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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 10-01-1971
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Ms. Jane Lowenthal L
Research Institute for
the Study of ,an,
162 East 78 Street,
New York 10021, t.Y.,
OS/5 ,- V -ta
,-4 **


N7 1 i

CiC0 -si

~-UU N___-a- --U~PI~ll~P-I

*~sw flm~emresM V fl71

Y. a&t S .S /- r '- -. "- ..


Len L$ent

A ctatral p.iis.i
in Fredoim ,
Street is o hb
Trade 'Umorn ( cr
(left. wherC fi. v

sta ,n player o ,r
R' c"aus now
renowned :a:n
street. Righi.
t~ie Boyer honme
with coattoxer-
siai 'name-platc ,


HNSoiRV has recalec I
the rft-cbcvs employed bn
pcditical group in th~s
,jurney towards so-
cialasi. bu t it has a!S
shown that in thei- qiiet
of this political and i,;. 4i!
goal a dictatorship evet-
tually emerges.

Although the basic idea
of .'.ali:- is that the
production. distribution
iotd other imporntanti
activities should be social-
i* .d or controiedy! by tb
Site-a 1 t is by tbe
people tas a wbe4, - t at;
_Se State or fori of"
vCcr3;aTr ui sr c.I k be
i-ke urder socialism, is'
as v-;ied as the rme ldsv
anzd aims of the wpoAtical
t:ox.4; who as&iO re strivnag l


Sodalists part
WAirb oe SUtIeer
egh.-ac to be em
K r this gjoal,
could t sdivi"e ro
two Cas. e :- (1)
t hawf, *"ludotar
Swhiwk bedhw in a s
Aippros8c4 "orkLing
I-arxsArs tikThe tF

pa-ianntf : these at
Marxists. The Fa
weaker; ng o dwin
M .-.oMwn amitt now
siderecd. t geera

Towards Dicttor

OB tihe
ployed is
biaur ey
ighty into
the slow-
y groups,
W Biritish
e Fabita;
s *hWowga
re mostly
bans .are
dling and
r be cen.
1 sociahisti

*Wnrhin *raa State whoet our
prc.ent iaders have by word
and eactio portrayed tdhem-
selves a& SecOalists one sei's
tmisjtakiabty the Marxist ap-

'trainsa is a way 'of- iter-
.i bthoe,' '' econotasBa,
f likfe ad deskrsc it- is
as arwarn at. reOacivg ktame
history- past. .. present and d
ft we-4t a niK lgical
spts with the; inevitable
vtkfio of the wori sg masses.
Marx looked upos history
as a record cf sitrtggke .be-
twase diftrens classes and as
a grada process of ev1utiWo
by inevitable chass struggfs,
with ae social orrde beimg
replaced by another; om claes
by another. He saw the
victory C this new class as
bvth politicall and economic
sad symabori of 1th triuaph
of tre sew owners of fte
aons of production.
badwiag t h i. projccned
Vteeory e predicts cdaans w
fe whfleo fabric of society
t| ougOh the i5traodwidom of
saw ideas, a iew poinckal
"trMatue, Mw kws, cuKoxmW

in fact ailtcst everything wc
be ascta4.
SThe N r Cip. woeld tir
IcBons th epploitigw chiv:'
,to the classes under in uti;1
it is evensmtlty displaced k
one of tWem.
Maruia foramse% a coatinlt'
im struggle until there is orlr
one clss which cannot exptoi-'
itself. Sia e the State's Chf~ '
buaness coercion will not "kI
required. the State itMaif i"
"wter" Iw a -Of a-d .'.
narchist m*o&e wti gh
succeed :
How cksedy am our leM-t -
foBlwing and adcptirne i.
Marxit approach T
Fabian tacti, wtih b i-
o'rigial La-bcti-r Parivs of '-
regioe' adopted are now zef-
jettisocnd aA the Matd .
apcr ', rn:kad y subaz
a- Coint*r4 Veri: WrO:


W- ,. & I

Fellow-Dominicans Abroad,
If you saw your Dominica during the week com-
mencing 20th September, sadness would have filled your hearts on observ-
ing.tiabyour country has been reduced to. Although for the moment you do
noa live here, you are entitled to know the facts and the truth so that
now or later you can play your part in ridding this place of the evil
force which is -attempting to destroy it, Let, me give you the story.
Because the Rooeau Town Council a little while ago changed the name
-of Lagon from "Queen Mary Street" to "Freedom Street" and because the
Opposition Party carries the name of the Dominica Freedom Party, the
"Government" of Edw,;rd Leslanc, a man who in this age of democracy is bent
on creating a dictatorship: in Dominica, announced over a month ago that
it was going to get its majority in the House of Assembly to severely re-
duce the .powers of the Town Council, the 70-year-old body which has looked
after theaffairs of the town for as far back in tim-e- as all of us can
remember. This crisis created by the Government over the naming of "Freedmc
Street" made Dominica a laughing stock in the newspapers of the West
Indies, the Government having in advance stated that over this issue it
proposed to carry on a "war of attrition" against the Town Council.
At the same t ime, Leblanc decided that he was going to give himself
and his widow a pension for life in the sum of $600 per month, with lesser
amounts for his "Ministers".
Then upon all this, the Government announced that it would introduce
a Bill which would control banking in Dominica. Among its worst proposals
was that the banks would have to place 15% of their deposits with the
Government and another. 30% in the forms mainly securities of the same
Government .chosen by a Minister. That law also requires the banks to
provide the Government with all information and data relating to the bank'a
business, including, of course, the state of the accounts of all depositor:-,
borrowers and other clients.
This was too much for the-people. Those who were most directly con-
cerned in the matter of the reduction of the powers of the Roseau Town'
Council, namely the people of Roseau, decided that a protest march would
be held to coincide with the meeting of the House of Assembly scheduled
for 23rd September in order to register their objection to those measures..
Wide publicity was given to the proposed March. Those of you who live in
the more enlightened countries of the world know (of course) that peaceful
protest is the accepted way of expressing disagreement with Government
policies and that there is nothing wrong with it,
When the'Government heard that the people of Roseau were proposing a
protest march, it got its Party, the Leblanc Shoe Party, to announce in
its weekly newspaper that it, too, would hold a march on the same day and
time as arranged by the protesters in order to "show support for the
Government". This was a deliberate concoction and act of provocation.
The Government then issued t wo Proclamations dated 8th September. In the
first it banned the holding of meetings and marches between the 22nd and
24th September. In the other, it called out the Defence Force to stand by,
announcing that "there was a state of imminent national danger",
Now the background to this must be given. Ever since 1968 when there
was a massive protest against the same Government's passing of its Seditious
and Undesirable Publications Act in- which stiff jail penalties were pro-
vided for criticism of.the Government in writing or by word of mouth,
Leblanc has embarked upon a policy of the large-scale importation of arms
and weapons for use by the Police and Defence Force. In more recent times,
he has concentrated on erecting Police Stations in all parts of Dominica,
He has overlooked the need for school buildings in his preference for
Police arsenals. -I believe that some 9 or 10 of them are planned for thick
year alone. He has rapidly increased the number of Police and Defenco Force,
until the latter stands at hundreds. And to judge by the talk and attitude
of so many of them, a process of political indoctrination has been taking
place. (Concluded on Page Four)

~ki~~, O~tob~F ~. 19~~


Friday, October 1, 1971


C 0 M M- 0 N W E A L T H
At River Estate on Thursday the
debut of a new firm which will dis-
til rum, and bottla.. & blend gin,
whisky and brandy, took place in hot
afternoon sunshine in the presence
of VIPs from overseas and the State.
Deputy Premier Armour made a 20-min.
speech during which he underlined
his Government's appreciation of
overseas investors. One Company Dir-
ector from Tanzania (Mr. Chande) and
two from Ghana helped to add inter-
est to the occasion. Chairman of the
firm is Mr. Francis Brown of A.C.
Shillingford & Co. Ltd. .' Mr.
Mask Gilbey of the global firm of
Duncan,Gilbey & Mackeson (he is the
chairman) is a major shareholder.
The company is registered in Domin-
ica. thus Dominicans are represented

T A-R Page Three
Government put out a release
warning against the bringing .in of
coconut plants and all parts of the
coconut palm because of possible
"uncontrollable Red Ring Disease".
All citizens and visitors are urged
to observe the regulation.
Our front page leader was first pub-
der the pseudonym "Alert". It has
significance for every Government in
the region calling itself 'LABOUR'.
*Rama has written.a fiction fantasia
with premonitory overtones page 7.
We have therefore had to cut his col.
umn, the first part of which dealt
with repercussions in Princess Mar-
garet Hospital due to his exposure
o nf cr< ta-in farc.ts 1a R+. lars < -ee HFe chRl-

on the Board and among shareholders, lenges 'the party responsible' for her
In the absence of Sir Louis and Lady allege statement that academic qual-
Cools-Lartigue, Premier &.Mrs. Le- ifications should not take precedence
blanco attended with their son, and over 'nursing ability', and wants her
Mr. Leblanc said a few appropriate to explain what she means (on the basis
words. of his own medical training). He is
BRITAIN: Today, Oct. 1, Britain's vexed to learn that a young student
controversial new Industrial Relat- nurse was made to apologize because
ions Act came into force. Trade the incident became public, and states
Unions & Employers Associations will that at no time was he in contact with
have a special registration office such a young lady; adding that he will
and be registered "if they satisfy continue to seek out and expose bca'is
,the Registrar". In December a Nat- injustices'. *RAMA goes on:-
ional Industrial Relations Court The Freedom Party socked it to its
will start operation to hear com- audience at their last meeting on Free-
plaints about unfair industrial dom St. Angry men spoke: angry because
practices etc. of recent legislation and improprieties
exercised in the HouSe of Assembly.
INDIA: Prime SMinister Indira radhi Mayor Ed Scobie was at times at a loss
vis this week for correct adjectives to describe cer-
days this week. tain members of Government. Masterlyn
BRITAIN: the expulsion of 90 SovietLabad (whose sad prediction about the
Officials and the barring of anotherinterment of the late Albert Greenaway
15 from returning to posts in the came true, alas), made other precise
U.K. (on grounds of espionage) has and prophetic declarations. Other mem-
lent an old-fashioned fictional as- bers of the party did their share to
pect to relations which many people make it the best-ever meeting. And the
had believed were improving. The big crowd hung on to the last to hear
whole story is like a fast-r~oving the pinnacle speech by Hon.EugeniaChak;ea
spy narrative. Of course the Soviets During these verbal onslaughts, an
flatly reject the British allegatinson-sduty Policeman was coolly making out
and threaten reprisals, with some girls on a side street.I miss-
TRINIDAD: The ruling PNM party has ed getting his number..
announced the appointment of THREE I advocate stiffer fines and jail
Govt. Ministers as Deputy Political sentences for culprits in the tragic
Leaders K.Mohammed, Errol Mahabir accidents which mar our relatively un-
and George Chambers. There has been blemished scoreboard. Why should people,
a.gap since the resignation of ANR. think they are gods (to deal life &
Robinson last year during the civil death) once they get behind a wheel?
troubles in Trinidad.* George Weeke s Never see, come crazy.(Concl.page 12)'
Pres.Oilfield T U.Ahas been arrested,.
$10, 000 bail)for conspiring to deraud".

Late in August, the Defence Force was sent to St. Lucia, away fro
the observation of Dominicans, to undergo training mostly in anti-demon-
stration drill. Meanwhile, the Police in Dominica were given the same sort
of training at Morne Bruce. In the two weeks before the 23rd of September,
all Policemen stationed in the villages were brought into Roseau for train-
ing in how to attack demonstrators. Even the Rural Constables were sum-
moned into town for lectures on the part they would have to play.
The day after the Proclamations were issued, the Government radio
station (which shortly afterwards denied the Mayor of Roseau permission to
address citizens), 'so reminiscent of Communist countries, came out with a
story that a bomb had been placed in the home of the Finance Minister, Mr.
Armour the same-Mr. Armour who had once so solemnly lied over W.I.B.S.
radio in the matter of Colonial Development Corporation incurring a loss
on their Dominica electicity operations when, in fact, C.D.C's own Annual
Report for the period stated that it had made a profit. Needless to say,
nobody in his proper senses took the bomb story for other than the hoax it
was: Thus in the week commencing 20th September, the most warlike preparat-
ions: were in evidence in Roseau. One saw Defence Force men in uniform all
over the place; Police, jeeps and vans were careening all over Dominica;
secret Government agents were everywhere.
On Wednesday, 22nd September, the Defence Force was placed in barracks
near Government House some 200 of them. Food, drink and other provisions
were freely supplied them, The grounds were a blaze of light with sentries
posted at various points. That night, I understand, took place a kind of
Guy Fawkes inspection of the Court House where the meeting of the House of
Assembly was to be held the next day. Of course, nothing unusual was found
or 'seen..
Next morning, hundreds of people stationlathemselves outside the Court
House. They had been advised by the leaders of the protest march which:
did not now take place because of the Proclamation to be around to hear
yet another blow struck at freedom and liberty. I almost forgot to mention
that the Government newspaper had warned that if a march took place, live's
would probably be lost.
SWhen I arrived on the scene around the Court House, there must have
been at least 50 policemen supported by their vans and jeeps (which it was
surmised carried arms etc.) placed inside, outside, above, around the Court
House. Numerous plain-clothes Policemen were in evidence. A hundred yards
away, the Defence Force stood at the ready if and when called upon. Some
sixty persons managed to get entry into the spectators' section of the House.
Persons were not allowed to stand in the yard. Anyone carrying a handbag or
parcel, upon entering the precincts had the bag searched. I saw one news-
paper editor photographing the scene for posterity. The night before, the
Hospital was instructed to bring aut its stock of stretchers, and surgeons
on the day itself readied themselves for operations from gun wounds.
Then it occurred to the authorities that the Northern District should
also be patrolled and off went truckloads of Defence Force men to Portsmou-t.
and Vieille Case, the latter place being the private residence of the Premit.
Needless to say, nothing untoward happened anywhere on that day not
even in the villages which had been left unpoliced, These stupid people
in authority still have not realized that if at any time, because of their
provocations, violence erupts, it will not be in line of battle with the
armed forces of Mr. Leblanc.
So you see, Dominicans at home and abroad, what your country has come
to in your absence. But those of us who remain here, proudly conscious of
the fact that we are the descendants of the Negres Marons who fought their
white oppressors for 50 years, have resolved that we shall also fight our
negro oppressors much as Balla, Jacko, Cicero, Mabouya, Congoree and others
fought theirs, for the blood of the heroes of 1764-1814 still flows in our
veins. It was clear that the Leblane Government in their preparations
wanted the blood of the people. In fact, we must look upon the events of the
past few days as what they have in store for us. (Final lines on Page 12)

a IE ST Ai

Friday,October 1,1971

Page Four

A rehash of Dominica's Assembly This remarkable novel was repub-
proceedings days after the event is lished yesterday after a 25-year in-
as stale as a lOday-old Eric's hop. terval by the enterprising NEW BEACON
Taking the last items first, the PRESS. It does not date at all.
uneasiness of Banks and Chamber of The central character, Haynes (we
Commerce over the Banking Act and never learn his Christian name), is a
of the business community over the young coloured bourgeois in the Port
Insurance Act deterred Government of Spain of the 1930s, who has to in-
from their usual bulldozing 3-read- terrupt his studies and rent out his
ings in one hour practice, The house for financial reasons. He takes
Banking Act will give Government the a room in humble Minty Alley, and the
means to snoop into and control finds book is the chronicle of his gradual
which have hitherto been locked in awakening to the lives of the other
the sacrosanct confines of legiti- inhabitants in the "yard". They look up
mate banking houses. It has only on to him because of his scholarship and
relatively good provision that gentlemanly good manners; gradually
foreign banks will plough their mon- they confide in him; but the education
ey back into the island; but we askj he receives in the Alley soon out-
oursolves for whose use and benefit? classes anything he has learned in
In a later issue we shall deal withI the barren years of secondary school.
the Insurance Act. The pensions pro- Haynes' development is interesting
visions in favour of sitting Minis- enough; the characters who bring it
ters and Members are too obviously about are devastating. In particular-,
loaded with self-interest to call what a galaxy of women' Mrs. Rouse,
for Enything but mild contempt. the landlady, so passionate below~her
"Ladies normal; follow fashion" is surface dignity; Mrs. Atwell, gossipy
a qucte from thie report on National and genteel; Philomen, the angelic
Dress horrors, in this enlightened drudge; and Maisie, the lovely un-
ages and drab hues; of conservative principled little spitfire, who will
tradition have been chosen for iehl's cheat and blackmail for the price of
trout;ers (black,white, brown or grey)an icecream. Above all, the near-
topped with a shirt-jacket in the white nurse, at once generous and
same colour-range, shcrt-sloevec' for sadistic, dominating No. 2 Minty Alley
officiall wear" and lcng-sleeved for until her premature departure with
formal occasions; footwear- shoes or Benoit, the only other available male:.
sandals. And ggents, you may embroi- "On a very hot day she would have a
der your jackets but not in two-tcne. bath at midday,.., and after lunch
How could any free ian or woman with her hair drying on her shoulders
feel pride in the 'orderly conduct' she sat in the yard under the mango
of a House (road Androcles) hedged tree on one chair, with her feet on
by police, defeence & gestapo? It another, smoking cigars and drinking
was really rather pathetic. Our pic- tumblers of brandy and soda from which
tures last wf.ek told the tale well. she gave Maisie sips."
The Town Coa:uncil Act, enacted under Then there is Ella, Haynes' servant,
what we con-.-.ider to be cdures3s, de- who is always warning him against the
motes RTC to the status of >caven- infamies of the other yarddwellers,and
gers and sanitarians, and as Hon. Benoit, who in the end suffers so
Eugenia Cha.rles. (who as usual made starkly for his own "freshness" and
the best speech) said: :'We are pted lack of judgment. All these people
further into the mire by our present are seen in a shifting, prismatic way
masters thEsn by our Color.ial masters through conversations with Haynes or
of the past;." in company. The highly colloquial dia.
The hea.lthiest thing about the logue is in masterly contrast to the
affair is the public reaction to that precise and rather pedantic narrative.
grim repressive Session. "'Wasting our After Minty Alley, James proposed
money," said a labourer to whom we to write a second novel. Caught up in
gave a lift;. "That's no v-ictory for a welter of other activities, he never
them," sail1 a woman "just something did so. What a joy it would be if,lil-
shameful." We hope the Op-position Jean Rhys of Dominica, he were to pr';
sawill afsk a" etihopn oh os duce a late late book. Has he the in-
will ask a question about he cost clination and the leisure? He undoubt
of Operation Shameface in ue course.
ina suppi ming bac for ] 3 Wdl sK l n hasli the ift, Our Libra r
in supplem,. .ntaries makes 6 thi nI, locall Uwet..inves flO in this book*


Page Five

Friday, October 1,1971

flss-m- -,--- --&- _- Tn""" SIT" a

Schedule of Application for.CertificatE of Title and Nottin
- thereon and Caveats for week ending 2ch f Sp tamber, UM
.Dte Requested Person Presentng Nature of request
Whether a Certilicate
of title! of Noting
| [ rthereon

Prns dnad tin gs
-;lay ofaSptEmbr.
7l. a6 330 p,m.

Cia AA- Ekiega

Osi EgL~aaac

Pirt Crtifira $f Ti ta i
xaMpct of a tianof haend
kow0n as a ItasidFeMiant at
E0rt1 aith, ite dto-Parih ad
St.I Jae,. im 2be Sast of
Bgvka**, n4Zissig 2we"
sa. ft. ke bcadd o as foi

ocat;O by land of DfWe e Josap; West by had of HA1
Powell; South by Bedford Sreet; East by MPOeNMO Seast.

Registrar's Oice, '
Roseau, Dormnnca.-

Regltrnar of TiisM.

NOTE:- Any person who desires to object to te Iawe sf t
First Cattticate of Title in the atgrb appllcatIon mqay et n
Cavest In the above Office within six weeks from the deoe i
the firAt ap(erance of this Schedule In she STAR Neiwspr
pubitshed It chit Scamt or from the date when t1te noif pre
souibed by law wa served on say owner or occupier of
bmd In resipes of wiec the ippt aaess es aBMdstB

shoes entire

1for the fami i

.~~~~~a 1as1*.gaa~3^ss^ ^

a- n j "Mi~"M"e"L~~"~"

Government of Dominica
Treasury Bills
'Th Seventh issue of Treasury Bilts coscd
SBh IS Dexibsr at sn avEage dis-
'Carswt Mai e 0fs ThuaCflsi0ts aen s &Tge
auad Sag raBw gofe 6.{ 0 11
SThre neal Aamnn tmdrscd mood at $S89suo
gSaiNWa 41sad snag ot offncd of $5soopo,
laict of osahfear i~se will be pubsiiNrd int
due avse.


____ .... ...- ... |.,,|,lrlll~lllm^ ^^ ^ll^D~l~l**l>" o~r09"m
=0,1. I T. dinSSESSS..^

r:"p IP~ 113~~ Q~~~AtBP

"An ar ienced. .a her ismcquic rd s
fil the ta& l Post of Typ JsFerk at the Di j

-S eamshe will be gi-vSe to appis R aj
knwkdp* of Bcok-Keqirg,"
ABas scaaMk be iressedC to:

RM"J/| I
! : * 4 1

StheipZi3 gI a ei tthes o BCoPis8ed l in 25 years.

%' .,%l% .'.".sk s, qsas y ., sarf pa sa .


.soot.er. ter 's wntat some peoptia ie said about .:-

fl2, ', I wias. 3&e.d at tic cts i gave g jpser fe4t.V

"it is to re m-
.. .. ,' a reet f a daf 5ea r of sufffrig."

Buy a Hemsn Cs$iropt $paogs today a epaicac i t is to r
callo sa He*hk in o to& rev eaytret.tiaast
LaOss fer months with caDaMA NseX. :
Ontyi 9.o0 ach
MW DOem a Dip r Co. Ltd.
A j II -L i--, lI 4t'








**.)*-u^..^*arf--^^->-r Ti^MM- ->j-iK-n^-wiriy

---- ~I--t---- ~



. .

Priasy, Ozta Ite x 1% 4 71

'ygg gy g

. ft 'd*

CA. kSO4wr I O
FtsacUi SeMaPJW7

Friday, October 1, 1971 T H E STAR Page Seven
END OF THE OPPOSITION by RAMA Dear Madame, A few weeks ago I wrote
The file of men and the lone about antenatal relaxation classes.
woman shuffled up from the dungeon Having now had my baby I should like
cell. They shaded their eyes halt- to add a postscript.
ingly at the bayonet-prodding of a I was extremely grateful during
guard until they were close-packed, confinement to have learnt to relax
There was no spirit in them and the and deep breathe. It helped to trans-
cotton garments hung as from angular form labour into a mostly enjoyable
racks on wasted bodies. They coughed, and interesting experience and to make
hacking weakly,slid their feet and the moments of discomfort bearable.
seemed to lift them in a stiff, Besides physically easing any pain
macabre dance from the hot stones, and helping to conserve energy,it had
They neither looked at nor spoke an important psychological effect.
to each other, for they were without Labour was something I could contrib-
interest in things beyond or outside ute to rather than something to suffer
themselves. One or two made a sign uncontrollably. This made all the
of the cross, but the motions were difference.
mechanical and without conviction. Relaxation has also proved helpful
The man was walking slowly for- in the early days of caring for the
ward, a thumb flipping a small catch baby when rest and a calm mind seem
at the side of the thing he carried, to be so important. Thanks to the
At the sharp, metallic clickthe exercises my figure is returning to
backs of the huddled prisoners stif- shape easily,
fened and their scrawny shoulder- I I would again like strongly to
blades drew together as though they recommend antenatal relaxation exer-
would make a smaller target.One man cise and deep breathing to any expect-
fell on his knees and began to sob ant mother,
convulsively. The others ignoredhim Incidentally, if any of your readers
and kept their faces to the wall. A has a cot to sell, I would be grateful.
guard strode over and impatiently if they could get in touch with me,
kicked the trembling buttocks, at Loubiere or at Wesley High School.
The man halted. With both hands Yours sincerely,
he held the thing he carried waist- PAULA MAYER (Mrs.)
high.A finger tightened within the Editor's Note: We congratulate Mrs.
trigger-guard and an insane chatter Mayer and her husband on the birth of
filled the Police Headquarters court-a beautiful and healthy little daughter.
yard. Steel-jacketed hornets bit in-
to shaking flesh. Where the submach, DOMINICA TOURIST GUIDE BOOK
ine gun was held for a moment too This useful book is being produced by
long its spewing fury all but cut the same firm which made two Antigua
one of the condemned in two. The man guide books (Billy Ryan Enterprises Ltd)
moved it back and forth as he might announces Tour ist Board Chairman Baron.
have played a garden hose. Then it Mrs. Elaine Pringle, representing the
was over. Brass cartridge-cases, producers, hops that businessmen in
ejected as they had been fired, lay Dominica will place advertisements to
scattered about as bright ornaments make the Guide Book a success. Hotel &
in the sun. guest house facilities will be fully
The man slung his weapon aside, featured, banking, places of interest
reached in a pocket for cigarette- and complete information on the island.
holder and cigarette, then strolled Dateline is December,1971 for publicaty~,
away as if he had merely walked out- Incidentally, a problem still exists
side for a breath of fresh air and a for tourists with the scores of young-
lungful '. of smoke, sters hanging around the waterfront.
Simon Kapwepwe,leader of the Zamb, Appointed to the Health Desk of the
ian opposition UNITED PRQGRESSIVE Commonwealth Caribbean Regional Sec.is
PARTY, has announced ta ne has 75 Dr. P.I.Boyd, a Dominica, who has had
University of Zambia students ready wide experience with PAHO/WHO. His job
to step into the iho s of hi 75 su- wi be
porters detained as week. his rewill e to aim at improving health
elation comes just as Government services in the region.
University relations were getting
back to normal after last term s closure, and will no doubt stir things up.


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o Tokettes for Ls.oo

~ Ulss ~PIIIIIP;I-'1411R9

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A ore car between the wheel
IF Your Man Doesn't Drive
S A Ford Don't Date Him
cM ~%0=rGARA`E

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LIMITED, RegSio1a Office &Bidgetown, reqti
the services of za Air-C:x lizil< E neer.|
The suxessnul appiant rand be tased Sal Bar-
badis, Wiz woald b& epcted te sTvmd widcw
within the Eastern Cxaribban.
30 4Y9 CsM,

Ithe insutllatixr ana mamiteae i ef aL
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sons refriprats.mi capeay.|
A making t!wrdae of Ekeeak sod Patf te m-
tic Sauomatic aonwtsl systras is laesisblS.
Msintenne of eacifh station Atir wil form an iputMcr oprt of the disies -d- a
wnkitgS knowld -A of Cryg^etnie and aswdmned
coolag systems am ci4 fcr fis appiicasiaa wraE S
be dewssbkhe.

lreiguib, for apirvruMrag cntearws an -fr
ig the Wmtabinum ad madinam of bWC m-
didafing plani at the GCataay'*s tran-mes in te
Essasna Caibbem whas besaed im Buwfssto Mod
will aMo be ito sadertskeE caertais a
tenao;e duties at his bate. H wit b e seqir- m
iaramin aind control stocks cf araeo prts, h'
dxties vwill st isUz:k u. t1 mag tbich saif im.
rftuti as vicw g of Air-Candfrfiinig plat.
He wiU be rw-Tritb for subrmision of Ter-
imcal reports to the spo;rraihc rrm.inr.- *- e de.
pIrztent in grip Heidauarrters al he wiU asJ
as their rtpresesnave in dealing with ctrsawmia
otbamaog tenders abr Air-Cosdit aizw ca arats,p I
ad lhaiso wisth bilders and fek tfWorks, cm
r sim- w.sueiss Vk ae, eqxrkcsE e'a
qualifMica9ns- Th Poet *s prmamaw md Pea-

Applications shoid be addressed to:-

mtl RIgokn! ChLief Ezeustive,
Ej~ie93mm CaGibbeaB Megsoalt Offgk r
P.O. Boxsi 3 NIDGTOW

DPL.]IIIIl HII 1 II I11 f 1' ir^"^yJ B*arf fi pqT^ -~^. w^ i..jHIji^~K y^

B15~pltsrs. j~i~pI~W



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To the Mge istrat Dists t '" The Chie f f Plice
I PAKR H. WtAI ktM$S ano. renidirig at RwQeau,
;ar6h 44, 21s, Gfrwg k! hrfbygv tgive,c Police rhst-
Sb ser Nam a to vpplv at 1ths ieat'a ,;. u.r
t* bRjhe 2 a amua on Fnrt y ihi lt 6day, of uert,
Vbwe 1971, BemainS fr 1A Se he r e mn ?*er pse-t f
f Ae- as 4r o r f St. GeI t, E.


I~ ?re __ ~_..._.~_.__..- _- ..-- :
$Ciatiot infor Liquok r Licence
Tw, T. c M Isthrate Dist, "G" ( hicf of FPce
1, Cit ei Fr.e-nck of S a, now red.
WI sin S M7bs It, Pansh or S,. David. d,& hcrz-
by give yeoa ntri tha fai MV y mntent:oR r appiv
'ft he Matgistrt'5s Cowt at Przttoutch on Iues-
I day the = d ay of Novnbetr 19', ensuiog or
1| jal Lsqor Lacence in respect of my -renumpies
N $ 4ia, Pjmiih of St. 1Davd.
Diaed .5th Septembe 19, L
?A ClaCkent t'redti-c.T

'Wh Customers and Friends
jfl^yjiK^^.ar naigm aS *,^1*!^'***-^^ e nfiV uew6W uWMr tlM*a mMr iW W^^tfa.-

Notice is hI'reby given rha; the 2,0th muaal
Gencrai MVeting of cte Roseau C.--oprsativ
QCrdit UnTsn Ltd. will be held at the Perisb
I-Hl1, CGc.dwil, on Tvesdav 19th OcLtber, i9~1,
commencing at 7. rc- p... Al m ember and other
i:nt r-nd persons are invited to afre end. How; r,cr,
onlv memnbrs wHl be aliewed to take part tb'
di~is;vam and vote on any prricular issue.
The Agenda for the mcetig is as fowiwos
I A.certainment of Quorum.
2 Taking, apo'loges for aswenc..
3 Readi an an appr-ral of mntlres of last
Annual Gencrmst.l eetin .
4 Discussion f Mn patems art'ing from thc rtmn-
5 Reponrt'
a Bo urd - Df irc;trs.
b Treasurer an.I Aud.it,r.
c' Credit Cmnmii ett
d Supervvs t v Cocwati tee,
6 Unfinishcd BusiaYes
7 Neo Business: Appropriation of Surplus ;170.
Remarks and suggestions from floor,
g Eacuoins.
9 Closng remarks by Pre'sident.
ro Adjaornment,
M.F. Doria i
13 -4 Ma4ag-:.
*ri- TirMllj '''' -

The General Public is hereby Notified that our LUMBER YARU
ha been TRANSFERRED from Long Lane,,Roseau to the more

Sp eio$ Premisesr Formerly out NEW TOWN


We Will Now be Able to Acc(s:nmodate Larger Stocks
so En ure Constant Supplies At All times.

The Ntw Premises Provide iI AND OUT Driving



^?%^ a ^ ^ ^ ^ .' ____________________. ^,.'._


FiVa4, t;S mwwr I.- I? 71


Page Nine


PNoe *ra THE 31STAR f, trD.eQekr 1, 297-



Iske hasi naoit of her lbaby,
time itw ad pabsic life.
Tfa U"ry 22-ynar-old Ltwer
M uaitd if the iDerr viage f at
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eKW,. She ia be cahwd hRoei
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k.t B nowiert cheqerewd Rmy

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I raise tw oegutrlw as nie c*r iat
tirio9s that inese pubae aacse
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tqat arntiewL TIe bohaib flS
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i'day-&V-sd baera reaivad is a
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civil vrwrtdiircc 9at iie, Ate
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5tuonenB GtvtcrmeBa S amn.i wta
ILterannaB Bcter or' on the'
IRA apec; *testA d i3 m adel the
Swct44 fPtwen Act,

wiSy Mw i. Thrsay. Septebe? 2, 171m

The Publisher at
anne lffi.aiM

*3 d- C aS

N' : -, .

r ;9d*,-A t.~9r
* '

The STAR is a small privately owned newspaper, and
most of its productive work is done by the Editop and
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Priday,October 1, 1971 T HE E S T A R. Page Eleven
TIHE CONSPIRACY AGAINST S.M.A.: "The Controversy and the Conspiracy"
by .a Primary School Teacher
Dear Madam, It is necessary to bring to the attention of all Dominicans
the fact that education in this country is in jeopardy. The island shol-
arship has been awarded but in my view unjustly so.
For many years there has been justice in the award of this great
achievement. .Today, many Dominicans are realizing that no more is this so.
We all heard the announcement by Government that the scholarship is awarded
on the basis of a recommendation from Cambridge University. It is the local
authorities, however, who specify the necessary implications on which the
retort from Cambridge is made, In 1964, a release from the then Education
Officer Mr. O.A.Walker specified that the Government required three "A"
levels and the General Paper. We heard this over WIBS on Friday 17th Sept.
If this was really the basis of the award, then Joseph of the D.G.S.'may
have deserved the 1971 award save for failure in this year's General Paper.
But this requirement has been changed since March 1971.
In March 1971, a circular was sent by the Chief Education.Officer Mr.
Belgrave Robinson to the Secondary Schools, It stated that the new require-
ment was two "A" levels and the General Papi4r.
It is here that we have been left in the dark. The Government has
awarded the 1971 Island Scholarship on the basis of the 1964 requirement
while juggling with the date of the G.P.,- and not the recent 1971 require-
ment, officially replacing the '64 one. In order to get Lester McIntyre
of the S.M.A. out of the running, the 1971 requirement was conveniently dis-
regarded. Knowing that Emannuel Joseph's grades were higher than Volney's
of the S.M.A. (in spite of Joseph's having failed the General Paper with
the lowest grade possible,for the year under review.)the Education Officer
might have envisaged a Dominica Grammar School student being the recipient
of the Island Scholarship.
McIntyre was the one who suffered. Now that we have this letter dated
March 1971, we can openly state that the award of the scholarship is NULL
and VOID, It ought to be withdrawn and the results should be- sent back to
Cambridge with the 1971 specification that only 2 "A" levels and the Gen-
eral Paper were stated to have been required. We challenge the Minister of
Education and Health, since it is his Ministry that is involved in the
For the past decade the Dominica Grammar School has failed to win the
Island Scholarship, The honour had been shared by the Convent High School
and S.M.A. This year, the requirement was changed (possibly on the advice
of a Headmaster of D.G,S.) since"Grammar School Graduates very seldom got
three "A" levels; so in order to give the favoured school a chance, the
requirement was lowered to two "A" levels and G.P..When the results c-ame
in this autumn, Joseph had got three excellent "As" but a failure in Gen-.
eral Paper. Having come so close to achieving their first Island Scholar
in ten years, did some pro-D.G.S. Official think it wise to forget about
the 1971 release? McIntyre would then be out of it because he had failed
to complete his third "A" level. He would be disqualified. Volney would be
the next problem. Volney.of the S.M.A. had three "A" level passes plus the
General paper, all in 1971. They even'questi.oned his nationality,I understaq
- but that brought them nowhere. They had to get around it, so they simply
sent Joseph's General Paper low-pass of 1970 with his other passes to
Cambridge, so the-narrative goes. Is that fair? Naturally, Volney would
come second. But is it just for them to use an individual's mark from the
year before, considering that ho failed miserably in the year for which his
award was made? Furthermore, if Joseph's 1970 mark in G.P. was considered,
there would be nothing wrong with considering Volney's other marks of 1971
with the Government-recog:Lised University of London, which included a dis-
tinction in British Constltution In- such a case that boy, who was recently
in the centre of another controversy over the Speech Finals at DGS in June,
rightfully deserved the Island Scholarship if McIntyre did not get it.
But now we have the truth. McIntyre has two 'As' at "A" level and a
one (1) in General Paper. There is no mark this year to beat this, and since
we know that only two "A" levels are required, (Concluded on Page Twelve)

. Friday,October 1, 1971 :

Page Tw.lVe THE STAR

FOOTBALL: Spartans are 1971 Champs
Football Champions .in 1969,de-
throned in 1970 and now going thde-
feated (5 wins and 1 draw), Spartan
Sports Club featuring in blue &gold
made sure of .their championship last
Sunday when they played to a one-eal
draw with Saints,their arch rivals..
It was Spartans last league match
of the season and they were rather
unfortunate not to have gained an
outright win due mainly to some in-
judicious decisions by the author-
ities. Spartans went into the
lead within five minutes of play
t .rough their skipper Cuthbert
Williams, who found the .nets with
a one-timer from a Dana Hurtault
cross, a lead which they'maintain-
ed. to the interval. Emanuel had put
on Spa.rtass ahead earlier by drib-'
bling past a Saints defender to Iut
the ball aay from the Saints cus-
todian "Bozo" Roy Williams. But the
linesman ruled him'as being off-
side even after the referee's whis-
tle had gone for a goal. But it was
not to be, so Spartans had to be
contained with their one-nil lead.
One wonders, how can a player be
adjudged off-side even after having
to dribble past a defender ? What
a'sad mistake it was' Upon resump-
tion, the Saints' began to show some
signs of attack as they hept pound-
ing the pressure on Spartans, but
they fumbled with their scoring
chances, particularly BrinsleyChasia
-'the man on whom so much depended.
But Saints'sobn got the equaliser
when midway the -Spatans custodian Mc James: fu
bled in collecting a high-cross and
there was Elwin to pat the ballinto
the nets. The game then began to
gain some "flare" as both sides en-
joyed some enterprising exchanges,
but with no results. And at the
final whist le the score was 1-1,
leaving Spartans as the 1971 Foot-
Earlier in- the week, this timeon
Thurs.last,Spartans had gained a~ine
8-1 win over Emeralds. On Sat the 2
teams fighting for last place (Black.
burns and 7-up Crusaders) played to
1-all draw. Should there be a replaY
In DIV.II, on Mon.Celtic United
held SMA to a 2-all draw, thanks to
some good work by' young Roy Murphy,
while on TTues. DGS beat Spartans 6-
1 on a goal-;or.ing spree.
Stir6 .Roseau Dominica W.Indie
k 46 4th d.Roseau Dominica W.Indi6

Page Twilvee

(from -age 4). More than that, we see
it as a case of the wish being the
father of the thought. We look at their
intentions. Had only one unwary step
been made by any citizen on the 23rd
of September, the planned holocaust
would have materialized. When you know-
that someone is after your blood,what
do you think should be done about it?
the scholarship is a MUST for Lester.
Furthermore, when the results are sub-
mitted to Cambridge, should it not be
stated that Emanuel Joseph's pass in
General Paper was a year stale,? This
should give Gough (Goff) and Robinson
something to.think on. ... May justice
be done, Honourable H.L.Christian.
(real name disclosed):
ON THE SCENE.- RAMA from page 3:
Rev. Fr. Charles had his patience
put to the test one Sunday during the
Catholic christening ceremony. A very
drunk father decided to make a nuisance
of himself. I'm happy to report that the,
Rev.Father held his cool, but publicly
reprimanded the fellow. Citing a text
from the Bible, Fr. Charles compared his
action to that of Christ, who used a'
whip on the money-changers.

"MI3TY ALLEY" we should have said that
this excellent reprint, invaluable to
students of the W.I. social scene, is
published by NEW BEACON BOOKS LTD. of
2 Albert Road, LONDON N.4,3RW England.
of Dominica Life which are in danger of
Disappearing are invited. Such abstract
subjects as our disappearing democracy,
threatened freedom of speech and:so forth
- including a disappearing Town Council -
are .too too too abstract for the. contest.
CONFUCIUS DENOUNCED: Peking radio said
that.Confucius was revered only by des-
pots and pseudo-Marxist Leninists."Con-
fucius was only a sage of those who as-
pired to fame and power," said the radio
of China's most famous philosopher. ***
.As we go to Press, we have in our hands
a splendid book for children published
by LotLrop,Lee & Shepard Co. New York
at $5.95 US. The main artist is Faustulus
Frederick, who with his Cousin Mas Clem
Frederick (both of the Reserve) made with
their true and lively pen and ink draw-
ings the author (Elizabeth Shepherd)'s
fascinating story of Carib life come
sal ive. (Full review next week).

- T- HE -S.T A R