Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 30, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 30, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: November 30, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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4~ 4P
j4) 'ph-ne -F.o.Bot- ] )
MeK Media Represeatative
Colin Tirrner(London)Ltd.
,122 Shaftesbury Avenme
London WIV 8 HA JVfrtute Wuoe Uosi4te Portuna
R N G_ L L N 1
V-o11 XXIX Nl Frit1y, NoPrreinber 30, 14tymg9 3

X A Tl1* q 1980

TweiLtrv Cents tOIn

The Prime Minister flies to Prance following consultation with all pov-
tomorrow, Saturday, to sign a treaty .er.ments of Canadian provinces, he
of friendship and co-operation with Canadian Immigration Minister hts
the French Government and to held announced a "global intake" of 120,00C
aid discussions. He will be guest cf immigrants for 1980; althouph.hliher
honour at a charity ball, proceeds than 1979's, the increase is due to
of which will be given to Dominica. Canada's commitment to resettle 50
Thousand Indochinese refugees by
ELEVEN DOMINICA STTIDINTS GO TO CTBA 1980. Canada has reinstated the "ten
Not everybody is pleased that there point penalty" which means that C~ Ca-
are 11 students going off to Cuba .to dians have first priority on all job
study subjects ranging from Spanish vacancies; however family reunift a-
to Agriculture. They are accompanied tion whereby spouses, minor cl.r,.:,
by Mr.Peter Israel who will look into parents, grandparents, fienoes .'.n'
their living and study conditions. children for adoption q .l .'
T he Dominica Church Council has ex- irovbd f- '
. pressed feraaa-tht5e iident&-sIt
will become communistic, and may even able to nID utein 1r'B* '
find it difficult to find jobs on penalty affects applicants who hvM
their return no bona f ide job offer.

David Tolson will be here from Dec.3
to 7, and will see applicants in the'
mornings of 4th, 5th A 6th. December.
Still supporting his students who
khld 49 Americans hostage, the Aya-
tollah called President- Carter a
criminal this week. Meanwhile Mexico
has withdrawn permission for the
Shah to return there. President Sadat
of Egypt has offered the Shah refuge.

Do not submit to outside influence,
and do not hold your bad economic
conditions against your friends....

Pope John Paul II arrived in Turkey
,on Nov. 28. His aim is to heal the
long rift between Roman Catholic arn
Eastern Orthodox ChurQhes, and he Lei
both Ecolesiastic and :Government
leaders. It is'hoped that the gap
will be closed by the end of'this
century: greatu.obstacle is the sup-
remacy of the Papacy.
T-"~)T' ~E -ASE LY
At 10 a.m. on Monday JOth Decenmber
the House will meet tp debate the
1979-80 budget.

MRS THATCHER has not yet won in her Eleven people in Laplaine were r:a e
fight to get Britain's 1000million homeless when their house was swept
centribution to the European Econom- away by severe ains this week.
io Community reduced (Dublin meeting). A.S. by severof reins this week. TEAMY f three, led by 'r.:'1..
A OORSECTION: last week we wrote McComey (Barbados) Asst. C-en See.,
15 acres instead of 45 in are here for official talks. Apenfr
reference to Pierson contract, includes hurricane disaster aid.

ags .



_ "--gr.-u _I-T-L-- ^- -c^i-,-w--

PPa e UTo


Fnidaiv. november 30. 1979

RMAN RIGHTS ARE THE ... by John Spector
Amidst the world horrors 6PO 'he svitidEs -- anarchy and terrorism,
hunger and deprivation, mass hysteria and religious suicide, drugs and
crime syndicates, destabilization and the energy crisis -one shaft of
clear light still shines brightly on mankind. It is the world-wide focus
on Human Rights and the, formal acceptance by mana nations at Helsinki of
the principle and enunciation of, Human R, rights.
Since the American Declaration of Independence 200 years ago, with its
simple statement that every American is entitled to Life, Liberty and the
pursuit of Happiness, the gross exploitation of one-: "an being by another
is anathema. 'The recognit on that every individual should be given equal
opportunity in health, education and relaxation is now the watchword. In
200 years this big step forward towards civilization has been taken. But
not in all the world; only really in a small part of the Western World.
The reader promptly says: 'but most of the world is civilized today'. Ger-
tainly Iran has all the American trappings of technology (including arma- .
ments); Africa has postal services, railways and airways; China has it'- own
ancient civilization with its civil servants and government; India and
Pakistan, Russia and Latin America --they are not savages Of course many
citizens in such countries may be highly civilized in themselves.., yet -
a majority of the population do not. enjo '"life, liberty and the pursuit
of happiness. '
You see, civilization is sizrle: it is that each individual must be
'civilized, yet it is complicated --for it must include all the many rights
of n mIan. These include :an honest jdiciary, an honest government, an honest
and free p.ess and media and'I theright of every Iultctt i to evQte ,~-
San.- elected -governm of eot;urse Mhe right of every human in a country
-to education, healthand e:eative occupation from birth to old age.
S Itt is'-only since the:end'of the- last World War that Britain set,an
example: to the rest of the world by gradually giving independence to her
colonies .-noticeably with very little violence or civil disturbances con-
nected with the shaking off of the "shackles of colonialism". However, it
has taken around 20 years for most of Britain's colonies to become indepen--
dent, and this is Britain's fault for not spending money sufficient to forji
an educated and 'technically-skilled class able to appreciate the workings
of democracy, and at the same time create a literate electorate.
In Dominica, for instance Mrs. Allfrey had to work in English and in,
patois to explain patiently to the .working-people of 'this island the value '
af a political party --'the 'Labour Party of Dominica;. it was all done by
word of mo2th. Writing manifestos does not get a vote from .au illiterate
citizen. In fact it might bepostulated that true democracy cannot function
without an electorate of- literate adults.
Perhaps Mr. E.O. LeBlanc realized this when he pushed Mrs...Allfrey out,
so that he would become the Chief Minister 'and later Premier: using his posi.
ition of power to become a virtual dictator. Like all dictators, hQwever, he
did no't;take the people into his'confidence and he made it clear that he
would favour those who Voted. for him. When criticized he turned to the old
colonial laws (still on the statute book) and, instead of reDealing them,
sought to stiffen them out with harsh amendments. Wheh the Ar mdment to
the "Seditious and Undesirable Publications Bill" was published, LeBlane
was striking at the people's rights. A demonstration of the solidarity of
the Press (Stanley Boyd, Mrs. Allfrey & Scobie) against the Bill, backed
by the literate population, 'defied him and continued to criticize him free-
ly: the Act was never implemented., Soon after this another legal crisis
against the Trade Unions the right to strike, the right to free associa-
tion and free speech -brought the stoppage of Parliament by force. (See .p.)

Friday', november 30, 1979 T HE S 3 A R _Page Three
COMWOI V~NALTH OF DOMINICA ISchedule for week ending December I
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT continued: Applic.R.& M.McPherson
Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Titl3 and noting thereon !Grand Bay in the Pariah of St.Pat-,
for week ending iove:.1r 24 1979 rick in the Commonwealth of Dominica,
Date of ... ..containing ,452 square feet and
Date of Person lature of Requestlbounded as' ollowsi:- horth-East: by
Reagust.-eeenti n whether for a la public road; iorth-West: bt1 laLds
Certificate of 2itle cr 14oting there- of Flossie Charles; South-West: by
on or Caveat. .__land of Flossie Charles; South-East:
Request da- Ignatius Request for by lands of the GOvernment of
ted 17th. Liverpool the issue of Dominica.
January 197 & Adrien a First Cer-
Presented Angol by. tificate of REG ISTRAR'S OFFICE, ROSEAU *
19th iovem- their Sol- Title in res- v.C Josses, Ag. Registrar of Titles
ber 1979 at icitor pect of apor- NOTE: Any person who desires to
1Z.30 p.m. Cilma A. tion of land f ject to the issuing of a Gertf'i-
MjDpi.ry known as aLot cate of Title on the above Applic-
at Montiin, Grand Bay, in the Parish nations may enter a Caveat in t-.o
of St.Patrick,in the Commonwealth of above office within six weeks from
Dominica, containing 7120 square feet the first appearance of this ece'ul;
and bounded as follows:- North-East: in the Star newspaper publitLhed 4i
by lands of Beltin Tavernier and this country or from the date .w.e
Cyril Thomas; SouthEast: by land of the notice prescribed by law Vra
Terrence Thomas; North-West by lands last served on-any owner or ohcup- .,
of Anthony Tavernier and. Beltin er of adjaing j4 -reyC

i atverner. of which this applicatlo was nmada. '
Schedule for weelV eidin 1s December
Request da- Mafalds fReluest for BRAfO ALWIoI by Hugh Lawrence
ted 17th Berkitt the issue of a
August 197 9 by her First Certifi- This morning Monday .ov&12, 'I
Presented J Solic- cate of Title decided after listening to the BBC
/27th ovem- tor Cil- in respect of to congratulate Mr, Bully for
iber,1979 at I ira A. a portion of bringing back to us the BBC World
.323 P --, p n..1,:[l !land at Sen- News.
house, Castle Bruce, I the Parish I am happy to.say that I am oi.e
of St.David, in the Commonwealth of who wrote a request to EBS when the
Dominica, containing 7136 squarefee imanagementasked those people who
jand bounded as follows:'- North: by were interested .to make sggpsti.s .
an access'road separating it from for the improvement of that media.
land of John Baptiate Bannis; South: Complaints had earlier berurmade,
1by land of Cyprien Vigilailte; East: when the BBC news was dropped, as
by land of Romanus Bannis; West: by to dissatisfaction over the change;
a public road separating it from land and really it was rather disaapoint-
of Veronica John Finn. $ng to most people.
SIt is now a pleasure to have this
Request da- Rudolph Reqtest for world-wide mew~ back again. Keet it
Cited 16th July McPherson the issue of juPs please!
'1979. and Man- a First Cert- FLOODS OF RAIi'" lI DOfll0I'
-Presented. uella -I ificate of A few days ago terrific floods oi
i 7th Nov- Pherson Title in res-' rain almost up to Frederick volu-a
ember 1979 by their fpect of a burst upon this island. Our house was
iat 12.440 pm Solicitor portion of i again, encircled by water which tried
iCilma A. M. Dupigny land known asj to come in at the front door. In the
ia residential lot at Tete Morne : nrth, land i def aEvee ted trav e.
(next col.) Stiere 'were y Iafia~lXS elJesewI;ae.


f -


Page Four T H E, S T A R ri.d. november 30 1979
*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* Morchriston W AR IG'ITS ARE TE TEST John QpeetPo
FOOTBALL: St. Kitts Tour Off (Fro2m .2.) The scene of this drama
The taboo which has plagued Dominica was the old Court House. Agai4 at
football teams over the past four the next election Labour gained the
years, once again manifested itself majority (was it a free and fair el-
this week as a proposed tour section ) and again another Prine Min-
had to be called off due to 'the un- ister, Patrick John, trampled on the
availability of the St.Kitts playing buman Rights of the people. ca
ground, With the football season to won on May 29; Human Rights are the
be completed, one doubts whether the test,
tour will take place this year. The Now and for all the future let
boldest 1970s team, with Joffre Paus- all politicians put aside obsessive
tin the most senior, included one or party feelings. The form of Govern-
two dubious selections with that of ment which works best is Social Demo-
Alick Charles a straight outrage.The cracy. This is a combination of Capit-
omission of Morris Aisles from the alism (to fight for the country in
ream shows a sad lack of observation an economic world), Government to
on the selectors' part, and might have peel off excess profits for the bene-
been prejudiced by hearsay. Another fit of the underprivileged and see
omission of note is young Harlem Bomb-that all citizens, children, workers
era wing half Peterson "Stout" Shill- entrepreneurs and senior citizens
ingford.If it's because of lack of ex- get the education, health, housing
perience, the sooner he gets it the and pursuit of happiness that the
betterr for Dominica football.The full wealth of a nation can afford.. But
team: Pitz Henry,Capt.; ,Cletus Popo, above all Human Rights come first,
-VioeiGapt. Allok Charles,Atherley before any Socialism, Capitalism,
ob in, Gecil Elwin (KaeSborough U. ) YLieralism or Opportunism!
Qourtney hOalleunger,John Lobkadk,JeffY ST IP-ORT* td. R I ( K T ;- :
y Lawrence (partan), DerrickGre West dies Make Bad rt Aait
Joffre Faustin, Joseph Guiste,Michael eAstralia & Bigland: West Indies,
George (Harlem Bombers) Lenny Andr erhandome victories over South
Thomas Kentish (Saints) ,Robertson Hyp, ter handsome victories over South
blite (Kens) and Ralph Richards(Po tt3)Australia and an Invitation XI (3-
Vivian Ren6, Coach; and Berdork Shil- day affairs) fell badly in their lat
ingfod, Manager... 'one-day encounters against Australia
l.ngford, Manager.. and England. Greg Chapell wn
The knock out league which started t~ss aad sent in CveR L W..
last week saw Spartans drubbing Spurs Lillee aw them o by dismissinst
Lille. saw them off by dismissing
7-0. Lawrence 2,Toussaint 2 and Bern- Greenidag & Richards when the total
ard Joseph 1, whilst spurs put in two reach 8,? 2Ian or er aed alve
for Spartans. In another k.o. match, Lloyd a scalp to Haynes & Kallicharan.
Pepiz Kensborough scraped by the lone Len Pascoe broke through to capture
goal scored midway in 2nd half the 4 of the last 5 wickets; WaI.fell for
only goal shot by striker Cecil "Abu" 193. Australia replied with 196 for 5.
Elwin. But the match was Potters for Aga hi g an S. an ba S g
the taking; they dominated it and first scored 11 o' 50 overs. Ran
could have scored a comfortable six. cut play and England total was
b~roughtodown to 198 47 qv r.We
But Ralph kichards & Sylvestre Anthony Indis found te arget 0 or. of
seemed to fear the Kensborough goal- 47 overs tbo and were all dis-
keeper as much as the back of the nets. missed for 196, losing by 2 runs.
In a 2nd div. match,Alcons beat Green The 1st test match between Australia
sleeves. 1-nil. and the West Indies starts Sat.Dec.J.
CRICKET: The 1st match between India A teto m 'At.
and the touring Pakistanis at Banga- WE ARt Wi TO A JiA Y -LRTION
lore ended in a draw. Final scores: Printed & Published by the Proprietor
Pakistan 431 for 9 decl. and 108/2. aR R16 & 5 Nf1ficgr jj th
India 416. (More Starsports next cul) -Domini&ca, ae a

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