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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: 09-17-1971
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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,r 's Jane Lowenthal,
.Research institutee for',
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street,
New York 10021, N.Y.,'.

r'. .si ft aur Ae, Wa .


\^I ALI.

Virtaa DMC 4mt'l NLrtsri. wk'i
iFriev, Js^ptamBer 17. 4iJ- *E >i

C 0 miS HF $ 1OI tSE Mm Q'.i I ,'.V
1 V01. O .'S M uL IFF RT 44 Vul .31 IR1SIT
0 MF PLse o ssid nken, dIupgnia
Chl@tes to s l100-stroag crowd aon
?r dztw $tretsw, Wetadtneaa ni ghzt, **i**
esriding the paltry. Govnrnsaeat rolesear
on "Proposed LocaEl .aversnment Lois-
10.latt s.Ad two prodelsaaa.'oae i-oan pro-
hibitrigij tmhe holding of public meetings
frca 2. ~4;'w SBepte^e r, : ;d the a tier
call itg gut the Te-enc FTorce'7 o. tce *
nAllcgd tapprehen Sioa of O'fJiJmatient n4itr-
y' Aoia danger' or actuall or apreheited
eivl.1 di suthreaJe.', t.e* P.* -;,tA prensid-
Qs in her resuaeaB.t jvaicial veiCe
told the crow: *'T':e- i.teid to crush
as Ji. they po ssi Ky c s:. r't Anly
thr4 hleatslves remain t rhv Trin.ces of
this countxjy.. The Doairidca Froadom
rPart i a ros-poasile Ntrty, which
hags e elected respoasi hblo leaders....

iaciseaber thiat wev wnt you t, e peciCo-.
ful, iZst wve a*nt yaou to sotee for your-
slvess..., We won't emsbrrasse the O Gv-
ermacr or theC Cidef of Police. Itat you
see you don't lar e *to UA.ih o fia4
your wa1y to the j ouse of assemblyy oin
the 23rd. You lrmveB a RIGHT to use your
ova two feet %azd .LtK up there. If lMr.
Lebl-.ae Athirks that we ,r" zgoinsg to
leaTe the Hoeaa of Aseasmisy for him-
selSf aiet hise Defence Foree .nItl Rorale
DLoaica Po>lice 'Forcte an tin. t Te, SAh'
people, -are anot going to bo preUset to
zo hirm :ssTaaere our f'reot., he lad
Iettier Inhve another thought .

'tar ejsyteon of goverirsant. is tase.d eO
the Sagiiwsh synota's" mid tV- ;c'6uten'-t sio
i3ov4i. release, att me nii.g shI ciasituspaii
w d* 1 i e dorna uader ouch itea nst,

; ?,t r u'..-i 4 Y2-, Cl!a.: t of Mr
1( ..Z1 ^ ~l.r* t. UaXnrin^ d h'ia s of favour Ma
Cnwur.i*tt r'::Ar2i. ib-.? %enI trortrm the nste, tCt
mesi te~ar Ac gSo-Si.ir vr femainsed sent ar

, .iV

Hon. Eugen.ia Charles, elected President of the
OppTtys'ti Parry, in, her garen.

Mrs. Kolando A. Toulon, the Toulon F'm-
ilies, Mr & Mrs. L.F.C Royer, Mr. & Mrs. A.C
Winston, Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Winston, Mrs. D.Per-
rvman, Mr. & Mrs. L.J.LaRocque and oter ri-
atives wish through this medium to express there .
saincee thanks to all those who sent cards or a
other ways symrpathised with t em on the death
of their beloved R ~i2a- .
%ai ma K, gz ,~w'.e!a,7^S w ,, BiE^ -

Page Two Y H E S T A R Friday,September 17,1971


T he cowardice and cravenness of the Leblanc Government came to full
public flowering in its handling of the protest march planned by the people
of Roseau. Unable to contemplate the scene of thousands of citizens ex-
pressing their disgust with a Government elected as recently as ten months
ago, the members of the Government, as long foretold by this and other
columnists as well as by editors, made elaborate arrangements to maim or
destroy many of the persons who so recently returned them to power.
From authentic and detailed reports at the disposal of the Opposition
Party, it was learned of the inordinate attention given to anti-demonstra-
tion drill to the Defence Force during its recent two-weeks stay in St.
Lucia. There then followed the daily intensive anti-demonstration attack
practices arranged for the Police at Morne Bruce. From his home at Good-
will, this columnist could hear the blood-curdling cries and shouts being
uttered by the Police during these sessions as, I imagine, theyshit out
at dummies ii anticipation of the real thing. It is known that all the
policemen stationed in the rural areas were brought into Roseat for these
and other practices. The rural constables were also brought to the Min-
istry of Home Affairs when they were lectured on the part they were re-
quired to play if and when the citizens of Dominica organized a protest
All these preparations were, of course, ordered by those duly elected
representatives of the people who succeeded to political power on the Le-
'blancParty ticket. But how stupid these people continue to be' Do they
really believe that if and when violence erupts in the population, the
people will stand 'in line of battle to face the police and Defence Forde
equipped with all the sophisticated types of arms bought by the Government
with an eye to their use against the people of Dominica?
.hen the Government made its biggest blunder. Its Party announced in
its weekly publication that it was going to stage a rival and counter dem-
onstration to that planned by:..the citizens. Widely announced weeks earlier
and proposed to coincide with the sitting of the House of Assembly, the
protest march was intended to demonstrate popular opposition to certain
measures of legislation contemplated by the Government, namely, overriding
the 'Town Council's roght to naming streets; reduction of the powers of
the 70-year-old Roseau Town Council; the award of life pensions to Govern-
ment Ministers and their wives -- all matters affecting the people and
against which they have a perfect right to protest. This was the Govern-
Sment Party's idea of causing incidents which would inevitably lead to the
desired trigger-pulling. For this was a pure act of provocation of thous-
ands whose blood was already on the boil at the contemplated legislation.
It was at this point that the Governor acted. He must have taken all
his courage in his hands to issue the two Proclamations dated 8th September
forbidding meetings during the three days 2Snd to 24th September and bring-
ing the Defence Force to the alert. It is significant that up to the date
of writing this (13th September) the Government had not informed the citi-
zens of Dominica about this development. * ...' .. The Governor's
reason for issuing the Proclamations was that a civil disturbance appeared
inevitable -- a correct reading of the situation if the hastily-arranged
counter demonstration by the ruling Party against the long-discussed and
publicised popular demonstration were allowed to take place. The Governor
even saw in the calculated Leblanc-Party-planned collision "imminent nat-
ional danger". Thus provocative toughs on the other side have
prevented the peaceful demonstration of Dominica against certain ills in
the body politic and since, from general experience, the Government and
the Leblanc Party are one and the same thing, it can be said that the Gov-
ernment of Dominica was willing to physically suppress its citizens for
daring to protest against certain items proposed to be turned into law.
(Concluded on Page Pour)

Friday, September 17,1971 TH E S T A R Page Three
Crown Prince Carl Gustav of Sweden Madam Editor, THAT PORTSMOUTH SCHOOL
denied this week thai he and the Everybody is searching for the en-
Queen's only daughter Anne were in trance door of the Portsmouth High
love or would marry. "We've some- School which seems to be sealed. Iread
times been 'thrown together' to see in the papers that this School would
if we can hit it off. I'm sure the be opened on the 13th Sept., today is
Princess feels the same way..." the 13th but we have not witnessed it
BRITAIN: in Thelwal., NW England, yet; My view is that Government is
more than 100 cars piled up after never accurate in planning and pro-
a motorway crash and nine people phecies; of course, most of what they
were killed outright. Five dozen broadcast is indefinite. They have so
others were injured, and the total many Ministers of This and That,draw-
number of deaths is not yet clear, ing big sums for competence, why don't
n_ those notable Ministers sit together
ANGUILLA: Mr. Vivian Vanterpool,an and plan their projects properly,like
Anguillan, was appointed first, Head omn of intellect and competence,before
master of the new Island Harbour spilling them out like bubbles in the
School to which Britain has given air, causing the inhabitants to fly
two tons of furniture worth $5,000, about like butterflies trying to catch
one of those bubbles and see if it's a
GRENADA's GCE results got lost and true prophecy.
were flown back to London, so the Now I don't know if you agree, but
students are still waiting for news. Government bought a large area of land
Likewise Dominicans are waiting for in Portsmouth for that project. They
news about the Island Scholar. "* are supposed to know the condition of
DEFERRED: because they are too in-the town, and the Minister of Home
teresting to be squeezed into a iw Affairs is a Portsmouth man. Ports-
inches of space, we ask readers to mouth has no homes prepared to accom-
wait for publication of THE WANDER-modate any staff for that High School.
ERS' TALE and SAVE THE HUMMINGBED.Why did not Govt. put up buildings to
S- house the staff, in advance? No, they
D O M I N I C A :started by the tail and ignored the
COMA Specialist Mr. N.H.Gelpke ishead entirely. Today they are running
stationed at PMH for a month under backward and forward in Portsmouth
the Canadian Overseas Medical Aid. for places to put Headmaster and sta.f.
He will only attend to patients re oor Mr. Robinson, Chief Ed.Officer,
ferred to him by their physician, loaded with that burdenhunting the
and will serve the North & East of town of Portsmouth for habitations, to
Dominica on Fridays. be in line with the specified opening
DOMINICA BAR ASSOCIATION expressed dae Meanwhile the School is in a
unanimous approval,and support for big compound which could take buildings
Dominica Chamber of Commercels ap- for all whom they required to bring in.
proach to Government to press for a o ring in.
pracho or nt presshis puts our students at a loss. Remems
a Regulatory Commission to review ber how Barclays Bank put up a Bank
and superintend activities of Cable Fouse early? But Govt. may have intended
and Wireless and C.D.C., both of t accommodate the PHS staff in ce
which concerns (DBA resolved) should TRUE EDUCATOR Portsmouth,
be turned into local public companies
with a xibstantial block of shares Madam, THE STEEL BAND AFFAIR.
available to local subscribers. In the past I have made several sug-
MV EUROPA was e first Cruise S gestions to the Carnival Committee on
vto call here (Sept.e ) -516 passe n improvement of our Carnival; I am hap-
to call here (Sept.10) -516 passed py to say that quite a few were im-
gers,325 crew. 674 sightseers played plemented. But without Steel Bands
The ship will return in Nov & Dec wthot teel Bands
CAR DEALERiS n inretrn in piece our, Carnival has fallen very low, so
CARon this subject seems toing piece allow me to suggest that about 100
on this subject seems to be a copy drums be imported from somewhere;they
to the Press in General. should be cut to suit and tuned by our
own people here, or even if we have to get an experienced tuner from aroad,
let's do so. The players for the two days should be compensated by a sum.
not less than $500.00. I feel this would help a great deal to revive the
Carnival music we cherish so much. HUGH LAWRENCE, Roseau.

A Le O.THB-T.. -S R iay.- enm ri 1

"IMMINENT NATIONAL DANGER" by Androcles (continued from page two)
The outside, press was waiting and-expecting all this. We cannot forget
how the principal newspapers of the Caribbean ridiculed the Dominica Gov-
ernment for its creation of a "national- crisis" out of the Roseau Town
Council's naming of a thoroughfare "Freedom Street". So no sooner was the
Proclamation issued, than newspapers-' of the West Indies immediately re-
cognized that this virtual. declaration of a state of emergency had been
br ought about by the Government's threatened "was of attrition". The
gawe is.focussed on Dominican happenings.
Next, in a silly attempt to, drag a herring across the'trail, the Gov-
ernment radio ON THE VERY NEXT DAY came out with the story that a stick
of dynamite had been found placed ,at the home of one of the Ministers
who fbor over a week had been away in a very distant land and that it had
been meant for the Minister's innocent wife and children. I have no
hesitation in classifying this as one of those silly story-antics of those
now in power. I do not believe a word of it. All I think it does is to
put ideas in the heads of potential malefactors. Any such attack could
only have as its object the Minister himself and he would be a poor at-
tacker indeed who would not take the trouble to find out whether or not
the Minister was home,at the time, a not tedious or difficult chore
seeing the wide "educational" publicity always given on WIBS Dominica to
goings and comings of Ministers,
Now, in the face of all these things, I wish to associate myself" with
the Editor of one of our contemporaries in his denunciation of those
persons who try to dismiss all such goings-on as the "politics of ir-
relevance", applying equally to those who bring, about such hardships as
to those who endure them.
This phrase "Politics of' Irrelevance" -- I regard as merely the
mouthing arising from mental indigestion if, as it appears, it is meant
to apply indifferently to those, who cause. as to those who suffer from
the acts of irrelevance. It may be regarded, also, as sheer mental lazi-
ness: the, lack of the energy required to identify and distinguish the'
evildoer from the victim. In still another way, this philosophy betrays
a inassive lack' of character when, as is so often the case., it is a play-
ing-up to the Government authorities for one reason or another, mainly,
however, because they are the eus;todians of the public purse. I think
this is very poor indeed, and the more so when those who condemn in one
.-breath both those who give and those who receive irrelevance are persons
supposed to be. educated. This will be communally disappointing.
We learn from science that action and reaction are equal, though
opposite. Surely, the prime cause is action: reaction is the consequent-
ial response. No action, and consequentlyy, no reaction. Thus it ought
to be easy enough in the political setting to distinguish action from
reaction. If people are deprived of their freedom of expression or, for
no good reason, their long cherished right to municipal self-government,
the assertion of such rights cannot be placed in the same category and
on the same plane as the act of deprivation of them.
' This, by and large, is what is happening around us and I should very
much hope that in the future there will appear a better sense of dis-
crimination and .that sufficient strength of character will be displayed,
as this columnist has consistently striven to do, to distinguish the
sheep from the goats, the good from the bad, the not-so-good from. the
R. I 0 T C 0 N RI'R 0 L : A WARNING (from the New Scientist of Aug,12.)
" Devices at the disposal of the Army are indiscriminate and potentially
harmful to the innocent". Professors Rosenhead & Peter Smith of the Ex.
Co., British Society for Social Responsibility in Science, say "call. a
halt" for the following reasons:- "Many of these weapons are indiscrim-
inate, affecting not only participants but bystanders. Weapons which
cause no distress to able-bodied men can affect quite seriously (See p,.18)

Friday, Septeniber 17.1971


I P' LT.Ti%

:tiaYr ,.$gt t9 HiE .T4R P* f R

i .; = -.
*f j, '*f ^
* :3 ..

i.oZ 3 a ..
. 3 g r ad

,.' ;
C I'
ta 3 . CW
1**: ". ., *s m -i k

* 4arIl I -
. '~ n GV-

?.,< "" .

T ** e ;' 're r> -- *-


- C:


i ""
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' -K i;





. iPy

: L !


v..-. -
1*~ -,

<1 '



*i4 4c. 1

i-: *- i 0.

Friday,September 17,1971

N 0 T I CR

N 0 T I C E
Applications are invited from
suitably qualified persons for Com-
monwealth Scholarships:- Canadian
Awards tenable in Canadian Univer-
sities in 1972.
$. ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must
normally be candidates who are, or
who will be, graduates by October,
1972. Applications will also be con-
sidered from persons without a de-
gree who wish to take a course of
study in Canada.
3. AGE LIMIT: Not exceeding thirty-
five (35) yearsof age by October,
1972, but, in .exceptional circum-
stances, older candidates will be
4. FIELDS OF STUDY: The Scholarsh:.pE
are primarily available for post-
graduate study or resear ch but mcay
also be granted for courses of un.-
dergraduate study.
Priority of consideration will be
given to applicants in the following
fields:- Veterinary Science
Forestry, B.Sc.

ful applicants will be required, ;o -o
enter into a bond to serve the G-cr- Applications are invited from suitably
ernment of Dominica for a specified qualified persons for the poat of -
period on completion of their course TECHNICIAN, RADIO DOMINICA.
of studies. 2. The person engaged will be expected
6. CLOSING DATE: Applications should to assist the Senior Technician gener-
reach the Secretary, PubLic Service ally and in particular to service and
Commission, Roseau, not later than maintain broadcasting equipment. He
Friday,8th October, 1971, will also be expected to assist with
the othi-r aspects of broadcasting.
7. Further particulars may be obtained 3, Tae salary scale is $1,680 x 120
from the Education Division of the i2,400 x 180 $3,300 x 240 -
Ministry of Education & Health,Roseau. $4,500 x 300 5,100. The point.
E. NICHOLLS, of entry will be dependent on quali-
Secretaryy, fications and experience.
Public Service Commission. 4. Applications stating age, qualifi-
MPE & H 300/802/002,G150, 106-1/1. cations etc. should be addressed to
2nd September, 1971. the Secretary, Public Service Commis-
SSeptembr 1 sion and should reach her not later
AVVWJLL (Ana Other Poems by J,* than 3t~th September, 1971.
Ralph Cabimir is a collect ion of
warm-hearted verse tributes,cathcl- E. NICHOLLS,
ic in their breadth- example ,Marcus Secretary,
Garvey and Winston Churhi' l come Public Service Commission.
in for their share of plaudits, as, ervc o ss
do several noted people in our own PSC 3/1w, G.151, 107-1/1. 7th Sept.1971
I rvTe l i as o n9 f-Prom -rhi r, ( i;+- I

- loyalty to and respect for the
Negro race) the author draws his

inspiration. Many islanders would
proituca boogin only I.O11
Bro UCQ~ybon yna RF9 o

Notice is hereby given that the 20th
Annual General Meeting of the Roseau
Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. will be
held at the Parish Hall, Goodwill, on
Tuesday 19th October, 1971, commencing
at 7.30 p.m. All members and other in-
terested persons are invited to attend,
However, only members will be allowed
to take part in the discussion andvote
on any particular issue.
The Agenda for the meeting is as
() Ascertainment of Quorum. /
32) Taking apologies for absence.
(3) Reading and approval of minutes of
last Annual General Meeting.
(4) Discussion of Matters arising from
the Minutes.
(5) Reports:- (a) Board of Directors..
b) Treasurer & Auditor.
J c) Credit Committee.
d Supervisory Ccmittee
(6)Unfinished Business.
7) New Business: Appropriation of
Surplus 1970. Remarks and
suggestions from floor.
(8) Elections.
9) Closing remarks by President.
10) Adjournment. M.F.DORIVAL,

16th September 1971. Manager.11


Page Six

Petr "ae

-. s.r Sp5tari &hf SC f?^ S971

-L.- -- r I~- apa~~dr~sp~b~6ss




sunur ^

kO.i r available on I
["Eilm' ff is Usub te following places: -
.LI.Grgp es Kh Si.cs-.r) J Astaphan & Co I
Mbh-Hh,, ^ ; & P ^ 1.'- VIc's Super Market
I.&MwesSIae 3~ss Sfef'fe flyivram's Self Scrvi

970o Ltd,

J E.Nassief Super Market
A.A Baroan & Co
Havdein .ho bmas
_ - i --: ... .... .

c,( asINN aS"bflinininIin IlIinM)W,
RiFAiatius iiiiiimm m mmm-ftvnmm *''*"




IF?". 4t


L I t
mo wa


__II1r~ VeuI- Aiw Slcc~~~ccc~~ ccca~

$o~g(se~11~81101~4~aP~~a~$~l~glls~BPP-1~ I'pt~8~e" ~ .

Tss P a ~

? I

ty *
P# of
if '


Friday,September 17,1971

Page Mght THE STAR


The letter hereunder breaks one of
the rules of the STAR that we do
not repeat communications sent to
other local newspapers. However as
the writer in a personal interview
underlined its importance,here goes


BANANA INDUSTRY (continued) :
benefit of the population the affairs
of the State, which by no means should
be any secret to tbe people of the
State. Along these same lines, Madam
Editor, I will now give you some of my

CRITICAL CONDITION OF THE BANANA impressions concerning the boxing of
INDUSTRY.- by Alvin Armantrading bananas according to my knowledge,
Along with a bit of logic and simple
She banana industry, the life- commonsense.
blood of Dominica, is in such a I am saying here that having to box
critical condition that it is very our bananas should, by all means, be
close to causing panic. And it is of a great advantage to growers and
time now that the growers come out country alike. The principal reasons
and try to redress the situation, are that there must be more employment
But in order thatthis participation and the price obtainable for the boxed
be of any use, there must be a get- bananas should be plenty higher, for
together of the Banana Board, simple reason that the Company now suf-
the Ministry of Agriculture and the fers very little or no wastage as the
growers themselves, so that all con bananas are shipped in boxes and not
cerned may know WHO or WHAT is res- in bunches as in the past. But it is
ponsible for the present state of very sad to say that the process of
affairs and what is required of eah boxing, apart from causing so many
side to bring the industry back to burdensome inconveniences to the gro er,
a' sound and profitable level, is operating at a steady loss.I firmly
..The grower is the king-pin ofthe believe that this lo'ss could have.been
industry, yet he is treated as if prevented if the Association was armed
he is of no consequence. The Board, with such knowledge as to permit it
either through daAesa-saor inaom- to'make better negotiations with the
petence, has never found it fit to Company. The running of tht boxing
keep the grower constantly informed plants shows a net demonstration of a
of the affairs of the industry.The lack of good planning and a total ab-'
grower is only given commands and sence of good organisation,
each command brings him new hard- Madam Editor, I intend to meet as
ship. Laws are passed against him, many growers as I can and to enlighten
costs are raised against him. je them as much as possible, It is imper-
toils more and more, gets less and active that the grower knows how much
less and his groans are never heeded he is expected to give to save the in-
He cannot last much longer. dustry on which most of the farmers of
The industry must be set right at this land depend for their livelihood.
once. It means too much to the State. I expect other growers to voice,like
It must notbe allowed to collapse, me, their opinions on this important
And here, Madam Editor, I ask very matter and, on the other hand, I would
boldly: why did not Government try indeed be very happy if a member of the
to redress the situation before it Board, the Board, the General Manager
reached its present .atage? For su-r or even the Government for that matter,
ly, this is not the effect of a sud- could deny publicly the opinions I have
den accident? There MUST1 have been expressed here, so that the general
indications that things, were going public may know whether I am misleading
very badly. Is it possible that,lik the growers or enlightening them.
us; the growers, the Government has St. Joseph,Dominica,14/9/7l. -A.A.
beeti kept in the dark or that it did
know what was happening but did not UNFAIRMESS AT PWD GARAGE
have the courage to do its duty? It would appear that only the people
I have written this letter as a who voted for the Shoe Party are given
banana grower that I am, but I know promotion at the Public Works Garage.
that we are so politically deformed Stop me if I am mistaken. I am not em-
that some may say that I wrote it ployed at the Garage but I go the:e to
because I am in the Opposition Party. ollect materials. I know what I am
To those persons, I will say: if it talking about. After winning the Gen-
be so., I am very proud of being brave eral election, the Premier said over
enough to bring to the light for the the ait that regardless of Party(~~see-$?



Page Eight

Friday, September 17,1971 THE STAR Page Nine~

five (35) years of age by October,
1972, but in exceptional circum-
stances, older candidates will be
4. FIELDS OF STUDY:.The scholar-
ships are primarily available for
postgraduate study or .research at
universities and at colleges of
technology but may be held for course
at other institutions, e.g. in the
fields of adult,social or rural ed-
ucation, of fine art, of architect-
ure,-or of industrial design. They
may be awarded in special circum-
stances for courses of undergraduate
Priority of consideration will be
given to applicants seeking, qualif-
ications in the following fields:-
Veterinary Science
Forestry, B.Sc.

3.. Students should normally possess the
following qualificationa:-
(a) not less than three years! exper-
ience in the field of Social Wel-
fare, and attendance at a Social
Welfare Training Centre of not
less than three months' duration;
E (b) at least four years' experience
in the field of Social Welfare,
4. Application forms and particulars
may be obtained from the Ministry of
Home Affairs,
5, Applications must be submitted on
the prescribed forms to the Ministry of
Home Affairs not later than 27th Sept-
ember, 1971 CB.AT,
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Home Affairs.
H 17/39/06,0154,109-1/1.
9th ~eptember, 1971.

IREADER's VIEW: Let's Lodge a Protest
.. ., Dear Sir,
5. OBLIGATION TO GOVERNMENT': Success- I feel it is about time some-
uul applicants will be required to one protested againat'the petty non-
enternt to a bond to serve the Gov- sense going on between the Town Coun..
enter into a bond to serve the Gov-j cil and the Government. It is bad
ernment of Dominica for a specified cil and the Government. It is bad
period on completion of their course enough when stupid arguments take
of studies. place between Government and Oppos-
ition but when they start interfering
6. CLOSING DATE: Applications should in the proper work of the Central Gov-
reach the Secretary, Public Service ernment and the Roseau Town Council,
Commission, not later than Friday, it is time for the people of Dominica
8th Obtober, 1971. to lodge a protest.
Purther particulars may be ob- I will not go into the question of
trained from the Education Division which side is at fault in the current
of the Ministry of Education and controversy (imagine, the naming of a
Health, Roseau street) What will say along with
Health, oseau NICHOLLS, all other thinking Dominicans is
Secretary, that it is time it ended! I would
PUblic Service Commission like to propose to Mr. Leblanc and
M.P.E. & H 300/802/003,G.149,105s-l/;!Mr. Scobie that they prove themselves.
3rd September, 1971. the statesmen they aspire to be by
rd September, 1971 accepting this (concl. p.


Applications are invited from
suitably qualified persons.for Com- The Extra Mural Department of the
monwealth Scholarships -- United University of the West Indies is offer-
Kingdom Awards tenable in the UnitLing a Eour-Month Course in the Prin-
Kingdom in 1972. ciples and practice of Social Work.The
Course will be held at the Social Wel-
2. ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must -fare training Centre,U.W.I., Mona,
normally be candidates who are, or Jamaica, from January to April, 1972.
who will be, graduates by October,
19T2. Applications will also beccra- 2. This Course is designed to meettlhe
sidered from persons without a de- needs of persons with three or more
gree who wish to take a course of years' experience in the broad field
study in the United Kingdom. of Social Welfare, who have not hadthe
opportunity of obtaining professional
. AGRE LIMIT:' Not exceeding thirty _,-1-

Friday, September 17,1971


Page Nine


____ --. -Te' TE STAR F My, SetaPulI 19t

14 C Y


i:' T k 0 :

SWe Servce Whiot We
* **Wah


_ i i I I II I .1 H 1 e

Two Clerks or Travel Agency
Apply to Box I Roseau.


Win Customers and Friends


r~-~"~-~-~~ ~^-------``~~-----I-~-~- -
To the Ihatis I PARIS H. WLLI, AMNS new resiadg m-t RPoses,
! pasih of St. Ge-ort dl hereby give yel n~oict tMh*.
it is our istentKE to appty at the M" -.,i e.t'?; CiAt
to bs hI a-t Rcearse on Fnridy tha Ist day of Oct.
Ober 1971s, amming for a sc?,- Uceni-ca in rcptet aj
war ase ats t Rseai Parish of St. GQtorge.




In the High Court of Justice

Uaitet the Provisiom of the Rules of the Suprei
Co mt 19 of the West Indies Asociated States
Supecme Caurt Ord&e 48 rie 2 (1) (b the sitting
rf the High Cot n it s Crimins l Jrisdicion
wiBl comr ce on T tsday te 2st day of Sep-
t Ier 1971, at the boa of ten o'clock n the
farenoon It the Cour House, Rosesu and sbse-
Bamst dxys thereafter.
D.-iO:d the 23rd day of August, 1971.
RgItfra" H4g CouV of justice.

WF. No. P;CSf4. WGC
2nd september. t97L.






A ir-a-v exists witb C ABLE AND% I R-
CabeaTi Regional Offic in Barbiados.

Pos my IntermaZioal Tz:h-ph,' Traf-
fic Engineer.
p~F a G C.E. "A" Level in Mahe-
maris and English or equiva-
krnt technical education.
PgJgis To ensure that laternation-
a T-eIphone Servites ae opel-
ated efficierty, to measure and
evaluate the perfornanceqem-
lity and adequcsy of rhe ser-

Gegi The succeful apK .ant shoul4
have at least 5 years experieicK
of the telecommunicatikis trao
fic aspect of the opbrsin, de-
velopment and rrmangemen of
international teco1 m nica-
tions sVstems. He shoid disr-
play a knowledge and pE-r :.
for statistical studies ai4 be ca"
oirep of t..:i ." anKd irpke-
mantiag nw niod. e -:-
ence in the, c i. a$e !.rw; of
twic,hb~-ards and telephone
operators s essenfil. i
A kcp.:"'digc of thte facilities
offered by a wide range of te-
lecommumication equipment
in current use IS '.ti.i:', .and
experence in ms~ni t few-st-
ing will b a an advanrse.
aryr n accordance with Company's
salary scales ana commensurate
with experience and qualifica-
App8iations should be addressed to:-
Regional Cbhf Executive,
Eastern Caribbean Regional OPice,
P.O.Box 32,


Friday, September 27,1971 T H E a T AR Page Eleven

"Mysteriouser and mysteriouser" PORTSMOUTH TOWN COUNCIL ELECTIONS.1971
is a mystery.novel by George Bagby; It is notified for general inform-
I smell a REat is a literary piece action that the date fixed for the
by Rama.. .With this caption I des- election of members to serve on the
cribe the stick-of-dynamite affair. Portsmouth Town Council is Friday the
Speculation is rampant within the 1st day of October, 1971.
small confines of Roseau as to the
real event. Was it a genuine tl.eat ? 2, No person shall be deemed a candid-
Was it-a diversion? The talk around ate, unless his name and consent in
town, in-carefully guarded whispers, writing to be nominated with the
is that the whole affair was a'great names of the persons by whom he has
hoax,.. perhaps a scheme to further been nominated, with their signatures
Government's claim that national attached, have been lodged with the
security was being jeopardized and Presiding Officer on or before Thurs-
that we were in mortal danger from day, the 23rd day of September, 1971,
anarchy and subversion. There have at 4.00 p.m. Forms of nomination
been past historic examples of this papers are obtainable from the Presi -
-- the Reichstag Fire,for instance, ing Officer.
Amid fluctuating applause,Rosie 3 A candidate for.election, or someone
rDouglas delivered wnhat may be his on his behalf, shall deposit with the
last rhetoric on Black Power..Rosib Presiding Officer, on or before the
PresidingOfficer, on or before the
may return to jail in Canada, and date of his nomination, the sum of
hemate, o .his nomination, the sum oi
he foresee that.his mind may blow twenty dollars, and if he fails to .do
in the process. Rosie, repeating hi so, he shall be deemed to be withdrawn
self over and over to emphasize a
soul-searching truth, held theblack 4. If by 4,00 pam. on Thursday, the
-oriented audience spellbound. CasE 23rd day of September, 1971, the num-
tigating both political parties for ber of candidates' nominated and stand-i
their bourgeois ideas and ideals, ing for election exceeds the number toi
Rosie appeared to be the BlackNlVbsih be elected, a poll will be taken on
Bitterly denouncing his rich brother Friday,' the .1st day 6f October, 1971,
Michael, the Blapk Power advocate from 8 o'clock in the morning and
drew cheers when he showed how he, shall close' at 5 o'clock in the after-'i
had abandoned his already-buttered noon of the same day at the Magistrate'
bread in order to identify himself Court House, Bay Street, Portsmouth.
with the long-suffering black man. F
Vivid descriptions of white brutality ~P eFr purposes of nomination, .the
in Canada drew gasps from the assem- Presiding officer can be contacted at
bly, and at one point, Rosie's des- the office of t Portsmouth Town
cription of the arrest of members of cL
the Swinging Stars brought exclama- 11Dated this ,0th day of September,
tons of awe and indignation. -The D ACARBON
movement identifies power.with the Presiding Officer.
control of the land for the poor Ref. P.23/335,G.15,108-1/1
people, and it is the goal of Black
Dominicans to accomplish just that. HUERAH FOR HERBIE
A certain commercial gentleman News came through on Wednesday that
is reported to. be making discreet Herbert Volney, who. sat his first GCE
inquiries about the quickie divorces A-level exam this year on his 18th
obtainable in the Dominican Republic. birthday, has now chalked up two more
Local travel bureau are unco-operat- A-levels Geography and British Con-
ive in confirming whether a trip is stitution (distinction in the latter);
really planned, this in addition to thpee-. A-levels
Rama's Generous Gesture Award goes and General paper which he sat (Cam-
to Catholic Bishop Arnold Boghaert bridge) and passed successfully. The
for his decision to turn over some latest results are from London Univ,
property to needy farmers. I don't Congratulations,Herbie:it's terrific'
see the critics matching that offer. ST A O
My column closes with : He who Sund ALPH ONSUSeptembr 2h IDD-ES at
plays at revolution, ploughs the sea. pApI September 6th at GOODWILL
L SiHtALL g-;, 3.00 p.m. Come a ,o .

S.--.--.--.--- ---.:-... /'.. .R.JIOT' CONTROL : A WARNING (fr. page 4)
SS*~T R -SP RT.S-.. ., : : te-ti:lderly, the sick, and young chil-
Spartan'" b -Thrilling VVin.-: Over.H Prnm.clden.
In one of the greatest..:football .. The timing of the introduction ofnew
matches in ye:ai Spartanis ;squeeze.4 .weapons suggests that their use is dic-
out a 1-0 victory, over defending fated less by. the immediate require-
champions Harlem.Rovers. Lively frnments of riot control, than by the
the first whistle 'Harlem piled on'wish to discourage people even from
the pressure ..nd Soanes' left .-put exercising their democratic rights of
a hard one nma6k intoo the bar and peaceful demonstration.
o.ver-s-t the .r'or;dofa grand crowd i;.in so far as the technology of
on a.fine Wedndesday'afternoon. :The crowd control is effective, it does not
Spartans' defenders put all their-- solve a country's problem, but merely
skill into practice and the raids. weakens the pressures for the necessar-
were further and further from the-rily political solutions to those pro-
goal as; '.the play moved to the b;'.lems.
other endd Cuthbert Williams went j A parallel development is the pro-
through the Rovers-but his hard '. gpessive sophistication of electronic
finish hit the bar, soon afterwardssurveillance techniques. The accumulat-
Sa .Lennox Emanuel drive from. 25 ydsion of such controlling powers in the
hit the Harlem goalie in the chest hands of the State diminishes the power
-- but even so the mi-dfield play of the citizen vis-a-vis the State.This
was dominated by Joffre Faustin in adds another dimension to the "managed"
the white and black. So 0-0 at 2. -;aid"manipulated"society in which we live.
time, Before the excited crowd the ..
Rovers were still attacking.- led b learned authors of this quotation
Oiver Joseph with Faustiinin A wee writing about the use of new riot
Oliver. Joseph with Fau tl.n ,.in -, i -.,-, l
form, but their finish lackedthe control weapons in Northern Ireland,But
S i rtn their words are valid in relation to
fit Dominica month of September, 1971.-Ed.
with brilliant team work involving,
SLafond, Emanuel and Cuthbert W. at'LODGE A PROTEST from Page Nine
the finish who got the first (and- invitation to come together,shake hands,
only) goal. Did the crowd behave and get down to some frank,give & take
like sportsmen? No, they rushed all discussions on how to settle their pol-
over the field like savages nearly itical differences and get on with the
s topping the last 15 minutes so business of running the country intell-
dearly needed by Harlem Rovers, but igently:
Spartans' defence was like a stone- Before I leave, I must express my
wall.* On Monday Celtic U. downed concern about all this talk of violence.
Blackburns 12-1 --. ? a record ? In The leaders of both political parties
Di-wII DGS held Celtic. U. 3-3. *"- are guilty of malpractices stemming in-
TIE GREGOIRE BENEFIT MATCH is. set variably from petty personal matters.
for this Sunday as. Augustus bows cut politics is politics, but. damn it,there
from 1st class cricket .as, Capt. of must be a limit' All we ask is for a
a DASA team vs. a State Team, led by little co-operation. Do I have. to invite
Irving Shillingford, with John, Miss Charles & Mr. Armour to get to-
Phillip, Defoe, V.Elwin, .B.Charles, gether too? I hope those concerned
LaRocque, Doctrove,, U.Zamore etc. take this letter in the manner intended.
whilst Gregoire has Grayson S., T. PARRY R. BELLOT, Roseau.
Bertrand and a host of names who Editor's note: we did not know when we
we shall hear more about in years to started printing this that copies had
come. There will be a collection + been sent to other local newspapers,nd
bar receipts. for Gregoire, and the do appeal to correspondents to send us
match starts in the Gardens at noon ORIGINAL letters. We would remind uIr.
for 40 overs&. RIFLE CLUB beat HMS
Tartar 716-511, Cornel Butler 98 and Benlot that Miss Charles is the Presid-
5 other. D/cans 90 or over; L.R.E.M. ent of the freedom Party and not a
Sewell topacored. for Tartar with 91. Deputy like Mr. Armour. P.S.A
PYD UNFAIRNESS (.8) no person Printed and published by the Proprietor
would be victimized. But some who Robert E. Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill
are pro-Freedom are given a very House, at 26 Bath Road Roseau,Dominica
tough time there. If a guy desereosWest Indies. ** *****~*******a*
promotion, give it to him,regardless of politics. A TRUCK DRIVER. *

-T '`H E

Friday, September 17, 19.71

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