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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 09-24-1971
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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rs4 Jane Lowenthal, 5
lfarian, -.-^ :" INr .. *
*.Rs'rch Irstitute fori r ^ ^ ^
the Study of Man, :
162 East 78 Street, IOt
New York 70021, N..,

OS/5 u Ave A J \rtut< PuY4 5 .Hla ALRtun
I i2 Shafteiburv* *At : Edtvtr PHY,.'S SHAND ALLFREY


* U

V7 x1IH No. 13


'he rushed passage of the undemoc
xeau-Town Council Act, first reading
.C Bank ad the Insurance Bills, a la).
.ort on National Dress, and supplemer
tmritriari'ns (sternvl criticized bv the

-, y srr-*r %-----. --
.:tion) amounting to $1,236,532 'were
jealt with. The. Premier and Ministers got ia > i
their coveted pensions.
(eA f retpr nextwel)

The public were kept out of balcony and
porcil; po4ce and plain clothes men seemed
more numerous than spectators.

S'. "' r A7: *da
-y 14


S : PSee Ip e
."- I,' II ; - v .L ^ M^ M VWU

S'Fdayv, S.pteluber 24, 197I .
j .4SssW 4

m V, E

Ten Cen:Y

: *'^s8~tiai4s rw^,s~..A

Althouil the Island Scholhrship, like all other.
Governm-en!awarded Schols went to a DGS Science
Student, in our view, Herbert Vifney of St Mary's
Academy is an outstanding young Scholar of the year,
with his 4 A-Levels, General Paper and distinction i
British Cnstittiional History.
Herbert has received a Canadian Scholarship to
read Arts at U.W.., Cave HiL, Barbados.
Wor.t treatment of all was given to Lester Mc-
Inrt-r, .wha..ttu ied two A-lcvels with distinction sr
each iChemritrv and Zoiogyv,.,as well as a distincttio
in the General Paper, Up to Press>- tune, young M~c-
Intyre had no word of a scholarship award. He hopes,
like hzi ds:ringuished.surgeon father, to read for a
medical degree.
Thie..greatest grumble over the Island Scholarship
award is that the (General Paper is a MUST, and the
winner did not get it in tiq9, but gained one a year

It would appear tiat S M.A. and the Convcni.
H.S. have been overlooked by Government; this is a
shame but fortunately, Canada has played a consola-
torv part.


-t "

- .1 .... ... ... I I I -: -

--- II~-D--1 -~F- --- ---- --


V*L JOB N- 13- ---- I

Page, Two Friday, September 29
I continue to associate the Leblanc shoe Party/Government in all
things, at all times, everywhere, with untruthfulness. Take, for example,
its release of 13th September on Local Government. Attempting to pro-
vide justification for its wish to destroy the Roseau Town Council, the
document is a tissue of misrepresentation from beginning to end. I cannot
understand how people like our present rulers can reconcile their political
conduct with the holding of high office.
The release begins by stating that "for some time now Government has
been concerned with the functioning of Local Government in Roseau and in
the other areas". Then the rest of the release is devoted entirely to the
Roseau Town Council with never a word about the "other areas". Well,before
I go any further,`let me tell the Premier that the people of Dominica are
very much concerned about the party political use to which he is putting
the Village Councils of Dominica, with few exceptions. They have .become
instruments for the perpetuation in office of his Party, and everyone
knows this. It is evident that the phrase "other areas" was introduced
with the sole object of leading the people into believing that the Gov-
ernment was concerned objectively with local government, whereas in real-
ity it had in mind to bring about the reduction in status of the Roseau
Town Council. For one of the reasons for the Government's dislike of the
Roseau Town Council is that the people of Roseau will never allow them to
play their politics in that Council as they do with the Village Councils
through one of their principal henchmen.
The release adds that an appeal by the Government to have the Roseau
Town Coundil operate on a nonpartisan basis went unheeded by the Opposition.
Who does the Premier think he is and what does he offer as his qualificatian
for this suggestion when in all the civilized countries of the world local
government is contested on the basis of Party? The same system of local
government which he states elsewhere in the release "is based on the English
model" everyone knows to be regularly contested on a Party basis in the
United Kingdom, so much so that local government elections are regarded as
an index and barometer of the respective popularity ratings of the Labour
and Conservative Parties;. So what is he talking about?
Next, the release enume rates some of the "sins" of the Roseau Tovn
Council. It tried, says the release, to prevent the opening of streets
for the laying of pipes. It also sent t. GC syrnaent, lawyer'ss latter 0on
behalf of-a person Who suffered injuries due to street 'opening operations..
"It made financial demands on Government" (what is wrong with this, consid-
eering Government's generosity to other local government bodies?) It threat;
ened to sue Government for illegally taking its property. "Next, it pro-
ceeded to change the name of Queen Mary Street in such a way as to indic-
ate political motivation". Aye, there's the rub' The last two accusations
not the lawyer's letter, not the 4tnancial demands on Government, not
the opening of streets.
The Town Council was not so silly as to object to the opening of streets
for the purpose of laying of pipes for the new water supply. But,naturally,
it requested of Government to repair the streets dug up for pipe-laying
when operations were over. What is wrong with this? or with forwarding to
Government a claim from a lawyer on behalf of a client for damage sustained
through the operations of the Government's street digging for laying pipes?
No! It is the Council's naming of Lagon as "Freedom Street" in place
of "Queen Mary Street" and (2) the Council's request of Government to pay
for land it has--entered upon which has given rise to this debacle. Readers
know by now the full story of "Freedom Street". Let me, in addition, en-
lighten them on the land issue.
The area upon which the fish, meat and coal markets used to stand
belongs to the Roseau Town Council, having been purchased by that body.
(Concluded on Page Four)

Page Three

Friday, Septmber 24, l9. TE S A

The Prince of Wales joined the Brit-
annia Royal Navy College at Dart-
mouth on Sept. 15. He is now 22,and
wore his RAF "wings" on a sub.lieut-.
enant's uniform. He will join HMS
Norfolk soon for 9 months' training.
"r BiT.. ... '

D- 0 M I N I C A


1971 Island Scholarship

According to a Government release
the Is.Sch. for 1971 has been award-
ed to Mr. Emanuil P. Joseph of the
Dominica Grammar School. A talented
student who won a National Day poetry
prize (and whose writing has been
printed in the. STAR earlier), the
recommendation for his pre-emption
was stated to have been made on the
recommendations of the University
of Cambridge Local Examinations Syn-
dicate in the United Kingdom. Yet
we were apprised from high sources
that there was'an element of doubt.
"...the award has been based on the
performance in the General Paper &
in three completed
General Certificate Examination Ad-
Svanced Level subjects..." says the
Gqvt. release; and the blank above
is an official one. Mr. Joseph pro-
poses to pursue studies in medicine.
We wish him well, regardless.

PORTSMOUTH: last Sunday there were
two important meetings St.Isidore
Credit Union Members' and the Free-
dom Party (chaired by Miss Marion
Peter who introduced the 5 candid-
ates. Date of election of the new
Portsmouth Town Council (also de-
pleted in its powers by Govt. this
week, reduced like Roseau Town Coan-
cil to the role of scavengers and
Sanitarians) is 1st October. We wish
those candidates good luck.

Su T 1 U I
The Office section of Messrs. H.H.V.
Whitchurch & Co. Ltd., will be closed
to the public for business between
9.00 and 9.30 a.m. on TUESDAY 28th
September, 1971. 128-1/1





The following is an amendment to
Schedule A of the 1972 Tenders Notice
which appeared in the STAR Vol. XIII
No. 11 of 10th September, 1971:-
On and Off the Road Tyres:-
For Trucks:-
9.00 20 12 ply
8.25 20 12 ply
7.50 20 10 ply
1 nn on

For Jeeps -3 All purpose Tyres
Two very interesting letters came in. Fo600 16 6 plyr
One questions the wisdom of stopping 700 16 8 ply
the importation of chicken parts,and. 7 ply
says restaurant proprietors are "wo .. (for) FINANCIAL SECRETARY.
tried sick" at not getting chicken- IP F29/1,G.156,12 1-1/1 16th Sept
parts for their business, adding that MP -9/1 156,121-6th
local farmers are not in a position S.A.Y.'s MEMBERSHIP DRIVE
to supply these without injuring their All Youth interested im enrolling in
own business. The writer says that the St.Alphonsus Youth Group are cor-
when he shops, all he sees is backs dially invited to a meeting at Goodjill
and necks and wings. We hope to pub- Parish Hall,Mon.evening, 7 o'clock.(27
lish in full soon. Mr. Raymond Younis complains that in an age when car
sales skyrocket, dealers' service ends with the sale of a car. He rightly
stresses the vital importance of parts availability,efficient garage service,
accessibility to express complaints to management, and the actual position
of the customer. (More on this subject later).

--- - --

It has now been established that
Fruit quality is greatly enhanced by
demanding the bananas in the field
and transporting the hands in foam-
lined wooden boxes to the Boxing Pla ,'
y To encou. age growers to adopt this
improved method of handling it has
been decided:-
(a) to pay an additional .250 perlb
for demanded bananas delivered in
field boxes at the Boxing Plants
and(b) to add 100 to the weight of
bananas so delivered in compens-
ation for the loss of the weight
of the stalks, etc.
Wooden boxes will be issued to growers
on credit and payment effected by de-
duction from their banana sales at
the rate of j per lb.
The cost of wooden boxes is as
Boxes with foam lining... $3.12
Unlined boxes .. ... $1.32
A.' t BOYD,
General Manager, 150 1/2.




Friday, September 24, 1971


Friday,September 24,1971


Without any consultation with the Council and well knowing that the land
does not belong'to them, the Government entered upon it and began to build
its new Market which, in any case, the Government stated, it was removing
from the.control of the municipality and vesting in the Marketing Board,
a body evidently composed of favourites. It was a clear trespass by Gov-
ernment. No Government has the right to enter and occupy lands not be-
longing to it. The'Town Council holds a Certificate of Title for the land
By law, the Council, and indeed any rightful owner of land, can break down
any structure built upon its lands without permission. But because the use
to which the market is to be put is ultimately for the people of Dominica,
. -the Council made it easy for the Government and merely asked it to pay for
the land it had so wrongly occupied and built upon. The Council only
charged the current price of land in Roseau, Can anyone find fault with
the Council for thus protecting the property of the citizens of Roseau
which had been bought out of their rates and taxes? It is this which has
given rise to the Government's "war of attrition" against the Roseau Town
As-regards a statement in the release that the Government invited the
Council, at the time it was done, to discuss the change of name of Queen
Mary Street, this is yet another lie. No such invitation was ever made
to the Coundil, though it is likely that discussion would not have changed
the decision of the Town Council which up to now has seen no wrong, moral
or constitutional, in its re-naming of that street.
Because of these flimsy and whimsical excuses, the Government proposed
to use its majority in ,the House of Assembly at the forthcoming meeting (I
write this before Thursday 23rd) of the House to ram home legislation re-
ducing the powers of the 70-year-old Roseau Town-Council so that the Gov-
ernment may issue instructions to it and nullify, at pleasure, its deciS-
ions. This would result for the Town Council in a status even lower than
that of Village Councils against which no such punitive action is contem-
plated. The question which comes to mind in this connection is this: why
did the Premier not act -when his cronies in the Town Council were in con-
trol of its funds some time ago?
Would you know the truth of the matter? It is this: the results of
v-rious elections in recent times have shown clearly that the people of
Roseau, the island's capital, reject with contempt the Leblanc shoe Party.
Each time that they have met in Roseau contest, the Freedom Party has
beaten the Leblanc Party in purely Roseau elections. Even in the last Gen-
eral Election, it was Morne Prosper and Wotton Waven -- villages outside
of Roseau -- which enabled the shoe Party to win the Roseau South seat.
Incidentally, the people of these two villages are now regretting bitterly
the direction in which they voted. It was recognition of the :fac-t th.at his-
Party would be beaten in the municipal by-elections of last year which mad
the Premier suggest that these should not be contested on a Party basis -
that is my opinion. The Opposition, however, saw through this pretence.The:
Premier knew that his candidates would be sure losers if they dared to op-
pose the Freedom candidates in Roseau.
Now I wish to offer a challenge to the Premier: at the end of next
month will take place the triennial Roseau Town Council elections. The
Freedom Party will be contesting all five seats. Let the shoe Party come -
forward with its five candidates and contest the election. If the Premier
does not accept this challenge, let the people of Dominica realise that the
capital of their country has discovered and exposed the failures and short-
comings of the Leblanc shoe Party and that the other areas only need to put
on.their thinking caps to also make the same discoveries., Meanwhile, the
municipal voters are urged and invited to turn out next month and giverealty
massive suppert to the Freedom Party candidates who will contest the Roseau
Town Council Election to guide the destinies of the city for the next 3 year.'
Return these candidates first. They will deal later with whatever cramping
legislation Government may pass.


Page Four

STAR Page Five

Friday,September 24, 1971 T H E

Danger of Extinction Rama'santennae have picked up
(A Report from Guadeloupe) the report that a young student nurse
The brilliant flamboyant trees at the Princess Margaret Hospital was
which once dazzled the eyes of Gau- passed over for further training des-
guin in Tahiti still thrust their pite the fact that she was top in
fiery bouquets towards aen azure.sky. her class. It would seem that the
But nowadays in our islands the real authority responsible favored students
jewels of their crown are missing on a lower rung of the academic ladde.
the ruby, emerald and golden hues of It was only through the intervention
the minute humming-birds which for- of a certain doctor that "Madame Prin.,
merely clustered in hundreds on the cess Margaret Hospital" relented and
flamboyants andimmortelles are now corrected the situation. So they say,
hardly seen in some districts. I am not going to project on the
Three species are well-known in "walk". By the time you read this col.
the West Indies: the tiny fou-fou rumn (written on Tuesday) it will all
with its gilded crest; the rosy- be over. Whether Dominica again becol.-:
breasted fall rose; and its small the laughing stock of the Caribbean
cousin with the shimmering blue- and whether we again lose some more
green throat (falle vert). What freedom ironic comedy or bitter
has caused their virtual annihilation? tragedy that will have been dci-
The main culprit is DDT,sprayed ded when the House has met. Like the
excessively over our countryside, results of the last General Elections,
which contaminates the trees and only you are to blameE
flowers on which these little crea-
tures feed. They are either poison- Rama's Crumbs from the Table Award goes
ed directly, or they lay sterile to the establishment which recently do-
eggs as a result. nated a scholarship to one of the.staft.
But youngsters who shoot them down Big deal'
with airguns or catapults are also WIBS Dominica has a penchant for
guilty. A few years ago I remember reporting on Government activities &
seeing a gang of boys systematically releases with biased gusto. One gets
mow down fifty or so falls roses the impression that this organ is Gov.
perched in a flamboyant tree. And ernment oriented instead of being a
for what? For the few cents they means for the impartial dissemination
got from the local taxidermist' down of events. I would like to remind the
the street, lackeys responsible that it is the
Hummingbird feathers have of course PEOPLE who pay their salaries, be
always been valued by collectors andi they Labourites or Freedomites'
by the world of fashion. The first I uo e o r
colonisers learned how to catch them Knowlegeable people are not too
from the Caribs, and made them into impressed with the arms build-uD in
from the Caribs, and made them into Dominica. They cite as their author-it,7
ornaments for their womenfolk; even the fact thet tiny Vietnam has with-
now their feathers decorate hats or the fact that tony etnas has with-
brooches, when they don't end up as stood the might of massive weapons,
museum exhibits. A live hummingbird shot of nuclear ones; but at what a
fetches 150-500 francs in France. cost in suffering on both sides"
These exquisite creatures figure In spite of the bitter events, that
largely in poetic folklore. A Mexican this columnist feels forced to comment
legend has it that the souls of dead on, I must take a cheerful turn and
warriors were transformed into hum- extend a hearty welcome to Dominica to
mingbirds, and Colombian Indians re-Mrs. Phina Simmance, daughter of the
them as good-luck talismans,andplant owners of the STAR, and her young son
special flowers and trees to attract Stephen. Sorry you didn't visit during
them. But finally, in a more practi- a more pleasant time, Phina.
cal vein, several South American coun- ALSO BACK IN DOMINICA and welcome;
tries have laws totally forbidding Mark Bradshaw, owner of St. Aroment,
the export of hummingbirds, dead or with his lovely young wife Alexandra
alive. We could do worse than follow and son Sebastian, aged two-and-a-hai
their example. For something must be Nice to see you around
done before it is too late, and this marvellous species is extinct in our
islands. (Adapted from an article in FmRACE ANTILLES by A. Ebrouoir

VACANCiE~ Ii ^ CY Cu4 A PAAi C Ai NZ Cr ,"

The CEatrea Water Aidr" ey virte 'pui;'-
ticris freotu Psuitabi q'.aili tcd p3ers& far the post
fegks T5ypist/Sr-rcrgsphber,
Post Nt Pnioa2e..
Sabary Scsle $roxxo-4^ot8o-33oex.4o
PDui"s Typing, fing uad rea4nig ac.
Quifiatim- At alen tmo GC E. "cr LE:i
esdbecns aweidad? Eng ath L-Iayi^e.
kAphiatiowS shwi*sLd be ia wrigiag swing Pe,
lASu parctiuhr of quamifkibcAd, icitAdig Tryag
and Shorthand speedt and eixpeitrce to present
;ra wir pyonQs spp c.~entr, 1q;; b'I' with Co-
pea of two recent Tsrimonitals a. forwardEd to;
The Ac i 0 Chief E* er,
nCani3 WaWtr AMntoriv,
', _22 Besefe EBao R
I* flt.ttflhCf. l
Ito aie n %sat x ikmb tha thte nc4ka pvsse, 9-r .
App1icadaE wil bes a sisu:t conv m-i
* e.I ', *:x4 r. a ,S a& U 4 W, Kfl5liS:

This swotingp anusepc, "afa h;:re Throat
Loazehgce g EC rork quickthl an; Sore Throats
due to CoAds. I1 penetralterto the xot of the trou-
lt b e c in reor ue your sore thr~ht 1~ gone.

10 Trokerites for fi'f.p

:-.. . IC ,, r:
Sth icg create DINsPitt T' & 4 The C~ i ro f Fo-.
I PARiS HI. WUJlIAMS n;-r w rsis&jat. RCZ>'t,
I r e of St. GCerrgE do btr.:by aie y7+u raticfe ra
.t is o twut. !ftt t'tt i" .'.ta ba n .,sp.v tr 'S Cf Sa heJddt Qasykfrt-wC nr .iun: !r m aft of .'
itr 1971 vowsf ra a .sev ic-ae vv rap3r; ,. E
a :r'- e C.a .6., 7,Ct._is 4 St. C.-A.-.


--- -- --I----- ----
Aplkatin for :Liq-or L
ITo: T'w Mgistra. Dist "G" & (.hf of Pohz t:
I, ?I:-c..nt I-radric of Slyti-,- k eo.V ?C5Xdt
ing in SIatvb da ; P ar3h ot S.k Dvi *, do here.,
by pgve w? "itace thav- it is mry mrentzawo t- 'pp
i. rthe Magistra ss 'aur a Por,.tmouth on 1tu
day rhc 3and .ay oftd ETh'J..'-b'e&r, i~T9r, c',J:Jt'a, obr .
taill L-q*vo Lieacc ta rcspeaz of my p-rearms
at S&wlyb-p, P.,riVa of St. DAI)yid.
Dhted i$Zh %5fiC-;Y.r 1971.
| C'aemt Fmeria |


Upoa iat1uctions received ;~ the flwi- M'tor Ve-hic les will b up for sae; by Public Au1ion oa Tohusr
day 30th Sepcmr ber, :9I, staring at t.30 p.. at rthe Shill Service Sraton, New Town.
SA~usn (.:- yrE. No. 592i
Fr.A t torsau No.2 51 -'D
AUAiU 1300t Autoantic Co.nt-- Nvo. ;t576 Dam-
.,aged) N
ArfiEtn Moep, No. o3
Fordt; Zephyr No. lGoT (Fire 'DPh-.- : I!

The Veh'des will be available fo~ view on the driy of te? sale from 2.o) p. TIhe terms of the s, are a,?,-
The right to pabc san upset price is r:ner.e


?2)- *.i -J *


At the Ft Sign ro a SSir


i5 cd Bi fed wIi E truck C.w assey Ftr
gvz ni TrsoCrs. J.rj b c u at Med-
v!il Haft Eri.ne.
I Cp ns aiV: kAt fIe.
MeiA. M~ Hsa&.
; .---- * ** ryc! I:

~mvr~uknu?R r~o\ar~ssr~nuu~orurrpux;anl n -~-------^ ---- --;uamvM;U;BInnaunr


This offer is obtainable at the following placs:
E.A.L.eorges (Mabie Kartm) J.Astaphari & Co (1970) Ltd.
HH.V.Whitchurch. & C. Ltd Vic's Super Market
S.Moodesire Super Service fHyrarms Self Service

J E.Nassief Sunter Marikt
A.A Baron & Co
Havden Thomas

For Your Drinking Pleasure


The Glorious Beer Of
Wonderful Copenhagen

Per Cartoon Of 24 Botdes

o. MON h ES$RE & CO.


We Servitc What We Sell"

*^. *
- t

r LP-~. ~ 4F


"Supreme" Aluminumware
Pots & Pans and other Cooking Utensils

Regvtraton for Extra Mural classes in Grand-Bay will be
c~ Monday, 26th September In the afternoon immediately
after school ar the Grand.Bay Juntor High School. The term
wili start on October 4th and end by December 10ch. Clsu.
.s will be offered In Engish Uangulage A & B Group, French
A 8& Group. Heiath SciencE and West Indian History.
Fees are to be paid In advance unless other special arrange-
monts have been made with the Regsltrar. Interested stu-
tde nt can register with Mrs. Agnes Shtllinford, the Registrar
for this Centre.
Spae at Site of old Fish and Meat Market at
Laing Lane.
APPLY: Ir Wrfitig t:. Town Clerk.
Raeeme Twn Coursil.

Office space andkr Apartments,
Available for Rent. 28 Kennedy Avenue
Coact: Mrs. C Fadedle Phone 2159

Notice is hereby given that the 20th Annual
General Meeting of rte Roseau Coioperative
Credit Union Ltd. will be held at the Piarish
Hal, Goodwill, on Tuesday 9gth. October, T 9r,
commednig at 7.30 p.m. All members and other
interested persons are invited to attend. However,
only members wiH be allowed to take part in the
discussion and vote on any particular issue.
The Agenda for the meeting is as folows:
I Ascertainment of Quorum.
2 Taking apologies for absence.
3 Reading and approval of minutes of last
Annual General Meeting.
4 Discussion of m itrers arising from the mim-
5 Reports:-
a Board of D-rectors.
Ib Treasurer and Auditor.
c) Credit Committee.
d) Supervisory Committee.
6 Unfinished Business
7 New Business: Appropriation of Surplus 19i'.
Remarks and suggestions from floor.
8 Elections.
9 Closing remarks by President.
io Adjournment.

t6ch September. 1971

M.F. Dorival,

tamIM~~tnl- l 1^*^J-L-^MJ^"^'^^X^ *^|T-iwff[-rrT-----T------cilIKHKriWI\H~~HVm~i^-

The General Public is hereby Notified that our LUMBER YARD
has been TRANSFERRED from Long Lane, Roseau to the more

Spacious Premises Formerly our NEW TOW


We Will Now be Able to Accommodate Larger Stocks
so Ensure Constant Supplies At All times.

The New Premises Provide IN AND OUT Driving


Our Motto:*





L---rrr ~---~III.------;.~~srrri~IP6j~~~C+~~I l~sB

-A, S, C m.L`0mLi F__-. -T-,L

Friday. S- temistw 24.1971



PrdySete 24 191 HESA ag ie


Come, listen to me, and I'll tell you a tale:- .
of Ancient castles, Antiques and Tea and a Welcome Home from a heart
so full that-it:-almost bursts, welcome home to a Land
of Waterfalls, splintering their icy way over..marble-slatted rocks
to smoky smoldering bracken below;
-of buzzing Fields and :somnolent clover -- ah, let's die here awhile
and in dying breathe in the sweetness and savour the taste of Nature's
honey..o but, hush ... see it there swinging into the sun? -- that's
the Lark -- dipping now into a backdrop
Sof muted Mountains, moonlighted in mist. They say on a clear day
you can see for ever ... deep, dark, moody and unmoveable as the men she
has spawned and succoured, below stands the Lake. If. you look hard enough
you will see EXCALIBUR, King Arthur's sword, see the arm clothed in white
samite dart.out and clutch and through-the ripples pull down, sure and
true, to the inky blackness of the deep below. Or was it the Silver
Salmon we saw? ... in this Land of Always-was and Always-will-be...
Come listen again and I'll tell you a tale:-
Sof Coal-mines and death, of birth, of blighted hopes and broken
of Pubs 'shut on Sunday... Pubs shut on Sunday you say? Well let's
cross the border, David-John:, and see what those old foreigners have to
Suffer. Two Guinness, please. Dew, there's good.., fill them up again,boyoh
A *.. What, no more you say? Eleven o'clock you say? Pubs shut you say?
..-There's hospitality for you. Foreigners they are, David-John, not like as.
You can keep.your bloody beer, boyoh, and shove it where the ... What did
you. say, Davi-d-John? Time to go? Yes, IVm coming, your old Dad's coming
and glad to get back.home again too he'll be ... David-John, do'you think
Mam will be asleep when we get back?
-of Song. Remember. Always to sing, David-John. We'llkeep a
Welcome in the Hillsides, we'll keep a Welcome in the Dales, this Land of
- Song will still be singing when you come home again ... come home again ...
Come Home Again ... COME HOME AGAIN
Oh why, dear Lord, have you made this homeland so beautiful
And the life of this Poor Wanderer so short?

(Some 0o our readers may not know that the Red Dragon is the national em-
blem of Wales, a land from which the great West Indian writer Jean Rhys
originated through her Doctor father. In Wales the children have to learn
what would be to us in Dominica a super-difficult national Welsh language
as a must. And many Dominicans visiting Wales say "Oh: this land is like
Dominica"(as you can guess from the prose poem above). Although part of
theland mass of the United Kingdom, for historic and political reasons
the great majority of Welsh people are passionately nationalistic, just
,as we small-islanders cling to our individuality under regional pressure.
READER'S VIEW YOUTH TODAY generatipent vst ss o
Will someone kindly explain to me generation often spent vast sums on
the outlook of Youth on life today, their education. Yet still they claim
They say their parents are rotters they are building a better world.
who never taught them anythinggood Heaven help those who inhabit their
who never taught them anything good, world. TROUBLED, aged 35, ROSEAU.
they are against law and order, and world, TROUBLED, aged 35, ROSEAU.
any kind of discipline. The majority WE REGRET that we cannot print the
of them.are very irresponsible and several letters objecting to Govern-
Snever spend any thought on dther peo- ment's choice of an Island Scholarship
ple but their age-group, yet the older winner. See page one. -. Ed.

Page Nine

SFriday, September 24, 1971,


Page Ten T HE S,~ A F Friday,, September 24l1971
Saints Hold Celtic to a Draw The tall spare toga-draped figure
of HlOld Foxy' Simon Kapwepwe of Zambia
In an actiospacked encounter in .has long been seen at international
Windsor Park on Saturday, Saints conferences. Not, in fact, old(though
drew 1-1 with Celtic U. Celtic vent President Kaunda is at 41 two years
ahead early in the game with a gcal his junior), Kapewepwe may in truth
by Desmond Dewhurst, and they held be considered foxy. But of recent dayh
off an attacking Saints until the he has been forced from his lair,and
interval. They then piled on the the hunters have now trapped 75 of his
pressure but could not get past the followers in the newly-constituted Uln-
brilliance of keeper Roy Williams; ited Progressive Party. Kapwepwe him-
Celtic then turned to attack and self has so far escaped detention, a
some cleV ar- exchanges put life n-to curious variation in the pattern of
the game to the point where.tempers; African opposition politics.
flared and, after .several cautions For in a Continent where all too
to various players the ref .sent oten no official opposition is toler-.
Island Captain Henry Jno.Bapt.iste ated, the only alternative to a Papa.D.P.
off the field. Saints took advant- type life-dictatorship is the coup.
age of Celtic's loss and built up' ('he doves of peace are flying over
an attack to an equaliser ten min- Africa, calling 'coup,coup coup' as
utes from the final whistle: Dorian one humourist has put it,,)'De fact
Simpson, the Saintst striker got a victors very soon become so de iure;
header over the goal line which wvis but the unsuccessful coup-plander is
so quickly cleared by the Celtic often executed with dazzling rapidity,
defence before the refs' whistle or retires to rot in obscure British
went that the Celtic fans bayed" 'digs.-i Occasionally an opposition lead-
. their disapproval and unbelief. No er is tamed, and returns from detention
more goals cameras both sides went like -the prodigal son to the father-
on to tight defence and there it party Viz. Oginga Odinga of Kenya.
waq one, all. It remains to be seen whether Kauadas
-v use of the kid glove on the former -Vice-
Harla e Rovers v. Blackburns President, combined with an iron-hand
Rovers, the defending champs found firmness towards his U.P.P..underlings,
things a bit tight at first against will in fact prove effective. The ex-
a peppy Blackburnd team and only V.P. is undoubtedly still a V.I.P. -
found the net once before half-time, he commands the allegiance of many
However they capitalized on their fellow Bemba tribesmen, and has attract-
earlier lapses by scoring three mo ed to himself other elements, including
in the second half as Blackburns certain of the disaffected elite of
faded. the University of.Zambia,which was sum-
In the first trial match for the marily closed by the Government in July..
Popham Tournament "Colours;" led by Within the terms of reference of a
Oliver Joseph, defeated Roy Willians'touchy situation, both political" and
"Whites" 5-2. Dewhurst, Ren6 and economic, Kenneth Kaunda is playing it
Caesar Emanuel found the nets for cool. However hurt he may be by his old
Colours; Benoit and Charles for the colleague's defection, he is not-a vin-
Whites. dictive man; but other members of his
In Div.II Harlem Rovers beat Celt- ruling party U.N.I.P. lack the Pres-
ic U. 3-0 on Monday but were held ident's reticence. If their counsels
to a one-all draw by S.M.A. on prevail, Simon Kapwepwe may well find
Wednesdahimself the personal victim of the hunt,
The 40-over benefit match in honour Mr. Wilfred Joseph states that the half-
of Augustres Ojgoiru went to- the day market is against the poor country
latter team by four wickets over a people. Morning hours are insufficient
more experien .ed side led by Irving for the aale of their goodswhih con-
S-h' .-inc a Gravson Man of Mat )stitutes their weekly income, Further,
QUOTE OF WEEK: "Democracy is a after they are sold out (if at all) they
tender plant" R.O.P.Armour. don't get a chance-to do their own sho.,-
Printed & Published by the Proprie-Ping. Often they return home with ground
tor,R.EL.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill provisions unsold,without weekend store.
house a.26 sBath Rd. Roseau DominicaSATURDAy SALES ARE OUR LIVELIHOOD, they
West Inesays

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