School from 24-26 Sept. Wesley,
the Labour Party relating to their Vieille Case, PenvilleBense,Calibishio
Councillors, but by virtue of the lawwere also represented. Camp Commandai ;
they are supposed to nominate even atwas Miss Vernice Seaman,Dist.Commiss:i_
least two from the Opposition, as it N.Dist. Trai iaz-: Mrs. M.Bascom(Canp
was really a Party affair. But I come Trainer) & Mrs. R.Johnson(BrownieTajni-
to learn that in discussing the mat- er CHQ) both registered trainers at
ter, Cotncillor Emannuel Martin said Commonwealth Headquarterd.
(according to information rendered): 8-points programmes for both Brown-
"that is between us. I do:not want any ie Guide & Guide Unites are expected
member of the Freedom Party on the to develop considerably Girl-guiding
Council, as I do not want them to in the North.
know our business." Just fancy!..."- NDIES SCHOL
W.I.SCHOLS: Premier's son Ewart O.Leblanc was given a il Courte in the -ac-
ulty of Natural Sciences, St.Augustine,Trinidad, preparatory to entering the
Faculty of Engineering. Mr. Nelson T.Pierre got a similar Course (divil Eng.)
%Miss I.Riviere's N1 Course (prep. to Veterinary School) were for Cave Hill
and Mona respectively. Also to study at Mona,Jamaica J.Ferdinand Fortune
(Nat.Sciences majoring in Biology); Irving Clarendon (Nat.Sciences,Physics);
Edward Caudeiron (Nat.Sciences Chemistry) and E.J.Castor(Pub.Administgtioin,)
All these students are expected on return to serve in Government posts.

Friday,October 8,1971


i D r3 p e xih-frt

,id.ay> Oyt., 8. Si mr7 P

-r--sl- lr~~-' fl -- - -.YrIC~fll l~ aCLR

At t~he Fiat Sign of a Sore

g i


? i

EiE 3NE. t ,r ,AB1N -
I dus to 4&EO ~ it l zTtat&o L. f Of the nn u i

4 1
?. 1trkitc$ for
Sa' .. r I

A -. j ..- ^ -~ ..i, - t- - - -a

Noti'i i.; herebv .- ': th:at the Zth A.nmar ,
G'nCr;I, Me'r i-, of the Rws au -. L P .P'4iv.

Hall, (Tooe -. on T. :. y ttih OXIbete, 97-s
..l..l..Jr.:r .i ai. 7.30 p.r All memites tA~dodier
incrc .ed persons are I-r;:, t c ;ttwd IHowevvtr,
ntSy n d'hri'-, wi bfe alowed to take paruin die
discvusinon and rvoit on any Cfirti-'.&L its .
The Atr.! : for the mueeing is as fi.iow:
I Asco;. !-i-', of Quoarur'o.
"2 T'1akP.p. a''-, r agba cn.
3 Jkading and app vrw i t1 rtirrSiue s of st
A, u.r. G(;:ner5al M eeurig.
,4 -.**. :, .r'f mW Atters arising from, thE min.
< -por' .:;.
Board of Directors.
b Tresr;uer and Auditor,
c) (Cre3it Co'r:ncrrce.
d) Supcrviworv ,Committee.

7 New -. r-rie:->: Appropriat4ion of Surplus !E"97n.
SR.; -:,a, and suggestions from foor
o Elections.
|9 Cou *.ng r: .rgf: iby President
1o AdjourrnmIeat.


k S. ... MI N Dorivl,
I ".-4 t M a krr JI
iws,%* 31Xaj~0-
IB~ Sse~ep ~:

The General Public is hereby Notified that our LUMBER YARD
has been TRANSFERRED from Long Lane, Roseau to the more

Spa-o;;- Premises Formerly our NEW TOW


We ~'.Vr Now z Abtb to Ac' c': modate Larecr Stocks


Sso n:rure Constant Suppli es At A times.

The New P Cn ises Provide IN AND OUT Driving Facilities.


0 ???' ,^ w *


,~,~-an~r~orrolnrrr~Nurrvrr~t- rac~Mar*rr~i;~c~r~nuu\-nWorrcruc~ar*~~


Page Ninea

tag ~ ~ Teal TIt STA Fida, i~bmw-:i


Tenders are invited for the issue of Doinim.
ca Government Treasury Bills which will be made
in the sum of $5o0,o000
These bills will b- in denominations of $5oo,
$r,ooo, $o $io,ooo, 50,000o and Ioa,oooX
each, and will be repayable at par MCe.ty-on- .i 'y-
after the date of issue. Bills will be issued on ath
October, 1971 anid payable on 19th Jausary,: 972.
Each tender must be for an amount of no t
leas than 50oo and must specify the amaotnt
which will be given for every ONB HtUNDrt-.3
DOLLARS of the amount tendered.
Bills will be issued in denominstioms appo-
priate to the amount requested in the tender.
Application forms are available at cbe Miais-
try of Finance, Trade and Industry, the AccosIit-
anz General's Office, and the Commercial Banks,
and when completed, should be forwarded to iee
Ministry of Finance, Trade and Industry in sscad
envelopes addressed:
All applications must reach this Mnimstryio
later than 4 p.m. on Wednesday 13th Oct0obrs'*T
Successful applicants will be notified by
kleter not later than i5th October, 197t
The Government of Dominica reserves the
right to accept or reject any tender in whole or
in part.

27/h19,G60 97
th OctoEber, 1971

Financial Secretary.

14S.s I

SSix and a half acres near Wesley. Folly cultivated.
I With comfortable house and furniture. Ourtstaad-
Sing view and garden.
SPhone Cadman Smith 7208
s1.^.^8______ __ _______________

TfffYiNC If fffW

For those who can appreciate a reaUy
fime beer, o distinction, of superb quality,
from Munich Germany com es

Lowenbrau Speial

the Premier Bec of Munih, famous fa s or its bet-s

for ce'nrugwes.

Lowenbrau is for the discerning

pal at ot for the gwner. It is not cheap (bte bem

things never are), so you will find




only'at the very bst bars.

Treat yourself to a L owenbrau te4y

n:sd g

et that



Dor nica Banana Growers'

Consequent upen the termination of the Pur-
chasing Company's Additional Summer Price of
.254 per b. with effect from 4th October, 1971,
the price payable for bananas from that date will
be as foUows:-

At Reception Stations
At Buying Points

- 4.85t per lb.
- 4.05 per lb.

Growers who qualify for Incentive and
F6am Bonses will receive an additional .5oc per

4th October, pmi1.
aI At at

General Minager

2%Years Old. Good Condition
Phone No. 25o2 or 2oo9
5b lt


Travel from Dominica to ty:
part of the World
give us the opportunity of serving you...
Service on the spot ... We will arrange
your Air Ticket and Trip Insurance in
one packet at
14 King George V Street, Rlng ~30
Roseau, Dominica.
ir4b / ._ ______-

Friary, Oc^tobrw 1i7t;

----- ~~~~*ne-la-Mcla


~nn~ornraraurrrraaaoJ~uaul~uPuaann*l~lpr Inau~-auaarr~urPP


~--- -- Mull-~P-----a~-~~--n---~~-


Pace Tea



---.. --------~;---' -'r - -

SkjW ~`tw

? VSch?4,t of AppkwEi;r t Cefti te c Tw.ti e sndNc r |
$ th'Sresroe C t^avetittif weetk ending s'hs i apt6mb;Fr :"'A
js-LvP--.ra ;rrq-r--roe---~rut-p---~
]ri Av ated Pcon PK F- .r' Nscure ;
wnc:rh ti14t' CtYi"sQS'tJ r -
Si of Td;e of ?;izg
~"-T'^ n nri-in~L- m1:i 11'11 ir *-i *i

i e:.4 daied 's 'k f : iesi i !b t :. t t .t,
Sith h4y4 o.Stp Ar .0a j r 'i 'r 1etk'Ai
Sr, 19T 7. {. iS ,;C a p c'zi"in or ;.i;.
Pa 4*! 2fTh 2 y "e :sn0 | . n rts iH
191ii a: 3.30 pum. *hia 4.to AM, q i^ i. 1:;,;>ti, io th; ha S'&ii

'I th 4 ban'! osg A4 X 4
!iNbrth by tad ef OZiKeRs .3? Wa bc ;. f H A

cIlegtrsr't ffiig SYi*.V1A i. ERiTAND

; NOTE -- Ary A&-Cn hO? ilesirelr.s 8to .'rt tsi t ihs ustn a
|*iwt C%res}fi.e;E of T1*ie ;ftso tebovfre appy'.stes "Iy one tr i
C-SvStt 1' t.e a ove'" .i -)i'l1, wh :i. ^* ^s:K, 5rom the 58 dz4 w
',ie vi4grxs %.ppeasancs e a.f ahsr 7c':du7 ; .W: rt .hf STARn4 Nrwv sSr S?.tP
B puSy>En~d in '.h',s S. rtirr- ren t; t Ia'.e fihflft Fiu. i'sgi.S pp
sctribeco gaw!~r was~- wc-\d on~ any cla cr- ?rrored~crps of
;n (i e? csps: of bu t he a gPpiiais.iQ aLas'.

I *" -s -'ir^ I
. *..4. s

ji t '
fy'B ^'c w, ^ ff*W J* W ^~*I K~V^^H -f ^^ ,^- ^i- ^ _** > -c



S,' .C r.i . the ..- i

od -- o Nlan' Dose Himt Dr.
A Ford J1) ''t LDai h'im



* r.rxl rY w wau~noai;,all r

4 ;mWa*Nasa*rraso~ ~ l.


thie greatest advance in rhis treatment of C..wt.' and Cal. ises in 25 years.

|t genrly wi.ashes gway.cmras, ca7ouse, -ough
j s,,.quickly, essily, painfessih'


Z ~,C tIo Here's what r -" pe "ae s::- about it:-

.6 r"- n jj
*. * : never ha ..'*.. bter fsr my cafluai mwn rhi HiWos Chfroposy Sporia."
4 .4 I wias -ni.c.:it the i dcfr t it gave my p-poor feet,"
..... ..-*r ... .. :.:" cedav d ,
S s. .hat a rele afer yea rs of suffd ng

Buy a Heros Chirp Sp- :. today and experience what it is to-remove cor,
Sci u";' C- ot. rough hrd skin in -. ,: easy treatment in- .y
ss for months with c'intinu-nus use.
SOnly co each
The Domini c "at L

iThe Dominca ,ispensary Co. Ltd.
i ~ r .r -ssaussmrmn. *aet heris is mtee-sasrasa rstajm et.4msvrrsesMn-a :e

S ; Ssozuth by 6 tors kee; at bY Miie *:- |


wWe 5^ki 4 e^

Page Twelve T H E S T AR Friday, October 8,1971
**** T S*T*A*-RS*P-'OR*T*S* *** I ***MORE COMMONWEALTH NEWS*** (p.3)
Big Knock-out Clash Tomorrow GUYANA: Dr. Joshua Ramsammy, a
Windsor Park will be the centre lecturer in Biology at the Univ. of
of attraction and action tomorrow, Guyana, was shot and fatally wounded
when arch-rivals Spartans and Saints as he sat in his car in Georgetown on
meet for the second time this sea- Oct.4. The shots were fired from a
son only this time it means survive, passing car, The Managing Director
al of the fittest because it's the; of Guyana Graphic Ltd., Mr. D.A.
first round of the knock-out champion Grandsoult, was fatally injured on
-ship 'The loser automaticallybcwIs Oct. 6 when his car collided with
out of the championship. another vehicle 26 miles from George-
When the two teams met in the town. He died (aged 38) on being taken
League earlier,they played to a one-to hospital. He was a member of various
all draw, Spartans will be going all Boards & of the Guyana Chamber/Commerce.
out to hold their undefeated record
of the season so far, meaning that GRENADA graduates of the 1st Region-
people like Lennox Emanuel,Cuthbert al Youth Camp (Dominica) will assist
Williams & Dana Hurtault will haveto in establishment of a new youth farm-
put on their scoring boots, while a ing venture by Grenada Government.
lot will depend on the confidence of
custodian Mac James who will be hav- BRITAIN (London): Police have been
ing the support of the defence in raiding homes in connection with U.K.
.Tony Lartigue, Cecil Bramble, and decision to expel 105 Soviet Diplomats.
the mid-field General Vivian Rdne'. 'Three people were taken under strict
But Saints are still a force to reck.-uard. Several men, mainly Britons,
on with.* 'they have never won the were held for questioning. On Oct./
Championship before, nor have they a Judge refused to allow nine coloured
ever been able to beat Spartan since people accused of rioting during a
they (Saints)hit the sporting scene. West aIndian demonstration in London
It's going to be quite interestingto to be tried by an all-black jury. Judge
see what the Saints have up their Edward Clarke said "there is a danger
sleeves this time The flair,zeal even before the jury is sworn that this
and ability of "Bogo" Roy Williams will deteriorate into a black vs white
between the bars will mean a lot for contest. The Clerk of the Court said
Saints, along with the supporting it was physically impossible; of the
performances of Kelvin Phillip, Vin- last 500 jurors called, only 3wreiblack.
cent Shillingford and the midfield NIGERIA: Muhammed Ali (Cassius Clay)
skill of Doctrove & Alick Charles, flew into Lagos this week on a 4-day
matched with the penetration of Brin-goodwill visit. He will stage exhib-
sley Charles,Vincent Elwin & Dorian ition bouts, and told welcomers "I
Simpson. We feel sure the crowdsare know I'll get the title back and re-
going to have something to cheers abutire champion./"
Can Saints pull this one off?
CRICKET: Four South Africans in Rest ST- VINCENT: Grenada's Governor Dame
of the World Team Hilda Bynoe & her husband are visiting
West Indies Cricket Captain Gary at. Vincent to aid in charity efforts.
Sobers will lead a star-studded Rest OUR PHOTOGRAPH on p.3, like the recent
of the World Team against Australia portrait of Hon.Eugenia Charles, was
next month in a 5-Test Series inpte taken by Pierre Lucette a study of
of the South African Tour. The party the Allfreys' daughter while on holiday
includes 4 S.Africans (Hylton Acker- in Dominica. She returns to resume her
man,Tony Greig,Peter & Graeme PoUock post at the University of Zambialying
:The rest of the team is Rohan Kanha next Wednesday. Mr. Lucette offers
Clive Lloyd (W.I.)Sunil Gavaskar, 02 to the young lady in the bridge
Farokh Engineer,Bishwar Singh. Bedi picture (p.1), if she will identify
(India), Asif Masood,Zahir Abbas, In herself at the STAR office,
tikab Allam (Pakistan) Richard Hutton rented pub 1 shed + io
Norman Gifford,Bob Taylor (England) gAfn Ee i mi R ea1!06
and Bob Cunis (New Zealand). * *r awYBF~er mfbe 6 toard for 21 year~
W.I. Headquarters in Jamaica Secretary-Mr. John Groves.Treasurer -
Last Friday Jamaica began another term-'Mr.Ivan Heron.(Ex-Pres.N.Pierce,B/dos)
as the headquarters of W.I.Cricket, D.E.S. Power Stations at Blenheim &
New President of W.I.Cricket Board ofMelville Hall will open on Oct 14-15.
Control is Mr. Robert Marley (62) a