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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 09-10-1971
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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SMrs4 Jane Lowenthal,
- r "tibrZSian,
Ssa Reseascch Institute fo:
the Study of tanr,
( 162 East 78 Street,
New York 10021, N.Y.,
Editor..t ~ U.S HAN A --- L
Edi}tor,/5.S SHAND ALLFR.F'

Frwida-y. Stpteinr O, 1S7 1


q i STUD';' MAt

LA. 7 NEWS SxACK --j.E

Ten Ce,',' '"
w ''''-B- -

AN Vote

THE Government of this State apprehends .itzs
.here is i wminent national danger and has forbidden
und er its Public Order Act all public nmesios from
, p.m. on Sept. zad to 7 p.m. on Sep. A On the
.- 3rd Gcaverwse's Bill to amend 0i R isau Town
amacil Ordinaace was supposed to come up, and the
.lom Party had sidn it would infm members in
!e course if an orderly march to the House of As-
Su.-ysb was to take place. All this arises ou of the re-
pimn cf Queen Mary Street to "FREEDOM
Meanwhile a Gwrnment Minister (Patrick John)
:dca.,red in a boxed noticed xnted in his Party's news-
pas' that the Shoe Party would hold meetings in the
i:.:r u area on Sept. 2rst anJ 22nd. As will be noted
'*: is page, Freedom i holding a meeting on Tues-
*..-_y S ?emt. 21st.
In a second proclamation, unds the Defenc
T-frce Ordinance, GC~vrnent it putting the Defence
L :rcc on the alert from 6 a.m. on Sept, 23rd until a r-
t!her notice.
You people of Roseau our Roseau and of Dom-
iica our Domminica take cart4ul note of these facts
and seek out the truth for yourselves. Who is afraid
of whom?

the -Pain aims anSt objective obng:-
(a) to conurve the beauty of Mont.errat;
(b) to pr~srve and rehabilitate historical sites, mnau-
mants, docutaMents, thati&. e.;
(c) to preri e tho fauajflor .of Montserrat;
(d) ,the a q itin~ of property for the benefit of the
Island wva its paoplv;
and (e) the attraction of fud- Tot, the above purpas'..
In dre conrme. legislation wasenacted ereativg 'the Mont-
srrat NatienIl Trust as a atmutor hotdy and rul5s made fo
tf, operation. The Inaugaral rneine of the Trust wF s Ij
on 13th February, 1970- The Council of the Trust wart.
through 3 commiaees defliiig with:
(1) Arehaeolng, Archives aud History; .
(2) Flora and Fauns; d
and (3) Public Relations and Pub!ieityv.



In the High Court of Justice

UaJdcr the Provisioas of the Rules of the 3~Wu..-.
Court 1'97 of the West Indies Associated Strte"
Supreme Court Order 48 rule 2 (W) (b the siri:-j
of the High Court in its Criminal Jurisdiction
will commence on Tuesday the zist day of Sep-
tember 1971, at the hour of ten o'clock in the
forenoon at the Court House, Roseau and subse-
queat dys thereafter.

Dated the z2rd day of August, 1971.
1Reirrc& Hgijt Q'our of
Re. No. PICS' 4 0G45
2nd Srtrnmber 971.



'S Dac8

Uls~n~~u iwsar~w~a~r u U^' o;

Dr. Bruce Stewart
Rsavedl f&am ovyrjAsg vacatio,.

epbe.f .. ^2965
- 1. .. I

Ima fi

(oa i/


of thear


Just over two weeks ago a most unusual wed-
ig te k place at the People's Pentecostal Church
ar Resea Old Bridge. Crowds of well wish e
re to be seena nar by.
Bride was Miss .Cornelia John Baptiste, an
angelical leader in the community. Bridegroo"c
r. Patrick Martin is a teacher at D. G. S. Somtn
Sguests came, to St. George's Anglican Rector
* the reception. Relatives of the bridal pair, .s
I1 as Pastor White and his wife, flh i- for t,-
casaon, The honeymoon was at Riviere la Cra x
tel, and the happy pair now live near Lou. ,er e.

aCne S o'. Domn(iEcO
'ei Pr:ne-r :'191 Editor 2610
T'. K' r-;a Ri'rp-dstrlfatf'e
Cottn Turrer idrcfnI Ltd.
i.2 Shaftesbury Ave, W. I

Vol. XHJ No. 11


will hold a most important meeting or0
September 21st from thee Trade Uion
HaIJ, Lkgoa, at 8.oo pm. All citizens in

- ,~*~pp~-uwrr~l~u*-nrh--srusg~LLrra~

-"O~UI"-"-4Ul~""l'-YLl~m----~-L--~~~C lyl I-~--


ii --~as~par woll~;m:~p~PPbRlgm*aaQ)oDaVllulC~B*ICIY1



When the ruling Party, after threatening it for a long time,
finally announced that it was going into the newspaper business, many
persons predicted that this step would do the Party much more harm
than good, particularly as it was anticipated that the new publica-
tion would attempt to try conclusions with the other two leading news-
papers usually.critical of its proprietors. This has come to pass in
a striking way.
During the past few weeks, that Party newspaper, by virtue of its
marked acrobatic facility for putting its feet into its mouth, has
provoked some of the sharpest and most brilliant pieces of recent
times, pieces which.have considerably weakened the causes for which
the Party stands, This, of course, was only to be expected consider-
ing the calibre of journalism against which the new publication was
attempting to pit itself. The hierarchy may now well be regretting
its choice of editor.
I should like to recall some of its blunders. From the word "go",
the paper has sought to play in the murky and putrid waters of class
conflict. Shamelessly, it has tried to identify the departed Imperial
power and presence with members of the Opposition Party, though per-
fectly well aware that within the ranks of the Opposition Party are
more persons who have suffered from imperialism-racism than can be
found among the hierarchy of the ruling Party and that, in fact, if
there is one person who may be regarded as the greatest locally living
aider and abettor of the departed Imperialism, this person is to be
found high up in the echelons of that shoe Party. The ruling Party
newspaper, under its present editor, has also persistently tried to
identify and associate affluence with the Opposition Party -- a mani-
fest falsehood and absurdity. It-was this policy which drew forth an
editorial blast from one of our contemporaries which may well spell
the beginning of the end for the editor. For our contemporary was
forced to identify for public gaze some of the numerous affluent pro-
Leblanc figures and forces which hitherto have preferred to operate-
in the shadows. They will not thank the editor of their paper for
this glare.
SAgain, after the Premier's rather incomprehensible performance at
the inauguration ceremony of the Bagatelle-Fond St. Jean- Pointe
Caribe Village Council when he so maltreated truth, his Party news-
paper came out with the headline "Premier Silences His Critics". This
was the proximate cause and occasion for what I regard as a classic on
the untrue claims of the Premier for the road system of Dominica. It
is no exaggeration to say that that editorial, from the same pen which
had exposed the shadowy figures lurking in the corridors of political
power, was an eye-opener for hundreds of Dominicans who out of sheer
mental laziness had been inclined to accept the propaganda that the
Premier had been responsible in the main for the extended road system
of Dominica. Giving chapter and verse about all the main road systems
of Dominica, with year of construction commencement, it became crystal
clear that, on proper examination, this extravagant claim could not be
substantiated. The faith of many has now been shaken, thanks both to
the Premier and to the editor of his Party newspaper.
In yet another issue, the editor has committed what is probably his
biggest blunder to date in his paper's few weeks of existence.
Commenting upon the decision of the people of Dominica to march in pro-
test against the Government's announced decision to introduce legiia-
tion at the next meeting of the House of Assembly to reduce the powers
of the 70-year-old Roseau Town Council, (one of the oldest in the West
Indies, indicating that once upon a time Dominica had men of competence
in its public life), the Party newspaper let slip (1) that the Police
would not grant permission for the march and (2) that the Government,
should the march nevertheless take place, will take action in which
"some unfortunate person may die." (continued on Page Four)
continuedd on Page Four)


,-n--i r1'vT R.-np-,=t.,mh('r -10.Q 171

Tl,,^/- nlir<^

At Manchester show-dumping events
(horses), Princess Anne took all
the prizes and is now a contender CABLE AND WIRELESS (West Indies)Lim-
for one of four places in the Nat- ited require a qualified Accountant
ional show-jumping team. The aA.C.C.S. or A.C.W.A. or American/Can-
Earl of Snowdon was fined 20 for adian equivalent aged 25 to 40 with
careless driving when he backed O suitable experience to take up a newly
into French photographer Belasariodcreated position of Management Account-

car several weeks ago. The E~arl i i LI j.LO l L
said Belasario had crowded him to This appointment requires a man who has
take pictures, good experience in implementing and
DOMINICA incident in Minister's running a system of Budgetary Control
"home : See- back D-age, .:, together with the review and recommend-
home See back pe.* action of changes to accounting proced-
BARBADOS: Premier Barrow's DLP ureso He should be used to dealing with
won the general election by an in-management at all levels.
creased majority 186. The Barbad-As the Company operates throughout the
os Labour Party's leader H.B.
os Labour Prtys l r H. St. Caribbean the successful applicant will
John lost his fight but Sir Gran
ly Adams' son T.om wona seat have to be prepared to spend a fairly
ley Adams' son Tom won a seat.
.large amount of time travelling, but
THE AWARD OF THE ISLAND SCHOLAREP generous allowances and conditions are
This theme has alve'ady drawn two given to compensate for this.
letters to the STAR, and probably
others to come when results areoutSalary and conditions of service will
Sbe discussed with suitable applicants.

Dear Madam, .ali^ IUr ioarvlw.
Dear Madam, Please allow me space
to ask a few questions. Applications should be addressed to:-
to ask a few questions*
I. On what performance is the 1971 The Regional Chief Executive,
Island Scholarship based. Eastern Caribbean Regional Office,
'II. Should results of a previous P.O. Box 32,
year be taken into consideration? 99/1/1. BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS.
If so, I think it very unfair.
After the island scholar is named, DOMINICA ELECTRICITY SERVICES have ann-
the records should be closed* Ounced that public electricity supply
III. Is concurrent General Paper is available in Marigot and Wesley with
a must? effect from Friday 10th September 1971,
IV. If two years are taken into New plant is being operated and maintain-
consideration, then it is no use ed entirely by residents of Marigot and
students sitting for 1972, as the Wesley who have had no previous exper-
scholarship should be given right ience in such matters beyond the 12macths
away to Lester McIntyre. training most of them underwent. At
V. If a student gets a scholarship first this may affect the reliability of
on two passes, or 3 passes without the supply, but D.E.S. hope that every-
a General Paper in the same year, thing will have settled down before the
then why must students work hard official Opening Ceremony in October.
to get 3 Advanced level subjects
As a parent of a Sixth Former to
sit next year, I would be grateful Congratulations go to Miss Joan
if the Education Officer could en- Joseph, a student at Convent High
lighten me. FATHER'OF VI FORMER. School for passing in 8 O-level sub-
_______ _________ ects distinction in English & French).
CONVENT HIGH SCHOOL 0-levels: We All Joan's family was or is educated at
learn that CHS got 93.2% passes in CHS, one sister being a teacher there.
French, 83.3% English language (9 This is indeed a great triumph for
istinctin and fdistinFrench Joan and.for her home town Portsmouth.
OUR SA : a ougn it s-true OUR MISTAKES: We did not credit Herbie
that General Paper was a stumbling Volney with the right results: he got
block at DGS, Rawlins Bruney & Irv- 3 A-level passes PLUS the General Paper
ing Clarendon DID attain it at A- We also omitted the excellent results
level this year plus their other As.of Edward Nevman 2 A-level passes.

Page Three


Friday,September 10,1971


mTrrTl ('m Afl

Page Four ir O... .-. -- ,A. -
ING BAD MATTERS WORSE by Androcles (from page two)
Tis is a most compromising situation for the ruling Party whose views
and policies its newspaper reflects. For one thing, it betrays a pre-
judgement of things since no application for permission for the pro-
posed march has yet been made by the organizers. For another, it
shows the value attached by the ruling Party to the lives of its citi-
zens if it can contemplate so needlessly causing loss of life in so
simple a matter as a protest march. This, too, has been an eye-opener
to many* Surely, the hierarchy cannot thank its editor for so
thoughtlessly exposing the Party-Government's secret plans.
It can, therefore, well be understood why the Opposition Party
wants to see the ruling Party's newspaper continue and be maintained
under the direction and inspiration of its present editor. Vivat et
o00... . 0000 000o0o 0 0O. .e Doo @ .... ** 000
In a syndicated article which will be read in every English-
speaking Caribbean territory, readers are told that the Freedom street
issue is the most important issue in Dominica at the present time.
For this ridiculous presentation of Dominica to the outside world, we
have to thank the Leblanc shoe Government. Incidentally, I must take
issue with a local contemporary which, on the issue, has adopted an
attitude or, I believe, has even quoted with approval: "A plague on
both youl houses" (Shakespeare) in the Freedom Street issue. There
are certain,persons whose antics are incomprehensible. This quotation
is meant to apply to circumstances when it is hard to make out who is
right and who is wrong. It cannot be used, for example, in the situa-"
tion of the owner versus the thief.
That it can truthfully be said that the Freedom Street issue is the
most important one in Dominica at this time, is entirely the fault of
the Government. The Town Council, acting both with precedent and in
law.as it interprets it, has given a reasoned case for the re-naming
of."Queen Mary Street" to "Freedom Street". The Council either has or
has not the right and power to do so. If it does not have the right
which it claims to have from its interpretation of the law which states
that the Council MAY make bye-laws for street naming, then this is a
matter for adjudication by the Courts and the judge would say whether
"MAY" means "must" (as the Government claims) or means "may" (as the
Council contends ). Why does the Government not take the matter to
Court, the final decision on which would bind both parties to the
quarrel? Why does the Government, instead, choose to announce that it
will pass a new law giving Government the final say in street naming?
This implies that the Government does not have the final say and that-
the Council has it end, consequently, is constitutionally entitled to
use it. It is this kind of monumental Government nonsense which is
making all of us look so stupid in the eyes of the outside world, so
much so, that it can state that this is the most important issue in
Dominica at the present.timne. Whether this is so or not, things should
never have been allowed to take the course that they have with the pre-
vision of brighter minds having provided the remedy for such a
Recently, this paper has carried an article from a correspondent in
our close neighbour, Martiniqce, in which it .s clearly indicated that
the right of naming and re-naming streets rests with the municipal
authorities. It is the same in all the islands which have municipal
authorities of the status of the Roseau Town Council.
All comments on the subject outside of Dominica have this common note
of puzzlement: what is wrong with the naming of a street "Freedom'Street"
after the most popular concept of the day; after a song which met world-
wide acclaim; in a region where its history of slavery is a history of
the struggle to achieve freedom; where so many other communities -- even
in the Caribbean -- have named thoroughfares, parks,buildings etc. in
honour of freedom? (Concluded on -age six)

S*m-^-I n 1 1 Qr7i

Page :Frive T H E S

r i-T- 0 T I C E
j ------ ---------
Tenders are invited for the sup-
ply of articles and the undertaking:
of services during the period lst
January,1972 to 31st December,1972
for all Governments Departments
throughout the island as detailed.
in the Schedule set out hereunder:
SCHEDULE A. Steel Rods

Corrugated Galvanized Iron Sheets
Gelatinous Explosives
Water Piping and Fittings
Paints,with recommended primers
Lumber -Pitch Pine & White Pine
Lubricating Oils and Greases
I ac m-lrrT-. i-t <-^ i /^ rpl"T\Qc

Friday,Septemb e 10,

Kerosene 1. All articles must be of unqugetion-
SCHEDULE B ably good quality either according to
Motor Omnibus Mail & Passenger samples submitted, or to the specified
Service between the towns of rate at which the contract has been
Roseau and Portsmputh. accepted, and must in every case be
SCHEDULE C. subject to the approval of the offis
Meat (except Fresh Meat supplied in charge of the Institution supplied,
by local butchers) 2. Every article to be delivered'at
Fish (except Fresh Fish supplied any place as may be required within,
by local fishermen) the limits of the Town of Roseau,and/
Green Vegetables or Portsmouth in the required quantity
Bread free of charge and at such time as
Groceries (wholesale) may be required. Delivery, however,
Fresh Eggs may be 'taken at the Contractor's shop
N.B. The items in Sohedule C aret- or works should the Department con-.
be supplied from Ropeau only, cerned so ,desire.
SCHEDULE D. In ,case of failure to supply any
Chemicals article at 'the time required, or if
Tnsecticides,Fungicides,Weedicides the article is not of satisfactory
Fertilizers quality any such article shall be
Animal Feeds Livestock Farm purchased by the Government in the
*/ Please see attached note best.market at the Contractor's cost.
3. Any article supplied that is not'
* SCHEDULE A : Tyres and Tubes, of approved quality shall be removed
The following represents type and from the department within a reason-
quality of tyres required:- :able time after notice to the effect
For Trucks: has been served on the Contractor or
9.00 20 12 ply. his agent, and in the case of failure
8.25 20 12 ply: t o comply such article may be retur-
7.50 20 10 ply. ned at the contractor's expense'.
12.00 20. 1? ply. 4. Increases. in contract prices will
For Jeeps not. be allowed during the contract
600 16 4 ply .period, except in cases where the price
700 16 6 ply, of an article is controlled by Gov-
For Tractors and Traxcavators: ernment. and.rises. above the contract
Loader Grader Type)all sizes price.
'Maximum speed 25 m,p.h,)at 16 ply.i Any expenditure necessarily incur-
For Oshkosh,Trailers, Concrete red in excess of contract rates, or
Mixers, Tractors front wheels, for..whieh a Contractor (cant. p.6)
All Free rolling Equipment ...Rib Type Tyres.



2. Conditions of Contract are
published below and copies may be
obtained during the normal working
hours from the Ministry of Finance.
Prospective tenderers should care-
fully note the following;-
(a) The Tenders Board will give
preference to local materials and
products provided their quality is
(b) Tenders for 1972 which should
be in sealed envelopes and addressed
The Chairman,
Tenders Board,
Ministry of Finance
should reach the Ministry of Finance..
not later than 4.00 p.m. on Monday
8th November, 1971.



Page Six
:otherwise becomes; liable, may be re- Tenders are invited for the supply
covered by,,dedution t.o be made from of uniforms for Customs and Excise
any moneysthat may be due or become .officers in the Minor and Subordinate
idue to him in respect of his. contract Grades of the Public Service asfollows:-
with the Government and, failing re-
.covery, of .such amounts in the stated TROUSERScustoms and Excise.Officers -
manner, the :Contractor's, sureties, i Navy Blue 55% terrylene 45%worsted
ibe held-liiable for any loss result- Other Officers Dark Blue,
ing to the Government. -lower terrylene content accepted
:5. -" Sampl-es of articles: tendered 4 Mechanical Operators, Short
I:should-as far as possible be lodged Port Khaki
.at the Ministry of Finance at the
.time of transmitting the tender for SHIRTScustoms and Excise Officers -
:such articles. Samples of supplies: Sleeves terrylene/cotton, shoulder
accepted by the Tenders Board may be straps, two pockets with flaps
'retained by the Government during, th .Other Officers Light Blue,
term of contract. shoulder straps, two pockets with
6. It is. to be distinctly understod. flaps,
that the price tendered for each art- Mechanical Operators Port
iele is to be wholly inclusive, due Khaki, jwo pockets with flaps
allowance. being made by the Contract-
oor or any Customs Duties or other SHOES Black
charges connected with the articles BLACK PEAK CAPS
supplied, and that the. Government.'
will not be liable'for any payment RAINCOATS of the Lumber Jacket Type
additional to the prices specifiedin Supplies must be available within
the .Tenders,. for barrels.,: bags, pack- two months of the award of tenders, .
ages, tins:, or for any drawback in
respect of Customs Dutie.s, etc. Tenders, which should be in sealed
7. Any neglect or failure .on the part envelopes with samples of fabrics for
of the Contractor to.supply any art- garments and clearly marked "Tenders,
ieles contracted for., at the .options for Uniforms" and should be addressed
of the Tenders Board, -render..such THE CHAIRMAN; TENDERS BOARD,
Contractors .liable to have his cont- Ministry of Financm Trade&Industry,
ract terminated without notice. ROSEAU
8.. The IGovernment reserves the right and should reach the Ministry of Finars
of accepting the whole .or any portion Trade and Industry not later than
of each Tender:and does not bind it- 11.00 a.m. on Monday 8th November,
self to accept the lowest oranyTender. 1971.
9, Details, specifications; and estir- Eurther particulars can be obtained
ated requirements for the contract from the Ministry of Finance, Trade
period may-be obtained from the rel- and Industry.
evant Ministries o,r Departments.
10. Brands of items must be indicated Government does not bind itself
in every.possible case and where to accept any tender. .
brands cannot be given, the country
of origin must be stated.
11. Requirements may fluctuate, hence A.B. LAZARE
.there can be no guarantee.of fixed
quantitie at any particular time. ,F.F4/ for Financial Secretary
11. The Government reserves the right G148, 101-1/1 6th September, 1971
to order through the Crown Agents for ANDRO (cono. P ): Americans in
Overseas Governments and Administrat- parti ular.are sB;.RfRea. to thiXte that
ions or from any source outside Dom- jhoi3 st a W has, .y om--
S" n mnica Government implication, unpleas-
inica any of the.articles contracted a-and Giister associations in a
:for A.B. LAXARE country, said to be ruled by a "Labour
(FOR) FINANCIAL SECRETA=E Party".* So on the one hand we have
'Ministry of Finance, Government falsehoods as discussed in
25th August, 1971 the first section of this piece; on
IFile NO. F29/1 .- ,,. the other, we have Government inanities,
G.147. 100-/1 as in the Freedom Street,issue. Where
4 ~-- does poor Dominica go from here?


S. rat,

Friday,September 10,1971 T f E S T A__ rag Cv i

Impression: D 0 M I N I C A R E V I S I T E D

Since 1962 I have regularly visited Dominica. I think that this
island is a precious gift for the man educated on the French side of the
West Indies and also for the intellectual.
And only those who have, at least, these two components can appreciate
the real value and the richness of Dominica. For me, this island is a
complete change just a few lengths from Guadeloupe and Martinique; I am
not one of those who take a holiday and find that things go too slowly
here; that the road from the airport to Roseau is too long. No. You cannot
imagine how great and important for the traveller is the shock of the
landing at Melville Hall, with the love story between the plane and the
forest near the river, With the proposed new airport we are going to lose
this first step to poetry and get just something common as in Barbados,
St.Lucia or Martinique. The road to Roseau is what the tourist needs to
be introduced to the multiple splendours of the last savage island of the
West Indies. I think that this must be preserved, it is part of the tour-
ists' game. The little dolls houses along the road built with rough wooden
material are less destructive for the landscape than the concrete built
ones which (most often) are a definite offence to the surrounding beauty
of Nature It is perfectly normal that people here in Dominica want to
live in better houses; it is their right. But something must be done to
preserve the beauty of the site -- so I think that your Government should
be clever enough to find intelligent designers Who, for a cheap price,
would give interesting suggestions to those constructing houses, bearing'
in mind the materials and the money they have at their disposal.
Another important sight for the tourist is the Botanical Gardens. In
Martinique we had one before the Second World War, as your young students
reported. It is brushed off our map now because some VIP one day had a
"hole in the middle of his brain". Since 1962, I have noted the decadence
of your Gardens, for this Botanic Station was a world-known one since the
18th century. Really, I do not understand the state of your Gardens.--
only a few flowers, and so many rare trees have disappeared unreplaced,
giving place to more vulgar species; barbed wire for cricket matches seems
more evident than new shrubs. However, I read that $35,500 per year is
devoted to the BG. and other grounds of Dominica; so if you did not know,
now you know. Yes, I have bought all the Dominica newspapers beginning
with my favourite STAR.
All around the islands of the W.I. rubbish is a problem. I cannot for-
get, on my way to Roseau, a gentleman throwing out from his window in the
street a big pile of rubbish which just missed to fall in the car. What
about a better sense of cleanness? What about a greater sense of civics?
But I hear that your Government and Roseau Town Council are quarelling so
the man in the street may be "fed up" and doesn't care what he does.
Your Premier and other authorities seem to be very impressed by the
drugs problem; we have the same one in the French and other islands; but
tourism is not the only thing responsible for the introduction of drugs
here; drugs are part of the youth evolution or revolution through the
world and it is not an efficient way to face this difficult subject, re-
fusing to welcome tourists in the island; also it is not good politics to
publicise on the radio that "the Government of Dominica is a bit concerned
getting too many tourists especially at the early period all at once in
the country" (that's how I heardit). It sounds unfriendly towards the other
islands to say openly "when I see what happens in the other islands"...
The fact is that tourism is fast developing in Barbados,Guadeloupe
and Martinique this year; and if banana money fails, will it not have to
develop in Dominica also? Moreover I find it indecent to persuade a quite
naive population that the Government of:Dominica has so great a care for
the wellbeing of the citizens by pretending that "There are other things
that are sometimes more important than money". Tell that to a poor man who
tries to feed and educate his children? All-must remember that a Premier
gets 1l4,440 per year as emoluments, plus $1,440 for entertaining allowance,
plus $5,500 travelling and subsistence allowance. (Contd. on Page Bight)

Page Eight T H E STAR Friday,September 10,1971

DOMINICA REVISITED Impression from Page Seven
We know how heavy it is to lead even a small nation and that no money can
replace the used brain cells, but what about you all? So, if you did not
know, now you know. Why not face the problem of marijuana by educating
parents and young people, using powerful and modern means such as radio,
posters, films? It is just disclosed that you have a modern cinema in
Portsmouth devoted to the culture of the citizens of Dominica and that its
owner has received $10,000 as a contribution towards this cultural help to
the population. Have those living in Roseau got the benefit of such in-
structive shows?
I deliver a special award to the team of Radio Dominica for the
splendid job done in a so small cockpit. But tell me, if you can benefit
by the coverage of cricket matches during full days, why you cannot get a
full coverage of what is happening in your House of Assembly, which is
far more interesting? I think that the full report of the meetings about
the life of the nation is more important than cricket matches; your trad-
ition of democracy is older than ours in the French islands; but it is ob-
vious that in your democratic system, as soon as you have elected your
representatives, they don't think it essential to give you any reports,and
the only thing they seem to care about is to preserve your blindness or
deafness, thus taking great care of your health...
I am sorry to confess that through reading some of your newspapers,the
tourist might get a bad opinion of Dominica. Do you find it normal that
the population of this -island consists of males and females? EHr They
treated you with less care than scientists look at animals. Worse, I have
been shocked learning that in Dominica there are 8 kinds of women: simple
girl who loves married man, married woman loving a bachelor,virgin to whom
marriage is promised, woman to whom an extra child is a-heavy weight, woman
who likes full fre edom,the butterfly unsuccessful girl,. and the queer female,
My curiosity has been excited to read that in Dominica there exists "an adult
race". I rush to the Museum, but it either doesn't exist or it is closed;
can anyone explain to me what is the "adult race", and where I can go to
get a good picture of this? Eager to find out About this new specimen of
our islands, I walked through the streets of Roseau, and I saw imagine)
charming girls, healthy boys, women even poor taking care of their new-born
babies; everybody being extremely kind to me the tourist. It appears from
this search of mine that Dominica is the last island of the W.I. in which
people look happy and say "hello" even to a stranger, The proportion of
young Afro stylists is not much more than normal, If young people protest
through their clothes and with their hair it means that they are anxious
about their future, and that they have the feeling that nothing or nearly
nothing is being done about it. Yes, some people are just jumping in their
beds reading these lines.
L6t us take it cool. There are about 72,000 inhabitants here of which
35,000 are under 18 years. For the 55,000 you provide three secondary schools
From these schools each year, 25 go to university; of these 25 only 20 be-
come graduates; of these 20 only six come back to the island. So Dominica
produces six 4aluable brains per year; what can you expect from that. I hear
you have a technical school: very very good. But where is the information
bureau where young people can go and get information to know about the sit-
uation of employment in coming years, so they can choose the most suitable
profession in regard to talent and possibilities offered? Do not think the
problem is less in F.W.I.; in Martinique 155,000 young people face it.
You have a public library. A Librarian is paid $7,580 to buy and give
out $5,000 of books and periodicals. Let us divide 5,000 by 72,000... It
means that only 6 sous are devoted per year for the culture of your dear
population. So if you did not know, now you know.
Black is beautiful. I am black, I am proud. Why not. Why not. Yes,why
not? :- I.amaf mixed blood. I am a West Indian and because of it, I must be
clever! What does it mean to be clever? -.You must think about it.
I heard about a Market, In our market of my birthplace, every peasant
can enter and have a place, for 50 cents per basket. This is democratic.
Think on the words "government of the people for the people & by the people..'

te.. .... .Sr .... -.,? & i,

.:' -. ... .. 4. ,

.. .. :. .
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A. M. PA r., PrPdent.
6 95, Box -/ft. Fort WB Txs. U. S. SA. 7WA. 7 -

Cs, ,o; Engineers Partnership eq~icast
Mreme Drawpltsman.
Applicans shxuid have a Qasinmtai of
5 GCE O. level pases or equivakft.
Preference will be give to DomUimas wk'
passes in Engihsh Lanjuagej, tlsanrd 3Fysi
No workmg experience necessary.
.Applicans should appiv in the owva i ~.d
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Page Tn

Schedule of ADplcator, for Certificate of Title and Noting
thereon and Caveats for week ending 4th of Septembr,. 9A.
ODte Requested Pericn Presenting Na:.re c. rc ,jrst
vwh~her a Certi:cate
of 'rie of N ?t:.r,.g
thereon or Ca
deiut dte hd ate rta Rodney Reque;: for the ivte of a
4ft ayof July, First Ct.r:fi-cate of Title ic
1@71., i j a on. raspct ot a poraom of !and
reaed Pt tho a t La PK;ne m ihe Parish (t
Coslt Home, Ro. St Patrick coatasning 18175
MsUos thIle313 sq. ft. and bounddea;fol
Agaessr, t17I ft9.Sea.m. 'l.^ws:-
N4wth: by Top ofa Precipice; South: by land of Christophl
Bewptre; Eas: by Send of Verette joseph; We't: by land
4s Jojsphine S6wgouseaux. -Si.
VDeiqusted Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certficate
of Title of Noting
ohereon or Caveat.

zequept dated the MBllot Rodey
ihs day of JUlh,
FPrsented at (tee
Cowt Homes, Ro-
asi on tahe 31st
asgtkd, 7l at!930 a.m.

RevueCt for the ist) of a
First Cerificate of T'itw
respet of a portion of land
at La Plaine in the Paribh of
St Patrick containing 4725
sq. ft. and boundetsafo

NMrth: by Ilaes of Stephn Jon ~o d ~Romla Cathottl
Church; South: by Public Read; East: by lads of Reomn
Csaco4e Chfard; West: by sands of StaphB John. 3ja

Rge'strar's O ace,
Rvezau Dominita.

Registrar of Tites.

j *----U--s---0--"---------------------
. NOTE:- Any person who desires to object to the tuua of a
First Certtfrcate of Tijti in the above appifc.tion may e.Ser a
Caveat in the above Ofice ,ithln six weeks from the date ofl
the first appearance of th~i Schedu~t in the STAR Newspaperj
pubi;sned In this SEase or frcrm the desce when the notice orm.-
scrtbed by, tew was s.ered o any owner or occupt*r of adjoinrng
tmnd in retspct of which the application is made.




bM- t/9

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~~~ ~ ~ I ^~~c E, -



--- ----I--IM-s~-eIc?:
su ____ ~,~n~"Y~""~"Y""*""^'~Ii~


- -qC ___ 1--I

% :ZiPiT'i)gp
____:~~i~?~.~;~::w~Fsha,%~X ~~


Friday September 10. 1971


Like a breath of- fresh air, Although unable to' attend their
Lennox Honyichurch- comes, on the scene Press conference, we were pleased to
Lto relieve the excruciating pain have talk-ession with the three am-
one experiences in heu aur-icular bassa ors chosen by graduate students
region during the noohau-time broad- of LUWI to present the case for Lee-
casts. So that I mar not be-ac- wards Windwards integration -- not,.
caused of bias or 'prejudice, let me we gathered, under the shadow of
c say at this point that. I am mt Guyana. One remark made by Dr.Vaughan
personally acquainted with. Mr. Lewis of St. Lucia particularly struck
Honychurch. II'am evaluating his us: "We should restrict the necessity
performance solely from a.profes- for the creation of a new 'federal
sional viewpoint. Although he.has superstructure': power should flow
limited experience in the field of from the islands themselves." Dr.Lewis,
broadcasting, Lennox displays a son of a distinguished St.Lucian, is
confidence in his approach which a Ph.D. The other two were Swinburne
should appeal to the listener who Lestrade of Dominica and D.Venner MSc.
has a yearning for more profes- Econ. of St. Vincent. Our reporter
sional broadcasting. His phonetics notes:- In a meeting held last Thurs-
are almost-perfect, and his asso- day night at Goodwill Junior High Sch.
ciates who also man the "hot spot" UWI graduates (named above)outlined
would do well to take a crash clearly the necessity for a Leewards-
course in Phonetics. Of course, Windwards integral combine, saying
Rama expects criticism of the that in the field of economic devel-
opinions expressed, opment there is no means whereby the
Congratulations to Manager Fitz islands can survive separately.CARIFTA
Giraud on the opening of his .new was not ideal, but would inmrove in a
Drive-In. Service is excellent, new context. As one large unit of the
and. you are guaranteed a free smile Leewards-Windwards, more economic ad-
from his charming hostesses whether vantages would be at our disposal in
you buy or hot. The joint is quite relation to the larger and more devel-
busy in the evening hours and is hoped territories
frequented by Roseau's Who's Who. The graduates gave a long history
The married men with teen-age of the numerous attempts made to fed-
daughters who delight in de- rate certain West Indian islands,dat-
flowering all the young girls they ing back from the 17th century up to
can lure with promises of em- the present day; they suggested that
ployment and cash should take stock these failures were due to the fact
of what their own daughters are that the people of the islands were
doing during that period. And it not directly involved : the changes
is these same fathers who put their were Colonial Office attempts to ease
daughters off-limits to any, in- administration and lessen the cost to
terested young man. But time will Britain. But now we are the ones who
tell. The escapades on the dark see the necessity for such a revolution
Rockaway Beach don't always.go un- and if we get together things are going
noticed. At least not for Rama. to be much better for united west-nd
And those "after-eight" rendezvous etc.; and surely our economy is "fall-
are known about. So the next day, in-g"i Te
girlsdon't act like you-spent the These students believe that for
night in a convent, success to be achieved, a radical
I understand that the Black change must come about both politically
Power Movement in Roseau has lost and economically; as a result there
its sting; if it ever had one. will be political independence, econ-
SRosie Douglas, acknowledged leader' omi advantages and efficiency in ad-
of the group, is-busy preaching the ministration (among other things) for
supremacy doctrine in the outlying. the united grouping, envisaging that
districts in a desperate bid to re--as time goes on there will be one elec-
kindle fire in the movement, ted government for' all the islands.Thc
Concerning the present situation time to start this integration, they
in our embattled Roseau, I cjose my stated, is NOW. Consequently theyhav~
column with the quote, "For what started their get-together movement
avail the plough or sail/ Or land through lectures sponsored by the Ex-
or life, if FREEDOM fail?" tra MuraLDepts. throughout. And so on.o.

Page E~even


Friday, September 10,1971

Page Wwelve THE STAR-

**SS*T*A*"R*S'P*O*R*T*S. ...******l .-I.M.S. TARTAR arrived to-
SPARTANS-CELTICS CLASH ENDS IN.CI'WQS day to pay her deferred visit. The
The referee was forced to cll Governor and Captain exchanged court-
The referee as forced to tcall a esy visits. H.M.Ship will be here for
premature end to the excitement- 3 days.-Cancelled programme will now
packed encounter between Spartans aye place
and Celtic United at Windsor Park take place.
STRIKE on Waterfront: strike action
after a group of Celtic fans refuagainst the firm of J.ENassief brought
ed to let the match continue with against the firm of J.ENassief brought
Spartans leading two goals to nil out many rWAJM workers in other concerns
Spartans leading two goals to nil. who sympathised. After negotiations with
It was a dismal sight at a time the D/ca Emloyera' Federation and Gov-
when Celtics looked like being de- ernment wer inconclusive, a "one man"
feated. Clem John did the damage Bard of inquiry in the person of Mrs.
for Spartans; within 40 minutes of Board of Inqiry in the person o s
the first half he out-jumped the Mona Rigsby James was appointed to
Celtics defender s to put a Cuthe enquiry into the circumstances of the
Celtics defender ner-kick in a th dismissal of Thomas Richardson, ******
ert Wiiams corner-kick s leading the- THE STICK OF DYNAMITE : at about 9 pm.
nets. ith Sipartans leading one- on Thursday, the elder child of Deputy
nil at the terval, tension moun- Premier RDP.Armour brought to her mother
ted as Celtic were not going to (daughter of Mr. Robert Douglas,Ports-
settle in for a loss, so they pid mouth) a stick of dynamite wrapped in
the pressure on; but the boys in
gold and blue held their fort well several layers of wrapping paperPolice
until midway in the 2nd half.Then were called in and are investigating.
Clem iJohn put Spartans further Speculation is rife as to whether the
Clem John put Spartans further ,
ahead, getting past the defenders FreedomParty or the Black Power Move-
tsend a powerful right-footer ment will be accused of this reprehen-
scorching into the nets. Soonter sible act, or whether it is a type of
scorching into the nets. Soon t "Reichtag Fire" red herring, ****.****
the crowd invaded the field....
On Thursday, Emeralds made light Another Reader on THAT ISLAND SCHOLASEEP
work of a depleted Blackburns line-Dear Sir, along with a of
up, to win 7T-nil, with Pat Blaize I, along with ac ...e
nup, to win 7tim l with Pat Bla other students now beginni g 6th Form,
netting four times along with Har-
ris (twice) and Augustus (once). would like to know if we no longer have
On Sunday the "Champs" Harlem to sit all our subjects in one year in
Rovers found the nets for the 1st order to be eligible for the Island
time this season in three matches, Scholarship.
whn they beat 7-up Crusaders 3-. If this is now the case we can then
when they beat ?-up Crusaders 3-nil.
In Division II, Spartans lost to accumulate our marks and subjects over
Harlem Rovers 3-2 on Friday, and two years, instead of putting all our
again outplayed completely by SIA efforts into one year of hard back-break-
on Wednesday, they lost 8-nil. ing work.
On Tuesday, Celtic United beat As this is a very important matter to
Emeralds 5-1. us, we hope someone in authority from
the Government can give us a public ex-
CRICKET: It was announced recentlyplanation, instead of only hearing
that the South African tour of rumours and opinions, which leave us no-
Australia has been cancelled. It where. After all we:'want a fair chance,
was to start at Perth next mont., so we have to know what we should do or
And Gerry Gomez stated that Trini-how we should tackle our work in 6th
dad could not play South Africa Form. ,
as long as Apartheid was in force. ANZIOUS SITH FORMER,
.The Gregoire 40-over Benefit Match
originally scheduled for the Botan- COMING NET WEK . .
ical Gardens on Sun.Sept 1th has A review of Mr. J.R.Ralph Casimir's
een re-sehduled for the folowinglast book "FAREWELL (And Other Poems)".
Sunday Sept.17. Players take note On sale from the author at $1,00. ***
This change is unavoidable, andwillA prose poem by a resident of Dominica
allow participation by players and who, like Jean Rhys, is Welsh in origin
officials in the North D/ca Sports THE WANDERERS TALE, by The Red Dragon.
Assn.Cricket Leaue in Portsmouth. SAVE THE HUMMINGBIRDS! a striking art-
re Publish d bt yt ie-cle in French published in France- An-
S 2 b hihoau lt A tialles. (These lovely birds are vaXnisitr
H~e at 26"Bhd. eau _m*es.a


Page Twelve