Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 9, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 9, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: November 9, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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o EAST 78 5
Telephone N -QNEI WS f5
K Media Representative MiFA foret
Colin Turner (London)Ltd WM a EMEM CE
122 Shaftesbury. Avenue AY
LoIndoi WIV 8 IHA Virtute ~DCe Conite Fortuna
E GL A ND.. Ed itorij &MXl' aand, Allfpey uov. Un 19Z9

V-o01 4xxI& 11o0 JA

xI4ovmer wo 99

Twexriy cents, 200

Much as many of us may have admired, Antigua, s conference
Cuba for being transformed from a de- of ~iifince Ministers from the Carib-
graded substandard Caribbean land in- beat met in confidence to consider
to a world power, through Fidel Castro, the present edononic state of their
and much as we have appreciated the lands. Mr. Carleigh King, Sec.Gen.
release of all Cuba's political pris- ef CARICOM, gave the opening speech.
owners ths th ek to us little people He was strong on regional integra-
the choice seers simple. We are on. the tion. prime Minister ,Louisy of St
side of the Onited States. This big, Lucia objected to being called a
variable land, which has committed so "Leftist". He said ideologies were
many sins against the Negro Race, yet harming the Westindies economy.
has virtues and capacities for further
change which can never be matched, is THOSE CUBAN SCHOLARSHIPS :;
the country which 'cannot be set aside A short while 'ago, Cuban scholarships
against Cuba, which is (after all) on- were offered to Dominican students.
ly a pipeline to the Soviet Union. .15 students applied, and were tested
It is not just a question o 'belng' y the ~bminica Education Dept, which
on the side of the donor nation.That then cabled Cuba on October 2 & 4.
is a beggar's attitude. It is a quest- Then received no.reply. Meanwhile
ion of what is just and what is not the Department learned that other
just. We think there is more scope persons (unofficial) had been con-
for justice if one is allied to the tacted by Cuba over these scholar-
JSA. We will not so along with P.John ships. The Dept. cabled on Oct. 22
who says he offered the US a chance requesting replies to its earlier
to build a submarine base here. We cables regarding the chosen students.
do not speak of military alliance:the We should like to know the answer to
people are the ultimate judge of that. this muddle. Are the scholarships
It cannot be offered without their political? Like the Congolese ones?
wish. We simply say: we tefer, the ,I TY H SAGES 5 TER-, TRAN
United. States of America to Cuba. SIXTY HOSTAGES IN TEHHERA, IRAN

'VOTERS LIST; Monday is lasTfda ---
for nutting in claims F& objections .to
omissions and alterations on Dominic8
voters ist. (Genera l elec on, soon).
We must say that We have discovered
the omission of the Allfreys n6mes
from Morne Prosper voters list. Hope
it may be set right in time, bit we
have no transport.

60 hostages nave oeen nela in ~nt
American Embassy,Irran. We gravely
fear for their safety.,Their captors
will only exchange them for the
return of the Shah of Iran.

GiENTADA: gO people under arrest
After an attempted coup, R more
are in jail,including an ex-Howard
University Professor (alleged CIA).
See our article on Alister, Hughes.

ag H Z, 3 T A R, FrSdayi4 iovembexiV9, 1979

Hon. Eugenia Charles,a Leader of the
Dominica Freedom Party, was guest
speaker' at the Bermuda Labour Party's
O t

This is question which many readers,
esperbally those who heard him with
great respect at Castle Bruce D.?:P?
convention, tend to ask, We asa tell

convention a few dys go^ 1r e After the Grenada coup, Alister
lined in her speech the role of good spent a lot of his time away from
opposition, 'and a particular Point his journalist's desk'in Grenada.
she made was that the -population must Vincentian
be educated politically, otherwise Infact, as The VentianSt.Vicet,
bto~~~e educated polis ,reports; he has been inundated with
democracy would be in danger. She was report, hnt hasbe than hisn usated nwith
warmly applauded The Bermuda Labour assignments othor than hii usual as-
'arty'sLeader is a woman who: is also alo ow the
lawyer rs Bro anenew Executive Secretary of the Carib-
rl e s BoeMiss bean Press Council. Thus at present
Charles appearance was widely pub- his column is now out of the question.
ltcised and she was entertained by However we may expect occasional con-
the Governork, among many others. tributioas from him.
Has he sold out or has he been ai-
:PRAIT FROM POR!D8MOUTH lenced? These are relevant Questions,
Let me 'extend my congratulatioi to We can state that Alister has not sold
you on the compilation.of that "News out and as far as we know he has, not
letter'", as you tertned it; but in my been silenced. In his article in Oct.
humble opinion this .Was not at all a "Contact" Hughes praises Maurice
letter, but a "Self- experience Brief Bishop and his hew Jewel Movement col-
History of Hurricane David", Thi'. in- leagues for eradicating the violence
teresting and touching narration made and fear which "saturated" Grenada
me spellbound, I am so glad you prin- under Gairy; he notes their imprea-
ted some extra copies and gent me 3. aive achievements, but refers to
Thanks a lot, and I have done as you "straws in the wind" which must be
requested and forwarded a copy to the watched by Grenadians and other West-
Parish Priest; I also gave a friend indians. He criticized the continued
of the family one. how I have only imprisonment of'political detainees,
one copy, which I wish to keep for the renege of the promise of early
o-rselves, yet at the same times I elections, denial of the Grenada
wish to send that copy to my brother National Party's right to be heard
& friends in U.S.A. 'to read. So I am a political meeting, and the attack
ini an embarrassing position and must on the "Torchlight" newspaper.
ask you if you may perhaps have an Since then the position has worsen-
extra copy to spare me.., MP. ed. "Torchlight" has been shut down
Of course, dear TM' we hall send and GrenGGoVt. inteude to grab it.
you a couple more copies. So let your Some 0O more suspect~persons have
brother have that one. eitr, .been arrested because they threatened
b.roh- have t.a on ... _. a military coup. We cannot sort out
TWO uSESSS HOLIE~AX Hugh Lawrence the truth of the most recent events.

I used this very caption when you
published my letter just two or three
weeks before hurricane David. aow
that our people need more time for
reconstruction of the country, I see
that my letter was very necessary,
I mentioned that the holidays for
celebrating our first year of indep-
endence would only bring sadness and

0o one should have taken part un-
der the present chaos, to cause our
precious time to waste away. It
seems'that we shall ever remain the
laughing stock or contempt of the
Caribbean. The curse is always there,
-- We agree with Mr. Lawrence
and the halfhearted participation of
the public seems to back us- Iditor.

_ --)--L~-lll------- -.I----

Page TSWar

Friday_, November 9. 1979 M T H R la AThree
COMiOMWEALTH OF DOMINICA i ATlication, blCecile Abraham contd.
TITLE BY' REGISTRATION ACT. EaT la-i o E'ra Charles aind Law-
Schedule of Application, for Gertifi-rece Watt; South: by land of Angela
cate of Title aniiu Tting thereon forjea.u Fran.cois; West: by 4and of Bra
week ending loveriber 1_0th 9 79. Charles ai. Lawrence Watt; South: by
Date of Perso-, Jature of Requelt lad of Angela Jean Erancoia; West:.
Request FrPrsentin vwhther for a .by lad. of the heirs of Alice,
Certificate of Title or- voting there-Ferdinand.. .
on or Caveat. RqesT'di- -e equest for te
Request da- Olive'Al- Request for ted 1lthJu- Abraham 'issue of aPirst
ted 9th Ju- exander- the issue of ly 1979 by her Certificate of
ly 1979 n6e John a First Certi-,Presented Solicitor Title in respect
Presented andA Milli- ficate of Ti- 7th Noven- Cilma A. of a portion of
6th Nov- cent Bal- tie in respect ber 1979 M.Dupigny'.aaad kow ~ as a
ember 1979 son by thedrof a portion al.25lx5 am Lot at Tete
at 11 am. Solicitor of land known Morne (Grand Bay) i the Parish of
Cilma A, M. DupigLnv as a lot in St.Patrick, in the Commonwealth of
the village of Pointe Michel in the Dominica, containing 4765 sgare feet
Parish of St.Luke in the Commonwealth and bounded as followsi- 1orth: by
of Dominica containing 1245 square land of Deilaie John L.wts; East:
feet and bounded as follows:- North: by a road separating it from land of
by land of Veral Toussaint; South: the heirs of Enord Mark; South: by
by land of the P.oman Catholic Church; land of Anastasie Pregiste; West:
East: by land o' R.ose Bernard; West: by lands of Gabriel John Lewis, and
by land of RosE Bernard. Watt. Abraham
Request de-- Cyprien Request forT ReQuest da- Cecile Request for the
ted the 16th .Vigilante the. isue pto ted 7th Ju- Abraham ipsue Of aFirst
August,1979 by his a First Cer- ly, 1979. by her CGatificate of
Presented Solicitor tificate of Presented Solicitor Title in respect
6th Novemb- Cilma A.. Title in, es- 7th movem- Cilma A. of a portion of
ber 1979 at M. Dup igx y land kdiow;4 as a
er 1979 at Dupigny pect of a .ber 1579at M ad known as a
11. 15 a.m. portion of 11.35 am. Lot at'Dalphon-
land at Senhouse, Castle Bruce, in cie,in the Parish of St.Patrick, in
the Parish of St. David, in the Com- the Conroimnwealth of Dominica, con-
monwealt of Dominca, containing : tainuig 10,050 square feet and bound-
monwealth of Dominica, containing ^fT?^0 0 rt^hEtft br lt'
5337 square feet and bounded as fol- ed as follows:- North-East; by land
lows:- North by land of Mosington of Gabriel John Lewis;. East: byCaand
Jacob; South: by land of Irene Drigo Coulibrie Estate (Lance St.Bernard);
and Oscar John Finn; East: by land North-West by a public road saparatirhg
of Mosincton Jacob and Joseph Vigi- it from land of Briget Alexander;
lante; West: by land of heirs of South-West by a ravine separating it
hris~tohc- Dio'.. rom land of Marie Bedrinter-.,..
Request da- Cecile Requetfothe R Grien Reest for the he
ted 17thJ1- Abraham issue of aFir.t ted 16th Vigilante issue of a first
ly 1979 by her Certificate of Aug, 1979 by hia Certificate of
Presented solicitor Title in res- Presented Solicitor Title in res-
7,th Nove- ilma A, pect of a 7th Novez- Cilma A. pect of a por-
ber 1979 at M.Dup of be 179 at MDupigny tion of land
11i0 a.m. known as a lot C2s45 ar, m at Senhouse,
at Pierre Tie (Graxd Bay) in the Par- Castle.Bruce, in the Parish of St.
Ish of St.Patrick, in the CommonweaLa David, iiL the Commonwealth of Daoin,-
of Dominica, containing 0.751 acre ica, containing 6560 square feet and
and bounded as follows:- North: by bounded as follows;- (contd. ext pae
land of Leah Alexandter; NOTICE: We have a few copies a f SO -I
(naext column) Trinidad Info mag. to give away.E&.

" ----- ----

Page FPour TA R .T AR Friday. 89ember 9. 1979
-~SS O DOMINICAi .*iSs*T*A*RS*WP4O*R**04* Morobritton
TITLE BY ~ iIS*RATION AP;, (Bee aso pae il
Schedule of $l)1cation for Certifi- FOOTBAL: orth et lxdependentsc
cate of Title atd NIting thereon for jtch Roseau i~OZ defeated Roseau
week ending Iember 1Q, 1979. South 2-nil. in the5 fist of future .i;-
(Coti d from .3 dependence celebrations football fix-
Application O Cyprien Vigilant~e ctd tures at Wiindsor Park last Mon.iov.55.
North-f4st by Iad of Romanus Banneis; This match, orgeaized 'by the Domi-
North-.West by land of Mafalda Berkitt; nica Football Association with the
SouthrWes; by a public road separatt- blessings l' the Independenice Cele-
ing it from land of John Baptiste brationT Co.0.ittee, hailed by Alwia
Constance; $outh-Eadt by land of Ro- Bully, wac a 1maen encounter, However
marnuas Baais and a94 access road sep- Roseau South fromr a wider apectrui.
aratixig it from land of George Corn- surprisingly displayed better ground
elius. work and were put in. the lead by
....-.. .- -- --- Thomas Kenti.shl Ralph Richarda scored
Request da- Miaelis, Request for the' the ir goal in the 2nd half aind
ted 7th Huiphreys issue of adirst that Was that* South contained players
Augu~st 1979 .y her Certificate of orm the Harlem Bombers but just did
Presented Solicitor Title in res- 9fot click. Man of the Match award
7th ,ovem- Gils A. pect of a por- went -to Robertson iHypolite for Roseau
ber 1979 at M.tDuigxy tion of land at North.
11,55 a. Marigot in the The imassa between the Referees
-Parish Qf St.jAdrew, in the Common- and the Pootball Association has been
wealth of Dopinica, containing 8810 amicably settled.
square feet and bounded as follows:- In 2ad division matches, CocoCola
North: by land of Boy4ie Jacob; Saints had victories over Aleons 5-2
1duth: by a public road separating and Green Sleevea 3-#. Domtel cdis-
it from land of Martin Prince and of played determination to draw love-all
Minelis HumphreyS; East: by lands with Chocolate County, J-Saeis beat
of Hamberto4 Boland and Charbot L.Rose Steds 5-2.
Prince; West: by lands of Boyie OIC : India Win Series 2-si
Jacob an4 Mihelis Hunmphvrey.

CAV1fAT i4OTF,, wi12. be fouut on pagre. 5

*3T0pAU: LeaV tan,-

Spartans B 3 2'O 0 34 7 $a
Harlem 5;. 50 2. 12 7 6
Kenuborouglh 5 3 O, 2- Sa 8 6

India concluded their ,6-match test
series against Auatralia by beating
then by an inniaum and 100 runa 'in
the final match at Bombay. Scores:
India 458/8 declared, Gavascar 218,
Kirmani 100. Australia 160 & 198.
arrive in the West Indies in January.
Their first match will be played in
Jamaica. DetaiS latnr.

saints 4 ,, A. '- -- -----* See p 6
Kens 4, 1 1 8 0 -10 8 "1PR1ESSION" on. HURPIAiE DAVID
Surs 53 0 1 2 4 7 1 We must congratulate DAWU's news bul-
Potters 4 0 1 3 .7, 17 1 letin Expression on ';Hurricane David
S .---. -- ----- A National Disasterywrittei by &orris
***** Denotes: MP Matches Played; M. Charles. It gives a forthright pic-
W -Wing; D lrawv.; L- Lose; GP ture complementary to our newsletter
Goals For; G.A.- Goals Against; and on the assault by that hurricane oU
Pts.- Points. our unwitting' popular on. At the end,
^ __------------__ ~they, appeal to young me not to desert
Read page six for full story behind the country but to stay ad. he- to
these League Standings &* reconstruct countrY* Editor.


Piidav. November a. 1979

SShedule.of Applieation for Certlfl-
cate of Title na& "doting thereon for
week end2aig ovea arra. 1979.
Date of! Person N nature of Requesa
Reauest rPesenting Whether for a
Certificate of Tit.le or Noting there-
o. or Caveat.
Request da- Pierire Request for the
ted 11th Blanc Itaue of a IPirst
JA4y,1979 1by his ;Certificate of
Presented Soliel- Title In respect
1st Octo- 1toi0 i;of a portion of
ber 1979 ima 4.. .14, 4 l ki own as a
at 10.16 am. DunR IaiLot at Galljon,
in the Parish of St. ark, ix the
Commonwc 1alth of Dominoik, oontalning
14357 square feet 4 Dbounded a&i
follows:- North by lands of Victor
Mtitchel, Erest Mithel and Vernance
Mitohel; East by land of the heira
of Philomen Dom-iique; South by lande
of Mitchel Germaln and aonie Alexas.-
der;West by land of Phristina Xavier.

1eqpoat da-
ted 2nd Ju-
ly, 1979
31st Octo-
ber,1979 at
10.95 a.m.

St.Paul, in

~~~~H S._lr--kR--- ~ Thwa-n- fl---I*-. _~ r'--~ EI

i Gilbert 'Request for.the
Esprit j Assoe of a Zdist
by his Certificate of
Solici- iTitle in respect
tar Cl-;. f a portion of A.M. land at Campbell
, Dupigny in the Ptrish o
the Conrmonwealth of Dom-

inica, containing 1.312 acres, and
bounded as. follows.:- Forth: by lands
of Veronica Esprit and Dulcin Esprit
South: by lan of Hudson 3sprit and:
Benoit Esprit; East: by laids of
Lorna Esprit and Sucklief Esprit;
West by lands 6f Benpit Esprit and
Veronica Esprit.

Request da-iJuatiln Reaeest for the
ted 17th isprit issue of a Pigt
Aug. 1979 Iby his Certificate of
Presented Solici- Title in respect
31st Octo- torCil- of a portion of
ber 1979 mma A.M. land part of
gat 0a5 Eam .D.Duigy Saltoun Harris
iin the Parish of St.Paul, in the Comr
imoorealth of Dominica,containing
acres 1 rood 86 perches and hounded
las follows:- North: by the remainder
iof Saltoun Harris; East: by land of
Dorrille Canoville; West.: by land of
tErnest Celeetine, South: bty Mahaut I_



Coming back to my house
from which I had been absent.
lriefly, too lonj,
I found it ravaged,of all
save you,my shrine and ws song.

yet the riboooea not t-eak.
O land which stood firm
through that sha4ing and horror,
0 heart, 0 heart,
beating scornful and C4ol
through that tearing apart'
0 land, O heart, ~0 hrine
Strong, constant and mgne.



Request ajisLnorta autoequst
ted 27th 'Sanford ie Q t
March 1979 (by. her Dqttra of'
Presented 1Solici- 21ie z re4Qf t
81st Octo- 'tor CI 3 of a portion of
ber 1979 a ASa L Jla4d 4pt Dbuhbiue
'at 390Qwi iThpav (Qalibihafie) in
the Parish of StAqarey in the Com-
monwealth of Dom 4ta emarotiniag~
88,600 square teat anidbooaded as
~ollowa:- borth;: b6 lanu of Klpd-
ness VaAo&nd and Buonald Charles;
hast: by land of Tati3 e.Jtohie axd
a Public Road separOats it fro u
Hodges Estate; SQoutwh Maid- S
Millioent drlas a4 Wtp1ef 4t 1e;
West: by land of =fMara"*fA Jto.gk
V,C.Jeiase, Ag. BegisataP r qf $tles
1 : Any person who 4pires to
9e ot to the issuing 6$ a O Petifi-
e of Title _on the able Applioa-
tions may enter a Caveat t the
above office within six weelka tran
the first appearance of thiik sched-
ule in the Star newspaper published
in this country or from the date
when the notice prescri:bt by law
was last served on aany oner or
occupier of adjoining land in
respect of which this applijc tion
is made.


- ~ L~C---- ----- ---------"

IfPAr. ehnmar^


I;i ~- '

Friday, November 9, 1979


*S*T A*R*S*P**RoT*S* Morchrfston EVENTS OF OUR WEEK .
POOTBL: Srtas Lick Kensborouh Both the Publisher and the Editor of
A.n-Look Set For 1979 Championshlip. the STAR have been ill this week -
Spartans, a team which looked like very bad colds so it is almost a
they were at the end of their tether miracle that the newspaper has ap-
in 1978, having won their last champ- peared again.
ionship knockoutt) in 1972, and their Our best events: arrival of a
last league championship in 1969,have small but precious bok from Montser-
played so tremendously this year,that rat, donors anonymous, brought over
at this point in the league, they are, by children. We thank the givers
strong favourites to take the league Then on Thursday morning we heard
championship, with wins (among others) a whistle, saw a debonair and evident-
over 19178 league champions Pepiz ly youthful figure whose smile under
Keneborough United. and 1978 K.O.cham- a straw hat was not immediately ideni-
pions DCP. Harlem Bombers,' tifiable. .hurrah' It was- Mr. Ralph
Spartans proved that their win over Casinir, poet, who walked here just
DCP Harlem Bombers before Hurricane after early Mass at the Cathedral.
David was no fluke as they continued He joined us for a rather frugal
their unbeaten streak to humiliate breakfast, much enlivened by talk
Pepiz Lensborough U 3-1 before a about books and people, and reminded
quit crowd at Windsor Park last S, me that at one time he worked in the
Kensborough's woes started early when Court with my father,.P.B.B. Shand.
Atherly Robin (left half) was sent. tI told him that the last man who had
the field by referee Chaucer Doctrove proposed himself for breakfast was
for.apparently ungentlemanly conduct !Nobel Prizewinner Sir Arthur Lewis,
Spartans' immediately availed them- long ago, when he came to us at
selves of this undreamed-of advantage Federation Park, Trinidad, to discuss
and _-_ted during the 9th minute the U.W.I. He lashed out at the
through their skipper Joseph Loblaok meanness of politicians towards educ-
who same forward from defence during nation" gently tried to tell him
a team corner kick. By the 50th min- "ow little money the Federal Govern-
ute of play Spartans had increased ment had for anvthing. -P
their. lead to 3-nil through Touesaint AN STUD SEVER RE ERAGED.
and Cecil Lockhart. Kensborough'sRE RAG
acti." captain Cecil "Abu" Elwin broke In America, the USA Government has
Sacti^ ^banned as udent demonstration which
the love, but his solo goal was not ~aed a ent mosopulation. In
enough to raise his team from their might imflame the population. n
denraise his t f Manila,Phillipines, Iran students
L.eesborough's outplay since the beat up two Marines after they left
adep bar. Six attacked them; one of.the
departure of Roy cMurpy for greener- marines had to have 6opious stitches.
pastures has lacked imagination or in-
itiative. Most of the players seem to ehis visit to Carter has han order to aldeal
be going through the motion with the hist the hoanada in order to deal
exception of a few stalwarts: Elwin, iththe hostage cris in Iran.ef
Aisles, Popo, Henry, Thomas and Robin. the Shah U.S. ooctr h ithave refused
The others appear mere passengers and to put him out of hispial b
it remains a mystery why Gifford Wala his condition is stTi P.ritical
still continues to occupy the substi- THE IR' -J.k Lynch
tute bench in the marked absence of 1 he Irish PreSident ha~ apealed to
.Americans not to send aid., especially
Murph (More STARSPORTS on page arms,to assist the -IRA. i their deeds
Printed & Published by the Prop ietor :Qf Violence, He is in the US.A. now.
RE.Allfrey of Mill House Copt fall BRITISH AID BROUGHT FWARD
at Copt Hall in the Conmmonwealth of The British Govt. has brought forward
Dominica, Westindie a, Special Financial Assistance of G$im
.... I is U. ad due to be paid early next year.. This
rigs UKs aid this year to ,500,000,plus $020,ooo-Woodford Hill y


Paae.:~ '~Stlx

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