Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 7, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 7, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: December 7, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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DEC IR 1979

T .iftatjftt a r (io ^Lord' Soames ia I
epre.sentative 0 oline ies fediGovetails
turner (London)Ltd., Cee-fire details
22 Shadtesbury Avenue Virtute uce Oomite Fortuae remain to be
Lonn WIV 8 HNp Editor: hli Sha nd All settle .
Vol. XXIX 0jo. 18 Priday, December. 1979 jgenty Gents. 2Q
On Monday at 10 a.m. a House of As- We would like to tell our readers
sembly meeting will tcgin, at which the exao.t facts about the Banana Re-
budget f $61.5 million will be pre- habiliatioA Scheme and its progress,
sa ented the Minister of Finacer but facts and DBS annQuncementa .are
Later the Ministerd" act will contradictory. It appears that the
Later the"anti-Dreads" act will be Ministers are at odds~ Pinance Mini-
withdrawn and replaced with a far ster, back from Canada with a $5 mil-
m.ire suitable anti-terrerist act. lion loan, announced tjat growers
The Opposition Leader Hon. M.E. will get all their hurricane money
Charles will call upon Government to for Christmas; Agricultural Minister
help people reconstruct their homes. Parillon denied this. The D.B.G.A.
There will be several interesting announces that pay-out will be made
points raised in the debate. at various boxing plants and offices
this week-end for Sept./October.
S"T.TION ISLAND (Grenadines) TAKtEOviE They also state that matters may be
Thirty men led by an alleged "Rasta" held up because the area under ba.a-
named Bomber seized the police station ma cultivation, .as previously; regis-
and other buildings in this tiny -tered by DBGA turns Up on re-reciat-
southernmost island of St.Vincent ration with a 50% acreage increase:
people's Revo- some fiddle here somewhere. Luiger
Grenadines. Grenada's Peoples Revo- from leafspot infection is greatwot
lionary Government flatly denies any in Jan/Peb ad the praying programme
involvement. P.M. Milton Cato is ap- will be pushed to the utmost. Worse,
pealing for outside aid, and Vincent- a tank-full of spray oil worth $7O-
iansare guarding airport and coves, thousand has been emptied by soii.e
Population of Union Island,- 1,000. saboteur who cut the pipe. The DB3A
________,.. .......... directoral connittee of top agricul-
NEVIS REFORMATION PARTY WINS 9 SEATS tourists is to see the Interim P.M.
the total.number in their local el- to sort it all out. Rehabilitation
section. St.Kitts Labour Party-only- of the fields depends on a clear true
statement from the Prime Minister.
won 300 votes. NRP leader -S.Daniel. Meanwhile, the UK banana price drop
out of 13 seats in the general elect- N
ion on Wednesday. Joshua's PPP. was L. ROSE & CO LTD WISH TO AOTGuCE
utterly wiped out. James Mitchell THE CLbSTRE OP THEIR SHIPPING .
lost his seat but two of his men got .DEPARTMENT ON 31 DECEMBER 1979.
in and. are now the Opposition.
in and are now the Opposition. THEY WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THEIR
In the streets of Paris on Friday a FOR THEIR PATRONAGE OVER THE YE S
motor cyclist pulled a gun and shot OF OPERATION AND REGRE ANY INCCT-
the young man twice in the head. The VENIENCE WHICH MAY OCCUR AS A
Shah has criticized the USA in a UK RESULT OF THE CLOSURE.
magazine, partly blaming that country 6. -'/V
for his downfall, His autobiography is Iran officials have said they will
to appear in a few days' time. probably release 'innocent'hostages
\ s ofn.
,___ T_ '_ iI .. I[ il \ .

PaIge Two- --
As general election draws near,we:
are all getting anxious as to what
Party will run the next Government
until 3985.
The Labour Party government has
proved itself hopeless and .inept.
The Alliance Party, newly formed,
cannot be trusted, as we ean dee with
our eyes wide open that it is 49go1ing
Ouba". The strongly formed Committee
for National Salvation will surely
see to it that neither of the above
parties run the next goverlnimnt.
Our country eazsnot exist without
a stable and well-constituted gov-
ernment; so 90 per cent of voters
will surely vote one way, and that
Party is the Party of all sensible
people. No kidding.
--ugh Lawrence.

Due to circumstances outside our
control, we have not been able to
produce our normal 51 or 52 weekly
papers in 1979. Most of our sub-
dsribers subscriptions exDire on
December 31st.. To these (and other
patrons) we say that we will
finish the subscription year at the
end of February 1980a
So kindly hold your payments
until you hear from us early in

-- R.E, Allfrey, Publisher
We have received an admirable account
-from a foundation member of Child WelS
fare 14 this Island. It is"packedvdth
historical. information dating from
1925, when the District Officer., Mr.
T.EP.. Baynes, sought to eradicate
malnutrition and to reduce infant
mortality. He was in the Northern
District. The founder members names
list Dr.ESB.Garrard, R.P.Garraway,Rev
Pr.Gharrieau,FPI, A*A.Braron,4 I.B. Wat
ty, F.A.Benjamin,Walter A Knight, Mrs
Baynes,Mrs. Gaarad & Mrs.Knight,Mrs.
,Kelshall Wallace,Nrs. J.Sowray, the
Misses Marion & Imelda Peter and the
Misses Clara and Olive Garraway. (gg

,.. T I t ff A Tv- fleCI. mm'F l 71. 1Q'~7Q

Schedule .of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and, voting thereon
for week ending December 1, 1979
Date of Person naturee of Request
Request Presentin whether for a
Certificate of Title or haoting there-
on or Caveat


-FO tUIi~' X 4" p-~~

YEAR OP THE CHILD etd. The ladies main
duties were to visit homes and report
on conditions; deserving cases were re-
ferred to the Medical. Officer. Funds
were raised from popular projects in
ortsmouth, supplying inIfant: with
cows milk, cod liver oil etc. A Govt.
'grant o L25 p-a. towards upkeep was
provided; this Increased periodically.
,P we groe n werelg re 'Mraita

i 4-LFridgy Pkat~ ~ L- g--C bgI r rl JI r .


- ----~*c-C*U~I~ii~SESE~;i~-X"--RI"UIII-

1 1

m TT m n m, t D


resesit* 'da-. Mafalda, Re ueat for the
ted 17th Berkitt issue of a FPst
Aigst P979 by her Certificate of
Presented Solici- Title'tin es-
27th Novem-n tor Oil- pect of a por-
ber,l3,79 at ma A.M. tion of land at
a 5 pm DUaaimy. Senhouse,Castle
Bruce, -in the arish of St.David, in
the-Commonwealth of Dominaea,contain-
ing 7156 square feet and bounded as
follows:- North: by an a~eess road
separating it from land of John Bap-
tiste Bannis; South: by land of Cyp-
rien Vigilante; Fast- by land of Re-
manus eBanis; Weat: by a public road
separating it from land of Veronica

Request da- Rudolph re2 eat for
ted 16th' McPherasn the i6sue of
July 1979 & Manu.ella a PFirst 'Ce.
Presented McPhersa tificate of
27th Nov- by the:u? Title in res-
ember 1979- Solicit-c pect of a
at l2.40 pp GCil"a i.Mo portion of
SiD Buag Y_ land known as
a residential lot at Tat e Mo. ne Grand
Bay-in the Pariah of St.Patrick in
the Commonwealth of Dominica,contai.-
ing 433a sayare feet adn bounded as
follows:- North-Bast: by a public
road; North-Weat: by lands of Flossie
Charles; South-West: by. land of Flos-
sie Charles; South-Bast: by lands of
the Government of Dominica.


FPrdav. December 7. 1979

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of .itle and voting thereon
for week eroding st December., 1979

Date of Person nature of Request
request Presen tng whether for a
Certificate of Title or Noting there-
on or' Caveat.-. ._-
Reauest da- Simon Aug- Request for
ted 28th austusu the issue of
1979 orsorsford a Finst Cer-
Presented by his tificate of
50th Novem- Solicitor Title in ree-
ber,1979 at Cilma A. pect of a
35 p. MDigy portion of
lajnd as a Lot in the Town of
Roseau, in the 2Parish of St.George,lin
the Commonoiweaeth of Dominica,oontain-
ing 664 square feet and bounded as
follows: iorth-Eaat by a right-df-
way separating it from land of Maggie
Jemott; North-West by land of Carmen
Horsford; South-East by land of Domi-
nica Trade UnJLi .; South-West by land
of Clemitta El:u.T eek end c. 8th
Request da- Faidmonl Request for the
ted 2nd Dec- Leslie issue of a irst
ember 1979 by his iCertificate of

Presented Solidi- Title in rea-
4th Decem- tor Van- pect of a por-
ber 1979 at Ya tion of land
5 Du in knowz as a Lot
in the Village of We sleyin the Par-
ish of St.Andrew, in the Commonwealth
of Dominica, containing 16952 square
feet and bounded as follows:- North-
East: land of Jeraldine Williams,
Mignon Joseph and Joseph St.John;
South-East: A Public Road separating-
it .fr m land of Elishah Andrew;

South-West: land of Keith Joseph,
Utina Tarvanie, Daphney Telemacque,
Daisy Williams and Turney Masoa;
North-WIest: a Road separating it from
land of Ethel Robin. .eek endgDec8
Request da- .0orbes Request for the
ted 23rd Charles issue of a
Nov. 1979 by his First Certifi-
Presented Solici- cate of Title
5th Decem- tor Cil- in respect of a
ber 1979 at ma A., portion of land
10050 am. M Dupigzy at Sams Guttel'
Marigot,in the Parish of StAndrew,in
the Commonwealth of Dominica,contain.-
ing 4,800 square feet and bounded a
(ne-xt co

8_ T A R EziXge _. Threctd-
I h9Q4rPinft for weeU ex.a. Dec.8 ctd

follows:- orthi-Bast: 3by land ot
Sheila Charles E manaupl; borth-West
by land of INewman fel3ea; South-East
by land of Alexia LinolZ South-ea&t
by land of Lionel Lavville
Request da- Winaton. Regpest for th
ted 9th Jua Albert i~sue of aEP rs"
ly 1979. by his Certifieate of
Presented Sollci- 2itle. in res-
5th Debem-' tor Oil- pect of a por.
ber 1979 at ma A.M* lion of land a
11a15 asm I D=i=gy 8t.Joselph, in
the Parish of St.Joseph, in the Com-
monwealth of Dominica, containing
1860 square feet and bounded as
follows:- North-East: by land of
Me Hale Charles; SouthtWest: by land
of *aiida' Pied3e 4: ast: by land
of Ogiste Christopther; West: by lanAd
of Suelda Roveri. e

eqguest da-
ted 2ndlbb-
ruary 1979
5th Decem-
ber 1979 at
11.58 a.m.

I- I--I _

by his
tor VYat

Request for
the issue of
a First Cert-
ificate of
2itle in res-
pect of a por-
tion of land

at Victoria, Delices, in the Parish o
8t.Patrick, in the OomBaonwealth of
Dominica, containing 9,652 square
eet and bounded as follows:.- worth:
land of Agnea Sorhaindo; South: lands
of Mollie Joseph and Gotaria Simon;
West: by a Precipice separating it
from land of Wylie Borbaindo; East:
Uland of Casxmir Sorhaindo,
V.C. Josse, Ag. Registrar of Tities.
JNOM: UAny person who desires to ob-
Ject to the issuing of a Certificate
of Title on the above Applications
may enter a 'Caveat in the above of-
fice within six weeks from the first
appearance of this Schedule in the
Star newspaper published in this
country or from the date when the
notice prescribed by law waa last
served on any owner or occupier of
adjoining lands in respect of which
.pthiR ap cation was made.

!a_____CTIONS _

-- -' Y




1 1 --


Analie s isbbben ObaridK

* *T*A*H8*kt*t*R*T*S* Morchriston IYER OF THE CHILD DOMuIICA'S lst
FOOTBALL: Clash of Giants Sunay,., CHILD WELFARE (PORTSMOUTH)from p.2.
Rve 'is sweet DOPP Harlem Bombers This long and fascinating narrative
and Pepa z Kenaborough United played glitters with good Dominica names
sterling matches in the semifinals of as well as those of distinguished
of the Enoekout competition to. quali- visitors: Mrs. Moir SRML wh.- headed
fy for the final, which takes place the baby clinic in 1928 and hpld the
at the' Windsor Park on Sunay. first baby show, a qlitter of well-
Revenge was sweet when first Kens- known Doctors including Dr.Scott Gil-
borough United rallied from one goal letter, and ladies from IWurse Bully &
down to whip Coco Cola Saints 4-1l to ilurse Luidell, Miss Dorothy Jule6 &
avenge a defeat they suffered at the Miss Monica Green who introduced the
hands of Saints during the league. Save the Children Fund in the instit-
The Bombers were no less emphatic in ution's 40th year. Lady Hailes was a-a-
putting the record straight as they other interested visitor; she was wel-
in turn avenged an earlier defeat comed by the now only survivor of the
from Spartais to win 4-nil in specta- original Child Welfare body Miss
cular style. Saints enjoyed the Marion Peter, devoted voluntary work-
benefit of a bye whet ACS Kens infom er for children and author of the Re-
ed the Football As~ga nation that they port.e The Report is so good that I
could not play their quarter-final hope she will allow me to forward it
match against Saints who had beaten to the U.N.International Year of The
them just 2 weeks before 6-1. This Child committee, so that they may
placed the confident Saints up against read it in full, as our space is so
Kensborough United, a team they had tiny. Congratulations, esteemed ex-
beaten 5-1 with Kensborough at full President of Portsmouth Child Welfare
strength. Their confidence received a Qommitteel P.S.A.
further booster when Alic Charles *STARSPORTS* ctd. FOOTBALL: .oseph
(captain) and Cecil Elwin (striker)' "Tootie" Guiste put Harlem up ahead
- Kensborough backed out of the team, Iduring the slt half and a minute later

Reg$x Thomas (striker) Atherley Robin .struck agalinmaking it 2nil. *In the
and Gabriel Timothy (half men) were .id half N ichael George dribbled his
out through injury. Kenaborough had to way through the Spartans defencewho
play all their reserves -no: substitutestfeaed fouling him to eut one past
During the first minute of. lay,Saints Courtney Challenger from very close
went ahead through Michael "Bobette rage About min to end of play
Freeman, and even the staunchest Kens- Wilfred "Fox Dontfraid, like George,
borough supporter agreed that Saints dribbled his way through and in the
would be in the finals with the Spar- same pl ,ame range between goal-
ta ns/Harlenr winner. keeper and corner post made it 4nil.
Half time 1-nil And thento the Since the matches played by Harlem
Half time 1-nil And theto he sud Kensborough were their best for
azement of all present, and consterxia- the aesc the final ean be or should
tion io Saints players and fans.ens- b e asnotn the final an benhralul
borough (Pepiz) United produced theit be nothing le ssthan enthralling
beat match of the season as Dana Hur- D : e defeated Lubville 5-2
IGS beat Steds 2.-0'; Winera Pte MicheL
tault put in 2 goals within a minute. trounced SteChocolate Coueranty 4-nil
A penalty by Fitz Henry (captain)made trounced Chocolate Couty -ni Dom-
it 5-1 and Dana Hurtault's 3rd goal be- CRICKET: let Test match Australia -
came one for the recordsehis hattrick W.I. eiided in a daw Final scores
The day following, Sunday, DCP Harlem Australia 268 & 446 feclared. Ki
Bombers came up against the new league aughes 130 n.o,G.Chappell 124 & 76.
champions Spartans (unbeaten until that West Indies 441 & 40/3. Viv Richards
match) with no less intention than to i J Garnr 60L.eowe 50-, .
emulate theperformance of arch -rivals Rr n reyu Mill byuse ropt pr o
iKenasborough. (NieXt column) LATE 'NEWS: at aornt Hall in +.the nnmmnonwaj +WcPt

iCdto's forces have retaken Union Is

PsPe Bour

T K 6 S TaR ~I~idas. December r.~ 19'79

bo minlci~~fcap West Indlea.el~~U V

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