Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). October 12, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). October 12, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: October 12, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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1. L,"" fteebuy8A Ave.e...-- -------,. rtun PO T MOUTH
IraiA ba 92 EAST 78 STREET
F6 SCICLISM ys -Serphin ^
UK Media Repret, said .t ae bee ade A a a a oo
Colin Turner (London)A Gc LETOTER
p122 er buey Ave, r airtetAlso o mte. fortune P Cortna wnshidOU
G ha pepaEditor a Prreor

l "NO NEWS N RUOS" after nd rear glass window.
NriBio 1.0 L2.i. ., eweity Cents: 2Og
O O iiL L iBLS TO STEM THE TIDE .,.. p p
thF WxiALIS says MrSerapnhin, r. contact Field LaneRO
Tfis 'tatment from a labour party', r ?
stalwart, said to have been made,in. A Vauxhall Estate Car in- good
Washing-ttn,. should cause-many to working -condition.
ponder, We had prepared a editor- Also on sale, Cortina windshield
ial "NO NEWS -.MANY RUiMOURS" after .nd rear glass window.
the @xit r-.Mr.Seraphin, Mr.Douglas Contact 53 Field Lane,ROSEAU.
A.G.Brian Alleyne, and aides inclu- ______..
ding Colin Bully.'(Agric) Philip
Nassief businessmann) and others on CIVIL SERVANTS NOW WORK FULL DAY
a U.N. And aid-seeking mission. We are glad to report that Domi-
New we shall wait to see what occurs' nica .Civil:Servants began on
SOME RUMOURS Thursday to do a full days Iwork.
Another fantastic tale is the al- We hope others will follow their
legend meeting at Springfield.between example j.
E.$.LeBlsnc, Patrick John, Oliver* "". ;'- *' "" :
Seraphin, at which Seraphin was saidtnf PIRACY IN THE CARIBBEAN"
to have been given guidelines by his
old Labour colleagues,.includingA co e tt o e
advice ,to fire Athie1Martin -& Roosie eus BBC documentary (21 Xay 1979)
Douglas. If this meeting is a fact, is being circulated in Dominica.
Douglas. e g 't is a verbatim account of of
the Interim P.M. should resign and s averatim account of
call a general election immediately. Sydney Burnette Alle:g 's plans to
Adams Govt. there with the will-
We thought rather well of Martin as Adams Govt. there with the will-
Agriculture Minister, and could not ing cooperation of' Domin-ica (un-
believe the Prime Minister's state- der Patrick Johnassisted or dm-
.ment that he had caused hardship to nated by the then A.G.Leo Austin)
me and of the financial aid of the
growers: in this theory we are back- Bd othe flaid .
ed by the Farmers' Union, which de- 1nti-Black South Africans. Read it.
nies that Martin was guilty of the. .GRENADA : RASTAS VEXEDWITH
malpractices attributed to him by RADA : G ve
the P.M. Martin says he was sacked ISHP Rastafarians n Grenada have
the P, rtn sys hewas sacked ;urned against P.M. MAurice Bishop
because .of his communistic views, urho is aid to b e keeping their
he is said to be kee-ping their
but he ragged in a rumour that the children out of school and frus-
USA pressured the, Gevt.of Dominica
to get him dismissed. This has been resting their attempts to segali
strongly denied y US Amass r marijuana. They were early support-
strongly denied by US Ambassador ers of the New Jewel Movement.
Sally Sheltn, .who calls the claim s of te ewel Move
absuz d and utterly without foundation
Roosie Douglas is a communist and .ARTER WNS: Economi H shi
his sacking is te.Some believe e told the US population this
hi should ng isr have aeppote, eek that "economic hardships will
he sud neer.hve, been ee inevitable in the United States".
a- ... -

Pac Tw THE STA Frdy Octoberll 12 1

There are several things Hon.
Oliver Seraphin, P.M. of Dominica,
has done and declared for which
he has no mandate from the people.
It is senseless his shunting off
the Committee of National Salvation
which put him into power. Charles
Savarin and countless others are
S right: even in ourr'impoverished as0P
deerlate state, we must have a pro-
perly conducted election and bring
into power M.Ps. and Ministers of
the people's choice. Who knows, Mr.
Seraphin may be one of them'

Most of us are poorer. We have
no electricity, no telephones, no
cooking gas. This doubles ourjprk
at home. Worse, we'have no news
DBS seims to have long strZeofi 04
total breakdown,
It is certainly true that the-
poorest of Dominicans, like the
poor in Britain during world waE II,
are (save for the absence of good
filling ground provisions) enjoying
a more varied diet than they had
before. We especially like the tale
of a Loubiere woman who comlIaine4
hcause Q nnFe wjeal he*r +r4<+.r A4tinAv4

His first misstep was the sign- ea s ow the foo
ing of the St.Georges Declaration have no peaches., bow the food boxes
in Grenada. In our Star of July 27 y certainly helped to save oirs.
1979, John Spector wrote an excell- hhen we speak of free food, we don't
ent and caustic report on that doc- mean these gifts, but Government
ument (which very few Dominicans free food ration. n those war ays
have actually read) It is full of food was also rationed, ut th y
goodwill phrases in its 20 paragra people had to pay for it, at Qow
...but it commits us to TOO MUCH. cost.
As Spector ended his article: We know of people who don't go
"Nevertheless, omitted from the sig- back to work because (as one gleft
nature space and fundamentally nec.- told a lady shop proprietor) "I
essary are the words: SUBJECT TO only worked for money to b f
RATIFICATION BY PARLIAMENT AND THE o worked for money to buy food
PEOPE. Y with, and now I get free food I e
PEOPLE keep away for a while" A disti-
By the time we go to Press we ehep away for a while." A distlng-
may hear what the Prime Mirnistersaid uisod visitor told us. he was shocked
in the united Nations. He has no that Government mployee.s did not
oer to team usup with the fantas- return to their jobs after lunch,
tically misnamed "Non-Aligned Move- and getting appointments was virtu-l-
ment." In fact, we would say that ly impossible.
the Interim P.M. has absolutely no The Police have announced through
the Interim P.M. has absolutely no reporter that many thefts have
mandate from the country nor any a reporter that many theft have
right granted from the Committee of taken place, some of the robbery
National Salvation to commit Dominibeing high-placed persons; but there
National Salvation to corrinit Dominicv ia not 0a functional Court before
(either with or without the present is not a functional Court before
interim cabinet's consensus) on any y little people have turned-
foreign affairs such as internation- to bravely and eroofed their prem-
al agreements, U.s. pronouncements, ises, and this makes it all the more
borrowing of money at interest or distressing to see the lovely old
any long-term negotiations. Neither Carnegie Public Library with ite
of course should he have allowedary hi
Senator Roosie Douglas to make pol- roof off, leaving the books to the
icy statements in Guyana without elements. Surely the Government
cabinetconsent. R. DoGuyglana should should temporarily fix up such buil-
have had his Senatorship withdrawn dings as the Library, the Post Off-
then, He kept it, and flaunted it icew and so forth? There is a our-
in Cuba, few, called by some victims "the
The P.M. would do well to stick curfew that came too late". nobody
to appeals on behalf of his suffer- should walk around Roseau after 8 pm.
to jpeopals on behalf o his sufer- ~ebrjis still lines the streets, too.
ing people, and hasten the election.



Pare Two


Friday. October 12. 1979

Friday T979 THX A8 T r'applemaint:
TITLE BY REGIS ION ACT. Schedule for week ending Augn ctd.
CGOMMO WEALJTH OF DOMINICA, Request da-i y. e qeue st
Schedule of Application for Certi- ted 2by hist the is ,p a
ficate of- Title and Noting thereon I 19-9 Solicitor First Certifi-
for week en,.i~ August. 1979 Presented zl i.. i cate of Title
Date oFi Perso- Nature of Re- 21st Aug- M.Dup, in respect A
&q ouesti Er-ifset.n~ quest whether ust 1979at po~i portion of &la 1
for a Crti.f'icatu of Title or Not- 2.25 pm. L at Entwisle. in
rinp tehorco. or Caveat. the Parish of' St.David in the Commax -
Request cda Marimnen Request; foe wealth of ,Dominia a. continuing l. 2,
ted 2nd July Matthew by the issue of acres and bounded as follows:- Xarb:
1979,. his Soli- a First Cer-ib land of Poster Syseca; South: By
Presented' citor Cil- tificate of land of lana Antaino East: By lands
21st Aug- ma A.ML Title inzes- of Elford Rabess and Poster Tyo4;
uast 1979 at Dupigny1 j ect of a West: By ls ms of Tana Antoine a&n
2i 26 ., m. m...I r portion of Noelise Jama..
Slasd at Morne Jaune in the Parish of Request da- Leoma Request for
St.David inthe Corrmonwealth of DIomi- ted 2nd AB- Obrian by the issue of
,icac containing 1.504 acres and ril 1979 her Soli- a First Cert-
ihounded as follows:- Narth: By Pub Presented citor ificate of
Slie Road separating it from land of 22 August Cilma A. Title in rea
,Morne Jaune Playing Field; South B 1979 at M.Durigny pect of apr-
land of Bapsin Matthew; East: By gOQ p.m. tiosz of land
Land of Price Martin and Elaine. lat Haut Bougandier in St.Joseph, in
Matthew: West: B landof Peters No el the Parish of St.Joseph, in the
Request da- McFred .Request for Commonwealth. of Dominica ,containing
ted 3rd Jan- Marcel the issue of 1600 square feet and bounded as
uary, 1979 Jamea a First Cert- follows:- North by a. By Pass sepasra
Presented by his ificate of ting it from land of Evali.e Noel
2ist Aug- Solicitor Title in resl-16e Bertrand; S6uth by land of Eg.a
ust 1979 ia Cilma A. pect of apir-line Noel n6e Bertrand; East. by land
1.50 pQ M. Duigny: tion of land 0of .Evaline Noel nxA Bertrand; Weat
known as Malgre Toute atate ituataby land of Orvine Julien.
in the Heights of Pointe Michol, in REGISSRAR'S OFFICE, ROSEAU
the Parish of St.Luke, in the Com- Randall RH Lockhant, Ag, Registrar
monwealth of Dominica, containing o Titles.
106.02' acres and bounded as follows: : Any person who desires to
1North by lands of Maurice Hill -Ed- object te the issuing of a Certi-
ward John, Farm Estate (Wyllis ,Ped- ficate of Title on the above applic
erick John Baptiste and Lordrick nations may enter a Caveat in the
Vic.tob, Ohateau Estate; East by Moi above office within six weeks fro
Canot Estate; South by. lands of Gra- the first appearance of this. sched
cia. Moise, Heirs of John Baptiste, ule in the Star newspaper published
Aimee Raphael, Donald Charles an in this country or from the date
*part of Morne Canot Estate; We s by when the notice prescribed -by law
Island of Bernard Etienne. and part of was last served on any owner or oc-
i ad of Gracia Mbis. ,cupier of adjoining lands in res-
iA.: YOU SHEQNED YOUR AIR .TODAY? ijpect of which these application
SEiLl is a substitute for natural ew application re made
Stbc=. the fat which nourishes the .-
S hair and gives it is natural. lustre, SHEEI replaces loat Sebum andi
Much of thip. ii loast through .the brings back the former gloVy of
action ao the sun, shampoodng,. gpenm- the hair.~ .96 per tub a
Ing etc.,, makfag the hair lifeless TH DOMINICA DISPE.SARY GO. D.
Siand rittle* .._HE DOMINICA D I*SA .: ; RY L *.
..;-and ----Prit t-e# i-I-J-), k1 Z

-- ----- ----- --- --r,------ -- -------'--7`~~` ~L -- -*

TA Fridas : ----------- -;-- ---

gileme T THEH -s
Vave received supplies of Commercial
EnaLoea, Airmail Writing Pads, Hard
cover Booke Ruled Feint & Cash,Bound
Books 4iled Beint & Cash, Student
Notebooks, Academy Pads,. Typewriting
paper (bond & copy) in packets,

e 1--
The Dominiea Dispensary Co, Ltd,*-

Schedule o Application for Certi-
fioate of Title and Noting thereon
i$b week ending August 25, 1979

Date of 1 Person Nature of Re-
gquest epesentin quest whether
for a Gertificate of Title o3r Noting
thereon _cra Caveat

ERquiest. da- Albert Request for
ted 19th Severin the issue of
April 1979 by his a ?irat Cert-
Presented Solicitor ificate of
21st Aug- M.Eugenia Title in res- -
ust 1979 Charles pect of a bor-
sat 605 tion of land
at Selicite, Oolihato, in.the Parish
of St.Peter, containing 3047 square
feet and bounded as follows:- North-
West: By lands of Sylvia Severin n&e
Saith and others; North-East: By
lands of Paul ao. Baptiste; South-
West: By lands of Agatha Gabriel;
South-East: By lands of Edmund Ed-
W "d s. ... . _, ... .....
Request da- Catherine Request for
ted If1 DPe- U. Ando the issUe of
cember a977 by her of apireat
Presented Jol citor Certificate
21st August MEjugenia of Title in
1979 at Charles reaseot of -a
. x ,Pai. portie of
lan at Vieille daei in the Parish of
St.Andrew contain 361i8 square
feat and bounded as follows:- North:
A Public Road separating i.t from. lea~i
of Violet Leblanc & Asitl Johnson;
Eaatz Land of Arthur Senhouse;South:
Land of Clothilda Seaean; West: Land
of Gertrrdaamkaa .c4 (. n \


Schedule for Week encinlg Aug ZWOR
continued: -

Request da-r. Ut- Request for
teu 18th ;mes the issue of
July 1979. by his a First Cert-
Presented Bolicitor ificate of Ti-
21st Augli Cilma A.I tle in respect
1979 at AM.DupigrW of a portion
12.10 p.m. of land at
Rose eill, Marigot, in the Common-
wealth of Pominica containing 1.65
acrea, and boi-iied as follows:-
North: By lan-ids of August ina Bannit,
CliffordHenry and Rosehill Road;
West: By lands uf Patience James;
East: By lands of Kent Alfred and
Rosehill Road; South-East: Rosehill
Road, Lands of Patience James, Mano
Alfred and P.Edwards.

Request da- Miller John Request for
ted 10th Charles 'ly the is~se of
Tuly 1979. his Solici- a Pirst Cert
Presented tQo Cilma ificate of
21st $)g- A.M.Dupigny Title in re-
ust 1979 aspect of a
at 19220pmm .portion of
latid known as a lot at Salisbury,in
.the Parish of St.Joseph, in the
Commonwealth of Dominica,econtaining
1902 square feet and bounded as fol-j
lows:-- Noth-East: By land of Steberl
John; E2ast: By an access road partly
separating it from land of AnoldI
Brio; South-West By land of Doxiea
Vidal; North-West By lands of Ver-
Tg.Qa op.hil and IMarsh Louia,
Request da- Matilda Request forl
ted 9th Ju- Baptiste ;the issue ofl
ly 1979' nae Chris- a First Cert'
Presented tian by iificate of
21 Aug 1979 her Soli- iitle ij resa
at 2.35 pnm citor Cils-i ect of a
_maa A.,M1 Dupigny __ i'prtion of

LarCL at Bjaptisto, Weaalpyx in the Parl.
imh of S&tsndrew in the ConmmonweaMlth
c1' 1)miniqa, ontaining 5240 square ,
feet and b ounded as followss:- borth~t
By IWnid of Moreen DoIds; South: By
land of Robert Archer; Aaat: By laud!,
;,of Utina Tavozrnier; Wesleyr; By laud
iof Titus Doddad. CAVVAT NOTE: n.B31

Two Brand Nlew Iawy -______
Ijr grindijg Grain Cofee and othlel -&'. +p'4uets.
IMZ DMINfl1CA DiBaplSa*Y 09W


~'- '


..~ .r .. ... __\rJu~gv ~u~r~urry~l ___ __ -- __._




~-~- --- --------

Fri~i~i~arti, ~ro~B~s~-i,. --Paacr


Tia Ob 8 T 19A9 R RT.AR Par h

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
for week ending September 22ind 1979.

IDte of Person I Nature of Re-
Request Presenting i quest whether
for a Certificate of Title or Noting
thereon or Caveat.

Request da- Stephen Request for
ted 9th Carbon the issue of.
April 1979 by his a First Cert-
Presented Solici- ificate of
18th Sept. tor Vanya Title in res-
1979 at DuIigny pect of a por-
2.27 D.m. tion of land
at Boetica, in the Parish of St.
Patrick, in the Commonwealth of Dom-
inica, containing 19,300 square ft.
and bounded as follows:- North:Land
of Agatha Carbon and Eleen Alie;
-Suth-East: Land of Florita Hilaire
and Anselm Guiste; South-West: A
Ravine separating it from land of
Veronica Smith; West: Land of An-
selm Guiste and Sylvester Joseph.
Schedule for week ending Sept. 9th
Request da- Carlyon Request for
ted 14th Pr@vost the issue of a
August 1979 by his First Certifi-
Presented Solici- cate of Title
25th Sept. tor Cil- in respect of
1979 at ma A.M. a portion of
12.00 noon. Dupigny land at Wesley
in the Parish of St.Andrew in the
Commonwealth of Dominica, containing
9,875 square feet and bounded as fol-
lows~:- North: By lands of Mrs.Meril
Jacob and Framp-ton Maxwell; South-
West: By lands of Mrs. Edward Pre-
4 Ar 11 t 4 + 4.H it_+ ll.h nq

Request da- (Sched.week ea 1 Aag.25'
17th April Ralph Jacob Reqest for
1979 by his Sol- the ilsue
Presented icitor of a First
14*1 Aug. Vaiya Certificate
1979 at DWpig&y. of Title in
1l6 a.m. .respect off
a portion of land at Pompi Rock, Mari-
got, in the Parish of St.Andrew, in
the Commonwealth of Dominica, contain-
ing 0.792 acres and bounded as fol-
lows:- North-East: Land of Londel
Edwards; South-East: Land of Londel
Edwards and Lorna James formerly land
of K. Daniel; South-West: Lands of
Doris Musgrave and Emnbert Francis
formerly land of Sarah Sylvester;
North-West: Montipo River.
Randall H. Lockhart, Ag. Registrar
of Titles

ZY___SIW1_ %_ U 0 NOTE:- Any person who desires to ob- I
Request da- Joseph ggs ff ject to the issuing of a Certificate
ted 25rd Austan Certificate of of Title on the above Applications
July 1979 Esit Title in res- may enter a Caveat in the above
Presented by hi pect of a por- office within six weeks from the
26th Sept, 8 oi- tion of land at first appearance of this schedule
179 at tor ia ^M Mahaut in the in the Star newspaper published in
S m ma ~.L"M PaAish of StPaIl this country or from the date when
ia g in the Commn-' the notice prescribed by law was
earth ofeet ca, b ondd tainag o t
o of l oadJoining lands in respect of
North-East: By Public Road Beparamtingwhich these applications are made
fit from land of Samuel Esprit; South
East: By land of Inocent Esprit;
NoEth-West: by land of Gerald C. Other Applications for Cert.if.te.!
Luke South-Weat: By land of Joseph of Title will be foun ^an Suo.lemente

__ _._

F iftyBLV October. ip. 19799

schedule for week ending :1s SeDt.
Request da- Cioely Request for
ted 16th Augustine the issue of
May 1979 Shilling- a First Cert-
Presented ford by ificate of
27th Aug- her Soli- Title in Pee-
ust 1979 citor pect of a
at 11.14 am. Vanya portion of
_Duiy land known as
a lot in the Town of Roseau, in the
Parish of St. George, containing
552 square feet and bounded as fol-
lows:- North-East: Land of Delia
Richards; South-East: Land of the
Heirs of Dorville Laurent; South-
West: Land of Flossie Royer Book
Ul Folio 92; North-West: Hillsbor-
oush Street.

Paws Three

'PH Ti: F: ~. AR

1)'p;- pPHw 'PA" Wridv O Ontobew i- 0 170



S EG TT Hurricane David! What a disaster
Because they only agreed to ninety Roseau has turned into a City of
per cent of the British Govt. 's pro Desolation. I have not seen with n
posals ( Completely agroed,after own eyes; but I have heard. It is
weeks of debate-, by Bishop Muserawe most pitiful, I learn, to behold,and
and his party), Zimbabwe-Rhodesia's what was most distresaful was the
constitutional negtiationshavrbeen. .wholesale looting carried on Ly some
indefinitely postponed. heartless people.
This week at the Conservative Quite lot of people from the
Party conference Lord Carringbsn North have been makIirg special trAps
received almost unaatMnous approawal to Roscau, to w-tness the disaster
(only dissenting voice being right- as it was reported how almost every
wigoer Julian ,Amery's) of his con- building was dcstroyd. I was told
dhct of the Zimbabwe affair, that the lovely Aglicilan Church buiil-
Joshua Nkome and Robert Mugabe ding is completely deost yed, and.
are tius holding up a settlement, the Iiray ILemocrial building flat.
.They threaten war instead. Well indeed, that was some h~ri
S H IR caTne' I have seen quite a few, but
SPUBLIS EDITOR S none like this. one. Roseau got tka
Wu would be ungrateful if we did worst of it. A few hoMes in Ports-
not acknowledge visits and gifts. of mouth were unroofod coliplete2ly. She
f. :o:n the following persons':- Prosbytery roof was ."IL:g aw.y en~.e-
ThLj British High Commission staff, ly, likewise a few other buildjagn ,
pLt:ticularly Deputy High Commission- It would appear that the old anient
or Ajnidrew Turquet and Mr. iicholas btUildings were hardly touched, such
A~i..:rkey, Third Secretary. Also as our dwelling house, which must, be
Mr. Alexis i icholls, who took un- a century or more old. Xot even a
pt.i1d lave from his. important job galvanized sheet was. raised on thA
ii- Britain to come out and help his !house. Many verandas in Poztsmouri
fr-ily reinstate their roofing etc.;iwere blown off; ours remained just as
to his very 'kind sisters; to Miss lit was with its little aas lights
Ara-:intha Thomas; and to Mr. & Mrs. !still strung along3i I must. ay that
G' .rl Hoggs, who gave us both friend1the fate of our home was moat myserte
sahi and good cheer; also tq Mrs. iious, as that tremendous kennii tEeQ
Pat ioxiychurch, her son Lennox,and which is next and close to our buil-
SMrs. Doctrovo, who brought us a let-ing was uprooted; but insteadof fall-
tcr from Trinidad. Thanks, a million.'ing on the house (ihich would have des-
---troyc it to pieces the kennip tree
F OR S A. L E simply swung away from the house an&
An estate known as GREENHILL ESTATE placed itself cool and calm over the
of approximately 60 acres' with o ld ovn near the house. Most people
dwelling house in good condition wondered at that and remarked it as
consisting of three bedrooms,living- miraculous. We thanked the Lord,heart
dicing room, pantry, -kitchen, large nd soul, for His great mercy towards
Back porch, front verandahs.s* Portsmouth: was a scene galvani-
Id sheets and unwroofed houses but
1Large part of estate cultivated s for Roseau, I.understand the streets
wi h grapefruits, oranges, coconuts, were paved with galvanized sheets,wood
!co'fee. Also some bearing clove .-d nails. Up to now, there is no
tree. Road eepable to house. 'onnction between Roseau & Portsmouth;
FPc- furtherr particulars contact Io communication one canhot. gt in
L. Oliver Green ;ouh with the other...There are many
,Or ring 2516 within working hours people ofRoseau, I understand, who;
'onlly. have loft to join their families
.....e..~ +iheP ~e prw -abroad. YJ.P., Port.sUth
t &Ii,,,




~yr~~V, ~ktobna 7,3., 79~8

Po, .-'*< lA-i'm'

~PH'E S~hR

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