Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). October 19, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). October 19, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: October 19, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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S- STM -as

:Virtute .,Dize Coml'te Frtima f6 ..W vIal A.&~'a m 4 h

- --.d A J .. A. 0 &.1 r-6Lj AV F -t.jaJ J l.A

rid .av. )bbtaber 1q., iqlq

The Prime Minister is back, ana -ith our view, Mr. Charles Maynard,
a generator allegedly taken frm hBs expressed disagreement wth PM
Govt. HQ, Radio DBS is operating Oliver eraphin on the alleged "non
-again; news every hour on the hour existence" of the Committee for
- after A total blank, partly filled National Salvation. He was not con-
ebyi g6od old Radio Antilles., suited over the dismissal T ex-Agric
The fon. P.M. announced Io0a Minister At'he Martin.
irom the International Monetary Fund The Joint Trade Unions'condemn
,Af ..5 millions, but did not 0ive the statement made by PM Oliver Ser-
their interest rate, which Dom nica aphin that the C.N.S. is no longer
will have to pay. The IMF has alse operative, calling this statement
given a grant of $00,000 for reach- provocative at a time when unity
struction work. Mr. Seraphin said is crucial. Oliver Seraphin, they
that the USA, Canada and Tanzania say, did not create the Committee for
were also prepared to help. US e. National Salvation and is in no pos-
n.'ti-on to dissolve that body. The
provided 070.,000 worth of roof ?ng Iltion to dissolve that body. The
and other material. Canada $1.2o fC Unions warn that any member of the
and -ther material. Canada $1.2wS Im
for construction in Portsmouth and Interim Government who disagrees
$17,000 for reconstruction of the with the terms under which he was
Hatton Garden-Portsmouth Road. chosen to serve should now RESIn.


Today Mr. Tom (JMG) Adams, Prime A really frank and excellent talk
Minister of Barbados, arrived hi over renovated DNS by Cultural Dir-
Dominica to pay his first ever vidt. eetor A. Bully gave a close run-down
Adams has really done a power of on the deterioration of DBS equipment
good to Barbados since his takeover. etc. and the damage caused by Hurri-
fe is holding a press Fri. cane David. DBS ceased to function
.- I. ..... ------- on Sat. Oct.6tw Seraphin said it
0ONGRATULATIONS to the people of St. could be off the air until he return-
Lucia on the achievement of the ed. After 2 weeks, it 's back in
joint iobel Prize for Econoiecs by service. BBC news will be included
their famous Professor Sir Arthur (thank God); and under the direction
wwis (see page three). of Gordon Henderson & Tim Durand
-' we shall endeavour to present both
DBGA SCHEME: Dominica Government has sides 6f any issue at all times%-A.B.
increased its contribution to $50,000'p O OUr.SOT:SGIBF s: our card ndex w-
to jhis scheme. 10 UUR B: card Index w
Sthi.s sheme..was spoilt by "David", so we are
MI FARMERS or has slea d obliged to ask that those sul cribers
DoMINIWC. FARMERS, L~kTnON has_ 1183 ee O Who have rot paid up for 197 Vdo the
Government to publish details of h h p 0t STARhe
thg.payboents made to farmers since eightt thing & help see te SAR
iriod. th heir back subscriptins, ^OR
-urrin $avid, ITOR*


Wn_ 11


_ 1 I

I i i .II

- --------------~ ~-N--l~------~ ~- -~-~--- ~---- ------~- ~------- ~-----~ --

.. I I U Y

i LU- I~i V.VI L



. Fq! H i + ~ rHblT7 l A e- oun. -a~

(Hurricane David in Dominica,August 29 1979)

Dark, grey angry clouds scamper aloft.
The wind tempestuously growls, howls, whirls, shrieks, smashed ,
HURRICANE1 The sea furiously hurls waves, leaping, crashing.
The rain pours savagely, lashing mercilessly:
A dangerous trio bent for devastation.
Rivers roaring with rage overflow thir'banks;
Landslides add to the desolation.
Buildings: some unroofed, dbme badly damaged, some destroyed,
Some people are fearful, shocked, hungry, disconsolate;
Some heartlessly loot, steal and curse.'
Over two scores have passed away --
May GOD grant them rest. "
Mountains and hills are bare and brown as if scorched by fire.
Trees, giant and dwarf', cannot withstand the onslaught;
Some stripped of branches and leaves
Stand as if weeping in agony.
Banana, lime, cocoa trees, coconut palms
Lie in disarray like fallen brothers in armsa.
Where are the dove, the hummingbird, the titine?
Where are the cricket, the lizard, the crapaud?
There is no chirping, no cooing, no croaking.
DOMINICA staggers from the blows of wind, sea and rain
She suffers from irate plotting, 'looting, stealing natives,
She is plagued with irresposible mortals.
She weeps over her painful wounds,
She mourns the death of sons, and daughters,
But lo, DOMINICA will rise again
With the refreshing breeze,
With the laughing Sun by day,
With the smiling Moon by night,
With the Stars twinkling merrily,
With the smitten trees refreshed with new foliage,
With the vari-coloured flowers brightening the scenery.
DOMINICA will rise..again
In spite of the tainted, thoughts,
the dirty tongues,
the devillah deeds,
lies, hatred, deceit,
She will rise' again -
For GOD is merciful, compassionate.
He will answer dur prayers for forgiveness
We will receive i we ask,
We will find if we seek,
The door will open if we knock.
DOMINICA will rise again
If we learn and do GOD'S will.
Eternal Pather, we humbly pray:
Grant that we do Thy will always,
EIowing, loving and serving Thee.
Bind us in love to work together
In this Thy land: dear. DOMNUICA.
*J.r. Ralph Ga1sm -1
Page Two .:' Bs T A 2 P iday, october 19,19, .
__ .-^. __ __ ^ ._____________,-.. __ .. ^*. .n:

I I I I ----;,--~-~I ~-Ilrrrrr~PR"i"*ri*Rirr:~"I'


V-n-tCa~xr rx-+ -h IQ I 197q T H, E 8k Te Tree

Sheen is a substitute for natural
Sebumn,.the fat which nourishes the,
hair and gives it its natural
Much of this is lost through the:
action Qf the sun, shampsoing,
perming etc., making the hair
lifeless and brittle.
SHEEN replaces lost qebunl and
brings back the former glory of
the hair. $3.96 per tube at

Says Lee Moore
StKitts' P.M. Lee Moore made a
speech stating that the People's
ActionMovement were preparing to
overthrow his Government by force,
and complained as much to British
High Gomnissioner Arthur. But Dr.
Kennedy Simmonds flatly denies the
charge, saying he is confident that
his Party will oust the St.Kitts
Labour Party at the polls next t ni
You will hardly believe this ,- but
'18-year-olds have not yet got the
.wvi-.o- In St -.,TTI+is.+

Schedule of Application for Certifi-
cate of Title and Noting thereon
for week ending August 25th-1979
Date of Person Nature of Request
Request Presenting whether for a
Certificate'of Title or Noting there-
on or Caveat.
Reqeat da- IBalph 1Request for
ted 17th Jacob th1 issue of a
April 1979 by his First' Certifi-
Presented Solici- cate of Title
14th Aug. tor in respect of
1979 at Vanya a portion of
11.16 am.- Dupigny, land at Pom.i
Rock, Marigot, in the Parish of St.
Andrew, in the Commonwealth of Domi-
nica, containing.0.792 acres and
bounded as follows:- Narth-Eaat:Land
of Londel Edwards; South-East: Land
Iof Londel Edwards and Lorna James
formerly land of K.Daniel; South-West:
iLands of Doris Musgrave and Embert
bieancis formerly land of Sarah Syl-
ivester; North-West: Montipo River.



Randall H. Lockhart, Ag. Registrar
of Titles

_______CONOMIN_____ NOTE: Any person who desires to
NOBEL ECONOMICS AND PEAC object to the issuing of a Certi-
P R I Z E S ficate of Title on the above Applic-
The Economics Prize has been joint- action may enter a Caveat in the
,ly won by St.Lucian Sir Arthur above office within six weeks from
Laewis and Professor Theodore Scdult4 the first appearance of this sched-
working together at Princetown Un- ula in the Star newspaper published
diversity U.S.A. Their thesis was in this country or from the date
on economics and the developing when the' notice prescribed by law
national. IHe was a keen federalist was last served on any owner or oo-
and was once ViceGhancellor of tWI.' cupier of adjoining lands in respect
He is aged 64. In an interview ir of which these applications are made.
Arthur- expressed dissatisfaction at
the part played by politicians In TRIUMPH OF TRIXIDAD ASPHALT
developing countries. London's most famous street of cere-
The Peace Prize has been won by moniala, The Mall leading from Tra-
by Roman Catholic Nun Mother Teresa falgar Square to Buckingham Palace,
for her devoted work among the poor will be resurfaced in stylish red
of India. She said: "I am not worthy with asphalt from Trinidad's lake.
of the prize, but it will remind 20 years ago the same asphalt was
.peopl. in the. world of the suffer- used in The Mall and given superb
ing caused by poverty.,e" service. Moreover, Westminster
GUYAN is oatpoing elections f- Cathedral (R.C.) has ust been re-
.. tpo g eectlonroofed witlh the same. asPhalt. Th -
another year. Great bitternesa h4s oia material was so goo. after 10
arisen. years, it has been: put into store.

~..U *~ !.

.- :r~iPab~isn~iuiru

&, .- .1.- ------ --- ;.

Paize 1hee

'ISI*r4fl9rt: Ck~~nh~vY, 1~, 39'79

'P FT E g T AR

*S*V-A*R.1 PR,16 _R URL.I I' .

.Eaigo Pou_________T .ii. B S EAR APgd^.,..Ob.o.^ 1.*.. 3. $ ..
*S*T :A*R:S*P*O*R*T*S* -Morchriston PRPI CESB WiRQ1 iT 1IiaWE
FOOTBALL: Oh What Lovely Football l ow l iXJ the United Bat, ee 0o *.a fua :.
Like nearly all organized activi- raising tour for the Royal Qpera
ty in Dominica., Hurricane David was Hou se Britain, the Princess (all-
thei oliath, some cases kill- eged to have.said "the Irish -re
ed, andyalso forestall -pigs -' and if,. as ishe.probably..
the moat interesting League since meant, the I.R.A we wQuld agree
1920 when Harlem Bombers came n. on that thpy are pigs and murderous-
t1: fdotbar Hlscene. 'brutes), has had to be. protected
The 6th week football suspension by Police and helicopter. Many of,
after the ravages of David on August the -olice in USA are of Irish or-.
29t:h, was a bitter disappointment to gry The Princess i's still alart-
fa:.O. 0 the last weekend before EDa- g vnder the death 'by murder of
S Sptans d defeated HLord. Mountbatten, h;y heroic, and
v~';: ':SEtans, defeated Harl-em-B n -
-. oi .,fSat. Aug. .5 --their first noble relative, who- perished at
o.. ver arch rivals since 1972 when the hands 'of the IRA with his wife
:-. von the, Enockout Trophy 42-, *I and one son just before Hurra.iane
i '": they had the better of the ex- iavid.
;-. igs in an abandoned match 2-nil CGATER BEATS KENDY: Florida Piim-
Sh allowed them the O.D.Brisbane ariesr: Carter 534, Kennedy a16.
.hy. *qTARPTS* Pootbal '%at.: In a
S ,i-s followed up on the Sunday by 2nd Div. match Lubville whipped
:.tering their first win in Chocolate County 3-nil, the goals
i.e -, football against defending opming within 10 minutes late in the
:.. 3 champions Kensborough U, beat- 2hd half.
t..i tem 3-1. CRICKET: The. Dominica cricket team
last pre-David match was the taking part in the first Benson &
..ous 6-0 win of K-Sacks over Hedges K-O- contest among the Wind.
rtel (Dominica Telephones), 2nd wards & Leewards Is, were a big dis-
ision, appointment; losing their lst round
.'C first post-David match was match against lievis by 4 wicketsthey
w,-, thy of the highest kudos, when ACS scored only 124. Nlevia 125/6.
Kc,;t and 7-up Potters played an en- S_: India had taken a 1-nil lead
th:-alling 4-all draw. Ralph Richards in the 6-match test series against
bagged a hattrick for Potters with Australia (now touring India). 2 the
A;ico getting the fourth, whilst tSypO-4th day's play they were in a strong
llte the most outstanding individ- position to force a win in the 4th
usL that day scored twice,whilst E. Test match at iew Delhi. The first
CLh-istopher and M.Richards got the two matches were drawn,India won
others. Both sides had penalties the third. Ian this match, India
sc ored'against them. batting'first declared at 618/7.
-he next match was Saints vs. Har- Sunil Gavascar (his 21st test con-
iec:. Coco Cola Saints,following their tury) 115; Gundappal Vishwanath 131
wiS over Kensborough U were hopeful (his 11h century) and Yashpal Shar-
of registering their first win againstrma 100 n,o. (his first), Australia
DC.. s-arlem Bombers. It was not to be, 298, and at tea-time on the 5th &
as Harler led 2-nil at the interval final day 350 for 7. The match
through linkmen RaAdy Peter and Joffre looked headed for a draw.
Paustin. Thomas Kentish with a long
left footer made it 2-1. But young
Michael George with a delightfully .... .
placed goal put Harlem indisputably p inted & Publise b te Qp e
ahead 3-1. *This Sunday arch rivals .tor .1EA.llfrey of Mill House Cot
Pepiz Kenaborough U & 'DGP Bombers Hsall at Copt Hall. in the Coomon
clash in what may determine this wealth of Domini~c, Westaldis.
yeer's league ohamplona,
'. '* '.. ''*

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