Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 23, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 23, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: November 23, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone = NONE
JK Media Representati
Dolin Turtler(London)L
122 Shaftesbury Avenu
London WIV 8 HA


Na. I NC I~TK~re

SVirtute. Duce -Comita Fortun~a I AU
~~iT~~~hviWAB isSax~~Th

Vol,.XXIX o. *16 .eriday, N<

ovember 23, 1979

Twenty Cents 2Q0


On ember 26 r. erphn wll The Southern Caribbean Corporation
On November 26 lr. Seraphiln will leave" (r.Don person's outfit) s suing
Dominica for iami lrida, where he (Mr.Don Pierson's outfit) is suing
Dominica for Miami Fl< rida, where he
will act as moderator at a session on the present Government of Dominica
aribbe rs, in the inter--Amer- for the breaki'ng-off of arrangements
-Cabb n thf tf s to hand over the Freeport Zone (some
can-Carbbean conference there U.1.
can-Carl.r, onerence tere. TT1 45 acres in the north). This arrange-
Presidenit jirimy Carter will deliver a
speech et te opening session, meant was mode during the regime of
speech at the opening session. ati
On leaving Florida, Mr. Seraphin Mr. Patrick John; the people pr-
will go to 'rasnce to sign a treaty of tested so vehemently that it was
friendship with the French Government dro'DPed. Attorney General Brian
and hold d-.cussions with Ministers Alleyne will represent Government
and fficis the, in this affair. A previous case cf
and Of fic s therethe same Cortpo-rtion vs Haiti is
BRITAIi GIVES DOIFIICA .1 million MORE 1-eiing exanne.5 by T'.S. Lawyer
in addition to the sum of 10 million Wiison on points of precedent.
promised during independence. Southern Caribbean Corporation
promised during Independence.
Plus ti$8,000 to be spent in rural is a Texas Comoany.
areas, and $50,000 for reconstruction A Battle of Ner
of a high school in the north; also AT.sCAN HOt.AGiS: A Battle of Nerve
7 This is whatt cali=
o$30,0 to assist with Dominica' over
budgetary problems. The Royal Engineers -f- "
are comlinq in to "turn their hands to white Amens ac whose coloured ads
whatever can be done Negro friends and woren associates
whatever can be done". __have -b'n-released .Noetheless we,
7ZA-BT IT A Sr4T l WAR lke ri-1lions of anxioLls 7,
zens, feel deeply a;nxiocs for their
BecauseRhodesian forces from Zimbabwer safety. Those studei~ts wtho do net
have smashed her bridges and ruined hold Christian principles could
her trade routes, Zambia has mobilized just as soon kill them on ,eny pre-
her reserves and declared herself at text.'We must pray for thet.r safety.
war. AngryilZ:t Britain who declined It appears to us that Carter has
res,pons:Lility for the aggression,the so far done the rtgtht thing.

Zambians have become anti-British over-
night, stoned the High Commission arnd
torn up bushes and drubs in its grounds.
Libya has come out in support of Zambia
and Nkomo & Mupabe are off to TanzEinia,
to discuss this deplorable outcome with
Julius Nyerere.
an appeal to assist Dominica in the
protection of cultural and environ-
mental matters..

The most recent show -that there sre
739 million Catholics in the world.
America leads with 62.3 %; Europe.,
39.85; Oceania, 25%; Africa 12.2. %
and Asia 2.3%
will be published on Dec-ember 12.
Publication was held back "so as
not to embarrass President Carter".

_ ~I _


I F, G L A N D Id itor __ hvll is Shand Allf e _1



Friday. november 23. 1979

E W SB R I F 3
Because U.S. Ambassador Miss Sally
Shelton's car was rammed by another
vehicle en route to the Grantley
Adams airport, she was unable to vi-
sit Dominica to talk aid with P.M.
Oliver Seraphin on Mqnday,. However
they held discussions in Barbados
later this week. ,
A troop of 50 British Royal Engineere
are coming to Dominica to assist in
reconstruction work of various kinds.
The first contingent of 11 is about
to arrive.
Cuba has given Grenada a gift of
$25 million to help in the building
of a new airport.
Also in Grenada, the trial of the
first batch of detainees is about to
begin. These are. the members of the
Mongoose Gang, who will be tried for
murder. It will be recalled that P.M.
Bishop's father, Mr. Rupert Bishop,
was murdered during a fracas of the
Gairy regime. Others died and were
injured since that time. Fort George
was renamed recently "Fort Rupert" in
hpnour of murdered Rupert Bishop,
St. Vincent has suffered this week
from severe landslides which have
held up banana deliveries for ship-
ment. The slides were caused by vast
rainfalls, particularly in the north,
St.Vincent is on the brink of her

- And the contact can do us nothing
but good. We are glad to note that
the Interim Prime Minister, Mr. Oliver
Seraphin, got a good reception (full
military honours) when he arrived at
Grantley Adams Airport, and that he
had a talk 'or 1' hr 10 mina. with
Barbadian Prime Minister Tom Adams.
*This happened on Wednesday; Seraphin
headed a delegation of four and spent
three packed days, during which he
held talks with donor Ambassadors of
Britain, Canada and the United States,
He came back today, Friday.
Argentina sent a Hercules on Weds.
with 30 tons of drugs and medicines
to aid the suffering Dominicans.
This is a most welcome gint-visiti
The Grand Mosque at Mecca, chief
shrine of Moslems, was occupied by
usurpers who took 50 hostages after
killing and wounding a few defenders,
The Saudi National Guard denied the
false rumour, strongly denied by USA,
that the takeover was American in-
spired. It said "The takeover was
nothing to do with the Western World".
However, the rumour sparked off hat-
red against Americans in countries as
far apart as Pakistan (where the US
embassy was burned, two Americans
killed) and Turkey.All Moslem led.

first independent general election. BELIZE GEORGE PRICE WINS AGAIA
James Mitchell has given up his time- For the seventh time in Belize's
honoured Bequia seat to oppose Joshua electoral history, Chief Minister
Canada:'Pierre Trudeau, ex Prime Min-iGeorge Price won,a general election
sister, has just resigned as leader and kept his seat, although the Dep.
of the Opposition Liberal Party. Premier lost his place. Some 85-80/o
lof the voting population voted.
Dominica's Committee for iNational Sal The Opposition Democratic United
vation, which consider itself a arty won 6 seats, as before.
national monitor, has asked allmemrbersN
of the House of Assembly to sign a I TERNATIONAL TRAhSPORT WORKERS UNIO1
motion calling upon Mr. F.E.Degazonto aids W.A.W.U. The sum of 1,000
resign as President. It specifically has been sent to the Waterfront &
calls on the members of the Cabinet Allied Workers Union by this big
to sign this motion. We understand T.U. to aid its members who have
the motion will be moved in the next suffered due to hurricane David.
House meeting, early December. WAWU has announced that it will hold
WIhBAi is promoting Intercropping: a meeting shortly to discuss how
beans, sweet potato,peanuts,pigeon this welcome sum will be used to
ea, coweas, aine and part cular- help members who had damage or are
Se ve al been used in try-out unemployed.

_ ~_ _T


Pane TWon

SriLday. ,Aove.mb A .1979 ...'.X.A .. .__, A .. PAge Three
Hurricane David brought many kinds by Lawrence
of response from our friends in other A good samaritan of Laudat, named
lands, but none to my mind so apt as Savory Rdlle, passed away on the
the volume called "Village Techno3;ogy night of the 29th August, David day.
Plans" sent by a Star subscriber from It was the worst hurricane for
Florida, Richard Winters. These plans centuries. His hout..e, which'was
have peen assembled from all over the built by his late father -.. bot a
world from third world countries as hundred years ago, was8 -iat&ed like
well as from developed countries., a toy and blown awy -in bits.,
Each plan is complete with step-by- Lucky kfor us it took pa.::e during
step diagrams, lists of tools and the day, for if it had blown during
materials required and full instruct- the night' so many of ts would haV
ions on making 'and use. perished
I have been dipping into this 387- perished. 49 ? ago we experienced
page Handbook and my interest was im the last hurricane which could not
mediately caught by the Plails of (im- be compared either with David or with
ply made) ZSo.a Cookers, Stills, Ovena the one of 1916. At that tziie, in
and Water Heaters, Now, in an energy Colihaut alone 46 peop.-e prVishod at
crisis, how Inpcrtant a.saving can be sea Vhex the rive. carried E.aay 17
made by their the gener- houses. A s]oop~ .:et MarJ'iJt harbour
al heading cf 'Cr;p Production, various for Roseau with abo:.t abo all
types of si~,.y made Levelllig Scrap- perishe..' Wil.i L~:via, wife and
ers, Drags, R'dge .Pormers etc. for two Caribe also a.d ii
use, not wi.Ltn expenJ.sive diesel--opera- We do pray tiat Savory Rolle
ted tractors, but dragged by horse, obtain a place of rest.
bullock or dorkey to prepare and lev-
el land ready fo:r irrigation and
drainage before pla;uting and here TO CCOPi-DP"'T O 14T M C JAMES BAUER'
we have "Potato Planter", "Single Row The cos. for' in one issue
Crop I'anter". Make for yourself a the baking advert i.sment of which
corn sheller, oil-seed press or manioc Yu sent us a spec would be $5 US.
ler You see zhat our pi'-',r is a very mall
peeler Sections, on Animal Husbandry, though ia.fluential c ne. The lette-r you
Insect & Pest Control and all types of sent to the DoTminis I.srald, which no
Water Resource, Water Lifting (pulms) longer e;:Els, was alo hc.-iTedi too us.
etc; then Food Pr.servation tells you( Hurricanl: .David Jhs destroy ed nearly
how to make an Evaporative Food Coo. a.- l printing se:vics ec .ar- O
- and there are sections telling how .p.. manu.ll' Dnteb., Editor.
to make h mattress, a washing machine, .- _..
a Pit Privy, a Septic Tank. T .* ST. J:CiBh, PrL COjTiKLyTS CO.
Wood Lathe, B4Ecycle Propelled BoatTD, ; Z..i-,.A .
Timber Bridge, Wheelbarrow, Metal The cost of publishing one of your
Crafting, Pottery-making Spinning & Penpal CL1Ub advertlsemeats would be
Weaving it's all there. Build your 1l sterling, iNote our r. marks to the
own Windmill or Methane Gas Plant. proposed .adverti.ser. ,,bo-e. Editor.
Any reader of the Star who is inter- ELE R 2
ested should come to see. these plans The chains and cables and steel teeth
for him(her)self. at the publisher's h
home, Copt Hall, .2.miles out of Roseau Nothing of what you were: have left
a few yards after the Copt Hall Bridge I hold niy hands over a stump and.
Roseau River. Come in.daylight: we remember
have no telephone since David. I will A hundred and fifty feet above me
then wr i.te to the USA for the special b ranches
plan required, which will cost only a o longe holding away. I itche
few dollars. Good luck1 R.E. Allfrey You fell.and fell again ana wliE on
.- E> poet David Wagoner.. falling...

-i:.~,:::..~... ~ ,~L_


Page Four T H E S T A R Friday. November 23. 1979
OR LOSE TOGETHER Norman Myers Prime Minister Oliver 8eraphin
(I3. N~orman. iyers, a consultant iln en- will go, to Miami, Florida on 1tov.
(Dr. oorman Myers, a constant in en 27, where he will act as moderator
vofronment an devel the Ltr-mericsn-
Nairombienthas wodevelop tethet AO sUof a section of the Inter-.Americsn-
airobi has worked with the A of U, Caribbean meeting there, President
Rockefeller Poundation & USA's Nation- at imm
al AcadenQy of Sciencest He has 'itten of the United States Jmmnru Carter
al Academy of Sciences. He has witten will deliver, the, feature openirig
a book "The Sinking Ark", on the speech
problem of disappearing tropical for- Afterwards, Mr. Serahin will
eess, published in 1979 by Pergamon proceed to France, where he will
Press, Iew York and Oxford.) sign a treaty of friendship with
Tropical moist forests are by far the the French Governmnent.
richest ecological zone on earth.They
are also the least explored by science It has been denied that the Catholic
we now know more about certain pat- Relief Fund is stopping supplies to
ches of the moon's surface than we do Dominica since the takeover of Charles
about many parts of these forests. Savarin's job by Labour Candidate
Furthermore, tropical moist forests Felix Thomas. Alvin Knight said:
are being overexploited and generally "Supplies of food... 950 tons of
degraded more rapidly than any other food have been stored at the deep
biome (ecological community), water harbour works. The reason has
The assault on tropical forests is been that the Roseau Reception has
led by.logging operations that strip been too small to store this amouZt
valuable commercial trees and damage of food", He did not add any more.
up to two-thirds of others left behind
During the past 30 years, there has "HONIORAR D1lMIICANS" SeaBees &
been a steadily growing demand on the other American helpers who helJpe us
,part of the developed world for the in our direneed have been granted
kinds of timber that make up to 90O the status of 'honorary Dominicana'
of tropical moist forests, says Home Affairs Minister Eust*ce
1) Most of the exploitation is carried Fancis. We aggee.They deser v this.
out by transnational timber corporat- .... .. .sevt
ions based in North America,Japan and COASTGUARD SERVICES : Barbados St.
Europe. 2) The cattle rancher,partic- Vincent -St.Lucia has added Dominica
ularly in Latin America, clears for- to its link to protect the coasts from
-ests to'make way for artificial grass- fishery intruders, drug peddlars etc.
lands. 3) The slash and burn cultivat-....
or; these farmers move into fresh pat- BANASNA: the banana price in UK will
ches of forest every few years. drop further, it s, predicted. It 'was'
The decline of Tropical moist for- quoted at 252 a ton on Thursday.
ests will have many and varied conse- ... --- _
quences. In addition, deforestation TEMEAN: Release of more hostages
leads to soil erosion, causing sedi- The dominating students released 5
mentation of water reservoirs and hyd- more hostages, 2 South Koreans, '1
ropower installations, from Bangladesh, and 2 Pakistanis.
If current rates of misuse and over- that leaves only defencless white
use continue,let alone accelerate, Americans in their hands, and they
there may be little left of tropical have threatened to kill them if the
moist forests within another 3-5decadea USA attacks or if the Shah is not
This is roughly the time span during returned for trial in Iran.
which the earth's estimated oil depos- X-SPY ANTHONY BLU"'T:. He appeared on
its are due to be exploited to exhaus- television. said he put console
tion. It is difficult to know which television, saidhe put conscience
could have the more serious repercuss- before country didnt think the new
ions for humanity's long run welfare. he aav ovietes wa imlotat.le Debate
in n~ CFreveale.4 little else.*

.Fr iday No mbe 9,TH Pge V I L Fi. e

Schedule of Application for Certifi-
Icate of Title and voting thereon for
week ending November L10 92.9_Y9.__
Date of Person nature of Request
Request Presen.ting whether for a
Certificate of Title or,Noting there-
on or Caveat. _, .._
Request da- Lawrence. !Request for
ted 6th Ju- Angol by !the issue of a
ly, 1979 his Soli-First Certifi-
Presented citor cate of Title.
8th Novenber Cilma A, Iin respect- 6f
1979 at M.Dupigny a portion of
9.35 a.m. land at Bennet,
Pichelin, in the Parish of St.Patrick
in the Commonwealth of Dominica,con-
taining 3.10 acres and bounded as fol.
lows,:- North: by land of Allan Regist<
and Cecil Registe; East: by land of
Claris Pacquette; West: by land of
Figari Home separated by a Ravine.

Schedule for week ending 17 November
Request da- Augustihe Request for the
ted 25th Ju- Williams issue of aFirst
ly 1979. by her Certificate of
Presented Solicitor Title in res-
13th Nov- Cilma A. pect of a por-
emberl979 M.Dupigny tion of land
at 3.22 pm i;known as a lot
at Borne, in the Parish of St.John.
in the Commonwealth of Dominica, con-
taining 1978 square feet,and bounded
as follows:- North-East: by land of

Schedule for week.ending Jov. 24 1979


V.C.JOSSE, Ag. Regiatrar of Titles

BOTE: Any person who desires to
object to the issuing of a Certifi-
cate of Title on the above A~plio-
ations may enter a Cayeat in the
above office within asi weeks from.
the first appearance of this SChed-
ule in the Star newspaper published
in this country or fr5r the date
when the notice prescribed by law
was last served on any- owner or
occupier of adjoining 'lands in res-
pect of which this application was

Crawford Joseph; South-East: by land NIGERIA: "I Want A Pe~ 0Pa"
af Crawford Joseph; South-West: by I am a 22 year old University stu-
land of Crawford Joseph; North-West: dent born under the Zodiac sign of .
by a public road separating it from, Capricorn; 5 ft.q lins, tall,weigh
land of the Heirs of Peter Dewhurst. 150 Ibs, black hair and dark brown
eyes. I am a sincere, intellectual
Request da- Pauline Request for and broad-minded youth who is inter-
ted 19th Cecilia ,the issue of ested in a long-time Qorrespondence
Oct. 1979' Mitchell a Pirst Cer- with a girl, and if possible meeting.
Presented by her tificate of I belong to 2 non-extremist movements
13th Nov. Solicitor Title in res- -the U.i. Youth & Students Movement
1979 at Cilma A. pect of a por- based in Geneva and the International
5.56 D.m. M DuRignA tion of land Union of Socialist Xouthg (Vienna).
in the Town of Roseau, in the Parish. My hobbies are photography,music,
of St.George, in the Commonwealth of intellectual conversat:ie,reading,
Dominica, containing 625 square feet human psychology, stamp collecting,
and bounded as follows:- North-West and visiting foreign countries. Pleas
by River Bank; North-East: by land send your picture when you write,
of Stanford Rolle; South-East: by land- (AAddresson Page Six)
of 4oan Gioggi: South-West: by Kingx's Lade.

- --- ---- -- -- ---I

~ ----

Pridavr. November.,23~. '19791

Page F'ivee

T H., E 3 T A R

Request da- Ignatius, Request for
ted 17th Liverpool the issue of
January 97 9 & Adriea a First Cer-
Presented Angol by tifimate of
19th Novem- their So Title in res-
ber 1979 at icitor pect of apaP-
12gQ0 p bilma. A, tion of land
M Du'pwi known as alot
at Montin, Grand Bay, in the Pariah
of St.Patrick, in the oommonwealth of
Dominica, containing '7l2 .Warefeet
and bounded as follow-:- ~Nortrh-East:'
by laids of Beltin Tavernier-.. and
Cyril Thomas; South-Frst by land of
Terrence Thomas; North-West by lands
of Anthony Tavernier and Beltin.

Page Six T HE S T A R. Friday, November 23., 197
*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* Morchriston NIGERIA: '"I want a Pen Pal"(fr.p.5)
FOOTBALL: Enockout Commences Address of correspondent:-
The knockout 'competition commenced Habash Hussein Haddad Jnr.
yesterday with a match between Spurs Uman Suleiman Hall (A.B.U.)Zaria
and Spartans. Tomorrow, Saturday, Nigeria, West Africa.
Pepiz Eensborough United would come EV;T O-F UR W--EK-
up against 7-Up Potters, whilst on A b t ut dlightl vit fom H.E.
Sunday A.C.S. Kens,were carded to iA brie ut delighful visit from nHE.
pthe British High Conmmissioner and 3
lay Coc Cola Sait1978 ko other persons with police escort:Miss
champions, would pla their fit Maxwell being among them. They brought
match against the winner of the Spurs/us food for the brain (2 books and up-
matcans t th. A ingro the Spursj q/e __
Spartans match. According to some ex- to-date Iewsppers) also for the body-
perts close to the game,a Keinsbro/Har- an extremely tasty box. We do thank
perts close to the game,a .Kns ro/~ar- them. RE.A. P.S.A-.
lem final is expected. But Morchriston them R..A. & P.S.A.
thinks that it might be a Saints/Har- *STARSPORTS* ctd. FIXAL LEAGUE STA10DIL
lem final on the evidence of Kensbor- Team W D L G'. A G:3
ough's play so far this year. Spartans i6 4 2 -17 8 i10
In the last two league matches play- Saints 16 14 1 1 17 6 9
ed, 7-Up Potters made sure that they Harlem 6 4 2 18 7 8
did not take last place and face re- Kensborough 6 4 2 10 8 8
legation when they met Spurs in their Kens 6 1 1 4 10 18 3
deciding encounter. The first half as otters ;6 1 1 4 10L 21 3
goalless, and many were the prediction Spurs 16 0 1 5 5 17 1
that the match would 6nd in a goallessLeading goals s
draw: both sides played unenterpris- goseau iorth ersu Roeau South match
ing football. A corner kick during

that Ralph Richards awaited as he not (Harlem) got 5 each
thate 2nd halph Richards awaited by Spurs was con-he 9 te d e o re

quickly y struck twice to put Potters up In tihe snoe div., Exte scored vic-
The AS Kens versu oco Cola Saints ocolatCounty -0 prematuree end).

match was an exercise in comedy, as Patto 2
Saints (with a full line-up) faced 7 CRICEET : 1st test match India vs
Kens men,i including an improvisedgoa touring Pakistanisa: India were 39/1
keeper. The issue wgs never in doubt, .y lose Playa on ithi I *in 3
Within the first 5 minutes it was reply to Pakistani's first ining
Saints one-up through Daniel Lugay. score of 4 for 8 declared. Mudaso
By the time it was 8-up some 3 minutes za1i topscored with 512a
later there were 8 men playing for West Indies won their 2nd 3-day
*.ens. For about 5 mlns. after the 2nd match against Oouth Austral.a by 9
goal Kns had 0 men, reduced to u9 aos aswikets as their batEen showed goo
a player left the field after jarring fotralia and Englad commeinces,.aist Aus-Deryc
-an already suspect aleBy the a inter-traia and E a erace. ricel 6 ad
val the score was 3-1, Ericson Chris- murray uncharacteristically scored the
topher coiSverted a penalty for Kens. 1st tour century (03) as W.I. plun-
Dring the 2nd half Kens had toemploydered their way to 397in st innings.
Saints (with a full -ine-up) haced 7LoCRICy e: S. Ast test match &ndia v2

a second makeshift goalkeeper as the Scores: S. Australia 208 & 233; W.I.
former got injured. Final score in dout. '[ & 4 for 1. (Murray 103 da).
ithin th e & Published by the roprietor

6 enss one-up throu C.Sandy 2,Arthur ~Aco.e rey of Mill Huse P declare Hait
Mesmain 2.Thomas Kentish & D.Lugay deoptd tir wa the Commonwa in t inni
one each continuedd next column) nica, Westindies

I. ?

V- M

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