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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 09-03-1971
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Mrs. Tene Lowenthal,
T .Librarian, n
M sReseal;c;-1 Institute for
THE STUI OD the Study of Man,

i'. K Medid #tWntativrTJU, "pat rt
Cotin Turner (oLan I Ltd. OS/5 40. ^. al ^rr -
1 a Shaftesbury Ave W n r PHYLLIS SHAND ALLFRE LATI N tA "
Ylfgl Nog Fr~ay, Septems)$er 3,1971 Ton Cams
*%^^| ,2. Y '.*__e Y 1^ ^^ T____00o____, :-" "--
t'y;^tW I*'-*~l M>Ma-t ^riii iim iii^^^MthM~u-Mirr< ^ i-^-il'lw~~K~*" --' i--npI-llLWBfTi ^ lr .--tTwii

a. 1;---B"' V .- -L .C' -_-S. i-. '-u4.VE
7' h$ R~.2r TA L ES TRL NIDW
D Z S N AL B U CUS C 4 9 1 V Z.-L

the pictuLrd carvng here was brought
back to Dominica by DOS Studestats F..Ririere
aud MeD.Thomas (see page 9). It portrays
Freagh Colonizer Belaia. D'Asnambu:'s ship
which reached ~artimiqe S:ept. 15, 1636.
It is ea Sh bay fronP at For-de.-Fra&.ce*



,PRESS $rs Asm
SDoAok for society bielftab the Pass flad
tasa as a rtsal of poeal presage 6a"r
i swn peM ri is restrained faedost ta
-a:a1 a ,4 e informsaia it fa*=s to the poa .
Ivdeed, sensssh'ip of oany kiat i highly Ofti
anrd less a aseversc cct oa Pfthe p f of
.!*esxracy. tSome politicians of the aWreed
frce sociees are swiftly moving these isto
.gear i* te Pures, and as adopting an atd-

preseut ix our hsu~d&, wa, l.eirt td
Sadei ska-levelsr to that fo dsin ctio ps
It is vtn disharitenmg o iemd tap t ever a n
iH Ceraer pol ine s wae b3 einn`ve i ~te
sG.E.ssic laws aimed at sele ii Prs moder
the po~ex e it as being asd to diaoater eal

subjects taken at A-level, I.m4-w auel
Jalsabood. The S. i p) Basis raaent (a)a d et-
r'rly alr ClYtas a(i.nst bi2 Bix the A fs.
Gdays arr w rsrs of thir stbir e sty t
powers, Ursadabw in ow of W"wtarMpo Olena-
antd to does down this aggag"aper and stated
hfat it has A l thae fC t fih of ho e n
Roem r iof A edaw*ty.
IN laed st elaiea s d W gley ccid mbat d to

idea-r ea jteve r ls na s ear ea el a- liC a
ltire aste other pspedcah y eir Goe m t am
simply imiating the afts of sube rather = d"s
biag a:ided by independent 1enht. -I
Although full information is not at
preBtnt in our hands, we leara tbat
Itwo S%.M&ry 'I Academy sutdents did
outstantdingly well: L,ter Miclaayre
wiith tro A -levels and 3 distiuctiona,
one i thea tricky UGenrral paper and
Herbert Volney with 3 A-Level pastss,
(G.:P. mucluded). Dotiniices Grwmmafr
schooll Ihd one of its best overall
result, with 11 pauses out of 18
subjects taken at A-level manmamuel
Joaseph (3 p) Rawlins Brumey (2)daa
Irving Clarendon (2 being the top 3.
General Paper rwas their sUmbliag
block. At the Coxvaet High School,
Alfreda Bellet vas top a*tude*xs vith
Iso A-lrvcls; ^&&d ea&ry all the CO
girls pased their Geieraol BPapBa..

Friday, September 3, 1971 T H E S T A Page Two

"The democratic system depends for its fullest success upon more-.than
having the right to vote. It requires participation in thingsof the mind.'
(- Royal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter : June 1971.)
This is why I am firmly of opinion that despite the vote, we do not
have democracy in Dominica. The Party which has been in power these past
10 years has ensured that the right to vote has become a merely mechanical
operation and that large masses of the people do not understand what the
whole issue is about. T;o me, this is murder of the mind and I feel that
the perpetrators-deserve the same penalty as that prescribed for murderers' 4
of the body.
; It is bad and unfortunate enough not to have access to information
and knowledge, but when'things are so manipulated by those in political
power that intellectually-deprived people are made to believe that .A is B
and black is white, then. I believe that no punishment in due course will
be too much for those guilty of such evil. For to.blind the mind of other,
particularly when they are trusting and unsuspecting, is, in my opinion,
the supreme evil. Our Lord.must have had something like this in mind when
He enjoined his disciples not to fear those who kill the body as much as
those who kill the spirit (or mind).
.Typical of what we are discussing today is the editorial policy of
the Ruling Party's newspaper under the editorship of Mr. Eustace Francis,
Speaker of the Honourable House of Assembly, Vice-President of the Leblano'
shoe Party (perhaps he will soon get promotion!) barrister-at-law, etc.etc.
Complex-ridden as his editorials indicate, he has one thread running
through his writings: that the Leblanc Party is made up of "petit" while
the Freedom Party is made up of gross bougs". He does not bat an eyelid
writing these thoughts from his home on the cool uplands of Trafalgar
where, from all accounts, he lives in baronial splendour, taking occasional
trips to 'Europe. It means nothing to him in his writings that for the
nost part his columnists are scions of the largest landowners of Dominica.
S(Icidentally, I understand that these financially powerful conaortia are
laying claim to the whole of the funds which the Regional Development Bank
has allocated for the large planters of Dominica as loans.) It does not
seem to matter to him that "the chief" is now lord of many broad acres in
the Vieille Case area; that the heaviest financial backer of the Leblano
'shoe party is a terrific commercial magnate; that members of one of the
historically most 'blue-blood' of local families are very prominent in the
Ruling Party; that a party which began with 'Centipede' and other "petit
bougs," has'now dropped them An favour of insurance brokers, eminent barris-
ters (some, however, unwilling to publicly identify), village magnates (as
at Castle Bruce) and a host of others which make the hierarchy of the
Opposition Party look commonplace.
The Editor of the shoe party newspaper reserves his very special barbs
for Miss Eugenia Charles, the President of the Opposition Freedom Party.
Now both Mr. Francis and Miss Charles are lawyers practising at the local
Bar. -That Miss Charles appears to be way ahead of him. in practice is to
be explained in terms of the free operation of the market in which clients
are the buyers. So if Miss Charles does enjoy a large share of the practice
and thereby, according to Mr. Francis' editorials, becomes a gross boug",
Mr. Francis has only himself to blame. And the same considerations will
apply to his other lawyer-columnis:t colleagues who, sure enough, were born
with more silver spoons in their mouths than was Miss Charles; their fathers
(unlike Miss Charles's) being professional persons and of the landed gentry
at the time of their births.
In a recent issue of the Leblanc shoe Party publication, Mr.Francis.
attempts to suggest to members of trade unions that their political place
is with his Party. Why? Because, he says, the President of the Freedom
Party is the President of the Employers' Federation. The Editor knows
that is untrue. The President of the Freedom Party is not even an officer
of the Employers' Federation Executive. t
(Concluded on Page Four)

FridaySeptembr 3, 171 THE TAR Pag Three

*** Q U EEN



Members of the Royal household will ear JL ouo,
be among listeners to the choir of I would like to thank
St. Michael's Cathddral,Bridgetown, all the many people, everywhere we
Barbados, which will sing in West- went in Dominica in our long visit
Minster Abbey on Sunday Sept 5. now ending. Everywhere we have met
You can hear these fine choristers with great help and understanding
at 4.30 pm (Barbados time) in the that will, I hope, form lasting
13, 16 & 19 metre bands. Later on friendships.
the choir will go to Canterbury You are all fortunate to live
Cathedral to sing. in a beautiful island in the sea
__that is at least half way to Paradise,
CAYMAN ISLANDS: Mr, Kenneth Crook How lucwFyou are. And it would seem
(career diplomat) was named as new to me that God has put you in charge
UK Administrator of the Cayman Is:. of one of his special places, asking
that you maintain the unique and ex-
BARBADOS: Official date of the Gen- tremely fragile environment for your
eral Election is, Sept. 9; both par- own benefit as well as for all of us.
ties have issued manifestoes pledg- Surely this is a great.task for a
ing support for regional integration small people.
though not in precisely the same As a Canadian, I am proud of the
terms. Meanwhile Dominicans are considerable help that we have already
worrying about republican status given to your island: many schools (I
under Guyana. The Premier-spoke believe 5 already) have been built
on the integration subject.Thurs. for you with Canadian funds, and many
(More on all this next week). miles of Canadian pipe have been laid
ANGUILLA: The whole contingent of in improving.your water system.These
'60 British Royal Engineers is being things we are delighted to do for such
withdrawn from Anguilla this month, fine people. Everywhere we went, in-
15 UK Police Officers will remain. cluding the Carib Reserve, we found
Dominicans to be happy and good to
TRINIDAD : The late Lord Constantne work with, intelligent and friendly.
was honoured posthumously with his When I am back in Ottawa again I
country's highest decoration, the shall work for new help in various
STrinity Cross. 43 Persons were nam- technical ways -- for more schools and
ed in the Trinidad honours list. libraries and help in community plan-
FOREIGN : Princeton University, in ning. I shall be able to tell our
which Jan Carew is a black studies Government in Ottawa what I have seen
professor, will have a cultural cen- as an independent observer and as a
tre for Afro-American, Latin-Americ- Consulting Geologist.
an, Asian, American Indian and other I am sure that conditions will
students whose cultural and intell- improve for you with the many fine
ectual traditions are different fran projects you have started. I would
those of AngloSaxons & Europeans, ask for special support for a major
Greater understanding and awareness National Park where the elfin forest
on both sides is the motif, area may be always preserved, and
SOUTH AFRICA: Barclays Bank le support for the excellent work that
your Forestry Department is doing.
the .way by moving up coloured clerk nd you may be sure that Canadians
employed by them to the same pay as will be ready to help you whereanaans
white clerks. Previously their pay possible
had been discriminated against. The Sincerely,
Standard Bank joined in. Sincerely,
_________ ________ ________ ________ Ula4rVi' iV Ui~J* j

____________ vI.n MAENoUZIiil.,
UWI: an illustrated report on the President The Liberal Party in British
visit and debates by UWI postgrad- Columbia (White Rock and District
uate speakers on integration (among Liberal Association).
them Swinburne Lestrade;) will be Our readers doubtless know that r.
published next week in the STAR. Pierre Trudeau'a Liberal Party gained
GREECE: Sir Alexander Fleming, in-power in Canada at the last election.
ventor of penicillin, was arrested *** Young Mrs. Trudeau is expecting heir
for allegedly helping an anti-Govt. first baby in December. We wish them,
prisoner to escape from jail. and all our kind Canadian friends,wello

Page Three


'Friday, September 35, 1971

Page- Four T S Fd Sp nr3j

CONSTITUTIONAL DICTATORSHIP by Anidrocles. (From p,2) Nor is she. in her
own right a member of the Employer's Federation.
If Mr Francis is right in saying that there is an inherent antagonism
between ALL the interests of workers and employers., Mr Francis as a
trustee pf a trade union should not receive briefs from capitalist con-
cerns and individuals.
The Leblancites always try to insinuaeb -iese erroneous and dividing
arguments in the minds of the masses and this they must continue to do
because their principal personalities are persons who in their own lines
have not been successes. Since this is so, it cannot be expected that
they can direct and manage the affairs of the community successfully.
Those who travel and know are aware that far more progress is being made
in the' islands: not far from us.
Again, it is because the leaders of the Government are not up to mark
that all important measures in the governance of Dominica originate- not
locally but abroad. At this moment their injgaation is coming from Guyana
and it is their intention, if the people of Dominica do not open their.
eyes in time, to bring us into the orbit of the Republic of Guyana. How-
ever, when the movement gets a little further, we may well see another
conflict between various segments of the Party. This is now more likely
than ever it was in the Ducreay-James.Stevens days, since their replace-
ments are persons less submissive to the will of the dictator, the nexus
being cash, not ideology. And let us never forget it: the Leblanc Party
is a monster whose favourite meal is its own members.
So to-.come back to Mr Francis' invitation to trade unionists to throw
in their political lot with the Leblanc shoe Party, it is well for him
to know that the trend is likely to be in the opposite direction, for the
very simplereason that trade unionists are not expected to join a polit-
ical party merely because it embodies the word "labour"in its title. This
was the nonsense preached to the people of the backwoods of Dominica by
Leblanc, but enlightenment is catching up with his Party and will become
its downfall. Trade unionists are aware that the better and more sensible
the.Government, the more likely the opportunity of improving the stand-
ard of living. So they should go for that Party which appears to have
'workable plans for development and whose ideas originate in Dominica, not
from.mentors in ideologically doubtful countries.

To end thispiece, let me bring to notice an extract from one of the
study papers prepared for the Caribbean Ecumenical Consultation for
Development to be held in-Trinidad in November coming. Note how approp-
riate it is in the context of Dominica:

"As a concomitant to ideological barrenness, our politic-
al systems are becoming less and less acommodative to
change. A basic premise of the Westminster-originated
political system is that a regular interchange of power
will normally occur between the major parties. The dark
days ahead for the constitutional orders in the Common-
wealth 'Caribbean are evident from the increasing preval-
ence of what have beeh called "constitutional dictator-
ships" --- the continuing hegemony of one party through
frequent re-ordering of voting regulations and the re-
structuring of constituency boundaries."
To which we may add, reflecting Dominica experience,.the shameless
use of Government funds for the maintenance of the "constitutional

CARIBBEAN ARTISTS MOVEMENT has just brought out its 5th number of the
Quarterly SAVACOU. The first was on Slavery in the Caribbean, the 2nd
'on CAM Conference papers, the 3rd (double issue) was devoted to creative
writing in the Caribbean. No.5 is on the theme of Creolization; and
No. 6 will be devoted to the Exiles. NEW SHIPS (poetry for schools)also out

_I ___

~i~aace: Four

Friday, September 3. 1971


SFrinda JStaembw r 1971

L IMVERM1P -F l l. P^.I' IPL,
The Pre-Professional Coure is sch uied to
stmr on september 6th. Interested person ate
requested to register in perstmn as sa-a as possi-
be with the Extra Mural Department,
The de aied program e wiil be puAlished
as Soo as it is female wth the t~os.

Schedule of Appilcation for Ceroficate of Title andNotings
s.'reon and Caveatsfor week ending 4th of Sept6mber, IL.

Duce Requteted

Person Presentlng ~atre
Sof Tstle

PSq"M caused ore IrhBa Ri sey
tSfay ofd July,
Wt71. Ia Pa n.
= r batted ai th
HerI 1H91e1 o. 14-M
9e7a 1 ets.!xa.
Al; Aila6.i'" Iisit?^2a-!a.Y

of request.
a Certificaae.
of Noting
or Cavia

!Boue? for th iste of a
FirVs Certvbcale ot Titlt in
respect of a portion of land
a 1A Platoe in the Parish of
St Patrick co tiing 18175
sq, ft. tad boaeiea4 fol.

erwth: by Top ofa Precipice; South: by i5nd of Christoeb
SBaapferre; East: by lad of V*era e Joeph; West by tlaw
ofC'tsphkie tSaage tua.

~Pumab~- wiwsuc~l a U1 U1 -

ea~se KiP qtg~P sted

Person Presenting

of Title

-..at-- -MM
of request
a Certificate
of Noting
or Caveat.

dIaest date the 5 llotwRody R e0Uest for the issue of a
| & daK y at July, First CertificaMe of Tidofte
Presnwted at ti Iat PLaMie iBc ;eParish nf
Coast Hoaae.Ro- St Ptrick coratini 4725
aue athe311t sq. A. wad bamio daefaoi,
ANaMt1971?t9.3a. 9 lwM:-
North: by uands of Stepua Joh*n sad Rosan Cathio
Church; Sowath: by Pubt RK aFd; East: by AI"ds of Rom"an
Caof ile Church; West: by, hands of Stphsie Jehn. i.
Reistrr's OQ~ce. SYLVIA j. BERTRAND
1eseau, Domnicra. Rg ar of Tkise.
NOTE --Any person who desire to obtict to the tasue of a
Frst Certnicase of Title 4n the above application may enter a
Cva*t in the above Ofiice within six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
published in th s State or from the date when the notice pr.
scIribed by low was served on any owner Or occupier of t.wdini t
in respect pf which the appitattion 1i mrade-


Fibre Glass Trolling & Spiniang Ros
Sah-Waer Troliy & SgpiMin KRcis

shoes e entire

for the v family
I-8 CSa


ParF Vr~



4~1 ~-a~-r~--P II --' -~n~l-Mlu~--lLIPI1111~

I I .

M-IIi r" "-- -f I-- -

Appocirvtmernts Vacant

Preferetc. gi'en to iRKdffedge of M~s-e. ric Dl
aesioning s.and Wor. in Frerch Ilads.
Salary v-cz-i 4; w yo Exberience.
A.p):3atism u2 WN -4." ^ad -ackp of Wir
to be .:s ,-br. ,:-d t o ou" ),.,,..~~ by ae Spt, 'tLd.. .

aGeraf 3 titaet Arptiittli
P.O. 6kax M."

Thf: 2",.
...o ...l a ssg rese-as'.
'iXAS 110 wF.NEYCrtOa y
fo b1i xmase PLUS saeSa nhrt h .f..
fa Mnaur-,i- mle m the R.vtwa ssts. i.g.'i .
&ensgi., Impor hoid:v. I a ', ,

A. M, PATgEPra t.
4,k an 70, rWt WIrth, TaW~, U. S. A. 7 -.%,


iCOasingi Engiaeers =Phatermiip requr a&
tainswE Draughtsman.
Appicacms slhoid havy a miinataum. of
5 GC.E O-.eve passed or equSar em.j
Prefesr;:.c: wi!l be givi, to Da-mi~~sz wiT
passes im F'ai.h a 4LrgTg and ftysis.
NO WorVirag CXFeXmrn'o SCtrjsar. '
Applissts should appy ia their own ka -r
Win Ptig to:-r A
ChamBesa Enfafmrsic4 Pairtsta*ip|
JIss"$ &mt.ei H4e.4 [a I,1

Bed eand &tkfrst.

f lerrt aJ). '
Apartsmentsor Bech Ho~nied noted

Pki York Avana, New Ywrk, K.. 0021 U.S.A. "7
G(in Hb Quaiitry
in a wide variety of shades.,
Take Advantatge of
Aad3 get $-,o0 off per Gallon.
Also in stozk, VTarnishes, including
PolyrCthanes. Poth i-pack & 2-pxk

z WAII M ysit
9t/PO'F' HA 4RE

.- z .

Srn-- r ing .iIae MaaR Ll.
Ps~~ a~i~s~ l Dineass ~~LLes~........e ~





CI-'"~R"~~"r SY Ysm sm
*^^gHiaaijra3^ i^fflBAW~ffiki


I. paused. then resAnlmed ih.e rnra-
ianr:'. "'l oft' use. 'ost no Time. J re-'-
mn..ved the beautiful carpe mi the 'rTom
": ., -SS~B~ifiir s and spread a bLank..t f',r her to i.e dowrn.
All lhb 'me Sh" as wrhihaw in paFn
-ii7r1 hO-ti"'s:'s B.' the T li. doctor

frcmt the maternity oi arrived the bMaby
had been born. But our drswtinag riom
had been spoiLed.
"Naturlly",. agreed he friends who
were tii.;-,.., aiBd there as a loMd
tuffaw. They e zeaed mighty titam sd.
it T'"shiko was sumnt d. She didn't
lind anything amusing to ing and dance*
over in this painful Pepstrdc. Sihe ia
seren i happen and it had WtuchH.d her. o i

VE was 4iway; budy, the mar, no ..th heart. She watched the amnisement
"j v.s Tl also !ti had to leavi in a hurry to friends silnmly. For her part. she would
p. .: n appointment, and he h.i- his "i i eyer f hirg s this pnmful and unurmsal
*take a taxi home. WhanIt ecsf cotld A .case of chidN'rih. The newborn i"by,,
:.-.-trin who had mn-rrie ar adcth. at the al sainea with blood and dirty, h.d been
;-ight of his popularity expect. ? It was wap 'n old newspaper. T.shiko
'_shl, 'e reaiisiedi. e"xp t h 'e.- d R;li: It- movid at thi> and had ravug tl
had to .sptmd the venin? with her, Yrtja pie of ftanael to wrap .? in. I
she felt a weird fear inl returning to r l o ok4t mo e like a scene from, the slau.
estrn-style home from whroe floor the t ho S ee at
-............... .t~':. howw. She f6L surrimrtirc at -iw

's- r of blooded Iat trd!y yer t Oe' era.u.
Tashiko had been senmiinernal fr,,Tn
her m den days- She was, f'r t.h, raS'.orl,
.iswaX careworn. She c:wuidn'i pr
a.- weight though she wa:in now :'; f.l i Bgri'wn
.wrrman. Instl-ad of a !uhbihh;ig huimn.n ;'n
'ii r-thOmn sihe was more a bundle of
s,;-.parnt i~~rr ntal pictures. Even the
* r'.~ acqutatananc could seefi her senu-
*er-tal delicacy.
She had been to a night club w'th
h'-.r husband before he dashed off ito
e:e an appoinutient. She w-s stunn.-d


ioausmess and casuatiaics of the mother,
wb., hnad cTaried thi. unwanted :pi't un-
owned baby. She ha!d lived a life away
ironm all th;. and wa. shocked ait ;.ie b~se-
Ine adn ccarsenes-s which involve! can'y,
iig such illetimate children.

They i.ffr the night club. anr To.siko
w, de'posited ji a iaxi bs her h.rsband.
There, a:: he ck>sed theQ door, he tastruc-
ted th e axi driver : "Tr:k.h this lady to
Yushigowmato." ihe. sa per;s\e th'lking
how earthy their life toFither had beca.

iv nar the anecdote he had related io But she only felt it. ttere were no -worA
rcopte at the dub. Sitting in this entire- so des.;rib- the f-eling. The taxi speed.
: NA-ric-a-s.tyle etung, sn.okin eond- ipans ,eC- darted with bar- arid then

wa a-r "-1,1


Sa~ wanCi..- ej wrW-.r, ii 'di d ne':' a -

by ri'her. t 'd ,-A r'TV.'"'. the: ohic; h:tCh.

'hi4 iicid cosw-dd toe me

t.and wi th . care l;e a .at -e 'wo.

was er in th).,ov I h,
tam resold 8~ime ad a i er

from seciug t. 17g.. -4b )utif.tL cherry
tree She d.Idcd to .:t d-own anKl
nke he A:utr.v of thz. s ~ e Sroe
ifr.s Athe l. road '1cd was soon i'm a big
- dar wnch Was rt to at ':at ro1lTA1

.riE.) Chi~narml:h r:orn te ~cave o~eo
tbn.i-an b.rds. To.n4i- it w .'. a ti-

fult ,.sc ap of, ftA.eri'g' c-herr. i
,k esh T "he p 'ia ,r '-inte,:rns w!'uthli bur ;.sr

Fohm ;n! s': e -',:rc '. re iS d in *he

placS wcrr trc't:C S !s 'A. v-e1oI
anid' green. i was p. ten a.nd a st 0
tho4e w hio : tpI, canr p t1 t tr;' i

trian *aYl,.g thruirgh the gitrd'y. wou1d
j +8Ci T,+ .. ;' ,n p en M ,..i-hdiQ Sf
ofttei t've to kick ,e' of ~.c ,ny ani
h Aio t teheare rcpv atlHer There ;'e'e
also bits of nets'aperS, left bdsihonu by?

roi';h-oks mmril awean hackc, to it
nrstparei.. 'h mind 'RnewVAg.rrt vwa :
biedo' sharin'. I ;rn4 smen ea li'ad bi
wata cor:itr: otn tcO..C. b-.hr, an;i

?^ VA 5VA..! W ;--;.r,. 1 ."'
g lessliy. he saeeme i i eri a coirpecte tran- a tn'sitare c-uide w*'d( fi'A' ctrowdt wern
pg- He related the anecdote : ?; ;, .; ;:c d z.-th. Th iast :ra.S
ita sringe story. Th,t nursc o. wCr ji '. ,ded n.s -e Uf the 4.S-
bah:. drew mry t;r:r.Tio,,n v.-hever I *..;w -.d '- ird<.- b.n n;l .,. and :
her to her bell. It was ditnded ad if f -.s- ..,*. t l7k. d t- .<-a -.1
l-he had ied a fat plihw tt it. -AI FwI frst Wlrs ok:r ntWsgprI' .
surphs'cd. Ysfce I '.on disco,.red ihat g .hkos : wn, b-:k .. t I:
she are more rice than sil of us put tor-c -,e i s Y" f i
ti.hr. She cleaned out-r Ir'cc p0' sn'oh[ '6:z -
iie.. ....." He rmad a gesture w ith ws up J w
the hands to indi;ate wh. he cuid not
tell. "But two1/. :.i .\ ago we heCtd he
vzcream. We rush; in and found hei. {
aM sprawled on the floor, her hands chuch- d be t w
nig the tely., She was blicwrng ike t C t
ther warrv fir hmerz A 4*
a cow. Ntcrbv was oiur bavby : i its
h-r cfb;d y -w u to bu a ..... ....
bidL. iowling for all it as w ; wa; a w ,rd r .PUltured "thi, ad,9 he uet i'asln fe teA

tMamsrMntoaabs & vme


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In A Great Tradiion A Great Cv
Styling Means More Than Loxs.
On ThisCar

'Ws servyc What

WuJI 51~`

fl&V ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 sLA ~w'ZanM r


i-OT'IC -:E

The und .n A i. have
;g-%ered ua.-D; rh Bri.:hb, Nsiunity Aczt
Joseph tP. :;
..Ayorb 1^ '.. ."
4 d riA X

SM...: ,. j. O R. a ,,
| z r ; T i :;tytt2.i.5 WATTY.

S .' "'' o, :A. w d.ty i k,. by |m
g. .H%? 3-. ,-.^ y f.F ,

X. Wit C. Anil.
I .. s d ;tswL? 1r thto?. n.r* Natwralv yAc.ai
,..7* t %W dlT .,-, by "Lem
; *5%t;. V '" utWftr trin*

jXAFan LS2u;Z .':. 2 RP.c 91r"- )" '

|4 . }i.
UlKCThetrmW,-.-aitt(."r rtli: w :>*^ral^^ l ^n4^.'uW?^ra


Some -men d3i may be 0 agerts
humans and can prodskce vt; in .f";;.

the most powerful ;ticv :cS on !he i2 A:,

safe to use where food is ,*i: prep ed.
IR [on-t M Insecicidoe udils ail itnsects
quikly wgirs-t le:M a peasamnrt od.r be-
hin d.
So protect yourself agan and
crawiag imneeas &* a W,=.A by aa
I BUY 4R l TODAY AND gem rid

Obtainable at all leag Saperakns dd retaa1 sor,
AIRREM is disuribuftdby

FWEu yoCr komttl Ag s,
r rtlBl)ga~tBM*>U<~lMM~^ am* ^anan ^iiiMS H1111 H~i~ifwimm~ d>m ia^a^c>


Tlirs Ak-OM


m !*il ll i., -.. l 1 -l.. ---~~~~i..n..~ll..il ..I 1-------- -- -

Piom pMe 6
Sis8B*L. ad been kept.. She saw two
VFsi l sitting on a btesch They wart may,: efw ..
jtooki" at the water instead of the flowers.m i
She passed them. A little way ahead she
saw a pale yellow object on another
bench. Perhaps it was a heap of cherry
jftower, or perhaps apiece of clothing
left by a forgetful visitor. But a4 she .
came sear she found it wasa human fire.
Was it one of those who. after drinking
to their full, were occasionally, found
yin on benches or in other public pta-
, es .Bat this figure was wrappol in
oM paptn.
: t ~M a ma drevied in a brown jet-
:*Jy a sl ep n wrapcd in old news
pawer] Otwiously, with the passing of
!ip aad the advent of s riv. this had
> 0ii| his nigthMime hou-t e. She saw
U dirty, dishevelld ook. lnmtantly
t wmaibee the dirty bby wrapped mn S -
aidi awpera. Will i aso grow up to
fitths 20 years iae* ? It was dark *
iUBd ssbe could see only his pale forehead, SMN
but it was amaistakaly the forehead of te
:youth ihoufh it was lirLad and shrivelled i ef, UY 's
.iras the years of peauy Wad pain. Shte
bead waowerful desire to nee what the face h o IV 2W
of tfo figure in the dark looked like. Mi~tRa a s ba leh to
go came cloe to bio, and then the Ca it "0W4-
bead& of newspapers mowve. The man
ain t ai opened his Syes. Findiag a i A
jBaida standing before hi he got up with s siwet
a stait and his eyes got a sparkle. In ta
iA maiMet he grabbed tir by the arm
&with a firm, unshaktale hand. 'Oh, s
so fti 20 years are already past....', i
he tinwht crosed her taind. She didn't wt1i$ o m &S
Sttstw,; and the dark, sitmnt shadow of the i ,
iltel mansion contitaed to be dark m "ona wwas
idtenit. [wS 's

iBLL FOR r piec

A* Act to prCAibit
azisirble publicatioJs

saode;a interest and to
finv"for th esWs isb-
i~s"nt of BordG to aivesti-


(1) Any peea- c who
Wkl, priftoa UbU
csgiaates, ge, di ta
or eause to be wizten

rsod or diBt~iu toed o I
public any iatter-.
(a) which is arjdislj
to thedefenc otheft
or to pubic aaty uI
order public mpraity o
public heaMh or without
peijudics to o' ge. as ft
of the fboregoi ;
(b) which is aemIrriToo or
sedition or blaBp Baho ;
(c) which 4i do a t
information as tB be likuty
to deceive or mislead te
public on ~etaSer of p~uic
interest ; or


Ia the Hiih Cvwi of Justice


CoUrt 1970 of the Wct dies A ~aied Ses
SIup"We C t Ordar 48 rate 2 (t) (b the asaig
of tahe High Cris in I Crnavs~ d Javdacta |
will comiance on TIe&ady th 2s lda&y of Sep-
Iemr 197I, a the how o tehe o'cdock itn t
f-kncoa at the cLt-t Home, ReeSa1a Bd M
quemt dys thereftu.
Dated the 23rd day of Angust, 1971.
Re5lstrsr C vp cf sttao,.
AW. No. P/CS/4. GMnS
SSepanib.er, k?71.l

Can another Political


What has changd, one would
ask to eaourage opaaim
fTr aaot&t attempt at the
creation of such a unit? Have
Ithe political leaders shown any
sign of more objectivity, less
rinsularity or less bsuprene con-
cern ror their own personal
political cameers?

(4) which is iaauleasti
to bahei moeutlaat as
whbte or to Mi8nistrs
tak B avwlly ; or
() which tCrEa to
adulmrt d aie adminestath a
of *ttsed the secuTity of
the Stot or the e acit
fuctiomnig of the a& hafi-
strative machinsry of the
State; or
(E) which is intenaad oar
catalklawd to maihe or
mjvxze time pCT^&aide of
tha State or to bring the
name of the State into
contempt hatred or ridicule'
: heSI bhe lt of ao ore ace
viecios an indictment for a
ist i4mae e to ixnprison-
mwnt with or without bard
labour for a trm e ot
ewOwedg two yJars or to
a fae. Mt exzcedinig one

foeod iairn'nor 'k aad bucw
s e a n d for a suboequa nt h
offeXX to implisorment
with or witbmt bard labour
fer a tern not extce-ing
thee yHea. *'***a*

Will political lenders con-
(.inue to ovwrlook the harsi
economics factors Miinitati -.'
sgai=s1 an Eas.rn Cait..\..:.
Vuit'? Wil the British Gove'.
meant be bac5~kmaed into .-
naring another Ceribinr'

Ae Caribbean Leaders e
laetAy Waei ahead to divicd
up what is c. of av.
P Saab %*=idB g when th:.
asBo tmesr filfE?

The cfferces und:tr this Ac
zre clearly defined and t&s"
are two defences expr )
provided, namely--
(i) that the publisher o
any matter did not kuowin,'l;
Publish uvtrath .iend that he
made all reasonable efforts to
Sget the truth: atnd
(iii that the rahlicadeo is
for the public good.
Consequent upon cCnvt
tion, Ihe Board has pover ,,,
susCPnd either a person fromi;
further pubiicaticn or a pub
lication itself.
The consent of the At-
for tthe imitution if proceed-
wpi "ad tare is a time hii
s i (5) wonthsb wiibn
htc the prosecution mus
be hbrto*t.




Friday, September 3, 1971 T H E S T AR Page Nine

I salute Rosie Do as for the Randolph Riviere & McDonald Thomas
I salute Rosie Douglas for the
stand he took in the Robert Douglas We really missed our botanical gar-
(his father) $10,000 affair.Whether dens; in Martinique there used to be
one agrees with his political view- one before the Second World War but
point is not the core of it. Nowa- they destroyed it and the savannah is
days we need more people,especiallyused more as a car-parking station thma
the young, who have the courage to for the pleasure of 135,000 people of
stand up for their convictions, the city and its .suburbs. This leads
When more of us are willing to face us to hope that nothing more will ruin
stiff fines, go to prison, and-yes, our own lovely gardens.
even taste death, for cherished Meeting Pierre Lucette was an easy
ideals, then and only then will our thing for us, because of his different
beloved Dominica take an about-facehomes in town and over the countryside-
from its present state of chaos and these family homes are the rendez-vous
ruin. for people of Martinique and visitors
The Magistrate's Court in Roseau to the island who are interested in
is another La Place. Not only are cultural exchanges and relations through.,
most of the principal characters out the world.
always late, but the noise and bed- One evening we had an impromptu visit
lam from passing motorists should from a student of Yale University, Mr.
by now have convinced the responsbE Woodson, who was passing through Martin-
people that the present site is not ique to'study the difference between the
appropriate. One also notices that Negroes of America and those of FW.I.
persons involved in the sessions. We also met youhg anthropologists from
wait outside until their names are Canada these were focussing their
called. A better idea would be to efforts on industries and language; and
Shave everyone in the courtroom at we met a girl from Montreal due to study
the appropriate time. Conflicting :the pottery organization done by the '
witnesses could later be sorted outjremote people of the South of the island.
This approach would lend more dig- All these individuals know the pro-
nity to the somber atmosphere of blems of Martinique and sometimes they
the Court and reduce the traffic in are much more in the know than the Mar-
the constant shuffling of feet. The tinicans themselves, who seldom know.
present practice of lawyers constanthat Montreal University in Canada has
tly consulting with their clients now the best collection of Documents
should be frowned on...? I think a about that island covering the past 25
lawyer and his client have enough years. Nowadays, Martinicans have a
time to prepare their case, chance to consult them in the old fac-
Reliable information has reachedtory of "Pere Labat" which has been
this columnist that the delivery cleaned and renewed with the help of the
room at the Princess Margaret Hos Canadian Government and the University;
pital is fit for pigs! it is used as a home for students of
The toilet bowl is in such a-* anada passing through Martinique.
state that it causes the expectant Hurricane: A possible hurricane was
mothers to defy the enema that they announced on the last day of our stay.
should be given in such cases. The River of Fort-de-France which be-
S. . longs to the Government had not been
Rama's hypocrite award goes to cleaned: it was dirtier than the Roseau
the Sunday churchgoers who wouldn't River near town. People were so afraid
miss service under pain of eternal of flooding that at 7 pm, not even a
damnation, but who throughout the dog could be seen in the streets.Every-
week lie, cheat, hate and commit body tried to vanish upstairs,because
every crime in the Book, the usual thing is fathoms of Water on
But we can't fool Him, can we? the groundfloor level. As soon as we
You know yourselves, you Sunday left, Fort-de-France got flooded and
Christians. Every time you walk into Pierre Lucette flew to Dominica after
a church and someone stares at you, clearing up the mud to relax.
watch your hypocrisy, for it may be Cost of Living: this is very expensive.
Rama. In Martinique you earn more than in
DOGS: David B.Allfrey asks those who Dominica, but the prices are higher,
Booked pups to llfrec t them by Mos o Avoca pear r breadfru ntsiO,
bookedpups to collect them by Mo i izic9e on j2 i

Page~_ Ten TH TRFidaSpebr

UNION. To the Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Home Affairs, Govern-
ment Headquarters: Sir 25/8/1971
I refer to the attached copy of the
letter of 24th August,1971 and en-
closure from the Secretary/Treas-
urer of the Dominica Trade Unionin
respect of the Leaf Spot Control
lancemen employed by this Associa-
tion. It is very much regretted
that owing to the grave pre-occup-
ation of this management at this
critical juncture with the pressing
matters of rehabilitation and qual-
ity control, the negotiations con-
cerning the proposed Industrial
Agreement under reference were
However, at a meeting of the
Board's Executive Committee on Sat-
urday, 21st August, 1971, urgent
consideration was given this matter
and it was decided to open negotia-
tions with the Union immediately
with Mr. E.B. Henry,Deputy Chainman,
Mr. C.J.Ferreira, Board Member and
the Association's General Manager
at the Board's representatives.
In the circumstances, I am to
ask that the Honourable Minister
would kindly employ his good offices
to prevail upon the Union to with-
draw its notice of the existence of
a dispute with this Association on
the clear understanding that the
Association will proceed with the
negotiations without further delay.
I am,Sir, Your obedient Servant,
(Sgd.) A. D. BOYD
C.c. Director,Dominica Employers
Labour Commissioner
Sec./Treasurer, D, T. U,
Also to the Perm.Sec., Ministry of
Home Affairs, Govt.HQ Roseau D/ca.
Re DTU Lancemen Industrial Age -
SConsequent on the receipt of a
copy of a letter to you from the
Manager,D.B.G.A. in which a satis-
factory reason is given for the de-
lay to finalise the above-mentioned
Agreement, and since steps have bee.
taken by the Association to open
discussion on the same question,
the Union hereby withdraws its letter
relative to the matter dated 24th
August 1971 addressed to the Minis-;
ter concerned. (Concluded next col.)


Thanking you for -he copy of the let-
ter mentioned at the beginning of
this.letter, I remain, Yours faithfully
D.P. LAWRENCE, Gen.Secretary, DTU.

by David B. Allfrey
Congrats I say to you for putting
on such a show. It is good to see
that the people are taking an inter-
est in such things.The show was well
performed but not well organised in
that the public didn't have proper
seeing facilities; another point I
have to stress is that they (the
Waitukubulis) should have had the
loud speaker operating well before-
hand. The show was originally sup-
posed to start at 8 o'clock but the
loud speaker gave trouble and so
during the interval the crowd got
restless, rude, unmannerly etc.This
is a grave fault because it disturbs
the youth (not starting on time).
A higher stage where the big aud-
ience would have been able to see
and people wouldn't hinder the dancers,
the bqadr dance group, folk singers
etc. would have been a good thing.
Perhaps in Windsor Park with proper
seating facilities? Surely no money
should be taken for the seating. I
know it is not Waitukubuli's fault
because Windsor Park is not in shape
since the tropical disturbance; sec-
ondly they thought the people would
have more sense and stay a bit out-
side. This was not so; people cram-
med up close to the stage and some
times fumbled on it and a drunk made
a disturbance. But apart from all
these troubles the show was definitely
What my eyes especially caught was
the lovely costumes and of course the
faces of the dancers. In among those
gazing I saw a number of school teach-
ers. Mr. A.Lazare was M.C. The Gov-
ernor's daughter Miss Jos6 sang a
patois song Madame Blondel about a
woman who had lovers and Mr.D.Caudeiral
read a poem by himself.
Any time the Waitukubulis have a
performance you will find me there.
On page three of last week's paper we
printed "a total of six million gallon
of juice p.a." -- this should haveread
"600,000 gallons". The fault was not
loaded with honou s: hard work ahead.

Friday, September 3,


Page Ten

Page Eleven

Friday, September 3,1971 T H E

Notice of Annual General Meeting
second Annual General Meeting of
the Company will be held in the
Parish Hall at Go6d.will.on Thursday,
9th September 1971 at 4530 for the
following purposes:-
(1) To change the Company's
year end to 30th September
from 31st December.
(2) To.receive and, if approved,
adopt the Directors' Report
and Statement of Accounts for
the year ended 30th September,
1970 and the Auditors' Report
(5) To elect Directors.
(4) To appoint Peat, Marwick,
Mitchell & Co. as auditors.
(5) To empower the Directors to
determine the renumeration of
the Auditors.
(6) To transact any other busi-
ness which may be properly
transacted at an Annual Genemal

16th August,1971.



NOTE:- A member entitled to attend
and vote at the above meeting
may appoint a proxy to attend
and vote on his behalf and such
proxy need not be also a mem-
ber of the Company.

by Daniel Caudeiron

Ah oui' We love Martinique
but we prefer Dominica because she
is unique.
Ca, c'est une bonne chose.
- Randolph Riviere & Mc Donald Thomas.

the sibilance of yes
emits a sinuous silver streamer,
and the light flutter of tongue-tip
on pressed lips that say no
is the panic of grouse breaking cover.
Speak low,.
and peace extends to receive me on cool
glad grass,
and I taste the quick touch of mint

Your voice is a sigh dismembered; and from your throat eavess
and when you speak I am at once Laugh an from you throat
transported rills of sequined satin
through the trees again, through all be-ribboned, tumble;
the quiet forest and I clatter exuberant through the
of the voice, resonant with bell thickets of my vision,
peas; when surprise,
through the trees dappled with strained from your mouth
wounds of light strikes in my mind
that filters finely through the canopy the image of an emerald
dejection spreads falling into water-glass.
and streaks the gloom, white-gold.eiron re
(Daniel Caud iron read one of
For your tongue shapes words. exquisitely; his poems at the vastly well
they are plastic, and you mould them attended initialptesentation by
in the very process of release; the Waitukubuli Grou (Amise-
and your mouth is a honeycomb of meant la Place) last Sunday nis
soft-dripping sound:- y nig".

A Clean-Town Campaign.
The City of Fortde-France is clean
and I was told it had no rats.Clean-
ing of the city and killing of rats,
flies and mosquitoes was decided by
the Town Council with the help of the
Sanitary Association.
A Butcher Shop.
The walls are white and the build-
ing is decorated with Neon lights and
modern white equipment, well.adapted
to the business:. The Servers always
smile while handling the fresh meat.
They wear white rubber gloves and they
never touch money. The meat is wrap-
ped in special paper then placed in
plastic bags. -
A. Fish Shop,
There are 5 fish shops in Martin-
ique. You find there the same atmos-
phere and cleanliness as in the butch-
ers' shops. A beautiful variety of
Caribbean fishes lie on crushed ice
on show in refrigerated cases,
Young people and style.
Afro is now their style, but the
girls go in for beautiful "hot pants"
- and after all they do have some most
attractive legs



Friday September 3,1971

*** ST*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S ******* N 0 T I C E
matches played by all the Clubs this Tenders are invited for the issue
season, Spartans lead with four of Dominica Government Treasury Bills
points, closely followed by Saints which will be made in the sum of
with three points. On Monday Spar- 500,000.00
tans gained a 4-nil victory over B w b in denominatias
7-up Crusaders: goals from Dixon, Tf $500,il,000, 5,000, $10,000,
Clem John, Hurtault & Cuthbert Wil- 50,000 and $100,000 each, and will be
liams. Yet Crusaders looked like a 50, and $100,000 each, and will be
much improved side, harassing the repayable at par ninety-one days after
Spartans defence and at one stage the date of issue. Bills will be
Spartans defence and at one stag i on Wednesday 2nd September
seeming very enterprising. They Til- issued on Wednesday 22nd September
ed to take advantage of scoring 1971 and payable on Wednesday 22nd
December, 1971.
chances. In one of the most excithg Each tender must be for an amount
encounters so far this season,Saints of not less than $500 and must specify
held the Champs (Harlem Rovers) to the amount which will be given for
a goalless draw. Saints however en- every ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS of the amount
joyed the better of the exchanges, tendered.
and once again the lack of shooting Bills will be issued in denominations
forwards and inability to find the appropriate to the amount requested in
nets was clearly evident. At times the tender.
both goal-keepers, however, had to Application forms are available
bring about some fantastic saves, at the Ministry of Finance, Trade and
particularly in the case of Saints' Industry, the Accountant General's
goal-keeper Roy Williams during Har-Office, and the Commercial Banks,and
lems infrequent goal raids. Shil- when completed, should be forwarded
lingford,Phillip and Alick Charles to the Ministry of Finance, Trade and
were the outstanding players for Industry in sealed envelopes addressed:
Saints; Benoit,Joseph,Faustin and CONFIDENTIAL : TREASURY BILL TENDER
H.Emannuel were i form for Harlem. MINISTRY OF FINANCETRADE & INDUSTRY
Meanwhile, the selectors haveISTRY O FINANCETRAE INSTRY
called up a 35-strong squad to com- GOVERNENT HEAO ARTERS,
mence training for this year's top- ROSEAU, DOMINICA.
ham Tousnament, including the 7-up All applications must reach this
Crusaders striker Joseph Solomon & Ministry no later than 4 p.m. on Wed-
Harlem's dangerman Irving Benoit. nesday 15th September, 1971.Successful
Both very young and full of poten- applicants will be notified by letter
tial, with proper training they may not later than 17th September, 1971.
wind their way up the ladder. Mr The Government of Dominica reserves
R. St.Havis Shillingford will again
do the coaching honours for the Stelthe right to accept or reject any ten-
'der in whole or in part.
Last Thursday, suspended soccer PINANCIAL SECRETARY.
players in Venezuela were given an F27/19.G 146 1st September, 1971.
amnesty in honour of Brazilian star
Pele. The Venezuela Football Feder- OUR FRONT PAGE BEAUTY: Miss Anthea Mon-
ation decreed an amnesty for all desire, whose prize tour of CARIFTA
suspended players after a plea from countries was sponsored by the Royal
"The King". He made the plea to Bank of Canada, had a great time abroad
officials before playing a friendly chaperoned by her mother. We hope to
match with his club Santos vs Boca print other pictures soon. **********
Junior of Argentina.Santos won 3-0. FAO/US award to Dominican: Mr. Benoit
ROSEAU's HARLEY ST. Another DoctorMaarten Pierre of Statistics, Min ./of
has added his nameplate to the sev- Finance, got a pin and two certificates
eral distinguished ones in King Geo.through outstanding performance at exams
v e we no was rnee S ed k" held in May 1971 at the U.S.Dept. of Agr
TH 0 isi o vei cn1riuculture. The Director wrote him a
efig er ~~oio ne tribute: "you gained the highest
Printed & published by the Proprie respect from our fellow participants"
tor,R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill WELCOIE BACK HOME to Rev. Atherton Didiie
-House at 26 Bath Rd.Roseau,D/ca WI. Dominica's presentMbhodist Supt. ~


Pag e Twelve