Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 16, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 16, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: November 16, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone MONE5
UK Media Representative. '
Colin Turner('London)Ltd. Do"IN)VA
122 Shaftesbury Avenue
London WIV 8 HA Virtute Duce Comite Fortuna
E N GLAND editor: PhyXis aHad"Allfrey

1R't'i(j~y NorvembeE 113. 12979:

NED) RK 21. N.

Twentyv centn 3OeA

If a politiops does not keep his pre-
mises, he aI in disgrace. When the
Committee for National Salvation of-
.fered Oliver (Perry) Seraphine the job
of Prime Minister, it was on the prom-
ised understanding that within six
months there would be a general elect-
ion. Quote: "To ensure the holding of
free an-d air general elections within
six months of assuming office."
The Ag.President has announced the
dissolution of Parliament ~B/ff t5.
This will be already overdue. There
should be, and as the opposition part-
"es in Dominica agree, there MIST be,
a General election in January.
The Prime Minister has gone off to
banking discussions, in Barbados. He
has left in charge the most disliked
Minister of all as Dep.P.M.: Mr.
Eustace Francis. Further, as we have
stated in our LATE NEWS (p.6.) he has
*usted Charles Savarin from food con-
trol replacing him with proposed
"Democratic" Labour Party candidate
Felix Thomas. All this is some sort
of scandal. It will cause a lot of
noise. We are dead against it.
Legal Adviser Michael Bradley is
here to advise on legislation, includ-
ing the protection of farmers against
terrorists, and the reorganisation of
the Registry Office.

COOPERATIVES: the ILO edboation unit
will work in Dominloa, assisted by Dr.
Zin Henry if U.W.I.



'e Barbados (Banking & economics):
Prime Minister Oliver Seraphii.
To Canada: Education Minister
Charles Xayastr: aid for education
and training.


Horror and rage struck the British
nation on Thursday when Mrs. Thatcher,
Prime Minister, revealed in the House
of Commons that (Sir) Anthony Blunt
a security man at. the Poreign Office
for years and also an adviser on art
to Her Majesty the Queen, was a man
who collaborated with Burgess and
Maclean and later with Philby, all
British-agents of the Soviet Union.
Worse, the populace was enraged to
learn that Blunt (br Blount) had
confessed to his crimes in 1965 but
had been granted immunity. He has
now.slipped out rf Britain. The
facts were revealed in a book by an
American, before the British P.M.
gave out the truth. there are others
involved. Blunt' knighthood withdrawn.

Those withdrawals,tof Which many (in-
cluding ourselves) took exception,
were withdrawn this weec. However,
another Bill restricting Immigration
(fiances of girls not born in Britain
cannot have their husbands-to-be join
them far marriage) is also causing a
great deal of indignation.

bNEW Irish MA Admf /er o Mr t
Urban Irish MA (Admin) fA Aeronotics

SA-YY-Y DOMINIQUE on taur: To five (U.S.A.)has _een appointed. Congrats.
Caribbean is..; Kubulis,Swinging Stars, MISS WORLD: Bermuda's Gia Swainson..
Ophelia, Lord Shakey & Gordon Henderson.TK. 2nd: Caroline Hasyard:. 3rd, Jam-
Leader, Alwyn BUlly. Aid David Victims. aice's Debbie Campbell. (Beauty Queens)


. .. -o 1 -.

Friv--- --- -ke--r- -6' 197-9

-. --

- 1 I I I I I I -. =. .

Page Two -T H S T A R Pr day, November 16, 1979
29 August 1979 The St.Andrdwa High School was op-
lened last Sunday at l....c'r.derry
Here stands the shredded forest, with many speeches: Mi ite, of Edu-
No bird shrills. Ication, P.M. and A-ctir.g F e:sident.
Leaves do not rustle here; L.H. presented t .x..c'ks, The StwA
Only washed bones jH.S. originally i~:te.~r(d( to start
Sigh wind-scorched with only first a&dl .e:-.:nd forms,
Upon the rutted hills. {but after tl.-i': It had to
No streams flow through green shadowsljopen with five forrs 2-. pupils -
All is open to a murky sun: naiv, of whom previously ,rwent to scchl
White rooks and tangled branches, iln Roseau.
Red mud and moss
Choke the septic course LDOMINICA FARMERS UIOi~, L:JiLr2iG
Where putrid waters run.
Athie Marti- was. neappointe" Gen.
Unclothed the naked island lies, 1Secretary of the Dominica farmerss
Her softness gone 'Union after a storm DFJ meting at
And shaded secrets now exposed IMarigot. It appears that t.iLe Union
All brutal, jagged-ed~e, is splitting into faction: very
Broken-limbed, forlorn, detrimental to. the.-farmc-~: iuLteresta.
The virgin green- isa tri.pped------
To shades of brown or grey, R ED CR 0 S
Raped by a burning wind The Red Cross is winding up its gene-
That rent the forest veil; ral disaster relief F:r-icca in this
The tissue of the earth clawed up island, but will mai rna.-i r a .smaller
And screaming bodies swept away. service for infirm .pc.ple
Slow hours beat with iron force --------- -----
As elements thunde-ed down. ELMTRPA COLLEC-GE J.imJY, L7-pa : OMIIlCA
With changed and crumbled lives
We creep from ruined shells We are informed by .D. Ty Layng of
To watch, beneath a leaden sky, that Collge: ;".urs papers
Waves roar against' a shattered town. .have carried,. very li :.'- .... '.3 about
pDominirca since t h.v. ben in
-- Lennox Honychurch touch with Church ..o.l. ol -erv:ce in xiew
,_ ___--. _Yorki r City which l_ 'yd -n. a .i.-e role
FOR THE CA.SIBS OF DOMINICA in gett iiig emerg':... *rpli; to Ro-
PRDM THE CARIBS OF SANDY BA'Y.ST VhIOCIET seau, aid they h- .. re. ith me
(quote from The. Vincentian, .Sept.28) bits of information (.. ;:i..g .ack to
The sum of $1,440,26 was har*ded overby them. I began. a Doinici. Relief Cam-
the Caribs living North of the Rabacs paign here at the Col'lle a- d they
Dry River to the. St.Vincent Christian raised, so far, 01500 (US); this
Council. as a gift to the Caribs of has been sent to Chw.c.h World Ser-
Dominica (through the Dominica Chris- vice to purchase surgicaJ supplies
tian Council. Also donated by the Ca-. for the clinics around the island,.
ribs were 7 beirrels of clothing,sent which lost their rooft' a.d. l2ost much
through the LWons Club of St.V. to of their equipment as we'il. 'y stu-
the Caribs in 'Domiiica, $412.90 worth dents have worked very had. on this
of new clothing donated by Pastor Pomr- fund drive, and the .'ame oV Dominica
pey of Overlaind, azd 4,000 1's of is now fairly well in the
arrowroot starch from Mr.James- Nantoai Elmira area.. It took s 'me doling to
of Sandy Bay; We haope that all these make people aware that not all Domi-
gifts reached their destinations.Some nicans live in Hispanc.'la. .Ye have
of the Cari1i*s have complaihe& of get- begun a clothing drive and are send-
ting no clo- thing. ing packages to households ii Reserve.

Fri. Nov.L 6.1979 THE STAR Page 3 *S*T*A*ai4S*GPO*R*T*S* .. Morheriaton
Freedom Party's 8 page newsletter 'The Young England ciriaet team will
"The PEOPLE" (1ov.1979 No. 1) comple-icome to the West Indies In January to
ments CSA's VIEWPOLJT of'Oct.22:each .challenge Jamaica first. (More later).
deals wi;h different material (save i I DRAW OPEI G PIXTURP
for the necessity of a general elec- ITwo youthful Barbadians,- Desmond
tion sooo thus expanding our view- Haynes and Malcolm Marshall shone
point. To7 take The People first, it brightly for West Indies in their
has a bough article against collect- ,drawn opening match against a Victoria
ivization; whose purpose is "to desa- Country XI at Geelong, Australia.
troy the individuality and independ- Haynes top.sored in the West Indies
ence of the farmer' with glances at innings with scores of 64 & 69 from
its effect behind the Iron Curtain, totals of 224 and:132 ftr 3,whilst
P.1. defends Felix Henderson, that ,Marshall- returned 5/62 ;in the Country
excellent patois commentator and XI's only innings of 227. Colin Croft
quiz-man at Radio DBS, who was berat-ibagged 4/49.
.ed by DBS Manager Gordon Henderson & i England also drew their opening
the P.M. for giving Hon.Eugenia Charlajmatch on their Australian tour versus
free rein to state her points over iQueensland. Scpres: nglar9d 176 and
the air recently. The broadcast was 226/5 dec. Queensland 219 for 9 dec,
not repeated. So, A1iDS OFF FELIX! and 99 for 1.
The People, edited by Chris gera- FOOTBALL: see sJ~ *
Phine, is against "atoogie politicia'With only two matches of the first
pr&ise8 Freedom leader Miss division league to be comple-ted(Saints/
Charles, rightly, in our opinion,has Kens & Potters/Spurs) latest league
an encouraging piece on how the vot- standings are:-
ers' list has swelled, and a number
of short satirical mentions: "Patrid s Team IMPW D L G A Pt
:convention",# "Petty Perrxy" etc,Worth Spartans 6 4 8 7 8
while getting a copy. Harlem 6 4 8 18 7 I8
The CSA's Viewpoit.,,has a good Kensborough 4 10 8
summary of the dreadful damage to Saints 5 3 1' 1 11 7
government & public buildings done Kiens 5 1 1 s 9 1 3
by hurricaneDavid on.p.l. We shall Potters 5 0 '1 4 8 21 1
tell you some of it. Of 6Q primary Spurs 5 0 1 4 15 1
schools, 20 (providing tuition for
4,109 pupils) were completely ruined. MP Matches Played; W Wing, --
19 (acco.' for 6,221 pupils) were se- Drawn; L Lose; GP Goals forge
verely damaged roofs blow off; 21 GA Goals against; and Pts.- Poinsa.
had minor damage. The five secondary Turn to page six for full footbal...
schools, alo Teachers Traiinin Coll.
and Cliftoa. Dupigny Tech.Coll.asiffer- ^-iU'ji rom UL;Q IVNiWPUI. IT UOt. .'
ed severe damage,lops of books furn- "When Prime Minister Seraphine com-
iture & equipment, incesa Margaret bines the dismissal of Athie (Martie)
Hospital badly smashed- gQ. emergen- whose,expeases he condoned, with an
cy ai-d from teams of $ glish',French & attack on.the ChS, the body that res-
American co struction crews.The Pr1s- cued him from political oblivion, then
on was demolished. All save 4 prison- his is a case for Dr. Royer. The appoAt
ers are at. large 13 out of 42 Health ment of Eustace Francia as a Miister
Centres. wr' completely destroyed,18 of ovt. and rumours of deals with
others lost roofs and 11 remained safe. Patrick John, Vic & Leo are ats of
Fire Brigade HQ lost its roof.G-PO,Cus- provocation which Seraphine must know
toms, Port Authorityr, Central Water the people will take strong exception
Authority, Inland Revenue, Govt.Prin- to. All in all people are extremely
tery,Lands & Survey,Free Library,-all disappointed pad in ~alii0es the pen-
had roofs blown off & structuraldanae. known.

Friday. 1oymber, 1979 T H 1 T AR Page
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT East by land of Era Charge and Law-
Schedule of Application for Certifi-rence Watt; South: by land of Angela
cate of Title and Noting thereon forjean Francois; West; by sand of Bra
week ending oveymb 0th 979 Charles and Lawreiase Watt; South: by
Date of Person. Nature of Requeat land of Angela Jean Prancoio ; West:
Request Presenting whether for a by land of the heirs of All"
Certificate of Title or Noting there- Perdinand.
1nv^ 0a e T a + k

Request da- Olive Al-
ted 9th Ju- exander
ly 1979 ae John
Presented and Milli-
Oth Nov- cent Bal-
ember 1979 son by the
at 11 am,. 8 lio itor
Cllma A, ,.* Dupigz ..
the village of Pointe
Parish of St.Luke in t
of Dominioa containing
feet and bounded as fo
by land of Veral Touss
by land of the Rqman C
East: by'land of Rose
by land of Rose Bernar

Re aest da- Ceoile Meqauet for the
Request for teol 7thJu- Abraham 'assu of a Pirst
the issue of ly 1979 by her CertSfieate of
a First Certi- Presented Solicitor Title in respect
ficate of Tf- 7th Novn- Cilma A. of a portion of
'tle in respect ber 1979 M.DupigU y Land known as a
rof a portion d .$5g. Lot at Tote
of land known Morne (ran Bay) in the Parish of
.as a lot in 8t.Patrick, in the Conmaonwealth of
Michel in the Dominica, containing 4Sf5 sqare feet
he Commonwealth and bounded as follow;EB North: by
1845 square land of Deilsie John ItewJi; East:
llows:- North: by a road separating it from land of
aint; South: the heirs of inord Mafk; South: by
atholic Church; land of Anastasie Pregiate; West:
Bernard; West: by lands of Gabriel 4ohn Lewis and
d. Watt Abraham. _
C4 Is R

Request da- Cyprien Request forum V AL- 10, L Uu, Jo.Uv FIA
ted the j6th Vigilant* the issue f ted 17t Ju Abraham issue of aPirst
August:,1979 by his a First Cer- ls, 1979,. by her Certificate of
Presented Solicitor tificate of Presented Solicitor Title in respect
6th Novemb- Ciliha A.M. Title in res- 7th Niovem- Oilm A$ of a portion of
er 1979 at Dupigny pect of a ber .979 at M.Dupig y land known as a
11 15 a.m. portion of t1.35 a.m. Lot at Dalphon-
ld at Senhouse, Castle Bruce, in cie, in the Parish of St.Patriok, in
the Parish of St. David, in the bom- the Co~nronwealth of Dominica, con-
monwealth of Dominica, containing taining 10,050 siuzre teet and bound-
5537 square feet and bo lnded as fol- ed as follows:- North-East; by land
iov*s:- North by land of Mosington of Gabriel John Lewis; 3astr byrand
Ja4ob; South: by land of Irene Drigo Coulibrie Estate (Lance St.Bernard);
and Oscar John Pinn; East: by land North-West by a public road separating
of Mosington Jacob and Joseph Vigi- it from land of Briget Alexander;
lAnte; West: by land of heirs of South-West by a ravine separating it
Christovpher Drigo. fromu land of Mar ie Bedminpter__
Request da- Cecile Request for the Request da- Cyprien Request for the
ted 17thJi- Abraham issue of aPirst ted 16th Vigilante issue of aPirst
ly 1979 by her Certificate of Ang& 1979 by his Certificate of
Presented Solicitor Title in res- Presented Solicitor Title in rem-
7th Novem- Cilma A. pect of a por- 7th lNovem Cilma A. pect of a por-
ber 1979 at M.Dupigny tion of land ber 1979 at 3 pigDay tion of land
11,20 a.m.O. known as a lot 3=.46 a &t Senhouse,
at Pierre Tie (GradBy) in the Par- astle Bruce, in the Parish of St.
ish of St.Patrick, in the. Caaonweath David, in the Coamonwealth of Dcmnlna
of Dominica, containing 0.761 acre ica, oontaning 6560 a re fet and
and bounded as follows:- North: by I m fa lto iconxt tag
land of Leah Alexander; IC e have a w copies f i
(.at9rau lu) Trinidad Info mag. to give away.-_.
t-* l* *^

4. ,

OMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA Schedule for week ending iov. -.
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Jplic.ofAugustine Williams contd.
Schedule of Application-for Certifi-
cate of Title and Noting thereon for. at Borne, in the Parish: of St.J 6hn
week ending November 10, 1979. in the Commonwealth of Dominica,con-
(Continued from age four) training 1978 square feet, and bounded
n t --a .

AmIpp aticon of .Cyprien Vigiate ctd.
North-East by land of Romanus Bannis;
North-West by land of LEafalca Berkitt;
South-West by a public road separat-
ing it from land of John Baptiste
Constance; South-East by land of Ro-
manus Bannis and an access road sepa-
rating it from land of George Corn-
Request da- Minelis B iRequest for the
tea 7th. Humphreys issue of aFirst
August 1979 by her iCertificate of
Presented Solicitor Title in res-
7th Novem- Cilma A. ipect of a por-
ber 1979 at M.*Duigny tion of land at
11.55 a.m. I Marigot in the
Parish of St.Andrew, in the Common-
wealth of Dominica, containing 8810
square feet and bounded as follows:-
North: by land of Boysie Jacob;
South; by a public road separating
it from land of Martin Brince and of
Minelis Humphrefrs; East: by lands of
Hamberton Boland and Charbot Prince;
West: by lands of Boysie Jadob and
Minelis Humphreys.
Request da- t5awnence Request for
ted 6th Ju- Angol by the issue of a
ly, 1979 his Soli- First Certifi-
Presented citor cate of Title
8th 4lovember Cilma A. in respect of
1979 at M.Dupigny a portion of
9.55 a.m land at Bennet,
Pichelin, in the Parish of .t.Patrick
in the Commonwealth of Doi-Lnica, con-
taining 3.10 acres and bounded as fol-
lows:-. North: by land of Allan Registe
and Cecil Registe; East: by land of
Cnla4 sa PQn P% n++ W. + Iht l r f

Pigari Home.s
Schedule for

Request da-
ted 25th Ju-
ly 1979.
18th Nov-
Amber 1979.,

as rO0lOW&S- unortn-Mas: oDy lana oF
Craowford Joseph; South-Bast: by land
of Crawford Joseph; South-West: by
laidL of Crawford Joseph; chorth-West:
by a public road separating it from
land of the Heirs of Peter Dewbhurt.
1--------- --~ -- -
iRequest da- iPauline- iRequest for
ted 19th Cecilia the iajue Of;
Oct. 1979 Mitchell a First Cer-
Presented by her tificate of,
13th Nov. Solicitor Title in. rCA
1979 at Gilma A. pect of a, c
j355 p.m. M. Dui gny tion of lI
'in the Town of Roseau, in the PariJsh
iof St.George, in the Commonwealth of
SDonninica, containing ,625 square fet
land bounded as follows,:-' Aorth-Wat '
1by River Bank; lorth-East: by land
lof Stanord Rolle; South-East: by-
land of Joan Gioggi; South-Ws-t: by
King's Lane.



In another section, we have given
names of people who have helped us,
such as Elmira i.Y* and the Caribs
of St. Vincent. iow we come to -.gland.
A profound desire to help us has been
shown by the Parish of a one-time
Anglican Rector of Dominica,
Barry Rose. His congregation at
Stansted Mountfitchet raised the
grand sum of some 450. We have giv-
en, this information to Rev. -. :ic
Joseph, who willlknow what to do.
Tha-as, dear Barry and parishioners!
A personal friend, FRAjCIS REID, o~

separated by a Ravine. I oth, Middlesex, writes: "I saw
eaed byaavie__ the Hurricane David Appeal in the
week ending 17 Noveqer Daily Telegraph, and so I sent n7y
Augustine Request for the subscription to them, asking that it
Williams issue of aFirst be given to Domininca, and not the
by her Certificate of .Republic of San Domingo."
Solicitor Title in res- ea Friend We thank you both
Cilma A.. pect of a por Dea end We than you both oi
M..Dup.i_y tion of land behalf of those who are suffering,.PSA.
known as a lot ILAWRSkE DURRELL: "h artist, ith
Next oum) such pain, recaptures? these st r .
solitary jewels of selfteniighteien "..6

continued d ix

Page Five T H -E ST

A R Friday. november 16. 1979

*8*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* Morchristo, TtH U. S. A. AD I R A X
FOOTBALL: Spartans are New Lggue The United Statese Government "froze"
Champions Spartans became Iranian deposits in U.S. Banks so
the new league champions when they de- that those to whom they owed money
1 heated ACS Kens 2-1 yesterday at the could be paid. Meanwhile they had
Windsor Park, to continue an unbeat- withdrawn large sumasubsequently
I n run so far this season. Beyond deposited in Europe & Japan. Mr.
hope and against all expectations Carter told the Iranian Govt that
this young Spartan line-up, built he would hold them responsible for
round the power shooting of ace anything that happened to the 60
striker Jeffrey Lawrence and stalwart American hostages still penned up
defender of past glories Gordon Mon- by Iranian students in Terehan.
desire, proved the pundits wrong, in- He is a Christian dealing with a
cluding this writer, when they stayed Muslim type of terrorism; the Ayo-
off a determined Kens attack to for- tollah Khomeiny said in/bla~phem-
clbly counter-attack and successfully ous address that even Jesus would
carry off the match and the 1979 be against the Shah. The position
league championship, a championship, of the hostages is very precarious.
dominated during the'70s by DCP We are glad the Americans have not
Harlem Bombers and Pepiz Kensborough weakened and still want the Shah to
United of course, with the Spartanites complete his medical treatment in
having their own moments of glory USA.*"It's his moaey they're after"!
during those years. L- TE N*E W 8 :Charle savarin
The first half of the Spartans/Kens ha "een reliever as chairman of
enc'Ounter was such a thriller with the food committee, Dominica. "He
both sides raiding unsuccessfully ad hae been diomisted but the om irnca "e
some good ground football that spaces are iiossead., says cBS-
at the interva~ the appreciative stances arYe oot clear', sa E B8h
crowd cheered and applauded for an You-all ettef
exciting half though goalless. *~TiSPORTS* ctd. FOOTBALL. In
On resumption, Spartans went into other matches, DCP Harlem Bombers
immediate attack which foundered, as 6, Surs 0, Kensborough U. 2,
previously. The game then became a Spurs 0. Gifford Walsh scored both
sort of stalemate, with nothing dra- goals. Coco Cola Saints, from one
matic happening until Jeffrey Law- docwn against 7-up Potters, struck
rence on a pivot put a round house back to win 4-1, Cuthbert Sandy &
from outside the penalty past a div- Thomas Kentish 2 goals each.*Ralph
ing Emmanuel John. Less. than 90 sec- Richards scored for Potters. In
bonds later it was two-nil, as another div. II, K-Sacks 5-DGS nil; ~Domtel
Lawrence right-footer along the lines (DOminica Telephones) 3-Lubville n4i.;
of the first, (except inside the box Plantations 2-Alcons 1.
that time) from a Bernard Joseph to Ag.Presidet
cross found goal. Incidentally Bern-iE ESGESr to A
ard Joseph played one of his greatest from Her Majesty the Queen, ~. .. *'6r
games in his short career to date. sincere greetings and warm wosher for
Three minutes later a penalty to the speedy return to prosperity and
Kens was connected by Ericson Chris- happiess in your country and it8
topher. Lawrence threw away the oppar- people. -Elizabeth R."
tunity of a hattrick when he in turn P.M Mrs. Thatcher,UK to PM Ieraphin:
kicked a penalty over the bar. Kens "On behalf of the British Govt. I send
played well, but refused to score you & your colleagues our warm con-
whilst Lawrence with time running out gratulations lat Anniv.Independdnce-
went back to defend of course sue- nd our es for a swift recovery
.fr 9Q2 th a e caused by the reogat
oessully.Stas orts concluded next coji.ur c a aue the eee
Itfi ntraa f oI mkiocaae yo e HO ot llat

rp M k? ~.c! rp B.R li~li2~v, N~tb~tmber ~L6, L979

'T'.-.a S4 "

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